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  1. The coaches are ready for the Knockout rounds and the mega mentor is Snoop Dogg! Blake says Snoop knows so much about all genres of music and John says he’s a great collaborator. Snoop gives Kelly a jacket and they are ready for her first pairing. Kelly has paired Ryleigh Modig vs Corey Ward. Ryleigh is up first and she is going to sing Use Somebody by Kings of Leon. Snoop thinks Ryleigh is dynamic and he didn’t expect that from her. Corey has chosen the song Already Gone by Kelly Clarkson. Snoop says Corey put a chill on his arm. Snoop says Corey made the songwriter cry and that s
  2. Previously, on Big Brother Canada, in a hot tempered HOH competition, Tera and Kiefer squared off and when Jedson scored the ballsy win, the triangle rounded the corner toward another week in control. Stone cold Beth knew exactly who she wanted to target next and her man Jed left all options on the table when he nominated T and T as pawns. At the veto competition, Tera took home a timely win. Bracing for the blindside Breydon felt his number was up. But the power couple were priming to detonate on their own alliance member and the steadfast Sunsetter didn’t see it coming until it
  3. Previously, on Big Brother Canada, after HOH Kiefer and his cohorts ran over Ro, the Sunsetters were steamrolling and the three outsiders faced getting flattened. But when the mullet man spilled his secret, the Sunsetter did himself dirty. At the HOH comp, the triangle was firing on all cylinders, but when they piled on Tera it sparked some serious road rage. But the trio kept on trucking and in the end, Jed beat Breydon to the winner circle. With only a few options for nominations, the backdoor beckoned a fellow Sunsetter, and at the nomination ceremony HOH Jed kept all options i
  4. The coaches take their chairs and Blake has his steal left and Usher has his save. It’s time to meet Team John’s first pairing of the night. He has paired Deion Warren vs Victor Solomon and gave them the song You Got It Bad by Usher and they are excited to see Brandy as John’s advisor. Brandy says Victor has conviction in his voice and you can tell he’s singing from his core. John says Deion’s voice has elasticity to it and you can tell he loves music and singing. Deion and Victor step into the ring for their battle round. Blake says as much as he enjoyed watching Deion’s performan
  5. In a house of mirrors, it’s difficult to see straight. Illusions are everywhere and it’s impossible to know what’s coming next. They don’t know it yet, but soon they’ll be seeing double. Tonight, it’s double or nothing. It’s time for the double eviction! Arisa welcomes us to a Big Brother Canada double eviction and both evictees will be joining the jury. Plus, we may also witness one of the biggest game moves of the season. But let’s see what happened after last night’s spicy veto ceremony. We pick up after the veto ceremony on day 38. Vic says Beth puts her on the bloc
  6. Previously, on Big Brother Canada, after Beth corralled her first HOH, the savvy sunsetter was ready to make her mark. Almost immediately, Vic threw Rohan under the bus, but the new bromance was fixing to get Rohan off the radar. So Breydon sold the seeds that Vic was the right target for Beth and Beth was on the same wave length. Meanwhile, Teranoia was taking over, but Beth convinced Tera there were bigger moves in place. Next, she embroiled Rohan in her spicy conspiracy, but when the boys got wind of the plan, the two studs felt like they were getting hammered. Beth weighed her options and
  7. Carson greets and Kelsea has stepped in for Kelly for the battle rounds. Team Blake’s first pairing of tonight is Cam Anthony vs Emma Carolina. They come in and they greet Blake and he introduces Dan+Shay. They are going to perform 10,000 Hours by Dan+Shay and Justin Bieber. Blake says Cam could be a big star and Emma has a unique blend to her voice. Dan+Shay say they have goosebumps and it was amazing. Cam and Emma step in the ring for their battle. Nick says that was very nice and Blake did good coaching. He says Emma has a pure, beautiful tone and Cam has a real stage presence.
  8. Arisa says it was a week for the books in the BB Canada house and tonight either Austin or Breydon will be sent packing. Previously, on Big Brother Canada, when Spicy V rocked the HOH comp and earned the incredible power of invisibility the house was rocked to it’s very foundations. And while everyone tried in vain to uncover the HOH’s identity, at the noms ceremony Victoria stealthily put up her two former allies. For the Sunsetters it meant a miraculous escape from the block. Meanwhile, the besties set the stage for the Ro Show to save the day and in a heavy duty POV competition,
  9. It’s time for the battle rounds! John Legend, Nick Jonas, and Blake Shelton take their seats. Sitting in for Kelly Clarkson during the battles is Kelsea Ballerini and she is already in her chair and she turns. Blake says this is shocking! Kelly isn’t feeling well and adhering to the strict guidelines regarding COVID. Kelly brought in Luis Fonsi. He’s been a coach on other countries The Voice and he’s been a mentor as well. Kelly’s first pairing is Gean Garcia vs Ryleigh Modig and they were given the song POV by Ariana Grande. Luis says he’s in awe. He says they are so young and it’
  10. Arisa says tonight either Kyle or Austin will be walking out the doors? And tonight is a night you’ll have to see to believe! Previously, on Big Brother Canada, with the HOH hanging in the balance, Austin and Kiefer struck a deal and then King Kiefer slid his way into the HOH throne. With his eyes peeled for a big move, he started seeing double. So at the noms ceremony he nominated his two biggest foes, Kyle and Ro. The Showtime bros were heated. At the veto competition, the bros were ready to blow off some steam and in a last gasp for safety, Rohan blew everyone away. Next, the ki
  11. Previously, on Big Brother Canada, Kiefer went from zero to hero, stunning the house with his HOH victory. The captain’s big win signaled calm waters for the Sunsetters, but it meant rough seas for the Oddballs. To strengthen his position, Kiefer’s plan was to break up one of the house’s dynamic duos. Then the Showtime duo tried to make peace but Kiefer stood his ground. Meanwhile, Kiefer’s crew had another target in mind. At the nomination ceremony, Captain Kiefer stayed the course and put up Kyle and Rohan as his target. We pick up at the nomination ceremony on Day 21, and Victor
  12. Kiefer says the best part of being HOH is getting information and that’s a commodity. Rohan and Kyle are going to talk to Kiefer and they’d like to know what he’s thinking and he says he doesn’t know and he needs to talk to everyone. We see a flashback of Rohan and Kyle confronting Kiefer. Rohan asks Kiefer if he thinks they’d be coming after him and he says he doesn’t know. He doesn’t know who’s telling him the truth. Kyle says he and Rohan were two people who wanted him to stay and Latoya to go last week. Kyle says if he wins HOH next week, he wouldn’t put Kiefer on the block and he says eve
  13. Carson welcomes us the final night of blind auditions. Nick, Blake, Kelly, and John take their seats for the first audition. We meet Denisha Dalton and she’s from Warwick, NY. She formed girl groups in middle school and high school. She’ll be singing Pillowtalk by Zayn and she takes the stage. Blake is the first one in right as she begins the chorus and John and Kelly are just a little behind. Denisha is a 3-chair turn! Denisha introduces herself and Kelly says she loved how sultry her tone was and her rasp and watching her perform was another experience. She doesn’t have anyone li
  14. There may be no official teams in the house, but it is divided more than ever. Previously, on Big Brother Canada, after the Sunsetters epic flip failed, Vic exposed the lies and then claimed the second big win of the season. Vic put up Kiefer and Latoya and after her power move, the opposing sides couldn’t hide their rivalry. Jedson proved his mettle by obliterating the competition. Jedson’s win seemed like it would spell disaster for Vic’s HOH plan, but she had one more move in her playbook and spicy V dropped the boys with a killer crossover. So the twin towers called in another
  15. With Josh and Rohan up for eviction. Lotoya made a last ditch play to get Ro out the Do. But when the flip flopped, the truth came out. At the HOH competition, the HG took an eye detector last and spicy V kept her eye on the HOH prize and the battle lines were drawn…The Sunsetters vs the rest of the house. With noms looming, Kiefer was racked with guilt. Meanwhile, the Sunsetters campaign to Victoria went into overdrive, but Victoria slammed the breaks on their steam. And at the ceremony, spicy V brought the heat with Kiefer the pawn and Latoya public enemy number one. We pick up a

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