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Jessie - DE/Week 7 - Evicted (Aug. 15) - Juror #2


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You know, I wanted Judd to come back but now that I have seen Jessie in action when a flame was lit under her, I would love to see her re- enter the house... The sheer fright on the faces of people... Oh what pure joy... I think and feel she has it figured out now. Judd I think will just be evicted the next week if he doesn't win HOH If he comes back or doesn't have some special power and I don't think they're doing any special powers this season. The way Jessie stirred the pot was pure genius, kinda wish Candice would have gone that route.

I just have to say that Jessie looked amazing tonight and I will miss watching her :laugh4:

I thought so also and it seemed like a new Jessie, not co-dependent Jessie.. Even though she got evicted she seemed like a brand new person, I'm telling you if she gets back into that house, the FURY.. omg...

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Who would have thought? Little guy-seeking, insecure, needs the money, and not-made-for-BB Jessie is the only

one who had the balls to go against the sheep mentality this season. And she had the guts to do it single-handedly,

knowing she had absolutely NO ONE in that house who either supported her or was willing to work with her.


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