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Sunday, August 25 Live Feed Updates


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12:05 AM BBT Andy tells Judd that no matter how much he hangs out with Elissa that he has Judd's back 100% and is ready to make moves. They disperse and Judd joins mcranda in the chair room. Amanda reassures Judd that no matter who wins HOH next were Judd won’t go up and there no way he will be replacement nom.

12:15AM BBT: Andy and Spencer in the airplane room discussing what would happen if he wins HOH next week and how to get Elissa to put GM up. Andy says not to let this leave the room, but he is almost leaning more towards putting up Elissa and Judd, not Mcranda. They both agree they have to stay in the middle this week.

12:30AM BBT Judd tells GM he has her back if she goes up nd will campaign for her to stay. GM is laying down for bed now. Andy and Spencer are in the airplane room discussing their zings. They apparently did not appreciate them. Andy also doesn't like the questions he is asked in DR and we get fish. Aaryn tells Mccranda in the chair room that Judd and GM are talking game. Amanda says to tell Andy to go catch him. Aaryn goes in herself and talks to GM.

12:45 AM BBT Andy is spilling the 3AM alliance beans to Spencer in the airplane room. He says that he only has been in it a couple weeks. He went into it thinking that Aaryn and Amanda would go after each other eventually. Aaryn, Judd, and GM discuss Aaryn's record amount of comp wins. Aaryn then reverts to finding a way to keep GM off the block. They want to get Spencer nominated.

12:55AM BBT Judd goes up to HOH to tell Elissa that Aaryn told GM she doesn't want GM up because Aaryn won’t have the votes to stay. He says that if GM goes up Aaryn will leave. If Andy goes up they will send him packing. Elissa is worried about Judd wanting to work with Aaryn and I mean very worried. She sounds on the verge of tears. Judd says he isn't and that he just wants Elissa to see that they wont have a third vote for Aaryn if Andy goes up.

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1:05AM BBT Andy, os on HOH now and says that if Elissa puts up GM then it is 100% that Aaryn will go. If Andy gets put up then there is a chance that he will go home. Their new idea is to bring GM upstairs and tell her she is completely safe. Elissa seems on board with that.

1:30AM BBT not much to report. Andy and Judd hope their plan worked on Elissa. Aaryn, Mccrae, and Spencer are bashing Elissa in the chair room because they do not understand their game play. Judd moves outside to do laundry.

1:50AM BBT GM goes to HOH to discuss her not going up. Elissa wants to put up Andy. Elissa tells GM why she was upset after veto and tells her not to tell Aaryn what they discuss. GM says she wont and never will. GM promises that if she wins she will put Mcranda up. Elissa calls Amanda desperate and says she will stop at nothing to get what she want. GM is going to go downstairs and act like Elissa doesn't like her. Judd and Spencer are in the BY. Spencer tells Judd he had no idea about his eviction at all.

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2:05 AM BBT GM and Aaryn are whispering about GM's discussion with Elissa. GM tells her everything Elissa said not to. Spencer, Judd, and Mccrae make small talk about being have nots. GM heads to bed. Aaryn heads outside. Andy is already in bed.

2:20AM BBT Everyone but GM and Aaryn are in bed now. They are in the BY by the HT. GM is still playing up the angle that Elissa is upset with her evn though she let Aaryn in on the Andy plan. Aaryn stresses that Amanda is not playing her game. GM knows. GM is boarderline shouting that the idea to keep Aaryn to stay is if GM is off the block and a guaranteed vote for Aaryn . Aaryn tells GM to tell Elissa that she wants to work with her as long as she puts someone up like Judd or Spencer.

2:30 AM BBT The girls agree to suggest to Elissa that she put Judd up for Helen. They agree to tell her it is what Helen wanted. GM tells Aaryn that if Andy goes up she will vote him out and lie to him about it. Because that is what he did when Nick was evicted. Aaryn says not to push for it though. Gm says she won’t

2:45 AM BBT The girls have gone inside and eaten a slice of leftover cake. They cleaned up a little bit and are now getting ready for bed, which is what I am going to do myself. See you for the wake-up call!

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9:02 am BBT House is dark and the night vision cams show us all HG are sleeping.

9:15 am BBT Andy uses WC, washes hands, heads back thru dark KT/LR and back to bed.

9:17 am BBT Spencer gets up, changes batteries, uses WC, washes his hands and goes back to bed.

10:10 am BBT HG still sleeping. They are tired from their rough day yesterday.

10:30 am BBT We have FOTH!!! BB waking them up.

10:53 am BBT wow that was a long FOTH. most HG are moving around. Spencer, Mc, Amanda and Aaryn are stlil in bed. Aaryn gets asked if she changed her batteries. GinaMarie going back to bed. Andy brushing his teeth, Judd thinking about taking a shower.

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11:00 AM BBT Elissa is up doing ADLs. She is worried that they are running low on fish food. Andy got up long enough to brush his teeth but has gone back to bed. Judd has been called into the DR.

11:04 AM BBT Judd is out of the DR, shaved, and is hopping in the shower. Elissa is making coffee. Aaryn has been called into the DR.

11:15 AM BBT Judd is out of the shower. Elissa invites him outside with her for a cup of coffee. He said he would but he's still getting dressed for the day.

11:23 AM BBT Judd and Elissa are in the KT. Judd still isn't breathing well this morning. That competition yesterday really did him in. They grab their beverages and head into the BY. They see that the hot tub has flooded the patio. Andy turned the hose to fill it up earlier but then went back to bed without turning it off. Elissa goes to the DR to get instructions from BB about what do. Judd is using his feet to push the water over to the grass.

11:29 AM BBT Elissa comes back and tells Judd to come inside. BB is going to put them on IDLD to take care of the flooded patio. Elissa tells Judd she had a very vivid dream about her son. Judd doesn't remember having a dream last night. They head upstairs to the HOHR.

11:31 AM BBT Elissa asks Judd if anything happened last night. He said nothing did. Judd tells her that he trusts Spencer but he will vote against Aaryn even if he's the only one. He said he wasn't going to vote the way others tell her. Judd says Amanda is mad that she no longer can tell Judd what to do. He thinks if Andy goes up then they (Amanda and McCrae) will vote to keep him.

11:35 AM BBT Judd and Elissa are talking about Aaryn. Elissa thinks her ambition in life is to go to the Playboy Mansion. Judd tells her that McCrae offered him safety next week. "He won't and if he doesn't whoop dee do. I'll win HOH and put his butt up."

11:38 AM BBT Elissa calls Amanda disgusting and gross and could talk about her faults all day all season long. The only good thing she has ever seen from Amanda is that she is funny. Judd calls McCrae a "Big butt (substitute another noun here) floater."

11:41 AM BBT Judd says it would be a good game move to target Aaryn, Amanda and McCrae. Judd thinks that Andy's eyes were opened up after Zingbot called him a floater.

11:44 AM BBT Judd and Elissa are discussing the pros and cons of who to nominate as the replacement nominee. Judd doesn't want Gina Marie to go up and thinks if it's Andy, Amanda and McCrae would vote to keep him regardless of what they are currently saying.

11:50 AM BBT Elissa tells Judd that Amanda pitched to her to nominate Judd claiming Judd would be safe. Judd laughs. Neither believe that for a second. Judd says he trusts Spencer and he would target Amanda and McCrae before he went after Elissa and Judd. He tells her that Aaryn would side them (Amanda and McCrae). Elissa "That's why she needs to go this week."

11:57 AM BBT Judd is worried that if Andy goes up Aaryn may stay. If Gina Marie goes up then they definitely have the three votes. Elissa says it all comes down to who she trusts more. She says Andy is just as impressionable and maybe more. She tells Judd that Andy claimed to be on Helen's side all along and they all would be better off if Helen had stayed and one of them had gone.

11:59 AM BBT Elissa to Judd "Best case scenario is us to be sitting there and Amanda and McCrae sitting their butt in jury." She wants to tell Amanda (at the end with Amanda in jury) that she is a trend that people try out and then decide it's the worst decision they ever made. She would never go back in style. Judd says his whole mission is to win first (like everyone else) but to get them (Amanda and McCrae) out. Elissa tells Judd that everyone would vote for McCrae if he made it to the final two because he would claim to be the mastermind of everything. He would get the votes for his game play. Judd still thinks McCrae is just a big floater.

12:04 PM BBT Judd tells Elissa that if Andy goes up that Amanda and McCrae would vote for him to go because he's never been on the block. Elissa "If Aaryn doesn't go this week then they (Amanda and McCrae) are winning this game because they have the numbers.

12:06 PM BBT Judd says his family and friends are probably very disappointed in him for working with Amanda in the beginning. Elissa says she wishes she had put her up when she had the chance.

12:08 PM BBT Judd to Elissa "Do you know how much it ticks me off that I threw it all away by trusting them (Amanda and McCrae)?" He directly blames them for his eviction. Judd says God doesn't care who wins or not but everything happens for a reason.

12:14 PM BBT Elissa says she can't stand that McCrae would read the Bible and then talk about BB gods. She says he needs to pick something to believe in and stick to it. She says their wedding was so sacrilegious that it made her sick. Judd defends him saying that they took their daily devotionals seriously and never talked game until the Bible was closed.

12:20 PM BBT Judd tells Elissa that Amanda said he was evicted because of his lies. He says "Find me one person in this house that hasn't lied so I can shake their hand." He takes offense to Amanda claiming he has changed since he came back. Judd says McCrae needs to volunteer as a Have-Not. He doesn't eat. All he does is lay around and take a shower every four or five days.

12:23 PM BBT More Amanda and McCrae bashing in the HOHR between Amanda and Judd. Meanwhile Aaryn is up doing ADLs.

12:33 PM BBT Judd tells Elissa that he really thinks that Gina Marie going up is the best case scenario. Elissa says she wants to feel Gina Marie out but that her gut is to put up someone that "really deserves to be there, someone that betrayed her." Judd "Who me?" Elissa "Yes, seriously. You are going up because Aaryn would go home." Judd gives her a surprised look and Elissa laughs.

12:38 PM BBT Elissa "whoever I put up, if Aaryn stays then they (Elissa and McCrae) will win this." Judd tells her that they can work with Andy. Elissa tells Judd that if he trusts Andy then that makes her question his judgment.

12:41 PM BBT Elissa tells Judd that he is being manipulated. Judd says he just thinks there are bigger fish to fry. Elissa agrees but questions how that is Gina Marie. Elissa "Andy is a floater, they are not going to vote him out."

12:48 PM BBT Judd has made his pitch to keep Andy off the block thinking it will give them numbers next week when Elissa can't play. He also says he will support her decision and won't hound her like Amanda does. More Amanda and Aaryn bashing ensues. Judd is scared Aaryn will stay and win the HOH again. Elissa "I just have to do what I think is best." She tells him that Andy has been supporting them (Amanda and McCrae) from the beginning. Judd recommends she talk to Spencer, Gina Marie, and Spencer today before making her decision.

12:54 PM BBT Judd keeps pitching to Elissa to change her mind. She says her gut and everything inside her is telling her to put Andy up. Elissa "I just have to do what I think is best." Judd "I hope you do what is best for all of us." Regardless of what is decided Judd says his mission is to be a part of getting rid of Amanda and McCrae. It would be something to be proud of. Elissa says Judd is being completely blind sided if he wants to work with Andy more than her. Judd says no, he doesn't completely trust Andy and wants to work with her.

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1:05pm BBT: Judd has now gone to the Kt as Aarynis in the Wa doing makeup and Judd walks in says goodmorning poopy then says my face is broke out so bad.Judd says the back yard is flooded where Andy put the house is to fill the hottub earlier and they had to lock the BY back down. Aaryn says oh really?

1:09pm BBT: Judd goes rto color rm and Ginamarie is just waking up she ask what time it is and he says one then wiggles a worm on a sting at her and she laughs.Andy is now awake too he is saying what andy did to the Hot tub and hpw they got put on lockdown for it since it was flooded and Andy says sorry BB.

1:18pm BBT: Judd and Elissa in KT taking Electralite tablets and Elissa says drink a full glas of watwer with them. She says i guess i am the first person to ask for electralite drinks for have nots in here and Judd says really and Elissa says i guess they never gave them to us before. Elissa goes up to HOH rm and says she is going to change then be out to the BY. Judd goes to the BY and sits on couch.

1:25pm BBT: Amanda is now up in Kt getting orange juice. Ginamarie and Aaryn in Wa after Bb calls them both to the dr then Bb says Ginamarie to the Dr and aaryn is doing her hair and says someone was hiding it and we got foth.

1:32pm BBt: Judd goes back out to the BY after making a ham and chese sandwich and joins Amanda who is eating also. Aaryn has now joined the BY and Judd says good morning and Aaryn says Hi.Aaryn says Amanda has like the perfect sking and Amanda says no i dont and aaryn says yeah you do you dont turn pink you dont have dark circles and you dont brake out what more can you ask for?

1:41pm BBt: Elissa is leaving the HOH rm wit laundry. In the BY Aaryn and judd and Andy talking general talk in the By about power bars that Elissa got in her basket and how good they are.

1:43pm BBTL Spencer is now up in the By and elissa comes out with him with her yoga mat.

1:47pm BBt: Andy and elissa in the Kt as Andy is cleaning tbhe Kt and says i am clean at home and this bothers me as he wipes the counter. Elissa heads out to BY to start her yoga. Aaryn, Spencer4 and judd talking about Ciggaretts and then about the finale and Spencer says he cant wait to have naked time with maryline.

1:53pm BBt: Andy in lounge rm talking to amanda and Mccrae. Andy says if i go up i got to get to Judd before aaryn does so he will trust me. He says i have to tell them that i am going after Amanda and mccrae and Amanda talks louder and says yeah then he will put us up if he gets power and andy says then what do i say and Amanda calls for mccrae and heads to the Kt.

1:56pm BBT: Andy is back to cleaning the KT and Spencer and Aaryn are in kt with him. Amanda and mccrae outside smoking and not talking.

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McCrae and Amanda smoking on the couch in BY while Elissa is exercising. Amanda starts talking loudly about Elissa. Amanda says that Elissa has her 78 y/o husband at home waiting for her and a son that 'who knows who the father is, b/c it's not your husband.' Amanda says that you tried to tell GM about my pregnancy but everyone and America already knows. She continues, saying vile things about Elissa and how she has 2 step kids at home that she never talks about. Elissa doesn't say anything and Amanda go inside and repeats everything to GM and Aaryn in the bathroom.


Aaryn, Judd and Amanda in bathroom. Aaryn says that the only reason most people are being nice to Elissa is b/c they're scared to be put on the block and things will be different tomorrow. Amanda says Andy will go home and Aaryn has nothing to worry about. Aaryn says she's unsure about Judd's vote and he says she doesn't have to.

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2:04pm BBt: andy now getting the broom and dustpan from Str and Amanda in STR eating candy. Aaryn and Mccrae on By couch with aaryn eating but no one talking.Amanda is now back in bed eating a banana.

2:11pm BBT: Ginamarie is now up and going to go straighten her hair and get ready for the photo booth that she says they should get turned on soon.Amanda is now up and going to the Wa to talk to GInamarie.She says the good old fashion to wash the front of the hair to make it look clean and Ginamarie laughs and says yeah. Judd, Mccrae and Spencer on BY couch saying this is day 66 in the house and Spencer yawns.

2:15pm BBT: Elissa and Mccrae are in By arguing and Elissa says dont touch my stuff and mccrae says i didnt touch it and you are the most down grounded person ever Elissa comes back out and says tell your girlfriend to not touch my stuff and mccrae says if you want to balme anyone blame ginamarie. elissa says she went through my drawerss and seen what i was wearing and i i am telling you right now dont touch my stuff again and mccrae says i am telling you if you touch my stuff again i will go pitt bull on you and Elissa says if you touch my stuff again i will tell production and mccrae says i will go to production now.

2:19pm BBT: Andy comes out and ask what is going on and elissa says i am tired of them touching my stuff. mccrae comes back out and says Production says dont touch my stuff and Elissa says i am sure they said dont touch my stuff either and they yel,k at each other more repeating themselves and elissa says you have dirty clothes in your drawers that hasnt been washed in like 3 weeks you are so gross and Mccrae says your gross so dont touch my stuff either and have respect for other peoples stuff.

2:21pm BBt: Elissa says just done touch my stuff and Mccrae says i wouldnt want to touch your upper class crsty stuff anyways and Bb says Elissa put your mic on and aMANDA COMES OUT AND Mccrae says dont touch her stuff and says she is high and mighty and you cant touch her stuff. amanda says why would i touch her stuff. Amanda says zingbot says it best that she is the trash of her sister.Mccrae says i dont know how you can live with scum it must be low for you and Amanda says she has her 70 year old husband and kid that she doesnt know whos kid it is but must not be his. and she never talks about her step kids thats a loving step mom there.

2:25pm BBT:Amanda is now in the Wa with Ginamarie and aaryn and telling them what all was said out in the BY.amanda says i want to be here dont you know thats all of our jobs we all want to be her.

2:27pm BBt: Ginamarie comes out and ask Mccrae if he needs anything washed and he says no i like being dirty and amanda says to aaryn in the WA that something doesnt add up Elissa has a 70 year old husband and an 8 year old kid and she wants to talk about my pregnancy.

2:39pm BBT: Spencer tells Judd he is just going to lay low. Judd gets up and goes out to the BY and ask Mccrae if he is cooler now and he says yeah. amanda in Wa telling Aaryn she didnt touch Elissas stuff but now i am.

2:40pm BBt: Judd and Mccrae talking and Judd says i am cool with ya'll but Amanda does speak wrong at times.Amanda comes out and ask how did all that start and mccrae says that Elissa came out and said tell Amanda not to get stuff out of my bag and he says i told her first of all it was ginamarie that took the ball out of the bag and second she took all my stuff out of the drawers. Amanda laughs and says i just hung her heres elissa sign and hung it on the bathroom door and Mccrae says dont touch her stuff.

2:46pm BBt: Amanda , Ginamarie and Aaryn getting the worms on a string out to do a puppet show with them Amanda is Candice and Ginamarie is herself and Aaryn is Amanda and they are yelling making fun of Candice.

2:51pm BBt: In the BY Judd and Mccrae talking about Judd when he was evicted and Mccrae tells hi tnhat once amanda was convinced that Judd was the Mvp then she was on board to evict you but i was never on board.

2:55pm BBt: Aaryn. Amanda and Ginamarie still playing with the fuzzy worms on a string doing their mean girl act and putting people down and cursing alot.

2:57pm BBT: Mccrae and Judd still in BY talking about floaters and how being a floater can either help you or hurt you. Andy is now out there too and says well when you have the MVP you dont know if you are mean to the wrong person.

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#BB15 3:00 pm BBT GM telling Andy in the lounge if it will help her (GM) further her game, she will vote Aaryn out.

Andy telling GM if she goes up, she will just be a pawn.

3:02 pm BBT Aaryn and Andy wispering game. Andy said if anything changes, he don't want to be blindsided. Andy trusts GM if Andy is on the block that GM wont vote him out.

3:05 pm BBT Elissa joined Andy and GM in lounge bashing Amanda

3:09 pm BBT Amanda asking GM for makeup to create bubbie and chase Elissa around the house.

3:11 pm BBT Amanda is going to make herself look white and pasty and annoying.

3:15 pm BBT Andy just wispered something to Spencer in chair room then walked into kitchen where Judd is making a sandwich.

3:17 pm BBT Judd and McCrae in BY talking. Judd knows Amanda hates him (Judd) and will put him up next week if she gets HOH. Judd is not bowing down to nobody. Judd respects McCrae as a person and as a friend. Judd said everyone is saying stuff that he is not saying. McCrae said Judd is campaigning for Andy to go up and Judd says no. Judd wants to confront Aaryn about that.
3:20 pm BBT Judd went to confront Aaryn. Judd is not telling anybody to go up. Judd said he did not say to put Andy up.
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3:21 pm BBT Aaryn now in Color room telling GM about Judd confronting her. Aaryn said it is obvious Judd is trying to get Aaryn to go home.

3:28 pm BBT GM telling Aaryn that she told "them" she can't give them a straight answer about her vote. GM said Judd is so stupid because Elissa has no one to back her up. Aaryn said she is trying to work with Judd.

3:30 pm BBT Aaryn said the whole game and what she has done was for nothing. GM "I know" Aaryn has done what she can do and kind of like what ever at this point. Nothing she can do or say can change Judd and Elissa's mind. Aaryn just told GM that McCrae and Amanda will flip and she (Aaryn) will go home, "but don't tell nobody she said that."

3:35 pm BBT GM now in the color BR by herself with her head in a pillow. Aaryn joins Amanda, McCrae, Judd and Andy in the BY. Aaryn asks Amanda what her plan is if she is going to just follow Elissa around. Amanda says I don't know who that is.

3:37 pm BBT Amanda left to go in the color BR with GM. Amanda is dressed up and acting like Granny. Amanda wishes Elissa would come down so she (Amanda) could torture her. GM telling Amanda that Elissa said Amanda was talking about her husband. Amanda will not let Elissa have a conversation with anyone, she will blow her horn in her (Elissa's) ear. Now GM and Amanda are Judd and Elissa bashing.

3:41 pm BBT GM wispering to Amanda her vote is 100% Amanda and GM are Elissa bashing.

3:44 pm BBT Amanda told GM she heard Judd was pusing to get GM on the block.

3:47 pm BBT in the BY Aaryn and Judd talking. Judd said Elissa's mind is set on putting up Andy. Judd was trying to brainstorm to see where Aaryn's head is at. Judd apologized to Aaryn if he has been mean to her.

3:49 pm BBT Aaryn and Judd in BY talking about how they thought they were against each other. Aaryn is after her safety right now. Judd told Aaryn to quit thinking he is against her. Judd didn't mean to sound like he was pushing.

3:51 pm BBT Amanda joins the BY and tells them GM is pissed because Judd was trying to get GM on the block.

3:53 pm BBT Andy now talking to GM in color BR. Andy said the only thing he said to Elissa was he is nervous that he is going home and he can't be mad at GM because he is friends with Aaryn. Andy told GM he would not vote her out if she was on the block. Andy said Spencer is with him and who ever he votes for.

3:55 pm BBT Amanda and Aaryn join Andy and GM in color BR. They are discussion what VETO means.

3:57 pm BBT Judd and McCrae in BY talking about Aaryn. Judd don't get the logic in Aaryn telling people that Judd wants GM to go up. McCrae "yeah", "yup", yeah...

3:59 pm BBT Andy joins McCrae and Judd in BY. Judd asked Andy if GM is mad at him (Judd). Andy replies, yea, he has just been shutting up and keeping out of everything. McCrae called to DR.

4:00 pm BBT GM and Amanda in color room Elissa bashing.

4:02 pm BBT Elissa and Aaryn in Kitchen with no talking going on.

4:07 pm BBT Amanda just heard Elissa is out of DR and now she is going to the kitchen where Elissa is at and starts screaming it's new year's then blows the horn over and over.

4:09 pm BBT Amanda is so trying to annoy Elissa with the horn.

4:10 pm BBT Andy joins Judd and Aaryn in color room. Andy tells them that Amanda is torturing Elissa. They are so board...

4:12 pm BBT Amanda just put something of Elissa's on the back of the toilet. Amanda called to DR.

4:14 pm BBT Andy and Judd in BY now. Judd "that proves I'm not aginst you (Andy)." Andy said he is trying to stay out of it. Judd is trying to stay good with it too. Andy thinks there is still hope. Judd don't want Andy going nowhere. Judd want's to go and talk to Elissa.

4:17 pm BBT Nothing going on now, just general chat.

4:25 pm BBT Andy, Spencer, Judd and McCrae in BY general chat. Aaryn and GM in kitchen general chat.

4:26 pm BBT Aaryn cut up fruit and took it to the BY to share.

4:29 pm BBT Amanda out of DR and walked into BY and said "she (Elissa) is hiding in her room and she don't know why, she (Amanda) is going to get her (Elissa) out here.

4:31 pm BBT Amanda walked into the BY and said she (Elissa) locked her HOH door.

4:32 pm BBT Elissa in HOH room changing clothes and crawling into her bed. She is watching the spy screen and laughing.

4:35 pm BBT Amanda and Andy now in color room. Andy pleading his case to Amanda if he goes on the block he wants to stay. He is saying everything to everyone what they want to hear. Amanda left the color BR and now Andy alone changing clothes and crawling into bed

4:41 pm BBT Andy in bed, Aaryn, GM, McCrae and Spencer in BY general chat.

4:43 pm BBT FOTH

4:44 pm BBT It looks as if Amanda put a bloody looking pad (really hot sauce) by Elissa's stuff.

4:49 pm BBT in BY general chat.

4:52 pm BBT Amanda and Spencer in Kitchen. Amanda told Spencer that Elissa locked her door. Spencer said that is probably a good idea. Amanda wonders how long it will it take Elissa to tell production that Amanda is torturing her (Elissa). Spencer said it has probably already been done.

4:58 pm BBT Judd, Spencer, Aaryn and McCrae in BY talking about which comps they like and don't like.

4:59 pm BBT Amanda and GM in kitchen talking about bugers on the wall in the bathroom.

5:00 pm BBT It's photo booth time!

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5:03pm BBt:Spencer and mccrae in By and Mccrae says man i dont know what i am going to do about Aaryn she is going to turn everyone against each other. Spencer says she already is dude.

5:05pm BBt: mccrae says i figure tomorrow Andy will go up and spencer says i know and i dont want to mess up your game and mccrae says i dont want to mess yours up too. Spencer says if Ginamarie goes up then she cant answer any questions or anything. mccrae says yeah but everything we say to her gets around i dont know how but it does.

5:09pm BBt: ginamarie is in the photobooth with Aaryn and Andy Spencer and mccrae in BY talking about what is realistic in this game then judd walks out and talk stops.and they start talking about what Amanda has put around the house and yard for Elissa.

5:15pm BBT: mccrae and Andy talking in By about the noms and Andy says i do not want to go home on Elissas HOh weel and Mcfrae says yeah i dont trust Poopy at all.then Spencer walks out and they stop talking then mccrae goes in and spencer and Andy talks about Poopy leaving. aaryn comes out and andy ask if Elissa is still baracaded in the hOh rm and she says yeah ginamarie went up to get her and she wouldnt answer. Spencer says it has been a bizar day in the house today then talk turns to Farting.

5:22pm BBt:Amanda says i am going to torcher Elissa every day this week and next week and i dont care what anyone says. Mccrae says i want her gone so bad and amanda says she messed with the wrong person.

5:26pm BBt: BB calls elissa to Dr and amanda is in Kt and says Elissa has to go to the Dr and smiles then we get foth.

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6:27 pm BBT 6:26 pm BBT feds are back Amanda is sitting in the house blowing the horn and yelling to Elissa "this is what you get for being a b***h to everyone including production.

6:29 pm BBT Amanda yelling to Elissa and then said "okay, I will go to the DR for you, then we get FOTH.

6:31 pm BBT feds are back and Judd is called to DR.

6:32 pm BBT Spencer, GM, Judd, McCranda and Andy in BY. Amanda asked why would you think if I am put on the block, I wouldn't go home.

6:35 pm BBT Spencer told Amanda all that she is doing is messing up their chances of getting alchaol tonight.

6:37 pm BBT Aaryn called to DR and then two minutes later Amanda called to DR.

6:38 pm BBT No talk yet about the reason for trivia. Andy went to the restroom, washed his hands and heading up to the HOH.

6:42 pm BBT Elissa lets Andy in and then Andy apologizes to her for what she is going through. Elissa can't believe the show would tolerate that (talking about the way Amanda is harassing her (Elissa)...and then FOTH.

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6:50 pm BBT still FOTH

6:51 pm BBT Still FOTH. Recap: Amanda has been bullying and harassing Elissa today. She then wanted Andy to go up and comfort Elissa for all she is going through. Amanda is hoping this will keep Elissa from putting Andy on the block as a replacement (Amanda does not want two members of the 3AM alliance up).

6:59 pm BBT Still FOTH

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7:08PM BBT Looks like Elissa is in the shower in the HoHR. GM, Elissa, Judd, Spencer and Amanda are in the BY. Amanda just said twice that Elissa is a C word and she says America thinks so. Amanda: "Her husband is also her father."
GM is knocking on the HoHR door. Elissa can't hear her.

7:12PM BBT Amanda says what she is doing is just annoying but Elissa walking around with a smile on her face is just evil, it is worse.
GM is in the WA, Aaryn is in the shower. GM has made her way to the KT.

7:15PM BBT GM is making beds (the girl is all over tonight), Amanda and Andy are in the KT, she is getting something to eat and heads back outside. She has gone 6 minutes (and counting) without insulting Elissa. Elissa is out of the shower.

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7:20PM BBT BY small talk. Amanda wonders how she is portrayed, how Elissa is, Judd says "Silly, both just shown as silly."
Amanda says "What would this be? Amandagate? Torture Elissa gate?" Judd asks if they told Amanda if they turns the feeds off when the talk about (inaudible). She says "Ya." he says "They told me they don't" they debate lightly.
They are now talking about the bible. Spencer says that every religion has a flood story. Amanda is now making fun of GM pronunciations. Amanda asks "Do you think Elissa will let me use her bath tub? I wanna take a bath." (really?)

7:28PM BBT Amanda "I want my cell phone!" Judd asks why. "I wanna call my family!" Judd "Call Dr. Phil?" Amanda says she doesn't feel like she has a family anymore because she hasn't talked to them. Amanda says they at least got letters (Spencer and McCrae haven't)

7:31PM BBT Spencer and Amanda are now bitching about Elissa and how she talks down to everyone. Amanda is defending her "one day" of bad behaviour. McCrae is now chiming in about Elissa laughing about them being scared. Spencer says she makes no sense. Amanda is wondering if Judd would put her up. Spencer says he is going to keep hounding Judd about it.
Elissa is lying down in the HoHR. Aaryn and Judd are in the WA.

7:34PM BBT Someone went to talk to Amanda about her behaviour today.
Spencer and Amanda were hoping Elissa would walk out of the game.
Amanda "Well the person who came to talk to me today...." FotH. Feeds are back and Spencer is saying what Amanda did is fair play. Amanda says Elissa deserves it. Spencer "99 percent of me says hell ya go for it but, 1 percent says put yourself in her shoes." Amanda jumps in "F**k her shoes!" Andy is now in the BY. Spencer tells Aaryn and Judd he is thinking hot dogs for dinner.

7:38PM BBT Spencer asks if anyone has been peed on while having sex. "Not a golden shower but actually peed on." Andy is told to plug in his batteries, then he is told to replace his mic.
Amanda has gone into the hot tub.
McCrae is wondering what smells, Spencer and Judd think it is him.

7:43PM BBT Amanda asks Aaryn if Elissa has come down yet. Elissa is laying down in the HoHR. BB tells Andy to fix his mic again. Spencer yells "He has every mic in the house!" They start rapping "Can't stop" by the Red Hot Chili Peppers and we get a short FotH. Spencer and Judd are firing up the grill. Amanda is now saying she is sticking condoms in the key hole. Spencer asks why she didn't drape one over her key. Amanda says she wasn't breaking any rules. FotH.

7:47PM BBT Amanda and McCrae continue justifying her actions in the BY.
Andy is in the shower, Spencer goes in and looks in the shower, says he is there to make him uncomfortable. Spencer then says "d*ck looker" and walks away.
Amanda is telling Judd that she is not going to apologize. She has had it. "F*ck her, I am not apologizing to that b*tch" calls her an idiot a few times. Amanda is just firing herself up.

7:49PM BBT Spencer tells Aaryn that Amanda now wants some hot dogs. Aaryn asks how many she wants. Spencer "I don't know? About 9!" they laugh.

7:52PM BBT McCrae and Judd are talking in the BY. Andy and Amanda were in the WA, Andy is adjusting his mic. You can hear his heartbeat on his mic. GM can't find a pillow case. Amanda is changing in the chair room.

7:55PM BBT GM knocks 3 times for Elissa to open the HoHR door. She took the laundry up so that no one went after Elissa's clothes. GM is being compassionate, she didn't want anyone touching her stuff. She says "You know me, I don't like people touching your underwear and stuff and I don't like bullying. Everyone thinks she is F'in nuts! We know what we are." She continues. Tells Elissa if she doesn't see her tonight, she hopes she has a good night and leaves. Andy is whispering to Amanda in the chair room. Andy "I just think she is trying to cover her ass." But we don't know who he is talking about.

8:00PM BBT Spencer says he is glad someone else in the house likes to grill, he enjoys it but, it is nice for someone else to do it.
Andy and GM are making veggie chicken nuggets in the KT. Spencer has been called to the DR.

8:04PM BBT Andy and McCrae are whispering about GinaMarie and Spencer. They are planning on playing them against each other. McCrae "If we all look shady equally..." Andy says they should say it looks like he has been working with Elissa the whole time. McCrae says "We will have to work a deal with him" Andy says "You and Amanda have to tell him.. Amanda and I are faking being mad at Andy." So that is the plan. To be "mad" at Andy so he is not nominated tomorrow.

8:09PM BBT Andy pulls Amanda into the color room. "McCrae and I were just talking and now we are going to have to talk to JUDD and tell him that you were just trying to not get me nominated and we will tell Spencer to play dumb. McCrae and you were faking it and that you want me to stay." They agree to blame things on Aaryn. Amanda leaves to go to the WC. Andy whispers "Sh*t!" as he leaves a minute later.

8:15PM BBT They are eating. Judd was called to DR. Andy is working out the details of their little lie with McCrae in the BY. Judd was called to DR again. He was eating.

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8:34PM BBT Elissa and Judd are talking about the day and what Elissa has been put through today by Amanda. Elissa's plan is to not leave the HoH room unless she has to. She says she wanted to be there. She loved BB and can't believe she was put in the house with such nasty people. She tells Judd that the next time she goes downstairs is to leave the house.
In the chair room, Amanda and McCrae are whispering about the day. Amanda asks if he is mad, he says no, for once, "I just don't care about it." They are trying to figure out who Elissa is going to put up. We get FotH.

8:42PM BBT Amanda is now whining about her allergies and she feels dry, "Everything feels dry right now." Aaryn asks if Amanda got in trouble. Amanda says no, she just can't threaten her physically. Elissa felt threatened by her. Aaryn says "Elissa said she felt threatened by Jessie." Amanda says "She just says that!"

8:46PM BBT McCrae, Spencer, Aaryn, GM and Andy are playing with the photo booth. Judd is in the SR.

8:47PM BBT Amanda swears she heard something at the front door. She thinks the reason Elissa is in the HoHR is because "She got some weird pandora's box!". Andy says she is being paranoid. McCrae gets told to stop playing around with the photo booth.

8:50PM BBT Amanda "I am scared that because I have been torturing her all day that they are going to bring Rachel back to torture ME!" No one really pays attention as they are playing with the photo booth. Amanda is walking around saying "something is weird"

8:53PM BBT Amanda is talking, no one is answering. Judd comes into the KT. Amanda asks him "Why is that camera following you like crazy?" Judd says "Because I have this hat on?" He is wearing a beenie hat with a propeller.
She is looking up at the ceiling and the cameras are moving around like mad, she keeps yelling "What are YOU looking at?" She tells GM something is not right. GM goes to take her pic with McCrae in the pink fur hat. Amanda is now standing with the BY door open, she is really trippy thinking something bad is going to happen. The camera men are just freaking them out by moving the cameras all over the place.

8:56PM BBT GM is screaming about the camera moving! Amanda is yelling "She got pandora's box!" The other HG are looking at the camera, we get a close up of Andy looking up at the camera. Elissa comes out and asks what is going on. She came down to see what was going on. Amanda has not mentioned Pandora's box since Elissa appeared. GM yells "OMG! Did you put that timer on?" Amanda says "Ya." GM "Oh."

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9:00PM BBT: They are going nuts in the BB house, Amanda started it with the cama doing weird,
things now GinaMarie is going nuts. They are taking pictures. They are trying to figure out what's going on. Elissa came out to see what all the yelling was about and goes back up to her room. Amanda is making hot dogs.

9:05PM BBT: Amanda is telling Judd she heard something by the front door, Judd no one cares about the photobooth anymore. They are still taking pictures, Judd is called to the DR. Amanda says they were moving the bars in the front door. McCrae says they are getting ready for Pandora's box tomorrow. Judd says it could be something messed up in the photo booth.

9:10PM BBT: McCrae is saying they are getting ready to bring someone back, shell get Pandora's box tomorrow. We will get Rachel, McCrae stop that says BB he was boncing the ball. He asked Amanda what Elissa said Amanda nothing.

9:15PM BBT: they are still taking pictures, Amanda goes outside, Said her head hurts. McCrae says I thought you were going to go at it with Elissa, NO my head hurts I'm tired of that. Says Amanda.

9:20PM BBT: Amanda says I think Judd has a speical power, america gave him some power, McCrae no way. Andy said he and Judd have a final two.
Amanda just make sure Judd protect me and you next week. she goes in to check on her cookies.

9:25PM BBT: Aaryn goes over to Amanda they are going to give her a power, don't even say that. Elissa is up brushing her teeth in her the HoH room.

GinaMarie is now in the kitchen eating. Amanda made cookie shaped like Pandora's box. Judd and Aaryn are talking in the lounge room, Aaryn is saying that they will offer her a power to get her not to leave.

9:30PM BBT: photo taking is continueing, Amanda and McCrae are now in the chair room talking, they are talking about having her baby.

9:35PM BBT: Spencer, and Andy are now in the chair room joking around about speical powers, Judd and Aaryn are still in the lounge room taking pictures. they are now just joking around in the chair room.

9:40PM BBT: Amanda is reading the rule book, with McCrae. GinaMarie and Aaryn are taking pictures. Judd comes in and now they are talking about Pandora's box. and Rachel coming into the house and how bad that would be.

9:45PM BBT: Andy and Spencer are now talking in the backyard sounds like they are making a final two deal, GinaMarie comes out and talk changes, Andy asked about Elissa. Spencer is upset because GinaMarie ate his cookie, He asked GinaMarie if you win HoH who are you going to put up Elissa, Aaryn and Judd are wondering why the photo booth is still on. to distract us.

9:50PM BBT: McCranda are talking about what McCraes veto speech will be, GinaMarie, Andy, and Spencer are talking out in the backyard about the votes, and who has the swing vote. 25% chance that Andy, GinaMarie are Spencer will go up.

9:55PM BBT: McCranda are now making out, GinaMarie is just talking about how she doesn't want to be seen as a ass Judd and Aaryn walk out of the storage room, GinaMarie is saying she does want to be known as a fing lier, she hates when people fing lie to her face. Judd goes up to HoH room to talk to Elissa. He is talking about Pandora's box

10:00PM BBT: Elissa is saying that she is freaked out right now, Judd says she is still reading the rule book, Elissa is saying she is scary why does she hate me so much. Judd I don't know.

Judd what are you're thoughts on tomorrow, Elissa I haven't been thinking about it I'm really upset. it's really scary. Judd she can't do anything to you to hurt you or she will go home. Elissa I'm going to go make a
sandwich or something, She locks her door, Judd walks down with her.

10:05PM BBT: GinaMarie asked her what's going on, McCranda is still in the chair room, GinaMarie is called to the DR. Elissa is now in the kitchen Andy comes in asked Elissa to come outside for a second, he's telling
Elissa what GinaMarie said He is saying that you have three people that will vote for GinaMarie. Elissa is saying can you say that in front of her GinaMarie walks out. Elissa you shouldn't have to explain yourself. she goes back into the kitchen.
GinaMarie is going off about Aaryn now.

10:10PM BBT: Aaryn comes out into the backyard and talk changes back to pandora box, Amanda is heading outside, followed by McCrae Elissa is still in the kitchen. McCrae just walks by her.
Amanda is trying to get into the storage room. Judd is going on about the photo booth again. They are now talking about their pictures.

10:15PM BBT: Andy tells Aaryn and Amanda what happened outside, Aaryn so that means I'm going home, Amanda turns over and I'm going to sleep. Elissa is eating her sandwich she calls over GinaMarie ,
Elissa they were lieing to me again. She goes back upstairs. Amanda is called to the DR. Elissa is eating in her HoH nothing has changed in there. GinaMarie is taking a shower.
GinaMarie is talking to Aaryn saying they think I'm voting you out, she start laughting I'm not.

10:20PM BBT: GinaMarie and Aaryn are talking and laughting in the bathroom GinaMarie is they are fing crazy to believe that shit. Spencer is saying that GinaMarie is to old to be a model she should be retiring not starting up at her age.

Aaryn is now out in the backyard telling them that GinaMarie told her everything. now they are just rehashing it.

10:25PM BBT: Aaryn is just questioning the guys about what was said, she's like yea OK I'm going to bed. Spencer was she out here trying to start sh**. now they are talking about Aaryn.
Elissa is washing her dish in the kitchen. Judd is saying Ill vote how I want to vote.

10:30PM BBT: in the by they are talking about people going to the DR saying that people are treathing me, Aaryn says to Andy she's stupid if she thinks GinaMarie is going to vote me out, McCrae is called to the DR. Amanda, is saying she was told
she can't go into the the HoH room and we get the fish. for a few, Andy is now in the backyard Spencer is telling him if you go up you will stay.
Amanda is now talking to GinaMarie asking what they are telling her to do.
Andy wants to go up to HoH to tell Elissa what Aaryn just said.

10:35PM BBT: GinaMarie is now going off about them trying to get her to vote out Aaryn. she is told to put on her mic. Andy I think that McCranda are still trying to
pull some funny stuff. Amanda is asking GinaMarie what all Elissa said to her nothing, they are just going round and round with this.

10:40PM BBT: GinaMarie is going off with Amanda about Elissa and the guys, Amanda is now onto Elissa bashing. and now they are talking about what the next HoH competition will be.

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