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  1. It just feels like he is turning a large profit and masquerading it as raising money for charity. He is donating $1.00 on every $5.00 bracelet. Seems sheisty as hell to me. http://zachrance.squarespace.com/
  2. I came across this today and become angry. Zach is selling pink breast cancer awareness bracelets. He is donating 20% to charity, and pocketing the rest. I feel he is using his fans to make a few quick bucks, and using breast cancer as a money making device. If you want to support Zach, that is fine - but if you want to support breast cancer, donate directly to them. I am disgusted by this sad attempt at "cashing in" on his new found BB fame. http://instagram.com/p/t3bJpIq4KT/
  3. If you use BBviewer to watch the feeds instead of CBS viewer, you can turn on "info" in the tools tab and see the exact day/date/time. BTW BBViewer also has CBS and custom bookmarks in the tools tab also - you just have to click the refresh button to update them. Since this topic hasn't been updated in two weeks its probably a safe bet most of you guys use BBViewer anyway Peace
  4. Oh well, its hard to play an April fools joke when no one even reads the thread
  5. Did anyone else catch this earlier today? The feeds went black for a while, BB Canada said there was some technical issues or somesuch, but as they were trying to get it fixed I had a bout 3 seconds of video , and I think I was on camera 3 at the time:
  6. Wow! Thanks for posting - that video is insane. The guy with the green shirt is an even bigger tool than Andrew!
  7. Andrew reminds me of someone.....its on the tip of my tongue like a brainfart.......
  8. Thanks so much for the tip Jedi! I only wish I knew that sooner as I must have deleted a million of them to date - still I thank you much for saving me future unnecessary work.
  9. ^^^ I agree with you Gogojuicy - the best way to walk out of the BB house is with class Helen and Elissa still trying to figure out a way to get Helen to stay in the house this week
  10. I saw it also - it's in the video above - towards the end
  11. Amanda pretends she is a man slapping a female body part with her imaginary penis
  12. They are having a very graphic conversation about sex - mostly about "butthole" sex as Aaryn calls it. GM whips out the famous "shocker" hand gesture and explains - "two in the pink, one in the stink"
  13. Lol - my pleasure Marty - it was Stevea11's idea I just brought it to life They are a hot commodity - get one at your local toy store before they sell out!
  14. "Raggedy Andy Limited Edition Individually Signed and Numbered Collection"
  15. OK here's the Raggedy Andy collection - get yours today!
  16. Not after what she just described! OK so I'm a little out of the loop today, McManda just had a conversation in the BY and it seems that they are considering outing Aaryn and picking up Spencer as part of their alliance - anybody know what Aaryn said (it had something to do with GM) that turned them off? She has been behaving like a whiny little twit the last few days (Aaryn) and VERY publicly throwing everyone under the old bus.......her time is coming..... and for her there will be no "re entry" to the house.....
  17. ^^^No problem GingerSnaps - bump away! "Raggedy Andy (life size model shown)"
  18. I almost forgot - Stevea11 ( a user here on the forums) mentioned an idea about Raggedy Andy to photoshop with. I tried a bunch of things (sometimes the easiest things give you the most issues) after much trial and error I finally settled on this - not the greatest but it works!
  19. Amanda is very affectionately describing her dildo. Explaining how it works and such. She does not have a name for it. Maybe I can offer one: McDildo
  20. Lol - I like this concept of the poison stink fog
  21. Elissa told her - "you are going to be the one who gets out of here and is upset over how you're portrayed" saying that Aaryn goes around to the cameras blaming Amanda for things - "Amanda is the one who drank the wine" etc.
  22. From a man's point of view, I don't get all the fuss is about the butterscotch comment. In my mind butterscotch is delicious, and I don't see how it is insulting. Misogynistic? Absolutely. Let me tread carefully here......there is a fabled....aroma often equated with nasty feminine parts - those references I find disgusting and classless. Butterscotch? Yummy!
  23. Elissa just dropped on Amanda that "her little sidekick Aaryn" is going around pinning things on Amanda - she is doing it to everyone, and to the cameras What things is she pinning on her? I missed that part..... I'll say this - this is the best part of Elissa's BB career right now - fueling this battle.....
  24. I saw your question in the other thread but I honestly don't know - I must have missed it. Someone else had referenced it in a post, maybe it was Taharqa, but I wasn't sure what she was referring to. It will probably be on youtube soon - that is one thing I love about the internet - thanks to youtube everyone's "proudest" moments are immortalized for the world to enjoy!

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