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  1. In: Josh & Paul tell Christmas Kevin's secret.

    By Bigfqn, 09/08/2017

    Raven finally evicted 


  2. In: Paul's Final Three

    By Bigfqn, 09/08/2017

    Ravens exit interview with lipstick all over her teeth! 


  3. In: Josh & Paul tell Christmas Kevin's secret.

    By Stephf, 08/23/2017

    What a snake Josh. I gave Kevin my word. Everyone knows now that your word means nothing. 

  4. In: Paul's Final Three

    By Stephf, 08/23/2017

    I hope these followers start talking to each other and set Paul up to take a fall. Total blindside. But...none of them have the nerve to do it. Christmas was gonna make a big move. LOL. She did exactly what Paul wanted, just like every other HOH except Jody. Why are they all so stupid❓This is the worst BB ever. Paul is a nasty bully. 

  5. In: 10 vs 2, part 2

    By susanschoon, 08/15/2017

    This is the worst cast BB has ever had and they should be ashamed of themselves for letting all this bullying continue. I can't stand this show anymore.

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