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  1. 10:28AM BBT: Azah tells Britini to "just be very careful." No one says anything further. "Another day, guys," Derek F says. Claire walks into the KT where Xavier is. "Late night," Claire says. 10:30AM BBT: Britini compares notes with Azah and Derek F about who knows what. Azah says Derek X told her that he wished he didn't win the HOH. She says that Derek X made a deal with Alyssa not to put her up. Britini shakes her head. 10:31AM BBT: "The way she acted last night," Britini says. "She's a big baby," Azah says. Azah says when Alyssa started whining last night she almost had to "straighten her a** out." 10:32AM BBT: Azah says Alyssa was very upset because the competition "wasn't fair" and that Alyssa was going to talk to the producers in the DR because it wasn't fair for her. 10:32AM BBT: Azah says Alyssa needs to "grow the f**k up" because Britini won the VETO comp fair and square. Sarah Beth walks in, all game talk stops. 10:36AM BBT: Xavier whispers to himself in the gym. "That's what needs to happen," Xavier says, "gotta keep going to work." He starts working out. 10:37AM BBT: Sarah Beth, Derek F, Britini, and Azah chat in the YBR. Xavier continues to work out. 10:41AM BBT: Xavier is still in the gym, he goes through the upcoming vote with himself. He whispers while he works out by himself. 10:45AM BBT: Sarah Beth and Britini leave the YBR. "She's a big ol' baby," Azah says. She wants Alyssa to go home, but wants to send Christian home first. Britini walks back in. 10:46AM BBT: Tiffany walks into the KT and starts to whisper with Claire, they don't get far as Sarah Beth walks in and they stop whispering. Sarah Beth says she was in the DR until 4AM. 10:47AM BBT: Azah is very frustrated with Alyssa, says it's not productions fault that she lost the comp. "They were accommodating her so much," Azah says about Alyssa. 10:48AM BBT: Britini says when she won the VETO, instead of congratulating her, everyone ran over to Alyssa to see if she was so ok. Britini says that "showed" her all she "needs to know" about "those people." Azah agrees. Britini leaves. 10:51AM BBT: Derek X joins Tiffany and Claire in the KT. Britini walks in and hugs Derek X. Derek X says he got out of the DR at 3AM and everyone was up late. 10:53AM BBT: In the YBR, Derek F doesn't know what Derek X is going to do when Britini takes herself off. He says that Derek X has already promised Xavier and Alyssa and there aren't many other options. 10:53AM BBT: Azah tells Derek F that if Derek X puts either her or Derek F up, she'll go after him next week when she wins HOH. "No matter what," Derek F says, "he's going to get his hands dirty."
  2. 10:00AM BBT: Everyone is still asleep and the BB house is dark. 10:03AM BBT: BB cuts to the WBRB for the morning wake up call. 10:17AM BBT: The HGs are awake and moving around the KT. Britini starts singing songs from The Rocky Horror Picture Show, BB tells her to stop singing. 10:20AM BBT: Britini needs help putting an IcyHot pad on her neck, Claire says she'll help her but wants to see how Sarah Beth did hers first. BB cuts the feeds. 10:17AM BBT: The HGs are awake and moving around the KT. Britini starts singing songs from The Rocky Horror Picture Show, BB tells her to stop singing. 10:24AM BBT: Azah and Derek F are mouthing and whispering in the YBR, Britini walks in and walks over to Azah, who whispers to her. It sounds like Azah is saying something about last night, "those two?" Britini asks. We can't hear Azah's response, but mentions Derek X and Hannah. "Everybody?" Britini asks. 10:24AM BBT: BB tells Azah not to obstruct her microphone. Britini says they have a "really solid five." Britini says they're going to control the vote this week. 10:27AM BBT: Azah tells Britini not to trust everyone in the house. She says she doesn't know who mentioned Britini's name to Derek X. Kyland is called to the DR.
  3. 8:40AM BBT: The HGs are all still sleeping. 8:57AM BBT: Britini is up and out of bed. Kyland gets up but then decides to get back into bed. The rest of the house is still sleeping. 9:03AM BBT: Britini is back in bed.
  4. 1:24AM BBT: Kyland says Christian is smarter than they think he is, Hannah says she thinks Christian is an "actor." Hannah goes on to say how everyone "downplays" there strengths in the BB house. She says Frenchie said he was 34, but is 46. Hannah says they don't even know if she's actually 21. Kyland says if she isn't 21, she's close to it. They talk about everyone's ages. 1:30AM BBT: Kyland and Hannah continue to talk about the HGs in the WA. Hannah doesn't think Frenchie was really a farmer. Tiffany and Claire continue to talk in the SBR, Tiffany tells her that her eyebrows look good. Azah says this game is "so fun." 1:37AM BBT: Kyland and Hannah hug in the WA and say good night. In the SBR, Azah whispers with Claire and Tiffany about Derek X. Hannah leaves the WA and walks into the SBR. Kyland follows a few moments later. Hannah goes to bed in the RBR. Kyland and Clare go to bed as well, Azah gets into her bed and Tiffany asks BB to turn the lights off. 1:47AM BBT: BB turns the lights out in the house, the houseguests are all asleep and the house is quiet.
  5. 12:48AM BBT: Tiffany goes to bed. Hannah and Kyland are in the WA, she says she wants Kyland to "trust" her but she also needs to "respect what Derek X" has told her. 12:48AM BBT: Hannah says she thinks they both know the same thing. Kyland isn't so sure. Kyland says the "emotions" are real, but he understands it's part of the game. Azah and Tiffany whisper in the SBR. 12:51AM BBT: Kyland and Hannah talk about emotions. Claire walks in and they stop talking. Tiffany and Azah are silent in the SBR while Azah eats grapes. Azah eats loudly and Tiffany laughs and asks if they taste good. They laugh. 12:53AM BBT: Derek X walks into the WA where Kyland and Hannah are. Claire has joined Tiffany and Azah in the SBR. Kyland and Derek X leave the WA, Kyland follows Derek X to the stairs and they whisper about Sarah Beth. Derek X tells Kyland that he doesn't want to win the VETO. Kyland tells Derek that if noms stay the same, he might vote out Britini. 12:57AM BBT: Kyland and Derek agree today was a good day and Derek goes upstairs. Kyland is back in the WA, Hannah says she's going to do her "Hot takes with Hannah," where she goes through the list of HGs and give her honest opinion. Kyland wants to do it with her, Hannah says no, that it has to be with Derek X only. In the SBR, Tiffany points out the cameras to Azah. 1:09AM BBT: Kyland and Hannah talk about the VETO selection, trying to figure out how many houseguest choice chips there are. They talk about how tomorrow will go based on who gets picked for VETO. Kyland says if Christian plays and wins, he won't use it because he doesn't want Alyssa to go up. 1:11AM BBT: Hannah asks Kyland if Alyssa and Christian are on a Rachel and Brendon level yet, Kyland says "no, not yet." Hannah says even thought Christian is "immature," he's a decent player. Hannah tells Kyland that she didn't know Sarah Beth was going up "for sure," but that she talked through the different options with Derek X. Kyland says Derek wasn't that "transparent" with him, but is happy that Derek's going to someone in The Cookout with his decisions. 1:15AM BBT: Tiffany and Clare whisper in the SBR about the different players. In the WA, Kyland tells Hannah that Sarah Beth doesn't see Hannah as a target now. Hannah says that Britini will pick Azah if she gets houseguest choice in the VETO pick. BB cuts the feeds. 1:20AM BBT: Feeds are back, Hannah and Kyland are talking in the WA about what "these girls" are going to do. Kyland talks about the last comp and how Derek X could have done better and the only reason Christian won it was because he wanted to. Hannah says if Christian wins HOH next week, he'll put Hannah and Derek X up together. Kyland agrees.
  6. 12:25AM BBT: Claire helps Azah in the KT, they whisper but can't be heard over the water running. 12:40AM: The house has been mostly silent while the remaining HGs get ready for bed and clean. Azah and Claire are in the KT, they talk about their conversations with Sarah Beth. 12:41AM BBT: Azah says Sarah Beth thinks she's the target. Claire says she thinks Sarah Beth thinks she has their votes, "but she doesn't," Claire says. 12:42AM BBT: Tiffany, Kyland, and Hannah talk about the wall comp. Tiffany is upset she lost, she says it was "her comp." Hannah says they'll have another endurance comp later on.
  7. 12:19AM BBT: "Poor Claire," Tiffany and Hannah say. Claire walks out of the WC and washes her hands. Hannah says she'll get to host the VETO tomorrow if she doesn't play. Kyland and Azah continue to do dishes in the KT. 12:20AM BBT: Claire, Hannah, and Tiffany are in the WA. Claire asks what would happen if she won VETO and didn't use it. They all agree that if any of the Kings won the VETO, no one would use it. "That's a sign," Tiffany says. 12:21AM BBT: The girls in the WA discuss how they could get Christian to not go for the VETO if he gets picked to play. They all agree that it would be fine if Christian or Alyssa win because they won't use the VETO. 12:22AM BBT: Tiffany says they could convince Britni to not use the VETO on herself by telling her they have the votes to keep her. 12:23AM BBT: Claire says she doesn't want to completely "f**k" over Derek X, that they can't blindside him like that. Hannah agrees. Kyland walks in and all game talk stops.
  8. 12:00AM BBT: Derek X and Hannah are still chatting in the HOHR about previous duos in BB history. Hannah says she and Derek X are like Cody and Enzo. Sarah Beth and Azah talk in the RBR about Britini on the block. 12:03AM BBT: Derek X tells Hannah that he didn't want to throw the HOH to X or Alyssa and that he decided to win it because this was a week that Christian wasn't able to play. 12:03AM BBT: Azah tells Sarah Beth that she doesn't know what she would do with a VETO, that it comes down to individual game now. Azah says she does want Sarah Beth to stay and that she likes her. Sarah Beth thanks her. 12:04AM BBT: In the HOHR, Derek X says if Britini goes home he's wasted his HOH. Hannah agrees, says that he'll also lose Britini's vote in jury if she goes home now. Hannah tells Derek to be careful. 12:05AM BBT: Azah and Sarah Beth's conversation ends, Tiffany and Claire are in the WA whispering. 12:07AM BBT: Claire says she thinks Xavier knows about Derek X's plan. Claire says it's a "dumb plan." They talk about the Royal Flush. Both Tiffany and Claire seem to be frustrated with Derek X. 12:09AM BBT: Tiffany says Sarah Beth has talked to her more today than she has in the last fifteen days. They talk about previous conversations they had today. 12:10AM BBT: BB calls Derek X to the DR. Tiffany and Claire talk about Kyland. Claire thinks the house wants Kyland out next week. Claire tells Tiffany that they need to start winning HOHs. 12:11AM BBT: Derek X and Hannah leave the HOHR, Kyland and Azah are in the KT cleaning. Hannah walks into the WA and Tiffany leaves. Hannah tells Claire Derek was called to the DR. 12:12AM BBT: Claire and Hannah whisper in the WA, Hannah says as long as Britini doesn't go home, the week will be good. Claire says they have to "actually play Big Brother" now. 12:13AM BBT: Hannah says that Derek X is "naïve" and that he "fully trusts Sarah Beth." Claire agrees. 12:16AM BBT: Clare leaves the WA, Tiffany walks in. Tiffany asks if Derek X believes "that crap" that Sarah Beth is saying. Hannah nods. Tiffany says "that's bullsh*t." 12:18AM BBT: Tiffany and Hannah continue to whisper about Derek X. A loud scream echoes through the WA from the WC. Claire has dropped her microphone in the toilet, "the toilet was NOT empty," she says. Tiffany asks if she wants gloves.
  9. 11:56AM BBT: Derek F says he needs some ''power in this game'' to figure out exactly what's going on.
  10. 11:20AM BBT: Whitney is called to the DR, she leaves Britini and Xavier in the KT. 11:21AM BBT: Christian joins Xavier and Britini in the KT before walking through to the bedrooms. Xavier sits at the table leaving, Britini fixes the chess set. 11:25AM BBT: General conversation continues to fill the house, ranging from Disney Cruises to US Geography, to Eels. 11:27AM BBT: Derek F and Azah are in the BY, Derek F says that ''Britni isn't going home.'' Azah is upset, she sayas Brent isn't ''dumb'' and knows what's going on and Xavier needs to be respectful. 11:28AM BBT: Azah doesn't understand why they just can't play the game and why they have to ''throw Britini under the bus'' twice. Derek F says it's a ''play stupid kinda game.'' 11:30AM BBT: BB keeps cutting the feeds while Derek F and Azah talk. Azah doesn't like how people keep getting put up on the block because of rumors. She thinks Kyland is behind the noms this week. 11:33AM BBT: Derek F says he's going to tell Xavier to tell Kyland to ''calm down,'' and ''reassure him.'' Azah doesn't understand why everyone is ''gunning'' for Brent because he knows he's going home. 11:35AM BBT: Derek F and Azah argue about Britini being put up on the block. Derek F says it's a game and he doesn't know why Azah is struggling with this. Derek F says that putting Britini up is keeping blood off X's hands. 11:37AM BBT: Derek F explains to Azah that she can't ''blow up'' everything. Azah says she offered herself as a pawn to keep Britini off the block. Derek F says it doesn't work that way. 11:38AM BBT: Derek F continues to tell Azah that she can't be a pawn, because pawns go home. He asks if Azah understands, she eventually says, ''ok.'' 11:39AM BBT: Azah says she wishes she had a ''heads up.'' She says X is the only one who gave them a heads up and everyone else is playing games. Derek F says he's glad X told them anything at all. 11:40AM BBT: Azah says she's not upset with X, she says she's upset with Kyland and feels ''played.'' Derek F wants to know why she feels that way. Azah says she feels ''played by that side'' because of the Wildcard comp. 11:43AM BBT: Derek F tells Azah that ''no one else matters but their alliance." Azah says she feels the truth from Derek F, but she doesn't know that Tiffany is telling her the truth. 11:45AM BBT: Brent walks outside and Azah and Derek F's conversation ends. Britini, Sarah, Kyland, Hannah, Alyssa, and Claire chat about music in the RBR. 11:46am BBT: Derek F, Brent, and Azah talk about the mess Frenchie left. Brent asks them to just do what's best for their game. Derek F asks if he's talked to the rest of the house. 11:47AM BBT: Brent tells Derek and Azah that he knows he's not a pawn. Brent says they won't have their teams after next week. 11:48AM BBT: Brent says he feels sorry for Britini because she's going to just continue to be put up on the block. Derek F doesn't agree, he says there are plenty of pawns in the house. 11:50AM BBT: Azah says she doesn't think Britini is a pawn this week. Brent asks for clarity, Azah says she thinks Britini could be the target. Brent tells them to ''open their eyes.'' 11:51AM BBT: Brent tells them that Britini will keep going on the block until she eventually goes home. Azah says she's going to start an all girl alliance called the "Hershey kisses." 11:52AM BBT: Brent tells Azah and Derek F that keeping him in the house would be keeping a target and it would keep them safe longer. They switch to talking about the last comp.
  11. 10:40AM BBT: Derek X tries to figure out how the final four works. Claire tries to explain it to him. Kyland and Sarah talk about the Murder Mystery party they want. 10:45AM BBT: The group in the RBR play a game where they name chain restaurants that aren't fast food. Derek F continues to work out. 10:49AM BBT: The group in the RBR name fast food restaurants. They talk about wishing they could record journals they could watch back and remember what they wanted to Google and look up. They talk about space. 10:50AM BBT: Claire, Sarah, and Derek X leave the RBR to change batteries. Kyland and Hannah are left in the room, Hannah doesn't have her mic on. Outside, Derek F tells himself he'll do whatever it takes to get the money. 10:52AM BBT: Claire and Sarah return to the RBR, Sarah gets back in bed with Kyland and Claire cuddles with Hannah. 10:54AM BBT: Britini and Whitney are in the KT looking at the back of a cereal box, doing the crossword. Derek F finishes his workout. General conversation in the house. 10:57AM BBT: Britini talks about the calories they get in the house, BB cuts the feeds. 11:00AM BBT: The feeds are back, Britini smiles at the camera in the KT. General conversation in the house, BB cuts the feeds from time to time. 11:17AM BBT: General conversation continues to fill the house, the group in the RBR talk about music. The group in the KT listens to Britini talk about sports.
  12. 10:00AM BBT: All of the houseguests are still sleeping. 10:07AM BBT: "Good morning, Houseguests," says BB, "there are fresh batteries in the storage room." Stronger by Britney Spears begins to play and BB cuts the feeds for the wake-up call. 10:18AM BBT: The HGs are awake and moving around the house. Britini waves to the camera as she leaves the YBR. Derek F puts his shoes on. Many of the HGs are still in bed, but the lights are on. 10:20AM BBT: Britini is in the hammock talking to herself, she say she doesn't feel comfortable sitting next to Brent on the block and that ''someone else can sit up there for the rest of the week.'' 10:21AM BBT: Britini says that Brent is ''locked on the block'' and that it's time for her to come down. She says she doesn't believe she'll be able to promise Xavier safety next week if she wins HOH. 10:23AM BBT: Claire walks out to the BY and gets a towel, she talks to Britini about having to take cold showers as a HN. Whitney makes coffee in the KT. 10:26AM BBT: Kyland cuddles Sarah in the RBR, Claire walks in and they talk about Kyland staying up until 4AM. Claire says there's no reason to stay up past midnight tonight. 10:28AM BBT: Britini and Claire make plans to work out this morning so they can enjoy the pool the rest of the day. Derek F is lifting weights outside. In the RBR, Claire runs into an open drawer. 10:29AM BBT: Derek F says he's ''losing muscle'' in the house because the weights aren't what he normally uses. BB cuts the feeds for a few minutes. 10:31AM BBT: Britini swings on the hammock before sitting with Derek F near the weights. She chants, ''I believe in you!'' Derek F says she wakes up with too much energy. Whitney does laundry. 10:33AM BBT: BB says ''Good morning'' to the HGs again. Britini says Derek F can lift her. Claire, Kyland, Sarah, and Derek X chat in the RBR. 10:34AM BBT: Xavier is awake and sitting up in bed in the HOHR. He eventually gets up and gets ready to shower. The group in the RBR continue joking around and Derek F continues to lift weights in the BY. 10:37AM BBT: Derek X, Claire, and Sarah want to have a Murder Mystery dinner party. Claire says she'll come up with it. They talk about creating characters and clues. 10:38AM BBT: BB tells most of the house to change their batteries. The group in the RBR talk about their Murder Mystery dinner party. Derek F is outside lifting weights and breathing heavily.
  13. 7:00PM BBT: Travis and Derek X are in the CP when the feeds return, it sounds like they were talking about BB winner, Nicole F. 7:01PM BBT: Brent joins Travis and Derek X in the CP and they talk about clogging the HOHR toilet. Downstairs, Alyssa jokes around about being a havenot. General chatter throughout the house, BB cuts the feeds from time to time. 7:13PM BBT: Feeds have been down for almost ten minutes now. Before they cut, most of the HGs were in the KT chatting, while Brent, Travis, and Derek X were joking around in the CP and Xavier was in the gym.
  14. 10:36AM BBT: Xavier tells Derek F that they can always save Travis for another week, especially one where a girl is HOH. Derek F agrees. Xavier says Travis and Derek X are options to put on the block. 10:39AM BBT: Sarah and Frenchie are in the HOHR. Sarah says Frenchie is ''hating on his HOH gifts.'' She tells Frenchie she wanted to ''touch base'' with him about her not talking to him very much lately. Sarah says it's because of the way she was raised that she didn't want to overwhelm him. Sarah says she's ''really interested'' in working with Frenchie, Frenchie is happy she is. 10:41AM BBT: Sarah tells Frenchie that she trusts him ''a lot'' and Frenchie assures Sarah that she was never an option for the block. Frenchie tells Sarah that ''Alyssa was never" on his radar and then he heard that Alyssa and Christian were ''coming after'' him. 10:44AM BBT: Frenchie says his entire mood has changed towards Derek X. Frenchie says he's not ''comfortable'' this next week. He doesn't know what people really think of him. Sarah agrees. 10:45AM BBT: Derek F, Britini, and Christian are talking in the KT. Derek F hopes a girl wins next week. In the HOHR, Sarah asks if Frenchie is still interested in a group alliance. Frenchie doesn't really answer her, he just tells her that she's ''well liked'' in the house. 10:46AM BBT: Sarah and Frenchie agree to ''try to get Claire'' into their alliance this evening.
  15. 10:15AM BBT: Tiffany and Claire are whispering in the SBR, talking about alliances. Tiffany says Azah approached her about an alliance with herself, Tiffany, Claire, and Britini. Claire is supportive of forming that alliance. They approach Britini in the SR about the ''four person'' alliance. Britini is all for it and they brainstorm a name. 10:16AM BBT: Tiffany and Claire approach Britini in the SR about the ''four person'' alliance. Britini is all for it and they brainstorm names. They consider a few names before leaning towards ''Siren Sisters - Make A Little Noise.'' 10:25AM BBT: Xavier and Alyssa are whispering in the YBR about Frenchie and Brent. Alyssa asks Xavier if Travis will ''really use'' the VETO on Kyland if he wins in. Xavier believes Travis will. Xavier says they only have to worry if Derek X wins it. 10:26AM BBT: Alyssa is upset that she picked Derek X to play. Sarah walks in. Xavier believes the VETO will be used no matter who wins it and he thinks they can save both Alyssa and Kyland from eviction. Assuming Alyssa isn't saved. Sarah agrees. 10:30AM BBT: Sarah and Alyssa leave the YBR, Xavier says it will ''all work out.'' 10:33AM BBT: Derek X and Kyland are whispering in the CP about alliances and how people can play different games with different people. Kyland talks about the ''different winners'' of BB and the different strategies. 10:35AM BBT :Xavier and Derek F are talking in the gym. BB tunes in during a conversation where Derek F is saying ''...and that's who I would go for if I win HOH.'' Xavier says that if Derek X wins, this would be a great opportunity to get Travis out. Derek F agrees.

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