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  1. have to adjust my hearing aid LOL Thanks for the correction I feel better about it now although I wouldn't put it past Grodner to do something like that.
  2. Derrick just confirmed that there is a 50k bonus to the winner if both Derrick and Frankie make it to the end. What kind of crap is this??? Openly rigging the game
  3. Derrick just confirmed that there is a 50k bonus to the winner if both Derrick and Frankie make it to the end. What kind of crap is this??? Openly rigging the game
  4. Let me know, joystiick, if you need some cash for those nukes.....I'd be glad to pitch in...couldn't hardly stand Helen's jumping up and down on the finale.....
  5. Andy thought he was gonna be looked at as a BB God......guess he was thinking he was "up" when we all see him as "down"
  6. I don't think any of these bozo's will get back on All Stars....and the hate Andy spewed from his mouth on a daily basis hasn't endeared him to most fans. And the fact they couldn't find any sponsors to send these losers to Vegas (thank heavens) also says a lot about them and their actions.
  7. We watched Andy and we know who Andy is....a mean, self-centered person. And do we believe you are "so sorry for what you said about Elissa"?? No, we don't believe you. You meant every word you said...THAT is who you are.
  8. Yes, yes, yes!!!! And that Julie announces Elissa is America's Player, and gives Rat Boy a gun so he can kill himself (as he has said many times).
  9. Marty, I also think he's too afraid to say no....and when he was in the house without Amanda, he started talking and "wondering" about his girlfriend, Jess....he's like a 14 year old boy.
  10. That was his old one, and he was filling time while the comp as going on to keep the feeders happy. Spencer is a "non" contestant in BB....notice how his thread is only a page long....that tells you that people have nothing to say about his game and all his creepiness has already been discussed. Slimball.
  11. the only thing, Edieann, is that the money might allow her to further push away any help....she could move out of her parents, etc., etc. and not listen to anyone 'cause she'll have the money to "do what she wants". And I agree that calling Candice a rat started with Candice outting her to the DR (but they have the feeds; they knew)....and it puts a sad spin on the Exterminators alliance....and keeps feeding her obsession
  12. yes, and several HG's mentioned the base of some of her teeth at the gums are black....another sign. And even if they can't force her to get help, if she was my daughter living in my home, I'd surely make something happen.....
  13. Knowing you have a problem and having the courage to do something about it are two different things.....at times she seems to admit she has a problem, and other times she blows it off like there is NO problem. I'm sure someone in her family must have the feeds; hopefully, her parents will step up to the plate; it's never too late to do something about it....IF they want to.....
  14. they would NEVER let us view her doing that....and I think Aaryn and Elissa were genuinely trying to help her; and Nick talked with her about it also; but many talked about her vomit breath. And if you watch the feeds you hear her talking about her "stomach hurting" and she has to "go to the WC" and she "thinks she's going to throw up". The last time I heard it, personally, was after the brunch they had for the final three yesterday...she complained, and complained about her stomach right after that....and I heard her talking to the girls about not wanting to drink water 'cause it makes her feel full; and I watched the butter out of the fridge incident and pulling partically cooked nuggets out of the oven and binging on them.
  15. yes, gerberadaisy7, it is more about binging and purging....anorexia is about NOT eating. GM has said many times she doesn't even like to drink water because it makes her feel full....but she will raid the fridge and eat butter. Sick, sick, sick.
  16. couldn't have said it any better, WickedOne!! Poor Judd
  17. Amen, Roli, Amen. They did have conversations with her about it and she brushed them off. And all the HG's have talked about her purging... "hugging the commode" as they said. She needs help and some people here either don't care or they want to fight about it, lol. Guess there's nothing interesting happening in the BB House.
  18. No I wouldn't let her make an azz of herself; and SHE wouldn't because that's the way she was raised. And as of GM, they did sign a contract that stated they were in good mental and physical health (it was posted her on the forum weeks ago)....and I don't think she is either.
  19. and she STILL goes on and on and on about HER Nick. Boy, she's got a long way to fall when she sees what he's been up to since he's been out of the house!!!
  20. Because she needed medical and mental help....sure, there have been skinny women in there....but when a person is going into the WC and throwing up on a regular basis, and other HG's are openly discussing her smelling like puke all the time, and laughing (Spencer in particular) about her bingeing and purging....I think that calls for some intervention. And I didn't even get into her total obsession with Nick (she said they wouldn't let her have the sissors 'cause she might hurt herself), etc., etc. She needs help right away, or she'll be just another statistic. Actually, if that was MY 33 year old daughter (especially one who still lived at home), I would be on CBS's door step demanding she be taken out of the game.....well, actually, as a caring parent I would have already figured out what her problem was before she went on BB and have taken steps to help her.
  21. Not to mention having to embrace that someone who suffers from bulimia, and who was on the feeds for all to see, is the winner....why, oh why, didn't they take her out of the house when they discovered how sick she really is??? And couple that with her obsession with Nick, and all the raceist stuff....yuk

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