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CBBUS3 Episode 10 - Veto and Live Eviction

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Carson and Cynthia - they had the power, then they turned on one of their own, and then made a deal with their rivals that went nowhere. Now, their only hope rests in the Golden PoV. Welcome to CBB!

Previously on CBB, with a promise to take out their ex-ally Shanna, Carson & Cynthia made a deal with their adversaries, Todrick & Miesha. After Todrick won the Veto and saved the Sitcom star, Carson put up his former friend, and it sealed her fate.

With the HoH back on the menu, Todd gulped up his first win of the season, and he had the honor of doling out a punishment, turning Lamar & Todrick into a human hojito. Although Carson & Cynthia were the obvious targets, Todd wanted to put up a pawn. 

After Carson & Cynthia learned they weren't both going up on the block, there was a ray of hope they both could stay. At the nomination ceremony, the emmy winner and the NBA Champion hit the block. Tonight, a make-or-break PoV will be played.

Will it save one of the nominees? And another celebrity will be evicted. Plus, Hollywood star and BB Super Fan Jerry O'Connell gives insights on the season. All this, right now, on CBB!

Good evening, I'm JCM. Welcome to CBB! It has been a week of surprises inside the CBB House. First, Todd threw a monkey wrench into Carson & Cynthia's plan by winning HoH. But, he gave them a glimmer of hope when he didn't put both on the block. 

But tonight, everything hinges on who wins the Veto. If Cynthia can win it, she will no doubt save Carson, leaving the duo in place to fight another day. So, who will win the Golden PoV? And who will come up short winning the $250k grand prize? We'll find out tonight.

But first, some are trying to save their game while others are looking to win it. After the nom ceremony, Carson says it's like deja vu around here. Todd tells us Carson was nom because he won HoH and Veto and is a big threat. Getting him out makes his own chances better.

Todd says Lamar is a pawn because he and Lamar are an alliance with Todrick & Miesha. The plan is to win Veto, keep noms the same, and vote Carson out. Carson says this is my 3rd time nominated. I must be a terrible HG, they are all trying to get rid of me! 

Carson adds there's a possibility he could survive eviction if Cynthia wins the Veto and takes him down. We would both then be safe. We're kind of like in an outlet mall - it's not amazing, but it's OK. Lamar says it's only the 3rd quarter and I have a competitive fire.

As long as there's time on the clock, Lamar says, there's time for me to win. Miesha says our plan from the beginning was to pick off the opposition 1 by 1 and now it's down to Carson & Cynthia. You're a great guy, Carson, but after we win Veto, you're going home.

Cynthia says Carson on the block is my worst nightmare (mine would be being on the block myself). I can't even imagine being in the house without Carson. However, I am surprised my face isn't up there with him. What are they up to?

In the SR, Todd tells Cynthia this is so hard, he likes everyone and wanted to play fair and not stab anybody. She and Carson appreciate that. They agree Carson is a great guy. But he's good at everything too. Cynthia unenthusiastically humors Todd's explanation.

Todd tells us he didn't nom Cynthia because he may need her later, and if he does her a favor now, maybe she'll do him a favor later with a jury vote if I get there. But if Carson wins Veto, I'm going to have to put Cynthia up in his place. 

In the WA, Todrick tells Lamar and Miesha the universe worked in their favor. I love Carson, Todrick says, but I'm happy he's on the block. This is the 3rd time, and I'm hoping our side can maintain power and get him out of the house. Hopefully he has no more tricks.

Todd comes into the WA and exclaims we cannot lose the veto! Let's win! Miesha, Lamar and Todrick barely react to the pep talk. As they say in the Laker locker room, Lamar quotes after Todd leaves, 18 championships up. Teamwork makes the dream work, Miesha mutters.

In the gym, Cynthia tells Carson considering the goings ons, we made it pretty far without begging, groveling, campaigning. Relatively unscathed, Carson agrees, it's a strength and a weakness, but there's no way he'd rather do it. Zero regrets. 

Carson tells us he and Cynthia are proud they played the game with integrity but we've had to fight tooth and nail to stay in there. Luckily, their teeth and nails look great, so what's one more Veto win? Come on Cynthia! 

Carson tells Cynthia he's shocked Todd didn't put the two of them up. Are we missing something? There must be a reason, Cynthia says, but she doesn't know what. This is the clean house part. Everyone understands the assignment, put them both up, knock them both off...

Cynthia tells Carson she's trying to figure out the reason for this little sliver of hope they have been given. She tells us this is the end game. If she wins PoV, she takes her boy Carson off and save herself, and that would force Todd to nom someone else, like Miesha. 

Then, Cynthia observes, Carson and I could decide who goes home. It all comes down to winning the Veto. Put up, shut up or pack up. Do or die, Carson tells Cynthia. 

Up next, it is time for all 6 HG to face off for the Golden PoV. Can Carson or Cynthia win this do or die comp? Plus, I'll be joined by film/TV star/co-host of The Talk Jerry O'Connell, who happens to be one of the biggest BB fans around. Here his thoughts on the season.

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WB to CBB. With the Veto comp at hand, Cynthia & Carson know their BB Life is on the line. So, do they have a prayer to stay in the game? 

In the Gondola, Lamar is listening to Mother Mother (Marvin Gaye) and says it's still relevant today. Todrick asks Lamar about his mother, who died when Lamar was 12. He didn't realize she wasn't going to make it until the last day he saw her. Cancer is treacherous.

I wouldn't wish cancer on my worst enemy, Lamar says. If I had a billion $$, I'd put it into cancer research & to find out what makes kids die from SIDS. His son's death certificate just said "unremarkable". That's unimaginable, Todrick says, what you've gone through.

Lamar tells us that hard times, even tragedy, is something you have to be prepared for mentally but you never know when its going to come. God has a plan for each of us, but we'll all be tested. The tests I've had just made me stronger.

Hard times make you appreciate the small stuff, Lamar tells us, tell someone you love them and get I Love You back. To Todrick, he says he told his teammates they were lucky they had their moms at the game. Todrick says what he's done would have exceeded her expectations.

To us, Todrick says that many parts of Lamar's story is inspiring and puts things into perspective. Sometimes I'm frustrated Lamar's not more into the game but I have to step back and get his experience in life and how he's defied every odd that's thrown his way.

Todrick tells Lamar that the way he's defied the odds and become a legend, what you do is very remarkable. They fist-bump. It's really inspiring, Todrick continues. Lamar is back to listening to music but says he appreciates Todrick saying that.

Later that night, the Hojito is summoned to the DR. Their 24 ours as Mojito & Lime are over. Lamar tells us how bad the experience was, having to do EVERYTHING with Todrick. But they did not go up on the block together, Todrick says, waiving his finger No. 

Cynthia says she keeps forgetting they have to do that Hojito thing. We haven't forgotten, says Lamar. Oh, he loves it, jokes Todrick in DR. They take the costumes off. Carson tells Lamar to fold up his dress. He takes a sniff. Maybe wash it first.

In the Chocolate BR, Carson tells Cynthia he'll wear the sparking shoes hasn't worn. Today's mantra is to do their best and hope for the best. Cynthia takes his hands for a prayer. She prays every day but today she needs something extra, a little extra coverage.

Amen, sister, Carson says after Cynthia is done and begins dancing around the BR. Carson quips he should have asked for cute hair too. 

Todd announces the Veto comp. They are outside in a snowy setting Ego the Veto medallion, who ditched the BB House to see the world and this comp is all about him. The CHG have to pay attention to his every move. It's traveling in the fast lane with Ego!

In each round Ego will be hidden in one of 3 identical objects. Then after the objects have been shuffled around, the CHG have pick which object he was in. Get it right, get a point. The CHG with the most points after 7 rounds wins Veto. Who's ready to play Ego Veto?

Carson really needs Cynthia to win so they can both be safe. Lamar doesn't want being away from his kids to be in vain so he needs to win the Veto. Todd wants Carson out because he's such a threat. I don't want to put Cynthia up as a replacement. 

Miesha says she's used to bobbing and weaving and keeping her eye on the target so she can focus where to land her own strike. Round 1, Ego goes into the middle jet and then the jets quickly move around. The CHG just look at the screen dumb founded. Come on, Lamar says.

Carson is confused and just picks B for Because. Houston, we have a problem. Ego was in Jet A and Todd/Cynthia score 1 point. Yeah Cynthis Carson cheers. And yeah Todd, he adds after the fact. Todd says he's used to playing fast games so he may be good at this.

Round 2: Ego goes into a Limo on a bridge. After a few illegal lane changes, Todd, Miesha and Todrick get a point. Round 3: Ego is hidden in the VIP couch which changes colors as it shuffles around. Todd, Miesha, Todrick & Cynthia get a point.

Todd is in the lead. Todrick says he's treating it like choreography. Miesha is coming for Todd. Round 4: Ego boards his super yacht. At various points, the 3 yachts become 5 then back to 3 again as the camera circles the water. Carson says he watches Below Deck.

Miesha and Todrick get the answer right and are tied with Todd at 3 all. Lamar says he played 3 Card Monte in the streets of Manhattan and it's nothing like this. I think I killed to many brain cells when I was younger, Carson jokes. I think I killed more, Todd retorts.

Round 5: Ego goes into a VIP helicopter, which again jumps from 3 to 5 to 3 again. Todrick thinks that was a trick question. Miesha tells Lamar to be quiet while she's focusing. Todrick says he blinked. Carson, Miesha, Todrick and Cynthia all get it right.

Carson is on the board but Cynthia could win. Or a Zombie Apocalypse. Round 6 is Ego in Space! This is you, Todd, Carson says. If Shatner went up, Todd says, I can too. Cynthia says she's only 1 point behind. She could still pull it out and win the Veto! 

The spaces ships start spinning in zero G and none of the HG feel fine. Then they have to dodge an asteroid storm. Come on, says Lamar. Miesha complains Lamar keeps talking and distracting her. Todd, Miesha and Todrick get it right. Miesha & Todrick are tied at 5.

With one question remaining, Cynthia cannot win and they have to come up with another play. Miesha says her side has already won so they just have to bring it home. Round 7: Ego goes into a woman's purse, but then halfway through, hops from one woman to another. 

Is there a D in this category, Todd deadpans.  Todd and Miesha get it right, which means Miesha wins the Golden PoV! She gloats in DR, saying gold really is her color. She couldn't be more elated with how things are working out and wants to send Carson home.

Carson says he has to do a phony smile like a beauty pageant person when they don't win (or an emmy award nominee). However, he's not ready to throw in the pima cotton towel. 

Up next, Carson & Cynthia have come up short, but a glimmer of hope shines in the CBB House. Then, it's time to send another celeb home. Who will get evicted and who will get to the Final 5? Stay with us!

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WB to CBB. Miesha may have won the Veto but could a bigger target be emerging? Miesha says she's not won a Veto before. Carson has slipped through her fingers before but this time, Cupcake should have a clean take down. Todd knows Miesha will keep noms the same.

Carson says not winning Veto is not fun and since Cynthia didn't win either, we're in hot water. We could talk to Miesha about using the Veto on him but that's not going to happen. I mean, I'm not going to talk to her and she's not going to do it.

Lamar tells us as long as he's up next to Carson, he should be able to survive eviction. In the gym, Carson tells Lamar they'll probably get rid of himself. He's been fighting all season, Carson says, and Lamar should team up with Cynthia immediately.

Carson warns Lamar he won't be safe alone. Carson tells us that Lamar is not an expert on game play, but there's strength in numbers so why not have him team up with Cynthia. Lamar really enjoys her company but why team up with her now just to cut her at the finale?

Cynthia compliments Todd for getting close. Miesha complains that Lamar almost cost her 2 points because of his talking. Lamar is upstairs listening to music. Todrick doesn't know how she puts up with him. He has a disdain for authority, Miesha observes. 

Cynthia tells Todrick and Cynthia around the DT that sometimes Lamar walks around the CBB House like he expects everyone to cater to him and that's disrespectful. In the Chocolate BR, Cynthia tells Carson that Miesha is irritated at Lamar and maybe they can use that.

Cynthia points out that Lamar got his food but took lunch upstairs. Carson tells us Miesha's kerfuffle with Lamar could be to his advantage'. That's French for "advantage". Let the chips fall where they may, Carson tells Cynthia, we'll just have to wait and see.

Up next, twice Carson has been saved from the block. For him, a third time could be a charm. Stay with us!

WB to CBB.Carson & Cynthia may see the writing on the wall but they won't go down without a fight. In the Chalet, Carson tells Cynthia & Todric
about a NYC bar called Champs. Cynthia remembers. Lots of cute people worked there, Carson recalls. 

He'd met someone back in the 90s, Carson says, and took him to his apartment, and were getting romantic when he said he was hungry. So I made him a sandwich but was worried he'd rob me. Not that I had anything to steal at 25yrs old. He eats the sandwich & we do our thing.

The next weekend, he goes to Champs and above the urinal is a poster with a police sketch of the guy. He was wanted for beating up and robbing people who took them home. So I escaped death, Carson concludes. 

New York, Carson remembers fondly in DR, the city that never sleeps. With both eyes closed. Todrick thinks that's a good story. That's a great story, Carson corrects. Romance isn't dead, Carson tells us, and thankfully neither am I. 

At the DT, Miesha tells Cynthia she has to lose 17lbs more to make weight for her upcoming fight. She tells us she's trying to drop to a lower weight class while in the CBB House. Scenes of Miesha training out multiple times a day.

Todd says Miesha goes from beasting us in comps to throwing an 80lb ball. That's like throwing Todrick around. Cynthia tells us Miesha has so much discipline we don't stand a chance. Miesha shows us how she counts every calorie and avoids the treats others eat.

Carson says he can't even get through a Veto meeting without a piece of cake. Miesha tells Cynthia she'd give anything to eat a bag of Peanut M&Ms. 

In the Chocolate BR, Carson says they need to get Miesha to not use the Veto, period. Then have them evict Lamar and not me. Cynthia is still bothered she wasn't nom with him. It has to help Todd's game. Miesha and Todrick are unbreakable. He needs Cynthia to beat them.

Cynthia says they should offer a F4 to Miesha and Todrickagainst Todd & Lamar. Carson tells us they have to convince the thorn in his side (ouch!) to not use the Veto. Cynthia says I haven't won anything yet but I'm going to exhaust every possibility. Our last chance.

Cynthia grabs Miesha and brings her to the Chocolate BR. Cynthia knows she has a F2 with Todrick. Lamar is a free agent. Todd is in the game now, and playing to win with Lamar. If you don't have a F4 with them, can we make some kind of deal? 

Miesha confirms to Cynthia and Carson that she told Lamar she'd bring him to F4. Todd as well. I couldn't tell, Cynthia says, because he didn't put me up next to Carson. Miesha says it's because if Carson pulled himself down then Cynthia would have gone home. 

Since you are committed, then, Cynthia says dejectedly, then obviously we can't get a F4. We respect that, Carson says weakly, so just leave the slate the same. In DR, Miesha wonders why Carson wants to leave noms as they are. I think I can do that. 

Miesha leaves and Carson tells Cynthia what they do now is not rock the boat, stay under the radar, get through the Veto meeting and move on to Plan B. Good job, they tell each other. Time for the Veto meeting. Miesha does not use the Veto. 

Miesha says you could not have paid me enough to use the Veto because Carson is on the block. Now all we have to do is vote him out. Lamar says always taken pride in his post defense, so he feels comfortable he'll survive and he won't go on the block again.

Todrick says that Miesha just sealed the deal to get Carson out, but he's very persuasive. Carson the Veto meeting went great and even though I look fantastic in gold tones, Miesha didn't use the Veto on me and Cynthia is safe. Now it's time to spring into action.

In the SR, Carson tells Cynthia that worked out as best it could. Now they need to convince him to honor their pact and vote out Lamar. Up next, BB Super Fan Jerry O'Conell joins JCM live to talk all things BB!


WB to CBB. Soon, the HG will vote live to send another celeb out the front door. But first, I am so happy to be joined by BB Super Fan Jerry O'Connell. Welcome. It's an honor to be here and not as an evictee, Jerry says. We'll see about next season, JCM says.

You are a self-described uber fan of the show, JCM says, how long have you been watching? Since the beginning, Jerry says, but I really like CBB because, while I'm not that famous (you are, JCM assures him), I know half the people in the house, I've seen every Todrick show.

Carson is incredible, Jerry says, Todd Bridges, I know him, and because unscripted reality TV is so popular, Cynthia Bailey, these are experts at unscripted TV, so it's like an All-Star game. JCM asks if he thinks of anyone differently now that he's watched them 24x7?

Jerry says it's not surprising Todrick wants to control everything and its worked so far. I would have been Kirkpatricked in week 2. I try to let life happen and react. He loved it when Todrick gave Todd the Veto, and when Todd won HoH, he got this bravado, it lit a fire.

Jerry is pleased Cynthia is really getting into the game & fighting because BB is different from other Reality competitions. Jerry says he's a D-List actor (just stop, JCM protests) & I work on a set then go to a motel & I have that private time. No private time in BB.

JCM thinks they are all shocked at how hard this is compared to anything they've done in their lives, and they're all winners in their corners of whatever. Jerry agrees, saying people have championship rings. Lamar has 2, JCM says, and hasn't won a single comp yet.

Jerry is worried about Lamar tonight. JCM asks about the big move of the season & Jerry points to Shanna's eviction. The shocking thing was Kirkpatrick going so early. He was my favorite to win. He knows how to play the game. But it was like watching Shanna in quicksand.

JCM asks if it was fair what happened to Shanna? Jerry says there is no fair or unfair in the BB House. This season is so unpredictable, it's BB, but I was shocked with Shanna left. It made me tune in this week and I can't wait to see what happens tonight.

Jerry says Carson is great, stuck to his game plan and alliance, and he might make it out tonight. Cynthia is beautiful, queen of empires, but her heart wasn't in it until she woke up this week. 

Miesha is an alpha person, Jerry says, and it's working. She told Todd right away to nom Carson & Cynthia. Not you should, we should. Alpha competitor. She's worked out more on BB than I have the last decade. 

Jerry says it was great to see Todd win BB and see he was in it. Maybe he was playing coy. And Lamar? I love Lammy. He has regrets and I was pulling for him, it would propell him to a new stage. But he has a better chance of winning BB than getting back together with Khloe.  

Call it now, JCM puts Jerry on the spot, who's going to win this? I want to see Lamar win but that's a real long shot. I'd like to see Cynthia win. You heard it here, JCM locks in, Jerry O'Connell will go in on the next CBB. Where do I sign, he asks?

Up next, Carson & Cynthia get to work. Can they flip the vote? Then, it's time for another celeb to get shown the door. Plus, those still in the game get some much needed love from home. Stay with us!

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WB to CBB. The PoV seemed to be Carson's last chance to stay in the game. Or was it? Lamar tells us BB shows the CHG a lot of love in terms of food & snacks & he can make anything he wants anytime. The stove won't turn on. He fiddles with the knobs & touches the surface.

I don't really cook, Lamar admits, but you have to be McGyver to work that stove. There's no fire on an electric stove. He stairs at the controls. You push (a gas stove) and turn it, and it lights. It's a lot easier than a computer stove. He presses buttons. 

20 minutes later, Lamar's soup is still on the stove and he's sitting at the DT with a bag of Chips A'Hoy cookies. After 30m, he wishes there was a BB Chef. He walks away leaving the pot on the stove. 

Later, Miesha sides up to Todrick at the DT and says they should get Todd out after Carson. He showed he can be competitive, she says, and he's the most likely to win. She tells us she's afraid Todd would come after her. 

In the Clock BR, Todrick asks if she's afraid Todd has a better chance at winning than Cynthia or Lamar? 1000% that makes sense, he's rising up & winning HoH, almost winning Veto. It sucks, I love Todd, Miesha says. Without batting an eye, Todrick confirms: Todd & Lamar.

Alone in the Clock BR, Todrick addresses the camera: This experience has been a lot more difficult than expected. Cynthia/Carson ask him to the Chocolate BR. Cynthia coaches Carson: You are sad to leave us & we're the closest to him and just want to make him feel better.

Carson tells Todrick they have an interesting last ditch offer that can help his end game. I told you from the beginning I'd love to see you win and I know you and Miesha will go to the end, it's obvious. I want to stay longer and that won't work for Miesha but...

When we had our little side deal in the beginning to look out for each other, Carson reminds Todrick, now would be the time. So if you could vote to keep me, that would be amazing. And we would guarantee you our votes on the jury. 

If there was a world in which we would flip the votes and keep you here, Todrick says, I don't know at this point. What am I going to do when they're gone? At this point, Carson says, we're less dangerous than they are. Those two are now gunning for you. 

The only game left, Todrick tells Carson & Cynthia, is who you're going to sit next to. I'm not that bad, Carson says, I won one thing. Desperate times call for desperate measures, Todrick tells us, and clearly they are clutching at straws but I could use 2 solid votes.

Carson tells Todrick you two will win the remaining HoHs and be in control and in the F2. I'm not going to make this decision on my own, Todrick tells us, so I got to talk to Miesha and see what she thinks. We're just going on the record saying we support you, Carson says.

In the WA, Todrick applies Cirque du Soleil make-up to Miesha's face. He tells Miesha about his convo w/Carson & Cynthia. Miesha doesn't flinch when he says it was more of an ask than a proposal. Todrick says he could use the jury votes, especially with Shanna's threat.

Maybe I can wrap this not-great pitch into a pretty bow, he tells us, and sell it to Miesha and maybe she'll buy it. He says they know they can't win and he's considering saving him, we'd have a better chance at taking out Todd with Carson. 

If Todd wins, Todrick tells Miesha, there aren't any agreements to stick to. Miesha tells us Todrick makes a point, Todd's a late bloomer but has posed himself as a real threat. But Carson has to go first. I just hope Todrick isn't considering the deal, but it's his vote.

Todrick asks Miesha if there's a world in which they should consider this? Miesha says it's such a big threat to keep him. All I have to do is change my vote, Todrick tells Miesha, then he would stay. She doesn't show any emotion but says it'd be playing with fire. 

Todrick tells her he wishes he knew what was the best move. When we return, Carson or Lamar, who is headed home? Stay with us!

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WB to CBB. It is Carson's third time on the block, Lamar's first. But for one of them, tonight will be their last. Let's head to the LR to talk with the noms. Hello, HG. It is time for the live vote and the eviction. 

Carson, Lamar, in just moments your housemates will cast their votes to evict on live TV. But before they do, you each get a final chance to sway their votes with one brief statement. Carson, you're first.

Carson: I don't know how brief this is going to be but I'll try. First, TY to everybody, I've learned so much from each of you, to be a fighter, scrappy, it's been super fun. Thank you (to Miesha) for always nominating me, which no one's ever said, but it's a compliment.

Carson: I must be a force to be reckoned with. I've played this game being myself. You can vote for me if you like that, don't vote for me if you don't. I'm probably not going to change being myself. And I could never campaign against my little Lammy, so, take it away.

Lamar: Hi to the the most beautiful person in the world, his daughter, Destiny, and the most loyal son in the world, LJ. My grandmother told me people come into your life for a reason, hopefully for everyone here in the cast, it'll be a lifetime.

It is time for the live voting to begin. Miesha is first. She's been waiting for this moment all season long. Can she finally say Bye Carson? Miesha votes to evict the lovely Carson.

Cynthia & Carson have been F2 since Day 1. Cynthia votes to evict Lamar, sadly. Todrick was offered a last minute deal from Carson & Cynthia. Was it too good to pass up? Todrick says this is the most difficult vote all season, but Carson I vote to evict you.

All the votes are in and with 2 votes, Carson has been evicted from the CBB House. When we return, we'll give the news to the HG. Stay with us.

WB to CBB. The HG have just finished voting to evict Carson or Lamar, and with 2 votes to evict, Carson will be leaving the CBB House tonight. Let's head back into the LR give the news to the HG. Carson is holding Lamar's hand and wishing him well. 

HG, all the votes are in and when I reveal the vote, the evicted HG will have just a few moments to say goodbye, gather his belongings and walk out the front door. Carson is braced for the inevitable. By a vote of 2-1, Carson, you are evicted from the CBB House.

Carson hugs all the HG and as he's heading to pick up his bag and exit the front door, reminds the others there's meatloaf in the oven (there was a Celebrity Chef, Lamar, and he was just evicted!). Keep it classy, Carson says. Todrick tosses some cut up paper as confetti.

And Cynthia, Carson offers as his parting words, don't eat the cake! They all laugh and shout bye as he leaves. My Gosh, Carson exclaims as he exits to the studio, there's people out here! You look gorgeous, he tells JCM, who does.

I'm traumatized, Carson jokes to JCM, rush me to a Neiman Marcus! Back in the house, it's quiet. OK, says Miesha. Carson's Memory Wall picture fades to B&W. He's a sensational human, Todrick says affectionately. One of my favorite people, Miesha says diplomatically. 

Nobody else got that response leaving, Todrick notes. Todd mock-kicks Carson out the door. Don't let the door hit you, Miesha says less diplomatically. Miesha pretends that was one of the hardest ones, the saddest, I really loved Carson.

In the Studio, Carson asks where's Murray. The stage crew laughs. Is Murray here, Carson asks? Carson, Murray is here, JCM, then to explain the joke, Murray is our Stage Manager. You know everyone in the business, JCM notes. I go everywhere with Murray, he says.

Carson, JCM starts, I know they gave you a heads up you were going, but its still not fun to get evicted. How are you feeling? It's so many emotions, honestly, I made so many great friends in the house, and it's such a weird and peculiar experience.

That house becomes your world, Carson explains, you have no email, you can't contact your friends and family, so you become very invested, which is diabolical, because you have to get rid of people, which is usually really terrible. So a lot of emotions.

Earlier today, JCM says, I saw you & Cynthia trying to get Todrick to save you. Yes. You couldn't convince him. No. Why not? Carson says we had a little deal at the beginning of the show to look out for each other but his bond with Miesha was too strong, unfortunately.

Can we take a trip down memory lane in the house? I would love it, Carson gushes, let's do. Monday night, eviction night. Yes, that was terrible, the worst night. Shanna had to leave because we felt so betrayed that she was playing both sides. 

Let's talk about that, says JCM, on your HoH watch, you finally had a chance to get rid of Miesha (I know), you knew she'd been gunning for you (absolutely) from the start of the game. And ultimately you chose to believe Todrick/Miesha's words over Shanna's actions. 

She saved you from the block, JCM reminds Carson, why did you believe words over action? Carson says they trusted Miesha to play the game with integrity so we believed them. Deal with the devil you know vs. someone that we couldn't trust.

Did you ever consider dealing with Shanna later, JCM asks? We should have, Carson admits, that would have been the smarter way to go. So you regret not getting rid of Miesha? Carson nods yes. When did you put it together in your head? Probably today, Carson says.

When you couldn't flip Todrick, asks JCM? I think even before that, Carson says. Todd & Lamar started saying now they had to get rid of Miesha and then the light went on, ding ding ding, we should have gotten rid of Miesha when we could.

But they (Todd & Lamar) were in such an alliance with her, Carson continues, that... Did you get Big Brothered, JCM interrupts? By Miesha & Todrick? Yeah. I don't know, I hope not. Because I thought their story seemed to add up. 

If you go home and watch everything (You can see Carson realizing his perspective may have been off) and you feel like you got Big Brothered, will you shrug and say that's the game? Or will you be mad? A little of both, probably, Carson confesses.

Well, JCM tells Carson, you did play very hard. Your social game is the best. Thank you, Carson says. And you won a Veto when it was crucial to save yourself, and you won HoH, which was crucial to have power. I did, Carson affirms, I did. 

Did you surprise yourself how well you did in the game, asks JCM, up until now? I was so impressed by Miesha's preparation, like training for a fight, working out and wearing leggings, I didn't think I could hold up to that and I learned more about the game every week.

I'm still not an expert, Carson admits, but maybe there'll be an All-Stars and I'll come back. In my opinion, JCM gushes, you are welcome back any time. You're DR sessions, you are definitely America's Funniest HG. TY so much, is there a prize for that? Sorry, says JCM.

Let's listen to your GB Messages. Oh, I would love to see those, Carson says. Lamar says he had a great time getting to know him, he taught him a lot and he can't wait to hang out in Palm Springs with him.

Miesha says you are quite an amazing man. I'm sad to see you leave. We'll miss your baking and cooking but thank thank you for playing a fair, noble game and I look forward to continuing this friendship outside the BB House.

Todrick says my dear friend, I love you so much, you are a class act. I'm glad we were both here to represent the LGBTQ community, we did a great job if I do say so myself, and consider it the highest compliment that we had to get you out of the house. 

Todrick continues: You were a huge threat but also a huge phosphorescent light in the house & you will be missed. Todd says I hate to see you leave, I had such a good time with you, you made my time here so much fun and it was so nice meeting you. I will see you outside.

Cynthia says I don't even know where to start. I don't know if you know how amazing you are, and how much of an impact you have on other people, but I am forever changed. I absolutely love you, you can never get rid of me. I can't wait to see your face when I walk out.

Those were great, Carson says. Final thoughts? I will be out there, he says, I'll get a drive-on (pass) so I can come pick up Cynthia if she gets voted out but I hope she goes all the way. I wish everyone in the house the best and  I hope they keep playing a great game.

I'll be watching, Carson concludes. You'll also be back here Wed night, 2/23, you get a vote. You get a say on who gets to win. You know, Carson confesses, I guess I better start watching. Oh, JCM says knowingly, You have a lot of catching up to do. I feel like I do.

Up next, as Finale Night fast approaches, it is time to give the Final 5 some much needed love with video messages from their friends and family. Stay with us.

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Welcome back to CBB. They have been locked away inside the CBB House for nearly a month, and while some have received letters from home in their HoH basket, others have not heard from their loved ones. Time to change that.

Hello once again HG, JCM addresses Todd, Cynthia, Lamar, Todrick and Miesha, How is everyone? They say OK. Lamar, last week I told you who was playing in the Super Bowl. Do you want to know who won? They all say Yes. 

OK, says JCM, let me tell you it was a very exciting game & it came down to the wire. With less than 90s on the clock, and with Cincinnati leading 20-16, Rams QB Matt Stafford connected (Todd's jaw drops while Lamar soaks it in) with Cooper Cup for a game-winning TD.

Final score, Rams 23, Bengals 20. Todrick claps. Go LA, says Lamar with as much emotion he's mustered all season. Congratulations to all of you for making the Final 5. Well done, HG, you've ll been in the house for 24 days now, and I'm curious to hear what you miss most?

Miesha says she misses her 1 1/2 yr old old son and 3 1/2 yr old daughter like crazy and my fiancée of course. (That's French for fiance).  My family and friends. Todd misses his kids, mom, brother, sister a lot, and his dog and cat. 

Lamar is missing his children, Destiny and Lamar, and his management team. We all we got, he says quietly. Cynthia misses her husband, Mike, daughters Noell, Kayla, Ashley, friends, family, mom, everybody. I miss everyone.

Todrick, who or what are you missing? I'm missing my friends, my dancers in rehearsal for my tour right now and I can't be there, and my cats: Regina, George, Catty, Fetch and Coco. I miss them so much, JCM, you have no idea.

Well, I can tell all of you, JCM says coyly, your friends & family have definitely been missing all of you, and we have a little surprise for everyone. Todrick throws out his hands, holding everyone back. Everyone else squeals with excitement.

Todd is up first. Mom is right behind him & keep up the good work. His daughter has been watching the show and support and love him. His son loves him and can't wait for him to come home. His (I guess brother and sister) also send him good wishes & support. You got this!

Todrick is next with a message from his mom. You are doing such a good job. It is a challenge and a half, really challenging, but you are holding up to the task. I just want you to know how proud I am of you. Hang in there and we are all cheering for you.

Cynthia gets a message from her man who misses her so much. Obviously you know I love you, and that has grown deeper since you've been inside. Kayla, Noel, Ashley, everyone's doing great as well and love you, sending you the best. Sorry we missed Valentine's Day and...

Cynthia's Message: I guess your birthday (you guess?), but we have a lifetime together to celebrate all that and much much more. Keep going and win it all!

Lamar gets a message from his little brother. Hang in there, take your time, have a good time, try to last until it's over. Remember, Queens loves you and Artie Cox says What's Up? (Lamar laughs) And if you win, he's gonna start you. 

Last is Miesha's fiance, daughter and son. Hi Mom, he prompts and she echos. Miesha beams. I miss you Mommy, he says and the son says I miss you Mommy too. How much do you miss Mommy? Dah! How much do you miss Mommy? Daaaaahh!!! Her daughter opens her arms up THIS WIDE.

Johnny tells Miesha they're good, getting a lot of stuff done. Her daughter interrupts to says she loves and misses her. We love you so much, and they're going to say goodbye. Say goodbye. By Mamma, says her son. I love you Mommy. Then they go off to play.

We can't wait for you to get home, Miesha's fiance says, love you, Babe. All the HG applaud. Miesha wipes the tears from her face. Cynthia says thank you. 

Miesha, JCM asks, how does it feel to see Johnny and your kids? The best thing since I've been in here. I love them and I miss them so much! You have a beautiful family, JCM says. Thank you so much, Miesha says, you have no idea how much that means.

JCM asks Cynthia how it feels to hear from her husband? Everything. You have no idea how it is in this house, (I think she does) we only have each other, to see Mike's face and his encouraging words, and he's still alive on the outside, it is unbelievable. Thank you.

JCM says Lamar, I saw you were laughing. That's my brother, Lamar explains, and we've been battling against or with each other since I was 12. He means a lot to me. Queens, JCM says, that's all I have to say. That's a fact, says Lamar. 

Todrick, how was seeing a message from your mom? I love my mom so much, we've had a difficult relationship because I'm a crazy child, but that means a lot to me. She doesn't know how to work technology at all. The fact she could send that video to you guys made my day.

And Todd, what a great family. I really needed that, Todd says, so cool. I am so glad that you all enjoyed those messages. We enjoyed them as well and getting to know each of you a little bit more. Have a great night, HG. The HG thank JCM again.

When we return, details on how to vote on America's Favorite HG! The winner will win $25k on Finale night. Stay with us. Todrick & Miesha hug. Todd lays back on the couch, sniffles and says I needed that. Miesha didn't want to blink or rub her eyes for fear of missing it.

WB to CBB. This coming Wed, all evicted HG will gather to cast their votes for who they want to see win CBB. But, the $250k grand prize isn't the only cash up for grabs on Finale Night. You at home can cast your vote for America's Favorite HG. 

The CHG have fought hard, they've laughed, cried and played their hearts out. And now you get to award your favorite CHG $25k in cash. The winner will be announced during the live Season Finale on Wed 2/23. Text the HG's name to 21523. Message & data charges may apply.

We are down to the final days of CBB and what an action packed road to the Finale it will be. Tune in tomorrow (Saturday) night as the Final 5 makes their way to the end. It is an episode filled with never-before-seen moments from this season.

On Sun, find out who wins HoH and who he or she nominates for eviction. Then on Mon, it is a special action-packed 2 hour live Double Eviction episode. You don't want to miss when the Final 5 becomes the Final 4, which then becomes the Final 3. And the HG have no idea!

Then on Wed, 2/23, the season comes to an end as the Final HoH is crowned and the final eviction takes place, determining which 2 HG face the jury. Who will walk out of the CBB House with the $250k grand prize on Wednesday!

And if you want to watch the CHG 24hrs a day, stream the live feeds right now, subscribe to Paramount+ @ https://mortystv.com/to/feeds. For now, let's eavesdrop on the Final 5. From outside the CBB House, I'm JCM. Love one another. Goodnight.

In the CBB House, Todd is saying someone is going to send someone $100. Todrick is getting ready to play cards. Miesha sits down next to him. If you don't send it, Todd continues, I'm going to have to send someone to visit you, OK? Cynthia is in the KT. 

I don't want to have to send someone to break your legs, OK, Todd says. Cynthia has a look that says I just can't with these people. It sounds like Todd is quoting from a movie or something to Lamar. Todrick shuffles the cards while Miesha puts on nail polish. 

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