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  1. 2:35pm BBT Will is back from the DR and Johnny asks Ali to leave so that he can talk to Paras and Will. Johnny proceeds to throw his pitch about why it is better to get rid of Kaela this week. The discussion lasts for ten minutes and then Will wants to go out and have a cigarette.
  2. 1:50pm BBT Johnny and Will are in the HoH room chatting about Maddy and Paras leaning towards keeping Kaela in the house. Johnny can't believe that they would want to keep a strong duo in the house because they will have a great chance of winning the HoH. Will said that he told them he wants to keep Ali and he is tired of the back and forth on who to keep. Johnny said that Derek and Kaela will win the game one-hundred percent. Will is going to have a chat with Maddy and Paras later on because the two of them are stubborn. Johnny said that if Maddy and Paras turn on him and keep Kaela then he will put them up the next time he wins HoH. 2:19pm BBT Will is called to the DR as Paras and Ali join Johnny in the HoH room. Ali is telling the two what her gut feels about who will go up in the triple if Paras, Will or Maddy win. Paras tells Ali not to talk about her game and what she would do because she does not know. That is the same thing that Ali was just telling Kaela during the house meeting. Ali said that if she had no loyalty, she would have called out Johnny and Paras during the house meeting and if that is not enough to prove loyalty then she does not know what is.
  3. 11:00am BBT Paras and Maddy are chatting in the white bedroom trying to figure out how their vote is going to go. They are thinking about keeping Kaela so they can get Derek and Kaela on their side. Paras is concerned about how Will is going to vote and that he might be mad at them if he is blindsided by the way they vote. Maddy thinks that Will is just watching out for himself anyway and does not think he will win HoH anyway. She does not believe that Will would put them up before Olivia and Ali anyway. 11:21am BBT Will, Kaela and Derek join Maddy and Paras in the white bedroom and proceed to make their plea at why they should vote to keep Kaela this week. 11:31am BBT Johnny, Ali and Oliva join the group in the white bedroom and it turns into another house meeting with disagreements, talking over each other and yelling. Maddy suggests that since her, Paras and Will are considered a threesome, then they should probably have a chat later to decide who they want to keep. 12:15pm BBT The house meeting is over with Johnny and Kaela being the only two left in the white bedroom still talking about who said what.
  4. (The house guests will probably be sitting out in the sun most of the day. I will try and check back later to see if there has been any game talk.~sassy2565)
  5. 10:42am BBT The feeds are back and Ali is the replacement nominee. Most of the house guests are sitting out by the hot tub in the sun and then the feeds switch to the red bedroom where Oliva asks Ali how she is feeling. Ali said that she is feeling alright, but she is pissed off. She is going to win the triple and send Johnny out of the house. Oliva said that she can help and suggests that they go and lay outside for now. Ali has to eat something first.
  6. 8:15am BBT Good Morning Canada! Today is the PoV ceremony. The lights are on in the BB house but the house guests are still sleeping. After fifteen minutes, Maddy gets up to do a house wide battery change and BB announces to the other house guests that it is time to wake up because there is one hour until the PoV ceremony. 9:30am BBT All of the house guests spent the past hour getting ready for the PoV ceremony and now they are in HoH lockdown. 9:57am BBT The feeds go down, time for the PoV ceremony!
  7. 5:48pm BBT Oliva and Johnny are done talking and the feeds switch to Derek talking to the camera in the kitchen about slop, while he makes slop. The feeds switch to Ali and Johnny in the HoH room. Johnny starts out by telling Ali that he does not know what to do with the replacement and Ali asks what his gut tells him. Johnny said that if he puts up one of the three (Will, Paras or Maddy) they will vote them out. Ali said that is something that has crossed their mind, but they know what his mission is. Johnny does not want to keep Derek's supportive half in the game. They spend some time talking about the game and how much they can think, plan and go over scenarios but it all comes down to the comps.
  8. 5:15pm BBT Oliva and Johnny spend some time talking in the catacombs. They are talking over scenarios of who goes up and who goes home, and who will go up for the triple depending on who wins HoH. Johnny asks Oliva if Ali will be mad if she goes up in Derek's place and Oliva said that she will be furious. Johnny said if it was not for his revolution of the four of them playing together he would make another choice, but he is not going to keep the four of them in the house and send out a weaker player so it is either her or Ali going up. Oliva told him to do whatever he feels he needs to do she just wants to make it to the end. Johnny is going to talk to Ali and if Ali asks if he talked to Oliva he will tell her that he just went over his options with her.
  9. 4:37pm BBT Oliva and Ali are going over scenarios if they vote Kaela out and then they win HoH they would put up Derek, Will and Paras. Oliva hates to go to the end with floaters. Ali said it is either that or go to the end with beasts, there is no middle. The conversation switches to what they are going to do for dinner.
  10. 4:34pm BBT Paras tells Maddy that Derek can win Will over by telling him that he should not be associated with Johnny because Derek is staying and he will come after Will if he stays with Johnny and that Johnny can't play in the triple and he cannot protect Will but Derek can. Maddy asks Paras if they can trust Derek to pull this off and Paras says yes she thinks so if they keep his girl in the game. Maddy thinks the competitions are easier now that there are less people.
  11. 4:31pm BBT Paras and Maddy are in the white bedroom and Paras is asking Maddy who she thinks that Johnny will put up because he said before that he does not care. Maddy tells Paras not to push Johnny because he might get suspicious of that. Paras thinks that maddy should go to Johnny and tell him who to put up and say the three points 1. He said he wanted to be led. 2. He said that he does not care which one goes first. 3. The whole point of them keeping him is so that he chooses a side. They agree that game talk with Johnny is going to start soon.
  12. 4:30pm BBT the house guests spent all afternoon laying out in the sun by the hot tub.
  13. 10:28am BBT Ali and Oliva are in the red bedroom planning on keeping Kaela and not telling Johnny about it until after the PoV ceremony. They will talk to Dayla and let them know that they will save Kayla if they promise the final four with them. Oliva thinks that Johnny might be smarter than to put up a floater. Ali said if that happens and he puts one of them up, then game on and he does not get to play in the HoH next week and they will go after him so Ali thinks that Johnny is smart enough to know not to put one of them up.

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