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The Amazing Race Season 35 Teams

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Jocelyn & Victor

Jocelyn Chao
49, Grocery Store Manager
Victor Limary
49, Grocery Store Manager

Married from Albuquerque, New Mexico
Leg One: 1st

Liam & Yeremi

Liam Hykel
23, Navy Veteran

Yeremi Hykel

24, Marine Corps Veteran


Brothers from Cheyenne, Wyoming

and San Marcos, Texas


Leg One: 8th


Malaina & Andrea

Malaina Hatcher

45, Tax Examiner Technician

Andrea Simpson

44, Director of Credit Management


Best friends from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Leg One: 10th


Joe & Ian

Joe Moskowitz
(35, Head of Business Development for
a Commercial Real Estate Tech Platform)

Ian Todd
(40, Sr. Director of New Business for
a Marketing Tech Start-Up)

Engaged from New York, New York


Leg One: 9th


Steve & Anna Leigh

Steve Cargile

54, Residential/Commercial Paint Contractor

Anna Leigh Wilson

28, Speech Pathologist, Private Flight Attendant, Influencer

Father and daughter from Petty, Texas

and Royse City, Texas


Leg One: 6th


Morgan & Lena

Morgan Franklin

31, Marketing Executive

Lena Franklin

29, Marketing Executive

Sisters from Brooklyn, New York

and Los Angeles, California


Leg One: 4th (Express Pass)


Ashlie & Todd

Ashlie Martin

38, Hospitality Account Manager

Todd Martin

38, Special Education Teacher

Married from Chino, California


Leg One: 5th


Robbin & Chelsea

Robbin Tomich

41, Stay-at-Home Mom

Chelsea Day

41, Stay-at-Home Mom

Childhood best friends from Kirkland, Washington

and Shoreline, Washington


Leg One: 11th


Greg & John

Greg Franklin

25, Software Developer

John Franklin

27, Product Manager

Brothers from New York, New York

and Mountain View, California


Leg One: 3rd


Rob & Corey

Rob McArthur

48, Teaching Assistant and Assistant Football Coach

Corey McArthur

25, Senior Manager of Client Strategy and Analytics

Father and son from Riverside, California
and New York, New York


Leg One: 2nd


Joel & Garrett

Joel Strasser

42, Auto Claims Training Specialist

Garrett Smith

43, Delivery Driver

Best Friends from Kuna, Idaho

and Meridian, Idaho


Leg One: 7th


Elizabeth & Iliana

Elizabeth Rivera

52, Retired Lieutenant

Iliana Rivera

27, Entrepreneur

Mother and daughter from Tampa, Florida


Leg One: 12th


Alexandra & Sheridan

Alexandra Lichtor
34, Consultant

Sheridan Lichtor

29, Consultant


Siblings from Chicago, Illinois


Leg One: Eliminated

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