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Announcement: FORUM RULES

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QUOTE (morty @ Apr 4 2006, 05:53 PM)

Welcome to tvfanforums.net.

Please read the following updated (4-4-2006) rules and familiarize yourself with them. Following these rules will help in keeping our Forums and Chat Rooms friendly and enjoyable places to be, for all.

  • Posting racist posts or direct attacks on other posters is considered as Flaming, and those posts will be deleted.
    We love free speech around here, so express your opinion. If you don't agree, then express a counterpoint, but DO NOT ATTACK others. Resist the temptation to respond to flames because then you are just as guilty. Posters who choose not to follow this rule are subjecting themselves to possible "Post-Review", or even worse, being banned from the forums. We hope to never have to go to this extreme.
  • Intimidation and harassment towards other Posters, Forum Moderators, or Chat Hosts/Members will NOT BE TOLERATED.
    (This also includes Private Messages). Again, posters who choose not to follow these rules are subjecting themselves to possible "Post-Review," removal of Private Message privileges or being banned from the forums and chat.
  • Members must provide a valid email address in their registration profile.
    This allows the Site Administrator to contact members. If email addresses are not valid, the user ID may be removed at the discretion of Site Admin.
  • Avatars may not be racist or pornographic and will be removed.
  • Signatures line may not display images or links.
    In fact, links that advertise or promote other sites are not permitted at Morty's at all. Morty has links pages and you can contact him directly if you want your site promoted!
  • Posts may not contain links or pictures of a pornographic or blatantly racist nature.
  • Spamming is not permitted; nor is role playing. Games must be authorized by the Morty Team.
  • Gratuitous profanity will be edited out! Profanity in quotes must be attributed to a source like a Houseguest or a movie (NOT another poster). All other profanity is discouraged.
All of Morty's rules being broken will be dealt with by raising warn levels, followed by more severe consequences, if persistent abuses occur.

Here's another neat feature we have here. Moderators can now merge topics. Multiple exact topics will be merged to prevent those pesky multiple threads that drive everyone crazy. Look before you post to see that you are really adding a new topic, or join a thread already in progress. Post wisely, politely, and creatively! Furthermore, please remember that posts that do not relate to the topic are considered off-topic (even in Off Topic) and are subject to removal with no questions asked.

Did you know you can ignore posters now? Consider using that feature. All posts responding to or quoting a flame or bait will also be removed!

On any post that is in any forum there is a "Report" button. This allows you to notify a Moderator of a post that violates a Morty rule. USE IT! All Moderators are then informed and one will take action as soon as they receive the complaint. Persistent false complaints will be considered flaming.

Moderators now have a warning bar under your name in every post. This is used by Moderators to keep track of offenses. For that bar to move towards full, a Moderator must file a report. Want to see why your level is increasing? Ask a Moderator and they will send you your report by PM. Once a bar has been increased to the 50% mark or 5 incidents, you will be sent a PM by a Moderator asking you to correct your posting behaviour or further actions will be considered, including the possibility of having all of your posts reviewed before they are placed in the forums.

We are a big diverse family at Morty's reflective of many experiences and viewpoints. All are welcome! If you disagree, think before you answer. Are you adding to the subject or just disagreeing. Are you inciting a problem?

Last but not least, The Morty Team wants to thank our tireless band of volunteers, from our live feed updaters and show writers, picture posters and videographers, Chat Hosts, Columnists, to our TAR and Survivor Writers and Spoiler Scouts!

It has been our pleasure to host you all at Morty's, and with another season of Big Brother right around the corner, we hope you will stick around and enjoy our other show coverage and discussions.

As many of you know, a Mortyite is like no other ... we are a breed unto ourselves, and only we know why we are a family!

I am taking these actions to re-focus this site to what I want it to be. A place to talk about our favorite TV shows and an information site.