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Tuesday, August 11 2015 Big Brother 17 Live Feed Updates


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10:24PM BBT Austin, James and the twins continue to talk about Steve and how he is throwing comps unless he has to win. Julia keeps calling him sketchy. They talk about that Steve and John have talked to much in the game.


10:29PM BBT Liz and Shelli talking in the WA. Liz saying how weird Steve is and how he locks himself in the cabana room for hours after comps.


10:38PM BBT Vanessa talking to James, Jackie and Meg in the HT.  She says that she is loyal and her word is good but if you backstab her then the floodgates will open and she will tell everything she knows. She says that Becky gave her word and made a promise and went back on it. She says she didn't force Becky to make a promise but she chose to and she went back on it.


10:49PM BBT Vanessa goes round and round with the three of them. Telling them how things have happened. She eventually makes her way over to the hammock. Inside the house, the HG hear Steve coughing or getting sick in the WA. Becky checks on him and he is okay.


10:58PM BBT Vanessa lying in the hammock. Steve is under the hammock and goes from side to side hitting Vanessa in the backside. In the KT is food clean up.

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