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Favorite Season Catch Phrases


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Nate: Golly!


Anything that came out of Will or Marvin's mouth

BB6: (so many!)

April: I JUST wanna see James cry

Ivette: I hope your mother enjoys that

Janelle: Whore Whore Whore! You date older men! (singing to Beau)

Beau: Who's fxucking for a Ferrari, polyester hair! (to Janelle)

Ivette & April: Y'know what I'm saying?

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Will to one of the twins (can't remember which one now) on his way out of the house after being evicted in Season 5: "If karma is a boomerang I'll be seeing you sooner than later." Not really a catch phrase, but a GREAT line.

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Man, oh, man...Reading these brought back so many good memories!!

My personal favorite was "Whaddup Kaysar!!" as far as a "catch phrase" goes, but "bye, bye bitches", "gimme the key bitch" and when Howie let "Busto" have it about her ugly dog and fat husband were my personal favs as far as one-liners...

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I watched the show last night and loved when howie was talking to April and said.

"I'm the best looking guy here and the star of the show don't talk to him that way"

I roared laughing for some odd reason..maybe cuz he is talking about himself and says 'He's the best..looking guy here." and he should have said..I insted of he..ahh pronouns...I so hated grammar! :angry::lol:

"Do you think being this good-looking is easy? It is easy" -WIll

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Guest janey_doll

I'm surprised noone has said these:

"Oh Boy Howie, Oh Boy Janey" - Howie & Janey BB6


"Mommy, Mommy I want a Janeydoll" - Howie BB6

"You're my Beefcake Howie" - Janey BB6

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I'm not sure who said these tidbits...but the conversation echoes in my ears.

"You DID pinky swear!"

"I did NOT pinky swear!"



And so on ad nauseam...please no more pinky swearing. Isn't that a new BB rule?

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