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Thursday, September 13, 2018 Big Brother 20 Live Feed Updates


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12 am bbt. After the lights finally went off Tyler and Angela letting in separate beds talking and whispering in the dark. Angela Whispers to Tyler that she has a secret


She then tells Tyler that her secret is that she has fallen in love with him!!!! Then she says I can't believe I really said that


Tyler says I have the same Secret. And wonders how he got so lucky.. they continue to be whispering and talking and smiling at each other in the dark.

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12:00 AM BBT Haleigh is brushing her teeth and Sam is talking about her eviction speech. She’s going to go with whatever comes to her. She says Haleigh has done an excellent job with her speeches and she thinks Haleigh is very well spoken and she doesn’t seem nervous and she thinks she sounds lady like and she does a good job. Haleigh says thank you and she says Sam had a very good veto speech. Sam says she respects Haleigh. Haleigh says she’s going to try and get some sleep and they tell each other good night and say they’ll see each other in the morning. Haleigh tells Sam to get some sleep. Angela and Tyler are in their own beds but they are close to the edges and they are holding hands. Sam goes into the shower and closes the door so she can put lotion on.


12:05 AM BBT One set of cameras is on Tyler and Angela holding hands. The other set of cameras is on the shower doors waiting for Sam to emerge. Tyler rolls onto his side and blows Angela a kiss. She blows one back. Sam is out of the shower and scrubbing at her hands.


12:10 AM BBT Tyler and Angela are still each in their own laying and facing each other. Tyler motions that he loves her and Angela mouths that she loves him and then leans over to give her a kiss. Tyler then kisses her hand. Sam is mumbling to herself in the WA. Tyler and Angela whisper to each other. Tyler asks if she wants to sleep with him and she says that’s not what she said. More whispering.


12:15 AM BBT Tyler leans over and gives Angela a kiss and then lays back in his bed. Sam is drying her hair in the WA.


12:20 AM BBT Sam is the only one still up and she is still drying her hair.


12:25 AM BBT Sam has finished drying her hair. Angela has been tossing and turning. Tyler reaches back out to hold her hand and then leans over to give her some more kisses.


12:30 AM BBT Sam is still in the WA cleaning up after her shower and still getting ready for bed. Tyler and Angela are holding hands and rubbing each other’s arms with their fingers. Tyler appears to be attempting to sleep but Angela is just staring at him. Sam goes to the WC and the camera zooms in on the door.


12:35 AM BBT Sam is out of the WC and is washing her hands. Tyler and Angela are in bed and they are still holding hands. Sam gathers her clothes, grabs her drink, puts her slippers on and heads through the house to BR’s. Tyler and Angela pull their hands apart while Sam walks into the HNR. After the door is closed they reach out to hold hands again.


12:40 AM BBT Sam is in bed in the HNR and she says tomorrow is her big day. The camera zooms in on her. She says wish me luck. Say a prayer. She says I love you and see you soon. She says I miss you and thanks for hanging in there with me. She says sorry for being a pain in the ass. Crazy. She’s going to try and go to sleep. She says good night big brother, love you. Angela and Tyler are each laying in their own bed but their hands are stretched out and they are holding hands and rubbing their fingers along each other’s hands.


12:45 AM BBT Tyler leans in and kisses Angela’s hand. He turns over and all HG are tucked into bed.

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2:32 AM BBT Brett is up and in the WC. Brett is out and washes his hands and stops in the KT for a snack. Brett sits at the counter in the dark while he eats.


2:50 AM BBT Brett has finished his snack and is cleaning up afterwards. As he finishes cleaning his dishes the lights come on and he checks to see if someone else is awake. He puts his dishes away and then heads back to bed.  


3:27 AM BBT Tyler stretches and Angela turns over and says something. On the other side of the wall, Brett sits up and starts to listen. Brett listens for a few more minutes to see if anything is going on and then he lays back down.

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7:43am BBT: Sam is up in the KT making breakfast for herself. BB says wakey wakey HG. All the lights are on in the house.

 7:45am BBT: Angela walks through the KT and goes back to bed.

7:50am BBT: Sam goes to the STR and gets herself an apple then back to the KT. BB tells the other HG to wakey wakey again, Brett turns over and goes back to sleep.

7:55am BBT: JC is up goes to the WC then to the KT to get water he ask Sam if she is ok and she tells him she is great. BB tells JC to put his mic on and JC is grumpy and says it is not even 8. Sam takes her coffee and apple and goes and sits on the stairs to eat them.

2018-09-13-07.57.13-Cam 4.png

8:00am BBT: Kaycee is now up and in the WA down stairs. Sam ask her if she has her stuff ready to move back downstairs then tells her if she will set it out by the door she will help her carry it all down later.

8:10am BBT: Kaycee in the KT walking around talking general talk with Sam. Kaycee saying it is to early only 8am. Sam tells her you never know it might actually be midnight then they laugh.

 8:12am BBT: Kaycee goes back up to her HOHR. Sam says see you in a little bit, Kaycee says there was no music this morning huh and sam says yes there was they played Michael Jackson and Dolly Parton this morning.

8:17am We now have reels.

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8:37am BBT: Feeds are back and sam tells JC that was great and tells JC he was so cute and has cute butt cheeks. Tyler comes in and sits down in the LVR. Haleigh and Brett goes back to bed and talk about colors and getting hit with balls in the video.

8:40am BBT: Angela and Tyler in the KT getting breakfast, Brett and Haleigh still talking about what they were shown and how different they look now.

8:42am BBT: Angela and kaycee in the HOHR studying the pictures they were just show and what comps they were and what order they were in. 
  Haleigh and JC  back in bed covered up and silent.

 8:44am BBT: Brett enters the HOHR and talks to Angela and kaycee about the pictures and wants to study with them, Angela and kaycee are not saying alot but they talk about what pictures were seen but now which order they was in.

8:50am BBT: Angela and Kaycee wanting to study the pictures but Brett is still there going over the pictures so Kaycee asking questions and getting answers from Brett. he says they were not very long videos.

8:53am BBT: Sam cleaning the KT and dinning area, Tyler walking around the house and then goes to the WC. Brett talking about details in the pictures that they seen, Angela says i do not remember the order of the videos at all, Brett tells her i don't either i was to busy laughing.

8:58am BBT: Brett leaves the HOHR then Kaycee and Angela laugh and they start telling what order pictures were shown. They are getting vitamins out to study with now so they can keep things in order.

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9:00am BBT: Brett goes to the WA and whispers to Tyler then leaves and goes to the PBR and climbs in bed on top of JC. Angela and Kaycee are studying hard in the HOHR.

 9:13am BBT: Angela studying alone in the HOHR, Brett in the STR looking at the food and studying alone.

 9:17am BBT: Brett now in the KT making him something to eat, sam is vacuuming the Dinning area, Kaycee leaves the DR and heads back up stairs.

9:29am BBT: Kaycee and Angela gets Tyler to come to the HOHR and kaycee yells lets Go. He comes in and they start studying the pictures they were shown. They are studying about the order the comps were shown in the pictures.

 9:37am BBT: Angela, Tyler and Kaycee in the HOHR talking about Brett coming to the HOHR right after the pictures were shown and how he was telling them wrong things and they think it was on purpose to mess with them. Tyler asked when he did that and kaycee tells him while you was in the DR.

9:46am BBT: Brett is cleaning the WA, JC is washing his hands after using the WC then BB tells him to put his mic on. Sam is making herself a cup of coffee. Tyler , Kaycee and Angela are still in the HOHR talking. JC goes to the KT and ask Sam if she is studying and she says no the last time i racked my brain with this and i did not do to well so i am just gonna let my brain act natural.

9:53am BBT: Brett and JC are back ion bed, JC says he is worried cause he is not good at this kind of crap, he ask Brett if he knows the order he says yes and goes through the order with JC. Haleigh is sleeping in the other bed. Kaycee, Angela and Tyler still in the HOHR studying, sam in the KT still cleaning and drinking coffee.

9:58am BBT: Tyler puts his head down and says this is the day and shakes his head, Angela says one of us has to win.they talk about how many comps they have won. Kaycee says you guys have got this.

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10:00am BBT: WE now have reels

10:02am BBT: Feeds back with HG still studying and Haleigh sleeping.

10:12am BBT:Sam in the PBR asking JC if he is hungry and wants cereal or something to take upstairs with him and he says i guess. She then tells him she made his coffee for him and walks out.

10:20am BBT: Tyler in the KT making eggs while JC walks around. In the HOHR Angela and kaycee are still studying for the comps.

10:23am BBT: sam goes to the WA to brush her teeth and asked who cleaned the bathroom. Kaycee and Angela in the HOHR talking about their speech to Brett when he goes on the block and are going to tell him they are 2 steps ahead of you and to tell Rockstar hi for her, kaycee starts laughing.

10:32am BBT: Sam playing with her hair telling Tyler how Faysal was driving her crazy at times with his face hair everywhere in the sink and on makeup and then how he would wet his hands and put them on her.

2018-09-13-10.32.17-Cam 3.png

2018-09-13-10.32.28-Cam 3.png

2018-09-13-10.32.37-Cam 3.png

10:40am BBT: Tyler, kaycee and Angela in the HOHR talking about getting HOH and then them winning the veto. Tyler says the veto we tell JC that this is one step ahead and then the HOH will tell him this is 2 steps ahead, They all laugh and Tyler says that will be dope. Angela ask who goes then sam or JC, They agree to let JC squirm a little bit and vote Sam out but they want to see JC squirm.

10:45am BBT: Jc laying in bed half asleep, Brett and Haleigh sleeping, Kaycee, Tyler and Angela in the HOHR, kaycee says i will watch my best friends destroy the enemy. Tyler says i feel like if i am HOH if i pull JC off i can get him to vote out Brett. Angela says it doesn't matter we have the votes. Angela asking if sam really said that she wanted me and kaycee out or is that Brett? Tyler says that is Brett saying that.

10:51am BBT: kaycee says Brett is so overly excited now, Angela says yeah he is. Kaycee gives Tyler the headphones and tells him for him. Angela and kaycee are taking the dirty dishes down stairs  so they can get some of the eggs that Tyler cooked.

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1:05 PM BBT  Reruns

1:29 PM BBT  Feeds are back.  HGs seem to be getting some food.  JC goes into the HN room cussing and complaining that people are f*ing him.    Brett and Kaycee are in the WA.  Brett says he is going to take a shower, Angela wants one too.  Sam is sitting at the KT counter, Tyler is fixing something in his bowl.  Sam said she can't believe they had walnuts that expired in February, 2018.  Tyler said they must be left over from last year, they wouldn't buy them that way.  Sam said she wouldn't put it past Kroger's, as they do some shady shit. 

JC comes in, Sam asks what he wants to eat, he wants rice, and walks away saying what else he wants.  Sam says she needs to eat now, or she will be really hungry later.

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1:35 AM BBT  Kaycee and Tyler are in the SR.  She said it might be the one where you hold a button, and race, but you can't go until the screen says go.  Tyler said that is the one last year that they let Christmas win.  He wonders if that will be for a double, Kaycee isn't sure. They leave the SR.  Sam is called to the DR.  BB tells JC to put on his mic.  Tyler says day 86, and you still can't wear a microphone.  JC is looking for something to eat, still doesn't have his mic.  Haleigh is sitting alone at the table.

1:43 PM BBT  Brett is shaving is frontal area...chest and lower.  Angela is in the shower.  In the KT, Sam is making oatmeal, while Tyler and JC talk at the counter.  Haleigh goes into the WA.  She said if she is there tomorrow, she was going to clean the bathroom.  They are trying to decide if they need athletic wear or not for the live show.   BB calls out JC again for his microphone.

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1:29pm BBT: feeds back with HG in the KT . JC goes to the HNR cursing about something.(cant understand him).Brett in the WA washing his face.
1:33pm BBT: Sam and Tyler sitting in the KT while Haleigh is getting food. Angela getting in the shower.

1:39pm BBT: Brett shaving his chest in the WA, Tyler, JC, Sam and Haleigh in the KT eating and walking around talking general talk.

1:45pm BBT: Haleigh cleaning her face while Brett shaves and Angela in the shower. In the KT Tyler is in the mirror popping pimples and JC is eating while Sam cooks herself chicken and rice.

1:49pm BBT: Brett is now making chicken and rice for himself. JC and Brett are talking about how JC made his food. Sam is eating. Haleigh and Angela in the WA doing  their hair and talking about the pictures they were shown this week, Haleigh asking what was before what and Angela says she does not know, Haleigh asking if she will be a pawn again if it is a double eviction and Angela says i do not know but I know who i will put up.

1:52pm BBT: Haleigh goes to the WC and says she needs more study time. Angela leaves the WA and tells everyone the shower is open.

1:54pm BBT: Tyler and Angela in the BBR Tyler ask her how her nap was and she said she didnt really get one cause JC is so loud. He ask if she was studying in her head and she shakes her head yes.

1:58pm BBT: JC is shaving his head in the WA while Tyler takes a shower and Haleigh does her hair. Angela comes in and starts blow drying her hair. Sam and Brett in the KT cleaning up.

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2:00 PM BBT  Not much going on in the house. Brett is in the KT with Sam, she gets called to the DR.  People are getting ready for tonight's show.  JC is singing in the WA, but doesn't hav on a mic, and with the hair dryer going, he doesn't get called out for it.   Tyler is in the shower.

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2:06pm BBT: Kaycee laying on the LVR couch appears to be sleeping,Most HG in the WA doing ADL's.

2:11pm BBT: Kaycee and Angela in the LVR whispering really low about they are confident they have this.

2:16pm BBT: Sam is now shaving JC's head for him, Brett is in the shower, Haleigh and Angela are doing their hair and makeup. Tyler in the PBR getting dressed. Just general talk going on in the WA about eating eel.

2:19pm BBT: Tyler and kaycee in the BBR laying on the beds studying for tonight's comp.

2:23pm BBT: Tyler and kaycee going over different possibilities  if tonight is a double eviction and who they might use the veto on without getting blood on their hands. Haleigh walks through and they stop talking.They then talk about what to wear tonight.

2:31pm BBT: Sam now trimming Bretts beard talking about how people smell different with  cologne on. Angela goes to the BBR and gets in bed then Bb calla her to the DR.

2:37pm BBT: Haleigh and sam talking about Haleigh donating her hair when she leaves the house. She says she has been thinking about cutting it all off for about a year now. JC and Brett are walking around in towels getting ready for tonights show.

2:45pm BBT: Angela and Tyler in the BBR talking in the BBR just general talk and laughing going on.Most Hg still in the WA getting ready.

2:51pm BBT: sam now helping Haleigh fix her hair in the WA. Brett in the BBR talking to Angela and Tyler while he gets his clothes.

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8:58 PM BBT reruns still on but, ...  [Just now watching the Eviction show.  I hear that haleigh voted out, then Tyler won HoH and then put up JC and Sam.  Angela won the PoV and took off JC and then they voted Brett out.  Currently, they are setting up and testing the next HoH for the week.  Should be on live feeds pretty soon i think. - rms]

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9:52PM BBT Feeds are back. Angela won her 3rd HoH.


9:53PM BBT In BBR, Sam asks Angela what she's gonna do. Angela demurs, saying it's the hardest one to know what to do.


9:55PM BBT They reference dinner and a movie and "stars" and JC keeps singing bits of "9 to 5", so maybe it was a movie themed HoH?

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9:54PM BBT Feeds are back. Angela is wearing the HOH key around her neck.

9:57PM BBT The HG are at the dining table eating. It looks like food was provided for them.


10:04PM BBT Angela is trying to decide what type of music to request. The other HG are offering suggestions.


10:16PM BBT Tyler and Sam clean up the KT after the HG dinner. JC and Kaycee talk in the BBR about days and general chatting.


10:22PM BBT Angela is packing for the HOH BR. General chatting.

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11:50PM BBT: JC and Tyler in Bathroom, JC freaking out about going on the block, tells him if he (JC) wins PoV that Tyler will go on the block and he doesn't have his vote 100% to stay, the girls might try and flip it. JC going on long about Brett was a mistake and he wasn't coming after them, A+KC manipulated him into doing their dirty work. Tyler replies "He said that to me himself, not through them"

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10:30PM BBT: Sam is in the kitchen, finshing up the dishes. Tyler, Angela, Kaycee, and JC are in the BBR talking about how many days they've been in the house. They think they've been in for 86 days, not 85 like Julie said. 

10:30PM BBT: Tyler says when Julie appeared on the screen it was so loud and "scared the sh*t" out of all of them. They think the Outback competition is coming up. They talk about Angela going from top seven to top four in one night. 

10:38PM BBT: Sam is still cleaning the KT and putting away dishes, the group in the BBR are talking about looking out the front door on eviction night. BB cuts the feeds. 

10:40PM BBT: Feeds are back, Tyler is asking if Brett hugged everyone. JC thinks Brett felt disappointed. JC says it was scary that Tyler just kept "staring" at Brett. Tyler said he was just looking him in the eyes. 

10:41PM BBT: Angela said after Faysal made his speech about her car and shopping with an engagement ring, he sat down and winked at her. JC starts to sing and BB cuts the feeds. 

10:42PM BBT: Feeds are back, JC says he's going to sing all week. The group in the BBR wonder when they'll have access to the yard again. Tyler says it's going to be busy the rest of their time here, Kaycee starts to sing and BB cuts the feeds. 

10:44PM BBT: Feeds are back, Tyler asks if it was a two hour episode, or an hour. He thinks it was a lot to fit into an hour. They talk about production and BB cuts the feeds for a few seconds. 

10:45PM BBT: The group in the BBR won't stop talking about production, so all four cameras are now on Sam talking to herself in the KT. 

10:48PM BBT: The group in the BBR are talking about Robot Sam. Kaycee says no one took her seriously when she wore the rainbow uniform, she says one night she slept in the SR. They talk about the different costumes worn this season. 

10:51PM BBT: Sam walks into the BBR. Angela says she doesn't like the pictures they put in the HOHR. Sam says she loves them. 

10:57PM BBT: Sam is wandering around the house, straightening this and that before coming back into the BBR. Angela tells JC her secret about being a "track and field athlete." JC says, "so that's why your feet are like that?" Everyone laughs. 

11:05PM BBT: Sam is unpacking in the havenot room. She motions to the camera. JC, Angela, and Kaycee are in the BBR, talking about the BB Comic books. 

11:19PM BBT: Sam is staring into her open suitcase, she looks up at the camera and stares. The group in the BBR are chatting.



11:28PM BBT: Tyler, Angela, and Kaycee are whispering in the BBR. Angela says she "knew" she was going to win the HOH comp, she says she had "weird signs" and she knew. They talk about the double eviction going perfectly. 

11:30PM BBT: Kaycee says she has to catch up to Tyler and Angela, since they've each won six competitions. Sam is staring off to space in the KT. The remaining members of L6 are trying to figure out what other secrets they can tell JC to "blow his mind."

11:35PM BBT: Kaycee, Tyler, and Angela are going to do "two truths and a lie" with JC to see which ones he actually did. Tyler says he thought JC was going to have a heart attack today when Tyler put him up. Tyler tells the girls what he told Brett in their short one on one. 

11:47PM BBT: Angela and Kaycee are talking about Brett in the BBR. Sam is folding towels, JC walks into the BBR. Sam asks if anyone is sleeping in the PBR, Kaycee says JC is going to sleep with her. Sam says they can just close the wall to the PBR. 

11:48PM BBT: JC and Tyler are in the WA. JC tells Tyler this was a "huge f*****g mistake" and he doesn't care how great Tyler thinks he is, tonight was a mistake. JC says Angela and Kaycee told him all this stuff about Brett just to "throw him off."

11:49PM BBT: JC says he and Sam are going on the block tomorrow, Tyler says he won't let JC go home. JC says they need to work together and Tyler says they have been. JC is upset. 

11:50PM BBT: JC says "straight up," the only thing saving their game is if Tyler wins POV and uses it on JC. Tyler says if Brett were here instead of Angela, JC would be HOH. 

11:51PM BBT: JC thinks the girls are going to go for a "big move" and take Tyler out. Tyler says that won't happen. He says he's sorry JC is upset, but JC needs to trust him. 

11:52PM BBT: JC says Brett and Angela were going to go for each other and he, Sam, and Tyler could just sit back and watch it all, but now they can't. 

11:53PM BBT: Tyler says Angela will take out Sam. JC says "listen to me," and then says Tyler's game move is not "ok." Tyler says JC always wants to make the decisions, but Tyler says he "had to do this."

11:54PM BBT: JC swears he was never working for Brett. Tyler says Brett was telling him everything JC was telling Brett. JC says he never told Brett anything. Tyler says he did, because Brett told him it all. JC is upset and wants to know what Brett was saying. 

11:55PM BBT: Tyler gives examples as to what he's talking about when he says Brett told him everything he and JC talked about. JC says Tyler's game was never in jeopardy with Brett. Tyler says JC's was. JC says he would not be on the block if Brett were here and Tyler says he would be.

11:56PM BBT: JC says he never believed anything Brett said. Tyler says Brett never wanted to take out the girls, he wanted to take JC out. JC doesn't believe it. Tyler says Brett didn't think he could beat JC at the end because the jury hates him. 

11:56PM BBT: JC is upset, he gets up and ends the conversation. Tyler says, "I get it," and leaves the WA. JC goes into the WC and Tyler is in the BBR. 

11:59PM BBT: JC walks into the BBR. Sam is in the HNR and talks with Sam about all the pillows. Tyler sits in silence in the BBR. Angela is taking her stuff upstairs and Kaycee is in the DR. 

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