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  1. We’re going to kick the night off with Gwen Stefani feat. Saweetie performing Slow Clap. Kelsea Ballerini performs half of my hometown. Rachel Mac and Nick Jonas are going to perform a duet. They are going to sing Best of You by Foo Fighters. The Foo Fighters have never approved any of their songs to be done on The Voice, but Nick got the clearance. OneRepublic is joining us now and they perform Run. Performing next is Lauren Daigle performing Hold On To Me. Snoop Dogg returns and joins DJ Battlecat and they perform Sittin’ On Blades. Next we have Justin Bieber singing Peaches and Hold On. John Legend is going to join Victor Solomon on the song Someday We’ll All Be Free by Donny Hathaway. Ben Platt takes the stage to perform Imagine. Kelly Clarkson is joining Kenzie Wheeler to perform When You Say Nothing At All by Keith Whitley. Thomas Rhett is here to perform Country Again. Blake Shelton will join Cam Anthony to sing She Drives Me Crazy by Fine Young Cannibals. He will also join Jordan Matthew Young to sing All My Exes Live in Texas by George Strait. Jordan and Blake take the stage first and Cam immediately joins Blake when they are done. Maroon 5 takes the stage to perform Beautiful Mistakes that features Megan Thee Stallion. We welcome the top 5 to the stage and it’s time to get some results. The artist in fifth place is…Victor Solomon from Team John! The finalist in fourth place is…Rachel Mac from Team Nick! The artist in third place is…Jordan Matthew Young from Team Blake! It’s all down to Cam Anthony from Team Blake and Kenzie Wheeler from Team Kelly! Who do you think should win? The winner of The Voice is…Cam Anthony!
  2. Carson greets the coaches and it’s time for the final live performances. Each artist will sing twice, one a dedication to someone important in their life and an uptempo song. We’re going to kick the night off with Team Kelly’s Kenzie Wheeler. Kenzie says he didn’t expect to make it this far and he’s thankful to Kelly. Kelly says she thought it would feel good but she apologizes to him because he’s such a fan of Blake. Kelly says he has a similar tone to George Strait. Kelly advises for this performance she wants everyone to feel like they went to a honky-tonk. Kenzie takes the stage to perform Heartland by George Strait. Blake thought that was really good and the modulation was pretty cool. Kelly says that was amazing and that felt like a live show and she wants to go to a bar. She thinks he’s so fantastic and she loves his voice. Victor Solomon from Team John is next and his dedication is to Ciarra and the love they have. He takes the stage and sings I Can’t Make You Love Me by Bonnie Raitt. Nick says Victor’s dedication was beautiful. He says Victor is so creative vocally and it sets him apart. He says that was a phenomenal performance. John loved how much personality and soul and his own artistry he put on the timeless song. He loves the passion and he loves that he’s shown America so many sides of him. He says Victor is incredible. Team Blake’s Jordan Matthew Young is next. Blake says Jordan got his attention because of his song choice in the audition. Jordan talks about how personal the Black Crowes song was for him. Blake says Jordan has slapped America on both sides of the face. Jordan takes the stage and performs Key to the Highway by B.B. King and Eric Clapton. John says he loves what Jordan does and there is no one like him on the show and that’s great for America. He says he’s the best dressed man on this season of The Voice. Blake says thank you for rocking. He says how much do we need this guy? He says he destroyed the slide guitar. Come on America! This calls for a drink! Rachel Mac from Team Nick is dedicating her song to her nephew Ezra. Rachel is has chosen the song I Hope You Dance by Lee Ann Womack. Kelly says the sweetness in Rachel’s voice is so captivating and Angelic. She says job well done and she looks beautiful. Nick says Rachel is 16 and the only female and a one chair turn and she just got up and gave one of her best performances. She has so much depth as an artist and Nick is so proud to be her coach and watch her grow into a superstar. Blake Shelton performs his new single Minimum Wage. Team Blake’s Cam Anthony’s dedication is to all people to accomplish a life that is balanced and equal for everyone. Cam has chosen to sing Stand Up by Cynthia Erivo. John says Cam is so ready for this stage and it’s incredible watching him. He says he has so much God given talent and he has all the things he needs to be a superstar artist. He says that was a beautiful performance. Blake says God put this young man in his life that may change everything for this show. The only thing bigger than Cam’s talent is his heart and his mind. Team Kelly’s Kenzie is up with his dedication to Dover, Florida and talks about some of his personal memories of growing up in his small town. Kenzie has chosen the song Keeper of the Stars by Tracy Byrd. Nick says Kenzie has been so fun to watch grow as a vocalist. He says getting to hear Kenzie’s story speaks to everything he brings to the stage and he thinks he’s made a lot of people proud and he should be proud of his entire journey. Kelly says she hasn’t ever worked with anyone who has no clue how gifted they are and she says he’s one of those people. She says Kenzie is so effortless and she’s so blessed she got to work with him. Team Nick’s Rachel Mac is up next. She was a one chair turn and the only female finalist. Rachel made a presentation about her coach Nick and she considers herself a Jonas sister. Rachel says her breakout moment was performing Jewel in the Knockouts. Nick advises Rachel to have as much fun as possible in her final performance. Rachel takes the stage to perform The Chain by Fleetwood Mac. John says that was so fun to watch. He loved her energy and how she wanted to rock out. He says her voice was strong and powerful and that was a great song choice. She nailed it. Nick says he feels like they are the luckiest people in the world to see all of these great artists and she added another layer to a dynamic set of performances. Jordan from Team Blake is dedicating his song to his grandmothers, Betty and Joy, and has chosen to perform Stay by Rihanna feat. Mikky Ekko. Nick says Jordan is so good and he has a cool voice and he’s so excited to buy his record. He says Jordan has a lot of depth and soul to share and he can’t wait to hear his songs. He says that performance was top notch. Blake says he gets the first free copy of his album. Blake says now Jordan has palmed America in the forehead because he just showed everyone a different layer of Jordan. Next up is Cam Anthony from Team Blake and they are discussing his journey. Blake says he new in the blind audition that Cam would be in the finale. Cam’s Dan+Shay was one of his favorite performances. Blake says Cam is ready right now. Blake says the song Cam chose is a shocker to him. Cam has chosen the song Wanted Dead or Alive by Bon Jovi. Kelly says she was surprised by his song choice and he nailed that song. She thinks he’s a unique talent that could conquer, not just the music industry, but any type of art he wants. She says great job. Blake says there are people who are born with talent and then there are people who are born with whatever it is Cam was born with. He says congratulations. He’s a star. Team John’s Victor Solomon is closing out the night and they sit down to look at his journey. They laugh over Blake not knowing that Victor’s audition song was John’s song. They talk about Smokey Robinson tweeting about his My Girl performance. Victor has chosen to finish with Freedom by Beyonce feat. Kendrick Lamar. Kelly says that was awesome and amazing and she wants to know when his tour begins. John says that was the best performance he’s seen on the stage and that was incredible and he is so proud of him.
  3. Tonight, our top 9 will become the 5 finalists. Carson greets the coaches and Jake Hoot will be performing tonight. Each team will be brought up one at a time and the top vote getter is a finalist, and the rest will compete live for the Instant Save. First we bring up Team Kelly’s Corey Ward, Gihanna Zoe, and Kenzie Wheeler. Corey thanks Kelly for believing in him and helping him be himself. Gihanna says the show has given her more confidence in who she is as an artist and to be her authentic self. Carson is going to reveal which artist got the most votes. The artist from Team Kelly that America saved is…Kenzie Wheeler! We bring out Team John’s Pia Renee and Victor Solomon. Pia thanks her mom for teaching her to stand up for herself. Victor says last night wasn’t about competition, but the message of ministering to souls and he wants everyone to think about their own relationship with God. The artist from Team John that America has advanced as a finalist is…Victor Solomon! The winner of season 17 Jake Hoots is performing I Would’ve Loved You with Kelly Clarkson. Time for more results! We bring out Team Nick’s Dana Monique and Rachel Mac. Rachel wants young people to know that no matter what they are going through, their emotions are valid, but they can get through it. Dana wants America to know everything she does is coming from her heart. She’s a mother and a dreamer and anything you put your mind to you can do it. The artist from Team Nick that America saved is…Rachel Mac! Next we have Australian rapper Masked Wolf who’s joining remotely and performing Astronaut in the Ocean. We bring up Team Blake’s, Jordan Matthew Young and Cam Anthony to find out the fourth finalist. America has saved…Cam Anthony! Pia Renee is up first and she performs Everything I Wanted by Billie Eilish. John loves that he showcased a different part of her artistry and she has showed America who she is to her core. He loves her rich bravado, it’s so gorgeous and heartfelt and soulful. He’s so lucky he’s gotten to hang out with her, spend time with her, and coach her. Corey Ward is up and he performs Iris by Goo Goo Dolls. Kelly says he picks great songs and he wears his heart on his sleep. She almost heard some Counting Crows and she loves how powerful and strong he has and it’s a magical gift. Dana Monique is performing Caught Up In the Rapture by Anita Baker. Nick says Dana is so brilliant. She has showed up every performance and brought her A game. He’s pleading with America to keep her because he thinks she’s one of the best vocalists he’s ever heard on the show. Jordan Matthew Young has chosen the song Drift Away by Dobie Gray. Blake says ever since Jordan audition he felt like he was born in the wrong decade and he brings that into his artistry and sound. He thinks Jordan is so refreshing. The last performance is Gihanna Zoe performing Someone You Loved by Lewis Capaldi. Kelly thought that was amazing and she’s so intriguing vocally and it’s an incredible talent she has. She says it’s crazy that she’s 17 and already this incredibly gifted. It’s time to find out who America Instantly Saved to move on as the fifth finalist! America has saved…Jordan Matthew Young from Team Blake!
  4. Carson greets us and the coaches. Nick has some cracked ribs from an accident on a bike. Blake says he’s trying to get sympathy votes. Each artist will be singing twice tonight. They’ll sing solo and in trios to music from the 1970s. There will be five artists in the finale. Victor Solomon from Team John is up first. He has chosen to perform I Can Only Imagine by MercyMe. John says Victor deserves to be in the finale because he’s been consistently himself. Victor takes the stage for his performance. Kelly says if he ever starts a church she’d like to know the location. She thinks he’s so moving and inspiring. Nick tells Victor that one of his first concerts was MercyMe and Victor has blown him away. He says that was a special moment for him. John says he loves that Victor has shown so much versatility and he has it in him to be a minister. John says it’s good they get to have him on the show ministering to the country. Next up is Team Blake’s Jordan Matthew Young and he’s going to sing Rose Colored Glasses by John Conlee. Kelly loved that song and she thought it was a perfect song and it was a cool moment for him. She says he reminds her of Travis Tritt. Blake says Kelly is right and he nailed that performance and he couldn’t be happier for him. It’s time for our first trio of Cam Anthony from Team Blake, and Kenzie Wheeler and Corey Ward from Team Kelly to perform. They are going to sing Fooled Around and Fell in Love by Elvin Bishop. Pia Renee from Team John is up next and she’s chosen the song Turn Your Lights Down Low by Bob Marley and The Wailers. Kelly says Pia looks like a star and it’s crazy how she’s just now being discovered. She loved all of that. Nick says he agrees with Kelly. He says Pia should be winning every award right now. John says he couldn’t stop smiling. He’s so proud of Pia and he loves seeing her in her full glory and full power and she delivered that song in such a perfect way. Last season’s finalist from Team Blake Ian Flanigan is back to debut his single Grow Up featuring Blake Shelton. Rachel Mac from Team Nick will be next to perform and she is going to perform Human by Christina Perri. John says that was a revelatory performance and they got to see a lot of her finesse and sweet bravado and so much power. That was very beautiful and heart felt. Kelly says she had so much angst and that was a powerful performance and it showed a different side of her. Nick says he’s so proud of her for digging deep and being vulnerable with everyone. Nick says to open up and share like she did was so brave and she nailed the vocal performance. The next artist is the wildcard artist from Team Kelly, Corey Ward, and he’s going to sing Arcade by Duncan Laurence. Blake says Corey really is making some headway and he is so authentic and his singing is incredible and he has a good shot. That was incredible. Kelly says that was so great and he took them on a beautiful roller coaster. She thought the vocal execution was perfect and so well done. The next trio is Dana Monique from Team Nick, and Pia Renee and Victor Solomon from Team John and they are performing Shining Star by Earth, Wind, & Fire. Gihanna Zoe from Team Kelly is up and she has chosen the song Reflection (from “Mulan”) by Christina Aguilera. Nick says she is an absolute star. He thinks this was a real moment for her in the show and she really brought it. He was blown away by the vocal control. John says he’s been a fan of hers for a long time and when she hits the big notes it was just stunning. Kelly says she delivered. Kelly says she did such a great job and she can’t believe how technically perfect. She is so proud to be her coach. Our final trio of the night is Rachel Mac from Team Nick, Jordan Matthew Young from Team Blake, and Gihanna Zoe from Team Kelly and they are going to perform Go Your Own Way by Fleetwood Mac. Dana Monique from Team Nick is up next and she is going to perform Leave the Door Open by Bruno Mars, Anderson, .Paak, and Silk Sonic. John says Dana has been giving finale worthy performances the entire season and she is so gifted and there’s nothing she cannot do vocally. Nick says after last week’s performance he didn’t think it could be topped but she did it. He’s so honored to be coach and watch her be brilliant every time she steps on stage. Team Blake’s Cam Anthony is next and he has chosen the song It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday by Boyz II Men. John says before he was born, this was the song everyone wanted to sing at talent shows, and he keeps nailing these iconic songs. He is so impressed with him. Kelly says that was incredible and brilliant. He keeps upping his game. Blake says he told Cam that if he does what he did in the rehearsals it would be good, and he did that and more and he killed it. He says that was beautiful and this guy is a superstar. Closing out the show from Team Kelly is Kenzie Wheeler and has chosen to perform He Stopped Loving Her Today by George Jones. Nick says Kenzie has a wonderful, classic voice and this journey has been fun to watch. Kelly says she loves him and he’s so gifted and his tone is incredible. He’s one of her favorite country singers.
  5. Tonight, we go from 17 artists all the way down to 9. The top vote getter from America will move on and then each coach will select one from their team to move on. Finally, one artist from each team will compete in a live playoff for an instant save. Let’s get right to some results. We’re going to start with Team Blake and we bring out Anna Grace, Cam Anthony, Jordan Matthew Young, and Pete Mroz. Anna is very grateful to have made it this far and Jordan would like to keep bringing instrumentation and he wants to bring bluegrass. He loves all kinds of music and wants to do his thing. The artist that is save by America is…Cam Anthony! Time for Blake to save an artist. He says they all did a great job and this is a terrible choice he has to make. He has a special place in his heart for Pete and he’s very excited about Jordan, and Anna is so talented and he was blown away by what she did last night. He is going to save…Jordan Matthew Young! Team Nick is next and we bring out Rachel Mac, Jose Figueroa Jr., Dana Monique, Andrew Marshall, and Devan Blake Jones. Dana was thrilled to perform such a powerful song from a girl group. The artist from Team Nick that America has saved is…Rachel Mac! Nick says he’s been on a journey with Andrew and each of these artists are talented and they shined on their own and brought amazing performances to the world. It’s been fun to work with Devon and Dana is amazing. Jose is a star and he’s loved working with him. He has to make a tough choice and his choice is…Dana Monique! We’re moving to Team John and we bring out Ryleigh Modig, Pia Renee, Victor Solomon, and Zania Alake. Ryleigh will take away from this experience that John says her bravado was captivating. Pia wants her kids to be affirmed what they already know and that their passions and talents are not by coincidence. The artist from Team John that America has saved is…Victor Solomon! John loves all three of his remaining artists. They are so wonderful and fantastic talents and they are so professional and classy. He says Zania is so gifted and connects with every song she sings. Ryleigh’s bravado really is captivating and it’s magical. Pia brought so much heart and soul to every performance. John is going to save…Pia Renee! It’s time to learn Team Kelly’s results and we bring out Corey Ward, Gihanna Zoe, Zae Romeo, and Kenzie Wheeler. Corey is hoping to continue to do his best and make people proud. Zae wants people to know that when it gets hard and dark, keep going. Because it’s always going to get better. The artist from Team Kelly that America saved is…Kenzie Wheeler! Kelly says this is hard to choose between four different artists. She loves Zae’s rough edge, and Gihanna showed a different side to her voice. Kelly says Corey’s ache breaks her heart in the best way possible and it’s a beautiful gift. Kelly says she has thought so hard about this and she is basing this decision on last night’s performance only and she’s saving…Gihanna! We’ll focus on one team at a time. The artist with the most votes from last night will sing in the Instant Save and the other will be leaving. We start with Team Blake and the artist who is going to perform is…Pete Mroz! Team Nick’s remaining artist’s return to the stage and the artist who will be performing is…Jose Figueroa Jr.! Team John’s remaining artist’s return and the artist who will be performing is…Ryleigh Modig! Team Kelly’s remaining artist’s return and the artist who will be performing tonight is…Corey Ward! Pete Mroz is going to perform Speechless by Dan+Shay. Blake says Pete is an incredible singer and he wants people to get behind Pete. Jose Figueroa Jr. has chosen to sing Superstitious by Steve Wonder. Nick says he did his thing with that song. He says America has to vote for Jose because there is no one left in the competition who is as dedicated and focused on his craft. He says well done. Corey Ward is singing Lose You to Love Me by Selena Gomez. Kelly says she is floored. Kelly hadn’t heard him sing or rehearse that, but he is an incredible vocalist. There was pain and purity in his tone and it was incredible. Ryleigh Modig is performing It Will Rain by Bruno Mars. John says Ryleigh has so much artistry and fire inside of her and so much passion and such a magical, beautiful gift of a voice and he wants America to give them a chance to work together some more. To complete the top 9, the wildcard artist that America instantly saved is…Corey Ward!
  6. Carson welcomes us and for the first time we’re live. The coaches are all seated and ready to go. The top 17 will perform and we’ll get to vote overnight and we’re going from 17 artists down to 9. Voting is open now for all artists! But first, two weeks ago, we had a four-way knockout with Savannah Woods representing Team Kelly, Devan Blake Jones representing Nick Jonas, Emma Caroline representing Team Blake, and Carolina Rial representing Team John. It’s time to find out which one of the four will be performing tonight for the live show. The artist that will be performing tonight is…Devan Blake Jones from Team Nick! Time to look at Team Kelly! First we have Kenzie Wheeler and Blake says he’s a threat. Then we have Gihanna Zoe and Kelly says she is a powerhouse. Next we have Corey Ward and Kelly says he has an intense, emotional side. Finally, we have Zae Romeo and she loves how his voice sounds so pure but sad. Kelly feels like she has the best team. The first performer of the night is Corey Ward performing Bruises by Lewis Capaldi. Nick says Corey continues to blow them all away. He has so much passion in every performance and he nailed this performance. Kelly says she loves that he’s all passion. She says you can’t teach someone to be emotional and it just exudes from his pores. He’s a powerful singer and he makes her cry every time he sings. We’re going to continue with Gihanna Zoe performing Always Remember Us This Way by Lady Gaga. John says she was channeling the queen B. He says she’s beyond her years and it’s so impressive. Kelly says she was tearing up at the end and she does little trills that are effortless. Kelly says she has a huge voice and she’s 17. Next we have Zae Romeo performing When I Look At You by Miley Cyrus. Kelly says it’s so interesting because this is their first time working together and he has an impressive amount of soul. She says he’s actually an interesting mix between Corey and Gihanna. The final artist from Team Kelly is Kenzie Wheeler and he has chosen the song Red Dirt Road by Brooks & Dunn. Blake says that was a good job. Kelly says she loves that he loves singing and he’s classic to country. Kelly says he lit up and rose to the occasion and she thinks he’s a fantastic performer. She says it’s the best block she ever used on the show. Let’s take a look at Team John! John says Victor Solomon is his classic soul king. John says he projects such positivity and he’s unstoppable. He says Pia Renee is dynamic and sings with heart. Blake is starting to worry about Pia and John says she feels like this is her time. Ryleigh Modig has a cool voice and Nick says she has a unique bravado. Zania Alake has grace and poise and class and John says she’s pitch perfect and represents the legacy of Detroit. John says he’s ready for his team to show America they deserve to go to the finale. We kick off John’s team with Ryleigh Modig performing Driver’s License by Olivia Rodrigo. John says she put so much heart and soul and sadness and beauty and emotion into that song. He feels so lucky she’s on his team and that performance was stunning and gorgeous. We’re going to continue with Zania Alake singing Dangerous Woman by Ariana Grande. John says he always knew she was a great singer, but this was extra level star power. He says she embodied the dangerous woman to the fullest. He said it was so good and he loved it! John’s next artist is Pia Renee and she is singing Need U Bad by Jazmine Sullivan. Blake says that was the best Team John performance tonight. John loves watching her blossom on stage and she gives everything. He says it as incredible. John’s final artist of the night is Victor Solomon performing I Wish by Stevie Wonder. John says this is the first four coach standing ovation of the night and that was flawless. He says it was perfect and it had so much energy and charisma. He’s a super star. Time to take a look at Team Nick’s playoff team. Jose Figueroa Jr. is Nick’s spirited singer. He brings his A game and connects to every word he sings. Kelly says he has a big voice and he’s finale worthy. Rachel Mac is one of Blake’s favorites and John says she’s a cool artist. Nick says Andrew Marshall is resilient and sings with a lot of heart. Nick says Devan Blake Jones is a shooting start and he has come alive. Dana Monique is his powerhouse. She’s unbelievable and John says she’s one of the strongest performers on the show. Nick says his artists are continuing to bring their A game. We start with Dana Monique performing Free Your Mind by En Vogue. Kelly says she threw anything near her at Dana. She would love to sing backup for Dana. She has such a gift and it’s crazy and she’s her spirit animal. Nick says it’s an honor to be her coach. He says she blew that out of the park and it was incredible. Andrew Marshall is up next and he has chosen the song Put Your Records On by Corinne Bailey Rae. Nick says Andrew is such a star and he has such a wonderful tone. He says not everything came together perfectly but it was still a wonderful performance. Next we have Jose Figueroa Jr. singing Talking to the Moon by Bruno Mars. John says Jose has such a special gift and his tone is so powerful and spiritual and engaging. Nick says he pushed himself this performance and he was unbelievable and that was his best vocal performance so far. Devan Blake Jones is up next and he has chosen the song Shape of My Heart by Backstreet Boys. Nick says he’s a one chair turn and now he’s here. He says this song made him so happy and him still in the competition is so special. The final artist from Team Nick is Rachel Mac and she is performing Rainbow by Kacey Musgraves. Blake says he thought Team Kelly had done a good job, but between Rachel and Dana and the rest of Team Nick and what his team is about to do, the other two teams better go back to the drawing board. Nick says Rachel is a special artist and she was born the stage and that performance shows that. He can’t wait to hear her sing more. Let’s take look at the team Blake brought to the live playoffs! Jordan Matthew Young is a diverse artist, but he can take whatever song he wants and make it work for what he does. Anna Grace is his Indie Pop songwriter and she can compete with anyone. Pete Mroz has paid his dues and he deserves to be here. He thinks the best is yet to come for him. Cam Anthony has charisma and he’s unstoppable. Nick says cam poses a big threat to all the other teams. Blake says his team will kick butt in the live shows. We start off with Jordan Matthew Young singing Gold Dust Woman by Fleetwood Mac. Kelly says he’s way too cool to be on Blake’s team. She says that was so cool and she wants to see live shows again. She says he’s an incredible talent. Blake says that was literally a breath of fresh air. There’s no one anywhere near what he does. He brought down the thunder. Next up we have Anna Grace and she has chosen the song Let Her Go by Passenger. Blake says Anna is special and has such a beautiful voice and she deserves to be here. Pete Mroz is performing We Belong by Pat Benatar. Blake says he has a special place in his heart for Pete. He says they stood on the same stages together and now he still has the same raw talent and passion for singing and it’s a great job. Team Blake’s final artist is Cam Anthony and he has chosen the song Take Me to Church by Hozier. John says every time he hears Cam sing it breaks his heart that Nick would use his block in such a way that harmed him and didn’t help him. He says Cam is phenomenal and has so much potential. Blake says he promised he’d keep the lane open but the rest has to be up to him and he has delivered every time he stands on the stage.
  7. The time has come to write the end of the story, but it could still all fall apart. Three different origin stories, it’s been two years in the making. One hero will finally rise. The saga is almost complete but to understand the ending we have to go back…to the beginning. On day one, 14 crusading Canadians assembled to reignite the BB Canada flame. And it quickly dawned on them that big brother has zero chill. It was team destiny versus team defender. The rosters were set but six intrepid HG wanted to chart their own course. The Sunsetters set sail with a crew that included loyal and true Tychon, a chiseled charmer that was all smiles. Floating along on the other side of the house was social butterfly Breydon and as they always say it’s the quiet ones you have to worry about. But quiet wasn’t always an option for fiery Tera. Mama T wisely hid her inner spark while more obvious targets attracted the house’s attention. But Tychon smartly let his partner Jedson take center stage and with their Sunsetter alliance on the back burner, the boys and Beth cooked up a saucy threesome. And as the animosity grew in the house, the venom was toxic! And one by one, the snakes slithered home. Still, beyond the ruthless side of the game all the HG found comfort in a safe haven away from the hardships of the pandemic. No matter how heavy things got, this diverse group of Canadians always found joy in the house reminding us at home of a life without distance. And how good it will be when we are all fully reunited with the ones we love. But the game was also about saying goodbye and when Brey-bay lost his bestie, he was forced to leave the cocoon and learn to fly on his own and his social game took off. Open hearted, yet tight lipped, while the rest of the house couldn’t keep their trap shut. Tera struggled to find her calling. But for Ty, everything was coming up Sauce. And when Mama T found herself in the trio’s crosshairs, she finally caught fire and though the trio burned her number one, her blaze could not be extinguished and as Tera started to move on the trio, the bishop realized it was time to play for the end game. Then his loyalty to the sauce was done in by a final touch of Beth and when his ride or die walked straight into a trap, the bishop showed no mercy. With checkmate in sight, it was no more Mr. Nice Ty and he took the chance to take out Tera. But in the fakeout of the season, Jed and Tera went toe to toe for a chance to re-enter the house and Tera proved that you never underestimate an underdog. Meanwhile, Ty and Brey cultivated a fresh partnership. For ty it was all business, and he capitalized on his crush catching feels when Brey caught fire in competitions. Then Breydon flexed some serious game and obliterated Beth. With the final four at the precipice, the bishop put everyone in check and earned his spot in the final three. With her life on the line once again, Tera broke through to secure her place among the giants. But that was the easy part and the sun set on captain Kief’s game. And then there were three. Tonight, a final showdown nobody could have predicted. It’s Ty from charmer to chestmaster versus Breydon from social butterfly to social prodigy versus Tera, from underdog to comeback queen. Only one will re-write history and only one will be victorious. Arisa greets us and she says this was an incredible season with so much drama. In the next two hours, we’ll reunite with all 14 HG and the jury will choose the champion. Everything tonight will have major consequences. Let’s get into it. The final HOH is the biggest of the season and it’s a three part comp. Here’s part one! The future is now! It’s time for part one! Each HG will have a lane with a hoverboard. They have to push their board down the lane and get up to five disks and stack them on a peg and push the board back down the lane. The goal is to stack 60 disks and the competition timer has four hours on it. First to complete will move on to part three. Tera says she has awakened a warrior. She didn’t know if she was too old to be here and if a mom could keep up with these kids, but she’s a beast and she wants to show us what a real winner is made of. The four hour countdown has begun. Ty says winning this HOH comp gives him a good chance at winning the game and he wants to make sure there is no doubt in the jury’s mind that he deserves to win. Brey says this is definitely one of the hardest comps they’ve had all season and he wants this so bad. He represents the black community and the queer community and he wants to represent them well because representation matters. A lot is riding on this competition. Tera says stacking the disks is the hardest part of the competition. The higher the stack gets, the more they teeter and it’s hard to get back to the safe zone without them falling. Brey has a science degree so he’s thinking things in motion stay in motion so he’s trying to be careful when he stops. Ty says he’s a huge guy and if he makes one misstep everything will go flying. We see all three drop their stacks several times. Tera is at 50 of 60 and she drops. Brey says four hours seems like a ton of time but they have to go so slow. Tera drops again and then Ty drops one of his stacks. Breydon drops and all HG are frustrated and there is now one hour left. Ty loses both stacks and curses. Tera says they’ve all been so close but she can feel it in her bones that she will win this. Tera is at 55 of 60 and she’s moving very slowly and drops both stacks. Breydon has 10 disks and Tera doesn’t know if she can continue. They get a ten minute warning. The HG are still working and stacking. The time is up and now they have to compete in sudden death. Ty says he hates losing but someone has to win this one way or another. The disks count has been lowered that they need and they can take ten at a time now. First to get 40 on their board will win. Brey says they are in overtime and his strategy is to book it. He knows he can do this easily as long as he’s quick and patient and he gets a good stack. Tychon is moving quickly. Breydon has 20 of 40 and so does Tychon. Tera now has 20 of 40. Brey and Ty are neck and neck and Tera is a bit behind. Tychon drops his stack and has to restart. Brey is in the lead with Tera not far behind. Brey has his 40 and he just has to make it back and he makes it to the end. Breydon has won part 1 of the final HOH and he will go to part 3! He says we made it and we did the damn thing. Ty is devastated that he lost that and that means it comes down to the next comp for him. Tera is so disappointed in herself. She doesn’t want to picture her kids looking sad on finale night. She has to reignite the fire. It’s time for part 2 of the HOH! This challenge takes place in a gigantic triangle. On the exterior of the triangle are questions about the season and they have to knock numbers off until only the correct answers remain. When they think they are correct they ring in and if they are correct the question will light up and they will move to the next question. Whoever completes this in the fastest time will win part two and go against Breydon in part 3. Tera says she can’t leave the fate of her game in Ty and Brey’s hands so she has to win this to compete live on finale night. Tera has the first question and she thinks the answer is 10. She has to find the number of HG who played in Senior Discount. Tera says her aim is not that great and she struggles a bit. She rings in and she’s correct. We see her moving through several questions and she says it feels great. Her studying has paid off. She has to come up with the number of balls landed in Mole in One and she knows five played in the veto but she doesn’t know how many balls were landed. She can’t remember which numbers she’s tried and which she hasn’t because she’s frustrated and panicking. We see her ring in several times and she finally gets it and she’s frustrated. Tera moves on to the net question and she’s got it right and she has completed the competition. She says no way is that good enough. She let that one question trip her up so badly. Ty is up and he needs to win this to win the game. He says having two black men standing side by side would mean a lot for Canada. Ty begins and he answers 11 on the first question and he’s wrong. He has to do it again. He says he played basketball not baseball and he sometimes hits the wrong numbers. He’s not off to the greatest start. Ty moves on and he starts moving quickly. He says things are going smooth and he knows all the answers. He’s prepared himself. He’s breezing through this challenge. He gets to days the eviction vote was not unanimous and he’s thinking. He’s thrown off by thinking about what was unanimous and what was not and it’s messing with him. He’s struggling and knocks off a wrong block and he finally gets it. He says he spent so much time on that question and he’s worried he’s getting behind. He finishes to lock in his time. Brey congratulates the HG. The winner with a time of 11:41 and the person moving on to part three of the HOH is Tychon! He hugs Tera and he celebrates. He says all the studying paid off. He’s almost there. Tera has a time of 49:11. She tells them she’s so proud of them. Arisa tells us the third part is coming up. Breydon will take on Tychon and one of them will be guaranteed a spot in the final two. The first six jurors sat down with Anthony Douglas to talk about the huge choice ahead of them. Rohan, Tina, Victoria, Jedson, and Beth are talking about how crazy it is to be back and Anthony joins them and they freak out. Anthony says this season has been epic. They’ve put on a wonderful show. Anthony says he doesn’t know what it’s like to be in jury and Victoria says the best part has been learning the truth. Beth says she shouldn’t be in the jury house. Anthony asks who they want to see and Victoria says Kiefer if anyone else wants to win. Beth wants to see Ty and Tina doesn’t want to see Tera. Kiefer joins the group. Kiefer fills them in on what happened. Tina says a lot has changed seeing Kiefer here. Anthony asks how they’d describe Tychon’s game play and Beth says floater. Rohan says he didn’t win a lot of comps but he didn’t have to. His flashy move was to vote out Jed and Jed says Kiefer fed that to him though. Beth says Ty really did play a good game. Tina is proud of Tera. She’s pumping out the wins when she needs them and Anthony asks if her being evicted impacts their thoughts and Vic says in a positive way. Because it couldn’t’ be easy to go back in. Jed says he’d vote for her if she was in final two. They think Brey has a great social game and he won when he needed to win. Kiefer says Brey was cutthroat. Beth was his number one and he put her up without blinking an eye. Victoria says Brey played an amazing game and he has her vote so far. Anthony says they have three people left. Kiefer respects all of them and it comes down to the final comp and who takes who. Anthony tells them to make a smart decision. Arisa says coming up with Brey vs Ty and the winner is guaranteed a spot in the final two. Arisa welcomes us back. Now it’s time for Brey and Ty to face off in part three. Before we start Arisa checks in with three final HG. She asks what emotions Tera are feeling and she says she’s feeling all the feels and she hopes she made mom’s proud. Brey says he gets to represent people he looks like and he loves and he’s grateful to be part of a diverse cast. Ty says the last parts of the HOH were the toughest things he’s done. He says they were definitely hard. Brey and Ty are moments away from competing for a spot in the final two. This is their final showdown. They wish each other luck as things are getting set up. Arisa will read questions about the members of the jury. Whoever has the most points after 7 questions will win. In the OLG HOH competition Dream Big who was the first juror eliminated. Was it A.Tina or B Beth. Brey answers B and Ty answers B. The answer is B and they both get a point. How many jurors were evicted the first time they were nominated. A 2 or B 3. Brey answers A and Ty answers B. The answer is B. Ty has 2 points and Brey has 1. How many jurors sat next to Tera on the nomination block? A 4 or B 5. Brey answers B and Ty answers A. The answer is B and Brey gets a point. We are now tied at 2 points each. True or False: In the HOH competition senior discount Beth scored the same numbers of points as Rohan. A true or b false. They both answer A and both get a point. How many eviction votes have members of the jury cast this season? A 36 or B 38. Both Brey and Ty answer A they both are right. We are tied at 4 points. Over the course of the season how many times was the POV used on a member of the jury? A 3 or B 4. Both answer B and they are both correct. We are tied at 5 points with one question left. How any jurors competed in the POV competition directly before their eviction? A 5 or B 4. Brey answers B and Ty answers A. The correct answer is A. Ty wins HOH! It’s time for Ty to decide who to evict. Ty says this season is all about inclusion and he wants to make history and a black man to win Big Brother. He chooses to evict Tera! She hugs them and she says the tiniest tiger’s always make the loudest roars. Tera joins Arisa on stage. Arisa says Tera was so close, what is going through her mind? Tera says she wouldn’t change a thing. She says it was a big choice to take Kiefer or Breydon but she’s team Breydon. Arisa says Tera has one of the most incredible comeback stories. Is she proud? Tera says she wanted to win for her kids and the moms, but she’s so proud of herself. She had every odd stacked against her and she never gave up. That’s what she tells her kids. To finish what they start and to go out with their head held high. Arisa says Tera made everyone proud. Arisa welcomes us back again and we bring in the jury. Victoria, Rohan, Tina, Jedson, Beth, and Kiefer are on the stage waiting to see who will join them. Arisa fills them in on the final HOH. Before they cast their vote they can ask a question. Victoria says she heard that Ty thinks he “has” her. Why would he think that when he did her dirty? Ty says he never thought he had her in his pocket. He played hard, he was honest, and he was loyal. Burning her in the end just happened. Rohan asks Breydon if Ty utilized him to get further in the game. Brey doesn’t feel that way. He says as soon as Austin left he had to make sure his back was covered and to move forward and it happened that Ty helped shield him. Ty didn’t use him but it could be worked backwards. Tina asks Ty when he was with the Sunsetters, what moves did HE make that weren’t orchestrated by Jed or Beth. Was he a third wheeler? Ty says absolutely not. He knew Beth and Jed were loud personalities but they talked every move together. He heavily influenced Kiefer getting out Kyle and after Tina left, he had to get Jed because he knew that Jed and Beth would turn on him eventually. He made moves on his own. He had big targets in front of him and he never touched the block because of that. Jed asks Breydon why he didn’t make the move of the season by evicting Kiefer over Beth. Brey says by getting rid of Beth he showed she never had him in his pocket. He was only being used as a vote and he wanted to show he wasn’t controlled by anyone else in the game and getting rid of Kiefer wouldn’t have set him up for final two. Beth says Ty told her jury management wasn’t important and he lost her vote. She asks Ty how he is going to get her jury vote back? Ty says jury management is important, but it’s about how you play the game and treat people. He treated her well throughout the game and he never threw her under the bus. He always had her back. When her and Jed turned on him, he couldn’t have her back he just had to let it happen. They studied together, but he knew Beth and Jed were taking each other and that never left room for him. He played the game with her until she turned on him and he had to let her go. Kiefer asks Brey why he deserves to win the game more than Ty. Brey says he deserves to win the game because he’s had to struggle and had his back against the wall. He was last picked for teams and he had to crawl and scrape to stay safe each week and that shows what a personal struggle is and how working hard can get you to final two. Tera says from underdog to underdog and someone who knows what it’s like to be underestimated, she asks Brey to tell everyone the moment he proved he was a force to be reckoned with. Brey says when he won the veto in the fake double. No one thought he was playing and they all thought he was floating and he was waiting silently to strike. He knew that veto would make everyone know he was a competitor. It’s time for their final pitches. Tychon says he’s grateful for being on one of the most inclusive and diverse casts in the season. He says Tina picking him first put a target on his back but being part of the Sunsetters and the Sauce helped him. He had shields and he never threw them under the bus. He built relationships. Austin wasn’t coming for Kiefer and neither was Kyle or Rohan, but he convinced Kiefer otherwise. He cut his alliance when he needed to and he had to make those moves. Brey says his strategy was to be underestimated, dynamic, and well liked. He built great relationships and he threw HOH competitions to stay under the radar. He says when Austin left he didn’t have a shield and he had to pivot and secure his safety. He was on the block five times and three of them were for crazy evictions and he survived them all. He never received a vote against him the entire season and he was apart of the backdoor. It’s time to vote! Victoria says this has been the most spicy season ever. Rohan says it’s an extremely tough decision. No one puts a show on like the Ro show but they did a good job. Tina says congratulations. Is she voting for an Oddball or a Sunsetter? Jed is voting for the person he thinks was loyal to the soil and kept it as real as a reindeer. Beth congratulates them and then yodels and laughs. Kiefer says he hates this game but he loves it. Tera says to the boy who defeated all the odds. She loves them both. Arisa welcomes us back and now we’re going to catch up with all of the HG. We say hello to Julie, Josh, Latoya, Kyle, and Austin who are at home. Arisa asks Julie about the reaction she gets. Julie says Canada was very supportive and she’s available for all-stars. Arisa asks Josh if there was enough chaos after he left. Josh says he started the game day three and they all sweated after he left. Arisa asks Latoya what it was like to see the Sunsetters implode. Latoya says no one enjoyed seeing the showmance between Jed and Beth and she was disappointed in Jed and Ty turning on Kiefer. Arisa asks Kyle about his feelings for Austin and he says she’s a great girl and they talk all the time and they hope to get together soon. Arisa asks Austin if her being evicted was good for Brey’s game and she says it did help his game and she’s proud how he reinvented himself and she’s so proud of him. We see clips of some of the blowups and fights in the house. We see Tera and Victoria fighting and then Beth arguing with Ty and Jed. We see Austin and Jed arguing and then Latoya and Rohan. We see Kyle confronting Kiefer and then Julia talking about Josh. We see Beth telling Ty that he said Brey was in his back pocket. We see Victoria and Latoya arguing. Arisa asks Tera about being feisty. Tera says she’s definitely feisty but the house brought out a little more fire than usual. Arisa asks Victoria if all the bad blood evaporates. Victoria says she felt awful about her fight with Tera. We see the cast talking about the diversity of the cast. Ty says he was shocked to see how many black HG they had this season. They talk about representation matters and it’s important to see people that look like you. Kiefer says he knew he’d be representing indigenous people and that was special for him. We see Kiefer speaking his language and he says he’s just a kid from the rez. We see Latoya talking about being bisexual and Brey talks about the LGBT representation. He says there were five openly queer people and that can change lives for viewers. We see Julie talking about when she came out and when she learned about transgender. Rohan talks about how grateful he was and humbled to be part of this cast. Ty says he had a lot of help with his hair and they kept him looking fresh. Arisa asks Kiefer if he felt a lot of pressure and Kiefer says he was nervous and when he seen the diverse cast he knew he had to be himself and he hopes they are proud. He says it’s a huge honor to represent his community. Arisa says the house can get wild. He says there were backdoors and trap doors and the HG sometimes got messy. We see the spaghetti sauce fight. Tera says she has never lived with a filthier group of people. We see Latoya talking about the flip with other HG and them not having numbers. We see HG throwing out names of who has to go and then we see HG saying they never said anyone’s name. Tera says if you were going to get done in this house you were going to get done dirty. We see Victoria telling people she was the invisible HOH after saying she wasn’t going to tell anyone. Arisa asks who had the messiest game and most jurors point to Beth. Up next will be the results and we’ll find out who voted for Canada’s favorite HG. It’s time to get to the final results! Victoria has voted for Tychon. Rohan has voted for Tychon. Tina has voted for Tychon. Jedson has voted for Tychon. Tychon has won Big Brother Canada Season 9! Arisa says they can make their way out of the house. Brey and Ty head upstairs and take one last look at the house and head out. We see the jurors giving Ty and Brey hugs. Arisa asks Ty how he’s feeling and he can’t put it into words. He says everyone had his back and he doesn’t know what to say. He never imagined even standing there today. Arisa thanks them all gain. Two other votes for Ty and one more for Brey from Tera. Arisa congratulates Breydon as well. He gets $20,000. Arisa says there is one more piece of business to get to. For the first time ever Canada voted for their favorite player. Congratulations Kiefer! He has won $10,000!
  8. This house has been ruled by chaos. For over 60 days it’s been one hell of a mess. Now only four HG remain. They’ve all played hard. They’ve all played dirty. But in order to level up, now they have to win. With only veto left up for grabs, it’s go time. A place in the finale is at stake. Its time to clean house. Arisa welcomes us to a special eviction. At this point Tychon is HOH and Kiefer and Tera are on the block. It’s time to tell the HG about this special eviction. The HG head to the living room and Arisa tells them hello and she says they knew this game was coming. The final four is about to become the final three. It’s time for the special eviction. Tonight, it’s getting real. Arisa says while we let that news sink in, let’s get caught up. We pick up after the nomination ceremony on Day 63. Ty says he put Kiefer and Tera on the block because he never considered Breydon. You just don’t put people on the block that you have a final two with. Tera says she’s going to have to do what she’s done all season long which is fight for her safety. Kiefer says nominations don’t matter this week. It’s all about veto to control who goes to final three. He’s got his game face on and he’s ready for the hard work. Tera says she doesn’t want to do this right now and she’s talking to Kiefer. He says it’s only the biggest competition of their lives. Tera says she’ll do her best. Kiefer says do better because you’re best won’t be good enough. He says none of these final four are floaters. Tera goes to brush her teeth. Kiefer is alone and says he’s been himself, and done what he needed to and he has to fight and keep pushing and continue to achieve in this game. He needs to strive for greatness. We see the BB Canada Times. It’s an old style newspaper theme. Tera is first and the veto is called Code Veto. They’ll have to find clues to find photos and they’ll put photos on a clue board when they’ll get a call for a third mission to save the day. The HG to do all this in the fastest time will win the POV. Tera starts and she has some keys and some filing cabinets and she has to find clues to find photos. She gets letters and unscrambles to garbage and she starts digging through the trashcans. She has a black light and she’s scanning everywhere and finds letters B3 C1 and F3 on a cardboard box and she goes to the corresponding boxes and pulls out the photos. Tera runs to the clue board and there are clues to a HG and she has to put the HG photo on the board. She says she’s been studying all season long for this comp. she has clues evicted on an even day or evicted with an odd number of votes. Tera has the photos up and she gets her call. She has to crack a code to disarm the laser and she heads to the next room and it’s raining. There are numbers on a wall and once she thinks she has the numbers she pushes through the wall. There are dials color coded with the ropes and she puts in the first two codes and heads to the other side of the wall. Tera puts the bricks back in but one is wrong. She has four codes right but one is wrong because of the backwards brick. She knocked out too many pieces of the puzzle because she thought she had the codes but now she’s panicking and has to do it again. She puts it back together and realizes what she’s done. She quickly heads back and fixes her code. She’s upset because she thought she crushed it but she says she got cocky and she made a mistake. Breydon is up next and he is beginning. He wants to sit next to Ty in the final two and he needs to win this veto. He gets his code off the cardboard boxes and finds his pictures. He begins his photo board. Brey says if you haven’t been paying attention all season you are done. He thinks he’s done and his photo board is wrong. He makes a change and he’s correct this time. Brey heads to the next room for the final puzzle and he pushes directly through the wall and uncovers the decoders. He realizes there were numbers on the wall and he’s going to have to rebuild the wall because he didn’t even try to remember the numbers. Brey can’t believe he busted through the wall so quickly. He says the water is freezing cold and he’s shivering as he’s rebuilding the wall. He has a couple of blocks on the bottom backwards and he says he cannot stand himself. He busts through the wall and he begins to build again and he’s so frustrated. He does that and puts the codes in and he’s completed the veto. He’s so frustrated knowing his dreams could be snatched away. He’s just praying Ty wins because he’s not winning this. Ty is in next and he says even if he wins HOH, veto holds all the power and if he or Brey wins this, then they can get rid of Kiefer. Ty is looking everywhere and he can’t find the file cabinet. He finally finds it and says you have to be kidding me. He makes quick work of the other puzzles and he’s starting on the photo board. He says he’s been studying for a comp just like this and he’s done but he can’t find the phone. He walks around the desk and looks out the door. He finally finds it. Ty heads to the next room and immediately begins studying the numbers. He thinks he has them and he busts through the wall and he realizes it’s by color. He didn’t study the colors so he goes back to rebuild the wall. He rebuilds the wall and studies the numbers again and starts putting in the codes and he has successfully completed the veto. Kiefer is last to compete and he says he’s terrified. He hears the horn to begin and he says he’s in an uncomfortable position and he can’t count on anyone to keep him safe. He needs to secure his spot in the final three. He makes quick work of the cues and has his photos. He’s struggling with the clues and finally finishes his photo wall and gets his call. He answers the phone and says mom I miss you. Kiefer is in the second room and he’s studying the numbers. He tries to sing the numbers so he can remember them better. He busts through the wall and he sees starts inputting the numbers. He didn’t remember the colors so she has to go back and rebuild the wall. He’s missing a concrete block and it’s on the other side of the wall and he decides to guess what the number is and he busts through the wall and enters the codes. He can feel his heart racing inside his chest. He is wrong and he makes one adjustment and he has it. He has fought through blood, sweat, and tears to make it here. It’s time to find out to reveal the times and see who won! Ty is in fourth place with a time of 31:30 and in third place is Brey with a time of 28:42. With a time of 16:10, Tera has won the POV! Tera says she’s a real life superhero. She won the final POV. Kiefer had a time of 24:57. Tera says this feels so special for her. She says she did this for little girls everywhere. Brey says he had a gut feeling and he’s congratulating her. Kiefer says you just won the POV Tera! He says his heart was pounding the whole time. Tera goes upstairs and celebrates by herself. She says her kids are going to go crazy. Kiefer comes in and he congratulates her again and hugs her. He says he feels sick. He says he’ll respect whatever decision she makes and she says they’ll talk tomorrow. She says this will be a hard decision. She says it’s a huge decision. She says it will come down to who she thinks she can beat in the final HOH and who might choose her if they won. She hates that she has to choose between them. Arisa welcomes us back and the two-hour finale will be tomorrow night. Let’s see how Beth joining Jedson goes! The HG are throwing around a football. Rohan has been working out with Jedson. Jed asks Rohan who they’ll be seeing next and Rohan is hoping for Beth. Jed takes his shirt off and says it’s getting hot and Rohan says it’s 9 degrees and raining. Beth is ready to join jury and relax and stop thinking about the game for a minute and see Jed. She didn’t manage jury well and she hopes people aren’t mad at her. Jed sees her and says no way! She tells them Brey won HOH and she says she’s a little bitter about Ty. She was mad at Tera but now she wants her to win. Vic is happy to see them in jury. Jed says hey Canada, has anyone ever told you they loved you and then voted you out the next day? He does like Beth and he’d like to explore it outside of Big Brother. Beth asks who they think will be walking in after her and V thinks it will be Ty. It’s time to see how the final four are preparing for tonight’s eviction. Tera wants to talk to Ty. She says what do I do and he says he doesn’t know. He says he doesn’t want to push on either side. Ty says he wouldn’t take either one of them over her. He wants her to do what’s good for his game but he doesn’t want her to know what’s good for his game. He has to be careful. He doesn’t think there’s a wrong choice. Ty says Kiefer has skated by the whole game and he’s never been a target. Tera says the jury loves Breydon. Ty says the jury loves Kiefer too. Ty says he loves Kiefer but he has to go. Tera says she has to talk to Brey next. Tera pulls Breydon in and he asks what she is thinking. She asks if he would cut Ty and he says yes, absolutely. Brey says they’ve been playing together for weeks, why would he throw that away at the end. He says she asks him if he’d take her to final two, and of course he’s going to tell her what she wants to hear. He says he and Ty have a final two though in reality. Tera says this is hard because Kiefer has a family and Brey says gamewise, Tera has a better shot at winning. Brey says they would all push for Kiefer to win and she thinks the jury would all vote for Ty. Kiefer says his game is in Tera’s hands. They have a really strong connection. They are both older and both parents and even though they were on opposite sides, they maintained a strong friendship. He needs to get through to her. He says now that they are on it, he respects whatever she does. She played one heck of a game. She says would you hate me if I cut you and he says yeah. He says he thinks it’s a mistake but he can see why she would want to do it. Tera says her heart is saying don’t cut Kiefer but her game is saying cut Kiefer. Kiefer says he won’t hate her if she cuts him. He says it’s been harder for them and he has a chance to help his family out. He says this sucks. He never should have cut her in the double. It was the hardest thing he had to do in the game. Tera says her mind isn’t made up. Arisa welcomes us back and it’s time to see what Tera’s win means. Tera will use the POV and since Brey is the only replacement option he will take the block. Which means that Tera will cast the sole vote to evict. Brey says he’s been nothing but trustworthy and honest and his actions have spoken for his words and he’s good for her game but he loves her no matter what she decides. Kiefer says he played this game as hard as anyone could ever play. That’s all he has. He’s out of tricks. Tera has the decision and she will now tell them who she’s evicting. She stands and says Brey’s social game is just as fierce as he is and he’s a huge competitor and she doesn’t underestimate him. She says Kiefer is a legend in this game and he’s a legend in Canada and she respects him more than she knows. She has to think about her game and she knows she can’t beat the best and so she has to evict Kiefer. Kiefer hugs all three and he tells Ty to go get this and he has this. He heads upstairs and he heads out to Arisa. Brey thanks Tera and Ty and Tera hug. Canada gets to vote for their favorite HG! Arisa asks Kiefer how he’s feeling and he says he’s relieved. He says he didn’t take a second off and Tera would have made a big mistake. He’s a bit salty because he’s a competitor but he feels honored to have played the game. Arisa says Kiefer was such a joy to watch. He had so much fight and heart. Is this surreal for him? He says you’re forced to be yourself and you can be scared of what people think. He wanted to make himself and his family proud and he thinks he did. Arisa asks what it’s been like sharing his culture with the country? He says he’s always surprised at how little people know about the indigenous culture and he enjoyed showing people they are still here and he’s honored to represent them. Arisa says it’s really special.
  9. Arisa says there is only ONE week left to the finale and tonight, we’ll have the final four. And it’s been another wild week inside. Previously, on Big Brother Canada, Breydon pocketed a timely payday with his first HOH win of the season. Not wanting to head back to the block, Mama T appealed to Brey’s emotions, while Tychon was straight up appealing to Brey-day. Feeling the heat, the wily Bevel served a curve ball to sink Kiefer. But at the noms ceremony Brey tossed up Beth as his target next to Tera. Then things got grimy and Beth blamed her ex-allies for her bellyflop to the block. Next, in a full tilt veto competition, Beth tried to bounce back but instead she dropped the ball and the late bloomer dug in for his third comp win in a row. With all the power in his hands, Brey stowed the veto away leaving Tera and Beth stranded on the block. Tonight, which hapless houseguest will head out the door next? Who will earn their place in the final three in the next HOH comp. and will Beth ever stop shouting?!? Earmuffs everyone! It’s Big Brother Canada! Arisa welcomes us and she says thanks to HOH and POV wins, Brey held all the power. We’ll check in with jury tonight too. Let’s start with a look at what went down after the POV ceremony. We pick up after the veto ceremony on Day 59 and Tera says in this game you have to expect the unexpected. She says Beth might really be the target, but she’s trusting the people who voted her out last week and they could send her packing. Brey says he wants Beth out of this house, out of his head and into jury house with Jed. Beth says Brey had one HOH to make a really big move and he didn’t take his shot. On what planet is herself or Tera playing a better game than Kiefer. What do they have with him that is so strong that they don’t want to backdoor him. Beth is talking to Kiefer and she wants to know where the others one are? Are they celebrating and Kiefer doesn’t know. Meanwhile, Tera is hugging Brey and Ty and they are reassuring her. Beth says she absolutely knows that Ty had some sway in nominations and veto and she’s frustrated that he didn’t have her back at all. Ty and Beth are in the kitchen and Beth tells him she’s annoyed and she says it feels personal. Ty says what do you think was personal? Beth says that she’s up and he’s not and he was part of the trio and wanted Brey up against Jed. Ty says he disagreed with Brey going and Ty says he would have stayed over Beth. Beth says he was looking out for himself and he says so was she. Ty says Beth looked too comfortable on the block and he was hearing Beth had thrown out his name if he’d been on the block. Beth says Ty was lying to her ALL last week and they are arguing and getting loud and the others can hear them. Beth says she’s a straight shooter and always has been. Ty says if this is your campaign, then you’re doing a horrible job. Ty tells Beth that the game has changed and you can’t play as an alliance anymore. Beth is getting frustrated and she says he’s talking in circles. She leaves the kitchen mumbling and says Ty floated the entire game. Jed heads upstairs to the HOH and he tells Brey he was getting frustrated. Beth goes to the Expedia room and she’s laughing and says I’m getting voted out this week. Arisa welcomes us back and says we will have a special eviction next Wednesday leaving us with the final three, and Thursday will be the finale where we will crown the winner of Big Brother Canada season 9! But for now, let’s check back in and see what Tera and Beth are doing to stay in the house. Beth says she and Ty had a blow-up earlier, but she’s not out of this game yet and she needs to do damage control. She tells Ty and says he’s playing the game and he says he thinks he has a good chance to win against everyone except Kiefer. Beth says that’s why she was frustrated that it was her and Tera on the block and she doesn’t understand why they kept Kiefer here. She says she didn’t realize she didn’t have Ty anymore. She asks if he’s going to vote her out and Ty says he doesn’t know for certain if Beth would bring him to F2 and she says she swears he’s coming to the end with her. Ty thinks if Beth is still here, everyone would want to bring her to F2 and she deserves to win the game too. She says she promises with everything in her that he is coming with her to the end. She goes to get some water. Beth heads upstairs and she’s emotional and she walks by Breydon and Tera. Tera asks if he thinks someone should go in with Beth. Beth says she’s at her absolute lowest point in this game. She can’t count on Ty’s vote this week. She’s not about to roll over and die. She’s a strong woman and a strong player. All she can do is convince Kiefer to keep her since she can’t count on Ty’s vote and then work on Brey to keep her in a tie breaker. Kiefer is talking to Beth and he tells her he thinks Tera is better for his game than she is. Beth says she doesn’t understand that. Kiefer says Beth would never take him to the end and she says she would. She says Ty and Brey are a duo and they are absolutely taking each other. And Tera won’t bring him because she can’t beat him. Kiefer says Beth fought to get her backdoored and she says of course she did because she was fighting tooth and nail to stay. Beth says she guarantees if she stays, Kiefer will sit in final three with her. Beth says the jury loves Ty and Brey more than herself or Kiefer. Kiefer says Beth has turned people against each the entire game and this whole place could be engulfed with flames before eviction day. Arisa welcomes us back and she can’t believe the finale is one week away. Everyone inside is used to being grilled, but this week they give the HG a different kind of grilling. Kiefer and Beth are called to the DR and they’ve been selected for a special task. They have to spend the night on the balcony and they have to count every racoon they see and if they guess the correct number within five they win a party. They head to the chairs and their task begins. Kiefer is singing he wants to see a raccoon on the fence and they begin counting. Brey, Tera, and Ty are with them. Counting begins and they are at five. Ty, Brey, and Tera head inside and they are going to do shifts to keep them up. Tera is called to the DR and she reads that Kiefer and Beth, but it’s up the other HG to distract them. If Beth and Kiefer get the count right they win a party, but if they are wrong the other HG will win the party. Tera says she feels bad but she doesn’t want Beth alone with Kiefer for too long. Ty heads out to workout in front of the fence and Beth says is this guy serious right now? Kiefer starts belching. Beth says nothing is going to break her focus because she’s starving. Brey starts popping up with the raccoon and so does Tera. Kiefer says he’s locked in right now. He’s a raccoon counting machine and he won’t break for anyone. Kiefer and Beth are alone now and Kiefer has to go use the restroom and Beth tells him to run. The count is at 414 and the raccoons go crazy popping up. Kiefer heads upstairs and heads back and Beth is counting like crazy and she’s at 459. Their task finally ends and they head to the DR and the official number of raccoons they counted on the fence is 567 and they guessed correct. The whole house will be gifted with a party. Kiefer can’t wait to grill tomorrow. The HG head out to the BY and Kiefer says he’s the grill master of the house and he’s on his element on the grill. Let’s check in on the jury now! The jury is sitting on a dock and Victoria says look, there’s Tera floating. Rohan says the jury house is relaxing. Victoria says she’s not as much of an outdoor person as Tina. They are fishing and Rohan is fishing for Jed, Beth, or Ty to walk through the door. Jed says he’s disappointed because he got burned by his alliance, but at least he went out on a twist. Jed goes in and Victoria and Tina are shocked and he tells them Tera won HOH and he fills them on the week and him taking Beth down and then the twist. Victoria says they did you dirty and Jed says they did me dirty. Victoria says Jed tells them it was a fake double eviction and she’s shocked he didn’t beat Tera. She says this changes a lot. Jed says the plan was always to get the Sauce to the F3 and he’s a little salty with Ty for not telling him he was wavering. Victoria is shocked Beth didn’t vote to keep him and Jed says he does love Beth because they grew a strong connection and he’s happy to see where it goes. Rohan says everyone has a bit of a resume now and they say it’s a crapshoot from here out. Vic says anyone can win HOH now or win POV and use it…or not. They all laugh and Jed shakes his head and Vic says too soon? Arisa welcomes us back and she just before the eviction vote, let’s take another peek inside the house. Brey is calling everyone to the LR. He reads attention have-nots. Canada has been voting to save one of the have-nots. The have-not Canada has decided to save is…Kiefer! Kiefer says he can eat again! He thanks Canada and Skip the Dishes. He can’t wait to dig into this food. Tera and Beth are talking and Tera asks how Beth is feeling. Tera says she’s at peace and asks what about Tera? Tera says she knows flips can happen. Beth says Tera what do you need to know? She tells her she wants him to beat the boys and she offers to help her study because she knows all the HOH’s and veto winners. Kiefer was in the room and he says she probably shouldn’t have said that. Beth says anything can happen this week though. Beth is talking to Ty and Brey and she says neither Kiefer or Beth will take him to F2. Beth is so upset that Ty won’t spend time with her and she’s played this game with him the entire game. Kiefer is listening in also. Beth says Brey has been expendable to Ty and she says she wanted Brey in his back pocket word for word and Ty says he didn’t say that. Ty says Beth has been a bus driver this whole game and he will be glad she’s gone. He just wants to get to the end and forget about Beth. Arisa welcomes us back and she’s going to tell the HG what they are playing for and we’ll get to the live vote and eviction. Arisa greets the HG. The winner will win $100,000 cash, $10,000 worth of grills and accessories, $10,000 cash from Sunlight, and an unforgettable dream vacation for two from Expedia. It’s time for the live eviction! Tera says to my warrior mom, thank you for showing me what it is to be a strong woman who never gives up. Tera says she fought hard to return and if they think she’s best for their game then please keep her. Beth thanks them all for helping her live with her dream. She says she has to fight and Kiefer and Ty please think what’s best for your game and I’ll be so proud to say any of your names to win. It’s time to vote! Ty votes to evict Beth. Kiefer votes to evict Beth. By a vote of 2-0, Beth will be heading to jury! Beth gives them hugs and says they all deserve to be here. She loves them and she loves Big Brother. Beth joins Arisa and Arisa says she was final four for like an hour. What kind of rollercoaster has she been on? Beth says it’s been up and down and she’s been run over and backed over. She says keeping Kiefer in the house was a huge mistake and Jedson leaving. Arisa asks if she regretted voting Jed out and Beth says she had to. She says he’ll be disappointed but he’ll give her a hug. She thinks Kiefer will win, but she’s hoping for Tera. The HG wanted to send Beth some messages. Ty says the game was always them but things changed. Kiefer says she came into the game guns blazing but she was aiming at him and he know that. Brey says Beth was no longer good for his game and he was in on the plan to get Jedson called the Trapdoor. It’s time for a new HOH! This competition is called buzzer beater. They each have a monitor in front of them and they have to recall which veto competition the HG played in together. Once they think they know what competition they played in, they have to ring in and state who was evicted after that veto. There are 7 questions. Whoever has the most points will win HOH! We see Beth, Breydon, and Rohan and Ty rings in and he answers Rohan and he is correct. Ty has 1 point. We’ll find out who wins HOH and who gets nominated on Monday!
  10. Previously, on Big Brother Canada, at a dramatic fake double eviction, Tera and Jed thought they were bound for jury until Big Brother sent them a sign. And in a battle to re-enter the house, the underdog ramped up here game and claimed the comeback of the season. With her growing resume in tow, big drama mama T played it cool. Meanwhile, Beth couldn’t stomach Tera’s return and the queen B courted the bishop to stay united. Then at a high stakes competition the HG bet on the themselves and when a tie forced Beth and Breydon into overtime, Brey hit the jackpot. Tonight, who will Brey banish to the block? And who will win the POV? Let the games begin, on big brother Canada! We pick up on Day 56 after the HOH comp and Brey says now he has an HOH like everyone else! Brey says this is his first true taste of power. He wanted Beth to go during the double but he respected Tychon’s HOH, but now they’ve been given a second chance and Beth better watch out. Beth says Brey, are you kidding me?!? She says she spent almost all of the game on top making the decisions with the Sunsetters and now a floater is on top and in control of her game? Kiefer says he knows Brey won’t put Ty on the block and his pool of nominees is small. He has put him up as a pawn in the past and that makes him nervous. Kiefer and Ty are talking about Brey’s potential nominees and Ty says he doesn’t make emotional decisions. Kiefer says Ty won’t take over Brey’s HOH, but he’ll have some influence. Who wants to see Brey’s HOH room?!? We see pictures of his mom and siblings and friends. His letter is from one of his friends and they are so proud of Brey and he has everyone cheering for him. They hope he makes it all the way and they love him. Brey says hearing from the outside world re-ignited a fire under his butt and he needs to show them he’s a boss. Brey is taking Kiefer to Wendy’s and Kiefer wants to convince Brey that Tera and Beth are best for the block. He doesn’t want to go on the block at final five because there’s a good chance he could go home. They select their food and Brey goes to get it and he gets a video from his mom and siblings and they love him and congratulate him on winning HOH. Kiefer and Brey are eating and chatting. Kiefer says he really doesn’t want to be on the block. Brey says Ty won’t be on the block on his HOH and it seems they are all in agreement that Beth needs to go this week and Brey thinks he can beat Ty in the final two. Tera says she just made the comeback of the century but she needs to talk to Brey and see where things stands. Brey talks to her and says he hasn’t decided but he will tell her and Tera gets emotional and she says she doesn’t know if she can do this again just to stay another week. Tera says she knows if she’s on the block that Kiefer and Ty will vote her out. She thinks they’ll blindside her and him as well. It’s Day 57 and Ty is talking to Brey. Ty says he knows Brey has had a crush on him for a long time now so he’s spent time cuddling with him and rubbing his back and they have a final two deal. He wants Brey to be emotionally connected to him and want to confide in him because that would be good for Ty’s game. Ty says his final two with Brey is real and he thinks he can beat Brey in a final two. Beth says she has a feeling she’ll be hitting the block so she wants to be the last one to talk to Brey and be in his ear. She has a pitch to keep her off the block. She tells him she’s scared of whatever Kiefer and Tera have. Beth is terrified that if Kiefer isn’t on the block and wins veto and takes Tera down, it forces Brey to put Ty up and they can vote him out on Brey’s HOH. Brey says Beth is bringing up a valid point. It’s time for the nomination ceremony! Breydon says this is his first HOH and because there are so few people left, it makes the decision harder. Everyone plays in veto this week so he had to factor that in his decision. His goal is final two so he needs to secure his spot. His first nominee is…Beth. His second nominee is…Tera. Brey says he nominated Beth because he heard the plan was to backdoor him and he loves moms, but Tera told him he wouldn’t touch the block but they seen what happened. He knows they’ll both fight for that veto so go out and do the damn thing. Beth says it’s day 55 all over again. They just hit rewind and the same thing is happening. Beth says last week’s decision was done as a group but it’s funny she’s the one on the block because of the group decision. Tera is furious. Tera says Brey only touched the block because of the plan Kiefer and Ty cooked up and the fact they are sitting there with grins on their face is driving her insane. Brey says lots of people didn’t have an issue putting him on a block and it’s just a game. Brey goes to talk to Tera and he wants to know if she’s ok. Tera says she was just thrown off by what Brey said in his nomination speech and she goes over how Ty and Kiefer got the plan to go for Brey to hit the block. Tera says and now they are laughing and it bothers her. Tera says after her experience, was it Jed running the house? Or was it other people? Tera no longer buys Kiefer’s emotional chat and again Ty hasn’t touched the block. Ty goes to talk to Beth and she says she has to win veto and Ty says that’s the point in the game we’re at. Beth says she was irritated with Brey’s speech because she’s on the block for the trio. Ty says it’s not his fault Beth is on the block, she’s the one who fought to keep Jed. Brey joins Ty and Beth and Ty leaves. Beth says all of them were saying Brey should go up, even Kiefer. Brey says Beth was pitching hard for Jed to stay and Beth says what is with people saying that? She says it just sucks he can’t play next week and he’s making his number two mad. Brey tells us Beth, you’re not my number two. Beth says these guys will do anything not to touch the block. She says it’s disgusting how they all turned against her. She says it was a group decision they wanted Jed gone and yeah she went back and forth, but in the end, SHE cut Jed. Beth talks to Ty and Kiefer and says she can’t believe they pinned it all on her. Ty says he never said Brey’s name last week. Beth says Ty was just as back and forth as her. Ty says she was Jed’s girlfriend. Beth says it was up to them too but they told her to decide. Tera can hear Beth yelling at the guys and Brey tells Tera about their conversation. Ty says he didn’t go in and tell Brey that it was all Beth. Beth says she can’t trust anyone in this place and Ty says they’re all in the same boat so get in line. Beth says Ty isn’t in the same boat because he’s going to final four. It’s time for the veto competition! There are pinball machines set-up. Brey gets to play in the HOH this week because there are only five people left. On go they will drop a ball in a tube and catch it when it falls and run it back up to put it in again. When the lights flash, another ball will fall. When they drop a ball, they are out of the competition. Last one standing wins! Beth says she will never feel safe in this crazy place and she’s thinking about nobody but herself and she wants this to be her win so bad. Tera says she’s been waiting for an endurance comp. This veto is huge for her. Everyone is telling her she’s safe but they voted her out last week. She can’t trust these people, she has to win this veto. Brey says he’s not the best at timing or endurance but he’s counting to see how long it takes the ball to get to the bottom so he can space them properly. Ty says he’s the biggest physical target now that Jed’s gone, but he feels safe with Brey, but he wants the win for his resume. The lights flash and it’s time to add a second ball. Tera says this is about figuring out the spacing. Kiefer says a second ball makes this twice as hard. He’s going to have to hustle and he says he rushed his second ball and he rushes with his first. Beth says she has her timing dead set and she’s taking her time walking up and down and she’s feeling pretty good right now. Brey says if he wins this week he’ll have all the power, but Beth is his target so he’s hoping she’ll drop one of her balls. The lights flash for a third time and Kiefer says he panics when putting the ball in. Tera says seeing the balls come down, she knows she’s in trouble. She wants to win this veto and not ruin her second chance. Tera says the third ball makes the competition next to impossible and she panicked. We see her ball drop and she says epic fail. She blew it. Tera is out. Kiefer is rushing and the ball slipped through is fingers and he says that will pain him for the rest of his life. He could have kept going. Kiefer is out. Beth is rushing down and just misses her ball. Beth is out. Brey says is this the best case scenario? Did both of his nominees just drop the ball? Holy crap! Tera is encouraging Brey and Ty. Brey says he can do this for awhile so he’s keeping his breathing on point. Kiefer says Brey is starting to slow a little and Brey just makes it back down to catch his ball. Ty is back down and he just misses his ball. Brey has won POV! Brey says he just won! He has all the power this week! He can do whatever he wants. They head back inside Tera sees Ty in the SR and he says he hates to lose. Tera says so much for her comeback. Now she has to kiss butt. Kiefer comes in and Tera asks them to pinky swear and Kiefer says he was thrilled when Beth dropped. Tera says the guys are telling her she’s good, but they voted her out two days ago. She says please don’t send her home twice. Send her home in the four but not yet. Brey tells Ty and Kiefer he feels bad because he wanted Ty to have his moment. Kiefer says he’s thrilled for him and wants him to do well, he’s just terrified of being backdoored. Brey asks why he would do that and Kiefer says to make a big move. Ty says Beth will pitch. It’s Day 58 and Kiefer goes outside and he sees food setup and he wants to know if he can eat that. Big Brother would like them to let off steam in the hot tub and have some beverages. Kiefer goes to tell everyone to get into their swim stuff. Kiefer reads a congratulations for making it to final five. Kiefer says that made it more real. This game can get really stressful, so Big Brother would like them to let off some steam in the hot tub and enjoy a beverage. They say this is what they needed. Brey says the cream of the crop always rises to the top. Beth says Brey won the veto and he has all the power this week and she’ll see if he’ll pull her down and put Kiefer up. She yells in the house where Brey is and he says HOH and she yells if he wants to join her outside and he says sure. He says he doesn’t want to be pitched to and Kiefer says don’t backdoor me Brey. Brey is talking to Beth outside now and Beth says she is surprised Kiefer didn’t touch the block. She says Tera has a resume, but Kiefer has made a million good moves because he’s been playing since day one. Beth says she needs to get Brey to see that Kiefer is the best player in the game and Brey says he’s not sure if it’s the right move. Brey says he might just keep them the same and not make anyone else mad. Beth says everyone would see Brey have a moment. Brey recaps his conversation with Beth to Ty. Ty says she’s good. Ty says you can credit Kiefer with early moves, but can you credit him with recent ones? Ty says it’s a good pitch. Brey says it’s up to them and he says she also says it will look like Ty ran his HOH and Ty says why would she say that? It’s like throwing him under the bus. Brey says at least the decision is his to make. It’s time for the veto ceremony! Beth says Brey should use the veto because there are only so many opportunities to make big moves and stand out from the rest. Tera says she knows what it’s like to be underestimated in this game and she’s so proud of him for winning the veto, but she wouldn’t be mad if he saved her. Brey has decided NOT to use the POV. He says in this game, actions speak louder than words and as HOH it only make sense to stay clean from more blood and when he makes a decision he sticks to it and doesn’t buckle under the pressure. Tera doesn’t want to be evicted in the final five two times in a row. This is her opportunity to re-write history. Beth is going to work hard to stay this week. She wants to be in the final four and she doesn’t want to follow Jed into that jury house.
  11. We join the coaches and the mega mentor, Snoop Dogg. The coaches settle in for the night. Team Nick is up first and the first pairing is Rachel Mac vs Zae Romeo. Rachel is going to sing Foolish Games by Jewel. Zae is going to perform Electric Love by Borns. They take the stage for their performances. John says Rachel has an interesting bravado and he felt it from Zae. He’d go with Zae. Kelly says Rachel has incredible control and Zae’s performance was incredible and she’d go with him. Nick says that’s the best he ever heard Zae sing and Rachel was magnificent. The winner of this battle is Rachel! Zae is available to steal and Kelly immediately hits her button. Next is team Kelly’s Avery Roberson vs Kenzie Wheeler. Avery is going to perform Tomorrow by Chris Young. Kenzie is going to perform Beer Never Broke My Heart by Luke Combs. John says it feels like there’s another level to Avery and Kenzie is a star. His voice has depth and range and presence. Kelly says Kenzie is captivating and Avery has a great voice. Kelly says the winner is,,,Kenzie! Avery thanks Kelly for giving him a chance. Team John’s first pairing is Zania Alake vs Rio Doyle. Rio is performing Issues by Julia Michaels. Zania is performing If I Were Your Woman by Gladys Knight and The Pips. Blake says Rio did that song well Nick says Zania gave a special moment. John says they both made him proud. Rio sold that song and it was incredible and Zania is amazing and she delivered a masterful performance. The winner of this Knockout is…Zania! Rio thanks John for believing in her and taking her this far. Team Blake’s first pairing of the night is Connor Christian vs Cam Anthony. Connor is going to sing Youngblood by 5 Seconds of Summer. Cam has chosen the song Feeling Good by Nina Simone. Kelly says Cam is really special and Connor did a great job. Blake says Cam always figures out a way to deliver and Connor was just under the pitch, but he did better. The winner of this Knockout is…Cam! As the night went on Team Nick’s Jose Figueroa Jr sang Break Every Chain by Tasha Cobbs vs Raine Stern No Such Thing by John Mayer. Nick says Jose is a favorite person of his and Raine gave a great performance. The winner is…Jose! Team Kelly’s next pairing is Anna Grace vs Gihanna Zoe. Anna is going to perform If I Die Young by The Band Perry. Snoop advises her to let go. Gihanna is going to sing Glitter in the Air by P!nk. Blake says Anna is really important to have on the show because she’s so different and there’s no other like Gihanna either. Kelly says Gihanna has a big presence and Anna is so unique. The winner of this knockout is…Gihanna! Anna is emotional and tells Kelly thank you and Kelly is emotional and Anna walks off and Blake hits his button to steal her. We see Snoop working with all the coaches and their saves for the four-way Knockout. First up is Team Blake’s Emma Caroline and she’s performing Neon Moon by Brooks & Dunn. Next up is Team Nick’s Devan Blake Jones performing Sign of the Times by Harry Styles. Then we have Team John’s Carolina Rial singing Anyone by Demi Lovato. Finally we have Team Kelly’s Savanna Woods performing Black Hole Sun by Soundgarden. Blake couldn’t be happier with Emma’s performance and he feels like he really needs her on his team to represent mainstream country music. Nick says he talked a lot with Devan about coming out of his shell he’s a different performance and that was his best vocal performance so far. John says what a plea to America from Carolina. He felt every emotion. Kelly says Savanna is insane and her range is incredible. She’s so rock and roll and The Voice is about representation and she hopes America got excited.
  12. It’s just another regular day in the BB Canada house…until it’s not. The fakeout of the season is coming. When big brother closes one door, he opens another and tonight an unlikely path will lead to an uncertain fate. Its time for the fake double eviction. Arisa welcomes us to a fake double eviction. It’s just like a regular double eviction with one major difference. After both evictions happen, the two evictees will battle head-to-head in a do or die competition. The loser goes to jury and the winner re-enters the game. We pick up after the nomination ceremony on day 52. Beth is laughing in the DR and she says this is insane. She doesn’t know what’s going on in the game now but she doesn’t care. She’s going to the final five. She doesn’t know what everyone is thinking. Jed says this is a risky move, but it’s a huge move and big for his game. Breydon is acting for a lifetime and he’s trying to stay calm. He heads outside and can’t believe one of the biggest targets in the house didn’t use veto on himself. He says if this pays off he will do backflips. Tera knows this move is crazy. She knows she’s risking Breydon’s life but if Jedson goes, she’s in a good spot. If he stays, she might be right after Breydon. She’s talking to Breydon and they can’t believe Jed did that. Tera says if they keep him, then she will riot. Breydon is shook. Tychon says everyone is celebrating for different reasons. Beth is celebrating because she’s not on the block. Kiefer is celebrating because his plan worked. Ty is celebrating because he’s not on the block. Jed is celebrating because he thinks he made a huge game move and Ty says Jed might have to go home. Jed, Ty, and Kiefer are talking and Jed says they all played their parts because Tera truly believes Kiefer and Ty hate Beth. Jed says he just hopes they vote his way and Kiefer laughs and Ty says of course! Breydon is talking to Beth and she tells him that Jed wasn’t in charge of that move. She says Jed thinks it’s his big move, but it’s not. Breydon says Beth’s weak spot is that in her mind no one sees her as making any moves. So he’s going to nurture that and says people will see it as Jed saving Beth again. Breydon says if Jed used the veto on her and then she voted him out, that would be huge! Jed and Ty are talking and Jed says he can see Kiefer getting spooked and team up with Tera and he’s sketch. Ty says he hasn’t heard Breydon’s pitch yet, but he’s been playing the game since day one with Jed. Jed just made a move that showed huge loyalty and Ty doesn’t know if he can cut him. He made that move to save their alliance. Jed says he put his life on the line to keep them together and Jed says he always says it was him and Ty. Jed says he has Ty and Ty says he has Jed too. Arisa welcomes us back and it’s time to head back inside for some wild game play. Breydon asks Ty how it feels to be on the up and Ty is confused. Beth says they are in an interesting position because they can keep the Sauce together or there could be a flip. She’s feeling a little weird. She needs to get in Ty’s head because if a flip happens she needs to be a part of it. Beth wants to know what Ty has been talking about with Kiefer and Breydon. Beth says if Jed survives this week, then neither of them are winning. Ty says if he wins the next HOH and they can’t get Jed out, then he can’t play the following week and whoever remains has to beat him. Ty says he didn’t come here to make friends. Beth says doesn’t it break your heart at all? Beth says it’s coming close to impossible to separate her emotions from the game and she doesn’t want Jed to be blindsided because she has a connection with him. Beth asks Jed if he’s talked to Ty and Jed tells her their conversation. Beth says Ty is lying to him. She tells him that Ty said even if he won every HOH, he wouldn’t be able to beat Jed. Jed is freaking out and wants to talk to Ty and Beth tells him not to. Jed says this is what loyalty gets you and Beth says it’s just them. Jed says it sounds like his alliance is turning on him. He won the veto and didn’t use it on himself and now he’s thinking it’s a stupid move. He has to figure out a way to get out of this. Jed goes to talk to Ty and he says maybe he’s getting block paranoia. He says he’s worried about Kiefer because of last week and maybe Beth wants to cut her. Ty told him he used veto on Beth to save the Sauce and there’s nothing to be embarrassed about. Ty says they have three Sunsetters voting and Jed made the move for them. Jed says he needs them. He wants them to be the final three. Ty says he has him. Ty says he’s telling Jed what he wants to hear and it’s not realistic to keep him in the game anymore. They are at the endgame and it’s the right thing for him to do. Beth feels the flip against Jed is inevitable and he’ll be going to jury and she never thought she’d love someone in the house. She is talking to Jed and she says she doesn’t know if they’ll tell her. Jed says it’s fine. Beth says this is heartbreaking. Jed says he appreciates her so much in this game. He wouldn’t be here without her and if he stays this week, he’ll be here because of her again. He’ll never forget everything she did for him. Jed leaves the room and Beth starts crying into her hands. Arisa welcomes us back. She says two weeks ago we shook things up with a double eviction. Tonight, they’ll have a fake one and the two evictees will get a chance to compete to get back in the game. But first let’s check out the jury house! Victoria says the jury house has been very relaxing. She’s been doing a lot of reading and reflecting on the bullcrap that went down in the house. As much as she’s sad her alliance got rid of her, it was the right move. Rohan wished he’d had more time to get a third vote to stay but he did what he could to stay around for as long as possible. Vic says she had no idea it was a double eviction and she wanted Rohan to win and it was devastating to see him. Vic says Rohan being evicted means Beth, Jed, and Ty are gaining power and will have a clear path to finale. Living with Rohan is amazing! She gets breakfast made for her everyday. Vic says Rohan is the perfect guy to live with! Vic says someone new is going to be coming to the jury and she’s nervous but excited. Tina says she feels like a weight has been lifted and she’s ready for the jury experience. Vic says she was kind of floater so she can join them. Tina says Kiefer was supposed to leave at the beginning of the week but it changed. They agree Kiefer is playing the best game and has the resume. Vic says Beth is playing the next best game. Rohan says she’s uncomfortable to be around and annoying but she’s using the boys. Rohan wants to see Breydon make a flashy move. Tina wants to see Jed come through the door and Rohan says if his head will fit through the door. We go back to Arisa and she sends it back inside. Jed is talking to Ty and he says he thought they should battle. Kiefer says in 16 days he’s going to be on plane home to his family. If he gets first place, his life will change a lot more than Jed’s. Jed says he literally put his life on the line for them. Jed says this is how you repay me? All for some money. Kiefer says the loyalty ended when he put him on the block. He can never go back. Ty says it’s like being cheated on and he never thought it would come to this. Jed says it’s scary how well they lied and manipulated him. It’s personal and terrifying. If that’s how they want to play and they can sleep at night, that’s dark. Jed says he always puts people ahead himself and he wasn’t going to stop. Jed leaves and Beth and Ty hug and she says she’s sorry. It’s time for the eviction! Breydon says he won the experience of a lifetime and he won’t forget the moments they spent together. He hopes they seize the moment and play the game. Jed says he came in saying he’d be true to himself, loyal, and trustworthy and he’s done that. He’s been a fighter his whole life and he’s going to fight with no regrets but he loves them all. It’s time to vote! Kiefer votes to evict Jedson. Ty votes to evict Jed. Beth hesitates and is emotional and says she can’t. She votes to evict Jedson. By a unanimous vote, Jedson has been evicted from the Big Brother Canada house! Beth and Ty are crying and Jed gives hugs and heads upstairs with Beth. Beth whispers she loves him so much and she’s so sorry baby. Jed heads out and sees a sign that says shhhh, you’re still in the game. He’s re-routed to the HOH room and there’s a baggy with some headphones to put on and some instructions. Arisa says he has no idea what’s going on or what’s coming. Let’s tell the others about the double eviction. Arisa calls the HG to the LR and she has some news and it’s major! Tonight is another double eviction. But for right now she needs them to head to the BY to get ready for the next HOH challenge. Arisa welcomes us back and it’s time for the next HOH! This competition is called Say What Now? They’ll be shown clips from events that happened and they’ll have voice dubbing. They’ll have to figure out which day the clip took place. We see Julie being evicted. Everyone answers 6 and they are all correct on the day. We see Tina’s eviction speech. Kiefer answers 49 and Ty, Beth, and Breydon say 48 and the answer is 48.Ty, Beth, and Breydon have 2 points and Kiefer has 1 point. We see Austin’s nomination speech. We see day 7 and they are all correct. Ty, Beth, and Breydon have 3 points and Kiefer has 2 points. Next we see one of Rohan’s veto speeches. Ty and Beth answer 38 and the Kiefer and Brey answer 37 and the answer is 38.Ty and Beth have 4 points, Brey has 3 points, and Kiefer has 2 points. We see everyone in the ball pit for the first time. Ty, Kiefer, and Brey answer 9 and Beth answers 22. The correct answer is 9. Ty is in the lead with 5 points. Beth and Brey have 4 points. Kiefer has 3 points. The final clip is Tina eating the peppers. Everyone answers 46 and they are all correct. Ty has 6 points. Beth and Brey have 5 points. Kiefer has 4 points. Ty has won the HOH! Arisa sends them back inside. Ty must now make his nominations. Ty’s first nominee is…Tera. Ty’s second nominee is…Beth. Arisa welcomes us back and it’s time for the veto competition. There are hair curlers with “hair” tangled. They have to uncoil their rope and once they think they have enough slack, they have to crawl through their hair curler and hit their button. Arisa gives the go and Beth is working quickly. Breyodn is flying and he crawls through quickly and he just beats Beth. Arisa sends them all back to the living room. We get straight to the veto ceremony. Breydon does not use the power of veto. Tera says she kept certain people safe during her HOH and her words match her actions. Beth says not to throw Tera under the bus, but she swore on her kids and went against her word. She’s better for their game and they should keep her. It’s time to vote! Kiefer says he hates this game. He votes to evict Tera. Breydon sadly votes to evict Tera. Tera is the second evictee of the night! Beth heads upstairs and doesn’t say a word. Tera sees the sign and she gets emotional and she heads around to the HOH room where Jed is waiting. She says she has so much to tell Jed right now. Beth is celebrating and yelling she’s final four. Tera is crying and she says she’s so sorry to Jed. Jed says it’s ok, they are still here. It’s time to fill the remaining HG in on what’s really going on. She tells them she has even more news. Tonight’s double eviction was fake. Here’s what that means and we see Jed and Tera preparing to compete. The competition is called Heads will Roll. Whoever wins will be coming back into the house tonight with a vengeance. The HG get up and run around screaming. Tune in Monday to find out who will be heading back into the house and who will be heading to the jury house. Feeds will be down until Monday!
  13. Previously, on Big Brother Canada, after the reign of Tera swept through the house, the plug got pulled on the Sunsetters and with Tear dead set on throwing out the Sauce, a new trio started to form. Then they got to work luring Ty away from the triangle. Meanwhile, Beth dreamed up a perplexing plan to shield her showmance, but Breydon and his buds weren’t swallowing her half fake scheme. Tera wasn’t biting either and she broke the bad news to Beth and the queen bee was dumbfounded that her plan turned out a dud and at the nomination ceremony Tera ended the duos hot streak and forced Beth and her beaux to the block. Will the showmances pride lead to their fall? Can Tera pull off one of the biggest moves of the season? Will anyone win a ticket to safety tower? It’s a one way trip to good times on Big Brother Canada! We pick up after the nomination ceremony on Day 49. Tera has just put Jedson and Beth on the block and Jedson needs to make sure one of them doesn’t go home. Tychon says he sees Beth’s true colors because they tried to get him put up as nominee. Beth believed Tera when she said she was her only chance at final two, but as of now…that’s done. Beth and Jedson head upstairs and they are in bed making out and Jed says block party. She’d rather be sitting next ot anyone else. Jed says this was the biggest mistake Tera ever made and when they stay, she’s done. Tera and Tychon are talking and Ty says Tera has offered him a chance to build trust and they are starting to build that. He says Tera and he are on the game page and she’s good with him. Tera says the trust tree has been extended and she says please don’t screw me over and Ty says I got you mama. Jed goes to the HOH to talk to Tera and he thanks her for not tearing him apart. Tera says she wouldn’t do that. Tera says she’d like noms to stay the same and Jed to go home, but if he stays she has to make sure things are ok. Tera says he isn’t necessarily her target but he has a good chance of winning POV and she didn’t want him to save someone and force her to get more blood on her hands. Beth is talking to Ty while Ty is cleaning the toilet. Beth says she hopes things are good with them. Ty says knowing Beth tried to get him on the block sours their relationship and he’s done with her. Beth is teasing Ty about their triangle and she says she has these Toronto men wrapped around her Alberta beef finger. She leaves and he rolls his eyes and says he can’t wait to send her home. Tera says Beth told her she lost her only ally in the house so she knows Beth isn’t happy being on the block. Tera doesn’t want Beth to go home though and she needs to do damage control. Tera tells Beth she isn’t the target and she says she needs to gun for POV and Beth says oh I am. Tera says if she wins and Jed goes home then Beth will have a cheerleader in jury and that puts her in a good position. Tera leaves and Beth rolls her eyes and says she can’t stand her. Ty is in the HOH doing push-ups and Tera asks if he’s ready and says so ready. Breydon says he’s waiting to get bombarded by people. Ty says they’ve been on a honeymoon for two weeks and that has to end. Kiefer says they just have to win veto and Ty says they will. He will. Jed is called to the Expedia lounge and he has a video wishing him luck and he’s in Banff, Alberta and it’s the veto comp and the winner gets a trip for two. He says he knows he’s Tera’s target and he has to win and take himself down. He is given clues and he has to find two specific suitcases. He says it’s not easy because there are a lot of suitcases that are only slightly different and there are only a couple of clues. After Jed finds the two suitcases he then has a slide puzzle he has to solve to push a car through the middle. He says he is doing well and he isn’t going anywhere. In the third round he has to use the puzzle pieces inside the luggage to put together a map of Canada and label all of the major cities. Jed has been studying the map in the Expedia room every day so he was ready for this competition. He locks in his answer and hopes it’s good enough to win. Beth is next and she has her video from her sister. Breydon’s video is from his mom and Kiefer’s is from his sister. Breydon says his mom is his ride or die. Beth is stoked she gets to do a comp with her sister. Breydon wants to prove he deserves to be in the top six. We see Beth, Breydon, and Kiefer working through Round 1. We then see the same three working through round 2 and Beth says there’s a lot of pressure. Kiefer is working quickly and he thinks he has figured out the slide puzzle. Breydon gets his puzzle complete and Beth is struggling and trying not to panic. Beth is still working on her slide puzzle and she finally completes it and she moves on to the third round. Breydon and Kiefer are also working on their puzzles. Kiefer says Jed attempted to get him out via backdoor and if he can pay him back then he’ll do it. Breydon is working on the cities and he’s wrong. Kiefer does his and he’s wrong. Beth says she’s seen this map a million times but she hasn’t memorized it. Kiefer has no clue what cities he has mixed up. Kiefer rings in after changing a few and he’s done. Beth and Breydon are also finished. It’s now Tychon’s turn and it’s his aunt. He wants to win and keep noms the same and he thinks it would be a good resume move for him. He’s starting to work on the first round and finds his luggage. He then moves on to the slide puzzle and he feels like he has a good idea how the puzzle works and he competes round 2. He starts his puzzle but he’s struggling a bit and he’s getting frustrated. He’s hoping he hasn’t wasted too much time and he finally gets the map together and starts labeling the cities and he rings in and he’s correct. In fifth place with a time of 39:18 is Breydon. In fourth place with a time of 31:09 is Beth. In third place with a time of 27:06 is Kiefer. It all comes down to Tychon and Jedson. With a time of 22:10, the winner is…Jedson and he has won the POV! Jed feels amazing. He knew he had to save himself and ensure his safety and he did it. He told Tera not to put him on the block and now look at what happened. Tera can’t play next week and he’ll be here next week and she’s in trouble. Ty tells Tera he thought he won and Tera says it’s ok. He’s going to be hard to get out and they can still get Beth. Ty says he knows Tera is thinking him as the replacement. Tera says they’ll talk. Kiefer says he wanted Jed out this week but now it’s not an option. He wants to check in and pretend he’s happy and see where Jed is at. Jed says they need to work to get Breydon up. Kiefer says the only play is to convince Tera that Beth has been trying to backdoor them. Kiefer says they only have each other. Kiefer then goes to talk to Tera and he says stuff is about to get crazy and Tera needs to stay calm. He says they are going to pitch Breydon hard and Tera says what do I do. Kiefer says she has to do Tychon. Tera doesn’t want Ty to be mad and Kiefer says he knew he had to win. Kiefer says Breydon is ruthless and they have to take one of the big three out. Kiefer says they have to go down with a bang. Breydon calls the HG to the LR. Ty is saved by Canada from slop and he gets to place an order from Skip the Dishes. He says he loves Canada. Kiefer goes to talk to Tera and he says they thought of something crazy last night. They have a pitch to get Jedson to use the veto on Beth. Ty says they have to use Jed’s ego to get him to beat himself. Kiefer says it’s worth a shot. Tera says what if Jed doesn’t do it, Kiefer says then they just vote out Beth. Kiefer says tell Jed the only way she’ll put up Breydon is if Beth is the one to come down. Kiefer says it’s worth a shot. Tera says it’s a crazy plan, but maybe it will work. She’ll have to get in Beth’s ear to make this happen. Tera goes to talk to Beth and she asks Beth if she could convince Jed to use veto on her and Beth says she wouldn’t be comfortable doing that. Tera says if Breydon sits next to Beth, then Beth goes, but if Breydon sits next to Jed, then Breydon goes. Beth says she can try and Tera says it’s a worth a shot. Tera leaves and Beth says she genuinely wants me to stay. She will try and convince Jed, but she doesn’t think he’ll fall for it. But she’ll say and do anything. Beth goes to talk to Jed and tells him what Tera pitched. She makes the pitch and Jed isn’t sure and Tera comes out and joins them. Tera says it’s not a good look for her if Beth goes home on her HOH. Tera says either she could put Ty next to Beth and that burns a bridge with Ty, but if Jed gives his word, then she’ll put up Breydon. Tera says Ty told her he wouldn’t keep Beth and the boys are more loyal to Jed than Beth. Jed says he knows Ty better than Tera because he’s been with him since day one. Tera says Ty told her he wouldn’t keep Beth. Jed says he doesn’t know what Tera’s word means because she gave her word she wouldn’t put Beth on the block. Tera leaves and Jed says interesting. Jed says if he took Beth off, that would be fire. Ty says the plan is in play and he has to do his best acting performance and get Jed to use veto on Beth. Ty heads out to Beth and Jed and they fill him in. Ty says he’s never acted in his life but under pressure, he knows how to get things done. Kiefer joins them and they fill him in on Tera’s plan. Kiefer says Beth, this is such a good plan. He wishes he’d thought of it. Wait…he did. Jed says the thing is that leaves him on the block and that could be the worst move in history. Ty says worst case scenario he would volunteer to go up and go home. Tera is starting to think this could actually work. But to get Jed to commit she’ll do what she has to do. She says she talked to Ty and she didn’t get good vibes. Jed says Breydon is not good for her game. Jed says do you swear on your kids that you’ll put up Breydon if he takes Beth down and she says yes. She tells Kiefer she thinks Jed will do it. Breydon joins the HOH with Kiefer and Tera and she tells him she thinks Jed is going to do it but Brey will have to go on the block and he says he trusts them. Jed is talking to himself and says this could be a goat move. If he won veto and stayed on the block and then stayed in the game, that would be legendary. That might have to happen. It’s time for the veto ceremony! Beth says all that she asks is for Jed to trust his gut and play smart because that’s how they’ve made it this far together. Jed has decided to use the power of veto…on Beth! He says he would make moves that have never been made before. His entire life has been built on trust and loyal. He likes doing a lot of things with Beth, but sitting on the block just isn’t one of them. Tera must now name a replacement nominee. She says although it pains me to do this because he is one of the most wonderful people in this house, Breydon please take a seat. The veto ceremony is now complete! Jed and Brey hug and Brey says he took the bait and bit hook, line, and sinker. He could obviously go home, but they’d be morons and idiots to send him home and keep Jed. Tera says this plan is awesome and this should work otherwise Kiefer and Ty don’t really want to win. Beth says did this just happen? Did Tera just put Breydon on the block next to Jed? Did veto just get used on her? This game!
  14. The coaches are ready for the Knockout rounds and the mega mentor is Snoop Dogg! Blake says Snoop knows so much about all genres of music and John says he’s a great collaborator. Snoop gives Kelly a jacket and they are ready for her first pairing. Kelly has paired Ryleigh Modig vs Corey Ward. Ryleigh is up first and she is going to sing Use Somebody by Kings of Leon. Snoop thinks Ryleigh is dynamic and he didn’t expect that from her. Corey has chosen the song Already Gone by Kelly Clarkson. Snoop says Corey put a chill on his arm. Snoop says Corey made the songwriter cry and that speaks volumes. Corey steps up first to perform Already Gone and then Ryleigh steps up to sing Use Somebody. Blake says they both did incredible. Blake would go with Corey. Nick says what a way to kick off the knockouts. Nick says Corey inspires him and Ryleigh found a way to make the song her own. He says he doesn’t know what he would do. John says Ryleigh has a special way of making them feel her presence and Corey made the song his own. He’d go with Corey. Kelly says Ryleigh has a really cool vibe. She then says Corey made her experience the coolest thing a songwriter can experience. She says this is hard but she’s hoping no one is going home. She’s stressed. She says literally just for today she has to go with her gut decision and the winner of this knockout is…Corey! Ryliegh tells Kelly thank you and John and Nick immediately hit their buttons. Blake decides to go in for Ryleigh too. John would love to work with her and help her navigate through the live shows. Nick says he has navigated a lot of things as a young person and he thinks that would be helpful. Blake says Ryleigh has the entire interstate on his team. He’d like to see her win the show. Ryleigh gets to pick her new coach. She says she has to go with…John! Snoop now joins Blake for his first battle pairing of Ethan Lively vs Jordan Matthew Young. Ethan is going to perform Help Me Hold On by Travis Tritt. Snoop says Ethan is what country music should be. Blake says he needs to settle down and stay in the pocket. Jordan steps up and has chosen the song She Talks to Angels by The Black Crowes. Blake says Jordan has the range and gravely voice for this song. Jordan is first with She Talks to Angels. Ethan then steps up with Help Me Hold On. Nick says Jordan was awesome and soulful and Ethan was strong and surprised him. John thinks Ethan’s voice is so cool and he enjoys watching him perform and Jordan was in the zone and it was passionate and energetic and the more compelling performance. Kelly says Ethan is very special and she thinks Jordan showcased the rock and roll side of him. Blake says Ethan’s voice is so crazy and cool and there’s not anything out there like him. Blake says Jordan has a cool voice and he’s jealous of the raspy voice. Blake is going to go with who he thinks is ready right now and the winner is…Jordan! Snoop is now with John to meet his first Knockout pairing of Ciana Pelekai vs Pia Renee. Pia has chosen the song What the World Needs Now is Love by Jackie DeShannon. Snoop says he’s holding a tear back and John loved the ending. Ciana is going to sing Cuz I Love You by Lizzo. Snoop says the rap part needs to be a little bit stronger and John says it needs to be more rhythmic. Ciana is up first performing Cuz I Love You. Pia then steps up to perform What the World Needs Now is Love. Kelly says Pia sounded like she loved being the vessel for that message and Ciana hit the notes but a couple of parts were pitchy. She felt Pia’s was really authentic. Blake loved Ciana’s determination and Pia did that too but it was calm and she was in complete control and she won. Nick says Ciana came out swinging and Pia was exceptional. John says Ciana did a fantastic job. She came with her A game and she should be incredibly proud. John says Pia lost her mother recently and she managed to flawlessly deliver the song and that was remarkable. The winner of this knockout is…Pia! Nick’s first battle pairing is Keegan Ferrell vs Dana Monique. Keegan is going to perform Just My Imagination (Running Away With Me) by The Temptations and Snoop says Keegan needs to SANG and not just sing. Dana is going to perform Nutbush City Limits by Ike & Tina Turner. Nick advises her to scale back on certain parts so she’s not at an 11 the entire song. Dana is up first to sing Nutbush City Limits. Keegan is up net to perform Just My Imagination (Running Away With Me). John loved the tone of Keegan’s voice and Dana nailed that song. Kelly says she loved Keegan’s sweet tone, but Dana sung the heck out of that song. Blake says Keegan seemed happier singing that song, and Dana has a lot of talent. Nick says Keegan surprises him every time and Dana trusting him means a lot and he’s grateful to have worked with both of them. The winner of this knockout is…Dana! Snoop is back with John for his next Knockout pairing of Victor Solomon vs Gean Garcia. Victor is going to perform My Girl by The Temptations. Snoop says he heard that song like he never heard it before. Gean is next and he has chosen the song Afterglow by Ed Sheeran. John tells him to enunciate the words as well as he can and Snoop tells him not to be nervous and he needs the song to be more climactic. Victor is up first with My Girl. Gean steps up next and performs Afterglow. Kelly says she loves where Victor went vocally, and Gean has a really cool, magical tone. She has to go with Gean. Blake says there was something about Gean’s performance he was drawn to, and Victor’s singing was incredible and he’d go with Victor. Nick says he thought Gean killed it but Victor made it feel like it was his song and he would go with Victor. John says he is so happy things came together with Gean and Victor made the song his own and Snoop was so excited. John says he loved both of these performances and this isn’t easy, but the winner of this Knockout is…Victor! The final knockout pairing of the night is from Team Blake and he’s sitting with Snoop waiting for Andrew Marshall vs Pete Mroz. Andrew has chosen the song I Won’t Give Up by Jason Mraz. Snoop advises Andrew to become the lyrics so they can feel it. He says the song has to be part of him. Pete has chosen to perform Before You Go by Lewis Capaldi. Snoop advises on the spoken part and he says this battle will depend on whose confidence is right and who use the information given. Andrew is up first with I Won’t Give Up. Pete is up next with Before You Go. Nick says he likes to watch Pete and Andrew gave a performance that was solid. He’d have to go with Andrew. John says Pete was more compelling on the lower ends of the song, but then when Andrew got to the higher parts it was good. He says it was even. Kelly says there’s something special about Pete and it’s effortless and Andrew’s falsetto was magical. She’d lean towards Pete because she gravitates towards his voice. Blake says this is tough. He thinks Pete figured out the rap and stepped up to the plate and Andrew found his footing and they both had great moments. The winner of this Knockout is…Pete! Andrew is up for grabs and before he can say anything to Blake Nick hits his button to steal Andrew back!
  15. Previously, on Big Brother Canada, in a hot tempered HOH competition, Tera and Kiefer squared off and when Jedson scored the ballsy win, the triangle rounded the corner toward another week in control. Stone cold Beth knew exactly who she wanted to target next and her man Jed left all options on the table when he nominated T and T as pawns. At the veto competition, Tera took home a timely win. Bracing for the blindside Breydon felt his number was up. But the power couple were priming to detonate on their own alliance member and the steadfast Sunsetter didn’t see it coming until it was too late. Then at the veto ceremony Jedson shoved the knife all the way in when he nominated captain Kief as the target. Tonight will the triangle actually have the heart to ditch their own ally. Can the hero catch his own hail Mary and who will become the next HOH. Hot stuff coming through on Big Brother Canada! Arisa welcomes us to BB Canada where we witnessed another shocking week in the house. We pick up after the veto ceremony and Kiefer says he was the biggest threat left. He got caught playing the middle of the house. Tina says it’s a challenge this week because she’s next to Kiefer who she adores. Jedson says look at who is left, Kiefer is the strongest player and he’s got a resume from taking out big players and he can’t risk keeping him at this point. Jedson is emotional and Kiefer comforts him and says he had to do it. He says he was going to win. Tychon is talking to Breydon and he says it’s about time that people who look like them deserve to see people like them. Breydon says representation does matter. Tychon says it’s powerful to see people who look like you on TV and it’s so impactful. For any young black kid seeing them can open their eyes to another world. They talk about George Floyd and Breydon thinks that unfortunate situation opened people’s eyes. Tychon says what happened with George Floyd was impactful for everyone and it explains what systematic racism is. Beth is telling Tychon good night and he heads to the ballpit to go to bed. Kiefer is in bed and he’s awake and thinking and Breydon is talking to Kiefer. Breydon says Kiefer has been a very fatherly figure and he doesn’t have that in his life and he likes that. Kiefer says that means a lot to him. Kiefer says Jedson sobbed after he put him up and that was telling that he was going home. Kiefer wants Breydon to go far and he says he’s been working with them since day 2. Breydon asks what the name is and Kiefer tells him. Kiefer says they also have a symbol and Breydon wants to see. Breydon says Kiefer is spilling everything and he’s shocked. He’s not sure Kiefer going is in his best interest. Kiefer says he’s honestly devastated. Arisa welcomes us back and we head back inside. Ty goes into the SR and there are numbers set out and some peppers. Jed says he’s the worst with spice. Ty reads a card and says the peppers are all ranked 1-7 with 7 the hottest. They will have to decide who can handle the peppers and if they eat them all they will get a reward. Tera says she’s not big on spicy food but she’s always up for task. Tera has peppercini. Tina has Anaheim. She hates peppers. Kiefer has Poblano. Jedson has Jalapeno. He hates spice and his mouth is on fire. He says his lips are on fire. Beth has Hungarian. Breydon has a Thai Chili. Ty is last and he has the hottest pepper which is Havanero which is 275,000 Scoville units. He loves spicy but he’s never had anything like this. They are eating ice cream and Ty runs for the sink and drinks water from the faucet. He’s not sure if it was worth it. Ty says the reward is Big Brother is treating them to a spicy soiree later tonight. Kiefer says he may look like a dead man walking but he’s not in the ground yet. He’s not leaving this house with giving every ounce he has and he’s ready to fight. He goes to talk to Jed and Kiefer says he feels broken. He says he did everything he could to keep them safe and the first chance they get they take him out. Jed says Tina and Tera both told him Kiefer was his number one. Kiefer says this could be a $100,000 mistake. He promises to be loyal to four until the end and he feels like he is Jed’s best shot to get to the end and keeping him would be a big move. He needs three votes to stay and Jed would have to break the tie. Kiefer swears on his family and his kids that he’d take Jed to the F2. Jed says initially he thought Kiefer would be a great game move but now he’s rethinking things. Tina doesn’t want to campaign against Kiefer. She doesn’t want to throw anyone under the bus because that’s not her style, but she does want to stay in the game. She goes to talk to Jed and Beth and asks how his conversation with Kiefer went and Jed says he just said he was upset. Beth says it’s scary because it’s coming down to fewer and fewer people and she would never touch Tera. Tina says she’s here to win a game so never say never. Tina says she’s good at reading people’s vibes and after this conversation she feels uneasy. Arisa welcomes us back again and we head back inside again. Kiefer is talking to Ty. Kiefer says he always felt loyal to the four and he feels betrayed by the people he liked the most. Kiefer wants to know why they don’t duke it out at the four. Ty says Kiefer is in a great position in the game and if he’s in F2 he will win. Ty asks Kiefer how he feels about Beth. Kiefer says he think leaving would be best for Beth’s game and he thinks Beth would cut Jed, but Jed wouldn’t cut her. Kiefer says keeping him would be good for the guys games and he holds hope they could be the greatest alliance of all time. Ty joins Jed and Beth and they discuss Kiefer’s pitch. Ty can see keeping Kiefer and Jed says on an emotional level he wants to keep Kiefer but he did snake them. Jed says there are only so many moves left that can help them be better than Kiefer. Ty says they were originally concerned about there being three on the other side, but breaking up a duo and a trio? That’s a big move and Tina has never done anything for them. We’re at the spicy reward dinner and Jed and Ty and Kief are at the table and they step away to talk. Jed says they chatted after Kief made his pitches and they never really wanted him to go home. He says he and Ty talked and they don’t think this is the move. Ty says bro, you’re family. They hug and celebrate and Jed says he just can’t take him out. Kief says he can’t believe this. He’s going to stay in this house and continue to play his game. The grim reaper baby. Let’s go! Jed and Beth are in the HOH bed and hugging. Jed tells Beth he and Ty told Kief they were keeping him. Beth says she’s upset they told him. She says they are getting messy. She wants to know what they said and Jed recaps. Beth says she didn’t tell them that was cool to do. She says it’s another Jed and Ty move. Beth says she’s not going to win the game because she’s not going to get credit. She says she coaches them through game moves and then he and Ty go off and do things on their own. She says she would never have done that on her HOH to them. Jed goes and calls Ty up and he tells Ty that Beth is upset. Beth says she’s super mad. She says they stole her vote and she would never have done that to them. Ty says they still have room to make any decision they want. She says they told Kief without her and she’s pissed. She says she hasn’t talked to Kiefer and they told Kief was safe and that was a boys move. Beth says this is what she’s been talking about and maybe she should keep Tina. And she just might. Arisa welcomes us back again and it’s time for the live vote! Tina says HG, this has been an incredible journey and she’s totally thrilled to share it with them. Now is the time to change the game. What you do in this house is not what you are outside of the house. She loves Kief and Tera and the friendships she takes will mean more to her than they will no. Kief says he’s just a kid from the res and he’s been knocked down 100 times and he gets up stronger. He’s played the game the right way and if he’s good for their game keep him and let’s play. It’s time to vote! Breydon votes to evict Tina. Tera is not saying her girl’s name. She votes to evict Kiefer. Tychon votes to evict Tina. Beth votes to evict Tina. By a vote of 3-1, Tina has been evicted from the Big Brother house and will be the third member of the jury. Tina gives hugs and heads upstairs. Tina joins Arisa and Arisa asks what happened? Tina says the initial plan was probably to keep Kiefer anyway and they figured if they got rid of Tina, Kief would be loyal to the boys and leave Tera alone. Arisa asks what happens now? Tina says Brey and Tera and Kief need to band together and make a power move to change the trajectory of the game. It’s time for the HOH competition! The former HG bend the ear of the current HG. The HG are called to the LR. The evicted HG of season 9 have come together and have rewritten history. Julie says she was keeping a secret. She wanted to share a bed with Jed but she gave it up to Brey. Breydon says he thinks they are going to have to remember these. Latoya says she was actually a police officer and Ty says he knew it! Tera says an HOH win is crucial at this point in the game. Now we head to the backyard! Arisa will read excerpts from the book and they have to tell her which HG is being quoted. If they are correct, then they get a point. Whoever has the most point after all quotes have been read will become the new HOH! Quote 1-who said I may never have won a HOH but if they had, everyone would have been in big, big trouble? Answers are locked. Kyle said it and everyone gets a point except Kiefer. Quote 2-who said the thing they miss most about the BB Can house is stressing them out by merely existing. They felt powerful. They all answer Josh and are all correct. Beth, Ty, Tera, Brey have 2 points and Kiefer has 1 point. Quote 3-who said if you sit still you aren’t sitting pretty. It’s season 9, don’t be afraid to make big moves. The answer is Julie and they are all correct except Beth. Ty, Tera, and Brey all have 3 points. Beth and Kiefer have 2 points. Quote 4-who said when they first stepped into the bb can house they wanted to show Canada you don’t have to be defined by just one thing. They all answer and the answer is Latoya and Tera and Kief get a point. Tera is in the lead with 4 points. Ty, Brey, and Kief have 3 points. Beth has 2 points. Quote 5-who said the piece of advice I have for hg still in the game is don’t trust anyone. Follow your gut. They all answer Victoria and everyone scores a point except Ty. Tera has 5 points. Brey and Kief have 4 points. Ty and Beth have 3 points. Quote 6-who said they may never have won a HOH but if they had they would have nominated two big targets. Answers are locked and the answer is Josh and they are all incorrect. Tera is still in the lead with 5 points. If she gets the next one right she will HOH. Quote 7-who said stir the pot and cause some drama. They all answer and the answer is Rohan and congratulations Tera, she is the new HOH! You cannot miss next Thursday. They are doing a fake double eviction. Two HG will be evicted. But the two evicted will compete against each other and one will re-enter the game and the other will go to jury.

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