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8/27 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

Angelo Joe

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7:38 PM BBT

Rachel won the veto. "I'm not really concerned because we won the veto." says Rachel. "YOU won the veto. " Jordan says to her.

Looks like Kalia hurt her arm again. Porsche is wrapping it.

"We are not playing for revenge. We are playing to stay in the game." Jordan says.

Rachel says she had a good feeling about this. She knew they'd win. "You'd win." Jordan says

Rachel says the most important thing is the veto for F4. Whoever wins that is the vote for who goes to final 3.

7:46 PM BBT

Rachel and Jordan talking about who to make a F4 deal with. Adam comes in and says "Can I start campaigning?"

Rachel tells Adam he should grovel. He is talking about the game with them now.

Rachel wasn't sold on keeping Adam before he came in. "He'd be easy to beat in endurance though." Jordan had said.

Porsche and Kalia in the SR rehashing the game. There was no padding on a dummy. Por ankles hurt. They thought they had it.

Shelly called to DR soon after feeds came back.

Kalia reminding Porsche that she's never broken her word to Jordan and can use that to influence.

Jordan saying to Rachel, "There's danger in keeping Porsche and Kalia together. We have to weaken them." "We have to win HOH" Rach

Rachel wants to win HOH to get Pandora's box. She's excited because she's never been this far in the game before.

#mortystv Porsche in WCA with Rach/Jor now. "The purple room is locked. The number 1 is broken." "When we get another lockdown all we have to do it tell them." says Rachel

Sounds like they were hanging for 20-40 minutes on dummies. Rachel didn't want to sweat because it made her slip.

Jordan keeps asking Rachel if she's mad at her. "No Jordan but we HAVE to win HOH there is no option. "

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8pm BBT

Rachel and Jordan talking in the bedroom. They are making plans for winning HOH on Thursday. They are talking about what type of competition they will have for HOH and then who they would nominate. (This is the same conversation that Portia and Kalia had this morning but the names are changed. Drummer1)

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8:15pm BBT

Shelly, Portia, Kalia, Adam in the kitchen. Shelly is telling them not to mope. They are all eating. Adam is cleaning dishes. Jordan and Rachel walk through and nobody talks to them. After they leave Shelly starts making snide comments about Rachel.

8:20pm BBT Shelly and Adam talking. She tells him that he is going to need to kick ass since she is leaving. She tells him to be classy and to give it his all. Adam knew that he was done as soon as he got on the dummy. Shelly knew she would lose as soon as she walked into the backyard. Kalia and Portia talking about someone from production named Sebastion who was "really cute". They all hope to meet him after the show.

8:25pm BBT Shelly is now trying to get into the purple room so that she can stare at the fortune teller. Kalia is helping. The door appears to be locked. Shelly says that the FT is her last hope. Shelly is telling Kalia that they will be safe and the she is at peace with going home. She is telling Kalia to be classy and that she will not stoop to Rachel's level. They will be back together in a few weeks. She says that Portia should not have opened the box. Shelly says that she has a terrible back that she needed to get clearances before the show. She has her dignity, her reputation, and her pride, and that she proved that she could make it to the final six. She made some big moves and she loves the way she played the game. She says that there will be some happy faces in the jury house. She tells them to do what they need to do. Rachel and Jordan are not smart enough to figure out the game.

8:30pm BBT She stayed up as long as she could and then she dropped. She says that she had a $300,000 surgery on her back. Shelly says that she has a great life when she gets home. She says that Rachels reputation will destroy her when she get out. Shelly says that, except for this week, the show has been fun. (things changed when she backstabbed Jeff - Drummer1) She says that this show is about character and charisma. You need to stay classy. That is what a winner is. She says that there is not a soul in this house that cannot win against her ®. She says to not put too many vets on the jury because of the numbers. She tells them to think with their heads and be smart about what they do. Also, do not lose their dignity.

8:35pm BBT Shelly is still going off on Rachel. She says that Brendon is a great guy and that he should rethink the partner situation. WBRB

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Shelly: the second I walked out I knew I wasnt going very far. I went out third, I beat Jor. It was harder on every body they didnt get to do all their stuff at us.

Rachel telling Jordan that their back were against the wall and we should have done this from the beggining after Dick left we started winning and they got mad

Rachel: there are ppl in this game that havent done a thing and dont deserve to be here. It happens every year. We are so close.

Rachel: knowing it would save us both I played harder.

Adam comes in to lay down. It takes him a while to cool down, he wants to win shit, he gets down on himself when he doesnt.

Jordan: there must have been a way to hang on longer, like on the banana. Adam asks how long it will take to break it down.


Shelly tells Kalia: its ok to be scared, being scared can drive you, dont let it consume you.

Shelly: I will never vote for Rachel. I will be influential in Jury, you know you have Dani.

Adam tells Rachel and Jordan to do what they have to do. Jordan asks if she knows she is going. Adam says you two are the votes.

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8:45pm BBT Shelly telling Kalia that she will be VERY influential in the jury house and that she could have the votes to win. Kalia is bandaged up from the veto competition and Shelly is going to get cold and heat packs for her back. Shelly says she need the code for the purple room to save herself. Portia took the key for the HOH room to the DR so now Shelly and Kalia have to hobble back downstairs.

8:50pm BBT Adam, Rachel and Jordan are talking about production and how the comps will be going so we keep getting WBRB. Jordan says she does not know how to play checkers. She knows how to play Monopoly and Sorry but that Checkers is a "smart" game. Rachel says she would play chess by herself and make up voices for the pieces. She would also play chess with her hamster and that sometimes the hamster would win. She would play Battleship with her teddybear. She says that she did not lose at battleship to the teddybear. They are now talking about Rachels season and her relationship with Ragan and how they got into a fight in the jury house. WBRB.

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Shelly: I have made more moves in this game to save my ass then she has.

Kalia: I can say, no one ever threw me an HOH.

Shelly: no one carried you.

Kalia: I did not lie to any body and technically I didnt lie to Jeff.

Shelly: when you make your ploy make it about you not her and dont say absolutely.

Kalia: I didnt have her thing when she asked me about it.


Shelly: I could care less about her dog. In fact her dog will probably go out with me and be put in Bren luggage, she will get her dog back.


Adam tells the other girls there is only 2 more live shows. Porsche says the other button on the spa room is broken, they ...WBRB

Shelly: every one knows you wont put up Jordan.

Kalia: oh I know but I will have to eventually.

Por comes in saying they are trying to figure out if there will be a FF or a DE.

Kalia: they walk around in pairs and Rach dressed like her.

Shelly: look at this twist, it F'd up the game. Its too late for a power.

Kalia: they dont realize that the last eviction is a few days before finals.

Kalia: they dont realize that the last eviction is a few days before finals.

Shelly: doesnt regret anything she has done, but she wishes she hadnt blown up about it.

Rachel says she feels she has grown up alot. She used to be fiesty. She said what was on her mind alot. She has learned a lot of lessons.

Kala, Porsche, Shelly go over scenarios --who should win etc.

Kalia: Adam thinks he has a F2 with me.

Shelly: I will be pissed if you vote out Jordan before Rach.

in WCA Rachel tells Jordan they got lucky, super lucky.

Racel and Jordan saying Jordan needs to win this HOH and Rach next, next will prob be questions. ...Both sides playing what ifs

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