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Big Brother Canada Season 12 - Episode Recaps

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Missed an episode of Big Brother Canada Season 12? We've got your back with our unique real time play-by-play coverage of every Nominations, Veto and Live Eviction episode! It's just like watching but with words!

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Episode 1: Season Premier


Big Brother Canada fans, it’s time to get ready for another season of gaming, intrigue, romance, betrayal, and, of course, Marsha the Moose! It's Big Brother Canada Season 12!

It’s the one special night in the year when excitement is high and anticipation is even higher. Big Brother Canada 12 is going to be the best season ever! 

Let's take our first look at the 12 new houseguests who will be competing for the $200k cash prize. What will they not be willing to do? Plus, we’ll get a first look at the 2 returning houseguests!

Arisa Cox, host and producer of Big Brother Canada, says that many of the houseguests are superfans, which will make the season even more interesting. Superfans are willing to do whatever it takes to become a Big Brother Canada legacy.

While we won’t be able to watch the houseguests live 24/7, the episodes and Digital Dailies will still bring the drama and spill the tea. With each new twist, surprise, and twist-and-turn, Big Brother Canada 12 promises to be one of the best seasons!

The 12 new houseguests enter the game to outplay, outwit, and outlive everyone differently. They've no indication that two returning players plan to shake up the game. Will these all-stars improve their games or fall victim to Big Brother Canada once again?

Bayleigh, Elijah, Kayla, and Matthew are part of the first four introduced to viewers and enter the house. Next to enter are Donna, Dinis, Avery, and Tola. The final four to enter are Vivek, Todd, Lexus, and Jannie.

As they explore the house, including the trophy billiard room, spa and bedrooms, and check out their Winners bags, they guess the theme is BBCan Winners. A Spicy Vee quote is on a wall. They realize there are 2 more champagne glasses in the kitchen and make a pact to band together against any former houseguests.

The HG gather in the living room and introduce themselves. Arisa comes onto the screen and welcomes them to Season 13. It is time for the first competition of the season. The houseguests are told to change into their competition outfits and head to the backyard.

It is time to learn who are the mystery BBCAN A-Listers for this season. Victoria "Spicy Vee", from Big Brother Canada Season 9, and Anthony, from Big Brother Season 7 will be joining them. They have had a taste of fame previously and are now back for the full meal. 

Spicy Vee says she's stronger, bigger, better and the others better be afraid. This season will be about finding a ride-or-tie and being loyal to the end. Anthony says he's more than just a pretty boy, and he's bringing the cream cheese back, but he'll have to find new soldiers to march to his tune. This season, he knows the importance of jury management and Dougielicious is going to be the greatest player in North American history.

Arriving on a red carpet, Arisa shows the houseguests in backyard of lava for the first competition. Spicy Vee and Anthony realize the other houseguests are all newbies. The two legends will both be given safety for the first week, Arisa tells them as they breath a sigh of relief. 

They enter the BBCan Studio and explore the house. They are excited each other is there. It's good to be back, Anthony says. They strategize to work together but be separated, to watch and observe, then separate the others, preventing anyone from going after them. They open a room and see an Infniniti QX60 and figure the winner of Big Brother Canada Season 12 will win it.

Out in the backyard, the houseguests are dressed in tattered apocalypse outfits, holding onto a rope at the edge of a pit of lava. A cloth at the end is pulled away revealing two throne-like stone chairs. Anthony and Spicy Vee enter to the houseguests surprise and excitement. Arisa officially welcomes all 14 houseguests to the Season 12 BBCan Studios. 

Victoria and Anthony will not compete in this competition, Arisa says. The first competition of the season is always important but this is not a Head of Household competition but a Safety Competition. They are competing for the chance to choose one of the two All-Stars as their entourage sidekick for the week. Second place will pick next, and so on. 

Tomorrow, Victoria and Anthony will compete in an HoH face-off for the ages - the winning All-Star wins safety for their entourage. Everyone else in the losing All-Star's entourage will be eligible for eviction. The mission is to hang on as long as possible to get your first choice at All-Star.

The houseguests will stand on a ledge over the pit and grab their rope at the first knot. If they lose their grip and fall into the pit, they're done. The challenge starts and each houseguest is leaning slightly over the ledge as Victoria and Anthony root them on, trying to measure up the others. 

Arisa tells them to move to their second knot, leaning further over the edge of the lava pit. Then it is time for the third not, and Elijah is out first. T

It is time for the fourth knot and Todd says he accidentally started out on the fourth knot. Dinis's legs are dancing. Kayla is next out.

Dinis says, "See you on the other side," and drops. 

Bayleigh drops and Arisa tells the remaining six houseguests to move to the sixth knot, which proves to be too much for Todd, who drops. 

Kayla says this is much harder now. Avery doesn't know how much longer she can hold out. 

The episode ends mid-competition. 

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Episode 2: An All-Star Head of Household


Previously on Big Brother Canada, when 12 HG from across Canada landed in Hollywood North, the biggest Fame Game made its epic premier, and the wannabe stars were primed to claim BBCan fame. 

Introducing: Elijah, a superfan ready to play spoiler, Donna, a scene-stealing artist, and Avery, a mogul in the making, inspired by greatness. With BBCan stars in their eyes, the newbies made a pact to stick together. 

Then, Big Brother set the Dream Factory on fire when two notorious A-Listers snatched the spotlight: Pretty Boy Anthony and Spicy Vee. And with entrance into their entourage on the line, Big Brother pushed the houseguests to the edge. 

Tonight, who will hang on for safety? With the houseguests choosing sides, whose entourage looks like money, and who's getting cast as this season's first Head of Household, Spicy Vee or Dougalicious? 

Lights! Camera! Drama! On Big Brother Canada!

The houseguests are in a Safety Competition, where the winner will be allowed to pick either BBCAN All-Star Victoria or Anthony to join their entourage. The All-Star not picked would begin the entourage of the 2nd place houseguest. Each houseguest would then be able to select one of the two entourages to join. While this competition does not guarantee the winner the title of Head of Household, it protects them for the week.

Elijah was the first houseguest to drop, followed by Kayla, Dinis, Bayleigh, and Todd. Avery is the next to fall and Vivek decides to be next, followed by a struggling Donna. Arisa moves the remaining houseguests to the 7th and final knot. It's too much for  Janine. Matt slips, leaving Tola and Lexus battling for safety. Lexus manages to survive Tola, giving her safety for the week. 

Tomorrow, Anthony and Spicy Vee will square off in a competition for the ages for the first Head of Household. Not only will the HoH be safe for the week, but so will their whole entourage. So each houseguest must pick the right entourage to join.

As the winner of the Safety Competition, Lexus chooses Anthony's entourage because he's strong. As the second-place finisher, Tola chooses to join Victoria's entourage. Matthew and Janine join Tola and Victoria, while Donna and Vivek both go with Anthony's entourage. Avery and Todd also spice it up with Victoria. Bayleigh and Dinis latch onto Anthony. For Dinis, it wasn't about the All-Star but the other houseguests in each entourage. When Kayla joins Victoria's team, Elijah is left with Anthony's team.

The entourages are set and now it is up to one of the All-Stars to win the first Head or Household. The houseguests return inside as they settle into their new lives in the BBCan Studio. Anthony tells Vivek the game is a marathon, not a sprint, as he seeks to get inside his head. I got your back, Vivek promises.

Tola and Lexus bond over lasting the longest as they search the house for open doors. They agree that Anthony's success in his season was his loyalty to the Pretty Boys. Kayla joins them, looking at the stars on the upstairs Big Brother Canada Walk of Fame, and remembering the former houseguests. Tola tells us he thought he knew a lot about Big Brother Canada but Avery knows much more.

In the Wash Area, Victoria and Anthony sneak a moment alone to discuss whether one of them should throw the HoH comp to the other, and who should be nominated. Anthony thinks all the big targets are on Victoria's team. It's a question of who they can control. In the trophy room, Victoria finds her Invisible HoH chalice. Anthony looks for Dane's winning trophy. 

In the spa, Avery approaches Victoria about working together. They call their alliance Havahoties. Todd tells Anthony he's single. Anthony can't believe he's back, but this is a totally different game. Anthony offers to mentor Todd, even though he's on Victoria's team. 

Victoria meets with Janine, Kayla, and Bayliegh in the green bedroom. Janine proposes an all-girls alliance. Yes, they haven't worked in the past but they can make this work, she reasons. No one is going to get attached to a guy, Bayleigh says confidently. Victoria likes all the alliances because she's always wanted to work with the girls, but her number one is Anthony. The girls discuss code words that would drive guys away when they want to talk between themselves.

Dinis tells Anthony he admires his loyalty, that's why he wanted to be in his entourage. But Anthony worries Dinis isn't someone he can mentally control. Elijah, on the other hand... 

Victoria, Kayla and Donna agree a guy should be the first to go. She proposes Vee's Angels as the girls' alliance name. The do the Charlie's Angels pose. But Victoria insists to us that her number one remains Anthony.

The houseguests are gathered in the Living Room, telling stories about fighting. Elijah tells a story about attacking burglars who had broken into his house. He goosed them. Vivek uses the distraction to sneak into the Storage Room to check in with Anthony, who says he can't play the game like the Pretty Boys again. Anthony tells him to get to know the girls. They are 100% working together.

Victoria follows Dougie into the Storage Room. They should both fight for it, she says. They have to agree on who the biggest threats are, Anthony says. They point out threats on each others' teams. 

The houseguests put on a Winners fashion show. The ladies go first. While they are alone together getting ready in the red and green bedrooms, they talk more about an all-girls alliance. They all gather in the wash area to put their faces on, promising to stick together. Victoria promises they are all safe this week. Donna proposes putting a guy and a girl up together to keep their alliance secret.

Anthony suspects what they are up to and warns Tola, Todd and Matthew. Don't say anything, he advises, but get to know them and find out what they're saying. Anthony says Spicy told him the girls are all locked in> I guess we have to lock in too, Todd says. 

Daniel C, from Big Brother Canada Season 11, bursts into the backyard to HoH competition between Anthony and Veronica. Their entourages are ensconced in painters' booths clad in a soft white pallet, Anthony's entourage is Team Red and Victoria's is Team Blue. He lives for the drama, and this challenge is going to stir the pot. Called the Art of Betrayal, Daniel asks the newbies first-impression questions about each other. Don't be nice, he warns them, spill the tea.

The two All-Stars must guess the answer selected by the majority. If an All-Star guesses incorrectly or is not the first to answer correctly must eliminate someone from their team by blasting them with paint. That houseguest will not participate in any more questions. The All-Star with the most unpainted entourage members remaining at the end wins HoH. 

Who has their finger on the pulse of the house, and whose social game is slipping in their old age? Let the chaos begin!

Anthony says moments before the competition began, Victoria told him to throw it to her because a guy has to be the first to go and she doesn't want him to have a target on his back for putting up 2 guys. He's not happy she waited until the last minute to drop this on him when there is no time to discuss it. Maybe he has to win this.

Question one: Who is the most annoying houseguest? 

Anthony thinks the majority said Donna. His entourage's majority also picked Donna. Spicy said it was Tola, and her entourage agreed. Victoria says she didn't realize her answers would be revealed to her entourage! That's dirty! 

Since she locked in first, Daniel informs them, she won the first round. Daniel chooses to eliminate Elijah, who is splattered with green paint. 

Question Two: Who is the most full of themselves? 

Anthony says Donna again. Spicy Vee says it is Matthew. Both of their entourages agree with them. But Anthony locked in first, so Spicy Vee eliminates Todd with a blast of red paint.

Question Three: Who has been the most fake so far? 

Anthony selects Donna again. Victoria goes with Tola. Anthony is incorrect - the majority of his entourage did not agree, so Spicy Vee wins he round. Anthony eliminates Vivek with a blast of green paint.

Question Four: Who is the most likely to backstab their alliance? 

Anthony selects Dinis, and Victoria goes again with Tola. Anthony is correct and Victoria eliminates Avery. There are four remaining on each team.

Question Five: Who will be the easiest to manipulate?

Anthony says Elijah. Victoria says Todd. Anthony wins the point and Victoria sprays Matthew with yellow paint. 

Question Six: Who will be the biggest pawn of the season?

Anthony says Elijah. Victoria goes again with Todd. He is correct and fastest for the third straight time, and Victoria is upset he isn't throwing the competition to her. She thought they had an understanding. 

Victoria takes out her frustration on Tola, leaving her with only 2 team members to Anthony's four.

Question Seven: Who most regrets the All-Star they picked? 

Anthony returns to Donna, while Spicy grumpily sticks with Tola, who wonders if she hates him. Spicy Vee wins the round as Anthony's team did not pick Donna. Anthony takes out Dinis with the green paint. 

Question Eight: Who is the biggest gossip?

Anthony again says it is Donna. Victoria says it is Avery. They are both incorrect and must both eliminate someone. Anthony eliminates Lexus with purple paint, while Victoria eliminates Janine, leaving her with just one team member left. 

Question Nine: Who is most to cry when nominated? 

Spicy rings in first with Janine. Anthony says Dinis. Anthony is correct and wins Head of Household! 

But there is still the matter of formally eliminating Kayla, who is blasted with orange. 

Who will Anthony nominate for eviction from Victoria's entourage? 

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