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  1. 2:41pm BBT Cory and America have a charming Lunchables date on the balcony overlooking the backyard. America brought a throw from the living room to put over one of the pub tables to make it like a restaurant, and put a small potted plant on the table to enhance the ambience. They ate lunchables and traded capri sun straws as one does (in 3rd grade). The whole thing was very flirty, but they confirmed Camerica is their preferred moniker, and Cory outed America's closeted nerd she tries to keep hidden. 2023-10-01 241pm cam1 Cory and America flirting on lunchables date.mp4
  2. 9:03PM BBT Mecole is in the storage room/pantry working through the insanity that is taking hold in the house (from her perspective) with the idea of keeping Reilly over Cameron. She runs through the strategy then gestures wildly at invisible chess or puzzle pieces and says emphatically, "the math...is not...mathing." 2023-08-14 903pm cam1 Mecole strategy mathing break.mp4
  3. Video of Cory role playing Blue 949PM BBT In the Scary room, Cory notices the camera is following him... 9:52PM BBT Revealed to the house video camera as Blue. Nails the attitude. 9:53PM BBT Introduced to the backyard who have no idea what's about to hit them... 2023-08-13 949pm cam4 cory switch1.mp4 2023-08-13 952pm cam3 cory switch2.mp4 2023-08-13 953pm cam3 cory switch3.mp4
  4. 945pm BBT Unlike the chicken juice hands, cap in mouth to unstick it episode with the other houseguest who bit their tongue and said nothing, Hisam calls Felicia on her questionable kitchen habits. She's touching everything in a bowl of candy and nuts she's sorting, then asking Hisam to try it. He complains that she's been farting all day and then touching all the nuts in the bowl she sorted, implying her hands probably have unclean residue. Felicia scoffs and laughs. Hisam tries ONE nut and gets out of Dodge. 2023-08-11 945pm cam4 Felicia Hisam butt nuts.mp4 2023-08-11 945pm cam3 Felicia Hisam butt nuts.mp4
  5. 1:01AM BBT Luke drops the N-word in front of Jared, Hisam, and Cory. Awkwardly tries to cover with "dude." 2023-08-09 101am cam 2 lukes n-word slip.mp4 1:03AM BBT After Hisam and Cory are gone, Luke and Jared talk about the slip and Jared says it makes white people more uncomfortable than black people [news to me...BBLurkerPlus] 2023-08-09 103am cam2 luke and jared talk about the nword slip.mp4
  6. Felicia is the best live feed content to come along in years. Non-stop comedy - and that LAUGH! 2023-08-06 121pm cam3 felicia came to play.mp4
  7. I didn't see these posted, so Felicia mic pack water immersion Flashback roundup: 8-3-23 4:17 am BBT - Felicia's first toilet mic drop 8-5-23 11:12pm BBT - Felicia falls in hot tub with mic pack 8-6-23 7:34pm BBT - Felicia dunks another mic pack in the toilet 2023-08-03 417am cam2 Felicias first mic toilet drop.mp4 2023-08-05 1112pm cam1 Felicia falls in hot tub.mp4 2023-08-06 734pm cam3 Felicia dunks in the toilet.mp4 2023-08-06 734pm cam4 Felicia dunks in the toilet wide-skirt around thighs.mp4
  8. Flashback to 5:15am BBT today when Turner planned his muffin caper, eating part of Jasmine's muffins she left on the table while she slept. It's hilarious the way the camera crew seems to be goading Turner on. Jasmine lost her mind for a while when she discovered her desecrated muffins today. 891010713_2022-08-04515amTurnerpinchesJasminesmuffin.mp4
  9. This is the kind of behavior Paloma was exhibiting non-stop for 3 days. She was talking crazy a mile-a-minute and occasionally complaining about her heart rate being high. Pretty self-explanatory why production finally did what they should have done 3 days ago. Literally the craziest behavior for the longest period I have ever seen on the live feeds. WAY worse than S20 Sam or anything Jackson did. 2022-07-12 102pm the bb simulation experiment is taking down the metaverse and bitcoin.mp4 1426968419_2022-07-12134pmPalomatalkingaboutbreakingthecurse.mp4 2022-07-12 103pm god is player 17 and talks to paloma from the teabags.mp4
  10. She's pulled from the house tonight after barely being on the feeds Wed. Hopefully we know whether it was mental break or drug detox that made her act crazy the last 3 days.
  11. Paloma's out of the BB house. No details yet, but likely due to the crazy behavior on the feeds the last few days suggesting a mental issue or drug detox. Feeds may not come back until after the live show tomorrow.
  12. She's been in and out of shots, but even when she's shown (kitchen at 1:52PM and the bedroom with the yellow bedspreads at 1:53PM/1:55PM) she sometimes has her mic muted and is not the hyperactive insane center of every shot she's in. She was eating soup at the kitchen table recently and seems more mellow, so hoping she got a psych eval and some meds.
  13. 11:41am BBT Christian sulking about, feeling hopeless decides to pound the bed repeatedly and sulk some more. [His fate starts brightening through no actions of his own about 4 or so hours from this point when Tiff comes out of the DR magically thinking she should keep him. - BBLurkerPlus] 2021-08-11 1141am cam2 Christian upset hes going home tomorrow.mp4
  14. 1:20AM BBT DX is officially tired of being Lord of the Latrine. He jokingly tells Tiff she'll have to go with him holding the door open because he's not closing it. She whips down her sweats and starts going, surprising everyone in the room. 534033872_2021-08-09121amTiffgottagoshedontcarewhosees.mp4 1:22AM BBT DX is now having a mild breakdown about his Lord of the Latrine duties in light of how often the girls seem to need to pee and the fact that he has to lock unlock the door between each person, even if they're in a line one after the other. 2021-08-09 121am DX mild breakdown about all the peeing - short version.mp4
  15. 8:11PM BBT During the makeup session in the kitchen Tiff isn't pleased with her work and says she looks crazy like the Tin Man and Britini casually mentions that a cousin was in that movie. Claire asks which part and Britini says the Scarecrow, Ray Bolger. She also says Robin Williams is an uncle, but not sure if it's THE Robin Williams. 2021-08-01 0810pm Britnis relative is Ray Bolger from WoZ-480p.mp4



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