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Friday August 8 Live Feeds / BB After Dark Updates


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12:05 AM BBT Nicole says that the guys have known Zach's speeches and that they didn't warn her. She is very angry about it. She asked if Christine knew and she of course lies and says she didn't. Nicole says good cause then she wouldn't have anyone. Nicole says she doesn't want Victoria up on Thursday or she will go home so she wants Christine to play in veto. Victoria apparently asked Nicole to throw the HOH to her and Nicole said no way.


12:15 AM BBT The hive talk breaks up and Nicole moves into the WA. It is past Donny's bed time and she tells him to go to bed. Donny says you won’t take offense to it? Nicole says no and she asks Christine who also says no. Donny says okay and he heads to use the WA. Christine tells Frankie in the LR who they are putting on the block. Caleb exits the DR and tells them it will be a long night because they have lot to talk about and we get highlight reels.


12:25 AM BBT in the KT, Caleb, Cody and Victoria talk about the girls winning HOH. Caleb says it was not good because they are working together. Cody says he is worried about being put up. Victoria thinks Christine is going to put her up. Caleb says he will save the whole house some problems and will just eat some food, thus being put up as penalty nom.


12:35 AM BBT Caleb complains about his HOH basket. He says he got one picture and clothes he will never wear. He does not get why the girl's hoh is more special than his. Nicole tells him because he was safe for DE. Caleb says if he is put up he is going to eat a box of pop tarts because it won’t matter. He then says putting up strong people is a bad idea. Caleb continues to say that if he is getting put up he is coming after whoever does it because he is not a pawn and should not be looked at as one. This is all in the LR with Christine in the room (he is trying to intimidate,)


12:45 AM BBT Zach talks to Nicole in the WA. He says that he told her she could not trust Christine. Nicole said him going home was not even the plan until she was approached that Zach was going on a unanimous vote. She tells him to just wait till he sees it. Nicole says that they told Hayden to vote out Zach to set him up because they never really planned to. They break it up. In the HN room Caleb and Cody are whispering. Cody says he is not going to either of them and he will just let the noms ride. Caleb says he has had two chances to go after Christine and he hasn't so she should not put him up.


12:55 AM BBT Cody has moved on to talking to Victoria about not trusting the girls. He says that he is not afraid to talk to anyone about anything he has done and that he just told all this to Caleb. He calls Caleb very loyal and a beast a competitions. Zach comes in the room and says that he is going to talk less. Once he leaves, Cody says he is over him and will be over Nicole probably after her nominations.

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1:58 AM BBT Nicole's HOH Letter: Dear Nicole, Just wanted to start out by saying how proud everyone is of you. It's crazy to think that just a few months ago we graduated Nursing School, and that everybody has taken such different paths. You're such a strong competitor, and you were born for this game. Just remember it's a game, but still try to remain the Nicole that everyone loves. You're such a fun, loving, nerdy, smart, and beautiful friend, that has a heart of gold. Anybody that meets you on the show is lucky. We are all routing for you, and know you will do great. Can't wait to see you soon. Love you lots, Kaitlyn


1:59 AM BBT Christine's HOH Letter: Dear Stiners, I want you to know first off, that I'm so incredibly proud of you. You're the love of my life, and my best friend. I'm the most blessed man on earth, that I get to call  you mine. You've been in that house for a while now, and every time I think I can't miss you any more, you always find something cute to do or say that makes my heart swell. I'm counting down the days until I get to kiss you again. Just remember that whenever you feel stressed out or sad, that I'm out here sending my best wishes, and praying for you every day. You're my best friend, and the love of my life. You're the most beautiful girl I've ever seen, and I miss hearing your laugh in real life. Win us some money, and don't forget about me, o.k.? I love you. Your loving husband, Tim AKA Sweetpea

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1:18 AM BBTCaleb, Cody, and Zach are in have not room and as soon as Caleb walked in Cody had an episode of gas and they have a laugh


1:22 AM BBT Frankie has joined Caleb, Zach, and Cody in the Have Not room.  Cody and Frankie are laying down and Caleb is telling stories from the army. Zach says just hearing about Caleb having to dig a hole makes him parched and leaves.


1:28 AM BBT Zach has gotten a drink and asks Nicole to go into the beehive room. Zach asks Nicole who she is going to nominate? She says she really doesn't know she wants to find out exactly what happen. Zach said he told Victoria she would probably be going up. Nicole again said she doesn't know. Nicole finally tells Zach he isn't really her target but she doesn't trust him


1:31 AM BBT Zach explains how much he hates Christine. Nic tells him about Frankie and Christine coming up to her and Hayden and are the ones that said they needed to get rid of Zach. Zach tells Nicole he is going to lay everything out on the table he has nothing to lose. She says she doesn't either. Nicole said Christine is the one that came up and told her Zach said Hayden and Victoria made out. Zach jumps up and laughs and says Christine came and told him that. 


1:37 AM BBT Zach tells Nicole he is going to tell her his entire BB life in 5 minutes. He goes through how Bomb Squad formed, how him, Cody, and Derrick got close and made Tres Amigos and had a F3 deal, but at same time had a F2 deal with Frankie. He tells her that the Detonators have been around for about 2 weeks. Nicole said Christine told her Zach tried to start that alliance 3 days ago because he was worried. Zach is glowing that all this is coming out and exposing Christine. 


1:46 AM BBT Zach tells Nicole that Frankie had him under a spell and he would run back to him with any information. He says that everyone in his alliance was telling him that Hayden and Nicole was the mastermind to get him out. That 5 hours ago he F'in hated her. Literally hated her. But now he has nothing to lose and has told her his entire game. That he still has a F3 with Cody and Derrick. Zach says that they need to work together though because even though she didn't tell him anything about her game she now knows all of his.  


1:48 AM BBT Zach says he is soooo happy him and Nicole talked. Zach tells her how trustworthy Cody is. Nicole says no way. He says to him he is. Nicole tells him that Hayden and her were in an alliance with Cody and Derrick up until today. Zach is blown away. Nicole agrees they need to work together but to please not stab her in the back and Zach says they have to trust each other. Nicole says she has no one in the house. BB calls for Nicole and Christine to the DR. They hug and promise each other that they trust each other but Nicole reiterates not to screw her over.  


1:53 AM BBTAs soon as Nicole leaves the beehive room Frankie goes in with Zach. Frankie is fishing for info what they were talking about. Zach says he was just begging Nicole not to put him up. They agree they need to talk later. 


1:54 AM BBT Frankie and Derrick talk in the beehive room about the new TA mission. TA mission is they all 3 have to play a role in convincing someone to be nominated as a pawn. And they have to stay on the block all the way, they can't come off during BoTB or they fail. Derrick says it would be easy if they were HOH or if one of them tried, but if all 3 talk to same person it'll look suspicious. 


1:57 AM BBT Nicole and Christine come out of the DR and...."Who wants to see our HOH room!!!" Everyone goes up the steps and Caleb says "hang on, Jocasta and Hayden on there yet." A few people chuckle. The 2 HOH immediately dive into their baskets. 


2:02 AM BBT Nicole and Caleb are happy because she got the new Chris Young CD. Christine explains that the tiger that is in her basket was from her husband the first week they were married and he brought it home because she had food poisoning. They all go through the food items they got. Nicole got 2 more outfits. Nicole got a CD of her favorite band, Rocket Summer. They all go sit down to do letters. 


2:08 AM BBT Nicoles basket has some beef jerky, what looks like pickles, some Cheetos, socks, head bands, other toiletry items. Christine's has a big bag of nacho cheese Doritos, bags of Corn Nuts, rice cakes, bottles of Dasani water, Mr. Bubbles bubble bath. There is more but hard to see behind everything else.


2:18 AM BBT Everyone has scattered out of the HOH room. Christine, Nicole, and Frankie stay in HOH room.Talk turns to how upset Cody is at Christine and Nicole. Christine goes to get water and Frankie still keeps pressuring Nicole for why Cody is mad. She said she really doesn't know but she thought Cody was on board to vote Zach out. Nicole says she is pissed at Victoria and she "just don't know." Frankie says he will be there for her when she needs him. 


2:19 AM BBT Zach, Cody, Derrick, and Caleb are in the WA whispering and we get a brief FOTH. Feeds come back to Derrick saying keep Donny off the block (assuming for a backdoor). They are discussing scenarios about who could beat who in BoTB. 


2:23 AM BBT Frankie and Nicole are in HOH are discussing Hayden leaving. Frankie says he was fed a line of bullcrap. Nicole says they trusted the same people and they both got BS'd. And it was easy because they weren't close enough to cross-reference what they were getting told. Nicole said she was most upset about Hayden leaving because he did nothing. Nicole said she is still shocked how easy it was to get lied to. But she agrees it was a brilliant plan. 


2:27 AM BBT Zach is in the WA telling Cody, Derrick. and Caleb that he told Nicole all about his game. He tells Cody that Nicole is upset at him. Derrick is wanting to know if his name came up and Z says not really. Zach is telling how Christine started the rumor about Victoria and Hayden making out. He isn't telling everything him and Nicole discussed but quiet a bit. But it seems he is spinning it so they will be upset at Christine. 


2:31 AM BBT Zach tells Cody and Derrick that he told Nicole about The Detonators. Derrick seems pissed that Zach did and asks "why did you do that?" Zach said he had to. He goes over what Nicole told him about Frankie saying the alliance was started 3 days ago. Derrick tells him its cool but before he does something like that again to bounce it off one of them. Donny comes up and interrupts their convo with Caleb right behind him. Caleb tells all them that Frankie is trying to throw all the guys under the bus. They say that when they were upset at Hayden, it was really Frankie and Christine working together. 


2:36 AM BBT Zach is telling Donny that Hayden was an innocent victim. That Frankie and Christine lied to Zach that Hayden wanted to backdoor him. Donny says he has been trying to hint at this but since no one wanted to work with him what could he say? Zach says Frankie isn't nothing but a "big ol MF'ing liar." Donny tells the whole group that sad part is there is nothing they can do this week, that someone is going to have to go home and the rest take care of it next week. 


2:42 AM BBT Donny, Caleb, Cody all seem to think they can throw BoTB to keep Nicole as HOH and make Christine their target. Caleb says now they all know why they have been going against each other that Frankie and Christine is the cancer that has been stirring stuff up. Talk dies down and Donny says he is going to bed, and Caleb tells him he is all caught up on what has been going on. Donny may have found a crack to get into an alliance with Caleb and Cody. 


2:46 AM BBT Zach and Christine are laying in the HOH bed. Zach is fishing for information. Christine says her first thoughts is Victoria and Donny. Zach says if you pick first that is best plan but if she picks 2nd then she is screwed. Z tells her she can't put him or Caleb up. He asks if her and Nicole have talked and she says barely. Zach says he may be able to influence Nicole. Christine says she has to find a way to work with Nicole because she thinks Nicole will backdoor her.


2:49 AM BBT Derrick and Nicole are whispering and talking. Derrick says she is one of the few people he trusts. Nicole says she feels Zach is one of her options to put up. Derrick says he wants her to stay HOH and he actually mentioned to Zach that he should go to Nicole since he loves being on TV and volunteer to be nominated with Frankie and he throw the BoTB and they have the numbers to get rid of Frankie. Worst case Frankie wins POV and they can backdoor Christine. Derrick tells her that Zach went straight downstairs and told all the guys what she told him in beehive earlier. 


2:56 AM BBT Derrick is really pushing Nicole to nominate Frankie and Zach and convince Zach to throw BoTB and get rid of Frankie. Derrick says he knows Donny and Cody wants Frankie gone. He can convince Victoria to vote out Frankie. Nicole is hesitant because she doesn't fully trust Zach and thinks she has better chance to stay HOH if she puts up Victoria and Frankie because Victoria is no good in comps. Derrick says Zach told him he would sit on the ground during BoTB and tell Frankie "I AM SENDING YOU HOME." Derrick says the common denominator in all the trouble in the house is Frankie and Christine and Nicole agrees Frankie is her biggest threat. 


3:01 AM BBT Caleb and Christine are just chit chatting in HOH room about how the night went and how cut throat the game is starting to get.


3:03 AM BBT Derrick is still trying to get Nicole to agree to the plan he is pitching to her. Nicole says its a really good idea but she literally feels sick when it comes to having to trust Zach and to have that much riding on him. She feels if Christine stays HOH and POV is used that she could potentially backdoor her. Derrick says they have to get Zach up there before he leaves.


3:13 AM BBT Derrick and Nicole pull Caleb in at Derrick's request and Derrick asks Caleb exactly what Zach said. Caleb backs up Derricks story that Zach said he would sit down on the ground during the BoTB and say he is doing it to send Frankie home. Caleb also agrees he is pissed at Frankie and if Zach and Frankie are on the block, he is voting out Frankie. Nicole tells Caleb and Derrick that Frankie made her lie to them by threatening her back when Amber was still in house to get Caleb and Amber against each other. Nicole tells Caleb that Amber was talking crap about him. Caleb says he would like to punch Frankie in the face and he made a huge mistake by putting Hayden up.


3:24 AM BBT Derrick and Caleb are still talking to Nicole trying to get her on board with the plan. Nicole is saying she would prefer Caleb go up with Frankie and he throw it, basically she trusts him more than Zach. Nicole tells him he would have to pretend to be mad. Its seeming like Nicole has convinced Caleb to go up and sit down and throw the BoTB to send Frankie home. They agree the plan can not leak out. Caleb hugs Nicole and leaves. Derrick says if you don't trust me now you never will and Caleb is a man of his word more than anyone else in the house. Cody and Victoria in the mean time have been chatting in the earth room. Just chit chat. 


3:36 AM BBT Derrick and Nicole still chatting. Pretty much Derrick is just re-assuring her all this will work. Cody and Christine are chatting on the HOH bed. Cody is trying to get a feel of who she is going to nominate. He brings up if she hears he bad mouthed her the only time he did was during the whole Hayden/Victoria kissing drama. Then FOTH.


3:40 AM BBT Derrick and Nicole have pulled Zach into the room with them. They are discussing who Nicole is going to tell Christine she is putting up. Even though she doesn't trust Zach it sounds like they have let Zach in on the plan. Zach says that Frankie already has a feeling everyone is against him but he of course doesn't know exactly what's going on. They are still going to use Caleb as the pawn against Frankie.


3:50 AM BBT Nicole repeatedly, probably 5-7 times, has told Zach that he has to keep his mouth shut this week. He assures her he will. Derrick grabs Cody from the other HOH room. Cody asks Zach if he can leave he wants to talk to Nicole alone. Cody tells her that she opened her mouth to the wrong person. He said he thought Christine and him were as close as Hayden and Nicole. He says he was the other vote against her but its because he didn't know who they were voting for.


3:50 AM BBT Nicole repeatedly, probably 5-7 times, has told Zach that he has to keep his mouth shut this week. He assures her he will. Derrick grabs Cody from the other HOH room. Cody asks Zach if he can leave he wants to talk to Nicole alone. Cody tells her that she opened her mouth to the wrong person. He said he thought Christine and him were as close as Hayden and Nicole. He says he was the other vote against her but its because he didn't know who they were voting for.


3:54 AM BBT Derrick and Christine are chatting. Derrick basically telling her to do what is best for her game. Christine asks if she can ask something but he keep it a secret...she asks him what is Zach going to do when she puts him up? Derrick says probably be the usual Zach. 


4:20 AM BBT Caleb/Zach/Derrick all sitting in tree house. Just chit chat. Derrick tells Caleb about where is dad lives. Just so happens Derrick and Caleb have been to the same dance club in TX. 


4:30 AM BBT Cody and Nicole still chatting, moved on to the recent evictions and the way Zach acts. Cody said he told Zach if he made Nicole cry this week he would punch him in the mouth. Nicole brings up Victoria voting against Hayden, and how they had her back. Nicole says she is so mad about Hayden's eviction because he wasn't dirty and didn't do anything wrong. She brings up Christina lying to Nicole about Vic/Hayden kissing and only did it to mess with her emotions right before veto comp. Says if she was truly a friend she wouldn't have done that. 


4:33 AM BBT Cody and Nicole still chatting, moved on to the recent evictions and the way Zach acts. Cody said he told Zach if he made Nicole cry this week he would punch him in the mouth. Nicole brings up Victoria voting against Hayden, and how they had her back. Nicole says she is so mad about Hayden's eviction because he wasn't dirty and didn't do anything wrong. She brings up Christina lying to Nicole about Vic/Hayden kissing and only did it to mess with her emotions right before veto comp. Says if she was truly a friend she wouldn't have done that. 


4:39 AM BBT Caleb and Zach walk into 2nd HOH room with Nicole/Cody and Caleb tells Cody that he has probably already heard but he volunteered to go on block. But now that he thinks about it he is way to big of a target to be on the block at anytime. Nicole is re-assuring Caleb that if he is up against Frankie it would pretty much be a unanimous vote to evict Frankie. Nicole straight up tells Zach she don't trust him to throw BoTB. Zach seemed a little taken back that Nicole wouldn't trust him to do it. Caleb says ok he will go up but he will be a nervous wreck all week. Nicole tells him to try and win POV and use it and she will put Christine up. Caleb says he likes the idea of just sitting there and watch Frankie's face when he isn't moving. He said he will tell Frankie he ate too much slop and has to poop


4:52 AM BBT Nicole gets called to the DR. Caleb/Zach/Cody move down to the beehive. They are joking with Zach about how he runs his mouth. Cody says he is going to clock him in the jaw one time when they get out. Cody tells Zach he blatantly lied about Cody being Frankie's target. Zach is denying ever saying it. Caleb believes Cody because Zach is having to think about it. Zach says the only thing he wants to know is did Cody tell Nicole about the alliance (???) Cody says, "No I am not you." They all agree they need to watch what they tell Victoria. In the HOH room, Frankie hugs Christine and she goes to bed. 


4:57 AM BBT Frankie joins Caleb/Cody/Zach in beehive. They tell Frankie they were just discussing what all Victoria has been saying. Frankie tells them he knows she went and told about the makeup. Zach asks Cody if he is sleeping with Nicole? He said "no I am a have not, but why do you ask?" Zach says if you don't then ill ask her if she wants me to? They all are confused as to why he thinks she would want him to sleep with her? Zach says he thinks she wants "it." They all down him and tell him he is crazy and depart the beehive. Derrick is in WA brushing teeth getting ready for bed, as it seems most HG's are starting to wind down. 


5:05 AM BBT Cody/Zach/Derrick/Caleb are sitting in LR just general chit chat. Derrick says he is going to bed after his DR. Caleb is going back over his letter from his mom, and says she should of wrote him instead of re-writing the Bible. Said his mom must not be watching as much or she would have mentioned "Beast Mode Cowboy" and they tell him when she mentions being humble, she means quit using Beast Mode Cowboy and everyone chuckles. Frankie comes walking through and they remind him that tomorrow night is last night of sleeping in HN room. 


5:09 AM BBT Caleb is saying that after tomorrow, he will be America's favorite player (referring to just sitting down during BoTB). Zach says "lets be honest...." and everyone just stares at him, and he continues "America loves me" and Cody says no way, your name is Rancy Pants (Zachs twitter name). Zach said his account is probably blowing up and they all agree that Julie definitely hooked him up and getting him followers. Now the 5 of them are just randomly talking. Zach says there are only 3 girls left in the house. Literally they are all over the place, just random chatter. 


5:13 AM BBT They are now discussing who is probably going to go up. Frankie asks Cody and he says he has no idea and is glad he isn't HOH. Talk turns to the fact BoTB is still around. Frankie tells them they could keep it all the down to 6 people. Derrick says he feels screwed because this isn't the game he learned to love. That he will go home and so far he has only played in the HOH comps and 2 veto comps. Caleb is planting the seed about Nicole putting him up on the block. He tells Frankie he thinks she will put him up because he nominated both her and Hayden. Zach says he is going to bed, and Frankie tells him he loves him and glad he is still here. Cody chimes in and asks "how are you still here?"


5:26 AM BBT All the HG's are slowly making their way to bed. Zach is in bed, Caleb is in process of getting into bed. Frankie is going to WC before laying down. Derrick and Cody are left in the LR. Cody says Frankie is getting worried and paranoid. Derrick says he should be because he runs his mouth so much. Cody and Derrick say last night was still good getting rid of Hayden. that him and Nicole were both beasts in comps, but Nicole is a huge threat and probably a bigger threat than Hayden was. Derrick cuts the talk off (I believe he heard Frankie coming) and tells Cody they will talk later. After Frankie goes in the HN room, Cody asks Derrick if he thinks Frankie knows what is coming? Derrick says no way, he is so f'd. He asks Cody if he knows the plan and Cody nods and asks "Caleb throwing it?" and Derrick nods. They say they take back anything bad they say against Caleb and give him major props for volunteering to go up. Caleb keeps interrupting them yelling from the BR in the voice of Mater off Cars (which he sounds just like him), he has Zach in tears from laughing.  


5:36 AM BBT Derrick and Cody say they need to go to the WA and WC, Cody wants to get ready for bed but Derrick says he is going to wait a couple minutes before going in case Christine is watching from the HOH room. Cody walks out of the WC and Derrick asks him what he was saying and then FOTH. When feeds come back Nicole is out of DR and in WA washing face (assuming getting ready for bed) and Derrick is in DR. Cody is sitting in the KT. Cody asks Nicole as she heads to HOH room if she wants him to come cuddle with her in which she replies "Maybe next week." Nicole goes to HOH room and Cody loudly says to himself "F*** I am starving and decides to wash some of the dishes in the sink." Caleb and Zach are chatting in the dark about what food they want in a HOH basket. Caleb said he had hoped for beef jerky, zebra cakes and that he didn't get the music he wanted.


5:43 AM BBT All HG's are in bed except Derrick who is still in DR and Cody who got some pickles and joined Caleb and Zach who are still laying in the dark chatting. Cody says he now has to wait for Derrick so he can go in DR. Caleb has resumed imitating Mater from Cars. They have turned to discussing how much of the 500k comes out for taxes. Caleb says he wants to buy a used Ferrari, cover it in Mossy Oak camo, and raffle it off to a wounded soldier. They are giving Zach a hard time about only being a HN once. Caleb/Cody both say they want Zach to be a HN next and he says "No way." Caleb said he would volunteer but.....and he counts up how many days he has been a HN. Caleb says next Thurs at midnight he is going to chow down. 

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Morty -- I covered for Cassondra for about 10 minutes. Here are my 3 posts for that period!


6:45 AM BBT  Derrick tells Caleb that even if Frankie plays beast and wins, then they come off the block and Donny and Cody/Zach stay on the block and Donny goes home. He says Donny has started to really trust them lately. He also says that they are kind of like the Brigade --he, Cody, and Caleb--with one less member. They've been together since the beginning.


6:49 AM BBT  Cody comes into the WA and they are laughing about how awkward it was when the vote was announced to Hayden and when he was leaving. Derrick says he just put his head in his hands. Derrick says when the vote was announced to Jocasta he pulled her in for a hug. Caleb asks Cody what he thinks about him pulling out a pair of sunglasses and just sitting down during the BotB.


6:54 AM BBT  Caleb says that he is going to tell Donny he's going to throw it but to keep it between them. Caleb wants it to be a show for the viewers, so he doesn't want to just throw it --or chance that he wins it.  They go through all the BotB comps to see how many of them a person could win by themselves and realize it would be almost impossible. Caleb says he can sabotage it if it's something Frankie can do by himself.

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6:05 AM BBT Derrick comes out of the DR, goes into the WA, and is playing with a sword while sitting on the couch. Meanwhile, Cody and Caleb are talking the rock room. Caleb wants Cody to go to Texas with him as soon as they leave the house.


6:06 AM BBT Derrick walks into the LR wielding the sword, and goes back into the WA. Cody leaves the rock room, and goes into the WA to talk to Cody about game. Derrick told Cody that he asked Christine who told her she was his next target, and she named Frankie and Zach.


6:12 AM BBT Cody and Derrick still talking about different scenarios in the WA. Cody said, that's it, Frankie goes, and then Christine goes up with Zach. Cody said that Nicole told him how her and Hayden were truly going to work with him.


6:15 AM BBT Cody told Derrick that he called Nicole out for working with Donny, and she said her and Hayden were the ones working together. Cody said he's not speaking to Zach or Christine.


6:20 AM BBT Caleb joins the conversation in the WA, and then Cody walks out. Derrick told Caleb that Nicole may put up Zach and Donny. The chit chat continues.


6:24 AM BBT Derrick and Caleb are discussing the way the F3 are played out. Derrick said if he, Nicole and Caleb are in the F3, they will send her home. That would make him and Caleb in the F2. He told Caleb he thinks he earned major points with Nicole.


6:27 AM BBT Derrick telling Caleb that Nicole can win another HOH, because she is f'n smart. He said there are 7 more people to get out of the house. He tells Caleb that he told him week 2 where he is.


6:29 AM BBT Derrick telling Caleb he needs to loose BOB, so they can make sure that Frankie or Christine goes home this week. Caleb said he's a man of his word, if he says he's going to throw the comp. Derrick told him to say he's doing it for Amber.

6:33 AM BBT Derrick tells Caleb that Nicole wants Frankie out, period. Caleb asked Derrick if he should play, and throw it, or if he should just sit down? Derrick told him that would be epic if he could do that. He told him he could sabotage it. Caleb asked if he would look like a bad player if he did that, and Derrick told him no, it would be epic. He told Caleb about how he put his hands in his pocket to let Frankie win the HOH comp, and how Julie asked him why he threw it.

6:36 AM BBT Derrick tells Caleb that the comp might be a team comp, because the last one wasn't. Derrick tells Caleb that Donny watches everything that goes on and where people go. Derrick said they could be sitting in the jury house watching movies in a couple weeks, but it's not for lack of effort.


6:38 AM BBT Caleb said he's going to be known for the guy that sat down in the BOB comp, and let his component cry for his life.


6:54 AM BBT Caleb says if he goes to sleep for 2 hours he will be pi$$ed, so he's just going to stay up, and sleep after BOB. Cody & Derrick say that want to get a little sleep before the comp. More discussion continues about who will actually be nom'd.


7:05 AM BBT Conversation continues about them going to jury house, and still leaving the game with their stipend. They all agree that Nicole needs someone to work with, because she is all alone in the house. Caleb says the he was pi$$ed off because Frankie lied to his face. They were discussing what Amber told Caleb about Frankie telling him, that someone in power was using Caleb's name, while Amber was still there.


7:10 AM BBT Derrick says that the 3 of them need to stick together, because they are the tightest group in the house. He says that Zach harassed Nicole to the point that he would of gotten his jaw busted on the street. He asks Cody if he knew that, and he said no. Caleb says he has to find a way to throw the comp today to make it epic.


7:12 AM BBT Derrick tells Caleb that he can wear the hat with Amber's name on it to score some points with the parents. Fish come on the screen every time they discuss how much money they are taking home when they leave the house. Derrick tells Cody and Caleb to come to him and let him know if Zach or Frankie says anything about any of them. He says they will be lying, and he wants to know what's being said.


7:15 AM BBT Caleb says he getting tired, and Derrick tells him that he's carrying them right now. Derrick said that Zach has won 5 POV's and hasn't won anything. Cody said he's only played in HOH's and hasn't won, but Caleb is winning them like nothing. Caleb says the worst case scenario is that they go to single HOH next week.


7:18 AM BBT Derrick said that Beast Mode has won the DE HOH. He doesn't know if Caleb realizes how huge that was, and Caleb says he doesn't. He said he is glad he won it honestly. Cody walks out of WA. Derrick and Caleb talk about a black tank top that Caleb wants. Derrick says he can have it, but he thinks it a girls top, by the way it's cut. Derrick continues to look through the clothes in the WA to see if any more are his, while Caleb sits on the couch.


7:22 AM BBT Derrick tells Caleb if they pull this off it will be huge. They discuss the alliances. Derrick says he might go lay down for a little bit, and Caleb says that would pi$$ him off, if he lays down for 30 min. and gets woke up. They walk out of the WA, and Caleb says it's past 6 a.m. They walk into the KT, and he looks at clock, and says, it's 7:30 a.m. dude.


7:25 AM BBT Caleb says they will be remembered in this house, and the we see the fish again. Caleb tells Derrick if they get to the end, and he wins, he wants him to take care of him with a little bit of the money. Caleb talks about what comps he will tell them he won. Derrick inflates his ego, by telling him that he will win the $50K and America's Player. Caleb says, if he gets to that point, he deserves the $75K.


7:28 AM BBT Derrick says he's going to tell everyone that he's been "Ride or die" since the beginning with Caleb if they make it to the F2. They both say they will not bash each other. Derrick says there are more comps to win, and a lot of game left. He says they will win more comps as there are less players in the game. Caleb says he can't believe there are still 5 weeks left in the house.


7:30 AM BBT They both discuss how they will take care of each other and Cody in the end. Derrick brings up Pandora's Box, and Caleb says he thinks that the top money amount for that is $10K. Caleb says, honestly, Frankie first, Nicole, then Donny. Derrick says if Christine keeps going to him about getting Caleb out, then she needs to go.


7:33 AM BBT Derrick was telling Caleb that if one of them or Cody get evicted they will be crippled. Derrick says that Nicole is still there, but her game is done. Caleb said he's o.k. with Christine or Donny going home before Nicole. Derrick says Nicole may be something more than they know. He says she went to Nursing School for sure, but she could have finished first in her class.


7:36 AM BBT Derrick says that it's great if Nicole stays HOH, because she can't play next week. So, it could be Donny and one of them to win. They discuss how Victoria feels like she is one of them now. They start counting up the HG's that are left, trying to figure out who's votes they will have. Derrick says that if the plan if to vote out Frankie, and for some reason Nicole decides to vote out Caleb, she'll go home next week. Caleb says she won't do that. Caleb says that Frankie can't win the Veto. He says he can win it, but he can't.


7:39 AM BBT Derrick runs worst case scenarios by Caleb. Caleb says he and Donny click now. Caleb says he has diarrhea. Derrick tells him to go take care of it. He walks out of KT and goes to bed in the rock room. Caleb says he can feel it, as he walks away and goes to the WC.


7:46 AM BBT Caleb is out of WC when cam goes to him. He brushes his teeth at the WA. He wipes his face off with a towel, walks into the KT, and then back into the WA to retrieve his microphone. He walks out of WA again, and goes into rock room to go to bed.


8:01 AM BBT All is quiet in the house with all HG's sleeping. In rock room, Derrick changes positions and adjusts his sleeping bag.


8:04 AM BBT Caleb's eyes are still opened, as he lays in bed in rock room. He moves the sleeping bed away from his face, moves around a little, and puts his left arm over the sleeping bag.


8:11 AM BBT Derrick turns over in bed and readjusts his pillow a little, while Caleb turns over onto his stomach, and partially uncovers himself. All is quite in the fire room.


8:29 AM BBT Cams come back from fish that has been on since 8:18 a.m. BBT. Caleb says there were only 2 songs played this morning. He asks if that's all they're worth. Donny says good morning to Christine as she is shivering, walking around the house.


8:32 AM BBT Christine in WA, and says, "Oh shoot," and she looks around. Caleb was making himself some coffee. Christine goes up to HOHR, and tells Nicole, "It's 8:30 a.m., by the way." Nicole says she feels sick. The cam focuses on the TV screen that says, "Nominations Today."


8:35 AM BBT Production tells HG's, "The bedroom lights must stay on during the day." Caleb and Donny in KT discussing possibly noms today. Donny tells Caleb he's going to work with him as long as he can. Caleb tells Donny that he's going to sit back and watch him (Frankie) cry glitter all he wants to. He tells Donny he's going to tell him he can't win the comp w/o him. Meanwhile, Nicole is still lying in the nest bed in the HOHR, and Christine tells her she can go into the bathroom anytime she wants to.


8:39 AM BBT Caleb keep ranting to Donny about the BOB comp today, and how they are going to make sure that Christine gets dethrowned. He tells Donny that he's going to do what it takes to get that (Frankie) out of here. Donny tells Caleb, he can't believe it took him that long to figure that out.


8:40 AM BBT Donny tells Caleb in the KT that they will be locked in the room around 10 a.m. BBT, so they about 1 1/2 hours. Caleb tells Donny that he's not sure if he's going up or not, but if he does, he wants him to know that he's throwing the BOB comp for sure. He says he wants him to be safe, and he owes him that much. He tells Donny that normally he tries to win, but not in this case. Donny says, "Well, normally I would tell you I would keep my mouth shut, but there's not one here to tell."


8:43 AM BBT Nicole still lying in bed, while Caleb and Donny are still talking game in the KT. Donny asks if Caleb knows that Nicole will put him up for sure. He tells Donny that he asked her to, so he hopes she does. They talk about their knees hurting and being a little scuffed up. Donny says he's going to brush his teeth, as he and Caleb start walking into the LR.


8:46 AM BBT Caleb sits down on the couch in the LR, and tells Donny his plan for the BOB comp today. Donny walks out of the LR towards the BRs to get his toothbrush. Caleb lets out a loud belch, and says, "House guests." Donny walks back through LR, and then you hear him brushing his teeth on the cam, while it's still panned on the LR. Caleb is still sitting on the couch, and popping pimples on his right bicep.


8:49 AM Christine comes out of the HOH bathroom wearing her HOH robe, with a towel on her head, and heads downstairs. She walks into the LR, and Caleb said, "Oh no, don't go into the DR looking like that." Then production says, "Christine, please put on your microphone." Caleb started laughing saying he thought they were going to call her in to the DR.


8:50 AM BBT Christine looks in the SR for her mic, asking herself where she left it. Caleb comments that someone doesn't know how to work a camera, because it was pointed at the wall in the LR. He says, "Learn how to work a camera dufus." Production cuts to fish. Christine still looking for her mic, while Caleb reads the Nominations Today screen on the TV.


8:52 AM BBT Again, production says, "Christine, please put on your microphone." Christine heads upstairs, while Caleb is still in the LR.


8:55 AM BBT Christine asks Nicole in the HOHR how her talks went last night, and she says, "O.K., I guess." Nicole asks her how hers went, and she says, "More confusing than ever." Christine tells Nicole she's worried about Frankie, and doesn't trust him. Meanwhile, Donny goes to the LR with Caleb, and asks him, "Who’s all up, me, you and Christine?" Caleb says yes. Then we go to fish.


8:59 AM BBT Caleb and Donny are sitting in the orange chairs in the LR discussing noms. While Christine asks Nicole if she should tell Donny ahead of time. Nicole tells her she always does, but you're not supposed to. Christine tells Nicole that she got about 3 hours of sleep, and Caleb didn't get any. She tells Nicole that Caleb talked to her upstairs for hours about the same thing.


9:00 AM BBT Caleb and Donny talking about Veto comp in the LR, while Donny is drinking something and chewing on ice. Christine and Nicole still chatting in the HOHR. Nicole says she's soo tired, and asked why they are doing this to them. She says she feels like she's in a nightmare.


9:02 AM BBT Christine asks Nicole when they pick the egg for the nom's, and Nicole tells her, right before they do the them. Christine tells Nicole that Frankie or someone is going around saying that they have F2 deal. She feels honored, but says how awkward it is. Nicole says that it's weird. While, Donny and Caleb are still in the LR, and Donny comments how Christine doesn't like him.


9:05 AM BBT Christine tells Nicole that she doesn't even want to play this game with people that are this dirty. Nicole says she knows. Wile Caleb is telling Donny that if he has fluid on his knee, heat would be better for it. Donny says he's going to lay down for a while, and walks into the KT. Caleb is still in LR popping pimples up and down his legs. We see fish again.


9:08 AM BBT Donny in KT singing softly, walking back and forth, and then heads to fire room. Caleb still in LR, now popping pimples on his left bicep. He gets up picking his nose, and goes into the rock room, lays down, and put the sleeping bag on. Christine is in HOHR telling Nicole she still confused by the whole situation that happened. Nicole says it hurts her brain. Christine says, "This place sucks, it's so hard. Then I keep looking at these pictures, and it makes me all emotional." She sits down at the table to apply her make-up. Nicole says, "I'm so sick of the he said, she said crap." But she can't stay out it, or she'll be accused of working with someone. Christine says she doesn't like Frankie.


9:13 AM BBT Christine says she wonders who going to win today, and Nicole says she hopes there's no costume involved. Christine says she doesn't want to get doused with crap, and tells Nicole, she's talking about her frog costume. Nicole says, yes. We see fish again.


9:18 AM BBT Cams back up with Victoria trying to get into the DR. Christine still applying make-up in HOHR. Nicole asks Caleb to talk to her for a second. They go in the SR, and she thanks him, and says she owes him so much in this game. They walk out of SR. Caleb walks in rock room and says to Derrick, how about you get up you fruit loop dingus, and get a cup of coffee. He tells him that he didn't even go to sleep yet. Then he picks up a pink shirt, and says he's gotten soo many clothes since he's been in the house.


9:21 AM BBT Christine is brushing her teeth in the HOHR bathroom, while Nicole and Caleb are in the WA. Caleb says they are really going to town out there. Caleb walks out of WA. Nicole walks out of WA, and asks Victoria if she can wear her grey sweater today, she says, yes. Victoria says she can't find the grey one, and hand her a pink one, she says, o.k., thank you. Caleb is back in WA, putting on the pink shirt, and Nicole tells him it looks good. Nicole walks out of WA, and heads upstairs. Production says, "Caleb, please go to the DR." Caleb says, "What did I do?" He walks out of WA.


9:24 AM BBT Nicole and Christine are getting dressed in HOHR bathroom. Nicole says, she can't believe that they only have a little bit of time. Victoria goes into Beehive to get a towel, and goes into WA. She is looking through her basket on the couch. She goes to the mirror, and puts her up in a ponytail. She turns on the water, and washes her face. Christine walks out of HOHR, and heads downstairs. Nicole puts her hair up in a bun, with a headband on, and uses hairspray to hold it in place. She then brushes her teeth. Victoria uses the towel to wipe her face off.


9:28 AM BBT Christine goes in WA, and Victoria asks her how her night was. Christine says, horrible, and Victoria tells her, she didn't get any sleep. Meanwhile, Nicole is upstairs rummaging through her basket on the table, and then goes to the mirror to apply some make-up. As Christine finishes blow drying her hair, and then brushing it out, Victoria leaves WA with a face mask on.


9:30 AM BBT Victoria knocks on HOHR door, and Nicole tells her to come in. She asks her if she can grab a toothbrush, and Nicole says, yeah, whatever you want. Victoria gets it, and thanks Nicole. She goes to the WA to brush her teeth. Christine goes back upstairs, and Nicole tells her the Victoria was just up there getting a toothbrush. Nicole is using her spray make-up, making different faces in the mirror. Christine blows her nose. Victoria starts doing her make-up in the mirror in the WA.


9:33 AM BBT Christine asks Nicole if she need that Zach confronted her last night, about taking her to the Beehive. Nicole tells Christine that he took her into the Beehive, and told her about his whole game, way more than he's ever told her. Christine says that Zach told her that Derrick and Cody were pi$$ed at her for talking to Nicole. But, she found out that it was Zach and Frankie that was pi$$ed at her instead. Nicole thanks her for talking to her. Christine says, it's just stupid. Nicole says, Zach is so convincing, it's sick. Christine says that when someone tells you something, it's so believable, and Nicole agrees it is.


9:35 AM BBT Nicole comments how sick this game is, and understands why people need help after the show. Nicole zips her make-up mag, and it falls on the floor in the WA. Nicole tells Christine they just won't open their mouths anymore.


9:39 AM BBT Christine goes into her HOHR, while Nicole is still doing her make-up. Victoria is looking through drawers in the hallway to the BRs. We see fish.


9:45 AM BBT Cams back on with Christine laying on HOHR couch, and Nicole sitting on birds nest bed. Victoria in WA brushing her hair, while Donny sits on the couch. Christine says, "They got a show yesterday." It goes to fish.


9:54 AM BBT Cams back up with Frankie in the HOHR holding a coffee cup, and tells Christine and Nicole to have a good day. Zach tells Caleb to get up, and call him a fruit loop dingus. Caleb sits with Donny on couch in the LR. Nicole asks Christine if she will be offended if anyone ever strikes at Frankie. She says, "I want to strike him at this point," sits up with a mean look on her face. Victoria is in fire room.


9:57 AM Cams come back from fish. Derrick and Victoria are talking in the fire room, and Christine and Nicole are still talking about Frankie in the HOHR. Cams go back to fish.


9:59 AM BBT Nicole tells Christine maybe she should give her a break for a week, and use her if necessary. She said if people keep using her, she will go to the end. She said if she puts Frankie up, and he gets taken down, he's safe for the entire week. Christine says she knows. Nicole says she is ready to play this game, and she's in jury, so it doesn't matter. She said Victoria is a waste of her time. She said there is so much more to take care of, and if she goes home like Jocasta did, it will be a waste of her HOH. Christine says, it would be nice to have Victoria out. Derrick is looking for clothes in the fire room.


10:02 AM BBT Nicole says if she stays around, they can keep using her for a replacement nom, if their target is up, and gets taken off the block. Derrick getting dressed in fire room. We go to fish.


10:08 AM BBT Fish go to Jeff's highlight reels. It's time for the Nomination Ceremony. As we wait for the feeds to come back, who would you like to see nominated by Nicole and Christine? Who do you want to see dethrowned? Who do you think TA will pick for their mission? Who would you like to see evicted next Thursday?

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#BB16 11:34PM BBT We are back. Frankie was hugging Christine. Donny and Derrick talking. Donny says he figures it would be him and Victoria. Donny says he has no one left.


#BB16 11:36AM BBT Victoria has not been nominated. She says she was shocked. Donny says when he saw Zach he was shocked.


#BB16 11:37AM BBT It appears our noms are Donny/Zach and Caleb/Frankie.

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#BB16 11:47AM BBT Frankie and Caleb in the HN room. Frankie says we can do this. Caleb says he wants to give a speech before though.


#BB16 11:52AM BBT Derrick talking to Donny. Says that in a few hours Donny will be safe if Caleb does what he says he will. Derrick says that Caleb said there would be fireworks.


#BB16 11:56AM BBT Frankie and Zach are in the WCA. Frankie tells Zach that he was saved because of him. Frankie then tells Zach that Frankie's game is blown because of Zach.

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  12:00pm  Caleb talking to Zach in the WA about Nicole being scared that Frankie will manipulate him and zach says no he wont .Caleb says Frankie told him that have some stuff to repair but there is nothing to repair cause my best friend in this house is gone because of him so no there is nothing to repair.


12:07pm  Most Hg sitting around in the KT just talking about babysitting as derrick makes himself some breakfast.


 12:09pm Nicole and zach go to HOh she ask you gonna win today he says yeah.She says so Frankie is going to try to feed you alot of crap and he says i know i told him not to talk to me right now and Nicole says he was the one trying to get you out and he goes to talk to everyone and says i am sorry and  he tries to make a fool out of you. Zach says i hate him i honestly hate him.


 12:11pm Nicole says we need to work together but honestly zach how can I trust you. He says you have to trust me.She says Don't let Frankie get in your mind he is good.


  12:12pm  Nicole says Frankie is literally good so  don't listen to him and he plays dumb and then goes tell everyone everything .Zach says i am not talking to him. She says anything i say to Frankie he goes and tells people but then he doesn't tell what i say he makes up lies.


12:21pm Zach says i have never lied i just open my mouth alot and she ask you have never lied? he says no i have never lied but we need to work together now you are all i have now. so Frankie or Christine is going home this week and Frankie knows it  but he thinks he will win this week. Nicole says you have to win and he says Donny and I are going to win cause Christine is a joke.


12:25pm Zach says i trust you and i wanted to tell you everything when i was HOH  but i honestly trust you. She says ok but i need Frankie out of this house and Zach says i hate him and Nicole says if you guys want to work with him then fine but... Zach says no way i hate him.


 12:30pm Zach and Nicole head back downstairs so nothing looks suspicious.Derrick and Christine in the beehive talking about  How frustrated. About zach and how she cant even look at him.In the HOH rm Nicole and Victoria are talking and Nicole tells ehr she is frustrated about a few people in this house.


  12:38pm Nicole and Christine in HOh rm talking , Christine says when you are in a room with Frankie who does all the talking and Nicole says Frankie.She says i have learned my lesson and kept my distance but it istolate now. I am so mad. Nicole says you have the 2  best mental guys up and i have the two physical ones up and Donny ankle is hurt and Christine says oooo i forgot about that. Christine says i just don't want to be terrorized again but Derrick said he would protect me and Nicole says me too.


 12:44pm Frankie is walking around the house and Nicole and Christine is watching on the spy screen and then Nicole says this crazy game that we love we probably look like villains. Nicole.Nicole lays down to take a nap but she is afraid to cause she feels like something is going to go down and she feels sick and tired. Christine says i don't feel good either.


 12:47pm Frankie is going to bed in the have not rm. Nicole laying down as there is small talk between her and Christine.Nicole says as Christine now lays down that she is afraid that zach and Frankie is going to come up with a plan.


  12:49pm Nicole says to be honest with you i was so depressed being on the block with Hayden and i was like  thinking to myself just evict me and i don't even know what i did when she read the vote i think i hugged Hayden and i don't remember him even walking out the door i was like i would be if something happened to my dog.Christine said he went out with class. Nicole ask did he give you a hug? Christine says yeah he did he went out with class and he is a sweetheart and Nicole says he is a sweetheart and the nicest man,


  12:55pm Christine says i hate when Cody lot you with distrust and Nicole says yeah he does have distrust in me doesn't he?

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1:02pm Nicole says she feels so bad for jacosta cause that was not the plan.Christine says damn i loved Hayden so much.Nicole says i know. Frankie was called to the DR.


1:13pm Nicole and Christine laying in HOh bed repeating themselves and general talk.Victoria in KT then goes to  WA  to get a shower.


 1:17pm Nicole says  someone will come back in about 2 weeks but this week we have to have an endurance comp cause we haven't had one yet and we are half way through the season.


1:19pm Frankie in Kt looks at camera says i am on the block and now got BOB and slop and no sleep on a cold block. He starts to make slop and says look at this KT it is disgusting.


1:27pm Donny eating in the KT and Frankie eating his slop. Nicole gets up and goes to the WC then back to bed after washing her hands. She is putting her music on as Christine looks at her pictures. 

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 1:35pm Caleb in the WC telling Frankie he has someone to hang with him and that this cowboy doesn't like to lose and Frankie says  no i don't either. Frankie then says there was a time we thought we would beast through this game together so we will see what we can do together. Caleb says yup it is all us.


  1:41pm Nicole and Christine get called to the DR and we get FOTH.

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 1:46pm  Nicole and Christine are out of the DR and back in bed and Nicole is talking about Frankie hasn't been nominated for 8 weeks. Donny sitting in LVR  and tells Derick he is going to go lay down and derrick says he is going back to sleep also.


1:49pm Victoria in the fire rm telling derrick she feels like crap  and she says she took a shower but that didn't help so derrick tells her take a nap and she says i am.


 1:50pm Frankie in the Wa shaving talking to Donny and says he thinks he needs to go stay a month in a hotel for maid service all the time. Donny says are you shaving it all and Frankie looks at him and says yeah it is time i go back to being me Frank. Donny goes to the fire rm and goes to bed.


 1:55pm Frankie wet his hair then looks in mirror now singing to himself in the mirror. All other HG in bed napping. 

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4:55 PM BBT Derrick, Caleb and Nicole are in the HoH. Caleb says he is going to sit down on the ground during the BotB. When Frankie asks why he isn't playing he is going to say to him "I am ending your game." He says Frankie is the common denominator and without him, Amber would still be in the house. He says this one is for her. Derrick says Amber gets her revenge.


5:00 PM BBT Frankie says he hopes the comp is one where Frankie will be suspended in the air like the veto puzzle comp. He says he will just leave him hanging there. If it is a question and answer comp he is going to answer something ridiculous like Walmart.


5:02 PM BBT Caleb is rehearsing his BotB speech to Derrick and Nicole. He says he is going to tell Frankie that his mama taught him at a young age not to play with snakes. Nicole "that is so good." He also says he may just walk in circles and drill Frankie with a bunch a questions during the comp such as "How many people did you throw under the bus?" "How many times have you told everyone in the house that you have their back?" If Frankie and he are tied together he is going to lay there like a dead fish or run the other way.


5:06 PM BBT Caleb tells Derrick and Nicole that he is even going to fight to win the veto just so he can not use it. He likes the idea of having his foot against Frankie's throat. Zach joins them upstairs. Meanwhile Donny and Cody are laying on the couches in the LR staring at the ceiling.


5:14 PM BBT Zach, Derrick, Caleb and Nicole are still in the HoH plotting Frankie's demise via the BotB comp. Caleb is going to tell Donny to not hurt his ankle more and to take it easy because he isn't going to let Frankie and him win it. Meanwhile Frankie and Christine are sitting at the KT counter. Frankie tells her that they should have stuck to the original plan this week. I think he is referring to getting rid of Zach.


5:22 PM BBT Zach, Victoria, Nicole, Derrick, and Caleb are talking about their favorite comps now. They can't talk game anymore since Victoria is in the room now. Cody, Christine, and Donny are in the LR. Christine says she forgets how bad gluten tears her up.


5:31 PM BBT More Frankie bashing in the HoH room. Caleb goes on and on using several different metaphors for how he is planning on taking Frankie down. WBRB.


5:37 PM BBT Zach to Caleb, Derrick, Victoria, and Nicole "Frankie is against everyone but Christine and I freaking hate Christine." Caleb is again demonstrating how is he is planning on throwing the BotB. Downstairs Cody and Donny are about to wash dishes. They don't even know where to start because there are so many.


5:46 PM BBT Christine is now helping Cody and Donny with the dishes. The group in the HoH room are still just hanging out and talking (mostly about Frankie) while waiting for the BotB to start.


5:59 PM BBT Derrick and Nicole are now helping in the KT with the dishes. Caleb and Zach are upstairs sharing Nicole's music.

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6:17 PM BBT Most of the HGs are helping out with the dishes in the KT. Caleb tells Zach that he is going to tell whoever wins the veto not to use it. He wants Frankie to go out with him sitting right beside him.


6:19 PM BBT Zach is called into the DR. He comes right back out and says "They say to get ready" and he is cut off by WBRB. Hopefully he is telling them that BotB is very soon.


6:30 PM BBT Caleb and Zach are sitting in the LR. Caleb says he is going to give Frankie one more time to save himself by coming clean to him. Zach says the BotB is going to be big because it's taken them so long to put it together. The other HGs are still cleaning up the KT and Victoria is collecting trash.


6:34 PM BBT Zach and Caleb are speculating if BB is changing their BotB plans since they know that Caleb is going to throw it. Caleb says putting himself on the block and throwing the comp is huge but he trust them to keep him safe. Zach is anxious and wants to get the comp over with.


6:45 PM BBT Christine and Nicole are sitting alone in the HoH room. Christine tells her that Frankie said Nicole was trying to get her put on the block when he was HoH. Nicole denies it. When asked why she thinks he did it Christine says he is worried about being backdoored. He wants his fears eased a little.


6:54 PM BBT Not much is going on in the house. The HGs are waiting for the BotB to start. They believe it will be soon. Caleb is talking to Frankie and Zach in the LR about how long he has been on slop and counting down the days until he can eat again. Christine, Victoria, Derrick, Nicole, Donny, and Cody are waiting around in the KT. They are talking about sushi and food which is driving Caleb nuts. He thinks production is waiting for TVGN for the comp to start to give watchers a little taste. Frankie doesn't think they will do that.


6:57 PM BBT Frankie to Caleb about the BotB that Caleb has vowed to throw: "Are we going to win it?" Caleb "We should."



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2:01 PM BBT All HG's are napping and resting waiting for BoTB except Frankie who is still in the WA doing his ADL.

2:04 PM BBT Victoria gets out of one of the FR beds and heads upstairs to the HOH room. She asks Nicole if she can use the HOH bathroom to re-do her hair. She is brushing it, using straightener, etc. Not sure if she got to feeling better or felt so bad she couldn't rest. 
2:15 PM BBT Victoria has finished up in the HOH bathroom and headed downstairs to the WA. Frankie is in the WC and Victoria yells "its just me" as she walks in. She puts a few things away in her bag and goes to the hallway dressers to look for an outfit and then into the FR. 
2:21 PM BBT All the HG's except Frankie and Victoria are still napping. Frank and Victoria are just roaming through the house doing ADL. Frankie tells Victoria after BB is over he is going to a resort for like 3 months. He asks if she wants to go with him. Victoria said after she is done she wants to spend 6mths with just her family and best friend.
2:27 PM BBT Frankie tells Victoria he is excited but nervous at the same time. Victoria mentions not getting to hear from her family yet and its crazy its been so long. Frankie says he is grateful to have gotten 3/4 letters and its almost like he is talking to them. Victoria said she wonders if her sister is showing "this" (referring to the show) to her kids. Said they are little but they could recognize her from her Skyping with them. Victoria says she has to go right back to Temple as soon as she gets back. Frankie says he is going to make some slop. Victoria stays in WA washing her face, more ADL. 
2:36 PM BBT Frankie is in the KT and tells Victoria he is really excited. That her of all people is going to lose her mind when he tells her some things, not game related (perhaps who his sister is). Victoria comments on his tan and over physique. He said he thought for sure he would get fat but may be he is eating so much slop he isn't. Victoria looks around the KT and says it is disgusting. She is eating a bowl of something while Frankie mixes up his slop concoction. Frankie goes to check SR and Victoria has him check for regular, non sweet pickles. Still no movement from the other HG's.
2:45 PM BBT Frankie is staring off into space. Victoria asks him what is wrong. He pauses and says nothing is wrong he just hopes Caleb is ok. She looked puzzled, and he clarifies since Caleb has been on slop for so long that he is ok to compete. She re-assures him that they will be fine. 
2:51 PM BBT Frankie says he is starving and coffee usually curbs his appetite and if he drinks it now it should wear off and he won't be so jittery for the BoTB comp. Still just Frankie and Victoria in the KT, other cams show Nicole sleeping in HOH bed.
2:56 PM BBT Victoria hands Frankie a cup of water and asks if it is his. He smells the cup then takes a drink of it and Victoria gasps and says she can't believe he just did that while he shrugs and chuckles. 
3:10 PM BBT Zach got up out of bed in the FR and went into the DR for a split second and then back out. BB came over intercom and asked for Derrick in the DR. Derrick is hosting BoTB so its almost time for the comp and potential fireworks!!
3:14 PM BBT Someone asked Donny if he got any rest and Donny said "Oh ya, I got a few nice naps in." Derrick came out of DR and they called Zach into DR, which probably has to do with him going in earlier and requesting something. Donny tells Derrick he is going to read a letter, it worked last time for motivation. Derrick says he does the exact same thing. Derrick starts whispering and tells Donny he has nothing to worry about. He talked to Caleb before he went to sleep and he is throwing the comp, but still read the letter for superstitious reasons. Donny liked the sound of what he was hearing. He said if Caleb does this then they are square, they have each put each other up and Caleb would essentially be saving him. Derrick said Caleb is doing it for himself but they will take it. He tells Donny someone told him something and now he is pissed at Frankie and going to sabotage the comp. He said Caleb told him if it is domino's for instance he will kick them over. 
3:20 PM BBT Derrick is talking to Victoria in WA while brushing his teeth. Said he is excited for the comp and hopes he gets a cool costume. Meanwhile Donny is in FR reading a letter and when he finished it he read a passage from the Bible. Donny puts his sneakers on, sighed, waved and smiled at the camera, blew a kiss, and left the FR headed toward the kitchen. 
3:23 PM BBT Frankie is in the HN room putting his sneakers on and goes back to the KT for another drink. Donny is in the WA telling Victoria she is lucky she isn't in BoTB today. Donny says this is his 4th. Derrick and Cody join them in the WA and are freshening up for the comp. Other cams still show Nicole sleeping in the HOH room.
3:29 PM BBT Nicole slips her sweater back on and Christine asks what time it is from the other HOH room. Nicole steps outside the HOH room and comes back and tells her 3:25. Christine says thanks and wants to know if Nicole is going to hang out down there, in which Nicole says she is going to get some pizza while no one is in the KT. 
3:31 PM BBT Donny is literally making laps around the table while Frankie, Victoria, and Nicole are mingling about in the KT making some food. Not sure if Donny is nervous so he is pacing or is just doing it to kill time while earning steps toward his fit tracker. He has mentioned several times before he thinks they will come into play at some point. Zach is back laying across a bed in the earth room. Donny now grabs a bar stool at the island in the kitchen and the KT crew is munching and Victoria whispers something to Frankie and BB warns about discussing production. 
3:38 PM BBT Donny tells them that Derrick is back in the DR and Frankie says he is going to the WC before Derrick comes out and its time for the BoTB comp.  Donny says he hopes there aren't any bad punishments or penalties in this one. Nicole and Victoria both say since they done it last time they doubt they would do it this soon again. Donny looks at the time and refers to it being 6:36 on a Friday night back home and says his parents would be watching the world news, and Donny asks "I wonder what's going on in the world?" 
3:42 PM BBT Caleb and Zach have started chatting in the earth room. Caleb says when the host says Ready, Set, Go he is just going to sit down and say "Ya know Frankie, I know everything. Have fun taking your last breaths in this game." Or he says he thought about telling Frankie his parents told him not to play with snakes.
3:44 PM BBT Frankie enters the earth room and tells Caleb he wants to have a heart to heart. Zach gets up and leaves. Frankie asks if there is any part of him that is thinking about throwing this comp? Caleb seems taken back and says why would he throw a comp and keep himself on the block? Frankie tells him there is a lot he needs to tell him once the comp is over and there is a lot about his life he doesn't know. Caleb asks if its going to be a house meeting, and Frankie says he is going to start with him first. Frankie pauses and says "I'm not just playing for myself...lets say I am playing for...well just say I am playing for a lot of people, it'll be clear later. Caleb says he isn't playing for himself either and he wouldn't care to be on the block with someone he could beat but wouldn't want to go up against Frankie. 
3:50 PM BBT Caleb and Frankie say Derrick must be dressing up in some crazy costume because he has been in there forever. Caleb says he hopes it is a cool comp flying through the air or something. Zach and Victoria are in the SR and Zach says he feels like an idiot because he has been played by Frankie so hard. Zach said its almost comical and he has to laugh at how much s*** Frankie has told him and Nicole told him all kind of lies Frankie has said about him. He said he hates Christina just as much.
3:56 PM BBT Zach has went back to BR and laid down across the bed and staring at the ceiling. Caleb/Donny/Frankie/Victoria/Derrick are mingling about in the KT. Nicole gets called to the DR. All the HG's are getting anxious for the BoTB comp. They have thought several times it was time for the comp since Derrick has been called to DR a few times. 
4:02 PM BBT Frankie is in the beehive room alone doing some stretching mixed with yoga/dancing/Tai-Chi type exercises. Seems he is just trying to calm himself while getting loose for comp at the same time. 
4:09 PM BBT Derrick and Caleb are discussing places they need to go and both agree they hear Nashville is awesome. Frankie is asking when are they finally going to call them for the comp? Derrick says he asked and DR told him "Just be ready, we'll call ya when we are ready." Donny laughs and says that could be 3 minutes or 3 hours. Talk turns to when they normally go out. Donny tells them they have went as early as 2:30 before. Derrick walks over to door to the BY and says there is still a crew out there. Christine is wondering what happens to the outgoing HOH basket, etc. They tell her if she wants to listen to music now would be a good time but she says her iPod was broken last night when she got it. 
4:14 PM BBT Victoria and Zach are laying in the earth room and Zach says he has to start thinking about what he is going to say and not just blurting out. He then mentions about how many days they have left and Victoria tells Zach the fact she won't get any downtime when she gets home. She tells him about the press interviews they will have to do when show is over and it goes to FoTH.
4:18 PM BBT Zach explains to Victoria that there are 9 people left and there are 3 people left at the finale so there has to be another DE. Zach says he is looking forward to September when he can land back in FL and his mom, dad, and little brother waiting for him at the airport. Victoria mentions whether there life will go back to the same or if it'll be a lot different. 
4:25 PM BBT Zach tells Victoria that he feels really bad for Hayden. He said he got F'd so bad that he was an innocent by-stander. Zach said he got told Hayden wanted him gone, and Hayden was getting told he (Zach) wanted him gone. Zach says Frankie had him in the palm of his hand and fortunately for Zach that Frankie dropped him. But they go back to feeling sorry for Hayden. Victoria said he was like a brother to her. 
4:32 PM BBT Almost ironically in the KT Nicole tells Donny that last night at the end of the POV when Donny was laying there exhausted Hayden came and picked him up and was so happy for him even though he knew it was bad for him. Nicole says "OMG that kid breaks my heart." Zach and Victoria are still talking about when they go home after the show and Victorias nieces/nephews and we keep getting intermittent FoTH.  
4:36 PM BBT Nicole/Donny/Derrick/Christine are in the KT discussing an already evicted player coming back in the game. Derrick and Donny agree its almost a revolving door because the returning player is at a HUGE disadvantage. Nicole things there may be some kind of vague choice for America or even them and that's how BB will decide who comes back. Donny adds that even though the returning player is at a disadvantage its usually at a point in the game when people are breaking off into smaller groups and they could use another number. Talk then turns to whether the Zing Bot will come and what time of day or night it will come. Derrick says he now thinks the comp is going to be a couple hours. The anxiety of waiting is driving all the HG's mad. Even the players not competing. 
4:43 PM BBT Derrick is going to the HOH room to listen to Nicole's music. Caleb is jokingly telling Derrick he should punch him because he was about to do the same thing and follows Derrick to HOH room. Cody has since gotten out of bed. Donny says he is going to have to eat something, and he guesses he will take pizza since it hasn't killed him yet. Christine is telling Donny her husband sent her a shirt almost like one he has. Donny has changed his mind from pizza to cereal but doesn't want milk on his stomach having to play in comp. 
4:48 PM BBT Caleb is in the HOH telling Derrick and Nicole about Frankie asking him earlier if he was thinking of throwing the BoTB. Derrick says Frankie asked him earlier if he knew of anything going on. Derrick told him he thinks Caleb is a little upset at some of the things he has heard but he is too competitive and no way he is going to stay on the block. 
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7:01 PM BBT Zach, Nicole. Cody, Victoria, Christine, and Derrick are all sitting around the KT table talking about Long John Silver's. Zach starts talking about an amusement park that he took his brother to when he was 9 years old. Meanwhile, Frankie went to lay down in the ice room.


7:05 PM BBT Zach holds the HG's attention in the KT with stories about him and his little brother rough housing around. Nicole says, he going to start beating the crap out of him soon. Zach says they use the queen sized mattress in brother’s room to wrestle.


7:08 PM BBT Derrick is in the KT saying that Zach and him maintain their weight differently at home. He said he works out a lot more at home, and he eats better. He said he eats egg whites on toast for breakfast. Nicole says this is going to be a night comp. Zach says it may take about 3 minutes, after setting up for so long. Zach and Derrick both say that they shave all the time at home.


7:11 PM BBT Derrick says only shaving once a week is hard on him, because he's not used to having facial hair. He says he did a DR to hive wife about rocking the beard. That he will let her shave it off when he gets home, unless she likes that kind of thing. They all start talking about the BOB comp possibly being live on TVGN. Derrick says, probably not, because they are going to want them to get back in the house before that.


7:13 BBT Derrick farted at the KT table, and was asking if everyone smelled it. No one said they did, so he said he couldn't believe no one smelled it. Cody starts talking about the pickled eggs that Nicole had. Victoria made herself another bowl of slop. Cody says when he's finished being a HN, he's going to crush some Funyuns. Nicole tells Victoria that she's the culprit leaving her dishes in the sink, and not washing them, because of the little spoons she keeps using.


7:17 PM BBT Caleb asks if the pickles are gone, and Victoria said she put them in the fridge. Christine shouts out to keep things organized. Derrick and Zach are talking about Frankie telling a secret. Derrick asks why they haven't been told to prepare for the BOB today, instead of just sitting around all day.


7:21 PM Nicole shouts out, "Happy almost birthday Jessie." She says it's 10:18 p.m. there. Cody and Victoria are walking around the KT. Victoria says she going to lay down. Christine starts using her finger nails and hand to rub on Cody's back, while sitting at the KT table.


7:23 PM BBT Cody says, "Never a dull moment." Nicole and Christine repeat the same saying. Nicole says, she didn't sign up for this, she really didn't. She says, she's going to need therapy after this. She then says their seasons has had the most lies and deception. Christine says, they are really going to have to watch this season.


7:25 PM BBT Derrick says that Devin started everything. Derrick says, he apologized to him before a Veto comp, for saying some things, he'll see when he leaves. He says, that Devin said it was o.k. Nicole says that happens a lot in this house. Derrick says the suspense is killing me, and Frankie yelled across the house, the suspense is killing me. Derrick gets called to the DR.


7:28 PM BBT Frankie tells Cody in the ice room that's he's talked to everybody and it's going to be o.k., it's going to be awesome. Christine has her head laying on the KT table, smacking her water bottle back and forth on the table, and Frankie walks back into the KT. While Zach and Donny are in the fire room. Zach says that Caleb is blaming Frankie why Amber's gone. He said to make a long story short, Frankie made Nicole lie about something. Frankie said if you don't lie about this to Caleb, I'm going to put you on the block. So, she lied to Caleb, and that's why Caleb got made at Amber, and wanted Amber gone. So, Caleb, is going to do this whole spiel thing about Amber. Donny says, I hope so. Zach tells him he has nothing to worry about. Zach says he's a little sore, but he'll be o.k.


7:29 PM BBT Frankie asks Zach to talk to him, and he says no. Frankie says, you'll have to talk to me sometime. Zach says, you'll be talking to me in front of everyone. Frankie says he will. Derrick is wetting and fixing his hair in the WA. Derrick used the towel to wipe his hands, and starts brushing his hair, as Frankie walks in to go to WC.


7:32 PM BBT Cody asks if someone order pizza, and then started getting loud in the KT. Nicole, Cody, Christine, Donny and Victoria are all in the KT also. Derrick runs through the KT to go to fire room, as they are talking about previous HG's from other seasons.


7:38 PM BBT Zach changes the conversation about younger girls who have boob jobs. Christine says they need to be redone if you get them done young. Nicole says she know someone that just got one, and she has a tiny body. She said she ran Track with her. Frankie and Donny go into the WA to brush their teeth.


7:40 PM BBT Cody says for someone to take their t*ts off the internet. Zach says, your not cool anymore if you don't have your t*ts on the internet. Victoria talks about a girl that got different plastic surgery procedures. Caleb is waking in the rock room. He now has his and Amber's names taped inside the brim of his hat, that were on their water bottles.


7:42 PM BBT Caleb says he hungry, but he can't poop, so he doesn't want to eat. Frankie says the comps going to be at night. Caleb says it's going to be cool. Frankie offers to get coffee for Caleb. He says, no. He says, "I'm going to eat some of these right hear.  Dag gone it, I'm going to eat some of these little pieces of candy." Frankie says, "Get it." Caleb says, "I'll be golden." Frankie says, "You're right." He says, "Let's go f*cking win, and then I'm going to tell everyone everything." He told Caleb the story about trying to talk to Zach.


7:43 PM BBT Frankie and Caleb keep talking about nothing being personal in the house. Frankie says, he can't wait to tell everyone something about him. The HG's in the kitchen still have general chit chat going on in the KT talking about watching Dr. Will on You Tube.


7:45 PM BBT Caleb tells Donny that he's going to try to throw the BOB comp. He says the only way he will try to win it, is if there is a $5,000 prize involved. Donny was making farting noises with his hands, as he was walking around. Frankie says, he'll be off slop soon, and it may be the last time he's on slop. Caleb says, he must of really done something bad, but he hasn't heard a lot of it. Frankie says, he will clear everything up. Caleb says, everyone will appreciate him being a man about it.


7:48 PM BBT Caleb says that Zach may be doing thinks just to psych them out for the comp. They talk about the different comps they have played. More general chit chat about the previous HG's still is going on in the KT.


7:49 PM BBT KT conversation starts talking about Zing Bot, and how Andy was zinged about being a white ghost and floating in the house. Caleb was saying how the days have gone pretty quick in the house so far, when he looks back on it. Cam on DR door, we go to FoTH, and immediately to Jeff highlight reels. It's BOB Comp time!


8:05 PM BBT While we wait for the BOB comp to finish, does everyone think that Caleb will actually go through with his plan to throw the comp, or do you think it will be something he may not be able to throw? The HG's did wait a long time for the comp to begin, do you think that the comp was changed, because of his plans to throw the comp?


8:33 PM BBT Any ideas on what Frankie will tell the house about himself after the BOB comp is over? Do you think he'll be acting, to try to get the HG's back on his side again?


8:53 PM BBT With just under 6 weeks left of BB16, and the possibility of one of the jury members returning to the house, how many more double evictions do you think there will be?

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9:29 PM BBT Cody and Vic in the KT. Cody says if Frankie wins this whole thing is screwed. Vic says “Yeah… then we did this for no reason.” Cody says, “That’s why Zach should have gone up next to him because Zach would have yanked it.” 

9:30 PM BBT Vic says “The fact that Caleb is watching Frankie win it, I’m not understanding.” Cody looks at the camera and says, “You guys are getting a good one.” Derrick comes and gets them to go outside.


9:51 PM BBT

Feeds are back and Zach is pissed at Frankie and Christine. He's yelling at both of them and calling them liars. Frankie asks for a meeting where Zach is not there. Frankie and Caleb won. Frankie is rubbing it in Zach's face. Zach is not happy.


9:55 PM BBT 

Zach and Frankie are fighting in the living room. Caleb tries to get them to stop yelling and Frankie tells Zach he should be more grateful because he saved him. Cody, Caleb, and Zach are confronting Frankie about him trying to get Cody backdoored. He says he could apologize, but he did it. He admits to it.


9:57 PM BBT

Zach calls Frankie out and says he screwed over Zach, Cody, Derrick, and Caleb by trying to get Christine and Nicole to put them up on the block. Frankie says he never tried to form an alliance with Hayden and Nicole. Zach says Frankie disgusts him and lies to everyone. Cody calls Frankie out and tells him a liar.


10:01 PM BBT

Zach is still yelling at Frankie about being a liar and treating him like crap. Derrick tells them to hash it out behind closed doors. Frankie and Zach say what's the point, everyone can hear it anyway. Frankie says he has stuff to tell them. They decided to go to the fire room. Frankie tells them he's been lying the entire time. He says he's a youtube, television, and social media mogul. He makes videos. He walked into the house with 1.5 million dollars. He says he has been hiding that fact from everyone. His sister is a mega popstar and her name is Ariana Grande. Zach doesn't buy it, but Cody and Derrick buy it. Caleb says if they were outside the house he would kick him in the teeth. Frankie says his insane paranoia came to fruition from his grandfather dying and people talking about things he does for a living. Frankie says he started to lose it because of the paranoia. Frankie blames everything on Zach saying that he, Derrick, and Cody have a final 3 and he's on the outside. He second guessed everything they said. He apologizes to Zach for trying to get him out. He says the plan was to go to Hayden to vote out Zach and he wasn't alone in knowing about it.


10:08 PM BBT Derrick and Cody call Frankie out on telling Zach it was his decision and his plan to keep him. Frankie tell them he's using the money from the show to build schools in Africa. Cody asks Frankie what was up with me going up beside Zach? Frankie tells him it was because they wanted Zach out. Cody says Christine was saying all week that I needed to go home and go up. Frankie says that Hayden and Nicole threw him under the bus and he wasn't involved and got crazy and he assumed that Cody and Derrick would no longer trust him. Frankie says he's consumed by lies and he freaked out and ran to Nicole. He admitted to her that he was working with the other side and would flip to her side if she wanted to. Derrick says why are you telling us this? This is not strategy. Frankie says, "I am saying this because I really am sorry. I was freaked out." He says he never told Nicole the details. Zach said the only thing I get from this is that you want me out and you wanted to work with the other side of the house. Frankie says that's not true. Frankie says there was a time he wanted Zach out, but never wanted Cody up. Frankie says he was scared and was trying to cover his ass to Nicole.


 10:14 PM BBT

Cody wants to know how involved Christine was and how close Frankie is to her. He wants to know if they are both playing them. Caleb is mad at Frankie for lying to him about yet another thing. Derrick says you're here for the game, I'm not hurt by this, but you live a life and experience things that most of us don't get to. I respect you for being honest.Cody says he doesn't give a crap what Frankie does. He is pissed at the game thing. Derrick says I"m not going to Wicked with you. Frankie is upset. He's trying to smooth bridges and saying that he's still himself, he just omitted some parts of his life. Caleb says, "Dude, are you even gay/?" Frankie says, "I am very gay." Frankie says if this is his downfall, then he'll walk out and go back to his life. He tells Donny and Donny isn't fazed by it. Caleb says as an individual human he thinks that Frankie is an amazing person, but as a game, he doesn't trust him anymore Derrick says, "Why wouldn't you tell us this? This doesn't change anything." Donny sticks up for Frankie.


10:21 PM BBT Frankie offers to get Zach tickets to Justin Bieber. Cody says he doesn't care. Derrick says he holds no ill will against Frankie. Cody and Derrick say they are concerned about the game and who his real target is. Zach tells Derrick that losing his grandfather, who was really like his father, was the thing that sent him over the edge. He said he is at their mercy and wanted to leave with that stuff off his chest. Frankie says he is not supported by his family or his sister. He got all his money by his own hands. Derrick asked if anyone knew who he really was. Frankie says he thinks Victoria already knows who he is. Derrick and Cody ask who does Frankie want to work with. Frankie says he wants to work with the boys in the room.


 10:28 PM BBT

Frankie asks Derrick if he should tell the girls about his sister. He says just tell them, because if they find out later, they'll be mad. Derrick says the girls will get a kick out of it. Zach refuses to even look at Frankie as he leaves. Zach tells the guys he is not okay with anything that Frankie has admitted. Donny tries to build Zach up who is bummed about losing.
Frankie has now called Christine, Nicole, and Victoria to the living room. He tells them the same thing about his lies. Victoria is astounded. Christine says her husband loves Ariana Grande. Nicole can't believe that she's his sister. Nicole is freaking out the most of the girls so far. Frankie says there is a reason he he knows all her choreography. Victoria and Nicole scream about Frankie doing a backstage tour with Justin Bieber. Nicole cannot believe that Frankie is famous.


 10:28 PM BBT

Frankie asks Derrick if he should tell the girls about his sister. He says just tell them, because if they find out later, they'll be mad. Derrick says the girls will get a kick out of it. Zach refuses to even look at Frankie as he leaves. Zach tells the guys he is not okay with anything that Frankie has admitted. Donny tries to build Zach up who is bummed about losing.
10:33 pM BBT

Frankie has now called Christine, Nicole, and Victoria to the living room. He tells them the same thing about his lies. Victoria is astounded. Christine says her husband loves Ariana Grande. Nicole can't believe that she's his sister. Nicole is freaking out the most of the girls so far. Frankie says there is a reason he he knows all her choreography. Victoria and Nicole scream about Frankie doing a backstage tour with Justin Bieber. Nicole cannot believe that Frankie is famous.


10:35 PM BBT Frankie tells the girls that this is Frankie’s funeral and this is Frankie J. Grande. Vic says, “You’ve met Justin Bieber?” and we get FotH. She says she just talked about him in the DR yesterday and Frankie says he’s sure they were baiting her. Nicole says, “What did you say your last name was?” and he tells her Grande Marchione which is actually true. The girls just can’t get over how famous he is.


10:36 PM BBT Derrick, Cody, and Caleb are questioning Frankie's reasoning for telling them about his lies. Derrick says Frankie is trying to pull a Dan Gheesling funeral move for next week. Derrick said Frankie only told them that because he has no one on his side. Cody says he has no one in the game, so now he's getting votes by telling the house. Derrick says, "Gamewise, Frankie has admitted to try to pick us off one by one." Cody and Derrick say that if Donny comes off with the veto and puts one of them up, the gloves are off.


10:37 PM BBT Frankie them he didn't want to make it about Arianna. He's a YouTuber. Everything he does he films. He entered the house with half million Twitter followers. Nicole says now I understand why you were so paranoid. She asks him if he feels so much better. He keeps saying, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry." And he tells them he's a good person. Nicole says, "I know you're a good person."


10:40 PM BBT Vic says they have the same exact smile, the same exact eyes. Their eyebrows are the same. Christine says, "That's why they only game you kid pictures of her!" Frankie hopes they will play her song PROBLEM tomorrow morning. He says he doesn't want to lie anymore. He says they are financially independent of one another.

10:41 PM BBT Cody is paranoid that if Christine wants to backdoor Cody, they might have the votes to send him out, since he knows Nicole is still mad and would vote him out as revenge. Derrick says, "There is no way Christine is going to do that because Caleb, Donny, Derrick, and Victoria would vote to keep Cody over Zach. Christine could only put up Cody if she was guaranteed the votes and right now she'd only have Frankie and Nicole. "


 10:42 PM BBT Frankie says he was planning on coming forward all day today. It was stressful for him to hear Caleb talking about 1500 followers all the time. It was also hard to hear Vic talk about an American Idol person that he knows. He just couldn't take the stress anymore. He says now he can say #teamgrande. What he did outside was for his sister Arianna. Christine says that Tim is going to be so excited and Nicole says that America already knows.


10:43 PM BBT Caleb is pissed because Frankie told him that he was going to win America's Favorite Player and now it makes sense. Derrick says I only have 21 followers. Cody laughs and says, "That's what's up." Cody tells Caleb that Ariana is gorgeous. Derrick tells Caleb and Cody that neither of them have a chance with Ariana. She gets hit on by professional athletes. Caleb says he just wants Frankie to give him a shoutout after the game.



10:45 PM BBT Christine says that she bets that's why they don't have America's Favorite Player this year because he would be a shoe in. He asks if they hate him or if they would be Frankie-steins. Nicole says that America probably hates her for calling him out yesterday. She hopes people know that it was just game. Nicole says that it shouldn't change the game and she doesn't feel bad about what she says. She says that everything does make more sense now.


 10:47 PM BBT Derrick and Frankie talk about Team America. Derrick says he has an obligation to work with him, because he has to. Frankie says I had to blow it up, I'm sorry. Derrick says I'm not going against America and we'll go to the end together.


10:47 PM BBT Frankie says that he would rather go home telling the truth letting people know he's playing for charity than a liar. Frankie goes to change his shirt.


10:48 PM BBT Derrick and Frankie tell Caleb that Nicole lied to him about Amber. Frankie says that is not true and he should not believe Nicole. Caleb says Nicole is obviously lying and playing the game. Caleb says after what you did tonight and fighting by yourself I thought you deserved to be here. Frankie says he is done lying and he's playing a good game from here on out. Frankie says he wants her cd when he wins the next hoh competition


10:49 PM BBT Christine says that it's weird to know that she will 100% be playing in the veto comp tomorrow. Nicole says, "Wow. He's doing this for charity, we're doing this for our lives." Christine says, "Maybe he can help Tim's music career." Then she says how funny it would be for him to be sitting there listening to Caleb talk about having 1100 followers knowing that he has 10x that many. Nicole says she's just a small town girl with no secrets. Donny says he was Kelly Picklers janitor.


10:51 PM BBT Frankie and Caleb discuss the BOB competition. Caleb admits to coaching and helping Frankie twice during the competition so that Frankie could win.

10:51 PM BBT Feeds 3/4 switch to Zach and Cody in the Fire BR. Zach says he thinks everyone is going to suck up to him now. Cody says F' that. Cody says he doesn't care what he's doing with the money. He's playing the game for himself and Zach has to play for himself.

10:54 PM BBT
Derrick joins Cody and Zach int he fire room. He says he's getting tired of everyone being starstruck about Frankie and his sister. They tell Zach they need to get Christine to admit that she knew about the Cody/Derrick backdoor plan, because she's gone next week.Victoria joins in and says she's confused about why he's playing. He's playing for charity and she's playing to make her life better.



10:56 PM BBT Victoria says him telling them was nothing game related. Derrick says it's totally game related, Victoria. Why is it game related? She says, "Because we're kissing ass now." She admits to being a huge fan of hers and Derrick says, "see?"




10:57 PM BBT Zach is still sitting in the room being mad. Victoria asks him what is wrong. Zach says, "Frankie has screwed my game and was making fun of me behind my game." Zach says that Nicole did not make that stuff up about Frankie, because the stuff she said is true. Zach says he's just going to sit in the chair until Thursday. Zach wants to give up. Derrick is mad and says that there is no way production should've allowed Frankie to play by himself but he's glad that Frankie told about his lies. Zach says if Donny wins, then I'm going home and we lost. Derrick says if it comes to that flip a coin because I don't want to vote out either of you.

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Feeds 3/4 when Frankie tells the girls about who he is:


10:35 PM BBT  Frankie tells the girls that this is Frankie’s funeral and he is Frankie J. Grande. Vic says, “You’ve met Justin Bieber?” and we get FotH. She says she just talked about him in the DR yesterday and Frankie says he’s sure they were baiting her. Nicole says, “What did you say your last name was?” and he tells her Grande Marchione which is actually true. The girls just can’t get over how famous he is.


  10:37 PM BBT  Frankie them he didn't want to make it about Arianna. He's a YouTuber. Everything he does he films. He entered the house with half million Twitter followers. Nicole says now I understand why you were so paranoid. She asks him if he feels so much better. He keeps saying, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry." And he tells them he's a good person. Nicole says, "I know you're a good person."


  10:40 PM BBT  Vic says they have the same exact smile, the same exact eyes. Their eyebrows are the same. Christine says, "That's why they only game you kid pictures of her!" Frankie hopes they will play her song PROBLEM tomorrow morning. He says he doesn't want to lie anymore. He says they are financially independent of one another.


  10:42 PM BBT  Frankie says he was planning on coming forward all day today. It was stressful for him to hear Caleb talking about 1500 followers all the time. It was also hard to hear Vic talk about an American Idol person that he knows. He just couldn't take the stress anymore. He says now he can say #teamgrande. What he did outside was for his sister Arianna. Christine says that Tim is going to be so excited and Nicole says that America already knows.


  10:45 PM BBT  Christine says that she bets that's why they don't have America's Favorite Player this year because he would be a shoe in. He asks if they hate him or if they would be Frankie-steins. Nicole says that America probably hates her for calling him out yesterday. She hopes people know that it was just game. Nicole says that it shouldn't change the game and she doesn't feel bad about what she says. She says that everything does make more sense now.


  10:47 PM BBT  Frankie says that he would rather go home telling the truth letting people know he's playing for charity than a liar. Frankie goes to change his shirt.


  10:49 PM BBT   Christine says that it's weird to know that she will 100% be playing in the veto comp tomorrow. Nicole says, "Wow. He's doing this for charity, we're doing this for our lives." Christine says, "Maybe he can help Tim's music career." Then she says how funny it would be for him to be sitting there listening to Caleb talk about having 1100 followers knowing that he has 10x that many. Nicole says she's just a small town girl with no secrets. Donny says he was Kelly Picklers janitor.


  10:51 PM BBT   Feeds 3/4 switch to Zach and Cody in the Fire BR. Zach says he thinks everyone is going to suck up to him now. Cody says F' that. Cody says he doesn't care what he's doing with the money. He's playing the game for himself and Zach has to play for himself.


  10:54 PM BBT   They are trying to figure out who would be the replacement nominee and who is lying to them, Nicole or Christine. Zach asks if Cody knows who Arianna Grande is. Cody says he doesn't care. He does agree that if he said he was Arianna Grande's brother in the beginning he would have been gone. Derrick comes in and says he's getting aggravated. He's told them who he is from Day 1. He understands why he did it, but he's been playing for his daughter and he's playing for BB and to provide for his family. Zach says he's playing for a charity in Africa.


  10:56 PM BBT   Vic comes into the Fire BR and says she's kind of confused. They tell her it doesn't change anything. She says he's famous. They say he's not, his sister is. She says he's playing for a charity and she's playing for her home. She says she's a huge fan of his sister. Derrick says if Michael Jordan's sister or Tiger Woods' sister was in the house it would be cool but it wouldn't change anything.


  10:57 PM BBT   Zach is upset because Frankie has been lying about him. Derrick says the other side of the house will love him now... they will get to see her in concert, Caleb will meet Justin Bieber. Derrick said he didn't leave his family to sit in 3rd place because Frankie will make it to the end because Frankie's sister is famous. He almost feels like going to the DR and saying send me home.


  10:59 PM BBT   Zach says he just has to win the veto or he's F'd. Derrick says Donny is up, too. Zach says that Donny could win the veto and then Christine could put Cody up. Derrick says he would have to flip a coin then because he would never turn his back on either of them. They say there are 38 days until they are home. Derrick says only 2 people will win any real money in here. Zach says Frankie will probably win fan favorite, too.


  11:02 PM BBT   Derrick says he is taking 500K and putting it toward charity. Who isn't going to vote for him? They both feel defeated. Zach says, "He's playing for schools in Africa!" Derrick says that they are healthy and have good families and ultimately that's what they have to remember. They may not be related to celebrities, but whatever they do they do on their own merits.


  11:05 PM BBT   Derrick says that if Zach wins the veto, she will probably put Cody or him up. Derrick says he's here for the money. He's happy if he meets some great guys to text, some little brothers, but he needs the money. They both sit quietly, introspectively. Zach says that Victoria will be on his d*ck. Derrick says Caleb, too. Derrick says they are going on a football trip together.


 11:10 PM BBT   Cody comes in and asks who is a liar... Christine or Frankie. Derrick thinks Frankie is being straightforward because he has a following and he doesn't want to appear a liar anymore. They decide that they've lost Caleb to Frankie. Cody says that he would have made more money at his job. He didn't come here to lose. He came here to play a straight up game. Cody tells Zach that he was going home on a 5-3 vote. They had to work to undo that and had to work Christine. Frankie comes in and asks Zach if he will hug him yet and Zach says NO.


 11:15 PM BBT   Cody and Derrick tell him that he has to get over it and talk to Frankie. Zach says (again) "Dude, he's playing for schools in Africa." Derrick says that he refuses to believe that he can't win the game. They are talking about what Arianna looks like. Cody just doesn't want to hear about it right now. They talk about why Caleb didn't play. Zach says he doesn't want to talk about it because he could be going to watch the 49ers play and now he's probably going home.

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