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Big Brother Awards!


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Big Brother 15 starts one week from today and then the backstabbing will begin. Tommorrow to find out about the Houseguests and then it will be waiting game from there. So lets give out the Big Brother Awards. These awards are for seasons 1-14, I will name the categories and then you can fill in the winner in your eyes.

Best Houseguest: Evel Dick

Best Game move: Dan's funeral

Stupidest game move: Marcellus not using the POV to save himself

Best season twist: Season 8, four "enemies"

Best House Design: Season 9- I liked the log cabin feel to the house.

Worst Houseguest: Jesse

Best Alliance: Brigade

Best Showmance: Jeff and Jordan

Cry Baby: Amber, Season 8

If you can come up with more categories go ahead.

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Best Houseguest: Good Gameplay

Best Game move: Lisa not bringing back Eric BB3

Stupidest game move: Brian who was in an alliance with current hoh going on to promise everyone he could get hoh to do whatever he wants

Best season twist: Season 5, Project DNA mainly twins portion

Best House Design: Not into how the house looks

Worst Houseguest: Bad Gameplay

Best Alliance: Chilltown BB7

Best Showmance: The one that includes me

Cry Baby: ME about BB :)


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Best Houseguest: Dr. Will S:2/7, Evel Dick S:8/13, Dan G S:10/14 and James Rhine S:6/7

Best Game move: Ian backstabbing Boogie S:14, Dustin Blindside S:8, Jeff nominates Jesse S:11

Stupidest game move: Jenn using POV on Dan: S:14 or Danielle using POV on Dan (He votes out Shane): S:14

Best season twist: Project DNA S:5

Best House Design Alice in Wonderland: S:8

Worst Houseguest: Adam: S:13 or Rachel: S:12

Best Alliance: The Renegades S:10 / Chilltown S:7

Best Showmance: Jeff/Jordan (Lovey-Dovey Wise) S:11/13 or Bendon/Rachel(Competitor Wise) S:12/13

Cry Baby: WhAmber S:8 or Kahlia S:13

Sorry about more then one each category lol, guess I couldnt narrow it down. Good fun!!

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Best Houseguest: Evel Dick

Best Game move: Dan’s Funeral

Stupidest game move: Lawon volunteering himself for eviction so he can go get a “super power”

Best season twist: Season 5, twin twist

Best House Design: Season 14- I found the crazy beds in the Have Not room and the wall of shoes in the bedroom and the Asian décor in the HOH kind of entertaining.

Worst Houseguest: Lawon

Best Alliance: Brigade

Best Showmance: Brenchel

Cry Baby: Khalia, Season 13

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I had to think long and hard for this but here goes.

Best Houseguest: Dan

Best Game Move: Nakomis's six finger plan

Stupidest Game Move: Kaysar removing his finger from the button after believing Jennifer's promise.

Best Season Twist: NONE. I HATED THEM ALL

Best House Design: Who cares? Who remembers?

Worst Houseguest: Ivette, Season 6 or Allison, Season 4 (could not make a decision)

Best Alliance: The Soverign Six

Best Showmance: Danielle & Dominic because they're married now!

Cry Baby: Bunky, season 2 (Rachel didn't actually cry)

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Best Houseguest: Janelle. Some day she will win!!

Best Game Move: Ian outing Dan's shadiness during the final interviews

Stupidest Game Move: Brian. Just ... Brian. Or Lawon and his Super Power theory. Poor Lawon.

Best Season Twist: The coaches were pretty great, but also the season seven twist of hidden partners.

Worst Season Twist: Season nine with the hokey romance crap.

Best House Design: I loved the individually decorated HoH rooms for All-Stars.

Worst Houseguest: Boogie. I hate him with the passion of a hundred fiery suns.

Best Alliance: Dan and Memphis.

Worst Alliance: Nerd Herd

Craziest Alliance: Everyone last season and the need for extensive flow charts to keep up with who was all secrtely allied with who and trying to guess which alliances were true loyal ones and which ones weren't.

Best Showmance: Jeff and Jordan.

Worst Showmance: Dani and Shane.

Cry Baby: Whaaaamber.

Paranoia-er: ED

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Best Houseguest: Dan

Best Game move: Dan's funeral

Stupidest game move:Kayser letting go of the button!

Best season twist: ?

Best House Design: Personalized All-Stars hoh room

Worst Houseguest: Danielle Donato/Nat/Jessy

Best Alliance: Dan/Memphis

Best Showmance: Eric and Jessica

Cry Baby: Danielle BB 14

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Best Houseguest: Janelle

Best Player: Dan

Best Game Move: Nakomis' Six Finger Plan (It changed the game, causing POV players' names to be randomly picked out of a bag)
OR just about any move Dan made

Stupidest Game Move: Danielle M. taking Dan off the block, replacing him with Shane, then Dan voting Shane out instead of Ian. (I still laugh over that one.)

Best Season Twist: Haven't liked any of them

Worst Season Twist: Cowboy and Nakomis being revealed as siblings. They're probably both still in therapy over that one.

Best House Design: Don't really remember them

Best Alliance: Brigade

Worst Alliance: Nerd Herd/The Friendship (uuuugh)

Worst HG: Danielle Murphree, Natalie (Jessie's sidekick)

Best Showmance: Jeff & Jordan

Most Memorable Moment: Chima's breakdown and eviction, Janelle's "byebye b!tches", Jordan and Shelly's fight

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Best Houseguest: Janelle with Jeff as a close second. Both funny and easy to like.

Best Player: Tie between Dr. Will and Dan for me.

Best Game Move: Dan's funeral or Nakomis' backdooring move.

Stupidest Game Move: There are so many stupid moments, but Marcellas was probably the stupidest. If you have the pov, you use it.

Best Season Twist: Honestly, I liked the twist in season 13 that brought the duos back, because it messed with Dani's alliance.

Worst Season Twist: Season 9 pairs, painful to watch

Best House Design: Season 11's is the most memorable one to me.

Best Alliance: I can't decide between Chilltown and The Brigade.

Worst Alliance: Nerd Herd.

Craziest Alliance: Dan and Frank. I still to this day, don't understand HOW Dan pulled that one off. What in the heck was Frank thinking?

Worst HG: Maggot (Maggie) Season 6. I still think she's a psychopath or Daniele S8/13... there is a reason I called her Voldemort and Sauron.

Best Showmance: Jeff & Jordan

Most Memorable Moment: Dan's funeral plan working, Chima going crazy, Jessie's memorial after he got evicted, Rachel going and hiding in the tree to cry after losing a comp.

Biggest Crybaby: Whamber

Most annoying houseguest: Kalia Season 13

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