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8/27 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

Angelo Joe

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BBAD Coverage

9:33PM BBT Kalia and Porsche in the HOH room talking game. They are using some sort of stones or something to represent the HGs to help figure out different scenarios for final four and three. It sounds like they want Shelly out.

9:36PM BBT Jordon and Rachel in the purple room talking about Shelly. Rachel thinks she has been pretty honest about "stuff".

9:38PM BBT Kalia and Jordon in the HOH. Kalia wants her bed back. She said, "How come whenever Jeff and Jordon want their beds back everyone parts the red sea. But when I want my bed back." Porsche talking about Pandora's box.

9:40PM BBT Jordon and Rachel playing "Go Fish" with the tea bag cards. Earlier Rachel started to teach her Texas Hold'em, but the camera switched to Kalia and Jordon. [i'm going to go out on a limb and guess that Jordon didn't want to learn how to play because it was too confusing for her."

9:46PM BBT Kalia and Porsche getting ready to go downstairs. Porsche is wearing the "Hi Dad" shirt that she got in her HOH basket. They go downstairs to the kitchen. BB told Porsche to stop singing. She wasn't singing. It was Jordon who was singing. P said," You look a lot like me."

9:50PM BBT Kalia goes in the metal room to talk to Shelly. She is blabbing to Shelly what Jordon and Rachel were talking about in the HOH room. She is totally backstabbing J and Rachel, especially Jordon. Porsche said Jordon is way calmer today then she was yesterday. P repeats what Jordon had said about the four of them working together. [This two-faced back stabbing is really getting to me tonight. Not sure how much more I can listen to.]

9:56PM BBT The camera cuts in while Kalia is talking about cooking. Then she starts talking about Rachel and Jordon again.

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10:08 BBT

Everyone is at the round table (less Shelly).

They are all playing Texas Hold'em. Jordan is the dealer (I think because she still doesn't know how to play).

Rachel, Porsche and Kalia do Adam's shout out to Fara.

Then Adam does his shout out to Fara. He says for her not to worry even though he's surrounded by beautiful ladies right now.

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11:30 BBT

Not a lot happening right now..the whole house playing cards at the table...Jordan and Shelly not there

The east coast accents seems to be the in thing to do in BB..

Their convos are trivial...

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11:40 BBT

Well pretty much the same...Jordan is not playing....Shelly was in the kitchen doing dishes...

Porsche goes to bed shouts her goodnights heads to HOH leaving Rachel Kalia and Adam to plsy csrds..

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9:56 BBT

Rachel and Jordan in the purple roon jedi training, going over every detail on what has happened since day 1. all the rest of them are sleeping, so that is all that is happening right now, jedi training

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Rachel makes a quick jaunt to the kitchen washin g something, maybe making a beverage, she seems to be geting something but I cannot see what, backto purple room with aq bag of chips and a bev, I think Jordan in the loo, uh oh Jordan called to the DR

So Rachel waiting for her and reading I think the bible since that is the only book in there unless it is the rule book

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ok Jordan is back they speak for a min if Rachel is gonna get called in and Rachel ask what it was about how important this vieto it?? and we get music, but we are back

looks like Adam is up, but not in the purple room I just heard his voice for a minute, say oh Jeasus, it is quiet, not training right now

talking about what the veto might be, Jordan thinks they will be finding something, gonna be, then she doe not finish her sentence, then say we are gonna sit here and stress ourselves out

Jordan says anything can happen, they need not to stress, and now talking about finiding the shoes, and

Rachel says she could only find one yellow shoe, then talking about what if

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saying if Daniele had stuck to the plan it would have been much different, but the dom factor came in, Jordan says look how it is Dani was set on gettin Brendon out and then she wanted out Jeff and then Jeff had to get her out and now talking about the money porsche says she got they think it is more than 5 grand, and they say if it is Adam and Kalia she would vote for adam, and rachel says really?? then Jordan says well it changes when you all get in there and debate it, then they say well we are still here for now and who woulda thunk it, it is supposed to start at noon, the pov, they are trying not to be nervous

it is quiet now, but I think I hear ppl in the background

would it be the worst Jordo says if you made it to f3 and then get kicked out, it would just be the worst, then they talk about enzo and then Kevin

Jordan said in this game you have to get out floaters first and if the competitors do not stick togehter it does not work out, saying Kalia stepped up her game, Rachel says they may even pick off Kalia before you Jordan.

Because kalia can win stuff and they will fear her, ppl like Adam and shell, then jordan cuts her off and says if we go Adam and shelly will nto have anyone to himd behind

Now talking about the bibile story rachel is reading and she is reading the story of ester, then they are looking for a verse on encouragement

then they find a verse about peace in the time of termoil and go toit to read it,they seem to be trying very hard to be positive, Jordan says this seems fmailiar as she may have heard this one in church, it is quiet while they are reading

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Rachel sayin do you remember when Brendon came back? she feels it is time to reverse, and they were in the room rejoicing and Shelly and adam were in there with them and then they tried to take credit for everything, Jordan says if we win the veto do not do not listen to whatever shelly says, and rachel says trust me jordan I will never listen to her I have been onto her since week 3, now talking about all the things Shelly has said to Jordan, Jordan talking about how shelly cornored her to say she felt she could not win against them, but she did tell shelly she would absolutely take Jeff and shelly says "what about me, and shelly came into the room where Jordan was and yelled at her before the corn hole contest, yelling at Jordan that she was with them, meaning brenchel and was gon on and on and it upset jordan and Jordan feels now she was on puporse trying to upset her before the contes, abd yelled at her that she was gonna win this veto anyway, and Rachel says anyway Dani told shelly she was safe, Jordan says I caught her in 3 lies,

shelly told Jordan she thought it was a good idea to put up cassie even tho cassi was her partner, they are whispering, and Rachel says lets not even go out there because they are gonna try to frazzle them, so they are gonna stay to themselves, my feeds are cutting out, darnit

Talking about how dani got into all of their heads with twisting convos and stuff, and it put brenchel and the J's paranoid against each other

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going over they cannot what it, but Dani was sure good at how she manipulates, rachel says for sure she they would not go against them the j's, Jordan feels this season ahs been a huge struggle, and she feels like a crybaby, talking about Ronnie and how quickly they got rid of him, then Rachel says Shellyis Ronnie this season,and she think cassi was like that too, discussing if it was cassis idea or Shellys idea to put up brenchel, everyone wanted to get rid of brencel but Jordan wanted dom out, and she thought it was stupid to try and put out Brencel sooo early, and Jordan says she gets super nervous and scared when Julie asks her questions. Jordan says if we lose today we will not cry, we will be evicted and we deserve it if we lose, and she will be ok if we lose jordo says she will welcome Jury Rachel says nooooo if we win this we will win hoh and we can pull this off and we have to be calm, we have to take our time and be calm, ok we are switching convo to their legs and thighs,lol

Rachel says we have to win the veto we have to and we are good competitors,

rachel says she is just as good as porsche, and they ar really pumping each other up

they say we would have had to have had Dani on our side to have gotton to this point together but she turned on us, and now talking about how Dani told her that they threw the corn hole comp, Dani was trying to get them riled at each other, they are going over it and Dani told them so many times they are not keeping you, its a 5-1 vote, then saying she is such a liar

they say if we do win Shelly is gonna do whatever to get to them, Rachel says let them eat each other alive, we will lock ourselves in this room to stay away from them, because they will try and get to us, they say the door to the purple room locks and that is where they will go. they swear they loyality to each other, say "I've got your back, then they say when Shelly went crazy and shelly tried to say Rachel was in on the flip too, shelly told rachel if you keep me it will be the 4 of us girls

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Rachel went to the dr and someone told her that shelly had hid her dog and say a 41 yr old woman hiding my dog, shelly was trying to get rid of rachel at one point, Jordan talking about shelly was thirowing Rachel under the bus, and she told Dani that she Jordan told Dani that Shelly is playing a better game then she is letting on and that Rachel is not as bad as Shelly has said and Jordan says shelly took the knife and stabbed me in the back and I am gonna try and take it out and stab it right back into her, and Rachel says that is funny Jordan a true southern girl,lol

Saying that shelly tried to tellJordan that rachel didnt like her. she was always trying to plant stuff like that, now rachel saying that Brenchel was winning stuff and prolly some got jealous, and in the veto she took 2 weeks of slop, and Jordan says Jeff says no and Jeff knew she was not doing so good and it was not a good idea for her to take 2 weeks of slop when she was sooo far behind

Rachel says that the first sign that she knew shelly was bad news was early on when Jeff had called brenchel beasts because they were winning a lot shelly caught onto that and that is when she started her bs, then rachel starts talking about Dani and her friends in production and we do not get any of that as we have gone to music

came back for one min and we were gonna hear something juicy about adam and we go back to music, now back and talking about how they make up stupid stuff

talking aobut Porsche may know janell but she sure doesn't play her game like jani, Jordan laughing and says we drank the cool aide

Just going over now we are both here and we gotta win, Jordan says they are still building

the girls have gone to the kitchen and water running but no talk right now

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rachel going to hoh, rachel wanting to have a chat and is saying she does not know what cool aide they have given her , that she has only had her back in this game,she does not have to listen but she rachel has always had her back, I dont think Porsche is listening, rachel just explaining and Porsche saying Rachel got antaganistic, etc, and rachel says I know, and she says she was psycho, and she say I was not going to turn on you, she says I wanted to talk to you last week about their friendship, and the dani vote comes up, rachel says Dani got rid of Brendan and she could not keep dani after all she had done to them

Rchel says when push came to show=ve she just could not vote for dani, and she had been with the J's since the beginning, and she was not going to turn n them then, and Rachel says well this is the thing about the game it changes. Porshce immitating Rachel and Jordans crying, it was Porsches hoh and you all are crying, we get music

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11:03 PM BBT

Rachel to Porsche: I don't know what kool aid people are giving you to drink I was never going to turn on you, I told you week 1, week 3 I've always had your back. I don't know what happened between our friendship but when Brendon left I was a lost puppy. Jordan talked to me everyday."

Porsche responds: "It wasn't that you were upset it was like woah Rachel - u were going after people for everything, tiny things. "

"I know, I go pyscho over Brendon. I wanted to talk to you about our friendship I was never going after you." Rachel says. "I couldn't think of everything Dani did to Brendon and like, keep her."

11:05 PM BBT

Porsche says that getting Jeff out was a huge game move. Rachel should understand it. Porsche says if Rachel had talked to her awhoile ago she might not be nominated now. Shelly is really upset right now but Rachel doesn't feel sorry for her at all, she did this all herself. She tried to blame it on Rachel and Shelly. Adam needs to start thinking for himself... nothing new coming out here.

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Porsche says she did not come to be second place in this game, and the reason they did not go to talk to them, now Rachel says she does not feel bad about shelly at all that shelly has lied to every one and they have been her scape goats, Porsche says Adam too, and he needs to play for himself, they are saying adam and shelly are sheep, Dani was not dictating and not bossing anyone around, says porsche, she would do anything to stay in the game, so rachel says she knows how dani feels, and she could not vote to keep her after all she ahd done to her thus far, the thing is, I am gonna do whatever it takes to win this veto and I hope we can look past all this and still be friends, but she is gonna play hard for this veto, she doesnt know what ahappened and obviloulsy the game goes how it goes, Porsche says rachel has a lot of fight left in her.

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Porsche says noone was happy for her, so she felt she had to put them up, Porsche say Kalia and I have talked and Porsche thinks it would be great for a 4 girl thing in the end, but then again shelly is sooo easy to beat, the Rachel says shelly will put them up for sure if she would win, back to I just want you know that no matter whatever anyone has said plz come to me and I will tell you straight then rachel asks if she took col quackers and Porsche says yes, but did not take her dog, they laugh aobut Col quackers

Rachel says dani told her that shelly took her dog before she left, and she had no reason to lie, then porsche says yeah i took col quackers, and she is definately gonnsa get it back to him,

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now Kalia in the hoh bathroom talking about the convo her and Rach just had, Porsche says she acted like she was going along in case they win the veto, as ins, going on and on and that Sehlly is good to keep around because she is easy to beat, then that rachel said that if Shelly, wins shellywill put them up, uh oh here comes shelly saying I knew rachel was up here, then we get music, I will have to go onto getting ready for work early if I have to listen to Shelly and her stuff , we will see when the cams come back

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my internet went out for a moment, going to turn this over to who ever is out there, i'm out fatcat

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11:26 AM BBT

Shelly tells Kal and Por that she left and told Dani that she would go with her 3 weeks ago. Jor/Rach think it happened this week. Kalia saying that as long as they think there is hope she will come back it makes their game play weaker.

11:30 AM BBT

Porsche called to DR. "I haven't even brushed my teeth yet!" she fumes. Kalia laying in bed talking to Jordan. Jordan says that Shelly is such a liar. She's now doing the Eye of the Tiger theme song.

Everyone hanging out in BR general chit chat. FYI: This season must be sponsored by Midol...we hear about it often with this group.

Jordan liked AR since you aren't allowed to talk to the other racers , no one is catty or mean. Here it's mean and ppl stay mad.Adam asking how Jeff handles the AR/Around the World stuff and having a job. (his boss is very lenient and they are friends). Jordan will have it out with Daniele a little bit if she ends up in jury. Her speech was uncalled for.

11:46 PM BBT

"When's my period coming? I want to join in with you girls." Adam jokes. "Poor you, the only guy." sympathizes Jordan.

Kalia and Adam talking about "the Man". "Who is this man I keep hearing about?" He goads her. "Usually it's the white man." Kalia says

"Oh I get it, it's the establishment. I don't worry about The Man bringing me down. I've got you ladies to keep me up." Adam says.... then smiles as he realizes what he said.

11:58 AM WBRB

12:08 PM BBT

Still WBRB

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12:20 PM BBT

They didn't play POV yet. Jordan is nervous and Adam tells her not to be. "it's the same stakes as always."

Rachel feels nauseous. She and Jordan discuss what they wear for good luck. "I always wear glitter when I want to win." says Rachel "Of course you would." says Jordan.

Kalia is constipated again. She's not eating enough vegetables.

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12:27 BBT

Kalia says they are still banging around out there.

Kalia: I got out of my DR at 3:00 and they were...WBRB (I wish they would STOP talking about production!!)


Jordan tells Adam: she always had his back. If she does go this he needs to not listen to her. Maybe if She and Jeff didnt get in that fight before he may still be here. We know a few lies, but she is such a nice person we let it go. I hope you're not listening to her.

Adam: I am listening but considering the source.

Jordan: you can see everything on your face, you cant lie.

Jordan: you need to becareful, I am done with her. Maybe outside but not in the game.

Jordan: you cant go with her, you cant trust her, she is going to throw you under the bus.

Adam: things have gotten a little...

Jordan: she makes sure we are away and she gets on you. We will take ourselves off the block and getting her out, we will take you.

Adam: I trust you but its your little buddy I still....

Jordan: Shelly will never win, I wont vote for her, she was carried. She didnt trust you, she kept saying you had to go. Jeff wouldnt do it, you were close. Mark my word your the next target.

Adam: I know. Thats why I gotta start winning stuff. Jor: we had a million chances to get rid of her but nooo, then she would start crying.

Adam: game within the game.

Adam: it really hurt that Jeff looked at me and thought I didnt vote for him..it was in the moment but it hurt.

Jor:I think he was in shock too. I feel like an idiot that its gone this far.

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12:35 BBT

Jordan and Adam talking in the bathoom. Jordan says something about Adam's face and how he's a horrible liar. She says she's done with Shelly and that she's probably a nice person in the house, but now it's game on. Jordan wonders if Shelly was playing both sides this whole time and Adam says that week one, Shelly insisted to him that she'd vote Porsche out, but then flipped. Jordan is shocked and asks why he didn't tell her that sooner.

Adam says he trusts Jordan but not Rachel.

Jordan says she won't vote for Shelly and how Shelly was carried through the game. Jordan saying Shelly once said to get rid of Adam. Says Jeff really liked Adam. Jordan says Shelly will eventually put Adam on the block, mark her words, and how Adam will be the next target, not Jordan.

Jordan says this is the turning point now and she's just talking to Adam and they need to do something. Adam says, everything aside, it really hurt him that Jeff looked at Adam and thought he didn't vote for Jeff during the DE. Jordan says she'll tell Jeff that and it was just the moment, Jeff wasn't sure who voted for who and apologizes.

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12:43 BBT

Jordan and Rachel alone in purple room. Rachel suggests taking a nap and Jordan says she's just nervous. Rachel says they should tak about something positive. Rachel says she's so excited to be getting married to Brendon. She says it's funny they both met their future husbands on BB. Rachel says J/J have to come to their wedding and Jordan says yes. Rachel starts talking about her wedding dress.

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