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  1. Tonight, the Face-offs return, and so do the Smackdown! Tonight, four of the top 8 will go head-to-head and at the end of the night, one will be unmasked. Tonight’s guest judge is Yvettte Nicole Brown! The Night Angel vs the Kangaroo are ready to take the stage. Kangaroo says Night Angel’s performances are effortless and Night Angel says Kangaroo has shown true vulnerability. Kangaroo feels like she’s getting stronger and stronger each week and Night Angel says Kangaroo’s strengths are her weakness, but she’s here to stay! Night Angel takes the stage first and she sings Man! I Feel Like a Woman by Shania Twain. Nick says we have some new clues and they found in Night Angel’s bag…a snowglobe, an ostrich, and a crown. She says she gave them these clues so they can stop winging it with their guesses. The bag has a tag that says Boss, and one that says The Boy is Mine. Ken says maybe Taraji P. Henson because she plays a boss in Empire. Nicole says she said Taraji the last couple of weeks, but she’s thinking maybe Keke Palmer. Yvette is thinking maybe a beauty queen, like Vanessa Williams. Kangaroo is now on stage and she performs No Air by Jordan Sparks. Security is bringing out Kangaroo’s bag and it has in it…Big Ben, a record table, red lipstick, and a ship in a bottle. There’s a tag that says first. She says this show is the first time she ever performed in front of anyone. Nicole says she has goosebumps now. She says Kangaroo has a gift as a voice. Robin says he has thought India Arie, but this clue threw him for a loop. He sees the turn table and he thinks it might be Lala Anthony. Ken says someone famously British, maybe someone who was on a Pirate Ship, like Keira Knightley. Nicole is thinking Black Chyna, Rob Kardashian’s ex. Yvette says maybe Ayesha Curry. Now the panel and the audience will vote between Kangaroo and Night Angel. One will be safe, and one will get one final chance in the Smackdown. Night Angel is safe and Kangaroo will be performing in the Smackdown. The next performances are Astronaut vs Turtle. Astronaut says this face-off was inevitable because he and turtle are almost mirror images. They both kept the ladies swooning and now they have to see which one of them will stand out in this heart throb throwdown. Turtle says tonight is all about devastating heart break and he’s had his fair share. Astronaut is up first and he performs If I Can’t Have You by Shawn Mendes. Nicole says Astronaut was really working the stage. Security bring out Astronaut’s bag and the clues inside are…an accordian, an airplane, and the White House. The tag says Warning: Do Not Open. Astronaut says he’s an open book and it’s up to them to “unearth” who he is. Jenny is guessing Ben Platt. Ken thinks someone who’s maybe not so tall. Ken suggests maybe Seth Green. He says he’s friends with Weird Al and he’s did Robot Chicken and voiced many presidents. Nicole says this person performed at the White House and he has a song called The Secret and she suggests Austin Mahone. Turtle performs Let It Go by James Bay. Nicole says this is so hard and Turtle just took them to church with that performance. Security brings out his bag and the clues inside are…cologne, a gavel, a baseball mitt, an arrow, and a passport with a crown on it. The tag that says Never Keep Open This Bag. Turtle says it’s not easy going through security with those spikes. He says take it slow like a turtle and all the clues will fit like a glove. Jenny immediately thought of someone who wore a glove, a guess judge on Rupaul’s Drag Race, maybe Adam Lambert. Yvette says the tag is worded so weirdly, it has to be NKOTB. She thinks Joey McEntire. Ken says he thinks One Direction, and when he says the word slow, he thought Slow Hands, maybe Niall Horan. Time to vote between Astronaut and Turtle! The winner of the face-off is…Turtle! Astronaut will go against Kangaroo in the Smackdown! It’s time for the Smackdown! Kangaroo vs Astronaut! Kangaroo is up first and she performs Hot Stuff by Donna Summer. Astronaut performs Bye Bye Bye by N Sync. Due to severe weather, we did not see the panel’s reactions, but we do know the vote went to Astronaut and the Kangaroo will be unmasked. We don’t see the judges guesses, but we do know Jenny guess Jordyn Woods. The Kangaroo is revealed to be…Jordyn Woods! Kangaroo’s Clue Answers: The wooden model plane in Kangaroo’s package is a clue to Jordyn’s modeling career and her last name Woods. The vine and gramophone in Kangaroo’s package are clues to Jordyn’s huge social media popularity on Vine and Instagram.
  2. The final night of the battles starts right now! Our first battle of the night is from Team Nick and he has paired Samuel Wilco vs Arei Moon. Nick’s advisors are his brothers Joe and Kevin. It’s Samuel’s birthday and Nick has brought him a cake and they sing happy birthday to him. Nick has given them the song Missing You by John Waite. Kevin says they both have very different tones and you can feel the tension in the song. Joe says they sound good and they should think about the lyrics for the right attitude. Samuel and Arei take the stage for their battle. Kelly says she loved the chemistry and their vibe. She thinks this was an even matched battle. Blake loved that performance. He says Samuel has a big voice and he’s fun to listen to and Arei fills the song with different runs. He’s not going to help Nick. John says he’d give a slight edge to Arei because he felt more power from her voice and he connected to it more. Nick says he loved working with both of them and he hates that he paired them together. The winner of this battle is…Arei! Samuel is going to appreciate everything Nick taught for him and he’s going to use it well. Team Kelly’s advisor is Dua Lipa and Kelly has paired Megan Danielle vs Samantha Howell. Kelly has given them the song Top of the World by Patty Griffin. Dua advises Megan to really commit and Kelly gives some technique advice to Samantha. Dua advises them to use their bodies to express the song and Kelly tells them to be vulnerable. Dua tells them to remember when they perform what the song makes them feel and use that in their performance. At stage rehearsal, Kelly tells them to make the runs sparse because it’s a conversation song. Megan and Samantha take the stage for their performance. Blake says their coach had a lot of confidence in them. Blake says Megan is the shocker to him because her voice is unbelievable and has a lot of strength and power. Blake says he felt like he heard some shaky pitch issues with Samantha. He’d go with Megan. John says Samantha has a cool voice and Megan has a unique voice. Nick says Samantha was incredible and Megan did a great job on expressing the song. Kelly says Samantha has a roundness to her tone and its clarity was cool and Megan sounds raw and she sounded great on the song. The winner of this battle is…Megan! Samantha thanks Kelly and say she’s been watching her since she was a baby and she thanks her for this experience. She steps down and Kelly has used her save on Samantha! Team Blake’s advisor is Bebe Rexha and he has paired Jon Mullins vs Todd Tilgham. Blake has given them the song Ghost in This House by Shenandoah. Blake tells Todd this is supposed to be a sad song so he needs to connect to the song. Blake advises Jon to give some room so it doesn’t sound like they are trying to sing over each other. Blake says this song will come down to whoever can make you feel the emotion. Jon and Todd take the stage for their performance. John loved the emotion they put into the performance. John thought Todd was great and was a four chair turn, but then Jon was a one chair turn and he was so good. Nick says it was a really well executed performance and Jon came out of nowhere and blew them all away. Nick says he’d have to go with Jon. Kelly says she’s a fan of both and it was an even battle. Blake says he made a huge, monumental mistake by pairing them together and that’s Jon’s credit. He thanks Jon for putting in the work. He has a gut feeling here and make a decision. The winner of this battle is Todd! Jon thanks Blake for all of his hard work and dedication and Nick hits his steal button! Nick says he’s so grateful that he got to steal him. We now check in with Team John and his advisor Ella Mai. John has paired Zan Fiskum vs Brittney Allen. John has given them the song Closer to Fine by Indigo Girls. John says Zan’s tone sounds gorgeous. She says there are parts of the song she really connects to. John says Brittney has a powerful voice and she’s making some great choices. Zan and Brittney take the stage for their performance. Nick says that was so unexpected and he love the comraderie between Zan and Brittney and that was enjoyable to see them work together. Kelly says it was so effortless and beautiful and that was a magical moment. Blake says Brittney’s voice is very pointed and clear and rigid, and Zan had an overall better performance. He’d probably go with Zan. John says Brittney took the song and made it feel like her own and she has a clear, powerful voice. He says Zan has a magical tone and precision and execution. He thinks this is the best performance they’ve seen today. The winner of this battle is…Zan! Brittney thanks John and says she suffered from stage fright and she’s blossoming out of her shell. Team Kelly and Dua Lipa work together with Kelly’s next pairing, Sara Collins vs Mandi Thomas. Kelly has given them the song My Baby Loves Me by Martina McBride. Dua says Mandi was amazing because she has a big voice and it’s raspy and she has confidence. Kelly says she has noticed they had some pitch issues. Kelly gives them some tips for breath control. Sara and Mandi take the stage for their performance. Blake says there were a couple of notes at the end that didn’t quite get there from Sara. Blake says Mandi sounded good on that song. He would pick Mandi. John says they both sounded great and he enjoyed watching them. John says Sara has a piercing voice and she sounded more like a country singer. Nick says Sara’s voice is thinner than Mandi’s, but Mandi sold that performance and she has so much variety in her voice. Kelly says Mandi’s background helps her blend really well and Sara’s voice does cut through. The winner of this battle is…Mandi! Jules vs Taylor Green from Team Kelly were next and they perform Water Under the Bridge by Adele. Kelly’s winner is…Taylor! Nick’s last pairing was Kevin Farris vs Jacob Miller and they performed the song Lights Up by Harry Styles. Nick’s winner is…Jacob! Our final battle is from Team John and he has paired Thunderstorm Artis vs Cedrice. John has given them the song Stay by Rihanna. Ella Mai says Cedrice has a powerful and rich voice, and Thunderstorm has an amazing voice. John advises Thunderstorm to find moments to be vulnerable and express that. John advises Cedrice to stay true to the melody at the start. John gives them some stage tips so it seems intimate but not confrontational. Thunderstorm and Cedrice take the stage for the final battle. Nick says this was one of the battle he was looking forward to seeing and that was out of this world. Nick says Cedrice never stepped out of her comfort zone and tried to compete and she sold it. He’s blown away. Nick says Thunderstorm came out and sang his…off. That was unbelievable. Nick would have to go with Thunderstorm. Kelly says they made each other sound better but she couldn’t keep her eyes off Cedrice. She was captivating. Blake says Cedrice has something magical about her and she’s super talented. Blake says Thunderstorm will live up to his name. He says it’s hard not to pick Thunderstorm because of his name. John says the coaches are inspired by them also. John says Cedrice should be on stage and Thunderstorm has one of the most special voices he’s ever been around. He says they both sounded incredible and harmonized beautifully. The winner of this battle is… Thunderstorm! Cedrice is available to steal. She thanks John for the opportunity and she thanks all the coaches for going through the hardships they’ve experienced to be there for the artists. Blake hits his button and steals Cedrice! Next week the Knockouts begin and the mentor is…James Taylor!
  3. Now the cream of the crop from all three groups come together! From Group A: Turtle, Kangaroo, and White Tiger. From Group B: Kitty, Banana, and Frog. From Group C: Night Angel, Astronaut, and Rhino. It’s finally time for the Super 9! All three groups will perform and the singer with the fewest votes in each group will be in danger of being unmasked! Tonight’s guest judge is…Snoop Dogg. But then we get an April Fool’s! It’s a friend of Nick’s. He says they are going to do this all episode. We have a Group A bonus clue: 15.4 Million Combined Instagram Followers. Group B is next and their bonus clue is all have been interviewed by Oprah. Group C is last and they have 7 grammy nominations combined. Turtle is kicking things off: There will be one super clue at the end. Turtle’s super clue is: A comic book that says The Amazing Adventures of Shellboy. Who’s the Hero Under the Mask? And it’s priced at $10.15. He says this is not another teeny clue. He takes the stage and performs Higher Love by Steve Winwood. Jenny says what a way to open the show! Nicole says he moves so naturally on the stage and he has a nice falsetto and a lot of range. Nick says each singer is going to tell them something they are not. Turtle says he’s not known for just one thing. Robin says they’ve been going through boy banders and he thinks Drew Lachey. Ken thinks it’s a Backstreet Boys, Bryan Littrell. Ken says there’s a comic book in the package and the Backstreet Boys were part of comic created by Stan Lee. Nicole says listening to the voice she was thinking boy band, but she’s thinking Nick Lachey. Jenny says she thought that, but now she feels the super hero clue. She thinks Chris Evans maybe because he was in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The Kangaroo is up next and her super clue is: she has an inflatable kangaroo and says alright dolls, do you know who I am now? Kangaroo takes the stage and sings Not Ready to Make Nice by Dixie Chicks. Ken says she’s obviously been through so much and this show seems like therapy for her. Kangaroo says she may be a kangaroo, but she’s never lived in Australia. Jenny says the clue drama queen made her think reality star and she heard the clue Wiz so she thought Wiz Khalifa, so she thinks Amber Rose. Nicole says she thinks they had a grammy and vilified in the press and she thinks Leann Rimes. Robin says he’s going to completely flip the script. He thinks he toured with this person and he thinks India Arie. White Tiger is up next! His super clue is: He does the floss and then imitates shooting a basketball and says swish. He takes the stage and performs I’m Too Sexy by Right Said Fred. Nicole says she loves White Tiger. He’s brave and bold. Jenny says he’s so fun. He’s too sexy and too fun! White Tiger says he’s not just brawns, he’s brains. He’s even wrote a best selling book. Ken says in the clue package there was a light bulb like a watt and he is thinking JJ Watt. Jenny says Swish is a Katy Perry video and they saw a clam, she thinks it’s Rob Gronkowski. Nicole doesn’t know about Rob, but she’s thinking it could be Joe Macaroni from Magic Mike, Joe Manganiello. Nick brings out a cutout of Ken. The audience will now vote for their favorite Group A performer. The singer with the least amount of votes will be placed in the bottom three. The singer with the fewest votes is…White Tiger! He’s in the bottom three, but there will be another vote at the end of the show! Time to move on to group B. Kitty is up first and her super clue is: She brings out the Christmas tree from last season and says Christmas is truly the best time of the year. She takes the stage and performs It’s All Coming Back to Me Now by Celine Dion. Jenny says she has a voice. Robin says she’s put on upbeat performances but that was just great singing. Kitty says was NOT dreaming when Robert Redford helped her to get her very first role. Nicole says some of the clues went to clothing design and she thought it would be Nicole Richie. Jenny says based off the clues, maybe Vanessa Hudgens because she has a Christmas movie on Netflix. Robin says there was a clue that said Freak Flag Fly, so maybe American Horror Story Freak Show, so maybe Emma Roberts. Ken says maybe Avril Lavigne. Banana is next and his super clue is: you might be a kindred spirit if you ever rocked one of these and it’s a mullet. He takes the stage and performs Sweet Home Alabama by Lynyrd Skynyrd. Nicole loves his energy and that was a great performance. Banana says blue collar has many, many meanings. When he says blue collar, he’s a funny guy, but not stand-up funny. Jenny wonders if he’s in a hair band and maybe Bret Michaels. Ken says it could be Brad Paisley. Nicole is also going to stick with Brad Paisley. Robin is going to change it up and he thinks it could be Billy Ray Cyrus. Frog is the final singer from Group B. His super clue is: It’s a statue of a knight in armor and he says Ken can stop being wrong, wrong, wrong. Frog takes the stage and sings Jump Jump by Kris Kross. Jenny says she got her cardio in during that song. It was amazing. Frog is actually not a trained dancer at all. Do you feel me baby? Ken says he took umbrage when he said Ken was wrong and he thinks Sisqo. Robin says he thinks this guy is an amazing dancer and performer and he was in B2K, plus a knife. He thinks it’s Omarion. Jenny says this person played basketball for the Trojans, so maybe Lil Romeo. The singer with the fewest votes is…Banana! Banana is in the bottom three and in danger of being unmasked. It’s time for Group C. Up first is Night Angel and her super clue is: a tricycle. She says she’d rather cruise on by with a tricky clue. Night Angel takes the clue and performs Rise Up by Andra Day. Ken says that was the strongest vocals they heard today. No jokes, nothing but love. Robin says what’s special about her, they like to stay with the up tempo or stay with ballads, but she kills both. Night Angel says she’s not just a voice, she’s a mogul. Robin says another singer came to mind, plus a clue of grandma gangsters and four of them and he thinks Tamar Braxton. Nicole says Tamar can sang. Jenny says she first thought of Brandy, because she has a song called Angel in Disguise. Ken says it reminded him of someone he works with on his own show. He thinks it could be Tisha Campbell. Rhino is up next and his super clue is: It’s a slot machine and he says they all know he’s a risk taker, but it’s not all he means. He performs What a Man Gotta Do by Jonas Brothers. Jenny says there is something soothing about his voice. Rhino says he’s not literally as tall as they think he is. Jenny thinks he’s pretty tool and she’s not sure if she believes that. Nicole says she thought it was Ryan Lochte, but maybe it’s a country singer and she thinks it’s Vince Gill. Robin thinks it someone who was a lead guitarist, maybe it’s Duff McKagan. Jenny thinks Derek Jeter because he’s married to a Victoria’s secret angel. Our last singer is Astronaut and his super clue is: a cracked record. He sings Never Gonna Give You Up by Rick Astley. Ken says that cover was amazing. Nicole says she loves him so much. She thinks he’s breaking records tonight. Astronaut says not as much what I’m not but maybe what I’m never. He’s never had traditional voice training. Jenny says they saw the circle of life and he knows sign language, and the French horn, and two dice with fives, she thinks David Archuleta. Ken says that’s wrong and he’s going to steal Will’s guess from last week and he thinks it’s JC Chasez. Nicole says it’s not JC. She’s going to go out on a limb and try someone new. Ryan Tedder. It’s time to vote! The singer that will be in the bottom three is…Rhino! The panel decides of the three bottom singers who will go home. Banana WILL sing another day! And the final singer who gets to keep their mask on is…Rhino! White Tiger will be unmasked. Time for final guesses! Robin says he watches sports religiously and he’s seen him dance and he thinks it’s Rob Gronkowski. Nicole doesn’t think it’s him. She’s thinking the clams and a wrestler so she’s thinking John Cena. Ken thought that at first, but after the light bulbs and the brother and watching JJ Watt on SNL, he thinks it’s JJ Watt. Jenny says she saw clams, and then wicked good time and quarter and then Donnie would love this. She says he’s right, Donnie does love him, it’s Rob Gronkowski! It’s time to unmask the White Tiger and he is…Rob Gronkowski! The White Tiger’s clue answers: White Tiger shooting baskets in his package is a clue to his appearance in Katy Perry’s Swish Swish video. He says he always loved dancing. The horse pinata is a nod to his racehorse, who is also named Gronkowski. The “Wild World of Cats” book in his package hints to his alma mater team, The University of Arizona Wildcats. Ken wants to know about the butter clue and Rob says it was a Pat of butter, for the pats. A cow going skiing like Gronkowski. Next we the first half of the eight will perform in the return of their Smackdowns.
  4. On February 29, 2020, 16 people entered the house and this game became their whole world. But then suddenly the real world became surreal and just as they were getting started it was over. Sometimes the hardest thing to do is the right thing to do. Now these 12 will walk out of the house and into the unknown together…just like all of us. March 23, 2020 at 4:47 PM, we see clips of the HG playing the game and them being called to the LR. Erin says they have difficult news to share and informed them the government of Ontario ordered a total shut down of all non-essential businesses and they have to end the production of the show this year. The HG are very quiet and emotional. Erin thanks each of them for being a part of this season and they realize this must be crushing, but they have been a distraction for Canadians and they should be proud of that. They will spend one last night together. They need to bring them back to the real world and they’ll always be part of the Big Brother Canada family. Hira says this sucks it’s a dream and Brooke is crying and being consoled by Sheldon. Rianne says she’s sick about it that this is the way this ending. She’s nervous to go out in the real world and she’s nervous to hear about her hospital. Her heart goes out to nurses. Brooke is so upset and she walks away and Sheldon goes to the HOH room. Chris and Susanne are talking and they are glad they met each other. Angie hugs Minh-ly and Angie says the time for games is over and that’s ok. Vanessa says a million things are running through her mind right now. She comes from nothing, and to be the first person from her province brings her so much pride. Vanessa says something she didn’t tell anyone in this house, four days before she left her captain who fishes side-by-side with every day took his own life and she almost didn’t come. She’s proud of herself for even just being here. She hopes she made him proud. Hira is emotional and crying. He says he never thought he would have gotten this opportunity and he’s proud of himself for fighting hard and he hopes people don’t let anything change them. It was hard leaving his daughter, but he wants to keep things in perspective. Sheldon and Brooke are in the have-not room. Brooke says there are bigger things happening, but this is the biggest dream she ever had in her life. She’s wanted this since she was a little kid and she gave everything to be here. She’s grateful that she was here, but it’s just too soon. Sheldon say she can’t find the silver lining. He really did commit to this. He’s a tough, stoic guy, but he doesn’t know the words. This was something he really, really cared about and it’s going to take awhile to recover from this. Sheldon says there’s definitely worse things going on and it’s tough to imagine it. March 23 8:22 PM Maddy says this was a dream to be part of this show and it’s crumbling before her eyes. She’s going to miss the game and the people in it. Rianne comes in to comfort her in the have-not room. They are all gathering to eat Chinese food. John Luke says he was holding back that he was very smart and was valedictorian. Vanessa tells everyone about KVBS. Sheldon reveals he’s a pro-wrestler. Hira wants to know what Chris does and he says he’s a neuroscientist and works in hypnosis. Minh wants to tell some stuff to Vanessa after they leave and she can’t wait. She says they’re too incriminating to say on TV. Sheldon is sitting by the wall where it says One Hero Will Rise and Brooke says that’s disappointing. Sheldon says he will really miss all these people. The HG are getting ready for bed and Maddy is giving hugs. 7:27 AM The Final Day Chris says waking up today is really surreal. The house was starting to feel like home and now they will all be leaving. Vanessa looks out into the backyard. Vanessa says Carol and her were talking and they only had one eviction. Brooke asked Carol what her biggest take away is and she says that they are all human. Carol says she’s truly blessed to have met and learned from all of these individuals. Hira says having no sense of time made him value time. He says you learn not to take advantage of the little things. John Luke is in a pink and black short outfit and Rianne says beautiful dude. Sheldon tells Carol that regardless of how the week was going to turn out, it was just a game. They open the doors to the nomination room and they all go look at their busts. Minh says it looks like a wax museum. Sheldon is explaining what their process was to nominate people. Vanessa wants to know if they can keep them. March 24, 2020 12:24 PM. Arisa comes on the screen and she greets them and tells them she’s at home. She knows it’s been a trying few days and very emotional. She knows this isn’t how they wanted the season to end, but it was one percent the right thing to do. Arisa wants to leave them with a look at some of their good times and she shows them clips of themselves moving in. Of Maddy meeting Michael, of Jamar kissing Minh, Chris not recognizing his mom. Arisa says they must be wondering about the grand prize. Obviously, there is no winner of Season 8, so they’ve decided to donate the prize money to pandemic relief. Arisa says their families are all safe and healthy and she wants them to hear it from their families and they all get clips from home. John Luke says it’s a bittersweet day in this house, and it sucks to have this taken away. Rianne says it feels so so weird right now. March 24, 2020 1:36 PM Carol is told it’s time for her to leave the Big Brother house and she has time to say her goodbyes. She hugs everyone and says this was a huge dream that so many people don’t get to experience. And regardless of any trials and tribulations she experienced, she would never trade the friends she made in this game. She heads out the door. ‘ 2:13 PM Rianne, Maddy, and John Luke are all told they can leave the house. Maddy says Evictors Assemble. Hugs begin. Rianne says it’s been a crazy season. What a weird season of Big Brother. She just can’t even. Maddy says this has definitely been a journey for her. A once in a lifetime opportunity. They are just a group of people who have their differences but at the end of the day they love each other. She thinks that’s what Big Brother is all about. She’s not ready to leave though. John Luke says it is kind of scary to step out into the real world when you’ve been in quarantine for 24 days. But he has faith in Canada and the world to fight COVID-19. Chris says he’s going to miss his girls Susanne the most. She’s a sweetheart. Susanne is going to miss Chris the most. He says he was a cool guy. Susanne says Chris would have won this game and says she never won an HOH and Chris says they didn’t get many chances. Chris says they’ll be close outside for sure. Susanne says she has his back in life and in here. Angie comes in and Susanne says this was your dream too right? Angie says she quit her job for this. Angie is told it’s time for her to leave. She says this game is not what people think it is. She says you need strength and confidence in yourself and people just don’t understand how difficult it is. This was a true dream and she’s proud of herself for just doing it. Angie walks out the door. March 24, 2020 4:47 PM The remaining HG are just waiting to be the next. Hira asks Minh if she thought she was a hero or a villain and she says the villain. Hira says he was the hero. He feels like he represented himself the best he could. He’s super Hira and he’s proud of it. Hira is told he can leave. Hira gives hugs to everyone and he heads out the door. Chris says he was one of the people in the game who got a chance to leave his mark. He was in danger week one but he just started moving up. Chris and Susanne, it’s time to go. They give out hugs. Susanne says it’s super sad to see a dream of her to come to an end. She’s sad she couldn’t see this through, and she’ll never know if she had a good game or not. They head out the door. March 24, 2020 6:18 PM Vanessa is the next to leave. She goes down to give hugs and get her bag. She heads upstairs and says Big Brother, goodbye, I love you. Minh can’t believe it’s over. She thought about backing out of this. Brooke says she’s a tough chick and doesn’t take crap and she’s kind too. Minh is told she can leave next. She says she is so impressed by them. She doesn’t want to leave. Sheldon and Brooke sit on the nomination couch. Sheldon says he wanted to be here for so long. This was literally the dream. Sheldon says this feels like this is where they were supposed to be. Brooke keeps looking at Sheldon and they hug and comfort each other and it’s now their turn to leave the Big Brother house. They sit there a bit longer. Brooke says she would say she is so proud because she tried so hard. This is the biggest heart break of her life. But as much as she’s upset about the missed potential, she’s grateful to have this opportunity. Sheldon says this is really going to be rough to get over. He fell in love with this game a few years back and he truly believes he could have stayed another 1000 days. Brooke doesn’t know what her relationship with Sheldon outside of the game looks like but she absolutely cares about him. They give a very long hug at the door and look at the house. Sheldon kisses his hand and then pats the floor and they exit through the door and we get shots of the empty house.
  5. Our first battle is between Jacob Daniel Murphy vs Toneisha Harris from Team Blake and they are performing Good as Hell by Lizzo. John wants to recognize Jacob and Toneisha for doing so well. They can sang. John says Jacob has a great voice and Toneisha has the skill for the finale. Nick says he’s surprised Blake knows this song. Nick says Toneisha is incredible and Jacob has a great voice. Kelly says Jacob is a firecracker. Kelly says the way the played off each was so awesome. Blake says this is horrible because it was so great. He says Toneisha is phenomenal and she truly is a phenomenon. And Jacob controlled the stage and the audience and he’s the reason it was a great battle. Carson says Blake you have a tough choice here. Who’s the winner? Blake says he has to do what he has to do here and the winner is Toneisha! Jacob is available to steal. He thanks Blake for taking a chance on him. We’re checking in with Dua Lipa and Kelly Clarkson. Kelly has paired Micah Iverson vs Gigi Hess. They are going to sing Someone You Loved by Lewis Capaldi. Dua advises them to put some bravado on the big note. She thinks this battle will come to down to confidence. Kelly is working with them at the stage rehearsal and she advises them to take advantage of the intimate moments. Micah and Gigi take the stage for their performance. Blake says they clearly had an affect on the audience. He says Gigi hit some notes that soared and then Micah came back with his notes. He says he might go with Gigi because he didn’t expect it. John loves their chemistry together. He loves Micah’s chest voice and Gigi has a clear voice and he would lean toward Micah. Nick says this was a tough song to sing and he felt Micah had a little more confidence and was more sure. Kelly says Gigi has a brokenness that is kind of beautiful and she loves Micah’s falsetto. The time has come for the winner of the battle. Kelly says this is the hardest but she’s going to go with Micah! Gigi thanks Kelly for seeing something special in her and the experience. Kelly tells her she’s not only a great singer, but an awesome human. We’re going to check in with Team John and his advisor Ella Mai. John has paired Mandi Castillo vs Cammwess. They are going to perform Senorita by Camillo Cabello and Shawn Mendes. Ella says Cammwess’s tone is very clear and Mandi’s voice is beautiful and she has nice tone. John says he loves Cammwess’s flavor. His only concern is he wants their harmonies and interactions at the end to be more together. Ella tells them to have fun with it. Ella says if Cam brings the softness, he could win, but if Mandi brings the attitude she could take it. Nick says he was really impressed and he’s a big fan and believer in Mandi but Cammwess blew him away. Kelly has a musical crush on Mandi and Cam did a really stellar job. She would go with Mandi. Blake says they all expected Mandi to come out and kill it and she did. And Cam’s presence is on stage is super cool and he’d probably go with Cam on this one. John says they are both fantastic singers. Mandi has a clear voice and will fit in pop. Cam has a similar style to John and does runs that seem effortless. John says they are both really fantastic. The winner of this battle is…Mandi! Cammwess says it was very cool to get runs and stuff from him and he thanks him for the experience. Kelly hits her button to steal! Kelly says she loves John Legend, so she loves him too. We’re going to check in with Team Blake again and Bebe Rexha. Blake has paired Kailey Abel vs Cam Sparks and he gave them the song What Ifs by Kane Brown featuring Lauren Alaina. Bebe tells Cam he needs to relax. She says if they both let loose they will deliver an incredible performance. Blake says Cam has to be open minded enough to tackle this song. Bebe says Kailey sounded so good and she could really live in this world. Blake says the winner of this battle will be whoever proves they are comfortable in a song they wouldn’t normally fit in. Kailey and Cam take the stage for their performance. John says Kailey was on fire up there and Cam is a great vocalist. He’d lean towards Cam. Nick says that was a good song choice. He thought Kailey was the pace car, but Cam kept coming and delivered in a big way. Kelly loves Kailey’s passion and Cam had her with the boots and the hat. Kelly thought Cam nailed that song. She would go with Cam. Blake says the song was completely not what they do and they both stepped up to the plate and put the work in. The winner of this battle is…Cam! Kailey says she is out of her mind grateful to each and every one of them. Time to check in with Nick Jonas and his brothers Kevin and Joe. Nick has paired Anders Drerup vs Tate Brusa and they are going to sing Circles by Post Malone. Nick says it feels disjointed and Kevin says they seem like they are in their own little worlds. Nick says Anders bravado is really nice. Joe tells them to have fun with it because it’s a fun song. Joe says Anders was the standout. Anders and Tate take the stage. Kelly says Anders has a big voice that so powerful and Tate has a cool rasp. Their voices are so different. She’s more inclined to lean towards Tate. Blake agrees with Kelly. Blake says Anders voice is so clear and strong and Tate has a rawness. He’d go with Tate. John agrees with everyone. He thought they were really excellent. He thinks Anders is a more gifted vocalist, and Tate has a limited range but an interesting tone. He would lean towards Anders. Nick thought they were both great. Nick says he pushed Anders and he did his thing. Nick says Tate is a phenomenal singer and he’s drawn towards him. He has to make a tough decision here. The winner of this battle is…Tate! Our final battle of the night is from Team John. John has paired Darious Lyles vs Nelson Cade III and they are going to perform the song Come Together by The Beatles. John says Darious leaned into the song right away. John says Nelson’s voice is raspy in a beautiful way. Ella says she’s so excited for them and she would love to be there to see it. Nick says that was a phenomenal performance. They lit the stage on fire. He doesn’t know who he would pick because they are both so great. Kelly says they made it interesting and fun. She says Nelson has a really cool rasp but Darious was so solid. She would go with Nelson. Blake says this is a tough one for John because they are similar in their sound. He would go with Darious. John says he was so proud. That was one of the most entertaining performances. He says that was fantastic. John says this is really difficult for him. He thinks he’s made a decision. The winner of this battle is…Darious! Nelson is available to steal or save. He says it’s been an honor to work with John. He’ll always cherish this. He steps down and John saves Nelson!
  6. Tonight, we’ll see the four remaining singers from Group C and find out which three will complete the super 9. Tonight, Will Arnett will be joining the panel as a guest judge. We’re kicking things off with a group performance. They perform Let’s Get Loud by Jennifer Lopez. The clues today come from people the singers have built close relationships with. Night Angel: Becoming the night angel has become so therapeutic. She’s been doing this since she was a teen, but she’s never felt so free as she does under the mask. Here’s a friend from high school : We see someone with a disco ball as a head. He says night angel had to juggle balancing school with her dreams so she missed out on a lot. Like senior prom. But one thing she was determined not to miss was earning her diploma. Their graduation conflicted with a huge career opportunity for her but she refused to miss that day. Because that’s just night angel. She always stayed true to herself regardless of the fame that came her way. So get out there and shout your talent from that stage. The clues we seen from Night Angel were a rotary phone and a quiz with an A+. Night Angel takes the stage and performs Shout by The Isley Brothers. Jenny thinks she will go to the super 9 and she thinks she’ll win. Robin says he knows that voice, but he can’t place it yet. Outstanding. Night Angel says every time she steps on stage she’s a bundle of nerves. She’s getting more and more confident. Night Angel has an interesting connection with one of the panelists. They are using lego clues and hers says Good Times and it’s with Jenny. She’s heard Jenny says Night Angel’s name often on her show. Jenny thinks this is someone she interviewed and she seen a heart that said Unbreak My Heart and she thinks Toni Braxton. Nicole says Taraji P. Henson was in Hidden Figures and she can sing. That’s who she thinks it is. Will Arnett says she had to juggle school and chasing her dream and he thinks Mayim Bialik. Then he says maybe it’s Janet Jackson because she played Penny in Good Times. Astronaut: When he started this journey, he never knew how at home he would feel in this space suit. It makes him kind of forget he’s still only human. But here’s his bro pilot: Astro is a great captain. He knows how to lead a clue. But sometimes he can be a total space cadet. One time in front of a thousand people he took a nosedive and fell flat on his face. Anyone else would have said bye bye bye and called it quits. But not astro. He got right back up. No stumble can stop him from reach the moon. And the same goes for that golden mask. Clues we seen Astronaut’s package: Coffee cup and beans, two dice with two fives, and a little bridge. Astronaut takes the stage and sings Shape of You by Ed Sheeran. Nicole says he’s just getting better and better each week. Nicole says he’s definitely in her super nine. He says he’s showed different parts of his heart in each performance. If he makes it to the super nine, he’ll make sure the world sees his whole heart. The lego clue says Mall and it’s Nicole. Astronaut says remember when they were both together to celebrate a huge birthday. Ken says this is very fascinating. He says the dice totaled ten which was Pearl Jam’s album name. Maybe it’s Eddie Vedder. Will says the dice, he thought maybe there were five members of ‘N Sync and maybe it’s JC Chasez. Robin says there was a clue of a bridge and he says this talented man walked across a tight rope and this guy was in G.I. Joe and he thinks it’s Joseph Gordon Levitt. T-Rex is up next: She says she’s been working her tail off in this competition. T-Rex’s Coach: He’s spent a lot time with T-Rex. She subscribes to the idea there is no off day. She has never met anyone so meticulous, especially someone her age. She’s such a perfectionist and she has fans of all ages and she knows how to win over a crowd. So TT, do your thing. Clues we seen in T-Rex’s package: We see a boomerang and a mini golf hole and nachos and fish sticks with glitter on it, and a pair of lips and a green army tank. T-Rex takes the stage and sings Jai Ho (You are My Destiny) by A.R. Rahman and The Pussycat Dolls. Nicole loved that. T-Rex says at the Masked Singer you’re judged by your performance and not by your name and she’s stayed every night passed midnight to make sure it was perfect. The lego clue says poodle and it’s with Will Arnett. They are connected through Lego Batman. Will says Zoe Kravitz, and he names a couple others from the movie. He says it shows a lot of discipline, maybe a gymnast, maybe Gaby Douglas. Jenny thinks she’s taller than Gaby. She started at Maddie Ziegler, but there’s a lot of Kardashian clues and Boomerang is a hit song and she thinks it’s Jojo Siwa. Nicole agrees. Ken says that’s wrong. He noticed all the food and now he thinks it’s Honey BooBoo. The Rhino is the last singer to go! Rhine says being here is very humbling. His college roommate says Rhino was the first person he met in college. They both had never surfed before, but they wanted to try it out. They thought it would be a walk in the park, but when they hit the waves they were terrible at it. For him, it was hopeless, but Rhino kept at it and became a beast out there. The babes couldn’t resist his sic moves. But real talk, that’s just Rhino. If he wants to accomplish something he’ll outwork anyone. He might look like a tough beast but trust me he’s a total softie who wears his heart on his sleeve. He knows how important this is to him, so he hopes he rides this wave all the way. Clues we seen in Rhino’s package were an arrow and three quarters, a cowboy hat, a Missouri outline with a crown on it. Rhino takes the stage and sings Tracks of My Tears by Smokey Robinson and the Miracles. Jenny says for such a big guy he has her with all the feels. He’s had some painful lows in his past and this show is such a blessing for him. Lego clue says 1000 and he says he and Robin think alike and they are on the same track…literally. Robin can’t connect it to the clues, but maybe it’s Will Ferrell. Ken says looking from the clue package, there was surfing and waves like watching Baywatch, so maybe David Hasselhoff. Robin says David Hasselhoff does have a world record. Will was thinking of the movie 1917, and he thought about the director, and he thinks maybe it’s himself. The singer who will be unmasked tonight is…T-Rex. We pause for a second and it’s time for final guesses! Jenny says she did an amazing job. Initially she thought Maddie Ziegler, but with the Kardashian references she thinks it’s Jojo Siwa. Nicole is with Jenny on this one. Kenny thought it was Kourtney Kardashian, but now he thinks Robin had a point last week and he thinks it’s Liza Koshy. Robin thought Liza Koshy, but after listening to Jenny and Nicole and he agrees with them about Jojo Siwa. Will says at first he thought Gaby Douglas, but The Lego Batman connection might be a skater, Tara Lipinsky. T-Rex is unmasked and it is…Jojo Siwa! T-Rex’s clue answer: The candy lips and toy cannon in the package are clues to Jojo hosting “Lip Sync Battle Shorties” with Nick Cannon. The U-shaped balloon in T-rex’s package is a clue to her ten million YouTube followers. The compass rose is a reference to Jojo famously babysitting Kim Kardashian’s daughter, North West. She was at the world premiere of The Lego Batman movie and she was wearing her poodle shoes.
  7. Arisa comes on and has a message for viewers. When they started season 8 three weeks ago, they could not have seen the unfortunate events that would be coming up. The provincial government has ordered all non-essential businesses closed because of COVID-19 and that includes Big Brother Canada production. They will be closing the season with two episodes: tonight’s episode, which was recorded before the shut down, and next week’s episode for an emotional good-bye. Previously, on Big Brother Canada, Sheldon won HOH and Carol said she wants to go home. But she doesn’t want to self-evict, she wants to be voted out. Susanne and Angie got frustrated by the lack of game play because of everyone being expelled or wanting to quit. Sheldon followed through with Carol’s wishes on nomination day and put up Carol with Minh next to her covering his bases. We pick up after the nomination ceremony on Day 21. Carol is relieved that Sheldon stuck to his word. After the first POV comp, she didn’t think she’d last one more day. She’s glad she lasted a full month and she’s glad the house is going to honor her wishes and send her out the door to her family. Sheldon says this is his second HOH and he can’t get anything done because of the nonsense around the house. If Carol wants to leave, then she needs to self-evict. But he really wants Minh to go. Minh says she’s been on the block twice now and they keep trying to get rid of her, but she’s here to stay. Carol says she’s excited to leave in five days and see and talk to her daughter. She didn’t think she’d feel this way because she’s the strongest person she knows. Rianne says it’s hard to sympathize with someone who takes the opportunity for granted. Rianne says she hijacked Sheldon’s HOH and made herself a target. Rianne is going to head upstairs. Minh goes to talk to Sheldon. Minh says they have a complicated relationship and she thinks he saw that she was a damsel in distress and she feels like Sheldon loves her. She thanks him for putting her on the block and allowing her to play veto. Sheldon says they are going through the process of trying to come together. Sheldon says if he was watching her on TV, he for sure would be cheering for her. Minh says diss me, then compliment me, then diss me. She said she knows he does it because she likes it. Brooke comes in to get her water bottle and Minh spins as she walks by to leave and Brooke says style points! Brooke asks Sheldon what they are going to do this week? Sheldon is venting about Carol and wants to know why she won’t just self-evict. He says people are getting behind her and are ok with honoring her wishes. Sheldon is regretting giving his all to win that HOH and Brooke says she hates to say she told him so. Sheldon says the only thing we can say is we are one person closer to making it to final two. Minh is talking to Chris and she says he’s so diplomatic and she is not. Chris says they aren’t in the real world and they are playing a game. Minh says she’s used to doing whatever she wants. Chris is going to coach her and keep her calm and under the radar because you never know when he might need her. Chris says she needs to turn the knob down and she says sometimes it’s good to have it turned up. Chris says she’s a cool chick, but it’s a marathon, not a sprint. John Luke is complaining about being on slop. He says this is his first time as a have-not and it sucks. Susanne is complaining about slop and Brooke comforts her and says John Luke is doing much better than Susanne is. Minh tells Rianne and Maddy that she wants Susanne out of the house because she’s so whiny about being on slop and it’s only been a day. Minh reminds them the others wanted them out. Maddy says Minh has lied to her before, but she has a point and if they can work together it would be good. Maddy says they could work together and Minh says Susanne needs to go next week. Minh is talking to Sheldon and Brooke and she tells them she left home when she was 14. She tells us she feels like she has a tough exterior and it’s because of things she’s been through. She says she’s ran away and then got put in foster care and ran away from that too. She’s lived in group homes over the years. Brooke and Sheldon thank her for sharing and Sheldon says she’s tough because of what she went through. Rianne says there are two sides emerging in the house and people caught in the middle, like Angie, are becoming more and more important. They are talking in the Expedia room. Rianne asks her who she wouldn’t want to win HOH and Angie says Minh. Rianne says Angie wouldn’t be a target though if she won because Minh is mad at others. Rianne says she wouldn’t want Vanessa to win. Angie says Vanessa could be a wild card. It’s Day 22 and John Luke has 2 wooden spoons that he’s hitting together and Rianne spells out Big Brother. It’s time to draw players for the veto competition! Sheldon has decided not to play in the POV competition because he doesn’t want to make his target bigger. Minh and Carol join Sheldon. Sheldon draws Hira. Carol draws Chris. Minh draws Vanessa. The host will be John Luke. Carol and Vanessa are in the color comic room and Minh comes in. Minh says it’s funny she chose Vanessa huh? They talk about Chris playing too and they have some strong competitors in this game. Minh says if she wins POV, maybe she doesn’t use it? Minh tells us who wins veto and doesn’t use it? Of course she’ll take herself down. Carol and Vanessa both tell Minh she has to use the veto and make Sheldon get more blood on his hands. Hira says he has to get Minh off the block. Susanne and Chris are there and Susanne says Hira should take Carol off the block and send Minh home. Chris says yeah, Carol. Sorry girl. Hira says he would do that. Get Carol out the right way. They are dressed up like executioners and Minh says she’s hoping there is a guillotine. Carol says this is a perfect costume for her because she’s executing herself this week. John Luke says they’ll pick up a cannon ball and walk across the draw bridge and rest a cannon ball in one of the divots. But if a cannon ball falls, they’ll have to go back and try again. The first to get them all will win the POV! Minh says everyone is telling her she’s safe, but if she wins she can take herself off the block and force Sheldon to get more blood on his hands. Carol says if she can win, then she can keep noms the same. She’ll be the first person to win it and not use it on themselves. Minh is working on her second cannon ball. Vanessa is working on her first. She says last week she had to throw it. But she doesn’t want to play that way and she wants to redeem herself and show she came to win. Hira says this may not be an important win this week for him, but he wants to build a resume and win as much as he can. Hira has four balls. Carol is working on her second ball. Carol says she doesn’t have it in her to just sit down and not participate. She’s not a quitter. She will do her part. Chris is catching up with Hira and he says it’s important to be seen as a strong, stable player. Hira has to reset and Chris has moved into the lead. Chris is struggling with his cannon balls and he loses one and has to reset also. Carol is at 4. Vanessa has five but they roll around. She saves them. Minh has taken the lead, but her cannon balls are rolling. Chris has taken the lead again and he’s up to 10 cannon balls. He says no one can match this Knight’s heart or brain. We then see him lose all of his balls and he has to begin again. Hira now has the lead again with 10. Minh is just behind with 9. She says she was on the block last week and she knows everyone was willing to vote her out. She needs to win veto because as long as she’s on the block, she’s never safe. Hira is doing well but is shaky. Minh is in trouble and we go to commercial. We’re back and Hira is in the lead with Minh right behind. Hira only needs three more cannon balls. He says he’s so close to winning. He just needs to take his time because if he loses his balance it’s over. Hira says everyone assumes the person with the biggest muscles will be a comp beast. You don’t need big muscles, you just need a big heart. He is on his last cannon ball and he places it and eases off the platform slowly. He makes it back to the start and Hira has won POV! Hira says he’s king veto and he’s the one to beat this season. Minh says she’s happy for Hira, but she doesn’t know what that does for his game. That was a useless win. Hira goes to the SR and celebrates. He says it doesn’t mean much this week, but something on the resume. Maddy, Rianne, and John Luke are in the bathtub together. Vanessa calls the HG and she thinks it’s between John Luke and Susanne. Vanessa is at the front of the living room and she has the have-nots sit on one couch. Attention, for one of them life as they know it is about to change for the better. Canada has been voting to save one of the have-nots and they’ll get a meal of their choice and they’ll also get to skip slop for the rest of the week. The have-not Canada has decided to save is…John Luke. John Luke says not on slop baby! It feels amazing to be voted off of the slop! Big love to Canada, his home and native land. Thanks guys! He gets his delivery and it’s sitting on a podium. He says he could cry right now knowing he won’t have slop anymore. Sheldon is asking Minh what is going on? She says what do you mean? He says what’s with the pretty cockroach look? She says she needed something to do today. He asks her to hand him something honey. She says she likes him better when he insults her. She is grossed out when someone is coming on to her and they are sweet. He says that’s why he was sweet so she’d be disgusted by him. Susanne is talking to Brooke and Sheldon and Susanne pitches voting out Minh. She says that would be savage. Brooke thinks it’s a better move to send out Carol, because the damage control they would have to do would be difficult. Sheldon says it’s savage to hold the house hostage and tell them to vote her out. Sheldon says he has the chop a vote so he only needs four votes. He’s with Susanne that they have to get Minh out, but he knows Brooke is right. HG are all called to the living room. Eric Brock comes on and she has an update for them. As of today, March 21, she names the number of cases and how many deaths there have been around the world and around Canada. She says they have asked all Canadians to come home and they have closed the borders to all non-essential travel. They have continued to speak with their families and they are all family. Vanessa’s family is home and self-isolating and Susanne’s Italian family is safe and healthy. Hira asks about sporting events. Erin tells them all major sports leagues are shut down or postponed. They say the world has stopped. They say they’re safer in the house and they are fortunate to be in there. Hira says it’s hard to hear the world is shutting down for a bit. He says being isolated from the world and not knowing what is going on is weird. Susanne says this all seems pointless now and Chris is comforting her and says she couldn’t do anything if she were out in the real world. Chris says his life would be screwed if he were out in the world. Susanne says it’s hard to get your head in the game when something like this is going on. Chris says they are in their own little reality there. It’s time for the POV Ceremony. Hira says he has three options. He can take Carol off the block, take Minh off the block, or keep nominations the same. Carol is having a hard time in the house and he can leave her on the block and respect her wishes or take her off the block and stir some chaos. Taking Minh off the block would be unexpected and he’s not afraid to do something unexpected because he’s socially strong in the game. Hira goes to the living room for the ceremony. He asks Minh why he should save her? She congratulates him and says he looks like the POV king of the house, but she doesn’t need him to use the veto on her because she’s the roach. Carol says the HG all know how she feels and she would ask that he not use the power of veto on her and send her packing. Hira says he knows Minh tried to butter him with that great tofu dish, but it didn’t work. He has decided not to use the power of veto. Everyone is hugging. Arisa says Season 8 has come to an early end. There will not be an episode tomorrow night, but there will be one next week. She says all the HG are now out of the house and home safe with their families. This is NOT how they expected this season to end
  8. Tonight, the Battle Rounds begin tonight! Bebe Rexha is joining Team Blake, Ella Mai is joining Team John, Joe and Kevin Jonas will be joining Team Nick, and Dua Lipa will be joining Team Kelly! The rules have changed this year! A coach may not save an artist until it’s clear no one is going to steal them. There will be four saves in the battle round, and they will have to compete for a spot in the live shows. Team Blake is up first and Bebe Rexha is joining him to help mentor and Blake thinks she would be a good coach. Blake’s first pairing is Joei Fulco vs Todd Michael Hall. They were given the song The Best by Tina Turner. Bebe says Joei’s tone is very rich and refreshing and she can’t believe Todd hit some of the high notes. For a guy to have a range that high is amazing. Bebe says this is going to be so good. Bebe suggests Joei and Todd listen to each other a bit more. Todd says he’s intimidated by Joei and Joei says it’s tough going against Todd. Blake says one artist the coaches save will go into a Knockout round against the other saves and only one artist will come out. Joei and Todd take the stage for their performance. John says that was so fun and so good. John says Joei’s tone was fantastic and Todd’s range was insane. They were both fantastic. Nick says that performance was like ten shots of caffeine. Nick says Todd remarkable range and Joei’s tone was consistent and so cool. Nick might lean towards Joei, but they should both be proud of that performance. Kelly says that was really killer. Kelly says Joei has a rasp that is seriously cook and Todd’s voice is insane and no one on the show is like him. Blake says Joei’s voice is magical. It’s an interesting blend of some icons. It’s awesome. Blake says Todd wanted to learn how they were singing those high notes and he kept trying and trying until he developed the range. Blake says they both belong to be here. The winner of this battle is…Joei! Todd is available to steal, but the coaches only have until he leaves the stage to steal him. Todd thanks Blake for the opportunity and he says it was a blessing. As he hits the bottom step Blake and Kelly both hit their buttons. Kelly was trying to be dramatic and wait, but she was too late. Blake hits his button to save Todd Michael Hall! Next, we have Team Kelly and her advisor Dua Lipa. Kelly’s first pairing is Chelle vs Anaya Cheyenne. Kelly gave them the song Scared to Be Lonely by Dua Lipa and Martin Garrix. Dua says the song is very vulnerable and they shouldn’t put their voices out there all at once. Dua suggests them have a journey to the chorus and they can use the song to tell a story. She says she was so inspired watching them do the song so differently. Kelly says it’s not so much about impressing people with their notes, but to just give them emotion. Kelly says Chelle and Anaya are both great, but they will have to bring the emotion to the song. Kelly is doing stage rehearsals with them and she advises them to play to the audience. Chelle and Anaya take the stage for their performance. Blake says Anaya has a very diverse way of singing. She can come in and out of all kinds of voices and that’s impressive for a 16-year old. Blake says Chelle had some parts get lost and she might be better in a different setting. John says they are both good singers, and Anaya is a star and impressive. Nick says thinks Chelle has some real talent and a real gift. Nick says Anaya seems so confident and comfortable and the edge she has right now is real. He thinks Chelle has a lot of potential and she’s incredible. Kelly says they are both great and they both have completely different tones. She wanted to see who would push themselves the most and she advises them to own every moment. The winner of this battle is…Anaya! Chelle is available to steal. Chelle thanks Kelly for giving her the opportunity and believing in her that she has the power to push herself on the show. Time to see Team Nick’s first battle pairings and he jokes with his advisors Joe and Kevin Jonas. Nick’s first pairing is Joanna Serenko vs Roderick Chambers. Nick gave them the song When the Party’s Over by Billie Eilish. Roderick says Joanna is amazing and her tone is very unique. Kevin thinks the dynamics between the two of them is incredible. Nick advises them to do a harmony on the first chorus. Joe tells them to let the song breathe a little off the top and tell a story. Joe says this could be a showstopper and Nick says this could be a moment. Nick says Joanna’s voice is so nuanced and hearing Roderick’s voice again shows he’s really stepped up. Nick advises them to emote and make the audience feel every word. Kevin says the way the song is structured it’s like two people fighting and it works. Joanne and Roderick take the stage for their performance. Kelly says that was her favorite battle this far. It was passionate and beautiful and she feels very sorry for Nick. She says when Joanna started she was shocked, and then Roderick started and she says it was flawless and she can’t pick someone. Blake says Joanna lived up to the bar she set and Blake thinks Roderick was shocking as well. He’d pick Roderick. John says the song requires a lot of grace and presence and they both showed that. John says what can Joanna not do? And John was surprised by Roderick. He would pick Joanna. Nick says he’s seen a lot of growth and it was exhilarating to watch. Nick says Joanna has a great voice and there is so much to work with. Nick says he put himself in a tough position trying to decide between the two of them. The winner of this battle is…Roderick! Joanna thanks Nick for being an incredible coach and she’s happy to be here and get this far. John immediately hits his button and steals Joanna. Joanna says that was flawless and he wanted her from the very beginning. Team John is ready for his first pairing and he has Ella Mai as his advisor. John’s first pairing is Mike Jerel vs Zach Day. John has given them the song Adorn by Miguel. John says he loved their harmonies, but at the beginning they seem tentative. John wants to feel the full Mike and he still wants some more swag from Zach. Zach is struggling to connect to the song. Ella says she would never have imagined their voices together, but it blends so well. Ella advises Mike and Zach to not overthink the lyrics. John wants more confidence at the beginning. Ella says it’s better to hit something perfect and less technical than to try something more technical and not hit it. Ella says Mike’s voice is dynamic, but Zach has personality which is important to this type of song. Mike and Zach take the stage for their performance. Nick says that was a true battle! He says it felt like they were one upping each other and he doesn’t know what he would do if he were John. Kelly says why would you do this? Kelly says they have a really incredible gift. He says Mike is confident and she was surprised by Zach and Mike was fearless. She doesn’t have a favorite. Blake says he feels like Mike can go different places with his voice, but Zach just came out and kicked the door down and sang the heck out of that song. John says they showed that confidence he wanted them to. He says wow, they delivered the song convincingly and it made his decision exceptionally difficult. The winner of this battle is…Mike! Zach thanks John for this opportunity and it takes a lot of work to come up and sing that Miguel song. Blake and Bebe are getting ready for their next pairing. Jamal Corrie vs Levi Watkins is Blake’s next pairing. Blake has given them the song Counting Stars by OneRepublic. Bebe advises Jamal to sing the notes a bit looser and watch his breath control. Levi says it’s intimidating to go up against Jamal because his voice hasn’t matured to it’s full potential yet. Bebe says when Levi came up an octave, it was an a-ha moment. Blake tells them to keep in mind they are singing to people. Blake says both Levi and Jamal are pushed out of their comfort zones and whoever steps up to the plate will probably be the one who wins. Jamal and Levi take the stage for their performance. John says they were so fun to watch. John like Jamal’s higher voice, but there was some imprecision. He loved Levi’s range and he didn’t make any mistakes. He would lean towards Levi for this battle. Nick is kind of mad right now and he’s trying to figure out why Levi isn’t on his team. Blake says because he didn’t turn. Nick apologizes for not turning his chair. Nick says he loved Jamal’s energy and his enthusiasm. Kelly feels like they are short changing Jamal because it was adventurous and she loved his energy and passion. Blake says his favorite thing that happens where Jamal suddenly begins flailing around and Levi watches to see if that’s what they’re doing. Blake thinks maybe Jamal running around may have led to his pitch issues. Blake says Levi was just so impressive. The winner of this battle is…Levi! Jamal is available to steal. Jamal tells Blake he’s an excellent coach and it was incredible working with him. Team Nick has the final pairing of the night and Joe and Kevin are ready to meet them. Nick has paired Michael Williams vs Allegra Miles and he has given them the song How Will I Know by Whitney Houston. Nick says they both can sing so high. Kevin says that harmony cuts right through your heart. Joe advises Allegra to come in soft and enunciate more. Nick wants Michael to stay on the mic. Joe wants to know about Michael’s roots and he started in musical theater. Nick gives advice on how to use his falsetto to hit a high note. Allegra says she and Michael were playing off each other and Joe says when they turn to each other, it’s awesome. Nick is proud of them both for blowing him away. Kevin says that was awesome and Joe says one of them will be stolen. Nick gives them some tips at their stage rehearsals. Allegra and Michael take the stage for their performance. Kelly says Michael came in strong and he has a magnificent tool for a voice and Allegra, she is in love with her voice. Her tone tells a story and it’s really cool. She loved both of them, but Allegra’s tone is a finale tone. Blake says that was killer battle performance. That was a great duet. Blake says he could tell they were rooting for each other. He says Michael is a great singer and Kelly is spot on and someone like Allegra doesn’t come along too often. He would pick Allegra. John says that was lovely to watch. John says he got some Nick vibes from Michael, he has range, power, and control. John says Allegra has a special and magical tone. He thinks they are both excellent singers. Nick says when he heard them sing this arrangement, he knew they witnessed something special and they made this song their own. He says this decision is that much harder. The winner of this battle is…Allegra! Michael is available to steal or save. Michael appreciates Nick being his coach and thanks him for all the tips he gave him. As he steps off stage Nick slams his button down to save him and send him to the knockout with the four other saves. Nick says there was no way he was going home today and he has grown so much.
  9. We pick up with the Snooze You Lose competition. They are holding on to a bar while laying at a slant in a sleeping bag. Last to hold on wins HOH! Carol is the first out, followed by Angie and then Brooke. Rianne falls next. John Luke says it’s bonkers how last week and this is a must win HOH. Sheldon says he has three targets he put on the block still in the game and he has to win this. Minh says this is her chance to take some control and have some power in the game. Vanessa is saying its no secret she was close with Kyle. But with him gone, RIP to KVBS and her, Sheldon, and Brooke have brought in Chris and Susanne to start a new five. Chris says this is his comp to lose. We see Minh fall, followed by Maddy and Susanne. Chris is readjusting and says it’s great to have these useless biceps. John Luke, Hira, Chris, Vanessa, and Sheldon are remaining and we’re 20 minutes in. Hira says he wants to win and get rid of Chris or Minh. John Luke says his palms are sweaty. He needs to hang on, he can’t fall right now. We then see him fall. Vanessa is readjusting. Minh says she’s the only girl and Vanessa starts to cry and her grip slips and she’s out. Brooke and Susanne go to comfort her. All that’s left is Hira, Chris, and Sheldon. Hira says he wants to outlast Chris because he put him up week one and he wants to outlast him. Sheldon wants to win this. Sheldon tells Chris that he’s good, that Chris can hold on if he wants, but Sheldon is good. Hira finally slips and slides down and he says it’s a disappointing feeling. He feels like he let himself down. It’s down to Chris and Sheldon and one hour is passed. John Luke says Sheldon looks so relaxed. Sheldon tells Chris to let him have it and he wants to go ten more minutes. We have 1 hour and 15 minutes by and Chris keeps saying ten more minutes and says he feels better. Sheldon is just waiting for him to drop. John Luke doesn’t know if Chris will ever let go of this bar. Chris says he’s convinced that Sheldon should win, but he just can’t let go of this bar. He’s giving the HOH to Sheldon so he can build loyalty and let him get more blood on his hands. Chris let’s go and Sheldon has become HOH! Sheldon says Chris finally lets go of the bar and let’s go of his ego and he’s the back-to-back HOH. He has to pick the four have nots for the week and he selects John Luke, Brooke, Susanne, and Rianne volunteers for it. Chris hugs Sheldon and Susanne and says he had to swallow his ego for that and it was difficult. He needs Sheldon by his side. Minh says she feels a little insecure because Sheldon put her on the block and she thinks he could do the same thing because he’s not the type of person to get more blood on his hands. Sheldon says his goal is to get out one of the three targets he had last week. Brooke says Chris was going to win that and would have gone after one of their three targets and got the blood on his hands, and she doesn’t think this was best for them. Sheldon and Brooke are talking in the have-not room and Sheldon realizes he’s a huge target winning back to back. Brooke would have preferred for Chris to be the one to take the shot. Carol says she’s been really struggling in the house. She says you have nothing but time and you get in your own head. It’s been difficult to be away from her family. When Sheldon wins HOH, she knows she has to go and talk to him. Carol goes to talk to Brooke, Chris, and Sheldon, and she asks him to put her up and she’d like to home. She doesn’t want to self-evict, and she wants to go out with her head held high. Chris says he and Sheldon made a deal and they’ve been wanting Minh out. Sheldon says he’ll put her next to Minh ask a pawn and send her next week. Carol says she’ll tough it out as long as whoever wins next will send her home. John Luke is struggling to eat slop and Minh says he needs more spice. She says it tastes like dog food and John Luke says it is dog food. Minh says the spices will make it taste so much better. Who wants to see Sheldon’s HOH room? He gets new red Skechers. His letter is from his mom. She congratulates him and says she’s so proud and his tenacity and strength is empowering. She thanks God in Nigerian and says she loves him. Susanne heads to the SR and she gets a card and says since it is Hira’s birthday, Big Brother thought it might be fun to celebrate. They have music and they do a Conga line. Hira thanks them and says it’s the most memorable birthday of his life. It’s day 21 and the HG are doing ADL’s. Minh says she’s a target again and Carol is pitching to go home so she’s going to talk to everyone and make sure Carol gets what she wants. She goes to talk to John Luke and he says he could see any of the three targets last week could go up again, or maybe Carol. Minh asks if John Luke thinks Carol will go home? John Luke says he personally would, but he doesn’t think the house is thinking that way. Minh says it stinks to feel like her ass on the line constantly. John Luke says he likes her and he hopes she stays. Minh goes to talk to Sheldon and says they should all vote for Carol to leave so it’s a neutral week. Sheldon says everyone is going to push for her to go up. Sheldon says Minh is good at manipulating people and twisting their words so it might be better to convince her she’s a pawn when really she’s the target. Sheldon says if he targets her, it’s not his intentions for her to go. He calls her a cockroach and says you can’t get rid of her. Minh says Sheldon is calling her a cockroach because she can survive anything. Which means she’ll be the last person standing in the house, not him. She tells him she thinks of herself as a cat with nine lives, but as a cockroach she’ll survive an apocalypse. Angie is going to the Expedia room and she is staring at the boards and it looks like she’s about to nod off. She does nod off and then wakes back up. Then sits up and her eyes droop again. She gets up and leaves the room and sighs. Rianne is going to Wendy’s with Sheldon. He says he can’t read her and she has been a target so he needs to manage this relationship. They order and Sheldon heads down to get his food and he gets a tablet with another message from home. He heads back upstairs and his message is from his brother. He says Sheldon is his teammate, his brother, and his best friend. He tells him to stay focused and keep working hard. Sheldon says he misses his brother so much. Rianne and Sheldon eat and Rianne says she misses burgers. She asks if he’s going to put Carol and Minh up. Sheldon says that’s most likely what’s going to happen because no one will want to be a pawn. Rianne says she doesn’t want to be a pawn. Sheldon says he’s worried Carol might self-evict. Sheldon says it’s frustrating the game is going this way. Brooke and Carol are talking and Carol says she can’t promise to not self-evict. Brooke says they really need to get Minh out, but Carol is struggling. Brooke tells Carol that Sheldon is in tough spot. Carol says she’s ok now, but she doesn’t know if she has seven days. She wants to go out on her terms with her head high and if she self-evicts she won’t get that. Brooke says she’ll talk to Sheldon and discuss it with him. Brooke says things aren’t going according to plan. Carol is deteriorating quickly and she needs to let people know. Brooke talks to Susanne and Vanessa about her conversation with Carol. She says Carol is going to self-evict if they don’t send her out. She says it’s frustrating because they came here to play. Susanne is getting emotional and she says if Carol leaves this week then Minh has a chance to win HOH and she could be in danger. Susanne and Brooke go to the have-not room so they can talk. Susanne says she doesn’t want to go home next week because of Carol. She says it’s ridiculous this is week four of the game, and they’ve only evicted one person. John Luke is talking to Rianne at the table and Maddy is upset and whining because all of her white clothes turned pink. She’s crying and she can’t figure out why it turned pink. She says something was expensive and it was pure white. She said it was a pure white t-shirt that cost sixty bucks. This is the worst day ever. Carol wants to call a house meeting. She wants to let them know how serious this situation is for her in her head and her heart. She didn’t think the Big Brother experience would take such a toll. She tells them she’s been up and down with her emotional mood. She has learned when she loses her coping mechanisms she uses at home, she can’t give anything to the game. She says they are all hungry to be here and they are all fierce competitors physically and mentally. She came into the game to represent gay and lesbian families and show how normal they are, plus represent chubby people who think they can’t get there. She thinks she’s done that and she’s reaching out to ask them to help her and give her what she needs. She has asked Sheldon to give her what she needs and end her stay here. Susanne says at the end of the day, everyone’s mental health is extremely important. But she’s so frustrated because it’s a game and she’s losing more and more people on her side. Carol asks Sheldon again to let her leave. Sheldon says he understands on a human level, but this is a game. This is the second time he’s won HOH and he feels like he can’t get any of his plans accomplished. He tells Brooke he made a terrible decision by winning this HOH. He’s trying to understand what his rationale was for winning that competition. Brooke says there’s nothing we can do for now. She says the best we can do is try and set themselves up going forward considering the circumstances. Angie talks to John Luke, Maddy, and Rianne, and she’s feeling some kind of way. She doesn’t like the way the game is going. She thinks if Carol wants to leave, then she should just leave. Angie says she’s not going to promise to vote her out because it’s not fair. She says she doesn’t want to play the game this way and it’s not fair. She says this is a democratic game and they don’t get a choice, they just have to do what everyone says it feels like. Sheldon goes to the HOH room and there is red buzzing light and something raises from a column. It’s got a red necklace with a Wendy’s power necklace. He can choose between two powers. He can chop a vote, and cancel one vote, or he can spice up the veto competition and play in the veto competition. The HG will not know until the power is revealed. Sheldon says it’s difficult to navigate the game after the reset and then after Carol’s action. He came to play a game and he doesn’t want to waste his HOH on that. He can affect the vote. Just taking away one vote, he’s not sure if that will help him. He could play in the veto competition and help solidify the week. He’s thinking about his options and he’s trying to come to grips with sending someone home on his HOH that he doesn’t want to send home. He has 24 hours to decide. He can’t tell anyone about this, so he has to figure out the best plan on his own. Sheldon says his goal coming into the house was to be one of the best player who has ever played. Last week he put three specific targets on the block and one of them go home and it didn’t happen. But the motto of the game is to be adaptable and that’s what he’s going to do. Sheldon says this house has been crazy and people can’t get their emotions in check and it’s affecting his game. Sheldon says Carol is really throwing a wrench in his game this week. He can’t believe she’s holding them hostage like that. He wishes she respected them instead of putting them in a chokehold. Minh will do whatever it takes to further herself in the game and he will also do what it takes. He doesn’t think there is room for both of them. Rianne, he has a good read on everyone except for her and that makes him feel uncomfortable. He doesn’t want to waste his HOH when he could target someone who is coming after him. He doesn’t necessarily believe in big moves or small moves, but strategical moves. It’s time for nominations! Sheldon’s first nominee is…Carol. Sheldon’s second nominee is…Minh. Sheldon says he’s nominated Carol who is a strong independent woman and an inspiration to everyone and he wants to respect her wishes. He nominated Minh because she is a cockroach in the game and built to survive anything. Good luck in the veto. Minh says she’s on the block for the second time. She’d doing her duty and being a benchwarmer and she gets to sit in the spotlight a bit. But Carol wants to go home and she’s not worried. Sheldon says this isn’t the move he wanted to make, but it’s the hand he was dealt and the week isn’t over yet.
  10. Arisa is working from home and she says she is fine, but is trying to protect her family. She continues that it was a very difficult week and production decided to remove two people from the house because emotions have been running high. This is no ordinary Thursday! Previously, on Big Brother Canada, at a HOH free for all Sheldon was the bell of the balls. His KVBS earned the keys to the kingdom and lasered in on their top targets. After weighing his options, the wrestler put up Maddy next to his target Rianne. Not everyone was stoked with the methodical move, and while Sheldon protected KVBS, Vanessa started to stray. But once her three allies learned she was leaking intel to the enemy, they reeled the east coaster back into the fold. At a pivotal POV competition, it was all up in the air until The Evictors Maddy and John Luke lip locked down victory. Faced with naming a replacement nominee, Sheldon had to put up a dangerous option. And even though Minh’s main man Jamar didn’t approve, Sheldon didn’t flinch when showing Minh the backdoor. Tonight, how will the mischief maker manage being on the block? With tensions rising, who’s heading out the door next? Find out now on Big Brother Canada. We pick up after the veto ceremony on day 17. Jamar says so weak, super weak. Minh says to Sheldon this is turning him on sitting her butt on the bench. Sheldon says Minh has no allies, so he has no blood on his hands. Minh is strategizing and she’s thinking. The wheels are turning. Jamar is disappointed in Sheldon. Everyone is playing weak and no one wants to go after the big dogs. The only person that sees eye to eye with him is Minh. It’s a weak move. Jamar tells Minh he had two big dudes on the couch and didn’t take a shot at either. Minh is telling Jamar how he needs to campaign for her about keeping the balance in the house. Minh asks Jamar to go to the Expedia room, or outside, or the swamp room because she needs a kiss. Sheldon goes into where Brooke is showering, and Brooke is concerned Minh might throw some stuff her way. Sheldon says Minh thinks she has the votes, she doesn’t know they are targeting her. Brooke feels pretty good about Minh being a replacement nominee. She keeps hearing rumors about herself and she doesn’t mind Minh being out. Kyle and Maddy our outside and Maddy thinks Rianne could have been beneficial for her. Kyle says he has to schmooze Maddy over so if she wins HOH next week she won’t put him on the block. Kyle promises her that he isn’t coming after her. He says she’s so far from his hit list and he’s not asking for reciprocation, he just wants her to know that. He says he’s in a vulnerable position. Jamar is in the color comic room and says he wants to turn up on everyone right now. He says everyone is playing scared to saying it’s too early. Everyone is playing Kyle’s game and just to get airtime. Minh comes in and says if she leaves this house, then he’s next because he’s rogue, and doesn’t have a lot of allies. Minh says she needs to stay for his game as well. She says he’s definitely going to touch the block, he can see what will happen if she goes. She thinks Kyle was behind this and Jamar says he was. He’s been behind every HOH so far. Minh says it’s not always good to be volatile. Jamar says when she’s ready, he’s there. She wants to do her investigation. They kiss. The HG are called to the living room on March 15, 2020. They have some news from the outside world. They are informed about COVID-19 and that it is now a pandemic and all of their caretakers are fine and healthy. As they know, the virus started in China, but it has now spread to the world. Most cases are China, Italy, and Iran. Susanne is concerned about her family in Italy, and Maddy is informed her parents cancelled their trip. They want to send their love to their families and if their families need them, they will be there in a heartbeat. Angie asks if BB will be impacted and the answer is they just don’t know. They will get updates as they get them and if things escalate, then they will let them know. They want to give them an opportunity to decide if they need to stay or not. Have-nots are cancelled and they all get letters from their families so they can see confirmation from themselves. They all hug and pray. Rianne says it’s a shock to hear, and it’s overwhelming being cutoff from the outside world. But the letters are a huge comfort for all of them. Jamar is reading his letter first and he is getting emotional and they tell him no one has been infected and he can play in peace. Chris reads his, then Maddy, then Angie. Kyle reads his next followed by Carol, Hira, John Luke gets emotional during his and Maddy and Brooke comfort him. Minh goes to give John Luke a hug after he finishes. Everyone is emotional. Hira and Brooke are in the HOH room and they are listening to music. Brooke says she has so much empathy for stars because they can’t leave the house without getting pictures snapped, plus the tabloids. Brooke says she can’t imagine what it would be like to be under a microscope like that all the time. She says just kidding. Susanne is talking to Rianne and Susanne wants to know who she feels comfortable with in the game? Rianne says she doesn’t trust Kyle and Vanessa. She wants to be happy Rianne, but she also wants to plant seeds because she wants to take shots. Rianne tells Susanne that Kyle was in Chris’s ear all week during his HOH. Rianne says if Kyle, Chris, and Vanessa stay a long time, then they will steamroll the house. Susanne then goes to Chris and she tells him a lot of people have Kyle in their head and Chris says they need him in the house. Chris says read his voice when he tells the truth and when he lies. Susanne says he’s a good liar. Chris says he’s been watching him and he thinks he’s close to figuring Kyle out. Susanne says she hasn’t lied to Chris yet. Is that a lie? Susanne says she wants to build trust with him. She doesn’t think Chris lies to her, but she thinks he doesn’t tell her the whole truth. Chris says she’s the only female he tells the truth to. Day 18 and Jamar is talking to Angie. Angie says a few days Carol made a joke about the police would target Jamar if he were in PEI. Angie thinks it was harsh and Jamar says it was a bad joke and ignorant, but he doesn’t think she’s a racist. He says they don’t really talk much at all. Jamar says it won’t happen again. Angie thinks Jamar should talk to her and let her know that it wasn’t ok so she won’t do it again. Angie says Carol needs to understand the ramifications of what she said. She says it’s never ok to just say it off the cuff and it’s never funny. Jamar and Carol talk and she says she thought they had a relationship where they could joke around a bit, but maybe she was wrong. Jamar says he’s never been in trouble with the police in his life. He says the joke just wasn’t that funny to him. Carol says fair enough. She doesn’t feel that way about him and she doesn’t want to present herself that way to anyone. She says she made a joke she shouldn’t have made and she apologizes sincerely and he says he accepts it and they hug. Sheldon is talking to Brooke, Maddy, and Rianne and he says people have been lying to him and he’s not sure who. Sheldon tells us he put them both on the block and he needs to make sure if they are here next week they are good. Sheldon wants to make sure he and Brooke are good with them and maybe work with them. Rianne and Maddy go to discuss it in the restroom and they want to know if Sheldon and Brooke are working with anyone else so they ask and Sheldon says no. Rianne appreciates them wanting to work together. She says it’s nice not to feel like public enemy #1. Minh asks Vanessa in front of Susanne and a couple of others why Vanessa told her not to tell anyone that she was asked to throw the comp. Vanessa says she didn’t do that, she said maybe they shouldn’t win. Minh says Vanessa is snaking her right now. Vanessa tells Minh that Rianne is being nice to everyone and she doesn’t think Minh will get the votes to stay. Vanessa says people are lying to her face. Minh decides to call a house meeting. Minh is in the middle of the living room and everyone is there. Minh says she wants to get to the bottom of who’s spreading rumors and who’s creating lies and who’s making her a scapegoat. She says she has heard that she said Sheldon was in a five person alliance that he was in and that’s not true. Minh thought she had a good relationship with Vanessa. Minh says Kyle was talking crap to him. Jamar says Vanessa are you playing me? Vanessa says yes, I’m playing the game. Jamar says you don’t want to go against Kyle? Vanessa says we’re together, she thinks that’s pretty obvious. Minh says if you want (the house), then she will go against Kyle and Vanessa and help them the house take them down. She says she’s not afraid of whether she can win comps or not and if they vote to keep her she’ll go after the predators in the house. She says they need a balance in the house or Kyle and Vanessa are going to take them out one by one by one. She would bet on it. Arisa is back and she says this has been an extraordinarily difficult week. She says it’s important to know they didn’t show the entire house meeting. Jamar was removed from the house for things that were and were not shown on live feeds. Arisa says here’s the moment the house found out. Minh is crying and Susanne says it was not his fault. Rianne says Jamar is a really good kid. Brooke and Rianne are comforting Minh and says she needs to keep in mind he had her back. Additionally, Arisa says production witnessed a pattern of problematic behavior from Kyle and he has also been removed from the game. Some of these issues were shown on live feeds, and some were not. They’ve decided to hit a reset button and Minh and Rianne are safe and since Sheldon’s HOH was disrupted, he will be eligible to compete. Production tells the HG about Kyle being removed and they are shocked. Production says they didn’t make this decision lightly and it was made with a very heavy heart, but they stand firm behind this game. They will NOT tolerate any behavior that they deem contrary to the spirit of the game. One of the great things about the game is it takes people from all walks of life and different places and gives them a chance to get to one another. This is a gift to be there and they can prove to everyone they can do better. Vanessa says her heart hurts. Maddy says they all have to do better. Angie says we have to work together. Vanessa says let’s reset right now and start over. The HG are giving hugs and Brooke and Sheldon head up to the HOH room. Sheldon says it’s very unsettling. She was aligned with Kyle and he had a lot of trust there and this is not how he thought his game was going to go and he didn’t think this was how the season would start off. The rest of the HG are all downstairs hugging and Brooke says Sheldon just needs some time. They all say this takes work and they have to do their very best and hold their heads high. They are with Michael, Jamar, Kyle, and Nico in spirit. They say they can start this season over again and make it an amazing season. Rianne is just so happy she survived the week. Minh says she agrees. Rianne says it’s like a whole new ballgame. Minh says if none of them touch the block, then they can do what they want. Minh says they are going to watch the show and talk about how much of a witch she is. It’s time for a new HOH! The competition is called snooze you lose. They will start out in sleeping bags. They will slide down and hold onto a bar and that’s when the competition starts. If they let go, then they will slide down into the pillows. Last one holding on will be the new HOH! Sheldon says all three people he put on the block last week are still here so he needs to win this comp. Rianne wants to win this so bad because she wants to make a big move not a weak move and she doesn’t want to be on the chopping block again. Hira wants to win this he wants a letter from his wife and news about his daughter. Chris says this is HOH to lose. He wants to be a comp beast and win this. Carol slides down and she is the first one out. Brooke is squirming around and she’s super lanky. Her hands are slippery and she’s not doing well. Angie is struggling and adjusting too. Angie is out. Chris says this is tough for someone big like him but he’s hanging in there and it’s going to take a lot for him to let go. Brooke is out. Maddy is struggling. Rianne is out. Minh says she’s a cat and she has nine lives. She was almost out last week and she feels like this is her chance to take control of the game. Which HG will hang on to win this pivotal HOH? Find out Sunday!
  11. Last week, Bear shocked everyone when she was expelled from The Masked Academy. Tonight, the remaining artists will fight to be at the top of the class. Who will be joining the panel? He’s our favorite class clown! It’s Joel McHale. Astronaut is up first! Clue package: He has a whole new mission now that he’s connecting with the audience on stage. He’s loving this fresh start as the circle of life keeps spinning. It feels like he’s getting a foothold in this new world. When he was young he was a bright star, but then overreached and got burned. He found himself isolated and so very lonely, but in the wild he kept wondering for what felt like 500 days using sign language until he found his own voice. Now here he is on an unexpected journey. He’s going to share his story and sing a song from a dear friend and prove he DOES belong. Clue we seen in the clue package were a white flag with a constellation. Orion’s belt. We then see a huge bunch of balloons in a variety or colors. We also seen a graphic of a French horn. Astronaut takes the stage and performs Signed, Sealed, Delivered by Stevie Wonder. Nicole loves his energy and his heart. Robin says choosing to sing a Stevie Wonder song, he thinks he did very well. Nicole says out of Group C, Astronaut is her favorite. Astronaut’s yearbook quote: We can all reach the stars. Sometimes, it just takes a little help from an organized crime family. Ken says Donald Glover was in the martian and his rapper name is Childish Gambino, and he’s Simba in The Lion King. Joel says in the package it said performing as a kid, he thinks it’s Corey Feldman. Jenny says that guess fills her with joy, but she doesn’t think it’s him. Robin says someone who started young, maybe Joseph Gordon Levitt. Night Angel is next. Clue package: Wow! Being on that stage revitalizes her confidence and reminds her of the joy she has for music. Many years ago, she was sitting up in her room surrounded by other angels but lost in the crowd. She had a thirst for more so bang bang, she left her safe place and fell down to earth. Real talk being on her own was scary because she felt rejection for the first time. But she taught herself to survive. She hustled and with hard and commitment she built an empire. Destiny led her back to the stage and hopefully she can give her a million reasons why she belongs here. Clues we seen in Night Angel’s package were a castle with a strawberry, lipstick on a mirror, sweet tea and a fan. Night Angel takes the stage and sings Million Reasons by Lady Gaga. Nicole loves the songs she’s chosen and it represents her so well. She says that’s such a difficult song to sing and she made it look effortless and easy. Night Angel’s yearbook quote: If you’re willing to lend a helping wing, then you too can break barriers. Jenny thought Monica last time, but maybe an actress also. Jenny thinks she has the tone of Regina King. Joel McHale says the angel of death appears to him all the time and Ken corrects him. Joel thought it was Sia, but maybe her sister is Ashely Simpson, so maybe Jessica Simpson. Nicole doesn’t think it’s Jessica Simpson, but she saw the empire and it’s a show, and hustle, like hustle and flow, so maybe Taraji P. Henson. Robin is starting to think of girl groups like En Vogue, but the clues don’t fit. Next we have T-Rex. Clue package: OMG! Being the T-Rex is dynamite. Picking up where I left off, I was hanging with my friends on T-Rex island when out of nowhere boom! After the impact, I look around and was devastated to see only singles and doubles of us left. I didn’t want my career to go downhill fast, my heart was beating like a bumble bee. To survive, I had to diversify. No one wants to be a one-hit wondered. Now being on that stage, I feel like my dreams of being a megastaraus Rex are within my little arms reach. This is one my shot and I double dare you to stop me. The clues we seen in T-Rex’s clue package were a lot of pink, a rainbow, T-Rex takes the stage and performs Push It by Salt-N-Pepa. Jenny says she’s getting such daughter vibes. She has a crazy amount of energy. Nicole says she is here for it. T-Rex’s yearbook quote: If you dream big, your face can be everywhere and you’ll never go extinct unless a meteor hits. Nicole says maybe a model? Ken says last time he thought Kourtney Kardashian, but something dawned on him. He says there was a movie called Trip to Unicorn Island. Plus there was a balloon shaped as a U, so maybe Lily Singh. Robin says there’s a young lady popular on youtube and she’s the host on the reboot of Double Dare. She thinks it’s Liza Koshy. Joel says it’s nice to see the show is totally normal now. Joel says that performance was athletic. He saw the volcano and maybe athlete, but maybe a skier and maybe Mikaela Shiffrin. Next up is the Swan. Swan’s clue package: Before her last performance she was petrified, afraid to stick her long neck out. But she pushed past the nerves and dived in head first and now it’s like she’s fallen down a rabbit hole in the most amazing wonderland. So here’s the tea, she knows her life seems to be new moons and rainbows, but she came from nothing. Only through illusions did she transform her family to a better place. That’s from a frozen white snowbird to she moved west to this wicked world of sunshine. So tonight, she’s going to dedicate this performance to her followers and a very special someone. She just hopes this isn’t her swan song. Clues we seen in Swan’s package were a table with a pink drink. We see a chest empty and then she makes marbles appear in it. We see a dolphin figurine that says made in Japan. Swan takes the stage and sings I Hate Myself for Loving You by Joan Jett. Ken says who are you? My wife? He’s sorry she loves him, he’s blushing. Swan’s yearbook quote: I’ve been the black swan and against all odds she’s been able to spread her wings for millions to see. Life is truly magical. Joel says he heard the clues came from a new world and he thinks Mila Kunis. Jenny disagrees. She seen new moon and she starred in Twilight. She thinks it’s Kristen Stewart. Ken says it could be someone he worked with before, maybe someone from Couple’s Retreat, maybe Kristen Bell. The final performance is Rhino. Rhino’s clue package: We’re probably wonderings what he’s doing on this plane. Well after last week he’s flying high. Just like on stage, standing on these wings is wild and nerve wracking. But he’s always been a risk taker which has led to many ups and downs. For so long, it felt like he was freefalling through life and just when it felt like he might hit the bottom he met his wife. His guardian angel. She taught him balance, gave him stability, so he could defy gravity. She saved his life and inspired him to pursue other passions and take new risks. Which is what led him to this stage tonight. How you can not be romantic about that? Clues we seen in Rhino’s package were an amplifier and a guitar, a sign that says South, a huge ring, and a frying pan and him playing tennis. Rhino takes the stage and sings Nice to Meet Ya by Niall Horan. Nicole says we knew Rhino had a great voice, but we didn’t know he could move like that. Robin says he’s definitely going to the super nine. Rhino’s yearbook quote: Family is very important for success, especially when performing for a king is in your blood. Jenny says he’s throwing her because he has the body of an athlete and the voice of a country singer. Robin says this person won two championships in the south and it also said a risk taker and he sticks with Tim Tebow. Ken says it could definitely be Chris Pratt. Nicole thinks it’s a swimmer, she thinks it could Ryan Lochte. Nicole says there were butterflies in the first clue package and he swims the butterfly and he talked about hitting rock bottom, and after the incident in Rio he had alcohol problems. It’s time to see who will be unmasked! The singer being unmasked is…the Swan! Time for final guesses! Robin is going first. He says this actress said she loves Ken and he thinks it’s Nina Dobrev. Ken is thinking maybe one of his co-stars from Ride Along 2, he thinks Olivia Munn. Nicole says it said transform, maybe Transformer movies, and it could be Megan Fox. Joel is going back with what he said first, he thinks it’s Mila Kunis. Jenny says there are a lot of clues pointing to Kristen Stewart and she’s sticking with it. It’s time to find out who the swan is! The swan is…Bella Thorne! Swan’s clue answers: The “fans and followers’ mention in her package is a reference to Bella’s 22 million social media followers. The “sunshine” reference and dolphin figurine in her package are hints to Bella’s upbringing in Miami. The shaking thermos in her package was a hint to Bella’s starring role on Disney Channel “Shake It Up”.
  12. Previously, on Big Brother Canada, at an HOH Battle Royale Kyle and Vanessa drop kicked two of the evictors sending Maddy and Rianne to the sidelines and Sheldon became the new HOH. Shrewd Sheldon went to work. With his KVBS crew in his corner, the ring leader laid out his strategy. With their game on the ropes, the Evictors launched solo missions. Meanwhile, Jamar tried to sink Kyle’s game not knowing Brooke was part of Sheldon and Kyle’s alliance. Then Minh-ly tried saving her own skin, but when it was time to make his noms the champ went for the easy knock-out and put Maddy and Rianne on the block. We pick up after nominations on day 14. Rianne says she’s on the block beside her number one girl Maddy, which is basically the worst cased scenario. Maddy says wow Sheldon, what a move by putting up such big threats. Big move buddy. Sheldon says he’s thinking about the long game and he believes Rianne is dangerous. He thinks she’s strong socially, very smart, and he just can’t read her. Jamar is talking to himself and says weak. He tells us everyone is playing weak right now. He wanted to see Kyle sitting on the block. Jamar and Sheldon are talking and Jamar tells him he thinks Kyle is lying to him and he thinks Kyle is lying to Sheldon too. Sheldon says he thinks if Jamar and him met before the show, then they’d be friends. They come from similar backgrounds, but for the game he’s been stringing him along because he’s loyal to the KVBS alliance. Sheldon says Kyle is overrated. He’s not smarter or faster and he’s a perfect screen in front of them. Jamar says allright, I guess I’m tripping then. Maddy wants to talk to Sheldon and Sheldon says he didn’t want them up, but he had to do something. He says he’s telling people whatever they want to hear to keep the focus off of him. Maddy says she never had him as a target in mind. Maddy says she thinks there are bigger fish to fry other than herself who is a little girl. Brooke and Rianne are going to talk. Rianne says she wants to talk to Brooke because she knows she’s close to Sheldon and she wants her on her side to stay safe. Rianne says she knew that Sheldon was going to do what was best for his game and hers. Brooke says she wants to be as fair and honest as possible and she thinks Rianne has a good shot at the veto, and even if not she has good bonds with people in the house. Brooke says this is a significant amount of lying. She sees her as capable physical competitor and she’s smart and she hopes if she doesn’t win veto she geos home. Minh-ly is talking to Vanessa and Minh-ly is surprised hasn’t been on slop yet. Vanessa tells her to not volunteer for it. Minh-ly is hoping Rianne doesn’t win POV and she thinks Rianne would go home. Vanessa says she’s loyal to KVBS, but she’s also gotten close to Minh-ly. Minh-ly says Sheldon didn’t count her as a backdoor option and Vanessa wonders if he’d put up John Luke. Jamar comes in and wants to know why Minh-ly is in his bed. Rianne is talking Angie and Maddy and she wants to know why John Luke got off scot free. Angie says this doesn’t sound like the best move for Sheldon. Maddy says she’s just as frustrated as Rianne, but she still wants to trust John Luke. Maddy says hopefully one of us will win and Sheldon will put up a bigger target. Maddy says we have to win it. John Luke is laying on the couch talking to himself and says he’s playing Big Brother and he hasn’t seen his mother and all these people are making him feel smothered. That’s what happens when you play Big Brother. Time to pick players for the POV! Today’s veto competition will be different because they are competing with a partner. Both players will be safe. Maddy chooses John Luke to play with her. Rianne picks Hira as her partner. She picked him because he won POV last week and she knows he can compete and he’s a trustworthy guy. Brooke is drawn by Sheldon. Maddy draws Minh-ly. Rianne draws Chris. Brooke selects Susanne. Brooke doesn’t want to pick Kyle or Vanessa because she doesn’t want to expose the alliance. Minh-ly chooses Vanessa. Minh-ly chose Vanessa over Jamar because they’ve grown close and she’s a comp beast. Chris wants to know who wants to compete and Kyle does so he chooses Kyle. Carol will be the host! Brooke says there are ten people playing in this veto and that makes it super messy. She thinks the teams are evenly matched. Sheldon meets with KVBS and says he doesn’t want to ask them to throw a competition, but if Minh-ly wins the veto she’ll do whatever will cause the most destruction. Vanessa goes and tells Minh-ly they want her to throw the comp and she pins it on Brooke because she knows there is tension between Brooke and Minh-ly and she doesn’t want to out the entire alliance. She tells Minh-ly not to tell anyone and hopefully she can trust her not to tell anyone. Hira comes in to look for some cookies. Vanessa leaves and Minh-ly tells Hira, and Carol who has come into the SR that Brooke asked Vanessa to throw the comp. Minh-ly then tells Kyle and he wants to know who told her that and she tells him that Vanessa told her that. Kyle then goes and talks to Sheldon and Brooke and Kyle says Vanessa is frustrated and Sheldon says Vanessa could blow them up. Kyle tells us Vanessa, what are you thinking? Sheldon says we can’t trust her. Sheldon says maybe we should confront her because she hasn’t blown us up yet. Kyle says with Minh-ly, it will happen. She can’t be trusted. Sheldon goes downstairs to get Vanessa and Kyle tells Vanessa what Minh-ly said. Vanessa says she didn’t tell her anything like that. She says Brooke never asked her to throw the competition. Vanessa says she’s feeling like she’s getting grilled and very intimidated. Vanessa hopes they don’t trust Minh-ly over herself. Minh-ly is the most untrustworthy person in the house. She thought she could go far with Minh-ly but now she’s getting her in hot water with KVBS. Vanessa tells them it hurts that she would do that. It’s prom night at the BB Canada house! Welcome to Big Brother’s Spring Fling! Young love is in the air for this POV competition. Together, they will have to move 50 balls across the dancefloor their glass on the bleachers. But they can only use their faces. Plus, they will also have to catch ball while it’s floating. Are you ready to get close to your partners…but not too close! Maddy says she voted against the house last week and she wants to show she’s a competitor. Rianne says she wants to win and be safe because she doesn’t want to go home week three. Chris says he expected to roll over the competition with Kyle, not locking lips with him. Rianne says this is so difficult and they haven’t figured the secret out. Minh-ly and Vanessa are struggling. Minh-ly and Vanessa finally get their ball, they walk through the obstacles, up the bleachers, and then to their glass but they dropped it. Maddy says she was never prom queen in high school so this might be her chance. They get their first ball. Brooke says her and Susanne should have a chance because neither of them have any shame. They get their first ball. Rianne and Hira have two balls. Hira says he loves his wife, but it’s prom night. All the teams seem to have gotten a hang of the competition, but Chris and Kyle are still struggling. Chris says it would be nice to win this, but he thinks he’s safe with Sheldon and he’s feeling comfortable. Kyle and Chris got their first ball. Minh-ly and Vanessa are in the lead. Minh-ly says if she wins she’s going to take Maddy or Ri off the block and force Sheldon to get blood on his hands. Sheldon says this doesn’t look like throwing a competition to him. Vanessa better get her act together. Brooke says it’s important for her to try to win so she and Sheldon can have all the power. Maddy has seen her and John Luke are behind so they change strategies and they are catching up. Carol says all the teams are crushing it except one team is more interested in the cookies. Kyle and Chris are eating cookies. Kyle says the have-nots can eat cookies so he’s going to take advantage of it since he’s safe this week. Maddy and John Luke are neck and neck with Minh-ly and Vanessa. Rianne and Hira are close too. Rianne says it’s so close she can’t really tell who’s in the lead but she needs to make sure she wins to ensure her safety. There are three teams in this race right now! John Luke and Madeline, Vanessa and Minh-ly, and Hira and Rianne. They are all staying focused. Vanessa and Minh-ly are still in the lead. Vanessa is thinking about her position in the game and she doesn’t trust Minh-ly and she wants to show she’s completely loyal to KVBS. Rianne and Hira aren’t far behind and John Luke and Maddy are now in the lead. Maddy and John Luke are on their last ball and they get it and they have won the POV! Rianne is super frustrated, but she’d rather be sitting by anyone else. And since John Luke is safe too, then they could all three be there next week. Vanessa says she was a have-not for the second week in a row and now she won POV. Maddy says it’s karma. She goes and celebrates and says she feels so nice. She would win a kissing contest. Sheldon and Brooke are talking and he says well that happened. Brooke says they have to be super careful about how they play this. Sheldon says Minh-ly has to go up, but if she goes up, then she has to go home. Brooke is afraid of Rianne and if she stays and wins HOH she could target them since they put her up. Brooke says the only person they could put up is Susanne to ensure Rianne goes home. Minh-ly talks to Sheldon and she says he’s contemplating what the best move for his game is. Sheldon says yeah. Minh-ly asks if he wants to avoid repercussions or would he rather have respect. Sheldon says Minh-ly is very good at getting into other people’s heads. Minh-ly tells Sheldon that he said the other day if she left the house no one would be upset. Minh-ly says that was offensive and Sheldon says yeah, he doesn’t think it would upset anyone. Minh-ly says that’s because you aren’t aware of what’s going on. Sheldon says or you aren’t. Jamar goes to talk to Sheldon in the HOH. Sheldon says he thinks he’s getting rid of Minh-ly. He wanted to tell Jamar because he wants to maintain trust him and he wants to make sure they are good. Jamar says Minh-ly will come for him too because she’ll want to know. Sheldon asks if Jamar is ok with that and he says he thinks there are bigger targets, but Sheldon should do him. Jamar goes into the color comic room and Minh-ly is in there and she wants to know if he wants to talk. She asks who his favorite person is and he says her. She says she doesn’t think he would backdoor her. She says she doesn’t think it would be fun if she left first for him or vice versa. Jamar tells her that Sheldon doesn’t like her. He tells her to ask him. Maddy and Rianne are gathering clothes for laundry and Rianne says they might survive the week. Rianne says she’s not going to get too excited. She says Sheldon is so sweet, but she just stroked his ego. Maddy says yeah you have to do that. Rianne says she knows Sheldon wanted her out this week and Maddy hates people lying to her face. Rianne says it’s the game. Minh-ly wants to talk to Sheldon and she wants him to keep it between them. Minh-ly doesn’t want to go on the block so she’s going to talk to him. Sheldon says he’s made it clear to her on countless occasions that he doesn’t trust her. He says he knows he told her he wouldn’t put her up but he’s thinking about it and letting the house vote. Minh-ly says she’s upset. She worked so hard to be in this house and she didn’t think he would do that to her, put her up. She’s crying. Minh-ly then says she’s really upset and she’s not crying and she says people want to see a big move and he’s HOH. Putting her up is not smart. Sheldon says he respects her opinion, but he thinks it is smart for him because of his position in the game and he sees her as expendable compared to other HG. Minh-ly asks if people she’s close with are people she can’t trust? Sheldon says he doesn’t think anyone trusts her. Minh-ly says no one trusts me? He says I don’t think so. Minh-ly says she’s going to go and Sheldon says he’s sorry. POV Ceremony is today! Maddy is front and center. She has decided to use the power of veto on herself. She believes she was nominated this week because she was an easy target. Her life motto is get knocked down seven times, get up eight. That’s what she’ll be doing going forward. Sheldon must now name a new nominee. Sheldon says he has to make the best decision possible with the information he has and the replacement nominee is…Minh-ly. Minh-ly says she’s been put on the block because her name has been run through the mud. Someone has stirred the pot on her behalf and she will wreak havoc. Rianne thinks she has a good chance against Minh-ly, but she’s also going to do what it takes to stay.
  13. We see the judges getting ready to take the stage and hear Nick Jonas talk about his song they are going to sing, Jealous. All four judges take the stage and sing Jealous by Nick Jonas. Our first artist of the night is Micah Iverson and he used to live in Japan, but now he lives in Atlanta and he has eight siblings. He didn’t find his own sound in music until he was 18 and went to college in the US. He’s never actually performed in front of a crowd this big and this is a big risk for him. He takes the stage and sings All I Want by Kodaline. Kelly immediately says she loves this already. Kelly hits her button. Blake and Nick both hit towards the end. Micah is a 3 chair turn. Micah introduces himself. Kelly says she turned first and he is her favorite kind of male voice and his voice is so cool. Micah says she is one of his influences. He loves alt rock. Nick says he grew up listening to some of the same bands. He says early Jonas brother music was written like they were emo. He doesn’t know how connected Blake would be to that genre. John says he should have been a four chair turn and he regrets not turning. Blake says he’s never heard of the bands they mentioned, but he doesn’t think it matters. He’s won the show six times, with rock artists, pop, soul, R&B, and country. People love the weirdness of someone like him and someone like Blake teaming up. Nick says that’s not reason enough to pick Blake. There are things we could relate on. Blake wants Micah to tell his story. Kelly says she only has two spots and the only man on team Kelly could be him. John says ok Micah, it’s decision time. He thinks and he’s going to go with…Team Kelly! Brittney Allen is our next artist and she’s from Columbus, GA. Her mother had pancreatic cancer and she went through a dark time after her mom passed. Her dad is who got her into music. Brittney takes the stage and performs Dancing On My Own by Calum Scott. John hits his button. Kelly is listening intently. Brittney is a 1-chair turn. Brittney introduces herself and Kelly says she has a great head voice, but John will be a great coach for her. John loved what she did with that song and the arrangement and it showcased her voice and showed the contours of her voice. He is excited to coach her. Next, we have Tracey Preston and she’s from Philadelphia, PA. She grew up in a rough neighborhood. She grew up singing in her church choir and she was the youngest in the adult choir and that’s where she learned her craft. Right now she’s performing background for an R&B artist named Vivian Green. Tracey takes the stage and has chosen the song Rock Steady by Aretha Franklin. The judges are listening closely. Tracey does not get a chair turn. Tracey introduces herself. Nick apologizes. He says there were moments that were impressive, but it just wasn’t there for him. Kelly says her team is almost full and it’s late in the game and they should have turned. Blake tells her to come back. Next up is Cam Spinks and he’s from Alabaster, AL. He’s a small town kid and he grew up on a farm. His dad instilled in them to work hard. He’s played in a lot of college bars and he’s written a lot of music. Cam takes the stage and sings Wave on Wave by Pat Green. Blake hits his button towards the end. Kelly follows a moment later. Cam is a 2-chair turn. Cam introduces himself and John congratulates him. Kelly says the kind of country music she grew up on is the vibe he gave her. She feels like it’s missing in country music. Blake says he hears a lot of elements in his voice that he hears. He says there are different lanes in country and he can help him identify which way to go. John says Cam, it’s time to pick your coach. Cam says I’m going to go with…Mr. Blake! Next up is an artist who is going to sing a different version of Can’t Help Falling in Love by Elvis Presley. He hopes when a coach turns he surprises them. Nick hits his button and he gets on his feet. We meet Anders Drerup and he’s playing guitar. John is singing along and dancing in his seat. Kelly is swaying in hers. Anders is a 1-chair turn. Anders is from Ottawa, Canada. Blake says Gwen isn’t here so he’s stuck with Nick. Nick could hear he has a higher register and they will have fun with song selection. He thinks Anders has a unique voice. Next we have Mandi Castillo and she’s from San Antonio, TX. She is more R&B and soul, but she also loves to sing Spanish music. She is very close with her mother. She takes the stage and sings Asi Fue by Juan Gabriel. Nick hits his button and turns. Kelly turns a few moments later. John and Blake both hit their buttons at the end. Mandi is a 4-chair turn! Mandi introduces herself and Nick says her voice is so phenomenal. Nick is getting emotional and he thinks it’s important for them to represent. He says she’s in a lane all of her own and he would love to give her a chance to grow as an artist. Kelly says she’s learning Spanish and there is a huge community behind what she’s doing and she has a beautiful gift. Blake says he loves her. He loves San Antonio and the food. The only advantage of him not understanding one single word is he was able to concentrate on her vocal ability, and it was incredible. He would be honored to be her coach. John asks whose music she likes to sing and she says Mariah Carey and Sade. John says he toured with Sade. He’s a huge fan of her singing. She started out emotional and subtle and at the end she gave them fireworks. It’s time for Mandi to make a decision. Mandi says she’s going to go with her gut…John! Kailey Abel is our next artist and she’s from Verdigris, OK. She’s majoring in music therapy. Her family has recently started doing foster care and her family got to adopt her little brother. She wants to show her siblings they can do anything they put their mind to. Kailey takes the stage and performs the song Forever Young by Alphaville. Kelly says she has a cool voice and listens. Blake finally turns after the first chorus. Kailey is a 1-chair turn and will be joining Team Blake! Blake says Kailey has an incredible voice! Kelly says she has a very cool texture. Nick says he’s so excited for her and she has a great coach. John says he loved the tone in the lower parts and when she growled it was stunning and they haven’t heard that from anyone. Blake says she has an incredible gift and he would bet the farm on her winning this competition. He’s so excited. Blake’s team is full! He will be going into the next round with Todd Tilgham, Todd Michael Hall, Levi Watkins, Toneisha Harris, Joei Fulco, Jamal Corrie, John Mullins, Jacob Daniel Murphy, Cam Spinks, and Kailey Abel. Carson has gone to meet the next artist Tyrone “Mr. Superfantastic” Perkins and he’s from Playa Del Rey, CA. He would be the oldest person on The Voice in the history of the show. His style comes from Tony Bennett and Frank Sinatra and The Four Tops. He sings the song Stormy Monday by The Allman Brothers Band. He does not get a chair turn. Tyrone introduces himself and John says it’s interesting. He does a song like that and it’s ketchy and fun, but he didn’t know how to take what he does and help translate that to a current situation. Kelly says he dresses like a gentleman and she loves him and thanks him for coming. Next, we have Gigi Hess and she’s from Lovington, NM. Her musical journey began when her dad began playing his old vinyls for her. She had PCOS in middle school and she was bullied because of that. Her family was constantly supportive and she hopes she’s making them proud. She takes the stage and sings Love Song by Adele. Kelly hits her button pretty quickly. Gigi is a 1-chair turn and will be joining Team Kelly! Gigi introduces herself and Nick congratulates her. She says Kelly is a perfect fit for her. John asks who are her influences, and she says Kelly and Beyonce. John would suggest a little less on the riffs and runs and Kelly will teach her that. Kelly says her runs were really cool and she’s glad she didn’t have to fight for her. Kelly’s team is full! He goes into the next round with Taylor Green, Megan Danielle, Chelle, Sara Collins, Samantha Howell, Anaya Cheyenne, Mandi Thomas, Jules, Micah Iverson, and Gigi Hess. The next artist is Kevin Farris and he’s from Arlington Heights, IL. He runs a music enrichment program for preschoolers. He wants to show these kids it’s ok to be creative and make bold moves. The Voice is the next step for him and he hopes to lead by example. Kevin is going to perform Home by Johnnyswim. John hits his button. Nick hits his button. Kevin is a 2-chair turn! Kevin introduces himself and John says he’s always amazed by teachers like him and he could hear the purity in his voice. He says it was a powerful way to make himself known. Nick says it was a phenomenal performance and his voice has power. He asks where he wants to go as an artist. Kevin says he can do the pop stuff, he can do the Jonas Brothers. He asks Kevin if he wants to sing together? Kevin and Nick both have a guitar and they sing Lovebug by Jonas Brothers. John says he isn’t giving up. He sings as well and if he’d like to sing a song with him, then he will sing with him too. John says he could go with the coach he didn’t sing with. Kelly says Kevin, who do you pick as your coach? Kevin says John, I would love to go out for a beer with you. I pick Nick! Nick’s team is full! Nick is going into the next round with Tate Brusa, Joanna Serenko, Arei Moon, Allegra Miles, Samuel Wilco, Jacob Miller, Roderick Chambers, Michael Williams, Anders Drerup, and Kevin Farris. Next we see Allison Grace and she’s from Fort Smith, AR. She does a lot of charity events and balls and she met her husband singing while she was in college. She takes the stage and sings Don’t Know Why by Norah Jones. Kelly says she likes her voice. She does not get a chair turn. Allison introduces herself and Blake says he loves Fort Smith, AR. He thought it was a great performance. He thought it started off shaky and he thought it was beautiful. John says she has a lovely tone and voice, but he didn’t hear enough power. He says it felt a little bit restrained. Nick says she should just go and write her own music and crush it, something like Billie Eilish. Our final artist is taking the stage. Her name is Cedrice and she’s from San Diego, CA. She’s been singing for three and a half years. When she was 10 she was diagnosed with Alopecia areata and she wore a lot of wigs. She had some insecurities and then she met some musicians and she joined a band and she has never felt freer. She will be singing Fever by Peggy Lee. John hits his button. Kelly is freaking out and she stands and turns to see. Nick also stands and looks over the chair. Kelly says Cedrice is so sexy! She’s so mad. Cedrice introduces herself and Kelly says she’s freaking fantastic. Nick says that was amazing. Her voice was electrifying and smooth. He says she was a joy to watch. Blake says he’s so happy for her. John says she is beautiful and has so much style. No one looks or sounds like her. She approached the song with grace and seductiveness and he’s glad he waited for her. John’s team is full! He is going into the next round with Nelson Cade III, Darious Lyles, Zach Day, Cammwess, Thunderstorm Artis, Zan Fiskum, Mike Jerel, Brittney Allen, Mandi Castillo, and Cedrice.
  14. Previously, on Big Brother Canada, after Hira won the veto and saved himself from the block, the mindbender blew open the backdoor and the battle lines were drawn. The Evictors lashed out and when the trail led back to Kyle, the muscle bound manipulator blamed Chris, which kept his secret alliance off everyone’s radar. But mischievous Minh-ly saw the chance to blow up Kyle’s game. After Michael took the bait, Kyle took him to school and on eviction night, the backdoor was successful and the soldier boy kissed his girl and his game goodbye. Tonight, who will slip past the pack and become the next HOH? Will the showboats of the house survive? It’s do or slide on Big Brother Canada! We pick up with Michael’s eviction on day 13. Chris says the plan was executed to perfection. Even his military training couldn’t prepare him for this. And better yet, Kyle took the heat for everything. Kyle says he took a lot of heat and if the wrong person wins, he could be in trouble. Madeline says they were blindsided last week and they need to win this HOH! Arisa begins the HOH. They will slide down and find a yellow ball in the ball pit and put them one at a time in any other HG tube. When they get 10 balls, they are eliminated. First four HG eliminated will be the have-nots. Last one standing wins HOH! John Luke says this competition is absolutely ridiculous. They are slipping and sliding and everyone is falling. Minh-ly says this competition reveals who you are working with and who you’re against based on whose tube you put your balls in. John Luke says it is imperative that him, Rianne, or Madeline win this since the house knows they are working together. Vanessa says her and Kyle had already decided to target Rianne since Michael called them out. Madeline wants to target Kyle and Vanessa. Madeline is the first HG out of the competition. She says that means she’s the least popular in the house and she’s a have-not another week. Rianne says Maddy is out, but her and John Luke need to get Kyle and Vanessa out. Rianne gets Kyle out and she is thrilled she put the last ball in. Kyle is out and Vanessa is out right behind. Minh-ly spends all of her time putting all of her balls in Angie’s tube so she can hide her real intentions and everyone knows she doesn’t like Angie. Jamar put a ball in Minh-ly’s tube and she was yelling at him. Angie and Minh-ly are both eliminated and they argue. Minh-ly says Angie isn’t her target and Angie says you literally got me out. Sheldon notices no one is putting balls in his tube. He says he’s played a great social game the last few weeks. Brooke and Jamar are out. John Luke and Rianne are out and everyone but Sheldon is eliminated. Sheldon is the new HOH! He says that was a very awkward competition. Kyle is not happy about being a have-not again. Minh-ly hugs Sheldon and he says he’s going to make her feel terrible. Madeline is crying and she feels like everyone is ganging up on her. She feels targeted and Jamar says Kyle and Vanessa ganged up on her. Sheldon says this is the perfect week to be in power because there are obvious targets that won’t make anyone upset. He says he’s been stringing some HG along like Hira, Susanne, and Carol, but there are bigger targets ahead of them. John Luke says if two of them get put up, then it will be him and Madeline with the other as the replacement. John Luke says Michael is gone and clearly he, Madeline, and Rianne are targets. John Luke says they need to make some new connections and build a new path. Madeline says she should go mingle even if she doesn’t want to. Minh-ly wants to talk to Angie and Angie says you didn’t have to target me in a competition and Minh-ly says Angie wasn’t her target and it wasn’t about making her a target. She says Angie doesn’t intimidate her on a game level. Angie says she refuses to let Minh-ly beat her. She doesn’t know why Minh-ly hasn’t liked her from the beginning and the second her name came out of Minh-ly’s mouth, she felt like a target. Minh-ly says Angie doesn’t have to understand her game play. Brooke is talking to Susanne. Brooke says in her real life she has found it difficult to trust people and in the game, she feels like she trusts Sheldon. He’s the only one who she can feel like herself with. Susanne wants to know if Brooke likes him. Brooke says she doesn’t want to have a showmance and she promised Canada she wouldn’t do that. That’s a Brooke guarantee. Who wants to see Sheldon’s HOH room? Sheldon has a picture with his brother. He has his Skechers and his Wendy’s menu. His letter is from his brother and he congratulates Sheldon and says he’s proud of him and Sheldon is built for this game and he knows that because Sheldon has taken on so many challenges in life. His brother writes love you, you’re a true big brother. Sheldon says that letter hit home for him and it’s the motivation he didn’t know he needed. Kyle heads out and Sheldon is talking about his photos and how old he is. Kyle is in the have-not room and he’s crying. Hira comes to check on him and Kyle says there’s no chance he’s going to get to see his wife and kids. Hira says it’s hard being so close and not getting it. Kyle says he did some bad things last week and it really sucked. Hira says this game is so much harder than we expect. We’re going to make moves where people get hurt even if you don’t want to. Hira and Kyle hug. It’s Day 14 and Sheldon and Brooke head upstairs and Kyle and Vanessa are there. Sheldon wants to make it look like they’re chilling in case anyone comes in. They discuss that no one knows they are an alliance. Sheldon says socially, they all have to be on point this week. Sheldon says he’s slacked on Carol. Kyle wants to talk about Susanne and Brooke says she’s manageable if you do it in the correct way. They discuss that Rianne is dangerous and back-up is John Luke. Minh-ly is still a wild card. Brooke says Minh-ly knows they’re a big threat. Jamar comes in and says he left his water ball in here. Jamar heads out and they say KVBS and hit hands. Rianne goes to talk to Jamar and Susanne and Sue leaves. Rianne says it’s hard to stay positive in this game when you don’t know who has your back and who doesn’t. She’s crying and Jamar is comforting her. Rianne says she feels guilty by association and she feels like everyone is avoiding her. Jamar says everyone is paranoid and they feel like talking to certain people will get them in trouble. Jamar tells her to fight and put pressure on these people. Rianne says she didn’t come here to give up and she’s going to work her butt off. John Luke goes to talk to Sheldon. John Luke says he’s nervous for the future of his game and right before the eviction he had a really good talk with Sheldon. Sheldon told John Luke he doesn’t see a reason he’d target him. John Luke says The Evictors are still his friends, but he’s looking out for himself. He tells Sheldon he’s kind of looking for a ride or die and he would like to work with him. John Luke says Minh-ly causes a little drama. John Luke says he feels like he has a connection with Sheldon and Sheldon would be safe with him. John Luke thinks the talk went well and he could be safe the rest of the week. Jamar is talking to Brooke and he says Kyle and Chris are joined together and they could take out Kyle. Jamar says he knows Brooke is close with Sheldon and he pitches getting Kyle out in hopes she’ll take it back to Sheldon. Brooke says Jamar is being obvious about wanting Kyle out and she tells Jamar that Kyle is a bigger shield for Sheldon. Jamar says keep him for how long? Jamar says Ming-ly, Vanessa, and Chris are also targets. Jamar says Kyle is also pulling on people’s heart strings because of his wife and kids and that’s dangerous too. Brooke goes to talk to Sheldon and she recaps the conversation she had with Jamar. Sheldon says so you told Jamar why Kyle being here might also be good for his game too then. Brooke says she’s slightly concerned that Kyle’s fuse is short and Sheldon says Kyle needs to do as well socially as best as he can because they are not going to fight his battles for him. In the airport room the screens come on with Departure times. Broke was in there laying down and she runs out and says something is up with Expedia. The screens say Departures with cities, times, gates, etc. They find a secret room that says Aloha and is beach themed. The room says Aloha Guests and the only flight that’s boarding is Maui. Vanessa says she doesn’t know what this means, but she’s trying to study as much as she can and be a sponge. Rianne is stumped by it. Carol says people didn’t really look around the room so she starts moving sand around and moving stuff looking for something because Big Brother doesn’t do anything without a purpose. Brooke says Minh-ly and Jamar are something else. Brooke says it’s like a car wreck where you’re watching and you know it will be horrible but you can’t look away. Kyle says Jamar tries to play this slick guy that doesn’t give a crap about Minh-ly and she tries to play a tough chick who doesn’t care about him. We see them bickering. Kyle says they are his favorite showmance ever and Minh-ly says it’s not a showmance. Kyle says just get in the bedroom and get it done already. We see them kissing in the SR and Jamar holds the door open for her and wipes his mouth off. Brooke and Sheldon are talking and Rianne comes in and Brooke leaves. She asks what’s up and he wants to know what she’s thinking. She says she’s just in survival mode. Sheldon says the narrative is those three were in an alliance and Kyle is an *sshole. Sheldon says he knows that Chris was talking about him. Rianne says she doesn’t have any secrets at this point and she says she’s close with Madeline and she doesn’t want to be connected to some of the choices she made this past week. Rianne says she knows they are going to have to follow their own paths. Sheldon is bringing Madeline to Wendy’s this week because she’s a have-not two weeks in a row and her closest ally just went out the door. Sheldon picks her up and carries her into the HOH room. He heads downstairs to get their order and it is delivered and he gets a tablet with a message from home. He goes upstairs and his message is from his mom. She’s excited to see him in the Big Brother house and she’s so happy and proud of him. They are all cheering him on and she sends her love and hugs. He says he misses her so much. Madeline says the food is so good and it’s better than slop. She’s hoping if he thinks on a full stomach, then maybe he’ll be in a good mood and they can talk game. Madeline thinks a lot of people are putting a lot of crap in other people’s heads and she thinks Kyle does that a lot. Madeline says whoever gets Kyle out has a good chance of winning. She wants to know if he’s ready to make a big move. Sheldon says he’s going to hear that from all three of them. He says they just don’t talk game and it’s easy to put them up because everyone hates them right now. He says they isolated themselves with the vote. Madeline cries and she says it hurts because she doesn’t know what she did wrong and it really sucks. Sheldon says he doesn’t know what he wants to do. Sheldon says most of his dates end that badly. Madeline says she thinks Sheldon took her to Wendy’s because she’s going on the block. She goes to the have-not room and whines why does everyone hate her? She doesn’t get it. She’s not even like smart or physical or anything. Minh-ly asks Sheldon if she needs to worry and Sheldon says she needs to worry big time. Minh-ly says she can’t tell if he’s being serious and he says he’s dead serious. Sheldon laughs. Sheldon says Minh-ly is an easy person to put up and she’s always suggested to be backdoored. Minh-ly wants to know if he’s going to make a big move that will be a shocker. Sheldon says he could tell her, but wouldn’t it be better as a surprise? She says ok. Sheldon says in his real life he’s a chill guy. But the moment he steps into the wrestling ring he’s in game mode. Right now the Big Brother house is his wrestling ring and he’s going to kick his game into high gear. He heads in to lock in his nominations. Kyle says his ultimate goes is to be one of the best Big Brother players of all time and that starts now with this first HOH. Sheldon says Madeline has had a rough couple of weeks but they haven’t talked much game and that is not his fault. Sheldon says John Luke has been able to connect and he hopes it’s not too late. He believes everything he’s saying but he might end up collateral damage. Rianne is a bad ass and he can’t read her and that’s a red flag for him. Minh-ly is a fire cracker. He thinks she’s capable of anything in this game, which means she can come after his alliance and him and that is not ok. His philosophy of these nominations is control what he can and that’s what he’s going to do. Nomination time! Sheldon heads to the living room. His first nominee is…Madeline. His second nominee is…Rianne. Sheldon says he’s chosen to nominate Madeline because they don’t have a game relationship and he wants to give her a chance to show everyone what she’s made of. Sheldon says Rianne and he have a strong social relationship, but no game relationship and he knows she can get herself out of this. Please don’t take these nominations personally. Madeline says Sheldon, this is your big move? There are way bigger fish to fry in this house. Rianne says she’s on the block on week 3! How did this happen? She’s ready to win this POV and take matters into her own hands.
  15. Arisa says after another wild week inside the house, we’re just moments away from the first actual eviction of the season. Will it be Brooke or Michael leaving? We see a recap of Chris winning HOH, Madeline and Michael and their puppy love, Chris’s backdoor plan, nominations and pawns of Hira and Brooke. We then see Madeline questioning Chris’s noms, and Chris telling people that Minh-ly was the real target, Michael is skeptical, Hira wins POV and removes himself from the block and Chris slamming the backdoor on Michael. Tonight, will Chris’s plan backfire and explode the house? Can The Evictors do enough to save their soldier or will it be a heartbreaking retreat from the house? It’s time to go to battle on Big Brother Canada! Arisa acknowledges that there is no audience due to COVID-19 and they are just precautionary measures. Arisa says Chris took the reins as first HOH, Brooke and Hira became the first official noms, and Hira won the POV and Michael was backdoored. We pick up after the veto ceremony on Day 10. Michael calls Chris a coward. John Luke says Chris is the biggest liar in the game. It seemed Minh-ly was going to be gone and instead he throws Michael up. He’s livid. John Luke goes into the black and white comic room and slams a pillow against the bed. John Luke says they are going to swing this vote and The Evictors will rise again. Madeline tells Chris he’s a liar. He lied to everyone. Madeline wishes she would have gunned for that veto because Michael is her best friend in the house and she doesn’t want him to go. Michael says his military training has allowed him to stay calm and keep collected, but his blood is fuming under his skin right now. Chris says his goal was to shake the house and take control. He says everyone is scrambling and in a state of fear. Minh-ly says Chris just threw the entire under the bus, but little does everyone know she’s the mastermind. She was the honey trap. Maddy is in the black and white comic room and she’s crying and saying why didn’t she gun for that veto. She says you’re a liar! You’re a F*cking liar Chris. She leaves the room and John Luke and Michael are talking and Madeline wants to speak to Chris. She asks what happened and he says he’ll be straight for her. Madeline says she didn’t gun for veto because that’s what he wanted. Chris says we’re playing the game, and you four…she says what four? Chris says you John Luke, Michael, and Rianne are a foursome and she says we’re friends! Chris says everyone seen it and worried. Maddy says Minh-ly is toxic and she’s a b*tch and now Chris is her target. Chris says he’d rather have her loyal to him without another problem and Maddy says yeah right. I’m not fake. She walks out of the HOH yelling she’ll speak her mind. She’s not scared. Jamar asks if Chris is in the HOH and Minh-ly says she thinks he needs a break. Brooke tells Michael she wasn’t part of the plan and she says she would have a better shot on the block against Minh-ly. Michael says he doesn’t know why Brooke didn’t give them a heads up. Michael says Chris wants to get the guys out so he can compete with the girls. Maddy says he said the whole house wants this and Angie says that’s one person. Chris asks Michael if he wants to talk and Michael says it’s up to Chris. They head up to the HOH room. Michael says there are two impressions of Chris. One is he’s a great guy, and the second one is he’s a coward. Michael says he doesn’t know if it’s an underlying insecurity thing that he targeted him. Chris says everyone knows that he, John Luke, Maddy, and Rianne area working together. Michael says why me out of the four? Chris says it’s what everyone wanted. Michael says the whole house talk crap about him. Chris says Maddy is the only one calling him a liar and Michael says several are saying Chris is a liar. Chris admits to lying to Michael and Michael says that’s where the coward comes from. Arisa says of our two nominees one was a pawn, and the other was the backdoor plan. Can either of them ramp up their social game? Chris is talking to John Luke and he’s talking again about the four who are working together. John Luke says he sees Chris and Kyle are chatting all the time. John Luke asks Chris if he thinks Sheldon and Kyle are going to carry him to final four? John Luke says they will turn on him and he just drew a line in the sand and he doesn’t think Chris is on the right side. Chris says it was a group decision and John Luke says he guesses he’s on the outside of the group. He just hopes he’s not a target next week and hopes they don’t not give him a chance. John Luke says he just got a ton of information and he needs to go to Kyle and see if the information adds up. John Luke confronts Kyle and Kyle says just regular chats with Chris. Kyle says now he has to double down on his lie because of Chris. John Luke tells Kyle he doesn’t think Chris is smart enough to come up with that plan himself. Kyle says of course he helped construct the plan, and he’s going to be a part of the plan to get the rest of them out in the coming weeks. Kyle tells John Luke if he can rally enough votes to get Michael to stay, then he will vote to keep Michael. Day 11 and Chris is waking everyone up and says Big Brother has a surprise in store for all of them. HG, summer has arrived early at the Big Brother Canada. They need to get dressed and head out to the hot tub. They have to celebrate all day and they can leave when they want, but if they do, then they cannot return. The four people who last the longest will get a reward. It’s cold and rainy out and Chris says it’s going to be a test of endurance. Sheldon, Jamar, and Minh-ly are the first three in. Angie says she’s from Winnipeg, it’s time to Cocoon. It’s 12:28 and Chris comes out with a tub. There are 8 people left and it’s going to be settled with a water balloon toss. John Luke, Angie, Vanessa, Carol, Chris, Hira, Michael, and Susanne are the remaining HG. Hira, John Luke, Michael, and Angie win and they win a barbecue. John Luke says Angie is a wildcard this week and Hira was on the block. This is a chance to talk alone with them and see if they can get the votes. John Luke says they need 7 votes to keep Michael safe and they have three locked down. The floaters can seal Michaels fate in the game. John Luke tells Angie Kyle mentioned her name. Angie asks if she’s safe with them and they say without a doubt. Hira says Kyle isn’t trustworthy. Michael and John Luke says they’ll have the numbers and Angie would be safe. The house has been on fire this week with so much drama. Before we get to the eviction vote, let’s had back inside one more time. Brooke says Michael is a big target and she has a solid group in her corner. So she doesn’t need to do anything flashy. Kyle and Brooke are talking in the kitchen and Sheldon join them and they are talking about their alliance and Minh-ly is on the stairs listening. Kyle says things are going to get wild and crazy, but they have each other’s backs. Minh-ly is talking to Michael and he’s asking for her vote. Minh-ly says when you’re campaigning people will lie about who they are voting for. Minh-ly says even if he had her vote, he doesn’t think it’s looking good for him and she doesn’t think he has the numbers unless a miracle happens. Minh-ly suggests Michael start something with Kyle. She says if he has the cajones to say loudly that Kyle will be his target in front of the entire house, it might get people on his side. Minh-ly says she wants Kyle out and so if Michael does her dirty work, it will make it easier to get him out later. She’s stirring the pot…again. Michael says he’s not to start drama, but if he has to call Kyle out, then he will. Minh-ly tells Michael not to mention her name. Michael goes to Kyle and says Kyle promised on his kids and wife to vote to keep him. Kyle says he heard that Michael and his side are dragging him through the mud. Kyle asks Michael who put him on the block? Michael says you don’t sit with someone for hours and not know the plan. Kyle says everyone knew. Michael says he’s comfortable knowing he’s leaving with his word. Kyle says it’s season 8. Learn how to play. Michael says he has everyone wrapped around his finger. Michael is disappointed. Tonight is the first eviction vote of the season. Michael and Brooke are on the block and one of their superhero dreams is about to come to an end. Brooke says everyone is great, and Michael is great. Please vote to keep her. Thank you. That would be great. Michael says prior to his last job he spent six and a half years in the military. Moving forward he hopes people are loyal to who they said they would be, and have integrity. And if they decide to keep him, then he will try and keep Chris, Vanessa, and Kyle who don’t deserve to win from winning. Time to vote! Kyle votes to evict Michael! Bye! Minh-ly votes to evict Michael. Rianne votes to evict Brooke. Susanne votes to evict Mike. John Luke says these pigeons want his best friend out, but he can’t do that. He’s voting for Brooke. Madeline votes to evict Brooke. Love you Michael. We are tied 3-3. The remaining votes are coming up next! We’re tied 3-3. Let’s get back to the rest of the votes! Sheldon votes to evict Michael. Vanessa votes to evict Michael. Hira votes to evict Michael. Angie votes to evict Michael. Carol sadly votes to evict Michael. Jamar votes to evict Mike. By a vote of 9-3, Michael has been evicted from the Big Brother Canada house! He hugs Brooke and Carol and Jamar. Maddy is waiting upstairs by the door. John Luke hugs him at the top of the stairs and he heads toward Madeline. They hug and he dips her and kisses her and says see you guys, it was nice knowing you! Madeline tells him to call her and he heads out to Arisa. Arisa asks about the kiss and he says it was planned. Arisa asks about The Evictors. Michael says the last few days it flip flopped and people just didn’t want to unite against Kyle and Chris. Rianne says she’s sad to see Michael go and he’s a loyal guy. Kyle says he is the puppet master in the house and everything he’s said comes back to him. Minh-ly says he’s so naïve and she’s the one that orchestrated all of this and you don’t start talking game on day 11. John Luke says he’ll always be a best friend and he’ll miss him. Madeline says he’s been her rock and her happy place and he’s been everything and more and this game will be challenging without and she’ll miss him already. We’re down to 14 HG and it’s time for a new HOH! This challenge is called Slippery When Wet. They will slide down to a ball pit and find yellow balls. You are NOT putting the balls in your own tube. If you get ten balls in your tube, you are eliminated from the competition. The first four HG eliminated will be the have-nots for the week. Madeline immediately has two balls. Madeline gets a third ball added. Then a fourth. John Luke has one ball. Vanessa has four balls. Kyle has four balls. Madeline is up to six and she says really guys? Minh-ly has a ball. Madeline has 9 balls. Find out who slides their way to the HOH on Sunday.
  16. Tonight, we get out first look at the final set of costumes of Group C! We’ll see Bear, Night Angel, Rhino, Swan, Astronaut, and T-Rex. They’ll be competing for the last three spots of the Super 9. We take a look back at how we got here so far. Group A we unmasked Lil Wayne, Drew Carey, and Chaka Khan. Group B we unmasked Tony Hawk, Dionne Warwich, and Tom Bergeron. And so far, our judges have only guessed two correctly! Between them they have one guiness world record, two Time magazine most influential people honors, three New York times best sellers, and 36 gold records. Nick says they are two for six so far! We meet Night Angel and her strength is night vision and her weakness is dawn. Clue package: There’s something about the night that’s so deliciously mysterious with it’s tendrils and everything, just like her. Like an angel, she’s felt deeply blessed her entire life. Doors have always opened for her. While fame has sometimes brought her down like a landslide, she’s always been able to find the light. This positive attitude is her best magic trick and the key to her success. But man, I feel like this angel can’t be good all the time. That boy is mine. It’s my prerogative to have a little fun y’all. So tonight, she’s chosen a song that’s a little bit dangerous and a little bit sweet…just like her. Things we seen in the clue package: We see her at a Motel. We see her open door #4 and there are guys with duck masks behind it. Her key has the #2 on it. Behind door #5 we see “gangster grandmas” beating up someone with bats. Behind door #6 there is a party and she dances with them. She takes the stage and performs You Give Love a Bad name by Bon Jovi. Jenny says that was the best performance all season. Nicole says she has an amazing voice. She loves the duality of the night angel. The fact she can be so sweet and sometimes she’s just like…bad. She’s talking with a British accent. Robin picked up on a lot of clues. He seen the gangster grandmas. He says he knows that voice before, maybe like Taylor Dayne. Jenny picking up Monica and she was nominated for four grammy’s. Nicole doesn’t think it’s Monica’s tone. Nicole thought maybe Lil Kim. Robin says she had a song called magic stick. Jenny says this is going to drive her crazy until she finds out who this is. Next up is the bear! Her strengths are protectiveness and her weaknesses are honey. Robin notices she’s tall and Nicole says she’s tiny and tall. Clue package: In my life, I’ve been both hunter and hunted. But after years of hearing all the phoney bologna, she’s sick of everyone not knowing who she really is. So this mama bear is coming out of hibernation, maybe she’s been a little polarizing. But just like a bear it’s just been to protect her cubs. Under this mask, she found the courage to come out of her cave, stop hiding, and face the world head on. Now tonight, I bear, exercise my right to a killer performance. Clue’s we seen during the package: We see a home sweet home mat, a sing that says don’t wake the bear and in front of that sign is playing cards with 2 aces and 3 kings, or a full house. We see some hockey skates and week calendar that says Octobear and on Saturday it says LIVE. We see a bowl of French fries and we see two cubs from a van. She takes the stage and performs Baby Got Back by Sir Mix-A-Lot. Nicole says she is so here for Bear. Bear says it’s nice to not being able to see anything out of the mask. It takes the sharp edges off the world and she needed this. Ken says sharp edges like hockey skates. Someone like Tonya Harding. Jenny says there’s no way that’s Tonya Harding. She thinks maybe she’s married to a hockey player and there was a full house in the clue package. She thinks Candace Cameron Bure. Robin thinks someone from the SNL family. Maybe Tina Fey. Ken throws out Brittney Spears. Next up is the astronaut. His strengths are defying gravity and his weakness is needs space. Clue package: He’s always dreamt of flying high because he believes if you want something enough, not even gravity can hold you back. While it’s a bit crazy to leave his home planet, he’s been hungry for a chance to explore new territories. This voyage may be bumpy, and he may be far from home, but the idea of endless possibilities gets his heart throbbing. Midway to impact…oh brother. Code Blue! He’s ok. Not a pitch perfect landing, but he’s here. Now which way to the stage? Clues we seen in the package: We see a colorful leigh, a broom, a toolbox floating. We see a warning and collision imminent. He takes the stage and sings You Say by Lauren Daigle. Nicole is wiping tears from her eyes. Nicole says she doesn’t know who he is but that says a lot about his spirit and soul. Astronaut says people say the sky is the limit, but when you’re an astronaut the sky is just the beginning. Even though he started at a young age, he’s just getting started. Ken picked up on pitch perfect, like Adam Devine, but other clues like hungering like Hunger Games like Josh Hutcherson. Jenny says after hearing him sing, it reminded her of a boy bander. She says Lance Bass has his astronaut certificate. Nicole says she thinks this person is a great actor and singer, like Zac Efron. Time to unleash the T-Rex! Strengths are killer smile and weaknesses are push-ups. Clue package: You want to hear the story of their journey? A tale of evolution, of glory, of survival. Like the dinosaur, they were discovered by another who plucked them out of obscurity and into an extraordinary place called T-Rex Island. A magical world where they were one of dozens of talented creatures pirouetting the land. All similar in looks, strength, and skill. A sisterhood of fun and friends, but soon they heard rumors of extinction, that unless you were special you were doomed and then it happened. A cataclysmic event that changed their world forever…To Be continued! Clues we seen in the package: A baby doll that T-Rex sits on. A bow and arrow drawn with compass points N and W circled. We seen a bow and arrow. We see a U with a pink and gold star. T-Rex takes the stage and sings So What by P!nk. Robin says they came out and left every bit of their energy and soul on that stage. T-Rex says they love the feeling of being fierce and untamed. Ken says you can’t help think in the clue package of like minded sisters, so he’s thinking Kardashians. He totally thinks it’s screaming Courtney. Jenny says no way that kind of energy is coming out of Courtney. She thinks they sound really young, so maybe someone from Dance Moms. Maybe Maddy Ziegler. Nicole agrees that she’s young and she saw a U, so maybe YouTuber. Maybe Rebecca Black. Next we have the Rhino. His strengths is headbutts and his weakness is poachers. Nicole notes that Rhino is tall. Clue package: Hi, it’s him. The rhino. While his exterior may look tough and callous, he’s really just a gentle giant. As a young Rhino, he was center stage. The toast of the town every week, but being on top became an addiction. When he suddenly wasn’t the best, he crashed and burned. He pushed the people closest to him away. But he got the help he needed to get back on his ride, and now he’s here to take a leap of faith, just a bit outside of his comfort zone. Because he’s ready to soar again! Clues we seen in the package: we seen an Anonymous Living magazine that says Rhi-NO? more like Rhi-YES! Then we see another magazing called Masked Quarterly that says Rhino is Unstoppable! Then we seen a Whoisit? Digest and it says Rhino hits rock bottom. Endangered? We see a red bike and a pitcher of red kool-aid. We see a guitar that says Grand Ole Opry. We see a ramp and on the ramp it says faith and he has butterflies on his bike. He takes the stage and sings Have a Little Faith In Me by John Hiatt. Nicole says she has a lot of faith in him after that performance. Rhino says he went to his home gym and turned his music up as loud as he could and danced and danced until he found an inner kid in him that didn’t have a care in the world. Jenny says she obviously looks like an athlete but he sounds like a singer. She thinks Jason Aldean. Ken says Tim Tebow has had a rise and a fall. Ken thinks he wanted to be a country music star. Nicole says she knows they are a singer and she thinks they performed at the Grand Ol Opry and she thinks Tim McGraw. Our last act of the night is the Swan! Strengths are diving and weakness is often flighty. Ken immediately says he thinks it’s Bjork. Clue package: The swan is known for its fierceness, one of the only birds who flies despite the burden of the weight they carry across the universe. She is the swan because she refuses to be tuned out. She’s played games, she’s lived fame, she’s seen shame and she claims on this stage where she came they won’t know her name. She’s someone and no one, rerun and no fun, she’s laughing and screaming and nervous all at once. But now she’s euphoric, flush with fever as she bares her soul to us. Clues we seen during the package: She’s doing ballet at a barre. We see someone yelling at her through a megaphone. We see a red heart balloon. We see Vampire teeth and someone throwing blue and green feathers and we see a ghost. She takes the stage and sings Fever by Peggy Lee. Nicole says she could tell this might be out of her comfort zone but she has a really cool tone to her voice. Swan says she lives her life in over drive and swans fly at 16 mph and the only way to get things done is to do them fast. Ken noticed the vampire fangs, maybe someone from a vampire show. He thinks maybe Nina Dobrev. Nicole says she saw the ghost and she knows this person was in the ghost whisperer and she thinks it’s Jennifer Love Hewitt. Ken wishes that was his guess. Robin was going with the gothic and he thinks Sarah Michelle Gellar. Ken wants that one too. The singer with the least amount of votes is…Bear! The others will move on to next week! Time for final guesses from the judges! Nicole this one is really hard. She saw Home Sweet Home and she thought maybe Christina Applegate. Jenny says the hockey skates and full house cards, maybe Candace Cameron Bure. Ken says he was inspired by Jenny’s guess. He thinks it’s someone who’s been through a lot, he’s thinking Jodi Sweetin. Robin thinks it could be a very, very big star who’s also a big star. He still thinks it’s Tina Fey! Time to unmask the bear! The bear is…Sarah Palin! Sarah says the bear is part of her nickname growing up. Clue answer: The ice skates and hockey puck are a hint to Sarah being a “Hockey Mom”. And bears are in Alaska. The aces and Kings in Sarah’s package refer to her home stage of Alaska, Abbreviated as AK. She says this is the weirdest thing she’s ever done and it’s fun and about unity. Another clue answer: The calendar in bear’s package said “Live” on Saturday night which is a hint to Tina Fey’s famous impersonation of Sarah on SNL.
  17. We see a recap of Chris winning HOH, Kyle pitching to Chris an alliance with Sheldon and to get rid of Michael. We see a showmance blossoming between Michael and Madeline. We see the nomination ceremony and Chris putting up Brooke and Hira as his pawns and Michael as his target. Tonight, we’ll se the POV competition and the veto ceremony! We pick up from the end of the nomination ceremony and hugs being given and it’s Day 7. Chris says Brooke and Hira are pawns, but he wants to take out Michael because he’s in a clique with John Luke, Madeline, and Rianne. No way was he going to put Michael on the block and give him a chance to go after veto. Susanne says her and Chris are close because of week 1 and this week she’s in the know. Brooke says she’s on the block and this is not an ideal situation. She says Chris told her she was a pawn, and she does believe him, but anything can happen. Pawns do go home. Hira says being on the block sucks and we see Chris telling him to stay calm and cool. Hira says Big Brother is all about building relationships and he and Chris didn’t build one. He was an easy nomination for him. The only way he can control his destiny right now is to win POV. He’s going to win. 100%. He’s in the color comics bedroom and he’s hyping himself up. He says this is what we came here for. You’ll see. Chris gives Brooke a hug and he comforts her. Brooke says Chris is an alpha bro and that is a personality irritates her. She hates having to kiss his butt, but she’ll do what she has to do. Chris tells Brooke to stay relaxed and calm and let other people have their drama and she can sleep like a baby. Minh-ly is going to visit the HOH room. Minh-ly says Chris has let her know about the backdoor plan, but she wants to make sure no one in his alliance wins veto. Susanne joins them and Minh-ly tells them she wants to get one of the four out. Chris tells them to not be worried. Minh-ly says she is concerned if one of them wins veto, they might not use the veto. Minh-ly suggests Chris tell them there’s a backdoor plan to get rid of her so if they do win, they’ll use the veto thinking Chris is going to nominate Minh-ly. Hira goes to talk to Chris in the HOH and Chris tells Hira he is safe this week. He tells him there’s a backdoor plan, but not who the target is. Chris says he doesn’t care if Hira leaks the plan because he’ll set up that Minh-ly is the backdoor plan. Hira says he’s on board. Kyle is trying pick up lines on Rianne. He asks if she’s single and she says yes, I’m single. Kyle says this isn’t going well. Let’s start again. Hi my name is Kyle. I noticed you’re here alone. Do you want to get a drink? Rianne says that’s your pickup line. Carol is encouraging Rianne to pick up Kyle. Rianne says she doesn’t do this! She says to Kyle can I by you a drink? Madeline wants to talk to Chris and she’s so thankful that none of her alliance members are on the block this week. They go to the HOH room and Madeline says she respects his mom and she wants to know who he wants to go home or is this a backdoor plan? Chris says Hira and Brooke aren’t dangerous, so he’s thinking Minh-ly. Madeline asks if he is for sure using it on Minh-ly? He says yeah. She says she likes that. Chris says he does communication and persuasion for a living. He doesn’t see it as lying, but he can’t risk her having an alliance and being loyal to other guys. Minh-ly is talking to Jamar and she says he isn’t giving her anything. Minh-ly needs to know if she can trust him. Minh-ly says she has a lot of secrets and Jamar asks who she is. She says I don’t know. We’ll find out. He wants a preview and she puts her hood up and he’s waiting and they stare at each other. She says I’m waiting and he says for what? She says what do you think? Jamar leans in for a kiss and then says that’s all she gets for now. Minh-ly says you’re going to ration me? She wants five more minutes and he says he’ll give her five more seconds and behind her back he puts up a this rocks symbol. Bed time and Minh-ly heads out first leaving Jamar to laugh on the couch and look at the camera. Jamar is in the airport room with Susanne and Minh-ly. He farts and Susanne says is that going to smell and Jamar leaves. Minh-ly says he’s rude and he’s always telling her to cook him stuff. Susanne says Minh-ly is full of sass and she wants her to teach her how to say no. Minh-ly says hey Sue, fill my water and she says no fill it yourself. Minh-ly smiles and nods and Susanne says that’s empowering. Chris has Michael and John Luke in the HOH and he is telling them that Minh-ly is the biggest threat to the guys and the biggest target in the house and he pitches backdooring her. John Luke asks if Minh-ly wins if he is worried about the two targets on the block and Chris says no. Chris says their jaws will drop when they find out the actual plan he’s carrying out. John Luke and Michael go to Rianne and they tell her about the Minh-ly backdoor plan. John Luke says he’s confident that whoever uses the veto will pull someone off and that’s a super smart plan. Rianne says that’s good. Madeline joins and they are creating a secret handshake where they stand in a square and spin out with The Evictors symbol showing. John Luke talks to Madeline and says babies are like pets, but dumber. Chris comes out and it’s time to pick players for the veto competition! Only five people will participate in the competition, the two nominees and three people drawn at random. HOH is not eligible to compete. Chris is preferring not to have Michael play in this veto. Chris draws Vanessa. Brooke draws Carol. Hira draws Madeline. Chris says it wasn’t perfect Madeline was picked, but the plan is solid and he’s confident she’ll use the veto if she wins. Susanne will host the competition. Madeline is so excited to get picked, but Chris is a little sketchy. She doesn’t know if she should gun for this veto or not. Madeline goes to talk to Michael and she says she doesn’t know if she trusts Chris. She says if she wins, then it’s best to keep them the same. Susanne comes in and says Minh-ly is going home this week. Susanne says Madeline and Michael are kind of sketched out and it’s her job to keep them calm. Michael says he knows Chris threw his name out earlier and he doesn’t know if Chris is trustworthy. Susanne says Chris has been solid with her that he wants Minh-ly out. Susanne says if Maddy wins the veto, they need her to use. It’s time for the veto comp and we see dog sleds and fish name tags for each of the players. Susanne is dressed as a penguin. The first POV is called Sleigh the Veto. They will crawl over to an icy pond and bob for a fish using only their mouth. Once they get all 20 fish, they will clear some snow off and reveal a puzzle. But they’ll have more fish than they need so they’ll need to be careful. Once they think they have it, then they can hit their button and the first to do it wins POV! Vanessa is on board with the backdoor plan and she wants to win. Brooke recaps the rules and everyone is moving. Brooke wants to win because she didn’t come here to be a block warmer. She came to make moves. Madeline says this is not only physically challenging, but mentally challenging too. She’s exhausted. Hira says this POV is extremely important. He wants this veto! Hira is off to a lead and Vanessa is right on his tail. Vanessa says she’s working with Kyle, Sheldon, and Brooke and she’d love to take Brooke down. Carol says this is the most ridiculous things she’s ever done in her life. She says this water is real cold, like take your breath away cold. Jamar wants to hold hands with Minh-ly and he tells us they have to keep each other warm. Minh-ly says they are only holding hands because Jamar is trying to get attention and she’s board. Brooke looks like she’s tiring out. She says she’s not the poster child for physical fitness. She’s more of a read by herself kind of chick. Michael says it’s tough not to be part of this competition, but he loves cheering for Madeline. Vanessa has collected all of her fish and she’s starting her puzzle. Hira says Vanessa is a beast and it lights a fire in him. Hira has now collected his fish. They have to memorize the order of the fish and the colors and it’s not easy. Madeline is now starting her puzzle. Vanessa has 7 fish up so far. Kyle is rooting for Vanessa. Susanne reminds everyone to make sure they have their fish in the right spot. Brooke looks down at Vanessa and she’s still collecting fish. Hira is moving some of his fish around. IT’s anyone’s game! Vanessa and Hira are neck and neck in the competition. Madeline is starting on her puzzle. Hira has all his fish on the rack, but is he correct? He hits his button and he is not correct. Madeline is still working. Hira makes a few changes and hits his button and is wrong again. Vanessa is going back to continue putting fish up. Hira makes a few more changes and he hits his button and he has won POV! Hira says when he gets a chance to compete, he’s a competitor. They underestimated him and they shouldn’t do it again. Brooke says she’s happy for Hira, but she can’t help but think if anyone else had won she would have been taken down. But she is still sitting comfortable with the backdoor plan. Hira says this is exactly what he was hoping for and they’ll see now he will go really hard. John Luke goes and congratulates Hira. Kyle tells Minh-ly to be ready for the fireworks and she says she’s ready. Kyle says Hira will pull himself off and Chris will put Michael up. Kyle says he doesn’t trust Minh-ly but he sure needs her this week. Minh-ly loves this as a big move for their season. Minh-ly says Kyle is shady and he has a good social game. She needs him this week for the plan, but after that he needs to go. We see Madeline and Michael in the swamp. Michael says he wishes they could lock the doors. Madeline says he is a breath of fresh air for her game. She hopes they get to know each other better while in the house. She is cuddling up with him and she goes over the list of things she wants in a guy. He has to be loyal and responsible and love animals and family oriented. Michael says Madeline takes his mind off the game and he definitely has a crush on her. It’s Day 10 and Rianne calls everyone to the living room. They have the four have-nots on one couch. For one of them, life as they know it is about to change for the better. Thanks to Skip the Dishes, Canada has been voting to save one of the have-nots. This person will win themselves a delicious meal of their choice which will be delivered right to their door. This person will also get to skip the slop for the rest of the week. The have-not Canada has decided to save is…Vanessa! Vanessa gets emotional and she tells us she’s so happy. She thanks Canada. It means so much to her. She’s scrolling through her meal options. She says slop has been a challenge, she’s so hungry. She says she’s just a fisherman from PI. We see Kyle getting slop and the door rings and Vanessa runs upstairs. She says this is by far the best thing she could have won yet. Sheldon is talking to Michael and John Luke and they are talking about Minh-ly. John Luke says she has no clue but she brought it on herself. Sheldon says he can’t believe Michael doesn’t understand how hard everyone is playing around him. Vanessa and Carol and Minh-ly are in the hot tub. Minh-ly is hoping the plan is to backdoor and get Michael out the door. Minh-ly says she wants the four out, but Kyle needs to go. Minh-ly says she will nominate Angie and Madeline, but she’s going to backdoor Kyle. Vanessa says does Minh-ly not know me and Kyle are tight? Minh-ly tells them not to tell anyone. Vanessa says she has to tell Kyle because he’s like her brother. Kyle goes to talk to Chris and tells him Minh-ly wants to backdoor him next week and he’s going to grab Vanessa and Susanne and Vanessa fills them in on Minh-ly’s plan to backdoor Kyle. Chris says let’s just think of numbers. Chris says he has Carol and Angie 100% locked down and he has Jamar in his pocket. Chris says Minh-ly is one person, but the others are in four person alliance. Let’s destroy the alliance and take the head of the snake out, then we can worry about Minh-ly. POV Ceremony is today. Hira stands at the front of the living room and he has decided to use the power of veto on himself. He says it’s not easy being on the block, but he’s glad it gave him a chance to compete and show them he’s here to play hard. Chris now has to name a replacement nominee. Chris says they are all amazing human beings and he’s proud to get ot know them. He wants to make a decision representative of what the house really wants. It became apparent that a clique was formed early and the house was concerned about it. So Michael…have a seat. The POV ceremony is now complete. Madeline says Chris is a liar. He lied to everyone. Michael calls him a coward. He says if he’s just going to let this happen, he’s in for a shock. Madeline says Chris is a liar and next week he’ll be on the block. She doesn’t care what it takes. Chris says he’ll get lots of information this week and he’ll just sit back and watch it happen.
  18. The judges take their places and we’re ready for tonight’s blind auditions to continue! Let’s meet the first artist of the night, Anaya Cheyenne and she’s from Atlanta, GA. She posts cover videos online and she does a song every Friday. She doesn’t get to visit her mom in Connecticut often, but she has a huge desire be a singer. She takes the stage and she sings I’ll Never Love Again by Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga. The judges are looking at each other and Kelly is listening intently. Nick looks between Kelly and Blake and Blake says come on Kelly! Kelly hits right at the end and Blake immediately follows. Anaya is a 2-chair turn! Anaya introduces herself and John says that performance took them on a journey. He says some of her runs were stunning. Nick says to be so young, he doesn’t know how much love she’s experienced, but to give them all the feels was impressive and he thinks Kelly would be a perfect coach for her. Kelly says she didn’t have Anaya’s range and she could accomplish a lot with her range. She thinks she can help Anaya with technique and she can prep her for making a record. Blake says that note at the end if what got him to hit his button. He says she was unbelievable and she’s in his wheel house too musically. Blake sometimes the greatest combinations are the ones that people don’t expect. John asks Anaya who she picks as her coach. Anaya says she chooses…Kelly! Next is a blind audition for us too and they sing Time to Say Goodbye by Sarah Brightman and Andrea Bocelli. John looks surprised. Kelly hits her button and we see Mandi Thomas. Kelly gets on her feet and Nick keeps looking at Kelly and he seems to want to hit his button. Mandi is a 1-chair turn and will be on Team Kelly! Mandi introduces herself and Nick says he had goosebumps the entire time. He’s not exactly a fan of opera, but he is of hers. We see in Mandi’s package that she was hoping to work with Kelly. She loves singing opera because it gives her a chance to show emotion with her voice. Blake says he doesn’t have a clue about opera and Mandi says she sings country too. John thinks Kelly will be fantastic for Mandi. The next artist is Ari Tibi and she’s from Calabasas, CA. Her parents have always encouraged creativity without limits. Her mother is a French teacher and her father is from Tunisia. She had several bands in high school, and she’s currently in a band called Lucy. She’s a journalist, and she does music interviews, but all she wants to do is sing. She takes the stage and performs The Joke by Brandi Carlile. Kelly says great song and the judges are all listening. Nick looks around and Blake looks down the line, but no one turns. Ari introduces herself. Blake says this is disappointing for all of us, but she was so close and they should have pushed. John says she challenged herself because that’s a difficult song to master and the ending was a revelation. He advises her to come back because she’s right there. Nick says maybe a different song choice that will allow her to open up sooner. Kelly says she can tell that she’s super artistic. Kelly says it wasn’t connected. She had some gorgeous moments, but then moments of hesitation. The next artist enters and we hear them perform The Time they are A-Changing by Bob Dylan. The judges are listening closely and Blake realizes he’s playing guitar. Kelly turns and we see Jacob Miller and Blake turns right after. Nick turns a few moments later. Jacob is a 3-chair turn! Jacob introduces himself and he’s from Eden, WI. Nick congratulates him. Kelly wants to know what types of artists he’s interested in and he likes folk music, ragtime, and jazz. Kelly would love to see how they translate what he’s doing to songs from today. Blake says he has a very specific thing he does that he needs to be protective of. He loved that he played guitar. John just wants to tell him that was a powerful performance. Nick says he’s excited because he’s a song writer and he’d love to spend some time with him in the studio and find out what he wants to say in music. John says who’s it going to be Jacob? Jacob says this is a tough call honestly. Blake does his finger pointing and Jacob smiles and points and says Nick! The next artist is Jon Mullins from Nashville, TN. His wife Whitney is his biggest fan and she wants him to follow his dreams. Jon takes the stage and sings Don’t Give Up on Me by Andy Grammar. Blake hits his button and turns. Jon is a 1-chair turn and Blake can’t believe it! Jon will be joining Team Blake. Blake says this is the greatest day of his coaching career on The Voice. Jon introduces himself and Kelly says he has a big voice and he’s very gifted. Nick says he has an enormous voice and it fills the room and if there’s an opportunity to steal him later he’ll snatch him right up. John says he’s so happy for him. Jon says just being here and being on a team with the king is amazing. We see Jacob Daniel Murphy singing Until You Come Back to Me (That’s What I’m Gonna Do) by Stevie Wonder and we see the judges listening. Blake turns at the last possible moment and snags another 1-chair turn. Nick says he’s shocked and he didn’t expect that could be him and he thinks he messed up. John says the quality of his voice is really exceptional and he’s excited that he gets to work with Blake. Blake says he’s having the best day right now and he just heard a singer he thought he wouldn’t get and he feels like he robbed a bank. Next up is Zan Fiskum and she’s from Seattle, WA. She lives in an RV, but she calls it a tiny house and it’s perfect for her. She lives on her parent’s property. She’s a singer/songwriter and Indie Pop. She’s going to perform Light On by Maggie Rogers. Nick quickly hits his button to turn. John turns a bit later. Blake is listening closely and Kelly hits her button and says she has to go. Zan is a 3-chair turn! Blake says Zan probably deserved a four chair turn, but he was a jackass. John says he’s been waiting to be inspired today. He wants to know what she’s into and she says Indie pop or folk and she’s in a band back home. John says she has power in her voice, but also an ethereal quality. Nick says he loves working with his brothers and they had to separate for a time and he commends her for taking a step out on her own. He says she left him speechless and it would be an honor to coach her. Kelly says she has a really amazing gift where her tone comes with reverb. She says you can’t teach that, it’s God given. She thinks she sounded magical. Blake says Zan? Who do you pick as your coach? Zan says okay, okay…I would like to choose…John! The next artist is Chan Fuze and he’s from Chicago, IL. He’s 6’10”. Both of his parents are tall. He loves basketball, but music is something he’s felt in his heart. He’s played blues and he plays Indie Rock. He performs Groove Me by King Floyd. John is dancing in his chair and so is Kelly. Kelly says he’s having such a good time. He does not get a chair turn. Blake says my God, how tall are you? Chan answers and introduces himself. Blake says there might have been some hip thrusting going on and that might have been the problem. John says his falsetto might not have been as effective as he wanted it to be. Nick says he agrees with Blake. Kelly says he was the guy they want to watch, but this setting might not be the perfect environment for his talent. The next artist is Roderick Chambers and he’s from Miami, FL. He’s a father, but he’s separated from his son’s mother. He wants to show his son courage for pursuing his dreams. Roderick takes the stage and sings Back at One by Brian McKnight. Nick quickly hits his button to turn. Roderick is a 1-chair turn and will be joining Team Nick! John welcomes Roderick to The Voice and he introduces himself. John says he’s excited for him and that was a classic song. John says Nick learned to count from that song. Nick says he feels like he robbed a bank and he thanks him for blessing them with that performance. Next is Jules and she’s from Peoria, AZ. Her real name is Alexis Jules Gaston. She wasn’t always very confident. She got her first guitar when she was 6 and it was bright blue. She started gigging when she was 12 after getting some vocal lessons. She’s going to perform Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked by Cage the Elephant, but she’s changed it up from the original. John is listening intently and Nick is watching John. Blake looks down at Nick and John. Blake and John are watching each other. Blake hits his button and Kelly turns right behind. Jules is a 2-chair turn. Jules introduces herself. John says he thinks because he didn’t know the song he was trying to figure out what was going on. Blake recognized it was a Cage the Elephant song. Nick tells her to work on control but she took a big risk and it paid off. Kelly disagrees with Nick on her lower register and she thought it was on point. Kelly says she thought it was really cool and it shows her artistry. Blake says he loves Arizona. John says he truly is. Blake feels like he has a close kinship with her. To dismantle that song and put it back together the way she did was impressive. He thinks she can make it to the finale. John says Jules you have a decision to make. Who do you pick as your coach? Jules says she thinks she’s going to go with…she loves them both very much…but she’s going to go with Kelly! Next, we meet Jared Harper and he’s from San Francisco, CA. He plays guitar and learns to play by ear, but he’s deaf in one ear. He takes the stage and sings (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction by The Rolling Stones. John is dancing in his chair and the coaches are listening but he does not get a chair turn. Jared introduces himself. John says he has a ridiculously cool tone, but he had some pitch issues. Nick says such a cool vibe overall and he thought it was a cool song choice, but he’d like to hear the softer side of his voice. Blake says he’s sorry. His voice is so cool, but two things kept him from pressing his button and it was what John said about pitch issues and maybe he could have turned it up another notch. Next we have Michael Williams and he’s from Mason, OH. He comes from a sports family but he also loved singing. He started feeling bad and he was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis. He performs You Say by Lauren Daigle. Nick hits his button right at the end and gets another 1-chair turn and will join Nick’s team! Michael introduces himself. Kelly says he looks like a young Tom Cruise. He says once he gets his falsetto under control he’ll be really good. Nick gives a quick story about Blake, his big brother, and he said he didn’t understand until now, it’s their job to coach these artists. He can’t wait to coach him and the other pro move was waiting to turn until the last second. The final artist of the night is taking the stage and they are playing the piano. They sing It’s a Man’s, Man’s, Man’s World by James Brown. Nick and John immediately hit their buttons and we meet Mike Jerel. Kelly reaches for her button but hesitates. Nick and John are both on their feet. Kelly finally hits her button. John is yelling at Blake to turn his chair. Blake hits his button finally. Mike is a 4-chair turn. Mike introduces himself and Kelly says he just lit the room on fire. John wants to know more about him. He tells them he was brought up playing in nursing homes with his grandmother and he’s from Ashburn, GA. He still performs at retirements homes in honor of his grandmother. John asks if he plays in church too and he says he does. John says everything he did was done with a level of confidence and his voice had so much fire. He needs him on his team. He grew up playing in church and singing with his grandmother and he’d love to coach him. Kelly says she loves that song and she knew Mike was playing the piano and she almost didn’t turn. She says the runs he did were effortless. Blake didn’t think that was him. He thought it was a girl. Blake says he was shocked when he turned around and he thinks that’s what Mike will do every performance. Nick says if he were in Mike’s shoes, then he’d pick John. But wouldn’t it be nice to win the show after making an unexpected choice. Nick is ready to win. John says he likes Nick and he’s brand new, but he should go with someone who already won and someone who will help guide him through the song selection process. Nick might be good at that, but we don’t know yet. Kelly says every pianist that comes out and sings will be on John’s team and Blake says good point. Mike says his mom is back there and his mom joins him on stage. John asks if he has any advice for Mike and she says John. Kelly says every time, it’s ok. Lean in. Blake says it’s ok to disappoint your mom every now and then. Mike says he has to go with his gut…John Legend.
  19. We pick up with the HOH and Sheldon is up and Sheldon says this game is as crazy as people say and no one knows where anyone stands so everyone will be gunning for this HOH. Sheldon scores 13. Jamar is next and he scores 24 and has taken the lead. John Luke is up next and he says The Evictors want to win the HOH next week. Himself, Michael, Madeline, and Rianne are a foursome and they are looking to take out a comp beast. He scores a 23 and Jamar is still in the lead. Minh-ly would be really happy to win HOH and knowing everyone would be scared of her next move. She scores a 24 and is tied with Jamar. Jamar says she won’t leave me alone, this game wants us to be together. Susanne is up and she scores a 9. Kyle is up next and he scores a 13. Carol is up next and she scores a 7. Jamar and Minh-ly are still tied in the lead. Chris says last week he was in jeopardy and he needs to win this to take complete control of the house. Chris scores a 28 and he takes the lead away from Jamar and Minh-ly. Madeline is up and she scores an 11. Angie is up and scores a five while Chris is posing in the background. Brooke says Chris winning is terrible for her game because he seems to be looking for an alpha bro alliance and she doesn’t fit into that. Brook scores a five and she’s hoping someone behind her will pull this out. Michael is up and he scores a 24. Hira is up next. He says he does not want Chris to win and he plays basketball all the time and he’s ready to take the win. Hira scores a 20. Chris is still in the lead with 28. Rianne says she’s the last Evictor to go up and we’ll see how this goes. Rianne scores a 1. She’s frustrated with herself. Vanessa is the last one up and she says Chris is still in the lead and she’s feeling the pressure. She says Chris is going on that he’s a macho man and the women need him in the game and she would love to put him in his place. Vanessa scores a 26 and Chris has won HOH! Chris says as Jamar would say, do you feel me? He’s pumped. He can’t wait to create a mastermind plan and take control of the house. He has to name have-nots and Kyle, Vanessa, Madeline, and Michael all volunteer. Chris says he’s going to take control of this game right here, right now. Everyone is sweating in their boots. These HG have no idea what’s going to hit them. Madeline says Chris is unpredictable and she thinks the rest of the house agrees. Brook says he thinks Chris wants to go with the bros and she doesn’t fit in with that plan. Chris says last week he got the worst butt whipping Canada and the comps could give him, and now he’s taking complete control of the game. He’s just getting warmed up. Jamar is frustrated and he says hopefully this guy doesn’t put his *ss up. If he does, then it will be on. He says he has to bro up this week and he practices saying dude. He keeps saying dude and you feel me and growling in frustration. He looks in a mirror and says he still looks good and handsome as h*ll. Madeline is telling Chris how great he did. She says her goal is to keep her alliance this week so she’s going to flirt with Chris, but she doesn’t feel anything for him. She says she wanted to volunteer to be a have-not so he wouldn’t have to pick. John Luke comes in and says great job showing Canada how you could turn it around. Kyle is talking to Vanessa and Kyle thinks he’s good this week. Vanessa is worried a bit and Kyle thinks she’ll be ok. Sheldon is working with Kyle, Vanessa, and Brook and they call themselves KVBS. They are talking and Kyle says Chris isn’t the type of guy who wants to listen to them, they need to get him to suggest a plan. Sheldon says they have to make sure they aren’t in danger and they have to cover for Brooke. Kyle says he already had to go to the storage room and flex with Chris. Madeline and Michael are playing pool. Michael wants to know if he’s Madeline’s type. She tells us he’s kind of cute. She can’t look him in the eyes and she sometimes gets butterflies. She asks him if he knows what tea leaf readings are? He says yes. She says she had one done before she came into the house and they told her things about people in the house. The reader told Madeline she’d meet a guy in the house whose name begins with an M and they can really trust that person. She was also told to watch out for a girl with a big mouth and Michael says that must be Minh-ly. Susanne, Chris, Vanessa, and Minh-ly are discussing if alliances have been made. They think Madeline, Michael, Rianne, and John Luke are in a four some. Vanessa says they have to watch each other’s backs. Chris says they’ve been the realist and he feels great about all of them. Chris says he’s getting the girls behind him so he has numbers. It’s all part of his master plan to take control of the house. Minh-ly and Jamar are bickering. Minh-ly says he talks so much crap it’s not any funny. Jamar reminds her of all the names she called him. Minh-ly wants to talk game with her and he says they should be in a lowkey showmance. Jamar wants to know if she’s single. Minh-ly says he’s so annoying. Kyle asks Rianne if she can shave his back and she says no problem. Who wants to see Chris’s HOH room?!? They look at Chris’s pictures and he has some Skechers shoes and a Wendy’s menu. Chris puts his shoes on dances in them and models them. He has a letter from his mom and she congratulates him and she says they miss him but they hope he has a good time meeting new people and they’ll be cheering him on. Chris has a dog named Bailey and he says she is his girlfriend. Sheldon says Chris is a weird dude and they think he doesn’t know where his mind is, and they don’t either. John Luke and Michael are talking, and they think Chris is worried about Sheldon. Madeline says she’s going to tell Chris that she’s a number for him and she could sway Michael to be a number for him too. Madeline says she feels pretty comfortable, but he’s kind of a wild card and they never know where his head is at. Madeline talks to Chris and he says he won’t put her up and she says she feels good because she thought they had chemistry. Chris says Canada would be mad at him for putting up a pretty girl. Chris asks Madeline what her plan would be and she says the whole house wants Minh-ly. Chris asks if he was on the block with Michael and she won veto, then who would she take off. She says that would be hard to choose, but she’d pick him. Chris says she needs a guy to win and she says he could be that guy. John Luke is talking to Madeline and asks what animal she would be and Brooke is there too. Brooke would be a sloth and John Luke would be a great white shark. Michael comes in and says a gorilla, but someone told him they have small packages. So maybe an elephant? Chris invited Kyle for Wendy’s because he wants to show his loyalty and make sure Kyle is behind him. Chris goes down to get his order and Kim, his mom delivers the food. He didn’t even realize it was his mom and they hug. Chris says it’s absolutely crazy he didn’t recognize his mom, but they have a great relationship and he wouldn’t be the leader he is today without her. He tells everyone it was his mom and Vanessa starts getting emotional. He tells Kyle it was his mom. They dig in to eat. Hira is talking to Rianne and he says noms are today. Rianne says he’s a loose cannon. Hira says hopefully he won’t put him up. Hira says when he talks to Chris they don’t really seem to mesh and he doesn’t know where his head is at. Rianne says maybe he sees you as a buddy. Rianne says she’s not very comfortable with him, but she’ll talk to him and see what kind of read she can get on him. Hira doesn’t think he’ll go after a girl. Jamar is dancing and then jumps around looking in the mirrors and they hear some sounds and he got freaked out. They hear swamp sounds and they get their first look at the have-not room. There is glass to lay on and there are trees. Vanessa says it’s amazing but awful. You hear frogs croaking and there are bugs. Hira says this city guy is not about that swamp. He doesn’t want a snake staring at him while he sleeps. Vanessa says the one thing she was looking forward to was to sprawl out but it’s going to be very limited space. Jamar and Minh-ly are talking again and Jamar wants to know why him? He says why not Chris or Sheldon or Michael. Minh-ly says no. Jamar says she can says he’s the best looking guy in the house and she says that’s not it, they just think alike. Jamar wants her to sneak into his room and she says she has a bed. He says he’ll sneak into her and she says then what? It gets quiet and Angie tells Jamar dinner is ready. Michael and Madeline and Michael tells her he served in the military for six and a half years. She tells him not to tell anyone else and she’s glad he opened up to her. Chris walks in and Madeline says they are just hiding under the covers. Chris says he thinks Michael is the head of the snake and he grabs Kyle and tells him he has a backdoor plan. He suggests putting up two pawns with either Michael or Sheldon as the target. Kyle tells us he’s in a final four with Sheldon so he’s going to push him towards Michael. Chris says a girl like Madeline in the real world would be all over him, but he just won and that’s not happening. Chris tells Kyle that Brooke is going to go up as a pawn. Kyle goes to talk to Brooke because he wants her to know and he says he’ll do what he can to keep her safe. Chris walks in and then gives them a minute. Brooke says she knows she has to play dead and kiss his butt. It sucks that she’s going to have to sit there and take it. She’s crying and Kyle is comforting her. Arisa comes on and Canada has a chance to save one of this week’s have-nots. Chris is getting some water and Brooke is in the kitchen with him. Chris tells Brooke she flies under the radar but she’s a good looking girl and she has a pretty smile. Brooke says she feels like if someone is telling you that you’re good looking in a not obvious way, are they being real? Chris tells her he has a plan and she says that it includes her? He says he doesn’t know but she’s not the target. Brooke appreciates the straight forwardness because it means a lot. Chris is talking to Kyle and Sheldon and they have to get Chris to think they’ll be a team of three going forward. Sheldon says he’s not scheming. If he comes off as reserved, that’s just how he is. Chris says he was just waiting for Sheldon to open up to them and Chris says they can all trade comps. Kyle says if they have a Michael on the block at the end of the week, is Sheldon firm. They decide they are good as a threesome and Sheldon is on board. Chris says he’s going to put up two pawns who haven’t talked game with him and then backdoor Michael so they can take control of the house right out of the gate. Kyle thinks he and Sheldon did a good job of selling Chris on the plan. Chris has no idea. Chris tells Sheldon not to get too excited when he left. Sheldon decides to wait and he goes back to sit down and laugh with Chris. It’s time for Chris to lock-in his nominations. He says this game is all about strategy and psychology and he’s ready to change the game because he’s the one and only, the game changer. He steps into the nomination room and there is a bust of each player. He’s got a master plan to get the entire house behind him. He says Brooke didn’t speak an ounce of game to him, but don’t worry. She’s not his real target. Hira hasn’t spoken any game, but don’t worry. He has bigger fish to fry this week. Everyone knows Michael has a clique and the house doesn’t like and he’s going take him and Rianne and Madeline will have no choice but to come to him because he’s the strongest player in the game. He has a master plan to take control of the game. It’s time for nominations! He heads to the living room and his first nominee is…Brooke. His second nominee is…Hira. He’s chosen to nominate Brooke because last week his game was in jeopardy and other people came up and said he had their loyalties and she didn’t talk game. He nominated Hira because they haven’t had real game talks. He wishes them luck in the competition and they can be like him and get themselves in the game. Brooke says the block sucks and she can’t believe she’s there week two. She can’t wait to get power and put Chris up or she’ll be a pawn every time. Hira can’t believe Chris put him up but he’s a competitor and he’s going to show everyone what he’s about. Chris says he’s the game changer. Look out Michael!
  20. Tonight, it’s an absolutely shocking ending to week one of Season 8 and it all starts now! We get a recap from our premiere episode and we see the HG getting to know each other and the first twist of the season and four ill-fated HG found out that Canada would not save them and instead, they would have to save themselves. At the first competition to escape the block, the fatal four were put to the test to save their game. Despite their flex appeal, the super dudes couldn’t hold their weight. But Minh-ly leaned in and when Susanne ran out of gas, the volatile vixen moved to safety. Tonight, three remain in jeopardy and they have to face the mental to avoid the block. Arisa welcomes us and she reminds us we kicked off a season like never before. Minh-ly showed super human strength to stay safe which left Nico, Chris, and Susanne in jeopardy. But something happened just hours ago that has never happened in BB Canada history! Let’s go inside! Arisa wishes everyone luck and Minh-ly says she won and she’s not going anywhere. She just proved she’s a badass b*tch and she’s going to keep doing. Susanne says she didn’t see this coming and it’s an advantage because she can play this off. Minh-ly and Susanne are talking and Minh-ly says they have strong female energy. Nico is frustrated and he’s annoyed how much adversity he’s facing from the get go. Chris says this is a terrible situation to be in and he’s feeling off his game, but his game isn’t over. He may look like a physical beast, but his mind is where he shines. Chris and Nico join Minh-ly and Susanne and they talk about how cool and calm everyone else is. John Luke says the first day has been kind of crazy and he loves it so far. He’s feeling it. He thinks taking a moment to himself is important on night one. It’s day 2 and the HG are up and moving around and doing ADLs. Chris says he’s in a vulnerable position in the game and he goes to talk to Madeline. Madeline says she feels like he’s a good person. Chris says he gets the same vibe with her. Madeline says Chris is just like Chris Hemsworth and Leonardo DiCaprio. Chris says he loves a lot of brain stuff and he doesn’t want her to tell anyone and she says she won’t and she loves what he does. They hug it out. Minh-ly wants to straighten Jamar’s hair and he says she can straighten her own hair. Minh-ly says he is really boring and he says they can do anything but that. Minh-ly says he’s disgusting because he left a banana peel in the restroom and he denies it. Minh-ly says he’s arrogant and so into her and she’s going with it because she’s bored. Minh-ly says he needs to go pick up his banana peel and she won’t. Minh-ly says Jamar isn’t bad looking but mentally he’s a five year old. John Luke and Nico are playing pool and Jamar comes out and John Luke leaves. Nico is saying he’s stressed. Nico says this game obviously started very poorly for him and it’s tough adapting under these circumstances. He just hopes this isn’t the end of the road. Arisa says coming up is the second opportunity for Chris, Nico, and Susanne to save themselves. Three of our super heroes are in danger this week. It’s time head back inside. Chris is meditating. We see the three outside and Angie and Jamar are hosting. Are you ready to meet the action figures? Jamar turns around a John Luke in a floater box dressed as a sailor. This BB action figures thinks they’re playing a great game, but Canada thinks it’s boring. They always vote with the house. Next up are the showmancers and it’s Madeline and Michael. Canada loves them and they’ll spend a lot of their day snuggling, but their HG are annoyed by them. However, their love story will be cut short when one turns on the other at final three. Next is the bitter juror and it’s Vanessa and they won’t want to vote as a winner and at the finale they will make it about them. This one talks too. Jamar presses the button and she says you’ll never get my vote! Last but not least is Kyle and he is a comp beast and they won’t study for mental comps and have no social skills and will likely leave pre-jury. This one has a karate action and Jamar hits the button. True or False, the recommended age for the floater was 4 and up. They all answer true and they are all correct. True or False: The price difference from the original price to the clearance price on the bitter juror is $14.98. Chris and Susanne answers false and Nico answers true. The correct answer is true. Nico has 2 points and Chris and Susanne have one point each. True or false: She said the floater is guaranteed to drift to the final four. Nico answers true and Susanne and Chris answer false and it’s false. All of them now have 2 points. Both the comp beast and the bitter juror both featured try me on their box. Nico and Susanne say true and Chris says false and the answer is false. Chris has 3 points and Nico and Susanne have 2 points each. For the showmancers, she said their fellow HG are annoyed by them before she sad they’ll spend their days snuggling. Nico answers true and Chris and Susanne answer false and the answer is true. Chris and Nico have 3 points each and Susanne has 2 points. True or False: The combined price of the comp beast and the floater is $31.77. Nico answers true and starts to switch to false but keeps true and Susanne and Chris answer false and the answer is false and Chris has earned safety. Chris says he won his first mental comp of the season and he’s so relieved. He crushed it with his brain. Nico is very upset and Kyle gives him a hug. Nico says he lost fair and square and now he has to campaign against Susanne. We see Susanne go to the airplane room to be alone and she’s crying. She feels very defeated and she needs to remind herself why she’s here. Susanne says this is best case scenario for her and Jamar comes in and he says he’s going to make sure she’s ok but she needs to watch for the bromance. Jamar says the game starts now because of the campaigning and he tells her she needs 8 votes to stay. Arisa says Nico and Susanne are on the block this week. Arisa welcomes us back and says Nico and Susanne will have to rely on their social game to stay in the house. Hira is asking Susanne and Brooke fashion advice for what color to wear and Susanne is confused and trying to figure out if he means a shirt. Hira explains for his turban. They talk about him being the first Sikh player in BB Canada history. He’s confident in who he is and he wants to show people they can be themselves and they don’t have to change to conform. Susanne goes into the kitchen and they are doing a family breakfast. Susanne is making the rounds everywhere. She says she’s been doing the work and putting trust in multiple people. She needs to make sure she makes a concrete alliance and she goes to Carol and Brooke and pitches working with Sheldon and two others because they are the “misfits” and don’t fit perfectly with anyone else. Chris and Minh-ly and Nico are laying around and she says it’s hard to not have privacy. She wants people to whisper when they come into a room when someone is asleep. Angie is in there and she says sometimes they don’t always notice someone is sleeping. Kyle comes in and says are you for real? Do you think the whole world revolves around you? Minh-ly and Kyle bicker and she is in disbelief that he’s talking to her the way he is because he’s making her look like a trouble maker so she wants to talk to him privately. Minh-ly goes after him and wants a private conversation. Kyle says she talks down to people and she needs to watch how she talks to others. Minh-ly can’t believe this and says he doesn’t need to be a douchebag. Arisa says it looks like the house is full of volatility already. In the end, Nico or Susanne will go home this week. Time to head back inside. Madeline, Michael, John Luke, and Rianne are alone and talking and they want to make an alliance. They want to name it something that has to do with a super power. John Luke suggests The Evicters and Michael likes it and so does Madeline. They come up with a symbol and want to end their good-bye videos with that symbol. Nico and Minh-ly are talking and he thinks she will vote him out. Nico says Chris and Minh-ly might have his back. Minh-ly doesn’t want the easy vote. She wants to do the unexpected and she wants to get rid of Susanne. She goes to Carol and Sheldon and Vanessa says Nico could be a puppet and she says she advised him to campaign and talk to people. Sheldon says Susanne hasn’t made an aggressive pitch. Carol says Minh-ly campaigning super hard for Nico isn’t a good decision this early in the game. Carol tells Susanne that Minh-ly is campaigning against her and Sheldon tells Susanne to relax. Carol tells Susanne what Minh-ly said and Susanne says she’s stupid coming into her room. They are telling Susanne she can’t confront Minh-ly. Susanne says she’s delusional for coming in HER room. Susanne says she is so fake and it makes her so mad. Coming up after the break it’s the shocking end to our first week. Either Nico or Susanne will be leaving. Arisa welcomes us back and says the eviction this week is unprecedented. Let’s head back inside for this must see moment. Susanne is talking to Nico and Hira and Susanne is hugging Nico. Susanne asks if he’s had lunch and he says he’s not hungry. Hira says since he lost he’s been out of sorts. Nico says the eviction is tomorrow night? I have to stay until then? He says he could just leave and go home and cut his losses. He says this is a waste of time. He has no fight left in him. He’s already packed and it is what it is. It sucks man. Hira says he feels for Nico because the mental and physical just gets to you and it’s hard to watch. Nico heads into the DR and sits down. He says he’s been miserable for four days straight and it’s pretty awful. He wants to get a good night’s rest for once and there is no point in him being here. He can tell by the way the house is voting that this is a waste of his time. Hira is talking to Sheldon and says he’s sad for Nico because he was sad and crying. Nico is pacing around the DR and then sits back down some more and thinks. He seems to be counting. He sits up and says he’s choosing to…self-evict. He leaves the room and we hear on the speaker HG, please come to the living room. They get an update on Nico and hear he has decided to self-evict and he’s already left the house and will not be returning. It’s important they respect and support his decision and he needed to do what was best for him. They all say they love him and support him too. Tomorrow’s eviction is cancelled and Susanne is now safe for the week. Vanessa says this is very intense and she’s feeling heavy for Nico and for someone to say they can’t do this shows how draining this is. This game is no joke. The HG all do a group hug and send love to Nico. Arisa says being in the Big Brother house and there are stresses they can’t imagine. They respect his decision and they wish him nothing but the best. The first HOH competition of the season is coming up! #BBCAN8 Let’s dribble our way to the backyard for the first HOH comp of the season! This competition is called basketball. One at a time they’ll grab a ball, jump on a trampoline and take a shot at the baskets. The player with the highest score will be the first HOH of the season. Sheldon is first and he hits 13. Jamar is next and he hits 24 and he is now in the lead. John Luke is up next and he hits 23. Jamar is still in the lead. Minh-ly is up next and she hits 24 and is tied with Jamar. Arisa says we’re off to a start! Live feeds are open tonight! We’ll see who is the HOH on Sunday night. And remember…someone is always watching!
  21. Tonight is the final set for Group B and we’ll find out who will be moving on to the Super 9. Tonight, we’ll be hearing from the singer’s friends. Nick introduces the judges and special guest judge T-Pain. The four remaining Group B singers will perform together. Kitty comes out first and they are singing Larger Than Life by The Backstreet Boys. Kitty has a bonus clue that says she’s here to seal the deal. Banana’s bonus clue is What’s more inspiring than doing laundry? Taco’s bonus clue is I’ve enjoyed a lot of salsas in my time! Frog’s bonus clue is I’ve opened doors for the biggest artists. T-Pain tells them good job. Jenny says it’s going to be hard because one of them will be leaving tonight. Kitty’s clue package: Last time she wore her heart on her fur and the panel loved it. Speaking of people who love her for her, here is her friend to dish out some gossip. Best felines forever! Kitty’s BFF says: They’ve been friends since they were really little. She didn’t have a ton of friends and got bullied at school for being weird and that’s what made her special. Whether she’s writing poems or directing horror movies, she’s always had a flair for the dramatic. One day in class, she said she could see ghosts and it scared one girl so badly, she got detention. She may have the voice of an angel, but it’s her darkside that will slay the competition. During the package we seen a Faberge egg, a candelabra, and a strand of Christmas lights. Kitty is on stage and she sings Mama’s Broken Heart by Miranda Lambert. T-Pain feels like he knows her and he can’t wait to see more. Nicole is feeling the feline power and she thinks kitty will be in the super 9, but she has no idea who kitty is. The made friendship bracelets for the panel. Kitty’s bracelet is for Robin and the bracelet says Fireworks. Kitty says the first time they met was lit! Jenny says fireworks? Katy Perry? T-Pain picked up on a few things like it said she had a dark side and he suggests Christina Ricci. He says she was in Casper and played Wednesday Addams in The Addams Family. Ken says he knows exactly who this is. He thinks it’s a dear friend of his. He thinks this person is the narrator of Gossip Girl and he thinks it’s Kristen Bell. Jenny says SHE knows exactly who this is! She says heaven was mentioned and she’s thinking Hayley Duff. Taco’s clue package: So here’s the deal, he’s loving this secret adventure. This week, while he was gassing up his tank they let him spill the beans to a famous friend full of enthusiasm that we all know. Taco’s Famous Friend: We see Menu. How much does he love taco? Well he’s sticking his face in a seafood platter for him…that’s love. They have something extremely personal in common, they both help people when they get knocked down. When life hits them in low places. And they always find the humor in everything. It’s all about the laughs right? They share something else. They love their children and they’d be just as proud as he is to see their role model doing what he does best. Entertaining America. Cheers! We seen in the clue package a bowl of beans, a washboard, and a whiskey glass. Taco takes the stage and performs Can’t Help Myself by The Four Tops. Ken says it’s a comedian. Nicole says she loves taco. Taco makes her so happy. Ken says he connects with the audience. Everyone loves a taco and everyone loves him. His friendship bracelet is for…Nicole! Nicole’s bracelet says Kiss. Taco says not to be corny, but when he saw her in person…she was perfect. Nicole says it could be Gene Simmons. Nicole says Regis a few weeks ago, but now she’s thinking maybe Barry Manilow. She seen the ME in menu and he’s won two emmy’s. Robin wants to try something new and he thinks Howie Mandel. Jenny seen the helps people and knocked down and VHS tapes and long career. She’s thinking Jerry Springer. Taco says the thing about this show is to not go by first impressions. Everyone goes out wearing masks, but maybe we all just need to be a little nicer to each other. Banana’s clue package: He’s loving performing as the banana and last week he messed up because he forgot lyrics. He’s having the time of his life. Banana’s fam say he’s a great role model. When they were younger, banana taught them how to drive by getting them go karts. He decided to build a race track in their back yard and he dug up the bushes himself. Anything to make them smile. He’s had a lot of heartburn in his life but he’s always been able to laugh through anything. He called her up one day and said he was on the masked singer and she said no way. Now she gets to see him in his banana costume, what they’ve always wanted to see him in. In the clue package we seen a jar of jam, gokarts, and a jack and lugnuts. Banana takes the stage and sings Lean on Me by Bill Withers. Jenny says he has delivered every week. He is able to get the audience on their feet every single week. He picked that song because his father was his best friend. Ken thinks that’s the best performance he’s done so far. His friendship bracelet is for…Jenny. Her bracelet says “Nineties Love”. They had a little chance to hang as friends and had a great time and he loves her. She’s an awesome person. Jenny was thinking racecar driver, maybe Dale Earnhardt, Jr. But based off the clue maybe Michael Andretti. Nicole is going a different route. She thinks it’s Brad Paisley. Ken thinks he has the voice of Larry the Cable Guy. Jenny says it’s not Larry the Cable Guy. T-Pain is thinking someone with kids and is someone who would build a racetrack. He’s thinking Johnny Knoxville. Frog’s clue package: Being on the stage has been unusual and he’s loving every second. It takes him backward to when his career jumpstarted and a woman who was so instrumental, but barely seen. We see Frog’s Team member says she’s known him since he was a tadpole and always knew he’d be a superstar. She looked out for him when he was in L.A., even then he had an entourage. She remembers taking him to his first late night talk show. It was way past his bedtime, but he was calm, cool, and collected and way beyond his ears. But she’s most impressed with the frog he became. It hasn’t always been easy for him, but he’s persevered and paved the way for so many people. She couldn’t be more proud. We seen in the clue package a shampoo and comb, a green bow tie, and a blue, white, red, and pink flower with a close-up on the blue one. Frog takes the stage You Dropped a Bomb on Me by The Gap Band. Nicole says frog kills it and he’s such a natural performer and she’s this season’s fox. Frog says he wanted to quit music and timing is everything. His friendship bracelet is for…T-Pain. The bracelet says “All We Do is Win”. T-Pain says maybe Ludacris is doing something weird. Ken says he thought he was a comedian and he thinks maybe Tommy Davison. Robin thinks Omarion. T-Pain says that might be Omarion and he’s currently doing music with him. The votes are in! The singer who will be unmasked is…Taco! Time for final guesses! Nicole says we’ve seen massive stars. She thinks this could be a massive star. At first, when she heard anchor she thought Regis or maybe Tony Bennett. But then it said the ME in menu and Barry Manilow won 2 Emmy’s. Ken thinks it’s Martin Short. Robin originally thought Bob Saget, but maybe Howie Mandel because of the Deal or No Deal references, but he’s going to go with Martin Short also. T-Pain noticed the cup of alcohol and the cheers reference and he thinks maybe Kelsey Grammar. Jenny says Taco is a tough one. Jenny noticed he helped people, and knocked down, and she thinks it’s Jerry Springer. It’s time for Taco to show us who he really is! The taco is…Tom Bergeron! Taco’s Clue answers: The bowl of baked beans in Taco’s package represents Tom’s hometown of Boston. The red trolley car in Taco’s package is a clue to Tom’s track on the Mr. Rogers Tribute Album. Nicole’s bracelet was a reference for her perfect score for dancing to KISS. The stack of VHS tapes in Taco’s package is a clue to Tom’s hosting of America’s Funniest Home Videos.
  22. We welcome Arisa Cox, the host of Big Brother Canada. We’re starting season 8, and it’s the biggest season yet. Not only is it supersized, but it’s 12 weeks long. The theme this year is Superheroes. Tonight, 16 begin their journey and some will be super heroes and some will be super villains. It’s Volume 8 and the house is in mint condition. It’s a super sized comic book come to life. Every comic book character has an origin story, and this is theirs. The chosen 16 will have the chance to write their own story. There will be a have-not swamp this season. This season will be 83 days and tonight, we’ll find out who Canada left to fight for their survival. We meet the first six houseguests. First we have Kyle and he’s an electrician. He’s married with two kids. He’s a blue collar guy. He’s an eccentric meathead with princess sprinkled on top. Socially and emotionally he’s all over the place. Brooke is up next and she works at a shelter for people who experience homelessness. She’s going to be underestimated. Chris is next and he’s calling himself the game changer. He can hypnotize people. Angie is a communications officer. She loves being a boss and she likes to command people and get her way. She’s going to make superfans super proud. She’s boy crazy and she’s ready to make love connections. Sheldon is a professional wrestler and opinions of him vary. He’s going to be perceived as a physical threat. Minh-ly and she doesn’t like b*tch*s. She’s an honest person and very blunt. She’ll be who she needs to be. Sheldon will embrace having a formidable foe. Kyle is an athlete through and through. Brooke doesn’t mesh well with alpha personalities. Minh-ly goes for bad boys. Chris says women always wonder about the size about his brain. Angie says she’s on 24/7. Minh-ly would rather be hated and the winner than Canada’s favorite. Brooke will let them think she’s a number for someone until their number is up. Arisa calls the first six HG out: Kyle, Angie, Chris, Brooke, Sheldon, and Minh-ly. Arisa welcomes them and congratulates them. Her advice before they go in: She needs them all to channel their own super human powers. She wishes them luck and sends them into the house. The HG begin introductions and hugs. They head downstairs and begin checking out the house. Minh-ly says they need to cheers each other for being the first six in. They head back upstairs to look around. Angie loves the restroom area. They are feeling a little “super” right now. Time to meet the next five! Michael is an infantry man in the military. Carol is she’s a disability care worker. She has a huge loud personality and in your face. She’s loyal and dependable, but she’ll cut your throat to make it to the next stage. Madeline is a substitute teacher and she’s extremely competitive. She played tennis. Susanne is from a huge, loud Italian family. She talks a lot, sometimes to herself. She’s sometimes too much for people. Jamar is confident and intelligent and competitive. He’s very close with his mother and he loves his siblings. Carol says she’s a masculine woman. Michael is single and he wants to be with a woman who likes animals. Madeline is a huge animal lover and she hopes the perfect guy is waiting for her in the house. Jamar says he’ll stop at nothing to win and he’s going to talk a lot of trash. Susanne doesn’t want to work with loud mouths, but she’s going to have to quiet it down. Carol has zero filter. Michael says his mission is to win Big Brother Canada. Jamar says there is no way he’s not going to win. Arisa welcomes the next five HG: Michael, Carol, Madeline, Susanne, and Jamar. Arisa welcomes them and she has some words of wisdom for them: Not all super heroes wear capes. They will have to be fearless inside and out. They’ll get a chance to enter the house right after this break! Arisa sends the next five HG into the house. Minh-ly is wanting to drink without waiting for the others and she asks if she’ll be a villain if she takes another drink. Introductions begin again and Madeline and Michael already call themselves M&M. They are looking around again. Sheldon, Chris, and Michael are in one of the rooms and Brook and Angie and Kyle come in. Time to meet the last 5 HG to enter. We meet John Luke and his favorite color is orange. He doesn’t mind black even though it’s a shade and Halloween is his favorite holiday. He’s a journalist so he’s used to investigating. Rianne is an operating room nurse and she’s used to adapting to different situations. Hira is an accountant and he’s a guy next door. He’s married and has a daughter and he wants to win. He wants to mentally and physically crush the competition. Vanessa is a lobster fisherman and she loves proving to men that women can do it. Nico works in sales and he comes off as cocky and he’s very blunt, loud, and intelligent. John Luke likes being the alpha and he could never throw a comp. Rianne hates guys that are full of themselves and she wants to make a girl’s alliance. Vanessa wants to align with people like her. She wants to play hard. Nico is very courteous and respectful, but he can be cocky. Hira doesn’t intend to lie, cheat, and backstab. He wants to gain everyone’s trust. Rianne says it’s time to bring the girls together for total domination. Nico will be a huge threat once someone realizes who he is. Vanessa will definitely not be a floater. Arisa welcomes the final five HG: John Luke, Rianne, Hira, Vanessa, and Nico. Arisa welcomes this and wishes them luck and sends them into the house. More introductions begin with hugs. Minh-ly is very giggly and all the HG toast each other. This super sized season of Big Brother Canada is officially under way. Minh-ly, Susanne, and Jamar are talking in the SR and Minh-ly is already talking about someone she doesn’t like. She’s been doing yoga and she tells Jamar she’s volatile and she has a bad temper. They decide to all sit and begin introductions. Susanne tells them she has a boyfriend. Vanessa is the first contestant from Prince Edward Island. John Luke wants to head to the hot tub. Arisa says coming up we’ll have the first twist of the season! For the next 12 weeks, the HG will have to use their physical, mental, and social super powers. Time to roll out the first twist! Arisa calls everyone to the living room. She knows the season has just started, but she already has a major announcement. This week there will be no HOH. Also, for the past few days, their video profiles have been online and Canadians have been watching and voting for their favorites. She’s going to announce the four HG who received the fewest votes and only those four will be in jeopardy this week. Arisa says here we go! The four HG are: Susanne. The next HG in jeopardy this week is Nico. The third HG in the bottom four is Chris. And the final HG at risk is…Minh-ly. There is some good news! They will have three chances to save themselves. The first opportunity to save themselves will be tonight’s challenge which will require super strength. The second challenge will require mental prowess. The final two HG will be up for eviction and they’ll be required to rely on their social skills to keep them alive. Nico and Chris shake hands and hug and Chris says they don’t like us. Chris says he’s completely blind sided and he’s going to turn this around and start really getting the game going. Nico goes to the storage room alone and he says he’s not surprised. He’s one of those guys that people don’t like until they get to know him. He was born for the fight. John Luke goes and celebrates quickly in the SR. Minh-ly and Chris are commiserating, and Vanessa asks Minh-ly what’s up and she says the adrenaline is pumping. Vanessa says she needs to stay because she can’t imagine the season without her. Minh-ly says it just lit a fire under ass. Brooke thinks she has a great chance to stay. Arisa recaps the twist and says the four at jeopardy HG have three chances to save themselves. The first opportunity starts now! The four HG can go from zero to super hero. There are cars in front of them about to fall off a bridge. It’s up to them to hold on save them. They will hold a rope and if their grip slips they will be eliminated. The weight has been modified in proportion to their body weight. The challenge is on. Susanne seems to struggle a bit at the start, but they all look solid. Minh-ly is bent way over and says this is evil. Susanne is breathing very heavily. She says her fingers are going number and her feet are shaking but she wants to prove to Canada she deserves to be here. Susanne’s car falls a bit and she struggles to get it back. Minh-ly says Canada put her in this position but she’s not afraid to fight for her place in the house. Nico says Chris is his biggest threat and it’s going to be a battle who can tolerate the most and stand there the longest. Chris says he’s in the gym five or six days a week. It’s his to lose. 20 minutes later and Michael offers massages for all of their shoulders. Nico is readjusting and Chris is struggling a bit. Minh-ly sees them. Kyla says the guys are making it all about strength, but as a power lifter he knows body positioning is important and Susanne and Minh-ly have that down. Chris’s car is falling and he’s struggling. He readjusts and gets it back, but it’s not enough and the car moves and falls. Chris is eliminated. Nico is moving again and his car is tilting. Minh-ly leans further forward and Susanne is struggling too. Nico keeps moving and he drops his car and has been eliminated and he says it’s demoralizing. He’s frustrated. It’s down to Susanne and Minh-ly and 35 minutes have passed. Vanessa says everyone thought the men would take the competition, but the women are killing it. She thinks women will take over this season. Susanne is panting again. Susanne starts moving and her car falls. Minh-ly has managed to channel her super strength and she is now safe this week. Minh-ly says she knows she can come off cocky and over confident, but she can back it up and she did. This competition was very easy for her. Arisa checks-in with the HG and she asks Minh-ly how she feels and she says she felt like she had to win. Chris, Nico, and Susanne are still in a bit of trouble. Arisa asks Chris if he’s ready for the mental challenge? Chris says he thought he was ready tonight and he wasn’t so he’ll say no. Nico agrees with Chris. Susanne says she feels good and she’ll see what happens. Arisa wishes them luck!
  23. The judges take their seats and we meet Allegra Miles from St. John, United States Virgin Islands. She was born into a musical family. She was 6 when she said she was going to be a singer. They moved to Florida when she was 11 for more musical opportunities for her and her sister. She takes the stage and plays the piano and sings Use Somebody by Kings of Leon. Kelly hits her button to turn as she hits the chorus. Nick hits his button when she’s most of the way through her performance. Allegra is a 2-chair turn. Allegra introduces herself and Kelly says she turned first. John says he’s kicking himself. He heard a couple little control issues, but her tone is interesting and cool. He’s excited to see who she will pick. Kelly says the first time she turned her chair was for Brynn Cartelli and she thinks Allegra is very artistic and that performance was so beautifully done. Kelly is shocked she’s not a 4-chair turn. Nick says she sounded incredible. She started writing songs four years ago and Nick says that was interesting. He says he wrote his first song when he was 12. He asks when she writes if she pulls from real life experiences. Nick says Kelly inspired him to be a musician, but he thinks they could sit and talk music. Blake says it’s really cool the connection she has with Nick. Kelly says she loves that song so much and she likes that it was different from the original. John asks Allegra who she picks as her coach? Allegra says she picks…this is hard! She sees Kelly has jackets and she says she has jackets! Nick says you can have my jacket. Allegra says I pick…Nick! Next we have Cammwess and he’s from Blythewood, SC. His parents had him in sports when he was young. His dad was in the military and discipline was big in his household. He changed his focus from sports to music in high school and his parents were very supportive. He takes the stage and performs Earned It (Fifty Shades of Grey) by The Weeknd. John hits his button first. Blake hits his button right at the end. Cammwess is a 2-chair turn. Cammwess introduces himself and Kelly says when she seen John turn she knew she didn’t have a chance. Nick says sometimes it’s good to just sing the notes so they can hear the melody and he thinks John can help him with that. John says Cam came in with his own style and he would love to work with him. Blake says everyone in the room right now all expect him to pick John. He’s willing to fall on his sword for him. He would love to be his coach and get him to the finale of the show. Kelly asks Cam who he picks as his coach? Cam says he’s blushing, but he is so heavily influenced by John Legend…he has to go with John! Next we have a blind audition we can’t see. They take the stage and perform Gypsy, Tramps, and Thieves by Cher. Nick is leaning forward listening closely. Nick is looking at the other judges and Blake shrugs and after another moment, Blake hits his block Nick button and turns. We meet Joei Fulco. Nick finally hits his button and he immediately sees he’s been blocked. Joei is a 2-chair turn, but she’ll be joining Team Blake. Nick asks what Joei’s name is and she says she’s from Lancaster, CA. Kelly says her voice sounded so weathered. Joei says her heart is country and rock and she grew up in a family of musicians and they are a family band. Nick says he thought she was amazing, but his friend Blake decided to cut him off. Blake denies it and Nick says Blake will do his best, but it won’t be them. John says her tone was special and cool and unique. Blake says the Cher that’s in her voice is what had him and her sound will set her apart from everyone else. Sara Collins takes the stage and sings Johnny and June by Heidi Newfield. Nick has his hand over the button and watching Blake. Kelly looks like she wants to hit and she does with Nick turning behind her. Sara is a 2-chair turn! John greets Sara and asks her name. She’s from Baton Rouge, LA. John says he thought he heard a few pitch issues, but she has a cool tone. Blake apologizes for not turning around and he agrees with John. Nick says he thought he was a phenomenal performance and he thinks she has a similar voice to Maren Morris. He loves to write country music and he’s work with Kelsea Ballerini and Shania Twain. He says there were pitch issues, but he can help with that. Nick says he would be honored to work with Sara. Kelly says she’s a big fan and she can’t believe she’s only 18. We see Sara’s intro package and she plays at ‘Ol Red, which is Blake’s club. Kelly says she loves country music and she’s won with a country artist. She’s very excited that Sara wants to be on her team and she has cute jackets. John says Sara, who will you pick as your coach? Sara says they are both a part of her childhood, but she has to go with Kelly! Clerida is our next artist and she’s from Long Island, NY. She plays the cello, but she thinks singing is her roots. Carson wonders if she’s going to play the cello while she sings. Clerida says her parents are very supportive. She takes the stage and sings Put Your Records On by Corrine Bailey Rae. She does not get a chair turn. Nick thought it was a unique performance style, but he didn’t think her voice was quite there today. Kelly says if she does shows like this, no one else is doing that and that’s rad. John says she does have a wonderful voice, but it only got to shine a few moments. Blake says next time give us your voice for an entire performance, and we’ll use the cello later. Next is Samantha Howell and she’s from Virgina Beach, VA. She discovered she had a passion for music when she was 8. She taught herself guitar and she wrote her first song when she was 13. She went to California when she was 17 and recorded an EP, and she recently moved to Nashville. She takes the stage and sings Take It On the Run by REO Speedwagon. Kelly quickly hits her block Blake button and she turns. Blake turned and he is blocked. Nick turns and Blake says yes. Samantha is a 3-chair turn! Samantha notices that Blake is blocked and Kelly says that’s unfortunate. Kelly says she only has one block this entire season and she used it for her. Kelly tells her not to look at Nick! Nick says she was phenomenal. Nick doesn’t think she’s limited to country. Nick asks what she likes and Samantha says she doesn’t consider herself a country artist. She likes everything, like singer/songwrite, someone like Brandi Carlile. Nick says he thought back to his first dance at his wedding and he thinks her voice has all the qualities to nail I Hope You Dance by Lee Ann Womack. John says she’s going to have a difficult choice. Blake says he’d like to speak with her for a second. He says this show is based on voting and coaching and voting comes on how they connect with the audience and the audience of the coach. He believes one of the biggest groups in the world right now is The Jonas Brothers, and they have a giant fan base. Nick says that was kind of dirty but he’ll take it. Kelly says please pick me. We’re back from commercial and John says what are you going to do Samantha? Who do you pick as your coach? Samantha says she’s so sorry…she has to go with Kelly! Next up is Jamal Corrie and he’s from San Francisco, CA. He’s been street performing for 4 or 5 years. He supports his brothers and his mom. His mom has TIA and his brothers are autistic. He’s travelled and branched out performing. He’s never played inside in front of thousands of people and the producers say there are millions watching. He sings Be Alright by Dean Lewis. Blake hits his button and Jamal is a 1-chair turn. Kelly says she was hesitant about turning because she wasn’t sure he was all in. John thinks he has a lovely voice and when he opened up it sounded glorious. He says it felt like he was a little tight for other parts of the performance. Blake says he hit his button because he believes in him and he is proud to be his coach. Ruby G is up next and she’s from Brooklyn, NY. She takes vocal classes in NY and she’s been working really hard to make it in music and she’s ready to show the world what she has to offer. She takes the stage and sings Hard Place by H.E.R. She does not get a chair turn and John greets her. John says that’s a tough song to do on this show because so much of the song is in the lower register and it didn’t showcase what she can be. Nick agrees about the song choice, but there is so much there and it’s so rich. Blake tells her to come back and swing for the fences next time. Samuel Wilco is next and he’s from Fort Knox, KY. He’s in the army and he’s been deployed 3 times to Kuwait. He’s an instructor but he’s close to retiring and he loves to sing. He takes the stage and sings Lately by Stevie Wonder. Kelly finally hits her button and Nick turns a moment later. Samuel is a 2-chair turn! The chairs turn back around before they can greet him. The chairs are broken. Blake peeks around and says congratulations. Samuel introduces himself and Kelly says if she ever auditioned for The Voice, that song would be her audition song. She says it’s a smart song to pick as a singer and she thinks he will fair really well with song selection. She loves his voice and she felt a connection. Nick says that performance was unbelievable and thanks him for his service. He says he performed with such ease and he would like to hear him sing some of John’s songs. Nick says he blew him away and he really believes in him and he hopes and prays he picks him. John asks what kind of gigs does he do? Samuel says they do cadences, but that’s it. Blake says his brother was based in Fort Knox and his brother was in trouble for something and the drill sergeant asked if he had brain damage and he thought that was awesome. He thinks Samuel did great and that was quite a moment. John says you have a decision to make my friend and Kelly asks who he picks as his coach? Samuel says this is his wife’s favorite show and she’s the one who got him into this and he loves Kelly and what she does with her artists, but his kids love Nick Jonas. He’s going to go with Nick! Next we have Hawk McIntyre and he’s from Boone, IA. He’s going to sing the blues and we hear him talk about being raised by a single father. His dad taught him to play guitar and he’s Hawk’s manager and roadie. Hawk takes the stage and sings Lie to Me by Jonny Lang. He did not get a chair turn. Kelly says she felt like she was a Texas bar and she was waiting to hear more of his upper range. Nick says he was just waiting for it to go up a bit too and he advises him to come back and wow them in the first couple of seconds. Blake says that song doesn’t expand and he didn’t learn much about him as an artist. Next we have Thunderstorm Artis from Haleiwa, HI. His parents gave all of their kids unique names and his dad was the glue that held them all together. They are a very musical family. His father died when he was 13 and he played as a duo with his brother. He takes the stage and performs Blackbird by The Beatles. John, Nick, and Kelly all hit their buttons almost at the same time. Blake hits his button and Thunderstorm is a 4-chair turn. Nick says that was what this show is all about. Thunderstorm introduces himself. Nick says his vocal control was perfect and he would love to be have him on his team. Kelly asks if that was his given name and Thunderstorm says there are 11 kids, 6 boys and 5 girls. Kelly says he could win this competition. Blake congratulates him on being ridiculously talented. He says he could tell that the guitar was important to the performance and he said it sounded like that was pre-recorded. Nick asks Thunderstorm if he’s a songwriter and he says yes. John says he’s notoriously stingy, but when he turns, he turns fast. He says his voice was magical and he knew he belonged on The Voice and he would love to coach him. It’s time for him to pick a coach and he says they didn’t make it easy. Thunderstorm says he has to go with John!
  24. Tonight, five undercover stars are determined to keep the judges stumped, and this week everyone’s wheels are spinning. Will the panels guesses get better with Gabriel Iglesias’s help, or will they be humiliated by another shocking reveal? Nick introduces the panel and says so far, they’ve only guessed 1 out of 4 correctly. First up is the banana. The clue package: I never knew how cathartic coming the banana would be, so making it to the group B championships is sounding more and more appealing.I don’t want to slip up, so when my team called me in for a meeting about my image, I was like Git r dun. I walk in and these guys are nervous. Like spit it out, you don’t gotta hold my hand. “Look we have some concerns about your shelf life, so we think you could use a re-brand.” Your worthy of your own bowl like acai, or star in your own show like that orange. I’ve heard enough, I may be high in carbs, I may have a few bruises, but I’m still here after all these years. So tonight, I’m embracing my flaws and rocking out as my authentic self. Group B champions, here I come! Clues we seen in the package were an alarm that said 2:13 PM, 6/18. He had cowboy boots on. There was a snake background on a computer and there were two posters one said Sons of Bananarchy and one said Banana “chips”. Banana takes the stage and performs Achy Breaky Heart by Billy Ray Cyrus. Gabriel says this is the craziest show he’s been on. He says he had him a good ‘ol time over here. Ken says this is what the show is all about. The banana’s favorite subject was art. It has gotten him through some of the toughest times in his life, and he’s had quite a few and he forgot some of the lyrics tonight, but he had a good time. Ken says he was thinking Jeff Foxworthy last, but this week he heard in the clue package Git R Dun, and he think it’s Larry the Cable Guy. Jenny says there’s no way that body is Larry. Nicole agrees with Ken about a comedian, and she thinks there were some office vibes, so she still thinks Ed Helms. Gabriel says maybe Erik Estrada, but he thinks the person sings for real and he thinks it’s Billy Bob Thornton. Jenny thinks it’s a solid guess, but she’s still very perplexed Ken’s Larry the Cable Guy. The mouse is next. The clue package: The stage is like her second home and she’s having a ball up there. So she’s more determine than ever to stay anonymous. But when she leaves her good job in the city, there’s no place like home sweet home. You’d think I ought to take a break, but I still have more stories to tell. And why quit something that still feels exciting and new? I truly cherish my rare time off by enjoying my favorite things: starting a good romance novel, a little needle point, her secret talent, and a little wine and cheese to bond with friends like you. Thanks for stopping by my mouse pad. But now it’s time for this hostess with the moistest to get her game face on because there ain’t no stopping me now. We seen in the clue package a photo of praying hands and we seen her doing needlepoint. Mouse takes the stage and sings Everlasting Love by Natalie Cole. Robin says she makes every song her own and she has such an amazing tone and she really stands out. Mouse’s favorite subject in school was math. Her daddy told her to look at those numbers and to know they represent her money. Jenny says this is someone with a successful career and she thinks it’s Tracy Ellis Ross. Ken thinks she’s right about the legend part. Ken think it’s a different legend, he thinks it’s Tina Turner. Nicole thinks they come from a religious background and she thinks it’s Dionne Warwick. Robin notes the gold clues and Dionne Warwick hosted Solid Gold. Nicole says her voice is beautiful. Frog is next. Clue package: Last week, I felt like he got a new lease on life! But it makes him wonder, why hasn’t he felt like this before? From the beginning, I’ve sacrificed so much of myself to be all that in a frog eat, frog world. Always shooting to seen as the prince of my game. Upholding that image took its toll. I almost croaked. Last week showed him he could just be him and still be loved. So no more golden crown for this prince. I’d rather have the golden mask any day. We seen in the clue package a basketball, the letters S, C, and I from a typewriter, and there were some G.I. Joe’s. Frog takes the stage and sings In Da Club by 50 Cent. Gabriel says that was a great performance. Nicole says he knocks it out of the park every week and he’s her favorite. Great job! Frog’s favorite subject in school was P.E. It keeps him in shape so he can bust those dance moves that make the ladies go crazy. Jenny says season 2 winner Wayne Brady was a triple threat and she think we’re looking at a triple threat. Jenny seen the basketball and heard the prince references and she thinks it’s Alfonso Ribiero. Gabriel agrees. Ken says it’s an amazing wrong guess. Ken thinks it’s Kevin Hart and there was a star in the package and Kevin just got a star on the Hall of Fame. Nicole says it could be him. Robin thinks maybe it could be Omarion. Taco is up. Clue package: So here’s the news update. He felt like he was cooking on that stage and loved breaking out of his shell. Time to celebrate making it to the playoffs, so first round of nachos on the house. You may think of me as a buffed up mild type, but I used to be a hot head, until I met the most stunning taco in the galaxy. His jaw dropped, his heart buzzed and everything change. She made him the taco he is today, a softer taco filled with love and blessed with a rich career he can’t even believe is real. So tonight, honey, this one is for him. We seen in the clue package a whoopi cushion, and we see some constellations, and some hair pieces. Taco takes the stage and performs Bossa Nova Baby by Elvis Presley. Ken is confused. Nicole says that performance was spicy. Muy caliente. She is even more confused now and Robin says he is too. Jenny says he can change his voice from one week to the next. Taco’s favorite subject in school, he was a class clown. He had to sit in the closet for bad behavior and he loved it. Gabriel says this isn’t the first taco to confuse me. Jenny says last week she got Harry Connick, Jr vibes. Jenny says it could be Seth McFarlane. Gabriel seen the whoopi cushion and maybe Ted Danson. Ken says this may just be a great actor who can do comedy and who can sing, maybe Alec Baldwin. Nicole says it could be Alec Baldwin. She thinks it’s a good guess. Kitty is the final artist to take the stage. Clue package: Performing as the kitty for the first time was a veritable fantasy, like I’ve been waiting for this moment forever. But it’s also a bit overwhelming so she’s taking a second to regroup. Sewing is one of her favorite things to do when she needle’s a little time alone. Whether a pillow for someone special or a modern dress for a family member’s ball. She draws on all that inspires her and as the fibers intertwine, it’s like magic. Maybe there’s something about watching transformations that rings a bell. She’s never felt more like herself underneath her mask, but at the same time she can feel herself growing into something brand new. Tonight, this kitty is showing off a new side of herself and giving it everything she’s got to make it into the championships. We seen fabrics and a sewing machine, and there were some sketches and a little red riding hood cape. Kitty performs Mercy by Brett Young. Gabriel says that moved him emotionally and this show has taken him all over the place. He was blown away. Robin thinks she’s one of the favorites because of her overall personality and they haven’t seen her open it up yet. Kitty’s favorite subject in school was English. She’s such a bookworm and she used to write her own books and sell them for quarters. Jenny says her voice reminds of her the girl for stranger things, she thinks it’s Millie Bobby Brown. Gabriel says he saw in the clue package there were a lot of references to Little Red Riding Hood, and he thinks it’s Amanda Seyfried. Ken says she reminds him of Sarah Hyland. Nicole doesn’t think that’s right. Ken and Nicole argue if this could be her. The singer who must unmask tonight is…the mouse! Time for final guesses: Robin says if this is who I think it is, then it’s such an honor. He mentions the 1979 on the football players and he think it’s Dionne Warwick. Nicole mentions the prayer hands and she agrees with Robin, Dionne Warwick. Jenny was thinking legend adjacent, but after the clues and listening she thinks Robin and Nicole are right. Ken thinks this is someone who is an icon and someone very elegant, and he thinks it’s Tina Turner. Gabriel jumps on board with Dionne Warwick. The mouse is unmasking and it is…Dionne Warwick! Mouse’s clue answer: The prayer hands in Mouse’s package are a clue to Dionne’s hit song “Say a Little Prayer For You”. Mouse’s mention of “anything less than gold” is a nod to Dionne hosting the hit TV series “Solid Gold”. 20 years ago she was made an honorary coach of the raiders. The brazil nuts in mouse’s package are a clue to Dionne’s years living in Brazil.
  25. The judges take their seats and we’re off for the second night of blinds and Kelly and Nick banter over blocking each other. Our first artist of the night is Arei Moon and she’s from Boston, MA. She’s a first generation American. She had an opportunity to open for LL Cool J when she was 12 and that started her love of music. She is going to perform Miss Independent by Kelly Clarkson. John looks down at Kelly. Nick turns and he blocks Kelly. Kelly turns right behind Nick. Arei is finishing the song and Kelly has just noticed she is blocked. Arei is a 2-chair turn, but she will be joining team Nick! John welcomes Arei to The Voice and Kelly says she didn’t notice until the end! Arei introduces herself. John says Nick effectively used his block. Kelly wants a chance to talk since she got blocked. She says the fact she chose that version of the song means that she has fire. She did so good. John’s favorite part of the performance was the higher notes and she electrified the whole room. Nick says what a voice! He can’t wait to get to know what inspires her. Nick wants to meet her family and they are brought out to the stage. Kelly greets them and Nick des as well. Next we hear an artist take the stage and this is their first audition and they don’t really perform. They perform Soul Sister by Train and the judges listen carefully. Blake seems interested and he looks down at the other judges. Blake hits his button and turns and we meet Levi Watkins. Levi is a 1-chair turn! Blake is excited. Blake says he had to work hard to not react when he turned around. Kelly thought Levi was a female in her twenties. Kelly says Levi has a really cool vibe. Nick says they have a really developed voice. Levi is the youngest of four sons. He plays guitar, mandolin, drums, and he’s from Birmingham, AL. He mows lawns with his older brother. He finds a lot of joy in music. Blake says that was an incredible vocal and what a cool version of that song. John loved how interesting and inventive his intro was. He put his stamp on the song. Kelly says Blake is so lucky. Cassidy Lee is up next and she’s from Jacksonville, FL. She got a guitar when she was 12 and she started singing at a bonfire and that’s when her parents realized she could sing. Her dad helped get her started in music and worked with her. Her father passed away in 2017. Cassidy takes the stage and plays guitar and sings Gold Dust Woman by Fleetwood Mac. The judges are all dancing and listening closely. She does not get a chair turn. Blake asks Cassidy to introduce herself. She was a big fan of the Jonas brothers. John says Nick could have turned for her and made her life. He asks what her favorite song is and she says Please Be Mine. Nick says she carries all the emotion a songwriter needs, and she should pick a song that allows her to do that. Kelly says she has a really cool tone and she’s really talented. The next artist steps on stage and begins their performance and John says this is my jam! The artist is singing Weak by SWV. John hits his button and we meet Zach Day. Kelly finally hits her button to turn. Kelly is shocked. Zach is a 2-chair turn! John says amazing! Kelly says you’re white! Zach introduces himself and he’s from Stearns, KY. He was raised on a farm in a really small town. He’s never fit in living in his small town, but his family and friends are very supportive. He performs at weddings and coffee shops and he’s so happy to be here. Nick says he’s excited for him. Kelly says she loved his voice. His runs were incredibly cool and impressive and she’d love to work with him. John says impressive is not the adjective we use for the performance he just had. He says mind blowing, other worldly, amazing, stunning. He’s so excited to coach him. Blake thinks that was an incredible performance. Blake says Zach, by the power vested in me by NBC, who do you pick as your coach? Zach says he thinks he’s going to go with John! Our next artist is Chelle from Bargersville, IN. She collects rocks. Her favorite rock is a geode because it looks ugly, but then you crack it open and it’s beautiful crystals on the inside. She’s an introvert, but music was a relief for her. She takes the stage and performs idontwannabeyouanymore by Billie Eilish. Blake immediately hits his button. Nick hits his button a bit later. Kelly hits her button at the end. Chelle is a 3-chair turn. Nick says Chelle’s voice hit him and made him emotional which is hard to do. Nick says she is the kind of singer he would die to write songs for. Nick says they are probably the logical choice, but he’s fresh blood and he’s eager to dive in with her and help her win. Kelly says she was her age and over thought everything. She says quit trying to be perfect and she just needs to let go. Blake says she had incredible instincts and he thinks she had perfect pitch, which they don’t hear often on the show. Blake says Nick started in movies and Kelly is a talk show host, but he started in music and he’s won the show six times and lives and dies by music. Nick says if he had read Wikipedia, he would have seen that he started on Broadway when he was 8. He believes there’s an artist with in her that needs uplifting. John says well Chelle, who do you pick as your coach? Blake does his finger point and Chelle giggles and says she thinks she’s going to have to go with…Kelly! Chelle brought rocks for each of the judges. She gives Nick limestone, because it’s the strongest rock out there. She got John marble because it’s so smooth. She got Kelly amethyst because she’s so beautiful. For Blake she got fool’s gold. Our final artist of the night is Toneisha Harris and she is from Roswell, GA. Her family traveled the east coast and sing gospel. She wasn’t allowed to listen to other music and she had to sneak listening to Anita Baker and Whitney Houston. Her son was 12 and diagnosed with cancer. She was supposed to audition for The Voice but she put everything on hold. He was on treatment for three and a half years and he is doing well. He’s a full time college student and she’s grateful that he’s here. She takes the stage and performs I Want to Know What Love Is by Foreigner. John hits his button when she gets to the chorus. Nick hits his button. Blake hits his button. Kelly is the last to go. Toneisha is a 4-chair turn! Nick says the runs were all perfect and there wasn’t one note out of tune and Toneisha was phenomenal. He’d be honored to work with her. Kelly says her voice is a blessing. Kelly says she’s so glad she’s here. Blake says she was incredible. He was a coach when she was supposed to audition and experience goes a long way. John says she has something really special and she doesn’t need any of them to do well on the show. He’d like the opportunity to work with her. Nick says it’s decision time for Toneisha. Who does she pick as her coach? Toneisha says she thought about this moment and she doesn’t know what to do. She says you know what? I’m actually going to pick Blake.
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