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  1. I still can't believe Casey doesn't realize she has got to get rid of Tyler to win. After winning the biggest veto of the Season tonight now she has to decide to either get rid of Tyler or Angela after JC nominated them. You would think this is a no-brainer for Casey to get rid of Tyler now. She can definitely beat Angela or JC with the jury house.. but it seems like Casey is going to stay loyal to Tyler and take him to the final with her which is a very big mistake for her and will cost her the game but it seems like that's what she is going to do right now I guess we will see later tonight.....
  2. 10:30 p.m. BBT Sam got up from laying down in the have not room again got some food together and again is sitting up in the stairway eating her food. JC ask her why she's eating up there and she seem to get angry and said because I don't like to be out in the open. Meaning she doesn't want to sit down in the kitchen and eat her food out in the open
  3. 12 am bbt. After the lights finally went off Tyler and Angela letting in separate beds talking and whispering in the dark. Angela Whispers to Tyler that she has a secret She then tells Tyler that her secret is that she has fallen in love with him!!!! Then she says I can't believe I really said that Tyler says I have the same Secret. And wonders how he got so lucky.. they continue to be whispering and talking and smiling at each other in the dark.
  4. 1213 am bbt fees are back so far just see Haley talking to herself wearing a superhero cape she is in bedroom saying guess I'll pack my stuff again. (Assuming she didn't win veto)p.lady
  5. 12am BBT best of Big Brother after Dark is still on Pop it is over now though
  6. 311am BBT.. Haley and Brett are awake and have been talking for awhile in the geometry room. They seem to be going over talking about a lot of the houseguests that are already out of the house like Rachel Kaitlyn fessie.. Brett was telling Haley that Winston noticed early on that fessy would seem to stare at them if Brett and Haley were talking. Winston also told Brett that Rachel would stare at them when they were talking also. Now they're talking about Scotty and Brett is saying he's not sure how to totally figure out Scotty and if scotty mite have some secrets.. 318am bbt Brett and Haley just still talking about old houseguests that have already left and what they are doing now that they are out of the house Haley told Brett that Winston is probably his number one fan Brett said maybe. Who knows...( adding my own side note here can't figure out why Haley is staying up this late when she really needs to try and win The veto tomorrow she looks exhausted and just said she needs to go to bed Brett said sorry I'm keeping you up almost wonder if he's keeping her up chatting strategically so she'll be too tired to win The veto tomorrow... ....pokerlady)..... 332am ,,, Brett and Haley finally go to bed......( haley goona be so tired if veto comp is early lol-pokerlady)........ all other house guests have been asleep for a while...
  7. 1225am bbt Sam and Haley have been sitting in the stairwell going up to the HOH talking and saying how their bonding about both being on the Block. They're just talkin General chit-chat Sam was telling a story how she almost fell down the spiral stairs one day when she was trying to wear rockstars big shoes. 1245am bbt Haley went to bed big brother finally turn the lights off just her and Brett in that room..... Sam went in and lie down on the little saucer she still fully dressed and just staring at the camera lights are on in the have not room JC is in the big saucer trying to sleep with the lights on no talking going on 1254am bbt Sam got up went into wash area to brush her teeth. She was brushing her teeth and they called her to go to the diary room. While, she was standing at sink Tyler walked by to go to the restroom and when he came out he gave her a big big hug ,,,,, that lasted for a few minutes,,, they were kind of talking quietly but couldn't quite hear what they were saying. Then she told him to get some sleep it will be a big day tomorrow and she went to go to the diary room.
  8. I was happy for happy for Casey also although I was hoping Haley could win did anyone think that that HOH contest tonight was ridiculously short? I was puzzled why the contest was less than 3 minutes. It was easy and over in less than 3 minutes I thought this would be a hard HOH contest this week and they would make it interesting and difficult cuz it is getting important to win now so I was puzzled by how short a contest it was
  9. 633pm bbt still reruns on the live stream [ lets go hayley!!] ...pokerlady:)]
  10. 415am BBT Angela took a shower up in the HOH about 45 minutes ago and she's been sitting in this position on the edge of the bed for at least 45 minutes now 423am bbt . Angela still laying in just towel been almost an hour since she took a shower
  11. 3:15 a.m. BBT Brett Angela JC and Tyler sitting around in HOH bedroom talking about how Sam seems to not eat anything that anyone else makes and she will only eat things that she makes and how they think that's so strange. Tyler abruptly jumps up out of laying in bed with Angela and says he's going to bed and going downstairs.( he probably doesn't want JC and Brett to get suspicious about him and Angela laying around cuddling too much) pokerlady... Brett seems really puzzled and keeps talking about how Sam won't ever eat any food that he makes and she makes it a point to let others know she's not eating any. Brett wonders if she just does this cuz she'll only eat food that she makes or is she doing it as part of her game. 3:40 a.m. BBT Angela Brett and JC sitting around still talking in HOH bedroom. They were complaining for a while that it was way too hot and they need to turn the air conditioning up they said it quite a few times already. Now they're just sitting around talking about in the beginning and about different houseguests that have already been evicted. They were talking about Rachel for a while and then Winston just kind of General chit-chat about past houseguests. JC was then saying that bread kind of ignored him for the first couple of weeks but Brett said that was not true. They're just kind of joking and kidding around about in the beginning few weeks.
  12. 2:45 a.m. BBT Tyler goes up to HOH bedroom is laying around in bed with Angela they are talking about how it feels weird when they try to avoid each other when they're in the kitchen or around other people. And Angela saying she doesn't know how to act when Tyler's in the same room. Tyler were saying he was mad when he became a Have Nots and got his cuddle buddy taken away from him and that he's so happy it's over now.. They look awful cozy together he was saying didn't want people to think they were in a showmance. 3 a.m. BBT Tyler and Angela still cuddling in bed with the lights on in the HOH bedroom they're talking and going over which people or getting suspicious that they are in a showmance. Tyler said what's wrong with two people just cuddling up together because it's lonely in the house but not to make it into a showmance and don't label it he was complaining about that too Angela
  13. 652pm bbt live steam still down rerun still going the whole day Saturday reruns have been going since 1 p.m. as far as I can tell Big Brother time over 6 hours of reruns geeez



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