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9/14 - Live Feeds / Finale / Post Season

Angelo Joe

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You guys were my first six votes, and Adm, you know I love you too, even with your speech, but you guys saw something in me to compete in this game and I hope you see something good in me also to compete in life with this money and do something good with it. And that's what I want to do so thank you so much. JC says Thank you Por, and thank you both. All right, Jurors, it is time to vote for the winner of BB. One at a time, you will step up to the voting box and Insert the key of the person you want to see win the game. Bren, you are up first. To laughter, Bren says this is going to be a very hard decision. Rach, because of you, I've had to spend about 5 wks in the jury house and have not got to play this game too much, but JC asked me one thing when I was evicted, she asked why I left you in the game, why I thought you could go further and I think you def shown that you did go further. Baby, I'm proud of you and no matter what Happens, I love you with all my heart. The women in the audience go awe. The men just suck it in. Daniel is next. Por, I adore you and am very proud of you. Rach, you are very lucky this is not a personality contest. Shocked laughter. Rach just lets it brush off. Jeff, you're up. I don't have anything cute to say. This is a funny game, this BB and thank you up there (he points I think to a sign in the darkened audience). Congratulations to you both for getting here. Was that secretive Enough, he asks Julie? Yes, she says, Shell, it's your turn. I'm proud of you guys, you did a great job, it's a game, I love the heart that you have, even spilling your heart out here, I love you guys a lot too, just not as much as Bren loves you, Rach. Nervous laughter from Rach and Por. Good luck to you both. Shelly is shaking as she tries to fit her key into the slot. Thank you Shell, says JC, Kal, it's your turn to vote. She sings and sashays her way to the voting box.

Um, gosh, I don't have a lot to say other than Pajama Pajama! Por has a big smile on her face, Rach resigned to not having expecting that vote. Jordan, you're up. Hey Rachel (Hey, says Rach), I have missed you (Rach blows her a kiss) and congratulations to you both (thanks, Jor). You both did good. Adm is the final vote. Rach, your best move was getting rid of me, I would have won this game. I got 4 answers right in that final HoH and if I didn't throw my goggles And I didn't I would have won this game, half a million would be mine (he turns to face Fara in the audience). Sorry, Baby, next time I come back to play All Star's, I'm winning this game! Laughter from the audience, the jury and JC as he raises his arms in non-victory. Thank you Adm, and with that, the voting is complete. Up next, Keith, Cassi, Dominic, Lawon and Evel Dick. The HG who saw it all join us to give the others a piece of their mind. Stay with us.

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WB to the season finale of BB. They left the BB early, but they got to watch the entire summer unfold. Please say hello to Lawon, Dominic, Cassie, Keith and Evel Dick! Welcome back everyone, know you had a fun summer watching everything unfold from home, and you have a lot to say, so let's get started. And I'm going to start with you, ED. All right, Julie, I'm ready. You only got to play this game for 6 days before you had to leave unexpectedly. But in that short amount of time, you formed the veterans alliance and it appeared to be a strong alliance. What do you have to say about that group now? (ED has some grey in his beard, old man) Woulda, shoulda, coulda, says ED, been the best alliance that has ever played the game (Dani shaking her head no), if they had stuck together, but my lovely daughter blew it up with an atomic bomb and (Shocker! she says) and there it went. You think Dani single handedly destroyed the vet alliance, asks JC? That you worked so hard to form? Absolutely, there's no question what so ever. Would you agree with that, Dani, asks JC? Absolutely, she says, the biggest problem ppl have in this game is making big alliances on Day 1 or Day 2. When we came into the house, we were kind of forced into this situation. But then 2 weeks later, I was like, I don't want to work with these ppl. There's all my friends over there, I wanted to work with the people I cared about, who I had formed Relationships with. I did what I had to do, it got me sitting here, but I had really great friendships I made in this game and I know I made big moves, so...

One of the things you felt you had to do was get rid of Jeff. ED, was that a smart or dumb move? You want me to say it was a dumb move right in front of my daughter? Talk behind her back, not in front of her (What Dani is not saying when ED is speaking says more than when her lips are moving). No, uh, it was kind of and I hate to say this, but it was kind of typical in playing too hard to fast, if she had waited and eventually the newbies were going to win an HoH and that's when you get into their ear, a secret alliance with Kal or Por and let them do the dirty work, when we first started, I said we weren't going to run 4 weeks straight, we were probably going to lose one or more persons along the way. They're going to win HoH and one of us was going to get lost along the way side and I said to Dani, just don't let it be one of us. Cassie, I know a lot surprised you from home, what surprised you the most? How darn cute Adm is under that beard. Careful, says JC, his GF is hear (Adm points to her). Fara, says Cassie, ten ten Fara (I think that's what she said). Probably the most shocking is Shelly, the through me for a loop. What do you mean she through you for a loop? You know, I honestly thought Shell was just so happy to be there, hanging out, playing with former HG, she really had me fooled, but in her defense where she lacked competitively, she def made up in he social game and I hate that I was the first sacrifice to the vets but kudos to her game, she really did play a great game. Shell, what do you have to say in your defense, Cass said you had her fooled. Well, I didn't have Cass fooled in how much I adored her (I believe that, Cass says). To this minute, to this day, we will be friends when we walk out this door, I can't wait to Give her a hug. I knew I couldn't win comps coming in, I had to play both sides of the house. I knew I was a social butterfly so my way of playing was to social here, social there, get on both sides and manipulate the best I could. Is it a little dishonest? Yeah, but it's a game and when you come to BB, you've got to play. So I played but I never hurt Cass, I adored her. It is a game, agrees Cass, you have to play for yourself and obviously everybody's there to win, so..

Let me just have Jeff weigh in a little here (Oh great, he says as the audience laughs in anticipation). Because Jeff, when you and Shell were in the house, things were tense in the end. Did the two of you make up in the jury house? I think so, you have to put some of that aside, and I was, huh... Upset, says Shell, very upset. Yeah, says Jeff, I mean the last time we spoke was not on good terms but in the (jury) house we kind of put that aside and she did what she had to do Obviously I wasn't happy with it on a personal or a game level, but I think we put that aside. It is a game, you've got to move on from it, and terrific. Good, says JC, we like to hear that. Kal, you said at one point part of your strategy was to bite your tongue. (Uh Huh, she says) Well, you're not playing the game anymore (Shell and Dani laugh as Kal breaths deep), and I'm kind of hoping you're not going to bite your tongue right now because I want to know now that you are No longer playing the game, what is on your mind? What do you have to say to anyone in this room right now? OMG, I bit my tongue a lot, Kal says as Adm asks when did you bite your tongue? I'm a big, I have a really big bark and I open my mouth way too much. There are a lot of ppl that I wanted to say a lot of things to, and probably the biggest thing, and I've already addressed it, I met Dani when I came in that house, I came in to play, I have watched all 12 seasons Of BB, I knew exactly what kind of game I wanted to play and I played it. I'm nobody's slave, no one is my master, and I went in there and did my thing. As much as anyone things I played her game, I'm not going to leave my whole life behind to play with some girl. OK, says JC simply. But, Kal says to Dani, I love you. Jeff, I want to go back to you. You and Shell have made up but how about you and Dani? It looked really intense between the two of you in the JH.

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Is it really that bad? What's the status of this relationship? Jeff said we gave each other back our friendship bracelets and, uh, Dani's a strong person and I'm a strong person, you know, and we both have our feelings. Not everybody likes each other in this room and that's understandable. You move on from that. I don't dislike Dani, I just, I guess I do dislike her, I don't like her (the audience laughs as Dani sports the frozen expression reserved usually for her father). But it's no big deal, I don't mind if she don't like me, we both go our separate ways and there's a lot of room. JC says how about I sprinkle a little good news because I think you'll all be happy to hear that there's still one prize that is up for grabs tonight. And that is for America's Favorite HG. Viewers have been voting all week long for who their favorite HG was, and that person will receive $25k to take home, and I will announce who America chose a little later on.

But up next, it is the moment of truth, Rach or Por, who will leave the BB house with the $500k grand prize? Stay with us!

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WB to the Season Finale of BB. After a summer long power struggle, it is finally time to crown the winner. Rach, Por, I am about to reveal the jury's votes. The winner will receive $500k and the runner up, $50k. I will pull the keys from the box revealing who each juror chose to win BB. You need at least 4 votes to win. Rach sits silently in the left chair, Por waits nervously in the right. Here we go, says Julie.

Brendon has cast his vote for Rachel.

Daniele has cast her vote for Porsche to win BB.

Jeff's vote goes to Rachel.

Shelly has cast her vote for Rachel to be the winner of BB. Rach's hands go to her face as she realizes that with Jordan's vote yet to come, Shelly may have put her over the top.

We have 3 votes for Rachel, one vote for Por. Kalia's vote goes for Porsche. Rach is now crying behind her hands as Por reaches over to comfort her.

Jordan's vote goes to... Congratulations, Rachel, you are the winner of Big Brother! She jumps up jiggling all over as Por gives her a congratulatory hug.

Ladies, come on out! Por heads to the front door to get her purse as Rach wipes tears from her eyes and throws her flaming red hair back. Screaming in ecstasy, Rach exits through the front door to the studio audience and is greeted first by a burst of confetti and then by a bear hug from her man. We ma never know what was said during that lengthy embrace. Julie wisely did not try to intervene, walking away.The jury and the other HG reunite in the middle and Brenchel Turns to join in on the throng. ED hugs Kal first (not Dani - she hugged Lawon) and Keith embraces Shelly. Cassie goes straight to Jeff and Rach begins thanking all the jury members who voted for her. Even Big Game Shell and Big Jeff hug it out. Rach says something to Bren that starts out with OMG and ends with FotH and returns with a hand over her mouth. When we return, says JC, who did you choose to be America's Fav HG? Stay with us! A whole lot a huggin' goin' on.

Welcome back, again, a huge congratulations to you (Thank you, she glows), Just for the record, JC says, Adam voted for Porsche. Woah, says a surprised audience as Rach looks over at him as if to say, WTF? That means you won by one vote. JC gives Por Adam's key and says but don't worry, you still get $50k. And there is still another prize at stake, $25k for America's favorite HG, and that prize goes to...Jeff! Jeff says yeah! Congratulations, Jeff, where are you? He walks over to her. Jeff high-fives's Bren and gives JC a hug. All right, join me tomorrow afternoon on The Talk when Rach goes head to head in a comp with one of our hosts. Thank you to all of our HG for an incredible season, from outside the BB house, I'm JC. We'll see you next summer. Goodnight, everybody! Rach and Bren hug again as the other HG reunite, congratulate Jeff and celebrate the end of BB. That's a wrap!

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Backyard Interviews Part I

Here are the summary transcripts for the Keith, Dominic, Kalia and Cassie interviews. I will post the rest tomorrow after I get some rest.

Spicy is live in the BB BY. We are live & I'm chatting with Keith. Keith calls her the hottest girl there. She gives him props for being the best dressed, says from the 1st episode he had the flower and here he's wearing a purple flower. Keith says we match. What happened to the Keith's Angels plan? It was brilliant he says, but the Duos twist did it in. And I was the first evicted so there it when. Why do you think you were first evicted? Well, you saw me in the BY with my shirt off.

People tell him he didn't win but has the record for being in sequester for 4 weeks, it was all good fun. During sequester, he worked out and ate, stayed handsome in case he returned to the house. He does not regret choosing Por as a partner but does regret not making an alliance with the vets. She played well, cut throats when she had to, won comps, made it to the end, congratulations to her. I have to ask you about the cow comp. How did that feel?

I wish that was you, Keith says disgustingly. Actually, I didn't realize I was bumping and grinding like that but we won so it's all good. How was it to see yourself? It was kind of embarrassing but in good fun. Why did you choose to keep your religious background a secret? I thought if I let the HG know I was a youth minister in my church, I would be seen a s a big threat, they would see me as being judgmental. We have heard multiple definitions of a floater. What is yours?

And who do you think was the biggest floater in BB13? The biggest floater was Adam, he floated through the game but he didn't lie, cheat, steal, wasn't deceptive, played both sides the way he should have, a good floater. Asked who would have gotten his vote tonight, Keith said Porsche, definitely, I was newbies from Day 1 and she was my partner, even if she had played the worst game, I would have voted for her. Did you have 2nd thoughts accepting your role in BB being stuck in sequester for so long? No, but I missed my family. Then when America's Favorite was revealed, I was kind of ticked off. I was like man, you should have just sent me home. But sequester was fun.

He said he definitely would do it again, a season with bad alliances or people who played too hard too fast. His door will always be open to the 13 other HG. He doesn't have a Twitter or FB account, not on Social Media but you can email him at keith_henderson@hotmail.com. It's actually in his work contract that he can't be linked to any social media. But he's single, ladies can email him. Girls should send photos, Spicy says. Where do you want to be in 5 years? Acting on a sitcom or possibly in a Will Smith or Tyler Payne movie or TV show or CBS Soap Opera. Will you stay in Chicago or move to LA? I would move to LA or NYC if the opportunity presented itself. Anything else you want to share with your fans?

He's been tapped to be a guest judge for a beauty pageant back home and is currently in a running fashion ad for Abercombie & Fitch. Spicy gets a kiss on the cheek and a twirl. After he walks off, she says he is an absolute sweetheart, regardless of what you think of his game play. While we wait for the next interview, Spicy says this is her first time in the BY and it is much smaller than it looks on feeds. She says the washer and dryer are totally beat up, nothing is shiny or polished, all worn down. In the BY there are props from comps used during the season. The HT is pretty small.

And here is the beautiful and gorgeous Dom, who recently did an interview on Superpass. Dom says he was happy Rach won, her and Bren were big targets from day one, she's a sweetheart, deep down she means well and he was glad to see her win. Fans want to know about any showmance between you and Cass and you and Dani. He said no coming in, It puts a big target on you but then you get to know them, me and Cass were like brother and sister. Dom is chewing gum as he gives the interview. Dom says Regulators were the best alliance but not the best alliance. They got demolished early on because they never had the numbers. Played too hard too quick.

He says being a young, athletic male, you are targeted right away and I was very social, good chemistry with girls and then when I Partnered with Dani, It was a big target. I don't regret it though, she needed someone to work with and I needed someone to work with. Had that move gone through, who knows where it would have gone. What was it like watching from home? Horrible, aweful, so bitter sweet. You keep second guessing if you had been there... He says he was shocked Rach won, didn't think she could make it to the F2, thought for sure Kal or Dani or Por would get her out.

How was it almost getting back into The game? It was gd awful, like getting kicked in the balls. Had he have come back, would have have changed strategy? I would have played with Jeff and Dani, not Rach or Bren because they did him in. He played a fast game, what would a police officer had given him a ticketed for? A whole lot of stuff, speeding through the game. Being on BB has not changed his life crazy amounts, he gets recognized and he is more than just a model now.

In his immediate future, he's taken some time off work, took some vacation but is now sifting through offers. Who was the biggest floater? With out a doubt, Adam, he shifted with power and didn't play the game. He's not a bad guy, that was his game and he respects it. Shelly, Por, Lawon, Kalia were all floaters. Dom was shocked that Rach took Por to F2, says Adm was dead serious about thinking he would have won. Dom would have voted for Rach for her fight.

The most fun comp was the Milk comp, not getting dry humped but diving in the milk. Ant costume was the worst. Wanted to play the bubble comp, may challenge Big Jeff just on the side for that one. He is single and ready to mingle, when are you not looking? In 5yrs wants to be done with college, happy in life, good relationships, nice girl, not fat, in a happy place. His Twitter account is @dominicphillip and just look up his name on FB.

Next up is Kalia who says she is a really loyal friend, she tried to convince Rachel of that in the end, people I haven't talked to in ages, if they called right now I would ride out there to them in a second, that's who I am. She says she said some nice things the live feeders so she hopes we like her. What did she think about the duo's twist? My biggest nightmare, she says, she said from the beginning she didn't want to play with somebody else, play with a bimbo, or play with ED.

The twist was really hard but Law and I made it out of the duo twist and I gained him as an amazing friend. Are you glad ED left the show? It was a double edged sword - if ED had been in the house, he would have just killed Rach, she's so insecure but at the same time, the vet alliance would have stayed together and that wouldn't necessarily have been good for me because I wanted to play the game with Dani and not Brenchel, so... ED is a really big personality, He's had his turn, go host your show. Did you think the Golden Keys were fair? I loved and hated it. I said if I ever was on the block against Lawon, I would do everything I could to stay. After ED was gone, I knew the vets needed a 6th person for their alliance and the kids downstairs were making their plans and I really wasn't popular with them, so I ran upstairs and made that deal to vote as they wanted and was confident that if on the block w/Law, she would stay.

But at the same time, the GK could be bad, you got accused of using it to sit around for weeks, and for Dani it really backfired because she really wanted to compete. It was a neat twist but had its good and bad side, especially when it came back with Porsche and Pandora's box. Not my favorite twist. Did you really believe Law would come back into the game with a special power? No, actually, we had so many crazy conspiracy theories, in the BB house you have nothing better to do than sit around and think about the game, we had so many scenarios like someone gets offered money to not come back in. I sat with Dani and she thought, what if America votes to send somebody back in the game and I even wrote in my blog that Bren coming back in was her biggest nightmare.

How did her strategy change knowing she was playing with or against the vets? They know what they are doing, what to expect, while the newbies were dealing With the cultural, physical, mental shock, that's another reason why I wanted to align with the vets early on, why a lot of the newbies were secretly jumping ship, because they were like, I'm going to play with the ppl who know what they're doing and then I'm going to take them out. Which is exactly what I did, Kal says pleased with herself (Uh, Kal, you missed one. Well, two). What did Dani teach you about the game and how did you use it?

Dani was a wealth of info but what I learned most is that you could come into this game and find a really good friend. I didn't come in looking for friends but from the beginning we just connected on a personal level. Game wise, she made me stronger, less emotional, play a tougher game, lit the fighter fire. She says she was never a floater, but Adam was, along with Shelly. A floater never wins comps because they don't have to, promise you everything under the sun.

After Bren left, Rach was the biggest floater of the game, she would be the last person to leave her HoH, she was Rach what do you want? You're going up on the block, I hate you. No chance of being BFFs then? After some time when all the big emotional feelings of the game go away, Rach is probably a nice girl outside of the house, if not, so sorry Bren. Doubt I will be invited to the wedding. The wedding was fun though, what you can do with trash bags.

You start to forget there are cameras everywhere, forget when you are changing clothes, see a camera zooming on you, have one announce your presence when you try to sneak up on someone. Kal wants to keep writing, on camera interviews, wants to keep doing on-air hosting. Her least fav comp was the picnic (ants) and the bakery, it was the hardest thing ever. Loved the dbl eviction for obvious reasons, surprised to have won the Before/After.

Who plaid the cleanest game? The least shady? Keith because he wasn't here. Which BB Fortune Teller reading most likely to come true? Probably Jeff's because of that clown shoe. She laughs because she saw it happen, she had no yellow clown shoes in her bin but it was a great moment looking back and seeing Por with 2 clown shoes and going back for her veto. I was like, Por, Run! I was like, OMG, Jeff's leaving! Kal completely agrees with Rach that had she been the F2, she would have won. We all knew the comps that were left and they all knew I was smarter than them, they kept saying it. Thank's for my college education and growing up in an educated family, or just paying attention to ppl who are in the house, so I knew it was true.

I was the only one who didn't go to sleep the night of the Fortune Teller so I could make sure I knew all of them, I knew I had to win the next HoH, and they knew it too and Rach and them all are afraid of me, it means I played this game right. I think everyone says I rode Dani's coattails is because we were really good friends and the persona I put on at the beginning. It was important to stay under the radar, like I didn't know what I was doing, I threw comps, got hurt in comps, pretended like I had never seen the show and was a big lame loser, but week one Dani and I were playing together.

Next is Cassie, also chewing gum. She knew she would be targeted for being beautiful, it's just kind of beyond her some times, she doesn't feel that way or look at other girls that way and hoped that once she got to know the others she would be OK, wore sweats and hung out with the boys, if she had made more of an effort with Rach, would still have happened anyway. Going home, there were some negative nancy's out there but for the most part, everyone was so kind.

My family was proud of me. Not everyone liked my accent, some said I was pretty until I opened my mouth. Certainly the season did not go they way I foresaw it, a bit bittersweet, I could have done this, won that, an experience that no one can relate to unless you've lived it. It took me a while to decompress, an incredible intense experience. She was shocked by Shelly, the last person that she doubted or expected it from, it was premature and unnecessary to throw her to the as early as she did, but she stepped up her social game to make up for her lack of competition, everyone came in here wanting to win the money and she did that so not mad at her. Do you think Dom is really a virgin? I do, he's a flirt and a character but he is really a genuine sweet guy. She wishes more of her game was shown on TV, but that's just the nature of the show.

She loved it and would do it again in a heartbeat. She doesn't regret having Shell as her partner, She seemed like a smart pick at the time but in hindsight, wishes she had picked someone else. She's gone back to what she was doing before, new to Twitter, she's felt so blessed to have ppl be so kind to her. @realcassiecoleman And she's on the Bold and the Beautiful, shooting this week, a small part, it will be fun, never done anything like that, been modeling since 11yrs old but never tried acting. She would have voted for Por, and she would have been a gracious winner.

Cass thought both Por and Rach were lying and would have taken Adm, no one on the jury respected Adm's game, surprised that neither girl realized the jury's feelings. Cass says Rach wanting her out was not game play, but not necessarily jealousy, she hasn't found herself yet and that's why we butted heads, she saw me as a threat because I didn't just do what she wanted.


Who will be back in the morning with more from the BY...

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OK, here's part II with Jordan, Lawon and Porsche, including Jordan finding out about the Benefiber and Porsche's explanation:

Jordan is next to talk with Spicy, was it easier or harder to play the game this time around? Harder, mentally draining, a target on your back. The first time it was all new and this time I thought I knew what I was doing, I knew there was going to be lying and backstabbing. You have the most fans, people are going crazy for you. Really? I was scared after the whole Shelly thing, when I went off on her. I said people are going to hate me because I went off on a mom, so rude.

Your alliance with Brenchel, that was completely unexpected. Rachel is really nice and Brendon is so funny, I would have never figured we would have teamed up together and we did it, me and Rachel, we even had an an alliance name, Jorchel. I am so happy we aligned with both of them. How did you play the game different this time? I don't think I did, I did the same exact thing, laid low, you throw a couple comps, same old thing. It got me this far. Last time, it got me a bit further, but...

Did you think you had a shot to win a second time? Winning again, there's a possibility because you know you did it before, but coming in I wanted Jeff to win and I wanted to be here to back him up. We failed at that but it's OK, he won the jury prize. What is the one moment in the house you are most proud of? Probably when I gave Shell a phone call home, she was upset, she really needed it, and I wore the humiltard and that was so cute.

Are you and Shell going to be on the down low again? Yes, everything that happened in the house stayed in the house. We're outside, we're going to have fun tonight, no drama. Had you won BB13, what would you have done with the money this time? I don't know, no clue. Maybe travel. A lot of fans wanted to ask this, and you may not know, but about Porsche putting the Benefiber in the muscle milk? Benefiber, asks Jor, what do you mean? The muscle milk. She tampered with it.

She did? Yes, she put Benefiber in the muscle milk before you drank it and you got a tummy ache afterwords. Are you serious? That is so mean! I cannot believe she did that. My stomach was making music for a while, it was making all this noises! I cannot believe that! Such sweet people on BB! What will you take away from this season on BB? Last time I really grew up a lot and this time it just made me and Jeff stronger, we can go through anything, a great experience.

I got to meet great people I never thought I would meet, Brendon and Rachel are such great people, Rachel, she's awesome. What's next for you? Going back to school and work, me and Jeff have to figure out what we're going to do, move into the same state. Do you plan on tweeting more? I never have anything interesting to say, my life is so boring but I will tweet more. My last tweet was Happy Easter. Are you a better BB player with or without Jeff? With. Wouldn't have played without.

And will stay good friends with Rachel. She's actually from 30 minutes from where I grew up in NC. definitely going to keep in touch with her. Were you shocked she took Por to the F2? Yeah, was hoping she'd take Adam and evict Por, because we never said 2 words to each other.

Lawon is up next with Spicy with his fly shoes. He says everyone keeps asking him about a fashion line, a Handsomied line for the man and the woman. You need to be ordained. Why? Because you were the most amazing minister in the wedding. I but some Litle Richard in it, some James Brown in it, some of me in it, I saw it at home and just laughed. So you know where I'm going next. Let me tell you right now, I over analyzed, I was thinking about previous seasons.

I thought there would be a Diamond Veto or Golden HoH, there would be a door to walk through and I'm a come back and when I come back, guess what, I'm going to take my alliance with me and we're going to ride and die because I got these special powers. I over analyzed it. In that game, you don't know what you're thinking. Other than that, I was under the radar. I messed up, but I don't regret anything, not a day in the house, this was a life changing moment for me.

What was your most fun moment in the house? Pajama Jama Jams, every night. Who will be your life long friends? Dani screams her from cross the yard. That's my sweetheart, love her. What was the hardest part? Laying low because I'm a social butterfly. Everyone liked me but I was still a target because I wasn't winning any comps. I did my strategy to get to know everybody, I did it. I love all my live feed fans, stay handsomfied and wonderful.

In the game of BB, what is your concept of a floater and who was the big floater in the game? To me, someone who is already going to the HoH room and kissing someone's but, but I think all of us were very strong, being a floater is part of a strategy, you can be a floater and win the game. I didn't see a lot of that, we had strong competitors, we didnt have any of that. What was your fav comp? The milk one, but I was the milkman so I loved it. It was great.

Who would you have voted for tonight? Rachel. She deserved to win. When she should have gone out of the game, she fought and stayed and she deserved it. Do you have a Twitter account? Yes, it is @mryouarenotready and in a couple of weeks, you can go to www.handsomfied.com and let me handsomfy you and make you wonderful.

Porsche is the next to speak to Spicy. She starts out by saying she's burning the pink suit. Where did you buy the track suits? One's Victoria's Secret, one's Juicy, Totally Target. I figured if you are going to live in a house for 3 months, you might as well be comfortable. We know you are friends with Janelle. Did she give you any advice before coming into the game? Wear pink suits. No, wear jump suits, be comfortable. She didn't really give me too much advice.

Obviously I wanted to get a little further than her, hey Jaine, and I did so I'm proud of that. I wanted to go in totally competing, didn't want to play like anyone but myself and it got me 2nd place. Did you expect to make it this far? I did. Once you make it past Jury, you want to make it to the F2, and you want to see how far you can go in the game, so I just wanted to be the best person I could be. I was slow in the beginning, hindered by the GK, mingled with everyone.

Then when bridges were burned, I just hopped onto the next one and kept afloat for most of the game. You can call me a floater if you want, but I won four comps and came in 2nd in four comps, so whose a floater? I can buy my own lifevest. I realized I could make it to the end when I decided to save Rachel (and evict Jordan). You never KNOW but we worked on the bond we had at the beginning of the show and it worked out to my advantage.

What were your impressions of the vets at the beginning of the show, were you intimidated? Did they live up to your expectations? They were diff from what I expected, but as soon as ED left, they kind of fell apart and that was fun watching them pick up the pieces. The hardest part playing BB was being away from her family for so long. We have to talk about the Benefiber. I was really bored that night and I've never taken Benefiber so I don't know about its lovely benefits.

You can ask Jordan, says Spicy. I don't feel bad, says Por. I was bored one night and it ws the babysitter's club, Dani and Kal were kid of guiding the way and they would let me do some ridiculous things. Being in the house this long without TV or music or cute boys is just a lot to handle, you find ways to occupy your time. So your valour suits, are we going to see those on eBay? If anybody wants one, you can email me, I'll sign it for you.

Do you have a Twitter account? @PorscheMiami is my Twitter account. You can find me on FB by my name. My little brother put together a web site for me, called http://helloporsche.com. Was the GK a critical part of your game? Def not. If it wasn't for the GK, Keith and I could have worked together much longer. My goal was to win every comp I was in, I didn't want to throw comps, but it worked out to my advantage in that I got to relax for a couple weeks before really playing the game.

You were so worried about an ex BF coming into the game. Yes, X's need to stay in the past. Vets I could handle. Are you going back to Miami? I will cocktail waitress for a bit, stick around in LA a bit and see what happens from there. My biggest move was winning Veto and getting Jeff out, getting Shelly's trust, then I won HoH, couldn't have been a more perfect day. The clown shoes was my fav comp, my first real win.

What will you do with your winnings? Take my family out to dinner and invest it. Make sure my dad gets set up, and just work on myself, see what is my next step. I'm the youngest in the house so I def have a lot ahead of me. The Bachelor/Bachelorette party for Brenchel was one of the funniest moments. You looked smoking hot. How fun was that? It was hysterical, really fun, they're fun people and a trashy wedding? Come on.

I got dressed up, did a little Single Ladies dance and... You looked Awesome. Come on, when you're stripping next to an elf, of course you'll look awesome. Adam's a great guy and I'm glad we did that, a memory. The BB Fortune Teller was a crazy night. Which do you think is most likely to come true? Maybe Dani's. How will BB affect your future? I know I have lovers and haters, but I'm out here in LA and I was good hosting comps, but maybe I can be good at hosting other things.


Who notes these are really hard to transcribe because they talk so fast but will have more for you tomorrow...

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And here is Part III including Daniele, Jeff, Shelly, Adam, finally, the big Brenchel interview:

Daniele rushes over to be the next interviewed. Dani says she was not surprised at the vote, knew at the Round Table if Rachel was in the F2 she would win. She definitely deserved to be in the F2. How was this different from last time? Not playing with my dad and having to make relationships with people, Kalia and Dom, finding that social game. What was Dani's Awkward moment of the season? I was asked what would be the most awkward thing before the season.

I said being friends with Rachel. I gave the girl a chance but that was probably the most awkward situation. Describe your love for Dom. What is everyone talking about? I love him, I adore him, I think he's one of the sweetest people I've ever met. How can you not love the guy? I loved playing the game with him. What word would you use to describe the newbs? oh man, I feel half and half about some of them, the Lawons, Doms, Cassies, Por's, Kal's, they are my friends.

Then you have the Adams & the Shelly's who are afraid to make any moves, or wait until way too late. Por who didn't make a move until way too late. You've seen the show, why are you here, play the game! I knew I would be my own biggest downfall, & I was. The GK killed me, it's why I was in the JH. If ED & I had been nom, my dad would have been evicted & I would've gotten the GK anyway. I got bored. Do I regret the timing? Yes, but if it had worked, best game move ever.

You made a big move by turning on the Vets, do you think the Vets could have made it to the F4 and then battled it out? I didn't want to hold hands and skip to my loo all the way to the end. I want to watch dynamic characters, turnovers, we could have made the F5 but Brenchel and JeJo would have turned on each other eventually. Last time my social game cost me the win, and this year I had so many friends it cost me the game.

What's next? Going to call my Grandma and grab a cocktail. Check in with my friends and eat real food. The simple little things you don't appreciate until you're in the BB house. What was up with passing down Dani's pearls of wisdom? I know it was misconstrued as my telling Kalia and Por what to do, I came in the game, I knew what I was going to do, I had all these strategies I was going to use in different situations. If I couldn't use them, I wanted Kal & Por to have them.

Why wouldn't you? If you wanted Kal and Por to succeed, why wouldn't you do everything in your power to do that? Kal had a few things in her back pocket she never got to take out either. Floaters are subjective, Rachel was the biggest floater in the house but do I respect that in the game? I do. You do what you have to do to get to the end. But when you talk non-stop about how floaters don't deserve to win and then you float back and forth, girl, you're a floater.

If you could have paired up with someone other than your father, who would you have picked? Kalia or Dominic. I feel like I got to play in hardly any comps and that's sad, I love the comps. My favorite was the skiing comp. This is a contest for half a million dollars and you are lasting half an hour, Adam, saying I can't do it anymore, my legs hurt. From standing up for 40m? You've got to be kidding, I'm embarrassed. Our comps, endurance (BB8) lasted 9hrs, 3.5hrs.

You would have had to scrape my body off these machines and these guys can't last 40m. That's sad. Even my endurance only lasted 2hrs. You coined the term Piggybacker and you told Rachel be glad this is not a personality contest. I think if you took everything I said about Rach and everything Rach said about me, at least mine are true and kind of funny; hers are mean and mostly not true anyway. It is what it is.

Be still my beating heart, it's Big Jeff. After here, Jeff and Jordan will move in together, but where he doesn't say. People want to know, we put ourselves out there so its to be expected people want to know about me and Jordan, so we'll take the next step and find a mutual city and go forward. Jordan really stepped up her game, she's a great competitor, she made it to 4th this time around, and I went out way before her so she had to carry herself in the game.

Anybody can win BB, it's not just the strongest, it takes a social game too. Jordan is a good BB player. I am not. This time was way more stressful. Me and Jor knew we'd have a target, Jor having won last time and me being very vocal, then with the keys and the vets, once it was regular BB, I had a huge target on my back and had to play at a high level. My competitive spirits came out and I was a lot more vocal and ultimately I guess it was my demise.

But you can't hide who you are in this house. I try to work on it and get into control. Me and Shelly, water under the bridge. It's all a game. Going out of the house with a week to compress is a lot different from the snap of the moment of a double eviction. My temper came out, I was fired up when I couldn't find a clown shoe and was voted out of the house, visibly upset. That was my bad, didn't want anyone thinking less of anyone else.

Shell made a big move but we're friends outside of here. Did you learn anything new this season about yourself? You forget things about yourself, that I have to keep my temper under control, keep my mouth shut in some situations, not voicing my opinion all the time, don't judge a book by its cover. Take Brenchel for example. I heard a lot of things about them coming into this house, some good, some bad. I wanted to get to know them myself.

Rach has a big big heart, very vocal, very loud, very outspoken at times, but a great heart. And Bren is a great guy, we really became friends in here, even more so in the JH, just don't judge a book by its cover. Give people a chance. Would you do it again? I was very vocal leaving the house that I would never come back, it's a very stressful situation to be in, but I watched Justin Beiber's Never Say Never again, so you never know.

You and Jor seem to have a super solid relationship, do you have any advice to others? I know we put ourselves out there on the cameras, but we know how we feel about each other, it's a 50-50 relationship; we balance each other out very well, I'm a competitor up to here, and she's calms me down, the yin to my hang.

Up next is Shelly. Ragan is a huge fan of yours. You're a total live feeder. Always have been. I heard I'm supposed to write a million dollar novel on tanning according to the BB Fortune Teller. Anyone can get a tan in the BB house. How do you cope with being away from your family? You don't. I was so re-energized by that phone call. When the game is over, all that matters is my family. I saw Tony for a couple minutes and can't wait to get home to see Josie. 10yrs in October.

Did the BB experience live up to your expectations? It far surpassed my expectations. I didn't realize how hard it would be. You form friendships in this house and then playing the game becomes the most difficult part of the game. It's heartbreaking. Everybody knows. I was dear friends with JeJo then I had to try to evict Jeff or move him to the side because they were standing in my way. To this day it was horrible. People forget that we're playing a game.

Did you play like you thought you would play the game? No, it changed immensely. First, you've got the veterans coming in. Truly, I never thought I would have to lie or deceive. But it's very hard and that's not me in the real world, so when it starts happening, it's a downward spiral. I was manipulating both sides of the house. Rach gave you props for that. Yes she did, but my time was off. We were wondering when you would get caught. And I did.

I saw an opportunity with the Jeff thing and I think if I had waited another week or so, I could have made it further. But I think the result would have been the same, 6th or 3rd. I know I evicted one of America's Sweethearts, and I know there are probably some haters out there, but I came to play. I didn't want to sit and float thorugh the game. I am sure I will second guess things in hindsight but I'm a 41yr old mom and Josie can be proud of some of the things I did.

And some things I will have to explain to her and some things she doesn't need to see. What was up with taking Rach's dog? Were you trying to get a rise out of her? Yeah, we had a love hate relationship. I think as a mom, in some ways, I was trying to teach a lesson. She was more interested in stuffed animals than people, so I took it but I made sure she got it back in one piece. It was just fun stuff.

You said going into the house that you were not going to clean up behind the other HG. I know, then I did it the whole entire time. Everyday, even got up way before everyone else. To kill time so my brain didn't die, I cleaned everything all the time. There were no bugs in that house. What was your favorite thing to clean? The bathroom because I knew there would be a clean bathroom for me to use.

Fans want to know why in the DR did you not admit to your schemes? I think I did but it depends on what came out. I didn't want to let too much out, I didn't want everyone to get a hold of it but everyone did get a hold of it. I can only imagine what was used because we would be in there for hours. The scheme didn't work, but I tried.

Adam announces presence with a roar: Bacon! Why are you not in a band? I have no musical talent whatsoever. To my fans, Keep eating the bacon, keeping rocking the metal, keep watching 90210, keep drinking appletinis. As a fan, I tried so hard for the last couple seasons to get on the show and my dream finally came true. If you are out there and you want to be on the show, just keep trying, don't let ppl tell you no. Things may not go the way you want, but at least you can say you put in the effort.

I didn't win this game, but I put in the effort. And I did fulfill one of my life long dreams and be on Big Brother. Up until I walked through that door, I was waiting for someone to come up and say, never mind, thanks anyway, we're going to go with somebody else. When I walked through that door, you heard the scream, this is really happening, I am really on BB. Why are there only 8 of us? I know there's more than 8 ppl on this show, who else is coming?

But hey, it happened. I was in the BY. I hung out in the hammock. I swam in the pool and stayed in the shade. I call that area Adam's Cove. I'm a sweaty guy so from now on, guys are going to say they are hanging out in Adam's Cove. When they're making bacon, they'll think just like Adam. And that blows my mind. I cannot wait for next season, the people coming into this house thinking they know everything. You watch at home, you think you know everything...

You don't know a thing. You lost like 100lbs. I started losing the weight when I started the process last year, from May 2010 to July 2011. I lost over 100lbs to get into better physical shape. Obviously, it wasn't good enough, the endurance challenges I floundered at but if I had been on last season, I might have done a lot worse. I might have gone further because I wasn't a threat, but I would not have been able to save myself when I had to.

Even in the house, I lost more weight. This is the same outfit I wore coming in, on finale night, I'm the same person. What was harder, losing the weight or playing BB? Harder to play BB, without a doubt. To not eat the foods I like, not as much as I like, that was discipline. But this game is 24x7; you can never take a break. When you're sleeping, someone is plotting against you. This house is so insane, you have to be on your game 24x7 or you're gone.

At least when I was losing weight, I could cheat a little, sneak a little pizza sometimes. Here, you cannot let your guard down for 1 sec, because the second you do, you're out the door. Before you had a chance to meet Tori Spelling, my thought was to make a mask and interview you in the mask. But once she came on the show, it totally spoiled my plans. What was that like meeting her? This whole experience has been surreal. Her walking through that door...

The insane part of all of it is Tori Spelling knows who I am. She knows my name. I'm at home watching 90210, I know who she is but now she knows who I am too. And she did give me a kiss on the cheek while I was drinking an appletini in the BB house. That's not half a million dollars, but it's pretty close. If she really names her kid Adam, hopefully nobody thinks I'm the daddy. Just kidding. Especially to Fara. I love her so much, and she's a school teacher.

She's had the summer off and this would have been the first summer we spent together. That's why I kept giving shout-outs to her, because I could not see her but she could see me. She couldn't talk to me but I could talk to her. I wanted so bad to win an HoH just to get a letter from her, get a picture of her, she sent me her pajamas, she sent me a clown we bought together, I want to live the rest of my life with her. It would have been better with $500k but...

I got these memories, she got to see me, it's a video record of my life we can show friends and family.

Finally, we come to Brenchel. Rach, you won the hearts of the haters from last year. OMG, it is so insane. I cannot believe I have fans after last summer, so amazing, everything has come, so many ups and downs, a roller coaster, but I went into every comp with my full heart, and I played the game with my heart 100% on my sleeves. Everything I've done in the game, I've fought, had to make deals, evolve as a player, you have to do so many different things in this game.

Bren, have you ever been more proud of her? No. It's like when you're sitting there in the JH, you're waiting, expecting the whole time for her to come through the door. Every time someone else comes through the door, I'm happy! I was like a little kid. Even when Jor and Kal walked up during the round table, I was like YES! Sorry, Jor, not happy you're here but happy Rach is not. Same with Adam today.

So how does it feel? OMGosh, it feels like a dream come true. Last summer I won my fiance, this summer I won BB! I feel like I'm in a dream and I'm going to wake up to Good Morning HG, it's time to wake up for the day, and I'm going to go NOOOO!!!! Was it just a dream or did this really happen? Why do you think people were pulling for you this year? Why did they support you? Thank you! I didn't know that they were!

Maybe because I went into every comp with my whole heart, had to change my game so many times and evolve as a player and people saw it wasn't the same Rach as last year, aggressive and in people's faces. I was really working, playing a social game, a smart game, fighting my heart out. Bren adds that from the start to the end, Rach's strategy did change. How did it change after Bren left the game? Which time are we talking about, he asks. The second time.

I lost it when he left the first time, I was so heartbroken. I didn't think I could pull myself together. But when he left the second time, I got a fire under my but and I knew I had to pull it together and then after Bren left, Jeff left, and it was just me and Jor, and I said listen, they are not going to get me and my best friend out of this game. Me and Jor are here to stay and I knew I had to fight. I had to do it, one of those things where you had to have the fire and passion.

I was a fan before I came on BB even the first time, so I knew what I had to do and I did it. OMG! I pulled it off! You won half a million dollars. What are the plans? What's the wedding plans? So we're hoping to get married in December, not sure what the wedding plans are at all. Bren says they are thinking about a destination wedding. That's all the time we have, says Spicy. Thank you, says Rach. And thank you to all the fans too, adds Bren.

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