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8/16 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

Angelo Joe

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment] around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Time (BBT) is three hours behind the east coast. (See Map Here)

Because of the similarity in the HG's names (Joe, JoJO, Jenn, etc.), please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations.

Try to be more consistent with what we name things. For example, here are some abbreviations I would like to settle on using:

Have Not Room (HNR)

Sneaker Bed Room (SBR)

Music Bed Room (MBR)

Wash Area (WA)

Water Closet (WC)

Kitchen (KT)

Dining Table (DT)

Living Room (LR)

Back Yard (BY)

Indoor Lock Down (ILD)

Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)

Please post pictures in the following forum! http://www.tvfanforu...p?showforum=138

If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Thank you!

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9:08PM BBT: Jenn makes plans to cut Ian's hair tomorrow morning. Talk in the kitchen is about weight and working out.

9:13PM BBT: Wil tells a story about how one of his girl friends stayed at his place to babysit his pets, and didn't wash the sheets after she left and had her boyfriend over.. You can guess what shape his sheets were left in.. Wil gets called into the DR and replies "well I'll be delighted, it's about time".

9:14PM BBT: Ian says that being a have-not is easier than regular life.

9:18PM BBT: Ashley has a tattoo on her left wrist 'believe'. She got it done in hot pink, but got it lasered off, but it didn't fully come off and turned a weird shade of green. She got it done again in a tan colour to blend in with her skin, but needs another application to blend in more.

9:20PM BBT: Dan, Joe, Boogie, Shane, Britney, Danielle sitting up in the HoH playing poker. Frank is sitting on the bed. They all look up at the spycam and watch Ian and Ashley on the screen. They comment on the tense body language then go back to their game.

9:26PM BBT: Ashley comments on how her mum and herself argued about how many nights BB aired a while back. Ashley thought that it aired 2 nights a week, and her mum thought that it aired 3 nights a week. (Obviously her mum was right). Ian and Ashley make plans to head up to watch the poker game. Ashley says "Fun date, thanks for the DiGiorno"

9:31PM BBT: Feeds change to show Wil and Jenn in the music bedroom. Looks like Jenn is reading the bible and laying on her back. Wil was in the room, but then we got FoTH and when the feeds came back, he wasn't there. Wil walks back in with a mug, and Jenn comments that she's reading the book of wisdom, and doesn't understand some of the words in the bible.

9:36PM BBT: Britney, Danielle and Ashley going all out on this beautification. Britney has huge yellow rubber gloves on, and Ashley gets fresh zucchini slices and puts them on his eyelids.

9:38PM BBT: Britney comments that it looks like there's a dead animal in his armpits. Danielle has her legs over top of his arms holding them down because it tickles. We get some gross close up shots of this action.

9:40PM BBT: Britney places a cold washcloth on his face. Ashley wants to give Ian a facemask, and the 3 girls look at his nose and comment that he has lots of blackheads on his nose. We get a close up on that too.

9:43PM BBT: Britney take tweezers to Ian's armpitts to see if the roots are loosening. She determines that the cream needs more time on. The bottle says 5-10 minute, but the girls think it needs more like 15 minutes.

9:45PM BBT: Ian, Britney, Danielle and Ashley now playing Big Brother 10 questions. Ian pretends to be a houseguest on a season (8-current), and the girls are asking questions to see who he's pretending to be.

9:49PM BBT: Dan, Shane, Boogie and Joe sitting around the table in the HoH room still playing poker. Back in the bathroom, Britney, Danielle, Ashley and Ian are about to wipe off the cream and hair. Britney uses a damp towel and wipes off the hair, and it's all gone! Ian says it's really burning now. Once all the hair is off, Ian starts preparing to shower.

9:53PM BBT: Ian is now in the shower washing off the excess cream. Ashley didn't think the cream would work so well. Britney asks if he's going to keep them shaved/waxed/nair-ed and Ian says "we'll see how it goes". Everyone still playing the "What houseguest am I?" game.

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10:15pm bbt Ian is done playing 'Guess the Former HG' with Dani/Brit. They decided it was boring. Frank won the poker game. Ian's armpits are stinging, now that he is out of the shower after washing the Nair off. Brit asks if he wants her to blow on them, but instead uses the hair dryer on cold setting.

10:25pm bbt Brit/Dani/Ash played their own version of Livefeed police, watching Joe use the WC, then wash hands w/o soap. Now saw him eat mayo from spoon, then put spoon back in the jar.

10:30pm bbt Dan/Frank made a connect 4 game from playdoh. Dan calls it Gravity.

10:35pm bbt Ian called to the DR. Brit asks Ash if BB has been everything she expected, will she miss nights like this? Ash says yes at times. Brit says you'll miss it, want to relive it just for a night. Would like to have an entire cast come back to the house for a night.

10:45pm bbt HGs playing Band/Alphabet game... Beatles, Chicago, Duran Duran, Eagles, etc [how long before this leads to singing and... WBRB FOTH! I knew it!]

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11:06 pm BBT Ian is stuck on M and im sitting here yelling at my screen Matchbox 20 and Maroon 5! Switching to Feed three which is on Boogie in MBR laying down looking lost in thought

11:26 pm BBT we have moved on to alphabet tv shows game same thing just with any tv show Ash gets the letter D and says this is already hard.

11:43 pm BBT Boogie walks out and brushes his teeth, helps whomever was on k with Knotts landing, changes, and heads to bed.

12:13 am BBT Dan and Boogie going over what is different this season in the SBR. Dan says he was always fighting his season to stay in the house and now its easier. Boogie ays his season waqs easier to have people to throw under the bus an this year everyone is likeable. Boogie says he is worried now that he left business and family just to fall flat on his face.

12:21 am BBT Boogie goes over nostalgia and how sometimes he cant believe he is here again. Dan says he ant believe he gets to play again. Boogie says that he finds that Frank and Dan fill the place of the DR for him but Boogie always looks at them both and decides whether or not Will would like them or if Will would make a different move

12:26 am BBT In the arcade room Ash and Shane are talking about Wil's pitch to Frank before noms. Ash just wanted to clarify that she in no way threw Shane under the bus it was Dan. She reminds Shane that his team went through it too with Jojo. Shane in his Shane way agrees with her and says he understands. He assures her that she is not his target should he win and they hug it out.

12:36 am BBT Ian heads to bed with the rest of the HGs picking on his pain (Brit naired his armpits it was left on too long and he now has towels and ice packs under his arms) once he leaves the room Brit says that he isn't going to make it. Frank says that compared to Ash he is being a baby and if he looses Hoh tomorrow he is blaming Brit.

12:49 am BBT Jenn and Ash are in MBR whispering about being worried about Wil. No one is giving them straight answers. Ash recaps her onvo with Shane and Jenn tells her good job for making sure he isn't after you.

12:58 am BBT Wil enters and gives the girls a pep talk. He says that regardless of how the week goes they have to make big move and get a guy out. He says they can't lose another girl. He also tells the girls not to trust Frank at all.

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01:10AM BBT Wil and Jen laying in the round bed quietly. Wil says everyone's talking about sex like they're in grade school. Jen says let them have their enjoyment. Wil says this might be the last night in the BB house. Jen stays optimistic and says it might be someone else's last night.

01:14AM BBT Our WA room crew consists of Joe, Frank, Shane, Brit, Ash, and Dani. Talk is all over the place mostly of the mature nature.

01:15AM BBT Ian walks through the WA in his underwear to use the WC and Frank asks about his armpits. Ian says they're terrible still. Frank says they don't look red anymore.

01:18AM BBT Jen and Wil still laying in the round bed with the lights on in the room, trying to piece together conversations. Wil says someone enhanced things Jani had said before. Jen hushes Wil and points to the HNR door.

01:20AM BBT Ian walks through the MBR saying the WA is having an interesting conversation. Wil says more sex talk. Wil says he feels sorry for the poor soul that he makes out with when he first gets out. "It's been 40 days and 40 nights without any thunder!" Wil says he's not looking forward to the travel. It took him 11 hours to get here.

01:25AM BBT Talk in the WA is now about I love you sex. Brit and Dani love it. Shane has never had it. Frank says he has but it's boring. Frank says he had a girlfriend that would ask if he wanted to have sex when laying in bed. Dani says no, you have to start rubbing and what not and just go with the flow. Frank says he'd act like he was asleep some time just because it was so boring. Dani says she likes the steamy kind of sex. Brit says Colt and her dad are probably so happy watching the show right now.

01:30AM BBT Sex talk continues in the WA. We'll keep the feed clean (mostly) tonight. Joe asks how many times the girls can reach the big O. Dani says 3 times but not like back to back to back. Frank is about to say something but Brit hushes the room because Joe had a gem. She's laughing hysterically and the group is begging Joe to repeat it. Joe explains the different kinds of way of finishing women. Dan walks in and Brit asks for his two cents. Dan says he'll stick his toe in the NC-17 conversation but that's it.

01:34AM BBT Frank brings up the Palmer method. Ash extremely red. (Frank mentioned this to her last night). Brit calls Ash out for being hot and sweaty. Dan jumps in and tries to sum up Joe's conversation. "It's like a being in a battlefield. Sometimes you'll just randomly step on a landmine and an explosion happens...but then when you go back to try and recreate it, it's just not possible. Instead sometimes you have to dig carefully around the mine and..." everyone bursts out into a fit of laughter. Brit giving Ash more grief and tells Dani that they need to start fanning her.

01:39AM BBT Dan takes the opportunity to leave the conversation. He says he is alright with avoiding these kinds of topics. Back in the MBR Jen and Wil are laying on the bed still. Wil has a bandana over his eyes. You can hear the WA crowd laugh and cheer about something. Jen laughs a bit and says she thinks she can hear Ash. "What a little gem she is..." Jen wraps a bandana around her eyes and says she thinks she can probably fall asleep. Wil says he's going to get up and pee. Jen asks him to bring her a brown napkin so she can stuff pieces in her ear to drown out the sound. Cam follows Wil out into the KC where Brit is making a bowl of cereal. Brit lifts her mic to her mouth and says "Danielle is trying to make herself sound like a nympho so Shane will be interested. Ashley is going to have sex with Frank tonight. Joe is going to masturbate again in the bedroom tonight."

01:41AM BBT Wil stops and grabs a napkin for Jen and heads back into the MBR. Jen says good night audio team. Wil repeats it and starts laughing saying "You are not allowed to talk about production!"

01:53AM BBT Mature talk continues in the WA. Brit says she's a classy lady. Frank says he thought she was until the last time they had this conversation. Brit says you can know some stuff about the bedroom and still be classy. Shane asks if anyone has ever videotaped themselves. No one admits. Shane says he had a buddy that did it. Admits he saw a part of it. Brit says she thinks its illegal. Shane laughs saying she signed a disclosure. Dani says she's going to bed. Brit and Dani begin nightly ADLs.

01:55AM BBT Frank says it's last night in the HoH. Brit laughs saying "Ash it sounds like an invitation!" Frank says he has open door policy. Joe tells Ash he thinks she could go upstairs and take a load off. Many laughs are had.

01:58AM BBT Joe says he has some explaining to do when he gets home. Dani asks Joe he thinks his wife will be mad at him. Joe doesn't think so, he wasn't really specific about her. He admits they are modern couple. But having these kinds of conversations with young hot girls may be odd. Brit says Joe's not much younger than him.

02:01AM BBT Nightly ADLs continue. Joe asks what time it is. Shane says 1:38. Joe says it's relatively early for them to be going to bed. Camera man keeps zooming in on Brit's chest as she applies her facial scrubs/cream/lotion and she keeps moving almost like she knows what they're doing.

02:03AM BBT Dani says she's going to bed. Brit stops Shane and says she needs to ask him a question. Brit asks Shane if he's talked to Dani. Brit wants to know what Shane is going to do in case of a double eviction. Dani walks back in and Brit asks where Joe is.

02:08AM BBT Shane says Joe says if he gets HoH he'll put Frank and Boogie up. Joe wants to make a big move. They agree they won't tell him anything. If there is a double eviction and one of them win it and they get the chance to backdoor with PoV then they will put up Boogie or Frank and send one of them packing because it's just one of them left. Wil told Brit that Frank was the one that said Dan's name and Wil says he just went with it. Shane asks if Wil is gone this week for sure. Brit says yes because Joe can be trusted over Wil. Brit says they need to tell Joe if we save you we hope the same in return. That way Joe isn't given any serious ammunition to take back to Frank/Boogie.

02:11AM BBT Shane says if they can get Frank or Boogie out before jury that would be huge but then one of them would be left to come after them. Dani doesn't seem concerned. Ash walks in to wash her face and game talk stops. Ash says she's sorry. Dani says it's alright. "You're fine girl!"

02:15AM BBT Dani stops at the memory wall to mix keys around. Shane, Dani, and Brit head into HNR. Shane says he's so not tired and it sucks. Shane flips off the light. Dani and Brit start whispering but there was no sound because Shane is loud. Brit says Dani is a cover stealer when she sleeps. Shane says Dani likes to put her butt up against people. Brit oooooohs. Dani asks when they ever slept together. Shane says it was when he took a nap one day. Dani says she can't help it she likes to be close to people.

02:19AM BBT Random chat in the HNR with Shane's laughter echoing in the room. Someone can be heard snorting (in frustration) on another cam.

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02:26AM BBT On the quad cam loud clanking can be heard from outside the MBR. Ash eventually walks in and waits in the doorway for a moment for her eyes to adjust. She takes off her mic and puts her eye mask on her forehead and begins to stretch.

02:32AM BBT Talk in the HNR right now is about Shane's life outside the house. Shane's house that he was renovating had a sale date of July 29th but there was a problem with an inspection prior to leaving. When he gets out he may not have a home to go to. Shane also does distribution for a bottling company as well as retail by helping set up displays. There's no guarantee that he'll have his job. His boss said he would try to keep the spot open but Shane wasn't sure he'd make it this far. His stipend money is spent because it pays the bills. Brit asks Shane if he's ever read a book called The Power of Positive Thinking. Brit says she's so negative so it's hard to believe she suggested it. Talk continues briefly about Shane's life. Joe jumps in "Speaking of positive thinking...does anyone think I'll be here tomorrow night?"

02:35AM BBT Dani and Brit say they're going to spoon together. Joe and Shane gets jealous. Shane says it's been 40 days since they've spooned with anyone. Joe asks Brit what her last couple days with her husband like. Brit says she cried but she wasn't kidnapped like the normal HGs. She just had to be driven to the airport. Joe says they put his invitation in the cabinet and he missed it. He opened his cabinet 3 times before "he asked me did you see anything in the cabinet?".

02:43AM BBT Shane asks Joe what he would do in case of a double eviction. Joe says the logical choice would be Jen and Ash. Shane says what if you're going to make a big play? Joe asks Brit for her opinion. Brit says you cannot put up a pawn next to Frank/Boogie because the other one could win a PoV and take the one down and be safe. Joe doesn't understand. (Seriously?!) Brit has to explain it a second time. Shane says the three of them would help protect him from repercussions. Joe points out that Boogie's team has 4 of them still left heading towards Jury. Brit agrees. Joe says do I put up Frank and Boogie or Jen and Ian? (Once more...from the top...) Brit explains why it's important to put BOTH powerhouses on the block. Joe is worried that he may put someone up and the other HGs wouldn't vote to get him out (in this case Boogie). Brit says they wouldn't do that. They say the house would go after Frank or Boogie if they were up. Brit says in case of double eviction he won't have to talk to all of them, just one of them and they'll disseminate the vote choice to the other two.

02:44AM BBT The talking has quieted down. Brit starts giggling. She says she's sorry she's thinking about Ian's armpits.

02:56AM BBT Talk continues in the HNR. Joe has spoken about his blood pressure and the meds he's been on. Dr. Dani asks if he's asked to have the medic check his blood pressure because Joe has commented that he thinks it feels kind of high. Brit asks about side effects he's felt. Joe says he's fine he'll know when he's at his limit. Talk turns to Ian and his green undies from earlier. Shane laughs asking if they saw the pee on the front of underwear. Dani says yes and Shane made her stop laughing at him.

02:59AM BBT Talk in the HNR turns to being Haves for the week if they are so lucky. Dani asks Joe if she can be honest. She says if he makes Mac and Cheese next week to not add anything to it. Joe laughs saying his kids always tell him the same thing not to chef everything up.

03:03AM BBT Talk turns to whether or not they left steaks on the counter in the SR. Joe and Shane get up to investigate. Brit asks that they turn on the light so she and Dani can talk while they are gone. When Joe and Shane are gone, Brit says if Ian, Jen, or Boogie wins HoH this week they're hosed because Joe is going to sell them out. They both agree that they are going to have to deny, deny, deny. Brit says she told Shane in the WA to not talk direct game with him and yet he did anyway. Brit says they need to take Shane's larynx out and give it back to him only when they have something they want him to say. Brit is scared.

03:06AM BBT Shane and Brit and are in the KT prepping meals or wrapping/concealing things in the fridge/freezer. Meanwhile in the HNR Brit and Dani whispering, their mics rubbing against their blanket making it difficult to hear. Dani and Brit keep asking what Shane is thinking talking to Joe.

03:11AM BBT Intermittent FoTH Shane asks Joe if everything is Ok. Joe says yeah she was thinking I was eating something. It was the last of the slop. Back in the HNR Brit and Dani continue to blast Shane for bonding with Joe giving him names.

03:14AM BBT Joe and Shane back in the HNR telling the girls that they hid 4 pieces of cheesecake for when they get off slop.

03:16AM BBT It's been 1 minute in the HNR and a word hasn't been spoken. First time all night. This may mean its finally bed time for the HNR crew.

03:18AM BBT All four cams display horizontal HGs in darkened rooms. But just as this is being reported, cam 1 cycles through the KT, SR, LR and is now focused on the WC door. Also...we have a snorer in the SBR.

03:24AM BBT All four cams now display horizontal HGs in darkened rooms. While there's a lull in the chat, we'd love to know who you'd like to see as HoH this week.

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03:30AM BBT Yes he would! Although Jen could do quite the damage herself. RT @Genea1234: @mortystv Ian would make an interesting HOH this week.

03:53AM BBT There has been a clicking or a tapping noise from the HNR for the past 20-30 minutes or so. Shane is now up and using the WC. (I don't suspect he ever fell asleep).

03:55AM BBT Shane to SR to get something out of cabinet and now getting himself a glass of water.

03:59AM BBT Shane now up and sitting at counter in KT, drumming his fingers on the counter and drinking from his glass of water. He put a packet of something in it that turned it blue.

04:12AM BBT Joe up as well to use the WC. Shane tells him he can't sleep. Joe grabs himself a drink. Shane says they should chat in the arcade room.

04:13AM BBT BB kicks on all the lights in the main part of the house and Shane tells Joe to go get his mic otherwise BB will kill him. Joe heads off to HNR to get his mic.

04:16AM BBT Joe and Shane begin trivia training in the arcade room.

04:28AM BBT Joe and Shane continue to train in the arcade room. Shane leading the quiz as to what happened on what days and Joe repeating it back to him.

04:51AM BBT Training has stopped in the Arcade room. Now they're running scenarios about who will put up whom.

04:59AM BBT Joe and Shane decide to try and go back to sleep. Joe makes a stop at the WC before heading back to the HNR.

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9:00am BBT Mike up, listens at the back door, uses WC, brushes his teeth and goes back to bed. In bed he puts drops in his ear. Tells Joe they are still drilling and sawing outside.

9:30am BBT normal sleeping sounds on all cams.

9:32 FOTH...wake up call? Probably, BB needs them to get their day started.

HG are up, making breakfast and doing ADL. more FOTH

Dani on WA couch doing Jedi training. Breakfast is coming along nicely. Wil doing impressions. Joe starving says he will come out of here a lot lighter.

Frank goes to shake the hot sauce and it goes all over. "Some one forgot to put the cap back on." Mike says that was probably him. Frank says Yeah I know. Shane still sleeping, Joe goes back to bed. (Joe, Please get your mic out of your nose!!)(TY cameraman for going some where else)

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10:15am BBT Jenn says Incubus this morning, all right! FOTH Will tells Dani that he didnt say he would put Shane up, he doesnt want the vote to be 4/4, doesnt want to give him the satisfaction of sending him home. But doesnt want to stay if ppl want him gone.

Extended FOTH Dani gets told to center her mic. She says its Thur, she didnt even say anything and she gets Zinged. Jenn says it must be a running joke back there.

Ash asks if Joe and Shane are still sleeping, she wants to ask what they were doing last night, BB kept piping in...FOTH. she just wants to know what Joe was cooking up.

10:32am BBT Ash running her fingers thru Wils hair. He says he will have to give them locks of his hair. His nappy hair. Ash says she knows how good this feels.

Jenn roller skated at the rink below Wils building. Jenn tells a story of her friend breaking his ankle there. In HOH Frank cleans up and starts to bring his things downstairs.

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Wil says they should go claim their spot on the HOH couch. He stands up, hugs Ash and kisses her forehead. Jenn not going to wash anyones dishes today. F it, so tired of this kitchen being a mess. The HG that are up and have eaten are making their way to the HOH with blankets and pillows.

Frank tells the HNs to bring the HOH blankets back up when they come. Frank says they have 15 minutes

Wil going to save some prime real state for Jenn and Ash then will sit on the floor. The plan is to play poker during HOHLD, Jenn plans to dye Mikes hair.

10:56am BBT Dani says BB took all her white clothes then on the first night gave her a white bra. Joe getting his blankets around. Brit still laying on HN floor. (none of the HN sleep on the beds now)

Brit finally gets up, changes batteries and gets coffee. Shane is still sleeping.

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11:03am :Ian comes into hoh rm everyone asking how his pits are he says it is like a sunburn and it even says on the bottle for back arms and legs.

11:07am Jenn Fixen to color Boogies hair in hoh bathroom Brit doing her makeup.

11:19am Hg on hohld most hg going to sleep . Boogie ,jenn and Brit are in hoh bathroom coloring Boogies hair. Brit sitting on tub drinking her coffee. Bb has started playing music in the room now. (makes it hard to hear what anyones says).

11:21am TRIVIA

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1:05 PM BBT We had a brief 30 secs of no trivia - Boogie was in WA - In side room it sounded like Ash telling Joe about trying to get him off of the block but can not confirm (that's how quick it was). We are back to trivia.

We are back. It was Ash. Joe tells her he has a plan for them. Ash says "Good - because we are sitting ducks". Shane and Brit lying in WA. Shane saying 8 more hours. And we are back to trivia.

Shane, Brit and Dani on WA couch - appear to be attempting to snooze. We got about 15 secs of feed time before trivia again.

1:11 PM BBT Joe telling Ash that they need to make a deal with the stronger players to keep them safe. Joe says they don't have to win HOH and they still have the better deal. Ash says they should wait to talk to them until after the HOH tonight. Ash tells Joe that everyone likes him. Brit and Dani have their eyes open on couch in WA. Shane may have fallen asleep.

Ash tells Joe congratulations on staying. Joe says it isn't done yet. Ash says but you are staying. They then talk about Wil giving up. Joe says it isn't right.

1:20 PM BBT BB reminds the HG that sleeping is only allowed in the bedrooms. Shane must be snoozing on the WA but I can not confirm. Wil packing. Ian and Boogie cooking.

1:30 PM BBT HG at KT table talking about who they believe the favorite HG is. Brit still snoozing in the WA. Shane and Dani have gotten up. Frank doing ADL.

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1:42 PM BBT Brit asking Shane and Boogie about poker and the order that hands win. Lunch going on in the KT.

1:48 PM BBT Brit telling Dan and Shane that Shane gave Joe to much info last night. Brit says Wil won't keep his word. Discussion about who to put up.

Dani vacuuming the house. Brit lying in the WA complaining to Dan about Shane giving to much info away. Shane preping for tonight's show.

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2:02pm Brit and shane cleaning the chess table off for the poker game now. Shane is going to teach Brit how to play as ash watches.

2:10pm Frank,Joe,Boogie and Ian at dt general talk and ian rocking in his chair.

2:14pm Boogie and Frank in crane rm. boogie saying its gonna be a fast forward night and if i win hoh i put up joe and Ian i win veto and put up brit and vote her out... he says this is the good and the bad we wont have time to talk to shane Frank says we can tell shane that wwe didnt have time to talk to you but we trust you but we didnt trust brit.

2:16pm Boogie says we cant tell alot of people about this but i can tell Ian if he wins pov use it and he will use it i just dont want to many people knowing this

2:18pm frank says we cant have brit on the jury she will be a vote against us and turn the others Boogie says yeah she has to go before jury. Boogie says we might have to tell dan but hope he doesnt tell brit.

2:20pm Frank says if jenn or ash win hoh we tell em to put up brit and shane and vote brit out then we have shane in our pocket. Boogie says yeah yeah thats true.

2:22pm Boogie says brit is getting under my skin Frank says even more than joe huh Boogie says yeah even more than joe she walks around with that drink and never washed a f'ing glass.

2:26pm Frank says part of me feels like if we get rid of brit we might can pull shane back to our side but the other part feels like shane will come after us like an f'ing bulldog.Boogie says yeah but we cant have both of them in jury.Frank says we have a better chance if we get one of them out and shane might work with us brit will never work with us.

2:27pm Boogie says Ash and Ian would be the worst hoh tonight . we dont know what the f they would do its scary for tonight.

2:30pm the poker game has broken up now Brit goes into crane rm with Boogie and Frank . Boogie says they was talking about the wizard and the doctor and his ear and we get trivia.

2:40pm Dan in crane rm with Boogie and brit now talking about things that dont work in the house now. ian and Jenn in wa getting ready for the live show tonight.

2:43pm Joe , shane,Frank and dani at kt table talking about the clown shoes in balls and how you have to run to get down there to find the shoes.

2:44pm Dani telling them that tonight should be an indurance comp tonight that they do it every 2 weeks.

2:47pm Dan and Brit looking at the crane machine brit says if we can pick that lock Dan we can open that .Dan says we need a bobbypin.Boogie says thats deff a stop that moment.dan tries to pick the lock and bb says Dan, Brit knock that off.

2:52pm Dan and Boogie in sbr Boogie telling dan he wants to backdoor brit but he is scared of shane but the only way he would want to do it is if it all happens in one night so brit cant get the votes in 3 days.

2:48pm Brit in the kt complaining about being on slop she thinks they should only be on slop for 48 to 72 hours that being on it for a week is BS. Dan and Boogie in sbr with dani trying to figure out what the comp will be tonight.

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3:08pm most hg in kt talking about willie and how he went off on joe after he was put on slop and frank says oh crap i forgot the stuff in my fridge upstair. and we get trivia

3: 14pm Boogie laying in bed in sbr he asked dani to check hgis ear and see if it looks any better than the other day she looks and says he has white puss in his ear . she tells him its like hard earwax but puss he says you can see that and smiles she says yeah i can see that.

3:19pm TRIVIA

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7:14 PM BBT

Frank telling us how they are doing. Britney is "killing it" then Joe/Shane/Jen/Ian. Ashely not doing well and Boogie still going for the 10K. "Ashley's catching up with you for that 10K Mike!" Frank yells out.

7:17 PM BBT

They joke around about their various styles. Britney is figure skating, Shane feels like he has flippers and Ashley firmly believes that "Slow and steady wins the race" she laughs as she says it. Her hip flexers are really getting a work out. Danielle is hustling.

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7:24 PM BBT

Ian wipes out with a full cup right next to his jug. Curses softly to himself. The guys are 'roaring' to give themselves encouragement. Joe's still got it, he;s using a linebacker stance.

7:26 PM BBT

Shane skating along when he's got the cup in his hand, smooth long strokes.He's just under halfway. On the way back he's doing smaller strides. [Guess that hockey experience is paying off! - ZuZu] Frank points out to Britney that Shane is using power glides Boom! Boom! Boom!

Ashley hopes they get pizza after this.

Frank and Britney going to share a drink.

Britney asks if safety means no slop as well. We're back on trivia.

7:32 PM BBT

"Shane's dark blue has hit the bottom of the H!" yells Frank he just wants everyone to have a marker. "So you're saying there's hope?" jokes Joe "Not a chance." laughs Shane "Anyone else getting attacked by gnats?" Ian asks. No one else appears to be getting gnat attacked.

Jenn asks how many medals the USA won 36 or 46? 46 Britney tells her.

7:36 PM BBT

"Sorry to my family in Dearborn for going after the machine over here." Dan says.

Boogie reminds them to be careful "No injuries out here ok people."

"I've got a paper and a pen, use that, they call me production!" sings Dan We get WBRB

Frank tells Dan that he should be happy that he has all of the gauze on his leg covering up all the cuts on his legs.

Shane halfway there according to Frank.

They wonder what Wil's real job is. "Model Actor" says Ian. Britney says she knows, Wil told her today, was it a secret? Who was in the bathroom with her when he told? Frank mentions that he said he did payroll for something. Brit asks again who was with her when he told and we get WBRB.

7:42 PM BBT

Ian slips at his bowl again, nearly caught his hand in it - close call to a knock over.

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