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  1. Previously, on Big Brother, with the Cookout finally ready to turn on each other, the guys made a F3 deal. But Kyland and X then made their own gentleman’s deal. So when Ky egg-spertly seized power, he put up his and X’s two biggest threats. After Kyland claimed even more power, his nominations became final, and Tiffany’s days seemed numbered. At the live eviction, Tiffy toes tippy toed straight to jury, but she would not be alone. When the HOH resulted in a face-off, Azah rolled into power and she quickly made her nominations. At the most critical veto competition of the summer so far, Ky got another huge win and he saved his ride or die. Setting the stage for Hannah to be rannah out of the house. Tonight, witness the drama that went down during the action packed double eviction. Plus, a new HOH will be crowned and the winner punches their ticket to the top three. And which two Cookout members will find themselves in the hot seat? Find out right now on Big Brother. We pick up on Day 71 after the double eviction. Derek F says it feels great that they keep keeping him, but he did not like the veto stunt because they are supposed to be loyal to him, and not each other. X says it is bittersweet because he just sent his baby sis out the door. But it speaks volumes to how well he has done that he has been nominated five times and still there. Ky says he is so close to the end and he cannot stop until he is in one of the F2 chairs. Azah says the double eviction was intense but she and Hannah never solidified a deal. She has been close with Big D and X and so her loyalties lie with them. Azah says she did not want Hannah to feel frazzled, but she lied to her. Azah says all she had to do with Hannah on the block was make sure she did not win veto. We see Ky telling Hannah that he was going to save X and he did not promise to vote to save Hannah. Hannah says she would love to be part of the final four. We see Hannah asking X who he would vote to keep. X says he wanted to keep Hannah, but he did not want to put Azah in a tough decision and that would cause some backlash on him. He felt it was better to make it a unanimous vote. We see Ky saving X and Big D being nominated. He says he was livid because this was not a part of his plan and that makes him upset. He has to trust these boys are going to do what needs to be done, but next time they need to give him a heads up. We see Ky and X talking about if they were going to vote to keep Hannah. X would love to give her a sympathy vote but he needs to create trust with Ky and he cannot vote for Hannah. Hannah tells Big D that X and Ky have a final two. Big D says Azah does not need to know he has a F3 with the guys and hopefully the deals he made with the guys will get him through the next elimination. Azah says her stomach does not sit right with this move. She is concerned they want to take out Big D. Hannah is talking to Ky and X and she pitches for them to keep her. She says please vote to keep me and X says they need to think it over. We see Hannah evicted and Ky says he did not want to split the vote and Azah does not feel good. She feels like she has been played. X says achieving final four is a huge accomplishment and he has to do some damage control but everyone competition from this point matters. He says every move he makes has to be perfect. It’s either put up or shut up. Ky says he has a F2 with Xavier and that is the one he is most committed to, but he cannot let Derek know that. Xavier says he is making Ky think he is loyal to him, but his first F2 is made with Big D and that is who he will be loyal to. Azah and Big D are talking and she is mad. She says they did not need to do that and she was forced to put up her ally and she is left feeling icky and upset. Big D says they still have a game to play and they need to focus. Big D is talking to X and he says his attitude is not with him, but he is upset they did not tell him what was going on. He says he does not care who sits next to him, but he deserves a seat in one of those final two chairs. X says it is no surprise that Big D is upset that Ky used the veto on him. X says that raised a red flag with Big D and he can understand why that would make him upset. Big D says he does not leave them out of plans. It is time for the HOH competition! They see a trailer for the new season of CSI:Vegas and the next HOH will be a crime scene competition. They will compete one at a time. Xavier says this HOH is big. Ky says he has been thinking about all of the things he has sacrificed this summer and he did not come this far to not make it to F2. Azah says she does not know where her standing is in the house but now she feels she has a target on her back. Big D says the guys pulled a fast one on him and he needs to win this HOH to make sure there are no blindsides going forward. He wants to make F2 and this HOH will be a big step in getting there. Big D is the first HG into the BB Crime Lab. The HOH key has been stolen from the BB23 museum and it is his job to find the clues. He will grab a blacklight and look for 5 pieces of evidence. He has to match the evidence with the evidence on the wall on the crime wall. Once they have believe they have the five correct pieces of evidence, then they need to ring in. If they are correct, they will lock in their time. If they are incorrect, they have to figure out what they did wrong. Fastest time wins HOH. Big D heads to the crime scene and he wants to look at each and every single detail. But he says when you go back to look at the evidence you realize there are decoys and it makes it very difficult. He selects fingerprint #10, but the correct piece is #5. Big D has found the second clue of the shoe prints. He goes with #12 and he has this one correct. He finds the third clue of the chemical evidence and he says it is clearly #3 and he is correct on that one. Big D finds the DNA and thinks it is #11, but it is #4. He is looking for the final clue and he says it is the most difficult so far. He is confident it is tire track #10, but he is wrong because it is #9. He locks in his time and he has three wrong. Big D switches out DNA #11 with #4 and he rings in. He gets that correct, but now he is unsure. He gets tire track #9 and he has it right but there is still one wrong. He goes back to look at clues. He thinks maybe it is the fingerprint and he gets #5 and he is correct. Xavier is in next and his strategy is to find the clues first and then go and match it up with its corresponding evidence. He says getting a fast time is going to be crucial. He starts with the chemical clue and he has it correct. X heads back in and he finds the DNA clue and he says it is a bit trickier and he gets it correct. He finds the fingerprint clue next and he says it is tricky. He grabs fingerprint #10 and he is incorrect on that one. X goes back in and finds the tire track clue and he says who is driving in a museum. He gets that one correct and he is looking for the shoeprint. He runs back in and grabs the correct one. The only one he has incorrect is the fingerprint. X says fingerprint #5 looks similar to #10 and he runs back to the museum to look at the clue again. He runs back in and selects the correct fingerprint and he locks in his time. Kyland is in next and he runs into he museum. He decides to look for one clue at a time so he is not getting distracted. He found the shoe print and when he looks at the evidence he realizes there are several options so he goes to look again. He selects the correct one. Ky goes back into the museum and finds the DNA and he selects the correct one. He then finds the tire track and he looks at the evidence. He then runs back to the museum for another look and he selects the correct one. Ky then finds the fingerprint and he goes to look at the evidence and he says the differences are pretty subtle and he selects the correct one. He now has to go find the chemical evidence. He feels like he has looked everywhere and he cannot find the symbol. Ky finally finds the chemical clue and he has to go find the one on the evidence wall. He locks in his time and he is correct. He says he has all the answers right on the first try, but he is not sure about the times of his competitors. Time to see how the HG did in the BB Crime Lab competition. Derek F finished with a time of 15:44. Kyland finished with a time of 14:52. Ky is now in the lead. Xavier finished with a time of 10:18. Xavier has won the HOH! Xavier says this is big and he is emotional. He has guaranteed himself a spot in the final three. He says this HOH could be the difference between him winning $750k and going home. He says it is a great feeling. Big D says it is hard to feel like he is riding people’s coattails because he likes to be a leader. X is in a bedroom talking to himself and says he won when he needed to. Big D and Azah congratulate him and he thanks them. Ky is disappointed in himself. He definitely could have been better at it than he did. He says how is he so stupid. He trusts Xavier moving forward, but if someone else wins veto, there is nothing he can do. Big D comes to comfort Ky and Ky says if Azah wins veto and she will take him over Ky. Big D is telling Ky not to worry about that yet and focus on the veto competition first. Big D says X is HOH, but in reality it does not come down to him. It is all about the veto this week and that is the only way to secure your spot in the F3. Ky and X hug and X says they are winning when they need to. Ky says he knows he is on the bottom of the four and he is concerned about Azah. X says Ky’s fears are justified, because if he does not win veto then he could be going home. He says it is really all up to Ky. Xavier is talking to Azah and he says he is just talking to everyone. He says it does not matter if he puts Ky up, then Big D or Azah have to go up. Azah asks if he has a F2 with Ky and Xavier denies it. X says he thought Ky would have taken a shot at him last week. Azah cannot make up her mind how she feels about Ky and X. She says it puts her and Big D in a tough spot and they could be split up at the end of the week. She says if she and Big D are the nominations, then she will feel played. Big D is talking to X and he says he his scared and he is trying to make it to the F3. X says he is just evaluating things and he is evaluating what move will be best. X tells him in the F3 HOH, he does not know if Ky wins who he would take. X says they could take out one of the biggest competitors of the summer and he wants to plant a seed in Big D’s head. He wants Big D to vote out Ky and get all the blood on his hands. Big D does not know how he feels about cutting Ky yet. He has ties with him. Big D says it is hard to send someone home you love dearly. Xavier tells Big D just to think about that final three HOH competition and who he could beat…Kyland or Azah. It is time for the nomination ceremony! X’s first nominee is…Azah. His second nominee is…Kyland. X says Azah has made it this far without being nominated speaks about her social game. He says Ky has been a competitor and really nominations do not mean anything. Azah says it is funny the first time she is hitting the block she could be going home. She says there is no plan B, she has to win veto. Big D says because he is not on the block does not mean anything. He says veto means everything. X says if he wins veto then he will not use and let Big D decide who to take to F3, but does it matter if they take the shot now or next week. Ky says he can feel himself sitting in the F2 and he is getting chills. He just needs to win veto to get there.
  2. Previously, on Big Brother, the Cookout made history by making it to the final six, but it was time for them to start grilling each other. Kyland had made a deal with the guys and wanted to ride to the end with Xavier. But protecting his game, Ky also made a final three with Hannah and Tiffany. After cockadoodle dominating the HOH competition, Kyland became egg-xalted. Officially drawing a line in the sand, Ky chose his side and it appeared Tiffany had a bullseye on her back. It was a must win veto for Hannah and Tiff, but the Kylander captured it instead. At the veto meeting, Kyland sealed either Hannah or Tiffany’s fate. And there will be more than one Cookout member headed to jury. It’s a double eviction baby! The HG will be shocked when they find out they have to play a week’s worth of Big Brother in one night. All this right now on Big Brother! We pick up on day 69 after the veto meeting. Ky says he did not use veto because Tiff has broken trust not just with him, but the entire house. Hannah says she is not surprised, but she cannot be upset because she still has to navigate the rest of the game. Tiff actually believes she can stay, she just has a lot of work to do. She has to work on Big D and Xavier. Tiff is talking to Hannah and she says it is exciting to watch the season back. Hannah thinks it is unfair Tiff is the first to leave to jury because it was her masterplan to get them all there to this point. Tiff says what she did was ensure an African American would win BB and two would be sitting in the F2. Tiff is talking to Azah and she says she has to work on Derek. She thinks Derek wants her gone because he thinks she is coming after him. Tiff says Big D would not work with Hannah. Azah is just saying mmhmm and not saying much. Xavier and Ky are talking in front of Hannah and Big D and they are going on a guy’s trip and they are talking about who they would take and they were deciding between Christian, Derek X, Frenchie, Brent, and Travis. Big D says why would you not take me? Big D says they need him to be entertaining. Xavier says if there was a trip involving BB23, Big D would be part of the trip, but it is fun to poke at his ego a little because he takes things so seriously. Ky is in talking to Azah and he is just standing thinking. He says he is just thinking about the game as a whole and he is talking about random things. He says he has been philosophizing a lot. Azah says she does not always understand what Ky is talking about all the time. Xavier and Ky are talking about their motivation to make final 2. Ky says he has over a hundred grand in student loans and he is always trying to figure out how to take care of his family. The ability to help his parents and grandparents. Xavier says everything he has done has been motivated by his family. He made a promise to his brother that he would do what he could before his brother had a heart attack. There is not a single day that goes by when he does not think about his brother and his nephew. Tiff goes to talk to Big D in the HOH room. She says she has never been at someone’s mercy so bad in her life. Tiff says Hannah is cutthroat and she knows Hannah is going to go for that money. Big D says she has to worry about Xavier. Tiff does not feel good about Big D’s vote, but she thinks she has Azah. She has to convince Xavier that she is not just better for his game, but what is best for his game. We see her talking to Xavier and she tells him if she stays, she will still be Ky’s target. Xavier tells Tiff that Ky may want to take a shot at him and Tiff says if she is not there, then he might take a shot at X. Tiff says she is not unemotional about the game, but Hannah is emotional and she will go for the money. X says she would be a shield, but can he trust her. Xavier is talking to Big D. Big D says Tiff is trying her best and he says that Tiff told him everyone would vote for X at the end and Hannah would take either of the guys out. X says Hannah has shown she is a formidable opponent and she is well connected to the jury. Julie goes to greet the HG and she congratulates the Cookout on completing their mission. She asks Tiff why it was important to her and she says it was an amazing feat and they all had the same goal when they walked in and seen 5 faces that looked like their own. Julie asks X how he felt when they realized they had made it together. X says it was groundbreaking. He says he was sad to see Alyssa go, but it was their goal and he had happy and sad tears. Julie asks Big D if it was ever a challenge to keep the group together and achieve the mission. He says yes it was and it was worth it. He says everything they did was worth it and he is happy and he loves them all. Julie asks Hannah they almost all had a side alliance, but how difficult was her to say goodbye to Derek X. She says she was a hot mess because they each had someone who put all their trust and loyalty in them, but the Cookout always came first. Julie asks Ky how hard it was to play a personal game but also fulfill the mission of the Cookout. Ky says it added a layer to the game he never seen before and at times the mission conflicted with what was best for their personal game. He says it was worth it. Julie tells Azah they were the first six person alliance to make it intact. She asks if there was ever doubt. Azah says yeah, but she had faith in the alliance, even if she was not sure it could happen and they are all here and they cannot regret the decisions they made. We check in with jury. Britini and Derek X are talking and they hope Sarah Beth walks in and Brit says the only way it is not her is if Ky wins that HOH. SB walks in and she says it is tough to take that she is here and she is disappointed in herself and embarrassed. Derek X has mixed emotions about seeing SB. He did not want to see her win, but he did not want to see her yet. They go to watch the DVD. They see Tiff win HOH, then Xavier becoming the third nominee because of his punishment and then Tiff nominating Ky and SB. Brit asks how in the world SB went home. They see the coin flip from the coin of destiny and Tiff getting de-throned. We see the secret HOH’s nominations of Ky and SB. SB says Claire revealed that she was the secret HOH which means she could not win next HOH. Derek X says he did not know they could not win the next HOH. They see Hannah win veto and then using it on Xavier. Derek X and Brit says he should have been the target. They then see SB getting evicted and she talks about the goodbye messages. They show Azah talking about the mission and Ky talking about the secret alliance. SB lists the members of the Cookout and they talk about there has never been a black winner and Derek X says he did not know and SB says she empathizes with the mission. Derek X says it seems like a noble mission and he thinks it is impressive to keep the alliance together since week one. DX says he would be impressed if they make it to final six. SB says she understands the mission with Ky, but she is not ok with the lies he told that were unnecessary. She feels like there were a lot of conversations that she had with Ky that were empty. Brit says Ky is the most annoying to her and even though they are in an alliance, they have to take each other out. Brit says whoever gets Ky out will be the most impressive to her. Claire and Alyssa are about ready to hit the jury house. SB says if they were going to break up the six, they would have done it last week because there was no good reason to send her home over Kyland. Claire says it feels weird to have been put on the block and evicted by her closest ally in the game but she does not think there is much she could have done. Claire tells them it was a double eviction and she does not know who it is but she can guess. Alyssa comes in and she says double eviction was intense and eye opening and she thinks there are bigger targets than her. Alyssa says she definitely was the dim one. Claire says it was a wild week and they have to watch it and Claire says she had to throw the comp. The HG see Tiff win the HOH and they are all shocked that Tiff took her out. SB says that was messed up and Derek X says Tiff was the last person to win HOH and take Claire out. We see Tiff nominating Xavier and Alyssa, and then we see the veto that Alyssa won with the mini cocktails. SB says Tiff must have been devastated at this point and Claire says she was excited cause she thought Xavier was going home. We see Tiff name Claire as the replacement nominee and SB wants to know what she has been told and Claire tells her that Tiff told her the night before that she did not want to be the one to not take out an African American player. DX asks if Claire still wants Tiff to win and she says of course. Alyssa shows them the double eviction video and Hannah winning HOH and nominating Xavier and Alyssa. Alyssa says she thought she was a pawn and if X comes down then Ky is going up. We see Xavier killing the veto and winning. Brit says X has been throwing so many comps and Claire agrees. Claire says X is playing such a good game and Brit thinks he is playing an excellent game. We see X uses the veto on himself. We then see Alyssa being evicted. Alyssa says in her goodbye message that X came there for a bigger purpose. Ky told her that the rest of the HG were in an alliance and she should not feel dumb or played. Hannah hoped she understood and respected the reason. Alyssa wants to see Hannah in the F2 because people underestimate her. Alyssa says she respects the alliance and she loves that feels stupid and she completely respects the game. Brit says when the next HG arrives, the game has officially begun. It is time for the live vote and eviction! Tiff does her shoutouts and she says their display of black excellence and achievement made history and bound them together and she is honored. She thinks Tiff is the reason she is in the seat but she hopes they keep her. Hannah does her shoutouts and she says they came exactly what they came to do and it has been an utmost honor to play the game with them. She has nothing but positive to say about Tiff and she hopes they vote for her to stay. It is time to vote! Derek F sadly to evict Tiffany. Xavier votes to evict Tiffany. Azah votes to evict Tiffany. By a unanimous vote of 3-0, Tiff has been evicted from the Big Brother house. Tiff gives everyone hugs and tells them to be nice. Julie asks Tiff why she was the reason she was on the block and Tiff says because she waivered with trust and that is why. She just hoped she and Ky could get to the end, but she also loved Hannah. Julie asks Tiff if her not throwing HOH was why she was there and Tiff says yeah. She says it was not necessarily that she won, but the way she won. She would rather ask for forgiveness rather than permission. Julie asks if Tiff has regrets and she says no. She was ready to play, but she had a mission. Julie says she was always the mastermind, so is she mad that it was her to be the first to go? Tiff says it did her hurt feelings but she understands that made her a threat. Julie asks how she balanced personal play with their mission and Tiff says it was hard. She says she had moments where she realized they did not have a plan to get to the six and she had to come up with a plan. They needed a plan to keep the six or it could ruin her game. Julie sends Tiff off and she goes to the HG and tells them another person will be leaving. She says for the first time in BB history they are having back to back double evictions. She will see them in the BY soon for the next HOH. It is time for the HOH! They are going to play BB Ballers. They have 12 silver balls in the grass on the end of the ramp. They will retrieve a ball from their ball box and roll one ball to knock their silver balls off. The first two HG to knock them all off will advance to round 2. The winner of round 2 will be the next HOH! Azah and Hannah are doing well. Xavier is doing very well and five left. Hannah has three left. Azah has six left. Xavier is down to two balls. Hannah is down to two balls. Xavier is first to ring in. Ky is cheering them on and tells Big D not to give up. Azah has one more ball. Hannah has two more balls. Azah knocks her ball off and she rings in and she will advance to round 2 and face off against each other. Now Xavier and Azah will face off for HOH in part 2. In round 2, they must roll balls onto the grass. They will take 10 shots and the HG with the most balls on the grass will win. If there is a tie, then they will have a tie breaker question. Xavier and Azah both roll too hard on their first shot. They take the second shot and both are too hard still. They grab their third ball and they both miss. The fourth shot is off and they both miss again. Xavier and Azah roll their fifth ball and they both hit. The sixth ball is ready and Azah lands her ball and Xavier misses. The seventh ball is shot and they both land. They both missed the next shot. They both hit their next shot. Azah hits the next shot and wins HOH! Azah is ready to name her nominees and she is trying to keep her promises and she nominates Xavier and Hannah. The veto competition is next. The veto competition is What the Bleep? They will be shown an eviction clip with a word bleeped out and they will be given a word and they have to decide if that word is true or false. After 7 questions, whoever has the most points will win. Ky and Xavier end up tied and they have to go to a tie breaker. Ky ends up winning veto! Ky has decided to use the veto on Xavier and Big D is the only option as a replacement. It is time for the live vote and eviction! Big D and Hannah do their eviction speeches. It is time to vote! Ky sadly votes to evict Hannah. Xavier votes to evict Hannah. By a unanimous vote, Hannah has been evicted. She is emotional and gives hugs. Julie says when Azah nominated Hannah her face dropped. Why? Hannah thought Azah’s target would have been Ky and she was shocked that she did not initially put him on the block. Hannah says Azah should have kept her because they guys are together. Julie says Azah told her Xavier was the target and Hannah does not believe that Azah had a deal with Ky, but Hannah knew that Ky wanted to move forward together with strong competitors and she was not worthy apparently, but Azah did not know that. Julie asks why there was no path to finale without Tiff in the game? Hannah says she was close with Tiff and she had to find her own path and she tried to make a deal but Azah did not know Ky would use the veto on X and she was collateral. Julie asks how hard it was to play a personal game versus the mission. Hannah says there were hard times when she had to send home Derek X and Claire, but the Cookout always came first. She feels like a winner and now there will be black winner. Julie asks her what the best part of playing Big Brother. Hannah says she wanted to play cutthroat but then she seen five other faces that looked like her and it changed and the best part was getting them all to final six.
  3. Terry welcomes everyone to the finale. Tonight, one last show and one final result and one act winning one million dollars and a headline show in Las Vegas. Terry says this has been the closest vote in the show’s history. Terry welcomes the judges, Howie, Heidi, Sofia, and Simon. Then we take a look back at last nights acts. Terry says it was an incredible night. We then Jimmie Herrod and Northwell Health Nurse Choir joining Idina Menzel performing Defying Gravity from Wicked. Next we have two acts that are about pushing their physical skills to the edge. It is Aidan Bryant and Taekwondo Demonstration Team performing together with Jordan Chiles and Makayla Skinner. We see a short of Lea Kyle helping Heidi find something to wear for the finale. Next we have Bishop Briggs and Brooke Simpson performing White Flag by Bishop Briggs. We see clips of the judges entertaining themselves between acts and behind the scenes. Gina Brillon takes the stage and she is doing a set with George Lopez which leads to her cutting his hair. We check out what took place in the Sonic Route 44 Lounge. Idina Menzel is back to perform again. She performs a new song Dream Girl. We see a clip of Sofia getting revenge on Simon for pranking her. We see Terry delivering donated instruments to some kids at a middle school. Dustin Tavella takes the stage with Matt Franco for a magic act. Kia will be gifting a car to the winner of tonight’s show or a runner-up or someone who inspired their act. We see a clip of Josh Blue talking to Howie Mandel about comedy and any advice Howie might have and then see him talking to Tayler Williamson, Preacher Lawson, and Tom Cotter. Victory Brinker joins Pentatonix for a performance of The Prayer by Andrea Bocelli. It is time for some results to see which acts have made the top 5! Gina Brillon and Josh Blue are called forward. Josh Blue made it to the top 5! Jimmie Herrod and Lea Kyle are called forward. The act moving into the top 5 is…Lea Kyle! Aidan Bryant and World Taekwondo Demonstration Team are called forward. Aidan Bryant is the act moving on to the top 5! Victory Brinker and Brooke Simpson are next. The act taking a spot in the top 5 is…Brooke Simpson! Dustin Tavella and Northwell Health Nurse Choir are the final acts to learn who takes the final spot in the top 5. The act who gets that spot is…Dustin Tavella! The act finishing in fifth place is…Lea Kyle. Lea says this was the best experience in her life and Heidi says she is so proud of her and she is an amazing performer. The act finishing in fourth place is…Brooke Simpson. Brooke says this has been a dream come true and she hopes she has shown that nothing is impossible. Simon says she is an amazing person and singer and her performance earlier was sensational. The act in third place is…Josh Blue. They take a look back at his time on AGT. Josh says this has had an amazing time and this was for everyone who is different. Howie says he respects Josh and loves him and he is a huge fan of his. It is time to find out the winner of Season 16 of America’s Got Talent! Either Aidan Bryant or Dustin Tavella will win. We take a look back at their journey on the show. Terry says this has been the closest vote in the show’s history. The winner of AGT is…Dustin Tavella!
  4. We pick up on Day 66 after the nomination ceremony and Kyland has nominated Tiffany and Hannah. Tiff is his primary target because he cannot trust her. He says it is strange to nominate a member of the Cookout. Tiff does feel betrayed. She thought their final three deal was sealed. She knows if she does not win veto, then she is going home. Derek F is happy Tiff is on the block and he cannot wait to get her out of the house. Xavier says if he had won, then he would have targeted Tiff, but this keeps his hands clean and gives him another week. Hannah says she is shocked. If Ky does not need their final three as protection, then that means he has protection elsewhere. Hannah goes to talk to Kyland and she tells him she is shocked by who she is next to, but she thinks she is not the target. Ky says Xavier and Tiff did not want to move forward in the game together and Hannah says why does he care? She thinks the guys are working together. Hannah says if Ky’s goal is to walk out in second place and lose to Xavier, then he is doing a great job. Hannah says Ky may be ready to hand his game over on a silver platter to X, but she is not. Hannah says she needs to fight for this veto. Big D is talking to Xavier and he says he feels bad for them and for Ky. He says this is not as easy as he thought it would be. X says he never thought it would be easy, and this is the stage where they have to take shots at each other. X feels he has a better chance against Big D or Ky because of jury management. Big D says hopefully Ky does not try to do any tricky stuff and all the guys are together and sticking it out to the end. Hannah is talking to Tiff and Tiff says after Claire left, she did not trust anyone else in the game besides Hannah. Hannah tells her after today, it is clear the guys are working together. Hannah and Tiff believe Azah will be the replacement nominee and they need her to win and take one of them down because it is the only way to keep the ladies of the Cookout safe. Hannah is talking to Azah and Azah says she did not know he would come for Tiffany. Hannah says she did not either and she thinks the ladies are in trouble because they will be picked off going forward and they need to try and get control and send a guy home. Azah says she does not see a way for her or Hannah to make final two unless she wins veto and she is concerned because she has not been able to win. Hannah says she would like to see a black woman win, even if it is not her. Azah say she has a good relationship with Big D and X and she has a decision to make. She can roll with the guys or the women, but first she needs to win the veto to even get a chance to make that decision. Tiff has thought a lot about how life changing winning Big Brother would win. She knows she is Ky’s target and her back is against the wall. The best thing she can do for her son is to bring home the veto. She needs wants and needs to provide for her son. It is time for the veto competition! It is time for BB Comics. We see Lord of the Litrine, Derek X and Sarah Breath. We see Big Z snores and Wizards of Azah. They have to find all 16 authentic BB comics. They will fly down a zip line and peek into a BB Comics studio and they have to place them in the right order and the correct comics. If they are wrong, they will continue to find the correct order and comics. Fastest time will win the POV! Big D is up first and he wants to win. Before he finds the differences, he wants to get the correct order. Big D thinks he has the order correct and now he is going to figure out the difference. We see Claire Bear and Fliptonite is Christian. We have Whitney with her Glamour Slammer and Big D notices the workout top on the comic book cover. The Bikini Genie is Alyssa and he is so impressed by hers. We also have Tiffy Toes. Big D thinks he is correct and he has one wrong and it is Tiffany. Big D says of course he gets stuck on Tiffany’s comic. She is even coming for him in a comic book form. He makes the switch and locks in his time. Ky says it is important for him to win so he can keep all the control in his hands. He is trying really hard not to get distracted by these comic book covers because he is a huge fan. He gets the order right, then wants to focus on finding the differences. Ky sees The Kylander and he is excited by his comic. Brent is The Fright Attendant and Ky says if he seen him, he would opt for the train. He thinks Sarah Breath’s costume is “cool”. He is pretty confident about most of his comics. Ky locks in but one is wrong and it is Whitney’s. He quickly fixes the comics from a spade over the eye to a heart and he locks in his time. Azah says if she wins this week, then she will have the two votes needed to keep a girl in the house. Azah says she likes her comic. The Denialator is Britini’s comic. Frenchie is Mr. French. Azah is feeling like she has most of the comics correct. Azah is having a hard time finding the differences between Britini’s and Hannahs. She sees the taglines are different on Britini’s comics and she is also missing Sarah Breath’s comics. She takes one more look and fixes those two and buzzes in and she is correct. Xavier is up next and he wants to win to get another comp win and to keep nominations the same to make sure Tiffany goes home. X has been waiting for his comic The X-plorer. He says the Bikini Genie made him feel some type of way. Xavier says this is not easy. Even if your are good at attention to detail, you are also throwing in a zip line and the order of things. He has a lot wrong and has to keep making changes. He keeps buzzing in and he is getting nowhere. Tiffany is up and she knows she is the target and she has to win. She says if she does not win, the chances of her going home are probably very high. She loves her comic book. Tiffany seems to be moving pretty well and she buzzes in and she has over half wrong. Tiff needs to start figuring out what she has wrong and make corrections. She buzzes in and she is now only one away. She needs to figure out and she says if she does then she knows she has this. Hannah is next and she says it is important for her to win veto to guarantee her safety. She has Oceana Hannah and her tagline is she will serve up a hot bowl of Chaddah. She needs to make the most out of each zip line trip. Hannah thinks she has the order and she starts looking for the differences. Travis’s comic is Cow-Abunga. She says that image might haunt her nightmares for a few months. Hannah hits her button and she is correct. She is proud of herself. Big D finished with a time of 14:05. Hannah finished with a time of 14:06. Big D is in the lead. Xavier finished with a time of 20:56. Big D is shocked because he is never in the lead. He might actually win! Tiffany finished with a time of 40:00 because she timed out. She hopes Azah can win this. Azah finished with a time of 20:22. Big D is still in the lead. Ky would love to see Big D get a win but it is too important for him not to have the power. Ky finished with a time of 11:44 which means he has won the POV! He says he is keeping all the power in his hands and this feels nice. Hannah says it sucks she lost but she needs to figure out how to keep herself, and hopefully Tiff in the house. Tiff is hoping she can talk Ky into keeping her in the house. Big D is very proud of himself for getting second place but he does not want people to start seeing him as a threat. He does not need to become a comp beast and make people worried. Ky and X is talking and Ky says obviously he has to put him up and send him home and they chuckle. Ky says winning veto gives him a chance to look at his options. Ky says next week X or Hannah would be more likely to win HOH. Ky considers taking Hannah down to get in her good graces. They discuss putting up Big D or Azah. X would prefer Ky to leave nominations the same and he does not want to lose numbers if Big D were to be a replacement nominee. Ky needs to consider all options. Tiff is talking to Ky and making her pitch. She says she did not just lose the veto, it was a wakeup call. She is sorry where she got them to a point where she has to ask him to trust her again. She says she does not have a life in this house without him. Tiff says if she has any chance of staying in the house is if she can get Ky to turn around. She says if she stays, then she would work with him and only him. She says she will always have his back and he goes wherever she goes. Ky tells her he believes she would be loyal to him in the game. He tells us that promise is enticing because she is a strong player. However, she leans towards her own self interests and that is not someone a partner or teammate can count on when it matters. Hannah is talking to Ky. She says she will offer him whatever she can so maybe she can work something out to keep Tiffany here and they can both stay at the end of the week. Hannah offers not to come after him next week and she would use the veto on him. Hannah says if she were to win veto at F4 she would use it on him or make sure he makes it to the F3 if she can. She tells him she would really like to not to go home. Ky says Hannah has proven herself to be a strong competitor, but can he trust her to vote Tiff out. It is time for the veto meeting! Ky has decided not to use the POV and he is sorry for any pain this has caused and he wishes them both the best of luck. Ky says he takes no pleasure in being the first person to send a member of the Cookout home. Ky says Tiff going home is the best strategic move to get himself and Xavier to the final two. Hannah hates that she is next to Tiff and it is scary to play this game without her, but she is not underestimating Tiff to not get those votes. Big D says he has waited so long to get her out. He says Tiff is a queen, but he is a joker and jokers get the last laugh. Tiff says she understands why they are afraid of her, but she came to play and she will work to come up with something to stay.
  5. Terry greets us and then the judges. Five golden buzzers will be competing tonight. We are starting with Sofia’s golden buzzer, Jimmie Herrod, who is a singer. He takes the stage and performs What a Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong. Sofia says his voice and command of the stage and he made the song his style. She is proud of him. Howie says there are no words to describe Jimmie’s voice and his voice made this room a wonderful world. Heidi says he is a class act and a superstar. Simon says he got his fire back and he delivered a big powerful diva note. Heidi’s golden buzzer, Lea Kyle, is next and she is a quick change artist. She takes the stage for her act. Heidi says wow, wow, wow. She has been amazing this entire season, but today was the best and this is so much better seeing this live. Sofia says this was Lea’s best performance. She says she is super creative and beautiful and she came with a story and it was different. Simon says it was too quick, but this was a step up. Absolutely amazing. Howie says the best he has ever seen. Victory Brinker is up next and she is a singer. She takes the stage for her performance. Simon says he thinks Victory was in a different league and this was better than her first audition. She has a glow about her that is difficult to describe. She has something special. Sofia says Victory has a chance to win. Howie says Victory is so inspiring because she found something she loved and people need to find their passion. Heidi says she loves her and she looks and sounds like a winner. She says perfection. The next act is a comedian, Gina Brillon. She takes the stage for her set. Howie says she is great and really funny and laughter is the best medicine. Heidi says she is already a winner. Sofia says Gina was so comfortable and it made them comfortable. She says she is relatable and funny and she loves that her material comes from a woman’s point of view. Simon says being a comedian is harder than being a singer or a variety act. Next is Terry’s golden buzzer, World Taekwondo Demonstration Team. They take the stage for their performance. Howie says this is the best act of the night and he says if people come and see this live and he could watch a two hour show of this. Heidi says she was screaming the entire time for World Taekwondo demo team and they have exciting written all over their act. Simon says that was bloody brilliant. He says they are the ones to beat. Sofia wants to produce a movie for them. They are amazing. Our next act is Aidan Bryant and he is an aerialist. He takes the stage for his performance. Simon stands on the judges table to give a standing ovation. Simon says he did not think a standing ovation was big enough. He says he is unbelievable talented. Heidi says she is so proud of Aidan. Sofia says she cannot imagine what he went through this year and Aidan is spectacular. Howie says he agrees with everything. He liked the last routine better than this, but both were brilliant. Brooke Simpson is the next act and she is a singer. She takes the stage and sings White Flag by Bishop Briggs. Sofia says Brooke is the perfect example of someone coming to the finals and raising the bar. She was spectacular and that performance was great. Simon says Brooke gave every ounce of her talent and soul and she is an amazing person and role model. Howie says she is on fire and that was fire. She says that was a drop the mic moment. Heidi says she has done so well and she is amazing. Next up is Dustin Tavella and he is a magician. He takes the stage for his act. Simon says Dustin is really amazing. He says he an amazing storyteller and he is so happy America put him on this stage and he loves everything about him. Sofia says Dustin has found his lane and he stuck to it and that is very smart of him. Howie says he just gave himself a shot of winning. He makes the impossible possible. Our next act is Josh Blue and he is a comedian. He takes the stage for his set. Heidi says Simon asked for Josh to be naughtier and the followed through. Our final act of the night is Howie’s golden buzzer, Northwell Health Nurse Choir. They take the stage and have chosen to sing Stand By You by Rachel Platten. Sofia says what a way to close the show. She says they are an inspiration. Heidi says Northwell Health Nurse Choir will walk away with a million thank yous and they are really talented. Simon says this is a night he will never forget. Everyone has been amazing. Howie says he will stand by them and he thinks they will win this.
  6. Previously, on Big Brother, the Cookout had a plan from the jump to make it to final six, and Claire was poised to be their next casualty. Before the live vote, Julie unleashed some double trouble, so after the Cookout took out Claire, only Alyssa stood between them and their goal. With Comics week unleashed, the power was up for grabs and Hannah was the HOH hero, so she put up X next to the Cookout’s final target. At a puzzling POV, Xavier excelled and he officially sealed Alyssa’s fate. After the second eviction of the night, the Cookout made history. Tonight, with only the six remaining, the Cookout finally goes to battle against each other. Plus, a new HOH will be crowned as BB Comics week continues. And who will be nominated for eviction? Find out right now on Big Brother! We pick up on Day 65 and the Cookout is celebrating their achievements. Tiff says they made it. They did it. All of their hard work, perseverance, and determination, they stuck together. Azah says final six. The Cookout made. They have made history. Hannah says she is so happy right now. She could cry and it is very surreal. She is not only part of the final six, but she is part of the historic season. Hannah says they had to win HOH and veto to get there. Hannah says things should have been smooth sailing, but she had to put up Kyland and that is where things got messy. Hannah says Kyland was frustrated but she does not understand why he was fighting her on it when Alyssa was going home. Tiffany did not want Hannah to put up Ky and she told Hannah she did not think Ky would go after her this week. Tiffany wants to talk to Ky and he does not understand why they need to talk and she says to keep up appearances and he says why? Ky tells us this is annoying. Tiff says Ky is steaming and she is not sure what he is upset about. She says this is not the time to freak out and Ky says he is just irritated. We see Alyssa get evicted and Derek F still celebrating and he says it is amazing they made history. Tiff says the best alliance to ever do it and Hannah says day one. Tiff says they had each other’s back, but now it is an individual game and she is willing to do what it takes to get to the end and win. Xavier says BB23 will crown the first African American winner and he says he put in a lot of time and effort into this season. He stays this starts phase 2, the BB end game, and he needs to do what he can to make sure he is sitting in the F2. Tiff is talking to Ky and she tells us double eviction went so fast and she wants to make sure she and Ky are on the same page so they do not have any issues moving forward. Ky says he just did not understand why they were keeping up appearances. Ky says she was frustrated earlier because it felt like Tiff was more worried about Alyssa’s jury vote over their relationship. Ky and Tiff hug it out. Tiff is talking to Xavier and she tells him she feels relieved and she will always remember this moment. Tiff says putting Claire on the block was a tough week emotionally and she knows people were upset. Xavier says she kept her word. Tiff says she feels like they are all threats in different ways. Tiff wants to make sure if Xavier wins HOH, he will not come after her. Tiff says Xavier is beasting through HOH competitions and if she wins HOH she will go after him because he could win the jury over if he makes final two. Xavier says this is buttering his biscuits and he might need to take a shot at her first. Ky and Hannah are talking and she wants to do damage control before this festers and gets bigger. Ky says he is probably not looking to work with Hannah long term. Derek F and Xavier are talking and DF wants Tiff out. He is praying he can win this comp and he asks X to throw the comp to him so he can take the shot at Tiff and put her on the block with Hannah. If Hannah comes down he would put up Ky. Ky and X have a private convo and hug and congratulate each other. X says this HOH is going to be important. Ky and X agree they have each other’s backs. Ky says he now has to make true final decisions on who he wants to sit next to and that person is Xavier. Ky says he only wants to go to the end with the best, and this point it is Xavier. X says this F2 is good for his game and he thinks if he sits next to Ky in the final two, then he can win. He says a strong competitor working for you is beneficial. Tiff wants to win this HOH because she does not trust anyone and she is not sure who is taking a shot at her. Ky says this is the first time they actually get to play and this power is more important than ever. Hannah says she cannot play and she is hoping whoever wins will not have her high on their list of targets. Derek F says it is down to the Cookout and it is every man or woman for themselves. It is time for the HOH competition! The five HG are in an “electrical cage” and they have grab eggs and work them up a fence and then put them on a board to roll them down a ramp and knock over power levers. The first one to knock down all three wins HOH! Azah says she has no comp wins and she would love to see pictures of her parents and get that letter from her family. X says we have seen him throw comps, but since it is now final six, throwing competitions will cease. Hannah is cheering them on and they are all moving at a decent pace but there are several eggs dropped as well. DF says he is going to have to take his time so he does not drop his egg. X says if he cannot win, then he wants Ky to win. Tiff says she braids all day and she thinks this will not be a problem. But getting the egg down the ramp and knocking down a lever is challenging for her. Ky slides an egg down and it stops right in front of a lever but does not knock it down. Azah says she is doing an awesome job with the eggs, but the ramp is messing her up. She says she cannot get the egg rolling under control. Big D is talking to his eggs to make sure they take their time and walk down the runway. DF gets his first lever knocked over. Azah, X, and Tiff are still struggling. Ky says carefully dropping the egg from one hand to the other can save him some time and the faster he gets the egg to the slot gives him more time to figure out the ramp. Ky knocks down his first lever. Tiff says she sees Ky doing well and she feels good about that. She says a few days ago, she, Ky, and Hannah made a final three deal. Tiff says with that F3 they can keep numbers and run this game. Hannah does not want Xavier to win so he can go this week. Hannah is rooting for Tiffany to win because she is her number one ally, but if Tiff cannot win, then she is cheering for Ky. Ky slides his egg down and he now hits the second lever. Ky has 2 levers and DF has 1 lever. Xavier is working and he finally gets his first lever. Ky has an egg rolling down the ramp and it breaks right in front of the third lever. DF gets his second lever and he is now tied with Ky. Big D says these eggs better get it together and listen to him. Ky says he almost is inclined to let Big D take the win. Big D slides his egg down and it slides off the side. He is getting very frustrated with the eggs and he is about to give them a whooping. He tells them to focus and listen to his voice and hit the levers. Azah slides an egg down and she knocks down her first lever. Ky is working another egg down and he is waiting for Big D but his best bet is to go ahead and win. Xavier just misses his second lever. Ky hits the third lever and he wins HOH! Ky says having three HOH wins in one summer is pretty cool. Big D says he cannot do anything but shake his head because it was right there and he could have won. He is ok with Kyland winning, but he is bummed. Ky says this is a complicated spot to be and a dream come true. He says the key feels heavy because he is the first to take a shot at an alliance member. Tiff feels really good about Ky being HOH because they made a deal to work together until the end. Hannah says even though she threw Kyland on the block, she is confident she can smooth things over with him and she says neither she nor Tiff should see the block this week. Big D says one egg. Just one egg. He cannot win in this house. He says he is frustrated. He does not want to skate by, he wants to be a threat. He is trying to figure out how he is going to continue in the game and fight for his position. Ky says he knows how bad Big D wanted to win an HOH but it did not happen and now he has to make a very difficult position. Big D says he does not know how he can walk into the final week with no wins. Xavier says he just finalized a final 2 deal with Ky and then he won. He hopes Ky takes a shot at Tiff so he does not get any blood on his hands. Ky and X talk and they talk about Hannah maybe being able to win veto and she might need to sit next to Tiff. Tiff is going to talk to Ky and she needs him to see there are bigger targets in this house. She says X will win this game if he moves forward. She needs Ky to stay true to the F3 with herself and Hannah. She tells him she is still committed to their deal. Ky asks Tiff if she has a preferred F4. She says she feels like X and Big D should go first because she does not want to compete against him. She says Ky is the only competitor she would take to the end, even if she loses. Ky says he might not be safe next week. Tiff reminds Ky that Claire is in jury convincing them to vote for Xavier to win. Ky says she has a point and Xavier is a tough competitor and is someone who could be tough to beat. Hannah is not sure if she smoothed things over with Ky, but she is not sure she can trust him. She is hoping he sees there are bigger targets in the game and if he does not nominate her, then she will vote however he wants. Ky wants to know what offer is on the table if she has to be nominated. She says he is an information collector and she thinks he is trying to gauge how close she is to Tiff and she needs to show her cards. She tells him X would be her target this week. Ky says he has made multiple deals but they have reached a point in the game where lines have to be drawn and this is not a decision he takes lightly. It is time for the nomination ceremony! Ky’s first nominee is…Tiffany. His second nominee is…Hannah. Ky says this decision has nothing to do with loss of respect or love, but a loss of trust. Ky says Tiff has repeatedly said and done things to break his trust and she is someone he does not feel safe having in this game. Xavier says after four straight weeks, he has not been nominated and Tiff is the biggest threat to his personal game. Hannah is shocked and sad and it absolutely sucks she is next to her number one ally. She is not giving up because she can win veto. Tiff says Ky is the smartest idiot she has ever seen and now she has to go out and fight for her life.
  7. Previously, on Big Brother, the Cookout had one mission, to make it to the final six. After hand picking who left week after week, Claire was their next target, but Claire’s best friend and HOH Tiffany had a different plan so she targeted Alyssa instead. At a micro veto competition, Alyssa got a big victory, leaving Tiffany caught between a cookout and a Claire. Knowing what needed to be done, Tiffany made a heartfelt confession to her closest confidant. At the veto meeting, Tiff chose the Cookout over her best friend. Tonight, Claire or Xavier will be sent to jury, but they wont be alone. It’s double eviction night baby! Will the Cookout make history and accomplish their mission? Find out right now on Big Brother! Julie greets us and we are less than three weeks away from finale night. We pick up after the veto meeting and Alyssa is shocked that Tiff was comfortable enough to put up Claire and she is confident her and Xavier can get the votes to blindside Tiffany. Claire says she knows she has an uphill battle and it sucks that Tiffany put her there. Tiff says this sucks, but before there was a Claire, there was a mission. Derek F, Xavier, and Azah are talking about next week, Azah asks Xavier if Alyssa wins HOH, who does he want to leave. Azah wants Kyland and Derek F wants Tiffany and Xavier is leaning heavily towards Tiffany. Xavier says he and Tiff were close allies, but more and more things are adding up and it might be in his best interest to take that shot at Tiffany. Alyssa is talking to Derek F and Azah and she says that if Claire goes home, everyone left will be minorities. She says that has never happened. We then see Alyssa talking to Hannah too. Hannah is talking to Azah and she wants to throw Claire a sympathy vote and she has something else planned. Hannah says she can blame the vote on Kyland so if Alyssa wins HOH she could target Kyland for them. Hannah wants to make sure her, Tiff, and Azah are safe. We see Hannah talking to Alyssa about Ky maybe voting out Xavier. Alyssa says it is scary to think this could be a double eviction. She says everyone should be prepared to leave the house Thursday. It is time for the first eviction of the night! Julie informs the HG that the jury will be a little fuller than just one more joining them. They will experience a week worth of Big Brother in one night. Xavier does his shoutouts. Xavier says he has discussed with them how keeping him in the game, but if they believe it is better to keep Claire then he understands. Also, if he is eviction, he is taking Lucious with him. Claire does her shoutouts. Claire says HG she finds herself out of words because Xavier is loyal and trustworthy and in three weeks he will be $750,000 richer because he is playing a good game and she will make sure jury knows that as well. It is time to vote! Alyssa votes to evict Claire. Hannah votes to evict Xavier. Derek F sadly evicts Claire. Azah votes to evict Claire. Kyland sadly votes to evict Queen Claire. By a vote of 4-1, Claire has been evicted from the Big Brother house! Claire says she will give everyone hugs on finale night and she wishes them luck. Julie asks Claire about Tiffany’s decision to nominate here. Claire says she understands her decision and a lot of times POC are not looked out for in the game. Julie asks Claire about her speech and she says she was trying to show people Xavier is a threat to win and she wanted to look out for Tiff and Hannah. Claire’s final thoughts are the game has so many highs and lows and she has no regrets but she wishes she could have gotten a little further. It is time for the new HOH! This HOH is called Crash! Boom! Pow! The HG will be shows images and then they will be asked a question and they will answer using one of the six tiles in their phone booth. They get one point for each correct answers and most points wins. The first image is up and the question is which word was seen the most? Derek F answers Boom! Everyone else answered Wow! Everyone gets a point except Derek F. The second image is shown and the question is which word was seen exactly twice? Azah answers Boom and everyone else answers Zap. The correct answers is Zap and everyone gets a point except Azah gets a point. The third image is up and the question is Which word was seen in the top right position? Azah and Alyssa answer Pow and everyone else answers Crash. Kyland, Xavier, Derek F, and Hannah each get a point. The fourth image is shown and the question is which words was seen exactly once? Derek F and Hannah answer boom. Azah answers pow. Ky answers wow. Xavier answers zap. Alyssa answers crash. The correct answer is boom. The fifth image is up and the question is which words was seen the most? Azah and Ky answer pow. Derek F and Xavier answer zap. Alyssa answers boom. Hannah answers crash. The correct answer is pow. The sixth image is up and the question is which words was surrounded by zap? Alyssa and Hannah answer wham. Xavier answers zap. Ky answers crash. Derek F says wow. Azah says power. The final image is up and the question is which word was missing? Everyone answers boom except xavier who answers zap. The cforrect answer is boom which means Hannah has won HOH! It is time for the live nominations! Hannah says she loves every one of them and this is not personal, just what is best for her game. Hannah nominates Xavier and Alyssa and she says Claire was right, Xavier is a threat. It is time for the POV competition! Kyland will be sitting out. This competition is called Logo, Let’s Go. They will race to complete their BB Comics logo puzzle. They have to put their puzzle together at the end of the lane. The first HG to assemble their puzzle win POV! Xavier is making quick work of his puzzle and is smoking everyone. Tiffany and Hannah are doing well, but Xavier is too far ahead and he has won the POV! It is time for the live veto meeting! Xavier has decided to use the POV on himself. Hannah must now name a replacement nominee. Hannah nominates Kyland. It is time for the second vote and eviction! Kyland says he respects their decisions for their personal game and Alyssa is beautiful. Alyssa says people who would have voted for her to win left pre-jury and if they kept her, she might get one vote and if they keep Ky, then they can keep doing what he says. It is time to vote! Azah can not win a comp but she can vote to evict Alyssa! Tiffany votes to evict Alyssa. Xavier votes to evict Kyland. Derek F sadly to evict his best friend and co-host Alyssa. By a vote of 3-1, Alyssa has been evicted from the Big Brother house! Julie says Alyssa did not looked shock and she figured this was the plan last week and it was not a surprise. Julie asks Alyssa if she got betrayed by anyone and she says Hannah, but she thinks Claire planted ideas in her head. Julie asks Alyssa if she trusted anyone besides Xavier and she says no. She says the Kings were always a target. Julie asks if she would have taken Xavier to final two and she says she would have taken him to final three but not to final two. Alyssa’s final thoughts are she was glad to be on the Kings team and she is proud of herself and just being on the show is a win for her. Julie reminds us that next week is another double eviction as we go from 6 down to 4 and the jury becomes a little larger.
  8. Previously, on Big Brother, the Cookout alliance masterfully stayed hidden because they were each working with duos outside the group. After Kyland said goodbye to his pawn partner, the Cookout planned to takeout Claire next and Tiffany seemed on board with not winning HOH so they could target her BFF. But at the HOH competition, Tiffany refused to throw it, giving the former queen once again and her plan was to keep her non-Cookout companion safe. The Cookout was not happy with Tiffany going rogue and knowing his friend Alyssa would be targeted, he was especially PO’d. At the nomination ceremony Tiffany officially set her sights on Alyssa. Tonight, will the POV help Tiffany complete her plan? Or will one of the nominees be able to save themselves from the block? And the Cookout is about to be roasted! We pick up on Day 59 after the nomination ceremony and Tiffany has nominated Alyssa and Xavier. She knows the Cookout wanted to target Claire, but since this is her HOH she is not targeting Claire, so Alyssa is out the door. Alyssa is not surprised but she does not know where Tiffany’s head is and she needs to win this veto. Claire says this is ideal and they will get to split up another duo and she will be safe. Xavier says Claire was the intended target, but Tiffany took it upon herself to win HOH and her selfish motivation has him seeing the block for the third week in a row and he is not happy. Alyssa and Xavier are talking about who they might pick if they get Houseguest Choice. Alyssa thinks he should pick Hannah and he says she is close with Tiffany. Xavier thinks it is better to pick someone he can beat like Big D or Azah. Xavier says he is making Alyssa think he is the target to protect the Cookout. He says he should not have to do this because it should have been Claire and Tiffany, but now he has to work hard to rectify this. Hannah tells Tiff that she did great on her speech and Claire is there and she says if Alyssa comes down? Tiff says she does not want to nominate a third person. Tiff tells us Alyssa cannot win POV or she will be in a tough spot because the only person outside of the Cookout is Claire. Big D is talking to Alyssa and she asks him if he would compete for her in veto if she chooses him. We see that she took him off the block when she won chopping block roulette and she says it is time for her to collect some favors. Big D tells Alyssa he would use the veto on her if he wins, but that will not happen because he could not risk Tiffany putting someone else up in the Cookout. He just does not trust Tiffany to do what needs to be done. Big D is talking to X and X says this is an individual game. Big D says everyone knows what they have to do and X says Tiff made him mad. He says he has thrown competitions and sacrificed things and he has been a team player. X says what if he wins POV and takes Alyssa down and forces Tiff to either put up Claire, which would ruin her game, or put up someone from the Cookout, which also ruins her game. X feels like his kindness is being taken advantage of. Big D and Azah are talking and Big D is cleaning and Azah is cleaning. She likes singing at home, and it helps in the song. We see random singing from Azah, Hannah, and Big D. It is time to pick players for the POV competition! Tiffany draws HG choice and she chooses…Hannah. Xavier draws Big D. Alyssa draws Azah. The HG are lounging or sleeping or talking and they hear Zingbot say good morning you idiots! Zingbot calls the HG to the BY. Zingbot says well look at this bunch of losers. He says usually his job is hard, but they make it very, very easy. Alyssa…you are from Florida the sunshine state which is ironic considering you’re so dim! To be clear, he is calling her dumb! Xavier, he is going to reveal his secret…you have a crush. All season long you’ve been getting lost in their eyes, watching their body, and staring at their ass. Wait…that is your reflection. He has been zinging for over a decade and it never gets old. But you know what has…Tiffany! Four score and seven zings ago. Big D says Tiffany is old. OMG, nobody move, we are all in danger. I’ve spotted bigfoot. My bad, that’s just…Claire! Houseguests, he has a joke for them. Knock knock! Who is there? Hannah! Hannah who? Exactly! Booor-zing. Azah says she forgot she was in her alliance but that doesn’t mean anything. Big D has made quite a mark on the Big Brother house this summer…too bad it is in the toilet. Tiff says the only thing he does is get on her nerves. As a robot, he can accurately predict the future. The following things will never happen, time travel, teleportation, Xavier going on a date with…Azah! Kyland! Listening to him talk is like sitting next to a brooke. An endless babbling brooke. Shut the F*ck up! X says the more he talks the more people wonder what he is saying. Big D says he never shuts up but he is so cute. Zing has decided to become a Zingfluencer on Zingstagram. The HG must stack 21 cocktails on a table in a pyramid. But it is not so easy. They are huge, the cocktails are micro sized. Tiffany needs to win to make sure Alyssa stays on the block so she does not have a difficult decision to make. Alyssa knows she needs this so she is making sure her cocktails are in a perfectly straight line. X wants himself or Alyssa to win so Tiffany is forced to choose between Claire or a Cookout member. Big D wants to win to make sure nominations stay the same because he does now know what Tiffany might do. Hannah wants to win this to build her resume and make sure Alyssa does not win so they can send her home. Azah says if she wins she can take Xavier down or leave noms the same to make sure Alyssa goes home this week. Alyssa is close and on her top couple of rows but they fall. Tiff says she is a phlebotomist and her hands are as steady as they come. Big D has one cocktail to place and he knocks everything over and he is frustrated. X says it looks like a college frat party with cocktails everywhere. He says everything is going so badly you cannot help but laugh. Alyssa gets close and she is knocking stuff over. She says if something falls she is just going to start from scratch. Hannah says she has always wanted to be a surgeon but since she cannot hold these tweezers still, there is no way that will be her career. Alyssa is so annoyed because it falls every time she gets close. She needs to focus and not get discouraged. Tiff and Alyssa are both very close and Ky and Claire are watching and Ky says this is wild. Tiff knocks her stack over and Alyssa places her last mini cocktail and she has won the POV! Tiff says this is the worst predicament for her to be in. X says that is what you get Tiffany. And he did not even have to win the POV. He says that is what she gets. Zingbot thanks Alyssa for helping him go viral and tells them goodbye morons! Big D and X and Azah are talking and Big D is nervous he could be a replacement nominee. Big D says Tiff could make a selfish move and put one of the boys from the Cookout on the block and send one of them home. X tells Big D if Tiff were to do that she would be losing four votes if she were to make final two. Tiff says Murphy’s law is the story of her life. She says she knows people think that is what she deserves. Tiff says if Claire has to go, then she has to go. Tiffany says for her own personal game she would choose Claire over the Cookout, but she made a commitment to the Cookout and now she just has to figure out how to tell Claire. Hannah does not want Tiff to tell Claire about the Cookout. Big D and X are talking about Tiffany and her selfish move and if she does not put up Claire they are going to tear the house down. Hannah comes in and tells them Tiffany is fine and she knows Claire has to go up. They do not want Tiff to expose the Cookout. Xavier is glad Tiff will name Claire the nominee but he is concerned how she might go about it. He does not want the Cookout exposed because if Alyssa finds out and considering she can compete in the next HOH, she might be upset with him. Tiffany has a talk with Claire and she says her target was Alyssa. And she cannot be the person to put up Hannah, Kyland, Derek F, or Azah. She does not want to be the one to sit them beside each other. Tiff says she wants to be as honest as she can but not jeopardize anyone else’s game. She wants Claire’s respect and she has the utmost respect for Claire. Tiff says she cares about Claire and she does not want to lie to her. Claire asks Tiff if she is an alliance with them. Tiffany tells Claire that she had her own personal feelings about how she wanted to play the game. Claire says she understands where Tiff is coming from and she cannot fight her on this. Tiff says this was the hardest decision she ever had to make in the game and Claire says she understands. Claire says she has so much respect for Tiff and Tiff says she wants her to fight and come out guns blazing. Claire says she will fight in case there is a chance. It is time for the veto meeting! Alyssa has decided to use the POV on herself. Tiffany must now name a new HG as a replacement nominee. Tiffany says this is a very difficult decision, but she is choosing her nomination with Claire. Alyssa is so proud of herself and she wants to keep up this momentum and win next HOH. Tiffany wanted to keep Claire safe and remain loyal to the Cookout, but we cannot always get what we want. Claire says she may have gone on the block like a lamb, but she will go out like a lion and do what she needs to stay. It is that time of the year! Will the Cookout complete their mission and make the final six? Find out tomorrow on Big Brother!
  9. Tonight, the acts will be competing in the semi-finals for the final five spots. Terry greets us and the audience and the judges. 1aChord is our first act of the night and they are a trio of singers. Tavis, Julian, and Christoff take the stage for their performance and they sing Every Breath You Take by The Police. Howie says 1aChord was great and it had more dynamics and he loved the production and they stepped it up. Heidi says this was so amazing! She loved what they did this to song and the buildup blew the roof off the building and she thinks they did a better job than Sting. Sofia says 1aChord was spectacular. They took it to another level and it was amazing and she loved them. Simon says the vocals were insanely good and they just laid down a marker for what they are looking for in the final and that performance could change their life. UniCircle Flow is up next and they dance on unicycles. They take the stage for their performance. Heidi says it was amazing and they showed how diverse they can be and they had so much fun. Sofia loved the change of music Unicircle Flow because it was more modern. Simon says he thought their last performance was boring, because of the music, and this was a different act and they gave themselves a chance. Howie totally agrees but America has to vote. Lea Kyle is our next act and she is a quick change artist. She takes the stage for her performance. Heidi says she proved again today that she is the best quick change artist they have ever seen and she is a million dollar act. Sofia says this was the best and she looked amazing. Simon says that performance from Lea Kyle defined what the show was about. He says it was a million dollar act and this could be a huge act in the Vegas. Howie says what she did was a show stopper and she deserves a stage in Vegas. Kabir Singh is a comedian and is ready to take the stage for his performance. Simon buzzed him part way through the act and when he did that he thinks it made the act better. Howie says comedy is hard and there is a lot of pressure and it did not go as well as he wanted. Heidi says Kabir has delivered every time and the audience enjoyed him and he is so cute and likable. Sofia says she did not like today. He was amazing and she loved him so much before and she was so excited but there was something weird in his energy. The Northwell Nurse Choir is our next act to take the stage and they sing Don’t Give Up on Me by Andy Grammer. Howie says with that song he just touched ten million people and they are healing everyone. Heidi says the Northwell Nurse Choir spoils us by healing them and then performing for them. Sofia says that song was amazing and it was perfection. Simon says he did not like it, he loved it. He says they make people feel so good and the songs define them. Next up is Peter Antoniou and he is a mentalist. He takes the stage for his performance. Heidi thinks he has the total package and he is perfect for Vegas. Simon says something went wrong with Sofia and Howie says he should not have left Howie out. Simon asks Peter if something went wrong and Peter says things can go wrong and it is scary being on AGT. Simon hits his X and Terry says Peter will need some luck to get through to the next round. Victory Brinker is next and she is an opera singer. She takes the stage for her performance. Simon says that song is like climbing the tallest mountain and she conquered it. She loves that she is talented and fearless and they need that in the finals. Heidi says Victory is amazing and they are so proud they found her. Sofia says that song was a great choice and it was spectacular. Howie says he watches her and it does not make sense and she has a powerful voice and she has a good chance of winning. Chapkidz is the next and they are dancers. They are 35 individuals but when they are on stage they become one. Heidi says wow, wow, wow, wow, wow. She says each move they do is precise and perfect. Howie thinks they are going to the finals. Simon says he thinks Chapkidz has been the best performance of the night so far. He says they are so talented and so amazing and they have worked so hard. He absolutely loves them. Sofia says this was such a treat because this is the kind of music she listens to all day. Next we have Rialcris and they are a strength act from Colombia. They take the stage for their act. Simon buzzes them during one of their stunts. Sofia says she thought it was creative and very exciting and dangerous and contemporary. It was amazing. Simon says the production was great, but he thinks Rialcris has shown the same act every time. He does not see an improvement. Heidi says his family must be proud and she liked it. Howie says they took strength, trust, and danger and made it work. Josh Blue is up and he is a comedian and he takes the stage for his set. Sofia says he is so funny and every time he comes he makes them laugh. She says he is brilliant and so inspirational. Simon says he is just funny and very naughty and he loves him. Howie says this is not just the year of comedy, it is the year of Josh Blue. He loves how he was live in the act by reacting to the audience and that is comedy gold. Our final act of the night is Brooke Simpson. She takes the stage and performs Bad Habits by Ed Sheeran. Simon says this had a shaky start but the second half was spectacular and she is an amazing singer and she deserves to be in the finals. Sofia says Brooke is so confident and she was born to do this. Heidi says she loves her too and she shines so bright it is almost blinding. Howie says it may have started shaky but she ended with a bang and she took America back.
  10. Previously, on Big Brother, after taking a punishment, Xavier was on the block as a third nominee and HOH tiffany gave him so me company. With the coin of destiny in play, Tiff plotted with Hannah to have her unsuspecting ally take the crown. After Claire won the game changing coin in the high rollers room, destiny was on her side as the power was flipped and Claire made sure Tiffany’s nominations stayed in place. With the power of veto back on the line, Hannah was the head of the class. Although Kyland tried to get himself off the block, Hannah opted to save her other cookout cohort. Tonight, either Sarah Beth or Kyland will be evicted. Plus Britini and Derek X start to piece together what led to their demise. And an epic battle of endurance for power began. Julie greets us and it is Day 58. We pick up after the veto ceremony and Hannah did not pull Kyland down so he could not campaign for Sarah Beth and Xavier is all about loyalty and hopefully she can build trust with X and Alyssa. Tiff is excited and wants to send SB to jury so she can tell DX that it was Tiff, Claire, and Hannah who sent her there. Ky says this is going to be a tough week sitting next to SB, but it needs to be done. SB is hoping she can work on staying and she just hopes she is not the target. Alyssa, X, and Claire are talking and Alyssa mentions if SB is evicted, Claire would be the last white person in the house. They also note there are no white males on jury. Xavier says yeah, that is exactly what is happening but no one outside the alliance needs to know that. X is talking to himself and he says why would Alyssa point that out. And the only way to get Claire off that scent is for Alyssa to go. X says frustration. Azah says it is a beautiful day in the house and she and Claire are making dinner and it is a surf and turf night. Hannah, Derek F, and Tiffany are outside and there is a beetle flying around and DF freaks out and flips the hammock and Hannah hits her head on the wood. While they are tending to Hannah and making sure she is ok, the stove is still on. Tiff is explaining that DF ran from a beetle and DF is sorry and the something is smoking in the oven. Claire opens the oven and smoke flies out and the smoke detector goes off. Azah realizes what is in the oven is on fire and she runs for the fire extinguisher. She sprays inside the oven and there is still smoke and the detector finally goes off. Everyone else is heading inside and they note the smoke and say Hannah is getting a concussion. Xavier says everything is going wrong. There is a fire in here and a medical emergency outside. Hannah has ice on her head and DF wants to help and Hannah tells him it is not his fault at all. Tiff recaps the events because DF is scared of a tiny beetle. Hannah says part of the reason the Cookout has been successful is because the six of them have not been in a room together. We then see Hannah, Tiffany, DF, and Azah talking and Kyland comes in and then they wake Xavier out and make their alliance official. X says even though the Cookout has been official since week one, it is nice to make it finally official. However, only one of them will be winning. X, Ky, and DF are talking about who they might target next and they want to lose a woman and they mention Alyssa and Claire. X says he sees a benefit in bringing Big D and Ky to the final three, but he also sees benefits in bringing Tiff and Hannah because he can beat all of them. Ky says he is keeping his eye on Big D though. Big D says he knows Ky will not take X and vice versa. He says he has a mouth that can debate and he knows he could win that money as the only option left for those two to take. Tiff is talking to Ky about taking Big D. Tiff says Ky is the biggest target and she is the next biggest target. Ky says he thinks they would both lose to X. So they think getting rid of Big D and then X would be the best idea. Ky says his true final two is with Tiff. Ky says he cannot afford to be on the block after this week so he needs to set himself up for the long game. Tiff says Ky would take her to final two and that works, but she would for sure take Hannah with her. Time to check in with the jury! Britini says getting evicted was bittersweet but she still has a role in the game. She gets a vote for a winner. She thinks the next juror will be Alyssa, Sarah Beth, or Kyland. Derek X enters and Britini is surprised. Derek X says he felt like he was playing a decent game and there were things he should have and could have done to save his game. Britini did not want to see him come in and she asks who was HOH and he will show her. Derek X shows the DVD and Sarah winning the HOH comp and how close DX was to winning. DX did not think it was that bad that she won. We then see SB’s nominations and Britini says he was a backdoor. DX explains the turning point was not playing in the high roller comp. We then see Alyssa taking down Big D and then spinning the roulette wheel. DX explains why he did not play in the roulette competition. He wishes he had used his BB bux but he did not think his reason was invalid. Britini sees who wins veto and then the veto ceremony and the eviction. DX was confused why his arguments were not going through but when he seen the goodbye messages and Ky told him he was working with a group of people. DX thinks it was Tiff, X, Azah, and Ky, and then DX is not sure Hannah would be in it and not told him. Britini is not sure Big D is in it. Derek X has figured out Tiffany’s plan for them having a duo and then evicting them. Time for the live vote and eviction! SB does brief shoutouts and she asks the HG to reconsider keeping her for tactical reasons. She thinks they will eventually look back and regret their decision and she wants them to consider what is good and safe for their game. Ky does his shoutouts to his family and friends. He says HG they had a great conversation during one on ones and he hopes they were not too long because he talks a lot. He hopes they keep him but if they keep SB because she is a wonderful woman he understands. Time to vote! Derek F gladly to evote Sarah Beth. Claire casts her tie breaking vote for Sarah Beth. Alyssa votes to evict Sarah Beth. Tiff out of sympathy for SB votes to evict Kyland. Azah votes to evict Sarah Beth. Hannah votes to evict Sarah Beth. Xavier votes to evict Sarah Beth. By a vote of 5-1, Sarah Beth has been evicted from the Big Brother house! She gives hugs to everyone in a line on her way to the door. Julie says SB went from being HOH and then nominated twice and evicted. Why does she think 5 out of the 6 votes were to evict her and Ky. SB says she thought she might have been the bigger threat because Ky might be by himself. Julie says it seemed SB regretted evicted DX and she says she does not regret that so much, but she regrets for appearing too loyal to Ky instead of Tiffany and Claire. Julie asks how hard this week was to sit next to Ky. SB says it was very difficult but he was an easy person to play with and neither she nor him took it personal that they campaigned for themselves. Claire does tell SB that she was the secret HOH and she wanted to break her and Ky up. Hannah says she could not move forward with SB in the game. Azah says she had to get rid of SB to further a mission that is close to her heart. Ky tells SB that he did mean it when he said he would take her as far as he could in the game but he was in an alliance that he could not tell her about. SB says that was great game play on their part and she guesses Azah is in that secret alliance. It is time for the HOH competition! Claire has to throw this competition because she is not eligible to win. This competition is called “The Flying BB-inos”. They will stand on a disc and they will spin. Last HG standing wins. The first three HG to fall will be have-nots for the week. They will be slammed into Bubbles the elephant. They all get on their disc and they are raised up and DF is immediately struggling. The spinning begins. Everyone is encouraging Big D. Bubbles are coming out of the elephants bum. Big D is leaning back. Hannah is holding tight and so is Tiff. Ky seems to be spinning quite a bit. When we return from commercial, Big D has already fallen off the disc and has been eliminated. Julie tells us Zingbot will be back this week and next Thursday will be double eviction night, and then they will do it again the following week. Julie says Big D looks very relaxed and she hopes everyone else is having fun. Alyssa has fallen off right as circus performers begins spraying something at them. The HG are yelling goodnight and doing shoutouts.
  11. Previously, on Big Brother, with Tiffany seizing power, her goal was to take out Sarah Beth and bring the Cookout one step closer to the final six. After taking a punishment in the previous veto competition, Xavier was on the block as a third nominee and was quickly joined by a pawn, and the target. With the high rollers room back open for a final time, the powerful coin of destiny was up for grabs. A plan was formed to convince Tiffany’s ally Claire to try and win it. After Claire won the chance for a game changing coin toss, a flip of fate took power from Tiffany putting it in the hands of the new HOH and she immediately put up the same nominees. Tonight with Claire controlling the house completely from the shadows, how will her anonymous reign shake up the game. Plus the POV is back up for grabs and will it be used to save any of the nominees from the block. All this right now on Big Brother! We pick up after the coin of destiny flip and Tiffany has lost her HOH room and the secret HOH kept her nominations the same. She still has a great chance of getting Sarah Beth out of the house this week. Claire says it is amazing to be the secret HOH and she nominated Ky and SB and that is what Tiffany wants. She knows the target is SB, but honrestly any of them can go to jury and she would happy. Ky says he is ok with the nominations because he knew about the plan for Claire to win HOH. Ky says he prepared for it, but just because you prepare for a bat swing to the face does not make it hurt any less. Xavier says he took the punishment to be a third nominee this week and even though he knows the plan, he would prefer not to sit on the block come eviction night. SB says it sucks to sit next to Ky and does not want Ky to go home, but she does not want it to be her. Tiffany is going to the HOH room to clear it out and Hannah and Claire are with her. She wants to insinuate that she played the Coin of Destiny and that way no one can get in Claire’s ear. Claire says she will not say anything. Claire is thrilled that Tiff wants to get the blood on her hands, but she also wants credit for getting the HOH because she does not want it seen just as Tiff’s move. SB is talking to Ky and she does not understand why they are being targeted and she says they are not likable. Ky is trying to comfort SB. SB says someone had a secret opportunity to nominate people and they were targeted. Ky says it is hard to lie to SB. SB says she and Ky got nominated twice this week and if that is not a house target, then she does not know what is. She says their best chance to survive is for one of them to win the veto. It is time to pick players for the veto competition! Xavier will compete with the two other nominees and three random draws. Xavier draws Alyssa. Sarah Beth draws Claire. Kyland draws Hannah. Claire and Tiffany are talking about who could potentially win veto. Claire says she is not sure if she wants to share she is the secret HOH and Tiff says she did not want SB badgering her. Claire has to decide if going after SB is what she wants to do. Claire prefers Xavier to be the one to go home, but she knows Tiffany wants SB out. But she needs to make a decision for her game and maybe she needs to make a move for her own game. Ben Platt is sharing a sneak peek of his movie Dear Evan Hansen. The winner of the veto competition will also win a chance to see Dear Evan Hansen. They will compete one at a time. Claire is out first and they have to arrange photos in chronological order and when they think they are correct they hit the button to lock in their time. The player who places their photos in the correct order in the fastest time will win POV. Claire hits her button and she says it is crucial to win the veto comp. Claire puts up all the photos and then starts looking for clues to rearrange them in order. She sees Christian with a cast with signatures and then one that is blank and that has to go first. She sees Brent with a black eye and then him getting hit with a dodge ball and she realizes that is what caused the black eye. She rings in to check things and she is wrong so she is rearranging things. She makes a few adjustments and rings in again and she is wrong. Claire tries again and see an Derek X with an apple and in one photo the apple has a bite taken out of it. She makes another adjustment and she rings in and she is correct and says of course it would be DX that messed her up. Ky is up next and he says he is going for speed and he puts up all the photos and rings in and he is wrong. He starts making adjustments. He hits his button again and is wrong and has to move things around again. He knows he was moving fast, but he did ring in a lot. Alyssa is up next and she wants to win to take Xavier off the block and keep herself safe. She is excited to see Christian but she is upset he did not have her sign his cast. She is getting frustrated because she does not know what to look at. Xavier is up next and he says there is strong incentive to win this veto to stay safe. He puts the photos all up and then he starts to assess what to change around. Xavier rings in and seven wrong and has to try again. He says his brain is just not clicking. Hannah is up next. She says they are in the second half of the game and she needs to start winning things and she would love to see an advance screening of Dear Evan Hansen. She starts focusing on elements that are in more than one photo. SB is up next and she says it is impossible to know who the target is so she wants to win veto so she knows she is safe. She does not want to put all the pictures out because she might get confused by the storyline. She rings in and she is correct. Time for results! Kyland finished with a time of 5:25. Claire finished with a time of 6:27. Alyssa finished with a time of 8:14. Kyland is in the lead. Hannah finished with a time of 4:59. Xavier finished with a time of 8:29. Sarah Beth finished with a time of 5:22. Hannah has won the POV! Hannah has also won the advance screening of Dear Evan Hansen. Ky is bummed he did not win but he is glad Hannah did. Claire is frustrated she did not win, but let us get SB out and regroup. SB is emotional and she says she tried her best and she was hoping it would be enough. She tells Ky it sucks to be so close. Ky says Hannah won veto and he is happy for her but he feels beyond confident. He just does not want to be on the block on eviction night. SB does not think she can convince Hannah to take her off the block, but maybe she can convince her to take Ky off the block and that would maybe give them a chance to both stay in the game. Hannah calls everyone to the living room and she gets to select three people to go to the movie with her. She has chosen SB, Ky, and Xavier. Derek F says Hannah did him dirty because he wanted to watch this movie. Hannah heads to the HOH room for the movie and she is so excited. They have movie candy, popcorn, and drinks. They settle in to watch the movie and they are excited to be watching a movie. Xavier says this movie has a lot of messages and it is great. Hannah loved and adored the movie and every single song was a 10. She says that was the coolest prize ever. All four are emotional over the movie. Ky is talking to Claire and he is questioning of Claire thinks the veto would be used on him and Claire thinks Ky may believe she is the secret HOH. Claire says it is not a good look for him to want to save SB. Claire is talking to Tiff and she is telling her about Ky and Tiff says he asked her to put him up next to SB and he wants to come down? She says everyone knew the plan and he needs to be quiet about being on the block. She says he has the six and he wants the veto used? Ky is pitching to Hannah about using the veto on him. Hannah says the plan has always been to save Xavier and she is confused why he wants her to use veto on him. Ky says Hannah could do what she wants for her game and he wants to be able to give SB a sympathy vote. Hannah says she gets the feeling that Ky is working with the Cookout but playing his own individual game and he may want to try and flip the vote to save SB. She says it does not make sense to want to get veto used to just to give someone a sympathy vote. It is time for the veto meeting! Hannah has decided to use the POV on Xavier. Hannah says there will be no replacement nominee since he was there as a punishment. Hannah says in no universe would she ever have used veto on him and it is sketchy he asked. Ky has conflicting emotions because he loves and cares for her, but this is the move that has to be made. SB says she did not come here to hang out with her best friend and she came to win a game so she is going to do what she needs to do to make sure she stays. Tiff says trying to get veto used on Ky was a selfish move and she will keep her eye on him.
  12. Terry greets us and then the judges and we get ready to kick off the first semi-final competition. Our first act of the night is Peter Rosalita and he is a singer. He takes the stage and has chosen the song Without You by Harry Nilsson. Heidi says his voice is as powerful as he is adorable. Sofia says he had command of the stage and that was spectacular. Simon says Peter Rosalita was awesome. He says he took control on a live show and that was an amazing vocal. He really likes Peter and he thinks America will too. Howie says there was not a better way to start the semi-finals. Michael Winslow is our next act and he is voice impressionist and does noises. Sofia says she was mesmerized because he is so good at this and she loves that he is here. Simon says he has so much respect for him and that he was nervous and he was just funny tonight. Howie agrees with Simon about Michael and he loves that he chose to do something interactive with them. He engaged the audience and he thinks he engaged America. Heidi loves watching him and hearing the audience laugh. Well done. Next up is Beyond Belief Dance Company and they are dancers who earned a wildcard spot in the semi-finals. Heidi says she loves them so much and she is so happy they got brought back. Howie says they rose to the occasion and they delivered. Sofia says Beyond Belief Dance Company deserves to be here and they did a good job tonight. Simon says there is something about this group that is a sense of optimism and that is what the world needs. He thinks tonight was better than their previous performance. Aidan Bryant is the next act to take the stage and he is an aerialist. Sofia says he gets better and better. Sofia is so amazed by what he does and that was so smooth. Simon says this was a gold medal performance. Howie says Aidan was so impressive. He was a little critical last time and this was so smooth and he took previous criticism and turned it into a wow moment. Heidi says he continues to impress everyone and she thought that was hands down his best performance. The next act is Tori Vagasy and she is a singer. She takes the stage and sings Can You Feel the Love Tonight by Elton John from The Lion King. Simon says she may have struggled following Aidan. He says it might have been too safe for the semi-final. Howie agrees with Simon about Tori. He says she is an amazing singer and voice, but he thinks this show needs more. Heidi says any Broadway stage would be lucky to have her, and she as flawless. Sofia says she definitely belongs on Broadway and she stepped it up. World Taekwondo Demonstration Team is up for their performance and they perform martial arts. Howie says they are his favorite act so far tonight and this was the best act of the night and he could watch that for two hours straight. Heidi says she loved World Taekwondo Demo Team and she thinks people will want to learn what they do. Sofia says their performance was more dramatic and spectacular and amazing. Simon says they came back and tonight was the best performance they have given. Madilyn Bailey is up next and she is a singer. She sings an original called Red Ribbon that is honor of her grandmother and how to move on after a death. Howie says she is very lucky and he did not think that was special. Heidi says this was a hard song and she nailed it. Heidi also says Madilyn won her over. Simon says Howie is an *ss and he is talking out of and Madilyn did a great job and that was a beautiful song and he is so proud of her. Sofia agrees with Simon. Dustin Tavella is ready to take the stage, and he is a magician. He gets an ovation from everyone in the audience and the judges. Sofia says he is nervous each time and she thinks he performed better than ever before. Simon says Dustin is a born storyteller and that is what makes him unique and he is so special. Howie says he loves him and he is amazing and magical and he loves orange yogurt and Dustin is the orange yogurt of entertainers. Korean Soul is up next and they are singers and they take the stage to sing You Say by Lauren Daigle. Simon says the song choice was a million times better than last time, but some of the song sounded out of tune. Sofia says Korean Soul sounded amazing and better than the last time. Howie says he thinks they are great, but he liked last time better. Heidi says she liked it better this time because they each had a moment to shine. Gina Brillon is a comedian and she is next to take the stage. Howie says this is the first season four comics made it into the semi-finals and he is so happy and proud of her. Heidi says with or without spanx, she is fabulous and she deserves a spot at the finale. Sofia says she is funny and relatable and she is her cup of tea. Simon says she loved the fact that she acknowledged the competition and he was critical last time and he will be the first to admit, he was talking out of his *ss. Jimmie Herrod is our final act of the night and he is a singer and he has chosen to sing Glitter In The Air by P!nk. Sofia says he is unbelievable and this is how a semi-final performance should be. Simon says that was a master class from Jimmie and he is an amazing singer. He is incredible. Heidi says she is waiting for his album to drop. Howie says he is by far the best singer in this competition and what he does is perfection and he could listen to him day or night.
  13. Previously, on Big Brother, the powerful Cookout alliance was operating completely undetected, and each had an oblivious partner outside the group to get them further in the game. At the veto competition, Xavier won power and punishments. After X pulled himself from the block, HOH Sarah Beth backdoored Baby D. Before the live vote, Derek X put SB on blast, but it was not enough to prevent a Derek Exit. With the power back up for grabs, Tiffany got her first win of the summer and everyone got a BB Bux bonus. With only nine remaining for the win, who will Tiffany target for eviction? But with the Coin of Destiny end the former queen’s reign early? Find out right now on Big Brother! We pick up on Day 51 after the HOH competition and Tiffany says she feels amazing! She finally won something in this house. Ultimately, it was not worth risking the Cookout to save Derek X even though she really wanted to. Tiffany, Azah, and Claire are celebrating in the SR and Hannah joins in. Claire says yes! She is so proud of Tiff and she is so excited. She has been on the block for two weeks and now her tightest ally in the game is HOH. She can take a deep breath. Kyland is emotional and Derek F is comforting him and Azah is as well. DF says Derek X will understand once he sees everything. Ky tells us that DX was a genuine guy and he does not regret sending him home because he was a threat, but he is still sad. SB and Xavier are talking and she asks if he heard the speeches and X says he did not say anything. She is emotional and she cannot lie and she says his speech was hurtful, but she has to stick to her guns and remember what she came here for. SB has to pretend she is happy with Tiff winning. She never thought of Tiff as an option when she was HOH and hopefully that means something. X says he will already be a nominee. SB was hoping Alyssa, X, or Ky would win because they created an alliance called The Monarchy. Alyssa joins X and SB and she thinks either Ky and SB or herself and X. X is already on the block. X says with Tiff being in power, he does not like his odds this week. Just joking! He says anyone who is not a member of the Cookout has to go. Alyssa says the Coin of Destiny is a huge power because you can overthrow the HOH. Tiff says she is going to need Ky’s help. She says he should expect to go up next to SB and sending her home has been on her mind because she has no loyalty to anyone. Ky does not want to go on the block and he suggests Alyssa and SB and Tiff says what if Alyssa pulls herself off? Ky says he is at a point in the game where he can no longer protect SB. Hannah is talking Tiffany and Tiff says she did this for DX and Hannah says she feels so guilty. Tiff says she is not alone because X, Ky, and herself are going to go through it. She says they chose themselves before anyone else. Tiff says people will be hurt but he was a great person and he will still be Hannah’s friend. She hopes he will forgive her. She says she feels awful and guilty for sending him home. She says if it was not for the Cookout, DX would be in the game because he had her back. Derek F is in to talk to Tiff and they are talking about the Coin of Destiny. Tiff thinks DF and a few other people who can get that opportunity. She is hoping if someone wins that she is close to, then her nominations will not change. Tiff says she and DF may fight like siblings, but she wants him to play and potentially win. DF does not trust Tiff because they have been going at it all season and if it was not for the Cookout, then he would make sure she was gone. Tiff is talking to SB and she asks about her ability to play for the Coin of Destiny and she can only play if America gave her 100 BB Bux and she had a 100 BB Bux in her envelope, but Tiff does not need to know that. Tiff tells SB she does not understand why she went after DX and she put her in a tight spot because it was DX and Claire and that indirectly affected her game. Tiff says she does not have anyone fighting for her. Tiff says she will run scenarios in her head. Who wants to see Tiffany’s HOH room? The HG all head in and check out Tiff’s pictures. Tiff reads her letter and her family is proud of her and they love her so much and she is missed. Her letter was from Mama Pat, her grandmother. Tiff is talking to SB again and SB has been thinking about her conversation. SB says Tiff made it clear she might target SB and Ky and SB throws out Alyssa’s name and mentions Alyssa noticed Tiff was disappointed when Baby D did not win the previous HOH. Tiff says SB is very convincing and she ran Alyssa over with a bus. Alyssa is in the ICU right now, that is how hard SB ran over Alyssa with the bus. Tiff says with the Coin of Destiny, she may need to look at other options. It is time for the nomination ceremony! X is an automatic nominee from the punishment he took in the last veto competition. Tiff’s first nominee is…Kyland. The second nominee is…Sarah Beth. Tiff nominated Ky and SB because they make up a very powerful duo and this week she needs to make an optimal move to excel her own personal game and she wishes them both luck. Tiff says SB is her target and Alyssa is safe until next time. But nothing is set especially with the coin of destiny. Ky is not surprised and he knows it made the most sense for him to be next to SB. He watched Azah lose Britini and Hannah lose DX, but this is painful. SB says she cannot sit here and act butthurt, but unlike last time she has another chance to maybe come off the block, and maybe Ky could come off because of the Coin of Destiny. Hope is not completely lost. Tiff is talking to SB and tells her that Ky is a threat to her and SB made the most sense to put next to Ky so she would not fight to take Ky down. SB says she is glad that Tiff is candid and she appreciates that. She would rather it be Ky than her, but she is in danger. The High Roller’s room is open for the last time. They will play for a chance to flip a coin and win HOH and take over her powers for the week and the new HOH will be anonymous. Xavier cannot be removed from the block. Tiff will be safe. Azah is first in to the High Roller’s room. She received $50 from America and she had $50 in her envelope and her total is $200. She cannot play. X received $75 and $50 in his envelope and his total is $125. Alyssa received $75 and she has $100 in her envelope so her total is $175. We see Hannah and Tiff talking to Claire about Claire playing for the Coin of Destiny and that is good so Claire cannot play next week. Hannah got $100 from America and $50 in her envelope. She has $300 and she declines to play. Ky got $50 and $100 in his envelope for a total of $200. Tiff got $100 and $50 and her total is $225. SB says there is a chance here. She received $50 from America and $100 in her envelope for a total of $200. Tiff tells Derek F she is ok if he does not want to play so he can still play in the next HOH. Derek F received $75 from America and $100 in his envelope plus the $100 he won in the veto competition and he has a total of $425 and he is going to play. He does not need to play so he can show he tried to win. On go, they will throw gold coins into slots and whoever has the most after two minutes will win. Derek F is going to take his time because he is definitely throwing this competition. He gets a score of one and he thinks that is the perfect throwing score. Claire received $100 from America and $50 for a total of $250 and she is going to play. Claire is going fast and furious and she only has one in the slot and she is concerned she might not get anymore. Claire finally hits two more but she is concerned three is not a great score but she really does not want anyone messing up Tiff’s HOH. Tiff calls everyone to the living room. The game has been won with a score of 3 and now we will flip the coin. Tiff places the coin on the flipper and the winner chose heads for the coin flip. Tiff flips the coin and the coin has landed on heads and Tiff has been dethroned. Alyssa says they now have no idea who has all the power and she knows she and X did not have enough to play. Tiff is eligible to vote and compete in the next HOH. Ky and SB are off the block for now. The secret HOH’s first nominee is…Ky. The second nominee is…SB. The secret HOH’s nominees are locked and the High Roller Room is officially closed. SB thinks her or Ky will be going home this week. She does not see a way out of this because an anonymous HOH is still targeting them. Tiff says whoever dethroned her did not change her noms so the only thing that can ruin things is if SB wins veto. Claire says yes, yes, yes! She says this is not how her first HOH win would go, but she will take it. She finally has some agency here. She kept noms the same because she respected Tiff’s HOH. The power is in her hands.
  14. Previously, on Big Brother, Sarah beasted her way to power so looking to protect his secret cookout alliance her bestie Kyland pushed her to target Derek X and SB put up two pawns with her sights set on a backdoor. The high rollers room re-opened and DX turned down a chance to compete for safety, but Alyssa seized the moment and won chopping block roulette. With the swimwear designer saving Derek F, a spin on the roulette wheel put another member of the cookout on the hot seat After DX had a chat with SB about her plans, he finally realized he was in trouble and his worst nightmare came true when he was not picked to play veto. At the veto competition, X claimed the power and three punishments. After X saved himself at the veto meeting, SB stuck to her backdoor plan. Tonight, with the Cookout divided on who should be the target, will it be Baby D or Claire sent to jury? And who will capture the next HOH? Find out right now on Big Brother! Julie greets us and it is Day 51 and we pick up after the veto meeting and X says DX does not realize he was the biggest target after Christian left. Claire says thinks the house wants DX out. SB says DX is on the block and she can breathe a sigh of relief and he can pack his bags. Tiff says Claire is her girl, but DX is a comp beast and he might be able to get her further in the game. DX is frustrated because he barely lost to SB in the HOH comp and now he is on the block with Claire and he needs to fight to stay this week. Tiff is talking to Azah and Hannah and they are discussing maybe flipping the votes. Hannah talks to X and she tells him she thinks Azah and Tiff want Baby D to stay and he says he is being handed to them on a platter. X says why would they keep the strongest competitor outside of the Cookout around. Azah is telling X that DX’s target would be SB. X says they are getting too late in the game to keep a threat around. X says Azah is back on board, but he does not think Tiff will be as easy to convince. Ky talks to Tiff and Tiff says she is not going to let Ky guilt trip her about DX. X wants to talk to Tiff without Ky. X asks Tiff is Ky getting on her nerves and she says a little. Tiff says they never thought SB would be the one to take DX out so he is not untouchable. X says Tiff seems on board to get DX out and Tiff says the conversation is over, but the game is still on. Tiff is talking to Azah and they are discussing Ky might be the first of the six to go. They talk about the guys have too much on their resume and they want to take credit for everything. Tiff says it is time to start planning on how the ladies can take the wheel. SB gathers everyone in the living room. X will be locked in the have-not room for the next 24 hours and he is not allowed to come out until he is called to vote for eviction. He is told to grab food and water and head upstairs. He says goodbye to everyone. X has a limited amount of food, a toilet that is a bucket in a tent, and water. He says please let the Cookout keep it together for one vote. Tiff is telling DX that he is going to have to argue his case because she needs him here. Tiff says Azah could give DX a pity vote. DX says he needs four votes and right now he is counting on Tiffany, Hannah, and Kyland and he thinks he might be able to get Azah’s vote. DX says this is the most optimistic he has felt all week. DX is pitching to Azah and he says he knows if he stays in the game he will not be there long, but he wants to try and level the playing field before he leaves. Azah says she will think long and hard about it and it is a convincing argument. DX gets emotional and Azah comforts him. Azah says Baby D willing to stay and be a shield could be a game changer. She says he could be an ally she could value and love. Azah says she needs to figure out if this is the best game play this week. Azah says she was so certain until 30 minutes ago because he brought up good points. It is time for the live eviction! Claire does her shoutouts. She says it has been such a pleasure and this is an individual game and if she can be an asset to them then please vote to keep her here. She is not a veto queen or king, but she would like to stay. Derek X does his shoutouts. He says in BB there are inflection points that can change the game. He says he made a move that was not great for his personal game, but it was better for the house. He sees that point again and he can take out someone else for balance. It is time for the live vote! Alyssa votes to evict Derek X. Hannah votes to evict Claire. Ky sadly votes to evict Claire. Derek F sadly to evote Derek X. Tiff with a very heavy heart votes to evict Derek X. Azah sadly votes to evict Baby D. Xavier is released from solitary confinement and heads directly to the diary room to vote. Xavier votes to evict the swagadelic Derek X. By a vote of 5-2, Derek X has been evicted from the Big Brother house. He hugs everyone and tells SB no hard feelings. Julie says DX lost a week ago he lost to SB and then he did not play chopping block roulette and then did not get picked for veto. How does he feel? DX says he was thinking about long term game without realizing his short term game was at risk. Julie asks what he has to say to America and he loves America and he thanks people for voting for him and he apologizes for letting people down. Julie asks about Hannah and he says she is amazing, but he was focused on the game and not a showmance. Julie asks if dating outside the house could happen and he says expect the unexpected. When we come back the HOH competition will begin! The HG are sitting around and the memory wall says BB NFT’s will be dropping soon. They see gifs of themselves such as Alyssa getting slimed and Ky kissing DF. They see Brent from the bowling comp and Christian doing backflips. The HG know these will be important for the HOH comp. They are laughing and watching the gifs. Tiff loves seeing the NFT’s, OTEV, the facemasks, but this is not all fun and games. She needs to memorize these videos in order to win the HOH comp. It is time for the HOH comp! There will be 7 true or false questions. If they are correct they stay in the game and if they are wrong they will be eliminated. Then they each have a chance to get BB bux and will grab an envelope to open in the high roller room. True or false: In the masks NFT, Christian was wearing the veto medallion. X, Azah, and Claire answer false and everyone else says true. The correct answer is true and X, Azah, and Claire are eliminated. True or False: In the slippy slidey NFT, Britini was seen searching through the orange jelly. Hannah, Tiff, and Alyssa answer False and the others answer true. Hannah changes and then changes back. The correct answer is False and Ky and DF are eliminated. Tiff, Alyssa, and Hannah remain. True or False: In the flippin’ NFT, an inflatable pink flamingo was visible. Alyssa seems unsure but all three answer true and they are all correct. True or False: the spin NFT was shown in sequence before the moonwalk NFT. Tiff answers true and Hannah and Alyssa answer false. The correct answer true and Tiff wins HOH! The HG need to grab their envelopes with BB bux on their way back into the house. The HG are hugging and Tiff wants a group hug. Tiff is looking forward to pics and a letter. Claire is grateful to be there. There will be no have-nots this week.
  15. Previously, on Big Brother, the powerful Cookout alliance was secretly running the game, but when Sarah Beth won power the Cookout scrambled to keep their alliance safe. So Sarah Beth’s ally Kyland steered her towards a target outside the six and a backdoor plan was put into motion and once again, two pawns found themselves on the block. The high rollers room was back open and unaware he was in danger Derek X chose not to play turning down a chance at safety leaving Alyssa as the only one to spend her BB bux. Alyssa’s win gave her safety and the right to remove a nominee. Then a fateful spin of the roulette wheel chose the replacement and Alyssa was left in tears as her closest ally hit the block. But Sarah Beth had bigger plans. Tonight, who will win the POV? And will it be used to save Claire or Xavier? And if it does, will it mean Derek X will be backdoored? We pick up on Day 45 after the chopping block roulette meeting. Alyssa feels really bad. She says Xavier has looked out for her and she put him on the block. If he goes home, then she will feel so bad. X says he was working so hard not to get nominated, but then a roll of a ball gets him nominated, and his closest ally outside of the Cookout. He says it is almost funny how bad his luck was. Claire says she is still on the block but she is against X and he is the ultimate physical specimen. SB says this is perfect because that power is out and she does not have to worry about it and she can still backdoor Derek X. Derek X says he feels good with SB and he got to save his money. And now that the wheel has been spun, he is glad it was X and not himself. Alyssa is crying and X says it is not her fault and she says it is her fault and X says it is alright. Claire is talking to SB and SB tells us Claire is not her target, but she is close with Derek X and she cannot tell her that. Claire asks what SB wants done with veto and SB says it would put her in a tricky spot. Claire believes SB when she says she is not the target. Claire does not think SB would want X out. Claire says Ky and SB are joined at the hip so she does not think it is him. Which leaves Derek X as a big target and a backdoor option. Claire goes to talk to Derek X and tells him about her convo with SB. Claire is telling Derek X that she thinks they are the targets. Derek X is a little concerned and he wants to talk to SB and see if he is potentially the target. Claire and Derek X are concerned about X winning the veto and Tiffany joins them and they fill her in. Tiff says Derek X needs to win the veto and he says he needs to get picked. Tiff says it is upsetting that DX is a backdoor option because she is not ready to let him go, but she knows the Cookout will not save him. Alyssa is talking to SB and she is telling her she wishes she had never played. She wants to see what SB is thinking with he upcoming veto competition. SB says she never intended for Claire to go home and she clues her in on Derek X as a backdoor option. Alyssa says she is so excited because she wants to target DX because he backdoored Christian. She wants to get picked to play even more than she did before so she can take a role in the backdoor plan. SB says if DX does not get picked to play, he is definitely going home. Derek X is going to talk to SB and try and find out who her target is. DX asks if SB would want the veto used and she says she is hoping she wins because she does not know what she wants to do and she wants options. Derek X says he should have played the stupid wheel because now his game is on the line. He needs to summon the veto king energy and pray his name gets drawn for the veto. Derek X is talking to Hannah and he is feeling her in on his conversation with SB. Hannah says if X or Claire win then he will go up. She says he needs to win and he says completely. Hannah feels guilty for keeping DX from playing and she does want to protect him. It is time to pick players for the veto competition! SB draws…Azah. Claire draws… Derek F. Xavier draws…Alyssa. Derek X says his name did not get drawn and it is a week straight from hell. He says he does not know what karma he did but it is hitting him now. Derek X is talking to Claire and he says how did his name not get picked? Claire says these were the worst picks she could have gotten and her biggest fear is Xavier could come off and Derek X will go up. She does not want to sit next to him. She needs to win this veto. For the veto competition they have to set up dominoes to complete a chain reaction. They can go for the veto but they have to knock down three red punishment dominoes. But if they give up veto they can include three green dominoes for a prize. Alyssa is up first and she chooses BB Bankrupt, which means she would lose her BB bux, solitary confinement, and solo have-not. She feels like she did pretty good and she hopes her time is fast enough. Derek F is going to go for the prizes because he is safe anyway and does not need veto. He starts knocking his dominoes down but they get stuck and he has to reset everything. He gets it on his second attempt. Azah wants to win the POV so she can keep herself safe and take Xavier off the block. She says the difficult part is the log at the end. Azah has to reset once also and she begins again and she completes the task. SB says she sees the prize blocks and it is tempting to win another 10k, but she did not have complete control over HOH so she wants to go for the veto. She goes for the same punishments Alyssa did. She completes the task on the first try. Xavier is up and he is going to go for the veto. X says he has thrown previous comps but he has to go for this one. The fastest path will be strategy shutdown, bb bankrupt, and solitary confinement. Claire is up and she thinks SB is trying to backdoor Derek X and that is the worst case scenario so she needs to win this veto so she can take herself off. She does not want to be a third nominee so she goes with veto disadvantage and hope it does not impact her time. One person went for prizes instead of the veto. With a winning time of 16:29 and they walked away with 100 BB Bux and $7500 cash. Everyone knows it was Big D. Now it is time to find out who won the POV. X says he feels good but he is hoping his time was fast enough. With a time of 3:05, X has won the POV! The punishments he got are BB Bankruptcy, Third Nominee, and Strategy Shutdown. X says he will take all the punishments. Claire is upset because she really wanted to win. She does not want to be sitting next to Derek X on Thursday and now the odds of that are pretty high. SB is happy and X can take himself down and she put Derek X up and send him home this week. Claire is in the shower crying and DX says she is ok. She says she should have gone for the third nominee and DX says it is fine. She feels like she let him down. Tiff comes in and asks if Claire is ok and she wants to talk to her for a second. DX does love Claire and it hurts him because he could have played the wheel and kept himself safe and maybe saved Claire but he cannot dwell on the past. Tiff tells Claire not to beat herself up and keep it together. Tiff says this is a tough situation because Claire and DX are her closest allies outside of the Cookout. She needs to try and figure out a way to keep him off the block. CBS has partnered with the Red Cross and the HG will donate time and assemble emergency kits to be used in emergencies. Tiff is excited to be doing this because it is important. Ky says there are food rations and flashlights and they are important things to have in an emergency. He says if you are failing to prepare, then you are preparing to fail. Azah says this was a great break from the strategy of the game. Derek X says he needs to figure something out because if he does not, then SB will backdoor him. Tiff pitches DX suggesting Hannah go up and then they get rid of Claire. Tiff says Claire is her girl, but DX is more valuable to her game. Tiff says the Cookout would never vote Hannah out and if she has to lose Claire to keep DX that is ok with her. SB was targeting Hannah at one point so this might be an opportunity to take that shot. DX says it is a hail mary but he does not have any other options. DX goes to make his pitch to SB and he is offering a form of guaranteed safety. He says she does not have to be the one to take the shot at him. DX offers two weeks of safety. He says putting Hannah on the block would be a favor to him. SB asks if he thinks Hannah would go home over Claire if she hit the block and DX says yeah. But really she would not but he is going to tell SB what she needs to hear. DX says with Hannah gone he would needs SB as an ally and he would not target her. SB does think Hannah is a dark horse and she would not be surprised if she was throwing comps and she is smarter. SB wants to make the best decision for her game and getting rid of Hannah it could weaken DX’s game. It is time for the veto ceremony! X has decided…to use the POV on himself. SB has to name a replacement nominee and she nominates…Derek X. She thinks if she did not take this shot it would show reckless overconfidence on her part. SB says DX is a huge obstacle for her to get to F2 and he is too dangerous. She is winning this game, not him. Claire says this just sucks. If she were next to someone she did not like, then she would be scrapping, but his is the worst case scenario. Hannah says she made a commitment to the Cookout on day 3, but DX is good for her game and she does not want to see him leave. DX is emotional and he apologizes to America for letting them down because he did not spin that roulette wheel. DX says he is going to fight like hell to stay this week and if he is successful, then all hell is going to break loose. Find out tomorrow who will be evicted live!

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