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7/14 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

Angelo Joe

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12:08 AM BBT - Kara is outside talking to JoJo. Kara is warning JoJo not to let Boogie get in her head. JoJo doesn't seem to trust Boogie. She says Shane keeps asking her whether or not he should use the veto.

Danielle comes out and joins Kara and JoJo. They continue talking about ramifications of using the veto.

Meanwhile in the HOH room, Dan, Willie, and Brittany are talking about Kara. Dan thinks Kara is shy but finally coming out of her shell more and being a little more personable.

Willie wants a guaranteed safety next week from Dan.

Brittany: I feel like I took the blame this week for the nominations this week. People feel like Willie just did what I told him.

Willie (to Dan): Were you and Boogie working together?

Dan: No… by default I was stuck with him, but there was no deals with him.

Willie: I just was curious…

Brittany: We just thought that cuz after nominations, Boogie ran in there with you and Kara.

Dan: …there's no way I would ever work with that dude. He was untrustworthy before, he's untrustworthy now.

Dan says that Boogie said "the two blondes" are working together so he assumed him and Dan should work together because that's how the numbers play out. Dan said he doesn't play like that.

12:15 AM BBT

Dan's unsure of the numbers but thinking that Frank will probably go home because he was really strong in the POV competition. Brittany reminds them all [Dan and Willie] that it's easy to change your mind 16 times in a week so they need to just relax for now.

Willie says the main reason he nominated Frank and Kara is because of everyone in the house, they were the ones he knew and communicated with the least.

Dan says he might try to work with Boogie but he doesn't trust him and he really wants him out of the game.

12:18 AM BBT - WBRB

Brittany: … but trying to get out a coach doesn't benefit the players in the game.

Dan thinks Boogie's telling his players to spy on everyone.

Willie: You're telling me you're not working with Boogie.

Dan: No, no I'm not.

Dan says he's coaching his players to play loyally and not run around deceiving people.

Dan: It's in their [his team] best interest to team up with you guys [brittany's team]… I think that's their best move. If there's something said about me, especially by him [boogie], I want to know.

Willie: I think the coach's thing made a lot of people play a lot harder a lot quicker. That's what made me play a lot harder in the beginning because I thought I was going home.

Willie says he felt targeted because he was picked near to last for teams. Dan says he asked Julie if he could ask Willie if he wanted to be on his team, but Julie said he wasn't allowed to ask the newbies anything before picking teams.

12:24 AM BBT - Willie wants to know what Kara would do if she won HOH next week.

Dan: the way I would influence her to go… is to get Ian out… who's going to be pissed off besides Boogie?

Willie: Who would you put up next to him?

Dan: You could do Jenn, because she's not going to freak out.

Willie: As long as you can talk to them and I know I'm not going home.

Dan affirms that and asks them to let him know if anyone's talking about him. He really wants his team to work with Brittany's team.

Brittany: More important than you [Dan] coming up here, is Kara and Danielle coming up here.

Willie: My big thing is my safety next week, obviously, and then we can figure something out at that point. I just doing want to feel like my decisions this week [will affect next week]… I didn't know who to put up and I just thought, "Who was I disconnected with the most?" and that's who I put up. It was a really hard decision for me and I don't want anyone to hate me in this game.

12:28 AM BBT - We keep getting WBRB, so the conversation is a little hard to follow.

Brittany: We have no deal with Janelle. Joe almost went up on the block! Joe was crying at the nomination ceremony! I mean, Janelle and I have a friendship, but…

Willie (to Dan): You do a way better job of communicating with people without people wanting to punch you.

12:31 AM BBT - Willie asks Dan to remind Kara that this isn't a popularity contest - it's a game to get to the end to win the money. Willie thinks that Kara's more the type of person to just bring her friends along - not that it's bad to be a loyal friend but just that she's not focusing on this as a game.

Dan says that he thinks Kara is coming out of her shell and starting to understand that she needs to show people that she's here to play. He thinks Kara is just nervous because of being on the block but that she's doing pretty well and is coachable and seems to be learning from what he's coaching her about.

12:35 AM BBT - Willie is surprised that everyone seems so into it so early and playing so hard. He says even though he's never played this game before that it seems strange.

Brittany: Yeah there's so many people in the room, so there ends up with pockets of people everywhere.

Dan: What's your honest opinion of Danielle?

Willie: I don't know, she's a sweet girl. What are you getting at?

Dan: I mean, do you think she's trustworthy? Like somewhere down the line…

Willie: oh yeah, she's trustworthy… I mean, with your group, I think you have a lot of control over them… she does what you tell her to do.

Dan seems frustrated that his team doesn't seem to be playing with him prompting them to make moves or talk to people. He hopes to coach them so that they start thinking and acting more on their own.

Brittany again reminds them that it's going to be a long week and they just need to relax right now.

12:40 AM BBT

Meanwhile, Frank and Janelle are playing chess. Frank says he can't trust Boogie [his own coach!] because Boogie chose to save Ian in the POV comp rather than Frank.

Janelle: Yeah he doesn't give a sh--.

Frank: I really felt like Dan threw it.

Janelle: I know, I think so too. He always tries to act weak in the beginning and then he'll start winning things.

Frank thinks that Dan assumed that 2 of Mike Boogie's team were going up because Dan's team was already down. He says he thinks Dan is trying to put a target on Boogie's team.

Janelle: Dan's already targeting you [Frank].

Frank: Yeah I bet he thought Kara was safe because Ian would go home [if the veto is used].

Janelle says Dan is saying he doesn't want to leave as good a player as Frank in the house. Frank says that's just because Dan wants to keep Kara, so of course he'll say that.

Janelle: It just sucks that your coach is such an a--hole.

Frank: I know. that's why I'm trying to separate from him and think on my own.

They start talking about Kara and says that she'll do anything Dan says. Janelle says that Dan is really good at this game and is already getting in her [Janelle's] head and asking her to target Boogie.

Janelle says she is friends with Boogie outside the house but she hates how he plays the game - so personal and attacking people. She brings up how he called Erica a ho, the last time they played together.

Frank: I think you can tell I'm a pretty strong-minded person and I know that if I listen to everything Boogie says, it's not going to get me very far in the game.

Janelle: I still can't believe he didn't save you.

Frank: I know. I expected that…

Janelle: I think everyone expected that you would be saved. You know he's not here for the money right? He's a multi-millionaire.

Frank: I know, right.

Janelle: It's not about the money [for Boogie]. It's about the street cred.

Frank: I know.

12:52 AM BBT - Frank and Janelle start actually focusing on the chess game. No more talking.

Camera jumps to Lounge Room. Danielle and Kara are whispering and something is making a mechanical noise in the background.

Danielle is complaining about someone "using the f-bomb every other word." Danielle looks around and is trying to figure out what the noise is - she thinks it's the ball machine in the corner.

Danielle is concerned because Dan has been talking to Brittany for an hour. It's really hard to hear them.

12:56 AM BBT - Dan joins Danielle and Kara in the Lounge. they ask were Frank is - Dan tells them he's playing chess with Janelle.

Dan tells them WIllie just wanted safety in return for keeping Kara safe. Dan said he agreed to that if Danielle and Kara agree with that. Danielle shushes him because she hears someone walking by.

Dan: Willie says he'd rather work with me 100% more than with Mike Boogie.

Dan basically tells Danielle and Kara to align with Brittany's team. Kara says that they just need to keep trying to form friendships with them. Dan says that's good, but to keep at it because that goes a long way to prove that they're trustworthy.

Dan tells Kara that Willie is concerned that Kara wouldn't be able to vote out a friend. Kara says it pisses her off that Willie can tell everyone want to do and they'll all just follow him [she's whispering so I can't really tell who "they" is].

1:01 AM BBT

Danielle: Frank told me… he said that he won't go after Willie and Jay next week, but then he'll come after them the 3rd week.

Kara: Yup, Frank was trying to get me a deal… cuz he wants them out.

Danielle: Frank thinks he's more of an asset than Kara… he's playing this waaaaaay too hard.

Dan: Yeah but how many votes does Frank have? It's basically going to come down to what Willie wants.

Danielle: We'll have to somehow bring it up to Willie tomorrow.

Dan: No, but I think you're just getting too overloaded. You just need to spend some quality time with Willie.

Kara: Yeah, if he brings it up maybe.

Danielle: I'm not trying to campaign, but you know…

Dan: Yeah that's not something you need to bring up. We're fine.

Kara: He just keeps flip-flopping

Dan: Yeah that's why spending time with him helps.

1:05 AM BBT - HOH Room.

Brittany and Janelle are complaining about Dan wanting to work with each of them.

Willie: I'm telling you… he left a mist… I feel like he blessed me with Daniel-ness.

Ashley comes in the room and sits on the bed.

Brittany is mocking Dan and saying how much Dan is trying to brainwash them all.

Ashley asks what happened with Dan. Brittany changed the subject to other times she's been annoyed by Dan bringing up Brittany's former showmance with Lane.

Janelle and Willie agree that that was rude for Dan to say that but urge Brittany not to let her emotions get to her about it.

They bring up how much Dan has brainwashed his team to do whatever he tells them to do.

Ashley starts complaining about Danielle and JoJo. Janelle and Brittany get up to leave. Willie and Ashley decide to join them and go outside.

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1:13 AM BBT - Lounge Room

Dan, Kara, and Danielle talking trash about Boogie, saying he's a poor sport and tries to be intimidating.

1:15 AM BBT - Outside

Willie is smoking. Janelle and Brittany are discussing the whole Dan conversation with him. No one else seems to be in the backyard. They say Kara's got to go.

Janelle: As much as we like him, we have to cut Dan down. He's dangerous.

Willie laughs and agrees - says Dan glamorizes them.

Ashley joins them outside.

Janelle: I'm going to tell them that my team is going to want to vote with the majority of the house. Dan is thinking that Kara is safe… let's just blindside him.

Willie: I don't want to blindside him because I don't want to do that to Kara. I want to prepare her.

Janelle: Don't do it. If Dan suspects, he'll work it.

Willie: You're right… he's got a gift… I wish I had that.

Janelle: He's got game.

Brittany: His words are so mystical.

Ashley: What was he saying?

Brittany: It doesn't even matter… it was all about loyalty and football… his words just wrap you up in a warm blanket…

Janelle: That's the thing… he's not loyal.

They're considering the possibility that a voted-off player may get to come back and the coaches will compete to see which team that person will be on. They'd rather that person who came back be Kara, rather than Frank.

They don't think much of Danielle. Janelle doesn't think Danielle is very smart. Brittany laughs about how Willie didn't know how to respond when Dan asked him what he thought of Danielle [earlier in the HOH].

1:27 AM BBT

Willie, Janelle, Brittany, and Ashley are still outside. They decided to stick their legs in the hot tub. They're talking about how messy the house is.

It sounds like Ashley had a medical situation in the competition and was worried that she'd get pulled from the game for medical reasons. It didn't turn out to be that bad, so she's glad that she got to stay.

Talk turns back to Dan and how they need to get out Kara to weaken Dan's game.

Brittany: Was Ian in the hot tub?

Willie: Why?

Brittany: They [the producers] put some anti-fungal stuff in there for him… and I'm wondering if…

Ashley: Obviously I've got physical issues too, so I can't talk sh--, but I've noticed that he [ian] has a lot of weird physical issues. Like I heard he used to put lotion on and then lick his hands until they got too dry… he kind of creeps me out.

Ashley says she caught Ian was talking to his friends through the camera and it weirded her out. Then he got all creepy with some lotion that he was asking her to put on him and after she did, he said something like, "I didn't ask you to stop," and she was like, "Excuse me?"

Ashley: I think Ian… secretly hates me.

Willie: I think Ian… is secretly a serial killer.

They all agree Ian needs to go soon. Then the conversation soon turns back to Dan and how dangerous he is, even if he only has Danielle on his team. They remember that they still have to consider the coach's competition and how that factors in.

Janelle: Dan's the problem, not the girls.

Willie: It's got to be Ian or her next week. [i think he means Danielle]. Ian could ridiculously… fall into HOH next week, but…

1:37 AM BBT - Dan joins them outside. Brittany quickly changes the subject to movies and asks Willie if his favorite movie is Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

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7:55 a.m. BB time

Everyone seems to be sleeping

Except Boogie running laps with a striped Tee shirt and shorts.

oooh... just saw some guy in a black sweatshir (think it says Loyola) stumbling around and

into bathroom.

lol... back of someone else zombie like going thru bedroom door (don't see where they went)

Looks like a lively start to t he day in BB Land

(edit) it was Sane in the Sweatshirt

1/2 hour later... other HG's starting to get up

Boogie still Boogying at his fitness routine...........

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8:30 AM BBT

Frank admits to the HGs outside that he snuck a couple of scoops of decaf into the first pot of coffee for the day - he didn't want to be wired. Ashley says that decaf has coffee in it. Joe tells them that when the coffee bean is green it is bleached to get the caffeine out, in real bleach. Frank tells up about the "My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding" episode where one of the ladies said that household bleach was good for cleaning but also for bleaching your teeth. "Her teeth were this blue white colour" laughs Frank. "Use baking soda if you're going to be natural" Ashley says, "I don't even know if baking soda is natural."

The talk now turns to salt water pools and how much better they are, whether dogs love pools or not, how blond's hair goes green in the chlorine etc. Frank tells us about an English Bull Dog puppy they had that drowned in their pool. He was very sad. Boogie is working out with free weights in the yard.

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8:43 AM BBT

Joe and the others discuss fast food. Frank asks Joe if Popeye's is illegal in Kentucky. They all laugh. Joe likes KFC coleslaw better. He brought a Blue Chef's coat to wear for a special occasion. Ashley comments that he has to win HOH because he asked for special spices in his basket and she can't wait to try out what he'll cook.

They are back on Shane's injury - obviously muscle damage not sciatica, according to Shane anyways. We learn he has health insurance.

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8:48 AM BBT

Boogie asking Shane about the point of diminishing return for working out. Doing different muscles at different times. Shane says the timing is generally 24-48 hours to repair the muscles that were worked out but if you need repair on a muscle - say you did 8-12 reps on it, you need to let it rest that much. He recommends 5-8 reps if you're going to work a muscle each day.

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8:53 AM BBT

Frank talking to himself in blue room. "HI Momma and anyone watching me at home. I know someone's watching me back home. Be seeing ya." He smiles at the camera. (He had just been fluffing his hair because it was too flat). He walks outside singing, "I like my coffee black and my water cold" with a little shuffle dance.

Outside the patio sitters talk about what could happen with the mentors coming up. Joe thinks they'll have a trade. He thinks they'll get that as a power.

Shane points out that while the coaches fate is tied to them, their fate is not tied to the coaches.

Frank tells everyone that he's trying to alienate himself to be his own player. He doesn't want to back stab anyone but he has to be his own player.

Joe asks a straight up question: Rumour has it that Mike is trying to get me up on hte block.

Frank replies that it is because he has a better chance of winning against Kara.

[it's hard to hear anything there are planes from Burbank and a lot of whispering going on]

Joe is a mans man and he knows that eventually he's going to be put up he just wants to know the thoughts and reasoning behind it. He got it from a good source so he just wanted to know why.

Frank keeps talking about "he". He is making there be a bigger target on Franks back.

Shane says no one wants to be a target. How do you do it, talk to be people or whatever?

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9:04 AM BBT

Joe says "You know that's why they gave us the psychological tests right - so they know how to push our buttons. They know who's in debt, who will get upset about what. That's why they are producers and we are not."

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9:06 AM BBT

Joe tried to talk to Kara last night and she pissed him off. "I can't talk about this!" she said to him and left.

Boogie goes inside but Joe stops him. "I just want to clear the air because I hear you want me on the block

B - I want anyone but Frank on the block

J - What's the motivation

B - it's straight out game I thought you were a good chef, a good game I through a few names out there and there were some names I couldn't put out there....I don't have a motivation to get Joe out, I have a motivation to keep Frank in. The good thing about being a coach is that I don't have to be sneaky I can be straight up. I have some viable options, I have to play them.... I'm going to make a case to you on why it behooves you as an individual to play a certain way/....If you're going to extrapolate that I'm trying to get you out, that's not true. I heard you guys talking earlier where it was half the house against the other , those days are passe it doesn't work anymore. I think everyone needs to play and keeping him (Frank) in the game as a target is a good thing. ...... It's not getting you out it's keeping Frank in, does that bother you?

J - Well no, I just want to hear it directly from you. I don't want to hear it from some third person. I want to hear why, it's a smart move.

B - There's not a lot of enemies, not anyone has snapped, not anyone is being an asshole.

J - I think someone is close

B- Oh yes someone is close - it's not going to be Shane it's more likely to Willie.

Now they are discussing JoJo and how she couldn't be any more "Staten Island". "She took a wrong turn at the Jersey Shore and ended up in LA" says Boogie. All over whether it's called sauce or gravy. JoJo bashing - has she ever been to Italy? They talk about bringing up Sopranos and Jersey Shore just to irritate her because it's a stereotype.

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9:10 AM BBT

Talk turns to Matty of BB9 and how he's now in jail. We get WBRB.

They come back and Mike is telling us about why his restaurant failed. He says it's hard to get things going outside of LA. IN LA you have a huge workforce, actors trying to get their break, Mexicans. "You don't understand about Mexicans, they'll work a lot because they have to send their money back to Mexico." he tells us adding to his repertoire of racial profiling. WBRB

Now Mike is telling us all about why he doesn't want to open shop in Dubai, Istanbul etc himself because he doesn't want to end up beheaded on the internet thank you very much. There he has someone else starting the stuff for him. He says "Over there in RIAD...these guys come over like the KKK in all white robes and guess what they are the religious police. Men and unmarried women can't eat on the same floor, there's no dating over there."

The conversation has switched to how lazy Danielle is. "Do you want us to bring Jodi back to be your Momma?" Joe quips. She keeps leaving food around which is why the ants are back.

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"It seems like we're always doing towels but then there's never any Fing towels" says Frank. The men are now discussing the best way to hang their own towels to dry so everyone else in on their own.

Mike notes that they got here a week ago today. Joe wishes there was more competitions or something to do. Mike cannot figure out why Danielle was picked. She was the fourth pick overall one of the guys says. What would her role be? (This gets us WBRB)

9:31 AM BBT

Mike outlining all the reasons Danielle works in the medical field. "She's not a Doctor, I know that, maybe she's a nurse or a Nutritionist or something. A Kindergarten teacher to me, seems like just such a story. "

In other news....Ashely is in the SR.

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9:40 AM

Shane laying back down. He couldn't play POV today. He and Ashley comparing injuries.

Mike takes shirt off in his room then heads a back outside to sun.

Frank and Mike are talking. Frank says that Janelle still feels like a bit of a fool from 6 years ago. "Because of how I clowned everybody?" "Yeah, yeah" says Frank. Mike thinks Frank should continue playing along with her about clowning Mike this year. Janelle told Frank that Dan is throwing Frank under the bus. "Oh we can use this to keep on top." says Mike.

Frank puts out that they could put up Danielle or Willie. Mike likes that Frank has been working the "I don't work for Mike, it's bad for me, I'm distancing myself" angle. "Don't overdo it or overplay it or whatever" Mike suggests. "Say you're a freee agent or whatever, they might even invite you up to some of the meetings heh heh heh"

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9:46 AM BBT

Mike mentions that Ian is pissing everyone off there.

Frank says Janelle has mentioned the whole trading thing and she asked who he'd want to be with. He told her "You Janelle, you remind me of my Momma." This cracks Mike up!

Mike then says, "I think we did good work this morning, good bonding with Joe and Shane."

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9:49 AM BBT

Mike says that Frank is the good time guy and Kara is the one that's hiding. He knows that Janelle doesn't trust anyone who seems to be hiding. He doesn't know what makes Britney tick. Dan is a combination of brains and brawn. "Janelle and I, despite what happened at the end, we worked together to get there. I threw a couple of comps to her. She knows it. She can trust me." He tells us how in the OETV comp in their season he gave her the doll that let her win that comp when no one was looking.

9:52 AM BBT

[Longest backing up truck ever on feeds - warning beep making it distracting to hear]

"You're going to be like Bobby Fischer up in this bitch," says Mike "with how much chess you're going to be playing with her this season"

Joe comes out with a huge omelet. It's got 1lb of spinach, garlic and some eggs with hot sauce and A1 steak sauce. Mike going to go make an egg scramble.

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9:50 ish BB time

Boogies and a few of the guy talking about Ian hanging around in the bathroom

while the girls take a shower.

The girls are not happy about it.

(Ian must be in DR or asleep because they're not whispering or talking quietly)

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9:54 AM BBT

Mike asks Joe about his vote this week. "Are you 50/50 or what?"

"No, I'm 100% voting for you to stay." Joe tells Frank.

Frank tells Mike that Kara won't even talk game with anyone. They think she doesn't even know why she's hear. That she thinks she's pretty and thinks it's a popularity contest. "She's not crying because she can't win this game, she's crying because she's not popular for the first time in her life."

Joe tells them that she was Playmate of the year. Mike says now it's all coming together for me. She told me that she lives with a bunch of girls in a house of sunset, that's where the Playboy Mansion is at. No wonder she's all that.

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10:05BBT 4 minutes of FOTH must be wake up call. (altho most of them are up already)

10:18am BBT HG up doing ADL's. Talking breakfast foods, what to put in your eggs. Joe walks into the SR and forgets why he came in. Wil takes the garbage to the SR, whispers to self "what the hell did I come in here to get?" Joe is going to clean our the fridge later.

Jojo says POV meeting will be tomorrow. She told Kara she will vote out Frank, once Kara is gone it doesnt matter.

in the BY with Willie, Joe, Jojo, Ashley: talking about how they will keep Kara calm by saying they will vote Frank then vote her out. They look around for Ian (he appears in some odd places)

Today we find out that HG can bring college logo stuff but not pro, Willie cant have caffeine and Joe and Wil are forgetful.

Talk of perids while Ashley collects dishes from BY. Jenn lost her job. Dani starts to sing, gets shhh'ed, we get FOTH

Mike tells Ian that he creeps the girls out when he is in the BR when they are in shower. Mike tells him this will be a good intro for him to pull the girls aside and start talking to them. Start with sorry, didnt realize he was doing it, go into he is nervous etc.

Wil says they should have a celebration at 4:40, they've been in the house a week, 10 more to go. Talk about the after party and finale.

Shane volunteered to be a HN. in BY: Talk turns to tattoos. They can hear someone yelling over the wall. General chat inside and out.

Willie likes So You Think You Can Dance and American Idol. Brit likes So You Think You Can Dance (hmm wonder if they follow mortystv for updates)

In BY Brit and Mike are dropping names. in Kitchen they guess if someone is coming back or what the next twist will be.

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11:28BBT Jojo and Dani lay out by the pool. Willie, Wil and Shane go to HOH, Jani and Brit come up to change. Willie says they have to stick together, if he doesnt talk to them it doesnt mean anything. Best case is Joe or Jojo win HOH next. Keep the targets off our backs. Shane says its 50/50 on votes this week.

Willie: if we are talking to other ppl it doesnt mean we are talking game. Going to try to get ppl in HOH later when some go down for naps. Wil says it will be a cold day in hell that he would let go of some thing in an enduro just dont give him something to throw.

Jani says she thinks that Ian is Americas Player, he is in the DR all the time. They think America told him to wear the duck hat (?)

11:40BBT Talk goes back to the POV comp and how Dani was working with Dan and Mike. Talk quickly changes to getting Jenn out over Dani. and they are onto Ian wanting to clock air time. Running naked, quacking and doing odd stuff.

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11:56 AM BBT

Britney in HOH room says "Dan has magical powers. He starts talking to you and suddenly there are rainbows and there's an angel chorus. I wanted to quit being a mentor and join his team when he was done talking"

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11:58 AM BBT

Mike runs back into DR to ask about missing item from backyard - comes back out saying that "The Wizard" said it was an oversight.

Upstairs in HOH Wil is telling "The Council" that they have to remember that Ian and Jenn are running to Mike with everything they say/hear and to be sure to check directly with each other before falling into the trap. Willie says that Kara will put one of them up next week because she will do whatever Dan says.


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Jani, Brit, Willie, Joe, JoJo, Ashley, Shane,and Wil are all up in the HOH room having a fast power meeting deciding who to vote out.

most are saying its okay with either Kara or Frank leaving.

Brit and Jani both agree that if they get Kara out of the house then Dan is done for.. he is down to one person. When ever His team is gone he is gone.

Jani "I'm scared of Dan down the road. he is so persuasive!"


Ian "They do not know that our two teams are working together! they know the Jani and Brit are together, but they have no idea All of us are together!"

Wil: They are going to try and tear us apart

Jojo: We can't let that happen!

Wil: Ian and Jenn are listening to everything. we can't let them pull us apart.

They realize that if Kara stays, she WILL put some of them up next week if she wins HOH. They think Dan will force her to do that. They believe if they keep Frank then he will be more likely to work with them.

{ZUZU, i will cover the backyard if you want to get the council meeting right now!}

Meanwhile, while the council is meeting upstairs...


Frank, Mike, Daniele, Jen, Ian and Kara are all outside talking.

All are sunbathing, with the exception of Boogie who is talking about what he would be doing right now outside of the house.

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12:03 AM

There is a Council being held in the HOH for Janelle/Brit's teams.

They question who who will flip faster - Kara or Frank.

Joe wants to bring Kara over and Brit points out that Kara will do whatever Dan wants. "If we pull Kara over though Joe, it's not her we're bringing over it's Dan."

Willie says that they have to put Ian up. Brit thinks Frank will throw HOH if they bring him 'here' and often him safety. Willie says "That will work and if he doesn't throw it, we've got the numbers to get him out still."

Joe thinks that is absolutely brilliant but he's still got to get him out week 4-5 they are only using him for a couple of weeks, right?

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They have no idea that everybody is upstairs plotting against them right now.

Kara: I am suppose to be in Florida right now. I was going to work down there and see my family.

Frank: Oh yeah. If I wasn't here i might be in Guam right now.. I would be a medical missionary.

Boogie: How do you forget something like that? You just want everybody to think that you are unemployed.

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Talk turns to how Willie says he wants to make Gumbo. They are hoping BB lets him make it because they all want to try it.

They think that BB won't allow it.

Boogie "I dont know, they might.. during BB2 me and Krista had birthdays during the same week, and we were shomancing so they set us up dinner in the back yard and make us shrimp."


Jojo and Willie walk outside and sit on the chairs and start whispering.

JOJO" they are not stupid. they know whats going on.that was not smart of us... but Im sticking to you shane and britiney."

They think that Shane has a great chance of winning an endurance competition.

Jojo says that she learned from rachel. She said rachel was one of the best at endurance competitions, and that she will be able to do good in endruance.

Jojo "I have patience. i would be good.. I want it so bad, i want it so bad.... If i get it, i need your's(Willie) and britney's imput so bad.. im not good at making descision.

Willie" If one of us do win, it would be smart for us to take out Ian."

*this is all happening under the patio... about 25 feet from the rest of the outsiders.*

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