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  1. Since when has the HOH not been allowed to say who they will/might nominate? Did Sam make that up or is it a new rule? Because didn't Kaitlyn tell her two nominees they were going up on the block?
  2. Yes I kinda thought Bayleigh over reacted a little bit at first and I do not think JC meant any harm by it when he made the comparison. However he did say the word instead of saying the N-Word. I think hearing the word straight out like that stung Bayleigh because in essences he was pointing it out to her. Would he had made the same comparison had someone else asked the question? I think it kinda made Bayliegh feel like if JC made that comparison to her, it subtly insinuated that she is the only N word in the house its just not nice to say it or point it out. When in all actuality she is not a N word and she is just another person in the BB house.
  3. If Tyson and Rachel are a couple why was Tyson's arms around Aras like they were a couple tonight. Did anyone notice that?
  4. GM was a pageant consultant for children I believe and honestly with the racist comments she has said in the house how could anyone trust that she will or has treated kids who are not white fairly? This is something that the firm she worked for can probably be sued for if anyone comes forth believing their child was treated unfairly because of their race. Aaryn was a model and I understand why her agency let her go. You cannot represent a company properly if you show that you have prejudices or racist behavior. Andy is another person who works with people of all races and background. Why would a college employ or keep someone employed who has expressed such hatred towards a human being simply because they were annoying. I would never knowingly have my child work with a pageant consultant, modeling agency, or school/college that employ people who have expressed such prejudices, hatred, and racial comments. I do agree that they should lose their jobs because if they didn't the companies would definitely go down and can be sued. I am not sure I would trust any of them to make a burger for anyone who is of another race at this point. With all the backlash they are getting their hatred has probably increased.
  5. He told McCrae that he voted Amanda out?
  6. People like and trust Andy in the house because he is gay. I think people are probably scared to go against him thinking they will look homophobic. Also I think the houseguests think that he is trustworthy because he is gay. They probably think Andy is very naive and very sensitive and wouldn't want anyone to feel bad because he has or had to face obstacles outside the house for his sexual preferences. They probably feel because of him being gay he is very sensitive to people's feelings and couldn't fathom hurting someone anywhere near the way he may have been hurt.
  7. Can someone do a flash back to Wednesday 8/28 around 10:58pm bbt. The night before Aaryn's eviction. I read that Aaryn was still making racial slurs. Gm asked her if her lawn workers were Mexican and she said no "gorillas do my lawn". There is also a YouTube video of her making fun of kicking the only Asian out of the house and now they won't have fried rice. That comment I didn't find offensive but it may have been to some.
  8. I almost can't believe she said that out loud... But hey the houseguests have done nothing but do what she's said this entire time so I'm not totally shocked. I just can't wait to see her and McCrae on the block. Either way one of them is going home!
  9. I came in here just to see this I must say I did feel a little compassion for Aaryn during Julie's interview but thats just because I am human and I have respect for all humans. As the interview went on her denials and excuses made what little compassion I had for her go out the window. I truly hope that she does learn from this experience and realize that she may have been raised in a household or town that is racist. What also sickened me is when she told Julie that her and Candice were friends. I just hope she takes this as a learning experience and close the generational gap of racism within her family. She just needs to know that all people should be treated as equals and no race is above or below another.
  10. I guess I am the only one who is happy she wants Aaryn out! Aaryn needs to go. I do not want her in the F2 at ALL! Elissa really had no options. The house was against her anyway and Aaryn would have definitely put Elissa up if she had the opportunity. I don't think Amanda had any intentions of putting Elissa up once Helen left which is why she was always saying how she was going to get close with her. I think she was going to use Elissa to get Spencer/GM and maybe Aaryn out if need be. I think Elissa made the best nominations for her HOH. Sucks that Amanda won Veto but she put up Andy to ensure Aaryn's eviction! BEST HOH ALL SEASON!!!!
  11. Amanda and Spencer said they enjoy watching Helen cry. Amanda says "no matter what Helen is gone this week. She threw Jessie under the bus and Jessie was telling the truth. And now she is throwing Elissa under the bus. But little does she know, she's the one that needs saving... Mwhahahaaaa"
  12. OMG HELEN IS FAKE CRYING!!! And it doesn't appear to be working... LOL Amanda is staring off in space, GM is making jokes, McCrae is looking at her like she is crazy...
  13. ITA! Helen got rid of everyone who was working with/for her... It would be awesome if she goes next week! Karma at its best!

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