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  1. FLASHBACK to 4:18PM yesterday. An important bit was missed. Apparently Nicole had a "CO2 Induced blackout" during comp part 2. She says "he's reviewing the footage." Here's the clip before BB cuts her off from talking more about it, but it explains how Nicole lost a days comp and seems very unfair... 2019_09_22_418PM_CO2blackoutbynicole.mp4
  2. [Last night POP TV leaked a VERY brief accidental shot of the next comp being set up. It's a days comp with rigging to climb up and place the answers on a vertical wall graphic. This is likely why BB has asked them to find the wall comp shoes they had - BBLurkerPlus]
  3. 9:40PM BBT Feeds are back. #Snackson and Holly seem glum. Nicole is singing "I'm an idiot" in the store room, but no idea who won yet. 9:48PM BBT #Snackson won. Comp was physical and mental. Holly and Nicole go head to head next.
  4. 7:32PM BBT Jackson prays a bunch of memorized prayers by rote for 2-3 minutes in the target room. Holly interrupts and he shuts her down and tells her to leave, nicely at first, but very sharply the second time. 7:39PM BBT After saying his prayers by rote [Including " I have sinned against you whom I should love above all things. I firmly intend, with your help, to do penance, to sin no more, and to avoid whatever leads me to sin." - BBLurkerPlus] when Jackson comes out, he gets very mean when deriding Cliff to Holly and telling how he's not going to honor his deal with him because Cliff doesn't deserve it. [Not-nice stuff. Really ugly look for him immediately after praying by rote that he was going to do better for the Lord by not sinning any more - BBLurkerPlus]
  5. 5:40PM BBT Over 3 hours now for 4 competitors. We can safely say it's probably not a days/order or face mash-up comp, but probably some kind of endurance comp. That's death for Cliff and not good for Nicole either.
  6. They USED TO cast "real people" but @Kassting has gotten incredibly lazy and she now casts from LA and NY way too much with LA industry wannabes and friends and family of production. Despite using their hometowns in profiles, Snackson, Beth, Anallice, Bella, Jack were all cast from the LA area - that's 5/16 from just LA and another 5/16 from the NY area (including Christie and by extension Tommy as shirttail relatives of production staff). Not very vigorous casting, and even of the 16 we got a LOT were recruited according to them and not even interested in the game per se.
  7. They absolutely have done that transparently. Paul was brought back and given every protection and opportunity to win the game, but he failed at the end because he was an ass his second season and didn't manage the jury. By the nature of the show, the producers of big brother can't control the outcome and trajectory completely, but they work very hard to develop the "storylines" they want to see happen and help their favorites get ahead with DR sessions that use psychology to influence the houseguests at key times. But the fact that the FCC says Big Brother is NOT a game show, but only as real as the WWE, and the outcome is fully or in some measure PREdetermined should be enough to give you the clue. So not "maybe" predetermined, but DEFINITELY predetermined. The only question is how much of it works out the way they intent to guide it.
  8. 4:02PM BBT Tommy refers to the "incident in the backyard" (where the speaker was used to out Christie and Tommy's relationship to Cliff and Nicole who were in the back yard and heard it with Tommy) before the cameras QUICKLY cut away. Production told houseguests something to minimize or ignore this event and what they learned about Christie and Tommy, but proof that they did hear and understand it has popped up on the feeds occasionally, and this is another example. 2019-09-11_0402pm_tommy_refers_to_speaker_incident.mp4
  9. There's a MASSIVE amount of proof from his own mouth and the other houseguests who watched him self-destruct when trying to go cold-turkey on a max-daily-dose street XANAX habit (it got so bad BB took away the white knife (the only sharp kitchen knife for cooking) for a while - they were CONCERNED). He cheated all week on slop, open to the live feeds cameras in the shower. It was blatant because he went from one shower a day to 5 or more showers a day where he'd disappear below the frosted doors and come up chewing the last bits of whatever he was eating that time. Jen on BB8's penalty was immediate. Snackson got nothing. In fact production HELPED him because in this time period they realized that he had lied on his application and was a mental basket case. It's the reason havenots/slop were CANCELLED for the REST OF THE SEASON. For Snackson. They couldn't risk him getting picked again and going crazy or openly cheating again all week. For the first time EVER, a central feature of Big Brother was CANCELLED Mid-season to accommodate (i.e. help) ONE HOUSEGUEST. Crazy. Here Snackson is confessing his mental problems immediately prior to entering the house (his eating disorder has been a problem since he was a child - confessed elsewhere on the life feeds): 2019_07_01_405pm-Jackson_Confessing_Mental_Problems_to_Tommy.mp4 Here Snackson talks to Beth about his breakdown leading to him being assigned a shrink that is brought in for 90 minute sessions just for him multiple times a week. He also admits to telling the shrink stuff he left off his BB application that would have disqualified him, omitting his mental illness, suicidal modes, depression, and eating disorder. His attitude about the deception? "I'm here now, what are they gonna do?" (they should have immediately ejected him into treatment) 2019_07_24_0226am_BBT_Jackson_talking_about_his_90_minute_therapy_sessions_in_the_house.mp4 Here Christie is talking about production helping Snackson cheat when he was on slop by providing all his favorite foods when he's not supposed to be eating any of it that week: 2019_07_25_206am_Christie_Telling_Tommy_About_Jackson_mental_breakdown.mp4 Here he talks about his lengthy street drug addiction (to XANAX and Adderall, which was mentioned elsewhere multiple times): 2019_07_17_128pm_JacksonDrugs.mp4 There are a TON more clips backing up all the reasons Snackson is a cheater and mentally ill and helped by production and therefore should not be allowed to win. There's also the domestic abuse arrest from last year, which watching him drag Holly for 6+ hours and make her cry over and over I can totally believe.
  10. It happens so infrequently at the level Snackson did it (i.e. all week while on slop, he never stopped eating) that there aren't many reference points. Jen season 8 is really the only good reference point. She ate turkey and an apple and something else and was called to the DR within minutes where she received a penalty vote at the next eviction ceremony, meaning she had a vote against her before the voting even started. Snacksons was MUCH worse open cheating, so if production wasn't helping him (they were, according to Christie, by providing him all his favorite foods while he wasn't supposed to be able to eat them) then Snackson should have received a penalty nomination to put him on the block at the very least. But they didn't, likely because he's actually seriously mentally ill and he could not control his behavior, but in that case, he should have been immediately evicted from the house straight into treatment for his issues. Big Brother UK would have done that in a heartbeat.
  11. The difference is Eveldick was not mentally ill, on drugs, and working with a shrink during the week while on the show. And Snackson has had some shouting matches (for no reason) to the girls, but production kept it off camera so you could only hear it from adjacent live feed rooms. EDs actions had a gameplay point. Snackson is just a mentally ill, drug addicted, frat boy based on his behavior in the house and his own words. But at least you're not denying he's mentally ill now. There's that. Pretty hard to refute it from the horse's mouth.
  12. Veto is all that matters next week. Regardless of who goes up, PoV can put up whoever isn't HoH. It's the power play next week. HoH doesn't really matter next week.
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