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8/22 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

Angelo Joe

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camera switched on their own to Dani and a sleeping Kalia, but she gets called to the DR and is whining about it and asks where everyone is Dani gives her a complete rundown and made some mention that Rachel would not sit next to her or something, and Kalia says why? and she says becuase I could confront her about all her lies, then Kalia still not getting up to go to the dr, and now Dani telling Kalia that Shelly told her about Adam said he is voting her out, and they are talking about some plot, and she says even if they convince him, that he will pull a change at the last minute again, (was is a last min vote??) they keep talking numbers, Dani seems sooo convinced that they can work this, the whispering is hard to hear, Dani saying Shelly is cooking and Kalia of course says she is hungry. woopps, that is Porsche is saying she is hungry, Kalia did go to the DR, Dani complaining that Porsche is sleeping too much in her whiney voice

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they leave, talking to Shelly about her baking skills while passing Thur the kitchen

Rachel in the kitchen and something was said about ground turkey versus ground beef, Shelly likes the Beef, so does Rachel, Rachel interjects a cpl slightly sarcastic comments, sorta backhanded about food as Dani cannot eat

Rachel says os smells sooo good in ear shot of Dani, then saying would;t it be funny if your significant other or spouse was behind there, the walls I guess, and Shelly says yes, I would be pissed if he didn't say he was there, really boring right now peeps, I am gonna do some catch up, I am out for a bit, pne more thing someone walks in the kitchen, and Shelly says "whadda ya doin home fry,(home fry?, that would be home slice I think, geesh fatcat)

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8:15BBT--J/J/S/A eating dinner that Shelly cooked for everyone. Porsche trying to figure out how to make 'slop cookies'.

Kalia/Dani out back. K trying to cheer up D, but D having none of it. D telling K, "What do you want me to say? I'm happy to be leaving? No, I don't want to spend time with Brendon in the jury house." K says she's just trying to cheer her up & thinks they should at least make the best of their time left in the house. Asks D is she wants to play cards--D says No. D says she can't take the slop anymore, then gets up & goes into the house. K talking to self, saying "I don't know what she wants from me--I'm on the block too". K talking about how boring the house is & this is why she sleeps so much, because the house is so boring.

8:28BBT--Rachel finds a bottle of wine and 4 beers for the Have's. Dani trying to find something to eat. K still outside(appears to be napping on outdoor couch). Shelly thinks wine tastes like cough medicine, doesn't want any.

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K/D alone in the BY

awkward silence. Dani giving "looks."

K: What's wrong, do you want to talk about it?

D: No. It just sucks that I'm going home. I don't want to spent 4 weeks in jury with these stupid people for a stipend. Where's Porsche?

D leaves to find Porsche

K: [alone] I don't know what she wants from me. I'm trying to be nice to you. I'm on the block too, and you run off to find Porsche. Whatever. This house is boring, that's why I sleep so much.

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8:33BBT--J/J go outside to BY couches--K gets up & goes inside. Rachel joins J/J in the backyard. Jeff smoking. Teasing R about her 'drunk' persona getting ready to make an appearance. Jeff says weather forecast for tonight is "It's raining Rachel" (teasing her because she has half a bottle of wine in her glass).

Jordan telling R that she defended her to Jeff/Shelly because Dani claimed Rachel was creating drama--when she wasn't. J/J reminding R she has 3 more days of tongue biting. R says she has been doing good, but letting it loose it the DR. J/J say that's great, that's what DR is for.

R asking Jordan about what interviews she did after winning the show. Jordan says biggest interview is with Julie, for the 'Early Morning Show'.

A/D/K in kitchen.

Jordan telling R that B&B was very scary for her. She liked learning how the show works, but she wouldn't want to do the show regularly. She doesn't like being in the spotlight.

Shelly joins R/J/J in the BY to smoke. Thanking S for dinner. Now they are excited to make meatloaf.

Adam joins the crew--Jeff asks if he likes meatloaf & A says "Bat out of Hell" was a great album (LOL). Yes, Adam likes meatloaf the food as well.

S wondering why they don't get canned veggies. Jeff jokes, "Man, they starve us here". Everyone laughs.

R describing that BB-UK has to compete to win money to buy their own groceries. So, if they win $200, that is all they get to buy groceries with for the week.

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