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Tuesday, August 11 2015 Big Brother 17 Live Feed Updates


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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !


If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment]around the text.


Remember your time zones. Big Brother USA Time is Pacific Coast Daylight Saving Time (See Map Here).


Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter.


To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. http://www.mortystv.com/images/bb17/bb17castquide.pdf


Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:


Activities of Daily Living = ADLs

Battle of the Block = BotB

Back Yard = BY

Bedroom = BR

Cabana Room Lounge = CRL

Comic Book/Colorful Room = CBR

Da'Vonne = da

Dining Table = DT

Have-Not Room = HNR

Head of House Room = HOHR

Kitchen = KT

Indoor Lock Down = ILD

Living Room = LR

Ocean / Grey Bedroom = OBR

Outdoor Lock Down = OLD

Storage Room = SR

Washroom Area = WA

Water Closet = WC


Please post pictures in the open thread: http://www.tvfanforums.net/index.php?/topic/100939-big-brother-17-pictures-and-screen-caps/


If you post questions or start conversations with each other here, they will be deleted.



Thank you!

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1:38 am - 2:09 am BBT While Becky is in the KT by herself carving on an apple, James, Meg and Jackie are in the HN room discussing which nominee to keep in the game and which one to get out. Their argument to keep Vanessa is that everyone is after her and no one is after Shelli and if they keep Shelli, she will win HOH again and go after them. They think it will be easier to get Vanessa out next during the DE. James said that it will be a classic blindside sending Shelli home now since she thinks she is safe all week. James said this might be their only shot since Shelli is sitting on the block now. Meg said that they have to think about how to deal with Becky. James said that the whole house went against him last week and he could have just taken the five grand. James said that Steve told him he likes Vanessa. They discuss if Austin and the twins will keep Vanessa over Shelli. James said that Shelli won almost every comp and he doesn’t see Vanessa winning the physical comps. They continue to wonder what are the chances of getting Shelli on the block a third time if they do not vote her out now. They discuss making a deal with Vanessa that they will keep her safe if she does not go after them next week. Meg said that she planted the seed with Austin earlier about keeping Vanessa in the game and she did not even realize it. James thinks they should go with voting out Shelli and make big risks in this game. They know that Vanessa is only against Becky and that Shelli is against the three of them. Jackie said that Becky will be a sitting duck because she can’t play in the next HOH. James and Meg said that they are all playing for her and will keep her safe. They speculate what the comps will be in the DE and who has the best chance of winning it. James said that it all sounds good. Meg said that this is a personal thing for Becky but they have to think about the team not just Becky. James said that they could let Vanessa do what she does best and campaign for herself and get two more votes. They decide that they will take tomorrow and think about it. Meg keeps just thinking about Shelli sitting on the block and wants to get her out and Vanessa is desperate right now. The discussion breaks up as the three of them go into the KT to get some rolls. 

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2:10 am BBT Meg, Jason and Jackie walk through he LR and see Becky’s carved apple sitting on the couch. Becky said that he is on the block and has to pull himself off. We see Steve get in the shower as the others walk into the KT to get some rolls. Discussion in the KT is how they can make a variety of things to eat using the buns. Becky made Meg something sweet to eat using buns, cinnamon and sugar.

2:15 am BBT Steve finishes up his shower and joins the group in the KT to eat. General chatting going on in the KT while they are eating.

2:30 am BBT Meg, Jackie and Steve head to bed after they are finished eating leaving Becky and James in the KT to talk. Becky is speculating which comps will be coming up. 

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2:33 am BBT Meg and Jackie in the HN room discussing what they should do about the vote. Meg wonders if they should talk to Becky first or Vanessa first. Jackie plays out all of the scenarios about what if someone wins HOH and who they would put up.

2:36 am- 3:00 am BBT James and Becky discuss past houseguests and those that have won a HOH while Meg and Jackie sit in the dark HN room discussing how Vanessa will be all flustered to win the next HOH because she is all stressed out. Meg said that if Shelli gets herself off of the block two times she will be confident in herself. Meg does not see anyone else putting Shelli up if they win HOH. Becky and James still in the KT discussing what Becky has said to Austin and the twins. James said that it seems like every week the votes flip (hint, hint Becky the votes might flip). Becky talks to James about if he was on the block next to the others he would win by a landslide. Jackie told Meg that they should just talk to the others and ask them who they think is better for their game. 

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3:00 am BBT James and Jackie still in the KT talking. James said that he was 150% loyal to Clay and Shelli. Becky said that she never got the Jason thing. They continue to talk about the past few weeks and what other houseguests have told them. Becky said that she was so stupid to believe the others that James was coming after her. Becky said that she should have believed James actions instead of the others words.

3:15 am BBT Meg said she wonders where James is at and then they decide to go to sleep. Meanwhile, James is in the KT still talking to Becky about the other houseguests and what others have said. James told Becky that he is pissed off at Shelli because of something that she said. Becky said that her taking Vanessa out of the picture breaks up the gap with the others. James said that she has three solid votes to get Vanessa out. Becky told James about a discussion she had with Steve talking to Vanessa. Becky told Steve that she is okay with him talking to Vanessa but watch out for her because she is good at changing votes. She continues to tell James about her discussion with Steve to make sure that she has his vote to get Vanessa out.

3:23 am BBT Meg and Jackie still whispering in the HN room. It is hard to hear but Meg said that it is someone’s birthday Thursday and then they talk about how Becky is going to feel if they vote for Vanessa to stay. Jackie said that they should talk to her first before the eviction. Meg said that she is by herself anyway so Becky should be okay with it either way. Meg said that they have more of a shot to protect Becky and that Becky cannot protect them.

3:28 am BBT James and Becky in the KT talking about getting on Meg to start wining comps and they speculate what comps are coming up and previous comps that they played in.

3:42 am BBT Becky told James that outside of this house she believes that Clay and Shelli are wonderful and that they have a really cool cast. James told Becky that he thinks cleaning is a strategy for her. James thinks others portray him as the prankster in the house. Becky told James that they both won very good physical comps and they are memorable ones.

3:48 am BBT Becky and James break up their discussion to get ready for bed and Becky heads up to the HOH to take a shower while James heads to the HN room, bundles up and crawls in his chair to sleep.    

4:27 am BBT Becky finishes up her shower and crawls in bed.  

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8:50am BBT Steve gets out of bed, goes to WA, takes a small glass from his travel bag and pours some mouthwash into it. He rinses his mouth out, uses the WC, washes his hands. (I think that is the first time have NOT seen a HG use it straight from the bottle or cap.)Steve goes back to bed.

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 9:00am BBT Liz gets up, changes her batteries and uses the WC, she washes her hands and goes back to bed.

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9:40am BBT John is up!  He gets a bowl of cereal and heads to the patio to eat alone, then sits quietly. Still waiting for the other HGs to wake..


10:00am BBT BB calls Vanessa to the DR, and then says Good morning house guests, it's time to get up...


10:12am BBT Feeds are back, John still alone on patio, HN room light is on now but James/Jackie/Meg still laying down, discussing how many night of sleep til Thursday eviction.


10:15am BBT Steve/Meg in K,mention today is picture day. Steve says he doesn't want to go outside, because BB will make him put the awnings down.


10:34am BBT John returns from patio to wash his bowl/spoon, BB calls to DR Becky, who is busy fixing her hair.


10:39am BBT James in HNot room, says to no on in particular, "She's got to go, got to go!" #Shirtgate


10:55am BBT John is back outside,swinging on the hammock. Van is up, talking to Meg about her eyes being swollen.

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11:08 AM BBT Vanessa goes into the shower, Meg and Shelli continue with ADLs. Not much conversation. John still outside on hammock rocking back and forth, back and forth.


11:13 AM BBT The feeds come back from FOTH and Meg has joined John in the BY. She tells him that she hopes to stay awake all day for her back's sake. --she is NOT enjoying sleeping in the HNR. John says he's going to do laundry today because he thinks IDL will be early in the morning on Wednesday. Vanessa is out of the shower. She and Shelli are doing ADLs and not talking to one another.


11:18 AM BBT John asks Meg if there's a pool she goes to in NYC. She says she and her friends like to go to Central Park. BB tells them to put up the awnings. Vanessa is using a Qtip on her eyes with some product she borrowed from Shelli. Her eyes are very swollen. She told Meg and Shelli earlier that she thinks she is having an allergic reaction to something, maybe her mascara.


11:22 AM BBT Vanessa joins John and Meg outside. She lays out on the round lounger. Meg puts her feet in the hot tub while John goes inside to get his laundry. Feeds 3 and 4 switch to Austin and Liz sleeping in the CBR.


11:28 AM BBT John has changed into a bathing suit and brought his clothes to the washing machine. Shelli is still doing her hair in the WA. John goes over and joins Meg by the hot tub. He tells her he is down to his comp swimsuit and that's it.


11:32 AM BBT John tells Meg that he asked 'them' for Nair last night because back hair is so unattractive. She tells him that the 50 days have got to go. She feels like it was day 50 awhile ago. Then she says that at least they are halfway through. They discuss whether they will get takeout that night and what it will be. John says his parents won't eat sushi because they just will not try raw fish. Their discussion turns to sushi.

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11:42am BBT:  Shelli is doing her hair and Van is talking to her.  Van is asking what was seen on Sunday's show and Wed's show will be the POV and ceremony.  Shelli confirms this.


We'll be Right Back


11:43am BBT:  The feeds are back.  Vanessa is the middle of a sentence.  Shelli greets someone "hello, we have a camera" and then said everyone is asleep.  Vanessa gets up, joins Shelli and is off again about someone being very sterile and cold.  She's doing a snotty little sing-song about selling out your best friend, your word is good to me.  Vanessa whispers something about "the only one left" and mentions "johnny mac"

(the feed are skipping and repeating badly).


Shelli starts a sentence then says she is really curious about whom Steve would put up.

Vanessa tell Shelli the thing she likes most about her is the way she treats Audrey.  Vanessa is bashing someone (Becky I assume) about being a cold person.


Steve joins Vanessa and Shelli.  They wish him good morning.  Vanessa asks if he was woken up by the shark, he replies yes, and Shelli says that is pretty funny.

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11:51am BBT:  Becky has her HOH camera and is taking pictures in the backyard with Meg and JohnnyMac.

JMac is having trouble working the camera.  Becky remarks that the seats (lounge cushions) are going to be hot.


11L54am BBT:  Jackie and one of the twins are doing hair, brushing teeth and morning maintenance.

In the Have Not Room Vanessa is looking for something, finds it and leaves.  Steve is on the day bed.  Vanessa tells him she is feeling better, but it was  a bad day.  Vanessa says her eyes are swollen and she thinks it's an allergic reaction to mascara.  She shows Steve up close and he tells her he cannot tell at all.  She remarks "oh Steven".  He tells her he has not been called Steven in 2 mnths


11:56am BBT:  Vanessa joins Austin & Liz in the crayon bedroom.  She tells them she cannot take off her sunglasses because they are glued to her face and her eyes are a mess.  Liz and Austin leave the room and join Steve.  Austin remarks it's hard when people feel like shit in here..


11:59am BBT:Julia and Becky come in from the yard whopping it up.  Austin and Liz wander to the bathroom and wish Shelli good morning.  Julie is looking for something the the closet and chatting with Steve about what she should wear today.  Steve suggests her birthday bathing suit.  Steve mumbles something about when Becky suggested something it was not serious attention

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11:59am BBT:  Julia asks Steve if he is going to take pictures with Gronk, leaves and asks Vanessa the same thing.

Vanessa says she should...and she can't be phoney and fake something.  They are whispering and there is noise from somewhere

so it's hard to hear them


Vanessa tells Julia "especially when there is a deal".  BB tells Julia to put on her mic.

Vanessa whispers something.  Austin enters and is looking for his bathing suit.  Vanessa asks if he lost his keys and he replies he only has a couple; he is not a big key guy.  He leaves something (his house maybe) unlocked and so does his family.


12:02am BBT:  Austin finds something to wear.  He asks Vanessa if she is going back out and she says maybe in about a half hour to take pictures.  The both say it is going to be hot.  Austin leaves and Vanessa is in bed with her Bible.


Liz (I think) and Jackie are doing hair and make up and Austin is wandering around the washroom.  Liz tells about Clay walking in when she was changing one time and she was mortified.


12:05pm BBT:  JMac is sitting in the shade by the hot tub.  Becky has the pool shark and Shelli is going to take a picture of her jumping the shark.  BB chimes with with STOP THAT and ruins the fun.  Becky and Shelli say "awwww" in unison.  Meg remarks that she is so sleepy.  Becky is saying she can't let the perks of HOH go to her head and she has to make the daily walk among the peasants.  They all laugh.  Becky is posing with the Pool Shark and everyone is laughing.  The say it's an "LOL Laugh out Loud Photo, best ever!


Shelli shows Meg the photo and Meg says she looks so awkward.  Shelli asks if they got the scary pictures inside and they say yes, lots of Gronk pictures.  Shelli says she is pretty sure she's not a red eyed monster.  Laughing and chit chatting about the pictures.

Meg remarks it feels like 3o'clock to her.  Shelli yells "hey" to someone!

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11:36 AM BBT Meg comes out of the hot tub because she's too hot. She tells Vanessa she had to go get in today because she was so cold from the HNR. Vanessa goes inside because she's too hot. She tells Shelli that her eyes are so f'ed up and now she needs to wear these sunglasses until they're better. We get FOTH.


11:39 AM BBT  Feeds return and Shelli is telling Vanessa that she wishes she could read everyone's, especially James's from last week. Vanessa says he probably wrote that it was hard but it was a game move. Vanessa says she wishes BB would give them sedatives. Shelli says if they did everyone would be knocked out all the time. Vanessa asks Shelli for advice on what to wear on Thursday.


11:42 AM BBT  Becky comes outside and tells John and Meg that they have the camera. She grabs the shark and says that she is going to go wake people up with it. She tells Shelli and Vanessa that they have the camera. Shelli says that everyone is sleeping and Becky says she's going to wake them with the shark. Shelli says that's so funny. Vanessa says, "So funny," and gets up to tell Shelli that she finds Becky to be a very cold and calculated person who has no heart and switches to whatever side the power is on.


11:46 AM BBT  Vanessa says the thing she likes the most about Shelli is that she's a warm person... like how she was with Audrey. Becky has woken up Austin and Liz, James, and Steve and Julia. Steve wanders into the WA, stopping Vanessa and Shelli's conversation.


11:51 AM BBT  Jackie is telling James that Vanessa, along with Shelli and Clay, think that Meg and Jason were the votes for Jeff and that they were in an alliance with Jason and Meg and that's why Jackie was so upset when Jason was gone. James says, we were upset because you guys split us up and Jackie says now we're splitting them up. James says they better hope we don't win next week. Becky, John, and Meg are out in the BY taking pics.


11:55 AM BBT  Vanessa is in the HNR putting things in the dirty clothes. James is in one of the dental chairs. They are not talking. Vanessa leaves and sees Steve. She tells him she feels better today even though her eyes are horrible. She tells him she will show him but she won't let the camera see. He says that he can't tell at all. She says that's because he's Steven. He says that she's calling him Steven and no one has called him that in 2 months. Vanessa goes into the CBR and tells Austin and Liz that she looks like dog poop. The photo shoot is still going on in the BY.

11:59 AM BBT  Julia asks out loud what bathing suit she should wear today. Steve says her birthday bathing suit. Julia asks what a birthday bathing suit is. Becky says it's nothing and Julia says, "Oh my gosh, Steve!" He says he was just kidding. Julia goes into the CBR and asks Vanessa if she's going to come take pics. Van says she wants to but she can't stand 'her' (Becky). She finds her phony and thinks that Becky owes her an apology. BB tells Julia to put on her mic. Julia says she understands because even James had the decency to go talk to Shelli.



12:03 PM BBT  Austin comes in the the CBR and asks Vanessa if she's coming outside. She tells him she was outside laying out but that it's really hot. She says she will come out for the tail end of pics. She reads the bible as he leaves. Feeds 3 and 4 switch the the WA where Liz, Julia, Jackie, and Austin are doing ADLs to get ready for pics. Shelli comes outside and Becky tells her she looks beautiful. She says she feels like a rag doll.

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12:14pm BBT:  Steve and Vanessa are talking in the color bedroom.  Vanessa is telling the story again about how she was the last one in the room (for the big discussion, which yesterday she admitted she was 3rd from last).  Steve says he wants to give her his vote but he does not want to break his word to Shelli and John.


Steve leaves, wanders into the bathroom and says he can't fine his towel.  He asks did someone wash all these and Julia/Liz? says she did, she told him that yesterday and he didn't listen.  She says nobody else washes towels.  Steve said he did it once.  Steve takes a towel and wanders out and then in again.  Liz (?) is doing make up and Austin is wandering.  Liz and Austin are getting ready to take pictures first and then breakfast.  Jackie us up and getting her things together.

12:19pm BBT:  Steve is talking to Vanessa again.  He said a lot of people are pointing a lot of different directions and he wants to do the right thing.  Vanessa tells him he would not know anything if not for her.  She tells Steve he's being paranoid and she has tried to do the right thing for them.  He says he knows that and he wants her to stay.  Vanessa said you don't think it will happen and says she thinks it's entirely possible.


12:20pm BBT: Vanessa tells Steve is is not targeting them she is targeting Becky and she will tell the whole house.  She says she is not going to ask JMac and did he think she was going to do that.  Steve said he misunderstood/had it wrong.  Vanessa lets out a couple of manacial laughs.  Steve leaves, mumbled to himself "good idea" and "not going in there and heads for the kitchen to clean his cup.

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12:25pm BBT:  JMac is shaving and talking to Steve.  He says "make sure everyone is aware of that".  Steve is going to talk to Shelli.

JMac says he promised not to come after her until 9 but she came after him.  JMac says it's only one vote.  Steve is going to talk to her and JMac tells Steve he won't say anything, "this is on you man".  Steve heads back to the kitchen for his drink.


12:27pm BBT:  Steve has joined Becky, Shelli and Meg on the backyard couch.  Liz joins.  Conversation is about how hot it is.  Liz likes the shade and Shelli loves the heat.  Julia is hoola-hooping.  Shelli leaves to bring the camera over so they can get another shot with Steve.

Jackie remarks that they are some great pictures.  Steve says one of the pictures is great and Shelli says "I took that".  They all say the picture with Meg is so cute and looks like SeaWorld!


12:31pm BBT:  Picture taking continues in the backyard and lots of whooping it up over the pictures.  The girls are all gathered around Steve for a group "selfie"!  They take a few more and all pretend they are kissing Steve!  They tell Steve how cute the picture is.  Liz goes to get the Pool Shark for more pictures!


12:33p, BBT:  BB to Julia "please put on your microphone"

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12:09 PM BBT  Steve tells Vanessa that he's going to tell Shelli and everyone that he made a 2 week deal with Vanessa when she was HOH. That way he doesn't burn any bridges. Vanessa says that she'll make him a deal. If within 2 hours of the vote she doesn't have the votes, she'll let him vote the other way. She asks him if she can count on him. He asks her to give him until tonight. He says that he doesn't want to lie to her. He says that she needs to understand the pickle he's in because John, James, Becky, and Meg want things a certain way and he may have to live with them. If he tells them they have a 2 week deal it may help. She says she has played the game loyally and given him a lot of info. He leaves to go to the WA.


12:18 PM BBT  Julia has joined the HG in the BY. Liz and Austin are still getting ready in the WA. Julia is wearing a red bathing suit with a red bandana in her hair. Liz has her hair down and is wearing a long sleeveless sweater. Steve goes back to the CBR. He tells Vanessa that there are a lot of people pulling him in different directions. She says that there's only one person who has told him everything from the beginning and has been loyal from the beginning and has always had a contingency. He says he wants her to stay but doesn't see how it can happen.


12:21 PM BBT  Vanessa tells Steve that the argument for her staying is that she is gunning for Becky and no one else. She is gunning for the person who is synonymous with a type of shoewear...flip flop. He says he didn't understand that she had an argument that might work. He is obviously very uncomfortable and leaves as soon as he can.


12:26 PM BBT  John is shaving. Steve joins him in the WA and tells him that he feels like he might vote for Vanessa because of their 2 week deal. John says he'll make sure that people understand. As long as it doesn't mess anything up, it will be OK. Steve says he wants to talk to Shelli so she understands. John tells Steve he had a deal with Vanessa, too, but she came after him first. At this point everyone is in the BY but Vanessa and John.


12:30 PM BBT  Vanessa has now joined the rest of the HG in the BY. Austin and Becky are now in the KT. Austin asks Becky what she wants for dinner if it's take out. She says she probably won't eat anything. She has lost her appetite lately. She says that something about everything has made her kind of over it. Maybe it's because her environment isn't changing. Julia is told to put on her mic. Austin and Becky go back outside. John is still in the WA, now shaving the back of his neck.


12:40 PM BBT  The girls decide they are going to take an all girls pic on the circle lounger. They want to put their heads inside and have Austin take it fro above. Feeds 3 and 4 switch to the HNR where James is still sleeping. He takes several and gives them to the girls to review. They decide they need more. Shelli tells everyone to laugh and everyone forces laughs. They all look at the pics and they all ooooh and aaaaah over them.


12:49 PM BBT  The HG go inside for food. Jackie goes into the HNR and tells James they are getting into their outfits for photos (sweatshirts, towels wrapped around their necks, sunglasses). Becky tells them that for her blog post she said she visits the peasants downstairs in the HNR, so she wants a pic of them. Shelli comes in and Becky asks her if she will take their pic. Someone in the KT is singing, so we FOTH for a second. We come back and Meg is climbing into her chair saying, "Damn this chair. I hate it. I hate this chair." They take several pics.


12:55 PM BBT  Jackie tells Meg that James talked to Becky last night. He tells them that Becky mentioned that the votes usually come down crazy. He says that she said she sees Vanessa as more of a threat. They talk about how they'll have to win next week if they do this. James says that he told her at the end of the day it's just better that Vanessa and Shelli get split up no matter who goes. Meg says that people are underestimating the relationships that they (Meg, James, and Jackie) have in the house.

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1:00pm BBT: James, meg and Jackie talking in the HNBR about talking to Austin, Liz and Julia about who they want to go home cause they have Vanessa and Shelli and they are both queens so which do we want to vote out.


1:07pm BBT: Jackie takes the shark from behind the dentist chair and throws it in the floor the  takes her  jacket off then gets the shark to head out to the pool.James ask what time it is and meg says like one and he says i was having the craziest dream when you woke me up but i am glad you woke me up it was a crappy dream.


 1:11pm BBT: Shelli, Liz sitting at the KT table eating breakfast. Jackie comes in from the BY asking what she is eating and Liz says it is banana  Eggs with ham. Becky sitting in KT  as Julia is cooking just general talk about  getting called to the DR while they are doing their hair and make up. Steve is in the pool alone.


 1:19pm BBT: Steve in the poll, John sitting on a lounger by the pool talking to Steve. Just general talking going on.


1:25pm BBT: Steve and John still by the pool talking about playing  the guitar.


1:33pm BBT: Shelli  goes to the pool and puts her feet in the water as Steve gets on the shark and then flips off it in the water. John still sitting on the lounger.


 1:43pm BBT: Most Hg laying around the pool. Meg and James in the HNBR back in their chairs. meg is eating and giggling as she eats a bun.


 1:48pm BBT: Meg and James talking about Becky coming out on top and we are doing her dirty work for her. James says  look she has ten thousand dollars a have not pass and hoh she is on top. Meg says yeah that is what i thought lastnight.


 1:52pm BBt: Hg in the  BY talking about past HG and how they loved Donny.


 1:56pm BBT: Shelli, Steve, Julia, John and Jackie sitting at the pool as Steve is playing with the shark in the pool and Austin is walking around  . they are talking about cereals and everyone's dumb laughs.

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2:02pm BBT: James and Meg talking about how they are fighting this whole house. meg says you are telling me. meg says  James we have to win this game. She then says i did not say this but Becky has to go sometimes soon too and James agrees.


2:12pm BBT: Meg and James in the WA as they get ready to head outside to the BY.


2:18pm BBt: Most HG at the pool or working out just general talk going on. James and Jackie in the Kt making food.


2:26pm BBT: James tells Jackie that shelli is messed up and when  you take someone s sweater out of their room when they have been wearing it means i am in trouble she is after me. Jackie laughs and says right. John comes through and ask whats up and James says just slopping it up you know the slop life. In the BY Hg are talking about different foods they want to have.


2:35pm BBT: James tells Jackie that he knew things would change in the house once Clay left and Jackie says yeah it did and James says yeah it would have changed weather Clay or Shelli left. James says i know i am going up if shelli wins HOh, She has two chances to win and i will go up.


 2:40pm BBT: James says he wants to talk to Vanessa to see where game play is and see what moves she will make and where her head is.


 2:45pm BBT: Most HG still around the pool talking about eating the cake at the half way party and how Austin and shelli ate the faces off the cake. John is laughing. James and Jackie in the KT  cooking and eating slop. Steve is in the DR and Vanessa is still in bed sleeping.


2:50pm BBT: HG in the BY talking about doing Mud runs. John says he has done some of the runs and they are like  twelve miles.. Austin in the KT having a protein shake and talking to James and Jackie about slop.


2:54pm BBT: Steve is out of the DR getting a towel. James heads into the HNBR then goes back to the KT. Steve is in the KT and James says i want to talk to Vanessa but she is asleep. Steve says she is just really upset and i think she will be up and about later but this is awful. James says i think so too.
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3:00 PM BBT HG in the BY talking about movies.  James and Steve are in the KT.  Steve has pizza.  James and Steve head out to the BY where most everyone else is. 


3:06 PM BBT  Austin and Liz roughhouse as the other HGs chat.  Steve is not sure the pizza agrees with him.  Liz and Austin go inside.  Liz uses the WC, and Austin combs out his hair and re-does his pony tail.  Liz comes out of the WC and washes her hands.  Next stop: the Kitchen.  Liz sings as she pulls stuff out of the fridge.  Meanwhile the HGs in the BY are talking about laundry and Meg is telling them about how she works out laundry chores with roommates. Julia is hungry and heads inside saying it is fish taco time.


3:10 PM BBT The HGs in the BY are talking about sunglasses and eyeglasses versus contacts.  Jackie says she probably needs to go to the eye doctor when she gets home.  Shelli is sitting on the ground near the edge of the pool in front of the loungers and Steve compliments her on how her hair is flowing gracefully in the breeze.  Shelli is enjoying the breeze and is reminded of her dad’s farm. 


3:15 PM BBT The HGs in the BY are talking about being hungry.  Meg had buns this morning because she didn’t feel like making slop.  Jackie and Meg talk about how Becky made them slop French toast.  Shelli says Becky is really good with making slop better.  Meg is having a lot of trouble sleeping on her chair in the HNR. 


3:20 PM BBT Austin and Julia are sitting at the DT eating.  Liz and Shelli and John are in the KT making something to eat.  Liz is trying to figure out what to marinate for dinner. 


3:23 PM BBT James, Meg and Jackie are the only HGs remaining in the BY. James comments that it must be their turn to hang out on the loungers.  James suggests that their alliance name should be “The Outcasts.”  As they settle in on the loungers, Jackie comments that it’s not like the others ever hung out with them anyway.  James and Meg agree that it’s normal.  James tells them he wanted to talk to Vanessa but she is sleeping.  Meg goes in to use the washroom and James says “it’s you and me Jackie.” 


3:28 PM BBT Meg comes back out to the BY.  Meg comments that it’s weird how everyone is sitting in groups.  Austin and the twins together, then Shelli by herself, and Johnny by himself.  Jackie says that Shelli is still kind of by herself and trying to figure things out.


3:36 PM BBT John is sitting by the pool with Jackie, Meg and James.  Meg says she needs to eat but she doesn’t really want to.  John says they are almost done being Have-Nots.  James says he doesn’t mind the food part so much as the cold showers. 


3:39 PM BBT Julia and Shelli want to check on Vanessa, and Steve tags along too.  Vanessa is sleeping in the Comic Room.  Shelli says she might sleep too since there is nothing else to do.  Steve lays down in Shelli’s bed and they tease that Steve will be in trouble with Clay.  Steve is play fighting with Julia and Julia screams.  Not surprisingly, Vanessa is now up and comes into the room.


3:48 PM BBT  Austin and Liz have joined John, Jackie, Meg, and James in the BY and they are chatting and laughing.  Meg tells John that his comic book character in the PoV was the most scary.


3:47 PM BBT In the Ocean Bedroom, they are sharing jokes using the names of states.  What did Tenna see?  The same thing Arkan saw.  What did Della wear?  Her New Jersey.  Steve is sitting close to Julia with his arm around her.  He lays his head on her shoulder. 


3:54 PM BBT In the Ocean Bedroom, they are talking about careers.  Vanessa is sitting on Shelli’s bed and Julia, Shelli, and Steve are all sitting on another bed.  Julia asks Vanessa what kind of law she wanted to do.  Vanessa gets up and says she is so tired.  She carries her snacks back to the Comic Book Room.  Jackie comes into the Ocean Bedroom and laughs with them a bit while standing at the door.  Steve is joking that he’s a player because both Shelli and Julia are sitting on the bed with him.

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3:59 PM BBT In the OBR, Steve tells Julia that he will never vote for Donald Trump. Steve tells Julia & Shelli that the candidate that is more to the center is the one that usually wins. He says, the Tea Party is pushing more for the extreme right candidates. He says, when have the moderate left Democratic candidate & the far right Republican candidate, it's usually the Democratic candidate that gets the swing states.


4:01 PM BBT Julia, Shelli & Steve still think it's a joke that Donald Trump is running for President. Steve says, he doesn't think that Donald Trump will be the nominee. Steve says, he would love to go to a convention. Julia asks if they think Hillary Clinton has a chance? Steve says, yes. Shelli says, she has all the backing & money. Julia asks if the scandal with Bill Clinton will affect Hillary? Steve says, that doesn't affect how she would do as President of the United States.


4:04 PM BBT The conversation goes to the last time a U.S. President was impeached. Shelli thinks it was Nixon. Julia says, Bill Clinton came really close to getting impeached. Steve says, there was an early President that only survived getting impeached by 1 vote. Shelli says, she needs to start studying this stuff again, & her family is probably going crazy right now that she can't remember this stuff, because they all know it. Steve says, Shelli really likes Abraham Lincoln. Shelli says, she does.


4:07 PM BBT Steve says, he needs some ex-girlfriends so that he has experiences. He says, he had 2 girlfriends at Cornell. He says, his Freshman year he dated a girl for 1 month. He says, he dated a girl for 2 months in his Sophomore year. He says, he broke up with the girlfriend in his Sophomore year because he didn't like her yelling. He says, they were both going for the same Major.


4:09 PM BBT Steve being to tell the story about the day they had a final exam on statics of solids. The camera view changes to the BY & we see FOTH. Live feeds to all camera views on the BY.


4:10 PM BBT James was telling a story about someone he knows that had their pants off while they were playing a game. Austin asks what's the best alcohol to drink? James says, the EP's in the house like to control the amount of alcohol they drink there. Liz asks how to make alcohol. James says, you can use a lot of orange juice, A straw to let the air out. He says, you can add grapes, fruits, Skittles & Jolly Ranchers. Austin asks if it gets the job done? James says, it's harsh, & if you leave it in to long it will explode.


4:12 PM BBT James says, he wants to take a shower outside. Meg says, she would like to know if they are getting food tonight or not. Liz says, she asked. Austin says, CBS should have a petty cash box for them. James says, they are on BB, & he would do it for free because he's on BB. James puts the chlorine duck by the shark. He says, "Don't eat the duck Mr. Shark." He goes over to the shark & moves it around in the water by the duck. He reads the tag on the shark.


4:15 PM BBT John jokingly tells Meg that she's a mad scientist. John asks her what her theory on the Universe is? Meg says, she would like to meet aliens one day. She says, she thinks that aliens may be smarter than them. James says, there has to be life on other planets. John says, they keep discovering planets. Meg says, it's weird how small our Universe is. She says, maybe there's a planet filled with Austin's. James says, there's no such thing as warp speed, otherwise they could go quick to other planets. John says, there is warp speed.


4:17 PM BBT Meg & John talk about solar systems being in galaxies. Meg asks which planet isn't a planet anymore? John says, Pluto. Meg wonders why that happened. John says, he thinks it may either be to small to sustain life, or it may be a moon of another one. Meg asks Austin why it happened? Austin says, it pi**ed him off, because Pluto is important. He says, he knew why, but can't remember now.


4:19 PM BBT Meg says, she thinks it's dumb that they made it a planet & then now it's not. We see FOTH. The camera view goes back to the OBR. Julia tells Shelli & Steve that she was in a relationship before the house that she got out of. She says, Liz was getting out of one to. Steve says, there are 2 other people in the house that aren't single, referring to Shelli & Clay. Shelli says, she can't say that because he's in the real world. Julia says, he gave up his BB game for her.


4:22 PM BBT Shelli says, she knows how she feels about Clay. She says, there could be something in the real world, but she's not going to be foolish to think he will be there, because he could possibly not be there. Julia talks about Brenchel being together, & how her & Clay have never experienced this with anyone else. Steve says, Clay will definitely be there on finale night. Julia says he will be so dressed up. Steve says, he will smell good. Shelli talks about how good he smells even when he works out. Liz goes to the OBR to eve's drop.


4:24 PM BBT Shelli tells them that Clay has another year left for Texas A & M. She says, he doesn't have to go there, he does it on line. She says, it's something with Sports Management. Liz is laying in Meg & Jackie's bed under the covers. Julia tries to figure out what Clay may be going to school for. She says, he could go into Culinary Arts. Shelli says, he can pick a job & do it. Julia says, she couldn't believe he could just start juggling. She says, Mr. Perfection like his comic book cover.


4:27 PM BBT Shelli tells them that Jason says, if Clay had a brother his name would be Cole, & it's actually Colton. Shelli says, the kids names are Colton, Caitlyn, & Colton. They talk about the Khardasian names. Julia wants to know whats going on outside. Liz says, not much. Julia says, Steve just told them his breakup story. Steve says, the story of Miss PT. Shelli asks if she just wore pasties to the party? Steve says, yes. Julia asks what she did? Steve says, she was a stripper for Halloween.


4:29 PM BBT They ask Steve what he was for Halloween. He says, he's not talking about it, & hides under his comforter. He takes his glasses off & drops them on the floor. He says, he can make Julia scream now. He bothers her, & she keeps saying, Steve. Steve says, he just got rejected. Julia says, he hurt her, & then he got rejected. Julia tells Steve he needs to put on lotion, because his hands are dry. Julia holds Steve's hand. Shelli says, she doesn't like to hold hands, it's annoying.


4:31 PM BBT Shelli says, she likes just sort of holding on to the guys hand without it being laced. Steve says, do you know what they say about small hands? Small gloves. Julia asks Liz if Austin holds her hand? Liz says, yes. Shelli asks if he does the inner-laced? Shelli shows her what she means, & we see FOTH.


4:33 PM BBT Live feeds come back. Shelli says, she would rather link sweetly. Julia says, she likes long walks to the refrigerator. Julia says, they were talking about ex's & asks her if she thinks about Ryan? Liz says, yes. Julia says, she thinks about Josh, & then she says, f***, oops. Liz says, right now he's in Europe, & that would be fun to do. We see FOTH.


4:37 PM BBT Live feeds come back with all camera views on the BY. John tells Meg how they were trying to figure out how to spell brass tacks. Meg says, tax, too funny. James points out something on Meg's leg, & he thinks it's from a mosquito. Meg says, no, she just doesn't have her medicine for it. James says, he scared the crap out of Julia last night. Two planes come close in the sky. Austin says, they almost hit. John says, that was tight. Austin asks what if they hit? James says, he would hit the red button & get out of there. James says, can you imagine if they actually saw something like that? Austin says, they almost did. Vanessa gets called to the DR.


4:39 PM BBT Meg says, that was close. Austin says, he's never seen planes that close before. James says, he has, at airshows. Meg says, she flew a plane the weekend before she went there. The camera view goes to the OBR. Julia asks Shelli if she's ever been to Texas? She says, no. Julia asks if Clay's ever been to Georgia? Shelli doesn't think so. Julia says, so she will go & visit him. Shelli says, she would love to go & visit him.


4:41 PM BBT Julia asks Shelli if Clay's mom is a Veterinarian? Shelli says, he's something to do with wildlife. Shelli says, she doesn't remember people's job & stuff because she doesn't like small talk. Austin goes in the OBR & tells them what he saw with the airplanes. He says, they just watched 2 airplanes almost crash. Austin asks if it's nap time? Shelli says, it's hand out time, & wait for something to happen.


4:44 PM BBT Austin gets in Meg & Jackie's bed that Julia is currently sleeping in at night, with Liz. She is still under the covers, but Austin is not. Austin tells Julia he's not sweaty, & it's not getting on her pillow, he promises. Liz talks about her eyes, & her dad's eyes with her microphone muffled. We can hear static over the feeds. Julia asks about the planes.


4:46 PM BBT Austin says, he's never seen planes cross over each other like that. He says, the commercial plane was higher, so they were probably o.k. They talk about Harrison Ford getting in a plane crash. Austin says, Liz yells at him while he's sleeping. In the BY, Meg says, she was the pink Power Ranger for Halloween. James says, he was the green one. He says, the white one was bad a**. John says, the blue one was cool. John tells a little bit about the TV shows having the same plot, but being a little different.


4:48 PM BBT John says, in Power Rangers, Jason was the leader for the long time, & then Tommy comes to town. He says, Tommy has the gold thing on his chest, so Jason eventually backs down. James whispers in his microphone, "BB, Meg's sleeping." Meg tells James she hear him, & she's going to her chair. She jokingly hits James with a small pillow. Meg says, she'll be in her chair if they need her, as she walks away. Vanessa tells Meg she's laying outside because it's cold in the house.


4:50 PM BBT Meg has small talk with Vanessa about her laying out & pool time today before she walks in the house. John & James are both lounging on chairs by the pool. Austin gets told to please relocate his transmitter.


4:51 PM BBT James tells John that the microphones they have are really expensive. He says, they may be getting a weak signal somewhere, so they have to relocate their transmitter. John says, he must not sleep on his enough. James says, his is always on his side, so he hasn't been told to relocate his transmitter. John says, he never has either. James says, he loves Tuesday, because it's always calm. John says, this Tuesday is breezy. James says, Wednesday is when it gets stirred up.


4:53 PM BBT John says, Thursday's are fun. James says, they get to play in comps. John asks if James thinks there will be a new comp this week? James asks, a new comp? John says, yeah, like a Have/HN comp. James says, he hopes not, because then someone that volunteered this week could be a HN again next week. They discuss how it could be built into the HOH comp. John talks about not getting enough vitamins. James asks why they are so sleepy all the time? John says, they could be low on iron. They talk about what food they should be eating.


4:55 PM BBT James says, HG's eat the broccoli really quick with the hummage dip. John says, humus? James says, yes. John says, he wants to eat some broccoli when they have it. James says, he's going to grab the broccoli one time when they get it so he can make broccoli with cheese. James says, he can cook some things, but not a lot. He asks John if he's a good cook? John says, no, he usually just puts things on the stove to get them hot so he doesn't get sick.


4:57 PM BBT John says, he'll cook chicken until it turns colors, or cook pasta & just add sauce. He says, it's not a hobby, he has to do it. He says, he'd rather be playing the guitar. The camera view goes to the couch area. Vanessa tells Julia that there is a 3 person group that wants to leave Shelli in there, so she'll go on the block. Julia asks how they found that out? Vanessa says, probably from Becky.


4:59 PM BBT Vanessa tells Julia that the girls were the last 3 to be pulled in to the 8 person alliance. Vanessa says, the only way she may stay is if she can get a Gremlin to change their vote. Vanessa says, so basically when hell freezes over. Julia asks about Steve? Vanessa says, if he's not going to vote with them, he doesn't have loyalty towards them. Liz & Austin come to the BY. Julia asks if the three of them have an alliance now? Vanessa says, obviously. She says, so it's going to be 3 and 3 instead of 5 and 2. Vanessa says, no one will listen to her, so it's stupid.


5:01 PM BBT Julia asks her if she has a plan? Vanessa says, she did, but it involves Steve. Julia says, so Steve wants to keep her so he doesn't go on the block. So, it's for his personal game, she understands that. Vanessa tells Julia, the three of them should tell Steve they will be pissed if he votes that way, & maybe he will change it. They both say they've chewed their nails off. We can hear static in the microphone again on the feeds. Vanessa tries to hula hoop. Julia says, she's going to lay in the sun.

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5:03 PM BBT Julia says, it is hot outside, while she lays on the round lounger in the BY. James says, he's going to get a shower & lay down, he's exceeded his staying up time. James asks Vanessa how she's doing? Vanessa says, she's not the best, but o.k. She says, she wants to talk to him about the way he's voting. James looks around & says, he wants to know how she is with Shelli. Vanessa says, she wants to give him some points of why he should keep her if he's interested in hearing them. James says, he would love to talk to her to see where everything is at. Vanessa says, she does have quite a bit to tell him, & she thinks she has enough to tell him about why it would be better to keep her there. She says, it would take about 10 whole minutes to tell him.


5:07 PM BBT James tells Vanessa he hasn't really decided which way he's voting. He says, he's been pretty much getting f***ed this whole game, sideways. Vanessa laughs, & says they all signed up to get f***ed sideways. Becky goes by the couch area & tells Vanessa she's glad she came out for pictures & now. Becky sits down. James says, he wants to take a nap, but needs to get a shower first. Vanessa says, the dentist chairs are probably nasty & haven't gotten cleaned. Vanessa says, they probably don't clean the blankets on airplanes either, they may just fold them back up.


5:09 PM BBT Becky says, she was so tired, so she took a nap. James says, Meg & Jackie are napping now. He says, John wants to take a nap. James says, he would love to take a hot shower. Vanessa says, what about the hot tub? Becky says, the key is to soak in the hot tub & then sprint to the shower so your bones are warmed up. Becky says, hold for plane, as an airplane flies over. James kicks a piece of wood, & he says, it's a good piece of beach wood. Vanessa asks where the lighter is so she can smoke the 4 cigarettes that Jason gave her. Becky says, she can request it.


5:12 PM BBT Vanessa goes inside. James sits down & tells Becky she came out just in time. He says, he didn't want to talk much. Becky says, she's not bully anyone, she's making a game move. Becky says, Vanessa told her a lie in the room & she told her a lie in the room. Becky asks what she was saying about stabbing her back ways & side ways. James says, at the tail end she said the game was rough, you will get stabbed back ways & sideways. James says, he wants her to come out & not be like Audrey was in the HNR for the rest of the time she's there.


5:14 PM BBT Becky says, it's a hard place to be in no matter what. She says, you feel different no matter what. James says, look at Julia. Becky says, she's cute, & her outfit looks good. James says, he wants to take a shower so bad, but he doesn't want to. He says, he's had the same outfit on for 2 days now. Becky asks Shelli if she's doing some laundry? Shelli says, yes, last day to do it. Shelli says, her nails keep breaking to the quick, & they hurt so bad. Becky asks if it's from the hot tub? Becky says, she had to quit doing the dishes for everyone because hers where getting so bad.


5:16 PM BBT Becky tells Shelli to put on clear nail polish for a while. Shelli says, it hurts & goes inside. James goes by the weight bench. Becky asks him if he's going to work out? James says, yes. Becky says, she wants to when the sun goes down. James burps & doesn't excuse himself. Becky gets told to please exchange her microphone with one in the SR. Becky says, yeah, she's had a spare one for 3 days. James says, she must have really messed hers up. James says hi to Julia. Julia says, he scared her. Julia says, she wants the sun back & she sits up. Shelli joins her on the round lounger.


5:19 PM BBT Liz is trying to use the hula hoop in the BY. She is running around with it skipping with it on her foot. Julia tells Shelli she smells good. Shelli says, she got a shower. Julia asks if Clay really said something? Shelli says, Julia, please, Clay heard something, & he would never make up something for his game, she's not even going to go there. Shelli says, it's so stupid. Julia says, the whole Johnny Mac thing to, she was wondering what was going on. Julia says, it's going to get aired. Shelli says, she wants to see it.


5:21 PM BBT Julia asks Shelli if Clay had a temper? Shelli says, she doesn't know because she didn't see it, she was in the HNR. Shelli says, she couldn't stop things, because it's not her business. Julia says, it was good she waited in the room & let it die down a little bit. She says, a girl can possibly get hit for getting in the middle of it. Shelli says, she wants to see it, but she doesn't think Clay would get in his face. Shelli says, for James to ask if he was going to hit him, Clay must have gotten really mad. Steve gets called to the DR.


5:23 PM BBT Shelli says, Vanessa just should have kept her mouth shut. shelli asks if there's anything going on that she should know about, because people don't tell her anything. Julia says, they were pulled upstairs, & Becky told them that Vanessa had made deals with other people. Liz joins them on the round lounger. Julia says, she was shocked about that, & she didn't question Vanessa about it. Julia says, Vanessa told her that Steve isn't voting the way Vanessa wants him to. Julia says, Vanessa is depressed because she has not chance. Liz says, she wonders why Steve said that.


5:26 PM BBT Julia tells Liz how she was telling Shelli has Vanessa has been making the deals with others in the house & playing all sides. Julia says, she didn't have any idea that she had deals with other people than them, Shelli & Clay. Liz says, she got caught, just like Audrey. She says, you can't be everyone friend or ally, unless you're Derek. Liz says, she thinks she's dead in the water. Liz says, her attitude shows it.


5:27 PM BBT Julia says, she hasn't been in their position, so she doesn't know how it would feel, but it can't be good. She says, it may feel that everyone is abandoning them. Shelli says, it does, but last week she at least had Clay to help with that. Becky comes out with her veggies & asks if they want any. Becky starts eating them & chomping them while talking with food in her mouth. Shelli tells them that the skin on the carrots are good for you. Shelli says, they are waiting for Becky to get called to the DR to get In & Out burger.


5:30 PM BBT Shelli says, it's not fair if they don't do it tonight, & they wait until tomorrow. Julia says, it's not fair to these HN's because they got 2 meals as HN's. She says, a lot of them played to get it. They talk about the headlines they heard. Shelli wants to know what happened with Gwen Stefani & her husband. They talk about the name Penelope. Becky says, a neighbor of hers had a bunny with that name. Shelli says, she likes the named North. Julia wonders if the gender of Kim's next baby is out. Shelli says, it has to be a boy because everything works that way for her. Shelli says, they have to name it Easton. Becky leaves & Liz is now chomping on the vegetables.


5:33 PM BBT Julia says, she can't believe that they are running out of humus. Becky comes out & says, for the first time in BB17 history, they are out of humus. They are all complaining about running out of eggs & bananas. Liz goes inside to see if there is anymore humus around anywhere. Shelli says, dipping a carrot in peanut butter is good. Julia says, Clay did that. Shelli says, she showed him that.


5:35 PM BBT Julia tells Becky that her eye looks better. Becky says, she took a shower, took her make-up off, & put the Clear Eyes in it. Becky says, she went to the SR to get her new batteries she forgot her microphone, so she had to go back upstairs to get the microphone. Julia asks Becky how she learned to cut her t-shirts. She says she learned when she was younger she learned it at soccer tournaments, because the shirts were soo big.


5:39 PM BBT Julia & Shelli tell Becky they had pillow talk with Steve. Becky says, Steve has been so sweet lately. Becky says, she likes hearing the stories that Steve has to tell. She says, they can really get to talk now, & it's real not. Julia says, he's really easy to talk to for sure. Becky says, you can understand his Steveism's more now. She says, she looks at him different now, than when she first came in the house. Becky says, she talked to him for 2 hours the other day. Shelli says, he's a precious boy.


5:41 PM BBT Julia tells Becky that she would go listen to her music, but she already listened to the album a couple times through. They talk about concerts. On the hammock, Austin tells James there will be plenty of plays made definitely. James says, for sure. James says, there are plenty of chicks on the round lounger. Austin says, there are plenty of chicks in the house. James says, he wants to see some of them in the jury. Austin says, they should have had a plan to get rid of all the hunks in the house, so they can have showmances by default of getting the good looking guys out of the house, & they are stuck with them.


5:45 PM BBT Austin says, if the guys are gone that they would get under the sheets with they have no choice but to go with them, & then they will get some action. James says, a little. James goes to lift weights. Austin goes to eat some almonds before he works out his back.


5:47 PM BBT James goes in the WA & asks Steve, what's up man? Steve is washing his mouth out. James tells him he hopes it helps. Steve says, he does also. James goes in the WC & Steve walks out, after putting something under the left side of the sink. James rinses his hands off in the sink without soap, & wipes them on a towel that's on the couch.


5:48 PM BBT James goes to the HNR & says, "What's up sleepy heads?" He turns the lights off & back on. James whispers to Meg that Vanessa told him she wants to talk to him for about 10 minutes. He tells Meg that he talked to Austin & told him that Vanessa wants to feel him out. James says, Austin wants to hear Vanessa out before he makes his vote on anyone, because they are both his friends. James is using dental floss. Jackie asks how Shelli is his friend, when he was going to vote her out? Jackie says, it should be easy.


5:50 PM BBT James tells Meg & Jackie all the girls outside on the round lounger. He says, if Shelli stays, they are f***ed. He says, you might say they have an alliance. James says, he can use the fact that Becky has already won $10,000 & he gave up $5,000. James says, he wants to see what kind of deals she wants to make. Meg tells him to not make any deals. James says, he thinks Vanessa wants to talk to him because she feels he can be easily manipulated. Meg tells him to talk to her & go back & tell them like a good little boy. James jokingly says, what is he a puppet?


5:53 PM BBT Meg says, they aren't getting food tonight, it's over. Jackie says, no it's done, it's not fair. James leaves the HNR. James goes to the WC & looks in the mirror by the WC. Vanessa is putting on make-up. She says, she feels like an old person. She says, vanity, who cares? She says, after all that's happened on camera you just have to put your hands up & go, weeeee. James says, yeah.


5:55 PM BBT Vanessa asks James if she wants him to grab him tonight? James asks if he only wants to talk to him? Vanessa says, she wants to talk to at least him & Meg, without Jackie there. James says, he just wants all of them to hear everything because they are all going to vote the same way. Vanessa says, some things are about Becky, so Jackie won't be a fan. Vanessa says, she stuck in an unfair situation, & she wants to give him the info she has.


5:56 PM BBT Vanessa says, she wants to give James the facts of how Becky's playing the game, how she gave info to Clay & Shelli last week, & she wants to make a deal with him. She says, he knows she's good for her word. James says, Clay & Shelli just wanted to steam roll over him for some reason. He says, they could have used him for a tool, but they just wanted to get rid of him. Vanessa says, they have things in common, & it may be an emotional maturity thing. She says, she's not a liar, a rat or a phony. She says, she can't be fake, & she can't do this. She says, every move has not been fun, & she's made decisions with her back against the wall.


5:59 PM BBT Vanessa asks James if now is a good time? James says, that's fine. He says, they can go in the HRL or the CBR if she wants to. Vanessa tells James she will tell them also. They are still in the WA. Vanessa tells James that Shelli, Clay, Johnny Mac, Steve, Austin, & Liz all wanted James out. Vanessa says, she wanted to make sure Becky was on board with it. She says, Shelli & Clay pulled Becky into the HOHR with her. She says, Becky said she had waited for them to pull her in, that she feels like she's the low man on the totem poll.


6:01 PM BBT Vanessa says, she asked Becky if the 8 of them could trust each other. She says, Becky says, there are Generals in the Army, & you can't tell the Generals the same information to the regular people. Vanessa says, that may be how she came up with the name the Generals later on. James says, he remembers her saying something about Generals early on. He says, it was dumb & he knew that name came up before. Vanessa says, they didn't accept, & they weren't at the point to do that. She says, they agreed to work together.


6:03 PM BBT Vanessa says, Becky went up to the HOHR the next night. She says, she told them she was switching from night crew to day crew. She says, she started sleeping in a different pattern & she went to the CBR from the OBR. Vanessa says, one of her strategies for James is because he's a sexist, she dresses up all sexy, bakes & acts the dumb part for him. She says, Becky told Vanessa she didn't want to make deals, & Vanessa asked what Becky's target was, & she said James for that week. She says, then James wins HOH, & Becky was panicked.


6:06 PM BBT Vanessa says, Becky had a dream that she was trapped & had 24 hours to get out of it. Vanessa says, she told Becky that's because James was HOH & she only had 24 hours to turn things around. Vanessa says, she was acting like she was loyal to Vanessa, Shelli & Clay. She says, Becky was acting like a rat telling them everything, & she shouldn't get to play on both sides, that's not fair. Vanessa says, she doesn't get to play on both sides. James uses mouthwash.


6:08 PM BBT Liz walks through the WA. James asks Vanessa if she can get Austin & the twins to vote for her that will be the key. He says, they can finish up later. He says, he can get Meg & Jackie to vote that way also. Vanessa says, she does want to finish talking to him when Liz comes back in the WA. Liz grabs her lotion & puts it in the shower with almost her whole bottom exposed in her bikini.


6:10 PM BBT In the HNR, Meg tells Jackie that the numbers are 3 and 3 right now, & they have Steve in their back pocket. Jackie says, once they get rid of Shelli, Johnny Mac will be stuck with them. Jackie says, Shelli has to go, she feels it. Meg says, people are stepping around things because they want to get Shelli out. Jackie says, then why are they stepping around it, that's so weird. Meg says, James makes a good point about the $10,000 to. Meg says, James gave that $5,000 to Becky. Jackie says, if someone wins $10,000 in this game you're gone the next week.


6:12 PM BBT Meg says, Becky has no blood on her hands right now except Vanessa. Meg's stomach growls. Jackie says, whatever Vanessa is going to say is going to be good. Meg says, James needs them in a weird way because Vanessa knows how his brain works. Jackie says, James will come tell them & they will translate it. Jackie says, Vanessa knows damn well not to go to her.


6:15 PM BBT Meg says, Vanessa knows she already screwed Jackie over. Jackie says, not just once either, a bunch of times. Jackie says, she wants to personally take her out. Meg says, she might be able to. Meg's stomach has growled a couple more times. Becky goes in the HNR. She tells them that she saw James by the couches with Vanessa. She tells them how Vanessa talked about being back stabbed in your back & side.


6:16 PM BBT Becky says, she tried to be nice & comforting to Vanessa. Meg says, she can see James being awkward. Becky says, she's not intimidated. She says, Vanessa was looking for a lighter for her 4 cigarettes. Becky says, yeah, for the Veto you traded, but she says, she didn't say that.


6:18 PM BBT Becky tells them the rest of it. Meg says, it's all going to start. Jackie says, tomorrow. Becky says, she can't say anything bad about her. Jackie says, she can't say anything to her about Becky. Becky says, it has to be about Shelli. Jackie says, she doesn't have time for her bad mouthing Becky & she will tell her she won't listen to it. Becky says, they have Johnny Mac & Steve. She says, Shelli is hanging out more with the twins, which is good for this week.


6:20 PM BBT Becky says, Vanessa is the link to everything. Becky says, they were getting bullied, & she was trying to fire Steve up so he felt that way. Meg says, that's good, he's smart & that's definitely not good. Jackie says, she wants them both out, & if they can do that it will be good. Becky says, no matter what deal goes down, she says, Austin & the twins will go after them. She says, you can't trust any deal that they make with them. She says, she thought Vanessa was a single, & they are a group, so they are going to go right after them.


6:22 PM BBT Becky says, she can see Shelli & Austwins going on the block, but not Steve again. Becky says, if they use people on the block that are pawns, they shouldn't use Steve, because he's been really close with them. Meg says, Steve & Johnny Mac are working really close with Shelli. Jackie says, they need Shelli out. Becky says, she knows, potentially. Becky says, Austin or the twins need to go on the block for double eviction. She says, if Shelli goes up with one of the twins they will vote out Shelli.


6:24 PM BBT Becky says, put the twins up for whoever wins the double eviction HOH, & then Shelli will be backdoored & go out. Meg says, she doesn't see Becky being targeted at all by them. Becky says, she does because she's taking Vanessa out. Becky says, she can't read Austin that well. Meg says, she doesn't see that Austin will target Becky. James in the BY lifting weights.


6:25 PM BBT Becky puts on the kitty hat, & says, it looks better on James. Becky thinks the food may still come. Becky says, there are still chicken nuggets left. Meg says, she wants a turkey sandwich & soda. Becky says, they requested the food twice today. Jackie says, last week, the HN's got 2 dinners & they haven't gotten any, that's not fair. Jackie says, she needs to do laundry, so she needs to see if it's open. Becky says, Shelli put hers in a while ago, that's the laundry update in the house.


6:27 PM BBT Meg says, she thought she was going to be able to sleep a little longer today. In the BY, Vanessa talks to James & Austin. She tells them about Becky saying James was her target. Vanessa is all fired up. She says, if Becky would have won that HOH things would have been differently. She says, then James wins the HOH, & Becky was the rat going back & forth telling Shelli & Clay everything that was going on last week. She says, that's the biggest rat behavior. She says, then this week she's working with them again. Vanessa says, she would keep him safe, & her target is Becky, not him. Vanessa says, she was going to go after Jackie also.


6:30 PM BBT Austin says, Shelli betrayed him. Vanessa says, she's never broken her word in this game, & she told one lie in the game to Becky. She says, she lied about Becky not knowing about Jason. Austin says, Becky doesn't seem to have thought this one through very well. James says, no. We see FOTH.

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6:38PM BBT: Vanessa is talking to Austin and James in the backyard, She is talking about what she said to Becky. "My fears were well founded." Vanessa is saying that Becky got mad at her for Vanessa giving Becky her word. Saying that she wasn't going to put up Shelli because Shelli is her friend. and then Becky flipped on them.

Vanessa says that Becky is coasting through the game. James is saying that he is solid, they need six votes.

Austin tells Vanessa to tell the twins what she just told them and she will have their votes. Vanessa walks over to talk to the girls.

6:40PM BBT: Vanessa is now talking to the twins telling them what she just told Austin and James about her talk with Steve, and how Steve told her that he couldn't give her his word.

Vanessa is saying that Steve told her that Shelli, Johnny, and Steve are working together. Now she is onto Becky and how she is playing all sides. She is now rehashing the whole Becky thing.

6:45PM BBT: Becky is in the Have-Not room with Meg, and Jackie they are talking about the first time they met, Becky says there is a purple room curse. Becky says she just needs to get through Thursday and she will be fine.

Vanessa is still rehashing things with the twins, James is in the kitchen with Jackie and he tells her we can't trust Steve. Shelli walks out into the backyard and over by the hot-tub to join the twins talking to Vanessa. James now walks outside. They Have-Nots are expecting a dinner sometime tonight. Becky says the mad hatter has taken over the house.

6:53PM BBT: Steve is over by the hot-tub with the girls they are playing catch with an orange. James is getting water in the kitchen with Jackie and Johnny.

7:00PM BBT: Austin, Jackie, and James are all in the kitchen Meg and Becky walks in they think they are not getting the dinner, so time for slop burgers. Meg and James are in the storage room Jackie walks in. James is acting like he is getting buns real quick. They walk into the kitchen now.

They give up on their dinner so they are going to make in and out slop burgers. Austin and Steve walk into the kitchen.

7:05PM BBT: James, Meg and Jackie are in the Have-Not room. James is telling them what all Vanessa told him and Austin out in the backyard.

James is telling them that Austin agrees with what all Vanessa said. Now he is talking about what Vanessa sayed about Steve said about Steve, Shelli, and Johnny working together. They are the middle group. "The floaters come together at the end and pick us all apart."

Austin wants to talk to them and see if they can all come together and form a group. Meg is talking about getting Shelli out this week "it will be perfect. Because Becky will keep Shelli and get her to do her dirty work and take us out."

7:15PM BBT: Meg is saying that Becky told her that they will come after James now. Austin comes in now.

James asks if Becky said that she would try to take him out during a double eviction. NO Austin says if Becky and Vanessa are fighting it out then they are safe.

Meg. what if Vanessa comes after one of them . Both Austin and James say No she put her hand on the Bible and said she wouldn't come after them.

7:31PM BBT: James, Meg, Jackie and Austin are now talking about how Becky tried to make a new alliance called "The gentrals" and how she has won 10k. they are trying to figure out what side she is on. Now Shelli is by the hot-tub, and the twins they are just talking.

Austin says it's double eviction this week if Vanessa, wins HoH who is she putting up, Becky. If we don't get Shelli out this week we won't get another chance too. she thinks she is safe this week. We won't get her back on the block again. "Brass Tacks" They are saying that over and over again.

7:31PM BBT: Meg says if Steve or Johnny wins HoH they will do whatever Shelli wants them to do. For sure. James is saying "lets just keep each other safe."

Jackie says "they are trying to pick us apart, and that scares the **** out of me."

Vanessa and Liz are in the kitchen Liz say she is just going to cook her way to the end.

7:35PM BBT: Vanessa says it's nothing personal it's a game move, I have to right to fight for my right to be here.

In the Have-Not room they are just going over how important it is to get Shelli out over Vanessa this week.

Liz is talking about the competitions that she and Julia have played in and how she sucked in them. "These games are no joke" She says.

7:40PM BBT: the have not group is talking about when would be a good time to talk to Becky. Late Thursday before the show. Now talking about if Vanessa wins she will take out Becky. But she has won 10K. "Brass Tacks"

Liz wants to make potato stew. Austin says Vanessa is so big on this you gave me your word thing. Jackie says she is the one person she will not carry on a relationship with after the show. Meg says no one wants her(Vanessa) in the house.

Steve is now in the kitchen. Austin comes in and talks about "Brass Tacks everywhere in the BB house."

7:45PM BBT: Liz tells Austin "there is no sexing, in here." Jackie is talking about how Vanessa had a talk with the twins and Shelli comes over. James is talking about how they took out Jeff, and Jason. Now talking about what deal they need to make with Vanessa.

Jackie says "we keep her in the game and she doesn't put us up that's it."

Julia comes into the kitchen where Liz is cooking. In the Have-Not room they are just rehashing their plan. Becky is now in the kitchen Liz is making potatoes. Austin says no more workouts for today. Liz "its potato time"

7:50PM BBT: Austin is in the shower, Vanessa and Julia are in there too. Vanessa asked if she should talk to her(Becky) IDK Julia wants to take a shower after Austin. Vanessa is now in the comet room. And talk continues in the Have-Not room about getting Shelli out this week.

7:55PM BBT: Vanessa is now reading the Bible,

In the Have-Not room, they are talking about the Shelli, Clay relationship, and how Shelli wants to just control Clay. James is now going to take a shower. He hasn't taken one in a day and a half now. Julia is now in the comet room with Vanessa.

They are now talking about Steve and Johnny. And they are working to keep Shelli in the game.

Vanessa is now talking about when Steve lied to her. When she asked him if she was in danger of going up and he said No.

8:00PM BBT: Vanessa is saying that she has always protected Steve. And he has sold her out. She is now talking about the three person alliance with Steve, Johnny, and Shelli "that's gold to me."

They are talking about who will go up next.

Austin comes in now. Austin is saying that James told him that he does even want to hear it any more he's done. Austin is saying that this is the dumbest move ever, she has just sealed her fate. The three groups are now freaking out. Vanessa is now just rehashing things.

8:05PM BBT: Austin is telling Vanessa that she is fine with them, Vanessa is now telling them how Steve F'd up. And how he is now freaking out. Austin is saying that they are all going to be safe unless Johnny, or Steve wins it. Austin the turn around is just crazy, but we knew it was coming and how James doesn't like. Austin is saying that Becky has throw everyone under the bus, she blew it. And she didn't have to. They are now talking about how Becky has total F-up. Vanessa says that if she would have been nice to her, she would have been nice back, but now she doesn't even talk to her, She is two faced, no make that three faced, Austin "yeah Brass Tacks" And walks out. Vanessa says she is just way too emotional right now.

8:10PM BBT: Shelli is now talking to Steve, who is asking her if she was upset with him. No No, Shelli is telling him that she wants to play this game with him, he is good at the game. she enjoys playing the game with him, telling him that he is very good in the game. She is telling him that people are now telling her things about Vanessa. She is asking him for his vote, Steve is saying that people are pressering him now. Shelli is saying if it's the twins or Austin. Steve both, but the question on my mine is do you have the votes. Shelli says she hasn't talking to them they are keeping their distance from me.

8:15PM BBT: Shelli is asking Steve, why he is so scared of Austin. He is so wishywashy. Steve says he needs her here. Shelli says Austin and the twins are just numbers. They are just going over how it would go if she was gone, telling him they would pull him in for just information and a vote. Shelli says that Becky was saying nice things about Steve to her.

Becky is on the hammock with Johnny talking now. She is saying you can talk this game in circles, she feels good about going into double eviction, I just want her out. I just hope she does lie to the jury. we have sixteen more evictions until final two. so after this thursday we are half way through evictions.

8:20PM BBT: Becky and Johnny are talking about camping in Colorado. And how cold it is up there. Johnny asked her if she has ever been attacked by a bear. Only once. Shelli is still talking to Steve, they are talking about giving your word in the game. Shelli is talking about how people like Vanessa just seem to skate on by.

you know this.

8:25PM BBT: James, Meg, and Jackie are sitting over by the hot-tub now putting their feet in the tub, They are just chatting. And Shelli are Steve continue to talk in the purple room. About the votes, and what will happen if Shelli leaves and so on.

8:31PM BBT: The hot-tub group is just rehashing who will put them up, who do they put up this week when they win Johnny's name keeps coming up. Shelli and Steve are talking about "The Loaners." That's what they are called now. Shelli is telling him to just get them numbers.

8:40PM BBT: James is saying that they should go by and tell Shelli you can talk to Steve all you want to he can't do anything for you. You picked the wrong team again Jackie walks into house. Austin walks over and says that they are now freaking out.

The twins are now talking in the CBL. Julia is telling Liz what Shelli said to her in the ocean bedroom with Steve. They say Shelli is gone. Liz walks out to check on her food. Vanessa now comes in to talk to Julia. Who tells Vanessa that they are voting Shelli out.

8:45PM BBT: Shelli and Steve continue to talk, Shelli gives Steve a hug, James caught himself a bug.

The talk with Shelli and Steve has ended. James, is teasing Meg with the bug. who falls into the hot-tub. The twins are in the kitchen. With Austin. Talk in the backyard now turns to bugs.

8:50PM BBT: Steve is now in the backyard, so is Becky James is still teasing Meg with the bug.

Johnny is in the kitchen. They want James to take the bug away from them so it won't get stepped on.

Vanessa is in the kitchen with Liz who says dinner is almost ready. Oh they got wine. They got one bottle of wine. And some beer.

8:55PM BBT: They got four beers and only one bottle of wine, Vanessa is having some wine, They are all just milling around the kitchen drinking beer and wine and talking, Becky is having a beer. Some are eating the food Liz has cooked, Well all but the Have-Nots. Steve and Johnny are now in the backyard talking about everything that has been told to them so far.

9:00PM BBT: it's dinner time, everyone is eating at the table, Johnny is still talking to Steve in the backyard. Steve says they have to break up the eight person group. Johnny goes in to eat, He said he's not drinking he won't get anything off of one beer, and it's not the kind of beer he likes to drink.

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9:02 PM BBT Everyone raving about dinner and complimenting the chef.  Liz tells Austin that he can’t take credit because he didn’t help her.  He says he opened the oven once or twice and they all laugh.  Vanessa offers to make a special dessert. Chocolate Peanut Butter Oatmeal Surprise.


9:09 PM BBT Steve is laying on the hammock in the BY.  He’s asking John if people are talking about Steve.  John tells him they are wondering why Steve isn’t in there eating with them.  John asks if Steve is good; it’s a lot to think about.  Steve tells John that he is under a lot of pressure from a lot of people.  John asks if Austin and the twins are going to try to save Vanessa and Steve tells him that he thinks they know they can’t.  Steve thinks his vote doesn’t matter and John agrees because John is going to vote one way and Becky is the tie-breaker.  Steve tells John that he needs to keep Shelli, but he doesn’t want to be the guy that breaks his promises.


9:18 PM BBT James is reclining in his dentist chair in the HNR while Jackie looks for a sweater.  James wants to know whether Becky was forced into the alliance.  Jackie says that it seems like she was forced and she recounts what she remembers of what happened.  Jackie says that she left Jackie out once she agreed to the alliance of 8.  They wonder why Becky wants to keep Shelli [maybe she wants to take Vanessa’s place in the house].  Jackie tells James that Becky didn’t realize how close Vanessa was with the twins.  Jackie complains that Becky is always all over the place. 


9:25 PM BBT Jackie tells James that Steve is freaking out, and she says she can’t stand it when Steve gets like that.  Jackie and James leave the HNR.  They see Meg and Vanessa in the KT.  Vanessa says that she isn’t much for cooking so the least she can do is to do the dishes.  Austin, Liz, John, Becky, Shelli and Julia are gathered around the HT soaking their feet.

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9:35PM BBT Austin and Liz curl up on the hammock. Austin telling Liz that he and James had a talk. James gave his reasons for keeping Vanessa. Austin says that he is the only person who has not been on the block.


9:37PM BBT Becky accidently drops her mic in the HT. Liz screams "man down" "man down"


9:41PM BBT Becky and Shelli in the KT. Becky whispering to Shelli about Vanessa and how she hopes Vanessa doesn't do anything crazy tomorrow night and just leaves.


9:47 PM BBT Meg, Austin and the twins are chatting out by the hammock. Discussing the "Generals" alliance and in general talking about who is with who. They know Becky will be pissed with them voting out Shelli.


9:57PM BBT The hammock talk continues. Austin says they are safe this week and next. They all agree that John is freaking them out.



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10:03PM BBT Vanessa and Shelli talk about is she won the money. She wants to take care of her mom and invest. She says she also wants to buy a ring for her GF. Shelli says why do you buy it. Vanessa says that she is the man. They have been together for 2 years and 3 months.


10:06PM BBT Austin and the twins talk about John being called into the DR so much. Liz says he is useless. Austin says that something is up with him and it is freaking him out.


10:12PM BBT Austin tells the twins that they are safe with everyone but he isn't sure with John. Says John is a wild card and he isn't sure what John will do.


10:14PM BBT Meg is putting on laundry. James tried to sneak a pair of underwear in the washer. Meg screams to get them out. She says he can not put his underwear in her clothes. They are all laughing.


10:17PM BBT Austin tells James and the twins that there has to be a twist with John. He says that BB is blowing up his game. Julia says that he is too sketchy. Austin says that he thinks he is Clay's brother or America's something like dentist. Like why is there a dentist chair as the HN room?

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