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8/22 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

Angelo Joe

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11:31 am BBT

Kalia & Dani in HN room crying

D - I hate having friends in this house

K - You know that you have friends in the house because they offered _________ to let you stay

D - WORST birthday week ever, You know that was their plans all along!

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11:38 am BBT

D says that she wants the KING & the QUEEN for Thursday

K - They are in the bottom drawer in the DR

D - I thought they were in your bag

K - I put them in there weeks ago! Because ppl were taring up the house & I thought they would go through my bag

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HN room with Kalia, Dani said she's never even had to pack on this show

Now in the BY Dani/ Shelly/ Adam

After a few awkward minutes of silence [shelly and Adam wouldn't even look at Dani], Shelly asking her her plan for moving forward, whats on her mind, etc. Dani saying she's not going to roll over and die, she loves that she could have backdoored Jeff whenever and she didn't, and that all means nothing to him. Dani says "Jeff and Natalie are going to have to quit, and production doesn't want that" [talking about people in production who will quit if Dani gets evicted]

Dani "worst birthday week ever."

Adam being dead silent

Shelly attacking Rachel, Dani joining in.

Adam goes inside.

Now Dani talks to shelly about how Rachel is going to make final 2, bc she's a perfect goat, etc. Dani saying JJ are the only couple left, need to be delt with, etc

Adam comes back out, talk stops.

Inside, JJPR are just making food, etc nothing much to report

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1:05pm BBT:

Dani and Porch power whispering of how to keep her in the house. Porch told Dani she has a deal with Adam, so she feels that they could get his vote. They move on to feeding into Shelly's hate for Rach.

Dani is confidant that their plan to have kalia booted will work. How Kalia won't be able to win the upcoming comps.


Ongoing talk about saying that Kalia prob had a deal with J/J all along. Dani says she feels bad about trying to undermine the only person she cares about in the house. And Kalia enters the room. Talk is now about Jeff and not trusting his word. Slop talk.

Adam alone in kitchen.

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1:21pm BBT:

Rach and Shelly outside. Shelly reconfirming that they're cool being in an alliance considering their issues. Both agree they need to stick together especially with double eviction coming up etc.

Shelly compliments Rach's composure during the pov ceremony.

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3:38 BBT

Shelly and Kalia in the kitchen Kalia fishing about "Shellys votes, and then they are Rachel bashing, 'Shelly says Rachel is just plain jealous of her and her place in life and really it is sooo far from hers.

Kalia is tired of Adam not always being clear where he stands,a nd now Shelly iis saying she has talked to Adam already about the vote, they are talking numbers, now Shelly saying she doesn't want to be talking in front of the cameras, goes to get her soda

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She I think is going to go somewhere else to talk with Kalia, puring herself a diet coke, in the purple room, Shelly asks where Porsche is at, meaning votes, and she thinks if and after Dani leaves, they will be together and she is including Shelly in this convo, Shelly asking who do you think Porsche will vote for, and Kalia seems to think that Porsche will vote with the house, to keep herself safe and not make enemies, Kalia is saying she should go with the house, now Kalia saying if you think about the numbers of it, and something about keeping Porsche safe as to get to final whatever, and Jeff is trying to hold onto Adam cause he needs him, and he has adam in his pocket, then Shelly says he has only won one thing the pov

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they think it will be questions and he is good at that and they think Jordan is useless for that kind of hoh, Kalia is trying to say how they have all protected him he is not commiting to anything and is hard to pin down, going all the way back to Dom, Shelly says she is gonna get to the bottom of Adams mind and find out what it is with him as he is acting weird, and Kalia talking like she has played all the seasons of BB and saying you cannot win this game alone, and don't give ppl what they want and wouldn't it be amazing if they could take all the vets out, and that is what this season is, vets against newbies, and they are saying it is sooo stupid to go with the vets so he can never win in the end, but he is a huge fand and tried for 3 yrs to be on the show, and wouldn't it be better for him to step up then to ride jeff and not win, Kalia says it is really frustrating and she Kalia feels like she is trying every week to flip a house that is sooo stupid, the Shelly tell Kalia that she is pretty sure she will be safe

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they are saying they hope Adam has the sense to realize that theywill put him up, and Kalia feels that she believes there are still ppl here that can beat the 4 of them, and Shelly says if she didn't believe that she would not still be in the game, Kalia saying "What do we have to lose?" we need to make big moves, Shelly says she wishes thurs was here, and then they leave and Shelly says noone can know, I am not sure what she is talking about, that she is gonna talk Adam into voting to keep Dani???

Kalia is now talking to Dani, about numbers, then Dani says whatever is gonna happen is gonna happen, and that everyone is prolly gonna do whatever he(Jeff) wants them to do, then they start talking about Slop

Dani had a huge hic up and now they are not talking game, but Dani is sing songing why oh why didn't you ppl evict him week 3

then Kalia sing songing what a week, what a week, Kalia says she is prolly gonna go take a nap as she is not feeling social, and now both are talking about real food, especially Kalia, big Cheeseburger, we get music

they are huming, so that is why we got music, then Dani says she has to tell her something bt didn't catch it, general chit chat, humming I think on purpose, but we do not get music

I hadd to put it back on quad, they are all in the by but Dani and Klaia, and Shelly is now out there, just talking about the card game, and Dani in the kitchen saying it is freezing, Kalia hums (**&%*)

really no game convo going on,

Dani asks what Porsche is doing and Kalia says out playing cards and then repeats how Porsche said "another woman going to the jury house" to bug Rachel, Brendan bashing, then talking about how hungry she Dani is, soooo hungry

Shelly now in the kitchen talking to Dani, we get music, but she was telling Dani"we will make it" cause Dani said how long the week will be

Kalia asks if you get your I pod in the jury house and Dani says sarcastically I don't know I've never been in the jury house, then Dani says "ask Jeff" and snickers

they are talking about some weird dream Dani had about getting evicted, now Dani eants to know where Adam is, they say outside, and then Kalia said I don't know what he is doing, they are saying hi sname over and over

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2:09PM BBT: Porsche and Rachel talking Porsche says the first time she met Kristen they didn't get along Rachel says Kristen is awesome Rachel gets called to the DR Adam says stop talking about Kristen Porsche saying I an not a floater

2:10PM BBT: Adam says Daniele came out the other night talking to him asking who he would keep Porsche or Kalia Adam says he told her Kalia has showed well and Porsche time will come Shelly walks out in by and the talk stops

2:12PM BBT: Porsche says I should have won that veto and took whatever lashings I had coming Adam says what one Porsche says the one I threw to Brendon

2:15PM BBT: Adam says when Jeff talked to him he told Jeff not to put you up but he did Porsche said she knew it would happen that's why I play dumb what was I suposed to do be aggressive when I came in here Porsche saying she gets her bed back thursday Shelly asking where her head is now Porsche says I am sad Shelly says obviously Shelly says the numbers on that side of the house is going down so where are you Porsche says on the side with the newbies

2:17PM BBT: Shelly asking Porsche who she will vote out this week Porsche says Kalia because of her deal with Jordan she ask Adam Adam says Daniele Shelly says let me tell you I say Kalia Shelly says iif we keep Daniele and flip the house then we have the numbers and we procede acordingly says she loves Jeff and Jordan but she is there to win a game but she needs Adam and Porsche to think where they stand if Daniele leaves or if Kalia leaves

2:18PM BBT: Porsche says we need couples out it isnt fair and they will keep Rachel I can tell Shelly says on their list your high your on the list to go out Adam says I know Jeff walks outside and talk stops

2:21PM BBT: by talk turns to working out with Jeff and Adam and Jeff says he took a major nap yesterday Rachel asking if Jordan is sleeping Jeff says yeah

2:36PM BBT: Porsche is looking for her split ends in her hair Shelly goes and talks to Adam saying we have to be smart about this Shelly saying we cant keep Jeff in they will beat us and you know Jeff can win she says in a perfect world she wants Daniele to go but if we make a deal with Daniele and she will 100% to work with us we have a good chance of getting there Adam says he doesn't know if he can trust Daniele 100%

2:39PM BBT: Adam he doesn't trust Daniele as much as Jeff Shelly says if Jeff or Jordan or Rachel win HoH who goes up Adam says Porsche and Kalia

2:41PM BBT: Adam saying he wants to get to 6 people say if you go up then gatrentee you play for veto that's why I want Daniele to go Shelly says what makes you think that if Daniele goes Shelly says nobody wants you to get to questions because your good at questions

2:42PM BBT: Shelly says what if I set up a meeting with the three of us would you be willing Adam says I don't know I haven't trusted Daniele for about three weeks now Shelly says ok with you and me at what point do we split up Jeff and Jordan Adam says final 4 I know we can beat jor

2:44PM BBT: Adam says what if Daniele wins this week get rid of Kalia I know I can beat Porsche Shelly says yeah Porsche has your back he says yeah I know Adam says if Porsche or Kalia wins Rachel leaves next week for sure if Jeff wins he will put up Kalia and Porsche Shelly says I just think we have the numbers if we go the other way

2:46PM BBT: Shelly says you aint worried about Rachel winning HoH Adam says no and Jeff cant play this week he thinks Kalia will keep himself and Shelly safe over dani

2:47PM BBT: Shelly tells Adam to start talking about something else she ask him what concert he was suposed to go to this week as Jeff walks out to the pool

2:50PM BBT: Adam and Shelly talking about shopping Shelly asking Jeff if Jordan is sleeping too he sayas yeah Adam says I never get called to the DR anymore he says they are probably working on the thursday show Shelly says we cant take anything for granted in here we have to win on thursday

2:52PM BBT: Adam saying his head was away this morning and his birthday week his head got away too but he has to pull it back he ask Jeff what he does when he gets homesick Jeff says just think it's almost over not to many days left but remember they are missing you too just not as much as you miss them it's different in here

2:54PM BBT: Adam says his driving force is a letter so he wants to win HoH Jeff says you going to cry he says I might Jeff says that's awesome Adam says I don't want to cry Jeff says why not alot of poeple cry it's awesome I like when people cry and show their emotions

2:58PM BBT: Adam asking Jeff if the pool still feels soapy he says no Adam says did Daniele come talk to you Jeff says no Adam says yeah was kinda awkward when she came out and said I knew it was coming Jeff says yeah she said if I put her up she would stay

3:01PM BBT: Adam and Jeff talking about Daniele and things she has said in the house is all crap and Jeff said if she wants to go there we will play Adam said you made your girlfriend happy today that was the best speach Jeff said it was real serious and I wanted to crack jokes but it was serious

3:03PM BBT: Jeff said it was a matter of trust and I wasn't" going to team up with someone that I was teamed with at first she left not me Adam says yeah I don't trust her Jeff says because she runs circles around here and it just doesn't add up

3:06PM BBT: Adam says Daniele kept asking what is Jeff doing Adam tells them that he will make his disicion that morning Jeff says I already had my decision made before this morning Adam says I know Adam asked if Jeff stared at his pic this morning Jeff says yeah I couldn't keep my eyes off it

3:10PM BBT: Adam saying now all there is is the waiting just try to avoid the b**ch fest because we know it's coming he tells Jeff it will be crazy to fight you Jeff says she thought she would make final two from the beggining Jeff says I will take my team to the end Jeff says like in the speach he said he doesn't break his word but when you cross me I will break it and I will take my team and go through the good and the bad

3:11PM BBT: Adam says when he came in here I said I was going to do whatever it takes and when he seen people doing things that blew up fast

3:14PM BBT: Jeff asking Porsche if she would like the veto with the big necklace better she says yes Adam says she would rock it she says yeah I would rock it Adam asking about shorts now that are lost talking about Dominic might have them and wear them to finale

3:19PM BBT: Adam laying by the pool Jeff in the pool just general talk about movies

3:36PM BBT: Rachel playing cards with Porsche in the by Rachel tells Adam she put the salmon in lastnight he sais he knows there is one in the fidge and one in the freezer Shelly and Kalia in kitchen cooking

3:40PM BBT: Kalia says I am trying to figure out numbers on my own part here Shelly says right Kalia says obviously Jeff wants Daniele gone Shelly says probably Shelly says I am just waiting to see if we get to a double or not then figure it all out Shelly says I don't trust Rachel I don't trust Rachel at all Shelly says for whatever reason she doesn't know Rachel is jelouse of her and she doesn't want anything to do with her man and Porsche told her that some other woman is going to jury with Brendon and Rachel was not happy about it

3:44PM BBT: Shelly asking Kalia who she thinks Porsche will vote for this week Kalia says I don't know we aren't going to pressure her she will probably vote for me or vote the way the house votes

3:46PM BBT: Kalia saying this is why Jeff did this he needs the numbers for double eviction week and this is about numbers Shelly says yeah and they talk about Adam not being good in endurance he was 3rd in other competitions and Daniele is probably leaving this week

3:51PM BBT: Kalia saying the other side has the numbers Rachel Jeff Jordan and Adam it's 4 to our three Shelly says I think we need to approach Adam in a different way Shelly says it's time to make moves Kalia says yeah it is time to make moves

3:53PM BBT: Shelly goes to kitchen Daniele is in kitchen making something to eat Kalia walks in Daniele says whats wrong with you Kalia says I was thinking of the numbers Daniele says I don't know what ever is going to happen is going to happen it doesn't matter who leaves every week is going to be the same lets all bow down to Jeff hold hands and skip to myloo

3:56PM BBT: Daniele saying she cant wait to eat food Kalia says she wants a big fat burger maybe with bacon on it she says no I cant cant cant have bacon

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Porsche is talking in a weird accent and semi humming

Dani and Kalia still in the kitchen making slop, so now Kalia has to whistle, so far we have not gotten the music

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Kalia now laying down and talking to a stuffed animal that she has to win hoh next time and take out Jeff

now talking to herself about it is not out of the realm of cutting a deal with the j's

I gotta walk the pooch so anyone feel free, I'm out for now ,fatcat

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5:33 BBT

OK the pooch has been walked (wink wink)

Adam with Jeff on the couches and swearing his allegience to Jeff, he says there is nothing Dani can say that will make him change his vote, Adam says there is nothing that she can say to make him change, evenif she threatens him it will do no good. I came in mid convo and I thnk Adam was putting in a plug for Porsche, because I hear Jeff say yeah , I told Porsche she has to like talk to me, Jeff says I will not spread stories right now as not to cause trouble but Jeff says if she starts telling you stories come and tell me and then I will tell you what she has said to us and you will know she is lying, Adam says I know she will do and say anything to stay in the house, then of course Shelly comes out and causally asks if they are talking and they say in general, she asks what time do you wnat dinner then they start just chit chatting, something about clousd, she is trying to say cirrus clouds and pronounces it serious (wrong), now talking about grasshoppers

talking about flying grasshoppers and moths and Shelly says she is not afraid of bugs, but something flew in her hair and that botherd her, now talking about the awnings because BB got on Rachel for messing with the awnings, she evidently is working out, now she is doing the weights,speaking of which Jeff is going to work out with Adam and they were discussing which parts of upper body they will do, lats, etc.

Shelly is not being abrasive to Rachel at this point, just talkin about weights ans putting the bar together but it looks like Rachel just has the bar and doing press ups with just that on the bench, Adam switches to computer talk, and how to work with a master copy and marking files as they are hard to find in a puter if you dont know where to work and how to makr, and then Adam says cover your ass always when you have a lot of files and things of detail, like price lists, etc, Shelly says her Mac is easy to work with files and so easy tofind things on a Mac.

still talking files and puters, and Shelly saying to Rachel "youre gonna get in trouble" with the awnings, I guess you have to leave them a certain way for light for the cameras, Adam goes back to he does his job right, and a guy at his work got laid off because he did not take care of details and those kinds of things, talking about laying ppl off, I guess Adams boss got laid off but Adam is still there

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4:07PM BBT: Daniele making slop. Porsche and Rachel playing cards. No other HG on feeds

Kalia lying in the Have-Not room deep in thought.

4:14PM BBT: Dani/Porsche whispering in kitchen. Talking about Adam and his vote -Daniele says she doesn't want to push to hard today.

Dani/Porsche discuss making slop chips with out jalapenos. Kalia looking at her teddybear. Sniffling every once in awhile

4:18PM BBT: Daniele is saying something about Adam saying he doesn't trust her - she says she has never lied to him. We hear Adam in WC

Porsche joins Kalia in Have-Not room to try and take a nap. Telling Kalia about card game. Says she is exhausted

4:22PM BBT: Adam goes to HoH and takes something for HoH basket. Jordan wakes - he had wanted to listen to music. She tells him to go ahead

Kalia complaining she is tired of trying to get the house two do things that it won't. She says no one is willing to do anything big.

Kalia says thereis no sense talking to Adam because he only cares if you are in power

4:31PM BBT: Daniele joins Have-Not room - saying that it is so boring in the house Complaining that she is breaking out so bad and can't look at herself.

Shel tells Kalia/Daniele that Shelly is making taco pie. Bashing the taco pie.

Now discussion about popping zitsKalia complaining that Rachel is cutting her split ends in a community area-says gross (guess Kalia forgets she does it in the bathroom area)

Dani/Kalia saying that Rachel pees on the toilet seat and Daniele says Rachel puts her toenails on the couch

Kalia says that she only squats in the house bathroom as the other HG are gross.

4:38BBT: Jordan and Rachel discussing Shelly and that Shelly may vote for Daniele to stay. Concerned that Shelly is so close to Dani

Rachel says if it is a 3-2 votes - they will know Shelly not on their side

4:41PM BBT: Daniele talking to Porsche again about deals. Keeps saying the 4 of them (Dani/Por/Shel/Adam?)

Kalia comes back into Have-Not room and Dani/Porsche stop talking.

4:43PM BBT: Dani/Por/Kalia bashing Jordan - saying put unitard back on her two get some life. Daniele: What show do you think CBS will give Jeff now?

ani complaining that she is breaking out due to stress. She doesPMS for about a week before but is using it as a scapegoat 2

4:47PM BBT: Porsche starts in again saying she is going to tell Rachel that she is going to flirt with Brendon.

Jor exercising in BY. In Have-Not room the girls continue Rachel bashing and laughing about doing something with Brendon

Kalia says that no matter who goes to Jury Brendon will not be coming back to Rachel. Daniele says her vagina hurts from the thought of sleeping with Brendon. It's going to fall off she says.

4:50PM BBT: Kalia calls Rachel a cow. Then Porsche makes a goat sound. Now talk about having their phones

Discussion abt whether Brendon/Rachel were the underdog in their season. Porsche: You voted out underdog now you have two vote out his bitch

4:57BBT: Rachel/Jeff talking gen chit chat in BY. Girls in Have-Not room talking about speeches and how lame they are.

Kalia is bored but doesn't want to be in the BY. Says to steal Rachel cards so they can play war

5:04BBT: Kalia sings and gets caught by BB. Adam and Jeff talk about working out

Adam says that Daniele told him worst brithday week ever. He says she made decisions in this game that didn't work and now she has two pay

5:09Adam asks Jeff why he didn't nom Daniele to begin with. He said so that he had more people to play for his side

Adam/Jeff discussing why Jeff didn't tell anyone what he was going to do.

5:22PM BBT: dam says that he will be yelled at in a DR about why Jeff put her up. Jeff explains again that he knew what he was doing

Adam and Jeff game talk over. Adam having a cig and then going to get ready to exercise.

We are back to game talk. Adam says that he feels Daniele can only stir up trouble. Jeff says Daniele will bad mouth Jeff and Jordan not Kalia

5:32PM BBT: Adam says that she can say anything and he won't buy it. Jeff says he can prob back it up with the same story

Shel joins Adam/Jeff in BY after her nap

5:45PM BBT: Shel/Adam discussing their jobs and what they have to do at work.

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When his boss got laid off and he called adam in to his office, Adam thought he was gettin the boot but it was his boss just telling him he was a goner, Shelly says she has had to lay off I thought she said hundreds, that seems like a lot, but Adam says if you get laid off at his job you get a severence package, and if you have been there a long time their pkgs are astronomicle, then all of a sudden Shelly says rachel is trying to do so good, but then a semi Rachel bitching sort of starts just about her little kid habits that are not sooo good, but nothing really mean said, now I think it is just Shelly and jeff sitting therem silence and a big plane going over, then Shelly says we get to get some more smokers and just SMOKE, she says I like to smoke sometimes, it's FUN

Now I see that Rachel and Jordan are both on the ground working out, Rachel doing butt busters, and they are talkin about lunges, and Rachel says she just did those, looks like Jordan is doing side butt busters, Rachel now telling Jordan she is worried that Adam does not want to vote out Dani, and they say well as long as shelly does( be careful ladies)

So now they stop that talk and are walking 20 walk 20 run, but starting on with walk 5 and run 5 then build up to 20 each.

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went to quad cam, and now Dani is there with Shelly and Shelly is giving her logic and says if Rachel gets to f3 she deserves nothing, and Shelly is saying if we get you to stay, Dani is saying I have never lied to any of you guys and I don't plan to, and now Shelly is throwing Adam under the bus saying that he does not agree with what Dani just said, and Dani also saying that Jeff swore to her he would not back door her, and it has been so many weeks and she has not lied at all( this is not true Dani) Dani is really pouring it on to Shelly about how true she has bee n through out this game, and now Shelly is saying haow she is talking to Adam and telling him what is up, Dani says Jeff cant play next week, and also blowing big smolke up Dani's, and Dani says if they are gonna flip the house they have to do it now, Shelly says in a perfect world and the FF she would not want to go up( wow, I am getting nauseous)

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Shelly is telling Dani how much she personally likes her Dani and she Shelly HAS to break up the J's, now Dani saying if this happens nothing can be said not even to Kalia, and then Shelly says Kalia says to Dani that Kalia says she is a goner and is feeling comfortable with herself, Shelly saying "we have to fight", and Shelly says she does not care because the only way for her to get to the f2 is to work with Dani, and dani says it suck she went into the dr and she knew she was going up, she knew, she keeps repeating she knew, and she think it sucks cause she put all her trust in him Adam and it is just wrong is what she is saying and basically it is his fault, and then he looks her in the eye, and pulls the integrity card, oh she is saying Jeff swore up and down and he talks about integrity(like she wouldn't do the same) and she is really throwing him under the bus, that she Dani went out of her way to prove to him that this is not personal and he is making it personal, and she went up before the veto and giving him advice and then they hardly campaigned, and then they do her like that for Rachel, they her and Shelly think this is all being done for Rachel(are you kidding me?) Shelly says she gets nothing because her stipend goes to her work, and if the J;s go to the end and one wins, it is duel money and counting how much they will rake in and it is not fair, and Dani says back to what I am gonna do, I am gonna act like I know i am leaving and make everyone think I am leaving and I know it, and Dani says if this works (I think they are banking on Adam) that it will be such a huge move

Shelly hates the thought that ppl think she is bad, and Adam is then brought up again and Dani says he will do what is best for him, and he just does not remember it is a game, Dani says someone even lied to her, didn't catch it, but Shelly says if we do this you cannot lie to me and Dani swears she will never lie to her, then Kalia talk and about how she is already talking to Dani who she should campaign to, and how she will win hoh next week, and then Dani says "what sdo you want me to tell you, and how can she ask me what she should do to stay in the house?"

ok silence for a min, Dani says do you think they have some kind of deal with them ,meaning the J's because he is sooo enamored with them, Shelly says there is something going on, but he is not really listening, and Shelly told him dude" you really have to think about this"

And even on this side Adam will have to go, and Dani says it is just numbers, especially with some deal and now she is whispering about she will never put Jordan up, talking about Kalia?? confused on that could not hear it exactly

Adam gets called to the diary room, and we get music

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Shelly says all they have is Rachel( where is she getting this?) Porsche told some story oh about another girl going to the jury house to bug Rachel, the Shelly says "I asked Porsche straight up who are you gonna vote for" right in front of Adam, and then she says she is embellishing it alot, but says she told them this was their chane to vote them out, Rachel said she was hungry for Shellys food tonight,a nd Dani said "I hope she chokes on it, then back to Shelly telling Adam how he has no chance, and then Dani says Jordan has already won once and has done something right, but the Shelly interjects that Jeff already thinks Jordan is gonna win and has is wrapped up,( I never heard this form either of them) Shelly says to be honest I was surprised, and then shelly says she saw that Kalia looked relieved becuase she thinks she has it knocked

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Shelly says I know if we dont do this now it will be over, and talking about Jordan whining about how unfair it is when they have only lost one person, Rachel bashing, because Dani heard Rachel say that she's talking about me and call her an idiot, well they are talking about her. now trying to say that Rachel has been lying ALL the time, everything she says is a lie, and that Rachel said that Shelly said she was gonna put up Adam and someone else and then back door Dani because she ws a disgusting human being( I think Shelly did say that about Dani), Talking about stuffing and Shelly wants to know how do you make stuffing?" ( sorry you all this convo is really so ridiculous)

they are bashing Rachel some more and Shelly cannot wait to tell tony about how bad Rachel is and both say they have never met anyone like her and Shelly says she just does not know how a person like Rachel can make up the things she does and lie??( it is deep in the BY tonight folks)Dani saying she should tell Rachel what her and Brendon will be doin in sequester because she will freak, then saying Porsche is such a SWEET girl, and Shelly says I told her how great she is and how far she has come since they first got in there, Shelly is really singing Porsche's praises, super super nice girl, Dani says she is a sweet girl

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switching to the boys working out as I cannot take DAni and Shelly any more, music becuase someone is singing, the boys are really bonding over their workout, looks like they are really in sync having a good time

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