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  1. Julie greets us on Day 100 and either Bowie Jane, Matt, or Jag will win the final part of the HOH competition. We pick up on Part 1 of the HOH competition. Jag says he won a lot of competitions and this is the most important one. He is the first Sikh HG and he is doing this for his family and community. Bowie Jane says she’s getting slammed and dipped and covered in hair and this is disgusting. Matt doesn’t want to be dragged to the F2 he wants to decide who goes to the end. Bowie Jane has a F2 with Jag and if she can win this HOH she’ll have won the most HOH comps this season and maybe she can still some votes from Jag. Jag says the cold rain is the worst part of the HOH. Bowie Jane is struggling and she is so cold but she needs to hang on. Matt says he is freezing and they are told to move from the disc to the bubble and it’s about to get a lot harder. Bowie Jane doesn’t know how much longer she can hold on. She falls at 1 hour and 24 minutes. Jag is glad someone fell because he wants this competition over but he wants to win. Matt says this is super exciting that he and Jag are fighting it out. Jag doesn’t want Matt getting suspicious and he looks solid so they decide to do rock paper scissors. Matt and Jag both do paper first. They go again and Matt has rock and Jag has scissors. Jag drops at 2 hours and 56 minutes. Jag says he is happy for Matt but this puts more pressure on him for round 2. Bowie Jane was hoping she or Jag would win because they have a F2 but it looks like they’ll have to face each other. Dr. Will is back to host the jury round table. Felicia joins America, Cory, Cam, Cirie, and Blue and says Jag made a $750k mistake. She tells them Bowie Jane won HOH and Jag won veto. The jury discuss why Bowie Jane was never nominated. America says she’s a floater and that’s a strategy. Cirie says she was never a threat because she never had an opinion. Cam says her going along to evict Cameron was a big move and he says she’s smarter than they give her credit for. Felicia says she didn’t make decisions and followed instructions. The jury discusses how much control he had. Cory says Jag had a rough start but then had an easier path late game. Dr. Will says Jag won 7 vetoes which is the most. Cirie says Cam was a competitor but had a terrible social game, why is Jag different. Cory says Jag wasn’t flawless though. The jury agree Matt had a better social game. Blue says Matt was good at telling him what he wanted to hear. She thinks Matt played a more manipulative game without making them feel bad. Cirie says Matt came into a game where hearing conversations matter. America’s says his worst move was not owning any of his moves. It’s time for Part 2 of the final HOH competition. The winner will face off against Matt in part 3. On go, the HG will zip line from one platform to the other. They need to transfer 2 competition titles at a time and put them in the correct order in chronological order. The fastest time wins. Jag wants to win and control his own fate. Jag says he’s been preparing for this all season except for which universe each comp came from. So he’s doing this on the fly. Jag is moving pretty quickly and he feels great about Scaryverse and Humiliverse and rings in and is incorrect. Jag is struggling to find the right combination and he is worried he is fumbling the bag. Jag says this is melting his brain and he starts working it out and finally gets it correct. He says this stings because they are close to the end and he feels like he choked. Bowie Jane says she’s been underestimated and she wants to prove she can win. Bowie Jane also says she studied all season but she didn’t study which universe the competitions were from. She looks to be taking her time and she finally has them all up and buzzes in and she has a lot of the answers wrong. Bowie Jane says she’s so lost and has no idea what could be wrong. We see Jag says he won 9 comps and he fumbled the bag and Bowie Jane is probably smoking the competition. Bowie Jane says she’s been down here so long Big Brother 26 probably started. She finally works things out and buzzes in. She says if Jag was as bad as her she has a chance. Matt reveals the times for the competition. Jag is frustrated with himself and it was his worst performance and he has to live with this being his fault. Bowie Jane says Jag is looking nervous and maybe he messed up as much as she did. Jag won Part 2 with a time of 1:02:56 and Bowie Jane finished with 1:36:02. Jag did not expect this win because he did terrible. He says now he has to face off against Matt and he will have a huge decision to make. Matt is excited because he has an agreement with Jag. But he wants to win so he’s not dragged to the end, he gets the choice. Bowie Jane hopes Jag wins because they have a F2. It’s time for the final round of the HOH competition! Jag and Matt are ready. They’ll hear 3 statements from each juror and they have to choose which one is false. They’ll have 6 videos and whoever has the most points wins. 1. The Cameronverse is kind of like the BB25 Universe because here, I still pretty much win everything I do. But with cooler hair. Almost as cool as when a) throughout the season, I received a total of 15 votes on eviction night. b) I lost the first 4 Veto comps I played in. c) I was the replacement nom both times I was evicted. The false statement is A. Cameron had 14 votes. Both get it right. Both get a point. 2. In the Coryverse, the women line up around the corner for the chance to lock lips with me. They say it's because of my amazing mustache, but I think it's because I was so entertaining to watch in the BB House. Like when I a) Was nominated for eviction twice before winning HoH. b) Was the 9th HoH of the season. c) Received 5 votes to evict the week I was evicted. The fake answer is B. Cory was the 8th HoH. Both get it right and both get a point. 3. Kitty Kitty Purr, boots down in the Blueverse. Your universe is crusty musty dusty, but this universe slays, because everyone's fashion is always on point. And girl, that's the T. It's like the time I a) was the 8th person to fall off the wall in the "Attack of the 50ft Meatball" comp. b) Came in 3rd place in the "Twisted Tasks" comp. c) Was eliminated in the 2nd round of the "Escape The Nether Region" comp. The fake answer is C. Blue was eliminated in the 1st round of the Escpe The Nether Region comp. It's now tied 3-3. 4. Ameriverse is the land of the brave and home of the Me. Each day, I'm celebrated because, well, I'm America! People go crazy whenever they seem me, because if my stars and stripes and incredible accomplishments, like when I a) Sat on the block and survived eviction 3 times. b) Was first to complete the "Puzzling Headlines" comp on Opening Night. c) Came in 3rd place in the "BB Exorcism" comp. The false statement is C. Blue came in 3rd place. Both get it right and get a point. 5. It's all peace and quiet in the Cirieverse. Just what I need after spending 93 days in the crazy BB House. Life is so comfy and cozy here, it's incredible. Almost as incredible as when a) I went head-to-head against Felicia in the "BB Odd Couples" comp. b) I didn't play in the first 10 BB comps. c) My name never appeared as a top 3 score in a Veto comp. The falase statement is B. Cirie didn't play in the first 9 Veto comps. They both get a 5th point. The last video. 6. In the Feliciaverse, my favorite ingredients are always available. I can fill my pockets with ALL my favorite foods. Every destination I paddle to is delicious, just like when I a) Scored a 53 in the "Snot A Winner" comp. b) Sat on the block 6 times on eviction night. c) Played in every HoH and Veto comp that Cameron won. The false statement is C. Felicia did not play in "Revenge of the Pressure Cooker" which Cameron won. Both guess wrong and neither gets a point. With a 5-5 tie, we go to a tie breaker. The answer will be in minutes. The person closest to the correct number without going over will be the Final HoH. If you both go over, the guess closest to the correct number wins. How many minutes was the "When Universes Collide" HoH Part I comp from the official start to when Jag hit the water, making Matt the winner? Matt guesses 140. Jag guesses 163. The correct answer is 176 minutes. Jag wins Part III of the Final HoH and choose who sits next to him in the F2. Jag stands and says he got close with Bowie Jane and she made 2 promises to him, that she would take him to F2 if she win and if she was in jury she’d vote for him. Matt saved him early in the game and it would be wrong to turn his back on him. He says he hopes if he takes Matt and loses 6-1 he hopes the vote is from Bowie Jane. He votes to evict Bowie Jane. She says no problem and gives hugs. Julie asks Bowie Jane if Jag mad the right decision. Bowie Jane says she is proud of him. She says they had a discussion about Jag doing what was best for him and Matt is a great person and she’s proud of Jag. Bowie Jane will now move to the jury! It’s time for jury questions! Cirie’s question is for Matt and she says the jury perceived Jag as the leader and Matt was the follower. Matt says his biggest move Path of Power and they did everything together. There was no leader. Cory’s question is for Jag and says it was clear they were working together and what were the dynamics and did he carry Matt to F2. Jag says Matt did save him but he has paved the path and he was the leader the whole time. He made sure of that. Felicia asks Matt if he ever really considered evicting Jag. He says he was never going to do that and he told people what they wanted to hear and he was loyal to Jag and he never put him up. America says Jag took ownership of evictions but prior he did not and the jury thinks that is cowardly. How does he defend that? He says he never knew for sure what would happen so he was protecting his game but owning up to after the eviction happened the way he wanted it to. Cameron asks Matt for a specific example of a time he strategically lied to advance his game. Matt says he always told people what they wanted to hear. He talks about lying about evicting Jag. He says he’d get information and use it when he needed to. Blue asks Jag if he remembers being voted out unanimously but Matt saved his game. Why does he deserve to win over the person who saved him. Jag says he adapted his game and came up with a BB master plan for himself and made sure his targets went home and he was in a better position in the game. Bowie Jane asks Jag how his game for the better when he joined the Mafia with her and Matt. Jag says they had to make a lot of big moves together and that changed the entire course of the game. It’s time for the final 2 pleas. They each get a chance to make a final plea on why they deserve to win Big Brother! Matt says he is the first deaf person and he had no model to go off of. He had to play a social game and physical game. He was on nominated once by the guy he saved week 4. He couldn’t hear half the conversations so he lived in he have not room for the conversations. He says double elimination and won vetoes. He performed in a high pressure situation and he knew his social game was good so he did not need to win HOH’s. He was a good team player and they each played their own game. Jag says he’s standing where he is because he willed it to be that way. He signed their eviction notice and he convinced Bowie Jane to get Cameron on the block.he single handedly sent Cory and Blue home and he convinced Matt they needed to send Cirie home because she was closer to Matt. He deserves to win and he earned the victory. He is covered in their blood and is the most masterful player in the house and he deserves to be the first Sikh winner. It’s time to vote! Cameron says what a road and he is voting for the guy he told he’d vote for. Cory is voting for who he thinks he could beat in a fight. Blue says team brunette or blonde, in her speech she said it best. America says this is her cockadoodle vote to the slimiest snake of them all. Cirie says Cory told them best that she is loyal to a fault and she is casting her vote for who was most loyal to her. Felicia congratulates both and neither one of them was loyal to her but she’s voting for the person who got people to be friends and trust them even when they were deceitful. Bowie Jane says she loves them both so much and she’s going to keep to her word. Kirsten, Reilly, Hisam, Red, Izzy, Jared, and Mecole. Julie asks Mecole what surprised her the most and she said Cameron was sort of the hero of the season when she thought he was the villain. Cameron is flattered. He wanted to have fun and out it all out there. The thing that surprised Hisam is that Mecole was a political consultant and he would have worked with her sooner. Julie says Mecole wasn’t the only one hiding her true profession and she turns to Bowie Jane who says she’s an attorney. Felicia says Cameron guessed that. Felicia says they know Bowie Jane isn’t 35 and she’s curious how old she is. Jane says she is actually 45. Julie says Cameron is convinced that Felicia has a famous relative and Julie asks if she is related to Denzel Washington and she is not. Julie says Denzel may not have been related to anyone in the house but two people who played were related. Matt looks stunned and Julie wants to know who he thinks is related and he says Cory and America. Matt says he didn’t think that throng and he is stumped. Julie turns to Jared and someone says Felicia and Jared? Jared says he was playing with his mom and Cirie raises her hand. Matt and Jag are stunned. Cory says he voted out Jared and thought he could work with Cirie after that. They look at the first HG who were evicted reactions to finding out Cirie and Jared were related. Julie says Izzy figured out the secret and she knew when they were on stage before entering the house. Julie asks how she knew and Izzy says she is a survivor fan and followed Cirie. Julie says Jared didn’t do a good job of keeping their secret and Jared says he told Blue. Cirie says she’ll have a talk with Jared after. They have a lot of talking to do. Julie lets Reilly say hi to Matt and she has been rooting for him and is so proud of him and everything he has overcome. Julie thanks everyone and we’ll be back to see the jury votes. It’s time to find out the winner of Big Brother 25! Bowie Jane voted for Jag. Felicia voted for Matt. Cirie voted for Matt. America voted for Jag. Blue voted for Jag. Cory voted for Jag. Jag has won BB25! Jag and Matt come out and hug and celebrate with everyone. Julie says we’ll find out who America voted as their favorite houseguest. Julie reveals Cameron also voted for Jag so he won 5-2. The top 3 vote getters for americas favorite houseguest was Cirie, Matt, and Cameron. And America’s Favorite Houseguest is….Cameron! He thanks America and says he’s speechless and he’s emotional. Julie tells Matt he goes him with $75k and a girlfriend. Jag is going home with $750k and he’s on top of the world and he hopes he made his family proud. Julie thanks all the HG. Julie says something is going on in the Big Brother house and Frankie Grande is in a laundry basket with Danielle and Brittney. They find the time laser and Frankie is going to “fix” everything. They are closing down the BB universes and we Christmas jingles. We see the memory wall with 9 numbers and we see Christmas PJ’s on Danielle, Frankie, and Brittney. Legendary BB players will play Reindeer games. And one of the BB25 HG will be invited to compete.
  2. Julie greets us and it’s Day 86 and it’s double eviction night. We pick up on day 83 after the veto meeting and Jag decided not to use the veto and Blue is his target. Blue understands Jag doesn’t want blood on his hands and America is still the target. America says she’s being told she’s a pawn but if she survives the week the American revolution is coming. Cirie would rather Blue stay because she would be the best competitor to go after Jag. If she can’t get the votes for Blue to stay, then she wants a tie so Jag has to evict Blue. Felicia doesn’t want to go against Jag and maybe she should be working her own Plan B. Felicia says her original plan is to go with Cirie, but she needs another plan. Felicia is telling Jag Matt is trying to take Jag out and that she is loyal. Jag says Matt is supposed to be his ride or die in the game. We see a clips from Cirie telling Matt that Jag is seen as a bigger competitor and her telling Felicia that Matt says Jag has to go some time. Cirie says Matt wants to wait until final four but Cirie wants to get on that train immediately. Matt says he wants Cirie to know there is a path to final two and his odds of beating Cirie in final two are better than him beating Jag. Julie informs the HG that it is double eviction night and two of them will be joining Cameron and Cory in the jury house. America asks how many of them have personally victimized by Jag? She says he must be stopped and she will not rest until they are free from Jag’s evil wrath. Blue does her shoutouts. She says it has been an honor and she hopes she made her parents proud. Kitty Kitty purr. It’s time for the voting to begin! Matt sadly chooses to evict Blue. Bowie Jane votes to evict Blue. Cirie sadly votes to evict Blue. Felicia sadly votes to evict Blue. Blue has been evicted by a vote of 4-0. Blue gives hugs to everyone and joins Julie. Julie asks Blue what happened and Blue says she was surprised and a player this good has to be a target eventually. She thinks Jag knew she was coming after him. Blue says after Cory the Jag would have to be next because he is an incredible player. Blue feels most betrayed by Jag and Matt. Final thoughts? How do you like Blue’s outfit?!? Julie sends her to jury and double eviction night will roll on next. It’s time for the HOH competition! There will be 7 rounds. They’ll be shown three movie posters from 3 BB movies and they’ll be asked a question about what they just saw. The HG with the most points after 7 rounds will be HOH. Question 1-Which poster featured a veto medallion? Bowie Jane answers C and everyone else answers B and they are all wrong. Question 2-Which poster featured someone without a hat on? Felicia answers an and everyone else answers b. The correct answer is B.Matt, Cirie, America, and Bowie Jane all get 1 point. Question 3-Which poster featured the caption “Now in 3D”? Cirie answers C, Felicia A answers an and everyone else answers B. The correct answer is C. Cirie has 2 points. Matt, America, and Bowie Jane has 1 point, and Felicia has 0 points. Question 4-Which poster featured the movie title at the top of the poster? Felicia answers B, Cirie and Bowie Jane answer C, America and Matt answer A. Correct answer is C. Cirie has 3 points, Bowie Jane has 2 points, Matt and America have 1 point. Felicia has 0 points. Question 5-Which poster featured an image of the inside of the Big Brother house? Cirie answers A, Bowie Jane and America answer C, and Matt and Felicia answer Bl The correct answer is b. Cirie has 3 points, Bowie Jane and Matt have 2 points, America and Felicia have 1 point. Question 6-Which movie poster featured the caption “A Big Brother Production”? Cirie answers C, Matt and Bowie Jane answer A, and Felicia and America answer C. The correct answer is A. Cirie, Matt, and Bowie Jane have 3 points, and America and Felicia have 1 point. Question 7-Which movie poster featured exactly 3 people? Cirie answers B and everyone else answers A. The correct answer is A. Matt and Bowie Jane have 4 points, Cirie has 3 points, America and Felicia have 1 point. There is a tie between Matt and Bowie Jane. Tiebreaker-In seconds, how long did the Superhero training academy part 1 veto competition last? Matt says 10000 and Bowie Jane answers 5400. The correct answer is 7900. Bowie Jane wins HOH! It’s time for nominations! Bowie Jane says this is terrifying but she nominates Felicia and America. It’s time for the veto competition! They have to run and retrieve their candy from a box and deposit 4 candies into their straw and the first to do it will win veto. The HG start and Matt connects. Cirie’s bounces out. Matt has his second candy. Bowie Jane just misses hers. Matt has his third candy and America gets her first. Matt drops the fourth and wins the veto! America is begging Matt to use veto on her because she can’t do this again and so Cirie will go up. America says Bowie Jane has a deal with Cirie. Felicia asks if she is safe and a Matt says yes. Jag hugs him and then Bowie Jane comes in. Cirie congratulates Matt. It’s time for the veto meeting! Matt has decided to keep noms the same. America goes to talk to Cirie and Felicia goes to talk to Bowie Jane. Either America or Felicia will join Blue I’m heading to the jury house with Cameron and Cory. It’s time for the live vote and eviction! America wants to stay and keep playing. Felicia is trusting and believing and hoping she continues to stay. It’s time for the live vote! Cirie votes to evict America. Jag votes to evict America. Matt sadly chooses to evict America. By a vote of 3-0, America has been evicted from the Big Brother house. America is emotional and hugs everyone. She grabs her bag and heads out to join Julie. Julie asks if America if she thought she had a chance after she lost veto and she says no. She knew she didn’t stand a chance because Matt and Jag want a final four with Cirie and Felicia. America says everyone is just letting Matt and Jag slide through. Julie asks if America seeing Cory at jury softens the blow and she says yes. She’s excited to continue where her and Cory left off. Final thoughts? America says she’s sorry she didn’t win anything. The competitions are so much harder than they look.
  3. Julie greets us and it’s Day 79 in the house. But first, we pick up on Day 76 for the veto meeting. Cirie is told to change in her super suit and gauge her popularity by gliding around the house and waving to all her adoring fans. Blue kicks off the veto meeting and she has decided to use the power of veto on herself. Duh. The invisible HOH must name a new HG as a replacement nominee. The replacement nominee is…America. Jag now takes over and he has decided to use the power of veto on Mama Fe and he hugs Felicia. The Invisible HOH will name a second replacement nominee and the nominee is…Cory. America is crying and the veto meeting is adjourned. Jag says this wasn’t the original plan, but he and Matt started hearing too many things that sounded like a betrayal. Cory says he cannot be that upset at Jag and he has been preparing for the possibility of campaigning against America. He is going to try and stay this week. America doesn’t want to be there without Cory but she wants to stay. She thought they were good with a jag but she guesses not. She needs to talk to everyone. She needs to talk to Jag and tell him off. Blue says this is poetic justice. Cory talks to Jag first and he says he was targeting Matt and Jag next week but he hasn’t told anyone but America. Jag says Cory said they he and Matt were big targets. America comes in and says why? What’s going on? She denies targeting Matt and Jag and denies trying to get anyone else to do so. America says Jag and Matt are the next targets because they are the only other targets. Jag says America can’t be mad at him, she has to be mad at herself for talking too much and changing their plan. Cirie and Felicia are talking about America will want to target Jag and Matt next week. Cirie says she has been laying low waiting for the war between the duos to erupt. They say they just need to keep ducking so they don’t get hit and go on the block. Jag and Matt are in the restroom area when America is washing her hands and Jag says let me know when you want to talk. America says literally, F off. America goes to lay down with Cory and she feels responsible. She says Cory is always so careful with his words and she was sloppy and should have known better. Cory says it’s frustrating he’s on the block because America’s conversations with Blue. But he’s going to try and survive this vote and win the game. America tells Cory that Jag and Matt are so stupid. America goes to Blue to talk and America is feeling so hurt and so betrayed. America asks Blue what the goal was and she asks if Jag and Matt are really going to take her to three. Blue says she’s going to play her game the way she wants to and she was fighting for her life to be there. She says America is not on an island and she is open to whatever. America says she just feels really betrayed. Cirie has to suit up and test her super self and she has to hide and scare another HG. Cirie hides in the living room and she jumps out as Blue walks through. Cirie is called to suit up and test her aqua ability and stay in the pool for 2 hours. Cirie gets out of the pool and she is immediately called to test her super speed by doing 100 laps in the backyard. All the walking she wants to do is out the door. She says her being alone without her closest allies, isn’t that punishment enough. We see Cirie get called another 7 times and she says it’s like every 5 seconds. She gets called to suit up in the middle of the night and save a fellow HG from their nightmare. She goes back to bed and she gets called to do it again and she says she’s the only one in a nightmare here. Blue is talking to Cory. Cory says he needs 3 votes to stay. He and Blue don’t have common ground, but maybe they have a common target. Blue says she thought America was the invisible HOH. He tells Blue she was the target of Jag and he stays, she knows who he is targeting. Blue says Cory is making some good points. Cory feels pretty confident he has Blue’s vote. Now he has to pull in Felicia and Cirie. Cory tells them individually that he will be going after Matt and Jag and everyone else would be safe for at least two weeks. Cirie says if they are going to take a shot at Matt and Jag, Cory has a better shot at winning HOH than America. Blue is talking to Cirie and says down the line Matt and Jag have to go too. Cirie says who is going to beat them. They discuss it not being a bad idea to keep Cory. Cirie is surprised that Blue could be on board and if she can get Felicia on board, this might work. Cirie and Felicia are talking and Cirie says her and Blue were talking about Jag and Matt will have to go. They discuss if Cory would reconcile with Matt and Jag. They are debating if it’s a good idea to keep Cory or no. She says if they can get Cory to take one of them out before they take him out, that puts her in final five and it might be worth the risk. It’s time for the live vote and eviction. Julie informs Cirie that her punishment is over. Cory shouts out Stevie and says daddy is coming home. Cory says this is the most incredible experience of his life. But he has to blow up one persons HOH. He says Bowie, just kidding. He says Jag was the invisible HOH and everyone should do with that information what they want. America does her shoutouts, including to her showmance haters. She says if she stays she’s going after the Aston Moron and the dumb blond. It’s not strategy, it’s personal. She thanks Cory for being who he is. It’s time to vote! Matt sadly chooses to vote fly guy, Cory. Bowie Jane votes to evict Cory. Jag says he put half the house on the block this week so it was interesting. Cirie votes to evict Cory. Felicia votes to evict Cory. Blue casts her vote to evict Cory. Duh. By a unanimous vote of 5-0, Cory has been evicted from the house. Julie asks Cory what he made of the move? He says it was the right move and he was very uneasy but he didn’t see the double backdoor coming. Julie says Cory prides himself on being one of the best persuasive speakers in the country and she asks why he couldn’t get votes? He says he was wrong. Cory says the votes weren’t there. Julie asks about America throwing Matt and Jag under the bus with Blue. Cory says this wasn’t America’s fault and he could have been proactive because he knew about the conversations. Julie asks if the showmance was a downfall? He says no because it’s not different than Jag and Matt. Jag says Cory is a great friend but he had to make this move earlier than he wanted to. Blue says he wasn’t as smart of a player as he thought. Cirie says Cory is smart but not smart enough to not rub his showmance in everyone’s face. America can’t wait to meet his family. Cory can’t wait to spend more time with America and she’s amazing. Julie asks how she will do in the house and he says she’s winning! Sunday we’ll find out who wins HOH and Tuesday the veto will be up for grabs. And next Thursday there will be a double eviction.
  4. We pick up on Day 73 after the nomination ceremony and Jag, as the invisible HOH, nominated Felicia and Blue. He isn’t ready to go after Cory and America so he has to win veto and keep noms the same. Felicia says whoever the Invisible HOH is, sit down. She’s been on the block five times and she is still here. Blue says whoever the weirdo is that’s the invisible HOH won’t come out to play. She’s been nominated next to Felicia and she could be the target. Cirie just wants to lay low because the two people she is working with are on the block. Jag is denying to Blue that he isn’t the invisible HOH and she says the only person who could got a time that fast is Jag. Jag says he wants Blue to think it’s Cory just in case she stays. Cory wants Blue out do he doesn’t get blood on his hands and Jag has to take the shot against his best friend. Then Cory can go after Matt and Jag. Felicia says her gut tells her it’s Cory or Jag who is the invisible HOH and she approaches them and asks who the target is. Cory denies being the HOH. Felicia says this wasn’t a big move, so maybe there’s a backdoor plan. Felicia says Cory stayed the same when she questioned him, but Jag wouldn’t make eye contact or say anything. Cory says Felicia isn’t wrong because if he’d been the invisible HOH would have went after Matt and Jag. Cory and America are talking and playing pool and Cory says next week…America thinks Blue would be great for her game and she needs a backup ally in case Cory goes. America tells Blue that Matt and Jag are targeting her. She is telling her to deflect attention to Matt and Jag and off Cory. Blue wants to know why she is telling her and America says it might be hard to beat the boys in competitions going forward. Blue says America and Cory have been coming for her and Matt and Jag have been her boys since day one. The math ain’t mathin’. There’s a message from the Comicverse. Matt reads a transmission and the cosmic crystal has unleashed another super power into the game. It’s multiplying the number of players in the veto competition from 6 to 8. But that’s not all…it’s also multiplying the number of power of veto’s that can be won to two. They will have back to back veto’s today. Felicia says she hopes to win one of those. Jag says this is not good because it gives Blue two chances to win one. Matt is talking to Blue and Blue says Matt and Jag will probably win one of them so she needs them to be Team Blue. Blue tells them Cory and America have been trying to recruit her. Matt tells us maybe if he wins he does save Blue because Cory and America are not doing anything to help their game. Blue is telling Jag about her conversation with America and she says she never believed them. She says they are coming heavy for Matt and Jag specifically. Jag says hearing that is making him reconsider things. He’s been protecting them and they haven’t been doing the same. All he knows is he needs to win a veto so he cam make his own decisions. It’s time for the first veto competition. They are at the Superhero training academy. Everyone will stand on a small disc and the HG will be spun around and they’ll have to hold on for as long as they can. The last HG standing will win HOH and win a special cash bonus. Jag says he needs to win a veto today so he can decide what he wants to do. The HG are all on a disc and they start spinning. Blue doesn’t know who nominated her or who she can trust, but she win veto because she trusts herself. Cory knows who the invisible HOH is and he knows he’s not Jag’s target but because there are two vetoes he needs to try to win one. America wants to get win so she has options. Jag is holding the rope tight to his chest. Felicia is dizzy and nauseous and as much as she needs this veto, she doesn’t know how long she’ll last. Felicia falls at 3 minutes. She says she needs a mental comp. Cory says he’s been watching this competition for years, but the robot fist is terrible and two others are shooting goo at them and he hates them for it. Matt only wants himself or Jag to win veto. Matt says the hardest part of this competition is on his back. Bowie Jane says this veto is important for her to win but she gets smacked off by the fist at 7 minutes. Cirie doesn’t want to win either of the vetoes. Her plan is to lay as low as possible because if she wins she’d have to decide who to take down. Cirie falls at 11 minutes. Cory says it is exhausting just standing up there and he falls at 14 minutes. Cory wants Blue out this week so he needs any of the other three to win. Matt says the it is getting faster and they are getting slammed into the fist every time around. He takes a hard hit and falls at 16 minutes. Matt is pulling for Jag. Blue says the hardest part is hitting the fist and spinning and second her arms are getting tired. America sees Blue and Jag look sturdy and she trusts that Jag won’t put her or Cory up so she falls at 22 minutes. Blue says she cannot let go. She’s fighting for her life. Jag says if Blue wins she could take herself down and he’d have to name a replacement nomination which could expose him. He wants to win so he can decide. Jag says he hasn’t decided if he wants to target Cory and America or target Blue. But having two vetoes could mess up his plan so he has to win one. Blue says she is exhausted but she needs to win. She says Jag isn’t budging and neither is she. Cory says Jag and Blue are warriors but he needs Jag to win. Matt says Blue and Jag are badasses but he is cheering for Jag. Felicia tells them they are amazing. We are at 1 hour and 32 minutes and Blue is questioning why Jag won’t drop for her but she also says he could be fighting to not be a replacement nominee. Jag says he has to hold on because he knows what’s on the line. He’s getting pummeled and slime but he is hanging on. Both Blue and Jag are talking about how much pain they are in. Blue falls at 2 hours 6 minutes and 33 seconds. Jag has won the first POV! Plus he wins a chance at a cash bonus. Jag says this is his most important win so far. Blue says winning the second veto is even more important. Jag will be lifted on a bar and he’ll fly around the academy. The HG will guess how long Jag’s flight time will be. The closest without going over will win the second POV. But the two furthest away from the actual time will receive punishments. Cory says he feels safer since Jag won but he needs to make sure Blue can’t take herself down and he’s keeping in mind Jag just finished an endurance comp. Cirie guesses a ridiculous time because she doesn’t want to win veto. Jag gets $500 for every 15 seconds he flies. Bowie Jane guessed 5 minutes. Jag is going to do what he can to earn as much money as he can but he is so exhausted. Jag falls at 110 seconds and has earned $3500. Time to reveal the HG guesses. She guessed 482 seconds. Felicia guessed 600. Matt guesses 150. America guessed 75 seconds. Cirie guessed 600. Blue guessed 105 and she is in the lead. Cory guessed 135 seconds. Blue is the closest and has won the second POV! Blue says her second win of the summer! Felicia chooses a crystal for a punishment and she gets a 24 hour solitary confinement. Cirie was the second furthest and she must change into a super suit in a phone booth any time she is asked. Jag says his nominations have to change since Blue won the veto and Cory and America should be pretty scared right now. You don’t need powers of precognition to know where this week is about to go. Matt says he knew Jag wouldn’t last 5 minutes. They talk about Blue being a badass. They discuss if they should go after Cory and America. Jag has to decide if he wants to put Cory and America both up or if he just wants to put one up in Blue’s place. Plus, he has to decide how to handle Blue since he’s been lying all week. Felicia is called to the Comic room for her solitary confinement and she says she’d really like to come off the block. She is alone in the room and says she can do anything for 24 hours. She wishes she were in the backyard but she can pace in the room. She says this punishment isn’t as good as she thought. She’s too chatty and this might take her down. She has a toilet in a tent and she says it does feel like imprisonment. Cirie is called to the DR she has a green and orange unitard as her superhero costume. She is called to suit up and she has to roll from one side of the yard to other and back to test durability. Cirie says this is going to be the longest week for her. Cirie is called to suit up again and test balance by standing on one leg in the living room for 30 minutes. She’s then called to suit up and test water resistance by standing under the outdoor shower. Then Cirie is called to suit up and test her X-ray vision by guessing what is under the lead cover on the tray. She guesses fiber gummies and she’s wrong, the HG put different stuff there but she keeps guessing fiber gummies. She wishes she could test for super speed and be done with this punishment. Cory says Jag should be backdooring him but Jag is tied to him because h knows Jag is the invisible HOH. Matt is all for Jag taking a big swing. He says America and Cory are way too comfortable. He says America and Cory would love to take a shot at them, but they are going to take the shot first. Felicia says there really is nothing to do. She cleans the window ledges, the dresser tops, and wiped the mattresses and sheets with the lint roller. She says she gets her energy from people and she is ready to get out of there. Felicia’s punishment is now over and she rejoins everyone else and hugs them. Cirie says why couldn’t she have have had the solitary confinement. Jag talks to Felicia and asks how she is and she says ok. Jag says the moment Cory and America are on the block so he’d rather have those conversations now. He tells Felicia he’s going to use the veto on Felicia and tells her the plan. He tells Cirie also and then Bowie Jane. Jag says everyone is excited about the plan and the conversations are going better than expected. But one will be tricky. He needs to tell Blue he was the invisible HOH and he needs to drive home the point that Cory and America poisoned him against her. He says they are snakes. He apologizes to Blue and she says it’s ok. Jag tells Blue that he is putting Cory and America up and she hugs him. Blue says she pulls herself down and Cory goes up? That’s better than a Christmas present. Blue is sure America and Cory were behind this mess and this is sweet poetic justice. Cory says Blue will pull herself down and Jag should put him up. But he doesn’t think he will. He thinks Jag will stick to the plan and send Felicia home. Jag says it will be a double backdoor blindside. Find out Thursday if Jag will go through with the plan. And find out who will be headed to the jury house.
  5. Julie greets us and it’s Day 72 and the veto meeting is near and Cameron is starting to realize The Fugitives have decided to run without him. Cameron has to sway Jag away from the plan he’s pretty sure he set in motion. He says he could remain the shield for Jag and Matt if he stays and America and Cory could come after himself and Blue. Cameron says if Jag and Matt follow through with the plan, they are putting blood on Bowie Jane’s hands twice this week. Jag feels for Cameron but he feels like they have to take the shot this week. It’s time for the veto meeting! Jag has decided to use the veto on….Mama Fe. She gets up excited. Bowie Jane has to name a replacement nominee and she names Cameron. Cameron says he’s heard this song and dance before and says home as he takes his seat. Jag says as much as he hates the situation, he had to take the shot. And since it’s on Bowie Jane’s HOH, he and Matt can compete in the next HOH with America and Cory at Blue’s necks and Felicia and Cirie waiting to leave. Do they even know what time it is? Felicia says she’s just glad to be off the block. Bowie Jane says Cameron has been lying and thieving and it’s time for him to go. Cirie says if she’d been on the block a few weeks ago she’d be worried and Bowie Jane thanks her for staying on the block. Cameron says the HG need to do something or Matt and Jag are going to steamroll the house. Cameron tells Blue she has been set up to hate Cory and she could join him in jury next week. Blue says Cameron is doing what he always does which is stir the pot. He wants her to go after Matt and Jag? Girl, you have the wrong number. Cameron is talking to Cory and asking what his plan is to beat Matt and Jag. Cory says Cameron needs his vote, America’s, Felicia, and Blue’s votes but he can’t flip the vote and burn that bridge. Cameron does not understand what everyone is thinking and they are giving him nothing. He’ll just have to wait until they join him in the jury house and say I told you so. Blue and America are whispering and Matt comes in. Matt says in the real world people don’t whisper around him because it’s offensive. But in the Big Brother house that’s half the game. He says he can read lips one on one but once they turn their head he loses track of the conversation. Jag goes to talk to Matt and he tells him he hates the whispering and he’s getting emotional. Jag goes to comfort Matt and says he’s doing a good job, especially in a house of whispers. He says he doesn’t have to deal with that outside and he is so thankful for Jag. Matt is talking to Felicia about how hard it has been to deal with whispering. Felicia says he has become a voice for a whole community and he has done such a great job. She knows everyone he knows is proud of him and he open a window of opportunity for other deaf people. Cameron wants to meet Kevin Costner, he’s seen everything in his portfolio. Cory says who the hell is Kevin Costner? Cameron is talking to Felicia about Kevin Costner. Felicia tells us Kevin Costner is not watching and if Cameron is trying to make a movie with him, he’s crazy. But if Kevin Costner is watching, if he wants to make a Bodyguard 2… Jag says it is all about The Minutemen but he doesn’t want to tell Cory anything about his plans. Cory wants Blue off his backside for a week and he’s been relying on Matt and Jag to mediate between him and Blue. He realizes it benefits them to keep Blue against Cory and he needs to find a way to tilt the odds in his favor. Cameron is talking to Cirie and he is telling her he would like another shot in the future. Cirie asks for advice and he says Cory may be the brainiac, but Jag is way more methodical. Cameron says if his game is over he can help Cirie. Cameron is telling Cirie Jag is keeping the others against each other. Cameron says he is going to use his time to help Cirie set something up with America, Cory, and Blue and she says Blue is so against Cory she might not turn around. Cirie says everything Cameron says make sense and it sounds familiar. Cirie is talking to Blue and she says she has to look at everything but not personally. Blue says when Cameron spews BS it doesn’t sound true, but when you hear it from Cirie, it hits different. She says Jag and Matt want Cory out but when it comes to it, will they get the blood on their hands. Jag says he wants to go to the final five with Matt, Bowie Jane, Cirie, and Felicia. So if they can get the numbers right they can compete against who they want in competitions. Jag and Matt are talking to Cirie about the final five plan. Cirie wants the house to see Matt and Jag are running the house, but they see her as an ally. So why not just play along? Jag says he and Matt might have to take things into their own hands and take out Camerica and Blue themselves. Cory is talking to Cirie to try and get her on his side. He says everyone is terrified to say anything about Matt and Jag. Cirie says those two pairs can go after each other while she sneaks her way to the end, like she always does. Cory says this next HOH is massive and he needs every soldier on the field for the battle with Matt and Jag. It’s time to talk to the nominees! Cirie does her shoutouts to her family. She thanks the HG for 72 extraordinary days in the house and she won’t forget any of them. Cameron does his shoutouts. He says to his roommates and says if they keep him, he’ll be loyal to all of them, never vote to evict them, and throw all the competitions. He’d like to stay on the ride with them. And last but not least….Cory, thank you. It’s time to vote! Matt sadly chooses to evict Cameron. Blue casts her vote to evict Cameron once and for all. Felicia votes to evict Cameron. Jag votes to evict Cam. America votes to evict Cameron. Cory votes to evict Cameron. By a unanimous vote of 6-0, Cameron has been evicted from the Big Brother house! Cameron hugs everyone, grabs his bag, and heads out the door to join Julie. Julie asks Cameron what happened after winning HOH last week? Cameron says there’s a lot of space and time in that house and sometimes you can say the wrong thing at the wrong time to the wrong person. Julie asks what Cameron said and he talks about voicing that he thought Bowie Jane was working with Cory and America. He feels most betrayed by himself. Julie talks about his alliances and why he couldn’t find loyalty? He says commitment. He feels like he was the target and he talked too much and that’s why he was left out. Julie asks what Cameron would do differently, he says he’d change a lot of things, but he’d take Cirie’s advice and not tell someone what he thinks about someone else. He can’t wait until she tells him to go back in. He is the first member of the jury. BB Comic-week is about to hit the house and drop super powers all week long. Julie talks to the HG and says the 8 left have survived Scrambleverse, Humiliverse, and Scaryverse, but there’s one verse they haven’t faced until now. Something crash landed in the HOH room…they should check it out. The HG scramble upstairs and head inside where there’s a large crystal on the table and Jag says is it kryptonite. They realize it’s Comic week.
  6. We pick up on Day 66 after the nomination ceremonies. Bowie Jane has nominated Cirie and Felicia because she hasn’t really trusted them since the Red blindside and doesn’t talk game with them, but Cirie is her target. Cirie says she made it 65 days without being on the block and she was hoping to make it longer. But she finally gets to play veto and she needs to win it. Felicia says they always knew Bowie Jane’s smile was a facade. She needs to win veto. Cory says he needs Cam to get backdoored. He says Cam CAN win next HOH and he would nominate Cory and he could go home. Bowie Jane doesn’t think it’s fair to nominate Cam. She has her targets on the block and there is no need to change them. Jag thinks Cam should go home too. Then they can take out Cory and America and Jag can have his ideal final five of himself, Matt, Felicia, Cirie, and Bowie Jane. Bowie Jane talks to Cam and tells him Cory is pushing hard for Cam. Cam says they need to backdoor Cory and Bowie Jane doesn’t want to do that because America will be coming after her. Cam says America will not go after Bowie Jane. Bowie Jane says Cam wants Cory out and vice versa and that’s why noms need to stay the same so Cory and Cam can go after each other and not her. Cam says Bowie Jane being so resistant to putting up Cory makes him think maybe she does have some sort of alliance with him. Jag and Matt discuss turning Bowie Jane against Cam so they can get him out. It’s time to pick players for the veto competition. Cameron is hoping his name comes out of the box because the only way he can stay safe is if he gets to play. Bowie Jane really wants Matt or Jag to play because they are great competitors and they will do what’s best for her. Bowie Jane draws Matt. Matt wants to win so they can get Bowie Jane to backdoor Cameron. Cirie draws Jag. Felicia draws America. America is glad to play so she can win and protect herself and Cory from the block. Cameron thinks maybe Meme’s speech when she was leaving might have been true and he has a feeling something weird is going on. He needs to talk to Jag and he says she’s coming up with weird reasons to not go after Cory. Cameron says if Cory is not chosen as a backdoor then it raises red flags. Jag says he is nodding at Cameron but The Minutemen are coming for him and everything he’s saying about Bowie Jane plays right into his hand and he will use it against him. Jag goes to Bowie Jane and she is concerned because she was protecting him but if he doesn’t trust her that’s a problem. The HG have a message from the Scrambleverse and Zingbot enters the house! Zingbot asks how it’s going winners? Everyone is confused. Zingbot from the scrambleverse and his zings are a little different. He is happy to see all their beautiful faces, Zing! Jag says this is not what they signed up for. They have Zingbot OTEV. What’s up losers! His name is OTEV, the Zinging Robot and in the scramble verse he’s king of the zings. Danger! Danger! There’s a thief among us. America is under arrest for robbing the cradle. What do you think brought the bigger wrinkles to this game, the multiverse twist or…Felicia? She says she doesn’t have wrinkles. Jag, your game play reminds him of a sports car. Not a Jaguar. A Bore-vette. Astin moron. And a Lame-borgini. The only hint worse than Blues catchphrase is her fashion sense. What’s the difference between a great white shark and Bowie Jane. Ones a scary creature whose scary teeth terrify people and the other is a shark. And don’t get Zingbot started on her pigtails. Mecole, watching her play Big Brother has had a major impact on his life. He’s gone from Me-bored to Me-coma. She was so low key he forgot she was evicted. Not in the house Zing! Matt, he can see why he got along with a cardboard cutout, similar intelligence. Blond Zing! Cirie, the past few weeks have been hard on her with her good friends leaving the game, leaving her alone. Now she can do what she does best…lose while on an island. Survivor Zing! Cameron congratulations, he received a military promotion while in the house. He went from lieutenant loser to…a Major <expletive> tool! A patriotic song inspired by America: Cory's not beautiful, under any skies. Short like a piece of grain. A thin mustache, if you call it that, it causes my eyes pain. America! America! Did you have a lo-bo-to-MEEEE? He's a tiny man, can't kiss worth a damn. Let's throw him in the sea! As a human, Cory says, I'm destroyed. But as a fan, this is the best day of my life! Zingbot has pictures of the biggest losers from the BB Universe and he is making a crap book of the biggest losers of BB25, but some of his pictures have gone missing. He will give a clue about an evicted HG and they must find the HG photo. If they are the last to bring back the correct photo or bring the wrong photo they will be eliminated. The last HG standing will win POV! OTEV wants the photos of the second and third losers evicted. The HG scramble to find the photos of Reilly and Hisam. Cirie wants to save herself and not rely on anyone else. Jag is stashing different photos off the side so he knows where they are in later rounds. Cameron says Cirie is wrong because she got Reilly and Kirsten. America goes down trying to get up the ramp. Felicia cannot find Hisam and Cirie realizes she’s wrong and she goes back to see if she can fix her mistake. Felicia finds Hisam and gets back before Cirie can get back. America, Jag, Matt, Felicia, and Bowie Jane are correct. Cirie has been eliminated! She just wants one game where she doesn’t look like an idiot. She hopes Felicia win so Cam or Cory could be the replacement nominee. OTEV wants the photo of the loser who finished last in The Kicking Butt competition. Matt immediately knows that was Kirsten. Cameron wants Jag or Matt to win POV so they can get what they want done. America drops her photo and she has to slide down to get it. Felicia beats America to the top. Jag, Bowie Jane, Matt, and Felicia are correct. America has been eliminated. Jag says he wants him, Matt, or Felicia to win veto so they can convince her to backdoor Cameron. Felicia says she might actually have a chance at winning veto. OTEV wants the photo of the loser who had to wear a piggy costume for an entire week. Jag says two people wore the piggy costume and Cam is still there so he knows the answer is Izzy. Bowie Jane really wants to win POV and she sees Jag and Matt flying. Sorry Felicia but she has to leave her behind. Matt, Jag, and Bowie Jane are all correct with Izzy. Felicia is eliminated. OTEV wants the photo of the loser eliminated first in the Pressure Cooker competition. Bowie Jane says that was the longest day of her life and she’ll never forget Jared was out first. Matt is the last to make it back. Jag and Bowie Jane are correct with Jared, and Matt has been eliminated. OTEV wants the photos of the two losers who were evicted with exactly 8 votes to evict. Jag says he knows this and it’s Izzy and Red. He just needs to find the photos and beat Bowie Jane up the ramp. Jag is back first and he is correct with Red and Izzy. Bowie Jane has been eliminated and Jag has won the POV! Jag says veto number three. He’s excited about this one. Cirie says the best plan is to get rid of Cory or Cameron but she doesn’t think these people are that strategic. Jag says sorry Cameron, your time is up! Cameron goes to talk to Bowie Jane because he feels like something is off. Bowie Jane says it feels like Jag is leaning towards using it. Bowie Jane says she really has to consider replacement nominees. Bowie Jane says there aren’t any good options and Cameron says there is one great option and everyone would vote for him. Bowie Jane says she just doesn’t want any blood on her hands.Cameron says he’s kept her safe and if Bowie Jane wants to keep him safe, she can’t put him up. Bowie Jane says she’ll think about it. Cameron doesn’t know why Jag would use veto and even if he did, why would Bowie Jane put him up. He needs to work his tail off to stay off the block. Bowie Jane says Jag is likely using veto and Cameron has been throwing her name around. But he’d also be public enemy number one and a shield for her. She really has to consider what is best for her game.
  7. Tonight, the Cameron resurrection tour continues to roll. Next stop, Eviction Night. Welcome to Big Brother! Previously on Big Brother, Jag & Matt were the Minute Men, and they expanded their alliance by adding Cameron. But they were also secretly working with Cory & America. Meanwhile, the showmance approached Mecole & Felicia to form a side squad. With Cameron rocketing his way to power, he had his sights set on Felicia. After Cory told Blue he would come after Cam, Blue took that info and used it against Cory. At the Veto competition, Cameron exorcise the Golden Power right into his hands. He pitched The Fugitives on taking out Cory. But Jag was not onboard. At the Veto meeting, Felicia put the college student on Blast, leaving Cameron with a huge decision. Tonight, will Cory be backdoored or will Felicia stay in the line of fire? And who will be the final HG evicted before Jury begins? Plus, a new HoH will be crowned, live. All this, right now, on Big Brother! Julie greets us and it’s Day 65 in the house. We pick up during the Veto Ceremony on Day 62. Cameron tells us he wants to back door Cory, but Jag and Matt are not on board. Cameron has decided NOT to use the POV. Felicia tells Cory he doesn’t have to hug her if he doesn’t want to and he says he does. Felicia wants to convince the rest of the house that America and Cory are a bigger threat. Meme didn’t expect Cameron to use veto and she won’t campaign against Felicia but she’s not going to make any deals. Cory says it doesn’t feel good to be called out but he doesn’t want to argue in public with Felicia. America calls Felicia a liar in front of everyone. America says did she and Cory make the deal? Yes, but she’s not going to admit it. Felicia wants to talk to Cory but he wants to do it privately but she says that’s where he can lie. Cory walks away and America says this was his chance to back her up. Cameron says Felicia is out the door but now she’s painting a target on America and Cory. Cirie says she is staying out of the vote. She needed Felicia and Meme’s vote to keep Jared and she didn’t get it so she isn’t lifting a finger to help them. Cory says the call out with Felicia was one thing but he just learned before the veto meeting that Blue is trying ti back door him. He tells America Blue needs to go next week. Cory is talking to Matt about Blue wanting to back door him. Matt says this conversation is tricky but he needs to make Cory feel like Jag and Matt didn’t even entertain it even though they did. Cory says Matt’s story doesn’t make sense but he needs Matt and Jag to trust him. Matt says he and Jag want America and Cory and Blue taking shots at each other. Jag is talking to Cameron about the veto meeting. Felicia asks Cameron and Jag how badly she blew up her game. Cameron says it’s a hard game to play for here. Felicia says she hasn’t given up yet. Felicia says everyone is her in the jury house, but they need to worry about Cory in the Big Brother house. She says leave her in the game and she will take a shot at Cory. She’s not scared like everyone else. Felicia talks to Jag and pitches keeping her to go after Cory. Jag says people want her out but her staying would be good for him and Matt. Matt, Bowie, and Jag are talking about keeping Felicia because they can beat her in competitions. Bowie asks if they can get the votes. Jag says they have to convince Cory and America to keep Felicia and play this smart. Bowie says they are working more underground. Cameron is going to head to bed and Cory says to Jag, Matt, and America wouldn’t it be funny if they saved Felicia again without her knowing it. Cory says the only 2 votes would be Cirie and Blue and Felicia wouldn’t work with them. America just doesn’t want Felicia in the house. They talk about how Meme has done better in comps than Felicia. Jag says this just fall into our laps? Do you know what time it is? It’s Minute Men time. Cory says it may sound crazy but if Blue gets left out of a vote, then it’s not Blue against Cory, but it would Blue against the house. And they can just beat Felicia easier in comps than Mecole. It’s time for the live eviction! Felicia shouts out her family. She hopes this isn’t the end of her journey. She’s enjoyed every minute in the house, good and bad. She’s standing on the faith of a mustard seed. Anything is possible. Mecole shouts out her husband and mother. She says she played a game with intent and integrity. Loose lips sink ships and that’s why she played a quiet game. She says they should keep her if they want someone in the house that doesn’t manipulate people to do their dirty work. it’s time for the vote! Cory votes to evict Meme. Cirie sadly votes to evict Meme. Blue casts her vote to evict Meme. Matt sadly chooses to evict Mecole. Jag votes to evict Meme. America votes to evict Meme. Bowie Jane votes to evict Meme. By a vote of 7-0, Mecole has been evicted from the Big Brother house. Mecole passes on a hug from Cory and doesn’t hug America. Mecole tells everyone that Cory, America, and Bowie Jane have an alliance and she tells them not to let them run away with the money. Julie says Mecole blew off Cory and America and she says she knows sabotage when she sees it and they pretended to be her friend all season. Julie asks Mecole what she thought happened since she was supposed to be a pawn. Meme says she knew it would happen sooner or later because they seen her do well in competitions. Julie asks Meme if she would be surprised to know two people were related. Meme guesses Cameron and America and Julie tells her it was Jared and Cirie and she is shocked. Matt says a majority wasn’t sure where she was aligned. America says they had to flip the house because she was the better competitor and had a better social game. Cirie says if Meme is watching this, they got her. She tried to tell her to keep Jared. Meme says she thought she’d win more but she gave it her all. The Humiliverse sent out its newest app, Humiligram. It appears on the memory wall and the HG go look and see an Instagram style app that shows funny pictures and captions. The HG are studying them and trying to take in as many details as they can. It’s time for the HOH competition! Julie will ask questions about the posts they seen and they will answer true or false. Whoever has the most points after 7 questions will be the new HOH! Question 1: The post of Reilly and Jared at the bar had exactly 74 dislikes. Cirie answers true and everyone else answers false. The post had 47 dislikes. Question 2: In Red’s post from the farm, the hens beak was fading away from red. Jag and Blue answer false and everyone else answers true. The correct answer is true. Cory, America, Matt, Bowie Jane, Felicia have 2 points. Cirie, Jag, and Blue have 1 point. Question 3: The photo of Kirsten and Hisam on the boat in the canals was posted from Kirsten’s account. Everyone answers true and they are all correct. PQuestion 4: In the photo of Reilly at the water park, the penguin was at the top of the yellow slide. Everyone answers true and they are all correct. Cory, America, Matt, Bowie Jane, and Felicia have 4 points. Cirie, Jag, and Blue have 3 points. Question 5: Both Red and Izzy’s teeth were clearly visible in the photo of the roller coaster. Everyone answers false and they are all correct. Question 6: In Hisam’s post from the gym, the word right appeared exactly three times. Jag, Cirie, Matt, America all answer true and everyone else answers false, the correct answer is false. Bowie Jane, Felicia, and Cory have 6 points. Matt, America, and Blue have 5 points. Jag and Cirie has 4 points. Question 7: In the group photo of the pre-jury part, the cake had exactly 6 candles, Matt, America, and Cory answer true and the correct answer is false. There were no candles. Jag and Cirie have 4 points. Matt and America has 5 points. Blue and Cory have 6 points. Felicia and Bowie Jane have 7 points. Bowie Jane and Felicia will go to a tiebreaker. In minutes, how long was Jared a zombie from the moment he re-entered the house to when Cameron won do or die. Bowie Jane answers 627 and Felicia answers 49,500. The correct answer is 10,401 minutes and Bowie Jane is the new HOH! Julie congratulates Bowie Jane on winning HOH and tells them everyone remaining will either be part of the jury or face the jury.
  8. Previously on Big Brother, the DE saw Cam & Jared booted, but a twist from the Scaryverse sent them back in the game. With normal game play out the window, a spooky showdown between the Zombies would commence. Cameron & Jared went to battle in a boneyard braw. After 3 nerve wracking rounds, the Space Zomboy got one step closer to resurrection. With chaos unleashed, new alliances were forming. Matt, Jag & Blue teamed up with America and Cory, but the trio also formed something new with Cameron. Meanwhile, AmericCory also cut their own side deal with Mecole and Felicia, which put them on Matt's radar. With a live do-or-die comp before him, Cameron took the reigns, and he earned a new lease on his BB Life. But it was sadly sunset for Cirie's son. Tonight, the game resumes with the Final 10 competing for HoH. Who will win the power and which 2 HG will be put on the chopping block? Find out right now, on BB! We pick up on Day 58 after Cameron win the resurrection competition and Jared leaves the house. Cameron cannot believe he worked his way back into the game and it is time to play the cramp out of the game. Cirie says Jared was sad because he wanted to be there so bad. But the gloves are off because those she loved are gone and the rest are serpents and snakes. Jag is so stoked that Cameron got back in and Blue is sad because she’ll miss Jared. Blue’s one goal is to win HOH and avenge her Poohbear. It’s time for the HOH! Cory says this HOH is crucial. America says she and Cory are working with Matt and Jag but also with Felicia and Mecole, but she’s not sure she can trust them. Cameron reads the dir croons for the HOH competitions and the HG must complete a puzzle. The first HG to assemble their rocket and launch it will be the new HOH! Cirie says this HOH is critical for her because she’s a lone wolf. Bowie Jane is excited and the power has shifted. Cameron says he’s on level 10 adrenaline and he’s calm, cool, and focused. Blue says she sees a flat piece and puts it on first. She wants to win and send Cory on him. Jag says he, Matt, or Cam winning would be golden. Mecole needs to win because she can only depend on herself. Matt has proven he can win veto comps and he wants to prove he can win HOH comps, but he’s not good at puzzles. Bowie says her hair makes her look a little alien so this is her competition. She sees the stickers and starts matching the puzzle outside of the building spot. Cameron says he heard about a variety of different alliances. America tells Matt and Jag about the Felicia and Mecole alliance and she doesn’t realize Cameron was close enough to hear. America’s strategy is to match up the stickers. Cory says he’s a brain guy but he’s apparently not good at puzzles. Jag says there is a lot of pieces and he’s feeling rushed. Cirie says she thought she was good but then everything turned French. Felicia says she thought she was good, but pieces get mixed up. Blue says she didn’t have high expectations because it’s a puzzle comp but she’s slaying it. Mecole says she was going good until she realized there were stickers. Cory says Matt, Jag, and Cam are all close and he realizes they could win and keep him safe or draw the line in the sand. Jag is in the zone and he’s trying to pick up the pace. He feels really good. Matt sees it’s between him, Jag, and Cameron and that’s great. Cameron has 3 pieces left and he isn’t worried about anyone else. All he has to do is execute. Cam finishes and hits his button and he has won HOH! Cameron says he went from out of the house to the top of the house. Blue is frustrated because she keeps getting close but Cameron winning isn’t the worst case for her. Cirie says Cameron won again. Of course he did. But she’s happy…how does that make Felicia feel? Felicia says Cam came after before and he could again. He’s like a gnat. Cameron is hoping all the groundwork he laid down paves a path for him. Mecole says Cam is a wildcard and her fingers are crossed this week. Cory says he should be able to sleep good this week. Cameron tells Cirie that Jared told him to take care of her. Cirie says she feels so alone that she might have to consider trying to work with Cameron. Jag and Matt are talking about how they’re working with America and Cory and then Blue and Cameron. Jag wants to discuss with Matt and Cameron because America and Cory are playing a smart game. Felicia says Cameron could put up her and Mecole and Cameron is a wildcard because you never know who his target is. Cirie is called to the DR while Cory is asking Survivor questions and Cirie is saved. Cory is a massive Survivor fan and she is his Survivor google. Cory is reciting Survivor facts and Cirie says he knows more than she does. Cirie says she’s glad in the DR because Cory wants to talk Survivor. Jag, Matt, and Cameron celebrate and they have called themselves The Fugitives. Cameron asks who they want on jury because the next person to leave will be the last one evicted before jury and he wants the jury pro-Cameron. Meme and Felicia are thrown out and Cirie is tossed out. Cameron says Cory is a threat and Jag says they have to think about who is the most dangerous. Cameron says he’s taking all their input in, but he’s ultimately going to do what is best for his game. Mecole says she is a naturally clean person. Her house is spotless, but the Big Brother house? Not so much. We see her disinfecting everything. She says this house has funk. 2 cans of disinfectant spray probably isn’t doing the job, but it’s all she’s got. America says she learned how to kiss at 26. Cirie hates when you kiss someone for the first time and their mouth is too wet. America says no one ever told her what she was doing wrong as a kisser. Cory finds it hard to believe America is teaching him to kiss. America says she kissed washing machine style. Bowie Jane says she practiced on her hand. Cory is in to talk to Cameron. Cory says it’s fun to watch the roller coaster from the outside but not fun when you’re on it. Cory says he hasn’t really betrayed Cameron and he wants to build on their relationship. Cory says he feels very comfortable and he needs Cameron to win competitions. Cory asks Cameron what he needs from him, he’d like to play in veto. Cameron doesn’t know why Cory is so comfortable. He likes chaos and since he is HOH, no one should be comfortable. He says the persona Cory is protecting could be his downfall. Blue is in to talk to Cameron and he says the best part of being HOH is people come in with their little black book and start throwing names out and start driving the bus. He takes in as much info as he can. Blue throws Cory under the bus and wants him gone. Felicia is in to talk to Cameron and she says they haven’t talked game. Why is that? Cameron says he never felt there was an invitation for game talk and Felicia says she wasn’t a pusher in any conversations. Felicia says she very one was chasing him because he’s the number one player in the house. She says her gut tells her that he is putting her on the block and he says Felicia is the greatest persuader in the house. Felicia says Cirie is the real threat. But truth be told she is a threat but she’s going to do whatever she has to in order to stay off the block. Cameron asks if he’s F2 would she vote for him and she says yes. She says that sincerely and she would be one of his 4 votes. She says she’s asking him to let her keep playing. Mecole is in to talk to Cameron and she says he should be damned proud of himself. She says it has been amazing to watch. Cameron knows who his target is this week, but he needs to sit his target next to a pawn and that is a very important decision. He tells Mecole she is not in any danger this week. Me dole says he is cryptic and she thinks she’s going to be a pawn and she doesn’t like the odds. Cameron says he doesn’t want things to be weird. Mecole says Cameron should be careful because they are about to see a side to her they haven’t seen, and if she stays, then Cameron will be a target. Cameron again reassures Mecole she isn’t in any danger. It’s time for the nomination ceremony! Cameron’s first nominee is…Felicia. His second nominee is…Mecole. Cameron says there are many aspects to this game and Felicia has had many and she is a tremendous competitor. Cameron says he’s no stranger to sitting next to friends and he apologizes to Mecole. Cameron says Felicia is his target because he doesn’t want her in jury house and he doesn’t believe she’d vote for him to win. He says Mecole is her best friend and he doesn’t want her winning veto and saving Felicia. Cory says Cameron didn’t go rogue and nothing crazy happened. Felicia says Cameron makes her nauseous. She doesn’t know why he wants her out but she is winning veto because she doesn’t want to have to ask people for their votes. Mecole says her game face is on and she is going to fight for that veto. They are going to have to drag her out because she’s not leaving without veto in her hands.
  9. It’s day 58 in the house and Jared or Cameron will have their game resurrected. We have to find out who will win the resurrection rumble. Cameron leads Jared 13-9. Cameron says he has to win so he can decide who puts their life on the line. For this competition the rules are simple. The first one who gets all their skulls and eyeballs in their shovel wins. Cory cannot have Jared coming back. Jared has to reset and start again. Jared says he now has to play the game of catch up. Cirie is praying Jared can pull out this win because she doesn’t know if she can take watching him walk out the door again. Blue says this is a stressful game to watch. Cameron is at 21 and Jared is at 11. Jag says the power dynamics have been shifting and if Jared returns things could go back to where they were. Cameron is at 25 and Jared has to reset again. Jared has to hope Cameron slips up. Cameron says he is only focused on what he is doing. Bowie Jane really wants Cameron to win this. Cameron is close and Jared is still trying to catch up. Cory says it feels like a Cameron is gently holding his game in his hands. Cameron has all his balls on his shovel and he is making his way back and hits his button and he has won the resurrection rumble! He says the fate of his game now lies in his hands. Cameron says he doesn’t have time to celebrate because all he’s done is win a chance to decide who will play in the final competition. He needs to work on setting up a future for himself. Cirie says she has never experienced this type of situation and she doesn’t know what he should do. Cory is over the moon because he thinks Cameron will be back in the house. Cirie and Felicia are comforting Jared and telling him it isn’t over yet. Felicia tells him to stay in the game. He just hopes someone will protect his mom. Felicia says life brings about disappointment but Jared, herself, and Cirie need each other. Jag thinks Cam has a strong shot at staying and Cameron wants to work with Jag and Matt and see if they can make it work. Cameron thinks the three of them could take care of business. Jag is open to working with Cameron because he’d rather work with him than against him. Blue joins Cameron, Jag, and Matt and they are discussing an alliance. Blue wants Jared to stay, but if Cameron stays she needs to make sure she’s good with him. Cameron is talking to Jag and Matt and says they are a three personal alliance with layers. Cameron mentions The Brigade and compares them. Matt doesn’t know what The Brigade is but it sounds good to him. America and Cory are making out in the shower and Jag and Felicia walk in and America hides. Jag asks if anyone is in the bathroom and Cory says America was. They realize she’s in the shower and Jag and Felicia leave. Cory’s alliance is with America, Jag, and Matt, but he wants to make sure he’s good with Felicia and Meme. Mecole doesn’t really trust Cory and America but you can’t trust anyone in this game. But she hunks she can beat them later. Matt sees Cory talking to Felicia and that’s cool but then he sees Cory uses his hand to cover his lips and now he’s suspicious. Felicia, Meme, America, and Cory are talking and America says no one would see it coming. Cory says they have a better chance at winning against Meme and Felicia than Matt and Jag. Matt sees the four talking and he assumes Cory is covering bases which is fine, but he got caught. Matt, Jared, and Blue are talking about Cory and America being a safe haven. Blue says America and Cory are a threat to her and the more she can drag America’s name through the mud, the more she can pull Jag and Matt closer. Jared is pretty sure Cameron is going to choose to play himself but he wants to talk to him. Cameron says he’s gonna do it. Jared says champions want to hold the ball and Cameron agrees. Jared says he respects that but he hopes he loses it. Cameron says even though he’s confident it doesn’t mean he will win. Julie greets us and she’s going to show Cameron what he’s up against before he makes his decision. Julie explains they will have to use the zombie pulleys to maneuver a ball up the board into the combine hand. But it has to be done in 3 minutes. If the ball drops they have to start again. Julie asks if Cameron want to play or let Jared play. Cameron takes a moment and says he’s going to take it on. Julie has Cameron step up and 3 minutes are on the clock, Julie gives the go! Cameron starts with the first ball and is doing pretty well. 30 seconds have gone and he’s making progress. He almost loses the ball but recovers. He’s shaky around the arm but is hanging in but drops. Cameron starts again with 1:50 left. He moves faster up but slows down around the arm. He’s moving very slowly but has over a minute still. He drops the ball in the hand and hits the buzzer with 1:05 left. Jared’s game is over and he has to head inside, say goodbye, and head out the front door. Jared gives hugs and Cameron is also hugging people. Jared does a handshake and hug with Bowie Jane. Blue is last to hug Jared and he grabs his bag and heads out the door. Julie asks Jared how difficult that was to watch? He says it was tough, but he fought as hard as he could. Jared says he’d have done everything he could to get that ball in the hand. Cameron made the right choice. Julie asks Jared how he thinks his mom will do and he gets emotional. She asks how much of his game play was affected by his mom? He says he knew it would be hard but he tried to protect her. Jared thinks he built a good bond with Blue. Julie asks how jared is feeling and he says he hopes his mom is good and he hopes she can trust Blue. Jared asks how things changed so quickly on double eviction night and he says he was a competitor and he had to do what he had to. America is happy Jared is out of the house. Bye! Cory says he expects to be friends after the show. Blue is going to miss her blanket time and promises him a trip to Italy. CIrie is so proud of him and she will try and get Cory for him if it’s the last thing she does. Jared says he loved it and he enjoyed his experience. Julie will talk with the HG and put scary week to bed. Julie congratulates Cameron and he says he’s happy. He says that competition got him rattled. He was nervous after the first ball dropped but he kept going. Julie says scary week is officially over but that doesn’t mean scary verse won’t rear it’s ugly head again. Everyone gets to play in the next HOH.
  10. This week the hijinxs of Humiliweek have clashed with the most dramatic events of the season, all leading to tonight's pivotol live vote and eviction. Welcome to BB! Previously on BB, Cirie, Izzy and Felicia have been running the game, along with Cirie's son Jared, and they had alliances with nearly all the house. But after blindsiding Cameron and Bowie by evicting Red, and the Space Cowboy then taking control, the power trio was finally up against the ropes. Thinking he was still good with Jared, Cameron shared he was circling Cirie as a backdoor. With the Veto Games underway, Jared buddied up to power, while others walked away with publishments. Izzy & Cameron became piggy pals, Cirie was up the river with Felicia, and Matt became a Duhamelamaniac. Clueless about Jared's true loyalties, Felicia thought he would use the Veto to save her. But at the Veto meeting, Jared protected his mom. Tonight, one of Cirie's top allies exits the game, but will it be who she expects? Plus, the HoH is on the line in the iconic Wall comp and the HG come face to face with a legendary meatball. All this right now live, on BB! Julie greets us and tells us it’s day 44 in the house and Cameron’s revenge run is going on. We pick up on day 41 after the veto meeting and Jared has decided not to use the veto because he didn’t want to put his mom in danger. Felicia hates being against Izzy. She thinks she has Blue, Mecole, Cirie, Jared, and Cory’s votes to stay. Cirie says this is like being in one of her worst nightmares because her two closest allies are counting on her vote. She’s hoping the house will keep Izzy because she needs that to happen but she doesn’t want the decision to come from her. Cory says the decision is pretty clear for him between Izzy and Felicia because he’s been in an alliance with Izzy, Cirie, and Jared for awhile. He says the votes should be straight forward. Izzy says her and Cirie have worked hard to make sure everyone is comfortable working with them and hopefully now it pays off. Cory says America has wanted to take a shot at Izzy and Cirie but he thinks it’s way too risky. America says Izzy is the better game player and she doesn’t understand why they’re afraid to take the shot. Felicia and Cirie get the announcement their Kayak punishment is over. America is talking to Cameron and telling him the house wants Felicia to go. America tells Cameron he was the target last week and he says no. America also tells him Jared told Red that Cameron volunteered to go up next to him. America feels good that Cameron knows everything but she still needs to get four more votes to evict Izzy because Cameron can’t vote. America goes to talk to Matt to see where his head is at to build better relationships. Matt feels solid with Cirie. He wouldn’t mind working with America short term but not long term. Matt tells America that he won the secret power and used it on Jag and that Cirie also played in that comp. America says she won’t tell but then we see her tell Cory. Cory wants to key Cirie didn’t tell him she played but would tell Matt. He says he’s been too complacent and now he should make big moves. Cory talks to Jag. Cory tells us he feels like he’s being played and now he needs other people to realize they are being pinned against each other. Cory tells Jag he knows about The Seven Deadly Sins and Izzy told him.J Jag says he’s been suspicious of Jared and Cirie anyway. Jag says Seven Deadly Sins is dead now. Cory, America, and Jag are talking about voting Izzy out. America says flipping the house is her love language. They only need two more votes and Cory thinks he can do this. Cory goes to Bowie about the vote and he tells her to be careful about Cirie. Cory goes to Mecole with the plan to vote out Izzy. Meddle says she’s been in multiple alliance with both nominees but she believes Izzy is the stronger player and it just makes sense to send her out this week. Cory then goes to Matt and he needs to build some alliances. He wants to work with Jag and Matt. He tells Matt he’s voting to evict Izzy and he tells him why. Cory tells Matt he knows about Seven Deadly Sins. Matt says his mind is blown right now. Jag comes in and says Seven Deadly Sins have burned bridges. Julie goes to the LR. Felicia says this week has been long and exhausting and she has survived. She says everyone has to make a decision and take the lead and that person will be the winner of this season. Izzy says this has changed her life. She cares deeply about this game even though she’s fighting for her life in the pig costume. She says she can learn and grow and if they choose to keep her and she will choose to be brave and strong for them. She desperately hopes they vote to keep her and she ends with a shoutout. It’s time to vote! America votes to evict Izzy. Cory votes to evict Izzy. So far it’s 2 votes to evict Izzy and 0 to evict Felicia. We’ll continue voting when we get back. Voting continues! Matt sadly votes to evict Izzy. Cirie votes to evict Felicia. Jared sadly votes to evict Izzy. Bowie Jane votes to evict Izzy. Blue happily votes to evict Izzy. Jag votes to evict Izzy. Mecole casts her vote to evict Izzy. By a vote of 8-1, Izzy has been evicted from the Big Brother house. Izzy hugs everyone but Cameron and Cory and says she’ll see them soon. She joins Julie on stage and the HG watch her picture go gray. Julie asks Izzy what she thinks when wrong and she says she trusted Cory too much. She feels most betrayed by Cory. She thought they built a strong friendship and maybe it clouded her judgement. Julie asks about Izzy protecting Cirie and Jared’s secret and she says she thought it was too soon to think about blowing up their group. She believes Cirie and Jared are in big trouble but she hopes they survive. Jag says he respects her so much but she played herself. Mecole thought they were developing a friendship that was based on honesty but it’s not true. Cory says he couldn’t trust Jared or Cirie. Cirie says she’ll see her at the family dinners, she’s a Fields now. Izzy says no regrets and she had a great time. Julie says the next battle for HOH will begin after the break. It’s time for the HOH competition! Julie informs them they are going back to a jury of 7 and they have to earn their spots. The HG must hang on for deal life. Last HG left will become the new HOH! The wall tips forward and Felicia is shaking a bit. Bowie Jane readjusts as the wall tips forward a bit more. They get puffs of smoke from behind them and Julie tells us that next Thursday will be a scaryverse double eviction!
  11. We pick up on Day 38 after the Nomination ceremony and Cameron has nominated Izzy and Felicia, and Legends 25 is dead. He says an amateur would go after the president, but he’s chopping the arms off and is going to watch it wiggle. Izzy is surprised Cameron put her on the block with Felicia but she thinks he’s intimidated by her. Game on. Felicia doesn’t understand Cameron’s speech because he wanted Hisam out and his relationship with Red was on the rocks. Jag is surprised he is not on the block. Before Homs were made he and Cameron made a deal and so far it seems he’s honoring that deal. But he doesn’t really trust him. Felicia talks to Cameron and says everyone wanted Hisam gone. She says they were voting out Jag but then Izzy and Cirie told her that Red said she was a liability about an hour and a half before eviction. Cameron says this is what he wanted. Felicia is throwing her friends under the bus. Izzy is in to talk to Cameron and he says this is a firm distinction between personal and game. Izzy says Cameron makes her skin crawl but she has to play buddy buddy so she doesn’t become the target. Cameron says Felicia is a loose cannon and Izzy is not the target but tells us Izzy is his target. Cameron tells Izzy he loves Cirie. He tells us he does love her but there is no world where the three of them work together. Izzy tells us she knows Cirie is a replacement nom choice and she is worried what is going to happen after veto. America is living for this. She’s seen that Izzy, Felicia, and Cirie have been running the house and Cameron seen the light. Cirie goes to talk to Cameron and she says he’s probably mad at her too but she understands why this had to happen. Cameron says the president is a little frazzled but if someone comes off the block? She is going down. Izzy is talking Cirie and they are discussing she could be a replacement nominee. She says if she wins veto she will not pull herself down. Cirie says it’s crazy but she is someone crazy enough to do that and that’s what makes her phenomenal. Jag is in to talk to Cameron and he tells us he doesn’t trust Cameron and he doesn’t feel completely safe. Cameron says this is an olive branch. He tells Jag not a word about their deal. If he finds out Jag tells anyone about that deal he’ll put him up so fast his head will spin. Jag says if Cameron is starting a working relationship with someone, threatening them is not the way to go. He does not feel any better about this and he needs to play in this veto. Jag and Matt make an alliance and they are calling themselves The Minutemen. Jag was a huge fan of The Hitmen and he wants to be like them. Jag wants to play veto and win and keep noms the same. Matt says even though 2 of The Seven Deadly Sins are on the block, it is better for his and Jag’s game for noms to stay the same. Jared is talking to Cameron and says things are about to get bananas. Jared says he doesn’t trust Cameron at all and when he laughs, it’s not with Cameron but at him. Cameron says game on. Cam says this was the perfect week. Nominations, no food, terrible sleeping situations, and yelling into a bullhorn. Cameron says Jared put him on the block but as a pawn and he trusts him. Cameron says Felicia sang like a bird and as much as he trusts Jared, he’s not going to tell him the entire plan. Jared says when Cameron tells him his plan isn’t over he’s jumping to conclusions. He suspects Cameron is going to go after his mom. He needs to win this veto so he can protect his mom. It’s time to pick players for the veto competition! Cameron is dreaming to pull Cirie’s chip out. He draws Matt. Matt is excited he gets to play to help ensure noms stay the same. Felicia wants to pull Jared’s name because he is her son in the house. Felicia draws Jared. Izzy draws HG choice and she chooses Jag. Jag says it’s great Izzy chose him for veto because it shows trust between them. Matt says he feels closest with Jag, Cirie, and Jared and he wants to see where his head is at. Jared says they have to keep it the same because Cirie would be the replacement nominee. Jared thinks Cameron will give him the full plan once he wins veto. Izzy is talking to Cirie and she wants to win veto. She wants to be good at this. Izzy says Cirie is her favorite person and Cirie says Izzy is her favorite too, besides the one she gave birth too. Cirie asks why Izzy isn’t confident in herself and she says she doesn’t know. She wants to be able to do things. Cirie tells Izzy the feelings she has are the same ones Cirie had when she took a chance at Survivor. Cirie is emotional and she says she feels like she found her person, someone who understands. Cirie says they are two hot messes. Izzy says Cirie is inspiring her right now and she trusts her. It’s time for the Veto Competition! Blue calls everyone into the LR for a special sneak peek of Camp Buddy Games hosted by Josh Duhamel. Josh is hosting the Veto Competition and he has brought the spirit of Buddy Games to the Big Brother Backyard. Each round they’ll take a seat in a spinning chair and be spun for 30 seconds. Then they’ll throw three shots. The lowest score in each round is eliminated. But don’t worry, they get a prize, but it may not be theirs because someone else could steal it. Felicia is up first and she says it is imperative she wins veto. Felicia gets spun and she is very slow getting up. She hits 70 with ball number 1. 0 with ball number two and she takes a spill. She doesn’t get her third ball. Felicia’s score is 70. Jared is up next and one of his main goals is to keep his mom as safe as possible. Jared is quickly up and his first ball is a 1. His second ball is 28. His third ball is 1. Jared’s score is 30. Cameron is next and he wants to win or Jared so they can discuss how much chaos to create and his score is 65. Izzy is up and she scores 7, 6, and 2. Izzy has a score of 15. Matt wants to win so he can prove he can win but also to keep noms the same. Matt scores 97, 45, and 0 for a total of 142. Jag is up and he doesn’t trust Cameron at all so he wants to win this veto. Jag scores 91, 0, and 11 and has a total of 102. Izzy had the low score and has been eliminated and she has the POV. She knows she is not keeping this veto. For the second round the spinning is longer and they have less time to shoot. Jared is up first and scores 75, 62, 47 for a total of 184 and Cameron says let’s go. Cameron is next and scores 8, 18, and 0 for a total of 26. Matt is up and he scores 71, 45, and 6 for a total of 122. Jag scores 7, 37, and 47 for a total of 91. Felicia is up and takes a spill. She scores 6 and 21 for a score of 27. Cameron has been eliminated and he wins Piggy Pals where he and another HG will be pals and they will have to fill a pigpen with dirt using only 2 small scoopers and complete it in 12 hours. He trades Izzy for the veto. Round 3 begins and Matt is first. He scores 7, 5, and 51 for a total of 63. Jag scores 8, 4, and 5 for a total of 17. Jared is up and he scores 97, 44, and 9 for a total of 150. Felicia is up and scores 47. Felicia collapses on the ground and Cameron says they need to get someone out there. Felicia has been eliminated but she is up with a bag of ice. She wins a European vacation and she trades for the veto giving Cameron the vacation. Round 4 starts and Jag is up and scores 8, 62, and 6 for a score of 76. Jared scores 9, 5, and 60 for a score of 74. Matt is up last in this round and he scores 8, 54, and 54 for a score of 116. Jared wins Kayaking companions and he must move around with one other HG in a kayak for 24 hours. Jared trades for the veto and Felicia has the Kayak Companions. It is time for the final round! Matt is first and scores 80, 56, and 3. Jag is up and scores 89, 5, 2 for a total of 96. Jag’s prize if $5,000 and he decides to keep the money. Matt’s prize is Duhamel-a-Maniac. He gets to hang out with “Josh” all week and he thinks that’s better than all the other prizes and he keeps it. Izzy picks Cameron as her Piggy Pal. Felicia selects Cirie as her Kayak Companion. Jared has won the POV! He says this could not have been better because now he gets to hear Cameron’s plan. Izzy is glad Jared won so she doesn’t have to not use veto. Cameron says this is great! He gets to go to Europe and fill Jared in on his plan. Felicia is excited because Jared can pull her down. Cirie and Felicia are called to the DR and they get their Kayak Companions punishment. They have life vests and helmets and are in a kayak with oars and will be together for 48 hours. They have to be in the kayak when they go anywhere but they can land and dock and be out of the kayak. Cirie and Felicia get called to the DR and we see them trying to maneuver through the hall and get the DR door open. They finally make it in. Matt is called to the DR and he has a cardboard cutout of Josh and has on the new version of the humilitard. We see him shaving Josh’s face on the cutout. Matt gets to go take a selfie in the kitchen. We then see him take a selfie under the kitchen table. He then gets a selfie with Josh and the Kayak Companions, then the HOH. He gets up in the middle of the night to get a selfie in the have-not room. He also had to put all his photos on a shrine to Josh. Jared is in to talk to Cameron and Cameron says this could not have been any better. Jared says if Cameron can actually convince him that Cirie is not the replacement nom then he’ll consider using the veto. Cameron asks if Jared wants to play it chill or blow things apart. He tells Jared they could put Cirie on the block. Cameron tells us he wants Izzy to sit next to her best friend in the house because he had to sit next to two of his. Jared says Cameron confirmed his suspicions and he has to make sure that happened. Jared tries to sway Cameron to put Jag up. Cameron says it’s pretty clear Jared doesn’t want Cirie up. He says he has to think long and hard about that now. He says putting up Jag is worth entertaining. He tells Jared they’ll make the decision together. Izzy and Cameron are called to the DR and they have pink pig onesies. They get 12 hours to move 2000 scoops to their pen or Izzy will be ineligible to compete in the next veto. Cameron says it’s nice dirt but smells like mulch. He doesn’t like Izzy as a player but he loves her as a person. So he will make sure she succeeds at this mission and hen make sure she meets Julie on Thursday. Mecole says she has no idea is what is happening right now. They have 2 HG in a kayak, 2 in piggie costumes, and Josh with Matt. Matt gets a 10 on the stink-o-meter and everyone must put on their gas masks, including the piggies. Matt has to get a selfie with Josh in the gas mask. Felicia says she doesn’t think there has ever been this much going on in the house. Cirie says it’s a mad house. Josh has to get a selfie with Josh and ALL the HG. America says she has been working on Cory and molding him into the perfect boyfriend. They’ve been working on kissing. Cory says it’s obvious he likes America but his mom is watching the feeds. America says they aren’t official until they have their first kiss and we see them kissing at night and America says it’s now official. It’s 3:05 AM and Cameron and Izzy are still moving first, they are at 1524 and Izzy is talking constantly. Cameron he has run up mountains but this has kicked his ass. They run the last two scoops and they now must add water to their pigpen and they have to roll around in the dirt. Cameron says he is so gassed and sore all over. Izzy says she appreciates Cameron. Jared says this is going to be a tough conversation to have with Felicia that he can’t use veto but it’s even worse he has to tell them both together because of the punishment. Felicia needs Jared to use the veto on her but how does she get that to happen with Cirie right there. She says this punishment is now impacting her game. She’s really up the creek without a paddle. It’s time for the veto meeting! Jared has decided NOT to use the POV. He says it’s the best decision for himself moving forward and he hopes everyone understands. Jared says he truly loves Felicia and Izzy but he could never endanger his mom’s game. He says Cameron can play HOH next week and if he doesn’t win veto then Jared will be on his heels. Felicia says she wishes Jared had used veto but she is going to talk, talk, talk all week and hope that keeps her in the house. Izzy says she understands Jared not using veto and it sucks sitting next to a Felicia but she wants to stay. Cameron says he couldn’t get Cirie on the block next to Izzy but he still gets his number one target out.
  12. Previously, on Big Brother, Cirie, Felicia, and Izzy were the core behind the Seven Deadly Sins as well as the Legends 25 alliance. When Matt told Cirie he won a secret power he inadvertently started a game of telephone that ended with Jag suspecting Cirie of sharing secret information. A unanimous vote sealed Jag’s fate, but the BB Power of Invincibility quickly unsealed it. With the son of Cirie seizing power, he went after the duo of Cameron and Red and he told Red not to trust his biggest ally, which left Red seeing red. After Cameron won veto, Jared needed a replacement nominee and Cirie floated the idea that Jag was too dangerous. So after making him think he was a pawn for the seven deadly sins, Jag took Cameron’s spot on the block. Tonight, will eviction history repeat itself for Jag? Or will the Chillbilly be left out in the cold? Find out right now on Big Brother! Julie greets us and it’s Day 37 in the house. We pick up after the veto meeting and it’s Day 34 and Cameron says thrice time on the block daddy has set and he removed himself. He hasn’t given up on Red and whoever is sitting next to him need to leave. Red says he’s on the block with Jag but he’s relying on his Legends 25 alliance. Jag says he wants to shows he’s a team player and hopefully since he’s a pawn it will make their alliance moving forward. Cirie says Jag think he’s the pawn but he’s the target. She says he knows she played in the secret competition and that she knows Matt saved him and that makes him dangerous. Jared says Jag thinks he is his pawn but he wants to keep him calm this week. Izzy says Cameron and Red have been in her hit list for awhile but if the bromance is dead, then she’s good with keeping Red and sending Jag home. We see Cory sneaking out of America’s bed at 6 am. She likes him but she needs to work on him to make him the perfect man for her. Cory says his experience in Big Brother has been different than expected. He has a girlfriend making him wear bronzer and growing out the worst facial hair in history. Cirie says since Jag is out maybe they need to make Cameron and Red feel good about Legends 25 and work it down to the final eight. She says families fight but they are still family. Mecole thinks the meeting is a little premature but they are a very indecisive group. She hopes they actually stick to the plan this week. Felicia is whispering to Mecole that she does not want Red and Cameron to get back together and Mecole is confused. Mecole says she doesn’t know why they think Red and Cameron won’t mend their differences, as men do that quite often. Julie says there may be a blindside in the works…the only question is who is getting blindsided. It’s reds birthday and Felicia says they are serving him breakfast in bed. Red says his day has been amazing and he can’t believe how fortunate he is to celebrate his birthday in the house with these HG. Jared and Red are talking and Red wants to have a sit down with Jared and Cameron. He says he is going to have that conversation after he survives the week. Jared said Cameron came to him and said he wanted to be a pawn against Red. We see the flashback of Jared suggesting Cameron be a pawn. Jared does not understand why Red wants to have a meeting with Cameron and that could be dangerous. Jared is talking to Felicia and Izzy about Red wanting to talk things out with Cameron. Felicia says that would be a problem for everyone. Felicia says they should stick with their original instinct and split them up and now they’re talking about letting them both come off the block. Felicia is talking to Cirie about the information Jared gave her and is pitching maybe keeping Jag. Cirie says this could be figuring out the lesser of two evils. Felicia says Red and Cameron getting back together could put herself and Cirie in their line of sights. Time for the eviction! Red does shoutouts to his kids. He loves all the HGand it’s an amazing experience and no matter what happens he loves them. Jag does his shoutouts and says he appreciates the time he’s spent with his BB fam and he requests for them to vote to keep him or Meme will kill him if he doesn’t make the steak he promised. It’s time to vote! Cameron votes to evict Jag. Bowie Jane sadly votes to evict Jag. Blue is voting Red out. America votes to evict Red. It’s 2 votes to evict Jag and 2 votes to evict Red. Voting will continue soon! Voting continues! Matt chooses to evict Red. Cirie sadly votes to evict Red. Izzy votes to evict Red. Cory votes to evict Red. Felicia gladly votes to evict Red. Mecole casts her vote to evict Red. By a vote of 8-2, Red has been evicted from the Big Brother house. Red starts giving hugs, grabs his bag, and says love you humans and walks out the door. Cameron seems to be going through a lot of emotions based on his face but he’s very quiet. Julie says Red was told that Jag was a BD target and here he sits and Red feels like Felicia had a lot to do with it. He says this experience has been great either way. Julie asks who he feels most betrayed by and he says Cameron. Julie asks why Red didn’t go to talk to Cameron instead of taking Jared at his word. He said he didn’t want to act emotional and thought it best to let it be. Julie tells Cam voted for him to stay. Julie asks Red if he’d be surprised to know there was a pre-existing relationship and he said no there could be several. He says maybe Izzy and Felicia or Jared and Felicia. Julie tells him Jared is Cirie’s son and he says wow that’s awesome. Felicia says she’s sorry but they didn’t want him and Cam to get back together. Bowie Jane says she will get back those who flipped on them. Izzy says she is sad to see him to go but he and Cam were coming after her. Cameron says if Red is seeing this, something absolutely went wrong and he’ll see him on the outside. Red says it’s been an amazing experience and it’s a game so he takes everything with a grain of salt. He said the overall experience was just amazing. It’s time for the HOH competition! This week is humilaweek. The HG will see a video of colored toots. They will be asked a question that will be true or false and if they are wrong they are eliminated. Last HG standing after 7 questions will be the new HOH! Question 1: The first cloud was the same color as the last cloud? Everyone answers false and everyone is correct. Question 2: Two green clouds appeared back to back. Everyone answers true and everyone is correct. Question 3: There were more red clouds than blue clouds. Cirie, Matt, and Bowie Jane answer true and everyone else answers false. The answer is false and Cirie, Matt, and Bowie Jane have been eliminated. The HG get their second video. Question 4: There were exactly 12 clouds shown in total. Cory, Izzy, and Cameron answer true and Mecole, Felicia, America, Jag, and Blue answer false. The answer is true and Mecole, Felicia, America, Jag, and Blue have been eliminated. Question 5: The red clouds were always immediate followed by a yellow cloud. Cameron answers false and Izzy and Cory answers true. The correct answer is false. Cameron is the new HOH! Jared has not handed over the key yet and there doesn’t seem to be much celebrating going on. Julie asks Cameron how he feels and he feels great but he misses his buddy Red. Everyone except for Cameron will be have nots and they will take turns sleeping in the humiliverse room.
  13. Previously, on Big Brother, Matt won the Bb Power of Invincibility, and after telling Cirie, they decided he was going to use it to save their ally. Matt filled Jag in, while Cirie gave her son the 411. But after Jared implies to Jag he was safe, Cirie was not happy with her son’s loose lips. The house sent Jag packing, but Matt’s power returned him to the game. At the HoH competition, Cutie’s boy became a man. Jared had his sights on The Chiller’s duo so he tried to make Cameron think he was a pawn and after Hared thought Cameron was being disloyal to Red he used it as ammo to turn Red against his Chiller Chum. At the nomination ceremony, The Chiller’s went on the chopping block and Rd was left in tears. Tonight, will the POV save one of the Chillers from the hot seat? And if so, who will be Jared’s next target? Find out right now on Big Brother! We pick up on Day 31 after the nomination ceremony and Jared has nominated Red and Cameron. Cameron says this is not good. Hopefully one of them can come off the block and keep the other one from being evicted. Red feels betrayed by Cameron. Jag is grateful to be in the game but it doesn’t feel good to be evicted 10-0. Jag says he learned he can’t trust Cirie to keep information to herself but he still wants to work with her. He just needs to learn how to work around his relationships. Red is feeling bad and is trying to make himself feel better. He says you know the difference between a hippo and a zippo? One is a heavy critter and the other is a little lighter. Cirie goes to comfort Red because she needs his head in the game so he can go after veto. Cirie says she needs Cameron and his hair to leave the house. Jared and Cameron are talking and Jared said he understands if he is mad and Cameron said he trusts him. They talk about veto and Jared says if he won veto he might take him down or he’s banking on Cam winning. Cameron says he is telling Jared anything he wants to hear. He does not want Red to go and he’s going to do whatever it takes to keep The Chillers safe another week. Cory is talking to Jared and says he has options this week. Cory and Jared made a final two on day 3. Cory says they bounce ideas off each other and they work together. Jared says Corey is a solid four after his mom, Izzy, and Blue. Cory says America can be brought in but as soon as she has to go she’s gone. Jared tells Cory that he doesn’t trust America. He feels like she’s been throwing competitions and he doesn’t know what deal she made with Cameron in the Pressure Cooker and he has no use for her. Cory tells Jared if America won HOH she would go after any combination of Izzy, Felicia, or Cirie. Jared tells us if you come after his people he has no need for them in the house. It’s time to pick players for the veto competition! Jared doesn’t want to see America to play because he thinks she’s been throwing competitions. Jared draws Felicia. Red needs to pick someone from his Legends 25 alliance and he draws America. America is ecstatic to play and if she wins she’ll keep noms the same. Cameron wants Matt to play in this veto because he trusts him. Cameron draws HG choice and chooses Matt. Jared tells Cory and Izzy if America throws the competition he’ll put her up as his target. Cory swears she isn’t throwing comps. Cory is confused and wants to know where this is coming from. He says America can’t go home on Jared’s HOH because she is his number two and he is his number one. Cory talks to Jared and he says he doesn’t trust her. Cory asks him to trust him with her. Cory needs Jared to be a much better final two ally because he’s not sure they can get to final two without killing each other. Cory wants to talk to America. He does not want to lose her because she could help him later in the game. Cory tells her she needs to visibly try her hardest because people think she is throwing comps. She says she’s been trying her hardest to win every single one. America is asking him what is going on and he tells her they think she wouldn’t put up Cameron. America doesn’t know where Jared is getting those ideas, maybe it’s his huge ego. America says she was already going into this competition to give it 100% but now she’s going into it to give it 1000%. It’s time for the Veto Competition! They have tiny barrels and they have to stack 36 barrels with 8 on the bottom. The first HG to stack all their barrels will win the POV! Jared is gunning for the veto so he has absolute power. Red says he is going just as hard for this veto as every other competition in this game. Cameron says he does not want to sit through a third eviction, he has to get off this block. Matt wants to win this competition so everyone can see that he can win comps. Felicia wants to win to make sure Cameron walks out that door. America wants to win to prove she isn’t throwing competitions. Jared seems to be struggling. America and Matt and Cameron are making decent progress, Red is struggling a bit and Felicia and Cameron are on the third row now. Jared says it’s hard for him to keep his hand straight. Cirie says Jared has always had muffin hands, they are huge and puffy. America has good progress but knocks down a couple of columns. Red is trying to take breaths to steady himself but it’s tough. Felicia says it’s important to be slow and steady and not panic if any barrels fall over. Cameron is down to six barrels. Felicia is on her fourth row. Cameron loses nearly his entire stack. He says he cannot win. America says this looks easier on tv. The more tired her hand gets the more her hand shakes. Cam is starting over and Matt switches to his left hand but he knocks a few barrels over. Jared says every time a barrel falls over he just wants to throw the box on the floor but he knows he needs to focus. The middle part of Matt’s stack keeps falling. America only has a few left to go but she needs to stay focused. Cameron has about three barrels to go. America and Matt are just behind and America drops some barrels. Cameron finishes and he has won the POV! Cameron holds up the tiny POV and now he just needs to make sure he and Red both stay. Red is disappointed that Cameron gets to stay but he needs to figure out how he can stay. Americas heart just sinks and she knows people will think she threw the competition. Jared says he respects someone who has sat on the block three times and can win competitions, but now he needs to pivot and figure out what is best for his game. Felicia says now that Cameron has won the POV, their worst nightmare, but they need to figure out who to sit next to Red who will be their target. Felicia is talking to Cirie and Mecole and America walks in and everything gets quiet. Felicia tells America that she might be a pawn but they are all voting out Red. America is not convinced and she wants to talk to Jared and figure out what’s going on. America rehashes the conversation where she might be a replacement nominee. Jared tells America that people are concerned she’s growing competitions. America says I stood in the Pressure Cooker for 13 hours, how does that make sense? She tells us she stood there for 13 hours and he dropped as soon as it got dark. Jared tells her that he heard she would put up Izzy, Felicia, and Cirie and she denies it. Jared says he knows from his conversation with Cory that she is targeting Felicia, Izzy, or Cirie if she wins and he sitting there lying to his face about it rubs him the wrong way. Red and Cameron are talking and Red says Cam wrote him a bad check. Cameron wants to know what he did wrong and Red says he thinks he does and they should put it on ice. Cameron says he’s not sure where to go after that. Red tells Cirie, Izzy, and Felicia that he told Cameron they aren’t in an alliance anymore. Cirie says maybe Red shouldn’t be a target if he’s not going to work with Cameron. Bowie Jane, Cirie, and Red are talking about America being a strong competitor. Cirie turns the talk back to Jag and how if the house voted her out 10-0 she would trust anyone. Maybe it’s not a good idea to keep Jag in the house. Jared and Cirie are talking and he asks who she wants to go home. Cirie pitches Jag and says no one will ever come between Matt and Jag. But if they get rid of Jag Cameron will feel like Jared finished his HOH. Cirie says America would be a waste for him. Jag is talking to The Seven Deadly Sins and says he still wants to work with them and he still trusts them moving forward. Jared asks about nominations and they pitch America and they can decide to keep her or let her go. Blue thinks it’s a good idea for Jag to be put up as a pawn and it would show the alliance that Jag still wants to work with them. Felicia says she hates to see any of them as a pawn but they have the numbers. Cirie says Blue’s idea just sealed her best friend’s fate. It’s time for the veto meeting! Cameron has decided to use the POV on himself and Jared has to name a replacement nominee. Jared says his decision reflects what’s best for him moving forward. He says Jag is the replacement nominee. Red didn’t expect Cam to use the veto on him but he feels good about his chances of staying sitting next to Jag. Jag says he needs his alliance to trust him so he will be a pawn to prove he’s a team player. Matt says Jag is one of his Allie’s and he doesn’t want his power to be wasted so he wants to keep him in the house again.
  14. Previously, on Big Brother, HoH Cameron and Red were a final two duo and they were also part of the legends 25 alliance, having no clue it was all a ruse. Meanwhile, Cirie, Felicia, and Izzy had a real thing going with the seven deadly sins. Keeping legends 25 safe, Cam went after Jag and Blue and after winning the veto, Red assured one of them would be leaving. Cameron wanted Jag gone, but Cirie thought jag was better for the seven deadly sins. Unfortunately her son wasn’t on board, BB Comicverse dropped a jaw dropping twist so American chose Cirie, Matt, Cory, and Jag to compete for a game changing super power and Matt won the power of invincibility. Matt told Cirie about his new power and they decided it would be best to save their ally. At the live eviction, Jag went from shook to shocked. Tonight every HG competes for the most important thing so far. Who will win power and who will they target? Find out right now in Big Brother! We pick up after the eviction ceremony and Matt says this was the best week to use his super power because he had two Allie’s on the block. Cameron says this was terrible. They had him out 10-0 and they put everything in reverse and the week doesn’t matter. Jag says he was evicted 10-0 but at least one person wanted him in the house. We see five hours before eviction Matt told him about the power. Jag says he is ride or die for Matt. Red and Cameron are talking and getting ready to compete for HOH. Red says Jag is just another problem they have to deal with and he must have Lady Luck on his side. Bowie Jane, Felicia, and Cirie are talking and Bowie Jane is shocked. Cirie says of course she knew Matt was gonna save Jag. America and Izzy are talking they think Matt had the super power and used it on Jag. Izzy says Matt trusts Jag and did not want him to go. Cory joins and Izzy wants to win HOH so she has the power to nominate Red and Cameron. Jared is telling Jag he is glad he was saved. Jared tells us his mom gave him the information before eviction about the super power. Jared hinted before the eviction to Jag that he would be safe to buy trust. Jag is confused because Matt and Cirie were the only ones who knew so he has to talk to Cirie to find out what exactly Jared knows. Cirie is upset that Jared did that because she has to be able to tell him things without being concerned it will get out. Jared is trying to play his own game and make his own moves but he thinks he got himself in hot water with his mom on this one. Jag thinks Cirie told Jared, that’s the only thing that adds up and he does not know if he can trust Cirie anymore. Jared goes to Jag and told him he shouldn’t have said anything and he did and now that screws things up with him. Jared tells Cory alone that if Red or Cameron win HOH, Jag should just walk out the door. Blue wants to win this HOH because she was on the block last week with her bestie. Red is going to go hard for this after the way last week went. Cirie does not want Cameron, Red, or Bowie Jane to win. It’s time for the HOH competition! The HG will be shown a love letter from an odd couple member with a word in red. The 2 HG will then be shown a picture separated into three sections and they must find the item shown in red and ring in with the section the item is in. If they are first and correct they stay in the competition and choose the next two HG to face-off. If they are wrong, then they are eliminated. The last HG standing will be the next HOH. Cameron and Jared are up first and we see Jasmine and Turner are the first off couple. The red words are crutches. They see their picture and Jared rings in first answer C and he is correct. Cameron has been eliminated. Jared selects Red and Bowie Jane to face off. Jasmine’s letter has the word muffin tin and Red rings in A and is correct. Bowie Jane has been eliminated. Izzy and Jag are selected next and we have Brett and Rockstar as the odd couple. Rockstar’s red word is unicorn. Izzy rings in with B and she is correct. Jag has been eliminated. Red and America are next for Brett’s letter with the word drapes in Red. Red rang in first with the answer A but the correct answer is C. Red is eliminated and America moves on. Mecole and Matt face off with Rockstar’s response letter with polka dotted party hat in red and Mecole rings in with B and is correct. Matt has been eliminated. Cory and Blue and we see Jessie in love with himself. Jessie’s letter has the word Pink protein shake. Blue answers A and she is correct. Cory is eliminated. Mecole and Izzy see Jessie’s letter with the word Pink Suit in red. Mecole rings in with A but she is incorrect. The answer is C. Mecole has been eliminated and Izzy moves on. America and Blue are next and Jessie’s letter has the word dumbbell in red. Blue answers B and she is correct. America has been eliminated. Cirie and Felicia are next with Jessie’s word Green Weight Plates. Felicia rings in first with B and she is wrong. The correct answer is A. Felicia has been eliminated and Cirie moves on. Blue and Izzy are with Jeff and Rachel are the odd couple. Rachel’s word is clown shoes and Izzy rings in answer B and she is correct. Blue has been eliminated. Cirie and Jared are up and Jeff’s word is Zingbot. Jared rings in with C and he is correct. Cirie has been eliminated. It is down to Jared and Izzy. Rachel’s word is Life Vest and Izzy rings in C. She is incorrect, the answer is A. Jared is the new HOH! Jared says he’s been on the bottom of the competitions for the last two and he is ready to make moves and play Big Brother. The HG come inside and Jared says before he got here his biggest dream was to win one of these competitions and your boy got it. Blue is excited and she can’t believe things have turned out the way it has. Cameron says whatever is going to happen is going to happen. He just has to talk to Jared. Red and a Cameron are talking and Red says he has a good chance of seeing the block. Cirie and Izzy and Jared are in the SR and Cirie is excited and so proud and it is hard not to get emotional. Jared is thinking Cameron and Red or maybe Bowie Jane. Jared says they will talk about it later. Cirie is good with whatever decision he makes as long as it’s one of those three but she’ll guide him towards Cameron. Jag and Blue are talking strategy and Jag says he does not know who to trust. Blue says Cirie and Felicia have their hand on everyone. Blue trusts Jag the most and Jared but she knows he’s close with Felicia and Cirie. Jag needs to re-evaluate his game and who he can trust going forward. Felicia said three days in a row, her mic pack has landed in the toilet. Bowie Jane says it’s getting pretty funny because it happens a lot. Felicia says the first day was OMG, the second day was like…this is a problem. Cirie says she cannot associate with her anymore and Felicia laughs. Cory and America are in the hammock and he is happy he didn’t win the super power. America says she wants to win and if she did win she’d put up Cirie, Izzy, or Felicia. She does not trust them because they have all the power. Cory says things will collapse but he is concerned because she is expendable. Cory says if America is getting herself in trouble, then she is getting him in trouble. Cameron goes to talk to Jared and Cameron says he does not want to be the pawn. He’s pretty positive Jared will go after Red and he does not want to sit on the block next to Red. Cameron pitched America. Jared says he’ll consider it and Cameron says he’ll do what he has to do and he is not going to fight for his boy because only one person can win. Jared says Cameron throwing Red under the bus rubbed him the wrong way. Cameron pitches America and Red. Red goes to talk Jared. Red says the worst case scenario would be him ending up on the block next to Cam but he wouldn’t be surprised. Jared tells Red Cameron was going up and Red says so he’s probably going up too and Jared confirms. Jared says people trust Red more than Cam and Cam is his target. Jared tells Red his conversation with Cameron but implies Cameron volunteered to be a pawn to get rid of Red. Red is disappointed in this news and he could end up looking like an idiot. He hopes it’s not trust though. Jared and Red hug and Jared assures Red he is good. It’s time for the nomination ceremony! Jared’s first nominee is…Red. His second nominee is…Cameron. Jared says he hopes he nominated them to build trust with his allies and he hopes they don’t take it personal. Jared says Cameron is the target because he can’t trust him because he threw his ally under the bus. Cameron says he is going to fight for this veto. Red says it hurts being backstabbed by your friend. He should have known he couldn’t trust someone like that but he’s going to fight for the veto.
  15. Previously, on Big Brother, Cirie, Felicia, and Izzy formed The Seven Deadly Sins alliance but also started a fake one to appease Cam and Red. With Cameron conquering the Cooker he used his power against two former friends. Red brought Cam some intel on Izzy, putting her in the space cowboys crosshairs. The HG went on a crusade within the Temple of Power and Red became the Raider of the veto. At the veto meeting, The Chillers stuck with plan A. Tonight, either Jag or Blue will be evicted, or will they? Julie greets and says we’ll find out who competed for the secret power, who won it, and if it will be used to save a nominee. We pick up on Fay 27 and Red decided not to use the POV. Jag hates being against Blue but he wants to stay. Izzy says she’s in a fake alliance with The Chillers but a larger one with the two nominees. Cam says Jag is the target and The Chillers locomotive is on the way. Blue says Cam reassured her that she is not the target and we see him telling her not to do too much. Jag is talking to Cirie and Izzy and saying he trusts them. They tell him Jag and Red want him out. Matt joins them and Jag says he trusts in his team and Cirie appreciates that. Jag leaves and they talk about keeping Jag and blindsiding Cam and Red. Cirie is dreading talking to Jared about voting out Blue because she is not sure how receptive to that he will be. She pulls him in and he wants to know why and says it isn’t good for him because she is his plus one. Cirie says she needs this one and Jared doesn’t know. Jared does not trust the others in Cirie’s alliance. Jared says it doesn’t feel good to hear others talking about him. He isn’t going to play the game the way he’s told to, even if it’s by his mom. Cirie says the fact that Jared is not on board throws a monkey wrench in the whole plan. She’s struggling to find a way to save Jag. The Comicverse ball is glowing and the HG scramble to the LR. Red reads the transmission and says a new super power has been unleashed in the game and four HG, voted by America, will compete and the player with the best time will win the power and learn how it works. Jag says this is huge. He doesn’t know if he wins he can take himself off the block and save Blue as well but he wants this power. Cam says this power could be anything. His nominations can be changed, a vote can be cancelled, things could not be going his way. America is in the Temple of Power and she is ready to play but she was not selected to play. Bowie Jane has also not been selected. Cameron has not been selected and he doesn’t blame them. Cirie has been selected to compete. She will hit her button to start her time and then she will set an orb on the tilting pathway and she has to get her orb in the chalice and hit her button. Whoever has the fastest time will win the super power. Cirie is flattered that America will give her a gift that is important and she wants to win this so bad. Cirie says she has to get the ball down the winding path in the fastest time and she is struggling. She says this is hard because her mind and her hands are not on the same page. She says the path is a replica of all her alliances, she has to keep them straight and get to the finish line. She finishes the challenge. Cory is next and he will compete. He says he won Americas heart. He thinks he’s in a good spot but there’s always a better spot. He wants to crash the ball into the walls and try and get it done fast. He says he’s not a shortcut kind of guy. He feels good about his time. Felicia has not been chosen and neither Mecole, Jared, Izzy, or Red. Matt has been selected and he is honored he has been voted for this spot. Matt starts to get a feel for the challenge and his plan is to go as fast as he can and no holding back but he has to be way more steady and he has to be calmer. He finishes and hits his button. Blue is ready to compete but she needs America’s help but she has not been selected. Jag has been selected to compete and thanks America so much and he is so excited and he is super stoked. He hopes to win and that the power can stop the eviction. Jag is trying to take his time and stay calm so he doesn’t have to take a lot of chances. He says the clock is ticking and he cannot afford any more drops and he finishes and hits the button. He really needs that super power. So won the game changing super power and what have they decided to do with it? Each of them enters the DR and Cirie, Corey, and Jag did not have the fastest time. Matt did win the Power of Invincibility. He has the power to save one of the next two evicted HG, including himself. Matt does not know what he is going to do yet and he is just going to let the drama happen while he decides. Jag says he is just going to have to campaign for votes. Matt has decided he might tell Cirie because he thinks she’s an expert and it could buy trust with her. Matt is explaining the power to Cirie and she says him having the power is great and the fact that he trusts her enough to share that information gives her a whole new outlook in how they can play together and she wants to protect Matt. She wouldn’t mind being Final Four and even final three with Matt because trust is a huge commodity with her. Cirie is in the have-not room with Matt and they are discussing that Jag might be going home. Matt says he could save Jag and no one would know who it was and it would cancel the whole week. Cirie asks what Matt thinks is best and he says he knows Jag is loyal. Cirie thinks Matt should save Jag and no one will ever know it was Matt. They say Red and Cameron will be so mad and Cirie says it will shock the house. Julie talks to the HG. Blue does her shoutouts and her mother told her not to come home without winning. Blue says she has more game to play, more relationships to build, new outfits to show off, and she asks them to save her from the wrath of her mom. Jag does his shoutouts and then says his friendships he’s built have been great. He says they need him here to finish all the milk but he hopes they vote to keep him and he loves them all. It’s time to vote! Red votes to evict Jag. Jared votes to evict Jag. Cory votes to evict Jag. America votes to evict Jag. It is current 4 votes to evict Jag and 0 votes to evict Blue. Voting will now continue! Matt chooses to evict Jag. Cirie votes to evict Jag. Felicia unfortunately votes to evict Jag. Izzy votes to evict Jag. Mecole casts her vote to evict Jag. Bowie Jane very sadly votes to evict Jag. By a unanimous vote of 10-0, Jag has been evicted from the Big Brother house. Jag looks disappointed and hugs Blue and begins hugging the others and it is very quiet. He says he loves them all but the comicverse ball is glowing and there is a transmission. Julie tells someone to grab the message and has everyone else sit on a couch. Red grabs it and Jag looks to be praying. Red reads the transmission and the BB power of Invincibility has been activated and the person they just voted out is invincible and cannot be evicted. Jag is safe! But since no one left, everyone will be eligible to play for HOH including the outgoing HOH, Cameron! Julie confirms the power has been used, Jag is safe from eviction, and Cameron can play for HOH. She tells the HG goodnight. Sunday we’ll find out who wins HOH and who is nominated. Wednesday the power of veto will be played and we’ll find out if it’s used. And next Thursday will be the live eviction…she promises.



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