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  1. Years ago we watched 16 americans begin an adventure that would change their lives. We see clips of various previous season and we introduce Winners at War. Tony says he has a big reputation at Survivor and the fans of Survivor have waited 20 years to see this. Parvati says she hasn’t had an opportunity to be her diabolical self at all because she’s been building a family, but she’s about to be a phoenix rising from the ashes. Ethan was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma and he remembers dreaming he would live long enough to play survivor again. Amber says she was a kid the first time she played the game. Little did she know she would fall in love, meet her husband, get engaged at the finale, and win the show. She wants to win the game. To come out two times and beat her husband again? That would be awesome. It’s the biggest battle in Survivor history and be crowned the greatest player of all time? 39 days, 20 people, 1 Survivor!!! Jeff is on the beach as the castaways come in and he has something covered. Sandra is shocked to see Rob and Amber and Rob never told her he was playing again and she definitely feels betrayed. Jeff says wow! Let me take this in! 20 winners. 20 years in the making. Jeff says Wendell applied many times to get on the show and then fulfilled a dream. How does it feel? Wendell says he sees legends and it feels good. Jeff says Yul? You played 14 years ago, the iPhone didn’t even exist. Does he see this game through a different prism? He says yeah. He feels like a dinosaur that has been time bombed into the future. The world has changed, Survivor has changed, and he thinks he’s going to have to change. Jeff turns to Amber and says she first played 20 years ago. Not only had the iPhone hadn’t been invented, but neither had iTunes, Twitter, Facebook, Xbox. She ends up meeting Rob, got engaged, and has four children. What does this mean for her this time as a very different woman than the first time? She says it’ll be like a nice vacation. But to be a part of season 40, it’s going to be the most epic season yet, how could you pass up this opportunity? Jeff says they need to toast to celebrate. This is a once in a TV series moment. He has champagne and 20 glasses. Ben says his competition here is the greatest of the greatest, but everyone will be swords swinging. Jeff says he’s proud to have them here as representatives of their 40th season. Even though they have all won, there will be tough times and they will be vulnerable. But they belong here. They throw their glass when they are done. Jeff says Survivor 40: Winners at War. They are divided into men and women, but that’s not how they are going to play. Sarah says she’s the most recent women out here and she has 9 of the most intimidating women out here. Jeff hands out their wrapped buffs and we have blue and red. Wearing red, Dakal, we have Tony, Wendell, Amber, Kim, Sophie, Nick, Sarah, Yul, Sandra, and Tyson. Wearing blue, Sele, we have Rob, Natalie, Ethan, Parvati, Ben, Michelle, Dani, Denise, Jeremy, and Adam. Tony’s third time. How does he feel about this group because he needs those people? Tony says he loves them all. Jeff says they are introducing a new Survivor currency in the form of a fire token. They will each start with one fire token. If you are voted out, you must will or bequeath, your tokens to another player as you head to that island right behind you…the isolated and unforgiving Edge of Extinction. Where you will wait for your chance to get back in this game. And one more thing. If being crowned the winner in a season of all winners and winning a million dollars in the process is not enough to inspire you, then let’s make it 2 million. The largest cash prize in the history of reality shows. All you have to do is win. It’s time for a challenge! Here’s how it works. They will race out in pairs to retrieve a ring. They will then battle their way back, the first person with one hand on the ring and one hand on the flagpole wins. First team to three wins. They will win flint. The loser? No fire and no rice until after the first tribal council. This challenge is also for immunity. Our first matchup is Tyson and Yul taking on Jeremy and Ethan. Yul is battling Jeremy and Tyson has the ring and Ethan is hugging Tyson. Tyson is headed back and Jeremy wraps his arm around the ring and inching closer to the flag pole and he gets the flag. Dakal gets the first point. Next round is Sarah and Kim taking on Parvati and Natalie. Them women are out fast and Natalie is the first to reach it. Her team is directing her to the far side and Kim is fighting to take it. Parvati is trying to help and a swell picks them and Natalie is closed. Kim is pulling the ring hard away from the flag pole but Parvati is close to the pole. Kim gets a big surge and the women are between both poles and Kim inches closer to red and Kim grabs the flag pole. Dakal gets the second point. Wendell and Tony are taking on Ben and Boston Rob. Ben and Boston Rob have to score to stay in it. Tony and Wendell can win it. The guys are out and Wendell gets it first and Ben takes him down. Rob has the ring and Tony and all the men have an arm on the ring. Tony takes Rob under, but he continues to pull towards the pole. Tony is grabbing his arms but Rob grabs the flag pole. Sele gets their first point. Denise and Natalie are taking on Amber and Sarah. Amber and Natalie are tied up with the ring and Sarah and Natalie make their way to the ring. Natalie is inching closer to their flag pole, but Sarah is pulling hard and dragging them towards red. Denise tries to take Amber down, but Amber and Sarah are close tot the flag pole. Sarah is reaching but the water and Natalie pull them back. Sarah gets the flag pole with Natalie on her back. Dakal gets their third point and wins immunity! Jeff says epic first challenge. Dakal pulled it out. No one going home. Jeff gives them a map and tells them to head out. Sele will have no fire and no rice and someone from their tribe will be voted out. And to complicate things a little more, tribal council will not be tonight, it will be tomorrow night. They all came to play and this gives them time to make things happen. Adam says to lose the immunity challenge on day one is his worst fear. It’s winners at war, there is no easy target. Someone has to go. Yul is excited and he says it’s kind of overwhelming when he looks around and sees all these people and realizes how long ago he played. Tony picks up a paper to read. It says Use your fire tokens to purchase any of these items. They have coffee & pastries for 3 tokens, Small bag of beans for 4 tokens, Regular bag of rice for 5 tokens. They have comfort items: two pillows and two blankets for 4 tokens and Tarp for 5 tokens. They will present their fire tokens at any challenge. They can also purchase an advantage in the challenge for four tokens. Nick says these tokens are going to end up being a huge part of the game. Kim reads a note that says their fire tokens cannot be stolen from them. If voted out, they must bequeath it to any player still in the game. Nick thinks the winner of this season will be whoever wins the currency correctly. He thinks his chances to win this game just got much higher. Wendell says after winning Season 36, people know him as someone who knows how to build. Wendell wants to build relationships, not the whole shelter again. Because while you are building, you are stuck at camp. He’s going to chill out a little bit and try and get a read on them. Sarah and Amber are talking and Sarah says she didn’t think she’d see her out there because she has four little ones at home. Tyson comes in and they are talking about a daisy chain. Tyson says Survivor has been his career and it has given him an opportunity to spend time at home with his kids. Tyson gets fire going and he says he gets to get up every morning and get his daughter’s ready for the day and spend the day with them. This is the longest he’s left his kids. Wendell asks Sandra how she’s feeling and calls her queen. Sandra says don’t call me that because it’ll put a target on my back. She says she’s the only one who knows what it’s like to win twice. Sandra says her and Tony had it out, so she’s here to prove why she’s the queen and she knows everyone wants a piece of her. Sandra says they all want what she already has…her crown. Over at Sele, Rob says he has a huge target on himself. By losing at the beginning, he’s already put himself at a big disadvantage and now they have to build a shelter and vote someone off. The game is on already. Jeremy is talking to Parvati about her leaving her daughter. She hasn’t played in ten years and she says it’s a little strange. Parvati says she’s not the flirty girl she was once, but she’s a mom now and she’s married. Being a mom will help her to relate to people in a completely different way. Sele begins building and Ethan is psyched to be there. Rob says he looks great and asks if everything is good. Ethan says life after cancer is hard because there’s a fear of relapse and a fear of death and being on Survivor is living. Ethan hasn’t played since 2004. He wants to resurrect that young innocent guy and play the game that he loves and that changed his life. He’s excite to see how he plays in the new era of Survivor. Denise and Adam are using the map and looking for a trail and they say they’d rather not go to tribal council every time and he’s wearing blue again. She had flashbacks to her season because they lost every challenge. Adam says he could be her Malcolm. Adam says he loved watching her. Everyone back at camp are counting and they realize Adam and Denise are missing. Jeremy says that’s a rookie move. People are just looking for something and you just don’t want to rock the boat so early in the game. Dakal is still building and Tony is talking to Yul and he says he can’t go anywhere. He desperately wants the immunity idol, but he’s trying to learn from his past mistake. He doesn’t want to put a target on his back because he doesn’t want them to think he’s back to his old antics. He’s just going to chill and wait for them to lower their defense. Amber says people seemed pretty comfortable and she’s wondering if she’s supposed to be looking for an idol because she feels like she has a huge target on her back because of Rob being here. She says she was rooting for her team, but she is her husband’s biggest fan. She says it’s more of a disadvantage to have him here. She says she learned from Rob the game never stops. As soon as you get comfortable, you are in trouble. Sophie and Yul are talking and Sophie wants to work with him. Yul says he hasn’t been part of the Survivor community and he doesn’t have those connections. Yul talks about Boston Rob and Tyson playing poker together along with Kim and Jeremy. Yul remembers Tyson saying if they’re ever on an island together, they would be the power alliance. Sophie says Sandra, Tony, and Sarah who played together, and they are kind of gritty. And then you have Wendell and Nick and Sophie and Yul in the middle. Sophie feels like she has a nerd shield in Yul. But the number one thing on her mind is not who she wants to work with, it’s who she wants out. Back at Sele, Rob and Parvati discuss working together. Parvati asks if he wants to give her a corsage or flowers before making it official. Rob says they probably know the game better than anyone and maybe they should work together. Rob doesn’t want to the new school people to dictate how the game will go. Parvati says she doubts Rob has many other options. Dani is talking to Ben, Nick, and Ethan and they are discussing Rob. Dani says they won’t get many opportunities to get rid of people like Rob because he’s well liked and connected. Why would you not take an opportunity to remove that from the game. Ben, Jeremy, and Rob are talking and Ben tells Rob his name has been tossed out and Rob wants to know from who. Ben says he’s trying to remember who said it. Ben says it was one of the girls and Rob says Ben not telling him who said his name makes him feel like he can’t trust him. Ben says Dani and Rob wants to know why. Rob asks Ben why he thinks Dani said his name. Rob then goes to Dani and says can I ask you a question and she says yeah, I’ve thrown everyone’s name out. Because you have connections and I don’t. Rob appreciates that she told the truth and he realizes he can trust her. He says there might be an old school alliance coming together. Dani, Ethan, Parvati, and himself. If they can get through the vote, it would be mutually beneficial for them to work together showing the new kids the ropes. We’re at Sele on Day 2. Adam didn’t sleep one wink last night because they have to go to tribal council tonight. One of them is going to be the first one voted out and will have to go live alone on Edge of Extinction. Danni says playing with winners makes everyone paranoid, plus no one wants to be the first one voted out. We see various people talking. Ethan says the game is warp speed and he doesn’t know what’s going on. Natalie and Jeremy are talking about who they might want to vote out. Natalie says if she had to pick one now, she’d pick Adam. Jeremy asked more than Denise? Natalie and Jeremy toss out Denise and Adam to Rob and Ben. Ben’s gut is telling him to keep Adam safe and so he goes to talk to Adam about everyone being suspicious of him and Denise going off. Adam says he went to look for the water well, but they weren’t looking for idols. Adam says they should be way more worried about Natalie and Jeremy’s existing relationship and Rob and Amber’s marriage. Adam goes to talk to Denise and they talk about splitting up Natalie and Jeremy. Adam makes the pitch to Ethan and Ethan goes to Rob and Parvati. Rob says Adam and Denise show they might not be trustworthy, but Adam has a point about Jeremy and Natalie. Rob says it makes him look bad to talk about their relationship when he has his wife there, but the difference is Amber is on the other island and he can decide which way he wants to go. Parvati goes to Jeremy and Natalie and they can’t decide between Adam and Denise and they are almost ready to go to tribal council. Parvati goes to Rob and says are they this dumb? Rob says they have to play Survivor for everyone. Parvati says her and Rob are clearly the two biggest threats in the game. What is going on?!? Parvati says this doesn’t seem to be a fully baked plan. Saddle up kids, this is going to be a bumpy ride. Tribal Council Night 2: Sele makes their way in and they get their torches and dip them in the fire. Jeff goes to Ethan about the culture shock of being back out here. Ethan says the pace of this game is shocking to him compared to the last time they played. Jeff asks Rob is feeling that as well. He says the game has evolved and it’s moving lighting pace and you either get in line or get out. Jeff asks Jeremy who was missing and he says he doesn’t know. Jeff says he just wants to be a part of the discussion. Denise says she’ll be open. She explains what happened with her and Adam and explains they got lost, but perception is everything. Adam says Denise and her met yesterday and there are people who have played together and even one marriage. Rob says there’s a reason to vote off every one of them. Jeff asks Natalie if it just comes down to please don’t let me be first. Natalie’s sister was voted off first and she says she can see that. Natalie says if Adam and Denise go off, that’s a reason to vote someone out. Parvati says it’s winners at war and no one should feel comfortable. Jeremy doesn’t like that answer because coming to tribal is where you find out who has your back. Michelle feels like she’s so calm in her regular life, but every word can be skewed and twisted and she’s just trying to hold on. Ethan says he’s not the calmest person and he thinks there are plans in place, but now there are bombs in his head. Natalie says she never felt this nervous. Jeremy and Ben whisper about maybe voting out Parvati. Jeff says it’s time to vote! He goes to grab the votes. No immunity idols yet. First vote: Denise. Adam. Denise. Natalie. Natalie. Natalie. Natalie. First person voted out of Survivor…Natalie. Michelle is shaking her head. Natalie quietly exist and Jeremy looks at Ben and says who was it. Ben says they’ll talk. Natalie gets to where she bequeaths her currency. She gives it to Jeremy. Natalie then heads to Edge of Extinction. It just hit her that she just got voted off first. It’s really weird. She thought she would be crying, but she’s just mad. They can earn five tokens to get back in the game. We’re at Dakal on day 3. Sandra asks Yul if he’s a free agent and Sarah is at the water well with them. They discuss being able to infiltrate family. Sarah says she doesn’t feel hurt often, but she felt betrayed by Rob who said he’d never come back out. She just thinks about that every time she sees Amber. Sarah says they have to stick together. Yul agrees. Yul asks if Sandra would have any issue breaking up the poker people. Yul has been trying to get Wendell, Sophie, and Nick in an alliance and that’s where he’d like to go. Yul tells Wendell and Nick that Sandra is focused on Rob. Wendell thinks Rob and Amber need to get EoE as soon as possible. Yul says he doesn’t think anyone else thinks this alliance exists and that gives them leverage in the game. Over on Sele Day 3, Michelle and Ben are talking. Michelle says tribal couldn’t have gone worse and it sucked she was left out of the vote. She feels like she has something to prove. She says to not have the numbers is the worst case scenario. Michelle says Rob is playing that he’s not running the show, and that’s what he’s doing. Ben says he and Michelle and Adam need to figure out how to not be followers. Jeremy says it sucks to lose Natalie, but he sees that Natalie gave him the fire token. He says no one knows how valuable there are and it’s good to have two of them. On EoE, Natalie goes to the sail and there’s a message. There’s an Edge of Extinction price list. Use fire tokens to purchase any of the following: Strategic: one advantage in return challenge is one token and idol with full power is 3 tokens. Idol only has full power if they get back in the game. There are also luxury items: Pizza, jar of peanut butter, bottle of wine, six-pack of ice cold beer, or a hammock, and they are all one token. Natalie is trying to figure out how to get fire tokens and she sees a bottle with a note. It says this is her first opportunity to get back in the game by earning a fire token. Journey to the last spot you can see the sunset. She’s excited for this chance. She’s not good at riddles. She starts looking around and she climbs up to see the sun set. She says it’s about a mile. She says her quads were burning. She didn’t come here to be on EoE, she came to win. She’s walking around and she sees a message. It’s an immunity idol that is good for three tribal councils. It has no value on Extinction, but you can sell it to any player from the losing tribe for one fire token. She’s the first person here and she’s already affecting the game. The things she does here can affect the game. Time for immunity: Dakal gets the first look at the new Sele tribe. Natalie voted out. Sandra is shocked. Immunity is back up for grabs. They are going to paddle out and retrieve a bag of number tiles and then race back over a number of obstacles. They’ll then use the tiles to solve a combination and get three rings and knock down some paddles. Sandra sits out for Dakal. Sele has a slight lead getting into the water, but they run into their first obstacle. Dakal takes a slight lead and they get to their station first. Sele is struggling to get to their station, and they are too far way. Rob pulls them closer and he unties their game. Dakal has their tiles and is almost back to their obstacles. Rob has his tiles and both tribes are on their way back. Dakal is back and they start working on their obstacles. Sele has made up ground, but they are still a little behind. Dakal is first to the barrel roll. Sele is still trying to close the gap. Rob is launching the women over the barrel. Dakal has everyone over the barrel and they are working on the net crawl. Dakal is on the beach and she’s yelling at Tony to pay attention. Yul is working on his combination. Rob and Jeremy are still trying to get over the barrel roll. Jeremy is trying to get on Rob’s shoulders and Adam is trying to reach over to grab his hand and they are struggling. Ethan gets on Ben’s shoulders and grabs Jeremy and then Rob and they move on. Yul is still working on the combination and has it. Tyson tosses his first ring and misses. Adam is going to work on the combination. Tyson switches out with Wendell and he knocks down the first paddle. Wendell just misses the second paddle. Adam finally gets the combination and Ben and Jeremy are tossing. Jeremy gets the first paddle with the first ring and it’s tied. Wendell hits the second paddle but it doesn’t fall. Jeremy gets the second paddle. Wendell gets the second one and it falls off again. Jeremy gets the third paddle and Sele wins immunity! Jeff says Sele, nice job. No one wants to go to tribal back to back. He sends them back. Dakal will be heading to tribal tonight. Rob says winning the challenge is a great moment, but he’s worried about his wife. Amber has a huge target on her because of him and he can’t do anything to help her. This could be his wife’s life in the game. We’re at Dakal after the challenge. Tony asks if anyone wants to volunteer to keep Natalie company. Sarah says do you? Yul says we should just talk and be civilized. Tyson says Sandra or Nick or maybe Tony. Sandra says maybe Amber. Amber trusts Kim and Tyson and she’s not used to this type of play but she needs to dive in. Nick and Sophie are talking about everyone being a threat. Sophie says the target is moving. Kim says are we crazy for not taking Sandra out first. Sandra is going to spread truth, lies, and rumors because that works for her. Back at camp, Sandra sees the immunity idol and she’s absolutely going to buy it. She now realizes the importance of fire tokens and she’s so relieved. If she gets a bad feeling, she’s going to play it. She thinks Natalie sent it to her. Sandra says Tyson just said to vote out Tony. Tony says they should tell Tyson they are voting out Amber, but they are going to vote out Tyson instead because everyone loves him and he’s a funny guy. Tony says they have to break up the poker alliance. Tyson, Amber, and Kim. So you get Tyson out, but leave the big target shields in the game. Yul talks to Tyson about the poker alliance and Tyson says that’s coming back to bite him. His strategy switched from dictating the direction of the game, to pure Survival mode. He throws Kim and Amber under the bus and says he can get in with Nick and Yul. Kim is talking to Sandra and Nick and she says she’s getting a bad vibe and she thinks it her. She says there are moments of paranoia where people are talking and she walks up and they stop talking. She says it’s awkward. Kim goes to Yul and she says she has never been in this position before. Kim says she didn’t understand until today what it feels like to be on the outs. She didn’t envision this comeback. Kim says she didn’t realize the poker alliance would be an issue and she doesn’t think there is anything she can do to change that. Tribal Council Night 3: Dakal makes their way in and they get their torches and dip them in the fire. Jeff goes to Amber playing 16 years ago. How is she feeling? Amber says she hasn’t aged a bit. That feeling of being on edge is definitely familiar, but it happened much quicker that she’s used to. Jeff asks Tyson with the game moving fast can he see the different eras? Tyson says Yul thinks before he acts and some of the newer players don’t think at all. Jeff asks Tony if Tyson is talking about him and he says no. Amber says Tony was running around from person to person and it was nerve wracking. Tony says everyone was because he didn’t need to the first two days. Sandra says Amber hasn’t been around for a long time. She has to keep up with he pace or move out of the way. Jeff asks Sophie how the feeling was before tribal. Sophie says the day just dropped off. Sandra seen panic because several names were thrown out, but the names were narrowed down. Kim says she knows her name is in that group. Kim mentions the poker player alliance, which isn’t a thing. Tyson says he also heard his name and he hopes what he did is enough to prove to people that he’s with them. Kim says the poker player alliance isn’t a thing, but there are genuine relationships here. Kim says if there’s an alliance, she’s not in it. Wendell says there are friendships and she doesn’t know how tight a poker alliance might be that was played a year ago. Amber says with two million at stake, friends will be willing to do anything. Nick says as soon as people heard about the two million dollars people started trying to figure out how to put it in their pocket and not their friends pocket. Sophie agrees. Sandra says if friends are lost out here over two million dollars, which is a lot of money, that’s a price that a lot of people are willing to pay. Time to vote! Jeff will get the votes. If anyone has a hidden immunity idol and would like to play, now is the time to do so. Sandra does not play her idol. First vote: Nick. Kim. Kim. Kim. Amber. Amber. Amber. Amber. Second person voted out of Survivor is…Amber! Amber quietly leaves and she bequeaths her token to Rob and heads off to the Edge of Extinction to join Natalie. Next time on Survivor, when the enemy strikes, it blows up your game. You’ll need to climb out of the ruble.
  2. Tonight, ten acts are fighting for the title best in the world! Terry introduces our judges and explains the panel of superfans. We’re kicking off the night with Alexa Lauenburger and her dog act. She takes the stage for her act and she gets a slow start but gets going. The crowd loves it. Alesha says Alexa pulled out some new tricks and the last trick was amazing. They are all champions already in her opinion. Howie says only one act will go all the way, but they nailed it. He loved it, but it’s up to the super fans. Simon says this isn’t going to make him very popular, but it just wasn’t near as good as the first two performances. Heidi says she didn’t want to do the same routine and coming up with a new routine in one week is hard. Up next is Duo Transcend. They are doing this for their son and they are performing something they’ve never done before. They take the stage for their performance and they begin blindfolded and they do their entire performance blindfolded. Mary is emotional as they finish and she’s crying. Alesha says this is such a sexy act and she has so much respect for what they’ve just done. Heidi says they are so captivating and it was incredible and it was all feel and touch and they really upped their game for the finale. Howie says he loves them and he truly believes this performance is worthy of the finals. Howie thinks their better card was last time, but the superfans seen it. Simon says he thinks is the best performance they’ve ever seen from them because they took a ginormous risk and it was so dangerous. They pushed themselves and he thinks they’ve given themselves a real shot. Next is Heidi’s golden buzzer from Norway’s Got Talent, Angelina Jordan. She’s always just wanted to sing for Simon and she couldn’t believe she was finally performing for him. Being in the finals is unbelievable and she feels like she has a responsibility to do even better. She takes the stage and she sings Goodbye Yellow Brick Road by Elton John. Heidi says Angelina made her so proud and she can feel it all the way down to her bones that she will be a star. She’s so excited for her. Howie says she is so amazing. One word comes to mind when he listens to her and that is hypnotic. She draws him in and she truly is a champion. Alesha says she’s like an old soul and it was beautifully delicate and they were holding on to every word she sang. Simon says what he loved about tonight is that she took a risk and he’s going to remember this performance for years and years to come. He says she took that song sound current, relevant, and he thinks she’s a very special person and she made the final way better because she set a standard. Next up is Simon’s golden buzzer, Boogie Storm. They reminisce over their journey on how they got to Champions. They take the stage for their performance. Alesha is on her feet dancing and Howie hits his X. They get an ovation from the other three judges and the audience and Howie is saying really? Howie says he’ll be honest. He doesn’t get it. The dancing is not fantastic, there’s no message. Really? One flip? Alesha says she was pleasantly surprised. They aren’t the best dancers, but they made everyone smile and they got the audience on their feet. Heidi says it’s so different from the last time they saw them and she feels like she saw a new group on stage. Simon says the message was hope. Hope because this is a group of people who are historically not known as nice people and they’ve flown millions of miles to appear on Champions and he thinks the dark side has become the light side and he applauds them. Alesha’s golden buzzer is up next. Silhouettes is from America’s Got Talent and they are ready for this opportunity. They take the stage for their performance. They tell a story about a family who is evicted and foreclosed on and becomes homeless and how they are helped to get their house back. They finish by spelling out the word Kindness. Alesha says they are in tears, that was so beautiful. Silhouettes passion was pouring out of the screen. That’s how you do it! Howie says nobody does this clearer and better and to use this platform to inspire people, they are not just here to win it, they are here to change the world. Heidi loves them and it takes her a lot to well up and she doesn’t know how they do it. It definitely jumps from the stage into their hearts. Simon says he loves the message, he loves them as people. He thinks on a night like this, it’s pulling out the performance of a lifetime and he doesn’t think that was as good as their previous performance. The next act is Hans and he’s from America’s Got Talent. He says this journey has been a roller coaster. He takes the stage and he says he knows it’s the final and everyone is excited. He says he’s going to do Simon’s song for real, but then he does not. He switches to Get Loud by Jennifer Lopez. Simon hits his X. Howie, Alesha, and Heidi are on their feet. Hans comes down to dance with the judges for a moment and the returns to the stage and ends with the splits. Simon says without being rude, and Hans says why break the habit of a lifetime. Simon says honestly, that was torture. Howie says he thinks he is one of the most fun loving, energetic acts they’ve had. Alesha thanks him for using her song. She thought it was terrible but so much fun. Heidi says let’s have fun and live a little! How hard is it to just get up and enjoy the time together. Tyler Butler-Figueroa is the next act and he’s from America’s Got Talent and he’s a violin player. His mom talks about Tyler’s journey on AGT. Tyler says he feels more confident in himself. Tyler takes the stage and plays Hallelujah by Jeff Buckley. Simon says that was so impressive because Tyler decided to do one of the most iconic songs of all time with no on stage with him and only the violin. He says he just gave himself a shot at winning. Heidi says amongst all the craziness they’ve seen today, Tyler holds his own on that stage and she has to give it to him. Alesha says Tyler just stole her heart. He and his beautiful instrument and a stunning song. The next act is Howie’s golden buzzer, V. Unbeatable. They are from America’s Got Talent and they are originally from India. They take the stage and a couple of the dancers start behind the judges and one flips over the judges table. They also use a two rider bicycle to do trick son. The audience is on their feet and loud. Howie says this is by far the best act that has graced any of the stages on any talent show. Every one of them, it’s like their life is at stake. They have opened up the world to them. Alesha says the best decision Howie made was pressing his buzzer. That was pure brilliance and she felt every single moment of it. Heidi doesn’t know how they can top this. What they did was absolutely incredible and they gave them everything. Simon says in a show which calls itself Champions, you’re looking for an act that’s brilliant and steps up. Simon says they are just regular people and they’ve done something quite remarkable. Marcelito Pomoy is a singer from Philippine’s Got Talent and he can’t believe he’s here at Champions. His wife says this is his dream. Marcelito says he’s nervous again because he’s one step away from winning and he’s starting to believe maybe he can. He takes the stage and sings Beauty and the Beast by Celine Dion and Peabo Bryson. Heidi says Marcelito! She says this is the third time they’ve performed for them and it just never gets old. She loves his song choices as well. Howie says when he first saw him he blew him away from the surprise of it all. And he enjoys each performance. Alesha says the song choice was perfect and she thinks he upped his game. Simon says he is a very nice, very talented guy, and this was much better than the last performance he did. But if it was his choice, he’d have done something less predictable. The last act has had its ups and downs, and its one of the most dangerous acts they’ve seen. It’s Sandou Trio Russian Bar and they are from America’s Got Talent. We take a look back at their journey on the show and we hear her daughter wishing her luck and saying how proud they are of her and the entire act. They have spikes on either side of the bar this time. Halfway through her performance she lights the bed of nails on fire. Alesha is having a difficult time watching. We are coming up on the last trick of the act and she blindfolds herself. They are successful with their final tricks. All four judges are on their feet for Sandou Trio Russian Bar. Howie says they are crazy and crazy amazing and that was epic. He says that was raising the game and they literally lit a fire for the audience. Alesha says every time they them they raise the bar and they get better and better. She loves their stage presence and the way she commands the stage. Heidi says she’s at a loss for words. She’s a crazy lady. Simon says they’ve blown the competition wide open and he thinks they are one of the top three acts. Simon thought he knew where the competition was going to go, but after that changed his mind. Next Monday is the Champion’s World Finale! We’ll find out the results then. One act will be named the best of the best.
  3. It’s time for the semi-finals! 12 acts will perform tonight. JJ Pantano is our first act and he’s the 7 year old from Australia who roasted the judges and Terry in the first round. He’s been researching the judges and writing new jokes and he knows he’s ready…he just hopes the judges are. JJ takes the stage and greets everyone and begins his set. Howie says JJ is so adorable, and so mean, and so adorably mean and that’s a compliment. Heidi says he has so many fans, welcome to Hollywood. He fits right in. Simon says he’s absolutely hilarious. He loves JJ insulting him. Tyler Butler-Figueroa is up next and he’s a violinist and he’s from America’s Got Talent. Tyler takes the stage and he performs What a Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong. He has a vocalist on stage with him for a small part. Alesha says it was so cool tonight to see another side of Tyler and it was very poignant and a beautiful song. Howie says it was absolutely beautiful, emotional, and captivating. Simon says Tyler plays one of the most difficult instruments to play and he advises him to have no one else on stage with him and play the most beautiful song with the most beautiful instrument and his beautiful smile and he could win. Mark Spellman is our next act. He will perform as X. X is an extension of Mark. X takes the stage via a screen and then he appears behind the judges. He invites Terry to the stage and asks him to take a seat. He has a mask for Terry to wear and he won’t be able to see anything while it’s on. He has a blindfold over his eyes. X touches his own right shoulder and has Terry point to where he felt a touch and he points to his right shoulder. X asks Terry to imagine a watch and setting it to a specific time and he says 4:00. There’s a box on the judges table with the watch and Heidi opens it and it says 4:00. X asks if Terry could be anywhere in the world where would he be? He says at home. X has him take off the mask and turn around and X is in his home with his wife on the screen. Heidi loved the concept and the payoff was fantastic and that moment wasn’t there today. Heidi says it wasn’t as special. Alesha says X is consistently brilliant and she’d love to see him move on. Simon doesn’t think this was a progression up, but if he makes it through he has to make something brand new. Duo Destiny is up next and they are from Poland’s Got Talent. They are a strength/aerial act. They take the stage for their performance and the judges discuss them and Duo Transcend. Heidi says they have to be one of the six chosen ones. It is insane. Duo Destiny are incredible. Howie thinks they delivered in their first performance and he doesn’t think this what that different. Alesha doesn’t agree with Howie and she thought there were a few new moves. What they are doing is outstanding. Simon thought it was a step-up and he felt it was something they hadn’t done before and everything was brilliant. Next up is Hans and he was from America’s Got Talent and he was put through by the judges. He doesn’t care that he was buzzed by Simon. He takes the stage with his accordion. He starts behind a podium and he’s launching a campaign to be the AGT Champions winner. He performs Danke Schoen and then stops and starts singing Bang Bang by Jessie J, Ariana Grande, and Nikki Minaj. Howie says Hans is so much bigger than this show. Howie says he was on a reality show, he has hats, you know what that means. Heidi hits her X and she says just got excited. Heidi says she loves him so much and she hopes he gets to the final. He is super creative. Alesha thinks his presentation was the best by far. She loves everything about him and he’s fabulous. Simon says he shouldn’t have loved that, but he did love it. Dania Diaz is next and she’s a magician from Spain’s Got Talent. It feels amazing being a semi-finalist and now she’s going to bring something different. She takes the stage for her performance and she is directly in front of the judges. She wants Howie to take a selfie of all the judges and herself before she begins. She wants to share the positive side of her story and that’s the part of leaving everything behind and getting a new start. Simon says Dania’s hands were shaking and it showed how real everything was. It was magic. There’s no denying that. Alesha says it was beautifully understated and they couldn’t take their eyes off of her. Howie says he’s going to be honest and his heart was bursting with emotion and it was one of the most beautiful things he’s ever seen. Duo Transcend is up next and they are on aerial act from America’s Got Talent. They want to show they are more than just a trapeze act. They are prepared to step up their act. They take the stage and begin on the trapeze. They then move to do some tricks on roller skates. Howie says that just transcended from a circus act into a full blown stage show. Alesha felt like she was at the greatest show on earth. She loves Duo Transcend. Heidi says she loves them so much, it was perfection. Simon says there’s always a concern can you step up and progress. He thought the theme was immaculate and it was everything he could have hoped for them. Next up is Strauss Serpent and he’s a contortionist from Africa’s Got Talent. He takes the stage and begins his act. He starts by coming out of a box that he was folded up in. He does some tricks and then brings out a bucket and bends himself backwards. Alesha says Strauss is funny and she loves him. Heidi says this is one of her most favorite acts. She says he does what not a lot of people can do. Simon says the first time they saw him he had a wow factor, but he didn’t have that tonight, but he deserves another shot in the finals. Howie says a lot of people watch these acts on their computer and this will be one of the best unboxing videos. Ryan Niemiller is up next and he’s a comedian from America’s Got Talent. He gets a second chance at winning and he wants to win. He is booked out through the end of the year. He didn’t start this journey to lose. He likes the pressure knowing he has to step it up. He takes the stage for his set. Heidi says she likes Ryan, but she thought he was funnier last time. But she thinks he’s really, really funny. Simon says he’s slightly with Heidi. He says it didn’t feel as fresh and it felt like a set he’s done before but he got lost a little tonight. Howie says he understands what it takes to write material and he thought he was great and he’s a star. Alesha says she thought it was very, very funny and there’s something about him that she loves. Alexa Lauenburger is up next and she was sent through by the judges. She’s from Germany’s Got Talent and she is the only animal act in AGT Champions. Howie is watching and says to the other judges this is the best dog act he’s ever seen. Alesha says Alexa was perfection and she was incredible. That act was wonderful. Heidi says it was awesome and she put the biggest smile on her face again. Simon says if there was one golden buzzer they were all allowed to push, he think they’d all be reaching it. Simon agrees with Howie, this was the best dog act he’s seen by a mile. Howie says two words describe her act: Pure Joy! Sandou Trio Russian Bar is next and they are from America’s Got Talent. Getting invited back and making the semi-finals lit a fire under them. They take the stage for their performance and they have fire. They have the bar over fire and they perform their tricks over that. Alesha says Sandou Trio meant business and they upped their game. That was a spectacle. Heidi says they are incredible and they have to be one of the six. Simon says they have this really cool attitude and the whole presentation was absolutely amazing and he thinks it will get them in the final. Howie says semi-finals are about raising the bar and they literally raise the bar and they literally lit the bar on fire. Our final act is Marcelito Pomoy and he’s from Philippines Got Talent and he’s a singer. He takes the stage for his performance and he sings Time to Say Good-bye by Andrea Bocelli and Sarah Brightman. Howie believes Marcelito has the best shot of winning the whole game. He raised his game. Alesha says that was a brilliant song choice and it enabled him to shine. She loves everything about him. Heidi says she’s been waiting all day for him to come on to the stage and he is her favorite. Simon says Marcelito, there is no denying he has a unique, special talent. If he makes the final he thinks Marcelito needs to take a bigger risk. It’s time for the results! Hans and Strauss Serpent are called forward. The first act going into the finals is…Hans! JJ Pantano and Tyler Butler-Figueroa are called forward. The next act moving on is…Tyler Butler-Figueroa! Dania Diaz and Marcelito Pomoy are called forward. The next act taking a spot in the finals is…Marcelito Pomoy. Alexa Lauenburger and Mark Spellman as X are asked to step forward. The fourth act going into the finals is…Alexa Lauenburger! Only two spots remain. Sandou Trio Russian Bar and Ryan Niemiller step forward next. The fifth act moving on is…Sandou Trie Russian Bar! Duo Transcend and Duo Destiny are the final two acts to learn their fate. They came in sixth and seventh in the superfans vote, but only one can move on. The judges will have to decide which act to put through. Simon says he’s going to judge this based on the first time he seen both acts and who he believes can step up the most in the final. His vote goes to…Duo Transcend! Heidi says they are so similar and it’s crazy they are both up there. She feels more passionate about Duo Transcend! Alesha says both of these acts are equally skilled and she enjoyed both performances. The act she thinks has a bit more of an edge is Duo Transcend!
  4. Terry greets us and it is the last night to earn a spot in the semi-finals. Terry introduces the judges, and tonight the final golden buzzer goes to Alesha. The semi-finals begins next week. Our first act of the night is Christian and Percy and he’s from America’s Got Talent from 2014. Christian is a strength balance act who does tricks with his dog. Christian takes the stage with his dog. He finishes with a backflip and all four judges get on their feet. Heidi says Percy likes to French kiss because he’s licking Christian. Howie says he won’t shake hands, how do you do that? Heidi says everything was perfect. Howie remembers him and he was a fan of him and he was better than he was and he stepped it up. Alesha says it just got better and better and better as it went along. Simon says he’s never seen a dog balance and dance at the same time, and he thinks whoever makes Scooby-Doo should think about making Percy-Doo or something. Simon loved this act. He thought it was amazing. Next is Voices of Service and they were from America’s Got Talent and they are a singing group of veterans who are sharing the story of veterans who return with PTSD. They were proud they made it to fifth place, but they want to keep spreading awareness. They take the stage and perform Brother by Kodaline. Howie says it’s amazing and the power you feel when Voices of Service harmonize is like no other. Alesha says it was a very poignant song. Heidi says their voices are weapons of hope and she thanks them for their service. Simon thinks the message they deliver is absolutely beautiful. It made him emotional. It was a massive step up. He knows for a fact they could win. Next is JJ Pantano and he is from Australia’s Got Talent and he was a semi-finalist. JJ is 7 years old and his mother is a singer and that’s why he wants to do it too. He takes the stage and he surprises everyone by roasting the judges. He also roasts Terry. Heidi says JJ is hilarious. He’s a little star. Alesha says looks can be deceiving, but he’s really brutal. Well done. Howie says he’s adorable, funny, and he has stage presence. When he grows up he wants to be just like him. Simon asks who is the funniest person in the world, and JJ says him. Simon think he has a little star glow going about him. The next act is from Romania’s Got Talent and he’s a dancer and his name is Emil Rengle. He was the first openly gay man on Romania’s Got Talent and it created a lot of scandal and he won. He says expectations are higher and he’s ready to win again. He performs to Billie Eilish’s Bad Guy. Simon hits his X. Howie hits his X towards the end. Howie says this is Champions and he doesn’t think Emil hit the level of talent of the competition. Alesha says her and Heidi understand how difficult it is to dance in heals and congratulations on his success and good luck. Simon doesn’t think that was the caliber to be the best of the best. Simon asks Emil if he thinks he can win. Emil says of course he does. Heidi says the good news is, it’s not the judges that decide and she wishes him good luck. Silhouette’s is up next and Howie recognizes them. They were on America’s Got Talent in 2011. Most of the children involved grew up and moved on, but there is one original member remaining. They take the stage for their performance. Their shadow story is about a dog and his owner who goes off to war and comes back to reunite with their dog. Simon says that was absolutely beautiful, but he wants to know where the dog is. The whole message about your life is better because of animals was incredibly creative. Heidi loved them and her and Alesha were crying. Heidi says it was so amazing. Howie says he’s not an emotional guy, but he welled up in tears. He felt the story. The crowd is chanting and clapping. Alesha says that was so moving and so beautiful and she’s thinking about her dogs. She was completely inspired and she wants to see more and she hits her golden buzzer. Brian King Joseph is our next act and he’s a violin player and he’s from America’s Got Talent. He has neuropathy that will eventually leave him paralyzed. He finished in third place on his season. He’s going to do an original song for his Champion’s performance because he wants to show them he’s here to win. Alesha says she loved Brian’s energy and his violin. She loved it all. Well done. Heidi says she’s so happy to see him again, every time he’s there it’s on fire. Howie asks if there’s a story behind that and he says it was his story. Simon says he reminded him he’s one of the most talented musicians they’ve ever had on the show. Simon hopes he gets through. The next act is Connie Talbot and she’s from Britain’s Got Talent and she’s a singer. She was 6 years old when she was on BGT, and now she’s 19 and ready to break away from that little girl she was. She’s going to perform an original song and she plays the piano. Heidi thinks Connie is so beautiful, and that song, and that voice were all beautiful. Simon says he’s always wanted America to get to know her and she nailed it. He thinks she did great. Alesha says it’s so lovely watching her come full circle and this could be the start of something so beautiful for her. Howie wishes her the best of luck. Next is The Sandou Trio and they were from Season 6 of America’s Got Talent. They are here for redemption. They are super nervous. They are a danger act that involves a bar and flips. They take the stage and do their first several tricks and then she blindfolds herself for a bigger trick. They go down in front of the judges for their final trick and they get a standing ovation. Howie says it is so scary to watch The Sandou Trio but they were thrilling and he loved it. Heidi says she loved watching them up there. She says it’s so thrilling and amazing. Alesha says they aren’t playing, they came here to win. So impressive. Simon says he doesn’t normally love this kind of act, but he thinks this act had more relevancy than any other act they’ve seen on the show tonight. He thought it was absolutely incredible. Well done. Our final act is Bars and Melody and they were on Britain’s Got Talent and they were disappointed they didn’t win. They are also going to do an original song and they move to a small platform directly in front of the judge’s table. Howie hits his X halfway through the performance. Howie says that didn’t seem like a championship song and they didn’t do anything he hasn’t seen before. Alesha says she wants nothing but good for them, but she could feel their nerves. She liked the song, but she thinks the nerves got the better of them. Heidi agrees and it didn’t work for her either. Simon says he remembers their very first audition, their story, and why they got the golden buzzer. He’s disappointed this audience didn’t get to experience what he did years ago. Our final act is Strauss Serpent and he won Africa’s Got Talent Season 2 and he’s a contortionist. He has a translator on stage because he speaks French. He takes the stage for his performance and the audience and judges freak out. Heidi says Strauss is incredible. It’s contortion on another level. Howie says it’s amazing. He’ll bend over backwards to win this thing. Alesha says she loved it. She says it was so painful to watch, but watching the audience watch him was even funnier. Simon says he always wonders why do people love watching horror movies. In the same way he shouldn’t love watching what they just did, but he did. One of his favorite acts tonight. Time for results! Emil, Voices of Service, and Strauss are called forward. The first act moving on is…Strauss Serpent! Bars and Melody, Connie, and Sandou Trio are called forward. The next act moving into the semi-final is…Sandou Trio! Brian King Joseph, JJ Patano, and Christian and Percy are the final three remaining. It is now up to the judges! Howie says he can only choose one and he has to go with cuteness and comedy. He has to go with JJ! Alesha says she enjoyed all of them. However, the act she’d like to see go through is…Brian King Joseph! Heidi loved all of them, but she always goes with her gut feeling and she’s going with Christian and Percy! Simon says the person who we’ll be seeing in the semi-final is…JJ!
  5. Terry greets us and introduces the judges for us. Tonight, Howie says it’s his golden buzzer and Simon says Howie has to be quicker than him this time. Howie says there are more winners tonight than on any other episode. We have Germany’s Got Talent winner up first, Alexa Lauenburger, and she has a dog act. She wants to prove she and her dogs are the ultimate champions. Heidi greets Alexa and they speak in German and Heidi translates that Alexa is only 11 years old. Her dogs are brought out and it’s a ski resort them. She has a variety of eight dogs that she calls down to do various tricks. Simon gives a thumbs up. Heidi says it’s nice to see a young person doing something else besides sitting in front of a computer. She says that was the cutest thing. Howie says this is why this show is called Champions. He’s never seen a person Alexa’s age have such control and do what she did. Alesha says she has four dogs and she can’t get them to sit. She loved every single minute of that. Simon says first, this was done on ice and it made it more difficult. Simon likes the fact that the dogs were all different breeds and he thought it was incredible. Our next act is from America’s Got Talent and his name is Tyler Butler-Figueroa and he’s a violinist. He’s 12 years old and he’s been in remission from cancer for four years. He wants to show Simon that he IS a champion. Tyler takes the stag and performs Old Town Road by Little Nas X featuring Billy Ray Cyrus. Howie says Tyler is amazing and he’s a huge fan. He’s so authentic and wonderful and he’s a great guy. Alesha thinks Tyler put a little swag on that violin playing. Everything about this act makes her feel so good. Heidi thought it was adorable and dancing while was playing was even better. Job well done. Simon says he reminded him just how good he was and he is an extraordinary young man. Next, we have Ben Hart, and he’s a magician who is from Britain’s Got Talent. Ben intends to push himself further and take some risks and maybe go all the way this time. He takes the stage for his act. He finishes his act and the judges look confused. Howie says this is champions and maybe it’s his nerves and it kind of fell off at the end. Howie doesn’t think this is worthy enough to move on. Alesha says she’s seen him perform before, but the awkwardness of nerves might have gotten in the way. Simon says it was like watching a weird info commercial. He’s struggling to know what to say and he’s thinking that’s it? Simon says someone of Ben’s talent to come with that was nowhere near good enough. Heidi doesn’t want to rub salt in the wound and she tells him good luck. Next up is Freckled Sky and they were on season 10 of America’s Got Talent. They have found success because of AGT, but they didn’t win. This is their second chance. Simon wishes them luck and they take the stage. Simon hits his X midway through their performance. Simon says he didn’t get the performance by Freckled Sky. Simon thinks that technically great, but it was boring. He doesn’t think they caught up with technology. Howie says they are a champion and they deserve to be here. Simon says he wanted them to be better. Howie says he thought it was amazing. Heidi agrees. Alesha says she took it as a beautiful piece of art and it was executed as well. Well done. Moses Concas is up next and he’s from Italy’s Got Talent and he won in 2016. He’s a musician and he plays the harmonica. He knows he’s against the best in the world but he wants to win the title Champion and he’s ready to do whatever it takes. He steps onto a platform and is raised into the air and he begins playing the harmonica. Simon does not look amused during the performance. Simon says he thinks it’s going to take a miracle for Moses to make it through to the next round. Simon says it was almost like the performance never got started. He likes Moses, but he didn’t like the act. Howie says the fact he could beat box and play the harmonica at the same time is amazing, but it didn’t rise to the level to compete with everyone else. Alesha agrees with Howie. V. Unbeatable is up and they are a dance act who was on America’s Got Talent. They are from Mumbai, India. They are pushing themselves even harder than before and they are here to finish what they started. They take the stage for their performance. Alesha says oh my goodness, where do I start? She can see on their faces just how much this means to V. Unbeatable and they brought beautiful, positive energy. Heidi loved it. So much adrenaline. It was incredible. Simon says they needed them tonight! Every time, they come out they do something more creative and interested. He thinks this has probably been one of the best acts they’ve seen on Champions this year. Howie says he loves them and he loves what they do and what it means to them. Howie says disappointment only lasts a moment. THIS is a moment! THIS is the moment they’ve been waiting for and he sits on the golden buzzer! Michael Grimm is up next and he won America’s Got Talent in 2010. He wasn’t ready for the fame that came with the win and so he stepped back and let fame pass him by. He takes the stage and he sings I’d Rather Go Blind by Etta James. Howie says he absolutely loves Michael and he loves his voice and he felt the emotion and he loved what he just did. Alesha says he seemed nervous at the beginning, but he has such a lovely voice and she likes the humility in him. Simon says Michael is a nice, sincere, humble person, but he didn’t like the song. But he has an amazing voice because he deserves to go through to the next round. The next act is Duo Destiny and they won Poland’s Got Talent. They have performed with Cirque du Soleil. They take the stage and Alesha greets them. Their names are Kinga and Goncalo. They are a dance/strength/aerial act and they take the stage for their performance. Heidi thinks that was perfect. It was sexy, and romantic, and wow. It was breathtaking. Alesha says it still felt fresh and different. It was dangerous and Duo Destiny did a fantastic job. Simon says they are astonishing and he thought the song was fantastic. Howie says it was seamless and they truly rose to the level of acrobatics and dance and strength. Next is Quick Style and they are a dance crew and they won Norway’s Got Talent. They’ve done some choreography for some artists such as BTS. They take the stage for their performance. Howie buzzes them at the end. Howie says Quick Style can dance, but they didn’t show anything they haven’t seen before. Alesha says they are completely different from V. Unbeatable. Alesha says they felt slick, fresh, sophisticated, and stylized. Heidi says they are great dancers. Simon says this has been a very strange night, but he has no idea what’s going to happen. He says the song choice wasn’t right for the moment, but he has a feeling about these guys. The final act of the night is from Holland’s Got Talent and his name is Miki Dark. He goes to the judges table and points at Heidi and requests her to join him on stage and he grabs Terry also. Miki is a danger/magician act. He tears a picture of Simon and puts it in an envelope and kisses it and puts it into a basket with a lot of other envelopes. He then has Terry stand over Heidi with the bucket and she has a black box on her chest. He blindfolds himself and has a knife and counts down and Terry pours the basket down and he throws the knife and it pins the envelope to Heidi and it’s the one with the torn piece of Simon’s picture. Heidi says it was fantastic. Alesha says Miki Dark was very exciting. Simon liked the act, but he thought the screaming was over the top. Howie thanks him and says he blew them away. The results are in and the first act moving on is…Duo Destiny! The second act moving on is…Tyler Butler-Figueroa! The final act moving on by the judge’s decision is…Alexa Lauenburger!
  6. Terry greets us and the judges and Howie get the golden buzzer tonight! Our first act is Marcelito Pomoy and he’s from Philippines Got Talent. He was an orphan and he spent a long time trying to find his family. He was hoping his family would see him sing on Got Talent and his family was there at the final and his life changed overnight. Marcelito takes the stage and performs The Prayer by Celine Dion and Andrea Bocelli and he does it singing both male and female parts. Alesha says she wants to see something different and unique and Marcelito just gave that to them. It was absolutely brilliants. Heidi says it was one of the craziest things she’s ever heard in her entire life. Howie says he is so worthy of a golden buzzer, but it’s very early in the night and he hopes the super fans vote him through. Simon says that was what he calls a 10. As simple as that and he thinks the super fans will put him through to the next round. Oz Pearlman is next and he is a mentalist and he was on America’s Got Talent from season 10. Oz always hears he should have won and that’s what he’s here to do. He has the judges think back on any day or time in the past and he has the audience get out a one dollar bill and he has Terry randomly select a bill. He has Simon fold the bill and place it in an envelope. Oz then guesses Heidi was thinking of her engagement day and she has Heidi put in the day, month, and year in her calculator. Oz then turns to Alesha and asks for a word that describes her person and she says Mystique and that is what he’s written down. He then has Alesha add her day month and year to Heidi’s. Their total is 58,209,061. Oz then asks Howie for the date, month, and year he’s thinking of and writes down 16031980 and the total is 74,241,041.He then has Simon open the bill and asks for the serial number and the number is 74,241,041. Oz says America’s Got Talent turned his life upside down and he turns the board over with the numbers and it spells Moment. Alesha says Oz’s stage confidence and presentation were amazing. Heidi says he really is the real wizard of oz. Simon says there are no words. He says if you don’t believe in magic after that, he doesn’t know what to say. It was incredible. The next act is Boogie Storm and they were on Britain’s Got Talent. They take the stage for their performance and they dance to Bang Bang by Jessie J, Ariane Grande, and Nikki Minaj. The music then changes to Milkshake by Kelis, then Jump Jump by Kris Kross, then Pretty Fly for a White Guy by The Offspring, and Boogie Fever by Sylvers. Simon says this was his golden buzzer on Britain’s Got Talent and he would give it to them again. Howie says he can’t. He says it’s his choice. Simon smacks the golden buzzer and everyone cheers. Heidi is checking Simon’s head. Simon says he did it because he believes the darkside is the good side. He says this is one of the best acts they’ve ever had and they have to be in the final. Heidi doesn’t love them as much as Simon does. She says they’re good dancers and it’s a fun gimmick, but how long can it last. Alesha welcomes them to America and says they’ve made their mark. Next we have Ben Blaque and he’s from Britain’s Got Talent. In the semi-finals he had an error happen and he hasn’t done crossbow roulette since then, and tonight he’s going to do the exact act that didn’t go right. It’s his last shot at redemption. Ben takes the stage and he requests Alesha to join him on stage. He begins his act and he forgot his safeties so he has to start over and Howie hits his X. He finally has everything working and the first arrow is released and is on his lower right. The second pull seems to be stuck, but an arrow finally releases and we go to commercial break. We’re back with Ben Blaque and the third arrow hit his upper right side. Alesha pulls the next lever and it’s jammed. Heidi hits her X and Ben looks disappointed. Alesha’s button is hit and Simon hits his X and Ben’s act is over. Simon says he believes this whole thing was not meant to happen. Alesha says she’s sorry it didn’t work out and Howie thanks him. Heidi says she could tell he was nervous. Howie says this is the first time he’s seen something go so wrong. Collabro is our next act and they are from Britain’s Got Talent. They have albums and tours, but they’ve always wanted to make it big in America. They take the stage and perform Shallow by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper. Alesha says if she’s being honest, she’s heard Collabro sing other songs that allowed them to shine more. Heidi says they all sound very nice, but not like wow. Howie totally disagrees. They are good singers and he thinks they have a shot at this. Simon says the one thing that was missing for him was strength and it didn’t feel like them tonight. However, the super fans are the ones who vote. Next is Ryan Niemiller and he’s a comedian from America’s Got Talent. Alesha greets Ryan and congratulates him on third place and asks what it would mean to win Champions. Simon turns the stage over to him. Howie says this IS a golden buzzer moment. He thinks Ryan is brilliant and he rose to the occasion. Heidi thanks him for being funny. Simon says he felt better tonight than he did on the main show. Puddle’s Pity Party is up next and Puddles the clown is from America’s Got Talent. He had a residency at Las Vegas in Caesar’s. Heidi notes that Puddles is still sad. Puddles performs I Want to Know What Love is by Foreigner. Howie says you have to be special to make it in show business and Puddles is special. Alesha says he has a very nice voice, but she’s not sure this act is enough to win Champions. She was confused by it. Simon says he is very, very confusing and it was interesting performance. It was marmite, you either love it or you hate it. He loved it and Puddles won him over. However, they are the ones who are voting and it’s up to the super fans. Our next act is Marc Spelmann and he’s from Britain’s Got Talent. He’s a magician. He was disappointed and he thought this can’t be it. He came back as an anonymous character and he made it to the finals, but he still didn’t win. He says Champions is his time to do it. He puts the mask on and he has some cards on a board and there are 10 different colors. Simon picks a yellow card, Heidi picks the smiley face symbol, Alesha chooses the letter S, and Howie selects number 13. Simon’s color is turned over and it’s a picture of him. Heidi’s picture and Alesha’s pictures are also on the back. They’ll get back to Howie’s in a moment. If Simon, Heidi, and Alesha had selected any other card, it would have been any number of acts and he spins the board. Howie’s picture is on the board. Anonymous asks what act stands out to Howie and he says Shin Lim and that is the act on the back of Howie’s card. There is a picture of all four judges and Howie is changed to Shin Lim. X then walks down and takes his mask off and it’s Shin Lim and Marc appears behind the judges. Heidi says she’s at a loss for words for Marc. Alesha says she had chills. She couldn’t believe it. Howie says THIS would have been his golden buzzer, but Simon likes dancing guys from space. Simon says this is the third time they’ve met and it was probably the best performance they’ve seen from him so far. Simon says that was spectacular. Luke Islam is up next and he was on America’s Got Talent and he’s a singer. Since the show he’s been able to sing on Broadway. He takes the stage and performs Ashes by Celine Dion. Alesha says she liked him before he started to sing. Heidi says he has so many fans. Simon didn’t love that song for him. He doesn’t think it enabled him to showcase his big range. Simon thinks he has a shot, but he has to step up because he’s better than that. Heidi has so much respect for him, this is mind blowing to her. Spencer Horsman and he’s a magician from America’s Got Talent. After the show he was approached by Cris Angel and he had an incident where he blacked out and he struggled to get back on stage. When he saw Champions he thought it might be his shot. He’s been practicing and struggling with his act and his doctor advised him not to do the act and he’s going to risk it anyway. Simon gives him the thumbs up. The judges all head outside to see the act. There’s an ambulance on standby. He’s going to be locked underwater in a tank and he’ll have 2 minutes to free himself from all the restraints. He’ll be lifted 30 feet above the ground and if he doesn’t complete his task, then the box will open and he’ll fall out. Simon says he has a bad feeling about this and Heidi says let’s be positive. Spencer is locked into the box and his wife hands him bobby pins to help pick the locks. He is now under water and the box is closed and the timer is going. He is starting to pick the lock and the box is being lifted while he’s working. He has one handcuff off and then the second with one minute remaining. Spencer is working on a padlock and Terry notes he’s having trouble with he padlock. Howie notes he’s taking too long. The padlock is off and is working on the lock to the lid. He has the lock off and opens the top and is reaching for the safety latch, but it falls off the side. He has six seconds and he grabs the latch and the box opens, but he’s latched himself to the safety harness. Simon notes that he doesn’t look good and Howie asks if he’s ok. Spencer is on the ground and shaking but stands up and waves at the crowd. Terry asks how he feels and he says tired and he kisses his wife. Howie says Spencer’s preamble was that it hasn’t worked and he makes a lot of mistakes and the fact he’s alive is amazing. Alesha says she felt a little sick during the act but she had such admiration for his bravery. Heidi says he’s a crazy, crazy nutjob of a person. He’s amazing and she hopes to see him again. Simon asks what he wants to say to the 50 states about why he wants to move on and Spencer says he wants to prove to them and himself that he can accomplish anything like Houdini, without dying. The performances are done. 10 acts have gone head to head. Boogie Storm has gone straight through to the finals. Now the other acts will have to see if they made the semi-finals. The super fans have voted and it’s time to find out who is moving on. Marcelito Pomoy, Collabro, and Puddle’s Pity Party are called forward. The act moving on to the semi-finals is…Marcelito Pomoy! Ben Blaque, Marc Spellman, and Oz Pearlman are called forward. The act moving on to the semi-finals is…Marc Spellman! One spot left in the semi-final! Spencer Horsman, Luke Islam, and Ryan Niemiller are left and the judges will decide! Simon says this is a tricky one. He makes the decision based on who he wants to see go through and who he thinks the audience wants to go through. He selects Ryan Niemiller. Alesha says the act she wants to see more of and who could potentially go all the way is Ryan Niemiller! Heidi says Spencer put his life on the line and Luke is a little star and Ryan was really funny, but she’s not a huge fan of comedy. Heidi says tonight she is a huge fan of comedy and she selects Ryan Niemiller!
  7. Terry is our host again for this year’s AGT Champions! Terry greets the four judges, Simon Cowell, Alesha Dixon, Heidi Klum, and Howie Mandel. Our first act is Paddy and Nicko and they are dancers and they are 45 and 85 years old. They are dancers. They were on Britain’s Got Talent and they watch clips of their journey. She had a fall going into the finals and she cracked her ribs and they couldn’t perform their best. They take the stage and she is in the audience in a recliner dozing. She is carried to the stage and their dance act begins. They perform to Let’s Get Loud by Jennifer Lopez. Alesha says the first time she saw them perform, her jaw was on the floor and they amaze her every single time and she loves them. Well done. Howie says that was amazing regardless of their age! Simon says he absolutely adores them. He thought they were great. Simon says Nicko has slowed down a bit, but he has a feeling the super fans will adore them. Mike Yung is our next act. He was on America’s Got Talent. He was singing in a subway to support his family. His life changed even though he didn’t win. His wife passed away suddenly of a heart attack and he was concerned about his kids. He says this is a second chance. Another shot to be the champion. He’s honored to be back. He takes the stage and he performs the song he wrote with Martin Garrix, Dreamer. Heidi says she’s glad he’s back on the stage and she’s one of his biggest fans. Alesha says it’s important to always have a dream and she hopes that tonight brings something positive to his life. Howie says he’s got great pipes and great dreams, but he didn’t like that song. Simon says he also loves him. He has something really special so he’s thrilled that Mike came on the show tonight and he hopes he gets through. We meet Creative Dance Crew and they won Myanmar’s Got Talent. Winning was one of their proudest moments and they are working to make a change in their country. They are nervous to be in America, but they are there to deliver their message to the world. They take the stage for their performance and they are a shadow dance troop. Heidi says what they do is so innovative but also socially conscious. Kudos to them for doing that. Alesha says she was feeling emotional while she was watching it and they did a great job. Simon says it’s amazing to see people their age making a point more clearly than some older people. Simon says the entire audience was engaged and they got it. Hans is up next and he says he was the breakout start of AGT13. He’s been able to perform all around the world. He reviews his journey on AGT and he says he was a little bit of a star, but he didn’t know how brightly a star could shine. Hans takes the stage and greets the judges and then performs Juice by Lizzo and he begins sitting on a large banana up in the air. Simon hits his X. Simon says it was almost impossible to make that worse, none of it made sense. Heidi says it made total sense. Simon says overgrown bananas, terrible singing, and mediocre dancing. Heidi says she loves Hans. Alesha tells Simon he doesn’t have to take it so seriously. That was fun and fabulous. Howie says he loved him, but the superfans will speak. Next we have Jack Vidgen from Australia’s Got Talent and he’s a singer. He could feel his life had changed after he won. He had everything he needed to do what he wanted to do, but he did walk away. His voice started to change and he went to hit massive note and he cracked and he screeched. He felt like he was letting people down and he hated the way he sounded. He stopped singing not just professionally, but also around the house and went to work at his uncle’s deli. He takes the stage and performs You Say by Lauren Daigle. Alesha says Jack’s voice is beautiful but she thinks he has a real shot. Well done! Howie says he has the talent. He has the voice. He just needs the confidence. Heidi says sounds to her like he can still do it. Simon thinks he has an extraordinary voice, but that was too safe. He thinks Jack was way, way better than that and there’s way more to come from him. Next up is Duo Transcend and they were one America’s Got Talent. Since he was on AGT, he had a surgery to stop the progression of the disease he has that would eventually make him blind in one eye. They look over their journey and they discuss they had a fall during judge cuts. Their experience from losing AGT was traumatic for them but they’ve been able to go on and perform for huge crowds and their son gets to come along with them. They want to show their son that even if you fall, you can get back up and make it to the top. They take the stage and they are on a trapeze in the air. They do some of their standard tricks and then she does a fall and grabs his legs. She then blindfolds him and then blindfolds herself. They both position themselves upside down and she starts to fall sliding down and he catches her by the ankle. They continue their act still blindfolded. He then does a toss completely letting go and catches her by the hands again. Howie says he feels pride watching people push the limits and people know them now. That was so scary and so wonderful and exactly what the show was about. Heidi loves watching them and the love and trust they have one another. Simon says he thinks it was better than what they did a few years ago. We have Dan Naturman from America’s Got Talent Season 9. He reviews his journey on AGT and discusses the mistakes he might have made. He says it was traumatic but he’s done some things since AGT. He’s been thinking about his last performance on AGT and he wants to undo what he did five years ago. He wants to win over Heidi and impress the superfans. He takes the stage to perform his set. Simon hits his X. Simon says you have to walk away at the end of the night and think you saw or heard something that blew your mind, and that didn’t for him. Dan says in the world of comedy, Simon doesn’t know his *ss from his elbow. Heidi says Dan finally had her laughing at that. She thinks they need to clear the air and she goes up to give him a hug. Alesha says she judges comedy on if they laughed and did they have a good time and he did a good job. Howie says his comedy is funny to him and hopefully it is to the superfans. Angelina Jordan is our next act and she’s 13 from Norway’s Got Talent. Her grandmother listened to jazz and she auditioned when she was 7 for Norway’s Got Talent. Angelina won and she says she feels like a princess. She’s still waiting for that big moment in America and she’s always wanted to sing for Simon and impress him. This is the biggest opportunity of her life and she hopes to win. She takes the stage and she sings Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen. Alesha says she feels like she’s witnessing the birth of something special, a star. Howie thinks this moment, this time on stage, this song, this performance will change her life and career forever. Simon says everything seemed like it came from her and it was an amazing performance. Heidi says she’s so tired they are done talking because she’s so excited and she hits her golden buzzer. Angelina is going to the finals. Our next act is Eddie Williams and he’s a strong man and he competed on Australia’s Got Talent. He wanted to win and to make it so far and miss out, it broke his heart. He says this is like being invited to the Olympics. He’s not going to take this for granted. He knows he’s against the best in the world, but he’s not intimidated. He takes the stage and lifts stones that each weigh 260 pounds. He then puts a board on top of the stones and sits on it and there is silence as the audience is waiting for something to happen and he starts singing Ordinary People by John Legend. Howie hit his X and runs to hide. Alesha says she thinks Howie ran away because he’s afraid what Eddie might do to him. Simon says he’ll give him Howie’s home address. Howie yells it was good from the back and then mouths it wasn’t good. Heidi says she loved it. She says he’s like if Luther Vandross and The Rock had a baby. Simon says the sequence was totally bonkers, but he has a nice voice and he’s curious to see what the superfans will do because the audience seemed to like him. The final act of the night is a magician. Her name is Dania Diaz and she’s from Venezuela and performed on Spain’s Got Talent. She discusses her experiences and everything always thought she was an assistant and not the magician. She started to second guess herself in the finals and she did something different and she didn’t connect. She’s been able to perform for sold out theater’s but this is her first time in America. She sets up to perform her act and she’s a close-up magician. Alesha says that was a beautiful way to perform magic and tell her story and she thinks Dania is inspiring. That was wonderful. Heidi says she loves seeing female magician’s on stage and she was very personal with her magic. She loved it. Simon says he thinks that was an absolutely amazing performance. He doesn’t know how many times he’s seen magic with cards, but she made numbers on cards an emotional story. Let’s see what happens. It’s time for some results. Terry calls Dan Naturman, Paddy and Nicko, and Duo Transcend forward. The act moving on to the semi-finals is…Duo Transcend! Dania Diaz, Eddie Williams, and Mike Yung are called forward. The act moving on is…Dania Diaz! Now the final three acts are Hans, Junior Creative, and Jack Vidgen. These acts were 3, 4, and 5 in voting with the Superfans and this year, the judges will make this decision. Heidi says this is hard choice and she always goes with her gut and she selects Hans. Alesha says the act she would like to see in the semi-finals has fought hard to be here and that’s Junior Creative. Simon is going to go with his gut feeling and he picks Jack Vidgen. It all comes down to Howie and it is all up to him right now. Howie says Hans is the essence of escapism. Junior Creative means so much to their talent and there’s so much more to them. He agrees with Simon that Jack can be a superstar. He’s going with his gut…originality wins…Hans!
  8. It’s time to get into the outwit portion. The alliance, emotional intelligence and the social part of the game. Jack is up first and he congratulates them and says they should each be super proud. He wants them all to know they are all tremendously undecided so be clear and honest about what you’re saying because it matters. Kellee says she finds the outwit part and she’d like to hear about each of their strategies and how that evolved over time. Dean says his strategy was not to be the loudest, the most athletic, don’t be the smartest and get to know people. Just DK chilling strategy. He said Kellee gave him an idol and he wouldn’t be there if it weren’t for her. Dean says would someone as smart as Kellee come to a random person, why did she trust him and it’s because they talked. Noura says coming into the game she’s not the typical survivor fan so she created mnemonic devices. Don’t be bossy, annoying, not trustworthy, and dead in the water at a challenge. She didn’t want to be super strong Aaron or super smart Kellee and she’s watched others to see who they are and Elaine says she doesn’t thinkt here was a strategy for Noura to play the game, she just played off emotion. Elaine says strategy and emotions don’t coincide. Noura says it’s like going on a date and she wants to learn more about them. Aaron and the jury are trying to stop Noura and Kellee says the jury thinks they were emotionally based decision, but they want to know Noura’s strategy. Noura says she actually wants to know people and who they are and see where they can meet in the middle. Tommy says for him it was about making connection and they were real. It’s like what he uses as a teacher for his students and he wanted to play in the middle. He wanted to be ears on all side. He also wanted to make big moves and he uses an example of Dean giving him information and him getting someone to play a idol. Loren asks Tommy who he was most loyal to and Tommy says Loren and Noura says Tommy isn’t telling the truth. Noura tells Loren that Tommy was helping Dean on the fire making challenge and trying to fluster her. Aaron says they are being held accountable and they are being given a chance to own their game. Dean says there were a lot of people he never worked with and Noura says Dean’s strategy was to go with the numbers. Dean says he played a different strategy than Tommy and Tommy says he played the game hard. He didn’t TS chill, he came in to get to know people and build connection and Dean just came along. Tommy says in this game you can’t ride coattails. Janet asks Tommy when he decided to betray her and Tommy says around eight he knew she was a threat but he wanted to use her as a shield and it wasn’t easy at all. Jamal says there are some lines he wasn’t willing to cross, but what were some of their lines they weren’t willing to cross. Noura says for her it was simple she wanted to be transparent. She didn’t want to make a move and regret it later. Tommy says when he talked to his students before he left, he told them he was going to do what he had to win but he never wanted to bully anyone because that was important to him. Dean says he never thought about it before he entered the game, but for him he would never promised final three and not honor it. Kellee doesn’t get Dean who he is or his essence. Dean says he’s just go with the flow, chill Dean. He tries to stay optimistic and he thinks people seen that. He says this was an incredible experience and never getting negative is big to him. Jeff moves to the outplay portion. How they deal with the condition or challenges or twists. Jamal says one of the most thought about moments of what they would do if they did final immunity. Jamal says how Noura explained Loren was fine, but the opposite of that logic is bringing someone she thinks she can beat. Noura says she brought Dean because his game was just following the numbers and he never made a big move and he had a weaker game. Jamal says she didn’t bring Dean, she brought Tommy. Noura says Tommy made her feel like he was so bad at fire and she trusted that. Jamal says Tommy is trying to make history and win from the goat role. Jamal says Dean earned his way to the final three. Tommy says he was able to spin the story that she was so focused on Loren and that saved him to get to the seat. Aaron wants to know their approach to immunity challenges. Noura says her tribe didn’t use her effectively and she enjoyed it better when they got to individual immunity. Dean says he gave his all in each challenge, but he didn’t want to turn it on early. Dean says did Tommy win any challenges? Tommy says yeah he didn’t win because that puts a target on people and he was all about social. He won a reward challenge and brought people to a family visit and that created a bond. Dean says Tommy showed a heck of a social game but it has zero advantages at idols or immunities. Dean explains his legacy advantage and he says it was a fake one and he asks Jamal about the advantage. Jamal explains that he was given parchment and a pen and he could use it as he wanted. Dean then shows them the immunity idol at final five that Tommy was looking for and he says he was blinged out at final five and he didn’t have to play any of them. Tommy says no one was going to vote him out. Tommy says he found advantages but he didn’t make moves. Aaron says Tommy is trying to downplay what Dean did and he shouldn’t do that and some of the jury disagrees. Missy wants to know if Tommy shared information and Tommy says yes. Missy says Dean made that all a benefit to him. Kellee says Tommy gave information to Dean because Tommy thought Dean was a goat and it’s a good social strategy. It starts to rain on the tribal council. Dean says he feels like he did execute playing the middle. Dean says he and Elisabeth were close. Kellee says when Jamal asked where were your ethical lines and now Dean is saying he was close with Elizabeth. Karishma says they are just calling him out. Noura says that’s what he does, follows the numbers. Dean says where is this coming from now? Kellee feels like they have a clean slate now that the rain has stopped. Jeff says time to go to the outlast portion. Tommy says Season 39 you have to play for day one and he built great relationships with each of them. Who do they want to represent Season 39? He made alliances, he crossed alliance, he didn’t need an immunity alliance and he still made big moves and he got here and that’s what he thinks Survivor is all about. Noura says for this is her, this is Noura. She says they loved her and hated her and they accepted her for her. She’s not a player they’ve ever seen before and she’s a wildcard and she’s done everything she can to use tool and win challenges and she felt like when she was herself it helped her thrive and that helped her get to here. Dean says we’re all lifelong fans. He says think about the jaw dropping moments and couple them with the moments when their backs were against the wall. Dean says that’s where he was the entire game and he found his way, he found his own path. And then the fourth quarter hit and he was sitting at the final five and if they can’t help etch that into the history books, then he doesn’t know what to do. He’s asking them to help write history with him. Jack is up first to vote. We see Missy go in. Loren goes in and we see she votes for Tommy. Karishma goes in followed by Kellee. Aaron goes in and he votes for Dean and says Dean played the game he wanted to play. Jamal steps in and says he’s voting for a winner of Survivor. Crazy. Elizabeth casts her vote. Elaine goes in followed by Janet. Jeff gets the votes and thanks them all and he’ll see them in Los Angeles for the reading of the votes. Time to read the votes. First vote…Tommy. Dean. Next vote Tommy. Next vote Dean. Tied at 2 votes each. Tommy. Tommy. 4 votes Tommy and 2 votes Dean. Tommy. 5 votes Tommy, 2 votes Dean. The winner of Survivor…Tommy! Tommy got all the votes except for the two for Dean from Aaron and Elizabeth. Jeff says it was cool to watch Tommy play and him talking about gathering information. Tommy says he was very open and real with people and they were comfortable giving him information. Jeff asks Sandra if that’s something you can teach someone? Sandra says no. Sandra says Tommy didn’t need Island of the Idols. Jeff talks about the everyone Tommy betrayed and is there any guilt when you watch it back. Tommy says he loves these people and they mean everything to him, but he was playing to win a million dollars. He was playing for his family and his students and say sorry later. Rob says this is Survivor. Rob says he’ll give Tommy credit that everyone who did come to Island of the Idols everyone said Tommy was their number one. Sandra says he told Rob everyone is with Tommy! Jeff says Dean, great fourth quarter surge. But what was a positive take away? Dean says it was the best life experience he’s ever had. It strips you down and there are moments where you hit your lowest of lows and it taught him to be grateful for everything they do have. Jeff goes to Noura and says despite her craziness, she was consistent every day. Noura says if you follow the herd, you’ll never be heard. She wanted to play the game her way. You can learn a lot from legends, but you have to be you and you have to be you day in and day out. Be a peacock, shake your tailfeather, and be you. Jeff says every so often there’s a player that comes around and captures the heart of the fans. Elaine was one of those players. Jeff says one of the reasons people adored her is because she was open and vulnerable. Did it deliver what she needed? Elaine says it did. She was searching for something else because of things she was going through. Elaine says God doesn’t always give you what you want, he gives you what you need. Jeff goes to Karishma and talks about the simple hug she gave her husband. Karishma says she knew she was going to have a tough time, but she didn’t expect how difficult the social game and the emotional turmoil that was going to come and when you reach those incredible moments of loneliness and you see the person from home who loves you for you and it just reminds you to appreciate what you have at home. Don’t focus on what you don’t have, focus on what you do have. Jeff then talks about Jamal and Jack and the doorag incident was one of the most talked about of the season. Jeff says one of the things people have said is what was so beautiful was that Jack was so open to apologize and teach him and instead of Jamal getting mad he agreed and it was a beautiful thing. Jamal says the response has been phenomenal. He says he and Jack live together now back in Rhode Island and they have a friendship out there and inside of that friendship is how they can have those hard conversations. Jeff says every season Sia awards her favorite player with the Sia gift. Her philosophy is she’s been blessed in life and she wants to do it for someone else. Jeff says Jamal gets $15,000 from Sia. Elaine also gets $100,000 from Sia. Elaine gets emotional. Jeff says they have one more. Sia would also like to gift $100,000 to Janet. Sia wanted Jeff to tell everyone it’s a birthday gift to herself because she’s at home watching. Jeff is now going to give Kellee a chance to speak because she wasn’t to before. He says they knew what was going on in and real time and they were trying to make the best decisions, but they have since learned they made mistakes and should have done things differently. They are instituting new policies and rules going forward. Jeff tells Kellee she was right to speak up and to step forward and he wants to acknowledge and apologize. He’d like to turn it over to her to vent at him or share his feelings. Kellee says she’s very nervous right now. There’s so much pressure on this moment and she feels like it’s been building up for many months and she feels pressure to do right for herself, but for many others as well. Jeff wants to give Kellee a chance to get anything off her chance that she’s not happy with Jeff or production. Kellee says the hardest thing was Dan remained in the game even after she spoke up. She says it’s not necessarily the injustice, but she felt like she was being supported or believed and that’s really the hardest thing to deal with. Jeff says what she just hit on is the biggest thing they learned. When she had her emotional interview and they made the decision to meet with them privately and they learned that wasn’t right. Jeff says he learned when you’re not in a situation like this, you can’t relate or understand. Jeff says Missy and Elizabeth got a flashback and none of them deserved it. Kellee says this has been such a hard situation and she didn’t ask for her Survivor experience to be defined by this and they can’t go back and change what happened. It wasn’t just her and people are ready at different times and speak up in different ways. Even though she was ready to speak up, it was still incredibly difficult. She thinks the most important thing is she hopes this season of Survivor isn’t just defined by inappropriate touching or sexual harassment. She hopes it’s defined by change. She says CBS and Survivor are making the changes because she spoke up and asked for changes. She says individuals and institutions are capable of change and she thinks they’ve learned a lot and they can keep learning. She hopes they can all learn from it and do better. She fundamentally believes they can do better. Jeff can feel how nervous she is and he feels like she expressed herself really well. Not only will CBS and Survivor change and he knows families will be watching and they can talk about these things with their kids. In February, they’ll premiere their 40th season. It’ll be called Winners at War. 20 returning winners. They’ll compete in epic challenges, face the return of the Edge of Extinction, and encounter a new twist that will completely reset how the game is played. Plus, they are playing for the biggest prize in reality show history. They’ll be playing for 2 million dollars. It’s the most anticipated Survivor season of all time.
  9. It is time to begin the season finale of The Voice! We’re kicking the night off with Alex Guthrie, Will Bremen, Max Boyle, and Shane Q from this season with Gimme Some Lovin’ by Spencer Davis. Lady Antebellum take the stage and perform their song What If I Never Get Over You. We see clips of Kelly “momming” her team. The Black Eyed Peas take the stage with J Balvin and they perform their song RITMO. Katie Kadan takes the stage with Adam Lambert and they perform Believe by Cher. We see a package of Gwen talking about how it has been to work with Rose. Rose Short joins Yolanda Adam to perform In the Midst of It All. Kat Hammock, Cali Wilson, Gracee Shriver, and Marybeth Byrd take the stage and perform Neon Moon by Brooks & Dunn. Dua Lipa takes the stage and performs her new hit Don’t Start Now. We see a clip of Blake and Ricky and their strange and fun partnership. Ricky Duran takes the stage with Gary Clark Jr. and they perform Pearl Cadillac. Voice winner from Team John, Maelyn Jarmon returns to perform Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas. We see a package of Kelly and Jake and how well they worked together. Jake Hoot takes the stage with Little Big Town and they perform Over Drinking. We’re welcoming back Jennifer Hudson for a performance of Memory from the movie Cats. Hello Sunday, Myracle Holloway, and Joana Martinez take the stage and perform You Keep Me Hangin’ On by The Supremes. Luke Combs takes the stage to perform Even Though I’m Leaving. We welcome the four finalists to the stage! The artist in fourth place is…Rose Short from Team Gwen! The artist in third place is…Katie Kadan from Team John! It’s down to Ricky and Jake. One will be the runner-up and one will win The Voice Season 17! The winner of The Voice Season 17 is…Jake Hoot from Team Kelly! Ricky Duran from Team Blake is the runner-up!
  10. For the first time in seven seasons, all four coaches are represented in the finale! We’re going to kick off the night with Team Blake’s Ricky Duran. Carson sits down with Blake and Ricky to reminisce about his journey on the show. Ricky is going to perform Runnin’ Down a Dream by Tom Petty. Kelly says this is her favorite finale and everything is represented. Everyone has their own little niche and she says Ricky did so well and his range was incredible. John says when he sings it feels vibrant and everyone is working for him. Blake says Ricky never let any of them down. Every time he gets on that stage they know he’s going to do something awesome and incredible. Blake says every time he performs he rolls up his sleeve and gets the job done. Well done! Jake Hoot from Team Kelly is next and he is going to perform his single Better Off Without You. This is his own song. Gwen says that was really great and it’s exciting to hear an original song and get to know more of him and his story through song. Her favorite thing has been watching him get relaxed each week and owning it. She can tell he’s embodying the whole experience. Kelly says Jake is really super humble and she has to pull it out of him. Kelly says he always puts himself on the backburner and that makes him an awesome human. Kelly says the power of being a writer as well as a singer is making connections with people who have had similar experiences. It’s time for our first coach/artist duo of the night. John Legend is going to join his artist Katie Kadan and they are going to perform Merry Christmas Baby by Otis Redding. Next is Rose Short from Team Gwen and she’s going to perform her single Steamroller. Blake says he doesn’t know if he’s ever heard of a better pairing of an artist with and original song and that song embodies everything she’s done on the show up to this point. It also showcases what an incredible singer she is. Gwen says she could see Rose was just so free and enjoying the moment and she seemed so sparkly and happy and that song told her story. Blake is going to take the stage now with his artist Ricky Duran and they are going to sing Run Run Rudolph by Chuck Berry. Team John’s artist Katie Kadan is next and she’s going to perform her original song called All Better. Kelly says she better go ahead with that sexy vibe. She says no joke, that is on her sexy playlist, that was a killer song. John says he feels like it’s a perfect of her style with a modern twist and she is all better. Kelly is going to take the stage with her artist Jake Hoot and they are going to sing Winter Song by Ingrid Michaelson and Sara Bareilles. Gwen is ready to sing with her artist Rose Short and they are going to sing My Gift is You by Gwen Stefani. Jake Hoot sits down with Carson and Kelly and discuss his journey on the show. Jake is going to perform Amazed by Lonestar. Gwen says she’s a fan and that was so beautiful and it’s such a pretty song. She loves that he was so relaxed and he’s shown so much growth. His voice is so familiar and comforting. Kelly says she loves him. He’s everything she grew up on in country music and his voice is magical and he’s so gifted. Katie Kadan sits down with Carson and John and they discuss her path to the finale. Katie is going to perform I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing by Aerosmith. Blake says he can’t get a word in because people love her so freaking much. He says once again unbelievable and there’s nothing else to say about how incredible she is. John says he’s so honored to get to work with her this season. She has dazzled everyone every single time and she’s been incredible every single time and she should be proud. Ricky Duran is ready to perform his debut single and it’s called A Woman Like Her. Kelly says Ricky reminds her of Bruce Springsteen because he is relatable and that was such a beautiful song. John says he was listening to that song and he was jealous he hadn’t been pitched that song. He says that was a great song and he has a feeling that will be the most streamed original song of the night. Blake says way to wait until the last competitive performance to give the best performance he has given the entire run. That was brilliant. Blake says America…Santa wants one thing from them this season and that’s to vote for Ricky! Rose Short is going to close out the night and she sits down with Gwen and Carson to remember her journey on the show. She’s going to perform Border Song by Elton John. John says what a beautiful message for the final song of her journey and for the final performance for all four of them. John says that was very special and ending with that message knowing her roots in gospel, it was a very beautiful moment. Gwen says Rose has known exactly what to do on this journey at every single turn and every moment and sometimes God puts a little extra drop of cool and talent. He did that with her because she is a magical human being.
  11. Tonight, we’ll reveal the finalists. Blake Shelton takes the stage with Trace Adkins and they perform Hell Right. The time has come to reveal our first finalist! Our first finalist is…Katie Kadan from Team John Legend! Tones and I takes the stage and performs Dance Monkey. The second artist advancing to the finale is…Jake Hoot from Team Kelly! Kelly Clarkson performs with Kaleb Lee their new single I Dream in Southern. The third artist moving on to the finale is…Ricky Duran from Team Blake! Three artists will be performing for the instant save and the remaining two will be going home. The first artist who will perform tonight is Hello Sunday from Team Kelly! The second artist who will be performing for a spot in the finale is…Kat Hammock from Team Blake! The final artist that will perform tonight is…Rose Short! Will Bremen and Marybeth Byrd have been eliminated. Hello Sunday is up first and they are singing Chandelier by Sia. Kelly says they are 14 years old and they are tackling these huge songs. They are amazing. She has such a good team. Please America vote! Kat Hammock is next and she’s going to perform You’ve Got a Friend by James Taylor. Blake says this competition is what it is and it’s tough. He wants Kat to know she has a record to make no matter what happens here tonight. He says America has discovered her and her journey has not ended no matter what happens. The final performance is Rose Short and she has chosen to sing A Natural Woman by Aretha Franklin. Gwen says that was magical and that was ridiculous. Gwen says she is the most talented person she’s ever worked with. America has instantly saved…Rose Short from Team Gwen!
  12. The semi-finalists will perform twice tonight. They’ll each perform and they are paired up and will perform a classic 80s song. Katie Kadan from Team John is our first artist of the night and she’s going to perform Lady Marmelade by LaBelle. Kelly says she is so fun to watch and she loves to watch her perform and she has a voice that captivates everyone. Gwen says that was her favorite Katie performance so far because she was just watching her and she’s such a character. John says everything Katie sings she makes it sound like it’s her song. John says she owns every performance. Kat Hammock from Team Blake is next and she is going to sing Somewhere Only We Know by Keane. Kelly says everyone thinks of The Voice as a show for a big huge singer, but she has such a unique quiet voice and she’s so glad she’s on the show. Gwen says she hopes Kat learns how gifted she is and she’s so unique and she needs to make records because she can have a whole career after this. Blake says that was easily her most powerful vocal performance of the show so far. Her voice is pure and innocent and her voice can make you happy and break your heart at the same time. Blake says he’s going to see it through with her because she needs to be making records. We’re going to kick-off our duets with Ricky Duran from Team Blake and Will Bremen from Team John and they are going to perform Your Love by The Outfield. Ricky is excited to sing with Will because of the energy he brings to the stage, and Will hopes he can keep up with Ricky because he kills on the guitar. Next up is Marybeth Byrd from Team John and she’s going to sing Before He Cheats by Carrie Underwood. Blake says that’s a tough vocal to tackle and she did a great job. Her journey on the show has been amazing to her, but he likes the country stuff personally. John says he almost didn’t recognize. He thought she got in the character so well and he also thought it was her best vocal performance and he thinks America lit a fire under her. Hello Sunday from Team Kelly is ready to perform next and they are going to sing Don’t You Worry “Bout a Thing by Steve Wonder. John says they do so many inventive things together and it makes them both better. It was a fantastic performance. Kelly says they did so well and she’s so proud of them. Kelly says this was the perfect song at the perfect time and they just nailed it. Our next duet is Marybeth Byrd from Team Blake and Jake Hoot from Team Kelly and they are going to sing Up Where We Belong by Joe Cocker and Jennifer Warnes. Jake says Marybeth’s voice has a soft fierceness about her, and Marybeth says Jake’s voice has an awesome growl. The next artist is Ricky Duran from Team Blake and he is going to sing Let It Be by The Beatles. Blake says he told him to use everything he had left in the gas tank and Blake says he just gave the vocal performance of the season. Will Bremen from Team John is our next artist and he’s going to perform Locked Out of Heaven by Bruno Mars. John says he wore his suit in honor of Will’s hair for the extra motivation. John says Will impresses him every week and his stage presence is so electric and magnetic and it’s so much fun to work with him and watch him. The next duet is Rose Short from Team Gwen and Katie Kadan from Team John and they are going to sing Express Yourself by Madonna. They are both 80s babies and they are excited to perform together. Our final duet is Hello Sunday from Team Kelly and Kat Hammock from Team Blake and they are going so perform We Belong by Pat Benatar, and none of them have sung an 80s song yet. Rose Short from Team Gwen is up next and she’s going to sing I Want to Know What Love Is by Foreigner. Gwen and Rose are crying and Kelly says Rose is a gift and she’s so blessed. That was so good. Gwen says that was so moving. Our final artist of the night is Jake Hoot from Team Kelly and he’s going to perform Desperado by The Eagles. John says every week Jake is so consistently excellent and his voice feels like home and he hits the high notes like it’s nothing to him. He’s such an excellent singer and it was a joy to listen to that performance. Kelly says he is an incredibly gifted singer and she loves the story that matters and this song had a story and he delivered it.
  13. The finals will be in TWO weeks! We’re going to begin finding out who will be moving on to the semi-finals! The first artist America has saved…from Team John… The first artist America saved from Team John…is Will Bremen! America also saved…from Team Gwen… From Team Gwen, America also saved…Rose Short! Kelly and John perform their updated version of the Christmas classic, Baby It’s Cold Outside. The third artist America has saved…from Team Blake… The third artist from Team Blake that is moving on is…Ricky Duran! Meghan Trainor performs her new song Wave featuring Mike Sabath. America also saved…from Team John… The fourth artist moving on to the semi-finals from Team John…is Katie Kadan! America also saved…from Team Kelly… From Team Kelly, America has also saved…Jake Hoot! Time to find out the next two moving on and which three artists will perform for the live save. America has saved…Hello Sunday from Team Kelly! America also saved…Kat Hammock from Team Blake! Shane Q, Marybeth Byrd, and Joana Martinez will perform for the instant save. You can vote on The Voice app or at the NBC website. Shane Q has chosen to sing Killing Me Softly by Roberta Flack. Blake says he feels like his voice is so unique and that was a great song choice for him. Blake is surprised to see him here again and he’s an incredible singer. Kelly says she’s shocked and he is a 4-chair turn and he can tackle any genre and he’s glad he picked that song and he really hopes America puts him through. Joana Martinez has chosen to perform Somebody That I Used to Know by Gotye featuring Kimbra. Blake says he’s supposed to be neutral but it’s hard with her because she’s still Team Blake in his mind and she never disappoints when she gets on stage. She gives it everything she’s got and she’s great. Gwen says America has watched Joana grow and she’s so animated on stage and it’s so exciting to watch her. Gwen says America needs to vote so they can see more of Joana. Marybeth Byrd has chosen to sing You Are the Reason by Calum Scott. John says he’s so proud of Marybeth. She’s been consistently excellent and consistently one of the best singers. She had one of her best performances this week and he hopes America rewards her for those performances. America has instantly saved…Marybeth Byrd!
  14. The Top 10 go live tonight! Kane Brown is here tonight and tomorrow two artists will be going home. We’re kicking off the night with Rose Short from Team Gwen. She has brought her parents to meet Gwen. Rose has chosen to sing God’s Country by Blake Shelton. Rose gets an ovation from all four judges and she tells Carson that song is so hard. Blake says she killed it. He says it rethinks his entire arrangement. He says that was incredible. Kelly says she thought that performance was incredible because it’s a testament to both Rose and Blake’s talents because it’s a great song with a wide range. Kelly says it was classy and tasteful. Gwen says Rose looks stunning. Gwen says this all seemed meant to be and this song was her mom’s idea and she’s so proud of Rose. Marybeth Byrd from Team John is up next and she and the rest of his team go to his home and they meet his family. Marybeth is going to perform Lose You to Love Me by Selena Gomez. Kelly says this felt like the blinds because she couldn’t see her until the end, but it was very powerful. Kelly says it was beautifully done and she sounds very good. Gwen says she was floored by Marybeth. She says those kinds of songs are hard to do because they are specific to the artist and that was so good. She loved it. John says he was so happy watching that because they had talked about building the story and she didn’t over sing and it was such a great build. John says it was the most artistic performance she’s given so far. Next is Kat Hammock from Team Blake. Kat’s church members made her a video showing support. Kat has decided to sing You’re Still the One by Shania Twain. Gwen says that was magical, she is magical. Gwen loves that they can hear the air coming through her voice and it’s so unique and original. Gwen says no one is like her. John says every time Kat does a song she makes it her own. John says Kat does it so beautifully and with such taste. Blake says he’s running out of compliments for her. That has to be his new favorite performance from her. He says she’s like the angel on top of the Christmas tree breaking out in song. Kane Brown is taking the stage to perform his sing Homesick. Shane Q from Team Kelly is ready for his performance. He’s going to perform the song Caribbean Queen (No More Love on the Run). This is one of his dad’s favorite songs. John says that was really good. He loved how he got big at the end and he sees him growing as a performer every week. It was really well done. Kelly loves that he chose the right time to come out of his shell. She loves him on stage and he is such an incredibly gifted singer. Next we have Jake Hoot from Team Kelly and this song is for his cousin who was a Marine and he was killed in Afghanistan. He’s going to sing That Ain’t My Truck by Rhett Akins. Gwen says she thinks that was his best performance he’s done. Gwen really believed he was a true country star. Blake says Kelly is doing an incredible job with Jake. He says he’s killing it. Kelly says she hasn’t done anything. She says his family will be so proud, he’s so good. She says it’s like watching his show. Joana Martinez from Team Gwen is set to take the stage. She’s the youngest of five and her siblings are some of her biggest supporters. She’s going to perform Impossible by Christina Aguilera. John says she is owning this moment and it’s fun to watch her physically convey her emotion. He says her confidence and poise and maturity are so far beyond her years. Gwen says she is her dream come true to watch her grow before her eyes. Gwen says she was very impressed with her tonight. Katie Kadan from Team John has decided to sing Rolling in the Deep by Adele. Katie talks about some of the jobs she’s had to work to make ends meet while she pursues her music career. Blake says he started creating conspiracy theories in his head because she just couldn’t be that good. He says someone can’t be this good and not have made it in the music industry. Kelly says Katie is so unique and it’s not only her voice but her voice inside that comes out. She lights a fire and makes everyone happy and she loves Katie’s growl. John says they were rehearsing Wednesday morning and the only person his family wanted to meet was Katie. John says he went to Target and he was getting gift wrap and someone walked up to him and said they were thinking about Katie on his team and they wanted to tell John how much they loved Katie. Hello Sunday from Team Kelly is up next and they have chosen the song Stone Cold by Demi Lovato. Kelly says that was so beautiful. She says a lot of people don’t know the depth of the conversation that was had that day…well done! Ricky Duran from Team Blake is set to take the stage. Ricky has chosen to perform Born Under a Bad Sign by Albert King. John says he’s incredible and he loved him in the blinds. He’s truly a fan of his. Blake wants everyone at home to take the remote right now and rewind the performance and try to find anything that’s not magical about it, from the singing to the guitar playing. If this guy doesn’t belong in the finale, he will kiss America’s collective butts. The final artist of the night is Will Bremen from Team John and he has chosen the song My Body by Young the Giant. Kelly wants to know where Will is playing after he’s done with the show because she’s going to show up. She says he’s incredible, this seemed like his show and everyone opened up for him. Gwen says she feels like the music lives inside Will and it’s like he has to get it out. It was so incredible and electric and she can’t wait to see what he’s going to do next. John says Will has shown so many sides of him as a performer and this was his favorite performance that he’s done. He says that song was perfect for his voice and he just slayed it. It was masterful.
  15. The coaches settle in and Carson tells us Blake and John will be performing with their teams and Gwen will be performing some of her hits. Time for some results! The top 11 come out on stage! America has saved…from Team Blake… America saved from Team Blake…Ricky Duran! America has also saved…from Team John… From Team John, America has also saved…Katie Kadan! John Legend takes the stage with his team Katie Kadan, Marybeth Byrd, Will Bremen and they perform How Deep is Your Love by The BeeGees. The third artist America saved…from Team Gwen… America saved from Team Gwen…Rose Short! America has also saved…from Team Kelly… The fourth artist saved is from Team Kelly…Jake Hoot! Gwen takes the stage to perform some of her top hits from her solo career. The fifth artist moving on to the Top 10...from Team Gwen… From Team Gwen, America saved…Joana Martinez! America also saved…from Team John… America also saved from Team John…Will Bremen! Blake takes the stage with his team, Ricky Duran and Kat Hammock, and they perform Taking Care of Business by Bachman-Turner Overdrive. America saved…Marybeth Byrd from Team John! America also saved…Kat Hammock from Team Blake! America also saved…Hello Sunday from Team Kelly! Myracle Holloway and Shane Q are the two artists in the bottom and they will perform for the instant save. Shane Q takes the stage first and performs Jealous by Labrinth. Blake says it’s a testament to how incredible the talent is this season that he’s in this save position because he’s one of the best singers they’ve had on the show ever. He says how can this guy go home? Kelly says he is such a gifted singer and he was a 4-chair turn and she hopes he goes through. She says he pulled out some stuff he doesn’t normally do in his performances. Myracle Holloway steps up and she sings You Are So Beautiful by Joe Cocker. Gwen says she was calm and creative and she hopes America thinks she deserves to be there. Carson calls Shane Q back on stage with Myracle and voting is now open on the app or the NBC website. Voting has closed and the time has come to see who will be leaving. America instantly saved…Shane Q!
  16. Kate Kadan from Team John is up first and she was given the song Without You by Harry Nilsson. Katie gets a standing ovation from all four judges. Kelly says that is how that song should be sang. It was heartfelt and emotional and she is mind blowingly good. John says that was utterly stunning and she delivered it with such nuance, grace, and control. It was incredible! Kat Hammock from Team Blake will take the stage next and the fans gave her the song I’ll Fly Away by Alison Krauss and Gillian Welch. Gwen says Kat is so different, and unique, and original, and she stood out and her voice is so mesmerizing. Blake says every week people are falling more and more in love with her and her voice is so special and how unique she is to music in general. He says that was magic. Shane Q from Team Kelly is up next and he was given the song Mercy by Shawn Mendes. John says Shane is such a great vocalist and he felt how confident he was and he had the swag and it was sensual in the right moments. John says it was his best performance on the show so far. Kelly says Shane is so gifted and she’s so happy he trusted her and he pushed himself and went for it. Kelly says he has this soul and passion and fire. Joana Martinez from Team Gwen is next and the fans selected the song Dreaming of You by Selena for her. Blake says he can’t think of a dumber decision he made than letting her go because every week she’s coming into her moment. Gwen says she was perfection tonight. Gwen says she was unbelievable and she’s able to sing those low notes calmly and she was flawless. She was blown away by her tonight. Will Bremen from Team John is ready to see what song he was given. The fans chose the song Light My Fire by The Doors. Blake says he’s been a member of the Blue Crew since the beginning and he has to be honest. He’s never been crazy about that song until now. It was weird and awesome! He loved it. John says he’s an honored member of the Blue Crew because Will impresses him every week with his musicality. He’s so proud to get to work with him. Rose Short from Team Gwen was given the song Maybe I’m Amazed by Paul McCartney. Kelly says that was so good! Kelly says it was very tastefully done and it had such great dynamics and really killer. Gwen says she was so moved by her tonight. Gwen says when she came down the stairs the way she did it was so her and that was mesmerizing. Hello Sunday from Team Kelly is up next to learn they will be performing the song The Middle by Zedd, Maren Moris, and Grey. Blake says he had to do press before the show, which is his least favorite thing to do, and they are so talented and they got asked about them. He’s so happy for them. Kelly says she hates bringing their age up and they sing like women, but they are fun and they are so gifted and talented. Myracle Holloway from Team Gwen is up and she is going to sing her fan pick song of Everybody Hurts by R.E.M. John says he was so moved watching the pre-package video and it shows how powerful music can be. He says he’s happy she got the opportunity to be hear and move people and change so many people’s lives. Gwen says she is so aware of this moment she’s in and she’s seizing the moment. She says that was beautiful and flawless. Marybeth Byrd from Team John is next and the song selected for her was Stars by Grace Potter and the Nocturnals. Kelly says she loves that song and that was beautiful and she just soared on this song. John thanks the fans for picking that song for her because it was right in her vocal pocket. She says it was right there for her and she gave them power and clarity and it was one of her best performances so far. Jake Hoot from Team Kelly is learning what song the fans picked for him, and they have given him Every Light in the House by Trace Adkins. Gwen says Trace Adkins is her homie and she knows that song. She’s been a fan of Jake’s from the beginning and there is something so comforting about his voice. She really think he’s getting there and that was beautiful. Kelly says she loved it. She says every time he opens his mouth to sing she is reminded of her childhood. She’s so blessed to have him on her team. Ricky Duran from Team Blake is closing out the night. His fans have given him the song Downtown Train by Rod Stewart. John says he sometimes forgets Ricky is a contestant because he is so advanced beyond the competition. He’s really good. Blake says when he tells him that everyone loves him, it’s not just fans and people that he knows. He says people in the business are reaching out to him already. Blake says he is having his moment right now and he deserves it.
  17. The coaches are introduced and Carson checks in with each of them, and it’s time for some results. The first artist America has saved is from…Team John… From Team John America saved…Marybeth Byrd! The next artist saved…from Team Kelly… America has saved from Team Kelly…Hello Sunday! America also saved…from Team Gwen… America saved…from Team Gwen, Rose Short! Gwen Stefani joins her team Joana, Myracle, and Rose and perform Good as Hell by Lizzo. Time for more results! America saved…from Team Blake… America saved from Team Blake…Kat Hammock! America has also saved…from Team John… America saved…from Team John, Katie Kadan! Let’s get some more results! America has saved…from Team Kelly… From Team Kelly, America has saved…Jake Hoot! America has also saved…from Team Gwen… From Team Gwen, America also saved...Myracle Holloway! America also saved…from Team Blake… America saved from Team Blake…Ricky Duran! Kelly takes the stage with her team, Shane Q, Max, Hello Sunday, and Jake and they perform Linger by The Cranberries. America saved…from Team John, Will Bremen! America also saved…from Team Kelly…Shane Q! Cali Wilson, Joana Martinez, and Max Boyle are the bottom three and they will perform for the Instant Save. You can vote on NBC and through the Voice app. Cali Wilson is up first and she performs The Chain by Fleetwood Mac. John loved that and he thought she showed a lot of different sides as a performer but he loved this side. Blake says he has no doubt his decision was right and she deserves to be here. He says that performance tonight proves she deserves to be here because every time she steps on that stage she gives it her all. Max Boyle has decided to sing Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran. John says Max has shown all the parts of his voice that are so cool and interesting and he’s such a gifted singer. It as a joy to watch him. Kelly says she’s super shocked, but take it as an opportunity to perform for America and she thinks he’s so talented. Joana Martinez is the final artist and she performs Superwoman by Alicia Keys. John says she has so much poise and she keeps coming up and delivering every performance and her range is so big and powerful. Gwen says that was mind blowing and she is so fearless and she is so strong. America has instantly saved…Joana Martinez!
  18. We kick the night off with Joana Martinez from Team Gwen and she performs Get On Your Feet by Gloria Estefan. Blake say Joana’s talent combined with her determination combined with the right coach she’s on her way. He predicts good things for her. Gwen says she’s never been on the stage and worked the stage like that and she was unbelievable and she’s incredible and she’s shocked. She’s so proud. Up next from Team Blake is Ricky Duran and he sings You Are the Best Thing by Ray LaMontagne. John says he’s loved Ricky from the very beginning and he always carries himself like an artist. He was born to be there and he seems so natural and it was an outstanding performance. Blake says he did a lot of travelling this week and everywhere he goes people love Ricky. Team Kelly’s first artist is Max Boyle and he performs Unaware by Allen Stone. John says that song was a challenge and he nailed the notes and he did it with power and charisma and he’s really good at this. Kelly says her favorite part about his voice is he has so much in there and it’s such a gift. Kelly says he did such a good job. Myracle Holloway from Team Gwen takes the stage next and performs I’m Your Baby Tonight by Whitney Houston. Kelly says that’s a really hard song to sing because there’s no place to breathe and she is a champion and she did it so well. Gwen says she kind of freaked out and was going to change the song but every moment was perfect and incredible. Team John’s first artist, Will Bremen, is ready to perform I Won’t Give Up by Jason Mraz. Blake says every time Will gets on stage he’s amazed how connected to the song he is and he was shocked last week to not be moving forward with America’s vote. John says he’s proud of Will and every week they see a new side of Will and it was really, really beautiful and it was a powerful performance. Next up is Team Blake’s Kat Hammock and she sings a traditional song, Danny Boy. Gwen says if she doesn’t get a record deal after the show something is wrong. Her voice is so special and unique and so mesmerizing. Blake says as his friend and fan, he couldn’t be more proud of her and as her coach he couldn’t be more scared because she’s one of the most important artist’s he’s ever worked with on the show. We’re going to move right to Team John’s Katie Kadan and she has chosen to sing I’m Going Down by Mary J. Blige. Kelly says that was so good. She is straight up a force and she loves her. John says that was the best performance this season by far. He says they have some amazingly good singers, but they haven’t seen anything better than that this season. Cali Wilson from Team Blake is going to take the stage and she sings Butterflies by Kacey Musgraves. Gwen says that kind of voice, that is the kind of record she wants to listen to. She says it’s so beautiful and she’s one of her favorites. Blake says that seems to be her lane and that was a great performance tonight. Shane Q from Team Kelly is up next and he performs My Wish by Rascal Flatts. Blake asks what he’s doing in the country lane. He says he’s incredible and last week he was shocked to see him be the same and he thinks that performance will get him back up there. Kelly says he connected and he is so great and an incredible vocalist. We’re going to continue with Hello Sunday from Team Kelly and they are singing Mamma Knows Best by Jessie J. John says they have always been impressive and creative, but something about almost going home last week pushed them and that was perfection and that was so much fun to watch. Kelly says they are so talented and she would love to sing with them any time any day. Marybeth Byrd from Team John is our next artist and she sings Go Rest High on That Mountain by Vince Gill. Blake says he was just talking about that song today and what it meant to him and she did a great job and he’s a big fan. John says they talked about how hard it would be and part of the beauty of her being a performer is she can share her grief with America and they can see who she is as a person and as a singer. It was really beautiful. Team Kelly’s Jake Hoot is our next artist and he performs Danny’s Song by Loggins and Messina. Gwen says she loves that song so much and she loved that song for him and it was just perfect. Kelly says he is so magical. He can sing anything. She says he sounds like the music she grew up and he’s so talented. We’re going to close out the show with Team Gwen’s Rose Short who has chosen to sing I Turn to You by Christina Aguilera. Gwen says she feels so proud that Rose trusts her so much. She’s so cool, talented, and incredible and she’s so happy they have this moment together. She’s really proud of Rose.
  19. Tonight is the results show. Here’s how tonight will work: The top two vote getters from each team will move onto the live shows. Then the coach will have a tough decision to make as they will save one artist from their team. Then, something never done before, one artist from each team will preform for a wildcard spot that will be voted on live as the Instant Save. Let’s start off with Team Blake! America has saved…Ricky Duran! America also saved…Kat Hammock! Cali Wilson, Gracee Shriver, and Ricky Braddy remain and Blake can only select one artist to move on. Blake says it’s been a blast working with all three of them and thank goodness for the new save this season. But for now he has to make a tough decision, and he is going to save…Cali Wilson! Either Gracee Shriver or Ricky Braddy will still have a chance to compete for the Instant Save. The artist with more votes will be eligible to compete. Time to move to Team Gwen! America has saved…Rose Short! America has also saved…Joana Martinez! Jake Haldenvang, Kyndal Innskeep, and Myracle Holloway remain. Gwen says she’s been inspired by all three of them in different ways and she’s enjoyed getting to know their talent and blossom and share their gift. She says they are all so unique in their different ways. Gwen says she’s going to go with heart and she chooses…Myracle Holloway! Jake Haldenvang and Kyndal Innskeep are left and one of them will compete for the final spot. Time for Team Kelly! America has saved…Max Boyle! America has also saved…Jake Hoot! Damali, Hello Sunday, and Shane Q remain for Team Kelly. Kelly says they are so talented and different in what they do. They are all young and fresh. Kelly says she’s going to make the decision based on who can be a chameleon so she’s going to go with Shane Q! Damali and Hello Sunday are left and we’ll find out in a bit who will compete for the Instant Save. Time for results from Team John! America has saved…Katie Kadan! America also saved…Marybeth Byrd! Alex Guthrie, Khylea Lynee, and Will Breman remain. John says they are some of the best singers he’s interacted with and they are all so gifted and easy to work with. He’s grateful they chose him to be on his team and he’s honored to work with them. John says he has to go with Will Breman! Alex Guthrie and Khylea Lynee will soon find out which of them will be singing for the Instant Save. From Team Blake, Gracee Shriver and Ricky Braddy remain and the artist with the most votes from last night is…Gracee Shriver! From Team Gwen, Jake Haldenvang and Kyndal Innskeep remain and the artist with the most votes is…Jake Haldenvang! From Team Kelly, Damali and Hello Sunday are up and the artist with the most votes is…Hello Sunday! From Team John, Alex Guthrie and Khylea Lynee are the final two and the artist with the most votes from last night is…Alex Guthrie! From Team Blake, Gracee Shriver steps up and performs Landslide by Fleetwood Mac. Blake says there’s a reason Gracee is in this position because he knew if he ended up in this final four he would have a serious chance at winning this spot because country fans are engaged and she’s an incredible country singer. Blake says she is the real deal. Jake Haldenvang takes the stage and he sings There’s Nothing Holding Me Back by Shawn Mendez. Gwen says Jake is so incredible and she’d love to make a record with him. Jake is so gifted and unique and he deserves to be here and she would love for America to vote for Jake. Hello Sunday from Team Kelly is up next and they perform All By Myself by Celine Dion. Kelly says let’s be real. Not even people on the radio can hit that note! She says they are so crazy good and they should have done that song last night. She says they are so talented and they are 14-years old! They are incredible. That was insane. Alex Guthrie is the final artist to perform and he’s from Team John. He has decided to sing Stay by Rihanna. John says he loves that song and he loved his performance of it. He has a way of being a storyteller on the stage and he has so much soul and character in his voice and he felt the connection to the song and he’s been honored to work with him and he deserves to stay on The Voice! Gracee thanks Blake for stealing her in the Knockout rounds. Alex says it’s always been a dream to work with John and he appreciates the way John worked. Jake thanks Gwen for making him believe in himself and for being the first to turn around for him. He’s adored her forever, she’s such an icon. Hello Sunday thank Kelly for believing in them and supporting them through all the rounds and they thank her for being the Mama Bear that she is. The time has come to learn who go the Wildcard spot! America’s wildcard artist is…Hello Sunday!
  20. Tonight, all 20 artists will perform and tomorrow we’ll find out which 12 artists will make the live playoffs. Also tomorrow, we’ll have live voting for the 13th spot. We’re going to kickoff with Team Blake. Blake says Ricky D. is a solid performer and Cali is going to be a serious threat. Blake says Kat could be the deadliest artist in the competition, and every time Ricky B. gets on stage he does something vocally Blake didn’t know he could do before. Blake says Gracee with the right songs that fit her tone will be a deadly combination. Blake says his team is out of this world. Every one on his team has the chance to make it to the finale. Ricky Duran is up first and he performs Small Town by John Mellencamp. Gwen says his voice is smoky and raspy and she thought he did an amazing job and he looked like a total professional. Blake says he’s the singer on the show you can’t really define and he wants America to vote him through because he’s the guy they want to see make it through. We’re going to continue with Cali Wilson who’s going to sing Toxic by Britney Spears. John says he would never have predicted this as her next performance and it was different and fun. Blake says her ride on the show has consistently been coming up a level and that version of the song was her idea. Gracee Shriver has chosen the song American Honey by Lady Antebellum. Kelly says she was remarkable and she has a stellar storyteller voice. Blake says Gracee has come so far from the rehearsal to right now and that was incredible. He couldn’t be more proud of her. Next is Kat Hammock and she is singing God Only Knows by The Beach Boys. Blake says he couldn’t be more proud right now. He says if she doesn’t get voted through tomorrow, then America needs their head examined. He says she is one of the most unique human beings he’s ever worked with. Ricky Braddy is going to close out Team Blake by performing Roll With It by Steve Winwood. Blake says every time he gets on the stage he brings so much energy and so much powerful to his vocal. It’s unbelievable and that was a great performance. Team Gwen is up next and she says she has a team full of very lovable human beings. Gwen says Rose was a 2-chair turn and she has a crazy amazing voice, and Jake Haldenvang is someone they couldn’t see coming. Gwen says Joana is her talented 15-year old and everyone needs to watch out for her. Gwen says Myracle is the most seasoned artist who can connect with her feelings, and Kyndal has a super original sound and she has so much style to her voice. Rose Short is up first and she is going to sing What Have You Done for Me Lately by Janet Jackson. Kelly says she can’t even sit down, that was so sexy and so good. Gwen says she is so proud to know Rose and she can’t believe she’s on her team. She knew this was risky and it’s a whole other level from rehearsal to tonight. Kyndal Inskeep is on stage for her song 10,000 Hours by Dan+Shay and Justin Bieber. John says he loves her voice and she has a beautiful tone and she sounds distinct and that was a lovely performance. Gwen says she’s so unique and there’s no one that sounds like her. She’s proud of her and it was so beautiful and original. Joana Martinez steps up and performs You Can’t Stop the Girl by Bebe Rexha. Blake says he’s happy for her and he’s happy she makes him regret letting him go. He says what an incredible performance. Gwen says she was amazing and incredible and she thinks that song was perfect for her. Myracle Holloway is up and she sings Get Here by Oleta Adams. John says he loves her presence on stage and he loves her tone. He felt like she made that song her own. Gwen says her presence on stage is so full of love and she’s so happy for her. She says that was so extraordinarily beautiful. Jake Haldenvang is going to close out Team Gwen with the song Turning Tables by Adele. Kelly says she’s been a big fan of him the whole time but he has a little bit of everything in his voice. Gwen says that was amazing and beautiful and he showed off his voice tonight and it was spectacular and amazing. Team Kelly is ready to take the stage next and she thinks this is her best season of singers. Kelly says Hello Sunday is incredible and they are her powerhouse duo and Jake Hoot was a 1-chair turn and he is one of the best country singers on the show. Kelly says she’s excited she got to steal Max from Team John and she says he’s a superman. Kelly says Damali is the dark horse on her time and she’s incredible, and Shane Q is a singer who is undeniable and he can sing anything you want. Shane Q is up first and he performs Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You by Franki Valli. Blake says Shane is going to be around the show for awhile because he’s so talented and he loves him staying in the lane of classic standards. Kelly loves him and he is her guy and he can sing anything. Hello Sunday take the stage next and they sing Hello by Adele. Gwen says all she can think of is her son and she can’t believe they are 14. She was mesmerized by that performance and it was so beautiful. Kelly says she couldn’t imagine being 14 and doing a show like this. Kelly says it was a bold song to pick and she loved their energy and she’s so excited to watch them on this show. Next we have Damali and she has chosen the song You Say by Lauren Daigle. John says he loves the way she tells the story, not just with her voice but with her body as well. She looks like she’s fully into the song and her voice is wonderful. Kelly says she’s almost like an actor and the most exciting thing for her is Damali doesn’t understand how much she’s capable of and she’s incredibly gifted. Max Boyle takes the stage and sings Falling Slowly by Glen Hansard and Marketa Inglova. Kelly says she’s never recorded a rehearsal on the voice but she did on his vocal and she says he’s so talented and gifted and he’s so good. Team Kelly’s artist is Jake Hoot and he takes the stage and performs You Lie by Reba McEntire. Blake says that’s one of his all time favorite country songs and everyone loves Reba and that was a tall order for him and he feels like he knocked it out of the park. Kelly says she loves him and she’s always wanted to hear a male vocalist and not every singer can do what he just did. Team John is up last and John says he has a little of everything. John says Will has an incredible voice and Marybeth is so soulful and has an awesome voice. John says Alex has a soulful voice and he can be flexible, and Khalea has a honey tone and so much control and she’s one of the singers to beat. John says he thinks Katie is one of the best performers in the competition and one of the more distinct performers on the show. Khalea Lynee is up first and she performs Love Like This by Faith Evans. Gwen says her voice is so awesome and she was very cool tonight. John says she is so amazing to him and she makes everything looks so easy and she’s a gifted performer. Alex Guthrie is up next and he has chosen to sing If I Ain’t Got You by Alicia Keys. Kelly says she is so bummed and he’s so good and he’s so lucky and he’s going to go to the finale. John says that was so well done and his tone sounded so rich and soulful. It was a really beautiful performance from beginning to end. Marybeth Byrd is set to perform Love Me Like You Do by Ellie Goulding. Blake says that performance erased anything besides greatness and that was one of his favorite performances of the night. John says Marybeth just shocked him and he’s loved her since the beginning of blinds, but this was head and shoulders above anything she’s done to this point. Will Breman is up and he has chosen the song Style by Taylor Swift. Kelly says that was amazing. She says he just won The Voice, he won it all. John says he feels so lucky he gets to work with Will and he has so much charisma and it’s a joy to watch him perform. Katie Kadan takes the stage and she sings Always Remember Us This Way by Lady Gaga. John says Katie has so much soul in her voice and she oozes so much emotion and power and the tender moments were so wonderful. That was a stunning performance.
  21. We kick the final night of the Knockouts with Team John and mega mentor Taylor Swift. John has paired Marybeth Byrd vs Preston C. Howell. Marybeth is going to perform All I Ask by Adele. Taylor advises her to really warm up her lower register. Preston is going to perform The Way You Look Tonight by Frank Sinatra. Taylor wants Preston to connect with the audience. John says he enjoys coaching them so much. Marybeth and Preston step into the ring for their Knockout performances. Preston performs first followed by Marybeth. Gwen says Preston is a phenomenon and she thought today was her favorite with his stage presence. Gwen says she heard things in Marybeth’s voice she didn’t recognize and she thinks she did a great job. Kelly says Marybeth is sneaky because she never heard that power from her and she loved it. Kelly says she’d love to hear him turn a Justin Bieber song into what he does. Blake thinks he kind of already did something like that and he was surprised by Marybeth and he thinks she did a great job. John says Marybeth’s voice is great to listen to and Preston did great with winking at the audience and it was smooth. John says he’s stalling and Blake says can we go to commercial and that’s exactly what we do. Carson is asking John who the winner of the Knockout is and John says the winner of this Knockout is…Marybeth! Team Blake’s final pairing is Zach Bridges vs Ricky Braddy. Ricky has selected the song So High by John Legend. Taylor tells Ricky to give the performance some dynamics and Blake says it’s impressive showing him something new. Zach has decided to sing The Dance by Garth Brooks. Blake says Zach looks uncomfortable and Taylor says that’s easy to fix and says he can make his meandering into a move. Ricky and Zach step up for the performances and Ricky goes first with Zach performing second. John says Ricky sang his song and he sang it really beautifully. John says Zach’s tone is thrilling to listen to. Gwen says her jaw was on the floor when she heard Ricky and Zach has a story telling quality to it. Kelly says she felt like the last part of Ricky’s song was a finale song and Zach’s tone is a winner. Blake says he wishes the chairs reclined. Blake says his decision is going to be based on swinging for the fence. Zach did a Garth Brooks song which is unheard of and Ricky did a John Legend song in front of him. Blake says he feels like he has to just make a decision and he picks the winner of the Knockout as Ricky! Team Gwen’s Knockout was Myracle Holloway who sang Can We Talk by Tevin Campbell and Taylor tells her to be more playful with it, and Calvin Lockett who we don’t get an opportunity to see and Gwen selects Myracle as the winner. The final Knockout from Team Kelly is Gracee Shriver vs Damali. Damali is going to perform Sober by Demi Lovato. Gracee is going to sing Leave the Pieces by The Wreckers. Kelly says Gracee and Damali don’t know what they’re capable of and she’s going to just see who floats to the top on the day of. Damali and Gracee step in for the final Knockouts and Damali performs first and Gracee follows. Blake says Damali is starting to step into her moment at the right time and she did a great job, and Gracee’s tone is incredible and congratulations. John thinks Damali really connected with the story telling and he loves Gracee’s tone and he thinks Gracee won. Gwen says Damali was more impressive than she’s ever been and Gracee vocally has an original sound, but Damali took it to another level. Kelly says they are both very good. Gracee is original and Damali has an Annie Lennox thing and they are both good and this is a really hard one for her. Kelly says she really does love both of them. The winner of this Knockout round is Damali! Gracee is available to steal and Gracee says Kelly is like a mom and she’s so nice and she thanks her for all her help and Kelly says she is more powerful than she knows and she’s so good. Blake hits his button as Gracee is walking off.
  22. We’re going to kick the night off with Team Gwen and mega mentor Taylor Swift. Gwen has paired Destiny Rayne vs Rose Short. Destiny is going to sing Tell Me You Love Me by Demi Lovato. Taylor advises her to start slow and build up throughout the song. Gwen says being able to take direction is so important. Rose steps up and she’s going to perform Big White Room by Jessie J. Taylor says Rose has magnetism and an amazing voice. Gwen says that was emotional and perfect. Taylor advises Rose to open her eyes earlier and connect with the audience. Destiny and Rose step into the ring for their battle and Rose steps up to perform first. Destiny takes her turn. Kelly says Destiny did great on her break down part and Rose is an impressive singer. Kelly would go with Rose, but Destiny killed it. Blake felt like the song Destiny picked got the best of her and he’s happy Rose has Gwen as a coach. Hands down that was the favorite performance of the Knockout round. John says he loved working with Destiny and he thought she had a strong performance and Rose’s notes were gorgeous and clear and it was phenomenal. Gwen says Destiny did an amazing job and she’s trying to do a great job singing she’s kind of losing who she is. Gwen says Rose is showing more of who she is and it’s beautiful. Gwen says she’s loved working with both of them but right now she has to choose…Rose! Next we go to Team Kelly and she has paired Kiara Brown vs Shane Q. Kiara has chosen the song The Bones by Maren Morris. Taylor says Kiara did an amazing interpretation of the song. Kelly gives tips on breathing to make sure she can make it through the song. Taylor advises her to keep the original hook the first time she performs it and then the next time she can play with it. Shane steps up and he’s going to sing In Case You Didn’t Know by Brett Young. Kelly tells Shane to loosen up and Taylor says she should interpret the song a little different as maybe he didn’t get the girl at the end of the song. Shane and Kiara are ready for their battle and Shane is first to perform and Kiara follows. Blake says Kiara did a great job and he says Shane did a perfect job, but he needs to show a sense of urgency and passion and he’d go with Shane. John says Kiara has a peaceful spirit and it’s alluring, and Shane has always delivered stunning vocals and he disagrees a little with Blake. John would pick Shane. Gwen says Kiara is just learning that she’s better vocally than she thought she was and Shane was so effortless and it’s so fun to watch. Kelly says Kiara is incredible with what she’s done so far on the team and Shane is amazing every time, but there seems to be some hesitancy. Kelly says the winner of this Knockout is who she thinks is ready right now, and the winner is…Shane. Time for Team Blake’s first pairing Kat Hammock vs Lauren Hill. Kat is going to perform Kiss Me by Sixpence None the Richer. Taylor says Kat has a unique voice. Taylor says she should look at the lyrics and figure out a way to move to express the lyrics. Blake says she has not loved anything Kat has done. Lauren steps up and she’s going to perform Breakaway by Kelly Clarkson. Blake says he loves the break in Lauren’s voice and Taylor thinks Team Blake has an incredibly talented team. Kat and Lauren step into the ring for their Knockout and Kat performs first and Lauren follows. John says Lauren was brave by taking on Kelly and she did a great job and you can feel the intensity and pain in her voice, but Kat was a revelation and she executed the vocal flawlessly. John would go with Kat. Gwen agrees with John about Lauren, and Kat’s voice is like an angel and it’s so original and soothing, and she’s one of her favorites. Kelly says Lauren sang that song better than she did. Kelly says Kat has a very similar voice to the original singer and she thought she did a really good job of showing them who she was. Blake says he’s really happy for both of them because this is a big stage. Blake says Lauren listened to critique and he’s blown away by Kat’s talent. Blake says the winner of this Knockout is…Kat! Next up is Team John and he has paired Will Bremen vs Zoe Upkins. Will is going to perform I Don’t Care by Ed Sheeran and Justin Bieber. John loved the very beginning and Taylor says it felt fun. Taylor says he can make things a tiny bit easier and she advises him to stick with the hook. Zoe is going to sing Like I’m Gonna Lose You by Meghan Trainor and John Legend. Taylor says Zoe has great intuition and John advises her to do just one verse and make the song more intimate. Zoe and Will step into the ring and Zoe performs first and Will takes his turn. Gwen says Zoe’s voice was perfect for that song and it was a really good performance and there’s something magnetic and unique about Will. Gwen would have to choose Will as the winner. Kelly says this is going to be a really hard choice for John. Kelly says Ed Sheeran isn’t easy to cover and Will did great and Zoe was so comfortable and fluid. Kelly is really mad she doesn’t have a steal because she doesn’t think either one of them should go home and she’s not going to help. Blake tells John he’s screwed. Blake says every time Will gets on stage he knows they are going to smile. Blake says Zoe it’s truly special that she’s that calm and that’s his help. John says Zoe has consistently showed him that she is so poised and a gifted singer and she’s going to dominate in whatever realm she wants to do. John says Will has that fire and energy that everyone is so unattracted to and he’s so excited because he knows Will can pull it off. John says he has a tough decision. John asks for any last minute advice and we go to commercial. John is still trying to stall but he finally says the winner of this Knockout is…Will! Gwen has paired Royce Lovett vs Jake Haldenvang. Jake is going to sing Powerful by Major Lazer featuring Ellie Goulding and Tarrus Riley. Taylor advises Jake to make eye contact with the audience and she says it will make a huge difference in the performance. Royce is going to perform Wake Me Up by Avicii. Gwen says Royce is so natural and Taylor advises him to have a moment where he comes to the front and sing directly to the audience. Royce and Jake step up for their performance and Jake goes first followed by Royce. Kelly says Jake has range but Royce has stage performance. Kelly would go with Jake. Blake has figured out who Royce is as an artist and Jake needs to start showing more of his personality. John says when Jake hits certain notes, it’s rapturous and Royce has great stage performance. John thinks Jake is a slightly better vocalist so he’d lean towards him. Gwen says Jake’s vocal blows her away and she’s so in love with Royce because he bounces genres. Gwen says she loves them both so much and in this moment, she’s going to say that Jake is the winner of this Knockout! The final Knockout of the night is from Team Kelly and she has paired Alex Guthrie vs Hello Sunday. Alex is going to perform I’m Not the Only One by Sam Smith. Taylor and Kelly give tips on how to close out because Alex was going to his falsetto but maybe bring it down and Kelly says do both maybe. Hello Sunday has chosen to sing Almost is Never Enough by Ariana Grande and Nathan Sykes. Taylor is emotional over their performance. Taylor says they were connecting with each other and the audience. Kelly says that was almost perfect but they need to make sure their harmonies are dead on. Alex and Hello Sunday step into the ring and Alex is up first and then Hello Sunday follows. Blake says Alex surprised him and he had a great pocket and it was good. Blake says Hello Sunday gets a little better every time they get on stage and he’d probably go with Hello Sunday. John says there are moments where Hello Sunday is very creative with the way they harmonize and it’s fun to watch, but Alex really did surprise them. He hadn’t seen Alex perform this well yet and it was thoroughly great and he’d lean toward Alex. Gwen says Hello Sunday is so interesting and different and they had a run that blew her away. Gwen says Alex was just getting better and better and it made him stick out for the first time. She’d probably have to pick Hello Sunday. Kelly says this is hard for her. Alex made it sound effortless and she loved his range. Then you have Hello Sunday and they made Taylor cry and it was very moving and they are incredible. Kelly says they are so great. Kelly says she can’t not see where it’s going to go…the winner of this knockout is Hello Sunday! Alex is available to steal and Alex tells Kelly he expected it to be fun, but he didn’t expect to have the level of connection and mentorship that he got out of it. John hits his button and Kelly runs to hug John and Alex is stolen!
  23. We’re going to kick the night off with Team John and mega mentor Taylor Swift. John has paired James Violet vs Khalea Lynee. James has chosen the song Stay by Post Malone. Taylor gives some performance tips and John advises him to throw some fireworks at the end. Khalea is going to perform Because You Loved Me by Celine Dion. John tells Khalea to think about who she would be singing the song to as she performs. Taylor suggests maybe going back to the originally melody in one spot and John wants her to have a moment that has a little more recklessness. Khalea steps into the ring first and performs and James performs second. Gwen says wow! Gwen says James betrayed her and left and she loves him and his voice and he tried to break free and had a present performance, but maybe a touch over sung. Gwen says Khalea is effortless and magical. Kelly says Khalea made a Celine song sound easy and she loved James’s song, he’s so gifted. Blake says James surprised him and he didn’t know he could play those cards, but Khalea is as powerful as anyone and he’d go with Khalea. John says James had the right approach to the song and he took his notes and he nailed it 100%. John says Khalea reminds him of Whitney Houston because she would do a pop ballad and put a little gospel on it and she did that. John says they were both phenomenal, and he’s lucky he got to work with both of them. The winner of this Knock-Out is…Khalea! We’re going to check in with Team Gwen and Taylor to see the next pairing. Gwen has paired Jessie Lawrence vs Kyndal Inskeep. Jessie is going to sing Dancing With a Stranger by Sam Smith and Normani. Gwen wants to see more personality from Jessie and Taylor tells him to intentionally assign emotions to the lyrics. Kyndal has chosen the song Elastic Heart by Sia. Taylor advises her to focus on making the beginning of the song sound defeated and that the end of the song to sound triumphant. Gwen says she should simplify it because it will sound beautiful. Kyndal performs first and then Jessie steps up. Kelly says Jessie’s voice sounded great on the choruses and Kyndal performed the heck out of her song. Blake says he’s going to agree with Kelly and he says Kyndal’s voice is special and he feels like Kyndal won. John says thinks this song didn’t allow Jessie to perform the way he can and Kyndal picked a song better for her vocal tone. John thinks Kyndal had a stronger performance, but he’s impressed with Jessie. Gwen thought Jessie was great tonight because he can work a stage. Kyndal has a beautiful voice that is so emotional. Gwen says this is so fun and she’s very emotional because she loves them both. But the winner of this Knock-Out is…Kyndal! The final Knock-Out pairing for the night is from Team Blake. Blake has paired Joana Martinez vs Ricky Duran. Joana is going to perform California Dreamin’ by The Mamas and the Papas. Taylor says Joana has a comfort zone motion and she tells her that can get repetitive. Ricky is going sing She Talks to Angels by The Black Crowes. Taylor gives him tips on stage presence. Joana takes the stage first for her performance and then Ricky steps up for his. John says he didn’t expect that from Joana and Ricky, he loved his stage presence and he has a great tone. John would go with Ricky. Gwen says Joana was pretty impressive and Ricky’s stage presence is something that can be taught. Gwen would go with Joana. Kelly says they both picked a song that highlighted their strengths. Kelly says Ricky is good and that’s who she would go with. Blake says his thoughts are empty. Blake says he was shocked when he got her in the blind auditions and he’s blown away by her talent. Blake says Ricky is his only four chair turn and he came on the show with the thought that he wanted to be coached. The winner of this Knock-Out is…Ricky! Joana is available to steal and she says she’s so honored to be there and so grateful to Blake. As she heads down for a hug Gwen hits her button to steal Joana!
  24. We’re going to check-in first with Team Gwen and her advisor will.i.am. Gwen has paired Caroline Reilly vs Jake Haldenvang and she gave them the song Just Like a Pill by P!nk. will.i.am and Gwen both advise Caroline to be more confident in her section. Gwen and will.i.am say Jake has a unique voice. Gwen wants Jake to perform without the guitar and she advises Caroline on facial expressions. Caroline and Jake take the stage for their performance. Kelly says that’s a hard thing to cover and she says they don’t have anyone like Jake on the radio and she compares him to Steven Tyler. Blake says he’d cast his vote for Caroline on this one. John says Caroline has power and confidence in her voice and Jake did some unexpected things. John would pick Jake. Gwen says she’s proud of them. She says Jake has so much confidence and experience and they just seen the tip of the iceberg and Caroline has this young girl that she wants to share her experience with. Carson says it’s time for Gwen to make a decision. Gwen says she’s making her decision based on how she feels inspired right now and the winner of this battle is…Jake. Next we have check-in with Team John and his advisor Usher. John has paired Preston C. Howell vs Mendeleyev and he gave them the song Fire and Rain by James Taylor. Usher says Preston is beyond his years and the more he finds his sound and who he is as a performer that will help him win. Usher says Mendeleyev has a unique voice and he’s comfortable with it. John advises Preston to take the lyrics and deliver them to the audience. John wants Mendeleyev to go a little softer at the end of some of the phrases. Preston and Mendeleyev step into the ring for their battle. Gwen says that was really, really pretty and she loved when they sang together. Gwen says Mendeleyev had some interesting choices and Preston’s tone is so pretty. Gwen would go with Preston. Kelly says Mendeleyev has amazing range and she loved Preston because he showed versatility. Blake says feels like there’s something about Preston’s voice. John says their voices are extremely different. John says Mendeleyev’s tone is so rich and beautiful and Preston didn’t let that deter him and he has poise and control. Carson asks who the winner is. John says the winner of this battle is…Preston! As the battles continued Team Blake’s final pairing was Ricky Braddy vs Jordan Chase and they sang the song Rumor by Lee Brice. Blake picked the winner as Ricky! Gwen’s final battle pairing was Calvin Lockett vs Brennen Henson and they performed Yellow by Coldplay. Gwen picked the winner as Calvin! The final battle will be from Team Kelly and we check-in with her advisor, Normani. Kelly has paired Lauren Hall vs Hello Sunday and she gave them the song Wrecking Ball by Miley Cyrus. Normani says Hello Sunday can create moments that no one else can because they’re a duo. Normani says Lauren is a powerhouse for sure and she has range. Kelly helps Hello Sunday harmonize and tells Chelsea not to hold back over Myla. Normani tells Lauren to maybe have a more intimate moment. Lauren and Hello Sunday step up for the final battle. Blake says that was an incredible performance overall and so entertaining and they did a good job of working together. John feels like Lauren’s tone is very beautiful and she was passionate, but Hello Sunday wasn’t as technically sound but the fireworks were awesome. John says for the first time he’s not going to tell Kelly who she should pick. Gwen says this was another level and she wants to see more of Hello Sunday and Lauren is the kind of voice she’d want to hear on a record. Kelly says Hello Sunday was impressive and she feels like herself and Lauren are similar. Carson asks who the winner of the battle is. Kelly says her team has been so stacked and she’s never been afraid of losing someone who could beat her. Kelly says the winner…we go to commercial. Kelly says the winner is Hello Sunday! Lauren is available to steal and she says she’s honored and being coached by Kelly was the best moment of her life. Blake hits his button and Lauren will join Team Blake! The Battle have wrapped up and the coaches are now getting ready for The Knock-Outs and Taylor Swift will be the mega mentor. Taylor says she likes The Voice because the coaches all have heart and they really care. Blake will kick-off the Knock-Outs and he has paired Cali Wilson vs Marina Chello. Cali is going to perform Wicked Game by Chris Isaak. Blake tells her to make sure she connects to the audience. Marina is going to sing I Who Have Nothing by Shirley Bassey. Taylor gives advice on how to use her hands to convey the story of the song. Marina steps up first for her performance. Cali then steps up for her turn. John says they both look like they belong up there. John says Cali was so beautiful and subtle and pitch perfect and Marina was fully in control. John says wow Blake. Gwen says they were both stunning and Cali picked a perfect song and it showed everything she was as an artist and Marina is just exciting to watch. Kelly says Cali did a great job and Marina is really gifted and beautiful. Blake says this is what you hope for as a coach and they both deserve to be on the show and the radio. Blake says Cali made every emotion of that lyric come to life and Marina has been incredible since the beginning. Carson says Blake has a big decision. Blake says he knows who he has to pick. The winner of this Knock-Out is Cali! Team Kelly will be the next Knock-Out pairing. Kelly paired Jake Hoot vs Melinda Rodriguez. Jake has chosen the song Cover Me Up by Jason Isbell. Tyler says Jake has a nervous habit which is to sway and Kelly suggests a mic stand. Melinda has chosen the song Always Be My Baby by Mariah Carey. Taylor gave some advice on the hook and saving the melody. Jake steps up first for his performance and then Melinda takes the stage. Blake says that was an awesome Knock-Out because Kelly is going to make a huge mistake no matter what she does. John says he loves Jake’s voice and it’s amazing only one of them turned for him in the blinds, but Melinda this was her best performance. Gwen says she was impressed with both of them. Gwen says Melinda did a great job and Jake is one of her favorites. She says he’s an ordinary guy with an extraordinary voice. Kelly says her team is stacked and Melinda nailed her performance and Jake was just being him and that’s cool. Kelly says she’s been thinking about rounding out her team and how they are going to go forward into the lives. Kelly says the winner of this Knock-Out is going to be Jake. Team John is up next and he has paired Katie Kadan vs Max Boyle. Katie is going to sing Piece of My Heart by Janis Joplin. Taylor says it’s hard not to feel joy when Katie sings. Max steps up and he is going to perform When the Party’s Over by Billie Eilish. Taylor says Max’s performance was intimate and powerful. Katie steps up first and performs and she gets an ovation from all four coaches. It’s Max’s turn and he takes the stage for his performance. Gwen says there’s a star quality to Katie, but Max was gorgeous and his voice was so strong. Gwen says it’s equal in so many ways. Kelly says Katie is magical and Max, she thinks he won this. Kelly says she expected Katie to be wonder woman, she didn’t expect Max to be Superman. Blake says it was a great time for Max to have that moment and Katie was awesome and he’d pick her. John says he’s proud to be their coach and they executed their songs so masterfully. John says Max told the story of the song so perfectly and Katie gives them fireworks every time. John says the winner of this Knock-Out is Katie! Max thanks John and says he was honored to work with him. Max gives John a hug and Gwen and Kelly both hit their buttons. Kelly says she was so moved and she loved Katie and she thinks he blew her away and he was incredible. Gwen says they had no idea he would be that good and he moved them with his singing and personality and he’s the kind of artist she’d listen to and she’d love to work with him. Max gets to pick a new coach and he says this is weird…he picks Kelly!
  25. We pick up with James Violet deciding whether he wants to stay with Team Gwen or making the move to Team John. James has decided to choose…Team John! We’re going to kick off the night with Team Blake and his advisor Darius Rucker. Blake has paired Zach Bridges vs Cory Jackson and he has given them the song Should Have Been a Cowboy by Toby Keith. Darius says Cory has a great voice to tell a story and Blake says Zach has a classic sounding country voice. Blake says the winner will be the artist who makes him believe what they are singing. Zach and Cory step into the ring for the first battle of the night. John enjoyed both of them but he’d lean towards Zach. Gwen says she knows Blake so well, but she doesn’t know what he’s thinking right now. Gwen says Cory stole the show for her and that’s who she’d pick. Kelly says they should be a duo and their tones blend so well and she doesn’t know who to pick. Blake says Zack has this big baritone voice and it’s commanding, and Gwen made a great point on Cory’s showmanship and Kelly is right, there’s not a clear winner here. Blake is going to go with a gut feeling because they both really shocked him. The winner of this battle was…Zach! Our next team pairing is from Team John and his advisor Usher. John has paired Marybeth Byrd vs Dane and Stephanie and he gave them the song Burning House by Cam. John suggests they change-up the melodies. John says he wants to feel the emotional core of the song. Usher suggests they make a moment for themselves and showcase their ranges. Marybeth and Dane and Stephanie take the stage for their battle for Team John. They get an ovation from all four judges. Gwen says wow! She says that was so good, so beautiful. She says Dane and Stephanie are magical together and Marybeth has the style of singing she wants to listen to. She’s not going to pick. Kelly says all three of them were magical. Kelly says Dane won the battle because what he did was so difficult and Marybeth is just as talented, but she’d go with Dane and Stephanie. Blake says he can’t believe Dane and Stephanie have come as far as they have, but he’s putting his bet on Marybeth to be in the finale. He thinks she has everything it takes to win the show. John says he’s proud to be a coach for all of them. He feels like the confidence in Dane and Stephanie grew and Marybeth, it’s just amazing to hear someone singing with her maturity and control and she’s a really gifted vocalist. John says this is a tough decision. The winner of this battle is…Marybeth. We’re going to check-in with Team Gwen and her advisor will.i.am. Gwen has paired Rose Short vs Jessie Lawrence and she gave them the song Can’t Feel My Face by The Weeknd. Will.i.am really liked Rose showed her personality and Gwen says it’s fun to see them bring it. Will.i.am says Jessie sings awesome and he needs to have the same naturalness as Rose does. Gwen says this is going to be one of the big moments of the night. Will.i.am says Jessie needs to leave a stain on his brain because Rose is so dynamic she can wash it away if he doesn’t. Jessie and Rose take the stage for the final performance of the night. They also get an ovation from all four judges. Kelly says what a way to end the night. That was sexy, cool, and so different. Kelly says job well done. Blake says Gwen has talked a lot about them. Blake says Jessie was a one chair turn and now he’s middle of the radar and he’s right on pitch and he has a cool style. Rose hit a big note on the chorus and Blake gets enjoyment out of someone who will pick their moment and he’s not picking anyone. John says Jessie has so much fire in his voice and Rose is a phenomenally talented vocalist. John says Gwen has been raving about them and he will try and help her and he leans ever so slightly towards Rose. Gwen says she is so proud. She knew they were magical, but she didn’t know they’d fire up the room. Gwen says Rose is special and she needs to own it and Jessie says she heard something raw and cool in his voice and it makes her feel so good to hear the other coaches recognize that in him. She says this is an unbelievable, heart wrenching decision she has to make. She loves them so much, but the winner of this battle is going to be…Rose! Jessie is available to steal or save and Gwen immediately hits her button. After a moment, Blake hits his button to steal. Blake says he’s not going to make a pitch to him but he wanted to show how much respect he has for Jessie and how much he deserves to be on the show. Gwen says thinks he deserves to be here because he worked really hard and it’s not just about his voice, it’s him. Jessie gets to pick his coach and he is going to stay with the queen.
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