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7/14 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

Angelo Joe

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12:08 PM BBT

Meeting breaks up when they start to frustrate each other. Brit says she has to talk to Wil before he talks because he says too much. Joe says he has to real himself in. Willie says he's not going to talk anymore. Brit says "I really am trying to help you Willie when I criticize everything you do." He laughs and says he hates her.

Janelle suggests that they hold an item when they want to speak in the HOH room. They decide on a golden apple. "It's like a thousand decibles in here" says Brit.

Joe says that Mike told him that Wil was the entertainment.

Janelle grabs the apple "Has anyone considered if we take Danielle out next week then Dan is out of this game then Britney and I are just competing in coaches challenges against one person."

"We're going after Dan not Kara." reminds Britney

Joe thinks that's a great plan.

Wil grabs the apple because it looks so important and powerful to hold it.

They call the meeting adjourned.

Britney asks Wil to come work out with them. Are you going right now? He asks "yes" "Then no." Wil says. "Fine I'm going to dipsy doodle" says Britney.

12:14 PM BBT

Ashley stays behind to talk to Janelle. I('m down for this plan sort of convo. I get now why we have to get Kara out.

Janelle reminds her that they can't trust Frank 100% he's so personable. Ash says she's good with the plan now she's on board. Janelle and her hug it out.

12:16 PM BBT

Everyone heads poolside and Britney gets called to the DR.

[i'll leave it to you King]

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11:53am BBT

Willie, Brit, Shane, Ashley, Joe, Jani, Wil and Jojo gather in the HOH...they tak about who they want out and why.

Joe: Kara is cracking, Frank is strong and likable.

Jojo: think both are strong could win HOH, guess Kara; have a better chance of winning HOH if she isnt there.

Wil: looking at team play it would be Kara. As individual play Frank would be better to keep.

Joe: this am Frank was trying to get away from Mike. (all talking at once)

Jani says if we do get Kara out this wk Dan is down to 1 player, he is screwed. If they get rid of Dani too he is gone also.

Brits afraid Dan will pull others in to his side....FOTH

Willie says to deflate one team and it helps us.

Jani says they cant trust Frank.

Wil: we have majority and can use that against him. Maybe Mike told Frank to tell ppl he doesnt like him.

They agree. Joe will bet half of one of his girls, girls are expensive.

Brit: Mike cornered both her and Jani seperately to say his team wanted to work with each team.

Wil says Ian listens to everything they say and passes it on. Dont listen to anything he says. Jenn is the same.

Shane: as long as we can trust Frank to not come after us.

Willie: thats the difference between Kara and Frank. Kara will listen to Dan.

Brit: Frank is the gamble, there is no gamble with Kara...FOTH

(They are starting to repeat the same things.)

Brit: we are not pulling over Kara, we are pulling over Dan and we cant trust Dan.

Joe: i am saying get rid of Frank and forget about Dan.

Willie: if he would put up one of his own ppl that would prove it to us.

??: he would throw the HOH if that was the option.

Joe: that would prove it but he has to go after a couple wks

Brit says we all need to think about it all and come back later, maybe Tuesday, to talk about it again.

Jani: tell them we havent come to a discission.

Shane: so I wont use POV.

Jani: we need to blindside Dan. So Dani....FOTH

meanwhile in the BY: tanning is going on, talk about gumbo and if Crawfish has been eaten in BBH. Mike says yes, at his Birthday dinner. Mike wont tell what his first choice was for Bday dinner this season, he could be disqualified if he says.

HOH room chat starts to break up.

Jani: Brit and I will compete in coaches challenge next week and if Dani goes out the door so does Dan.

Brit: we are going after Dan not Kara.

Jani says Meeting is adjourned.

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Wil tells Janelle she looks great in that green.

Wil: What's your favorite color to wear?

J: Black. I wear black,white, and gray all the time. They (BB) won't let me wear all that black on the show though. [that's very interesting]

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12:26 PM BBT

Outside at the pool Dan, Mike, Willie, Ian and others discuss bets you can make online and in Vegas. Ian says there's a site you can bet on for weird BB happenings and he was doing really well until they caught him for being underage. They tell him that they think he was actually old enough to bet back then and is just lying about his age now. Everyone laughs.

Ian is sitting on the top step of the pool - just deep enough to get a little wet but not deep enough to swim. He shares with them that "SuperSize Me" was required viewing in his Grade 8 class. It made him want to always be skinny.

"That makes sense," says Frank "When I watch porn it makes me want to have sex so ..."

Kara warned to put on her mic.

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12:34 PM BBT

Inside Jani telling talking with Wil and Brit and Ash about hair and extensions. Jani says she forgot her pre-natal vitamins but Brit says she can have some of hers. [sounds like they take them for good hair unless there's been an announcement I missed - ZuZu].

Brit tells us that on her wedding day she felt good - she had good hair and good make up and looked good.

Brit, Jani and Wil head out to work out.

12:37 PM BBT

Wil and Brit discuss butt implants. Wil finds the recycle bin. "I don't know if it ever makes it to the actual recycle bin or not but if it makes you feel better about yourself." Brit says.

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((please updaters...if one person is updating that doesnt mean you can't do it too. The more people the better. I may type something that someone else missed and vise versa. Also if more then one person posts the same thing, it means it really did happen. Post away even if someone else is posting.))

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1:01 PM BBT

General pool side chit chat. Kara and Danielle discussing Disneyland versus Disney World. Mike providing his take on it (Disney World better)

Dan tells everyone that Kara used to be Snow White and Cinderella. Everyone "awws" they try to get her to sing/do the voice. Dan asks if she's ever been to Discovery Cove (ATL). Says it was way better than Epcot.

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1:07 PM BBT

In the KT Jani, Willie and JoJo talking about Ian as the potential America's Player. They are saying that if he is America's Player PLEASE America vote that he do something to Boogie.

They then switch to discussion of Mike. Jani says that she knows he (Mike) talks about all of them and makes fun of them. "Whatever I f-ing hate him" says JoJo "Look at us though, we are playing with our brains not our emotions." says Willie. He then calls out the Frank not liking Boogie thing as BS. It's a total story he says.

Jani thinks that Frank has become Boogie's new Will. Willie says maybe but Frank will never be mean and want to hurt people like Dr. Will did. They all agree that Mike is just a big bully. He's mean through and through.

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"If we win HOH next week, we are going to be so golden because one of those people is going to be going home." Says Willie and leaves KT

JoJo in a bikini showing Jani how she has to hold onto stuff for competitions. Demonstrating how to win. "But you weigh like 90 lbs" says Janelle [who has actually DONE endurance comps before] it's not so easy for others. "I weigh like 104 really." JoJo says.

Janelle tries to give some advice on what it was really like. Says she has ADD, not really but you know, and couldn't keep her mind on the challenges. JoJo seems to want to give more advice than listen. She asks about working out before comps - good or bad. Bad Janelle says.

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1:18 PM BBT

JoJo tells Janelle about Danielle wanting a showmance this summer and how if it doesn't happen here then she'll just go home to her guy. "This isn't the Bachelor honey, wrong game." snarks JoJo. "But she is SUCH a sweet girl." says Janelle "Oh yeah, super sweet of course." back tracks JoJo.

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1:28 PM BBT

Willie up in HOH with Jani and Brit. He doesn't want people to confuse him with Russell. "I think people know your character by now and they don't think you are like him." He wants advice as to whether or not he should tell everyone that he is Russell's brother. He's worried how Dan will react because he out and out lied to him. The girls suggest earlier rather than later.

Willie says Russell was mean on the show and he doesn't want to be confused with him. Jani says she almost called him Russell a few times because she watched the show so much and their voices are so similar.

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1:32 PM BBT

Willie's decision is that in his next pow wow with everyone he's going bring it up to everyone and tell them that he didn't want everyone to judge him based on his brother. He thanks them for listening and leaves.

The minute he leaves

"Oh he's just like Dan, you just agree with what he says. He's just so likeable. He's dangerous like Frank that way." Brit says.

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1:34 PM BBT

Brit and Jani doing their make up before continuing with their talk Brit does a perimeter check. "Hey Ian - are you there?" she calls out. Brut says they have to keep Joe close, he's going to be dangerous. Janelle says she wants "her: out [missed who - possibly JoJo]. She asks Brit "Don't you think that was my biggest mistake, leaving strong players in the game?" Brit says yeah but you and I could go with 5 strong guys in the game and still win." "No!" shouts Jani, that never worked for either of us.

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1:39 PM BBT

Brit is going to try to 'get some Frank today' and get to know him. They agree that it's too dangerous not to know him. They worry if he and Boogie are working together.

In KT Jenn is telling people what she does with marketing and studio time. She says, "It's a niche market but you can still push it out. There's screamcore, gore core, there's all sorts of different genres of metal."

Jenn talking about how bands really make money. She tells them how they don't actually make money off the CD sales or iTunes sales. They make money by touring and through merchandise. [This is very true, album sales show how viable a band is for a tour which is important but they don't make a lot of cash from albums but can make a lot of cash from a tour if they can get someone to sponsor it - ZuZu]

Jenn telling Dan about Reverb Nation. It's an online publisher that helps you get your digital product out while you still retain your copyrights. They do all the back end info for the publishing. She always advises people to make their merchandising really unique. Use your album cover on a paper bag etc. Buy in units of 1000. Kitty uses an actual brand to put their logo on the covers of some CD's making them a collectors item. This helps sell them.

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3:15BBT ojo, Kara and Shane set up a prank ...a condom with something in it to make it look used. Shane gives advice, then puts it in the shower floor.

Shane starts to go thru Ian's bag to find a pair of undies and gets "Shane stop that"

In HOH Willie and Dani talk.

Dani says Frank came up to her and tried to convince her to keep him. He is going after Willie and Shane.

Willie asks her if she was stacking chips in the POV.

she says she stacked 2 then later found a stack and moved it closer to her but she didnt stack chips.

Willie says it looked like ppl were working together.

Dani says the only person she would have worked with was Kara. Dani says kara has a better chance of staying against Frank. Frank and Wil are convinced that if noms changed Jenn or her would go up. Dan doesnt like Boogie at all, doesnt want any one near Boogies team.

Willie: wish Ian didnt get that key, he would have been up and out the door. I really dont you to go anywhere. I want you in this house. If someone brings up your name i will vear your name away.

Dani says I will do that too. I promise as long as you wont to continue this that i will never ever put your up..until we get to the 3.

Willie: Ian can not win HOH next week. He can NOT. Ian will be good 5/6 weeks from now, his memory is excellent.

Dani: Ian will go up if I get HOH.

rit walks in and they joke back and forth.

Down in the K Dan asks what Paprika is. Joe says he thinks its from a pepper plant.

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2:53 PM BBT - Backyard

Danielle and Willie are in the hammock talking strategy.

Danielle: Dan told me he talked to y'all and it went well. Did you want to talk to us?

Willie: Well you know, we have time.

Willie says he wants to ask her about a rumor he heard but he wants to wait until they're more alone. Danielle asks if she's in trouble and he assures her that she's not. She says she trusts him and he reminds her of a guy friend she has back home.

Willie and Danielle start talking about Ian and how he's a little creepy. Willie says he'll talk to him later. Danielle then starts telling him about her dad.

2:57 PM BBT

Meanwhile, Brittany is tanning by the pool and telling Ian, Dan, [and some other people I can't really see] about her husband and wedding and friends back home.

Danielle's still talking about her parents to Willie.

3:00 PM BBT - Camera jumps to Storage Room. Frank and Shane are talking but the audio keeps cutting back to Danielle and Willie so a little hard to follow.

Shane wants to make it him, Frank, and Willie together with a deal.

Shane: I think you're a straight-shooter. You're a loyal dude. If you're willing to work with us, we'll work with you down the line.

Frank feels like Dan threw him under the bus. He wants Danielle out next. Shane thinks one of the coaches may get voted out in the Coaches Competition. Frank says he's going to hope Boogie continues having his back until hopefully some day there's a trade and he can be released to another coach's team.

3:03 PM BBT - Camera switched to Blue Shoe Room and Kara and JoJo are just leaving to head outside. JoJo grabs the teddy bear as they head outside because "he needs to tan… he's looking a little pale".

3:06 PM BBT - Backyard

Joe starts asking Wil questions he has about homosexuality. Joe says his best friend is a pastor who thinks that you cannot be born gay - that it's a choice. Joe doesn't seem to agree, but camera cuts away before he can finish his thought.

HOH Room -- Willie and Danielle are talking.

Danielle: For sure I would put Ian up. I'm tired of being followed around. And Wil and Joe probably [need to go] too.

Willie wants to make sure he's not on her radar to get out. Danielle assures her that he's safe. Danielle wants her, Willie, and Shane to be a team because they're physical competitors and she's a mental competitor.

Danielle: Frank came up to me the other day and trying to convince me that it was in my best interest to keep him. Also he said, "I'm going after Willie and Shane the next week. I'll keep my word to keep them safe for one week, but then I'm going after them the next week." Please, that's not for you to repeat, but [i wanted you to know].

Willie: Right, right. Now I have a question for you… and please be honest with me… the other day when we were playing Veto, were you stacking chips?

Danielle: I did put one dollar where I could find it next time but then I came back and couldn't find it.

Willie: So you weren't stacking chips?

Danielle: No, I wasn't stacking chips. Did you hear that I was stacking chips?

Willie: No, but that just seems like that's what was going on. Because I heard you thought it'd be in your best interest to throw it.

Danielle says that's what she was told but that she didn't go along with that and wasn't trying to throw it. She says if she would've won, she would've helped Kara, but she was never trying to actively throw it or anything. Willie said he felt like during the game that she and other people were stacking chips so that he wouldn't be able to find them. Danielle says no because it would've been in her best interest if he or Shane would've won.

Danielle: Everyone's convinced that if the nominations changed, that Jenn or I would go up.

Willie: Oh right! So you would've been stupid to throw it. I get it now.

3:18 PM BBT

Danielle starts telling Willie how Dan doesn't trust Boogie and doesn't want them to even hang out with his team. Willie says he wishes he could've put Ian up but Ian got a key. As it stands, he had to put up Frank and Kara because he didn't really know them. Danielle assures him that she isn't coming after him even if Kara gets out.

Danielle promises Willie a final 3 deal. Willie amends it and says, "Or 5, 6, etc. Doing a final 2 deal so early is stupid but I think in a week or two we'll know better".

Willie: This is the deal... Ian cannot win next week.

Danielle: Hell no.

Willie thinks that Ian isn't mentally strong enough to do well this early in the game on mental challenges. He'll do better later on in the memory challenges, so if they can get him out earlier it'll be better.

3:22 PM BBT - Brittany walks into the HOH room. She tells Danielle and Willie to relax and stop talking game so early. Willie tells Brittany to shut her mouth [jokingly] because this is the first time he and Danielle have had a chance to talk.

Willie asks skittish and won't tell Brittany what he and Danielle were talking about.

They start tailing about the coaches comp - it sounds like it had something to do with riding horses.

Willie says he wants to ask DR when his child is having their baby.

Brittany leaves with her laundry and Danielle asks Willie if Brittany minds if they're talking game. Willie says don't worry about it - Brittany just wants to relax this week.

They go back to discussing the vote and Willie doesn't really know what he's doing yet. Janelle walks in to find dishes to wash - she says Joe is starting dinner. Janelle leaves and they start talking about Kara again. Then Brittany comes in to find more dishes and they stop talking again.

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3:57 pm BBT

Willie and Brit have a powow in the HoH room. Willie is upset at Brit for calling him out earlier in the Jani/Brit alliance team meeting earlier this morning, and she apologizes. She's really nervous about Willie talking to Danielle, but Wilie assures her all they talked about was voting and that Danielle says she wouldn't put him up and Willie told her they weren't sure about who they were voting for yet. Brit says good that he is sticking to the plan.

Brit is really upset because Dan said that Kara cornered Shane and JoJo and convinced them to work with her, so now Brit thinks that her entire team is ignoring her and working Dan's team, which is bad. Willie said there is no way that is true and that Dan is lying to her again. Brit thinks that's probably true, but she's dying to corner JoJo and talk to her, because she's been avoiding her all day.

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4:05 pm BBT

Willie tells Brit that Danielle said Frank said Willie and Shane would be safe next week, but he'd come after them in the next few weeks after that. Willie is fine with that, because he'll be able to play for HoH again after next week and if Frank wins next week he can't, so Willie would just get him out then. Brit said she doesn't trust that 100% and needs to talk to Frank, because she doesn't want Frank coming after him at all and she wants immunity for Willie for a long time. Willie said he'll talk to Frank but he thinks Frank is more concerned about other people putting him up over Willie like Wil. Frank says he's not worried about Danielle at all though, which turns to bashing Dani and Brit says she has no mind of her own and is freaking irritating and zombie robot that only obeys commands from Dan. Brit says anyone who tells you they're smart is a liar and that Dani was just following Dan's commands.

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4:00BBT General chat, talk about family. Jojo asks if anything is going on in the WA. They go in to look. Wil finds the condom and says no one is that tacky in the house. Ian gets some paper towels and picks it up, Jojo takes it and puts it back. the rest of the HG come running to look.

Brit and Willie still taking in HOH. Brit says they are working with Jani but at the end of the day they are for their own team.

in the BY Ted gets blamed for the condom.

Brit tells Willie to keep his mouth shut he is telling all their secrets. Brit is tired and just wants a day off, she is a slave to this game. they are both LOL. Brit says she wants him to win the whole thing, he is her best shot.

Willie needs to shave his legs. Jani joins HOH tells them about Jojo's prank. Brit says stupid funny doesnt do it for her. Jani says Zoolander was funny. Brit leaves, Jani and Willie talk movies.

(take it away you two, i am out for the night)

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Brit is mad at Willie for him asking Danielle about throwing pov, since he showed his cards and now they have an angle to work against them. Willie doesn't agree though and thinks it was his way of testing Danielle to see if she was a liar and that everybody noticed it, not just them. Brit doesn't care, because he does a terrible job especially trying to convince Frank to work with him. Brit says she hates griping at him, but he doesn't do a good job convincing people, which irritates Willie. He defends himself and says that Brit is way overthinking it and that not every is going to approach it the same way she does. She gets frustrated and yells at him for saying too much in front of Janelle earlier and he agrees he should've been quiter, but he is trying to play the game to the best of his ability and that Janelle doesn't think like her, and Brit said it's not about Janelle. Brit says that Janelle is way smarter and better at the game than them and that if they weren't together in the game now, Dan would be staying and Frank would be going home.

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4:15-4:25 bbt

Brit goes downstairs and joins JoJo for a conversation in the lounge. JoJo says she didn't want to align with Dan and Brit says it's not about getting Kara out at all. She likes Kara, but she needs Dan to be gone and that he has super powers and can convince anyone to do anything and he's a master manipulator and that he chose weak minded girls to brain wash. JoJo can't stand Danielle and that she's a slob and is disgusting and that's she's only here for a showmance, which she admitted to. Brit said she heard that and they made fun of her. JoJo says she's in love with Shane and it's sad. She said Danielle only wants to talk about her dating life to everyone in the house and that she's admitted to never being able to hold on to a boyfriend because they cheat on her. They both think there is something wrong with her.

Meanwhile, Willie, Ashley, and Jani are outside talking about how good it was they got hoh this week to get rid of Dan and one of his brainwashed posse.Willie says at least we're not showboating it this week. Janelle has never heard of showboating and think he's referring to showmancing, so he explains what it means to Janelle. He gets called to the DR.

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18:04 Jani, Mike, Britney, and Dan sitting on and around the hammock around discussing telling Joe to serve a "Coaches Dinner" out in the BY.

18:10 Ashley and Danielle doing ADLs before dinner. Joe, Frank, Wil and Ted hanging out at the kitchen table waiting for dinner to get underway.

18:16 Joe announces it's dinner time and calls everyone in to eat. HGs making their way in from various parts of the house.

‎18:18 Tonight for dinner the Have-Nots will be dining on Slop burgers, while the Haves will be having a slightly modified version of dirty rice, minus the Zataran.

18:21 Everyone gathered around the table eating and asking for assorted condiments, thanking and complimenting Joe on his creation of the slop burger. JoJo says it's just what she needed.

18:25 HGs currently discussing the difference between a hottub and a Jacuzzi while eating. Joe informs everyone that Jacuzzi is a top-end brand of a hot tub.

‎18:31 Joe talking about making a meal with raw tuna in the near future, getting a feel for which HGs would be interested in it. Dinner continues on with various conversations ending just as quickly as they begin.

18:36 Willie, Frank, Shane, and JoJo begin the process of cleaning up while the rest of the HGs sit around the table having assorted conversations. A lot of voices talking over each other here. Wil says he's taking the night off from cleanup duty and JoJo agrees he helps out quite a bit.

18:39 Britney tells Janelle that she wants to walk the BY instead of running it tonight. They head out into the BY, leaving the rest of the HG inside eating/cleaning up.

18:41 Britney and Janelle in the BY walking back and forth. Janelle recruits Ian to ask the DR for alcohol for another ladies night. Ian goes back in and they begin discussing the mental game "within the game" with Mike that they are having to deal with right now. They feel they've tarnished Mike's reputation within the house enough that the newbies won't follow him.

18:44 Mike walks out in the BY and Britney without skipping a beat asks if he wants to walk off dinner in the BY with her and Janelle. Discussion turns to how awesome Joe cooks, especially considering how the have-nots were in love with his slop burgers.

18:46 Mike, Jani, and Brit continue to walk back and forth across the BY. Talk turns to whether or not they will become have-nots. Discussion then moves onto the broken pool table. Brit says they used drier sheets during her season to fix the lean.

18:50 Meanwhile in the kitchen clean-up continues, Frank, Shane, Willie and JoJo discuss Joe's slop burgers and how the have-nots said they were great. JoJo wishes more people would help clean up after dinner because it seems to make things go so much quicker like it is tonight.

18:53 In the BY Jani, Brit and Mike walk the BY. Jani says she likes BB better towards the end when there are fewer people in the house. Early in the game folks beg for votes to stay and that becomes real annoying. Brit says last season should have been named "Let's Make a Deal" because that's all everyone was doing. In her season they went to the HoH and crossed their fingers and hoped for the best.

18:56 Talk in the BY turns to what if Ian would begin smoking. Brit thinks it will help mellow him out because of all his coffee consumption, Mike agrees and crosses his fingers saying "Please start smoking Ian!". Dan asks Ian what kind he would smoke and says he'd smoke the kind that Willie smokes. (Marlboro Reds?)

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7:21 PM BBT

Brit talking to Danielle, Kara and Ashley about these amazing new totes you can buy. They are doing each other's hair and chatting about girl stuff.

Wil and Janelle talking in Lounge. Jani feels that Frank is lying to her about about working with Boogie. They go over and over everything they've gone over today. It's all Boogie's fault. He's probably telling Frank to lie to everyone because that's what Boogies do. "We need HOH and you and Joe have to stick together." Jani tells Wil. "You both have different strengths"

"It would just work out perfect eve if Britney's team gets an HOH again. Ian is going to be the one with the target on his back." Wil says. He also doesn't want to be the one to put Willie up - unless he gets backdoored.

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7:28 PM BBT

In the HOH room Willie and Shane talk about the same thing Janelle and Wil just discussed. Frank has to be working for Boogie no matter he says. Willie says it will be a three person target; Willie, Shane and Wil.

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7:47 BB time

Jannell, , Will, Britney and Shane in the hoh talking game, Willie trying to figure out when he is gonna tell them he is

Russells brother, when Shane hearn him say that he was like what? then he explained again about it, and why he didn't tell, then the convo switches to Frank working with Boogie, and they also say Wil will go against any deal he makes. Britney says how dangerous Dan is and he has way more pull then Boogie has, and the relationships he has are gonna get stronger and stronger, and that more ppl have respect for Dan then Boogie, and they do not respect

Boogie, but the like Dan because he is personable, and he brainwashes you, and Britney goes onto say Boogie has no good relationships in the house like Dan does, and then except for Dan they throw in

talking about how Frank is not trustworthy, and he is makin deals all over the house, but they intend on keeping him, I hear Janell sayin something in the background, and then they throw in "Americas player Ian",they are laughing about poor little Ian.

they are saying this is only week 1 and they the coaches have played before and have never seen this fast of playing starting. Williw, says I love y'all but I wish you guys weren't hear, they laugh and say well then you woulda put up, blah, blah, not who they said too. JoJo just came in the hoh, Britney told Willie to calm down because he called JoJo "sexalicous", she said "calm down Willie", Wille didn't really like that and said I am gonna throw something at you one of these days, then they are laughing that they are always fighting, now Willie laughing and saying he is really startin to get stressed out.

Willie beggin them pa;leeaassee sombody of you win hoh next time plz!!!, now we are gettin BRB

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