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  1. 12:49AM BBT: Nicole is out of bed and eating a sandwich. Enzo doesn't say anything to her as he walks into the KT before walking back to the WA. Enzo eventually sits down at the KT table and starts to play cards by himself. Nicole finishes her sandwich and goes back to bed. 1:09AM BBT: Enzo walks around upstairs with the blanket over his shoulders. 1:43AM BBT: Enzo finishes pacing around upstairs and is now downstairs in the KT. He grabs a few things before going into the PBR and looking through the photos. 2:02AM BBT: Enzo is now in bed in the PBR, BB turns the lights off as soon as he covers his eyes. The house is dark and quiet.
  2. 11:00PM BBT: Nicole and Cody are in their own beds. Enzo finishes showering and walks into the lounge, he tells his ex-wife that tomorrow when "one of these dodos cuts me that they had to do it because daddy would've went to the end and daddy would have won the money." Enzo goes on to say that he wants his kids to know why it happened and when either Cody or Nicole "cut" him tomorrow to have his kids look away because he's going to "snap" on whoever cuts him. Enzo says he doesn't want his kids to see "daddy upset" when he's evicted. 11:05PM BBT: Enzo says that promises whoever cuts him tomorrow he's "f***ing snapping on 'em. Trust me, there's no Mr. Nice Guy tomorrow." Cody is out of bed, he walks through the LR with what appears to be bread and bagels. In the lounge, Enzo says that Cody and Nicole are going to cut him because they're "scared" and know that Enzo would win the money if he's taken to the final two. Enzo says he doesn't "think" Cody will cut him, but if he does, "he'll get it too." 11:06PM BBT: Enzo continues to talk to the cameras, he says he "likes" Cody and doesn't think that Cody will "cut" him but "we'll see." Enzo pauses and says, "just make sure you tell the kids. Tell 'em they had to get rid of daddy because daddy would have won at the end and they were scared to take daddy." Enzo says he "feels bad" for whoever cuts him because "they're going to get cut right back." Enzo leaves the lounge. Cody is in the KT making a sandwich when Enzo walks in. 11:14PM BBT: Cody makes his sandwich, eats it, and then gets back into bed. Enzo sits in the WA while Cody eats and then when Cody's done he walks around the KT island silently.
  3. 12:30AM BBT: The HGs continue to eat pizza and snack in the KT while they chat. BB cuts the feeds for a few minutes from time to time. 12:56AM BBT: Nicole is in bed in the CBR and BB turns off the lights. Enzo walks around the KT. Cody walks in from the WA flossing his teeth. 1:14AM BBT: Enzo is in bed in the PBR and BB turns off the lights. 2:00AM BBT: The cameras only show Enzo and Nicole in bed, but it's safe to assume that Cody is also in bed in the KBR. 8:41AM BBT: All of the HGs are still sleeping. 8:43AM BBT: Enzo is awake, he makes his way through the bedrooms and most likely to the WA. But BB doesn't follow him. Cody and Nicole are both still asleep. 8:50AM BBT: Enzo is awake and in the KT, he walks to the WA to use the WC. 8:53AM BBT: Enzo gets back into bed.
  4. 11:00PM BBT: The HGs play a card game where they put their cards on their foreheads. 11:16PM BBT: Nicole walks to the KT to make pizza while Cody uses the WC. Enzo sits on the couch in the LR and Cody joins him a few moments later. BB cuts the feeds for a few seconds now and then. 11:24PM BBT: Nicole continues to make the pizza while the HGs chat. Cody is upset that BB won't allow his family or girlfriend on the lot for the finale. Nicole says she won't know if she's "hated" until a little bit longer. They talk about what they're going to do as soon as the show is over. 11:30PM BBT: The HGs want more wine and try to figure out who should go ask BB for more. Cody tells Enzo that he has to "beg a little bit." Nicole agrees. The HGs cover their microphones to whisper to one another. 11:43PM BBT: BB cuts the feeds on and off while the HGs chat. 11:49PM BBT: Feeds are back, the HGs are still in the LR chatting. 11:58PM BBT: The pizza is done, Nicole slices the pizza while the HGs continue to talk about college and sports. Enzo and Cody join her in the KT to eat pizza.
  5. 9:00PM BBT: Cody joins Nicole downstairs in the KT. He asks where Enzo is and Nicole tells him he's "in that room." Cody walks to the lounge and tells Enzo to come play cards. Enzo asks what they're playing, Cody says he doesn't know how to play Rummy. Cody asks Nicole why she broke pasta and put it on the seats in the lounge. Nicole says "nervous habit" and then says she does it to remember things. Cody asks Nicole if she knows how to play hearts. Nicole says, "what's that?" Cody starts to explain it. In the lounge, Enzo spells out "ENZ ONE" in coconut strips. 9:03PM BBT: Enzo has now spelled out "ENZ NEED HELP" in coconut strips. Nicole comes to get Enzo and tells him to come play. Enzo leaves the lounge and walks into the KT to play cards with Cody and Nicole. Enzo says he's "drunk already." They decide to play hearts, Enzo doesn't know how. Cody assures him it's "easy once you get the hang of it." Enzo doesn't appear to be excited. 9:17PM BBT: The HGs have finished playing hearts and now switch to paying Rummy at the KT table. Cody says he "doesn't like this game" while Enzo tries to explain it to him. 9:32PM BBT: The HGs are finished playing Rummy and now play "Golf." Cody wants to hide three cards in the house and then have everyone find them. Enzo says that's "hot and cold." Cody says he doesn't know how to play that. Enzo explains "hot and cold." Nicole deals the cards out for Golf and then explains how to play. 9:45PM BBT: The HGs finish playing Golf, Nicole suggests playing "screw your neighbor." She starts to explain how to play. Enzo says he wants "more liquor." Cody asks for another bottle of wine. All of the HGs ask for another bottle of wine. 10:06PM BBT: The HGs move from the KT to the LR, they pull chairs around the ottoman. They switch to paying "spoons," Cody explains how to play. 10:15PM BBT: The HGs are now playing a game called "kemps." 10:20PM BBT: Nicole walks to the DR to ask for more wine, BB lets her into the DR and then BB cuts the feeds. 10:23PM BBT: The feeds are back, Nicole has joined Enzo and Cody around the ottoman. It's unclear if BB is going to give them another bottle of wine or not. Nicole talks about playing "spoons" and "screw your neighbor" for money during the holidays. The HGs now talk about their holiday traditions. 10:28PM BBT: The HGs hear BB putting something in the SR and begin to cheer. Cody walks to the SR to find three cans of beers. Enzo jokes that it will just be one beer. "We have beers!" Cody says as he walks out of the SR. The HGs decide which beer to have and walk into the KT to open them. Nicole wants to play "spoons" again, but Cody wants to play "screw your neighbor." They thank BB for the beer. 10:34PM BBT: BB cuts the feeds for a minute while the HGs drink and play cards.
  6. 8:00PM BBT: Nicole is in bed in the CBR, Cody and Enzo continue to play chess quietly. 8:05PM BBT: The chess game is over, Cody wins. Enzo and Cody discuss being in the house so long, they both agree it messes with their heads and causes weight loss. 8:17PM BBT: Enzo says that keeping them inside this long is like a "f***ing insane asylum." Cody agrees, they both want a peephole to look outside. Enzo makes a dirty joke and Cody laughs. They talk about needing to see the sun and be outside and then discuss about what they're going to do once they're out of the house. Enzo gives his mom a shout out. 8:23PM BBT: Nicole is out of bed, Cody and Enzo are both upstairs in the loft area talking. BB cuts the feeds. 8:35PM BBT: Feeds are back. Nicole is making something on the stove. Cody is playing with one of the puzzle games while Enzo does laps upstairs. He says it's "insane" that "everyone is flying out." 8:44PM BBT: Enzo joins Nicole downstairs, they discuss the fish smelling. Nicole yells up and asks if Cody is "alive." Enzo says Cody's trying to finish the puzzle and then says they have one bottle of wine. Nicole says "maybe they will give us more." Enzo says he's "numb" from BB torturing them. Nicole pours them each a glass of wine and Enzo says the fish Nicole is cooking "smells good now." He says she just needed to cook the "fishy smell out." Enzo says the wine is "cupcake wine." They each take a glass and cheers, Cody yells cheers from upstairs. 8:50PM BBT: Nicole and Enzo begin a card game at the KT table. Enzo tries to explain Rummy to Nicole while Cody continues to try to figure out the puzzles upstairs. Enzo asks if Nicole is going to eat, she says "no," that the crab is "too fishy." She says Enzo can put butter or salt in it and eat it. Enzo says he'll add "garlic" or "white wine" to it because he doesn't want to waste it. Nicole yells up to Cody to "hurry" so they can play cards. Upstairs, Cody is extremely frustrated with the puzzle. 8:55PM BBT: Enzo leaves the KT and walks into the lounge and sits down. The cameras zoom in and he says "don't look at me." He mutters to himself about the "final two" and "having to wait."
  7. 1:44PM BBT: Nicole is in bed in the CBR, but awake. Cody washes his hands and then sits on the couch in the WA. 1:46PM BBT: Nicole gets out of bed and looks through the wardrobe closet in the CBR. 1:48PM BBT: Nicole leaves the CBR and makes her way through the LR and KT to the WA. BB tells Nicole to exchange her microphone with the one in the SR. She and Cody discuss sleeping in late before Nicole leaves the WA. Cody tells BB he "needs" the BY. Enzo is still in bed in the PBR. 1:51PM BBT: Nicole is back in the WA while Cody continues to ask BB for the BY. BB cuts the feeds. 1:55PM BBT: Feeds are back, Enzo is still in bed. Nicole and Cody chat in the WA, Cody says he's "so stressed." He says he "can't turn it off in here." Cody says he's "nervous" if he's in the final two or not. He also says he was "attacked" the first time. They discuss the "passive aggressive questions" the jury asks them in the final two. 1:56PM BBT: Cody says he just wants to get to Wednesday. He says he needs the sunlight, but he doesn't think they're going to get it. He says sitting in the KT chairs all day is "not ok." Cody says he feels "weird" and he just needs "one day" outside. They discuss the building noises going on outside. Nicole gets ready to shower.
  8. 1:00PM BBT: Cody continues to play backgammon by himself in the KT. Enzo is still in bed in the PBR with the covers pulled over his head. 1:05PM BBT: Cody's game of backgammon against himself is over. It seems Cody has won again! He sets up for another game. 1:20PM BBT: Cody is finished playing backgammon and now walks around the KT talking to himself. 1:24PM BBT: Cody leaves the KT and walks to the WA, looks around, and then walks upstairs. He sets his protein shaker bottle down and then paces back and forth in the upstairs hallway/balcony area. 1:37PM BBT: Cody has finished pacing, grabs his shaker bottle and walks downstairs to the WA to use the WC.
  9. 9:30AM BBT: The HGs are all still sleeping. 9:35AM BBT: A loud banging sound echoes throughout the BB house, but it doesn't seem to disturb any of the sleeping HGs.
  10. 8:15AM BBT: Nicole is awake and in the WA doing her make up. 8:28AM BBT: The BB house is still dark, Enzo and Cody are both still sleeping. 8:53AM BBT: All HGs are in bed sleeping.
  11. 2:00AM BBT: Christmas has gone to sleep in the KBR after reading the Bible for over an hour. Upstairs, Cody and Enzo continue to discuss Christmas. Enzo says Cody knows what he's doing. Enzo says he thinks Nicole is the better player, but he says Cody can do whatever he wants to do. They discuss Christmas "burning" herself with some of the jury members. 2:06AM BBT: Cody and Enzo discuss the jury, trying to figure out how they may vote. Enzo says he just doesn't "f***ing know." They try to figure out who may be mad. Both Cody and Enzo agree they have no idea what the jury is thinking. Cody says he'll prepare for their questions once he gets to the final two. He says he'll prepare "blanket answers" to any question. Enzo says he thinks they'll get caught in lies. 2:08AM BBT: Enzo and Cody joke around about answering jury questions, he says he feels like he and Cody are "meant to be" and that they'll be at the final two. They laugh about Nicole thinking she's going to final two. Cody says he's trying to "play the pity card" with everyone. "She's won her money," both Cody and Enzo say. Enzo says he hopes he gets to put the "nail in the coffin" and take Nicole out. Enzo says Nicole will absolutely throw Cody under the bus and take Enzo to final two. 2:11AM BBT: Enzo discusses the final three comps from his previous season. They discuss studying for potential comps. 2:16AM BBT: Cody lifts weights in the HoHR while he and Enzo discuss Nicole and Christmas. Enzo says he thought Christmas was going to do a lot better in the last POV. They talk about the comp. Enzo repeats again that he's going to send Nicole home because she won her money. Enzo says he needs this money for his kids and he "deserves it." He says Nicole has played it three times and she's only made it this far because of Enzo and Cody. They talk about Nicole peeing her pants earlier, "what the f**k, yo?" Enzo says. They laugh. 2:20AM BBT: All four cameras are on Christmas sleeping. 2:24AM BBT: Two cameras are back on the HoHR with Enzo and Cody. Cody is talking about a comp from his season. They talk about Nicole and Christmas "knowing the information" for a potential memory comp. "F***ing study," Cody tells Enzo. "I was never good at school," Enzo says. "This isn't school," Cody says, "you lived this." Enzo says he "knows everything" but just needs to practice. "It's like kicking a f***ing soccer ball," Cody says, you get better by repetition. They study dates and talk about their previous seasons. 2:50AM BBT: Cody and Enzo shift back to talking about Christmas. Cody says he doesn't talk to Christmas in the KBR, he says when he walks into that room he goes right to sleep. Enzo says Christmas is going to come to him tomorrow and ask if he and Cody talked. "She's getting buddy-buddy with Nicole," Enzo says.
  12. 9:47PM BBT: BB cuts the feeds for three minutes, when they're back Christmas is in the KBR reading the bible, all four cameras are on her. 10:01PM BBT: BB cuts the feeds. 10:55PM BBT: Feeds are back, Nicole is in the KT snacking. 10:58PM BBT: BB cuts the feeds again. 11:07PM BBT: The feeds are back, Christmas and Nicole are in the KT. Nicole looks at herself in the mirror and smiles. Cody is talking about needing a hair cut as he walks into the KT. Enzo leaves the WA and joins everyone in the KT, general chatter fills the house. 11:09PM BBT: Enzo has toilet paper sticking out of the back of his jeans, he just came from the WC. Nicole and Christmas are trying hard not to laugh out loud, but are failing. 11:10PM BBT: No one has told Enzo about the toilet paper, but he appears to be in on it as he glances around with a smile on his face to see how everyone is reacting. Christmas and Nicole keep trying not to laugh, Cody either hasn't noticed or is pretending to have not noticed and is instead talking about hot dogs. 11:11PM BBT: Christmas finally asks Enzo "what the f*** is that" and points to his jeans. Cody starts to laugh, Nicole is laughing the hardest. "Oh sh*t," Enzo laughs. Nicole continues to laugh hard, she says she's "peed her pants." Enzo keeps laughing and Cody yells "what the f**K?!" Nicole gets paper towels to clean up her mess on the floor. "Enzo s**ts his britches and Nicole pees her pants!" Christmas laughs. Enzo holds out his toilet paper to Cody. 11:12PM BBT: Nicole says she hasn't peed her pants in a really long time and Enzo should take it as a compliment. She says Enzo's toilet paper had a "poop stain." Cody says it's not real. Christmas and Enzo give Cody a hard time about not telling Enzo about the toilet paper, Cody claims he didn't see it until Christmas pointed it out. Enzo says Cody just left him there with a "s**t stain" on his jeans. Nicole says she needs to shower and walks to the WA. 11:14PM BBT: Cody and Enzo are in the BY, Cody asks what Enzo put on the toilet paper. Enzo says it was "chocolate" and he wanted to see if Cody would point it out to him. Nicole is now showering. BB cuts the feeds.
  13. 8:18AM BBT: The HGs are all still sleeping. 8:41AM BBT: All HGs are still sleeping. 9:03AM BBT: The BB house is still dark and the HGs are sleeping.
  14. 12:35AM BBT: The house has been silent the last hour while the HGs sit in their own rooms and think. Cody is in the WA and Christmas eventually joins him on the couch, Cody asks her "what's up," and they talk about waiting for Enzo to finally get his HoHR. Cody says Enzo was called into the DR about twenty minutes ago, so they believe he'll get his room soon. They both agree that waiting is "the worst." They discuss food. 12:43AM BBT: BB cuts the feeds while Enzo gets his HoHR. 1:07AM BBT: The feeds are back and the HGs are in the HoHR while Enzo pours them glasses of wine and they snack on goodies from his HoH basket. "Moo-lawn" has also joined them in the HoHR. They toast to being in the "final four," and thank Enzo for sharing his wine. Enzo talks about getting a t-shirt that says "Team Enzo" on it. They discuss his photos. 1:12AM BBT: The HGs talk about being in the final four and how everyone in the house has been great. They talk about how everyone has played "hard and different and unique" and that it's been a great season. 1:19AM BBT: Nicole leaves the HoHR, Christmas, Enzo, and Cody talk about traveling. 1:28AM BBT: Nicole has gone to bed in the KBR, the three in the HoHR talk about their homes and their family and if anyone will fly out to meet them after the show. BB cuts the feeds from time to time. 1:36AM BBT: The three up in the HoHR discuss the season and what clips they want to watch back. They try to figure out if this season had a villain. Christmas says she doesn't think there was a villain this season, unless it was her. Enzo says he doesn't think Christmas is the villain. Cody says his brother was a villain on his season. They all agree this has been a "great season." 2:00AM BBT: Christmas, Enzo, and Cody are still chatting in the HoHR. They talked about age and their first seasons compared to this season. They then go on to talk about various DR sessions and what they said about other HGs. BB continues to cut the feeds from time to time. 2:16AM BBT: Christmas has left the HoHR and is now unpacking, upstairs Enzo and Cody talk about a "final two" and how the two boys "from Jersey" haven't been on the block the whole season. Cody says he has to "win the VETO" or Enzo has to win the VETO, otherwise Cody says he's "going home." Enzo says what he and Cody did this season was "f***ing crazy." They talk about jury. 2:18AM BBT: Enzo tells Cody that he's "scared" of taking Nicole to the final three because he's worried that Cody would "throw" the comp so Nicole takes Cody instead of Cody having to pick between him and Nicole. Enzo talks about what he wants for the rest of the season and they talk about the upcoming comps. Cody gets a little upset that Enzo thinks that Cody might "f**k" him "over." Enzo begins to ramble about people hating him and people liking him. Cody tries to jump in to get clarification but Enzo continues to ramble. 2:27AM BBT: BB cuts the feeds in the middle of Enzo's rambling. When the feeds are back, Cody is in the HoHR alone. Enzo is downstairs in the SR, "there's no liquor, none!" Enzo is upset, he says he should have "yelled" at some people this season. He leaves the SR and gets his beach ball from downstairs before throwing it into the LR. He notes the time and then walks upstairs to the HoHR. "I thought I had liquor," Enzo tells Cody, but realizes it was just a bag of cheese. "Come on, yo!" "You ain't gettin' it," Cody says. Enzo drinks from the wine bottle. BB cuts the feeds. 2:30AM BBT: When the feeds are back, Enzo says "I'm the a*****e." He says he doesn't want "meetings" tomorrow and he doesn't want Christmas up in the HoHR tomorrow. Cody asks him about his nomination season and Enzo says it will be "there's no one else in the house," and "this is it." Cody laughs. Enzo jokes around about his nomination speech. Enzo then starts to talk about "Moo-lawn" and how he's going to dress her up. Enzo says he's going to "put lipstick on her" and "UGG boots on her." 2:37AM BBT: Enzo and Cody leave the HoHR. Enzo gathers his things from various rooms while Cody is in the WA and says he's going to bed. Enzo says he's going to listen to his music and then go to sleep. They say goodnight and Enzo walks back upstairs while Cody walks to the KBR. Upstairs, Enzo listens to his music so loud it can be heard through his microphone. BB cuts the cameras away from the HoHR and all four are now on the KBR where the other three HGs are asleep. 3:38AM BBT: Enzo is in bed and the lights are off throughout the BB house. 4:43AM BBT: BB cuts the feeds. 5:03AM BBT: Two of the feeds are back, showing Cody, Nicole, and Christmas asleep in the KBR. 5:14AM BBT: The last two feeds are back, all of the HGs are sleeping in their beds. 8:10AM BBT: All of the HGs are still sleeping.

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