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  1. Previously, on Big Brother All-Stars, with secret powers hidden in the BB basement, David won The Disruptor in the dark. At the HOH competition, Dani held on tight for power. Even though her six-person alliance was running the game she considered taking a shot at Tyler. But Cody didn’t want a committee member on the block, so Dani went for two players outside her alliance. But her nominations were quickly disrupted. With The Disruptor power saving David, Dani was forced to name a new nominee leaving the committee intent on sending Kevin packing. At a bite sized veto competition, D
  2. Previously, on Big Brother All-Stars, Dani told Tyler she wanted Da’Vonne out, and Tyler spread the word to Da. But when Dani and Da’Vonne compared notes, Tyler was in Dani’s crosshairs. Three secret powers were hidden in the BB basement and Christmas, David, and Dani each scored one. With the HG going on a power trip for power, Dani was hanging tough. Da’Vonne encouraged Dani to take a shot at Tyler, but Cody didn’t want the Committee to crumble leaving Dani with a tough decision. At the nomination ceremony, Dani kept her alliance off the block, but David had a trick up his sleeve
  3. Previously, on Big Brother All-Stars, a new twist sent the HG looking for secret powers in the BB basement and David walked away with The Disruptor. The powerful committee alliance of Dani, Christmas, Tyler, Nicole, Memphis, and Cody was running the game so HOH Christmas went after two people not in her squad. Dani had been after Bayleigh and Da for weeks and Tyler played both sides of the conflict. But after Dani and Da exchanged notes, Tyler was firmly on their radar. At the live eviction, Bayleigh’s game came to an end. With the power back up for grabs the HG were hanging on for
  4. Da’Vonne and Bayleigh. They were a sworn ride or die from the beginning. Tonight, one of them will be going home. Previously, on Big Brother All-Stars, HOH Christmas had a final two deal with Tyler and they were also part of the larger Committee alliance. When Bayleigh admitted Da was her ride or die, the duo was in Christmas’s crosshairs, and after word spread they were coming for her alliance, it sealed their fates. With the veto on the line, Christmas’s winning streak continued. Tyler started having second thoughts about his game, so he threw Da and Bayleigh a lifeline. But Chri
  5. We pick up on day 31 after the nomination ceremony and Christmas has nominated Bayleigh and Da because they are a powerful dynamic duo and she’s heard a lot about that duo coming after members of her alliance. Da says she’s confused because she’s nominated because Bayleigh told her she was her untouchable. There are bigger more threatening pairs and she’s looking at her and Bayleigh? Bayleigh and Da hug and Bayleigh thought her and Christmas was fine. For this to happen is really overwhelming and she doesn’t understand it. Her heart is literally broken. Da says there is a veto to b
  6. Previously, on Big Brother All-Stars, Christmas was part of the six person committee alliance and she was also working closely with the miao miao. Meanwhile, Enzo has his own six player squad, but there was trouble in paradise for the Slick Six. With Enzo in power, he was going after the house’s target, and Christmas offered to be a pawn to help seal Kaysar’s fate. At the live eviction, with a hail mary to sway votes, Kaysar tried to blow up some games. But it only helped dethrone King Kaysar. At a call-out HOH competition, the cracks in the Slick Six widened, and in the end it was
  7. He’s the target. She’s the pawn. But if history has taught us anything, it’s that anything can happen on eviction night. Previously, on Big Brother All-Stars, Enzo and Cody had a final two and they were also part of the Slick Six alliance. But all was not well as Dani distrusted Da’Vonne. After Enzo rolled into power, he put up a target and a pawn. At the POV competition, the pawn refused to be Enzo’s puppet. With the miao miao needing another nominee, Christmas offered him a present. But Enzo also had his eyes on a former winner. When Dani made a Slick Six slip up, Tyler ratted he
  8. Previously, on Big Brother All-Stars, Tyler, Cody, and Dani were bouncing between two secret alliances: The Committee with Nicole, Christmas, and Memphis, and The Slick Six with Bayleigh, Da, and Enzo. With the queen evicted, Kaysar was alone. And with the HOH on the line it was do or die, but it was the miao miao who rolled into power. Kaysar was the obvious target, Enzo just needed a pawn to sit next to him. Christmas was quickly becoming a trusted ally to Enzo, and they considered some other high value targets. With a pawn ultimately next to Kaysar, Enzo still had his eye on pos
  9. Previously, on Big Brother All-Stars, in a three month battle for a half million dollars, Cody and Enzo quickly formed a strong duo and they were also part of a bigger alliance with Bayleigh, Dani, Tyler, and Da’Vonne. Meanwhile, Janelle and Kaysar were on an island, so HOH Tyler put them on the block and the majority of the house wanted Janelle out. With Enzo winning the Safety Suite competition, he saved Christmas and she became a new mom. At the live eviction, the house was intent on sending Janelle packing, yet Dani and Enzo threw hinky votes. But ultimately, the BB queens reig
  10. Julie says Janelle and Kaysar are an iconic BB duo and tonight they are on the block and one will be leaving. Previously, on Big Brother All-Stars, the Committee, a powerful alliance of six was secretly running the game and Janelle was their number one target. To strengthen their ranks, Dani, Tyler, and Cody branched off and created a six person alliance and Tyler also had David in his back pocket. Dani overheard Da and Bayleigh strategizing with the enemy, so after Tyler came into power, Dani put Da on his radar. But Tyler had bigger fish to fry. With Cody winning a cupcake war of
  11. Previously, on Big Brother All-Stars, Cody and Memphis formed a final two alliance and they expanded their ranks by four and dubbed themselves the Committee. Meanwhile, Memphis had a side agreement with Janelle and Kaysar. When Janelle suspected a core four were working together, she spilled the beans to Memphis. After word got back to the Committee, Janelle became public enemy number one. And Tyler, Cody, and Dani formed a second alliance with Enzo, Da, and Bayleigh to strengthen their ranks. With Tyler the reigning king, he was poised to finally go after two power players. At the
  12. Previously, on Big Brother All-Stars, a six-person alliance of Memphis, Dani, Cody, Christmas, Tyler, and Nicole F were running the game. But Memphis had an old school side arrangement. With Memphis in power, he went after two players who wouldn’t rock the boat. Janelle was on to four members of the power alliance, and totally unaware that Memphis was part of his squad she pitched him on taking out a former winner. When word got back to the alliance, the alliance was even more intent on backdooring Janelle. But with Memphis holding the veto he opted to stick to his original plan. A
  13. Tears shed, opportunities missed, alliances fractured, and it’s only week 2. Previously, on Big Brother All-Stars, HOH Memphis was in a six-person alliance with Cody, Dani, Tyler, Christmas, and Nicole F. But he also had a working arrangement with Janelle and Kaysar. At the nomination ceremony, Memphis went after the season 21ers. Tyler assured David he was protected while Janelle wanted to keep Nicole A. Janelle suspected a four-person alliance and clueless that Memphis was working with them too, Janelle pitched them on a new target and word got back to Nicole F. At the veto compe
  14. Previously, on Big Brother All-Stars, Memphis and Cody formed a final two deal and they quickly expanded their ranks with Dani, Tyler, Christmas, and Nicole F. But Tyler wanted to work with David. After Memphis took control of the game, he considered a wide array of targets. When the Safety Suite opened for business, Memphis wanted everyone to compete. Knowing she couldn’t play, Janelle tried to strike a deal with Memphis. Cody, David, Kevin, Bayleigh, Christmas, Ian, and Da”Vonne all cashed in to compete for safety, but it was Christmas who got the present under her tree. She had
  15. Previously, on Big Brother All-Stars, on night one Cody became the first HOH. While Memphis, Kevin, Ian, and Nicole A became the first have nots. With Cody in power he secured a final two deal with Memphis. Looking to strengthen the Commissions ranks, Memphis secretly formed a six-person squad. A new twist called the Safety Suite promised to shake up the game, and after Kaysar won season he spread the wealth to Janelle leaving Cody to target two other old schoolers. At the first live vote and eviction, the season tenner got eighty-sixed. With power back up for grabs, the renegade t
  16. The all-star battle is underway and tonight, the game claims it’s first victim. Previously, on Big Brother All-Stars, Cody became the first HOH of the summer and he used his power to make working relationships with Memphis, Tyler, and Nicole F. He also locked in a final two deal with Enzo. With the game underway, another alliance quickly formed. At the first nomination ceremony, Cody went after two outsiders. Looking for allies, Kevin offered his allegiance to Cody. At a totally bananas veto competition, Enzo stacked his way to gold. Cody and Enzo considered using the veto to take
  17. Previously, on Big Brother All-Stars, with 16 returning players off to the racers, the battle for the half million dollar grand prize was underway and Cody took a crucial first step. With power on his side, Cody quickly solidified some allies on his side. First Nicole, then Tyler, then Memphis, then the miao miao. Cody considered targeting some old school legends, but a safety twist changed things up. When Janelle and Kaysar didn’t get the assurances they were looking forward, they both declared their intentions to play for safety. At the first ever Safety Suite competition, it was
  18. Previously, on Big Brother, in a move-in like no other, 16 all stars entered the house to compete for a half million dollars. Safely inside the bubble of the house, 6 all-stars won an initial competition to compete for the HOH. While the Jersey boy will be living large in the HOH, 4 all-stars will be the have-nots. Tonight, the safety suite is open for business. How will it impact the all-stars? Tonight, Cody will get blood on his hands. Plus, will they ever get into the have-not room? All this tonight on Big Brother! We are on day 1 and Julie welcomes them back. Kaysar asks how mu
  19. Tonight, Big Brother celebrates it’s 20th anniversary and it will be a season to remember. Julie welcomes us to the live season premiere of Big Brother All-Stars! 16 players cemented in BB lore will return tonight to compete to be the last one standing. Another unforgettable summer is about to begin so buckle up and get ready for BB All-Stars! For the first time ever, tonight’s episode is happening completely live. We have winners. We have legends. We have some of the best players who never won the game. They are all entering the house with something to prove. They are
  20. Tonight, Usher is joining Songland to find a new song. He typically looks for something versatile and it has to take people on a journey. Ryan asks what he might be looking for and Usher says you have to leave space to make magic happen. He wants something that comes from three different perspectives to create something people can grow from and feel something from. Our first writer is Miranda Glory from New York, NY. Her song is called Salty and it’s about the freedom you get when you get over someone. She introduces herself and performs it for the producers and Usher. Ester says t
  21. Tonight, Ben Platt joins Songland. Ryan says he’s a triple threat because he sings, dances, and acts. The first time Shane seen him was in Pitch Perfect with Ester. Ester says he’s looking to put out a pop leaning album. He’s an Oscar away from an EGOT and he’s 26. Ben says he’s such a big fan of the show. Ben is looking for stuff that feels specific to him and he wants to go a little more into the pop lane. The first writer in is David Davis from Wheaton, IL. His song is called Everything it Took to Get to You. Ben says the lyrics resonated him with him. Ryan says some of the lyri
  22. Tonight, Bebe Rexha joins Songland and she’s looking for a song for the Tokyo Olympic games. (This episode was recorded before the COVID-19 pandemic) Bebe says a song that would be perfect would be high energy and make you feel like you do anything. Bebe says the Olympics is massive. The first writer in is Greg Scott from Chico, CA. His song is called Miracle and it’s about working hard and perseverance and never giving up. Bebe says the chorus is an A+. Shane says one of the problems with the song is the verse didn’t feel current. Bebe says the melody is everything and she’d scrat
  23. Tonight, Boyz II Men joins Songland and Ryan, Ester, and Shane reminisce on their experiences with Boyz II Men. Nathan Morris, Wanya Morris, and Shawn Stockman came to Songland to find a song that’s memorable. They want to find something more contemporary and modern day. They are at a point in their careers where they want to help the next generation along. Our first writer is Zak Waters from Los Angeles, CA. His song is called Bad Things and he thinks the song will match melodically and harmonically for Boyz II Men. He introduces himself and performs for them. Shawn says they shou
  24. It began after the Superbowl. 18 masked celebrities set off in pursuit of the masked trophy. Three are left. Turtle. Night Angel. Frog. Who will win? First up is frog. Frog reflects on his overall experience and what being on the show has meant. He says this experience has allowed him to get back to his first love, his music. He wants to take home that trophy for his little tadpole. He takes the stage and performs Bad Boy for Life by Black Rob, Mark Curry, and P. Diddy. Jenny says that was amazing and Nicole says that was a way to kick off the show. Robin says to be abl
  25. We are almost ready to go live on The Voice for the finale and find out wo will win the season 18 finale! We kick off the night with Nick, Kelly, John, Blake, CeeLo Green, Bebe Rexha, Shakira, Toneisha, Micah, Cammwess, Thunderstorm, and Todd, along with some already eliminated artists all singing Let My Love Open the Door by Pete Townshend. Carson greets the coaches and finalists. Carson says this has been an unforgettable experience with a historical season. The Jonas Brothers perform X with Karol G. Blake is doing a duet with Todd. They are pe

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