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9/8 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

Angelo Joe

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment] around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Time (BBT) is three hours behind the east coast. (See Map Here)

Because of the similarity in the HG's names (Joe, JoJO, Jenn, etc.), please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations.

Try to be more consistent with what we name things. For example, here are some abbreviations I would like to settle on using:

Have Not Room (HNR)

Sneaker Bed Room (SBR)

Music Bed Room (MBR)

Wash Area (WA)

Water Closet (WC)

Kitchen (KT)

Dining Table (DT)

Living Room (LR)

Back Yard (BY)

Indoor Lock Down (ILD)

Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)

Please post pictures in the following forum! http://www.tvfanforu...p?showforum=138

If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Thank you!

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9:09PM BBT: Danielle is trying to make a house out of cards, and Ian is listening to music in his HoH room. Danielle made her way into the storage room, and has gotten some M&M's. Feeds show a sleeping Dan as Danielle makes her way back into the kitchen, where Dan is sitting at the kitchen table.

9:13PM BBT: Shane and Danielle are sitting at the kitchen table. Shane says "And we thought we were bored last week". All 4 feeds show Danielle and Shane. They're playing a card game.

9:16PM BBT: Danielle beats Shane at a game, and Shane went to slam his cards and hand on the table, but looks back at the sleeping Dan and doesn't do it.

9:25PM BBT: Shane claims that Danielle cheated during their card game. Shane gets fake-angry at her and says he's done with their game. Lots of flirting happening!

9:27PM BBT: Shane shakes the bottle of Sprite Zero. Danielle gets mad because he's making the pop go flat. Shane says "No sprite zero for you!" and Danielle says that he's evil.

9:33PM BBT: Danielle headed to the WC, and Shane is alone in the kitchen. FotH.

9:37PM BBT: Feeds are back and show Shane at the top of making his house of cards. After he's done, he adds another row on one side to make his house taller.

9:39PM BBT: Danielle has gone to lay in bed in the SBR, and Dan is still sleeping on the couch in the LR. Shane has moved to sit at the breakfast bar, and looking in the direction of the memory wall.

9:40PM BBT: Ian is making his way down from the HoH room. Shane says he's just trying to figure out the faces.

9:42PM BBT: Shane asks Ian if he's going to bed, and Ian says he's probably got til midnight, and Shane says me too. Dan has rolled over on the couch in the LR.

9:48PM BBT: Ian says that it doesn't sound good (outside) and says he gets real nervous when they build big sets outside. Ian walked into the living room and woke Dan up and Ian apologizes. Dan gets up and heads to the WC and squints in the mirror at himself, and Ian makes his way into the SR.

9:50PM BBT: Dan thanks Ian for waking him up, he didn't know they were close to showtime. Dan says he's bringing the pain to showtime tonight, eating a bowl of cereal. Ian is also making himself a bowl of cereal. Shane asks if Jenn is still in the DR, and Ian says yes. WE KNOW WHERE JENN IS NOW!

9:51PM BBT: Correction: Jenn is sleeping in the MBR. Danielle is still staring into space in the SBR.

9:59PM BBT: Talk in the kitchen has ranged from CBS shows, websites online, and how Ian had his headphones in and couldn't hear who was called to the DR and watched the spycam to see if anyone went in.

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11:04 pm BBT Dan is laying by the chess board waiting for Ian to come back pretending to sleep so he can hear the goings on. Shane is teasing Dani and really pushing her buttons. He walks out to go eat more of her fruit loops. Dani looks at Jenn and says I am so fed up. Jenn asks if they stage these fake fights. She says no I'm done. I can't do anything about it till Thursday

11:14 pm BBT Dani tells Jenn that at first she had butterflies and wanted more and now she is just done. Jenn says (sounding a little more irritated) that she would have steered it a little more into the friends zone earlier. Jenn then says you can't help how ya feel and says to just keep acting the way she is and soon he will be gone.

11:27 pm BBT Dani and /jen are now making fun of Frank and saying bubba. Dan and Ian are trying to explain chess to Shane. Insert joke about Shane's intelligence here _______.

11:35 pm BBT The guys are in hoh comparing all the girls this season. They all agree that Kara was hot and Shane jokes about wishing he would have taken her off the block. Shane says he would never be mean to Dani like that and said Kara is hot but Danis personality is out of this world.

11:45 pm BBT Ian’s going over how uninterested in Ash he became. e said he wouldnt be frustrated about Frank making out with her if Frank had just told him. Ian said Ash couldn't hold a conversation at all. Dan says she would have been tough to get out cause who would waste a vote to get her out over anyone else?

11:52 pm BBT Ian is rehashing veto comps. He says that at the candy veto Frank would look at him for an answer and that Boogie was changing his answer. Dan asks if Frank really cheated at the draw something veto. Ian says they can't make it up if they heard it and they air it. Dan says yeah and they move on to Willie talk.


1:55 pm BBT Jenn and Dani are in the WA going over dreams they have had since being in the house.

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10:15pm bbt For the past 15 minutes, Jenn has been sleeping, Dani got called to the DR, leaving Shane/Dan to listen to Ian talk about Pokemon and video games. Talk turns to watching the HGs pictures turn from color to B/W. Dan isn't sure he could pick Jodi out of a crowd.

10:21pm bbt Dan asks Ian who he would go on a date with from the BB board, Kara? Dan asks Ian to rank the girls? Starting from the bottom: Jenn, Jojo... Danielle comes out, so they say they are ranking the girls by hair length, and Dani jumps right into the 'debate'. Dan called to the DR. Dani goes to the memory board and ranks the girl's by hair length.

10:25pm bbt Shane: Showtime, I'm gonna try to give you until midnight, but it's been a rough 2 days, I'm on the block... Shane/Dani relive last night with Dani trying to say 'toy boat' 5 times fast, ask Ian to try it. Shane does it, yells, then remembers Jenn is sleeping. Ian ponders why they got rid of Kara so quick, since she is hot.

10:29pm bbt Jenn is up, Shane apologizes for his yelling that may have woke her, says at least she's up for Showtime!

10:33pm bbt Shane joins Dani in WCA, where she is washing her face. They begin their usual playful bickering. Jen/Ian continue the talk about past HGs/coaches/teams.

10:35pm bbt Dan out of DR, Shane gets called in. Ian/Dan go up to play chess(how many days has it been since someone has played?)

10:39pm bbt Dan asks Ian more questions about Pokemon cards. Dani asks Jenn if she wants to do a facial mask with her? Jenn says no, but will stick around and watch Dani put sulfer on her face.

10:41pm bbt Dani looks for mask she used yesterday that Britney left for her, but it's missing. Jenn wonders if Britney asked for it back. Dani thought if they left it, they can't come take it. (In other news, I just killed a fly with my bare hands.)

10:44pm bbt Dani now has a white cream on her face. When a camera zooms in, she gets frustrated BB is going for a 'glamor shot'. Jenn: you do know there have been cameras in here the entire season?

10:50pm bbt Dani/Jenn talking, Dani trying to pull info from Jenn about Shane, but Jenn is being vague. Shane is out of the DR now. Dani: I may be sweet but I'm not stupid, I know how many times you voted to save me. Jenn: That's all I needed to hear. BB calls Ian to DR.

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12:05 am BBT Jenn and Dani are getting closer in the WA. Jenn is discussing how she gets her stress and anger out through her music. She says being here she can't get any of that out so now she is like this. Dani says her issue is caring about everyone before herself.

12:13 am BBT The guys are going over BB11 and the fact that Dan reached out to Jordan after she won. He says the still text back and forth. Ian is going over all the expulsions that have happened in previous seasons.

12:16 am BBT Dani and Jenn are talking a little game. Jenn says Dan scares her. Jenn hopes that he is playing for her and that Ian will always put up Dan before Dani. They get back to Frank being arrogant.

12:29 am BBT Jenn is telling Dani that she is worried about what Dan is doing in Hoh. In hoh, Dan is asking about every past season of BB and listens to just how much Ian knows about the game.

12:41 am BBT Ian is making his ideal heroes versus villains cast. Jenn is downstairs listening to how annoying Dani thinks Shane is. Jenn says she doesn't think Ian is a loyal player. Dani moves back to Shane and how he doesn't care.

12:46 am BBT Ian is hitting on everything we talk about the boards. He is going over Grodner and Shapiro. Ian says the show got themey after Shapiro left and that he prefers the Shapiro era. Dan likes the modern BB better, He says its more fun. Ian likes the pre pov time where when you're up on the block you're up.

12:55 am BBT Ian says that he would throw up if the noms change. He doesn;t want to split up Shane and Dani but he would if they change. Dani would be up and out in Ian's mind. Dan changes subjects to football jersey numbers.

12:58 am BBT Downstairs Jenn says she hopes it stays the same cause if she is up next to Dan she knows shes going. Dani says not necessarily. She says the votes could tie and you never know. They both start singing and about ten mins into the singing we get fish.

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01:02 BBT

Dan is listening to Ian's CD. He says he likes the first song and asks Ian what other songs on there he might like. Danielle and Shane are eating in the KT at the new and improved baby-sized table. Ian/Dan say they're getting tired and ready for bed. Shane also says he might head to be soon.

Danielle brushing her teeth. Dan and Jen chit-chatting on the WA couch. Danielle says she's going to bed soon. Ian was tidying up the KT and now heads to the storage room to throw some stuff away.

Jenn painted her toenails hot pink. Danielle thinks it's a pretty color. Shane and Ian are whispering at the KT table about sports and adrenaline rushes.

01:23 BBT

You know it's quiet in the BB house when you can hear the camera's turning. Whisper, whisper, whisper. Everyone's either mumbling quietly or laying there not saying anything.

Ian heads upstairs to go to bed. Shane is looking very bored at the KT table. Danielle is mouthing things to Dan… I think they're talking about Shane but hard to hear. Jenn uses the WC. Danielle hugs everyone - looks like she's probably heading to bed. Shane says he has to wait for his food to digest so he can brush his teeth and go to bed too.

Jenn talking to Dan about how rude & cocky Shane is. Dan says he's told Danielle that if a guy likes a girl, he shouldn't ever talk to a girl like Shane talks to Danielle, even if he's joking. Jenn agrees and wonders why a girl would let a guy treat her like that. Dan points out that it's so weird how Shane follows Danielle everywhere. Jenn says yes that's it's super weird and possessive.

01:48 BBT

Jenn and Dan discussing scenarios if someone wins veto. They would prefer noms stay the same so they can send Shane home. They assume if the POV is used and Shane comes down that Dan will go up. Jenn thinks she is probably Ian's target right now, but she and Dan want Shane to go home. They think Danielle will probably vote to keep Shane, but could possibly be talked out of that.

02:03 BBT

Lights go out in the SBR on Shane and Danielle. Dan and Jenn continue to discuss POV strategy in the WA.

02:09 BBT

Dan thinks the POV tomorrow must be an endurance comp because BB has had them on IDL for a long time today (they're building the competition set outside). Dan asks Jenn about her anxiety. She says normally she deals w/ stress by writing music, etc, but you can't do that in the BB house so it's stressful, on top of the normal stresses of the game.

Dan and Jenn are still talking in the WA. Mostly about family, stress, living in the BB house. Everyone else in the house is sleeping.

02:29 BBT

Dan and Jenn discuss what a bad game Frank played. Talk turns to how Jenn has been working on Danielle to see what a bad guy Shane is - should help w/ getting him voted out. Jenn says goodnight. Dan starts brushing his teeth.

Dan is studying the Memory Wall, covering up parts of people's faces (most likely to practice for a face-blending competition). Ian is awake and comes half-way down the stairs. He wants to know who's awake - Dan says no one is awake anymore.

02:44 BBT

The camera is following Dan back and forth as he moves around in front of the memory wall. At one point the camera tries to turn so sharply that we hear a loud grinding noise. Dan doesn't seem to notice.

Dan whispers something to Jenn, who's trying to sleep in the MBR. He heads into the SBR and Shane says it's okay to turn the light on. Dan asks if they're hungry. Shane says, "No I just ate a peanut butter sandwich." Shane wants to know what time it is and if they're still building outside. Dan says they are and that it's 2:30. Dan leaves to get food.

Dan heads back to the SBR. Talk turns to temperatures. Danielle says 40 degrees in the winter is freezing. Shane/Dan say no way, that's nice weather in winter where they live. Shane says he could never live in Alabama b/c it gets so hot there. Dan is leafing through his Bible.

02:57 BBT

Shane looks stressed out and Dan asks if he's okay. Shane says he's just thinking about the POV tomorrow and imagining the worst case scenario, but he can't think like that. Dan reads a few Bible verses. Danielle says, "Ahhh…" after each one. Dan reads his letter from Chelsea again. Shane/Danielle look like they wish the light was turned off so they could go back to sleep.

03:01 BBT

All the little hamsters are asleep in their beds. Time for me to get some sleep too. Can't wait to see the outcome of the POV competition tomorrow! Good night, everyone!

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7am BBT - About 15m ago we had FotH. Apparently Dan was awoken because Dan returned to bed after feeds returned. Jenn then woke up to use the WC after checking the clock in the kitchen. Ever the good girl, she swaps batteries in the SR before heading back to bed. Net result, you haven't missed anything yet this morning. But stay tuned, this game could turn on a dime. Anyone got a dime?

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10:28 AM BBT - Danielle appears to be the only one awake as she is sitting on the couch in the WA.

10:33 AM BBT - 2 camera's show Danielle just sitting on the couch in the WA where it appears she is thinking alone. 1 camera zoomed in on Dan in his bed sound asleep. The other camera zoomed in on Shane sound asleep. No sign of Ian or Jen.

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9:04 BBT - Dan is in the kitchen eating breakfast alone. He takes what looks like 4 or 5 of the little rocks from the decorative bowl on the KTI table, walks into the Arcade room and places them in a line on the top edge of the claw machine, then walks back in to the KT to finish his cereal. [what are you up to now Dan?]

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9:00AM BBT - Jenn and Dan are in the KT. Dan eating cereal, Jenn moving around. Shane and Dani still sleeping in the SBR. No sign of Ian.

9:05AM BBT - Dani was up long enough to go to WC, then back to bed. Ian called by BB to change his batteries. Ian comes down and says good morning to Dan. Dan asks him if he knows how early it is. Ian says he does, and he plans to go back to bed. Jenn back in bed.

9:08AM BBT - Dan tells BB he is staying awake for them and don't make him regret it. He settles on the couch with his comforter and says "Let's watch some TV."

Dan does shout outs to his wife, sister, parents and others. Dan does a shout out to Joker's Updates. Says he doesn't look like he's happy but he is. He's just tired. He eventually falls asleep on the couch. He wakes himself up and heads back to bed.

9:44AM BBT - Shane gets up, washes his face, changes his batteries.


9:54AM BBT - Dani now up. She heads to the WA to go put makeup on.

10:00AM BBT - Shane in the WA with Dani, commenting on how early it is. Jenn called to the DR. Shane asks if Dani is going to take a shower right now. She says no and asks if he is. He says no and heads back to bed.

Jenn went to the WA to primp before going to DR, so Ian gets called instead.

10:07AM BBT - Dan called to DR. Ian done in DR, goes back to bed.

10:12AM BBT - Dan out of the DR, goes back to bed. Dani done her makeup, working on her hair now.

Jenn making a protein shake in the KT.

10:15AM BBT - Hair and makeup done, Dani sits on the couch in the WA staring off into space. She is mouthing words; practice for her DR session?

10:17AM BBT - Jenn called to the DR.

10:31AM BBT - Dani still waiting on the WA couch for her turn in the DR.

10:40AM BBT - Dani pours herself a bowl of Fruit Loops.

10:42AM BBT - Dani finally called to the DR. Jenn comes in and jokes that they are interrupting her Fruit Loop time. How dare they?

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9:07 BBT - Dan brings a blanket, goes into the LR to get cozy on the sofa talking to himself: "Alright Big Brother I'm staying awake for you. Don't make me regret it."

9:09:am BBT: Begins a long list of 'good mornings' the LR couch:

"Weezer. It's Weezer and it's Weezy" [Weezer was one of the am wakeup songs]

"Good morning to my lovely wife, Chelsea, Kelly, Mom, Dad..." He continues mentioning names which I won't repeat all of but he does include Ralph Macchio (lol)"...Good morning. It's Saturday morning. Fighting for my life in this piece."

Whispers especially low, "I think I made Final Four."

Continues, "BB you're losing me to the sleep battle. Call me if you need me. What else can I talk about?" He lays quietly and begins falling asleep.

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10:45AM BBT - Jenn sitting at the table in the KT, staring at the memory wall.

10:51AM BBT - Jenn's eyes moving over the wall is the only sign of life.

10:55AM BBT - Dani back from DR. Jenn jokes that she put her fingers in her cereal. Dani jokingly tells her to shut up. Dani says she "went off" in there, FoTH.

10:56AM BBT - Dani says it's so weird seeing Frank's picutre B/W, and Joe's too. Jenn comments on Frank's hair. Joe's hair has a light blue hue; different than everyone else's.

11:02AM BBT - Dani and Jenn discuss their weird dreams from last night. Jenn dreamt all the other HG's were back in the house. Dani goes "no no no".

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Jenn and Dani head back to bed, BB still clanking in the BY, Jenn and Dani agree it will still be awhile.

11:20BBT shhhhh be very very quiet.....the HG are all sleeping....(I yelled WAKE UP!!!!!!! but they didnt hear me.)

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1:00PM BBT - 3:00PM BBT

  • 1:03-Ian is in HOH listening to his cd. All other HGs are asleep.
  • 1:23-Ian is still in HOH listening to his cd. All other HGs are still asleep.
  • 1:33-Shane has got up & gone to the WC & then to the WA to wash his hands & is now taking a shower. Ian is still in HOH listening to his cd & all other HGs are still asleep.
  • 1:45- Ian was called to DR & the feeds went to Trivia. Shane was still in the shower & the other HGs were all still asleep.
  • 1:55-Feeds still on Trivia. POV comp happening? Maybe...
  • 2:15-Feeds on Trivia for 30 minutes.
  • 2:40-Feeds on Trivia for one hour. Safe to say that the POV comp. is happennig. Who do you think is going to win?(I hope Jenn, just for the scramble of the other HGs)
  • 2:58- POV comp is still going on. Feeds have been on Trivia for 1hour & 20 minutes. Should not be too much longer before we all know who won. Keep your fingers crossed for your favorite HG left.

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3:40BBT 2 hours of Trivia......the suspense has me on the edge of my seat. Who will win it!???

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Feeds back. Don't know who won yet. Dan and Jenn not on camera.

Feeds showing everyone but Jenn now. No POV necklace in site.

edit: scratch that - it's hanging on the memory wall.

Shane says it took hours to set that up but it was maybe a 10 min comp. Ian says he could never get the timing right - he was awful.

Dan eating - looks content.

Danielle laying in the Arcade room by herself - fetal position.

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