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  1. 12:49AM BBT: Nicole is out of bed and eating a sandwich. Enzo doesn't say anything to her as he walks into the KT before walking back to the WA. Enzo eventually sits down at the KT table and starts to play cards by himself. Nicole finishes her sandwich and goes back to bed. 1:09AM BBT: Enzo walks around upstairs with the blanket over his shoulders. 1:43AM BBT: Enzo finishes pacing around upstairs and is now downstairs in the KT. He grabs a few things before going into the PBR and looking through the photos. 2:02AM BBT: Enzo is now in bed in the PBR, BB tu
  2. 11:00PM BBT: Nicole and Cody are in their own beds. Enzo finishes showering and walks into the lounge, he tells his ex-wife that tomorrow when "one of these dodos cuts me that they had to do it because daddy would've went to the end and daddy would have won the money." Enzo goes on to say that he wants his kids to know why it happened and when either Cody or Nicole "cut" him tomorrow to have his kids look away because he's going to "snap" on whoever cuts him. Enzo says he doesn't want his kids to see "daddy upset" when he's evicted. 11:05PM BBT: Enzo says that promises whoever cut
  3. 12:30AM BBT: The HGs continue to eat pizza and snack in the KT while they chat. BB cuts the feeds for a few minutes from time to time. 12:56AM BBT: Nicole is in bed in the CBR and BB turns off the lights. Enzo walks around the KT. Cody walks in from the WA flossing his teeth. 1:14AM BBT: Enzo is in bed in the PBR and BB turns off the lights. 2:00AM BBT: The cameras only show Enzo and Nicole in bed, but it's safe to assume that Cody is also in bed in the KBR. 8:41AM BBT: All of the HGs are still sleeping. 8:43AM BBT: Enzo is awake
  4. 11:00PM BBT: The HGs play a card game where they put their cards on their foreheads. 11:16PM BBT: Nicole walks to the KT to make pizza while Cody uses the WC. Enzo sits on the couch in the LR and Cody joins him a few moments later. BB cuts the feeds for a few seconds now and then. 11:24PM BBT: Nicole continues to make the pizza while the HGs chat. Cody is upset that BB won't allow his family or girlfriend on the lot for the finale. Nicole says she won't know if she's "hated" until a little bit longer. They talk about what they're going to do as soon as the show is ove
  5. 9:00PM BBT: Cody joins Nicole downstairs in the KT. He asks where Enzo is and Nicole tells him he's "in that room." Cody walks to the lounge and tells Enzo to come play cards. Enzo asks what they're playing, Cody says he doesn't know how to play Rummy. Cody asks Nicole why she broke pasta and put it on the seats in the lounge. Nicole says "nervous habit" and then says she does it to remember things. Cody asks Nicole if she knows how to play hearts. Nicole says, "what's that?" Cody starts to explain it. In the lounge, Enzo spells out "ENZ ONE" in coconut strips. 9:03PM BBT: Enzo has
  6. 8:00PM BBT: Nicole is in bed in the CBR, Cody and Enzo continue to play chess quietly. 8:05PM BBT: The chess game is over, Cody wins. Enzo and Cody discuss being in the house so long, they both agree it messes with their heads and causes weight loss. 8:17PM BBT: Enzo says that keeping them inside this long is like a "f***ing insane asylum." Cody agrees, they both want a peephole to look outside. Enzo makes a dirty joke and Cody laughs. They talk about needing to see the sun and be outside and then discuss about what they're going to do once they're out of the house. E
  7. 1:44PM BBT: Nicole is in bed in the CBR, but awake. Cody washes his hands and then sits on the couch in the WA. 1:46PM BBT: Nicole gets out of bed and looks through the wardrobe closet in the CBR. 1:48PM BBT: Nicole leaves the CBR and makes her way through the LR and KT to the WA. BB tells Nicole to exchange her microphone with the one in the SR. She and Cody discuss sleeping in late before Nicole leaves the WA. Cody tells BB he "needs" the BY. Enzo is still in bed in the PBR. 1:51PM BBT: Nicole is back in the WA while Cody continues to ask BB for the BY. BB
  8. 1:00PM BBT: Cody continues to play backgammon by himself in the KT. Enzo is still in bed in the PBR with the covers pulled over his head. 1:05PM BBT: Cody's game of backgammon against himself is over. It seems Cody has won again! He sets up for another game. 1:20PM BBT: Cody is finished playing backgammon and now walks around the KT talking to himself. 1:24PM BBT: Cody leaves the KT and walks to the WA, looks around, and then walks upstairs. He sets his protein shaker bottle down and then paces back and forth in the upstairs hallway/balcony area. 1
  9. 9:30AM BBT: The HGs are all still sleeping. 9:35AM BBT: A loud banging sound echoes throughout the BB house, but it doesn't seem to disturb any of the sleeping HGs.
  10. 8:15AM BBT: Nicole is awake and in the WA doing her make up. 8:28AM BBT: The BB house is still dark, Enzo and Cody are both still sleeping. 8:53AM BBT: All HGs are in bed sleeping.
  11. 2:00AM BBT: Christmas has gone to sleep in the KBR after reading the Bible for over an hour. Upstairs, Cody and Enzo continue to discuss Christmas. Enzo says Cody knows what he's doing. Enzo says he thinks Nicole is the better player, but he says Cody can do whatever he wants to do. They discuss Christmas "burning" herself with some of the jury members. 2:06AM BBT: Cody and Enzo discuss the jury, trying to figure out how they may vote. Enzo says he just doesn't "f***ing know." They try to figure out who may be mad. Both Cody and Enzo agree they have no idea what the jury is thinki
  12. 9:47PM BBT: BB cuts the feeds for three minutes, when they're back Christmas is in the KBR reading the bible, all four cameras are on her. 10:01PM BBT: BB cuts the feeds. 10:55PM BBT: Feeds are back, Nicole is in the KT snacking. 10:58PM BBT: BB cuts the feeds again. 11:07PM BBT: The feeds are back, Christmas and Nicole are in the KT. Nicole looks at herself in the mirror and smiles. Cody is talking about needing a hair cut as he walks into the KT. Enzo leaves the WA and joins everyone in the KT, general chatter fills the house. 11
  13. 8:18AM BBT: The HGs are all still sleeping. 8:41AM BBT: All HGs are still sleeping. 9:03AM BBT: The BB house is still dark and the HGs are sleeping.
  14. 12:35AM BBT: The house has been silent the last hour while the HGs sit in their own rooms and think. Cody is in the WA and Christmas eventually joins him on the couch, Cody asks her "what's up," and they talk about waiting for Enzo to finally get his HoHR. Cody says Enzo was called into the DR about twenty minutes ago, so they believe he'll get his room soon. They both agree that waiting is "the worst." They discuss food. 12:43AM BBT: BB cuts the feeds while Enzo gets his HoHR. 1:07AM BBT: The feeds are back and the HGs are in the HoHR while Enzo pours them glasses of

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