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8/7 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark


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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment] around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Time (BBT) is three hours behind the east coast. (See Map Here)

Because of the similarity in the HG's names (Joe, JoJO, Jenn, etc.), please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations.

Try to be more consistent with what we name things. For example, here are some abbreviations I would like to settle on using:

Have Not Room (HNR)

Sneaker Bed Room (SBR)

Music Bed Room (MBR)

Wash Area (WA)

Water Closet (WC)

Kitchen (KT)

Dining Table (DT)

Living Room (LR)

Back Yard (BY)

Indoor Lock Down (ILD)

Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)

Please post pictures in the following forum! http://www.tvfanforu...p?showforum=138

If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Thank you!

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9:00 PM BBT: Dani and Jani in the HOH bathroom talking about dreams and premonitions. Joe is in the kitchen. Brit, Boogie, Ashley, Dan, and Shane on the BY couches. Boogie talking about parties he's gone to, and we get FoTH.

9:11 PM BBT: Jenn just found one of Wil's hair extensions on the ground by thr BY couches. Frank once again complaining about his unitard... He wants to cut a V into the neckline so he has room to move his neck as it cuts in. He asks BB if he can cut it, and we get FoTH.

9:17 PM BBT: Frank REALLY complaining about his unitard now, but at least it doesn't show his junk.

9:25 PM BBT: Frank doing cheers in the kitchen with Wil, Jani, and Dani in the kitchen. "That's alright, that's OK....." ect..

9:28 PM BBT: Frank Dani Jani and Wil are now making up a cheer. He's going to run outside later to perform it.

9:40 PM BBT: Frank and Brit in the washroom whispering about votes. Jani, Brit and Frank now talking about how fat Frank feels in his unitard, and exercising. Brit says that if she puts workout clothing on, then she'd be more likely to work out. Frank says that if BB gave him another unitard, he'd work out, but the cotton one he has on now is too hot to work out in.

9:42 PM BBT: Frank finds Jani's missing black bandana in Boogie's things. Jani complaining that she now has to wash it before she wears it. Jani heads straight to the washing machine. Shane is playing with two racquets and the birdie by himself.

9:48 PM BBT: One of the most popular conversations in the house; FOOD. Wil, Ashley and Frank in the kitchen talking about how Joe makes too much food, and they want the big dinners to stop because the food supply drops low. Ashley thought she was going to go home when her and Joe were on the block because they thought they'd want to keep the cook.

9:58 PM BBT: Everyone in the kitchen agrees that they should make their own shopping list. Frank says add some of this, scratch off a bit of that.... and we get FoTH. Wil says he's tired of this and "We need to take back the kitchen!". They complain that Joe doesn't clean up after himself, even if he makes something just for him. They know he means well, but Wil wants some chicken (it was all used for dinner last night). They don't want family dinners every night and want to eat when they want to eat, not at a set time.

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10:15pm bbt Shane/Dani playing batminton in BY. Mike/Wil/Jenn/Frank/Ashley being silly and laughing lots at K table.

10:16pm bbt Brit/Jani on patio. Brit says she's going to ask Dani if she really wants Jani gone, because it's so odd the way she used the POV. Dani/Brit go to HOH, Dani says Jani is good(refering to the Jani/Dani chat from earlier tonight). Lot's of she said/she said. Brit said Jani just said downstairs that Dani wants to keep Jani, so Brit wanted to come check that Dani hasn't changed the plan. Brit says Wil asked about her vote, and she said she wanted to wait a few days to decide.

Meanwhile, in the SR Frank/Boogie compare notes, feeling confident they have votes to keep Frank in the house this week.(funny I think I typed that last week too). Back in HOH, Brit/Dani continue to use Jani's comment as fuel for why she should leave. When Dani says that Jani came up here and was crying, Brit asks if there were actually tears. Brit reminds Dani that they are pretending that Brit doesn't know who spilled the info to Dani.

10:26pm bbt Dani is still worked up over the chat she had with Jani, venting to Brit in HOH. Dani feels Jani was acting sad, but once Jani felt she had the upper hand, lies started coming out. In the K, Jani is tossing food at Frank, who is trying to catch it in his mouth.

10:29pm bbt Dani is now fighting for Brit's attention, who is now focused on finding splite ends in her hair. Brit tells Dani a woman has never won BB when sitting next to a guy in F2. She doesn't want Dani to feel this is a F2 offer. Dani says Shane is like her boyfriend, Dan her dad, Brit her best friend, and what's the saying in sororities? Brit doesn't answer, just smiles(and I don't know the answer)

10:35pm bbt Brit says Jani is very good at this game. It's different being in the game with Jani, versus watching Jani play from home. They(Brit/Jani) just need to watch out for each other.

10:39pm bbt Joe/Jenn on patio. Joe says he talked with Ashley about the idea of Joe/Jenn/Ash/Ian working together. Dani/Brit still going in HOH.

10:40pm bbt Dani says Jani is good at being very sweet while at the same time insulting you. Brit says once Jani said she wants to take weak players to the end, and in the same sentence said she wanted Brit in the finals with her.

10:41pm bbt Dan joins Brit/Dani in HOH, so now they are telling him all about Jani. Shane has joined Joe/Jenn on patio.

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11:09 pm BBT Ian and Brit discussing their seasons "that guy" the guy no one talks to after the show. Brit says her season was andrew. Ian hopes he isnt this year. Brit says no way. Then talk switches to Jani and Ian doesnt think she even has Ashs vote at this point.

11:24 pm BBT Ian in hoh says that Boogie came up to him and told him to brace himself because he is rolling chilltown style in a good way. Dani says they think they formed the six and they think we don't talk to you. Dani recaps how they asked Boogie to reassure them about Ian last night. Ian laughs hard

11:31 pm BBT Ian gets in the bath, Dan goes to DR , and Jani heads upstairs to share fruit dipped in chocolate with Dani and Brit. They are making small talk about the decor in the house and BB going green

11:39 pm BBT In the BY Frank Wil Shane Jenn and Ash play with the badminton racquets. they try to see how long they can hit the birdie with the racquets without it hitting the ground. In Hoh the girls talk luxury comps and production asks them to stop talking about production. Brit says yeah yeah give us gifts and we will stop.

11:53 pm BBT Jani gets called to the DR and when she leaves she asks if they are going to be up late. Dani says maybe because she napped til 6pm. Brit says no im going to bed early. They go into Hoh bathroom with Ian and joke about Boogie being in the dark some more.

12:02 am BBT Dani recapping what Jani said about Boogie wanting to work with Jani and that Boogie hates women. Dani also says that Jani said Boogie told her that he hates Dani if she gets to the win Boogie wont give it to her. Boogie laughs it off and calls her obvious lies pathetic. Brit agrees and laughs with Boogie

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12:17 am BBT Boogie and Dani re go over everything Jani has said that has been rude to Dani. They also go over all the lies Jani has told. Downstairs its small chit chat betwee Jani and Dan about her pregnancy.

12:24 am BBT Wil and Ash are on BY couches discussing various things Jani has told them. Ash says Jani told her that Wil was having late night convos about her and throwing her under the bus. Ash continues by saying she was with Wil all night and he for sure was never upstairs. Wil says that spreading lies is not a way to get my vote. Ash said Brit was worried they would be devastated Jani was up and Ash told Brit that "I have news for you, I’m not"

12:31 am BBT Shane Brit and Ian in hoh discussing Joe and his tall tales. Ian says he is annoying and everyone is sick of him. Shane calls him a liability. They all agree next week his time is u because they cannot have him in jury.

12:35 am BBT Ian says earlier in the week he didnt think that the next Hoh would be the best to win but with Joe around Ian could put him up and not one person would blame him. Shane agrees.

12:46 am BBT In hoh Shane had said he would be a pawn next week against Joe if Ian won Hoh. The whole room including Ian agrees that is a bad idea. When Ian leaves Brit looks at Shane and says never agree to be a pawn ever again you are too big a threat. Brit heads to bed and tells Shane to avoid talking to Jani because beeing seen talking to her at this point is a liability.

12:49 am BBT downstairs in the LR Dan and Jani are going over how many girls were in all stars they have to consult Ian because Jani cant seem to remember.

1:02 am BBT Jani and Brit talking downstairs in bed about why Dani put her up. Jani says Dani let people get in her head and that someone twisted what she said when she mentioned Dani will be in the game a long time. She says that Wil must have twisted her words and made it seem like Jani was targeting her.

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1:14 am BBT Frank in Hoh with Dani and Shane going over all the Jani conversations that have been had in the last 24 hrs. Also going over Joe and how they dont trust him either and that Wil doesnt group himself with Joe either.

1:21 am BBT Hoh crew speculating on future comps going over different types of Q&A. BY crew playing the trivia game that BB gave them last week. No real game talk going on so far for now.

1:35 am BBT Shane and Frank going over coaches and how they played on their seasons. Frank says he tones Boogie down a little. Shane says Brit has influenced hi, They both agree that Jani is a liar and trew her own team under the bus so now they have turned on her. Frank said she was hot on her seasons but not anymore. Shane calls Brit hot Frank agrees and says no disrespect to her husband but Brit has a rockin bod

1:47 am BBT Jani and Ian discussing science and engineering in KT. Janis husband has a civil engineering degree. they met when he helped her with a math class. Ian says he loves calc. Jani looks at him like he has two heads. You can tell she is just talking to him to appease him for a possible vote.

1:59 am BBT Ian is telling Jani who he think would be on an all stars two season. He lists Rachel, Hayden, Enzo, Eric stien, Evel Dick, and we get Foth so i dont get to know the rest

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8:30am Mike was up talking to himself, feeling good about Jani going home Thursday. Now BB appears to be trying to wake rest of the house.

8:40am Mike/Brit on patio. Brit feels house is quiet all day, then around 6pm game talk really kicks in. They then proceed to talk about Janelle. Mike says he did a DR session to Jani's husband, telling him the house would be sending Jani back to him. Brit retells the story of Jani mentioning she hired a nanny, and Joe asking if Jani was worried about the nanny and Jani's husband having an affair. Brit/Mike don't understand why Jani would think Dan may give her a vote and go against Danielle? Brit is sure Jani stayed up with HGs working for votes all night.

8:44am Mike says he stumbled onto Wil/Ash talking about Jani, realizes Jani expects their votes but thinks she won't get theirs either.

8:47am Brit tells story of her season's endurance, when Kathy offered a deal to be first to drop, making her the only HaveNot for the week. "Is that Kathy's game talk? Did we just make a deal? She jumped off, is that ok?"

8:50am Brit asks Mike how Wil/Frank are getting along? Mike says Frank isn't a grudge holder, but reminds Frank not to forget(that Wil was going to vote Frank out last week). Their hope is for a calm week. Mike feels if Ian won HOH next week, they could get him to put up Joe. If Wil won, they could sell nominating Ian/Joe, and have the votes to evict Joe.

Brit:"But if Joe wins HOH, let's just have a seance and a mass suicide. That would be horible."

8:55am Brit shares that last night, Ian told Brit/Dani that Joe had suggested an alliance of Joe/Ian/Ash/Jenn. Mike questions why Ian didn't tell him about it, but isn't surprised.

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9:00am BBT Brit says they have to get thru Thursday. Ian would not be happy going up and he would be a nervous wreck. Ian gets nervous just watching a Nominations Ceremony. A plane flies over and Brit and Mike guessing what kind its and where its going. Brit says Denver. Brit says that working on Wall Street in NYC is better then being a Dr. there. Anywhere else a Dr. is the top profession.

In the WA Ash checks her eye lids for holes while putting ice on her back.

Mike says Dr. Will is loving this week on BB. He may dedicate this to him when he casts his vote.

9:13am BBT Brit/Mike talk about Jani. How she doesnt have the crew this season as she has had in the past. Changes to Joe. How he is so obvious, uses the kitchen as his base and can see where everyone is from there.

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Brit/Mike talk about Jani. How she doesnt have the crew this season as she has had in the past. Changes to Joe. How he is so obvious, uses the kitchen as his base and can see where everyone is from there. They take a guess on when a FF will happen. Why BB started a week late. Why did BB wake them up so early. (only 3 are up)

Chat changes to what they have had to eat as HN in their season. Brit says she had no trouble getting back to some things in real life, it wasnt odd to have her cell phone back. they reminisce about watching their season after the were on. Brit says the Homesickness is the hardest for her.

Neither one was prepared for the boredom of being in there. when you watch the shows with the comps and stuff you dont realize how boring it is. (Guess Mike never watched the feeds)

Ash tells Brit that Wil doesnt want to tell Jani how he is voting. Ash tells Mike that she talked to DR, she is always in pain, they say the stress has gone to her muscles. She doesnt know why, she likes it in there. (all 4 cams change to Brit making more coffee)

Jani has been called to DR 4 times now. Mike tells Ash it may help to stretch like crazy, knows she doesnt feel like it...FOTH

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9:42BBT Jani finally gets to DR. Mike tells Ash/Brit that he kinda filled Dr. Will place with the Frank factor. Its been rocking. He says there are more chill ppl here.

Brit tells stories from her season. Mostly about Enzo and how bored they were.

Mike tells Frank he had a good bonding session with Brit. Mike asks, what is it? you cook late you dont have to clean?

10:00BBT They say Joe leaves his dishes all the time. About Jani being nom in her "Stupid shirt" (her Minnesota shirt), how Joe will be out of the loop w/o Jani.

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General chat, talking about places they have been, giving us lots of FOTH

Frank comes out of DR and picks up his pompom. Mike says he swears its all internet ppl complaining. Franks says thats what they told him. (hey he doesnt follow the rules we will let him know!)

10:16am BBT Frank says he didnt realize he couldnt wear the hat, they never told him. Massive amounts of FOTH this morning.

Brit teases Dani on her picking the brown M & M's out for Dan. Dani says she counted them, 30 brown ones in one bag, 21 in another but over 100 orange ones. Mike is going to the M & M store and buy Dan only the Brown ones.

10:34am BBT Chat changes to 48 Hours Mysteries and murders and ppl on the run.


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Mike says his schedule for today is lie around, get in the pool, lie around. Frank will fake campaign, if he gets a new unitard he will work out.

10:43am BBT Brit goes over her fav cereals. Mike and Frank get in on it too. (yes folks its this thrilling)

Brit says she doesnt like stir fries so that stri fry meal didnt make it with her. Mike says it wasnt on his top 3 either.

10:58am BBT Brit says she would preserve Pompeii, Mike asks where that is. They go on asking/answering questions from the cards.

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11:03am brit , boogie and frank in kt making breakfast everyone else still sleeping

11:11am Dani comes downstairs and ask if she gets to tweet today too she just finished her blog frank says you do tweets in the dr dani is fixen to get the camera for her hoh pics

11:18am Boogie, Brit and ash talking in by about wil and his stories and how long they last . Frank still cooking breakfast while dani sits there asking him questions about what he put in his blog

11:38pm Jani has joined Boogie and brit in by talking about what movie star you would want to look like Ash in mbr getting things and heads back to the by

11:47am Ash is laying out by the pool Jani comes out asking her questions about her and wil's votes Ash says we will still vote for you Jani says i have wils vote ash says yeah as far as i know

11:49am Jani trying to figure out who told dani that jani said bad things about her. jani says dani said it was someone who was up late late one night and only wil nstayed up late. ash says wil said it wasnt him . jani says oh you asked him . ash says yeah he said it wasnt him jani says i hope it wasnt wil

11:51am Jani says to ash you dont think people are lying to me and saying they are keeping me do you ash says why would we? jani says we did that to frank and ash says oh yeah but that was different. jani says well dani said she didnt want me gone or she would have pulled frank down with the pov and not wil

11:53am Jani says to ash you dont think people are lying to me and saying they are keeping me do you ash says why would we? jani says we did that to frank and ash says oh yeah but that was different. jani says well dani said she didnt want me gone or she would have pulled frank down with the pov and not wil

11:59am Brit now goes over to talk to ash after jani was called to dr ash telling brit what all jani was saying and asking. brit says oh my gosh ash says it sucks i just want to tell her everything again . brit says i know.

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12:05pm Ash still talking and repeating herself about jani. she tells brit but on the other hand Boogie and frank are strong together and they are dangerous. brit sats i dont know but i feel bad cuz jani doeant talk bad about me though

12:08pm joe goes to hoh rm to talk to dani. dani was blow drying her hair joe says i am gonna give you my quick 5 minutes i just want to let you know that i am fine with whatever you want to do even with jani. he said i never heard jani say manything bad about you she only said you was a floater and i think the biggest lier in this house is wil

12:13pmJoe says this is my commitment to this house i will vote with you and shane always we have to have deep fait in each other to make it through this game i like to call it blind faith and if anyone says anything about you i will come up here and tell you . Dani says are you mad that i put jani up he says no not at all i have a few things about jani that i dont like either and its nothg against her but she has her own style as a coach i love her but she goes to the power every week and i dont want to play that way

12:19pm J oe now telling dani that wil is after her and shane that wil told him dan and her were to tight as a coach and a player and wil said you and dan are his number 1 target dani says i am not going to tell you how to vote joe you have to make up your mind on that yourself i am not on a power high here it what ever you want brit comes in and breaks up the talk joe leaves hoh rm

12:24pm brit in hoh telling dani that wil runs and tells everybody everything . she says she told wil things yesterday and went to joe and told joe about everything and now joe might go and tell jani everything so wil is throwing me under the bus and pissing me off

12:25pm brit says joe is mad at wil for going against jani Brit wants to talk to wil now Dani heads downstairs to get wil to come to hoh rm

12:27pm dani going back upstairs says she cant get will cuz jani is watching both wil and joe Brit says yeah beacuse she is trying to make wil her new bff brit says i am pissed that wil threw me under the bus

12:34pm Jani and shane in crain rm Jani says i tried talking to her to let her know that i am with her and rtemember when we was all in the hoh rm and i said that i thought she would go far? shane says yeah . jani says someone is twisting my words shane says i dont know what anyone said. jani says i just want to see where your head is shane says i dont know what do you have jani says i have wil's vote and joe and brit and ashleys vote

12:37pm shane says ok i havent talk to anyone yet and i didnt know you already had brits vote so i will talk to her cuz i want to vote with the house i dont want to piss anyone off jani says yeah and if you just look at who else is on the block he is shady and pisses people off and i havent i dont stab anyone in the back and i dont backdoor anyone and i have been hoh 7 times shane says yeah let me talk to brit and i will let you know

12:44pm Brit now goes to the by with Ian , Boogie and dan they are just talking about the live feeds and what they might show before they walk into the house

12:51pm shane tells jani that he was shocked that she got put on the block and that dani should have talked to her before noms

12:56pm dani now has the camera pics are being taken all over the house now

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1:05 PM BBT HG split between prepping lunch in the KT and talking about music in the BY. Brit singing.

More HOH camera fun! Jani has the HG head outside for pictures. Its more picture fun in the BY.

1:17 PM BBT Just HOH pictures. Nothing else going on.

Seems the picture taking go carried away - a pose caused Brit to be dropped. She is fine but says not to take a picture of her double chin.

1:24 PM BBT Ash?Brit/Dani get on dining table to take picture. BB tells them to "Stop That" Jani "Sorry BB"

1:28 PM BBT Frank and Boogie in the SBR - talking about the picture taking. Boogie is not a fan. Boogie wants a medal count.

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1:33 PM BBT Boogie and Frank nap. Still pictures in the kitchen.

1:40 PM BBT Boogie and Frank nap. Still pictures in the kitchen.

1:44 PM BBT Jani takes Dan into the side room. Tells him about her and Dani's talk last night. Jani says that Shane wants to keep her. Janie says she def has 4 votes.

1:55 PM BBT BB announces over the house" Hello HG - it's going to be hot out there today. Don't forget your sunscreen".

Dan joins Ian outside - apologizes for being delayed. Said he got caught in the blonde web. (Janie)

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2:06 PM BBT Shane/Dani talking in HOH - Shane tells his version of the Jani talk. Ian playing badmitton int he pool.

2:24 PM BBT Ian and Dan playing in the pool. Dani/Brit lying out and watching them.

2:37 PM BBT Dani joins Wil in the HOH and tells him about Joe's visit to the HOH. And now about Jani's visit - just rehashing.

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2:33PM BBT – Britney is staring at her stomach and begins asking Dan if he can see his heartbeat in his stomach cause she can see hers. She wonders if that means she has blood pressure problems.

Up in the HOH room, Danielle wants to be “completely” honest with Wil. If anyone says she said anything about him, it’s false. Someone told her that Wil walked outside after nominations the other day saying that Wil was telling everyone that Danielle and Dan had to go. Wil guesses it was Joe who said it, and says Joe and Janelle are lying about everything. Wil denies having said it, and then switches to alliances and how he said watch out for alliances, but not Dan/Danielle specifically.

2:36PM BBT – Danielle tells Wil she & Janelle “got into it” yesterday. Wil says Janelle is blaming him for why she was back doored. Wil says that Joe is spreading around that they are about to catch Wil in all of his lies. Danielle adds he also is spreading around that Wil is out to get Danielle and Dan. Wil barely hears her as he is getting into his stories about the lies Joe is spreading. Danielle asks if Wil wants to keep Janelle; he says no. He does see the positive in keeping her, as she wouldn’t likely put Wil up if Janelle won HOH. Danielle tells him to go with his gut, Wil says he wants to keep Frank.

Joe came upstairs earlier that day and told Danielle that Janelle hasn’t said a bad word about her, she likes her, etc. Danielle and Wil both comment that Janelle has said bad things about Danielle in front of Danielle. Ashley tried to remind Janelle earlier in the day about the comments she made about Danielle, and Janelle said Danielle needs to grow up if she’s mad about that. Of course, Wil adds, it could be a bit like the telephone game since he heard that from Ashley. Wil believes Britney is involved with the twisted tales, Danielle disagrees; Britney is trying to get away from Janelle but is afraid of her. Danielle reassures Wil that Britney has never said anything bad about him. Wil backtracks; he likes Britney but feels like she is caught up in the lies going on around the house. Janelle and Joe must go, is the consensus between the two. They don’t want either one to make it to jury.

2:41PM BBT - All 4 feeds are on the HOH room. Wil says everyone needs to get rid of Janelle first, then Joe next week. Janelle tried to start a fight last night between Danielle and Dan because she said she had Dan’s vote and Dan is not happy with Danielle’s decision, apparently. Janelle apparently is convinced that Wil is responsible for Janelle being back doored. More Janelle bashing.

Re-hashing the POV, and how Wil won $5,000 and then got to come off the block anyway. Joe said he wanted to make a deal with Shane and Danielle, even though he is trying to form an alliance with Ian, Jenn and Ashley. Now Joe bashing.

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2:48PM BBT – Wil would like to confront Joe but will take the high ground and let Joe sink himself. Everyone knows week 1, he was part of the problem that happened with Willie. There will be so much more peace once he leaves the house.

Janelle keeps cornering Danielle; making her uncomfortable. “Janelle is about as real as her tits,” Wil says. Danielle thought everyone was going to be mad at her for putting Janelle up. Jenn and Wil had a conversation before the nomination ceremony and speculation was Boogie would go up if one of the nominees came down. Danielle asks what people said when she put Janelle up. Reaction was positive, Wil assures her. No one was upset. Wil’s POV speech was lighthearted hilarious. Danielle re-iterates for like the tenth time to keep quiet about what she’s said to him because she doesn’t want more people harassing her.

Janelle cornered Shane to ask if he is in a showmance with Danielle. She demands to know if she is going prior to going because she doesn’t want to talk to Julie with mascara running down her face.

Britney comes upstairs, sent by Janelle, to find out when Danielle wants to work out. Wil and Danielle groan and make comments about why Janelle can’t work out by herself. They comment about going in the pool instead of working out. They begin to re-hash all the rumours floating around the house, and now Britney’s name is being dragged through the mud too. Wil suggests laying low and get to Thursday. [it’s not going to be over until both Janelle and Joe are gone – BBLuver]

Re-hashing conversation Danielle and Wil just had.

Danielle is putting her foot down; they are not working out right now. She is not going to be bullied into doing something they don’t want to do. Britney just wants to relax and take a nap. Danielle says let’s go out to the pool. Britney whines that Janelle is going to get mad, Wil says “Who cares?”

Britney commenting about how at this stage in her life, her life is perfect. She does not need fame. Joe wants to be a celebrity chef, that’s why he came on BB.

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3:07PM BBT - Ashley told Britney that Janelle never says anything bad about her. Wil says that’s a lie, she called Britney two faced. All the comments happened during Shane’s HOH when Ashley and Joe were put up on the back. He tells Britney not to feel bad. Janelle can be really nice but she’s a huge bitch.

Janelle blames her team for not voting out Frank week 1 instead of Kara. Danielle has left the room and went to the kitchen. Wil says Janelle cannot re-hash “What ifs” in the game. Britney says she feels responsible to be nice to Janelle since she’s been nice to her (Brit).

3:09PM BBT - Finally, some feeds in the kitchen. Danielle and Janelle. Danielle is saying she is tired and Janelle is exhausted. Janelle is complimenting Danielle, saying she doesn't look tired and she is photogenic and pretty. She wishes she was still cute. Janelle says the finale is going to be fun, and she is excited. Danielle said she will be “done” and be falling over herself. Janelle invites Danielle to come meet her daughter when they leave the BB house. Janelle wants to bring Violet to the finale to meet everyone. Violet, and a nanny she adds, so she & her husband could still attend finale parties and have someone to watch the baby.

Danielle is excited to go to Vegas. She was there last year for Miss USA. Danielle says she hasn’t competed in a few years. She tells Janelle about a friend of hers that Janelle knows, they met when they both worked at Victoria’s Secret. They were both going through rough relationships at the time. Janelle asks what pageants Danielle did; Danielle doesn’t like talking about it. Janelle did Miss USA for Minnesota. She was only 18 when she did it, but she wasn’t as well prepared as she was younger than most contestants. Janelle loves pageants, she thinks it prepares you for interviews and stuff. Danielle comments how expensive trainers are. She wouldn’t do Miss America because she doesn’t have the talent.

3:15PM BBT - All 4 feeds back on HOH room again.

From what I can tell, still Janelle and Joe bashing. Janelle makes comments about Frank being two faced, but Janelle is too. She is always buddy buddy with whomever is in power.

Janelle comes into the HOH room. She laments that Danielle declined to work out; Dani is going to tan instead. “It’s just me and you,” Janelle says to Britney. What about Joe? Wil and Britney both said he wants to work out too. Britney has to go change before they work out.

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3:18PM BBT – Danielle joins the BY crew by the pool, which consists of Ian, Shane, Dan, Jenn.


3:20PM BBT – We’re back. General chit chat in the BY. Ian wonders how anyone can be inside on a beautiful day like today. He mentions that he & Dan did all the dishes last night and today it was like WW3 in the sink. Shane cleaned it up.

Dan heads for the chaise to dry off. Ian is contemplating the hammock as he is getting cold.

3:23PM BBT – Back in HOH, they are talking about dogs and training dogs and how smart different breeds are.

Ian gets out of the pool and lays right on the green “turf”. Everyone wants to know if that hurts, Ian says no. It’s day # 32 in the BB house.


3:26PM BBT – Back in the HOH, the subject has moved to Janelle’s dogs reaction to her daughter being born and the jealousy between them. Britney wonders how her dog will be when she has a baby. Janelle says she felt it was “too bad so sad” for the extra attention she couldn’t give when Violet was born.

Outside, Ian is in the hammock.

In HOH, Janelle says how ‘fucked up’ Shane’s and Ashley’s backs are from the Have Not bed, possibly permanently. She comments that Frank and Boogie have been sleeping all day, but the other cameras show Dan and Boogie in the kitchen. Britney comments how early Boogie gets up. Janelle says someone was passing gas all night long in their room; Britney says it’s Frank.

3:29PM BBT – Ashley has joined Dan and Boogie in the kitchen. No real conversation going on.

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3:31PM BBT – Britney leaves HOH; Janelle is very tired. Wil asks how she is going to work out if she is tired. Janelle says once she starts working out, she won’t be tired. She hasn’t taken a nap for the past two days. Wil is going to get a drink. He’s had pure sugar from the “Nerds” he snacked on. Wil offers Janelle something; they both go to the kitchen together.

3:32PM BBT – Britney asks Ashley’s doing. Ashley took a nap but got woken up by the BB voice.

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3:13pm jani and dani in kt talking about how photogenic dani is dani doesnt think she is but jani says she is . wil and brit in hoh talking bad about jani again ( shocker) nothing new being said about it though just repeat things they said before.

3:28pm jani and brit in hoh rm talking about having a poodle. shane and dani laying in the sun getting their tan on

3:35pm brit goes outside and tells dani and joe to come in and change for the workout with jani cuz she doesnt want to workout with jani alone

3:42pm Ash goes upstairs complaining about jani wanting to work out and she doesnt Brit comes in the hoh and pushes dani down stairs to work out dani says i dont want to brit says come on we are working out lets go come on

3:45pm Jani comes upstairs and ask whats going on brit says dani is changinggggg . jani says well i am ready brit says i know but joe is doing the brazilian butt crunches and she laughs saying it will be something to watch

3:51pm jani and joe in lvr stretching getting ready for the work out brit and dani joins them now jani says ok we will start with some warmups brit says i thought we was stretching jani says ok we will stretch then

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4:10 PM BBT

Danielle shows Joe how to hip roll. Dan was drumming and chanting ba-donk-a-donk. Everyone now tired from their 'work out'. Brit going to do her run.

4:12 PM BBT

"I think the girls working out might be a few things but comedy gold is not one of them." quips Ian to Mike outside. They now discuss the merits of Twizzlers versus non Twizzlers. Everyone else working out or sunning.

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