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  1. In: 10 vs 2, part 1.

    By TrooperWife, 08/02/2017

    If they all would open their eyes they would see Paul is the one that has the "character" issues. He is leading them ALL against eachother and one by one going to get them to turn. All these idiots BUT Cody & Jessica are playing the "Paul" game!!! Duhhhhhh 

  2. In: 10 vs 2, part 1.

    By dnicho286, 08/01/2017

    Bullies is all this group. Paul is leading them to fight more. 

  3. In: 10 vs 2, part 2

    By dnicho286, 08/01/2017

    Omg and they call Cody the bully.  They are the bullies.  Him and Jess are the only ones with enough guts to go after Paul. They all might as well just pat Paul on the back and say congrats. 

  4. In: Big Brother 19: Take a Tour of the New House with TV Guiide

    By CarolR, 07/03/2017

    I wish I knew how to get in touch with Megan and tell her I am so sorry for how she was treated.  I can't stand anybody in the house right now for the way they treated her, and I detest Cody, his little ho, and the "Panda" girl. I hope Paul, who I didn't like last season, annihilates them beginning with Cody. What shallow people. It was like sharks feeding on a helpless little seal. I didn't blame her for leaving. I will watch this season to see if thy get what they deserve. Otherwise, I am so disgusted with most everyone in there, including Megan's so called friend, Killian, who wouldn even be in the room with her, and only worried when Megan left that she could have beat her!!!!  No sympathy for anyone  in there. 

  5. In: The Worst Gift on the First Christmas

    By morty, 12/11/2016

    Seriously, nobody wants whiskey stones.

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