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Friday, September 21, 2018 Big Brother 20 Live Feed Updates


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12:44 AM BBT Feeds return and the F3 are drinking champagne.  It was a hanging comp and Tyler thinks they were out there for an hour at least.


12:47AM BBT KC says her forearms were hurting.  JC and Tyler says their toes were burning.  JC says the camera guy kept turning and he couldn't.  Tyler asks KC how she fell.  Tyler tells her to stretch out her arms.  Tyler thought after Pie in the Sky, they wouldn't have another hanging comp like this. 


12:50AM BBT JC thinks Part II will be Saturday and Part III on Sunday.  He wants the HoH open (so they can all clean up at the same time).  Something in the comp was blue and they think it might stain their skin.  JC says doing these physical comps while your stressed messes up your muscles. Tyler says tomorrow he won't be able to High Five.


12:53am BBT Tyler tells Kaycee to try a protein bar to repair the muscles.  Tyler heads to the WA to get a towel and JC teases he's going to pleasure himself because he's the winner.  Tyler won Part I of the Final 3 HoH Comp.  Tyler says he never looked down and that's what did it - the other two were looking down.  Kaycee says she's done with physical sh*t.


12:57am BBT Tyler tells JC he's got blue in his hair.  JC says he can't go into the DR because his legs are numb.  Both Kaycee and Tyler tell him he did really great.  JC is getting into the shower.  Tyler says he switched his arms every 5 seconds, back and forth.  Tyler and Kaycee are drinking glass after glass of champagne but accuse JC of being drunk. Tyler starts singing the songs he had in his head during the comp and FotH.

1:00AM BBT Stop singing, JC yells at Tyler.  Kaycee is trying to do shoulder exercises to loosen up her muscles.  I was just riding a jet back for an hour, she says.  JC is undressing in the WA while Tyler and Kaycee mill about the KT. JC says there were no official showmances. Tyler says that Swaggy C told him Bayleigh was his girlfriend.  He wanted to be in jury with her. Tyler said he offered to vote them both out to the real world.


1:02AM BBT Tyler says it'll be 70 days between when Swaggy C last saw Baleigh. He wonders if he'll still feel the same way about her.  JC is in the shower and congratulates Tyler, who walked into the WA to wash his hands.  JC says his skin is blue.  Apparently the die is not washing off. 


1:05am BBT With JC in the shower, Tyler and Kaycee escape into the BR.  She thought Tyler was going to drop. He was on the next dip.  But she fell first.  Kaycee was trying to whistle to communicate with Tyler.  Kaycee says she's got it (Part II).  Tyler says he knew he (JC) was going to fall first. He could have stayed up a long time.  Tyler tells Kaycee she's got this (Part II).  Take your time and get it right.


1:08AM BBT Kaycee explains for Tyler how the Part III questions work. You have to know the HG, she says, how they think.  JC is calling out to the other two but they cannot hear him.  Kaycee tells Tyler she's proud of him.  JC is cussing at BB because of the blue ink.  BB tells him to chill out.


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1:11AM BBT JC says he's going to stop talking.  Tyler and Kaycee aren't listening anyway.  Tyler says that was his comp.  It's all good.  He wonders how Angela is doing.  Kaycee says her stress is gone.  Kaycee goes through her clothes, smelling articles to find one that's wearable. 


1:15AM BBT Tyler wanders into the WC and tells him the blue isn't coming off.  Tyler heads back to the BR and JC keeps talking to him as if he's still in the WA.  Tyler returns to the WA.  JC says he's going to open the second bottle of champagne for the three of them.  Tyler teases that he's going to drink it himself.  Kaycee says Tyler's nose and hair are blue.  JC teases it's not going to come off.


1:18AM BBT JC is out of the shower and Kaycee is getting in.  Tyler is sitting in the KT with his head on an ice pack on the counter.  His forehead is cold, he tells JC as he passes by in a towel on his way to the BR.  Kaycee struggles to get her arms over her head to take her clothes off.  I cannot move, she gasps. 


1:22AM BBT JC has his pink ball cap and hoodie and pants.  Tyler tells him to give Kaycee a champagne shower.  JC grabs the bottle out of the fridge and give sit to Tyler to open.  JC grabs the cork wish this fist and pulls up.  The cork pops and Kaycee calls out from the WA, I heard that! Tyler pours three very full glasses.  They toast each other and take a sip.  Tyler bends down and JC gives him a kiss on the cheek.


1:24am BBT Tyler and KC bring the three flutes of champagne to the WA and give Kaycee one to hold while they toast each other. Then Tyler puts her glass on the WA counter so she can finish trying to rinse the blue off.  She doesn't understand how the guys are still OK.  JC says he knows that if he has no business, he's not going to go for it.  He just went and jumped.  He saw Tyler could have gone on forever.


1:24AM BBT JC teases Tyler that he gets up at 6am and goes running on the beach, that's why he's so good at endurance. Kaycee calls him the endurance king.  BB calls JC to the DR.  On his way, he tops off his flute.  Tyler is pimple popping while Kaycee showers.  He says it only went completely parallel one time.  Like a rocket ship Kaycee says.  I'm picking at my face on national TV, Tyler says.


1:28AM BBT Tyler asks when the live feeds go off for good. Kaycee doesn't know. She says they'll sleep good tonight.  Tyler says he's sleeping in Angela's bed.  KC is still moaning as she dries off after her shower.  Tyler is pacing in the KT, holding his flute of champagne.  Kaycee is in fresh clothes.  Tyler says he has to stop picking at his face.


1:31AM BBT Tyler and Kaycee toast each other in the WA.  Kaycee observes she always falls before him.  Tyler strips down to get into the shower. Kaycee asks of JC has said anything and Tyler shakes his head no.  Tyler places his towel over the door and steps into the shower, tossing his shorts out into the WA.  KC tenderly tries to pull her hair up as Tyler laughs.


1:35AM BBT Kaycee says the blue came off her face but is still on her legs a little.  Seven-Seven, she says, giving their comp ratio.  Tyler says this comp is only half a point (because he hasn't won HoH yet).  He laughs at Kaycee because she keeps saying her arms feel paralyzed.  She heads to the BR with her champagne.


1:40AM BBT Tyler is alone with his thoughts in the shower. KC collapses onto the bed, alone with her thoughts. JC is still in the DR, sharing his thoughts with Big Brother. 

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1:53AM BBT: JC is out of the DR, he asks Tyler where Kaycee is, he says BBR. JC is with Tyler in the WA, he says the DR is "so much better" when you're not sobert. He says it goes by quickly.

1:55AM BBT: JC drinks his champagne while Tyler says JC was "f*****g pissed" because Tyler was "so solid" during the HOH Comp. JC laughs. 

1:58AM BBT: Tyler and JC talk about breakfast tomorrow and where they'll be sleeping. JC says he's never closing the wall between the PBR and BBR because it reminds him of "Swaggy" and those "b*tches." Kaycee is called to the DR.

1:59AM BBT: JC talks about how he has all of these friends now. He and JC talk about the house and how they'll never see it like this again. JC says the HGs are his family now. He and Tyler talk about being closer to the HGs than their best friends at home. 

2:02AM BBT: JC says he trusts Tyler 100% and he trusts Tyler will take him to final two. Tyler says, "you know me." Tyler manages to change the conversation to talking and joking around about previous comps. 

2:08AM BBT: JC and Tyler argue about who is actually running the show. JC says he's the reason Tyler is still here and Tyler just needs to say "thank you." Tyler says if they had stuck with JC's plan, they may not have been here. JC says if it was his way, neither of them would've been on the block. 

2:09AM BBT: JC says it doesn't matter because they're "top two." JC says Tyler will see when he watches it back how many times JC jeopardized his game for Tyler. 

2:11AM BBT: JC says he was the one who got Brett and Faysal to go after each other. Tyler and JC go into the KT to drink. JC waits for Tyler while Tyler goes to change clothes.

2:14AM BBT: JC is in the KT alone, he says the champagne is "disgusting" and that it's probably a ten dollar bottle of champagne, or less. Tyler walks into the KT wearing Angela's hoodie, JC scoffs and rolls his eyes as he says, "really?!"

2:15AM BBT: JC and Tyler drink in the KT, they joke around and argue about who got who to the final three and who gets credit for various things. They cheers. JC says says Kaycee would have picked "f*****g Angela" over them if JC hadn't won that HOH. 

2:18AM BBT: JC is shocked that Kaycee picked Tyler over Angela, he says, "I can't believe that," and then "I f*****g love her." Jc sighs and says he's happy Angela is gone and he can breathe again. Tyler tells him to shut up. 

2:22AM BBT: JC talks badly about Angela for a few minutes and Tyler tries to defend her. JC runs through his "you're here because of me" speech a few more times. 

2:25AM BBT: JC says all Tyler needs to do is "listen to" him. JC circles around to his usual speech about how he's in charge of everything. He and Tyler talk about being friends outside the house. 

2:28AM BBT: JC and Tyler talk about the HOH comp. JC says he could've held on a little longer, he says, "don't even give me that f*****g crap." Tyler tells him to "shut up." JC says he "f*****g hates this place."

2:31AM BBT: JC and Tyler start to talk about the microphones and BB cuts the feeds for a few seconds. When they're back, JC is telling Tyler that JC has him "100%."

2:33AM BBT: JC says he's so happy that he made "final two" with Tyler. JC says he didn't make a "final two" with Kaycee. 

2:34AM BBT: Kaycee is out of the DR, Tyler and JC change the conversation to the champagne. Kaycee walks into the KT to drink and snack with Tyler and JC. She says she ran into the DR door. 

2:36AM BBT: JC laughs and yells for Sam to come clean up the kitchen and then clean the WA. Kaycee tells him to "shut up." They talk about drinking. 

2:37AM BBT: Tyler is called to the DR. Kaycee and JC are drinking in the KT. Kaycee says she "had" the HOH comp. JC says Tyler looked solid. Kaycee says JC looked solid too. 

2:39AM BBT: Kaycee says she's "confident" she can beat Tyler in the third round. JC says he's "got that" too. JC tells Kaycee she's "fine" and that "being top three" is a "f*****g celebration." JC tells Kaycee to "kill" the next two comps. 

2:42AM BBT: Kaycee says she and JC have the best "social game" in the house. She talks about how they'll be able to win the third part of the comp because of that. The guess about what the next few comps will be. They talk about last season after.

2:46AM BBT: JC says all they need to do now is relax and enjoy the rest of the time. He says that "no matter what happens," they're top three. BB cuts the feeds for a few seconds and JC is still rambling about top three when the feeds are back. 

2:50AM BBT: JC says he's "hungry" and he wants to make a "feast." Kaycee says she's too tired and her fingers are numb. She says she needs to go to sleep. JC slurs in the KT while he picks through the food. 

2:54AM BBT: Kaycee takes some medicine and brushes her teeth. She and JC hug and congratulate each other. Kaycee says "good night" and goes to the BBR. 

2:55AM BBT: JC throws the champagne bottles away, he says he's "so hungry" and continues to snack in the KT.



3:01AM BBT: Tyler is out of the DR. JC is still in the KT eating, Kaycee is asleep in the BBR. Tyler starts to snack with JC. 

3:04AM BBT: Tyler goes to the WA, JC walks around the KT mumbling to himself. He says he shouldn't have had so much to drink because he doesn't "feel good."

3:07AM BBT: JC walks into the WA to brush his teeth, he says he's going to be sober after the game. JC chokes while brushing his teeth. 

3:10AM BBT: Tyler finishes and goes to the BBR. He tells Kaycee JC is so drunk he's talking to himself. Kaycee tells Tyler what she and JC talked about while Tyler was in the DR. They agree to make JC feel comfortable 

3:13AM BBT: JC sings and talks to himself in the KT while Tyler and Kaycee are in bed. BB turns the lights out in the bedrooms, Kaycee and Tyler cheer. 

3:15AM BBT: JC walks into the BBR, he starts yelling about the lights being off when only "60% of the house is in bed." He mumbles and sings as he walks around the two bedrooms. 

3:17AM BBT: JC can't believe he's so "wasted" from the champagne. Tyler says JC is a lightweight. Tyler says JC only needs two drinks before he's "lit."

3:20AM BBT: JC says Tyler sleeping with Angela's pillow is making him uncomfortable. The three joke around in the bedrooms. 


3:32AM BBT: The remaining HGs have settled down, the lights are off and everyone appears to be trying to fall asleep in the BB House.

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9:03am BBT: Hg are up, kaycee in the STR ironing her shirt and JC in the KT getting water.

9:05am BBT: Kaycee saying she is so sore today that she needs therapy, Tyler says his back is so sore. Jc goes back to the KT and is taking his vitamins.

 9:12am BBT: Tyler in the KT taking his vitamins. Kaycee in the BBR going through her clothes.

9:14am BBT: Kaycee lays her clothes and shoes on the stairs then goes to the WC saying her shoulders hurt and she has to retrain her arms. Tyler is making coffee and JC is in the WC.

9:16am BBT: BB says : HG please report for a lock down in the HOHR and we get FOTH then we get REELS.

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12:39 PM BBT  Feeds are back.  Tyler and JC  are bringing down some things from the HOH room.  JC takes some things to the trash in the SR, while Tyler cleans up in the HOHR.  Kaycee is putting things away as well. The table is now tiny.  It has tablecloths and is very pretty.  Looks like they had the reminiscing breakfast.  Kaycee is taking some of the things into the SR, and Tyler has to get the door for her.  She is complaining her shoulder really hurts!


There is a small table that has to go into the storage room.  Tyler was hoping it was on wheels, but it isn't.  JC gets called to the DR.  He said first things first. Kaycee takes the tablecloth into the SR.  She told Tyler that too bad there wern't still dishes on it, and she could pull it out leaving the dishes on the table.  Tyler jokes that JC said what are they going to do, fire him?  Tyler said JC would be the first one fired from BB. 

12:47 PM BBT  Tyler tells Kaycee the omelette was banging.  She agrees.  Tyler heads into the WC.  JC has already gone to the DR.  Kaycee goes into the BBR to change clothes.  She puts on long pants and a hoodie.  Tyler is out of the WC, washing his hands at the WA sink, then rinses his face and re-does his hair into a man-bun.  Kaycee moans as she gets into bed and covers up in the BBR. She puts an emoji pillow over her head.  As soon as she gets comfortable, BB calls her to the DR.  She gets up to go.  JC is in the KT, talking out loud about his plans.  He is going to go to sleep.

Tyler is using mouthwash in the WA, and JC comes in.  JC is washing up, Tyler picks his face.  They complain about not being able to go outside.  Tyler said the bags under his eyes are growing.  He has never had that before. Tyler puts lotion on his arms, then back to picking his face. 

12:59 PM BBT  The wall in between the two bedrooms is now completely open.  Tyler climbs into his bed in the BBR and puts an emoji pillow (with the heart eye) over his face.  He theb takes it down and covers his eyes with a t-shirt. All 4 feeds are on Tyler.  Kaycee is in the DR, JC goes into the PBR and says goodnight to Tyler.


1:07 PM BBT  Kaycee is out of the DR and goes to bed in the BBR.  BB calls Tyler to the DR. 


1:09 PM BBT  Feeds 1 & 2 are on JC sleeping in the PBR, while feeds 3 & 4 are on Kaycee sleeping in the BBR.   Scintillating!

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3:44 pm BBT.  Tyler gets up, but first he puts on a bandana.  He goes into the HNR and gets socks, goes back to the BBR and puts on socks.  He then goes to the WC, washes his hands afterward.  Then he goes into the KT and fills up he BB cup with water and ice.  


3:52 pm BBT.  Tyler is now in the SR.  He is going thru the fridge, smells something.  He throws something away then grabs a banana and something he took out of the fridge/freezer.  Back to the KT he goes, ah he got some fish food!  He goes upstairs to feed the fish.  


4:00 pm BBT.  Tyler is going thru cupboards in the KT while eating his banana.  He gets out a knife and cutting board and is opening a package of raw chicken.   


4:04 pm BBT.  Tyler is cutting chicken.  [I am no food network chef but I’m pretty sure cutting chicken while holding it in the air is NOT the proper technique- MonkeyGirl44].  











4:13 pm BBT.  Tyler puts a pan on the stove and puts some oil in it.  Kaycee is up and talks to Tyler in the KT for a minute.  He is cooking the chicken and cleaning up, disinfecting the counter as he should.  


4:25 pm BBT.  Tyler is cooking and seasoning the chicken and putting things away in the KT.  

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4:30 pm BBT.  Tyler is just putting things away in the KT while the chicken cooks.  JC still in bed in the PBR.  Kaycee comes into the KT, they talk for a minute and she leaves.  


4:36 pm BBT.  Kaycee comes into the KT ands talks to Tyler for a minute.  He says the SR smells so bad bcuz they didn’t eat any of the fish.  Kaycee goes into the SR and smells it and says

oh s**t!  


4:39 pm BBT.  Kaycee is back in the KT with Tyler.  They both say they woke up hot.  Tyler wonders what time they fell asleep.  They wonder what time Jeff (former BB contestant) left.  Tyler goes into the WA to put lotion on his back.  Kaycee yells (from the KT) and asks if he needs help.  He says no, I don’t wanna put u thru that.  He says u probably can’t reach that high (she is very sore from last night’s

comp).  JC is up and comes into the KT.  



4:47 pm BBT. All HGs in the KT.  JC says to Tyler I can’t believe u are hungry.  He says I’m not I’m just cooking up this chicken so we have it.  They wonder if they’ll have a comp today or not.  


4:50 pm BBT.  JC and Tyler in the KT.  Tyler tells JC he was snoring and so was Kaycee. He says I probably was too. 


4:55 pm BBT.  JC and Tyler talking in the KT. 

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5:05 PM BBT All 4 feeds are on JC and Tyler sitting at the island in the KT. JC starts to sing. They notice that he is not told by BB to stop singing. JC "Bob, bob are you there?" Tyler "We haven't heard from Bob all day. When he is here we don't like it and when he isn't, we are lost. Let's talk about production." BB "Stop that." 


5:14 PM BBT Kaycee has joined the boys in the KT. They joke that it is too quiet in the house. Sam must be in the HN Room. Angela must be in the HoH. Swaggy is in the PBR. JC asks where Rockstar is. Tyler says she is up in the loft hiding and eavesdropping. He tells them about the first time he looked up there into the loft and saw her head poking out. She did that a lot. 


5:20 PM BBT They are discussing Sam in the KT. They can't believe she collected like 900 coins in the ball comp and just gave them away. Tyler "What if we get out of here and find out that Sam is a super fan. And this was just strategy." JC "Her strategy was making sure the bathroom was clean." 


5:22 PM BBT Kaycee has noted that Tyler has cooked steak and chicken today and he fed the fish. Tyler "Someone has to be the new Sam." Kaycee says that Sam just did stuff for herself. Tyler "No. Sam did stuff for us, but then near the end, she was just like fu*k it." Tyler says he loved Sam but she scared him sometimes when she got angry. 


5:25 PM BBT Kaycee talks about Sam's puppy dog eyes when she wanted something. JC says that Kaitlyn gave him puppy dog eyes too. She was there in the bedroom in the middle of a triangle of guys, all of touching her, and she looks up at him and says will you vote for me. He says that he was like, Yeah Girl. "No way I was voting for her." Tyler says he wonders who voted for her. He thinks it was Brett.


5:30 PM BBT The HGs are discussing Kaitlyn. Tyler admits that he was scared to death when she went upstairs to do the puzzle. He knew he lied to her about voting for her to stay. He was afraid she was going to confront him if she came back in. 


5:44 PM BBT The HGs are still just sitting around the KT. They say that today is day 94 so that means they will have to have the finale by Wednesday at the latest. Kaycee hopes it's sooner. Wednesday is way too long. JC says that his throat hurts so bad he can barely swallow. It is from all the screaming. JC "All we do is talk here. We just talk and talk and talk and talk." 


5:46 PM BBT JC tells Tyler and Kaycee that Angela didn't have a constant voice. She had different tones for what she is doing. Kaycee says that Angela told her that when she is in the DR, she is a completely different person. Tyler says that he is too. 


5:48 PM BBT JC says that he misses Rachel's singing in the house. One day she woke up and sang the Cinderella song. He was pretty down to. He hums the song "Once Upon a Dream." He says that she was so much better than that and that it was magical.


5:51 PM BBT They are discussing the jury round table discussions with Dr. will. Tyler says that is when Angela will join the jury. He remembers from last year that is what happened. JC "They are probably doing that tonight. They will probably do the rest (HoH Part 2 maybe) tomorrow morning." 


5:58 PM BBT JC and Kaycee are in the KT. They are wondering if Kaitlyn is going to come to the finale. Kaycee says she probably will. JC wants to know if there was really a boyfriend. 

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6:15PM BBT The F3 are talking about their phones. Tyler says he doesn't care when he gets his phone. Kaycee says she wants her stuff as soon as possible.


6:20PM BBT Kaycee tells Tyler that his neck is bleeding. JC tells him to stop picking his pimples. He says it is a habit. Tyler now is holding a tissue to his neck. They start joking about how crowded the jury house must be now.


6:45PM Kaycee is napping, Tyler is working out and JC is wandering around the house.



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7:05 pm BBT Kaycee and JC are at the KT counter.  She still has issues with her arms feeling numb, so doesn't want to work out with JC except for maybe some indoor running.  They chat about how much the F3 may be discussed outside the house.


7:15 pm BBT Kaycee and JC start snacking on Goldfish crackers and Haribo bears in the KT. 




7:42 pm BBT JC talks to production from the KT counter, asking "Bob" if he was going to miss him.  


7:45 pm BBT Tyler came down from upstairs where he was running laps and heads to the shower.  KC goes to the BBR to lay down. JC is just aimlessly toodling around the house.


7:50 pm BBT Tyler and KC discuss what they'll wear to the finale.  KC said white pants, white shoes, pink shirt.  He's going to wear a short sleeved buttoned up shirt.


7:52 pm BBT JC asks Tyler one trait that he likes about each:
Haleigh - that she comes off as innocent
Rockstar - her positivity
Sam - unique AF
Kaitlyn - she expresses positive stuff and mindset
Rachel - goofy AF
Brett - funny, hard a$$ laugh
Scottie - funniest one in here
Angela - resilient
Swaggy - his swag
Fessy - not the smartest guy in the world, but he tries
Kaycee - everything
JC - nothing
Bayleigh - appreciate that she always tried to fake liking him
Steve - was a character


8:00 pm BBT They turn the tables and Tyler then asks JC to give something he liked about each HG:

Scottie - crazy in his different mental states
Kaitlyn - they could joke, better when she wasn't around the boys
Steve - was father-like
Angela - she wasn't unexpressive and quiet, which he liked
Swaggy - he tried to be nice no matter what, no matter how fake he was
Rachel - her singing and artsy side
Tyler - hates more every day :)
Winston - liked having conversations with him
Haleigh - he really enjoyed her, but not her gameplay
Brett - motivating with his workouts
Rockstar - crazy character, open mindedness, loves her a lot
Bayleigh - always tried hard to understand what he was saying
Sam - was a character, enjoyed her stories
KC - her positivity, even when she wasn't winning
Fessy - he was real with his feelings or what he said


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Anyone else notice the quick ‘screenshot’ of Haleigh during Big Brother After Dark?  It’s about 41 minutes into the show.  I don’t know if it’s a still picture, but she is sitting staring at something with greenery around her on white picket type fence.  It was while Tyler was fixing their salmon on the stove and getting dinner ready.  Very strange.

Here’s the shot right in the middle of Tyler cooking dinner Friday night - at the 45:38 mark into BBAD.  Anyone else notice it?



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9:00 PM BBT All 4 feeds are on the HGs laying down in the BBR. 


9:06 PM BBT JC gets up and goes to the WC. Kaycee and Tyler remain in the BBR where they whisper the days to each other. Kaycee is focusing on what days the different HGs went up on the block and how many times they were on the block. 


9:12 PM BBT Feeds 1 and 2 show JC working out in the lounge. The peg wall says BB20 Top 3 with their social media profiles listed. Meanwhile Kaycee and Tyler whisper in the BBR. Kaycee tells him that JC said he was going to take her because of the LGBTQ thing. Tyler tells her that JC can win against either one of them. They agree that he can't win the next part of the HoH. Tyler tells her to take her time on the comp. It is more important she gets them right, not necessarily fast. 

Social Media.jpg


9:21 PM BBT JC is alone in the lounge and working out. He looks right up into the camera and says "So annoying". Tyler responds "You are annoying" from the KT. JC can't tell where his voice is coming from. At first he thought Tyler was calling out to him from the WC. JC goes back to working out. 


9:31 PM BBT JC is laying down in the lounge, knocking his tune that he and Kaycee created by tapping his fist against that wall. He sings "Oh baby you know that (pronounced-dat) I just love you so much (muuush). Tyler is cooking in the KT. Kaycee is laying down in the BBR. 

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9:38 PM BBT JC had taken his microphone off when he went to the WC. While talking to Tyler in the KT BB goes "JC" and BB doesn't even have to finish. JC mouths "please put on your microphone" "F**k." He starts singing and BB says "Stop that." 


9:48 PM BBT Feeds 1 and 2 show JC in the shower. Feeds 3 and 4 show Tyler and Kaycee in the KT. JC calls out and asks Kaycee if she can bring him some more conditioner from the SR. Tyler "What the Hell are you conditioning?" Kaycee laughs "That is a great question." 


9:54 PM BBT JC is singing in the shower. BB "JC, that is really annoying. Stop." JC "I am bored. I am falling asleep in the shower." JC starts to sing "Do you want to build a snowman?" BB "JC." JC "What?" JC hums. BB "JC". JC "Yes, did you call me. What do you want from me? Do you know me? I provoked you earlier." Meanwhile Tyler is talking to Kaycee in the KT about how he and JC played a game earlier where they had say something nice about everyone. JC didn't want to say anything nice about Angela. He finally caved and said "I enjoy her silence." 


10:00 PM BBT JC is out of the shower. He keeps singing "Do you want to build a snowman". Kaycee is hanging out in the KT with Tyler who is frying some salmon on the stove. BB calls them all to go to the SR. They cheer and run to the SR. They have a gift basket from POP with a card. "Dear HGs, last night's competition was tough but you handled it like champs. Here are some items to help you relax and refresh a bit. Good luck everyone from your friends at POP." The basket contains facial mists, bubble bath, foot massage tools, and massage balls.

Gift Basket.jpg

Pop Basket.jpg


10:05 PM BBT In their basket from POP is a head massage tool. Kaycee tries it on Tyler first. He laughs and pulls away from it. JC asks if it hurts and he says no, goosebumps. Kaycee then massages the top of JC's head. He really enjoys it. 




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10:11 PM BBT Tyler is cooking them dinner. JC questions him why he is combining some of his ingredients with the rice. Tyler tells him to go sit his a** down because he is the chef. He can pick it out of the rice. Kaycee is in the shower and calls for JC to bring her some body wash from the SR. 


10:14 PM BBT Kaycee is in the shower. JC is humming in the KT while making a banana salad. BB "Please stop singing." JC "Bob was sleeping all day and then out of no where, now that it's night time, he is super active. Probably because it is POP." Tyler "That's why for sure." BB "Sorry." Tyler "That's alright Bob." JC "No, that's not alright." Tyler "That's alright Bob. Don't let JC get to you." 


10:22 PM BBT Tyler has cooked them a family dinner. JC is helping to set the dining room table. Tyler has cooked salmon and rice. JC talks about how they had 16 people in the house and haven't broken a single plate. However, he did rip a pillow and put the feathers all over Bret's head while he slept. He got called to the DR over that.


10:27 PM BBT Tyler and JC decide to cook some beans to eat with their fish. That's what Brett would do. JC "We are having fish and beans in the name of Brett. Thank you Brett for existing." The 3 of the sit at the table together to eat. Tyler "Nice dinner together brought to you together by POP TV." 

Family Dinner.jpg


10:32 Tyler tells the others it would be nice to get another ding dong. He likes ding dongs. They discuss how Brett cooked white fish and pinto beans the last time they had fish and beans. The pairing of it wasn't good. This is good. Tyler says that he thinks Part 2 is tomorrow because he hasn't heard sh*t in the BY all night.


10:38 PM BBT Tyler is telling Kaycee and JC about FOUTTE. He says that it was Kaitlyn, Swaggy, Fessy, Rockstar and Haleigh. JC laughs out loud at the name. Swaggy made them add Bayleigh into it so they gave it a new name called the BB Illuminati or something like that. The 5 of them plus Bayleigh. JC "Beautiful. Worked perfectly. So organized. So much discipline". Tyler then tells them about Scottie's alliance with Rockstar and Fess. They went through like 9 names. They ended up with the Hive. 


10:44 PM BBT They continue to eat around the table and talk about previous evictions. JC talks about Swaggy's eviction. If he had any doubts about sending Swaggy home, his speech sealed the deal. #Idontneedyouhere. JC calls it Backdoor to the Future with Swaggy C.


10:54 PM BBT Tyler, JC and Kaycee are talking about the house meeting. They acted like Tyler was the hacker or that he worked with Haleigh. JC said that it would have been a brilliant move if any of it was true. 

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11:00 PM BBT JC goes to put on one of the face masks in the WA while Kaycee and Tyler clean up the KT. JC inhaled some of it and started coughing. 


11:02 PM BBT JC joins Kaycee and Tyler in the KT while wearing his face mask. Tyler is laughing at him and tells him he looks like a scary movie character. Some kind of Jason. "That's why POP does this sh*t." 

Face Mask.jpg


11:05 PM BBT The HGs decide to have tea together. They head to the LR for tea time. Tyler "Alright Julie. It's tea time. Come on out." 

Tea Time.jpg


11:09 PM BBT Tyler confesses to JC that Angela made her sauce, she put electrolytes, nacho cheese powder, the ranch, and every single thing in the cabinet, she put in that sauce. JC makes a face. Everybody ate it but Tyler had to scrape it off. Tyler said that Angela laughed the whole time she made it and she did it for TV. JC says that's why he got her out of the house. For playing with them. 


11:15 PM BBT The 3 are sitting in the LR talking about battle backs. JC says it really isn't fair. You can skip several evictions and then come back like you never left. Kaycee laughs at him and tells him she can't take him serious with that mask on his face. 


11:20 PM BBT The 3 are talking about all the mistakes the different HGs made. One of the biggest was Bayleigh. Tyler "She told Rachel she had a power app. Rachel." 


11:25 PM BBT They continue to talk about the evicted HGs. They can't believe how Scottie and everyone took the blame for what the 3 of them did. Fessy and them never expected anything. 


11:25 PM BBT Tyler reminds them about Kaitlyn cornering him about his votes and telling him to swear on his dad. He knew then, Kaitlyn had to go. And she went the very next week. 

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11:35 PM BBT JC has removed his face mask so he can finally enjoy his tea. Kaycee has gone to brush her teeth. Tyler can't wait to see what they look like on TV day 1 versus now. Tyler feels like he aged 10 years. JC says he feels like he has lived here for year. This is their house. 


11:39 PM BBT Tyler and JC continue to sit in the LR. They both plan to binge watch the show when they get out. Tyler says he would be nervous to watch it with others because it would be embarrassing. They have no clue how BB edits them. Meanwhile Kaycee has gone to bed in the BBR. 


11:49 PM BBT Feeds 1 and 2 show JC sitting alone in the LR. 3 and 4 show Kaycee laying down in the BBR. Tyler has gone to brush his teeth and use the WC. BB tells him to put on his microphone. He goes to do so. BB "Thank you very much." Tyler heads to the BBR to go to bed. 


11:54 PM BBT JC is brushing his teeth. Kaycee and Tyler talk in the BBR. Tyler says that Angela would always wake up with a thought it would come true every single time. The night she was evicted, she couldn't sleep. She was up all night long. "Another Kaitlyn up in here." Kaycee "Kaitlyn was sending her signals." 

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