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  1. Leg 9 begins in Hyderabad, India with Riley and Maddison being the first team to leave heading to Siem Reap, Cambodia. Riley and Maddison think there could be a huge double U-turn on this leg. Will and James depart 17 minutes after Riley and Maddison and they are on the same page to get Gary and DeAngelo out of the race. Gary and DeAngelo depart 16 minutes after Will and James and Hung and Chee leave 28 minutes after them. They are excited to carry the Travelocity roaming gnome. Eswar and Aparna leave 26 minutes after Hung and Chee. They are the only team left that hasn’t won a leg
  2. Leg 8 begins in Almaty, Kazakhstan and teams are going to travel to Hyderabad, India. When they land they will face the first ever mega leg. Double the detours, double the road blocks, and double the distance. Will and James say the mega leg is very intimidating, but they thrive under pressure. Will and James still have their yield and they are ready to use it. Riley and Maddison are headed to the airport and they think the mega leg will play to their advantage. Hung and Chee talk about how they’ve helped Gary and DeAngelo and haven’t gotten anything in return and they aren’t going
  3. Leg 7 begins in Berlin, Germany with Gary and DeAngelo leaving first to go to Almaty, Kazakhstan. The teams are talking about Kaylynn and Haley’s luck running out. They walk in and tell them it’s a non-elimination. When the teams land in Kazakhstan they have to go to Kazakhfilm Studio. Gary and DeAngelo are talking about getting their alliance to the final five teams. Hung and Chee say Gary and DeAngelo keep talking about the top five, but they’ve never actually helped the alliance. Will and James say it’s good to have some relationships and they have the majority, but why hasn’t a
  4. Leg 6 begins in Paris, France and Riley and Maddison will travel by train to Berlin as the first team to leave. They think they are doing a good job of reading the clues, but they need to pay attention to the details. Hung and Chee are out second and they want to continue to race hard and not make big mistakes. They talk about working with their alliance and they hope to continue to work with them. Leo and Alana are out in third and they hope Kaylynn and Haley are still in it. Will and James are out in fourth and they want to improve their driving abilities. Gary and DeAngelo are o
  5. Leg five begins in Asuncion, Paraguay and they are off to fly to Paris, France. Will and James are departing first and they will find their first clue 30 miles outside of the city. Michelle and Victoria are departing second and they have been enjoying spending time together so far. Leo and Alana are the third to depart and Alana has been to Paris before. Riley and Maddison are out in fourth and they are excited about self-driving and they think they’ll be driving a stick shift. Eswar and Aparna are out fifth and they are hoping to get a good flight. The first flight is
  6. Leg 4 begins in Amazon River, Brazil and the teams are at the pitstop. Leo and Alana say if they get a chance to yield Will and James they will to give them a taste of their own medicine. Will and James are the first to depart at 11:11 PM and they are flying to Asuncion, Paraguay where they will travel to a café. They talk about the alliance they made with four teams, Hung and Chee, Riley and Maddison, Gary and DeAngelo, and Eswar and Aparna. Will and James are checking out some computers with internet to do some research. Kaylynn and Haley are off next and they are going to do wha
  7. Previously, on Big Brother All-Stars, from day one Cody had a final two deal with Enzo, and another one with Nicole. So after Cody won the final veto of the season, he cut the last all-star standing in his way leaving only Enzo, Cody, and Nicole. At a ghouling battle of endurance, Nicole ghosted the competition. Tonight, Enzo and Cody face off in part two of the three part HOH competition. Who will advance and go against Nicole and win the grand prize? Plus, find out who you voted as America’s Favorite Houseguest. Julie welcomes us to finale night. Nicole, Cody, and Enzo have worke
  8. We start leg 3 in Bogota Colombia with Hung and Chee being the first to leave. They are all booking their flights to Manaus, Brazil, and once they arrive they’ll find their first clue at the Manaus market. Hung and Chee say everyone will be on the same flight and they talk about the new twist of the yield that gives any team a chance to delay another team by ten or twenty minutes. DeAngelo and Gary are out next with Riley and Maddison behind. Eswar and Aparna are excited to go to Brazil and Michelle and Victoria and Will and James are out right behind. Will and James are ready to k
  9. The last time they played, Nicole won, Cody came in 2nd and Enzo finished 3rd. How will it play out this season? The final push to take home the half million dollar grand prize begins tonight. Welcome to Big Brother All-Stars! Previously on Big Brother All-Stars, with the final PoV on the line, the hamsters watched Cody claim victory. Since the jump, Nicole had a F2 deal with Cody, as did Enzo. So with Cody having the solve vote to evict, Christmas's game was Feliz Navidad. With only Enzo, Cody and NIcole left, Part I of the Final 3-Part HoH comp will be played tonight. Who will ad
  10. Enzo holds the HOH. Cody holds the POV. And at the end of the night, either Christmas or Nicole will hold the last final three spot. Welcome to Big Brother! Previously, on Big Brother All-Stars, it was down to the final four, Christmas, Enzo, Nicole, and Cody. After Enzo checkmated his way to the top three, Christmas hoped to avoid the block. But the meow meow kept his boy Cody off instead. With the final and most important veto of the season on the line, Cody was the Ham-Star. With Cody having final two deals with both Enzo and Nicole, it seemed like a war on Christmas was inevita

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