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  1. 9:56PM BBT Kaysar and Janelle pulling Bay into their alliance in teh Key room. He says he was called to the house to fuck shit up. He says he will take Cody's ass out first. [His alliance with Ian from this afternoon may make that happen sooner rather than later - BBLurkerPlus] 2020_08_17_0957pm_Kasar and Janelle cementing alliance with Bay and saying he'll take cody out.mp4
  2. 12:53 PM BBT Feeds are back. 12:58 PM BBT David goes in the storeroom and opens the PoV box and puts on the Veto necklace to help visualize what wearing it is like. [A little late. - BBLurkerPlus]
  3. 11:49PM BBT Frustrated with the way the game's going so far, Janelle and Kaysar find time for some humor in another late-night one on one strategy session. 2020_08_16_1148pm_Kaysar tells Janelle they suck.mp4
  4. 12:33PM Ian cracks a joke when production says they want more Tom Cruise and less Ian in his performance. He responds, "so you want me to be an inch shorter?" 2020_08_16_1233pm_Iancracks a tom cruise joke.mp4 12:37PM BBT Coming out to the BY after his performance in the LR, still in costume, Kaysar asks Ian if he's wearing space pants. He responds by slapping his butt and saying, "Yes, because my ass is out of this world." [Ian cracking ALL the jokes today - BBLurkerPlus] 2020_08_16_1237pm_Ian says his ass is out of this world in the space pan
  5. 3:11AM BBT Feeds are back. Sounds like Memphis won PoV. Nicole A was out almost immediately according to her. She re-enacts it in the storeroom and is worried how pathetic it will look on the broadcast... 2020_08_16_316am_Nicole talking about her PoV performance.mp4
  6. Enzo is GREAT in every conversation I've seen him in. His one-liners and skewed take on things is wacky in a way totally different from everyone else in the house. Loved his door to door crayon salesman story... 2020_08_09_1257pm_Enzo Talks About His Jobs.mp4
  7. Kaysar is the bomb. He has great reads on the house and really good interactions with the other HG. Him coming out as autistic when Ian did to him was a great show moment. 2020_08_06_827pm_Kaysar_comes_out_as_autistic.mp4
  8. Kevin is a total moron and needs to go. He's the king of cold reads on the house. Practically everything he says is wrong, and he's always the victim. Nicole got some straight talk from Enzo that cleared up some things - she needs more Enzo and less Kevin in her game.
  9. He's an anti-masker in real life. Believes the pandemic will disappear after election day. He said it in the feeds. Idiot. Also the nom ceremony took THREE takes to get the racist overtones (or outright racist speech) out of it. I doubt we'll ever see take 1 or 2, but both made the houseguests pissed off. Grandpa Memphis with the Walmart Feet is not long for the world if the other side wins an HoH, and even his alliance is starting to get restless.
  10. Janelle and Kaysar are the best thing about #BB22 so far. Their interactions are almost always entertaining. 2020_08_15_730pm_Why are you so exhausted - Im 40.mp4
  11. 7:30PM BBT The Kaysar/Janelle bit needs to be seen. Real truth from a 4x player. 2020_08_15_730pm_Why are you so exhausted - Im 40.mp4
  12. 6:54PM BBT Apparently Memphis had a harsh nom speech and referred to David directly as "boy" during noms or while making him a have not (it's not clear yet). David tells Kevin in the storeroom, "Fuck that 'boy' shit. Motherfucker, I'm 30 years old!" [Does Memphis get one of the new BB22 production HG racism strikes for this? - BBLurkerPlus] 2020_08_14_654pm_Cam3_David upset at racial-tinged words memphis used.mp4
  13. 9:55PM BBT Memphis reads his letter from home in the HoH. It's from his son. 2020_08_13_0955pm_Memphis reads hoh letter.mp4
  14. Kaysar saying he was autistic as well bonded them a bit. Ian's reaction to hearing that is one of my favorite BB22 moments so far. 2020_08_06_827pm_Kaysar_comes_out_as_autistic.mp4
  15. 1:43am BBT Cody, Tyler, Memphis, and Dani sitting in the BY talking. It comes up that Kaysar demanded bidets [not clear which brand, but assuming cheap biobidet or brondell rather than premium Totos - BBLurkerPlus] on both the house toilets as a condition of coming back for All Stars 2020. He's the reason there are bidets in the BB house for the first time and Cody says he's so fuckin' grateful. Production cuts away as they start to explain to confused Grandpa Memphis in more detail. Here's the scene... 2011_08_12_143am_Kaysar is the reason BB22 has bidets.mp4

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