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  1. 7:59 PM BBT Live feeds come back up. Raven wants to take a shower in the HOHR. Elena tells Mark she has a lot of hair & has to do a lot to it.
  2. 7:55 PM BBT Mark says, Dominique, him, Christmas & now her all have gotten hurt. Elena gives Raven her ice cream & sock & she thanks her. Elena sits by Mark on the other couch in the LR. Mark asks Ramses if he's making cookies with toppings on them? He says no. He says he really doesn't like desserts like that. He says he's more of a meats guy. Alex is walking around gathering her stuff & packing her suitcase. Kevin asks Raven if she got stitches. She tells him the story of getting 5 without numbing. She says she's surprised they didn't hear her screaming. Kevin asks if she wants to ice it? She says no. It hurt like a sonbitch. Kevin asks what she put on it? She says a dressing. She has to keep it changed out & can't get it wet for 7 days. Kevin says the doctor is making his money. Mark repeats the names of those that have gotten hurt so far & we see FOTH.
  3. 7:52 PM BBT Live feeds come back with Raven back on the couch eating her ice cream with Elena. Raven says she probably needs to keep her foot covered, but she doesn't know where her sock is. Raven puts the Swiffer pad on the bottom of the Swiffer. Josh says he about the Swiffer the whole crib down. Raven asks Elena if there's anymore of the ice cream left? She says she would like a little more. Raven tells Elena she thinks her other sock is in the KT. Elena says she see it. Mark asks Raven if she needs anything? She tells him Elena is getting her more ice cream & Matt is carrying her everywhere. Mark asks why they couldn't numb it? She tells him because of the area it was in. She says the when the first stitch went in they gave her more medicine because she was hollering soo much.
  4. 7:51 PM BBT Raven hops out of the WC to the sink to wash her hands. She says it's even the same foot as Christmas. She says she just got 5 stitches & she can't feel her foot right now. After she dries her hands, Matt carries her back to the couch in the LR. We see FOTH.
  5. 7:47 PM BBT Matt is sweeping the KT & asks Mark where the Swiffer is? Mark tells him it's in the SR. Mark is sitting at the Dining Room table eating. Elena & Josh are in the hallway. Elena tells Raven she probably should have worked out today. She tells Raven she probably will heal fast. Raven says she hopes so. We get FOTH briefly. Elena tells Raven her foot is really swollen. Raven says when she does it she does it big time. Elena tells Raven to not do things by herself. She says if she needs help to just ask. Raven asks Matt if he will carry her to the WA to use the bathroom. He comes & carries her to the WA. She tells him they did numb part of her foot but she felt everything. Matt laughs & tells Raven that between the two of them her & Christmas have 2 feet. he sits on the purple couch in the WA, while she is in the WC.
  6. 7:45 PM BBT Raven tells Elena that she has to wear a bag over her foot to shower. She says if there's a competition where she has to submerge her foot she can't compete. She tells her it couldn't be numbed because of where it was cut. She says it could have been way worse. Elena has given Raven some ice cream to eat. They are eating together while sitting on the couch. BB tells the HG's they are not allowed to talk about production. Raven says it's probably her, but she's done talking about it.
  7. 7:41 PM BBT Raven comes out of the DR. She tells the HG's they couldn't numb her foot for the stitches because of where it was cut. She is wiping her tears away while sitting on the couch. Ramses says she's shaking. Raven says it was a lot of pain & it hurt really bad. Ramses says she just got 4 stitches. Raven says she's surprised they didn't hear her screaming because it hurt really bad. Ramses says Christmas is going to come back & ask her what's wrong with her now. Raven says they asked her if she wanted to fix her make-up while she was there. She says there was no fixing it. Raven says she can't feel her foot. Ramses helps Raven to wipe her make-up off her face. She thanks him.
  8. 7:32 PM BBT Jessica tells Cody that all of her text messages are always saved to her computer through the Cloud. She says she always deletes all her messages on her phone, but they are saved. Ramses gets told to please put on his microphone. Cody says he always deletes all of his messages. He says He messages himself notes he needs to know also. he says he will keep stuff if she wants to look through his phone. Jessica tells Cody about a recipe for shredded chicken in a cream of mushroom vinegar sauce. She says it simmers all day. She says she would die for her dad to make it & it's the only recipe she hasn't tried to make yet. 7:35 PM BBT Alex has her grey face mask drying on her face. She is talking to Jason in the green bedroom. They are talking about weird words. She says they are trying to make a new word for a$$hat so it can trend on Twitter. Ramses goes in the room with them. Jason says the Urban Dictionary says a Whistle Nut is a totally incompetent person. Alex & Ramses get up & walk out of the green bedroom briefly. They move their suitcases. Alex runs out of the bedroom really fast. Jason tells Ramses he's trying to figure out what people are thinking. Alex says she needs to ask for her glasses back. BB tells Alex to "stop that," twice. She is trying to get in the DR to get her glasses. She tells them to call her next. She goes back to the green bedroom & wants to think of a new name still.
  9. 7:26 PM BBT Cody & Jessica kiss a little bit. Jessica tells him if he ends up at the same hotel as last time to get the large chicken pot pie. She says she doubts he will though. Cody says people always ask him about him riding a motorcycle. He says he's not giving it up just because someone died riding one. He says that doesn't make sense. He says how dangerous it can be because you don't have control over what someone else does. Jessica asks him how old his nephew Dillan is? Cody says 1. Jessica says he doesn't know who he's named after. Cody says no. He says it was an honor to have him named Dillan. 7:30 PM BBT Cody says he's the oldest of 4. Jessica says she the baby, but the more mature one. She says her brother has always been caudled & always will be. She says her mom had a miscarriage in between them. Cody asks Jessica how many kids they will have? She says enough for a football team. Cody says, yeah. She says as much as they can afford. Cody says they were always broke with 4. Jessica says she always went to McDonalds. Cody says he was given pork chops & was told it was steak when he was little.
  10. 7:22 PM BBT Alex tells Jason she is going to be 29. Jason says, 29? Alex tells him he already knows this. Back in the HNBR, Cody has his left hand up the right side of Jessica's frog suit, while he's talking about killing on the battlefield. Jessica tells him they are so weird. She says she killed someone once. Cody asks how? She says she is kidding & could definitely not handle war. She says she's cold now & can't be happy. She takes part of her suit off to put on a hoodie. Jessica asks Cody if he can believe she's never flashed anyone in her life? He says he will believe her & it makes him extremely happy more than she knows. He says he's seen her boob pop out a few times. She says she's doing her best to manage.
  11. 7:19 PM BBT Live feeds come back with Jason telling Kevin what to say tomorrow in the DR during evictions. BB tells Jason to "Stop that." Alex is putting stuff on her face. Kevin asks Alex what's on her face? She says it's a face mask. She tells them she doesn't know what it does, but it said good things about it on Amazon. Kevin asks if it's the Amazon River? He asks Jason if he knows where it is? Jason doesn't know. Jason says he has on a different frog suit. He says it's shorts. Jason says it's after 8 PM BBT, so they've already aired tonight. He asks Alex what was shown on the show tonight? He asks if the Veto was on there? Alex says she thinks so, but he didn't play. Jason says he was the host.
  12. 7:14 PM BBT Cody tells Jessica that gifts from him aren't about possessions. Jessica says she thoroughly enjoys getting people things. Cody says the best Christmas gift he ever got was a 6-pack of Coors that was wrapped up for him. Jessica says she will always have a 6-pack for him then. She says she always has wine & some jack in the freezer. She says she has people over every couple months so she brings liquor home from work. She says she has a lot of liquor. Cody says beer lasts him a while because he doesn't drink a lot. Cody says he's a bit wreckless. He says, sh*ts going down & everyone is running & he will be running towards the action. Jessica tells him she loves his spirit. 7:17 PM BBT Cody says he wishes someone would have told him when he was growing up how people usually avoid the action. In the green bedroom, Jason is saying, Happy Birthday Mamanana & he keeps repeating it. We get FOTH.
  13. 7:08 PM BBT Live feeds come back with Kevin still shouting out to people. Elena goes to the HOHR to put some toilet paper in the WA there. Jessica is lying on the lily pad in the HNBR. Cody is sitting with her. Jessica talks about a friend of hers getting a bulldog & naming it Kenneth Powers. We get FOTH yet again. 7:11 PM BBT Live feeds come back with all cams on the Dining Room & KT area. Alex is talking more about her trip to Thailand. She is talking about someone dying there & we get FOTH for a few seconds. We get cams in the HNBR again. Cody says he wants to take massage classes. Dominique gets told to please put her microphone on. Jessica tells Cody it would be a good investment. She says she can't wait to get a great massage. She says she can't believe how spoiled she was until she came in the house. Cody says he believes she is. She says she spoils herself. She says no one else does it. She says she likes making her money herself. She says when she's single the money goes to eating out. She says when she's in a relationship she eats in. Cody tells her to never buy him anything. Jessica says she can't promise that. She talks to him about the 5 languages of love.
  14. 7:04 PM BBT The live feeds come back with Alex talking about the crime in South America. Matt says he would like to go places to visit. He says he drinks & doesn't do any hard drugs. Dominique is now in the HOHR. She is drinking water as she walks around. Mark is up there with her & he leaves. Kevin is in the green bedroom. He asks everyone what's up (to the cameras)? He says it's no joke in the house. He says it's Day 22 today. He shouts out to his children. 7:07 PM BBT He speaks a little French. He asks his wife, Deb, what she's doing? He sings a little bit & we get FOTH again.
  15. 6:58 PM BBT Matt says he really wants to stay with the company he works for, but he really doesn't want to do another winter in DC. He says they will probably be home by Halloween time. Alex says she works for a small company & it's good publicity for them. She says she wants to do her bikini thing & travel. She says the winter months in the US are the best time to travel. She's says it's monsoon season in Cambodia. She says her ex-boyfriend has a bomb a$$ job. She says he works for a production company. She says he bought her a ticket to Thailand to leave the day after she started her new job. She says she lied & told them she would be gone for 2 weeks & they didn't have a return ticket. She says the owners are Armenian. We see FOTH.

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