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  1. 3:00AM BBT: Nicole says she's "disgusted" with herself. Jackson says that's a "horrible thing to say" and then asks her to explain herself. Nicole says she had an "opportunity" and she didn't do "as well as I should have...and here I am." BB cuts the feeds. 3:02AM BBT: Feeds are back and Jackson is talking about there being sixteen people in the house to start. He says he's "excited to see her," but we're not sure who he is talking about. Jackson tells Nicole they're almost done with the last weekend. "Half a workweek left," Jackson says. "It's crazy," Nicole says. 3:11AM BBT: Feeds are back and Jackson is telling Nicole that things happen as they should. Nicole says she believes that. 3:14AM BBT: Jackson tells Nicole she's "like a sister" to him. Nicole says he's going to make her "sad" and make her cry if he keeps saying things like that. Nicole starts to cry. Nicole says it's "been a rough couple years" with "a lot of people saying the opposite to me." "Screw them," Jackson says. 3:17AM BBT: Jackson and Nicole leave the LR and walk into the KT. Jackson unwraps his tie-dye shirt and Nicole really wants BB to open the backdoor for just an hour. He holds it up and says "this looks like sh*t...what the f**k is this?! This sucks!!! What kind of BS tie-dye kit is this?!" Nicole laughs. 3:24AM BBT: Nicole and Jackson are still in the KT, looking over their tie-dye t-shirts. All of the tie-dye shirts are mostly white, Nicole says she's doing to redo the shirts tomorrow. Jackson asks her to redo his t-shirt too. 3:26AM BBT: BB cuts the feeds for a few seconds when it's back Holly is out of the DR and joins Nicole and Jackson in the KT. They show her the tie-dye shirts. "Tube method sucks," Holly says. 3:44AM BBT: Nicole, Jackson, and Holly are in the KT eating and cleaning. They have general conversations and then talk about the comps and what they did or didn't do. 4:06AM BBT: The three stand in front of the HGs photos and look at all of the evicted HGs. Nicole says she's going to bed soon, the three move around to get ready for bed. 4:15AM BBT: Jackson and Holly are cuddled up in the TBR while Nicole gets ready for bed in the CBR. She walks into the TBR with a watermelon shirt and says she "manifested" Jackson to be here the entire time. They laugh. 4:40AM BBT: The lights are off in the BB House, all of the HGs are sleeping in the beds outside of the CBR. 8:13AM BBT: All of the HGs are still sleeping.
  2. 2:42AM BBT: Nicole and Jackson talk on the couch in the LR. They go over previous weeks in the BB House as well as events with evicted HGs. Jackson talks about his strategy. 2:43AM BBT: Jackson talks about doing annoying things throughout the house just to irritate the other HGs. He keeps saying he's going to tell Nicole his "strategy" but then goes on a long monologue about there "always being a bigger fish." "You're good," Nicole says, "I'm impressed." 2:47AM BBT: Jackson tells Nicole that every morning when Cliff would go change his batteries, Tommy would jump up on his bed and try to rally everyone to vote Cliff out. "Wow," Nicole says. 2:48AM BBT: "Everything I did in this game...good, bad, and in between...I did it to take care of myself but to take care of those people closest to me," Jackson says. "I get that," Nicole says, "I don't know if all the jurors get that." Jackson goes on to talk about Nick and Bell ruining the alliance and how that changed his alliances for the rest of the game. He talks about how he's been "burned" so many times and says he's like "squirrel" because he's "skittish." 2:50AM BBT: Jackson continues to talk about entering the game to where they are now. Nicole continues to say "I understand" and nods every so often. He rehashes old conversations and circles back numerous times about what he needed to do and why he did what he did in the house. Nicole assures him "It's a game" and she never holds anything against anyone. 2:52AM BBT: Jackson says America sees "all sides" but the jury doesn't. He says he doesn't think Cliff will "run" his name "through the mud." Nicole says she doesn't know what Cliff is going to do in the jury house. Jackson hopes Cliff has a "little understanding" on why things happened the way they did.
  3. 1:00AM BBT: Nicole is whispering in the CBR, Nicole says she thinks Jackson and Holly are going to take the first shot. Nicole says a lot of things don't make sense. "Obviously we haven't decided," Cliff says about evicting Holly. He says he'll "consider" keeping Tommy. 1:15AM BBT: Nicole and Cliff agree to weigh the pros and cons of keeping Tommy over Holly. Nicole leaves and is back in the HOHR with Jackson and Tommy chatting about the 'What the Bleep' comp. 1:38AM BBT: Holly is out of the DR and Jackson is called in. Holly joins Nicole and Tommy in the HOHR. Cliff is asleep in the CBR. 2:00AM BBT: Holly, Tommy and Nicole are still in the HOHR chatting. Cliff is still asleep and Jackson is in the DR. 2:30AM BBT: General conversation still continues in the HOHR, Jackson is still in the DR. 2:31AM BBT: Jackson leaves the DR while Tommy and Holly leave the HOHR. Nicole is in bed and turns the lights off. Jackson enters the HOHR while Holly gets ready for bed downstairs. 2:40AM BBT: Nicole and Jackson are chatting in the HOHR, they discuss how the next few comps are going to go. 2:50AM BBT: Jackson leaves Nicole in the HOHR, she turns off the lights and goes over dates again. Jackson gets into bed with Holly in the TBR. 3:30AM BBT: Jackson and Holly flirt and joke around in the TBR while they go over previous comps and dates, Nicole is still awake and going over dates. Nicole says she knows Holly and Tommy's families are screaming at her over what to do. Nicole says she's pretty certain that they will be evicting Holly instead of Tommy. Nicole says she needs to talk to Cliff. 3:45AM BBT: Nicole finishes talking to herself/live feeders and gets into bed. Holly and Jackson settle down and also go to sleep. The house is dark and quiet. 7:50AM BBT: The HGs are all still asleep.
  4. 12:00AM BBT: Nicole tells Tommy that a final four deal was made. Nicole says she "was ok" with it because Christie scared her. She says she wants to remain loyal, but it's not a smart decision to do that. Tommy says he won't tell anyone about Nicole telling him about the final four deal.
  5. 9:00PM BBT: Jackson, Holly, Cliff, and Nicole continue to talk about the VETO competition. "That was tricky for me," Jackson says about one of the comics. "That was actually tricky for me too," Holly says. 9:30PM BBT: Jackson, Holly, Cliff, and Nicole continue to talk in the CBR. They discuss previous moments and Jackson says, "sorry for the banishment...just kidding." Cliff tells them they are honorary Hoggs. Jackson says Nicole is his honorary big sister. 9:40PM BBT: Cliff does a victory dance in the KT. He's so happy that "Nicole killed" the VETO comp. He says Nicole "saved the team" and does more victory dances. The three in the CBR leave to join Tommy in the KT. Cliff walks into the BRL. 9:42PM BBT: Cliff talks to the live feeders in the BRL, he says "this is why you have teams in this game," he says you "can't win every single competition." Cliff says he understands why people may be upset they're keeping Jackson safe, but he says the people they sent home were dangerous. He says it's important to have someone you can work with and who will honor agreements. 9:48PM BBT: Cliff is proud of Nicole. He says he's never been to Long Island or New York City, but they have a winner in Nicole. He says Nicole is making them proud. "I knew final 2 was the way to go," Cliff says, he tells us to "have a good evening." He leaves the BRL. 10:00PM BBT: Tommy leaves the DR, Cliff says he would've helped Tommy cook dinner but he didn't know what to do. Tommy says he didn't know he'd be in the DR forever. They agree to resume cooking the dinner Tommy wanted to make. 10:15PM BBT: The HGs continue making dinner, Nicole is called into the DR shortly after Tommy left. Jackson cleans out the refrigerator. 10:30PM BBT: Tommy is finishing up making dinner. The HGs chat while he cooks, they agree it will be fun to get drunk together. Holly says they don't have enough booze to get drunk in the house. Tommy tells them not to eat tomorrow, so they can get drunk. 10:45PM BBT: The HGs eat the dinner Tommy made, general conversation follows. After eating, Tommy and Cliff play backgammon. 11:15PM BBT: Tommy is playing backgammon with Jackson while Cliff watches. 11:30PM BBT: Cliff is back in the BRL, talking to the live feeders. He says he believes he's a good judge of character and is happy that he made the alliances and deals he did. Cliff says the light at the end of the tunnel has turned into a spotlight. He hopes the light is for himself. Holly is putting on make up outside the CBR, she says she's going to be called into the DR. Jackson joins her on the bed and they cuddle. 11:51PM BBT: Holly and Jackson cuddle on the bed outside the CBR. Cliff tells them good night and heads up to the CBR to go to bed. Nicole finishes in the DR, Jackson tells her they saved her dinner. 11:57PM BBT: Nicole and Tommy are in the HOHR, Nicole asks him how he's "feeling about everything." Tommy says he's feeling as good as he can feel. He says he's happy for her and he'll be enjoying every moment in the house he can. "I'm at peace no matter what," Tommy says. 11:58PM BBT: Nicole confirms that she's taking Cliff off with the VETO, which means Holly is going up. "You better campaign," Nicole says. She says she's going to "work some magic" because she wants him to be here and she wants him to stay. They agree to talk to Cliff to "try to make it happen" so Tommy stays and Holly goes to jury.
  6. 9:01AM BBT: Feeds of the sleeping HGs cut to the fish tank, most likely for the wake up call.
  7. 1:15AM BBT: Holly, Jackson, and Cliff are in the KT whispering. Cliff says he's going to tell Tommy he doesn't have an "agreements" with anyone. Jackson says he doesn't want Tommy to be here with him, he wants Cliff to be with them. Jackson says he doesn't want to put Nicole up, because he knows he could beat Nicole. 1:30AM BBT: The HGs go back to talking about the veto comp. 4:00AM BBT: Nicole finishes talking to the cameras, explaining her game. She brushes her teeth and then gets into bed. She's the last one in bed and all the other HGs are asleep. 9:15AM BBT: All of the HGs are still asleep.
  8. 12:31AM BBT: Jackson tells Holly he can't tell her a lot of things while they're being watched 24/7. Holly says she has things to tell him too. Holly says she's been cheated on and lied to, she says she's never cheated. Jackson says he's never cheated either.
  9. 6:02PM BBT: Christie and Holly are congratulating Tommy on his iconic BB wins. BB cuts the feeds for a few minutes and when it's back Jessica and Nicole are hugging in the CBR, Nicole is crying. Meanwhile, Jackson, Holly, and Christie are chatting in the WA. 6:05PM BBT: In the CBR, Jessica tells Nicole she doesn't want her to feel "guilty" or a "particular way." Cliff joins Jackson, Christie, and Holly in the WA, they talk about the veto comp. 6:07PM BBT: Jessica tells Nicole to vote however they tell her to, she says if the house all wants to vote for someone, Nicole needs to do that also. Tommy walks in and tells them "pizza is ready," they leave the CBR. 6:15PM BBT: All of the HGs are chatting and eating, Holly, Nicole, and Cliff are in the WA eating while Jackson, Tommy, and Christie are in the KT eating. Jessica walks into the KT. General conversation continues. 6:16PM BBT: Holly, Cliff, and Nicole start to whisper, Nicole asks if Holly thinks Tommy will use the VETO on Christie. Holly says she "thinks so" and then says, "well, maybe not." Cliff asks if "we're still good" if Tommy pulls Christie off the block. Holly assures them they are "still good." They agree to talk later. 6:20PM BBT: The HGs keep getting in trouble with BB for singing. They continue to talk about music. Jessica is in the WA with Holly and Nicole, she thanks them for not throwing her make-up on the floor. 6:25PM BBT: Nicole is in the CBR, she says she's very discouraged. She's talking to the camera, she keeps saying "that doesn't make sense" and then follows it up with "it DOES make sense." The rest of the HGs are in the KT chatting and eating. 6:34PM BBT: Jackson is alone in the HOHR, he's listening to music and reading his letter. The rest of the HGs are cleaning up after dinner and snacking. Cliff walks into the TBR and starts to put clothes away. 6:44PM BBT: Cliff is still putting clothes away in the TBR, Tommy, Jessica, and Holly are talking in the KT. Tommy says he's "really tired." 6:51PM BBT: The HGs, minus Jackson, are all downstairs talking about the comp and straightening up things. Jackson watches them on the monitors from the HOHR. 6:55PM BBT: Jackson leaves the HOHR and walks to the KT to make coffee. Holly walks around the LR, saying what she would have done during the veto comp if she were allowed to play. Jackson joins them in the LR, BB tells them to stop talking about production. Jackson is upset about his placement and how BB changed it, BB tells them to stop talking about production. 6:58PM BBT: Tommy leaves the group in the LR to shower upstairs. Jackson starts to complain about something to do with the music and BB cuts the feeds.
  10. 2:30AM BBT: The girls in the CBR pray to win. In the HOHR, Jackson and Holly are talking. Jackson talks about how he can't win back to back HOHs. He seems frustrated, but not with Holly. They talk about Kat and things she said. "No matter," Jackson says, "she's gone." 2:32AM BBT: Holly is starting to worry about Kat in the Jury House and what she may or may not say. She thinks it's a long time to be in the house and not bring anything up about them. Holly questions Jackson about why they aren't getting Nick out. Jackson says it's his HOH and has told everyone that Holly isn't included in any of his decisions. He says he told Christie that she is his target and she is the biggest threat to his game. Jackson says he's making decisions that are best for his game and his game alone. 2:47AM BBT: The lights are off in the CBR and the girls are asleep. Holly and Jackson are still up in the HOHR chatting and giggling. Holly says this week is Jackson's "golden opportunity" and his chance to "backdoor Nicole." They laugh really hard and Jackson says, "that's funny...I like Nicole." Holly says she could hardly say that with a straight face. 2:54AM BBT: Jackson and Holly try to figure out who everyone else in the house will target if they win HOH. Holly says she's still worried about Analyse even though they've made up. Jackson watches the HOH cameras, he says he saw Cliff. "I really worry about Sis," Holly says about Analyse. She says Jackson's reasoning for putting up Christie and Analyse isn't personal and Holly is worried if Analyse were to win next week she would put up Holly and Jackson and say it's not personal. 2:57AM BBT: Jackson talks about what's best for his game. He says he doesn't need Nicole to leave yet, he says he needs Christie to leave now and he doesn't care to "entertain other ideas." 3:00AM BBT: Holly circles back around to what Analyse may or may not do. Jackson says Analyse said she wouldn't go after them. Holly says they "say a lot of things" that haven't been true. "They're all my friends," Holly says, "that's what I hate about this game." 3:10AM BBT: Jackson says he thinks Cliff would rather be evicted than "break his word." Jackson says he would rather go out "being sent out" by someone he admires and has played a good game than the people who have "f***ed me over three times before this." Jackson says he would look dumb if he had Christie on the block, won the veto, and then took her off the block. 3:11AM BBT: Holly and Jackson cuddle, Holly tells Jackson that he is her "man." They talk about how they're being edited. Holly jokes that this will be edited so Jackson is just talking and talking and talking and Holly is just sitting there. Holly says Jackson "talks a lot." 3:27AM BBT: Holly and Jackson get up and start to get ready for bed. Everyone else in the house seems to be asleep. Holly starts to give a shout out and BB cuts the feeds. 3:29AM BBT: Feeds are back and Holly is talking about how "guys in LA have a lot of face products." Jackson brushes his teeth. Holly calls Jackson a "ding dong." BB cuts the feeds again. 3:38AM BBT: Jackson and Holly get into bed with the lights off. They kiss and cuddle. Jackson whispers to Holly. 4:30AM BBT: The lights are off in the BB House and all is quiet. 5:23AM BBT: Jackson is out of bed and in the SR eating. He walks to the KT, the lights are all still off. He makes something to eat and then goes to the HOHR. He sits in a chair and eats in the dark while Holly sleeps. 5:33AM BBT: Jackson is back in bed and all is quiet.
  11. 2:05AM BBT: Nick and Tommy are in the HOHR about the blow up before Sam was evicted. Nick says he's not keeping someone who is going to save Jackson and Holly and he believes Kat would. Meanwhile, Nicole and Kat are in the CBR talking. Nicole says she understands how Kat is feeling. Kat asks Nicole if it's true there is a new six person alliance. Nicole asks how told her that. Analyse walks into the BRL where Christie is, she tells her everything that Jessica just told her. She says Jessica knows about the alliance. Analyse tells Christie that Jackson and Holly told Jessica about it. 2:08AM BBT: "I'm done with Holly," Christie says after Analyse tells her that Holly is saying all sorts of things about Analyse and Christie laughing at Cliff. Christie calls Holly a "f***ing snake," and they both agree they're done with Holly. Analyse says Nicole is also telling Jessica about the alliance, she says everything Nick tells Nicole, Nicole tells Jessica. Analyse talks about how Holly doesn't want Analyse near Jackson because Analyse flirts with everyone. Analyse says if she wanted Jackson, she could have "f***ing had him." But she doesn't, because she has Jack. "They're f***ing playing games," Analyse starts to shout, she says "let them f***ing hear me." Christie tries to get her to be quiet. Analyse says everyone in the house wants Jackson and Holly out. 2:10AM BBT: Analyse doesn't know how to backtrack, Christie tells her they're going to "be honest." Christie says Kat isn't staying and Jackson and Holly are just trying to intimidate them. Holly walks in and asks what they're talking about. "I'm not a happy camper, I'll tell you that," Analyse says, she goes on to say that she is not happy with Holly. Holly asks why, Analyse says Holly is "talking sh*t" about her behind her back. "What, what?!" Holly says. Jackson, Nicole, and Kat are all pressed up against the BRL door, trying to hear the argument between Christie, Holly, and Analyse. 2:12AM BBT: Holly demands to be filled in. Analyse tells her that Holly is saying all sorts of things about them laughing at Cliff. Holly says Nicole was crying about it, Analyse says Holly is telling everyone about it. Holly says Nicole already knew, but Analyse doesn't believe it. Holly doesn't understand how she's been brought into this. "I'm confused," Analyse says. "Wait, who is saying this?" Holly asks, "what the f**k!" Analyse says Holly is "dropping seeds" to people. Kat and Nicole get upset and walk away from the door. 2:14AM BBT: Nick and Nicole join Jackson at the door while Analyse and Holly continue to yell at each other about what Holly did or didn't say to other people. Holly is upset Analyse isn't talking to her about all this. Analyse feels like a "f***ing idiot" because she thought she could trust Holly. Analyse says she's hearing so many things that Holly is saying about her, she's upset because she doesn't say anything bad about Holly and the one time she did, she went up to Holly and told her about it. "I know," Holly agrees. Analyse says that someone told her that Jackson said to Holly that Analyse keeps flirting with him, "that's f***ing false," Analyse says. Christie asks if she should leave them alone, but no one answers her, they continue to argue with each other. 2:16AM BBT: Holly wants to know where all this info is coming from, but Analyse won't tell her. Kat talks to Jessica in the CBR about how Nicole and Nick have already said they're voting to evict her. Holly tries to explain herself about the flirting issue. She wants to know who told Analyse everything, but Analyse says she won't name names. "That f***ing pisses me off," Holly says. "Some sh*t is being stirred up," Holly says. 2:21AM BBT: Analyse says she's not a "mean girl" and that she doesn't say anything behind Holly's back that she doesn't say to Holly's face. Analyse is upset that Holly is talking badly about her. Holly says she needs to know where all this is coming from so she can address it. The rest of the HGs, minus Kat and Jessica, listen on the other side of the door. 2:25AM BBT: Jessica enters the BRL, she says everyone is outside in the hall. Holly says she wants to talk to Analyse in the morning privately. Holly says it's "annoying" that everyone is listening. Analyse says she'll talk to Holly after she talks to Jessica. Holly says she feels "dumb" and "out of the loop." Christie says everyone is "nosy and board" and jokes about this being the last season of Big Brother because they all "suck." 2:30AM BBT: The four leave the BRL, Analyse promises to talk to Holly in the morning. Christie, Analyse, and Jessica go to the havenot room. Christie says her skin is "crawling really f***ing bad." Christie says she "can't" with the "bullsh*t" with Holly. Analyse tells Jessica that she didn't say anything about Jessica. They talk about the argument with Holly and promise they didn't throw Jessica's name in. Kat cries in the KT to Cliff. 2:31AM BBT: Jessica says she doesn't care if Holly knows it was her who said it. Analyse says she didn't want to throw anyone under the bus. Christie tells Jessica there is no new alliance. Christie tries to explain where that rumor came from. 3:19AM BBT: Christie says she wants to go to sleep and everyone is "just a f***ing liar." Christie leaves, Jessica says "d*mn." "She's not wrong," Kat says. Kat goes into the CBR and asks Christie if she's ok. Christie says she's fine, but that "everyone is a liar" and she's "over it." Kat wants to have a moment, but Christie wants to go to sleep and is upset. 3:20AM BBT: Kat is upset because Cliff is making new alliances. Christie starts to yell, says there is no new alliance. Kat is upset that the new alliance doesn't include Jessica. Christie says she understands, but it's a "f***ing game." Christie says that whoever goes needs to be grateful because everyone is a "f***ing liar." Christie gets up and she and Kat walk outside the CBR to talk to Nick, Tommy, Nicole, and Jessica. They argue about alliances, Tommy goes to the TBR. Christie explains deals to Kat. "You do what you got to do to feel f***ing safe," Christie says. She says you make deals when you're on the block. She says she's "done," and that there is no new alliance. 3:24AM BBT: Holly and Analyse are talking in the havenot room. Holly says that Jessica said she "heard it" when she left the BRL earlier today. Analyse asks Holly what she did or didn't say to Jessica.
  12. 12:45AM BBT: Jessica and Analyse are in the TBR whispering. Jessica tells her there is deceit happening in the house. Jessica says she doesn't know what Cliff has promised Analyse, but Jessica says she doesn't have any "deals" to give to Analyse. Analyse says, "I don't need a deal from you." She says she just wants to be able to trust Jessica, and she says she does. Analyse hopes Jessica trusts her and she doesn't know what Jessica has heard from other people. They talk about trust. 12:47AM BBT: Jessica thinks Nick may be saying things to upset the house. Jessica says she doesn't know if other people are trustworthy and she doesn't want to "blow up anyone's game." Analyse says she respects the "f**k out of" Jessica's game because she doesn't want to expose the new alliance. Analyse promises she doesn't know is being evicted, but she says she is voting for Cliff to stay. 1:00AM BBT: Christie and Tommy whisper in the CBR, Christie says Tommy needs to calm down because he looks "sketchy" and "worried." She says people are starting to wonder why Tommy is protecting Holly. Jessica and Analyse continue to have the same conversation in the TBR. 1:23AM BBT: Holly and Kat whisper in the WA. Kat says the house is concerned about Kat and what she says and where her head is. Kat is upset, she says she's having long conversations with everyone and they're still concerned. Holly says the house is still "torn" and doesn't know what to do. Analyse and Jessica are still talking in the TBR about deals they have. Holly tells Kat that Jessica is trying to convince Analyse to vote for Kat to stay right now. 1:40AM BBT: Christie, Kat, and Tommy are in the HOHR joking around. Kat tries to campaign to them, but Christie says Kat doesn't really have anything else she could say. Kat continues to talk anyway. Analyse and Jessica are still talking in the TBR. Analyse is confused, she says she can't suddenly switch the vote. 1:41AM BBT: Kat cries in the HOHR, Nick hugs her. Kat is upset, she doesn't want to leave the house. He tries to comfort her. Christie assures Kat she did nothing wrong. 1:48AM BBT: Jessica and Analyse continue to whisper in the TBR, Jessica says she has a better personal relationship with Jackson than she did with Jack. Analyse says it seems desperate to her that Holly and Jackson want to keep Kat. She says it makes it clear to her that they are working together.
  13. 4:45PM BBT: In the CBR, Christie, Kat, and Jessica are talking about previous votes. Kat is upset about the Jack vote and she just keeps saying "it didn't come down to me," over and over again. Jessica says Kat can't keep crying while she tries to campaign to everyone. Jessica says people are going to see her as an "emotional mess" and want her out. Kat cries. 4:56PM BBT: Christie hugs Kat, she says "this game sucks" and then leaves the CBR to head to the HOHR. Jessica and Kat continue to talk, Kat is still crying and talks about crying in the DR. "You can't psych yourself out," Jessica says and she continues to tell Kat that she can't be an "emotional wreck" or people will want her out of the house. 5:04PM BBT: Jessica finishes talking to Kat in the CBR, Nicole and Holly come to talk to her. Kat has the same conversation she's having with everyone with Nicole. In the HOHR, Jackson and Tommy try to get eyedrops in Nick. Jessica goes into the TBR to talk to Cliff. Cliff tells Jessica that as long as he's in the house he's a target for Jackson, which means they wouldn't be going for her. Cliff says unless they win HOHs, they'll be picked off soon. Cliff says he doesn't know where the votes are falling this week. He plans to talk to Holly soon. 5:14PM BBT: Cliff finishes his speech to Jessica, "that's it." "That's it?" Jessica asks and Cliff says if it's his time to go, it's his time. He says he loves Kat and he doesn't want her to be up there. He says he'll try his best. Jessica says it's a "crappy situation," and Cliff agrees. Jessica starts to cry. "I'm so sorry," she tells Cliff. She doesn't want to choose between Kat and Cliff. 5:16PM BBT: Cliff assures Jessica that it's all going to be ok, and he won't hold it against her who she votes for. In the CBR, Nicole is starting to get emotional when Kat gets emotional. Jessica is also crying in the TBR again, she says at a game level she's put in a position where if she votes the wrong way she could lose relationships with people. Jessica says she feels like a hypocrite if she votes for someone to leave and they stay and she then tries to work with them. 5:58PM BBT: The conversations in the TBR and the CBR end, Cliff joins Holly, Jackson, and Nick in the BRL. Kat leaves Nicole in the CBR and walks around the house. She joins Christie in the KT. The group in the BRL talk about the last few comps and what could've happened. "At the end of the day, I know you all are tight with Kat," he says, "I don't take anything personal." He says just because he's understanding, it doesn't mean he's ready to go home. Kat walks into the BRL. 6:11PM BBT: Kat is whispering with Holly in the CBR about the votes while Nick and Jackson talk in the SR. Jackson and Nick both agree that Kat worries them. They both agree they want to compete with people who are good players. Nick and Jackson talk about the big argument between the six-shooters. 6:28PM BBT: The HGs are in the KT joking around. Holly and Kat are still in the CBR whispering. Kat tells Holly that "Nick loves her" and Kat says that she's been trying to "flirt with him" this week so he'll keep her. Kat says she won't feel comfortable until she knows everyone is voting Cliff out. Kat says Jessica told her not to expect Nicole to vote for her to stay. Holly promises to talk to Tommy, because Tommy and Christie have "a lot of say" in what Analyse does. 6:45PM BBT: The HGs are in the KT playing with their homemade playdough. The conversation is suggestive, as is their playdough molds. 7:12PM BBT: The HGs finish playing with their playdough. Tommy, Nick, Kat, and Nicole are in the CBR chatting. Nick hurt himself when he jumped on the bed and Tommy tells him to "stop being dramatic." Cliff walks into the HOHR to talk to Analyse. He says he's been wanting to find a "strong group" to land in. Analyse says she doesn't want everyone to know about Cliff joining them. 7:28PM BBT: Cliff tells Analyse that once he makes his "commitments" he stays with them. Analyse says "they're so close" and they just need three more to leave. Cliff says he's fine with coming in sixth, he says he'll be pretty happy with the remaining HGs. Analyse says she's excited. 7:45PM BBT: Jessica and Nicole read the Bible in the BRL. Kat and Nick cuddle in the CBR. Nick whispers to Kat that he'll tell her everything he knows tonight. He tells her not to be sad right now. 8:12PM BBT: Kat campaigns to Analyse. Analyse tells Kat that they "get along so well." Analyse says that she is scared because she doesn't talk game with Kat and Analyse tells her she doesn't want Kat to put her up. Kat promises she wouldn't put Analyse up. Cliff talks to Christie in the BRL while Nick whispers with Nicole in the WA. Nick tells Nicole that he was "real" with Kat. He tells Nicole Kat's campaign to him was "f***ing fantastic," but he trusts Cliff "a lot."
  14. 12:30AM BBT: The HGs are still playing the drinking game upstairs while Jackson walks around the SR and TBR. 12:33AM BBT: The game seems to have ended. Holly is in the hammock with Jackson, she tells him about the game and what all was said. "What is wrong with people?!" Holly says about the game. She says she's being negative. Holly talks about not wanting to be part of what's happening upstairs and how she doesn't want to talk about that stuff. 1:00AM BBT: Holly and Jackson are still cuddled up on the hammock, Kat is in the CBR singing to herself. Jessica and Christie join her and they all laugh and giggle. Analyse, Tommy, and Nick are in bed in the HOHR. The lights are out. They talk about the next few HGs evicted and want Kat, Jackson, and Holly to join Jack. They think there will be a battle back. 1:30AM BBT: Nick, Tommy, and Analyse are talking about jury and wondering if they'll have a bitter jury or not. Christie, Jessica, and Kat are still talking and laughing in the CBR. They talk about the feeds. 1:45AM BBT: Jessica, Christie, and Kat talk about their types. The three in the HOHR are asleep. 2:09AM BBT: The lights are out in the house, but most everyone is whispering and talking. BB wakes up Analyse and tells her to make eggs Florentine. Analyse is not happy as she gets up to do it. Cliff, Jackson, and Holly are up to watch her make it. 2:26AM BBT: Analyse says the worst part of the punishment is having to wake up and make "f***ing eggs." Holly and Cliff tell her the eggs are good. Analyse says she's not making eggs outside the house for a long time. She cleans up and goes back to bed. 2:36AM BBT: BB wakes Analyse up again to make scrambled eggs. Holly and Jackson get up to watch her make eggs again. "Do your thing, sis," Jackson tells her. "At least it's just scrambled," Holly says. "Funny we should meet so soon!" Cliff says and they all laugh. 2:47AM BBT: Analyse is getting really upset about the punishment as she cleans up her mess, she argues with Tommy in the KT about how badly she feels about him having to wake up every time she gets asked to make eggs. Jackson and Holly are back in bed. 2:51AM BBT: Everyone is in bed and the lights are off in the BB House. 3:06AM BBT: BB wakes Analyse up again to make an egg white omelet. Jackson gets up so he can eat it. He runs into something as he gets up and yells "ow, f**K!" BB tells Analyse to put her microphone on. 3:10AM BBT: Holly and Cliff join Jackson and Analyse in the KT while Analyse cooks. 3:20AM BBT: Analyse cleans up her mess and goes back to bed. Everyone else is in bed too. 8:48AM BBT: All of the HGs are still sleeping.
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