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8/22 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

Angelo Joe

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

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10:01pm BBT:

Porch,Dani and Shelly in kitchen. Mentioning that Rach is outside playing pool with the guys; snide remarks.

Kalia talking to Jordan as they soak their feet in the hot tub. No game talk. Just idle talk.

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BBAD Coverage [The time stamps from 9-10PM are estimates and might not be accurate].

9:01PM BBT Shelly, Porsche and Jordon in the kitchen. Shelly sweeping, Jordon putting veggies on a plate with Ranch dressing. Porsche cooking.

9:04PM BBT Rachel and Adam outside. Rachel carries a plate of barbequed jalapeno slop peppers into the kitchen.

9:06PM BBT Dani sitting outside by herself.

9:07PM BBT Shelly joins her and lights up a cigarette while munching on pita chips. Dani tells her they have cinnamon sugar pita chips. Shelly said she would love them. She talks about eating plain, simple food...nothing fancy. Her daughter loves chicken, steak, pork chops, green beans, snap beans and fruit. Shelly: "She loves fruit. She'll eat apples, plums, pears. She has always been a huge fruit eater. She will eat the whole cantelope. She will eat broccoli, she won't eat potatoes or eggs. She eats tacos, but is not a big fan of lettuce...yet. She loves soup. She will get a straw and drink hot stuff through a straw. And she loves candy. We always have a lot of snacks at our house. Fruit Roll ups and candy. We have a whole drawer...it's like the dentist's drawer. She loves sweet tarts and fun dip...pure sugar."

9:12PM BBT Jeff and Rachel inside eating. Jeff said, "You could put a piece of dog food in here and you wouldn't taste it. It's so hot. Jordon won't eat it because she does not like peppers at all.

9:15PM BBT Shelly tells Dani about putting ice on her back when she gets a back ache. Dani said she got all her baby teeth pulled out when she was "in like 6th grade" because her teeth wouldn't fall out. Shelly told of someone she knows who had two sets of baby teeth.

9:25PM BBT Adam offers to do the dishes. Jordon says she will wash her own. Jeff talks about how how the peppers were, but the sour cream and avacado cooled them off. Porsche still cooking. Jeff rips one and asked Adam if he wants to bottle it ot make a key chain out of it. [to go with Adam's hot-sauce-top key chain] Rachel is still eating the peppers.

9:30PM BBT Jeff lets another one rip and said he thinks the peppers cleared out his sinuses. He went outside. Porsche is called to the DR. Rachel goes outside and talks about the peppers. She said she added about 12 drops of hot sauce. Jeff said Adam only put one drop in eggs he made for them and it was hot.

9:35PM BBT Porsche still cooking and talking to Kalia. Kalia talks about a dream that she had that made her homesick. Adam says they need to get skype and talk to each other at 3:00 in the morning, but need to remember that he is on the east coast. Porsche finishes the slop patties and tells the HG in the BY that supper is ready.

10:06PM BBT Shelly, Porsche in the kitchen. Dani lying down at the smaller round table. Shelly sitting down at the table to eat the slop patties Porsche cooked.

10:09PM BBT Kalia and Porsche talking together by hot tub. Jeef is called to the DR. Adam shouts out that he misses Farra and says he is not your average everyday dude.

10:10PM BBT Dani and Shelly talking about Sex in the City. Shelly says, ''It's already 10:00 and talks of having a nice warm bed and a nice ham& turkey sandwich. Adam goes outside.

10:11PM BBT Dani: "Remember the pool game between Rachel and Cassie. It was so awkward and lasted forever."

10:13PM BBT Porsche: "If we could have cheese I would be in heaven." Dani: "If we could have cheese I would be in hell...because you would be farting."

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10:17PM BBT Porsche and Dani talking in K. Dani said she wants to make slop cookies tomorrow. She wants to make them thick. Porsche suggests how to make them, but Dani says she has an idea of how she wants to do it. Kinda like the cake, but different. She wants to use the shredded powder slop. Porsche leaves the room Dani sits by herself.

10:22PM BBT Dan goes to K to get water.She is messing with something at the conter, but I can't tell what it is. She walks into the bathroom. Porsche is in there trimming her tonails. She gets up and turns the water on [so Dani can't hear her?] Her toenails are painted black. She puts the clippings on a tissue on the floor.

10:26PM BBT Camera switches to outside. Kalia is talking about the Kardacians. Camera returns to Porsche trimming her toenails.

10:27PM BBT BY Jordon and Kalia talking by hot tub. Jordon shared that Jeff said his friend wasn't the wasn't allowed to say "Oh my God" and had to say "Oh my head" instead.

10:28PM BBT Porsche asks Dani if she is finshed in the toilet because she wants to wash her face. Danni washes her hands.

10:30PM BBT BY Shelly smoking. Danille is called to the DR. Jordon talking about how embarassing it was doing the puzzles because she didn't have one completed. Jeff talks about Pulp Fiction and the camera moves to Porsche brushing her teeth.

10:27PM BBT BY. Rachel asked Jeff and Shelly if they want to play poker. Jordon doesn't want to play because she doesn't like card games. They talk about the possibility of getting real cards. Jordon wonders if anyone has asked BB for cards. Shelly wonders why they can't have real cards. Kalia thinks it has something to do with the shuffling noise of the cards and the mics. Porsche comes outside. Kalia talks about popping a pimple. Jordon says she doesn't get pimples- she gets boils under the skin.

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10:36PM BBT Jeff and Kalia go upstars to the HOH room to talk game strategy. Kalia said she has been very frustrated with everyone saying whatever they need to say to stay in the game. Kalia will never vote for someone like that. She hopes that she is not Jeff's target. She said if she is here next week she hopes Jeff will have her back. Jeff doesn't tell her anything. He said he isn't even telling Jordon. Kalia said that Rachel lies a lot and puts things in her head about Shelly. Kalia said she doesn't want to lie anymore. She leaves the HOH room.

10:42PM BBT Shelly, Adam, Rachel, Kalia and Porsche playing cards at the round table.

10:45PM BBT Rachel talking in that NY accent again. Play continues. Jeff joins in the game. They talk about playing small blind, big blind and dealer. Card game continues...[blah blah]

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11:05 BBT

On the smaller table the house is playing poker in the obnoxious accent..

It looks like everyone except Daniele and Jordan playing.

using candy as their money...

Other than that not much happening....right now...

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11:20 BBT

Poker game is going strong

Dani is getting filled in about her chat with Jeff earlier....they wanna talk inthe hammock but Dani wants to shower first

"someone's ear wax q tip " is sitting on the sink Kalia notices...and Kalia says she's almopst out of makeup remover...

Dani "I hate this life" as she desperately tries to take a cold shower..."I'm soooo coooold..ohhhh nooooo" she cries...

11:23 BBT "this what a feels like to now pay your water bill" Dani says {the cold water proabably has her not thinking as it should be the gas bill that heats water}

11:24 BBT Dani just in misery in her cold shower....Kalia "I feel os chunkalicious" "fat" Kalia says because she ate "slop chips" but soon realizes it was all the cake and goodies she ate at the party...

11:26 BBT Dani saying she can't even get the shampoo out of her saying she feels like "i'm in a wind tunnel" and is complaining full course..

"wahhhhhh its so cold" as Kalia tells her to just "hurry up" Kalia announce her mug 'is so clean" and a FOTH

11;28 BBT FOTH..

Out in Kitchen Poker continues.....on BBAD

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11:25PM BBT Loud talking heard from somewhere in the house. Camera switches to Dani in the shower shouting to Kalia that the water is so cold.

11:26PM BBT P, J, A, S, and Rachel still playing poker at the round table. They talk about the song "Another one Bites the Dust". Shelly said she played that song at her wedding. Dani still being loud in the shower.

11:28PM BBT Shelly gets up to get a drink and asks everyone if they want a drink. No one does.

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11:37PM BBT Shelly and Jordon in the BY talking about Rachel. Jordon said she and R had a good heart to heart talk today. Shelly said Rachel is trying hard to make her not like Jordon and Jeff. Shelly said Rachel is much better since she and Rachel talked.

Shelly talking about Adam following Dani around like he has a crush on her. Shelly and Jordon talking strategy.

11:41PM BBT Jordon said she needs Rachel in the house, but she doesn't trust her because she flip flops and lies so much. Shelly doesn't have a cigarette in her hand! Shelly said she HAS to win a game, but can not let Adam get all the questions...and lights up a cigarette.

11:44PM BBT Jeff is outside now smoking a cigarette. Shelly and Jeff talking questions, numbers, dates, before and after. Shelly wonders how the contestants don't hear the person stepping up or down next to them. Jordon said you can hear people step down, but not up. Shelly loves the way Jeff is playing the game. If she wins HOH she will not say anything to anyone just like Jeff does.

11:49PM BBT Adam and Porsche come outside and talk about the end of the poker game. Adam lights up a cigarette. Shelly talks aobut going to the casino. She won a lot of money one time. Rachel comes outside.

11:51PM BBT Quick camera switch to Dani drying her hair and then returns to the BY. Jeff talking about the time he went to Vegas and lost a lot of money betting $100 on black and it landed on red ten times in a row. Shelly like to play the $1 slots. Jordon reminded Jeff of the time she won on the nickel machine. Shelly said you can win big on the nickel machines. Rachel asked about the safari game and the penny slots. Her friend said his turn went on forever and won $50. Jordon asks Shelly, "Whats the most you ever won?" Shelly answered 3-4-maybe 5 grand. Her husband, Tony likes to save half of what they win.

11:57PM BBT Kalia and Dani in the bathroom. Kalia does the potty dance, wiggling back and forth. Dani told her to just go. Kalia said she can't because her nails are wet.

11:58PM BBT End of BBAD

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11:30 BBT "am I the only one that can't handle this" Dani asks and Kalia tells her yes..

Dani asks Kalia for another towel before her hair turns into "icicle icicle" to the quuen song bicycle


Kali sings and FOTH

Dani says "Kalia please cut out your vocal cords" and delesional Kalia doesn't grasp why she gets called out for singing

11:34 BBT

Outside Shelly left the poker game as it was too long before cigarettes...and she is talking Jordan about rachel....Jordan is being understanding of rachel and tells Shel she has had a "good talk" with her tonight....Shelly admits she rides "on her back"...

11:36 BBT Jordan says Rachel gets blamed and says "i will stick up " for her about an incident in the kitchen talking about millionaire matchmaker...

Shelly changes the subject to her..

Shelly saying the other want her on their side and try to turn on them..."why" Jordan asks and goes on about she'll be friends and Shelly says if they get rid of Dani they have a great shot "make the final three" and says Kalia and Porsche will be easy to get out....and discuss Adam...'maybe he can communicate' with girls but Adam makes Shelly nervous because he talks to Porsche all the time...

11:40 BBT Back in the bathroom Dani whinning about her zits...

back outsdie Shelly and Jordan talking...about Shelly wanting to J&J and her be final three...

Jordan worries Adam knows every detail but shelly says he isn't fast...

Shelly does her knowledge of numbers...and spouts them to a confused Jordan...Shelly says she does her dates "every number" and offers to go over everything to Jordan in HOH...."everybodys mind works different" as Jordan is perplexed how Shelly comes up with her numbers

Jeff's out of poker and has joined them outsides and lights up...Shelly suggest they practice upstairs....

11:45 BBT they are now having trouble getting on the same page with their numbers and Jordan laughs in total confusion.."isn't it funny" how people do math different ways...

Shelly saying before and after is hard...

11:46 BBT In bathroom Kali starts talking about her DR and FOTH...

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11:49 BBT

Adam has come out and fisrt thing he does is light up....and joins the convo outside....oblivious the convo was about him and shelly's suspicions of Adam...

Rachel has come out now as the convo is about gambling....

11:51 BBT Inside Dani is blow drying her hair whiletalking to kalia all you hear is the sound of the blowdryer though...

11:52 BBT Back outside Jeff is telling his gambling stories...Shelly asks what the most Jeff ever lost in Vegas several grand for each...

Rachel tells shelly ober 10K you get the tax form.....Shelly says in Minnesota it was $2500

11:54 Jordan is tallking abou winn on the "5 cent machine".... they discuss more gambling games

Inside the bathroom Kali and Jordan talking nonsense as jeff comes by when kali is talking "uterus"...."dear face you are disgusting" Dani tells herself..{took the words right out of my mouth}

Jeff asks if everyone's usterus is OK.....as he leaves the bathroom....

11:57 BBT Dani looking in the fridge "this guys is on high demand" about Jeff...as Kalia says when Jeff comes in just follow him in and ask for a few minutes..

Dani whinning just staring in the kitchen...Kalia looking for a "top coat' as Dani is unconcerned "its sounds like a personal problem" as kalia says she can't lay in the hammock because her nails are wet...

12:00 BBT Kali aoverreacting to her lost "top coat" .."your a child" Dani says....Shelly says she doesn't use it.......Dani "i feel like a creature with a diaper"

Dani asks if she is gonna hammock and says yeas after she bitches at her that she thought she couldn't....Adam comes in and Dani complains about her cold shower....Now Adam says he's "playing pool" and Dani says "when are we going to be friends again" and when are they gonna "hang out" and says he's on "high demand"

"i'm peeing" Kalia screams complete with sound whe dani demands to know what she's doing

12:04 BBT outside Jeff Adam playing pool

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12:06 BBT

Dani and Kali talking in the purple room...about her convo with Jeff...Kali says Jeff was tight lipped and Kalia says Jordan knows "exactly what he's gonna do" after Dani says when she talked to her she diodn;t know {she was whispering}

12:08 BBT FOTH

They leave the purple parlor and Kalia says she still is looking for her top coat.....as they head to the HN room...

Dani climbs into the inflatable duck and sits there...both are acting pretty silly...Kalia in the sombrero

12:11 BBT Kalia says she went to HOH andboth are giggling and FOTH

12:12 BBT FOTH

feeds return and recaps her convo with Jeff saying she told him she hopes she's not the target...Dani laughs..sorry "i heard talking" and says it made her laugh and again foth...

Kali back to her pitch to Jeff about taking out others......Kali says Jeff told her it was gonna happen...Kalia rehashes her convo...

12:15 BBT Dani whines "i hate my face" and Kalia wants to serious..and

Dani what makes "no sense" or "logic" that Jordan doesn't know...

Kli says "i hoping most he leaves it to same" and Dani says "we need it to stay the same" and if I go up "i'm leaving" ans Kalia says she may leave because she is a bigger threat than Porsche...

12:18 BBT Kalia says Dani will never become J&J and Rachel......Kalai wonders what can she offer to "keep me" and says "I don't know if we can trust shelly" and Dani says "we can't trust her period"..Dani says "Porsche isn't on our side either" nad Dani says Adam will do whatever he wants to as Kalia says he has to convince Adam to keep her

12:20 FOTH

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12:21 BBT

Dani says she needs to talk to Jeff and wouldn't say anything if he's trying "to backdoor me" {she played veto so its not a backdoor}

12:22 BBT Kalia talking how she told Jeff she can trust him she's never lied...."came her to play" while others are hear to "do nothing" and Kalia says he said "i agree"

12:23 BBT "i'm focusing on him keeping it the same and me staying"..Dani just wants to make sure their understanding is good....and she held her part "twice"

Kali says "i can get Adam" while Dani says he'll do what he wants and Kalia says she needs Rachel...

12:25 BBT Dani says Jeff needs to be nice because of Jury votes...and Porsche doesn't seem to understand that according to Dani

Kalia says she may want to call rachel on her debt for keeping her..

Dani lets go outside so we can "trap Jeff"

12:27 BBT Outside Jeff and Adam are playing pool and Jordan tlking off camera...

Kalia and Dani make their way outside..and says they think they found a clue the front door is open and no one seems interested to go look..Dani and Kalia make their way to the bathroom...Adam comes in about the clue....Adam told to stop playing with door

Kali begging Shelly for her vote and tells Kalia she has her vote and shelly asks Kalia if she has any idea if the noms will stay the same..and Shelly says she has no clue and FOTH

12:32 BBT FOTH

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12:33 BBT

Dani is pining over the food and Shelly offers to make her coffee, make her some pancakes....and FOTH

12:34 BBT Dani finally makes her way out back

Jeff and Adam are still playing pool

Shelly is in the bathroom working on her face..{I think she's applying Armor All Leather Protectorant but I could be mistaken}...

She made her way back out after the brief FOTh and is play fighting with Adam...

At the HT Rachel and Jordan Porsche and a bored Kalia talking...Kalia gets up and heads to the couches as Rachel and Jordan talk restaurants from where they are from....

12:39 BBT pool game continues...

12:42 Rachel and Jordan talking about bloody victims who jumped off the second floor..it seems to spark an interest in Porsche who asks questions..Jordan the guys teeth were knocked out..

Rachel says "when I visit Charlotte" they will have to go visit...

Rachel is talking about cake she ate from the halfway party shelly defrosted...in fron to Porsche....and turns back to their hometown talks ...

12:46 BBT Pool game continues without any interesting dialogue

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12:51 BBT

On the couches Shelly and Dani talking about feeds....

Now Shelly is saying "i never thought I would get this far in the game" and not be winning crap..talking about how they are near the finish line..But Dani says they still have a month

Dani says once they leave they will "miss it" after a week...

12:53 BBT shelly "is amazed" how much goes into it and as a business person "i get it" and Shelly says it would be fun "to work on" BB ...

12;54 BBT FOTH

Porsche comes over with her cold "protein pudding" and Shelly says its gonna make "me gag"...Dani asks......if its good and Porsche says she needed "something sweet"

Dani "they are gonna play like 80 games of pool"...Dani complains.."adam stop cockblocking" she whispers to herself/Porsche...Porsche says "i don't know"

Dani "so annoying" as she hears Rachel talking...Porsche says Jeff said "we'll talk later' and hasn't talked to Jeff and dani says "for a minute" she talked to Jeff when porsche says "kalia did"

12:59 BBT Dani waiting for her alone time with Jeff......

1:00 BBT Porsche wonders what time the veto ceremony will be and dani says "10" and FOTH

Porsche complaining about the cold showers..and joke their interviews with JC will be in farts...

Porsche complaining she's cold...shelly comes out plants herself in her usual spot and lights up and complains she's never stayed up late so much like she did this week...Rachel has come over to join the convo...

1:04 BBT the pool game continues as rachel asks if the found the chess pieces and Shelly bitching BB should just tell em...and FOth

Taking about the missing chess pieces..Shelly said it has to bee someone "from up there".Rachel thinks it may have been "lawon" but Porsche says he would have given them back....

Rachel decides to make "hot tea" and goes in...

1:06 BBT Jeff weighing himself as Dani has finally cornered him to the purple room..

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1:07 BBT

Jeff says he's nervous...

Dani telling Jeff rachel threw J&J "under the bus" three week in a row and she has been honest with the exception of "week 3'....

Dani saying its coming down its hard for J&J to stay together....without help

"it would suck to be backdoored" [you're not because you played veto}

she's plays hard....Dani says small number who would vote for...Jeff wants to know how far it would go...Dani is open and willing to tyalk about it....

Dani says she wants to "get rid of Porsche" make "a final 3 or final 4 deal"

Dani thinks this thursayday will be fastforward and next week "double eviction' and Dani says "that's the hardest bump to get over"

1:11 BBt Jeff didn't have it their season because of CHIma...

Jeff says he keeping "mums the word" to himself for people to be "suprised"..."or not suprised" and says "it would really suck' to be backdoored and has "gone out of my way" to prove it and Jeff says "it has" showed him...

Bashing Rachel "you have a competitor and a pathalogical liar" about rachel...Jeff asking what deal she has with Kalia and Dani says basically they just have each other's back...

Dani says "if it were to stay the same".."if Kalia goes home I have nobody' and kalia "you wre never ever an option" and Dani lies she had to say in Kalia putting him up and hasn't tried to get him out "since week 3"

1:15 BBT "it would super suck" about being backdoored and swears Jeff has her word...

Dani says He;s one of them to vote for till the ends..."has to be somebody that deserves to win"

Jeff says he will take what she says in consideration..."till the ceremony" and asks if the fortune tells is ever "gonna talk"

1:17 BBt Dani's pitch is done.. and offers Shelly a goodnight and finds Kalia and talks about her convo and says she is going up....

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1:18 BBT

Dani tells Kalia that if she goes up she's gone and if she doesn't kalia will go and either way "he'll be sorry" and Jeff acts like "he knows everything...it is what it is" and Dani says she couldn't getinfo....and tells Kalia what she said..see previous post...

1:20 BBT

Dani whispering her convo in the HN room.....Dani still talking about her sales pitch to Jeff...

Outside Jeff porsche Rachel and Adam talking about "sheppards pie" that Kali made

1:22 BBT Back in HN room Dani finished her summary "i don't like" the way he talk to her like 'you're above me" and Dani now upset...

"he better not put me up" and dani says it will be "hell for everyone tomorrow"..Dani "i'm pissed right now"...because he "is gonna put me up"

1:24 BBT Dani figured out Jeff didn't put her up not to piss her off and fight really hard to win veto and he's "not stupid..he's not smart but he's not that stupid" oh oh Dani is pulling the "honest person" card .."rachel is really pressuring to backdoor me...I want to punch her in the face"

1:26 BBT "we'll just have to wait and see".....Kalia tells Dani she has Shelly's vote but Adams may be harder to get...because he and Porsche are close...

Dani "i'm not gonna be able to sleep tonight...it sucks man...iwould be shocked if i didn't go up"...Kalia "really?" and Dani says yes...

1:29 "if he was smart" he would lose Dani's Porsche and Kalia vote Kali suggest..and says "if he backdoors" dani "he's gone next week"

1:30 Dani says to kalia in a bitch tone 'it will be you against me kalia...that sucks" when kalia wonders who would he talk down..Dani says she's going "outside for a bit" and stops her way to the backyard..

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1:33 BBT Dani comes out and everyone is talking about going to bed...

Adam complaining and Jeff says "quit" and they all joke about leaving..."no one has ever done that" Adam suggest....

Porsche 'come on Adam' be the first she encourages him and Adam "that's the history" he doesn't "want to make"

1:35 BBT Talking about Amber BB8 crying...

1:36 BBT talking which BB season theynwatched in sequester and FOTH


Feeds returns to Kalia joining the BY convo saying she can't fall asleep...

{i'm out be back tomorrow}

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0209BBT J&J in HOH. Jeff thinks that everyone is waiting for the double eviction to make their big move. J&J think that if Porsche won she would put up Shelly and Rachel. Jeff is going to tell Porsche and Kalia that they are working with them and not to tell anyone. Jeff kind of feels bad back dooring Daniele, but then he just thinks back to when she was trying to do it to him.

We keep getting WBRB.

Jeff asks Jordan if she is "pooped". She says that she is not and asks him if he wants to talk. He told her they have basically talked about everything. She said no, not talk about that, just talk. He says, "what do you want to talk about, the news?"

0228BBT All feeds are on Jeff & Jor. They are now doing jedi training.

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Discussion turns to game play. Porsche would rather play in comps then do the game talk part.

They discuss approaching Jeff in the morning and making the "deal of the century". They are going to try to talk him into putting up Rachel.

Daniele tells them that they have slop brain and then questions who putts the hottest girls in the house on the block.

Daniele thinks that this conversation is a bad one. They are telling each other who should stay and in the end

P- "We can sit here and guess unitl the cows come home, we might as well wait until tomorrow."

K- "The house feels empty"

D- "You mean everyones sole."

P- "I am the worst game talker."

Daniele leavs the room and Kalia continues to talk.

K- "You know if she leaves I am the only person you can trust."

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5:24 am BBT Looks like Adam is having trouble sleeping. Awake in the backyard, alone, talking to himself in a voice too low to hear and generally just staring off into the distance. Sighs loudly every now and then.

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7:10am BBT - Shell is up and in the KT. HN room not stirring. Shell has something to drink and heads outside. Nope, back inside. She heads back to the bedroom, grabs her cigs and heads back outside. NOW she's ready to start the day. She empties the ash tray, sits slowly down on the BY couch and takes a drink, wrapping her hoodie around her neck in the morning chill. Looks like she's back to napping sitting on the couch before she could light up. A plane flies over, Shell lets out a yawn and looks up & around.

There she goes, Shell has lit up her first cig of the day. (Maybe its just me but for someone who is so bent on setting a good example for her little girl might consider quitting smoking as a good place to start.) Por is adusts herself under her blanket. Shell is talking game to herself, not complete sentences. Something about Jor and PoV.

7:30am BBT - You can hear the birdies singing on Feed 3 as Feed 1 shows a closeup of a masked Kal sound asleep in the HN room, Feed 2 all three girls in the HN room and Adm sleeps on F3.

8:00am BBT - Shell is letting down the awnings in the BY. Adm stirs, settles back asleep. Por rolled over to face the other direction. Shell checks the dryer and begins folding clothes.

8:13am BBT - Shell went inside, did some dishes, refilled her diet coke & is back outside lighting up yet again. No movement elsewhere in house.

8:25am BBT - Shell starts up the HT. (Why, I don't know. Other than dangling their feet, do any of the HG actually get into it this season?)

8:30am BBT - Shell finishes refilling the HT and is back on the couch, picking at her fingernails, rubbing her ears, basically fidgeting.

8:40am BBT - Shell has switched to coffee.

9:15am BBT - FotH. House wakeup call.

9:20am BBT - Feeds back, Rach on the WCA couch, Por cleaning her face, Dani & Adm up too, can hear Shell's voice, Jeff still sleeping in HoH. FotH again. Shell in shower. HoH lights are on, but no one home behind Jeff's eyes. His eyes are wrapped and he isn' moving. Jor appears to be up though. Kal never budged in HN room, Dani back down.

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