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Saturday, July 25 2015 Big Brother 17 Live Feed Updates


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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !


If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment]around the text.


Remember your time zones. Big Brother USA Time is Pacific Coast Daylight Saving Time (See Map Here).


Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter.


To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. http://www.mortystv.com/images/bb17/bb17castquide.pdf


Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:


Activities of Daily Living = ADLs

Battle of the Block = BotB

Back Yard = BY

Bedroom = BR

Cabana Room Lounge = CRL

Comic Book/Colorful Room = CBR

Da'Vonne = da

Dining Table = DT

Have-Not Room = HNR

Head of House Room = HOHR

Kitchen = KT

Indoor Lock Down = ILD

Living Room = LR

Ocean / Grey Bedroom = OBR

Outdoor Lock Down = OLD

Storage Room = SR

Washroom Area = WA

Water Closet = WC


Please post pictures in the open thread: http://www.tvfanforums.net/index.php?/topic/100939-big-brother-17-pictures-and-screen-caps/


If you post questions or start conversations with each other here, they will be deleted.



Thank you!

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12:01 AM BBT  HG in the KT talking about how long BB will continue.  Jason tells Liz, Clay, Shelli, John, Meg and James that it will continue until Julie Chen wants to retire.  James is sitting by himself at the DT, listening.  Steve is working out on the LR floor and muttering to himself. 


12:06 AM BBT Austin comes in and sits down with James at the DT while Meg heckles James to give them a “cockadoodledoooo”  James is not doing it and Meg tells him he’s no fun.  Conversation turns to “Lambchop.”  We get FotH.


12:12 AM BBT  Lots of chatter among the HGs in the KT as they make snacks.  They are eating cookies and ice cream. The HOHR room is dark, with only Jackie sleeping in the HOHR bed.


12:19 AM BBT Jason is talking up chow mein sandwiches as they eat their ice cream and cookies.


12:22 AM BBT HGs in the KT chatting about movies and how much they cost.  Someone comments on how much ice cream Shelli has and she explains that she is more of a sweets person and not into savoury treats so much.


12:25 AM BBT In the WA, Steve is having a shower.  John is flossing while Liz brushes her teeth.   


12:27 AM BBT In the KT, Jason is talking about movies on flights.  Meg tells the group that she doesn’t usually go to the theatre because she likes to talk.  She has to be in a specific mood to go to the theatre.  Meg says she cried over “Still Alice”…she saw it on the plane ride there and she was a mess watching it.

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12:30am-1:00am BBT:John, Liz and Steve in the WA. Steve taking a shower and ask Liz which he uses first Conditioner ot Shampoo as he has neverr used Conditioner before. HG in the KT area looking at the memory wall talking about what peoples names should have been. and we get FOTH.

1:00am-2:00am BBT:Becky talking to Shelli and Clay about being mad at Austin and Liz She says after the BOTB  she was laying down and Liz and Austin came in cheering cause Liz won the BOTB. Becky says i lost it and they are cheering.Shelli assures Becky that if Caly comes off the block after the Veto then she is safe as they have the votes to keep her.

Becky, Jason, Meg and james talking about how Steve  listens in on everything and how they are getting annoyed with him. Austin Kisses Liz and she tells him I hate you and you are so annoying. She tells him that was such a sneak attack.

2:00am-3:00am BBT:Jason talking to Becky about the POV tomorrow and says if you get HG choice pick me and i will take you off the block. Steve talking to Clay and ask him what is happening? Clay tells him that he and becky both volunteered to gopm on the block cause we have a target and it is not you Steve. Steve says ok would you choose me fopr veto? Clay ask will you use the veto and steve says  i will use it if Vanessa wants it used.Shelli and clay head to bed and snuggle. Steve is talking to  the cameras and  says This game is not for me and i will not do Allstars. He then looks at the camera and tells BB he is sorry for  for talking bad about the BOTB comp today and he says I should not have done that. He then says I just want someone to hug.

3:00am-4:00am BBT: Steve continues talking to the camera and himself about events that have happened the  last 24 hours. he says ok vanessa did not want the HOh she was scared to get more blood onn her hands but Clay and becky agreed to go on the block and Vanessa was suposed to be dethroned but she wasn't  so now i need to play POV and win to take clay off and that will get me back in good with people as i think the twins are suposed to go home this week and not anyone else. But if Clay and becky are pawns this week then i am glad vanessas plan did not work. Steve then tells himself that when he talks to people there has to be at least 3 people there to talk. Shelli comes in after going to the WC and ask steve if he is ok he says he is just upset that people thinks he evesdropes and she says well when two people are talking  it does not always have to be game talk so go to bed ok .Shelli gives Steve a hug and they both head to bed.

4:00am-5:00am BBT: Bewcky gets up and  goes to the bathroom then to the KT to make her something to eat. She then heads back to bed as james comes out of the DR and gets a drink then heads to bed himself. jason then goes to the DR then comes out gets a snack and a drink then heads to bed and BB turns the lights out as all HG are sleeping.

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 9:06am BBT: All HG still sleeping in darkened rooms.

9:24am BBT: Shelli gets up and goes to the WC then washed her hands she stops and looks at the sliding glass door to the BY then heads back to bed.

9:32am BBT: We now have FOTH as this could be their wake up call.

9:45am BBT: Steve and John in the KT talking about turning lights on in the bedrooms and how they do not want to be the one to turn them on first. Vanessa is called to the DR. Steve says Uh oh.

9:50am BBT: Jason and meg in the OCR talking and getting dressed. John  and Steve in the KT  eating and repeating BB about keeping the lights on during the day.

 9:57am BBT: Liz and Austin are now up going in the WA doing ADL's . Meg is in the shower. Jason and John  and Steve in the KT talking about grandmas and going to the beach.

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10:02am BBT: Austin doing ADL's Meg finishing her shower and we get a brief FOTH then feeds come back to Jackie and Vanessa in the HOh rm as Jackie is getting her things and taking them downstairs  to the STR.

10:09am BBT: Austin in the KT making  breakfast as John, Jason and Steve are talking about the soap opera game and  how all the season of BB did that. Austin says they used to have the names on the memory wall until last year.  Steve says yeah i had a hard time remembering everyone's names cause they were  not on there. BB calls Liz to the DR.

 10:18am BBt: Jason, Shelli, Meg and Liz in the WA doing ADL's talking about music and Araianna  Grande and how they like her music. In the KT Austin is still making breakfast and John is stretching.

 10:28am BBT: Most HG still doing ADL's general talk about going to the doctor and birthdays. Austin still in the KT cooking.

10:34am BBT: Jason telling Shelli and Clay that he heard them giggle and kissing lastnight. Shelli and Clay laugh. Austin is wrapping Liz's omelette in foil since she was called to the DR.

10:40am BBt: Austin is flat ironing his hair as Shelli is doing her makeup . Vanessa in the HOh rm just walking around.

 10:43am BBT: Liz comes out of the DR so Austin gets her omelette out and takes the foil off it for her. they then sit and eat breakfast together.

 10:50am BBT: Clay is now in the KT making breakfast. Shelli and Jason in the Wa talking about cooking and shelli says she does not like cooking for others. Jason says i am the same way.

10:56am BBt: Hg are just making breakfast and doing ADL's with just general talk going on.

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11:05AM BBT In the WA Liz and John talking about John's roommate in college who didn't shower, he just sprayed cologne on himself.


11:17AM BBT In the WA James and Austin talk about police following hem and how it bugs them when they are not doing anything.


#BB17 11:23AM BBT We have Jeff's reels. It's time to pick for the POV.



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12:02PM BBT In the WA Shelli asks Austin about the kiss he shared with Liz. He says that she pulled away but she liked it. Says they have to go under the covers next time.


12:07PM BBT Vanessa and Jackie talking about Liz. Vanessa feels that she needs to tell Liz now about the plan. Jackie says she isn't sure why they have to tell her now.


12:12PM BBT Vanessa feels if she doesn't speak to Liz before the POV then she will upset both Liz and Julia. Jackie trying to talk her off of the ledge. Jackie suggests they talk to Shelli.


12:17PM BBT Becky in HOH. She is worried that no one is playing for her. Shelli is playing for Clay. They tell her John is playing for Becky. Vanessa says that she doesn't want to win the POV that she prefers the others to win. She is already taking a bath in blood and can't take it.


12:17PM BBT Liz and Austin in the SR. Austin says he wanted to be picked for POV. Liz says it isn't fair how many times John gets picked. Austin says Clay is in trouble. Liz asks if she uses it on Clay. Austin says absolutely. He wonders if they are masterminding something.


12:22PM BBT Vanessa asking about talking to Liz before comp. Shelli is saying no to wait. Shelli tells Jackie, Becky and Vanessa that Liz's connection is very strong to Austin. Shelli feels they shouldn't tell her.

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12:54PM BBT Feeds are back. They got HN food. Vanessa has to name 3 HN. They get slopcorn. Popcorn mixed with slop. She chooses Shelli and Clay and Steve volunteers.


12:57PM BBT The HN gets bags of popcorn. It is not mixed with slop already.

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1:00pm BBT: In the have not rm James, Clay and Shelly are making their beds. Clay lays down. Shelli says this is going to be an experience but does not mean it will be a good one. James says i found the best way is to sleep which ever way you can get.

1:02pm BBT: Vanessa, meg and Jason in HOH rm talking about yesterday and what went on and Vanessa says i really do not remember much about yesterday. Vanessa says  pissing Austin off this early is scary and i did not want to have to do it and get blood on my hands. Shelli knocks at the door and  the conversation stops. Vanessa says i thought it was Steve coming in and they laugh.

 1:06pm BBT: Austin and Liz in the STR talking about what to make for dinner tonight. They grab steak and mushrooms then leave the STR. In the  HNBR Clay and James are talking about being a have not and being on the block and how it sucks. Then they say there could be a have not pass in the veto comp today and clay says yeah if there is one that would be great. 

1:08pm BBT: In the HOh rm Meg, Jason, Shelli, Becky, Jackie and Vanessa are talking about the twins coming in the house together and how  Julia will be on board with getting Austin out but Liz might not be.In the KT Austin and Clay are walking around  looking at the have not food. Steve, John and Liz are making something to eat.

1:13pm BBT: john is eating a bowl of Popcorn that the have nots got for the week. Steve has now gotten himself a bag of  sea salt popcorn. 

 1:20pm BBT: john and Clay in the CBR. John eating popcorn as Clay flosses his teeth waiting for the POV to start. In the HOh rm Jason talking about  taking a shirt  when you get called so you will not have a white shirt on. Jason then says he thinks the POV comp will be the one pushing the ball from ramp to ramp. Shelli says oh no.

 1:25pm BBT: Austin and clay in the comic BR talking about the twins coming in the house playing together and how they just have one more week before Jury starts. Austin says that they want to break up what Audrey told  them about the six sense alliance so we have to stop them cause next week when Julia comes in then it will be even.

 1:30pm BBT: Clay says maybe there is a chance that John will use the POV on Becky and Austin says yeah he could but we will figure it out. Austin says maybe i am being extra cautious but this is the last week till they are in and we go to jury.

 1:35pm BBT: Clay and Steve in the HNBR talking about comps they have played in. John gets called to the DR and Steve says he has played in every comp since is was always on the block. Clay leaves the room  and Steve lays there. In the HOH br Vanessa says she thinks the Veto comp will be like popping balloons sine the have nots got popcorn.

1:40pm BBt: In the HOh Rm with Jason,Jackie,Shelli, Becky,Meg, Liz and Vanessa they are talking about music and what the comp might be. Steve is also there. In the LVR Austin is working out as clay is walking around the house.

1:43pm BBT: After a short FOTH we come back to Austin and Clay putting their shirts on and Becky in the KT .

 1:46pm BBT: Most HG upstairs yelling at Clay walking in the house as they watch him on Netflix and Clay ask Becky what is going on up there and Becky says i have no idea i was just up there and nothing was going on and now there is massive cheering.

 1:50pm BBT: Becky and John talking in the CBR about who will use the Veto  on her and she says Liz, Shelli, Vanessa and Clay will all take clay off and it is frustrating.

1:55pm BBT: We now have Jeff's Reels as they could be doing the POV Comp. now.

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4:25PM BBT Feeds are back.  Clay won PoV.  Becky talking to JMac about how getting Austin out is still the plan via BD.  Becky says she'd rather get the Twins, Austin, and Steve out first.  Becky says she trusts Shlay most as a power couple in the game because when they say something will happen or you need numbers, what they say happens, happens.

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3:30pm BBT Feeds are back and Clay has won the Power of Veto. All the HG are wearing squirrel outfits.


4:00pm BBT Becky has been crying in the HN room. Shelly and Clay were dancing in the WA and Becky tells Jackie feels on the outside of "the group" and alone. She realized there was a plan to save Clay all along and she didn't matter. The comp apparently had something to do with balance and Shelli says that's why Clay won.  Becky says she came close and just needs to vent.

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4:15pm BBT Jackie comforts Becky, saying the comp was built for Clay. John brings her a stuffed animal and assures her she's not going home.  This just proves she's not a competition beast, he jokes.  Becky says she just needs to have her pity party and move on. She'll feel better when she knows who will face the vote beside her.


4:20PM BBT Becky tells Jackie she is confused whether John knew about the plan to BD Austin or not. She was told not to tell him, but before the Veto comp, Clay asked John if he was up to speed on "the plan" and John said yes. Jason and James both assure Becky she's safe this week.  James says Austin will be the replacement nominee and Becky won't have to do a thing.


4:30pm BBT Becky says the squirrel costumes were hot. The comp involved catching and throwing something, apparently while maintaining your balance. Becky wants to keep her squirrel head but Meg says BB won't let her. Steve is sweeping the kitchen, all alone. Jason can't say the word "Squirrel" but had to host the comp.  Becky and John talk in the Comic BR - she's worried that Vanessa wants Steve out and is just using Austin as an excuse but it'll backfire and she'll be evicted.

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4:45pm BBT Becky tells John that Steve will play much harder once evictees start forming the jury. John thinks Steve would be a good target during a double eviction.  John tells Becky that he started getting paranoid while on the block and it about near killed him.  He tells her to just keep cool.  He teases her about voting her out because she smells.


4:55pm BBT Liz goes downstairs to put on her makeup. She and Shelli were both cheering for Clay to win Veto. They think Johnny really wanted to win Veto so he could ride in on his white horse and save Becky like Prince Charming. Jackie heads up to HoH and Vanessa asks if Liz is coming back up. She wants to tell Liz one-on-one (about Austin going up and out).  Liz is in the WA still putting her face on. Clay and Shelli are also in the WA.


5:00pm BBT Jackie says Liz will tell Austin.  Vanessa doesn't think she will. Vanessa gears up with her green knit hat. Jackie is back downstairs.  Liz is eating popcorn downstairs in the WA.

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5:35pm BBT Shelli/Austin/Vanessa talking in HOH. Shelli says it was so hot out there, she was running on adrenaline, doesn't matter now tho. Austin goes to leave and Vanessa asks him to send up Liz...with out him. He says yeah. Vanessa says she knows his lie face now, his heart starts beating and his eyes scramble.


 5:39pm BBT Shelli wants to talk to James, Vanessa tells her to be careful what/how she says stuff. At the end of the day do they trust James? Shelli says if Jackie was still in power it would be so bad. In WA: Austin/Liz talking. Austin says no wonder the DR has been asking him all these weird questions...Julia F'd them. He tells her he didnt do it (the vote for John), she has to tell them he didnt do it. He didnt do it Judas did it, so he didnt do it. He tells Liz to say Julia was wrong.


5:45pm BBT Liz goes to HOH. Shelli asks her what is wrong. Vanessa tells her that Austin told Jason about Julia, they can go after Julia and he can go to Jury with Liz. Liz says if she hadnt won BOtB she would be going home. Liz says Austin likes her a lot more then she likes him. Julia does not feel the same way. Vanessa says we have an alliance and he lied to her face. Austin doesnt realize what he did was create a giant target on his head. Liz says he wants to split Liz/Julia up. Vanessa says Jackie was putting you guys up no matter what, she help take the target off them. Austin says that Liz will never be loyal to them with Julia in the house.


5:49pm BBT  Vanessa says if he was looking out for her he wouldnt have said that. Vanessa says Julia told her that Austin was the vote to Audrey. Liz says she cant lie to them, he wants her to cover it up. He wasnt the vote for Jeff, he was the vote for Audrey and trying to blame it on Steve. Vanessa tell Liz that everyone will come after her if she doesnt go along with this plan. Everyone thinks Austin is the target. No body knows that we knew about Julia before, they think we just learned about you. Vanessa says there is no doubt in their mind that she is loyal. Vanessa says Austin just wants to wait for Jury so he can get a piece. Liz says she doesnt like him.

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5:53pm BBT Vanessa says he goes rough. Shelli says if he gave a Dmn he wouldnt go after her sister. Liz says you have no idea how much I dont like him. Liz finds out he told them he kissed her. She says nooooo. She has told him he has a girlfriend and she doesnt want to be seen like that on national TV. He tried to kiss her and she turned, he pecked her. Shelli asks her why she trusts him more then them, he is a huge target, making her a target. Liz says she would never lie to them. Vanessa says the bad thing is she had Austins back and then he lies, throws her sister out of the house. Shelli asks what was his point for voting for Audrey. Liz says he wanted ppl to think Steve was americas player.


5:55pm BBT Liz says she had no idea his intentions to get her sister out. Liz says Julia told her Austin never talk to her. All Liz's old BF put Julia on a pedestal. Shelli says he is into her bad but not emotional. Vanessa says you dont throw her sister under the bus on national TV. Vanessa mentions Judas, Liz says she has known since the day on the hammock. She says that was his wrestling name before. Vanessa asks if its better for her if Julia is here? she says yes. You cant believe how much Liz doesnt like him, cant stand to be in the bed. He repulses her with the beard. Shelli asks her what she is doing. Liz says she loves his personallity, thought he was her friend. Vanessa says he wants you in jury A L O N E! the problem is he is a vote on their side, who do they recruit if he is gone?

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5:15pm BBT Liz now eating dinner (or is it lunch) with Austin while Vanessa watches on Netflix (the HoH spy tv). Vanessa's eating ice cream. Austin are eating steak. Tired of wating for Liz, Vanessa heads downstairs.  She passes Shelli on the way up and tells her she'll be back in a minute. Vanessa tells Shelli that Liz blew her off when she asked her to come up stairs. Shelli can't believe it.


5:15PM BBT Shelli fills Vanessa in on Austin's big kiss last night. They are trying to come up with a scenario in which Austin is nominated but doesn't blow up the Sixth Sense alliance. Vanessa falls on a oldie bug goodie, Austin can't keep his mouth shut and she has no choice but to nominate him or she'll have a huge target on her back. They try to count the votes he might have.


5:20pm BBT Vanessa is going to tell Austin that he has the votes to stay and she'll tell Liz that she has to act like she still has feelings for Austin so he doesn't catch wind of the plot.  Vanessa says she's going to spin a story about a 6 person alliance coming after Clay and Shelli that included Austin and Liz.


5:25pm BBT Vanessa says Becky is part of it. Shelli is upset that Becky's upset she lost the Veto comp. Did she think anyone was going to save her? Shelli spins up a story where Becky tried to throw the BotB so Clay would remain on the block. The story is that Austin is being nominated to ensure Becky goes home. Shelli thinks Austin would have to be in on this alliance for it to make sense. Shelli looks so mad now it's like she believes it.


5:27pm BBT Vanessa and Shelli continue to refine their story, trying to find real things that happened to justify their choices. In the Purple BR, Jason is entertaining Meg and Jackie with stories. Austin lets himself into the HoH room and Shelli wants to know what he and Clay were talking about. He says about the possibility that the other side of the house has a group of 6 to go after their group of 6.


5:30pm Austin tells Vanessa and Shelli that he and Liz think Jackie was targeting Liz with her nomination. Austin says everyone is talking about wanting Steve out this week, and how there were a lot of knowing looks when Vanessa picked Shelli as her HG Choice.  Austin says it's just intuition but thinks Audrey and Jeff have left some embers burning against their alliance.

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8:15pm BBT Austin pulls Jason out of the BY to the Cabana Room and makes his pitch. He knows he's the target, but he was just blowing off steam when he talked to Jason, he didn't really mean he wanted Julia gone and he's just trying to repair his relationship. Jason says if Austin goes up, he doesn't have his vote but that doesn't mean he's against him. Austin wants to know why Jason took what he said to Vanessa. Jason says he didn't, he told Meg and she repeated it. Austin says I thought you and I were getting closer.  Jason says he has no reason, Austin isn't beneficial to his game, Becky was with me when no one else would talk game with me.

8:16pm BBT Jason says if you could not get put up, like, put Steven up instead, we'd be good going forward.  I just can't go against Becky. Jason says he believes him with the girlfriend stuff. Austin says you knew about the twins anyway. Jason says now I had a name to the face. Up in HoH, Shelli and Clay are telling Vanessa what they and Austin talked about.  They are laying the foundation for evicting Becky instead of Steve or Austin.  Somehow Becky is a big target but no blood on his hands.


8:18pm BBT Vanessa wants them to send Steve so she can fill him in on what's going on.  Shelli says he's avoiding her, like he's waiting for her to clue him in. Clay wants to know why Vanessa told Austin and Shelli says it's because they need his numbers. Liz joins the HoH group.

8:21pm BBT Austin tells Jason that he knows if he goes up, he's going home. Jason commends him for coming to talk with him. Jason says he's here for the crown, not the money.  Austin says he's played a loyal game but got caught in between the twin twist.  Jason says they are a strong threesome and people are intimidated by that.  They are bigger than a showmance.

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8:21pm BBT Shelli/Clay/Liz/Vanessa in HOH. Shelli saying if ppl arent happy with Clay winning POV she doesnt know if she can go with the plan. Clay says he is on board with keeping Austin and getting rid of Becky. Thinks they can pull John over after Becky leaves. Liz says Julia loves John. Clay says John is also connected to Steve. The say they can pull Steve in too. Liz says Meg wont separate from James. Shelli says she told Austin no blow ups or ppl will hate Vanessa. They wonder who the replacement nom will be. Maybe Jackie. Shelli says James, Jackie, Jason and Meg are working together.


8:26pm BBT James plays the jokester, everyone likes him. James will become dangerous. Shelli had a premonition...the other day James threw out "sleep cell", that somebody was a sleep cell. She had ignored it, he threw it out cuz Audrey told him the name of the alliance. James is putting digs into the other side of the house. They have to keep Austin and get rid of one of them.


8:31pm BBT They talk about having Steve come to HOH. Shelli tells Vanessa what to say. Tell him he is not a target, what do you think? What are his feelings about Austin/Becky. Shelli says he will feel he is in a danger zone and will tell you what he knows.


8:33pm BBT Clay/Shelli leave. Vanessa/Liz talk. Vanessa tells her Austin REALLY loves her. Liz says she doesnt know why he lied to her. He is a good person, he did lie but think he did it for stupid reasons, a boy over a girl. She thinks Vanessa should give him a second chance. Vanessa says its big for her game.

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8:25pm BBT Jason says if the house flips (on Becky) the house flips. Austin says he'll talk to Meg now. Jason says she's asleep but he'll check. He tells Austin to reconvene with him after he's talked to people. Jason fills in Meg that Austin knows what's going on but Meg says he's sleeping. Jackie and James are sleeping in the Purple BR as Jason and Meg are talking.

8:30pm BBT Jason heads outside and sees it's just John and Steve. He realizes everyone else is upstairs in HoH. Austin pretends to check in on the HN room so he can walk through the Purple BR to see if Meg is actually sleeping as Jason said. He heads to the WC instead. Jason tells John and Steve that Vanessa, Clay and Shelli are using his convo as an excuse to BD him.

8:35pm BBT Austin and Meg meet in the Cabana room. Meg says it's a strategic move on their part because they need to break up the twin's power since they can't go after the twins. Austin makes his emotional game misplay speech in which he's the victim of circumstances. Meg says she was worried herself this week and thinks maybe there was more than just his conversation with Jason.  Meg dithers in her response. She says his personal situation doesn't have anything to do with this week - it's a big game move.

8:40pm Austin wonders why they can't make a big move against Steve instead this week. Meg says I have no problem with you but it's probably because of the twins. Austin says in just 10 seconds I feel very alone here. Meg says you're freakin' awesome and I have no reason to want you out of the house tomorrow but I get the strategics and against Becky, it's just hard, she's been there for me.

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6:05PM BBT: Meg, Jason, James, Jackie, Steve, and John are around the kitchen talking about someone that Jackie knows named Micheal.


6:10PM BBT: Vanessa asked if she can confront Austin about him lying. Shelli "No" now they are talking about what Liz should say to Austin. Vanessa is saying that Austin is the target not Liz. They fill Liz in on their first plan for Vanessa to be dethroned. So now what are we going to do? Vanessa I don't know.


6:15PM BBT: Liz is saying that Clay told her that he can't do this game without Shelli. Liz is saying that she isn't attracted to Austin. "My mom was right guys and girls can't just be friends"  She is saying that she is scared that Austin is going to turn on her, She doesn't want to be in the jury house with Austin, she doesn't want to have sex with him.


6:20PM BBT: Liz doesn't want to sleep downstairs, she wants to sleep in the HoH now, Vanessa says she can, Now they are talking about what Liz is going to say to Austin, Vanessa tells her not to lie to him. 


Downstairs they are just talking, they are playing a game with the memory wall.


6:25PM BBT: Liz says that Austin was just trying to protect her, Vanessa no he wasn't. Shelli is trying to hear what they are saying downstairs, while they are impersonating the HGs Now they are telling Liz about the Jason thing and how Jason told them about it. Vanessa says none of them know about the fact that Austin voted for Audrey.


6:31PM BBT: Vanessa says she needs to talk to Austin, "We need to get James, Jackie and Steve on broad" who do we put up when Clay uses the veto


Meg, don't up Jackie, No shoot then Steve is the only one that's not going to work, then we will only have Becky cause they will vote out Steve.


6:45PM BBT: Austin, is pleading his case to Vanessa, He is begging her not to put him up. She is not believing him.


6:50PM BBT: Vanessa is asking Austin why he told Jason about the twins. Austin is telling her he didn't tell Jason about the twins he is lying. I was doing this for our alliance. He is saying that he meant his final two deal with her. He is begging her. Vanessa is telling him, that he created the target on him. Now Vanessa is asking him about throwing Liz's sister under the bus. Austin says he didn't throw her under the bus.


#BB15 6:55PM BBT: Vanessa is saying that they have to be on broad with taking Meg out now. "I'm going to look like a fool now" Vanessa says she actually believes him. "You're not a bad person, you just lied to me." Austin is telling her that he is totally loyal to her, "Im not going to ever put you up I will never put you up OMG" Vanessa is telling him that everyone is on broad with back-dooring him.


"We could take out Becky, But I don't have a reason to send her home."


7:00PM BBT: Now Vanessa is telling him and you're name is Judes "That's perfect, my family is like HA HA." Austin "there is no HA HA, I wasn't trying to throw Julia under the bus. I thought I was helping us." "This is Big Brother bro, no one has your back, you're now a target, how can you not know that" Says Vanessa now she is telling him that everyone but Steve, John and Julia doesn't know. Austin says you're basing all this on the Jason thing that's so lame. "Is there anything I can do"

Austin still wants to be in Jury house with Liz.


7:05PM BBT: Vanessa is telling Austin that only Shelli, Clay and the twins Know about the Judes thing. Austin is saying I was just scared, I was just scared. Vanessa is telling him that they all told her that she would be safe with them. Austin is telling Vanessa that he didn't make a deal to get Julia out He will do whatever he has to next week, just please keep me here. They are going back and forth.


7:10PM BBT: Austin is denying everything to Vanessa, he is begging her to let him make it to jury, so he can have sex with Liz in jury house. Vanessa is telling him to go down and campaign to them. He doesn't think he can get their votes. "If you keep me we have the numbers next week BB is my life, I changed my tattoo to bb, I don't care if I win this game just let me get the jury house" Vanessa is telling go talk to Shelli and Clay.


7:15PM BBT: Vanessa is telling him go talk to Shelli and Clay and Liz if they say OK then Ill do it. "Im trying to be friends with you, you don't know me outside the house. I can't trust them." Austin "But you can trust them, why not. you're here to win this game." Vanessa "No I'm not, I'm here to play has long has I can, if I don't win that's fine my life will be fine." Austin, "I don't care about the money, I never cared about the money, I've met someone that I care about, and it's changed my life.

Now talking about breaking up with his girlfriend and falling in love with Liz."


7:20PM BBT: Austin is telling us why his name is Judes, a coach gave him that name and we get the FotH.


7:25PM BBT: James comes into the HoH to get Vanessa's costume. And Austin continues to beg Vanessa to keep him. Meanwhile downstairs The other HGs are Sitting around, Shelli has the mouse hat on, from Vanessa's mouse costume.



7:31PM BBT: Jason and Shelli are talking about air mats. Shelli doesn't like them either does Jason, Vanessa keeps telling Austin if we could make it work fine. it's not my fault don't blame me. "Im not blaming you." Clay and John are laying on the sofa's in the living room  Clay is asking him about his whack street outfit and if he wants to keep it yes Shelli

Comes over. Clay is telling Shelli what he talked about in the DR. Meg walks in and Austin continues with his begging to Vanessa.


7:35PM BBT: Austin is telling Vanessa that he was suppose to be here last year, he wasn't because of that girl. Clay and Shelli talk in the colorful bedroom. They are whispering about Vanessa and Austin talking, Now talking about James, Shelli asked where Becky sleep. Shelli says that Vanessa thinks there's a six person alliance because James tried to throw the competition. She is saying that Austin thinks there's an alliance. Shelli is saying that Jackie is getting close to Becky. She will never throw a competition Shelli says that when Vanessa picked her for PoV she was mad. We have to go up there and find out what happened Austin walks in.


7:40PM BBT: Austin is now talking to Clay and Becky, talking about how he was suppose to come on the show last year and how his girlfriend said that she would break up with him if he came on the show and we get a brief FotH. When we come back Austin is filling them in about the Jason thing.


7:45PM BBT: Steve is talking to John about school, Austin is telling Clay and Shelli that he wasn't throwing anyone under the bus, now he is explaining, why he gave Audrey a vote. He says he is coming clean about everything and how he wants to work with them. Clay is asking him about the Jason thing because Jason told them something different.


7:50PM BBT: Austin says that BB wanted him to come into the house has Judes and we get the FotH. when we get back, Austin is telling them that he messed up and he is sorry, I'm a number for you guys. Clay is telling him that he is too emotional and it effects his game. Austin is telling him that he has learned his lesson. Shelli is saying that she is open to changing the target, she is saying that they have to let Liz in on this, Now talking about Liz. Shelli is saying that Liz is upset about all this. she is going to put her sister first you have to connect with Julia.

7:55PM BBT: Shelli is asking Austin about the fifth person alliance, Austin says he didn't know there was one for sure. Shelli is now talking about Becky, now she is saying that Becky was upset when Vanessa picked her for HGs choice during the PoV.


So they are nervous that Becky may go home. Liz comes in. Shelli is saying that Jackie is close with Becky. John is acting weird, he is now strong with Becky. cause when Becky didn't win PoV she went and talked to Jackie.


8:00PM BBT: Austin asked so who goes up, Shelli says, Meg so Becky can go home. Jason yells outside is open. Shelli is saying that everyone is waiting for the twins to come in.


8:10PM BBT: Liz wants to wash the paint out of her cloths, Becky is telling her how she got the paint out of her cloths, and Jason needs to wash and wants to wash his cloths before Liz does hers.


8:40PM BBT: Liz is talking to Vanessa in the HoH about Austin, who is now talking to Meg. about everything.

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8:40pm BBT Austin is looking for Clay and Shelli. Shelli is out in the BY talking to Jason, filling him in on what Vanessa's thinking. He's already on the campaign trail, Jason says. Meg joins them as Jason says he has no alliances but lines of communication with John and Becky. Back in Austin's office, the Cabana Room, Austin is asking Clay if there's really a chance he can flip this around.  Jason has a deal with Becky, he says. Clay is too busy eating popcorn and pickles to say anything other than Austin has to work on the other side of the house.

8:45pm BBT Austin is afraid Vanessa really isn't open to not putting him up. Clay assures him that her mind isn't made up. Clay heads to the BY and Austin goes up to HoH. Clay and Meg share notes on the BY couches, across from Jason and Shelli deep in convo. John and Steve continue playing pool.  Shelli wants to know from Jason and Meg if people are super pi$$ed that she was picked by Vanessa for Veto or that Clay won.  They assure her it's not the case.

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8:50pm BBT Shelli says maybe she's just being paranoid.  Jason says they didn't celebrate Clay's win because they were coddling Becky and there's nothing they know of that's going on with that. Jason says James is always 2 days late with information and Jackie is loyal to Becky. Clay asks what Jason told Austin and he confirms what Austin told Clay he said. Shelli thinks Beckie and Jackie wanted Clay gone this week but Jason and Meg says that's the first I heard.

8:55pm BBT John heads over and the group tells him that Austin may approach him next. All the HG are eating the popcorn because BB refills the HN food. Shelli goes inside looking for the popcorn and pickles. Jason and Meg tell Clay they were rooting for him during Veto. Meg and Jason say Jackie doesn't understand the game and isn't coming after them. Meg says the second Austin heard people were talking about him, he snapped out of it.  That's not obvious at all, Meg says. All game play says Jason.

9:00pm BBT John comes back out and says obviously he's voting for Becky. He doesn't even think Austin will approach him. They wondered how Austin found out and Clay and Jason both said that Vanessa wouldn't lie to him if he asked her straight out. He's trying to find a scapegoat. They laugh that Austin is using the L word, he's falling in love with her (Liz) and will forfeit the money. Nobody will believe that.

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8:59 PM BBT Vanessa & Steve are in the HOHR. Vanessa tells Steve that it's confirmed by Liz that Julia will come in Thursday, & they will be playing for themselves. Vanessa tells Steve that Liz lied about the top ten thing for them to come in. Steve asks if she deliberately lied or was she mistaken? Vanessa says, she may have been mistaken, because she doesn't want to accuse her of lying. They continue the convo with who's been in the know for the twins. Steve asks if James tried to throw the comp? Vanessa says, she doesn't know.


9:02 PM BBT Vanessa & Steve try to figure out when Steve actually figured out about the twins. He says, o.k. they told him a week ago. Vanessa is saying that she didn't want Austin up to get blood on her hands. She says, she told Clay on Thursday night that if they stayed on the block she was going to backdoor Austin. She tells Steve that the entire house wants Austin house. Vanessa says, she talked Jackie out of making Liz the target, because everyone wants the head of the 3 headed monster out of the house. Vanessa tells Steve Austin is lying about what he said.


9:04 PM BBT Vanessa says, she can't defend Steve, Austin & Liz to everyone, otherwise it will expose the fact they are working together. Steve wants to talk to Jackie, he says, he can't believe that he was a target of hers. Vanessa tells him not to tell her that, or it will come back on her. She tells Steve that Becky & Clay were supposed to beast everything. Vanessa says that Liz knew what Austin was going to say, but Julia didn't know. Vanessa says, Austin basically was crying, saying that he wasn't trying to protect Julia. They both agree that it was poor strategy on his part. Vanessa says, he fell in love with a girl & made a retarded decision, they she apologizes for saying retarded. She says, he made a bad decision.


9:07 PM BBT Steve says, he's the "eves dropper" of the house, so he spends a lot of time in the CRL by himself. He says, he was in there by himself today, & Austin busted in & told him to leave so he can talk to Shelli & Clay. Vanessa says, she told him if he can get everyone to agree, she won't put him up. Vanessa says, that the other side of the house is spearheaded by Jason, & they are terrified of him. Steve asks why? Vanessa says, because they think he's been throwing comps, & he's a strong player. Steve says, he didn't throw two of the HOH comps. Vanessa tells Steve that he has to win an HOH. He says, he knows. She says, she can't even play this week.


9:10 PM BBT Steve tells Vanessa that he thinks it's public knowledge that James, Jackie, James, Jason & Becky have been in an alliance. Vanessa says, it's not public knowledge. He tells Vanessa how he knows. He tells Vanessa that he made Becky a safety deal for 2 weeks when she was HOH. He says, he thought that was strange that she wasn't happy about it. Steve says, Becky told him they should have a pool date. He says, they did that. He says, he tried to talk to her, & got no where with her.


9:12 PM BBT Steve says, the next morning she was on the couch area of the BY & saw Becky whispering to Jason. Vanessa asks if he has more confirmation. Vanessa tells Steve that she's seen Jason & Jackie talking a lot for sure. Steve says, he joined people in the WA yesterday. He says, he heard Jason say, the camera gives them more privacy, then he (Steve) does, & it was Jason saying that to Becky.


9:14 PM BBT Steve tells Vanessa that he was alone in the CRL last night. He says, Clay asked him if he would use the Veto on him, & he told him that he didn't see a reason why he wouldn't. Vanessa says, she doesn't want Shelli & Clay to know how close they are. She says, Shelli & Clay think she is filling him on trying to send Becky home over Austin. Steve talks about Zach being a snake last year, & how everyone wanted to set him home. He says, Caleb said that he was a snake, but he's a number on his side, & how Derek said, he's snake, but he was his snake, & Jocasta left that week.


9:17 PM BBT Steve asks Vanessa if Austin wins HOH next week, who do they put up? Vanessa says, someone on the other side. He asks her if Becky wins HOH next week who will she put up? They run through & figure it will be Steve, her or one of the twins. Steve says, which is better? Vanessa says, if she doesn't go with the backdoor plan she will be everyone's target. Vanessa says, she doesn't trust the people that have told her she has safety. He then says, they used Zach & then sent him out the door.


9:19 PM BBT 9:20 PM BBT Steve asks who she promised she would backdoor Austin to? Vanessa says, Jackie, Becky, James, Jason, & Meg. He asks if she promised all of them? She says, yes, because that's the only way James would go up as a pawn, because she was going to put up 2 really strong people on her song. She says, she didn't expect her vote to count, Liz to tell her she gave him permission, or for Austin to basically cry. Vanessa says, she though he was a douche. Steve says, Austin is a douche, & he was wrong for what he did. Steve says, he needs to do what's best for Vanessa.


9:22 PM BBT In the CRL, Austin is talking to Shelli. He says, he can't believe how much of a liar James was to him. Austin says, he was freaked out because he though Jeff was going to stay. Shelli says, this is good info, because she's wondering about these people. (She is playing both sides of the house, do they not see this?)


9:24 PM BBT Austin says, Shelli needs to let Vanessa know things. He says, he feels the lines are already drawn. Shelli says, they are for now, but things change on a dime. She says, there's time. He says, thank you, & he really appreciates it so much. She says, she's glad he's doing fine. She gives him a hug & says, awkward. They both leave the CRL.


9:25 PM BBT Jackie is in the HOHR with Vanessa. Vanessa asks if they got alcohol? Jackie says, yeah, right. Vanessa tells Jackie that Steve is all paranoid that he's getting backdoored. Vanessa tells Jackie that Jason told him about the twins. Jackie says, she needs to talk to Steve, especially if he wins HOH. Vanessa asks if Austin is freaking out down there? Jackie says, he was talking to Shelli & Clay. Jackie says, look at him down there. Austin comes to the HOHR. He asks Vanessa if she's busy? She tells him she's talking. He says, o.k. & leaves.


9:28 PM BBT Vanessa tells Jackie what she said to Austin about him lying to her, & that he's the target for everyone in the house, 7 he has been the target since Thursday. She tells Jackie he admitted he lied, & tried to make deals, & says, that he won't go for the win. She says, he wants to stay in the game, but he can't win. Vanessa says, it was a hard conversation to have. Vanessa says, the plan is the plan, & he went downstairs, & she doesn't know what he's doing. She says, at the end of the day, she shouldn't be HOH, but it worked out that way.


9:30 PM BBT Jackie asks if he knew about James trying to throw the comp? Vanessa says, no, no, no. She says, she told him she didn't know anything, & she doesn't think he did. Vanessa tells Jackie that Liz is on board, & she doesn't like him in that way. Vanessa says, she likes him as a friend, she doesn't like him that way, & she doesn't want to get to jury with him. Vanessa says, Liz said this is very awkward, & she doesn't like him like he's in love with her.


9:32 PM BBT Vanessa says, Austin is down there now doing whatever, she doesn't know what it is. (But, she does.) She says, Austin has been coming up to tell him whatever he has not to put him up. Jackie says, you have to now, or everyone will be upset & go after her. Vanessa tells Jackie what she explained to Liz earlier. She says, Liz wasn't made at Jackie at all. Jackie says, she needs to talk to her. Vanessa says, she's not out for blood now. Vanessa says, when Austin goes home, it will be her & Julia, & she still will need friends. Jackie says, they will still be the targets, that's just the way it has to be.


9:34 PM BBT Vanessa asks Jackie if people were upset that Clay won? Jackie says, no, why? Vanessa says, it got really awkward, & it didn't seem like people were happy. Jackie says, Clay won, now he will take himself off the block. She tells Vanessa, now she has to put someone up. Vanessa says, he lied to her, & that's it, now he has to go up. She tells Jackie about him looking like the head of a 3 headed monster. Jackie says, it was a house decision, so you have to do it. Vanessa says, as long as it's what the house still wants her to do, she will do it. Vanessa says, she doesn't want to put Steve up now.


9:36 PM BBT Vanessa says, she's just going to stay up in the HOHR. She says, it's not fun, & it's almost like Jeff all over again. She says, she wasn't a douche to Austin at all. Vanessa says, she helped him in the game, & gave him information. Jackie says, it has to go the way they have it planned or they will get screwed. Jackie says, it's going to be a long week, it's only Saturday, as she is stuffing her face with crackers. Vanessa says, she doesn't know what's going on with Shelli & Clay. She wants to know why they are talking to the HG's by the pool so much. Jackie says, she doesn't know.


9:39 PM BBT The convo by the hot tub is about BBQ sauce. Meg, Shelli, Steve, Jason, Clay & John are all just lounging around talking about ways to cook the slop, & what to put in it to make it taste better.


9:41 PM BBT Shelli says, she's on feeds enjoying her slop. She says, it's o.k., because she's really hungry. She says, the popcorn is really good also. Jason says, they will only be on it 4 full days. (They probably will get off on Thursday night again though).


9:43 PM BBT In the HOHR, Vanessa tells Jackie that have to make an agreement to not be put up as pawns. Vanessa says, she has so much blood on her hands. Jackie & Vanessa are watching Austin & Liz at the DT eating. Vanessa says, this is like the 4th time today he has eaten. Jackie says, she just ate also. Vanessa says, this is the Liz. Vanessa says, she knows they all know, & Julia will be coming in on Thursday. Vanessa says, it's weird that they all know about it. Jackie says, & they are letting them come in. Vanessa says, would she want the twin or Audrey to be here? Jackie says, she was already put up by Liz, so they need to be the targets no matter what. Vanessa says, Jackie needs to have the conversation with Liz to squash everything & be done with it.


9:46 PM BBT Jackie is worried about the twins putting her up. She says, if they are both HOH's they are f*cked, unless they can convince them to get Steve out. Jackie says, one of them need to go A.S.A.P. She says, the whole house needs to try to get them out, to cover all their a**es. She says, they can't go home if they don't vote them up. Jackie says, it will suck if there is two of them put up together. She says, it may happen, & it is what it is, unfortunately. She says, that's the risk of what they took with this. Jackie goes over scenarios to see how both of the twins can't both be HOH's.


9:49 PM BBT Vanessa says, they are just going to have to bite the bullet. Jackie laughs because they are watching Austin & Liz eat. Vanessa says, she's really not watching, she's thinking. She asks Jackie what time it is? Jackie says, she doesn't know, because she took a nap, as she stuffs her face with even more Cheez-It's. She says, she'll probably stay up there until he comes back up. Jackie says, she feels uneasy. Vanessa says, she thinks something is going to happen in the next 24 hours. Jackie says, she doesn't feel safe in the game right now. Vanessa says, she's had the paranoia since week 1.


9:52 PM BBT Vanessa says, that's weird, since she hasn't been put up. She asks Jackie why she doesn't feel safe if they have the 8 person alliance (Dark Moon)? Jackie says, she doesn't know, but this is why Austin needs to go home. She says, she knows Austin feel weird with her. Jackie asks Vanessa if he said anything about her? Vanessa says, no, he just went on about what happened.


9:54 PM BBT Vanessa tells her how he doesn't want them to punish him for being in love. Jackie says, oh, shut up. Jackie says, so, he falling in love? With her? Vanessa says, with Liz. Jackie says, he's not acting like it. She goes in the HOHR WA to wash her hands. Jackie asks Vanessa how you can fall in love with someone that doesn't like you? Vanessa says, he thinks he is? Jackie asks the question again. She says, she wants to be the b*tch that breaks something like that up. She says, he picked the wrong girl, you know? Vanessa says, she has no option here. She says, she has to do what she said she would do. She says, unless he can get the votes, & the alliance changes their minds on what to do. Jackie says, they shouldn't Vanessa says, unless they all change their minds, & come to tell her to put Steve up. Jackie says, no way.


9:57 PM BBT Jackie says, thank God Steve didn't get picked for that Veto, or he would have dominated. Vanessa talks about how hot & sweaty she was in the squirrel costume. She says, the guys crushed it, it was a guy comp. Jackie says, Clay crushed it. She says, Johnny Mac had over 100, & even Liz had over 100. Vanessa says, she got up to higher numbers & dropped it a few times. She says, she wasn't even going as fast as Johnny Mac. Jackie says, they could have been out there for hours. She says, they could have still been out there if no one was doing it.


We are experiencing technical difficulties at the moment. Updates will resume as soon as possible.


10:07 PM BBT Sorry for the delay in updates. Jackie & Vanessa are still in deep convo in the HOHR. Now they are talking about comps. In the WA, Austin is talking to Liz. She is not sitting by him at all. Austin says, he thought what he did was for her. He says, he though they could trust Jason. Liz looks in WC, & no one is in there. She says, she is so paranoid. Liz says, she can't even talk to any of them. She says, Jason is trying to be sweet to her, but they are all going after them. Austin says, she needs to tell Vanessa all of this.


10:10 PM BBT Austin says, he wonders what they are all thinking. Liz tells him, he needs to ask Vanessa for a second chance. Austin says, he already did. He says, he told her he would do anything, but that doesn't mean anything to her. Austin says, he hates this, how long it takes. He says, it sucks, & he doesn't know who to trust. Austin tells Liz he really would do anything for her in there. Liz says, that's why she is so sad. Liz says, people are so jealous, & just want to get rid of couples. Austin says, he knows. Austin says, Julia will probably go next week, & then Liz will go. He says, Shelli will probably go the following week. Austin says, don't they want him for their numbers. (No, they have Dark Moon that doesn't include any of you).


10:13 PM BBT Austin & Liz go to the BY. Liz sits on a couch. Austin lays on the hammock by himself. Jason says, if he's going to be there for a long time, he needs to cut down on smoking. He says, he has 2 1/2 cartons left. He says, he brought 5 cartons of cigarettes, & thanks his dad, because he didn't have the money for them. He says, he didn't think they would be enough, but they were bought by his dad. He says, his dad had a friend go to New Hampshire to get them, because they are cheaper. Jason says, he won't smoke the shorts, he will only smoke the 100's. Clay tells Shelli that his stomach is already upset from the popcorn & coffee. Shelli says, they are already complaining, & they have the whole week to go. Liz is cracking her knuckles. Her & Jason are talking about the price of cigarettes. So, Liz must be a smoker.


10:17 PM BBT Jason says, he started smoking at 13. He says, he probably stunted his growth. He says, he's an example of what not to do. He tells kids not to smoke, to go to school, to do their homework, not to smoke pot. Jason says, he graduated by the skin of his teeth. He says, he went to night school to finish. They talk about different TV shows.


10:19 PM BBT Jackie is talking to Austin on the hammock. Austin tells Jackie that he was whispering to Jason while the music was on, & thought he can trust him. Austin says, if he goes this week, he gets it. He says, the only other person that could possibly go on the block is Steve at this point, but he doesn't want to throw him under the bus. Jackie asks Austin about some beef that he & Vanessa have, but she won't tell her about it. He says, this must be it, unless it's about the Jeff vote, but he says, he told her he didn't do it. Jackie says, she didn't know what it is. Jackie says, Vanessa told her that they talked about it recently, so he should know what it is. Jackie says, she lost her trust with something. Austin says, it wasn't this? Jackie says, she doesn't know, & it may be personal.


10:21 PM BBT Jackie says, Vanessa said she talked to him about it. Austin says, they did talk about the Jason thing & the twins. Austin says, he doesn't know what it is. Jackie says, there's something else that Vanessa won't tell her about, & she doesn't know what it is. Austin says, he has to go & talk to her again to try to figure it out. Jackie says, it was something else he lied about. Austin asks if it was with him & Jackie when they talked in the CRL. Jackie says, no that's done.


10:24 PM BBT Austin is still racking his brain trying to figure things out.


10:28 PM BBT Liz is in the HOHR talking to Shelli & Clay. Liz tells them about what Jason said to her. Shelli asks Liz how much she actually trust Austin? Liz says, she trusts him more than anyone else in the game. Shelli asks how Julia feels? Liz says, they don't feel the same. Liz says, f*ck, he's freaking out. Shelli says, he follows you around. Liz says, like a freaking puppy dog. Austin goes to the HOHR looking for Vanessa. He she them about the convo he just had with Jackie, & how if he doesn't go up, it would be Steve.


10:32 PM BBT Shelli tells Austin that Jason told her, & Vanessa came in the room. She says, there was no Shelli running to get everyone. Austin says, that's how she made it seem. Shelli asks Austin if Jackie asked him about this alliance? Austin says, no, nothing about an alliance. Austin says, he knows Vanessa doesn't want to get blood on her hands, & she has to do what the house wants. He says, he know he made a mistake trying to protect Liz, & that's all he can tell Vanessa. Shelli says, she thinks she knows the other lie Vanessa is talking about, & it may be that he voted for Audrey. Austin says, he doesn't want to tell anyone.


10:36 PM BBT Shelli tells Austin that she feels their alliance is so strong. Clay says, the little white lies messes it up. Austin says, he knows that now, & it won't happen again. Shelli tells Austin that Liz had already known things, but she didn't want to go against him, because he had her back. Shelli tells Austin to just be personal with people, & not talk game with them.


10:39 PM BBT Austin says they need to look at the forest instead of the trees. He says, why would they want him to leave. Shelly & Clay say they can talk to a few people & try to get them to change their minds. They leave the HOHR because Shelli says, it look sketch for them all to be up there. Austin asks Liz if she's talked to Vanessa yet? She says, no, she's still waiting. Austin says, Jackie says, it's a house decision. Liz says, what the f*ck does that mean, no it's not. She tells Austin if he leaves their alliance is done. She says, he's a physical competitor & obviously has their backs. Liz asks who she made promises to? Austin says, everyone, they all were in on it. He says, she agreed to this with Jackie. Liz says, she's just shocked, she had no idea. Austin asks if Julia knew about it? Liz says, she told her she really needed to talk to Vanessa. Austin says, that's why. He says he doesn't understand why Julia got so misunderstood about it. He says, he was trying to tell her about it. Liz says, she didn't do it maliciously, that's what Vanessa told her.


10:44 PM BBT Austin tells Liz that she made a deal with Steve to keep him safe. Liz says, Johnny Mac is safe. Austin says, she made a deal with him, but he lied, so he gave her a reason. Liz asks why he didn't tell Vanessa? Austin says, he made a mistake, he didn't want to. Liz says, right after Austin, it's going to be here. He says, if he wasn't the backdoor candidate, then it was going to be her. She says, if they would have stayed on the block, they would have taken James down, & they would have put Austin up against her, & that is the perfect scenario. Liz says, she made a deal with Steve, now there's no one else to put up. Austin says, she can put up Jackie, & flip this whole thing. He says, does she want his blood on her hands to? He says, is she going to just take him out, & then watch them get picked off one by one. Austin tells Liz, she has to appeal to her somehow. Liz says, she's trying. Austin says, he knows. He is sitting on the HOHR bed, & she is laying on the couch. Liz says, stupid f*ck head Jason.


10:47 PM BBT Austin says, she had her thing with Audrey & decided not to put her up, so why is she putting him up? He says, he never did anything to attack her like Jeff did. Austin asks where Vanessa is? Liz says, she's in the DR. Liz says, this is the worst thing that could have happened. Austin says, she's trying to put her own people up. Liz says, does she not understand they will be down to 5 people, & no one will work with them. Austin says, Clay & Shelli are down, they want to keep him. She says, yeah. He asks if that's what they are saying to her? Liz says, yeah, they are saying that to. Liz says, she should have known that Jason can not keep his d*mn mouth shut. Austin says, he's learned his lesson, & he will keep his mouth shut, & he won't go after them.


10:50 PM BBT Austin says, they have 4 & we have 6, if they don't keep they will have 5 and 5. Liz says, this puts him in a bad position, because Shelli asked her if she knew about the vote. Liz says, yeah, now that makes her look sketchy. Austin says, he was doing it to try to protect her. Liz says, what does it matter. She says, if she was HOH, it wouldn't matter. Austin says, that's why they have all been hanging up there. Liz says, yeah, it makes sense, they all think they are buddy buddy with her.


10:52 PM BBT Austin says, he cant even go down there right now. He says, if he survives this, woo woo woo. Liz says, if, you better, she's going to be so pissed. Liz says, he should be so pissed at Jason, he completely screwed him over. Austin says, he's his number 1 target. In the WA Jason is talking to Meg. They say they need to make a deal with Shelli & Clay to go to final 5 or 6 with them. Meg says, she feels that they will protect them.


10:55 PM BBT Jason goes in the WC and Meg is sitting on the couch. Jason comes out of the WC. He says, next week he thinks people will have different agendas. He says, he doesn't think they will all want Steve to go next week. He washes his hands in the sink. Jason says, he doesn't know what everyone's agenda is for next week, but he knows his. He says, he will go after Becky or Jackie, not the twins. Jason says they are shaping up to be in a good position. He says, it's the Goblin alliance. He wants it official. They make faces to the cameras for the live feeders. Meg says, of course she has to make an alliance with the gay man of the house. They high five each other & walk out of the WA.


10:58 PM BBT Jason tries to get ice out of the refrigerator. He says, no ice, no dice. He says, the freezer changed temperatures again, it needs to be at -6, & he changes it. He still can't get ice. Meg sits at the glass table in the KT, & tells Jason to wait until morning. Liz & Steve come in the KT. Liz asks where her cup is? Jason says, where's your cup, there's like 14 of them on this table. Meg says, she needs to put a name tag on hers. Then she says, hers has the lipstick on it. She says, James has been sleeping all day, & he will be up all night, this is not good.


11:00 PM BBT Austin is still sitting on the HOH bed waiting on Vanessa. He lays down & makes noises with his mouth, & is playing with his teeth. Jackie is looking for something. Meg says, last time they put it in the far cabinet with the pickles. Jackie says, there's no way they ate the whole bottle since yesterday. Jackie says she will take another look. (Maybe she's looking for the Tums). Steve walks through the KT, & puts on his green zip up hoodie. He turns a chair from the DT, & sits with everyone. Liz says, Steve come to the DR. Jason says, no don't call Steve. Liz asks how long it's been since he's been called to the DR. He says, it's been a while. Liz says, they didn't ask her anything about Veto. Jackie goes back to the KT, & Meg asks if she found them? Jackie says, no. We see FOTH.


11:07 PM BBT When live feeds come back James in now in the KT, & they are talking about today's comp. In the BY, Shelli & Clay are laying on the hammock. Clay has his arm around Shelli, & is rubbing her side. Jason says, when he leaves the house people will think he's prostitute or something. Shelli says, no. He says, if you can't make fun of yourself who can you make fun of it. Shelli says, she loves the way he is on TV, so he has to be even better in real life. Jason says, Meg is making gluten-free cookies. Shelli says, shut up.


11:09 PM BBT Clay says, Meg is the one in a club that dances, but is uncoordinated. Shelli says, yes, & she doesn't care, that's what's so great. Clay yawns, & continues to rub Shelli on her side. John is outside with Jason working out.


11:10 PM BBT Steve says, today's comp was so hard. HG's in the KT say that wanted endurance. Meg says, not a running one. Jackie says, she would have been so disoriented. Liz asks what happened to Shelli, because she ended with 0. Jackie says, she kept dropping them at the end. Meg says, Johnny Mac was so good in it. Liz says, she can't believe he did so good, that's insane. Jackie says, he's a rock star. Steve says, did you know he's a dentist? We see FOTH.


11:14 PM BBT Steve is still sitting at the glass table. Jackie goes to the SR. John tells Shelli & Clay he used to be skinny, & now he's just solid. He says, the last month before he came there he was to busy with all of this sh*t, & work, he just stopped working out. Shelli asks him if he took a shower today & washed his hair, because it looks good? John says, not yet. Clay says, he only washes his hair every 3 to 4 days. John says, he washes his every time he showers because his hair gets greasy. He says, when he was in the Wackstreet Boys garb the hat was making it greasy.


11:17 PM BBT John says, he used to belong to Planet Fitness, but they didn't have the right equipment. He says, they had a lot of treadmills. John says, where he goes now, the guy got a tread wall & he loves it. Clay says, when they were in prison, he was reading about that being the best new workout machine. We see FOTH.


11:19 PM BBT Live feeds come back. Shelli tells Clay that Steve hardly eats anything, & Austin eats all the food. She says, he eats all the protein in the house. Clay whispers something to Shelli that's inaudible. We see FOTH again.


11:20 PM BBT Live feeds come back again. Liz & Jason are sitting by the hot tub. Liz tells Jason to put his feet in the hot tub. Jason says, his pants aren't that rolled up. Jason says, he might get in that b*tch later. Liz says, it feels so good. Jason says, they need to christen the bathtub since no one has used it this season. Jason says, he wants to get Honeycutt (Clay) in there, & Jackie will be the princess of the bathtub hot tub. Liz says, she wants alcohol. Jason says, they should get some today. He talks to the cameras, & says, BB do you hear this? He says, POP TV is probably on, & they can be fun.


11:23 PM BBT Jason tells Liz how he can tell when they switch places, because Julia wouldn't hardly talk to him. Liz says, it's been so hard. Jason says, they were trying to be themselves, but play one game. Jason tells Liz that if they stay there they will both come in. Liz says, Julia's picture will be on the wall soon, & she wonders who's place she'll take? Jason asks Liz if she thinks she will take someone's place? She says, she doesn't know. Jason asks her if that is her picture on the wall? Liz says, she was getting so pissed over this, because that is her picture on the wall. She says, she did press day, & is getting all the lime light, & Julia is getting pissed. We see FOTH.


11:26 PM BBT Live feeds come back & Jason tells Liz about the Helga (Liz) & Cruella (Jason) names they were calling them. Jason apologizes to Julia for calling her Cruella. He tells Liz she is definitely the nicer of the two. Liz says, Julia was in the house when Jeff was being all crazy. Jason says, they all knew when all that was going on. Jason says, he would swallow his tongue & said they can take his stipend. We see FOTH. Liz says, Jeff tried to get her to admit it before he left, & she wouldn't. Jason says, Audrey didn't know until last minute, & still didn't know everything. Jackie goes by the hot tub & says, the cookies will be out shortly. James is there also, & they talk about Lord Of The Rings & Harry Potter.


11:30 PM BBT Jason he is so obsessed with this show & Nicki Manaj. He thanks BB for the Nicki Manaj this morning. He says, he prayed to the BB gods before he went to bed at like 3 AM, & asked for some Nicki Manaj in the morning, & they listened. Liz says, someone wants Drake in the morning. Jason seconds the request for Drake. Jackie is eating a sandwich while sitting by the hot tub. Liz talks about how much closer everything looks in the BY in person, than it does on TV. They all talk about Amanda winning a comp on her season.


***Correction to 11:26 PM BBT update. when Jason was telling Liz about the names they called them, it should be Julia who was called Cruella, not Jason.***

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