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9/14 - Live Feeds / Finale / Post Season

Angelo Joe

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show (Finale!), and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment] around the text.

Please post pictures and video in the following forum! http://www.tvfanforums.net/index.php?showforum=125

If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Thank you!

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Adam has joined the ladies in the bathroom.

Rach in shower.

Porsche talking and seems to be putting cream here and there.

Talking about who might have made a Fan Site for any of them.

Adam talks about the BB site he goes to - and wonders if any of them are watching the feeds.

Says it's been so boring with the 3 of them there - they may not be.

(they're all sooo congenial and nicey-nice when the 3 of them are in a room.)

Earlier before RAch got in the shower she was saying that she thinks her butt

got bigger. Adam says something about it... but it should be toned up and firmer.....

BUT not sure because he hasn't Squeezed the Charmin.

Adam trying to voice out what an announcer might say for a Promo for BB on TV explaining what has been going on.

(he's actually pretty good)

Rach and Porsche chiming in with more 'stuff

(if you have the feeds do a Flashback to around 8:50ish p.m. for Tuesday BB time. Only lasts about 10 or so mins.)

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17:30 BBT HG playing their usual - cards.

adam goes in the house - P/R start talking P: Just think - this time tomorrow night we will have money.

18:35 BBT HG now discussing if Shel could have done well on the final comps

Adam talking about Tori Spelling knowing his name and how The Hoff didn't know any of them

18:54 BBT Adam tells a story - he had to really pee so he stopped at a gas station - they said it was out of order but he didnt care. After using the facilities, he turned around to find that there was no door handle. They couldn't open it from either side. Everyone was laughing at him. He managed to pop it open and get out

It's embarrassing story time! R: Trip from Vegas - pulls into an abandoned area to urinate. Started to pee on the side of the road when a family pulls up to check on her.

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9:07pm adam goes to by to smoke and tells girls the final showtime is on now rach asking where adam went por says he went to go smoke then we are doing white strips por says you are so mean rach are you gonna take him are you gonna take him rach says no por says then dont say things it makes me nervouse rach says wanna know what makes me nervous por says what rach says that hot ass shirt your wearing and giggles

9:09pm por says if we take him to final 2 neither one of us have a jeff or jordan vote rach says true por says i have to do white strips cuz i drank alot of wine this summer and i plan on drinking alot more

9:11pm adam in by on couch saying lastnight of showtime and i probably wont win americas favorite but vote for me anyways girls probably wont take me but i still have a couple of tricks up my sleeves i will let them be known tomorrow

9:23pm por adam and rach all doing white strips on their teeth and talking through their teeth right now por tells adam not to swallow to much of it adam says why it taste good por says its paroxide it might make you sick

9:33pm adam says i wonder if all the girls think i am pretty bb says yes adam says i wonder if all the girls will think i am cook bb says yes rach laughs and says yeahhhh bb

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9:47pm rach putting nails on now adam taking his white strips out and cleanign his teeth with a qtip and paroxide por telling him how to do it as she blow drys her hair

9:57pm por and rach going over who would vote for who and if jor had stayed and made it to final 2 she would have all the votes but por's and bren's por says true everyone liked her

10:11pm adam in kt doing dishes girls tell him thank you cuz they have press on nails on and it wouldnt be good to do dishes for them adam says i think i will have left overs for dinner tonight girls say sounds good they want a bbq chicken wrap adam wants the steak

10:13pm rach saying she hopes bren got them an apartment in the last 30 days por says how can he ? he has been in sequester all this time rach says i told him to tell hmmm hmmm to get online and find us one por says he cant do that can he talk to the outside world rach says no but they can tell parents to do it for you

10:26pm hg making food for dinner now having left over bbq and making quesidilla

10:37pm hg fixen to eat their last dinner in the bb house together rach goes to get a diet coke and says no sprite zero left adam says really she says no but i think we only got 2 this week

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10:49pm rach ask if they are playing cards tonight por and adam says yeah por says lets go adam says go ahead i will be out there in a minute por says what are you gonna do he says clean up a little and rinse dishes rach says i wont feel right if you dont come out with us adam tells the girls to eat he will be out soon they sit back down in kt with adam

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11:22 BBT Nothing worth reporting going on in the BB house so I would like to take a second and thank Morty for you continued time and effort to keep this site up and going each year I am your biggest fan! I also want to thank everyone that updates as well (I know I have not done too much this year) and Thank you to all the people that got their feeds from Mortys because I asked them too. See you guys and BB fans next year same time same place.

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Not much to report between 23:00 - 00:00

The nightly card game went on with stories of Rachel's hamster Buttons who Rachel used to "play" chess with. Making the moves for the hamster of course.

The last load of laundry went into the washer (and they ran out of soap)

The girls admired their nails.

Slight HG bashing and talk of the last night in the BY

And of course - they haven't packed yet and are debating whether to do it tonight or tomorrow

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0115BBT Porsche is all packed and they are trying to figure out how Adam is going to pack his duck.

HG talking about final 3, final night, finally day. They talk about the drama that has happen in the house. Rachel talks about all of the crying that they have done.

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Starting at 1:30am, F3 sit/lay on the LR couches, general chat about BB life and life in general.

1:35am Adam/Pors talk about life in the BB house before the vets came in, and the selection of partners, and their reactions when the vets entered the house. Adam shares that Dick came into the library room before the first HOH comp, where the 4 newbie guys were, and showed them how to change under the covers to avoid the cameras.

1:45 F3 talk about where life will lead them when they leave the house, and the inspiration they have been to viewers watching at home 3 times a week.

Pors shares about leaving to come into the BB house. She says her ex boyfriend yelled at her for 3 hours, not wanting her to be on the show. She moved all her big furniture into storage, and was staying at a hotel that was next door to where she worked. The morning BB was to come get her(video of her getting her key?), they were going to come at 10, but called and said they were coming at 9am. She wasn't at the hotel, so she left to get there at 7, so she'd have time to 'get pretty'.

Adam shares about a friend(Don) who works some with reality shows(he was involved with the winning truck from The Great Food Truck Race?). His friend will be jokingly jealous/annoyed by the attention Adam will recieve at metal concerts.

2:15am Rach has put cream on her face, and is tired and ready to go to bed, but Adam wants a smoke so is going outside. Pors is willing to go outside and asks if he wants to play the guessing game with her. Rach, possibly worried about leaving the other two alone to talk, goes out with Pors.

2:24am Pors realizes cornhole game is set up so tosses it some, then suggests playing chess? Rach is willing to play chess tomorrow(Wednesday), but wants them to go to bed because it's going to be a long day. Pors thinks they will be sleeping lots in the HOH.

2:28am F3 prepare to head inside for the last time. Pors gives a good bye message to the back yard. "Backyard, next time I see you, you'll be filled with things I'm familiar with, but unfamiliar in your setting" (She's trying to say there will be props from the various comps from the season on display)

2:29:20am F3 go inside, with Adam closing the sliding door to the back yard for likely the last time.

2:30 F3 prepare to crawl into bed...

Pors:oh look, a sock, that means there is a matching sock around here somewhere.

Rach:I can't wait to sleep on Brendon!

Rach takes out her contacts, puts in her retainer, and the lights in the room go out...

Pors:wow, I'm really sad...

A little more talk about day numbers and what happened on that day in the house, and the first 'deal' on day 5 to keep Porsche safe over Keith.

Rach tells how newbies would come to vets with 'reports' of what was being talked about in the house. "I thought I have 3 little reporters coming to me with information. I'm not sure what I did to deserve this, but I like it!"

Pors:This game is so different than how you see it on tv, but it's more fun though.

Adam:I didn't know everyone was doing that.

Rach:Lawon would come to me and say, "I have the report"

Rach:the thing is, if you guys had won HOH, no one would have been reporting to me, I would have been evicted!

Adam:You would have been safe, Dominic wanted Brendon, Jeff, and Jordan out. But he went to you and was promising everything.

Adam rehashes week 3 when Dom/Adam were on block, and Dani had Dom throw the veto. At that point, Adam knew he couldn't trust Dani.

Rach:we could backdoor Jeff/Jordan, or expose Dani and not risk our alliance with J/J. We stuck with our alliance and rolled with them, it blew up in our face but it was a move we were willing to make to keep our alliance intact.

Pors:it didn't blow up in your face, your alliance stayed intact.

Rach:well Brendon went home.... the second time Bren was here, we talked to her for 2 hours, and we were still her target.

2:46am Adam:the twist this year was that there was a zombie in the house. I get her sarcasm, but it was rude. It's funny for the people watching at home, but when you are living with these people, it's not really a good way...

Pors: I think she did it more for the fans than the people in the house.

2:47am Adam stews again over Dani saying he's a big fan and should make a big move to save her.

2:50am Pors: not going to lie, I like I stayed out of the drama. I like to refer to myself as a Nientendo Ninja...

Rach/Adam: what?

Pors: like a Super Mario Brother, I feel like we are playing... (WBRB/fishes)

(ok, there is a question for someone to ask Porsche in an interview, finish her thought process on this comment please)

2:52am back from WBRB, talk of Nientendo games, who would be which character... Porsche like Duck Hunt, but then she realized she liked ducks.

(5 minutes of WBRB/fishes)

2:58am more laughter about Keith being in sequester longer than in the house.

Adam: tie breaker Wednesday is going to be 'how many batteries were used this summer?'

Pors: I'm going to miss the house talking to me

Adam: hey house, can you... (WBRB/fishes)

3:03:44am (WBRB changes from fishes to sunset)

3:04:08am back from WBRB, all is quiet in the room as the F3 are now asleep for the last night in the BB house...

8:30am they are still sleeping... waiting for the final wake up call...

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You've all done great and I appreciate all the time everyone's put in. Now, can I ask for more? I'm barely able to keep up with an hour long show, and tonight's 90 minutes. Then there will be the BY interviews to cover. So before everyone leaves for the season, I'd like to ask for your help for tonight.

Thanks again!

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9:45am BBT - #MortysTV Feeds back w/HG in BY. Adam and Por chanting Last Day Last Day. The music is really over, says Por. Sounds like they had an extended wake-up because Rach looks like she's still asleep. They are surprised they are not on ILD yet. Rach sitting on a stool by the hot tub, Adam dragging another cig and Por goes into the WCA to wash her face.

9:50am BBT - #MortysTV If you enjoy the sights and sounds of teeth brushing, check out Porsche on Feed 3. Rach now at the BY couch w/Adm. They talk about how excited Adm will be to see Fara tonight. Rach says she has stuff to take care of, like her two speeding tickets. It's their last day of no responsibility, she says. Adm says the reality show ends and reality begins. Rach says they have to to Bren's school to explain why he disappeared all summer. Rach explains that he got permission to take an extended vacation but they didn't know why and Bren is afraid they will be angry. Por joins the BY Tre. Rach wonders if their families are here already or coming in later. Adm thinks last night to make sure no travel problems. They are discuss what they need to bring up into the HoH when they go on LD. Por says they'll make coffee before the show. Adm and Rach joke about being over caffeinated for Julie.

10:00am BBT - #MortysTV FotH and then we come back to talking about questions they have in the world today - is Lindsey Lohan still alive? Do we have any fans? Are we still on TV? What were our ratings? Por says that's why they brought Bren back, for ratings. Talk about how Rach was asked last season about sex in the BB house. FotH again.

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Just found out from a flashback on live feeds that when Jordon wasnt feeling good it was because Porshe was spiking her drinks with benefiber to purposly make her sick! How the hell is she still on the show????? CBS ended up reaming out Porshe and taking away all of it but not until after Jordon was sick, and Jordon still doesnt even know!!! WTF

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Big Brother Finale Live Show....

Tonight, after 10 evictions, 29 comps, and 75 days cut off from the outside world, one HG will walk away with the $500k grand prize. Welcome to the season finale of BB! This season on BB: 8 HG moved in and began the battle for a half million dollars. But a surprising twist quickly had them playing in pairs. And they were joined by three dynamic duos from the past. The house immediately divided into vets vs newbies. And the vets came out of the gate strong.

But a surprise announcement shocked the house and left the vets reeling. But they pulled it together and went on a roll. And they sent half the newbies packing. But when Dani put a plan in motion to BD a fellow vet, all hell broke loose. Needing a new alliance, Dani recruited Por and Kal to battle the vets. WIth a war raging, newbies SHell and Adm secretly played both sides of the house. When Dani won HoH, she drew first blood. And her enemies quickly struck back.

Then Shell seized the opportunity to make the biggest betrayal of the season, blindsiding Big Jeff. With only 2 vets remaining, their vets were against the wall but Rach went on a roll and the Vets got their revenge. But Adm and Por won the next two comps and another vet was sent home, leaving only 3 to battle it out in the final HoH comp of the summer. Now, after a summer of outrageous behavior, humor, heartbreak and confrontation, it all comes down to this.

Who will become the final HoH and who will make it to the F2? 11 HG have departed and tonight, 7 must make a difficult decision: Who will be crowned the winner of BB and walk away with the half million dollar prize? And who did America vote as their fav HG? Find out tonight live on the 90m season finale!

GE, I'm JC, welcome to the season finale of BB. 90m remain in the battle for the half million dollar prize, but it's still anyone's game as Adam, Rach and Por battle for the final HoH. This HoH will cast the sole vote to evict and in doing so choose who they will face off against in the F2. The evicted HG will join me in the studio and immediately take their seat on the jury as 7th and final member. Then the jury will question the finalists before casting their votes.

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So who will make it to the F2 and who will be crowned the winner of BB? It all plays out live tonight. But first, when we last left the F3, they were mixing it up in the Part I of the final HoH comp. Flash back to where we left off on the endurance comp. Adm says this is so important, if he wins this one, has a good shot of winning it all. Por says she has a F2 deal with Rach but only guarantee is to win it herself. The HG are lowered into the mixture and blasted with paint balls.

Rach says she doesn't know if she can trust Por so must win. If she doesn't. she could be kissing $500k goodbye. Por says spinning in a circle does not do good for our stomach. But butter's gross and I thought I was going to add more chunks spinning around. 22:35m and Adm's arms are getting tried, his legs burning, stretching isn't helping, but hold on bro, hold on. Rach says she doesn't get Adm, this has been his life long dream but if he wants to give up now because of a little pain and let her win the money, please, go ahead. Adm tells Por and Rach he cant stay on much longer. He drops into the slop at 28:50 as Rach and Por say good job. He tells us he wanted to win this part so bad, he knew the longer he stayed up the more damage he would do to himself and needed to save up any strength he had left for Part II. Time elapsed, 34m. Por mouths to Adm as she spins by, is she OK? Adm nods yes. Por tells us they are going faster and faster in circles and she is definitely feeling a little ill but she really needs to win so she is staying on for dear life. 37m elapsed. The mixer blade is out of the butter & Por can't tell if they are going up or down. She tells us she is feeling nauseous but doesn't want to give up on the comp, although she doesn't want to swim in her own vomit either. So it's like a catch 22. Por asks Rach how she is and Rach wakes up on her blade to say good, I figure all night. How are you? Not so good.

Por sounds like she's about to yak into the butter and I'm like OMGos, says Rach, like fall off because I do not want to be hanging out in throw-up butter. 40m elapsed. Rach continues, I am like thinking breath, hold on, do not fall off this thing. Por says my stomach and arms are really hurting me. This is getting really difficult and I don't know if I can hang on much longer. At 46:08, Por holds her nose and jumps off her blade. Rach wins HoH Part I.

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She gives the camera a big smile and a thumbs up as Por moans, Good Job, Rach. Rach tells her she did really good, while giving the camera a shit-eating grin and kick while Adm is behind her. In DR she squeals: OMGosh, yeah, this is crazy, cinderella story right here. If my Bookie Bear was here right now, we would be super celebrating, he would be so proud. Rach jumps off her blade and swims over to the side of the bowl, climbing out with no effort while Por remains at the edge. Rach asks if she needs help and Por says screw you. Por tells us she really needs to win Part II of the HoH comp. Back in the bowl, she whines, I'm stuck in the butter. Back in DR, she says hopefully she can beat Adm in a head to head no matter what it is because I need to ensure I am in those F2 chairs. Adm lifts and drags Por out of the bowl. Rach won Part I, Adm, I must step up my game now more than ever. If not now, when? If not me than who? Round II is mine!

Coming up, Adm and Por face off in Part II of this all important HoH comp. Then the Jury faces off in an intense debate over who should win. Stay with us!

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WB to the season finale of BB. It's time for Part II of the 3 part final HoH comp. One at a time, Por and then Adm will take their shot with the hope of advancing to Part III. First up, Por. Por walks out into the BY where there is an elaborate under the sea setup, with a water tank on one side a chamber, with puzzle slots on the inside of the glass. Pictures of HG lay at the bottom of the tank. I walk into the BY and see what looks like a dunk tank, Por says, but it's actually an underwater maze. I love swimming so I think I will be good at this. Por reads from the card: Welcome to Part II of the 3 part HoH comp. Before you is an underwater maze, at the bottom the faces of the previous HoHs. On go, hit your button and dive into the tank. Find face of the HoH and slide it through the maze to the correct slot. When all 11 HoHs are in their correct slots, climb out of the tank, hit your button and lock in your time. The HG who correctly completes the maze in the shortest amount of time will move on to compete in Part II against Rach for the final HoH for the summer. Por starts and tells us she has been memorizing a lot of things in the house but never practiced memorizing anything under water. Swimming down and up to get breaths, telling us afterward it is hard to concentrate when you are under water. She can't hold her breath very long so she has to go up for air when she has a HG only half way through the maze and that is slowing her game down. She sometimes runs 2 HG through the maze at the same time. Winded and out of breath, lungs burning, she's never worked so hard in her life to win a comp. She completes the puzzle and rings her buzzer to lock in her time, disappointed she didn't do better and praying Adm doesn't do it faster.

Adm is next, saying it is redemption day for him, a 2nd chance to win, part II is his, let's bring it. He hits the buzzer and dives in. A massive amount of water spills out of the tank as Adm dives down to begin working the maze. He gets his first, telling us he knows the HoHs like the back of his hand. His strategy is to get the bottom ones first and work his way up. His goggles are filling up with water and he can't see, so he takes them off and throws them out of the tank. He gets back under water and he can't see, it's all fuzzy. He has to climb out of the tank and retrieve the goggles, wasting precious time. Back with them on, he completes the puzzle and hits his buzzer, completely out of breath. The HG assemble in the BY and Rach says let's see who the winner of the 2nd part of the HoH comp is. The winner will face me in Part III of the final HoH comp. Adm, let's see what your time is: 6:03. Por, your time was 3:50 and Por wins HoH Part II. She hugs Adm. In DR, Por says she won part II and no matter what happens in Part III, as long as Rach honors our F2 deal we'll be sitting in the finals and I'll be sitting pretty. Rach comes over and gives both a half hug. In DR, Adm says I had my chance and let it slip through my fingers, now my fate is in Por and Rach's hands. I hope they realize it's good strategy to take me to the finals. Rach and Por hug. In DR, Rach says we're moving on the Part III of the HoH and I have a F2 deal w/Por. Hopefully if she wins she takes me, but hey, if I win, I have to do what's best for me, even if that means breaking our deal.

JC: So, Rach and Por will face off in Part III of the HoH comp a little later. But who ultimately wins BB will be in the hands of the jury who recently gathered to discuss the F3. The question is, can they get past their differences and get to the task at hand? Bren leads the jury to the JH patio where 6 chairs are set around a coffee table. It's Jeff & Bren sitting on one side, Dani and Shell on the other. OK, guys, starts Shell, who do you think is coming next?

Jeff says he hopes its Kal and Por. Shell asks Bren and he says Por. Dani wants to see Rach this evening. Bren mocks shock, says Shocker! Shell wants to see Adm or Rach, Adm kind of coasted and its time for him to get out here. Kal walks onto the patio and Shell says wow. Hey guys, she says. I'm so sorry, says Dani. It's OK, says Kal. They ask for the update. Kal tells them Rach won the next HoH (Bren fist pumps), it was the hardest HoH ever (Jor enters the patio) there were like maple glazed donuts everywhere (Jeff spots Jor), Oh No, screams Kal! Did you miss me, guys? Man, says Shell. Yes, exclaims Bren, jumping out of his chair. Not that I'm happy that you're hear, he backtracks. Jeff says sorry, he missed her. Jor says it's OK. Bren apologizes again. Dani and Kal are stone faced. How did you leave and who voted you out, Jeff demands? Por, because she won the Veto. Wow, says Kal. Dani has a smirk. But with Por, Jor says, I knew she'd vote me out.

Yeah, says Kal, I was just like whatever. In the end, Shell says, Por, Adm and Rach. I would be interested to hear what you guys are going to judge other people on to win in this game. Jor says she is very proud of Rach, she's played an awesome game, she's won half the comps and I think she should win, I do. Dani says Rach did her song and dance every week about how she hates floaters but she's the biggest floater in the house (WHAT!), Rach floated to the HoH, whoever was the HoH and tried to be friends with them (yeah, that's how you play the game). If she didn't play like that, defends Bren, I would be upset with her because she would be sitting out here with us. Being a strong competitor, able to change up her strategy half way though the game, that's what it takes to be a good game player. Dani is stone faced but Kal slightly nods her head in agreement. Being as annoying as she was, says Jeff, telling Bren no offense (he nods OK)

She made it through to the end. Dani says the way she treated people was terrible, absolutely terrible. Bren says he's always said she is as smooth as a rhinoceros in a china store (even Dani smiles). I totally have changed my opinion of Rach, says Kal, at least on a strategic and game level, I think she's probably had the hardest road to run to the end and I do believe she deserves to be at the end. Shell says for her, I don't understand at any point where you viciously, maliciously tear people out personally and then send them out with half a million dollars. I struggle with that. Shell, Jor chips in, you lied to everybody! I know, Shell says. And you said a lot of mean things too about Rach, you said things about Dani, Kalia, you said things about Por. Dani refuses to back down, saying I still think that Rachel's level was different and that it wasn't strategic. So you feel like you're rewarding someone for that behavior (still bitter about her dad winning over her?)

Jeff says you guys had opportunities to get her out. Couldn't be that brutal because... It is brutal, interrupts Shell, because there's a lot of things she's done. I'm saying you could have done something about it if you guys felt really in your heart that disgusted about it. Bren has been quiet throughout all this but says, yeah. Dani turns to Shell and says they tried really hard. Kal says she would really like to talk about the other 2 as well. Jeff says as far as Por goes, he's talked to her seriously about 8m the whole time we were in the house but maybe you guys could argue reasons why she does deserve it and I would like to hear. Kal says she thinks Por has played the game, but when there isn't a need for you to jump out and do something, why would you jump out and put a bulls eye on your back? You say, let me be quiet and shut my mouth, and chill until its time for me to play this game. Jor jumps in, saying Por has done nothing in this game, she just walked around in bikini and cooked... Jeff says he didn't even know she was in the house until Day 52. Kal says Por has played enough so that she's where she is and she's won when she needed to. Jeff says Kal isn't giving him anything, what, why... Kal says that's what I'm giving you. Give me an example, Jeff says. She just won Veto when she was on the block. She won Veto the week of the dbl eviction with you, and won the next HoH, she won when she had to.

Jor asks if Kal thinks Por played a better game than Adam? Dani says that when it comes to comps, Por still won more than Adm. Adm made no big moves in the game, says Big Game Move Shell, he was offered several opportunities to make big moves and he coasted. Kal nods her head. Jor says Adm did play both sides to keep himself safe, but he showed his loyalty to me. Jeff adds staying loyal is a big part of winning this game to him. Shell says Adm, when he gave his word, he was loyal to it, however, he wiffle waffled all the time. Jor says Adm walked in the house from Day 1 and was playing the game. Por wasn't playing the game until Day 50. Dani says I just think at the end of the day, he just, he would go to you (she points to Shell & Kal), he would go to you (she points to Jeff and Jor), whoever, for what's my final decision, what am I going to do? And that's what he would do. Jeff says he thinks Adam did what he wanted to do Dani says I 100% disagree and Jeff shrugs her off. I believe that Adm has created a new place, Dani continues, and that is called a Piggy Backer. Adm never ever thought for herself. Por, at the end of the day, made her own decision (as long as it's what Dani would have done). But Por didn't really do much of anything, says Shell, the only time I ever heard her talk strategy was when you (Kal) and Por played Dani's game (Dani's head snaps around)...

How we played Dani's game, asks Kal, annoyed, OK. You guys talked about Dani all the time. Let's just clear it up, says Kal. We don't need to clear it up. Kal says I'm going to clear it up. Jeff raises his hand and says he needs to clear it up. By all means, says Kal, I will say until the cows come fricking home, I did not play Dani's game, I played my own game. Your cows came home, Jeff retorts, you did... My cows came home but I didn't ride anybody's cape, OK, says Kal. Let me talk, says Jeff. Brutal attack is what I always wanted, says Kal, surprise surprise. You're the one yelling louder than me, Jeff yelled loudly. I played my own game, we played together, end of story, period ends Kal. Well good point, says Jeff, I guess the show's over then, Kal. OK, let's go, retorts Kal. OK, says Jeff. Shell just smiles. Dani takes a deep breath as if to say this isn't worth it. Bren says with a big smile, meeting adjourned.

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Coming up, Por and Rach face off live for their chance at winning it all. Part III of the final HoH comp is next. Stay with us. Thanks for your patience as we typically run long and for not posting spoilers on FB or Twitter so those who are experiencing this PbP as if it was live can enjoy the show.

Welcome back to the season finale of BB. IN just moments, Por and Rach will battle it out live in the final round of the HoH comp. And then she will decide whom she wants to evict and in doing so, whom she will go up against for the half million dollar prize. Let's go to the LR and get things started. Hello, HG. Hey JC, say Por and Rach. Por is seated to the left and Rach to the right of a simple podium, separated by a divider. Both look lovely this evening.

Well, for the final time this season, the power is up for grabs. Por, Rach, as winners of the first two rounds of the HoH comp, you are the only ones eligible to compete. It's time to see how well you know the members of the jury. We now see Adm is seated in the KT around the corner, able to hear but unable to see the competition. Rach and Por each have a rotating A/B block in front of them. JC says I will read the beginnings of statements made by each of the six members of the BB jury. For each, I will give you the choice of two possible endings. You must decide how you think that juror completed that statement. (Por is smiling, Rach is listening intently.) Your answer will be either A or B. For every correct answer, you will receive 1 point. The HG to receive the most points at the end of six questions will be crowned the final HoH. Are you ladies ready? Yes, they say. Then let's begin.

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Q1 - Bren said the moment in the house I'm afraid of having my friends and family see is A.) the moment I was evicted the second time, or B.) Not doing better in endurance comps. Both say B. Bren reveals the answer was A. We get FotH for something someone (probably Rach) said. Both got it wrong, neither gets a point.

Q2 - Dani said the most shocking moment in the house was when A.) When America voted Bren back into the game, or B.) I found out my dad would not be returning to the game. Answers please. Both choose A, then Rach changes her mind and selects B. Dani says the most shocking moment in the house was when I found out my dad would not be returning to the game. Rach gets it right and takes a 1-0 lead.

Q3 - Shell said her fatal error in the house was A.) Turning against Jeff/Jordan or B.) Voting to evict Jeff one week too soon. Both select A. Shell says it was voting to evict Jeff one week too soon. Both get it wrong. No points.

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Q4 - Jeff said the best thing about being in the house was A) getting to spend the summer with Jor, or B.) Getting rid of Dani. Both say B. The audience laughs. Jeff says it was getting to spend the summer w/Jor. Which means both got it wrong.

Q5 - Kal said the biggest lie told in the house this season was A) Adm was loyal to the newbies or B.) Anything that came out of Shell's mouth. Rach quickly selects B. Por thinks then selects A. Kal tells us the biggest lie told in the house was, dramatic pause, anything that came out of Shell's mouth. Rach gets it right, takes a 2-0 lead and with only 1 question left, there is no reason to continue, it ,makes Rach the final HoH! Realization sets in and Rach starts screaming and crying. Congratulations, Rach, says JC. Adm comes in to hug both girls. Rach is crying, covering her face with her hands. She reveals her face to say sorry, this is so surreal right now. I can't even believe this just happened. Rach, it is now up to you to decide who you would like to evict and I will be back in a few moments for your decision. Thank you, says Rach. Who will Rach choose to face off against for the half million prize and who will walk out empty handed? Stay with us!

WB to the season finale of BB. Just minutes ago Rach became the final HoH of the summer. Now she must choose to evict either Por or Adm, automatically ensuring the other HG a spot in the F2. Let's head to the LR for her decision. Hello, F3, Por, Adm, in just a few moments Rach will cast her vote to evict, but before she does, you each have one last chance to plead your case. And Por, you're first.

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Well, Rach, we started this game as really good allies and we ended it that way as well, so I would really love for you to take me to the F2, you've been a great competitor, Um, honestly, you just totally killed me in that last HoH, so I wish you the best of luck. Thank you, Por. Adm? All the metal heads at Yankee Stadium, hope you're DVRing this, Big Four Metalica Slayer Mega Death Anthrax Rah! (he shoves his fists with fingers extended in a cow horn). Addressing Rach he says: You told me week one you did not want to see a floater win this game. When Por needed a Golden Key she was with you guys. As soon as Bren left, she was not with you. I was with you, I supported you, I pumped you up, I kept you going, as soon as the game neared an end, she came to you again, right back to you. Last year you said "Floaters grab a life vest," this year you say, "Floaters grab a paycheck?" It's up to you. Sorry, had to do it. But congratulations, you kicked butt, You're a great competitor. He sits down. Thank you, says Rach. JC: Woah. Adam! Seriously, says Por. Thank you, says JC, Thank you both. Rach, you are now guaranteed at least 2nd place and at least a $50,000 prize. But you have a huge decision to make. By deciding whom to evict, you are also deciding who will be sitting next to you when you face the jury later tonight. Rach, this is a half a million dollar decision. Are you ready? No, she says. To bad, says Julie.

Please stand, Rach, and cast your vote to evict. Rach says it's been amazing competing with both of you, side by side, uh, this is so surreal for me. I have fought my heart out of this entire game. I was a target walking in that door and I had to win HoHs, PoVs, and my finance was evicted twice, I've had to play this game 100% by myself. I had allies, yes, but by the same token, I was one of the biggest targets in this game and I fought and feel like I earned my spot here. The last few weeks, I have fought side by side with one person and this person has helped me with the game and (Rach is struggling to maintain her composure) I know you said to earn your spot here, Adm, and I've earned it (she is tearing up now) Adam, I am so sorry, I have to evict you. That's fine, says Adm. I made a deal with Por, Rach explains. No problem, Adm says graciously and gives her a hug. It's official, Adm, says JC, you are the last person to be evicted from the BB house. Adm hugs Por, tells Rach she had to do what she had to do. Rach apologizes again, hopes that... Adm says it's all right, you kicked butt. F3, he says, we had so much fun. He gives them a big hug and then says Julie, I'm coming out to see you, then Fara, you're next. Just the way I came in, I'm coming out. He pauses by the front door, turns to Rach and Por and lets loose his trademark roar. Big applause as he enters the studio and gives another roar, working the crowd. He gives JC a big hug. Inside the house, Por says if it holds any ground (she is fiddling with Rach's mike), he has a bunch of other people all feeling the same. Rach is silent and in private thought, doesn't respond. Por says that was rude, why do people do that? Rach is still silent. Relax, says Por as we watch Adm's memory wall picture go into b&w. Rach, prods Por. Outside, JC says Adm, that was quite a speech. Thank you, he says, I'm sorry, thank you, thank you.

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How surprised are you at Rach's decision? Did she make the right decision by choosing to sit next to Por at the end? Because let's face it, she says smiling, you weren't the best at comps. No, but I did step up, I did well. And Por stepped up at the end. Yes she did, agrees Adm, I won OTEV and the final HoH before this, so I think (Yes, you did) I did pretty well. I think she made the right decision. She made the right decision, asks JC, by evicting you? Of course. Why? Because if I was in the F2, Adm says confidently, I would have won. The audience and JC all laugh and applaud. I played an honest game this year, I played with people, I used my sense of humor to get to know people, and in the jury the people who are there would definitely have voted for me. Well, you are a member of the jury (I am, he says) and you will help decide who wins BB (yes). Adm, thank you. Julie, it was great to meet you and I'm sorry you aren't handing Me a check. And tell your girl Sharon that whenever Ozzie comes around, to please... I will hook you up, answers Julie. Thank you. Up next (Adm gets up to work the crowd again, standing in front of JC's camera) the jury questions the F2, casting their votes for the winner. The live interrogation is next. Stay with us!

WB to the season finale of BB. The fate of the F2 now rests in the hands of the jury. Please welcome Brendon, Daniele, Jeff, Shelly, Kalia, and Jordan. They take their seats, with six seats taken, one empty. JC says please help me welcome the 7th member of the jury (the six turn to see who it is and Bren jumps up when he sees who). Adm walks back into the studio, hugs Shell, shakes hands with Jeff, Jor and Bren, hugs Dan and Kal. Adm, please, I know you are emotional right now but please take your seat. We have a live show and have to crown the winner. Adm sits down. Just so everyone knows, Rach just won the last HoH comp (Bren muffles a private double fist pump) and she chose to evict Adm. Now, in a few moments, I am going to ask you to lock in your votes on who you want to see win BB. But, before you do, you will have one last chance to question the F2. As a group, you have agreed on the questions for each finalist.

Let's get that started. Rach, Por, in just a few moments, the jury will be voting for the person they want to see win BB. But, before they do, they have some questions for the two of you ladies. Bren, what is the first question from the jury? Bren says I love you very much, but that's not my question. Rach, some in the jury think you did and said a lot of hurtful things that had nothing to do with strategy. Why do you think you should be rewarded for this behavior?

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Rach says I do apologize if I did or said anything that was hurtful, but I should be rewarded for this behavior based on game play. I have fought, I was a target from the second I walked through the doors, I have done nothing but fight in this house, I won 4 HoHs and 2 PoVs, the final HoH and I think that, you know, you have base this decision on game play and base this decision on someone who has competed this entire game, someone who has done nothing but fight to compete, fight to be here, has put their heart into on the line in every single comp and fought my heart out. I do apologize if I was ever hurtful to anyone, and I don't know what else say. That's OK, says JC, we're running out of time so I'm just going to cut you off anyway Laughter. Rach, thank you. Jor, your question from the Jury? Por, some ppl in the jury think all you did in the house was wear bikinis and cook. What else did you do to deserve half a million dollars? OK, well, starting this game off, I was given the GK the first week but that wasn't my decision necessarily. It was part of the twist in the game and it was what I had to do. I decided to play a social game, I was friendly with everyone, got along with everyone, played the game with each one of you who is sitting in the jury, or talked with you at some port and gotten to know you. So I did not just hang around in a bikini, I was here just as much as everyone else, and I competed In as many comps as I was allowed to compete in. Thank you Por, Kal, you're up. Hi, Rach. Hey! Aside from winning comps, what did you do to deserve to win this game? I had one of the biggest targets in this game. I was nominated 4 times and I was on the block 5 times. So I was the person nominated the most (Jor puts her hand on Jeff's knee and Jeff smiles), the person who won the most comps, when Bren left the game, I had to completely change my game play.

And I played in as many comps as Por even with her GK and I won more comps. When Bren left, I had to play a social game, had to branch out, I always always listened to everyone, Kal, one of the biggest moves I think I made was evicting you because I think you would have won this game if you were, you know, if you were in the F2 you would have won the game. Kal nods either in agreement or satisfaction. JC says thank you Rach. Shell, you're question from the jury?

Shell says ladies, you look beautiful, congratulations (they say thank you). Por, when did you start playing the game and tell a little about some of your big game moves? Por says she started playing the game week 1, once she learned there was the GK, Keith was def standing in his way when she was on the block. She tried to work with him as much as she possibly could and then he started trying to mess up her game with half of the house. So unfortunately at that time I had make a game move and that I was willing to accept a GK and sit out some comps even though I was up in the HoH room crying about it because I did not want to sit out of anything. I came here to compete and that's what I have done the entire summer, and I've made bigger game moves since Fast Forward, and you know, I'm very happy I got to make all these game moves that I have but sometimes you just, you're taken what your given in BB and at first, yes, I was given A GK. Thank you Por, says JC., Ladies, in just a few moments you'll each have a chance to make a final statement to the jury. When we return, a speech that could be worth half a million dollars. Stay with us.

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WB to the season finale of BB. The jury is just moments away from casting their votes to determine who will win the half million dollar prize. But before they do, let's check back in with Rach & Por. Hello again, ladies. Before the jury casts their votes, you each will have the chance to tell them why you deserve to win. And Rach, you're up first. Rach says thank you for all you guys, this season has been amazing. Rach can see the jury on the LR TV screen. Walking through that front door, she says, I've been one of the biggest targets in the game, on the block, nominated 4 times, on the block 5 times. I had to either win HoH or PoV or be on the block so I have competed my heart out, my full heart, this entire game. One of the bigger games moves this season was exposing Dani's BD plan to BD Jeff. That changed the entire game as everyone knows. Another big move I made was when I had to evict Kal. If Kal had made F2, she would have won This game. She was standing in my way. I made strategic decisions this entire game. I have fought my heart out. When Bren left the game, I had reformulate my game entirely (Bren is nodding), I had to play more of a social game and be more of a social competitor but still keep winning comps to save myself and Jor to keep us in this game. I have competed in the same amount of comps as Por, even with her GK and won 4 HoHs, 2 PoVs and other comps. I have had talks With each of you guys, and I have really listened to what you guys have said this entire game, and listened and considered options, stayed true to my alliance and stayed true to what I thought would be strategic game moves to further myself in the game. Thank you, Rach, say JC. Sorry, says Rach as the audience laughs. Want to leave some time for Por, says JC, Por, you're up. Adm, I know I have already discussed a lot with you but to the other six of you already in jury, You are the people who voted for me in week 1 to stay in this game and I showed you what I can do. I am in the F2 and competed as hard as I could, I tried to respect everybody, played a social game, respected everybody, was 2nd in 4 comps and won 4 comps, you know, I won PoVs, I won an HoH, I am def here to compete and I want to show everyone (Bren is smiling but I doubt it's at Por) that you can do it, that you can respect ppl in this game and hopefully pays off.

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