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  1. Tonight, Usher is joining Songland to find a new song. He typically looks for something versatile and it has to take people on a journey. Ryan asks what he might be looking for and Usher says you have to leave space to make magic happen. He wants something that comes from three different perspectives to create something people can grow from and feel something from. Our first writer is Miranda Glory from New York, NY. Her song is called Salty and it’s about the freedom you get when you get over someone. She introduces herself and performs it for the producers and Usher. Ester says this is a girls song and it’s for a guy and girls speak differently than a guy would. Usher agrees and doesn’t think he would say that. Ryan says he would write a completely new hook. Ester tries a different beat and Usher wants to come over too. They freestyle a bit and he changes a line and he says it switches the direction of the song. The next writer in is Ryan Cam from Leesburg, VA. His song is called Staying Over and it’s about a relationship he had but she was moving and he was long distance. He steps in and introduces himself and he performs his song. Ester wants to know where the hook is and Ryan says the chorus didn’t seem like the chorus. Ester wants to know how to make the song more rap for Usher. Ryan says you need Swag for Usher. Next we have David Wade and he’s from Newark, NJ. His song is called Horse ‘N Carriage and it’s a love song. He introduces himself to the producers and performs his original song for Usher. Shane says this song could be bigger than R&B and it needs to be a little more universal. Ester wants to take some of the production away and hear it stripped down and simple. The final writer to pitch their original song is Fatherdude and he’s from Long Island, Ny. His song is called Billions and it’s about the improbability of finding the right relationship. Shane says that was awesome and Ester liked the D’Angelo falsetto and she wants to hear it again. Usher says it felt like a pop record and then went to a R&B style. Usher says he’s all about new ideas and concepts and collaboration. Miranda is brought in first and he thinks what has been shared with her will help and she will be moving on to work with a producer, along with Ryan and David. Fatherdude is not moving on because Usher said the song doesn’t fit with him right now, but he will move up. Miranda is working with Ryan. Ryan says her melodies were fire, but Salty isn’t going to work for Usher. They just need to re-approach the lyrics. David is working with Shane and Shane says the song is so sexy and they are talking with Usher. Usher says it can be a global song. Shane says they are going to edit and take the best parts and he wants to give him something to sing. Usher talks with Ester and Ryan and they are working on lyrics and story structure and the production to make it more R&B. Ryan with Miranda says they are doing surgery on the track. Usher meets with Miranda and Ryan and he tells them he wishes they started the record simple and sparse and then let it crescendo. Shane and David are talking about the lyrics and the chorus. Shane says they need a few things a listener can repeat and dance to. David says the song was originally more urban, but Usher wanted something to feel more international and Shane made it a crossover record. Ryan worked out some lyrics for Ester and she thinks they have a better flow. Ester changed the production to make it feel more like Usher. David is back in first to re-pitch the original song he and Shane worked on. They have changed the name of the song to Personal. Usher says he feel all of the improvements and the changes that made it significant to who he is was dope. Miranda is in next to re-pitch the song her and Ryan worked on. Ryan is going to join Miranda on stage and they have changed the name of the song to No Cap (Missing You). Usher says he’s really happy and that doesn’t happen often to be happy hearing a sad song. Ryan is in last to re-pitch the song he and Ester worked on. They changed the name of the song to California. Usher says the song feels relevant and super cool and it could be on the radio right now. Usher says this is what music making and creativity is about. He gets to pick one song to record and the song he is going to pick is…California. Usher says he’s looking forward to it.
  2. Tonight, Ben Platt joins Songland. Ryan says he’s a triple threat because he sings, dances, and acts. The first time Shane seen him was in Pitch Perfect with Ester. Ester says he’s looking to put out a pop leaning album. He’s an Oscar away from an EGOT and he’s 26. Ben says he’s such a big fan of the show. Ben is looking for stuff that feels specific to him and he wants to go a little more into the pop lane. The first writer in is David Davis from Wheaton, IL. His song is called Everything it Took to Get to You. Ben says the lyrics resonated him with him. Ryan says some of the lyrics are incredible. Ryan says he veered off from the melody, but there wasn’t a good reason to do that. Ryan sings it and adjusts it and Ester says it’s simple, but it keeps the melody intact. Ben says the first two lines of the chorus are out of this world. Shane says he doesn’t even need a chorus. Ben suggests changing it to Everything I Did to Get to You and they can list those things. The next writer in is Kylie Rothfield from Danville, CA and her song is called Lonely. Ben wouldn’t like it to be a little vibier. Ryan says you could get through the chorus without a lot of production. Shane asks Kylie if they need all the questions as the lyrics? Ryan suggests a lyric change to flip it. Shane thinks the second stanza could be about New York City, with the first verse being set in Los Angeles. Next in is Caroline Kole from Clearwater, FL and her song is called Fool’s Gold. Shane was so impressed with her phrasing. Ryan says the ultimate goal is to lead up to the payoff because Fool’s Gold comes out of nowhere. Shane wants to know who she’s talking to in the song because it feels like a relationship song. Ryan says what if the Fool’s Gold is the relationship. Shane says it could just all lead to a bigger setup. Ryan thinks the song goes to Broadway so he wants to change some of the melody and bring it down a bit. The final writer in is Anna Hamilton from Bucyrus, KS and her song is called Deathbed. Ben loves the sentiment of wanting to leave behind good. Ryan says it’s an incredible concept, but you can’t land on death bed. Shane suggests when I draw my last breath, I hope there’s only love left. Ben says he’s impressed by all four song writers. He brings in David and he’s going to work with a producer, along with Kylie and Caroline. Anna is brought in and Ben says he doesn’t think this is going to be the song for him because he’s looking for something different. Kylie is working with Ester on Lonely. Ben is hoping for some classic R&B and fine tuning the lyrics. Kylie and Ester start working on the lyrics. Shane is working with Caroline on Fool’s Gold and Ben can’t wait to hear them include the rainbow in the song. Shane says the melodies are stunning, but lyrically they need to get it worked out. He wants to make sure the lyrics support the melody. Ryan is working with David and Ben wants to hear the lyric changes while maintaining the soulful melody. Ryan wants to use the lyric Everything I Did to Get to You because it makes it more specific. David says it feels like the purpose of the song is a lot clearer. Ryan wants to use a choir. Ester wants to figure out how Kylie can break out into a chorus. Shane says when you have a melody that’s so intact, you don’t want to mess with it. Caroline says the new theme of the lyrics are from a relationship stand point. She wants to build a space for Ben to do some runs. David is at the piano and singing for Ryan. Ryan is working on the tempo and the syncopation. Kylie is in to re-pitch the song she and Ester worked on and they have changed the title from Lonely to Ghosts. Shane says Kylie’s tone is out of this world. Ben says the song feels so much more introspective and heartbreaking and haunting. He thinks it’s so gorgeous. He says she’s really special. David is in next to re-pitch the song he and Ryan worked on. Ben says he loves all the lyric changes the most. He loved the production of the gospel feeling, but the story is so clear to him. He says the chorus lands in such a different way and it’s amazing. Caroline is in last to re-pitch the song she and Shane worked on. Ben says with the new lyrics, the beginning went to one specific relationship. He says she hit the bullseye. It was beautiful. Ryan says some of the lyrics were a masterclass. Ben says he’s only been a song writer for the last couple of years and he’s very new. He says they are all so gifted and he’d be honored to sing any of the songs. He sang each of them and the song that’s going to work for him right now is…Everything It Took to Get to You. Ben says it’s amazing and he feels so lucky. Ben says Ryan brought it to the finish line.
  3. Tonight, Bebe Rexha joins Songland and she’s looking for a song for the Tokyo Olympic games. (This episode was recorded before the COVID-19 pandemic) Bebe says a song that would be perfect would be high energy and make you feel like you do anything. Bebe says the Olympics is massive. The first writer in is Greg Scott from Chico, CA. His song is called Miracle and it’s about working hard and perseverance and never giving up. Bebe says the chorus is an A+. Shane says one of the problems with the song is the verse didn’t feel current. Bebe says the melody is everything and she’d scratch that and start fresh. Bebe and Ryan freestyle and sing some ideas. Next in is Alyssa Newton from Las Cruces, NM and her song is called Made for Something. Bebe loves the sentiment of the song, but if she were in the Olympics right now, what would you want to listen to. She would want more and hyped up. Shane pitches something about being Made for This and Bebe likes that. Ester says she felt like the music made it sound too happy and sweet. Next in is Anna Graceman and she’s from Juneau, AK and her song is called Gold. Bebe says the hook didn’t knock her in the face. Shane says it feels like it could get bigger for what they’re talking about. Ryan says she has to arrive at gold differently. Ester says they definitely need to work on lyrics because there is not a rise and they need to bring some energy to it. She wants to hear the song a little grimier and Ryan adds a beat by pounding on his keyboard. Bebe says the song has a lot of potential. The last writer in is Josh Vida from Covina, CA and his song is called Crazy Enough. Bebe says the song is actually really dope. Ryan likes the melody. Shane says he doesn’t think the lines sound anthemic, but it’s universal. Bebe thinks the tempo needs to be a bit quicker. Bebe says she’s always about the feel of the song and as long as the melody is good, you can work everything else around it. Bebe brings Greg in first and he is going to move on and work with a producer, along with Anna and Josh. Alyssa is brought in and Bebe says that her saying the song doesn’t feel right for her doesn’t mean it’s not right for someone else. She’s an incredible songwriter and she should keep going. Shane is working with Anna and he wants to make the song grittier. Shane thinks the hook should be bones and she can switch it to where it’s in a positive light. Anna says they definitely need to nail the hook and she wants Bebe to connect with it. Shane says they’re using the same chord progression but adding percussion over it to give it a new life. Josh is working with Ester and she wants to give him what the song needs. She says this song doesn’t match the Olympics and she wants to pump up the song. She wants to take out all the negative lyrics. Greg is working with Ryan and he tells Greg that his chorus resonated with Bebe. Ryan heard the guitar riff carrying the verse. Greg says the changes right off the bat is adding simpler melodies so the chorus shines. Shane and Anna are working on a few lyric changes. Shane says they need to carve away at the lyrics so they are each there to tell a story. Shane says to be on the spot and come up with a melody is great. Josh says the story of the song has changed completely. He’s hoping the production will tie everything together. Ester says they need to make a vibe for Bebe. Ryan says he knows Bebe well and she’s going to care about the track making her feel cool and raw and emotive. He’s changing the production on the track completely. He thinks this song works perfectly for the Tokyo games. Anna is in first to re-pitch the song she and Shane worked on. They have changed the title of the song from Gold to Bones. Ryan says that melody is great and Bebe says it’s incredible. Bebe says that beat made her feel like she could go faster and believe in herself. Bebe says Ryan is getting nervous and Ryan says he should have got a choir. Josh is in next to re-pitch the song he and Ester worked on. They changed the title from Crazy Enough to Sideline. Ester has brought in Coco to perform the song and Josh sings back-up vocals. Bebe says that sounded current and fresh. Bebe says that sounded incredible. Greg is in to re-pitch the song he worked on with Ryan and Ryan has brought out a contestant from Season 1, Sam DeRosa, to perform Miracle. Bebe says that chorus is ridiculous, and she loved the instrumental drop. Bebe has a thought that she calls a mind twister. She asks the beat from Miracle and asks for the lyrics from Shane’s song. Bebe wants to potentially mix the lyrics of Anna and Shane’s song to lead to the chorus of Greg and Ryan’s song Miracle. Bebe brings the writers back in and thanks them for sharing their talent. She says no one saw this coming, this has never happened on the show before. She has decided there will be two winners tonight. She says it kind of hit her listening to the songs that the lyrics would work with the hook of the other song. The two songs she’s going to combine is Bones and Miracle. Bebe says it was too hard to pick between them and she absolutely loved the verse on Bones and she couldn’t give up on the hook of Miracle because it’s catchy and powerful.
  4. Tonight, Boyz II Men joins Songland and Ryan, Ester, and Shane reminisce on their experiences with Boyz II Men. Nathan Morris, Wanya Morris, and Shawn Stockman came to Songland to find a song that’s memorable. They want to find something more contemporary and modern day. They are at a point in their careers where they want to help the next generation along. Our first writer is Zak Waters from Los Angeles, CA. His song is called Bad Things and he thinks the song will match melodically and harmonically for Boyz II Men. He introduces himself and performs for them. Shawn says they should space out the verses. Wanya prefers simple wording. Ryan suggests him not to get so neo-soul funk. Our next writers in are Juan and Lisa Winans from Washington D.C. Their song is called Maybe. They step in and introduce themselves and Lisa performs their song. Shane wants to talk about what the song means to them and he thinks there is a message in it that means something different to them. Ester wants to know why Lisa sang that song instead of Juan and he says because of the key they have it in. Ester asks him to sing it and he does. Wanya says that changed the dynamic. Nathan liked the top of the song and Shawn says Babyface is a master at creating a story and setting you up for a chorus, but he gives a clear understanding what the song is about. Shane and Ryan freestyle a bit and change a bit of the wording. Nathan says music is the tie that bonds. The next writer in is Charles Infamous from Lancaster, PA. His song is called Jukebox. He introduces himself and performs his original song. Shane says the melody in the verse would stick with him all day. Wanya says that could be the verse and there could be a bigger melody for the hook. Ryan freestyles a little and Shawn asks for a different tempo. Ester says maybe the song shouldn’t be Jukebox, but maybe 20/20. Nathan says the melody is groovy. The last writer in to pitch their song is Chrislee from Essex Fells, NJ and his song is called Love Struck. Wanya says they should change the pre-chorus to a lighter melody. Shane says there are some things convoluted in the lyric. Ryan would like to simplify the chorus. Wanya says they heard four incredible songs and it’s going to be tough. Shawn says they felt like they were amongst their people. Zak comes in and he’s going to the studio to work with a producer, along with Chrislee and Juan and Lisa. Charles is brought in and Nathan says they like the song, but he doesn’t think there is enough time to get it to where it needs to be for them. Chrislee is working with Ester and Wanya says he thought this song was the closest to complete and the second verse needs to explain what it was about her that made him feel like he had to have her. Ester says they need to refine some of the lyrics. Juan and Lisa are working with Shane. Shane says they have to make sure the story is clear in the song. Shane says Juan and Lisa are open and ready to tell their story. Zak is working with Ryan and Ryan says this is a tricky one. His fear for the song is that it will be too on the nose. He wants to change the song to pop, but not make it cheesy. Ryan says Boyz II Men have been around 30 years and they need something new, not something that sounds like things they’ve done before. Shawn says the hook needs to feel real because that’s how they’ll get people to relate to it. Ester and Chrislee are working and she says the second hook gets more harmonies and third hook goes up. Chrislee says working with Ester is amazing and they working on background vocals to make the track a Boyz II Men record. Ryan adds some drums to Zak and they tried to make it feel more modern. Zak says it sounds more like a radio song now. Zak likes the way that it bounces. Ryan says they’ll be surprised because it’s so different, but now it depends on if they like it. Shane thinks Juan and Lisa should sing together. Shane says the song had a bit of a dated feel, but it’s more relatable now. Chrislee is the first one back in to re-pitch the song he and Ester worked on. Nathan says he liked the harmony and they left space in there. Shawn says that sounded good. Juan and Lisa are in to re-pitch the song they and Shane worked on. They have renamed the song What If It’s Love. Wanya loves how they dived into the lyrical change and it hit and felt relatable. Shawn says they left room to add themselves into the song. Zak is in to re-pitch the song he and Ryan worked on. Zak says the song has changed a lot and it’s very current. Nathan says you can feel how it’s grown. Shawn says it’s a vibe and since the beat was so punchy, the lyrics had to be just as punchy. Wanya says they all have a future and they are great at what they do. He says all the songs were extremely great and they all took a major turn and became what they never expected. Shawn thanks them for that because he knows songs are like babies and he thanks them for trusting in them. Wanya says they can only choose one. He says this is the part that sucks. The song they picked to record…is Love Struck by Chrislee. Nathan says you know those informercials where they say wait, there’s more! But wait, there IS more. They love all the songs and so they are going to record them all. Nathan says if you know anything about the business is good songs are hard to come by and they all just worked for them. Wanya says it was an opportunity to have three songs by three of the best writers in the game and Shawn says and they can be greedy.
  5. It began after the Superbowl. 18 masked celebrities set off in pursuit of the masked trophy. Three are left. Turtle. Night Angel. Frog. Who will win? First up is frog. Frog reflects on his overall experience and what being on the show has meant. He says this experience has allowed him to get back to his first love, his music. He wants to take home that trophy for his little tadpole. He takes the stage and performs Bad Boy for Life by Black Rob, Mark Curry, and P. Diddy. Jenny says that was amazing and Nicole says that was a way to kick off the show. Robin says to be able to be able to perform and sing is hard, and it’s even more difficult to rap. Frog says whatever you want, even if you think you can’t do it, if you put your mind to it then you can. He says he never did choreography before until he got here. Jenny says she’s been all over the place. She thought Lil Bow Wow, but she seen a No Limits clue and that’s Lil Romeo. Ken says there’s a rapper he thought of, Kid Cudi, and he’s an actor. Nicole says she thought Omarion, but the clues mentioned a lot of haters, so maybe MC Hammer. Turtle says when he started this journey, he had no idea how much this competition would change him as an artist. It’s allowed him to take risks he never dreamed of. In his career, he had a lot of almost moments. He almost got this or almost did this. He’s only grown a thicker shell because performing is what he’s meant to do. He takes the stage and performs Before You Go by Lewis Capaldi. Nicole says this is the first time turtle made her cry. Nicole says he should be so proud of himself. Turtle says this has been an unbelievable experience and he’s learned he can pick things up quicker than he thought. Nicole says they’ve tossed around a lot of different names. She says they saw a surfboard and some stuff about acting and she thought Zac Efron, but then she thought it could be Jesse McCartney. Ken says with the Mrs. Turtle clue he can’t stop thinking about Priyanka Chopra, so maybe Nick Jonas. Jenny says she doesn’t hate Ken’s guess, because of the just got married thing. She thought Adam Lambert, but the married clue doesn’t fit. She thinks maybe Nick Carter, even though she likes Ken’s guess better. Night Angel is up next. Night Angel says when she first got here she was terrified because she had convinced herself she wasn’t enough. This experience let her channel fear into something far more powerful. When she didn’t find success as a solo artist so she developed other businesses. She says but when she had kids it got hard to tell them to chase their dreams, when she wasn’t chasing her own. She takes the stage and performs River Deep, Mountain High by Tina Turner. Jenny says she believes Night Angel can win this competition. Night Angel says she shied away from the microphone because she felt like she wasn’t that good anymore, but their words have helped. Nicole says she thought it could be Keke Palmer, but she doesn’t have babies. She thinks it’s Taraji P. Henson. Jenny says that’s a good guess, but she’s mentioned Kandi Burress and Robin agrees. His gut instinct leads him to Kandi Burress. Voting is on and it’s the final vote of the season. It’s their last chance to vote for who they think should win. The final vote is in. The third place winner of this seasons Masked Singer is…the Frog. Nicole says she’s so grateful that he’s here and this is where he shines the most. Ken thinks now this is Kid Cudi because of the $106 clue and the basketball clues. Jenny says she remembers the ice cube tray and Lil Romeo kept popping up for her. No Limits is Master P’s record label so she’s going to go with Lil Romeo. Robin says the basketball clues, 23, he was in Be Like Mike, the private jet, and he thinks it’s Lil Bow Wow. Nicole is going to jump on Robin’s bandwagon and she’s a massive fan. She would agree this is Bow Wow. It’s time to unmask the Frog! He pulls his mask off and it’s…Bow Wow! Frog’s clue answers: The ice cube tray is a clue to the movie “Lottery Ticket”, which Bow Wow co-starred in with Ice Cube. The lightning bolt references are hints to Bow Wow’s character, who is struck by lightning in the film “Like Mike”. The Japanese flag is a clue to Bow Wow’s appearance in the film “The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift”. Now we will find out who has won The Masked Singer! The winner of this season’s golden mask is…Night Angel! This means Turtle is the runner-up. It’s time for the final guesses. Ken says this has been emotionally tough and he thinks Turtle has the most diverse skill set. Ken thinks this is Nick Jonas. Nicole refers to the clue where Turtle said they spent the morning together and she thinks it’s Jesse McCartney. Robin says that’s a good guess, but he says there’s been some queen clues and he thinks maybe it’s Adam Lambert. Jenny says she thought Nick Lachey and Nick Carter. But then some clues like Wanted and Chips, and he did the voice for chipmunks and she thinks it’s Jesse McCartney. It’s time for Turtle to take it off! Nick helps him remove his mask and it is…Jesse McCartney! Turtle’s clue answers: The bloody heart in a jar is a clue to the hit song “Bleeding Love”, which Jesse co-wrote for Leona Lewis. The various comic book clues are hints to Jesse’s role as the superhero Robin in the animated series, “Young Justice”. The Dover Sole, map of Seoul, and shoe sole in Turtle’s packages are clues to Jesse’s platinum album, “Beautiful Soul”. Time to guess who the Night Angel is. Nicole says she feels like there is a night angel in all of them. She says in the beginning they saw Boss and Hustle, and she has a tattoo of angel wings, she thinks it’s Taraji P. Henson. Ken says based on the clues from today she’s thinking Tisha Campbell. Jenny says one of the first clues was four grandma’s and there’s a restaurant called Old Lady Gang and she thinks it’s Kandi Burress. Robin agrees with Jenny. Robin says there was a Columbia clue and that was the record label for Xscape. It’s time to unmakes this season’s winner Night Angel! Nick helps with the mask and it is…Kandi Burress! Nick asks how it feels to be the first woman to win and she says it feels incredible. Kandi appreciates the judges for helping build her confidence back up. Night Angel’s clue answers: The fan mail hints to the TLC album “Fanmail” which includes the song, “No Scrubs” that Kandi co-wrote. The snow globe and winter gear are clues to the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” spinoff series, “Kandi’s Ski Trip”. The fireplace and lighter clues are a nod to Kandi’s daughter, Blaze. The lipstick clues hint to “Traces of My Lipstick”, the platinum album penned by Kandi’s group, Xscape.
  6. We are almost ready to go live on The Voice for the finale and find out wo will win the season 18 finale! We kick off the night with Nick, Kelly, John, Blake, CeeLo Green, Bebe Rexha, Shakira, Toneisha, Micah, Cammwess, Thunderstorm, and Todd, along with some already eliminated artists all singing Let My Love Open the Door by Pete Townshend. Carson greets the coaches and finalists. Carson says this has been an unforgettable experience with a historical season. The Jonas Brothers perform X with Karol G. Blake is doing a duet with Todd. They are performing Authority Song by John Mellencamp. We take a look back at season 1 and see CeeLo, Christina Aguilera, Blake Shelton, and Adam Levine performing Crazy by Gnarls Barkley. We see John Legend performing Conversations in the Dark to honor first responders. He then performs All of Me for them and we see them singing along. We get a throwback coach performance from Season 4 with Usher, Adam Levine, Shakira, and Blake Shelton as they perform Come Together by The Beatles. Lady Antebellum joins us with their new song Champagne Night that they found on Songland. Thunderstorm and Nick are going to perform You’ll Be In My Heart by Phil Collins. We see Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton perform Nobody But You for first responders. Next, we look back at Season 14 with Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Alicia Keys, and Kelly Clarkson performing Fly Me to the Moon by Frank Sinatra and Feeling Good by Nina Simone. Anita Alvarez and John Shuster join Carson and they are Olympians. Anita is an artistic swimmer and John is a curler. We seen John try artistic swimming and Blake try curling. Nick played ping pong. Cammwess and John are performing Rocket Man by Elton John. Kelly performs her new single I Dare You. Toneisha and Blake are going to perform Don’t Stop by Fleetwood Mac. Micah and Kelly are going to perform I Run to You by Lady Antebellum. We go back to Season 12 with Gwen Stefani, Alicia Keys, Blake Shelton, and Adam Levine performing Waterfalls by TLC. Next, we see former Voice contestants perform What the World Needs Now is Love by Jackie DeShannon. Kevin Farris from Season 18 kicks it off from his home in Mount Prospect, IL, followed by Season 12’s Lauren Duski from Gaylord, MI, Season 16’s Jacob Maxwell, Couer d’Alene, ID, Season 14’s Alexa Cappelli from Upland, CA, Season 17 winner Jake Hoot from Nashville, TN, Season 18’s Mike Jerel from Columbus, GA, Season 17’s Ricky Duran, and Season 14’s Britton Buchanan from Los Angeles, CA. Nick performs his new single Until We Meet Again. Bon Jovi joins The Voice and they perform their new song Limitless. It’s time for some results! Carson is going to start with the artist in fifth place. The finalist in fifth place is…Micah Iverson! The finalist in fourth place now is…Cammwess from Team John! It’s down to Thunderstorm Artis from Team Nick, and Todd Tilgham and Toneisha Harris from Team Blake! The winner of The Voice is…Todd Tilgham from Team Blake!!!
  7. Tonight, Florida Georgia Line’s Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley is on tonight looking for their next song. Shane says this is going to be a class in how to mastercraft a great song everyone can listen to. They love the concept of Songland and they are song writers themselves. They are looking for something with energy. Shawn Austin is our first writer in and he’s from Vancouver, Canada. Music was always his initial passion. His song is called Ain’t Going Nowhere. He steps in and introduces himself and performs his song. Tyler says he’s looking for the hook. Shane says they haven’t heard the melody, but they’ve heard the lyrics. Ryan is playing a different beat on his guitar and Brian likes it. Next in is Lukr from Hanover, PA. His song is called Hopes High. He doesn’t fit into a mold and he thinks he’s a fit for FGL. He steps in and introduces himself and performs his song. Ester freestyles and Shane says he has a killer melody. Tyler says this could be a universal song, and if fans heard their voices on it, they would hear it as a country song. Shane pitches a more upbeat tempo and Lukr goes with it. Next, we have Victoria Banks from Muskoka, Canada. Her song is called That’s a Country Song. Ester says she enjoyed that song. Brian says they should take the Ifs out of the chorus and Tyler thinks the melody needs punched up. Shane suggests a fiddle in the instrument part. The final writer in is Griffen Palmer from Pickering, Ontario. His song is called Second Guessing. He introduces himself and performs his song. Shane says of all the songs he’s heard in both seasons, he’s never been mad at a hook. He thinks a piece of the lyrics are some of the best ever written. Ryan wants a time reference in the song. Tyler and Brian say song writers are the backbone of every artist. FGL call Shawn back in and he’s moving forward. Victoria is in and they liked what she did with the title, but they have to say goodbye. Griffen is in and he is moving on, along with Lukr. Griffen is working with Shane and Shane says his song can be a hit. They are trying to make the verse sound different than the chorus. Ryan is working with Lukr on his song. Ryan wants to do a total top line re-write, which is lyrics and melody. Ryan wants to keep his main riff though. Ryan wants to change from minor to major because that will bring things to a lighter side. Ester is working with Shawn and Ester says the melody needs to be lifted and the song needs to get bigger. They are going to work on the melody. Shane touches base with FGL and they get some direction and they have to change a few things about the song. Lukr says they still have a lot of lyrical work to do, but the music is done. Ester introduces a new beat and Shawn says she’s a genius. Griffen is in first to re-pitch his song. Brian says that is such an awesome song. Tyler loved what he did with the guitar and the lyric changes. He says they nailed it. Next in is Shawn Austin and his song is now called Lean On. Tyler says it all felt so new and so fresh and Brian says job well done. He says the melody is lit. Lukr is the final writer in to re-pitch his new song What You’re Puttin’ Down. Tyler says it was really cool to watch the transformation. Tyler thanks the producers for the time they spent. They bring the writers back in. Tyler says all three of those songs are special and they’d be proud putting their name behind them and sending it to their artist friends. Tyler says the song they fell in love with and are taking back to the studio is Second Guessing by Griffen!
  8. Tonight, we will have the final performances. Nick, John, Kelly, and Blake join us remotely from home. The five finalists are going to perform one cover, and one original song with the help of the Songland producers. The final five perform “together” first. They sing Shine by Collective Soul. We’re kicking off the show with Cammwess from Team John. They talk about Cam’s journey on The Voice. Cam brings up that he had met John at a festival and he says this is such a big moment in his life to work with John. Cam’s first concert and all-time favorite artist was Prince and he’s going to perform Purple Rain which has never been cleared before. John wants Cam to be super urgent. Cam says working with John is a dream come true. Cammwess is the first artist to perform and he kicks off the night with his version of Purple Rain by Prince. Kelly says she wants to party at Cammwess’ house. She loves him and he is so gifted and confident. Nick says that was phenomenal and he delivered an incredible vocal and he thinks he did the song justice. John says Cammwess delivers week after week. He’s a soulful gifted singer and he has so much passion and artistry. He did a beautiful job with that song. Todd Tilghman from Team Blake is up next. Blake says Todd’s journey was pretty amazing and they talk about his journey to get to the finale. Todd says Blake has boosted his confidence so much. Todd is going to perform I Can Only Imagine by Mercy Me. He says he wants to take risks because he has faith. Blake says he knows Todd connects to these lyrics and he tells him to lose himself in the song. Blake says even if he doesn’t win, the path to the future is bright for Todd. Todd performs from his church in Meridian, MS. John says he’s loved seeing his journey this entire season and he gave it his heart and soul in spades and it was a wonderful performance. Kelly says Todd is so moving, and she would love to come to his church just to hear him speak and he’s very special. Blake says he’s going to cry seeing Kelly cry. He says Kelly is right, Todd has a connection with people and he sings with so much passion and precision and that was another great performance. Micah Iverson from Team Kelly is up next and he’s the first to perform an original song. Kelly introduces Micah to Shane McAnally. Micah’s song is called Butterflies. Shane says he has a perfect pop sounding voice. Micah says the lyrics stood out to him. Shane works on the arrangement for Micah. Micah performs from his home in Atlanta, GA. Nick says Micah has been so fun to watch and he has one-upped himself with every performance. He says it was interesting to hear what he’d be doing off the show and where he’s going. Nick says he’ll be on the radio very soon and a force to be reckoned with. Kelly says she thought that came out great. She says he is pop, but he has an alt-rock/Indie kind of thing too. She says Micah has made her cry and laugh and she loves working with him and that was a perfect song for him in the finale. Thunderstorm Artis from Team Nick is up. He’s working with Ryan Tedder and Thunderstorm has written his own song and Ryan is going to help work with him on his song. Thunderstorm’s song is called Sedona. Ryan says Thunderstorm reminds him of Ray LaMontagne. Ryan say he’d bet on Thunderstorm for decades to come. Thunderstorm is performing from his home in Portland, OR. John says Thunderstorm is mesmerizing. He has a raspy and angelic tone and that was a great song and he is a wonderful artist. Nick says he is so incredibly proud of him. He’s a true artist through and through and this is a high point for him. Nick thinks America is paying attention and he thinks that was his best performance on the show. Next up is Toneisha from Team Blake and they are discussing her journey to the finale. Toneisha shows Blake her audition pass from season 2. Blake says he was shocked she picked him over the other four coaches. Toneisha is going to perform Faithfully by Journey. She says this show has come full circle for her. Blake says Toneisha was born with a gift and she got held back by life and now she’s getting the opportunity she’s deserved. Toneisha performs from Roswell, GA. Kelly says Toneisha has tones in her voice that remind her of Chaka Khan and she’s so effortless. She loves her voice and Toneisha intrigues her. Blake says she has taken it and turned everything upside down and completely changed the game. He says that was her best performance of the entire season. Todd is next and his song was co-written by Ester Dean, and Todd is working with her and Shane McAnally. He’s performing Long Way Home by Ryan Innes who was on Songland and was also a contestant on The Voice. Shane tells Blake that he thinks he has himself a winner and he thinks this song sounds like it came from Todd’s catalog. Todd is ready for his second performance. Blake says he’s such an incredible talent and Todd has something so unique about him and he can breathe life into an original song. He loved that. Todd says he appreciates it so, so much. Cammwess is next with his original song and he’s working with Ryan Tedder. Cam wrote this song and he performs Save It For Tomorrow for Ryan and John. John thinks it needs a little elevation after the chorus and Ryan suggests stepping up a full key. Ryan tells Cam it’s all about knowing when to take the risk, and when not to. Cammwess performs from his home in Blythewood, SC. John says Cam is such a great, great singer and that’s a really good song. He says Ryan gave Cam a great backing track and he’s ready to be an artist and ready to make music the whole world should be listening to. Micah Iverson is up again for his cover. He talks about how much of a dream it is to be in the finale. Kelly tells him to go for it because he has nothing to lose. Kelly and Micah talk about his journey on The Voice so far. Micah is going to perform Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol. Kelly says they’ve never cleared this song for the show before. Kelly says Micah thrives in this pop/alt-rock lane that no one else is doing. Micah performs his cover song. Carson goes to Nick, but we can’t hear him. We go to Kelly and she says Micah is so magical and he makes every sound so easy. She’s so blessed to have him on her team and she can’t wait to work with him. She says he’s a talented individual and she’s so glad he picked her. Toneisha is working with Shane McAnally on her original song called My Superhero. Blake tells Shane he can’t wait for him to hear her sing. Shane says when he heard the song, he knew it was a very personal lyric. Shane says they can make this song resonate with everyone. Shane says she has so many great pieces and he wants to make sure they get heard. Toneisha is ready with her original single. John says her story is so amazing and everything happened the way it was supposed to happen. He says this song was perfect for this moment in the nation. He says it was remarkable. Blake says they are supposed to be social distancing and Toneisha just touched millions of people. He’s so happy for her. Thunderstorm Artis is closing out the night with his cover. We see him and Nick go over Thunderstorm’s road to the finale. He’s going to perform What a Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong. Nick says even though he’s never worked with Thunderstorm in person, he feels so connected to him. Thunderstorm is closing out the finale with his performance. Carson notes all the coaches were moved by that performance. Nick says he’s so grateful that Thunderstorm sang that song. He says he wakes up each day in quarantine trying to find ways to stay encouraged and connected to his loved ones. He says there was so much artistry and he hopes America seen that too.
  9. Day 38 at Noru and Natalie is so excited and proud of herself for continuing to try and giving herself the best shot. Sarah and Tony are talking and they are pretty sure they are going to have to make fire against each other. Michele is practicing making ire and Tony is helping Sarah. Michele gets her fire going. Sarah gets a fire and Tony is working on his. Michele is trying to figure out how to make hers go higher. Natalie says Tony is the biggest threat in the game and getting him out would be ideal. That leaves Sarah and Michele. If Sarah wins, it gives Sarah a strong argument at the end. If Michele goes against Tony, but it take an argument away from Sarah. Michele would love to go to fire and win because it would be a great endcap, but it’s a risky way to play the game. Tony says he was watching Michele and he’s concerned about how quickly she’s getting it. Tony goes back and tells Sarah that Michele is doing good. Tony says he needs to get good at this. Sarah and Tony are grinding all afternoon. Sarah hopes Natalie picks her. She’s not scared she wants to step up to the plate and Tony is not in the right headspace to make fire. He might get there, but she thinks she can beat him. Tony says he’s going to work hard and keep trying. He’s either going to win this game or lose trying. Natalie says she’s sitting in the front seat after being in the backseat the entire time. She’d rather be in this position than someone else determining her fate in the game. Tribal Council: The jury is brought in. Sophie isn’t with the jury and she’s not feeling well and the jury will fill her in. Jeff goes to Natalie about being voted out day 2 to guaranteeing herself a final three spot. She says it felt like a dream, but the only thing kept her going at extinction was getting the shot to battle back and winning immunity was amazing. Hard work pays off. Michele says Natalie wanted time alone to think about her decision and she spent every moment practicing fire. Tony says he came in giving it his best and he hopes his best is good enough to win in the end and he doesn’t care who he goes up against. Sarah would want to go against Tony and she wouldn’t want to go against anyone else. She says she loves him and he’s her partner and if they’re going to get shot she’d rather shoot at each other than be shot by someone else. Michele says if she is going to make fire she’d want to make it against Tony because he’s the biggest threat in the game. Natalie says she’d love to battle Tony and send him home and he says what’s stopping you? Natalie says she has to decide if she’s confident enough and she knew when he placed immunity around her neck that she had done enough to leave the fire making to someone else. Natalie has decided Michele would sit F3 with her and Sarah and Tony will make fire. She wants to break up that alliance and she hopes Sarah wins and sits F3. She says her and Michele have worked hard to get there. Tony says surprise, surprise, and Sarah starts coughing when Natalie says that she and Michele worked hard. Tony and Sarah take their spots and we go to commercial. Sarah and Tony say they are ready and Jeff says this could be a two million dollar fire. Sarah says he will finally have to say she’s better than him and that will be hard and says it’s fine and they fist bump. Sarah is building a nest and Tony is using flint with some husk. Sarah is now working with the flint and she has a tiny flame, but it goes right out. Tony finally gets a little flame and he reaches for some sticks and starts blowing on it. He’s trying to keep his fire alive. Sarah has something and she gets it going and she starts putting sticks on there. They both are about even and they are working on building it. Tony is adding a lot of sticks. Sarah is using some sticks and some husk. Sarah has a slight lead. Sarah is using a lot of her husk and it’s going higher and Tony’s is diminishing down. Tony has used a lot of sticks and now his fire is a little higher and Sarah’s fire is diminishing. Sarah is working to catch up. Tony’s is strong and starting to burn through the rope. Sarah’s is finally high enough. Both ropes are on fire but Tony’s higher and Tony’s rope is burned and Tony has won! Tony is emotional and Sarah is comforting him. He apologizes and she says you have nothing to be sorry for. Jeff asks Sarah how that feels right now and she says it’s ok. When you hear people say that it doesn’t mean they are giving up, it means they got something valuable out of this experience. If that’s how she left the game, she wanted it to be that way, and Tony is who she’d want to take her out. She wishes she could be F3 with Tony, but it’s ok and he can still finish what he set out to accomplish. She knows he will do it and she’s fine. Sarah takes her torch to Jeff. Jeff says Lacina, the tribe has spoken. Sarah says to eat some food tomorrow and she’ll be eating some tonight. Jeff says they made it to the F3 and tomorrow night they will face the jury and they will have a lot of questions. One of the three of them will show up and seize the title of sole Survivor. One last night in Fiji. Sarah says Tony is her partner and this is the way she would have wanted this to end. She doesn’t have any regrets and she wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. She’s grateful for the friendships she’s made and all the opportunities Survivor gave her. It’s Day 40 at Tony has a congratulations for making it to F3 and they are told to go for their well-earned Survivor breakfast. Michele says her previous season she did the ultimate thing and won Survivor, but fans and former Survivor contestants said she wasn’t a deserving a winner. She says it took her greatest accomplishment and took away from it and tonight she’s going to close this chapter and do her darndest to win. Natalie says she had a very different path to the F3, but she wanted to play Extinction the best she could and she was relentless with her effort to get back into the game. She has to prove to the jury that she duked it out with the best of the best and came out on top and prove she deserves the money. Tony says this is a chance to prove he’s one of the greatest players to play the game. He says some people are good at challenges, or social, or strategy, but he’s good at all. These are all winners and he had a big part of taking away some of the juror members chance to win and this is going to be a hard task to convince them he deserves to win. They’ve never had a King of Survivor, he hopes he can be that. Night 39 Tribal Council-Jeff says it’s only fitting that the final tribal council and winners at war would take place under a torrential downpour. Jeff says they’ve had to deal with the contest for two million dollars, fire tokens, a new Survivor currency, and EoE. Now it’s time to discuss their games. Outwit part of the game: Yul starts and wants to offer the huge kudos and playing a great game and getting to the end and they all took different paths and they need them to fill in the missing blanks so they have a complete narrative. Denise is curious to know what they identify as misteps or missed opportunities to play the game. Natalie says her was day one and she relied too much on her strength and not reaching out and talking to more people. Michele had a lot of great one on one alliance and she found people to help keep her safe, but she never had anything bigger. She had some pre-existing relationships that put a target on her back, but this game didn’t go as expected and play out. Tony says he wasn’t as open and vulnerable to people and he did that this season and that determined which way he was going to play the game. Nick says is that how you tried to get us not to vote for you. Tony says he wanted to go to the end with Nick, but Nick didn’t want to play with him. Jeremy asked what about him and Tony says they just didn’t have much in common. Natalie doesn’t think that’s true and Tony says their bond was real, but he was scared of Jeremy. Ben attests to Tony’s loyalty and Jeremy says they can’t because he voted them out. Adam says Natalie’s job on EoE was to get advantages to get back in the game and set herself up to win. He says she killed EoE, but how did she get herself to F3. Natalie says it was her job to paint the picture of extinction and what was going on. Rob wants to know why Natalie isolated himself, Amber, Wendel, and Ethan. Natalie says she was focused on doing something secret and she was nervous and she needed to breathe and separate and she knows she’s a strong personality and some people don’t like that. Parvati likes Natalie and her approach. She wants to hear from Tony and how he blindsided them and none of them feel burned by him. Rob wants to know how he did. Tony says the first season he built a spy shack, then a spy bunker, this time he had a spy nest. He says he almost fell out of the nest, but it’s how he knew things. Wendel says he made it to the end without seeing votes against him and Natalie played a great edge game. What about Michele. Michele says she reintegrated and kept a smile on her face. She found cracks and she played an adaptable and flexible game. Tony had a great alliance helping him, and it was just her alone, especially at the end. Ben says as a fellow controversial winner and he realizes why she won her season and she should be proud of what she’s done. Outplay-Wendel wants to know everything Natalie found or won or sent into the game. Natalie says her social game might be weak, but this was her strengths. She sold an idol to Sandra, the right to leave a tribal to Jeremy, an extra vote for Sarah, extortion of Tony, the disadvantage for Nick, and the log and coconut challenge were the hardest things she had to do for just one fire token. It was cool to be watching the advantages and disadvantages. She got to play Survivor with these things from the edge. Ben says winning immunity challenges are important. Tony won 4, one short of tying the record and Michele won two. Tony gave it his all and that’s what led him to keep winning. Michele says winning those immunity challenges at clutch times and it gives you a day and sometimes that could change everything. Things changed majorly in her game because of her immunity wins. Rob says Natalie could have taken out Tony and had the opportunity. Why didn’t she face him? Natalie says when she won immunity she felt complete and she wanted to see the alliance of four turn to three and then see them finish off. She says she was able to completely pull apart that alliance. Ethan asks Tony and Michele about how they feel about the edge. Tony says the only thing that came from the edge for him was extortion and that disadvantage. Michele viewed the edge as an advantage because it could give her an opportunity to go back into the game, or friends who were there could come from the edge could send her things or come back and help her game. She says Natalie coming back in was a huge opportunity for her game. Outlast-Natalie says her journey was a hand she didn’t know she would be dealt and she adopted and moved on. When she came back into the game, her focus was to break the alliance and to make it to the end after being voted out first. She says she had the biggest target on her back after Chris won EoE and she’s really proud of her game and she’s excited to be here. Michele says her first season was a lot different. She only went to six tribal councils. This season she went to 15 of the 19 and she was vulnerable in most of them. She worked hard to get to the end and she thinks she played with integrity and made great relationships and she won fire tokens and advantages. She played the best game she could with her skills. Tony says he came as a human being this time. From day one to day 38, he played Survivor twice. During the day, and during the night. He looked for idols all night and it took him 26 days to find an idol. He was leading votes without people knowing he was leading them. He says Natalie came back in and told everyone that EoE thought he was the biggest threat and he had to deal with that. Dani says all three of them have been incredible. Amber says they have respect for each and every journey. Adam says they should each be proud. Rob says all three fought and it made their decision difficult. They may have thought they had a winner picked, but they each showed why they deserved to be up there. They give a standing ovation and Amber says they deserve this. Jeff says they played this game at a relentless pace. There’s only one thing to do and that is declare a victor of this war. We’ll give the jury a minute and then they will vote. Time to vote. We see Rob say that Natalie was right he said she needed to play a perfect game. She almost did. She needed to take Tony out and he voted for Tony. Parvati says she wrote this name down twice, once to vote her out and now once to win. We hear Nick says he knows how hard it is to be on the outs the whole time. We see Ben immediately vote for Tony. Jeff will go get the votes! Natalie says done. It’s done. Jeff says he’ll see them back in LA for the reading of the votes. Jeff has the votes and the final three are being streamed in. He congratulates them and apologizes for not being together. He hopes that regardless of the vote, they outlasted 17 winners. Jeff tells them to bring their families in. Michele has her sister, Natalie’s boyfriend, and Tony’s children. Jeff says two of them are going to lose. One is going to earn two million dollars and become the second two timer winner. Jeff is going to read the votes from his garage for the first time ever! First vote, Tony. Natalie. Natalie. Tony. Nat. Tony. Tied 3-3. Natalie. Tony. Tied 4-4. Tony. Tony. 6-4. Tony. Tony. 8 votes for Tony and 4 for Natalie. The winner of Survivor Winners at War Tony! Ethan, Parvati, Tyson, and Jeremy voted for Natalie and Tony got every other vote. Tony says this is life changing, especially with what’s going on in the world. He’s going to make sure he secures everything for his family. Jeff says he was a great winner and representative of the show!
  10. Last week, we unmasked an out of this world superstar. Tonight, it’s the quarterfinals, and the remaining singers need to deliver. And with so much as stake, we’ve invited comedian Jeff Dye to offer some insight. We’re two weeks away from finding out who will win the Golden Mask trophy! Frog is up first! We see him voice messaging his little frog, and we see three French breads while he talks about how his life changed for his tadpole. We see a footloose theme in the package. Frog takes the stage and performs Bust-A-Move by Young MC. Jenny says this is the quarterfinals and he brought his A game. Every week he doesn’t disappoint and Ken says he keeps this show going. Frog says he’s here to win the golden mask for his kid. Their clues are “stolen packages” from things the artists ordered. Frog’s clue is a model airplane. He challenges them to figure out what the plane is about. The judges think it’s a private jet. Jeff thinks the singer is a man. Jenny says she’s been all over the place with Lil Romeo, O’Shea Jackson, Jr. But today, she thought of Anthony Mackie. He rapped in 8 Mile, but there was a hawk clue and he was Falcon in The Avengers and Captain America. Robin says that’s not bad, but he’s been back and forth between Omarion and Bow Wow, and there was recently a jet situation with Bow Wow. Ken says it can’t be Bow Wow. Ken says from the clue package, there’s a lot of Footloose clues and he first thought Kevin Bacon. Maybe they do six degrees. Julianne Hough was in the remake of Footloose and Derek Hough is her brother, and he’s a great dancer. Jenny says Derek has no children. Jeff Dye says he was dancing in front of Hot Buns, and the Seattle Seahawks, and he thinks maybe Sir Mix-a-Lot. Kitty is next. She says she’s got to do the whole kit ‘n kaboodle. Her creativity comes from all across the globe and we see her in a hot air balloon. We see the Kremlin, and cherry blossoms from Japan, plus the Vatican City. She says while her career may be up in the air, but she’s Over the Rainbow. She takes the stage and performs Back to Black by Amy Winehouse. Kitty’s clue package is a bow and arrow. Robin says Jennifer Lawrence. Kitty says aim your sites and it should help you target who I am. Jenny says she saw a lot of Wizard of Oz clues, and she saw the bow and arrow and she has an arrow tattoo, she says it could be Lea Michele. Jeff says he noticed New York and no one wants her to grow up and he thinks it could be an Olsen Twins. Nicole says Jenny guessed this person in the past, and now she’s feeling it. She felt like she recognized it as Vanessa Hudgens. Rhino is ready. Rhino thinks there was a big reason with his last song…he was thinking about his wife. He had some major struggles, both personal and professional. He thought he was content on his own and never thought he’d get married, let alone have youngsters and we see three baby rhinos. He says being married made him a better man and a family man. He takes the stage and sings You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling by The Righteous Brothers. Nicole says he put his heart on the line and tonight he got on his knees. Rhino says he’s winning an internal battle with self-consciousness and he’s finally feeling like he can take more risks. Rhino’s package is a captain’s hat. Jeff says it’s a Hugh Heffner hat. Rhino says he’s worn many different hats, but this one holds very special meaning. Nicole was going to guess Jason Aldean because of his vocals. Plus, he just had a baby named Navy. Jeff says he has the Navy hat, and he had an animated turkey hand, tracing a hand is like Trace Adkins. Plus, he’s a voice on King of the Hill. Ken says he’s been stuck on this navy clue for a bit and he can’t get this name out of his head. He says remember the show named JAG, and he forgot the guys name. He says David James Elliott. Night Angel is our next artist and she says the judges comments made her reflect on her career. When she was just four, we see the country of Columbia, and her aunt heard her singing and taught her about singing. She’s been known for music, and tonight she’s going to show everyone what her auntie taught her. She takes the stage and sings Last Dance by Donna Summer. Jenny says Night Angel is going to the finals and she’d take the mask home if she was the only judge here. Night Angel says this is a full circle moment for her. Night Angel’s package is ski gear. Night Angel wanted to help them get warmer because they are very cold. Ken picked up on TLC clues, and there was a red light, he says maybe not Chili from TLC, but T-Boz. Nicole says Tiny is someone who can sing and she’s a great writer. Jeff says maybe Alicia Keys. Jenny says some clues do fit Alicia, Empire, like Empire State of Mind and Girl on Fire. The final singer of the night is Turtle. Turtle says being the Turtle makes him feel like a superhero. Underneath the shell, he’s just a regular guy and he’s been able to become stronger. We see a poster that Wanted: Reward $1999. They all have demons to battle and music can bring you through the darkest of times and bring you healing and we see poker chips. He takes the stage and performs Fix You by Coldplay. Robin says that’s such a revealing song. Turtle says he was apprehensive when he was first asked to participate and he’s so happy he showed up to do this. Nicole says that was the best performance so far of the season. Turtle’s package is a Zombie. Turtle says they may be dead wrong about who he is, but this clue should send him in the right direction. Jeff is going by the clues and he thinks it’s Norman Reedus. Ken thinks it’s a great guess. He thought it could be AJ McLean, but now he’s going with Howie D because he was in a sci-fi movie called Dead Seven with zombies. Nicole thought maybe Max George, but earlier there was a clue directed towards her and she thinks it’s Jesse McCartney. Tonight was full of standout performances. It’s time to vote for who their favorite singer was. The person going home is…Kitty! Time for final guesses. Nicole says in the beginning she was thinking Nicole Ritchie because of the fashion clues, but after the vocal performance today she’s going with Vanessa Hudgens. Also, it had a lot of Christmas clues and Vanessa is in a lot of Christmas movies. Jeff says he thinks she’s petite and she was a child star, and he thinks Mary Kate and/or Ashely Olsen. Robin says he was on the Emma Roberts trail, but then they went back and forth on Vanessa Hudgens and he feels like Ashley Tisdale has more of the teeny bop energy. Ken says he said Avril Lavigne in the past, but a lot of clues haven’t fit. He’s thinking with the Hot Air Balloon, maybe Anna Kendrick. Jenny says she’s clearly losing her mind right now. She’s been so far removed from connecting the clues to her. She saw the bow and arrow, and this girl has an arrow tattoo, and this person starred in Legend of Oz, and she thinks it’s Lea Michele. It’s time to find out who Kitty is. We take the mask off and it’s…Jackie Evancho! Nick says Jackie holds the record for youngest selling platinum artist of all time. She’s been stuck in the stereotype of a 10-year old girl. Kitty’s clue answers: The pope hat and Vatican are clues to her performance for Pope Francis on his U.S. visit. The Christmas clues signify Jackie’s best-selling albums “Someday at Christmas” and “Heavenly Christmas”. Kitty’s reference to Robert Redford is a hint at the film “The Company You Keep”, in which Jackie played the role of his daughter. Robin encourages her to continue to grow and find where she’s going and enjoy the time she has now.
  11. After incredible performances by the top 9, the finalists will be revealed tonight. For the first time, we will have five artists in the finale. Carson touches base with each of the coaches at their homes. Carson is going to reveal the top vote getter from each team and they will move on to the lives. Then the remaining artists will perform for the Instant Save and one of them will also move on to the finale. We’re starting with Team Kelly and we see Micah Iverson and Megan Danielle and their families. Team Kelly’s finalist is…Micah Iverson! We’re moving on to Team Nick and Thunderstorm Artis and Allegra Miles are streamed with their families. Team Nick’s finalist is…Thunderstorm Artis! Team John is next and we have Cammwess and Zan Fiskum th their families. Team John’s finalist is…Cammwess! We’re moving on to Team Blake and we have Joanna Serenko, Todd Tilgham, and Toneisha Harris. Team Blake’s finalist is…Todd Tilghman! Our first performer is Team Kelly’s Megan Danielle and she’s performing Simple Man by Lynyrd Skynyrd. Kelly says her rasp is so beautiful and everything she does is remarkable to her. She thinks she is so gifted and so cool and her believability is off the charts. Allegra Miles is next and she’s performing In My Blood by Shawn Mendes. Nick says from the first moment he heard her voice he was wowed and blown away. She got better and better each step along the way. Having a chance to work with her was such an honor and that performance was knocked out of the park. Next up is Zan Fiskum and she performs Always Remember Us This Way by Lady Gaga. John says they have so much great talent on the show, but Zan has stood out to him. He says she has an angelic voice and she has the ability to master any song that she sings. That rendition of that Lady Gaga song was so amazing and heartfelt. Joanna Serenko is up and she sings Unaware by Allen Stone. Blake says Joanna has had a heck of a journey on the show, and there’s a reason for that. He says every time there was a chance for her to go home, none of the coaches were willing to let that happen, and with last week’s instant save, America wasn’t willing to let her go home. Her voice is so unique and incredible and that performance was the next level. Toneisha Harris is our final artist and she performs Lovin’ You by Minnie Ripperton. Blake says Toniesha gets in her head a lot and she really thinks a lot about what she’s going to do, and it’s natural and she has so many tools in her tool box and that was just incredible. The time has come! America has instantly saved…the first ever fifth finalist…Toneisha Harris!
  12. Julia Michaels is on tonight and she’s a songwriter herself. Ester says Julia has written songs for Justin Bieber, Shawn Mendez, John Legend, and Selena Gomez. She’s one of the most sought after song writers. Julia says she loves the idea of being part of a writing session. Julia has never had anyone write a song for her. She’s hoping to hear something that’s her, something raw and emotional, but quirky and fun. Keegan Bost from Gadsden, AL is our first song writer. His song is called Glad You Came. He introduces himself and he repairs espresso machines at coffee shops. Julia says the middle part in the hook makes her sad when it doesn’t keep going. Shane wants him to sing the top of the chorus and Julia says maybe picking the tempo up a bit. She thinks the song is awesome, but she’s not sure she can see herself singing something like this. She says it has an amazing melody, but maybe different words. Julia says this is potential to the max. Next is Jenna Lotti and she’s from Milton, MA. Her song is called Sad Girls. She moved to LA two years ago with her husband and she wrote this song for herself, but she wanted it to be an anthem for other people. She introduces herself and performs her song. Ryan says it has a solid hook. Julia says there’s one line that is sitting with her so hard. She says it feels like there’s a syllable or two missing in the pre-chorus. It needs one more something. Shane is going to throw something out there, her melody at the top of the chorus is such a payoff. He thinks she should tell the story in a way to make sad girls celebrate. Jeremy Shayne is from Beirut, Lebanon and he’s the next writer in. His song is called Too Late. The producers immediately discuss some of the lyrics. Julia sings along and Ryan throws in some lyrics and Ester helps. Julia wants a little more movement and she thinks parts were super cool. Our final writer is Dan Burke and he’s from East Haddam, CT. His song is called Numb. He introduces himself and performs his song. Ester says the melodies are really strong and Julia loves the beginning of the chorus. Ester says some of the lyrics are very personal and Julia says she’d have to find a way to make it personal to her. Shane says maybe make the chorus feel like half time and Julia asks what if it was more synthy. Julia says she came in looking for honesty and something real and she feels like she found a couple of gems. Jenna is in first and she is moving on along with Dan and Keegan. She says Jeremy’s song was great, but it just didn’t quite fit her. Ester is going to work with Dan on his song Numb. Ester thinks the song sounds bouncy, but the lyrics are sad. Ester just wants to make it simple and refine some of the lyrics. Shane is working with Jenna on Sad Girls and he thinks it’s an anthem. He says he wants to change it from I don’t wanna, but sometimes you need to. He thinks some of the lyrics needs to be tweaked to fit Julia. Ryan is working with Keegan and Ryan says the lyrics weren’t applicable to Julia at all so the song needs a complete overhaul. Ryan says the melody has to be fantastic and they need to listen to the artist they are writing for. Dan is singing some of the changes and Ester likes it. Ester says Julia is a magnificent writer, so they don’t need to try and beat her, but make it perfect for her to take it further. Ester says they just need to start the lyric off right. Shane is always against starting a song with the chorus because he feels like there’s nothing to wait for. He thinks Julia really liked the song, but they just need to make the song fit her. Jenna thinks the changes Shane made are awesome and it elevates the song. Ryan wants to make sure they are on the same page for chords. Keegan says they have a lot of work to do because they aren’t just changing lyrics, but they are reproducing the song. Julia is back to hear the songs again. She’s excited to hear what they have done. Jenna is in first to re-pitch her song Sad Girls. Shane says she killed it and Julia says they really took that to a new place. Dan is in next to re-pitch the song he and Ester worked on, Numb. Julia says that production was like wow and they brought that song to life. Keegan is the final writer in and he says this version is Julia Michaels. Keegan is going to play guitar and Ryan has brought in Austin to sing and the song is now called Give it to You. Julia says she loved this, but she would still probably change some of the lyrics. The writers are back in and Julia thanks them for being a part of the process and all the work they did. She loves all of these songs, but ultimately one really sounded like her. The song she has picked to record is Keegan’s song, Give It To You. Keegan thanks Songland, Julia, and Ryan and he’s so happy for this.
  13. We kick the night off with the coaches all singing with their artists all remotely. They perform Everyday People by Sly & the Family Stone. Tonight is fan week and we’ll have performances from James Taylor, Kane Brown, and Doja Cat. Tonight, the top 9 will perform. The judges join us from their homes again remotely. We’re kicking off the night with Team Blake’s Instant Save artist, Joanna Serenko. Joanna is dedicating this song to her sister Jamie. She’s performing Lean On Me by Bill Withers. Blake says this is just a good uplifting song and that’s what we need right now. Blake gives some advice on making sure she’s singing out. Blake says this is the performance that could send you to the finale. Joanna’s family introduces her for her performance. Joanna performs from St. Louis, MO. Nick says Joanna is incredible and he is so grateful she’s in the competition and still doing an incredible job. He totally believes in the artist she is. John says he loves how much heart and honesty and soul she has in her voice. Every performance she gives sounds authentic and he loves hearing that. Blake says there’s a reason America saved her. Her voice floats like a butterfly and he loves her artistry. Tomorrow night is crucial on The Voice. It’s something they’ve never done before. The top vote getter from each team will move on to the finale. Then the remaining artists are going to sing for an Instant Save. Every coach will be represented next week and for the first time we’ll have a final five. Next up is Micah Iverson from Team Kelly and he is dedicating his song to Kelly Clarkson. He is going to perform I Will Follow You Into the Dark by Death Cab for Cutie. Kelly says he needs to make every line count and being at home he has to use lighting for intimacy. He’s been getting some messages from fans, including Chris Carrabba from Dashboard Confessional. His friends from Japan are rooting for him too. Joel is from Singapore and his favorite is Micah because his voice is impeccable and his range is gorgeous and the emotions he puts into his songs is flawless. Micah is performing from Atlanta, GA. Nick says they’ve all had to find ways to be even more creative, and he really admired Micah’s creativeness and execution as a vocalist. Kelly says she’s so excited. She says he’s such a good student and always learning. He is not just a great vocalist, but he’s also a great artist. Next we have Todd Tilgham from Team Blake and he’s in a group chat from some of his parishioners. Todd is going to sing to Love Me by Colin Raye and he’s dedicating his performance to his kids. Blake says he’s doing some really cool stuff, but he wants a big vocal moment at the top of the chorus. Blake thinks America is connecting with Todd because he’s just so happy and chaotic. The Homan Family from Alabaster, AL introduces Todd because he is their favorite because he can sing and has an infectious personality. Todd is performing from Meridian, MS. Kelly says if she could sound like a man in singing, she would want Todd’s voice. She says he has the perfect amount of storyteller aspect to his tone. He’s amazing. Blake says it’s crazy to see an emotional side of him. His favorite shot of that was his little girl sucking her thumb and asleep. He didn’t think he’d ever see him cry. Kane Brown joins us to perform a new single called Cool Again. Carson sends congrats to Kane and John because they have a collaboration that’s doing well. Zan Fiskum from Team John is up next. Zan is going to perform Never Be the Same by Camila Cabello. John gives some advice on singing one section in her fuller voice. He says that gives it more edge and some rock energy. Zan got some shoutouts from Maggie Rogers and the Indigo Girls and she’s dedicating this performance to her little brother. Anna Katherine from Renton, WA is introducing Zan and she is her best friend and a true inspiration in music and life. Zan is performing from Maple Valley, WA. Nick says that is not an easy song to sing and he loved her arrangement. She has a unique ability to make every song her song. Great job. John says Zan is so involved in how these songs are arranged. She’s at home crafting the song to make her own and she gives a master class in how to jump between chest voice and head voice. That was incredible and Kelly says yes it was! Next up is Thunderstorm Artis from Team Nick and he’s going to dedicate his performance to his wife Faith Artis. Thunderstorm is going to perform Home by Michael Buble. Nick says maybe he should change up the ending. He says his purity is something that pulls people in. He gives some staging techniques for Thunderstorm to use when he records his song. Kate from New York City introduces Thunderstorm because he’s her favorite artist and he has amazing vocals and a pretty cool name. Thunderstorm is performing from Portland, OR. Blake says he was so zoned in on what Thunderstorm was doing because what he was doing on the guitar was cool and inventive. Great job. He really enjoyed that. Nick says from day one, he has done exactly what Blake said and made a clear path for himself and he hopes America gets behind him as well. Megan Danielle from Team Kelly is up next and she is going to perform What Hurts the Most by Rascal Flatts and she’s dedicating this song to her siblings. Kelly advises her to a bluesy run on one certain part and she tells her she needs to be up on her microphone. She says she loves Megan’s voice. Naveen from Austin, TX is introducing Megan. She loves the way Megan makes you feel her emotions when she performs. Megan is performing from Winston, GA. Kelly says she loves Megan and she thinks her tone is so distinct. Every time she sings, it’s like she hears what a broken heart trying to fly sounds like. It sounds so beautifully broken and she thanks Megan for reminding her why she loves to sing. Doja Cat visits next and performs her #1 hit Say So. Team Nick’s Allegra Miles is up next and she’s going to perform Overjoyed by Stevie Wonder. She’s dedicating this performance to her grandmother. Nick says they have a responsibility make these performances just as big as every other performance ever. Nick says this is the perfect song for this moment. Aseda from Turlock, CA and she introduces Allegra. She says Allegra is her favorite artist because she has a beautiful tone and she knows she will do great things in the future. Allegra is performing from West Palm Beach, FL. John says Allegra sang that song! He says the key moves around a lot and it’s not an easy song, but the musical ability she showed in her performance showed so much maturity. Nick loves that she came out singing. He says we’re nearing the finish and every performance has been incredible and he thinks this was one of her best performances yet. James Taylor is here to perform and he sings Moon River. Toneisha Harris from Team Blake is up next and she is singing Because You Love Me by Celine Dion and she is dedicating her performance to her husband. Blake says the first chorus she should establish the first line and then sing adlibs the second time. Blake says Toneisha is a phenomenal vocalist. Hope from Orlando, FL is here to introduce Toneisha and she’s glad she’s sharing her beautiful gift with the world. Toneisha is performing from Roswell, GA. Kelly says she isn’t even on her team, but she has the power that song takes and she wants to come to her Vegas show in 2021. She wants people to hear how big that song was and she is an incredibly gifted vocalist. Blake says that was awesome for Kelly to offer and she’s welcome to come sing with him too. She is literally so special and she deserves to be in the finale. We’re wrapping things up with Cammwess from Team John and he is going to perform Rainbow by Kacey Musgraves and he’s dedicating this song to his little cousin who has some medical issues. John says his tone is honey butter, but he thinks the song should be in a different key to push himself vocally. John says he hasn’t had an artist he has had so much musical kinship with on the history of his time on the show. Brian from York, PA is introducing Cammwess and he says he has a smooth voice. Cammwess is performing from Blythewood, SC. Kelly is crying as Cammwess finishes. John says that was emotional and he took them on a journey. It was powerful, emotional, and America needs to vote for him.
  14. We pick up at Koru on Night 29 as they return from Tribal. Michele says tribal council was a disaster as usual. She guesses TC ended on a positive because Jeremy is still here, but now everyone knows about her advantage. She wanted to play an aggressive game, but she feels like she took a butterknife to a gun fight, and she doesn’t know how to recover. Jeremy says it’s Groundhog Day around here because for three TC’s they have come after him. But he has a connection with Michelle, but he gave the advantage back to her because his game is not going to come down to a 50/50 coin flip. Michelle asks who they should trust and Jeremy doesn’t know. Jeremy asks Denise if she slept well and she said she slept so well and she was being sarcastic. Denise says when she told Jeff she was done, it didn’t mean she was done with the game. It meant she was done with the way she’s been playing and dealing with things. She says she’s not a tattoo girl, but she needs two tattooes. She wants Endure to remind her that she can endure and Let Go so she can let go and both are OK. Jeremy is talking to Tony and they are looking at a makeshift calendar. Tony is arguing that 10 days is two weeks and Jeremy says 14 days is two weeks. Jeremy says you are here for 39 days, you don’t go home for the off days. Tony says but he takes some off days. He says it’s a game and Jeremy says it’s work. Tony tells Jeremy he works hard not smart. Tony says Jeremy is a firefighter and he’s an officer and they are always kind of arguing. Tony wants to keep Jeremy to keep everyone else at bay. Tony talks to Sarah about sticking together and Sarah says they’ve known each other six years. Tony says they made an alliance six years ago and he burned her. Tony tells her in a joking manner that he’s going to have to blindside her. He says this time he got to know Sarah and they just want to stick together. Sarah says if they take out Jeremy, then they are sitting ducks. Sarah is in a three way alliance with Ben, but Ben is after Jeremy. Sarah thinks getting rid of Nick is best for her game, but it’s not best for Ben’s game and he’s pretty stubborn. Sarah is talking to Ben and says Nick is a number for Tony, but Jeremy is a number for herself and Ben. She says they need to take out numbers that are not for then, but she made a promise to Ben. Sarah says they need to get Ben to believe that, but it’s really a ploy to get Nick out. Sarah says Denise could vote Nick out with them and then we see Ben suggesting to Tony to blindside Nick. Ben says Denise is lockstep with him and she’ll vote anyway he wants her to vote. Ben doesn’t think Nick is fully with them. He says this is going to be a huge blindside, and he’s worried about Michele’s advantage. He says if this gets screwed up, their squad and this mission is blown up. We’re at day 31 and it’s time for immunity! Jeff takes back the necklaces from Denise and Tony. Immunity is back up for grabs. They are going to race out for a ball and then throw it into an overhead trap and catch it on the other side. Once they get both balls, they dig in sand under a bar and then work on a slide puzzle. Winner gets immunity and two fire tokens. Jeff gets the challenge started. Jeremy has his first one, Tony drops his. Michele drops his and Ben’s ball drops. Sarah has one. Nick drops his. Ben can’t find his ball and has to run a few setups down. Denise has her first with Nick right behind. Ben has his first ball. Jeremy gets his second ball and he heads to the mound of sand. Tony has his first ball and Sarah has her second with Nick right behind. Ben has his second and Tony gets his. Michele doesn’t have one and Denise just misses her second ball. Jeremy is through the sand and under the bar and he starts working on the puzzle. Ben and Sarah are shortly behind. Tony and Nick get through next. Nick is moving quickly. Denise gets her second ball. Michele almost had her first ball and she starts over again. Denise is now working on the slide puzzle. Tony is struggling with slide puzzle and says Spencer caught him on the last slide puzzle and won. Ben is moving pieces quickly and Denise is nodding to herself. Jeremy is sliding pieces. Tony is moving slowly as though he understands what he’s doing. Tony is close. Nick thinks he has it and he does and Nick has won immunity! Michele is emotional because she couldn’t even get her first ball and she’s frustrated and Ben and Denise comfort her. Nick gets his immunity and two fire tokens. 31 days in and tonight someone will be voted out and sent to the Edge where they will have to fight their way back in. Denise says Nick gets immunity. The one person who couldn’t get it and now she wonders what Plan B will be. We’re back at camp after the immunity challenge and Ben says him winning was a bad thing for them. They were going to blindside him, but now they have to figure this out. Sarah pitches voting out Denise and Ben tells us she is a number for him. Ben says taking out Jeremy or Denise is a shield for him. He wants to create distrust between Michele and Jeremy because he needs to split them up. Jeremy is talking to Nick and he says everyone is voting out Denise, but he doesn’t think something is right. He tells Nick that Ben wants him to get Michele’s coin, but he doesn’t want her to go him and he doesn’t trust Ben at all. Ben tells Michele that Jeremy is going to ask for her advantage and Michele says she won’t give it up. Jeremy and Michele are comparing notes and Michelle says Ben is playing both sides. Jeremy says they have to get Nick and Tony and get Ben out. Michele says getting Ben is great and Jeremy going would be terrible because she’d be next. Jeremy says Ben wants both him and Michele gone, so why not go after him. Jeremy goes to Nick and Tony and pitches voting out Ben. Tony says that’s not in his interest. Tony doesn’t want to get rid of Jeremy, but he and Sarah think they need to stay tight with Ben. Tony and Nick go and tell Ben about Jeremy’s plan. Tony, Ben, and Nick will vote for Jeremy, Denise and Sarah vote for Ben, and Michele and Jeremy will vote for Ben. If Michele plays her advantage, then Jeremy can go. Sarah asks Tony if she thinks Nick would flip and Tony doesn’t think so. Sarah says tonight will tell if Nick can be trusted or not. Nick says he has Ben and Jeremy’s fate in his hands and he’s in a power position. He’s not making his decision on what he wants to happen tomorrow or the next day, he’s basing his decision on what he wants to happen on day 39. He’s not playing just to get there, he’s playing to win this game. Period. TC: Everyone from the Edge is brought in and Jeff starts with today’s immunity challenge and he noted that Michele struggled. Michele says thanks for pointing out that everyone at home is going to be watching, but she just focuses on herself. Jeff asks Ben if it’s hard to remember who you’re supposed to be with so many people watching you and Ben says you’re emotionally just broke a lot of the time Sarah says there can’t be hesitation as a cop when you go on a call and you have to be confident of what you’re going to do, but this season is different because you know these people and you don’t want to hurt them. Jeff asks Nick if he agrees it’s personal. Nick says he thinks people seem more truthful, but you can win if you hurt someone. Jeff asks Jeremy how this game can be anything but personal? Jeremy says you can’t play totally with your heart, but you can’t treat people like robots. Jeff says so Ben, you’re trying to thread a needle on how to play? Ben says they have all heard each other’s stories, so trying to focus on a personal side, but they also have to realize they are in a tactical war. Jeff asks what this does to your ability to trust after playing a game like this? Michele says she remembers after the first time she didn’t trust normal people with something basic. Ben remembers having trust issues with his wife after his first season. He doesn’t want the game or the money to change who he is. Jeremy says he wasn’t right for three months after Cambodia and he didn’t trust some of his co-workers. He wants to have more fun this time and not let it get in his head. Jeff asks Nick since he was the most recent winner. Nick says it was hard for him to come back so quickly. He says it’s not just a strategic game, it’s a social strategic game. They aren’t blocks of wood and pieces to be moved, they know these people. Tony says they know who they’re ready to walk forward with. Jeff says that sounds like there’s a group working together and Jeremy says they think there’s a group. Sarah says things have shifted after a few TCs and this could be no different, plus there’s an advantage that’s pretty well known. Michele says yes, hers is known and it might get played tonight. Tony says he’d play it if he thought he were in trouble. Denise hopes she knows the plan, but you never know. Jeremy says he’s always nervous when he doesn’t have immunity around his neck. Time to vote: We see Denise vote for Michele. Jeremy votes for Ben. Tony votes for Jeremy. Ben is in next, followed by Nick. The others have voted. Time to tally the votes…and we go to commercial! We’re back and if anyone has an immunity idol and wants to play it, now would be the time to do so. Michele says since everyone knows about it, then she should just play it. She will flip the coin. If it comes up safe, then any votes cast against her will not count and if it comes up not safe, then votes will count. Jeff asks if she’s playing it for herself and she looks over and she thinks about it. She says yes, I think I am and she decides to play it for herself. Jeff says safe…not safe. She flips the coin and she kisses it and says please be safe, and it’s safe. Any votes cast for Michelle will not count. She wants to keep it and Jeff says no. Time to read the votes: First vote Michele. Does not count. Michele does not count. Ben. One vote Ben. Jeremy. One vote Jeremy. Ben. Jeremy. Tied two votes Jeremy, two votes Ben. One vote left. Fifteenth person voted out of Survivor Winners at War…Jeremy. He wants to know who did it and Nick says sorry J. Jeremy says bad move dude. Jeremy reads he has to bequeath his tokens and he gives them to Michelle and he grabs the torch and heads to Edge of Extinction. They are back at camp and Ben asks if anyone needs water. Ben says tribal was intense. It came down to him and Jeremy and they each took their shots. Ben says it was like a western and the draw went and it feels fantastic he finally got him out. Tony tells Ben he’s so glad Michelle played that on herself. Ben says he appreciates it and Tony says you were one hundred percent. Tony says the entire game, he’s been on the right side of the votes. Tony says Michele has been on the outside of the votes and she has no clue what’s going on. Tony says Michele would normally be the goat, but not this season. Nick goes to talk to Michele and he tells her they couldn’t beat Jeremy. Michele says she knew that but she’d like to know what their path to the end is now? Nick says he wanted to work with Michele, but she was working with Jeremy and he had no interest in working with him. Nick says now that Jeremy is gone, he’d like to get Ben out of here and he thinks playing with Ben is like playing with fireworks. Michele says Denise will not flip on Ben and neither will Sarah. Michele says she needs to find an avenue for herself because no one will want to take her further. She knows she needs to win immunity and she does her best work when her back is against the wall and they haven’t met sassy Michele and she’s about to go down fighting. Michele can’t wait to go back and be with people she likes. She’s been mad more times in this game than in her normal life and she doesn’t trust anyone and everyone is playing scared. She says she’s the only one willing to play and throw things at the wall because she has nothing to lose. She talks to Sarah and says she knows she’s next and no one is talking to her and she’s being blackballed. Michele says she’s going to throw a hail mary and see if anyone bites. Michele tells Sarah she can’t beat Tony. Michele says anyone who goes to EoE at this point is going to tell them Tony is running the show. Sarah goes and tells others that Michele is trying to convince her that Tony is unbeatable. Sarah says at least she’s trying. A for effort. Sarah says Michele can’t keep her mouth shut and she’s completely unpredictable so Michele needs to go. Over at EoE, they are eating about a spoon full of rice. Jeremy says EoE sucks and it drains you and morale is down. He says your mind just wanders and he is trying to figure out what he did wrong, but what are you going to do. He has to think about one day at a time. Yul goes to get a note and says they have something new. Yul is reading it as he walks towards them. There is something sitting on the Throne of Stone and they all take off. Tyson says it’s like when teenagers are hanging out in front of a convenience store and a cop pulls up and they all start running. Wendell has been to the top of the mountain and there are two places you can see everything. He knows he’s the fastest sprinter and Natalie is a tremendous runner, so he knows he has to get there first. Natalie knew exactly where she was going but she was worried Wendell did too. Natalie got to the beach and it was empty and she knew it was all hers. She gets there first and she says she was dying but she was glad she got the advantage. Tyson says Natalie knew where the throne was and she’s the Queen of Extinction. He says she’s become part of the island. Natalie says it wasn’t just about running fast, it was about knowing the island and keeping her head in the game. Initially she was going to go apart from the group but she changed her mind. She has the power to play a disadvantage to any player in the next immunity challenge and they can play it on any player. Natalie can sell it for as many tokens as she thinks she can get. Kim suggests selling it to Denise because she has a ton of fire tokens. Natalie says they are all working together and they will pay up. Nick says he has six fire tokens and he sees something in his bag. He pulls out the note and it allows him to place a disadvantage on one player in the next immunity. The advantage will cost him eight fire tokens and he has to play for it by sundown. He will write the name down of the player he wants to put the disadvantage on and they will not know it’s from him. Nick knows Tony doesn’t have any fire tokens and he thinks maybe if he goes to Michele, he hopes it might help them. Nick goes to talk to Michele and she says she can give him coins. She wants to know the advantage. Nick tells her what it is and says all it does it puts a disadvantage on someone in immunity. Michelle says Nick betrayed her, but she has nowhere to go and if she’s voted out the coins become souvenirs. Michele says let’s cause some chaos. Nick says this about the end game and him winning. He needs to put this where it causes the most hell as possible. Immunity is back up for grabs! They have to stack blocks on a beam while trying to avoid trip obstacles. The first person to stack them to where they fall like dominoes will win immunity and two fire tokens. This is the last time they can win fire tokens and the last day they can spend fire tokens. But first, the player receiving the disadvantage will have thirty percent more beam and thirty percent more blocks. The player is…Ben. Ben says he hasn’t gotten any tokens and he hasn’t made too many friends this season. Nick wants to get Ben out of here and hopefully Michele can stay. They draw for spots. They all place their first block and Ben’s first block falls and he has to start over. They can only put one block at a time on the beam. Jeff says the first part of the course is empty. Ben knocks over two blocks and has to start again. Jeff says the question is does he go slow and steady and hope everyone else fails or do they try and pull it out. Denise is taking her time. Jeff says one mistake and you can go from last and first. Michele, Sarah, and Tony are almost dead even and Sarah tells Tony to go faster. Jeff says if no one makes a mistake, this could be over shortly. Michele dropped a block so she has to get her block and take it back and then bring it back out. Sarah drops a block and Michele thinks she can try it. Ben is one block away. Michele says she’s going for it. She pushes it over and it goes and she wins. Ben says dang disadvantage. Sarah says damn. Michele is dancing on the end and smiling. Michele says no claps. Did you notice. Nick starts clapping and the others follow suit. Jeff asks why the huge reaction? Michele says the conversation at camp was anyone can win but Michele. She wins immunity and two fire tokens. Ben asks Jeff who the disadvantage came from and Jeff says no. Michele says she was on the walk to her own funeral and tonight she fought blood, sweat, and tears. And now they can’t get her because she won immunity! Back at camp, everyone congratulates Michele. Denise says they hoped Michele would be a locked in vote and now it’s on to plan B. She says she’s pretty sure she’s on the block tonight and she knows they are almost out of rice, so she wants to use her coins to buy a bag of rice. If she’s going to EoE, then she wants to go with a full belly. Denise is hoping to convince Nick and Michele will believe she’s the plan, but she’s hoping they are really voting out Nick. Ben says Michele was the main target, but now he wants to get Nick out. Ben tells Michele and Nick that he doesn’t want to go to the end with Denise because she’s too well liked. He’s hoping they buy it. Sarah and Tony and Ben talk about voting Nick out. Ben is not going to play his idol tonight because he feels safe. Nick says his plan worked today and he feels like a genius. He feels like Michele is in the game because of his advantage. Nick feels like he’s in the best position in the game. He would love to see Ben go home tonight, but he has to get Tony on board. Nick says Ben got to the end because he made fire faster. Tony doesn’t want to lose to Ben because of a fire challenge and he knows Ben has an idol. If he wants to make a move, now is the time. But he wants to open the spy nest again, because intel in this game is key. Denise is talking to Ben and Sarah and she pitches to Sarah going to the end with her and Ben and not going with Tony and he overhears it. Tony says once he heard that he knew that Denise has to go. He says if you don’t want him in the finals, then he doesn’t want her in the finals. He was going to blindside Ben, but maybe they just go after Denise. Michele says Denise is here offering herself up on a silver platter, so maybe just do that. Nick says they might be able to get Ben next time. Michele doesn’t want Denise to go next but getting people to go along with a logical plan this season is almost impossible. Tony pitches to Sarah about getting Nick to final four because of Ben’s ability to make fire. Sarah says Denise hasn’t made anyone mad and she’s earned a lot of fire tokens and she could be tough to beat in the end. Sarah says Nick has played from the bottom all season and everyone loves an underdog story and you have to like him because he’s playing every day he’s out here. Sarah says she and Tony are the swing vote and she hopes they pick the right road to go down and mistakes are not allowed. Night 34 TC: The members of the jury are brought in. Jeff says Michele’s reaction was pretty big when she won immunity. Michele says it’s no secret she’s on the bottom. She says no one would strategize with her and they kept telling her to keep hope alive. She says she needs this like a fish needs water. Jeff says so Sarah reason #57 is not letting people know they’re in trouble and that might have been the extra push she needed. Sarah agrees and says when you feel safe you might take your foot off the pedal, and same the other way. Jeff goes to Ben and he feels like he had that extra push to get immunity and he wonders who put that advantage on him. He felt he did his best and he was one block short. Jeff asks Nick if they think about who they want to take with them to the end and he says definitely. He says they should start to be able to solve the equation of who they want to be with at the end. Sarah says they have to manage not just their own coins, but everyone else’s coins so they know what they might be able to do. Michele says she felt down over some vote outs and she’s gotten emotional over fire tokens, so the tokens were priceless to her. Jeff says the tricky part about someone coming back from EoE and if anyone part of the main group feels rocky, that could change thing. Ben says it’s a very scary situation in the next couple of days of who’s coming back and what they might be coming with. Jeff asks Tony how you manage a final three solid alliance with someone coming back? Tony says it all comes down to the bonds and trust they had. Denise says her moves became limited because of Michele winning immunity. She says she’s not done, but she wants to go with a full belly if it is her so she can maybe have an advantage to win her way back. Nick says they’ve heard some hard tribal councils over the last few weeks and Denise says she doesn’t want to go, but she can only do so much. She says endure and let go. She doesn’t want to be the choice, but she is tired of playing cat and mouse. She can only do so much. Adam in jury whispers that it’s a fakeout. Jeff says when you heard Denise says I’m not giving up but I’m not going to scramble and asks Nick if this might finally be the easy vote. Nick says you have to take anything you get and kind of run with it. Time to vote! Denise is up first. We see Nick vote for Denise. Ben is in, followed by Tony. The others have voted. Time to tally the votes and we go to commercial again. If anyone has a hidden immunity and they want to play it now would be the time to do so. Nope. Time to read the votes. First vote, Nick. Denise. Denise. Nick. Tied. Two votes Denise, two votes Nick. Nick. The sixteenth person voted out of Survivor is Nick! He says well done and hugs Michele. Nick says he’ll do his best to join them again tomorrow. He howls as he leaves. They are at the final five and tomorrow someone will fight their way into the game and into contention. Nick says it’s the first time he’s ever been voted out. He says it feels different. He made it 34 days and he’s really proud of himself. He says he has a shot tomorrow. He’ll fight to the end. Day 35 EoE: Yul is giving hugs and it’s the last day. Parvati and Amber are talking about it being the last day and they say they are never coming back. Amber says it feels like forever since she got here, but it kind of feels like it went by quickly. She says she will kind of miss it. It’s not the people, they’ll miss the amazing view and it’s peaceful. Rob, Amber, Yul, and Wendell climb up to see the view. Amber says at home she’s go, go, go, and here she will miss the simplicity of everything. Tyson reads the moment is here. Grab your belongings and say good-bye to the EoE. It’s time to battle! Rob says he has a hidden immunity idol and it’s still good so he’s ready to do battle. Kim says she knows she’s going to have to bring it at this battle back challenge. Wendell has his two tokens. They have some scrolls. Wendell says he can buy himself an advantage in the challenge. Yul thinks the fire tokens add an interesting dynamic and he’s going to use his tokens for an advantage. Parvati says she’s on the edge, but there’s something bubbling underneath the surface and she’s going to use her tokens for an advantage. Ethan is going to push himself 100% like he does in any challenge. But he knows he has nothing, others have an advantage, Natalie has three advantages, and an idol, and a surplus is tokens. Natalie says all this hard work is worth it. She says fighting for everything she has and she thinks she’s proved herself and she feels like she deserves her spot. Her token count was 14 tokens. She bought peanut butter and three advantages and she has 6 tokens left. Plus she bought an idol way back when and it’s still good. She can only go into the game with one idol, so she bought a second idol for Tyson to spread the protection. Tyson says if he gets in the game, he’ll put it to good use, and if not he’ll save it for her as a souvenir. He doesn’t think he’s ever experienced that type of generosity from another player and that means something. He says it gives you a little extra motivation to push and stretch to your limit. If he gets back in the game, then he’s winning this thing. It has been the greatest season in the history of Survivor! And from day one, it has been a war. Natalie was the fist casualty, blindsided at TC and sent to EoE. Early divisions forced the old school players back into familiar strategies and the new school players had a message. It would take new tricks to win this season. Even Sandra the game’s only two time winner was taken out by a blindside by Denise. She was the only one that voted for Sandra. Fire tokens gave birth to a Survivor economy which added another layer of complexity to the game. For those living on the edge, every day has been a demanding and sometimes brutal struggle to survive as they compete to earn fire tokens to help them get back in the game. And then, when they needed it most, the most emotional loved one visit ever seen gave extra motivation to the game. For 35 days, the pace has been unrelenting. The level of game play unprecedented. Now only five remain. Ben, Denise, Michele, Sarah, and Tony. Plus, one player will return from the Edge and join in the final battle for title of Sole Survivor and the two million dollar prize. Join us for the finale next week of Survivor Winners at War! Next time on the season finale of Survivor. Michele is trying to shake up the game and Tony and Sarah are bickering. Jeff says this battle is not over. Ben reads now is the time for a comeback and with a serious vengeance someone will join your tribe today. Sarah says Winners at War you’re playing with the best of the best, so let’s see the best of the best go at it.
  15. Tonight, the top nine will be revealed! It is the first ever remote elimination show and the results are in. Carson says tonight will be a lot of fun and maybe a little crazy. Also tonight, we are doing an instant save and America will be voting in real time. We greet Kelly from Montana, Blake from Oklahoma, and Nick and John from Los Angeles. The artists’ with the most votes from each team will automatically move on. Then the coaches will each select one artist to move on. Then one remaining artist from each team will compete for the wildcard spot and America will instantly save one of them. We’re starting with Team Blake, and we’re going to find out which artist received the most votes and will automatically move on to the Top 9. America saved…Todd Tilghman! Blake now has to decide between Joanna, Joei, and Toneisha to move on to the live shows. Blake reiterates that anything is possible, and they are all meant to do music. With all that said, he’s moving forward with…Toneisha Harris! Now we’re moving on to Team John. America has saved…Cammwess! John now has to save one of his artists. He says this is so difficult and they are each a great musician and vocalist. They’ve all had their technical and logistical challenges and they all came with such artistry and skill and grace. He’s honored to work with all of them. He’s going to choose because he believes in their artistry the most and they have a great chance to go far into the competition…he picks Zan Fiskum! Team Kelly is up next. America has saved…Micah Iverson! Kelly says this is such a bittersweet moment and this is a heavy decision. They are all very different, and just because she doesn’t pick someone doesn’t mean this is it. She has to go with Megan Danielle! Finally, we’re going to find out who from Team Nick is moving on. America has saved…Thunderstorm Artis! Nick now has to choose who else will move on. He says this is the hard part of the job and he knows he fully believes in each one. Nick is sad he has to make this tough choice, but the artist he is bringing with him is…Allegra Miles! Now we will find out which artists from each team will be performing for the wildcard spot and America will get to vote from home. From team Blake, the artist who will perform for the wildcard spot is Joanna Serenko. From team John, the artist performing is Mandi Castillo. From team Kelly, the artist who will perform is Cedrice. From team Nick, the last artist who is going to perform is Michael Williams. Performing from Missouri is Joanna Serenko and she’s chose the song Don’t Let Me Be Lonely Tonight by James Taylor. Blake says he kind of freaked himself out because he said she’s such a good singer. Her voice is so awesome and America should put Joanna through. Performing from California is Mandi Castillo and she’s performing True Colors by Cyndi Lauper. John says it was beautiful, heartfelt, and perfectly executed. Cedrice is next and she’s performing from California, and she has chosen the song Breathin by Ariana Grande. Kelly says she loves Cedrice and she is such a star and she is so cool and she has a cool tone in her voice and she can’t wait to buy her record one day. Last is Michael Williams and he’s in Ohio and he’s singing To Love Somebody by Bee Gees. Nick says he’s bringing it back, and he writes Wow! Star! On a white board. He says Michael deserves to be in the top 9. Time to find out who America has instantly saved for the wildcard spot! America has saved…Joanna Serenko!
  16. Tonight, Martina McBride will be joining Songland to find a song. Martina says she’s excited to be here and she’s coming in with an open mind. She loves what Songland stands for because it’s about supporting young songwriters. Our first songwriter is Ckay from Nutley, NJ and her song is called Heroes. She introduces herself and performs her song. Martina says that sounds like a melody a whole arena will sing with you. Shane says when you’re talking about an anthem you have to find a place to land and explode. Martina says she feels like if she were singing this song, she would feel like she’s singing it for everyone else. The next songwriter in is Halie from Thayer, MO and her song is called Girls Like Me. She introduces herself to the producers and Martina and performs her song for them. Martina says there is something about the melody that evokes a physical reaction. Shane says it grabbed him. Martina says she’d like to sing it from a perspective from someone who has been through it. She thinks there’s a subtle way to tweak the lyrics. Wolves are next and they are from Los Angeles, CA and their song is called Miracle. Wolves consist of Mark Avery and Shawn Carnie. Martina loves the feel of it and she loved chorus. Ryan does a deviation as a change to the chorus. Ryan plays while Shane freestyles a bit. The final songwriter is Jeffrey James from Brownsburg, IN and his song is called We Can Be (Heroes). Martina liked the melody and Ryan thought the chords were interesting. Martina is wondering if the word heroes is the right word. Ryan would take the We Could Be Heroes and write backwards so we get to a why. Ryan also gets nervous about the word we and sometimes that doesn’t sit well. Martina says it’s so difficult to choose and it’s coming down to little things. When she looks for a song, she looks for a connection with the lyric and a great melody. Halie is in first and Martina loved the song and it’s moving forward, along with Jeffrey and Ckay. Martina thanks Wolves for being there and wishes them the best of luck. She says the song would take too much work and it would morph and it might lose the magic of what it was. Martina asked Ester to work with Halie and Ester is going to go with the narrative of Martina talking to the daughters of the world. Halie says they have to come at the song from a different angle. Ckay is working Shane and he wants to work with lyrics in the verses. Ckay says the challenges are keeping in mind things she likes and not going too far. Jeffrey is working with Ryan and they begin working on the lyrics. He wants to punch the lyrics up so they feel more emotion but he wants it to feel authentic. Shane wants to bring in some drums and create an anthem in vibe in lyrics. Ester wants to make it a mother’s letter to her daughter. Jeffrey is feeling good about the changes. Ryan wants to add a little country into the melody. Martina is excited to be back and see what they’ve done to the songs. Jeffrey is in first to re-pitch his song. Martina says that is so great. She says the production is so great to help the song make sense. Shane says that song feels so new to him. It’s really, really great. Ckay is in next to re-pitch her new song Hero. Martina loves what she did with the song. Martina liked some of the lyric changes and she likes that they picked the tempo up. Halie is in to re-pitch Girls Like Me for Martina. As she listens, Martina starts to get emotional. Martina says if the song had the right lyrics, it could make you cry and it did. Ryan says Ester is brilliant at moving things around and that worked. Martina says she didn’t anticipate how hard this choice would be and she would love them all to pitch her more songs. Martina says there was one song from the very beginning she felt a connection with and she’s going to record Halie’s Girls Like Me!
  17. We kick the show off with James Taylor playing from his home and he’s singing Shower the People, and the Voice contestants join in singing along. Carson greets us and tells us we are still going to have a contest and they will be doing it remotely. Kelly joins us from Montana, Nick and John are in California, and Blake is in Oklahoma. Two weeks ago, The Voice had their first ever 4-way Knockout. America has voted and it’s time to reveal the winner. Michael Williams from Team Nick will be the one moving on to the live shows! The top 17 have created their performances at home and they were recorded earlier and America will vote overnight and it will be the biggest elimination ever! They will go from 17 to 9! We take a look at Nick’s playoff team. He says he has an eclectic group. Arie is her superstar and he would love to work with her as a songwriter. Roderick has been his guy. He delivers an excellent vocal performance. Allegra is a flawless vocalist who has an ability to thread the needle of storytelling that is far beyond her years. Thunderstorm sets the bar so high. He’s an artist with a lot to say. His team is so solid, and Michael moving on is the cherry on top. He says Michael is one of the most naturally gifted vocalists he’s ever heard. He has a way to emote like no one he’s ever heard. We’re going to kick off the night with Thunderstorm Arrtis performing Summertime by Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong. Thunderstorm is performing from Portland, OR. Carson checks in with John first and he says that was magical and it mesmerized him. It was a really beautiful performance. Nick says this was the perfect way to kick off the live playoff. Nick says people needed this and he was envious of Thunderstorm’s whistling. He’s so proud of him and so happy he’s on Team Nick! We’re going to continue with Allegra Miles and she’s going to perform New York State of Mind by Billy Joel. Allegra is performing from West Palm Beach, FL. Blake says he doesn’t know if it’s the fact they can all sing better when they are home, but the fact they are home and performing and he doesn’t think the singing has ever been better. Nick says Allegra has been a force since day one and the growth over the course of the competition, he thinks she brought it and this was her best performance. Arei Moon is performing Finesse by Bruno Mars and she’s performing from Tampa, FL. Kelly says she loves Arei so much. She says the whole vibe and how everything was done it had a 90s vibe and it was really cool. Nick says he’s sweating because he was dancing too much. He thinks she made this her own and she brought a fun vibe to the song and she killed it. Next up is Roderick Chambers and he’s performing Lost Without U by Robin Thicke and he’s in Orange, CA. John says he loved that song choice and his voice is such a cool mix and he goes between his head voice and chest voice so effortlessly. Nick says Roderick nailed it and he could see this being one of the performance Twitter could blow up with. We’re wrapping Team Nick with Michael Williams singing Sign of the Times by Harry Styles and he is in Mason, OH. Kelly says he is so rock ‘n roll and that was cool. She loved what he did on the tail end of the song and she loved that he made it his own. Nick congrats on winning on the Knockout, and they picked this song and he just set the bar so high. Team John is up next and he says Team Legend is strong. John says Zan is a story teller with a powerful voice and she has the ability to go really far. Mandi is his bilingual songstress. His favorite thing about her voice is her bravado. He made a mistake letting Cammwess go and they are probably more similar than anyone else during his time on the Voice. Mike is a threat because the power he has in his voice is rare. America is going to love him. He’s excited for the live playoffs. Zan Fiskum is going to perform Blowin’ In the Wind by Bob Dylan, and she’s performing from Maple Valley, WA. John says that was so beautiful. She has such artistry and such a gift and she showed them every part of her voice. Kelly says that was the best version of that song she’s ever heard. Next up we have Mike Jerel singing All My Life by K-Ci and JoJo and he’s in Columbus, GA. John says he loves Mike’s creativity and he likes how he took that song and made it his own. That was really cool and when he goes for the big notes, it shows so much power and it’s so electric. Well done. Mandi Castillo is going to sing Corre! by Jesse & Joy, and she’s in Carlsbad, CA. Blake says he has no idea what she was singing about, but he told himself she was singing a song about him. He loves her, that was great. John says he’s so proud. She has a beautiful tone and beautiful bravado, and she has so much passion and powerful. Closing out Team John is Cammwess singing Ain’t No Sunshine by Bill Withers, and he’s in Blythewood, SC. Kelly says she did not want to let him go. He is so talented and he did so many cool tricks and made that his own, it was so good. John says he nailed this song and his tone is so buttery. Honey butter! It’s so sweet and beautiful. He also shouts out Bill Withers who we just lost recently. Next, we’re moving on to Team Kelly. Kelly says she has a very eclectic passionate team. She says Megan is her dark horse because she really thrives under pressure. Micah is a star singer. He has an ability to go into a falsetto and he has a low tone. Mandi is a force of nature vocally and she’s been trained since she was 11. Cedrice is so special. Kelly says as a whole this might be her strongest team on The Voice. Megan Danielle is performing Anyone by Demi Lovato and she’s in Winston, GA. Nick says she is so talented and she is so gifted as a vocalist. They were listening tonight and she’s amazing. Kelly says she’s loved her since the blinds and she’s so special. She would be shocked if she weren’t in the finale. It was so good! Mandi Thomas is next and she sings I Hope You Dance by Lee Ann Womack, and she’s in Memphis, TN. Kelly says that whole setup was cool. She said it was such a cool vibe and she loved this song for her and she got to soar on the big notes and she hopes she’s proud of herself. Next we have Micah Iverson singing Your Song by Elton John and he’s in Atlanta, GA. Blake says the way Micah is able to explode with his voice and he never seems to run out of breath. He thought it was a great job. Kelly says he is one of the best vocalists in the competition and he can sang. He’s incredible and she’s so happy he’s on her team. Closing out Team Kelly is Cedrice singing everything i wanted by Billie Eilish, and she’s in San Diego, CA. Kelly says she is so crazy cool. She doesn’t need a show, she is such a stand alone artist. She is so cool and she can’t wait to come to her concert and buy her record. Team Blake is closing the show. His team is the most random group of people he’s had in awhile. Todd was a 4-chair turn and he needed to be on Blake’s team. He loves the bundle of energy in Todd’s voice. Joei is his country rocker and when she sings you can hear Cher and Tanya Tucker. Joanna is the kind of artist he’s had a lot of success with on the show. Toneisha is a once in a lifetime vocalist. Nobody expected him to get her. He has no doubt that any person on his team has a chance to win. Toneisha Harris is first and she performs Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You) by Kelly Clarkson and she’s in Roswell, GA. John says it’s always a bold move to sing a Kelly Clarkson song and he thinks she’ll be in the finale. She’s just a phenomenal singer. Kelly says if she needs a background singer to call her. Blake says yes! That’s what he thinks about that. He knows this is a competition. He thinks that’s the best vocal performance of the night. Joei Fulco is up next singing Runaway by Del Shannon, and she’s in Lancaster, CA. Nick says Joei’s voice is so fun to listen to. He thinks this performance was unique and special because she made it her own. Well done. Blake says he’s still just so happy Joei is on his team. He says when she hits the big notes she has a unique sound in her voice. She killed it. Joanna Serenko is up next and she performs Rich Girl by Hall & Oates and she’s in St. Louis, MO. Kelly thought she was fabulous and fun and her voice was incredible. She did such a great job. Blake says she didn’t change up the groove of the song, but she’s so unique and her voice is so different and that became her song. Closing out Team Blake and the show is Todd Tilghman and he’s singing Glory of Love by Peter Cetera and he’s in Meridian, MS. Blake says Todd! He literally IS the Karate Kid. He says America, you have to vote for this man. He is his favorite artist he’s ever worked with. Voting is open!
  18. Tonight, it’s the Battle of the Sixes!!! And tonight, we have a spicy guest panelist…Gordon Ramsey! Tonight, Kitty, Rhino, Frog, Astronaut, Turtle, and Night Angel are the final six out of 18 singers! Gordon says it’s going to be an absolute blast. We’re kicking off the show with Kitty, and here are a few more clues. She’s been on many stages and many roles and we see two people clashing swords and a red riding hood, a silver apple, and a monkey with cymbals and a record that says Mind Your Manners. She performs are Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend by Marilyn Monroe. Gordon says fantastic, great control, and amazing delivery. Jenny says she nailed the song. In honor of Gordon Ramsey, the singers have been tasked to make something munchy for their panelist. Kitty has made a piece of cake that’s sweet and full of layers. Gordon guesses Charlotte Church as the singer. Ken says what got him in the clue package who performed with soloists, but also acting. Maybe Lea Michele. Jenny says with the new clues, maybe opera like a soap opera, and maybe an apple, Eva Longoria. Rhino is up next and he says this show is complete crazy town. He says Rhino’s are solitary creatures and he needs quiet. We see him doing yoga and he says he loves his wife and his baby Rhino’s. We see a stool and he wants to Namaste in this competition and show his family it’s never too late to rewrite your story. He performs Die a Happy Man by Thomas Rhett. Ken says Rhino really upped his game. He’s so relaxed because of Rhino, and he’s never relaxed. Rhino’s masked munchies are spaghetti and meatballs. Ken says maybe this is Jeff Bridges. Gordon says the voice started off country and he thought of Lady Antebellum and he thought of Charles Kelly. Robin says there have been Grand Ole Opry clues. Jenny says Miss Missouri married a baseball player named Barry Zito. Frog is up next and he was surprised when he survived the face-offs. We see him holding a basketball and a jersey with the number 23 backwards. We see a 13 and a board with a “case”. He’s going to do something he’s never do for and that’s take the stage by himself with no dancers. He performs Whatever It Takes by Imagine Dragons. Ken feels like everyone has raised their game. Nicole says her heart is pumping and she can feel his passion. Robin says this was another notch in the frog’s belt. Frog’s masked munchies are catfish. It’s his favorite dish from the south. Gordon says he thinks it’s Little John. Robin says he goes back to the 23, he was in Like Mike, and he seen the clue 106, and that could be 106&Park and he did a movie with Ice Cube called Lottery Ticket. He thinks it’s Little Bow Wow. Nicole thinks it’s Omarion because he can dance. Night Angel says she had no idea what a blessing this would be. We see her with phones and she says she always answers her phone. Being here has reawakened parts of herself she has kept on the down low and we see some fish hooks. She takes the stage and sings Black Velvet by Alannah Myles. Nicole says she never heard her so good and Jenny says this was the best performance of Masked Singer ever. Night Angel’s masked munchies are crickets on a stick. Gordon wants Nick to taste one and he chants eat until Nick picks one up and puts in his mouth. He says that might be the worst thing he’s ever done on TV. Gordon says they are good for you. Ken thinks it’s Chili from TLC. Jenny thought Monica and Brandy, but now she thought of the restaurant Old Lady Gang and she thinks it’s Kandi Burress. Nicole saw Free Your Mind and Don’t Let Go by En Vogue, and she thinks Dawn Robertson. Astronaut says being in the bottom two was a rude awakening. We see four aces and a joker. He felt like he was frozen and we see a bale of hay and he says watch as he works harder to become more human and we see a red lobster. Astronaut takes the stage and performs Story of My Life by One Direction. Jenny says Astronaut just knocked it out of the universe tonight. Astronaut’s masked munchies is King Cake and Gordon says it’s a Mardi Gras special. Astronaut says it’s one of his all time favorite foods. Ken says King George in Hamilton, Jonathon Groff, who played Kristoff in Frozen. Nicole says there was a light my candle package which made her think of rent and some Pitch Perfect clues, and she thinks Skyler Astin. Gordon says he thought the voice sounded like Simba from The Lion King and he thinks Jonathon Taylor Thomas. Robin agrees with Gordon. Turtle says when he started this competition, he had no idea how much this game would change him. We see a chess board and he says he’s always been riddled with insecurities. We see a heart with a crown on it a clock with the time 3:23 and 9:15. Tonight, he’s going to show he’s a full entertainer. Check mate. He performs Stay by Alessia Cara. Gordon says he’s a performer. Robin says he is a dancer. Turtle’s masked munchies are colorful chips and apple salsa. Jenny says there was a clue with burgers and chips and dip so maybe a restaurant. Robin is thinking the voice kind of struck him as a soulful white boy, but based on this clue, Gavin DeGraw, because he’s from the big apple. Gordon says the queen was highlighted in the chess game and he thinks it’s Adam Lambert. Jenny says that was her guess last week. Ken thinks it’s someone more current, maybe Zayn Malik. The singer who has lost the battle of the sixes is…Astronaut. The rest have all made it to the quarterfinals. Jenny says Astronaut is so authentic and brought emotion. One of the first clues they got was Pitch Perfect and the white house and a platter of cake, maybe it’s Ben Platte. Robin isn’t sure. He heard the Home Improvement clue early on and he thinks it’s Jonathon Taylor Thomas. Gordon says the cake connected to the Lion King and he thinks it’s Jonathon Taylor Thomas. Nicole says maybe Skyler Astin, but she had a light bulb moment. She believes it’s Hunter Hayes and he’s from Louisiana, but she remembered they both performed at the Capitol for America’s birthday. Ken is going to guess Skyler Astin. It’s time to unmask the Astronaut! The judges stand and the crowd chants for him to take it off. Nick helps remove the astronaut helmet and the singer is revealed to be…Hunter Hayes!!! Astronaut’s clue answers: The Orion constellation in his package was a clue to Hunter’s name because Orion is a hunter. The bridge was a clue to his hometown Beaux Bridge, LA. Astronaut’s mention of getting help from the mob is a clue to “Godfather” star, Robert Duvall who gave Hunter his first guitar. Hunter says this is a chance in his life to hit the reset button.
  19. Tonight’s artist who is on the lookout for a new song is H.E.R. Gabriella Wilson is in to find the perfect song. The first songwriter we have is Axel Mansoor and his song is called “Scary”. He steps in to perform the song. Shane wants to change one lyric and H.E.R. says it makes it more “hook-y”. Ryan says he’s going to need to hear another song in order to get that one out of his head, and Shane says he’ll need to hear about five more songs. Next we have Milly from San Antonio, TX and her song is called Safe Place. She steps in and introduces herself and says she’s solely a songwriter and this is her first time performing for anyone. H.E.R. says Milly’s song has an Aaliyah feel. Ester says she can sing and the song has a vibe. Ryan plays some chords along and asks her to sing because he’s changing a bit of the song. He just wants to break the song up a bit so it doesn’t sound monotonous. Jocelyn Alice is from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Her song is called How Could You Not Know? She steps in to perform her song. She says the song is very powerful and in your face. Shane says he loves her hook, and Ryan wants to simplify the arrangement and he thinks there’s a way to punch up the lyrics. H.E.R. and Shane freestyle and Ester tosses in a few lyrics. The final songwriter to enter is Raquel Castro and she’s from Long Island, NY. She played in Jersey Girl when she was young. Her song is called Wrong Places. She gets a standing ovation. H.E.R. says she hit everything on the mark. Ester says she didn’t find anything to change. Ryan says the only thing he thought of was a chord alteration. Ryan and Ester starting changing some of the “love”s in the song to a different word. H.E.R. says the song is amazing, they just need to make the lyrics clearer to everyone. H.E.R. says she’s so blown away there are so many talented song writer’s out there. Jocelyn is in first and she is going to re-work her song. Raquel is in and she is also moving on, along with Axel. Milly is in and H.E.R. says she has had to make some tough decisions, but she isn’t working on her song, but she does want to be in the studio with her at some point. Ryan is going to work with Raquel and he wants to work on the style production and make sure they have the lyrics nailed down. Shane is going to work with Jocelyn and they get some advice from H.E.R. about making sure the verses are vulnerable to lead up to the chorus. Axel and Ester are working on Scary and H.E.R. wants them to work on refining the melodies. Ester says she loves this song. Ryan wants to get a classic bass movement into the song and he gets to play producer on this song. He adds some drums and he wants to add some cool doo-wop harmonies on the second chorus. Shane says Jocelyn’s song really hits the soul. Ester wants to bring in more falsetto without overdoing it. Ester says we’ve heard guys sing these kind of songs, but they haven’t heard a woman sing it. Axel is about to go perform his song Scary and he wants to show how the song can grow and get to a climactic place after a vulnerable start. H.E.R. says he sounds so good singing that. It was amazing. He thanks them for the amazing opportunity. Raquel is in next and she says they added drums and bass and she’s praying H.E.R. likes it. She steps in to perform her re-worked version of Wrong Places. H.E.R. says she loves this song so much and she loves all the changes they made. Jocelyn says the new version of her song is more heartfelt and the lyric changes would give H.E.R. more room to breathe. She sits on a stool and sing How Could You Not Know? H.E.R. says they killed that. Shane says he’s so glad Jocelyn ended up here. H.E.R. says she loves them all so much and she had to make some really tough decisions. She was lucky to have three amazing song writers. This is going to be hard for her to say, but the song she chose to record is…Wrong Places.
  20. Tonight, the remaining four masks will perform and the final smackdown of the season will happen. And tonight’s guest judge is…Sharon Osborne. The first face-off of the night it’s Frog vs Kitty. Kitty has a different strategy for taking on frog…kill him with kindness. Frog says he and Kitty have been together since day one. Frog says he knows he doesn’t have the best voice, so he’s going to up his performance factor. Kitty says tonight she’s going to show her true colors more than she ever has. Frog takes the stage first and performs Fireball by Pitbull. Nicole says that performance was lit. Sharon thinks he’s a great showman and his dance moves are so smooth. Frog’s bag of clues has sneakers with a lightning bolt, an ice tray, a keyboard with the letters L and I missing, and the flag of Japan. The tag on his bag Thank God it’s Frogday. Ken says looking at the clues, it all fits. He thinks it could be Friday After Next, and a previous clue had a stack of cash and a microphone and he thinks it’s Katt Williams. Sharon says in the clues Frog said Take it to the bank, and Alfonso Ribiero played Carlton Banks. Jenny says seeing the ice cubes, she thought of Ice Cube, and she thinks O’Shea Jackson. Kitty is next and she sings True Colors by Cyndi Lauper. Robin says they’ve seen Kitty perform a lot of different ways and has seen a lot of different sides. Kitty’s clue bag has a dragon, an angel, and medieval armor. The tag on her bag says If found CALL ME??? Be a hero! Jenny says she’s sticking with Vanessa Hudgens. Nicole says she has a different voice. She says she watched Ugly Dolls and there was something on the movie that reminded her of Kitty and she thinks Emma Roberts. Robin says he’s been saying that for weeks. Ken says last time she said Robert Redford gave her a big break and he says there’s a movie called the Horse Whisperer and he thinks it’s Kate Bosworth. Sharon agrees. It’s time to vote! The winner automatically moves on to the Battle of the Sixes, and the loser will have to go head-to-head again in the Smackdown. The winner of this round is…Frog! Next we have Banana vs Rhino. Banana says he and Rhino are a couple of cowboys looking for a comeback. Rhino says in the past he put a lot of pressure on himself to succeed, so tonight he’s taking things nice and slow. Banana says there’s only room on this stage for one of them. Banana is at the piano and he sings Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door by Bob Dylan. Robin says Rhino is going to have to step up because that was wonderful. Banana’s bag of clues has a cat, bug spray, a mouth with a tongue sticking out, and a star that says Nashville Sheriff. The tag on his bag says Backstage Crew and is in a leopard print. Jenny says she thought he was a comedian, but she thinks a rocker from the 90s and she says there is a cat scan and she thinks this confirms it’s Bret Michaels. Sharon says he has the leg that Bret has and it’s his body. Robin says bug spray would be poison. Ken says looking at everything together he thinks it’s Keith Urban. Nicole disagrees because she thinks it’s Kid Rock because he has a restaurant in Nashville and they’ve seen a lot of cowboy hats and Kid Rock has a song called Cowboy. Rhino takes the stage next and he sings 10,000 Hours by Dan+Shay and Justin Bieber. Sharon says she likes his confidence and she’s really confused on who he is. Rhino’s clue bag has a Christmas stocking with coal, a house, a seal, and a flag with three stars in a circle and the tag says RhiNO Secrets with a bass clef. Robin says it sounds like someone from Tennessee so maybe Sam Hunt. Nicole says there is coal in the stocking which means he’s a bad boy and Sam Hunt is known as the bad boy of country. Sharon thought the seal was a whale. She thought at first it was Gary Busey, but now she thinks it’s David Hasselhoff. Ken thinks it might be Property Brother Jonathon Scott. It’s time to vote between Banana and Rhino. The winner moves on and the loser will face-off against Kitty. The winner of this face-off is…Rhino! It’s time for the Smackdown! Kitty vs Banana! Kitty goes first and performs Unstoppable by Sia. Banana performs Brick House by Commodores. Jenny says they both did an amazing job and they came to win. They both brought it. Sharon says they know what they are going through because of Kelly and they both delivered. Kitty says she eats banana’s like him for breakfast. Banana says Kitty got claws, but she has to be kittying him with that comment. It’s time for the panel to vote. The votes are in. The winner of the smackdown is…Kitty! Time for the judges final guesses. Jenny says Banana has been so fun to watch. She originally thought he was a comedian, but then the rocker clues brought her to Bret Michaels. Ken says he was convinced he was a comedian, but the clue package about rebranding, he thought Brad Paisley. Sharon says she knows it’s Bret Michaels. Nicole thought Brad Paisley as well because of the cowboy clues, but she doesn’t feel as confident as Sharon feels, but she thinks it’s Bret Michaels. Robin says when he heard him in the smackdown and the bug spray says poison, he thinks it’s Bret Michaels. It’s time to unmask Banana! It is…Bret Michaels! Banana’s clue answers: the blowfish, viper, and bug spray clues are all hints to Brett’s rock band Poison. Banana partying on a bus in his package hints to Bret’s popular reality show, “Rock of Love Bus”. The blue collar in Banana’s package is a clue to Bret’s line of pet accessories. The “scrappy” mention in Banana’s package hints to Bret’s upcoming book “Auto-Scrap-Ography,” a collection of stories and photos from Bret’s life and career.
  21. Tonight, Luis Fonsi joins Songland to find his next song. He’s responsible for the single biggest Latin hit of all time. Shane says he’s so much more than just the world phenomenon of Despacito. Shane says he’s at the top of his game. Luis loves this process and as soon as he was invited he was all in. He’s looking for that moment that he wants to hear again. The first writer is Dyson and she’s from Plymouth, United Kingdom. Her song is called Conditions. She now lives in Los Angeles. She introduces herself and performs her song. Shane says he loves that song. Luis thinks the song is great, but it might be too aggressive for a guy so it might need tweaked. They are looking for other words and they come up with permission. Luis thinks it something they could get someone to feature in. Luis just wants to tweak the lyric of the first line. Next we have Pipobeats and he’s from Pasadena, CA. His song is called Sway. He introduces himself and performs his song. Luis says he loves Chile and he says he can hear a lot of different influences. Ryan thinks the chorus is a smash, but he has conflicting melodies. Luis says it needs to be simpler and he and Ryan play guitar the melody Luis likes. Shane says there are too many things happening before the chorus. Luis says sometimes it gets clunky when switching from English to Spanish so it needs some re-working to fix that. Lauren Martinez is our next artist and she’s from Albuquerque, NM. Her song is called I Don’t Want to Know. She introduces herself and performs her song. Ester says the song needs more story. Luis wants to hear a beat, not uptempo, but a minimal beat under the words. Luis says it needs to be built with the track. The final writer to present is CORii and she’s from Moorestown, NJ. Her song is called What If. She introduces herself and performs her song. Ester says the verse is too low for her to sing. Luis thinks if they were to leave and hear ten other songs and come back they’d sing What If. But maybe the song is too complicated? Ryan says he pictures this mid-tempo territory and Shane agrees and Luis says they’d have to take it down a whole step. Luis is going to decide which three songs they will work on. Luis enjoyed all four songs, but it’s a matter of what songs fit him. He is advancing Dyson, Pipobeats, and Lauren. He passes on CORii’s song because he feels bad about rearranging her song and it doesn’t fit his voice. Ryan is going to work with Pipobeats and they get some advice from Luis. He wants to focus on the arrangement and a guitar riff. Luis suggests a new lyric. Lauren is working with Ester and Luis suggests something less lyrical and more vibe. Ester doesn’t want to get redundant and get more direct on the lyrics. Shane is working with Dyson and he has suggested Lost in Translation and they are working on a new hook and a new lyric. Ryan is going to re-write the guitar riff for Pipobeats. He doesn’t want the chorus to get worn out so he’s re-arranging things. Ester says the I Don’t Know’s were beginning to be a crutch. So she’s taken some of those out. Shane is talking to Luis and he pitches his idea of the Lost in Translation thought and Luis had to think about it. Shane says you shouldn’t have to think about a song, so they have to work some more. Lauren is in to pitch her song again. Ester says her and Lauren wanted to figure out how to demo it back in a male version so she brings in a male singer, Tony. Luis loves the fact they don’t hear so many I don’t know’s but it’s still there. He says this took off, he loves it. Dyson is in next and she says this song has been on a journey. Shane has invited Ira back from the Macklemore episode from Season 1 of Songland. Ira performs with Dyson with the new song title Lost in Translation. Luis says that was a cool way to flip that song. Shane says Dyson was a dream collaborator. Luis says great job. Pipobeats is back in to pitch his song again. Shane says that hook is insane and Luis claps and sings. Luis says they are making this hard on him and Ester says that’s a good thing. Luis must now decide which song he wants to sing. He says they made it hard, and so did the producers. He says what they did with these songs was amazing. He says all three songs were so different and they are all so amazing and he’s honored to be sitting there. The song he’s picked to record is Sway.
  22. The judges settle in. Kelly still has her steal left and she has her eye on someone. Nick also has his steal left. All coaches still have their saves. James Taylor is also still there as a mega mentor. The first pairing is from Team Legend and he has paired Thunderstorm Artis vs Mandi Castillo. Mandi is going to perform Stand by Me by Ben. E. King. John loves that she made it different and her voice has a honey sweetness to it. James says the tempo is faster, but it feels really comfortable. He says it’s effortless and fluid and she did a modern rendition. Thunderstorm is going to perform Preach by John Legend. James says his tone was clear and fantastic. John wants to change the arrangement a bit so it can build a bit. John asks the other coaches to be honest about who they’d pick because he doesn’t know yet. Mandi takes the stage and performs first followed by Thunderstorm. Nick says Mandi and Thunderstorm have been two of his favorites to watch. He says based on this performance, he’d go with Thunderstorm. Kelly says there is something cool with Thunderstorm’s tone, but she thinks Mandi came to win a little more. Blake would also give this one to Mandi because she swung for the fence and he learned more about her. John says this one is tough and he loves they both put heart into everything they do. He says he thought Thunderstorm did a great version of his song and Mandi was just flawless. John says this is going to be a tough decision. He says this is tough for him. The winner of this knock-out is…Mandi! Thunderstorm is available to steal. He thanks John for the opportunity to work with him. Nick hits his steal button and Thunderstorm is joining Team Nick! Team Nick is up next and he has paired Arei Moon vs Jon Mullins. Arei is going to perform You Don’t Know My Name by Alicia Keys. John says her stage presence is very direct. He advises her to sing You Don’t Know My Name in a straight register at first. James says that will let the song build. Nick advises her to be more melody conscious. Jon is going to perform Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran. James says he really lived up to that song. He says Jon’s voice is like his personality and he’s a wonderful singer. Nick wants him to modulate one section of the song. Arei takes the stage to perform first and Jon performs after. Kelly says both Arei and Jon are powerful singers. If Kelly had to pick she’d go with Arei. Blake feels like Arei came out and did awesome, and then Jon turned up a couple of more notches. He thinks Jon really went for it and he’d go with him. John says they both gave excellent performances and both have a lot of range. Nick says he’s in turmoil. He doesn’t know what he’s going to do. He loved that Jon was ready to dive in and Arei gave her best performance yet. He hates that he has to make this decision. The winner of this knock-out is…Arei! Kelly’s team is next and she has paired Taylor Green vs Micah Iverson. Micah is going to perform Graveyard by Halsey. Kelly thinks it should be dark and James picks up the guitar and plays a bit. Kelly says Micah has flawless vocals. Taylor is going to do Time After Time by Cyndi Lauper. Kelly wants to slow it down a bit more so she has more space. Kelly says this is the best Taylor has sounded on the show. James says the way she opened up was great and he thinks both Taylor and Micah are talented. Micah is up first and Taylor goes second. Blake says he thinks they are both incredibly talented. He says this is a case of how important the song choice is. He says Micah’s song choice didn’t allow him to soar like Taylor’s did and she took advantage of that. John agrees with Blake. He says they both have excellent voices for pop music, but with Taylor it was just mesmerizing. Nick says Taylor made a point to say she was there for a reason, and Micah had powerful moments and he has a presence about him. Kelly says Micah did a really hard song and she thought it was telling how imaginative he was. She says Taylor really made that her own and she communicated that song beautifully. She loves them both. She needs one second. She wants to make the right choice. Kelly says the winner of this knock-out is…Micah! Next from Team Nick we have Allegra Miles vs Jacob Miller. Jacob is going to perform Better Now by Post Malone. James was surprised to see he took the song to a new place and he dug his interpretation of it. James gives advice on staging. Allegra is performing Chandelier by Sia. James says that was a totally different approach and Nick says she’s so good at emoting, but he wants her to enunciate better. Allegra steps up first to perform, followed by Jacob. Kelly says they are both fantastic. She thought Jacob had a cool tone and Allegra has an almost Willie Nelson effect. She thinks Allegra picked a great song. Blake says he thought it was even too. He says Jacob was in such control, but Allegra might be Nick’s chance to win this season. John would like Jacob to put a little more charm on it and Allegra needs to watch pronunciation, but they were both so good. Nick says Jacob is fun to work with and be around and Allegra is magical and entranced. He loved working with each of them and he’s frustrated with himself for pairing them together. The winner of this knock-out is…Allegra! Jacob thanks Nick and says it’s been a real treat to work with him. As the night continued, coaches made tough decision. Team Kelly’s Mandi Thomas performed My Church by Maren Morris and she won her knock-out against Anaya Cheyenne. Team Blake is up and he paired Toneisha Harris vs Cedrice. Cedrice is going to perform Love On the Brain by Rihanna. James says Cedrice’s voice is warm and strong and very piercing. Blake says the high notes that shoot up need to be a bit sharper. He thinks this was a good song choice for her. Toneisha has chosen to sing Diamonds by Rihanna. James says Toneisha has a good as voice as he’s heard so far. He says there’s an effortless about her. He’d compare her with Streisand or Aretha. Blake caught a few moments singing sharp just a hair and she will need to calm down before her knock-out. James advises her to count 50 breaths down to zero. Cedrice steps up to perform first and then Toneisha takes the stage. John says he loves Cedrice, she has such a beautiful voice and he doesn’t feel like Toneisha can do anything vocally. She’s incredible. Nick says it’s an honor every time he gets to hear Cedrice, and Toneisha makes him mad a little bit because he could never do what she can do naturally. He thinks Toneisha could win. Kelly disagrees a bit. Kelly thinks they both could be in the finale. They both have powerful voices in different ways. Blake thanks everyone for the input. He says knock-outs like this and input does help. He says they are different but they are equal. He says Cedrice cast a spell on everyone and Toneisha just points to where she wants the song to go. He thanks them for giving it their all. The winner of this knock-out is…Toneisha! Cedrice thanks Blake for stealing her and she says it’s been absolutely amazing and the coaches all elevate their experience. Kelly hits her steal button! Cedrice will be joining Team Kelly! For the first time a four way knock-out is going to happen. From Team Blake we have Todd Michael Hall, Team John has Nelson Cade III, Team Nick has Michael Williams, and Team Kelly has Samantha Howell. America will vote for the winner and they will move on to the live shows. Nelson is going to perform Best Part by Daniel Caesar featuring H.E.R. James loves his voice and says it’s warm and airy. John loves his tone. John’s biggest concern and he thinks the audience will want some fireworks and he’s not giving them any. Todd is going to perform Somebody to Love by OneRepublic. James says that was really great and he has a rare gift. He likes his relationship to the song. Blake wants him to be as aggressive with the verses as he is with the chorus. Samantha is going to perform Always On My Mind by Willie Nelson. Kelly says she can hear the soulfulness come out of Samantha and that is so pretty. James says Kelly wants her to hit the chorus harder. Michael has chosen to sing You Are the Reason by Calum Scott. Nick says Michael just continues to get better. James says that was great. Nick wants him to bring the pitch up. James says he’s an accomplished singer. Todd steps up to perform first. Nelson sings second. Michael is the third artist to perform. Samantha closes out the knock-out with her performance. Blake says Todd’s range is stupid. It doesn’t seem like anyone can hit those notes and he’s proud to use his save on him. John says when he watches Nelson he is watching someone who loves to share his gift and that’s a powerful thing. Nick says he is coming out of skin right now because it was the best Michael has ever sounded. It was perfect and Michael is a force. Kelly says Samantha has a cool tone and she’s so captivating and beautiful and she showed America what she was capable of.
  23. Last Monday, Songland returned. Lady Antebellum is the guest artist tonight and they will hear four brand new songs from new song writers. Ryan Tedder, Ester Dean, and Shane McAnally return to help the writers made adjustments to the song the artists request. Lady Antebellum say they are excited to be on this show and they say they all started as writers first. Lady Antelbellum is made up of Hillary Scott, Charles Kelley, and Dave Haywood. Ryan asks what type of song they are looking for. They say something that sounds different musically to push them. Our first writer is Tim Halperin and his song is called Losing You. He is so excited to pitch his song to Lady Antebellum and this could impact the rest of his career. He introduces himself and performs his song while playing the piano. Shane makes some notes as he listens, and he says that sounds like a hit. Ryan says it has more of a rock feel and Lady Antebellum say that doesn’t scare them at all. They say the lyrics need to match the music. Shane suggests one specific lyric change. Ester asks Hillary to sing part of the song and then requests Charles to try it as a duet with her. The next writer is Steven Battey and his song is called Feels Good to Me. He’s from Savannah, GA and Charles and Dave are from Augusta. He tells them he’s in Nashville now. He performs his song for them. Charles says they could put a OneRepublic beat on that. Ryan says he doesn’t have a chorus and Ester asks if he can make up a chorus right now. He freestyles on the spot and Shane says that sounds better. Dave says there needs to be a few more simple melodies so they can use it as a three part harmony. Next up is Madeline Merlo and she’s from Maple Ridge, Canada, but she currently lives in Nashville. Her song is called I’ll Drink to that. She goes in and introduces herself and then performs her song. Hillary says it feels so in the fiber of who she is and that gives her so much excitement. Ester loves the melody. Shane says in the country world they’ve already heard this. He says if he worked on this there would be a new hook and it would be a completely new song. Lady Antebellum start freestyling with it and Ryan plays the guitar and they are tweaking it. Our final writer is Ryan Innes and he’s from Thatcher, AZ. His song is called Long Way home. He introduces himself and sits at the piano to perform his song. Charles says he loves the versus but there isn’t a chorus. It needs to go somewhere. Ester says there’s a good melody. Ryan says the song is a 10, but they have to craft it for Lady Antebellum. Hillary says they have four really great songs and this is hard. They will now pick three songs to head into the studio to be worked on by the producers. Tim is in first and he is moving on. Ryan is told he’s moving on too. Madeline will be working with a producer. Hillary tells Steven that his song is great, but it would take too much tweaking to work for them. Ester is going to work on Ryan’s song and they get some quick advice from Dave on what they are looking for. Ester says they need to bring this song to radio format. Shane is working Madeline and she says her song sounds current, but he wants it to sound new and unique. He wants to take it in a reggae direction. Ryan is working with Tim on his song and he gets tips from Charles what they are looking for in the song. Charles says he thinks the chorus could be huge. They lyric and the concept of the chorus are staying the same, they are just tweaking the song using the other comments. Ester is working on making the lyrics relatable to not just Lady Antebellum, but to more people. Tim has a friend that sings country and he wants to bring her in. Shane wants to make the lyrics on Madeline’s song more interesting because the song has the right feeling. Hillary touches base with Shane and Madeline and discusses some of the lyrics. Ryan calls Tim out to preform their reworked song and Tim invites a friend to sing it with him. Charles says he loved the melody change and he thought it was really cool. Ester says she could hear that on the radio. Madeline is in to perform and she says they have changed the title of the song to Champagne Night. She gets a standing ovation. Charles says that’s a hit! Hillary thanks Madeline and says that was awesome. Ryan is in to perform the song he and Ester re-worked. Charles says it has a chorus and a melody. He says he took that up an insane notch. Dave says he believes in him and the song. Shane says he got chills from the song. Charles says the melodies were killer on the chorus. Hillary thanks Ryan, Tim, and Madeline and they are choosing a song based on what they need for their tour right now. Hillary says they chose Champagne Nights. Ryan says that was Shane doing what he does bed. Charles says this song will have everyone coming to concerts drinking beer and it’s perfect.
  24. Tonight, the Knock-Outs begin! And our mega mentor is James Taylor, who awes the coaches as much as the artists! James says The Voice is such a positive show in terms of mentoring. The first Knock-out is from Team Blake. He has paired Levi Watkins vs Joei Fulco. Joei has selected When Will I Be Loved by Linda Rondstadt. James tells Joei they can hear her physical strength, but maybe not trying to do so much against the melody. Levi is going to perform Ain’t Living Long Like This by Waylon Jennings. James suggests the band go with a New Orleans style. Blake tells him he has to figure out how to tell a story that never happened to him. It’s time for the first Knockout! Levi goes first, followed by Joei. John tells them they both gave perfect performances, but there's something about Levi, the little things gave it extra "it" factor. Nick was perplexed by Levi but there was more in Joei's vocal than he was expecting, and Blake's coaching doesn't suck. Kelly says Levi is so cool to even know who Waylon Jennings is, let alone singing him. She has to go with Levi. Blake says at 14, singing a song about being in prison, he sold it. Joei picked her moments and didn't over sing it. Blake must now make a decision and he says this is hard, but he has to go with…Joei! Levi thanks Mr. Blake for believing in him and giving him this shot and he’ll remember everything he’s learned. Let’s check-in with Team Kelly and she’s so honored to have James Taylor mentoring. Her first pairing is Megan Danielle vs Cammwess. Megan is going to sing Piece by Piece by Kelly Clarkson. James tells her to remember to look up and connect with the audience and make the performance powerful. Cammwess is going to perform Say Something by A Great Big World. James can tell Cammwess came up singing in church and that was his foundations too. Cammwess performs first on stage, with Megan stepping up second. Blake says this was a neck and neck competition and they both just had big moments. If he was choosing, he’d go with Cammwess. John says Megan has an interesting tone and he did a great version of Kelly’s song. John says Cam was a tour de force as a vocalist and he feels mountains of regret. Nick says Cam crushed it. Nick says that’s an amazing song and he thanks Kelly for writing it. Nick says if he was Kelly, he’d have no idea what he was supposed to do. Kelly says she loved Megan since the blinds and she didn’t know what she had with Cam. She says she watched them and couldn’t believe they were on her team. She says she’s being strategic here. The winner of this knockout is…Megan! Cammwess is available to steal and Nick hits his button immediately, followed by John. Nick says he’s going to say the same thing he says to a friend who would get back with an ex…Why? Nick says Cam has the potential to win this thing and new blood is always better. John says he loves Cam’s voice and he’d love him to come back home to Team Legend. Carson asks Cammwess if he knows who he’s going to pick right now? Cam says no! He thinks about it and he’s going to go back home…Team John! Our next pairing is from Team John and James is ready to hear this pairing. John has paired Darious Lyles vs Mike Jerel. Darious is going to perform Me and Mrs. Jones by Billy Paul. James says Darious is a powerhouse and a very fluid, articulate singer. He says if you do a cover, you have to do something to it and he took it to a different place. Mike is going to sing Versace on the Floor by Bruno Mars. James says the lower end of his voice coming through is great. John says he has to fix a few execution things. James says they are both exceptional and it’s going to be a hard choice. Nick says this is one of those that just blows you away. Two powerhouse vocalists with incredible control. Nick would go with Darious. Kelly says they both have very smooth voices and John is screwed! Blake says they all have different ways of making their choices, and he picks based on the moment. If Blake had to choose, he would go with Darious because he explored his range. John says Darious was being so intentional but natural. He says Mike has something exciting and exceptional about his voice. The winner of this Knock-out is..Mike! Nick says James has such a presence that is undeniable. Nick has paired Roderick Chambers vs Tate Brusa. Roderick is going to sing Redbone by Childish Gambino. James says Roderick really made him appreciate this song. Nick advises him to infuse a touch more personality. Tate is up next and he’s going to play piano and sing The Scientist by Coldplay. James gives some advice on notes and the key. Nick gives advise on posture and some of the ad libs. Roderick steps up first to perform and Tate follows. Kelly says Roderick’s falsettos were great and Tate was really talented. Kelly says Roderick might be in the better choice for the lives. Blake says there’s probably more of a musical connection between Roderick and Nick, but Tate could really have a performance that could set the place on fire in the lives. John says Roderick’s range is stunning and Tate put his personality in it in a great way. John would go with Roderick. Nick says this is a tough one. He says Tate had an urgency and Roderick had an urgency. He loves them both. He has to make a decision which has to be his gut call. The winner of this knock-out is…Roderick! James is playing the guitar while waiting for Team Blake’s next pairing. Blake has paired Cam Sparks vs Todd Tilgham. Cam is going to perform Rumor by Lee Brice. Blake says there’s kind of a pocket and Cam is a little too soft. James says Cam double timing it on some lyrics really adds something. Todd is going to perform Anymore by Travis Tritt. Blake says he might have been a little shaky and he just needs to settle. James gives some arrangement tips to help make it his own. Todd takes the stage first to perform, and then Cam steps up. John says Cam has a lovely voice, but there was a few pitch problems. He was imagining being at Todd’s church and he felt the emotion. Nick says his dad has a similar voice to Todd and he’s a big fan of Cam and he has a vibe. Based on this knock-out, he thinks Todd won. Kelly thinks there’s something cool about Cam’s voice, but Todd gets points on song selection. Blake says it’s crazy to see talent like this that’s undiscovered. Blake says Cam had his foot on the gas more in rehearsal, but Todd came out and found a way to push forward. He makes decisions based on this moment. The winner of this knock-out is…Todd! The final knock-out of the night is from Team John. He has paired Zan Fiskum vs Joanna Serenko. Joanna is going to perform Angel From Montgomery by John Prine (Bonnie Raitt version). James says Joanna has a cool detachment and she brings a modern sound to the song. James wants to find a place to let her get a little bigger so there’s an arc to the song. Zan is going to sing The Story by Brandi Carlile. James says Zan gave herself a major task. John says to express the message to the audience. James says she did it with real control and the high notes are so powerful. Joanna takes the stage first to perform first, and Zan steps up second. Nick says he loves Joanna and he deeply regrets letting her go and there was so much emotion in Zan’s voice. Kelly says Joanna’s voice was so cool and Zan has a freedom. She thinks it’s very even. Blake says he learned more about Joanna vocally today, and Zan is a great singer and artist. He’d probably have to pick Zan. John says it was cool to hear Joanna’s subtleties and Zan’s voice is piercing and beautiful. The winner of this knock-out is…Zan! Joanna thanks John for being an amazing coach and she’s lucky to have gotten this far. Nick hits his button and Blake immediately follows. Nick says he made an argument before about getting back with an ex and Blake says why would you do that? Nick says he’s had a sudden change of heart and he’d love to complete the circle here and get back together with Joanna. Blake says he believed in her the second she stepped on the stage. He didn’t convince her to be on his team and then dump her. It’s time to pick her coach. Joanna says they had a great run, but she needs to move on. She picks Blake!
  25. Tonight, the Face-offs return, and so do the Smackdown! Tonight, four of the top 8 will go head-to-head and at the end of the night, one will be unmasked. Tonight’s guest judge is Yvettte Nicole Brown! The Night Angel vs the Kangaroo are ready to take the stage. Kangaroo says Night Angel’s performances are effortless and Night Angel says Kangaroo has shown true vulnerability. Kangaroo feels like she’s getting stronger and stronger each week and Night Angel says Kangaroo’s strengths are her weakness, but she’s here to stay! Night Angel takes the stage first and she sings Man! I Feel Like a Woman by Shania Twain. Nick says we have some new clues and they found in Night Angel’s bag…a snowglobe, an ostrich, and a crown. She says she gave them these clues so they can stop winging it with their guesses. The bag has a tag that says Boss, and one that says The Boy is Mine. Ken says maybe Taraji P. Henson because she plays a boss in Empire. Nicole says she said Taraji the last couple of weeks, but she’s thinking maybe Keke Palmer. Yvette is thinking maybe a beauty queen, like Vanessa Williams. Kangaroo is now on stage and she performs No Air by Jordan Sparks. Security is bringing out Kangaroo’s bag and it has in it…Big Ben, a record table, red lipstick, and a ship in a bottle. There’s a tag that says first. She says this show is the first time she ever performed in front of anyone. Nicole says she has goosebumps now. She says Kangaroo has a gift as a voice. Robin says he has thought India Arie, but this clue threw him for a loop. He sees the turn table and he thinks it might be Lala Anthony. Ken says someone famously British, maybe someone who was on a Pirate Ship, like Keira Knightley. Nicole is thinking Black Chyna, Rob Kardashian’s ex. Yvette says maybe Ayesha Curry. Now the panel and the audience will vote between Kangaroo and Night Angel. One will be safe, and one will get one final chance in the Smackdown. Night Angel is safe and Kangaroo will be performing in the Smackdown. The next performances are Astronaut vs Turtle. Astronaut says this face-off was inevitable because he and turtle are almost mirror images. They both kept the ladies swooning and now they have to see which one of them will stand out in this heart throb throwdown. Turtle says tonight is all about devastating heart break and he’s had his fair share. Astronaut is up first and he performs If I Can’t Have You by Shawn Mendes. Nicole says Astronaut was really working the stage. Security bring out Astronaut’s bag and the clues inside are…an accordian, an airplane, and the White House. The tag says Warning: Do Not Open. Astronaut says he’s an open book and it’s up to them to “unearth” who he is. Jenny is guessing Ben Platt. Ken thinks someone who’s maybe not so tall. Ken suggests maybe Seth Green. He says he’s friends with Weird Al and he’s did Robot Chicken and voiced many presidents. Nicole says this person performed at the White House and he has a song called The Secret and she suggests Austin Mahone. Turtle performs Let It Go by James Bay. Nicole says this is so hard and Turtle just took them to church with that performance. Security brings out his bag and the clues inside are…cologne, a gavel, a baseball mitt, an arrow, and a passport with a crown on it. The tag that says Never Keep Open This Bag. Turtle says it’s not easy going through security with those spikes. He says take it slow like a turtle and all the clues will fit like a glove. Jenny immediately thought of someone who wore a glove, a guess judge on Rupaul’s Drag Race, maybe Adam Lambert. Yvette says the tag is worded so weirdly, it has to be NKOTB. She thinks Joey McEntire. Ken says he thinks One Direction, and when he says the word slow, he thought Slow Hands, maybe Niall Horan. Time to vote between Astronaut and Turtle! The winner of the face-off is…Turtle! Astronaut will go against Kangaroo in the Smackdown! It’s time for the Smackdown! Kangaroo vs Astronaut! Kangaroo is up first and she performs Hot Stuff by Donna Summer. Astronaut performs Bye Bye Bye by N Sync. Due to severe weather, we did not see the panel’s reactions, but we do know the vote went to Astronaut and the Kangaroo will be unmasked. We don’t see the judges guesses, but we do know Jenny guess Jordyn Woods. The Kangaroo is revealed to be…Jordyn Woods! Kangaroo’s Clue Answers: The wooden model plane in Kangaroo’s package is a clue to Jordyn’s modeling career and her last name Woods. The vine and gramophone in Kangaroo’s package are clues to Jordyn’s huge social media popularity on Vine and Instagram.
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