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Thursday, August 27, 2020 Big Brother 22 All-Stars Live Feed Updates

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To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  Mortys-TV-BB22-HG-Reference-Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

Washroom Area (WA)
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Photo bedroom (PBR)
Key bedroom (KBR)
Showmance room lounge (SRL)
Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
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...And pictures, screen caps are welcome here too.

Thank you!

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12:00 AM BBT

Enzo, Janelle, Cody and Bayleigh are chowing down now that they're free from food restrictions




1:00 AM BBT

In the CBR, Christmas talks with Ian and asks what he is thinking, strategy wise for the next HoH Comp. Christmas really wants to win it. Ian says if it comes down to the two of them, he will throw it to her. Kaysar joins them and they comment on Cody and Enzo acting like crazy people. Christmas says it's because they ate after being Have Nots. Christmas jokes that they are all Gizmos that turn into Gremlins,  "don't poke your finger in the cage, do not feed after midnight, and sure as hell don't give them alcohol"


Janelle joins them and they begin talking about David and how he says he is going to blow the house up because everyone is lying. Jani says he is the one lying. Christmas says he is crazy because he goes around saying "ATG in the house...he thinks he is Alexander the Great" (Alexander is David's last name). Jani says he has to go.



1:11 AM BBT

Bayleigh and Da'Vonne are discussing the Have Nots for the coming week in the Love Lounge. Cody is picking Ian (Ian volunteered), Enzo is picking Tyler, Jani would have picked Franzel and Da'Vonne tells her to pick her, not Dani because she doesn't want Tyler, Dani, Ian and possibly Nicole in the Have Not room together all week.

1:20 AM BBT

Bay/Day, Enzo and Cody meet in the Love Lounge about possibly flipping the vote. Enzo says he wants to keep Janelle, but if they flip they will piss off Dani and their alliance will be over. Bayleigh says they would have to get together and discuss it with her...not do it without talking about it. Cody brings up Nicole F and not wanting to alarm her. Bay says "why do we care about NicoleF...she is not in our alliance"  [if she only knew  -MamaLong]

Cody: we have the numbers to make the decision so we have to figure out the right shit...Janelle makes me nervous

Enzo I don't trust him (Kaysar)

 2:00 AM BBT

Cody talks to Enzo in the Have Not Room and explains in detail the David Drama


2:23 AM BBT

Da'Vonne, Bayleigh and Christmas discuss the coming week and how none of them want to end up on the block. Da'Vonne says she doesn't like that people don't name actual names, just "they or them"...They tell each other they love each other and say goodnight.



3:07 AM BBT

Enzo and Cody have been talking for over an hour. Enzo talks about Bayleigh being an asset "I really like talking to her...and she's cute. She's a good girl"

Cody warns him that Swaggy is gonna get him. Enzo continues "she is not paranoid...she's cute and she's a good girl...I like her. Swaggy is a lucky guy"

Enzo says he didn't think he would like NicoleF but he really does enjoy her and Memphis too

Enzo: Janelle is funny as fuck

"Kaysar is a nice kid, but he is always too serious"  Cody agrees

Enzo says Dani is funny and Dave is like a young kid "I bug with Da'Vonne, I think I might have ruined it a little bit when I gave Christmas the thing, but I think we're alright. I like Ian, he is a nice kid. Ty is a funny dude. I liked NicoleA, she is sweet"

3:20 AM BBT

The lights are finally off in the BB house and the rowdy boys (Cody/Enzo) are settling in their cots

Week 3 Recap

Tyler won the HoH and put up the obvious house targets: Janelle and Kaysar. Tyler had an easy week because either going would be good for his game.


The Safety Suite expired this week with Memphis throwing the competition to avoid having to make any decisions and Enzo winning. Enzo chose to save Christmas in order to forge a relationship with her. Christmas was given the All Star Baby punishment with babies that continually appeared like mogwai’s from the movie Gremlins. My last count was 13 star babies (I expected 22). Cody won the Power of Veto in a Cupcake stacking puzzle. Cody chose not to use the Power of Veto.


Kaysar was slow to start his campaign and almost just completely gave up. Janelle told him to campaign, and many other houseguests encouraged him to save himself. He finally kicked it in gear on Tuesday, but I don’t think anyone would call his campaign powerful.  


Janelle has had an active campaign, talking to everyone multiple times except Nicole and Ian, knowing she couldn’t sway their votes. Jani’s campaign consisted of her pointing out that she is the biggest target and would continually be put up by everyone. She wants to stay in the game and offered everyone just about everything. Janelle’s main target is most definitely Nicole Franzel, but she has been campaigning that she would target floaters like David and Kevin. She pushed for some pivotal votes quite hard, including Dani and David….but in the end, it’s a no-go. Dani gets the award for all time best liar…most convincing liar I’ve ever witnessed.


Bayleigh definitely wants to keep Janelle and has tried hard to sway the vote, even up until the wee hours of the morning. Many houseguests claim to Janelle they want to keep her but tell her they can’t vote to save her unless it’s a house move.


This will be another house vote.  Janelle will be evicted because no one wants to risk keeping Janelle in the game (unless the Slick Six are somehow able to sway Dani today, but I do not see that happening). I’m sad we’ll lose Jani because she is BB Gold!  I’m confident production did their best to influence a Jani-save this week. So, what surprises are in store next?


What we do know is that we should always expect the unexpected.                                         -MamaLong



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12:09AM BBT: Enzo is up and refilling his plate. He says he's ready to try the mac and cheese. Da'Vonne tells him it's better if he heats it up in the microwave. Enzo says he doesn't have the patience for that right now. The rest of the HGs continue to eat and chat. 


12:18AM BBT: The HGs finish up eating and start to clean up the KT. Nicole F and Da'Vonne have left the KT. Da'Vonne is in the CBR and Nicole F is in bed in the PBR. Nicole takes her medicine and settles into bed before opening the Bible. 


12:22AM BBT: Dani walks into the PBR. Nicole F asks Dani how she reads the Bible. Nicole F says she's trying to start at the beginning. Dani tells her not to read the book of Genesis because it's "too crazy." Dani tells Nicole F that "Proverbs are good because they're like prayers." Nicole F wants to know why "Genesis is so crazy," Dani tells her it's the "Old Testament" and "it's crazy." Nicole F says her "jaw is dropping." Dani explains how "Mathew, Mark, Luke, and John" work and then again tells her to start with "Proverbs." 


12:25AM BBT: Dani and Nicole F talk in the PBR. Nicole F says she doesn't want to be social tonight, she says that next week is going to be "unpleasant." Dani disagrees, she says next week will be "easy." Dani says the only way it would be crazy is if Christmas were to win and put Bayleigh and Da'Vonne up and then one of them wins VETO. Dani says it doesn't matter, as long as they get to put someone up on the block. 


12:27AM BBT: Nicole F goes back to talking about the Bible, she says she thought it was supposed to give her "inspo." She picks up the Bible again and turns to Proverbs, she says "oh yeah, this will be good." A few moments later Dani and Nicole start to talk about David. Dani doesn't believe BB should put the conflict with David on Thursday's show. Dani and Nicole F both agree it's not right. 

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12:31AM BBT: Kevin walks into the PBR, he starts to dance. He leaves the room and Dani and Nicole F start to whisper, but Cody barges in. He says Christmas wants to talk to him and wants to know why. Nicole F and Dani don't know why, they ask him how he's feeling after eating. Ian walks in and sits down on Kevin's bed, Dani tells Ian that Kevin wants to go to sleep soon. They discuss the various bedrooms in the house, they all agree the KBR "stinks." Ian huffs (he sleeps in the KBR.)


12:34AM BBT: Cody leaves. Ian says he needs to take his melatonin. He says he has to "request" it every night and has to take it in the DR in front of the camera. Nicole F proceeds to ask him 100 questions about melatonin. The three go on to discuss the next HOH comp. Ian's hoping it will be an endurance. Nicole F says she doesn't think they'll do that because they want some "drama." After Nicole F asks Ian 100 questions about melatonin, Dani asks him if he's taken it yet. Ian says he hasn't, because he has to request it. Nicole F wants Ian to make sure he gets a good sleep tonight. Ian discusses throwing the HOH comp to Christmas. They believe the HOH comp will be a wall comp.


12:39AM BBT: Christmas and Cody are whispering in the CBR. BB switches cameras mid conversation, Cody is talking about "helping" someone. Christmas agrees, she says she keeps trying to "reach out" as well. Christmas says she confronted "him" that morning because "he" kept saying the day before he wanted to talk to her. Cody and Christmas discuss "him" lying to them. Christmas continues to tell Cody about the conversation she had with Memphis. She calls him arrogant. 


12:49AM BBT: Cody and Christmas discuss the rest of the house, Christmas says Kevin does not like Memphis and has no interest in working with him. They discuss what next week could look like. Ian leaves the PBR and walks through the CBR, game talk pauses in the CBR while he walks through. Christmas and Cody go back to whispering. Kevin walks through to go to bed in the PBR, Dani leaves the PBR. Christmas and Cody go back to whispering until Ian joins them. 

8:13AM BBT: BB cuts the feeds for the wake-up call. 


8:22AM BBT: The feeds are still down for the wake-up call, but BB has put the control room view on camera 1. Music plays in the background while the HG's are waking up. Memphis continues to sit in the KT.



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8:26AM BBT: The feeds are back, feed/camera 1 is still showing a control room view. Kaysar and Memphis are chatting in the KT, Kaysar updates him on Cody and Enzo running around the house last night. "It was so weird," Kaysar laughs. BB tells Kaysar to put on his microphone. 


8:37AM BBT: Memphis and Kaysar are chatting in the KT. They're discussing HOH wins and VETO wins. Kevin is up in the PBR, but he gets back into bed. BB cuts the feeds, but feed 1/camera 1 still show the control room's multiviewer.


8:40AM BBT: The control room goes on a tour of the cameras in the house, as well as in the studio. You can see the PA's getting ready for tonight's live show. Tyler appears to be awake, but is still in the HOHR. Kaysar stands in front of the memory wall and looks at the photos. 


8:42AM BBT: Enzo walks downstairs with a plate, Kaysar gives him a hard time for taking food up to bed. Cody joins Kayar in the KT. Enzo is now sitting in the WA. 


8:44AM BBT: BB realizes they have their multiviewer up on feed 1 and cut both feeds 1 & 2 to stars. Feeds 3 & 4 show Enzo and Cody in the WA. 


8:48AM BBT: BB seems to be having technical issues here and there, the feeds cut on and off randomly, the music isn't in sync. Feeds 3 & 4 are back with Cody washing his face in the WA, while 1 & 2 are still down.


8:51AM BBT: Feeds 1 & 2 are still down. On 3 & 4, Kaysar is back in the KBR and is in bed. Ian is also in bed. 

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9:04 AM BBT  Feeds 1/2 on the LR, with Memphis drinking his coffee and Cody lying on a couch.  No talking.  Feeds 3/4 are Kaysar lying in his bed.  Again, no talking.  Nothing else is going on.

9:07 AM BBT  Cody gets called to the DR downstairs.

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9:06 AM BBT

Christmas is called to the storage room

Memphis: they are on it...on it

Cody is called to the DIary Room downstairs


9:10 AM BBT

BOB: Bayleigh, please go to the storage room

Memphis is snickering over all the BOB announcements




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9:30 Kaysar is in the LR with Memphis.  They are talking about electricity


9:33 AM BBT  Christmas walks through, Memphis asks if she slept all night.  He didn't see her get up.  Kaysar said she got up around midnight.  (because of the baby stars).  Janelle is up as well, no one is talking with her as she walks by.  Kaysar and Memphis are still in the LR, talking about Japan and the toilets there.  Memphis is laughing about Enzo having trouble with one button in the WA, and squirting himself in the face. (the bidet).  Kaysar said he feels better knowing everyone has a clean bum. 

9:36 AM BBT  Christmas is making her bed in the CBR, then leaves.  The guys are still chit chatting about bidets.  One said there is something that drys your butt after washing it. 

Christmas hears them, thinks that is crazy.  They sing "I like clean butts and I cannot lie", Christmas sings the second line, and we get brief stars.

9:38 AM BBT  Christmas and Janelle are sitting in the LR with Kayar and Memphis.  Feeds 3/4 are on the PBR.  Christmas is telling about a dream. 

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10:00 AM BBT

Many houseguests are still sleeping. Janelle, Kaysar, Christmas and Memphis are still chatting in the living room, now discussing the finales for several tv shows.

Janelle says she didn't watch Game of Thrones 'Sorry, I don't have time for a new show"  [I second that  -MamaLong]



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 9:05am BBT: Kaysar laying in bed in the KBR, Memphis in the LVR sitting drinking his coffee, Cody laying on the couch, Tyler walking through the LVR, all other HG still in bed sleeping.
 9:23am BBT: Tyler back in the HOH bed with lights out, Memphis still sitting in the LVR.
9:32am BBT: Memphis and Kaysar in the LVR talking general talk, Christmas walks through and they ask if she slept all night and she says no. Christmas goes to the WC, Janelle up looking in her dresser in the CBR.
9:35am BBT: Christmas out of the WC goes to CBR  and  is making her bed, David walks through as Christmas says good morning. Day and Bayleigh still sleeping with their heads covered up.
9:42am BBT: Kaysar Memphis, Janelle and Christmas in the LVR talking about a dream Christmas has lastnight, Kaysar is laughing. David walks through and goes back to the PBR and walks around the BR. We get FOTH.
9:45am BBT: Memphis says this is Morning with Memphis and Christmas goes telling her story of having her son and she had a C-Section and how hard it was for her and she had to be in bed for awhile after, Kaysar is  covering his face as he sits and listens, Janelle and Christmas  continue talking about their deliveries, Memphis is looking away from them.

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10:06am BBT: Janelle, Memphis, Kaysar and Christmas still in the LVR talking general talk about kids, All other HG still in bed sleeping.
10:24am BBT: Christmas, Kaysar and Memphis in the LVR talking about being bored and how the down time is hard after they have back to back days that are busy.
10:40am BBT: Janelle and Christmas  talking on the LVR couch, Kaysar  and Memphis talking  on the other side of the LVR, Just general talk, Janelle says she has to work on her speech for tonight and we get FOTH as BB is trying to get the other HG up for the day.
10:46am BBT: WE now have Puppy Cam.

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10:42 AM BBT  Janelle and Christmas have a conversation about David, bashing him, and the fact other people want to be there and deserve to be there, he still doesn't understand the game, or alliances.  He gives no information, he doesn't win anything, and he really wants to get to jury.  They say he would be terrible on the jury, would vote emotionally, saying someone doesn't deserve to be there, without understanding the game play.  Christmas is rehearsing her nomination speech putting him on the block, when she gets HOH.  We get stars/music.  Now have Puppy Cam.  Should be little going on today on the feeds.

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12:15 PM BBT  Feeds are back, houseguests are clearing their things out of the HOH room. Enzo is washing his hands after using the HOH toilet, Tyler is packing up his things.  Kaysar and Mempis are in the KT, Enzo joins them.

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12:18 PM BBT Feeds come back on Kaysar and Janelle in the KT. Day is on the WA doing her hair Not a lot going on right now, mainlyly getting ready for tonights episode. 

3:20 PM BBT Cody and Dani are talking in the PBR. Janelle and Bay are in the CBR talking too, 

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12:18  PM BBT  Janelle cmes into the KT, Kaysar gives her a hug.  Enzo goes upstairs to the lounge to get a blanket, comes back down, excited about having banana bread.  David is in the KT as well.  Enzo says he feels hungover, he ate so much.  Someone is washing dishes, water running, hard to hear.  Da'Vonne, Christmas and Kevin are doing ADL's in the WA.  Tyler comes in to put his toiletries away.  Not much talking in WA, Kaysar just general talking in KT.

Dani and Cody in the PBR whispering.  Cody tells her about Janelle, and not wanting to split the house.  He says if there is a split, don't know where Christmas would go, or Memphis.  This came from Bayleigh.  She didn't understand why anyone cared what Nicole F thought.  Cody tried explaining it to her.  He said it is only week 3, no need to split the house or the numbers.  Tyler comes in, not sure if someone else did.  Talk changes to Cody hurting his leg on the HN bed, and then start whispering again about Bayleigh and Day wanting Janelle to stay.  Cody doesn't like having to watch what he says around Day, Dani agrees, saying she is always waiting.  Talking about other HG's.  They are trying to decide what to do, especially what others are doing, what they want, some want to get close to Kaysar.  Dani said no, Cody agrees.  They both think Kaysar would put up Cody. 

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12;28 PM BBT Cody says David will go after Memphis. Dani says that Memphis is a bigger target. The talk changes to Food nd Dani said she cant wait to eat. They then talk Ian and how he is creeping. Dani then asked what Christmas told him and he just says it the David drama. FOTH, 

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12:29 PM BBT  Cody says Kaysar is the only one that he is worried about, but Dani doesn't think he will win.  Dani said he did terrible with the cupcake thing (Veto Comp).  She thought he would do well with that.  He sits and watches people's body language, psychology and stuff.  Talking about Ian being a good shield for someone possibly Nicole.  Dani thinks Memphis is a good shield for Tyler and Cody.  She wants to eat all day today so she won't be hungry until tomorrow night.  (She thinks she will be a HN).  They talk about Ian always popping into rooms.  Cody said he was talking low, but not game, and Ian cam in but quietly.  They are over it.  Dani asks what he and Christmas talked about yesterday.  He said she doesn't think Kaysar is a threat, might put up some others.  He is okay with that.  Nicole comes in, her mic isn't on.  Dani says look, my best friend and we get Kitty cam which turns into Stars


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12:36 PM BBT Nicole comes in and the whisper stops and she says if your a have not il be switching beds. They then talk about the good bye messages. They talk about the one Janelle did to Boogie. All general chatter going on right now.

12:41 PM BBT Christmas comes in and she sayss just to let you guys know she is putting david up on the block he heard everything they were talking about. Tyler leves and Christmas ask if he is mad and cody says no he just mad they took all his stuff upstairs and Feeds cut. 

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