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8/19 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

Angelo Joe

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9:09 PM BBT Feeds 1 and 2 of Jeff, Jordan, and Rachel cleaning up in the bathroom while Adam showers. Feeds 3 and 4 with everyone else in the kitchen chatting and snacking. Just general chit chat. Jordan admits that once she saw how far ahead Jeff was she slowed down. She didn't see the point in over doing it when he was clearly winning.

9:14 PM BBT Adam freaks Daniele out by showing her his raw red bloody nipples. He explains to her that the cold water causes hard nipples. Put that together with running in a wet t-shirt and you get bloody, raw nipples. He tells her that Jeff is raw there too. Adam then goes to the storage room where Porsche is assisting him by addressing and putting heart shaped bandages on his nipples. TRIVIA

9:20 PM BBT Feeds return and Adam removes his shirt. Daniele is adding pink smiley faces to his heart shaped bandaids with nail polish. Adam "Another first for me in the big brother house." Adam then announces that the pizza and bloody nips have arrived. Adam has to keep his t-shirt off to allow the smileys to dry.

9:25 PM BBT Everyone is pretty distracted with pizza for the moment except for Jordan who is primping and putting on her makeup for Showtime.

9:30 PM BBT In the kitchen Adam tells Jeff that they are nipple buddies now. Jeff talking about the one big sud that went into his mouth and he couldn't breath. Meanwhile in the bubble gum BR Daniele and Kalia are in bed chatting while Porsche is making up the beds. None of them are excited about the prospect of going to the jury house and being alone with Brendan, especially after their goodbye messages to him. Kalia is hoping that since it's the jury house and not the game anymore that maybe he will be a "normal human being". Adam comes in to find that Daniele has claimed the bed he has been sleeping in. He says she can have it and calls it a birthday present to her. Meanwhile in the kitchen Rachel and Jeff are rehashing their competition strategies.

9:39 PM BBT BB: Jeff, please go to the diary room. Rachel "Yeah"

9:40 PM BBT Rachel joins the 4 in the bubble gum bedroom. They are again discussing the sleeping arrangements. Rachel "do I even have a bed?" Adam "you can join me and Shelly in the old age home" explaining that the other bedroom is the 40 and up room.

9:46 PM BBT Not much going on. Jeff is in DR. Jordan is now in the kitchen talking. Dani, Porsche, and Kalia are talking while laying down in the bubble gum room. Just general chit chat between the 3 with Dani occassionally mouthing something that we can't hear. Rachel is on the hunt for her "puppy" that appears to be missing. She thinks someone is taking stuff because Colonel Quackers is missing too.

9:51 PM BBT Rachel is still on the hunt "Why would you take my puppy...Just to be mean?" Feeds 1 & 2 on the bubblegum room. Feed 3 is following Rachel around room to room while she searches. Feed 4 is jumping around from room to room. Rachel quits the searching for a while and joins Jordan in the kitchen. Rachel is now convinced there is a conspiracy with both her puppy and Brendon's Colonel Quakers being gone. She gives up and goes to lay down on the purple lounge. Meanwhile in the bubble gum room Daniele is telling Porsche how well she did. Porsche "what, I got the first loser". Porsche says she is tired of finishing close without winning.

10:00 PM BBT Porsche and Kalia are trying to guess who Jeff will nominate. They both agree that there is no reason for Jeff to try to backdoor Daniele since she has the veto ticket and gets to play regardless. If he puts up both of them (Porsche/Kalia) then all 3 of them will play veto. Kalia is keeping it real "we were in power for 3 weeks, we new things had to change". Porsche "I feel like such a loser" for getting 2nd again. Kalia "Look at the upside, if one us leaves, if we do leave, the stress is over". Porsche "Fuck that, I don't want to go to jury with Brendan."

I'm out to watch BBAD.

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BBAD 08/18/2011


Porsche and Kalia in Bubblegum room discussing veto competition and the possibilities of Kalia getting back doored

awkward silence

Kalia hopes "somehow someway may I can convince them to take out Rachel"

Kalia whispering / Porsche Whispering

(can't hear much, but it sounds like Kalia said she worked her butt off to keep them, J&J, safe -Angelic)

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1007PM BBT

Jordan comes into bubblegum room

Kalia changes convo to how her eyes are aggravated with the bubbles

Porsche Kalia and Jordan discussing the HoH competition

1014PM BBT

Jordan/Kalia/Porsche sleeping in Bubblegum Room

Dani/Adam/Shel in Kitchen

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11:15 BBT

Jeff got his HOH room. Jordan started to eat his cereal, then took it downstairs. Shelly followed and asked if people will give him the night before talking game with him. Jordan says maybe and Shelly says Rachel is waiting to talk to Jeff first.

Everyone else is still talking about Jeff's HOH stuff and eating his food. His niece drew him a picture and said he could borrow brown spots, which he assumes is her stuffed animal or toy, but it doesn't seem that BB gave it to him.

11:17 BBT

Dani and Kalia leave the room. Adam and Porsche head out, while Rachel is sitting comfortably on the couch, playing with her hair. Her and Jeff now alone.

Rachel says that comp was hard and congrats to him. She's being very nice and upbeat. Jeff says she helped him win b/c she was going fast, making him go faster.

11:18 BBT

Jordan walks in.

11:19 BBT

Shelly walks in (seems they don't want Rachel to talk to Jeff). She says that his family is beautiful.

11:20 BBT

Adam called to DR.

Dani and Kalia in kitchen. Dani tells Kalia not to sound desperate. Kalia brings up Brendon's goodbye speech and talking about floaters getting to the end.

No game talk going on in HOH room.

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11:23 BBT

Kalia, Dani and Porsche in the kitchen. Porsche leaves to dry her hair. Shelly comes downstairs to get something for Jordan. Dani asks her what happened. Shelly says she's getting tea for Jordan and how Rachel made a bad face when Shelly walked in the room, saying Rachel thinks she's in control.

Kalia brings up Brendon's speech again and how he looked at Jordan when Brendon said floating to the end. Shelly agrees and goes upstairs, but trips at the top of the staircase. She says she's ok and goes in the HOH room.

Dani tells Kalia they need to make sure it's not them two, but Kalia and Porsche. Kalia says all 3 of them will play in veto and Dani doesn't think she'll go up at first, maybe a BD, but how she kept J/J safe for two weeks.

11:28 BBT

In the HOH room, Shelly says she wants to take this chance to adress Rachel.

Shelly tells Rachel about her rolling her eyes at her and tells her if they are going to be on the same team, Rachel needs to stop cutting her down and the shit needs to end. Shelly says she's been biting her tongue, trying to let things calm down, but Rachel keeps doing it. She says if Rachel is talking behind her back, she needs to say it to her face or one of them will be out of the group. Jeff says they're both in the team and they need to solve it. Shelly says she had nothing to do with Brendon leaving and Rachel shouldn't be mad at her. Rachel says she hasn't said anything bad about Shelly and Shelly says that there shouldn't be and lets have a clean slate. J/J agree and say to just move on b/c they need to work together.

Shelly says she saved Rachel's ass last week and all she's gotten is backlash and nominated b/c of it. Says she doesn't expect a thank you, but if they're on the same team, they need to play nice. Jeff claps his hands and says they're all good. Rachel didn't say a word.

Jeff says that's it, no more, and they all need to work together. He tells Shelly to bite her tongue and they'll move forward and that they don't need to like everyone. Shelly continues all the good things she's done for Rachel and Jeff says they're moving on from here. Rachel still doesn't say anything.

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11:17 BBT

People are leaving Jeff's HOH he got a lot corn nuts and Jerky and a letter from his niece...

In HOH Jeff Jordan and Rachel there "you fucking earned it" Rachel says...Jeff says "you helped me" because rachel kept a good pace...

Rachel says 'good good"

Jordan enters with her ceral in tow saying her eyes "hurt' from the soap from the HOH comp...

In walks Shelly...."you're family is beautiful" she bellows....and plants herself down...

Rachel says "i'm tired"....then they discuss Jeff's family resemblence with each other...talking how cute his nieces are....Jeff talks they like to dress up like cinderella...."they love their uncle jeff" Shelly says "yeah they do" Jordan says and says Jeff plays with them the whole time...

11:22 BBT Shelly asks the age of Jeffs parent...he says they are in their 60s..

DSownstairs kalia resigning the fact she may be nominated..talking in the kitchen with Dani and Porsche talking Rachel is a "strongish competitor"..

11:24 BBT Upstairs Shelly offering to run down to make Jordan some tea..Jordan wants to serve her hand and foot Jordan doesn't want her to...and Shelly says "shut up I'm the mama" and rachell says "you have servants for the week"

Rachel goes on this is the hardest comp ofthe season...and talk HOH they talk Kalia did better in comps then they though since she sits around and does nothing Rachel says she did slow down towards the end

11:28 BBT Shelly just ate it on the stairs to HOH....and a concerned kalia Dani asks "are you ok" and she gets up and says yeah....

She makes in to the HOH in one piece as Jeff is trying on his "black" slippers...

Shelly tries to tell Rachel "if we are on the same team...this shit has got to end"...and says "the looks of death have got to stop"...Shelly wants to "solve it' and says "i have nothing" with Brendon leaving....and says "i'm sorry...you can't hate me for it"

11:30 BBt Shelly says "clean slate" and Jeff says he agrees..."for everybody's safety we have to stick together...play the game ...bite our tongues"

Shelly saying "i saved your ass" and got backlash and "i ended up on the block"

11:31 More peace talk...

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11:32 BBt

Shelly going on how she did the mock wedding and Jeff offers to "read the letter again' to make everyone happy...and it seems to work...as they are now discussing his nieces and wher "brown spots is" it was referred in the letter his niece was lending brownspots to Jeff but she wants it back....

11;34 The where is brown spots is..maybe he wasn't allowed "filkled with cocaine"

Shelly congrats them and "i'm out".....

11:35 BBT Sheely has left the HOH......Rachel agrees they have to move forward...Rachel giddy..."wow" and Jordan tells rachel she did a good job..jordan says "we have to get certain " people out..

Rachel wonders whats better "7 people to play"...Jeff says he puts up "porsche and kalia" and Dani wins he is forced to put one of them up...."i don't want to put one of our people"

11:38 BBt Jeff says he wants to "iron out everything"...Jeff says Dani is gonna talk to him later and will decide after...

"with Brendon leaving we had to win" Jeff says....and rachel agrees....

11:39 "if you nominate her she will have to pull herself off" Rachel says and if that happens they need to get rid of porsche...they says kalia was just hitting the buzzard and Jordan "she just got real lucky"

Jeff says "i'll get blood on my hand" and doesn't "give a fuck" and rachel says "if we get daniel out this week it will be amazing".....

11:42 Rachel says 7 people playing more is better because her chances of Dani losing is better...

Rachel says Dani will go if she is up.....Jordan says "it better to put Dani and Kalia" up since she may pull one of them off...Rachel says FOTH BBAD commercial

11:44 any "one of the three" would be good and rachel warns against any Dani deal.....Jeff wants to Porsche and kalia to feel the heat....

Rachel laughs for three weeks all the got rid of was "lawon" and only brendon "this week"

11:46 BBT Jeff wants clrification of the ticket and rachel says they had it her season....and Rachel explains how it was used...

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11:48 BBt Rachel tries to explain how the veto ticket works and says its good to have 7 people playing.....Jordan says on HG choice "pick rachel over me"

11:48 BBT rachel promises to fight "my heart out" and will try to win it....Rachel warns again that she may pull kalia off and "if anyone win even kalia or Porsche" win POV then they can get rid of Dani....

11;50 BBT Jeff really wants Porsche and Kalia to win....

Rachel was hoping Jeff was gonna pick havenots....Jeff says "there still might be a comp tomorrow" for have not...

Rache says her congratulations and reiterate they need to keep everything to themsleves and work together and wants them to "be scared"....and Jeff wants to make em feel the heat....Jeff says 'we're good" and Jordan says "we can have a week of resting"

Rachel leaves HOH and J&J talk about the pics...

11:55 BBT more HOH comp talk with J&J Jeff talking about Shelly's puttting Jordan thank you with Dani's eating "outside my door" and says "i didn't like that"

Jordan say " i think Shelly has been lying ...and making deal" but says "I think she's with us"....and Jordan says "i don't think she throws us under the bus"...

Jordan says its better to Dani up and says 'you are not my target' so she doesn't pull Kalia off the block Jeff like the dumbell he is is actually thinking of leaving her off the block...

11:59 In walks Adam...

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12:00 BBT

Adam says "its pretty safe to say that Kalia nd Danielle are going up" and Jeff is noncommital....

Jordan "what are you thinking'..and Adam says "you gotta put her up" about Dani....and Adam asks if its transferrable and says its better to have her on the block and if she is not on the block pulls Kalia off 'the Dani and Kalia off".....Jeff says who would she take off..

Adam asks if they would rather Porsche or kalia go home...Adam says Porsche was lucky....

Adam says he would put Kalia and Dani up....since neither have been on the block and has never been "in any stress"

12:04 BBT "i think Danielle has to be nominated" and says Kalia and Dani "are the bigger threats"....

Jordan wants Adam to talk to her but Adam says "she's pretty sold on Dani"

12:06 BBT Jeff ask 'do you think we'll have a competition tomorrow..Adam says the HOH comp should have been east to take down...

Jeff heads downstairs with Adam as Shelly asks if Adam went to "kiss butt" and says yeah and Dani "shocker"

12:09 BBT Jeff looking for his stuff to move upstairs...Rachel looking for her stuffed puppy...and aks if they have seen it..

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12:10 BBT

porsch asks if they are going to play "20 questions" and Jeff says "down here" and Porsche says "or up there"

12:11 BBT In the bedroom Dani Shelly and Adam with porsche talking lip gloss...shelly looking really sore...

Rachel heavy sighing in her glasses and face dotted with her zit potion...as she gets ready for bed...exasperated her Dog that Shelly hid is missing...

12:15 BBT In the bedroom the pajama jammer getting into bed with Adam...as they discuss "maxi pads" and makeup...Adam is sporting his Lawon wig and Dani getting her stuffed animals....

Dani says "these beds are more comfortable than the HOH beds" and sings "i can't wait for my birthday"

12:18 BBT Dani says "its not my fault big brother put 3 black people on....and you're the only one left" she jokes with Kalia and Adam says "i'm the only jew"

12:20 Jeff back talking his Catholic things while packing for his move up....

Jeff says he will do his own laundry and Dani says "thats' one of my favorite parts"....BB doing her laundry...

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12:23 BBT

Jeff in his HOH whispering to himself and plops on his couch and looks at his pics...we get a close uo of him and his nieces..

Back downstairs the Pajama jam has seemed to lost some zing...and Dani starts singing and FOTH...and they discuss ants...

Upstairs jeff munches on Jerky and heads out and asks Shelly "what are you doing" and offers her to come up "to chill" but Shelly doesn't want to bother them when Jordan gets out of DR Jeff looks through the fridge,,

Shelly doesn't want to hang with them..because its "40 questions" and Says rachel is pretty "depressed" But jeff says she is handling it well....Shelly making a lot of small talk...discussing his slippers...

12:29 BBT Jeff says maybe he will have BB do "my clothes" but says "i feel bad"...."ahh fuck it..I'm not that guy"

Shelly now asking about his "sweat pants" as her small talk continues...

12:30 BBT Jeff and Shelly talking about his "chicago shirt' and Jeff says his "brother" probably got everything together....Jeff says his mom gets nervous.....Jeff says "he's smart he's got his masters in finance" and does number crunching for real estate investment...Shelly asks about the "other brother" and FOTH...{guess he didn't sign a release}

12:32 BBT back in the back bedroom they are talking abut BB8....

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12:34 BBT

Back in the bedroom they are talking about Luxury comp and Dani says "its not gonna happen"....

In the kitchen Shelly just sitting at the bar...as Jordan comes out and says "waiting" to be called to DR and she is "goodnight" she says and says Jeff's waiting for her..

Jordan enneters HOH "they told me to tell you.." FOTH

Feeds return "you so excited" Jordan asks and Jeff says he is...Jordan dedunces herself as she gets ready for bed...Jeff playing with his stuff from his HOH basket...Jeff eating cereal and Jordan says she's gl;ad since they don't have to wait till "3 in the morning" to talk...

Jordan says "as a couple we're doing good"..Jordan says she could tell "brendon was disappointed" and their convo turns to Jeff's bro setting everything up...for his HOH pics..

little rascals she couldn't remember the name...Jordan laughing at the pic..and says "At least I wasn't fat"...Jeff says not to throw "stones" especial if you live in fat house...Jordan takes it in stride and says she wasn't saying he was ugly...

12:43 BBt Jordan says HOH was a workout..and is proud "I didn't stop"....Jordan says 'do you think Porsche plays down' and Jeff says No with a mouth full of toothpaste....in the bathroom..

Jeff says Rachel was going faster than Porsche....Jeff says Jordan didn't cover her cup and was losing some thats why Rachel had less because she didn't cover her cup...

12:45 BBT Back downstairs they are discussing HOH comp and Dani says "Julie looked stunning"

Back in HOH Jordan says Shelly was being cornered by Dani was tryig to get info the night she was drunk....and Jordan says Dani told Shelly told her i was trying prove her loyalty and Jordan says Dani told her the same thing.....

12:48 BBT Jeff says "if we want to toy around" they want to work with Dani and says anyone else uses the veto she will get backdoored...Jordan says she wants to bring Dani up and make her promise not to use the POV on Kalia...

Jordan thinks Dani "won't come after you" about Dani....Jordan says "who do we have more pull with" and says they have a better chance to get Kalia then Porsche.....Jordan "if Dani goes" they can get Kalia or if Dani stays "it might be better to slpit them up" and Dani says it might be better to backdoor Dani......

12:52 ...Jordan says put up "two floaters" and says puts the up "i keep my word to Dani" and anyone other than Dani wins the veto "she's gone"....

"an if Dani does win" I didn't put her up" Jeff says...

12:54 BBT Jeff says "if she's gonna play anyway".....and Jeff says if she wins the veto 'you can't use the veto to change my nominations" and Jordan says that will show you some trust...

12;55 BBT Jeff again says why Shelly mentions Dani "in her speech" and Jordan says she was trying to throw a stone at Rachel and Jeff says "the way she came at rachel" earlier in the hOH there was a better way she could have done..it..

12:56 Jeff says Brendon must have talked to Rachel......and discuss the HOH comp......

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1:03 BBT

J&J are finalizing their NOms of Kalia and Porsche with the opportunity if it arises backdoor dani....and get word from Dani she will not use the Veto on kalia or Porsche...

Jordan Dani "is playing for herself" {duh dumbell} and Mock Dani for saying her friends like keith "cassi" and "PT" and J&J was "super jealous" of Cassi...and mock her how Dani is always saying "how cool" her season was.....

Jordan says outside she may like Dani but in the house they don't know what is real and fake and Jeff says he "can't trust her" and says all that shit about "cassi was bullshit"

1:07 BBT Now they are ack to Shelly bashing for her two sided game play.....Jordan says she wa "trying to cover her butt" but "she is with us"..and Dani would have thrown her under the bus...when she was up there and Dani didn't...

1:09 BBT FOTH....

1:11 BBT "hurry up make a decision" Jordan says.... "you make" Jeff started saying before the feeds go back to FOTH....

1:12 BBT Feeds return with Jeff excites "by Bob Marley"...

Outside on the couch everyone else is talking about the HOH comp and Shelly talks she "wants to host a POV" "i wanna play" she says...

Dani comfirms she will use the POV ticket its for "this week and nontranserrable".......and whines why "slop pass' is and FOTH....

1;14 BBT Talking about Dani's bday.....Dani wants a "special card' and Porsche says "from PT"....Dani talking about her Bday BB8 and was "HOH" and talk her "private jet" to NY....and talks about her foods....."big baskets" and BB "dumped all of our stuff"......and Adam asks if Amber "cried" and Dani said yes.....

1:17 BBT They talk Adam's disappointment Tori speeling wasn't part of his birthday and Shelly 'you reall thought..." and FOTH

1;19 BBT feeds return In HOH the room is Dark and it looks like Jordan is already asleep..Jeff heads downstairs to meet shelly saying the LD is over and Jeff heads outside saying he didn't know he came downstairs "to get neosporin for my nipple"

Outside Jeff lights up....talking about his pooping and dani asks for details....Adam asks about how all the grren shit got "into our drain".....

Shelly comes out "alcohol" that was in the storage room....Dani "go wake up rachel and asks if she wants some...not"....as Porsche goes to pour it..

1;23 BBT Outside they are talking about Jeff's pics...to Lawons big family...

Jeff says "what does this mean..no fun tomorrow" and Dani says "just noms" and back to HOH comp talk..

1:25 BBT FOTH...

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1:26 BBT

Dani complaining Brenchel drank most of the wine...last night "fyi" dani informs Jeff..

1:27 BBT Kalia talking about ice in the milk and warming the OJ in the microwave

Rachel is in the bathroom working on her face..sighing a lot...

back outside Adam is wishful thinking about getting massages...Jeff says "complete body wax"

Kalia asks Adam what he asked "rich" and FOTH....and feeds return with adam "they love me" about production and Dani "oh my god"...

1:31 BBT Jeff says 'your otter in Animal House" and Kalia "it always comes back to Animal house"

Shelly comes back out with her back warmer "it smells so good"

1:32 BBT Jeff went back in....and comes back out to check his laundry...

Adam lifts his shirt and does a truffle shuffle with his blubber/loose skin and collectine ewwws from the group..

1:35 BBT More HOH talk

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1:37 BBT

Outside Adam saying nobody misses him "they're happy I'm gone' saying Hobokken is partying

Jeff asks if there is a Bar he hangs out and he says they probably showed his bar on this weeks show Jeff "no shelly got it" and says they didn't show his hometown "they're cutting back" joking with Adam not realizing its pretty much the truth..

1:39 BBT They are discussing the pool is cloudy but Shelly has the filters are running to clear them up

Dani asks about the comp they did his season and Jeff says "that's the one I went out on"

1:41 BBT More HOH talk...the amounts the # of trips down the lanes..and their techniques...

Dani says "i thought Rachel would fall more" and Dani says "we were barefoot and we ate crap constantly"

1:45 More post HOH discussion

{I'm out be back tomorrow}

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902 BBT: Shelly up and outside. Rest of the HGs are still sleeping.

924 BBT: and we have WBBR - Could it be wake up time?

932 BBT: In the meantime, back in the house.. still WBRB. So lets see if we have some more Facebook updates!

935 BBT: Feeds up and Adam is having a cigarette. Jeff Rachel is over talking to Shelly about being sore, by the pool table. Jeff trying to go back to sleep.

936 BBT: Daniele called to change her batteries. Rachel saying how nice it is to have BB play Disney music as the wake up music.

939 BBT: Adam puts the tutu part of the humilitard on and goes looking for Daniele inside. Finds her, and says he is going to do a dance.

942 BBT: Shelly walks inside and Adam tells her about his tutu dance, she says, "No demasculinizing there at all" and Adam agrees.

947 BBT: Adam woke up with a headache, and is in the storage room getting Advil. Daniele, Kalia, Porsche, Jeff, Jordan all still in bed trying to sleep.

950 BBT: Jeff and Jordan now talking about him poking her in the eye yesterday trying to find his shirt to cover his eyes. ADSs in the HoH

952 BBT: Jordan making the bed, Jeff says, "Thanks love. Thanks love". Then offers to help with the orange blanket.

954 BBT: Rachel in the kitchen cutting a honeydew, asks Jeff if he wants any, says hes good. She then asks Jordan if she wants any. She says she might eat some. Adam joins them in the kitchen. Daniele in bathroom area doing ADLs

958 BBT: Jeff heads to the storage room to grab food to cook for breakfast. Adam picking through cereals Rachel still cutting honeydew melon.

959 BBT: Jordan in the bathroom area putting her humilitard back on. No talking anywhere on feeds at the moment.

1003 BBT: Still no signs of Kalia and Porsche getting out of bed. Adam eating cereal, Daniele putting makeup on, Jeff cooking, Rachel cutting.

1004 BBT: Wrong again, Porsche just went into the bathroom area. Rachel offering Daniele melon, "No thank you. Thanks though", and grabs cereal.

1006 BBT: Lots of "We have until 10:30" from different HGs. Porsche and Jordan talking about how sore they are from HoH competition last night in bathroom area

1009 BBT: Rachel joins Daniele outside and says, "Brendon would have killed that competition yesterday". Shelly comes outside

1011 BBT: Jeff cooking, Adam talking about omelet from his dream. Daniele and Shelly grabbing food Porsche standing around in kitchen watching it all

1013 BBY Jeff, "Potatoes and turkey bacon. Going to put an egg on top" to Jordan who walks by looking at food in the pan. "Still got 15minutes!" Adam: Oh my god oh my god oh my god!

1015 BBT: Shelly and Rachel outside talking about different protein shake flavors out there, and how Rachel's sis adds a banana and makes smoothies

1018 BBT: Rachel outside looking sad. Everyone else in kitchen area except Kalia, that's in the bathroom area.

1020 BBT: Kalia asks Porsche what she had for breakfast, she says cereal since there isn't much time left. Kalia starts cooking something

1022 BBT: Jordan grabs her plate and heads outside with Shelly and Rachel, talk is about the competition last night n how all will nap today.

1026 BBT: OLD called. Kalia trying to hurry up and finish making her food so she can get outside.

1029 BBT: hears crickets and silverware clanking against plates and bowls as the HGs have breakfast. Rachel playing with her "cards"

1033 BBT: Rachel asking Adam if he wants to play Gin Rummy He agrees. Asks Jeff he doesn't. She asks if anyone else does.. no one answers.

1039 BBT: The pool is very cloudy and smells like soap from the competition last night. Jordan is sitting on the 2nd step though.

1040 BBT: Shelly says her company is very family oriented. No emails that require a response after 5PM. (WBRB now)

1044 BBT: after a very brief WBRB, feeds cme up and Shelly is talking to Daniele about the black spots showing up on mirror that's getting old

1047 BBT: Jordan talking about American Apparel with Porsche. Porsche tells her to shop at the store "out here" for wider selection

1050 BBT: Adam won that game. Jeff not happy because now he is hot and has to use the bathroom.

1056 BBT: Jordan slips back in the pool to cool down. Shelly, Daniele, Rachel, Jeff sprawled out all over the couches. Porsche in hammock

1058 BBT: Adam on the couches too. Kalia over on chairs by pool.. People must be falling asleep because there is no talking at all.

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What you missed....

When LD over, they go inside. On the table is eggs and jalepeno peppers. Jeff gets to pick 3 for Have nots. He picks Kalia, Dani and Porsche. They move into the HN room. Adam moves into Por bed.

Kalia tells Jeff she knows he cant tell her straight up if he is NOM her. He says she is on his list but since she kept Jordan safe she is not at the bottom of the list.

Shelly had a heart to heart with Kal. Kal reads her letter from her Mom.

The pool is cloudy from the bubbles last night. Shelly talks to Jordan who is in the pool. Jordan says Jeff told Kalia that he hasnt told her what he is going to do.


OLD called again. Adams thinks its to change out the table. Kalia complains that Jordan has been out of her Humilitard for 4 hours, everyone else had to wear theirs 24/7.

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1:1o BBT (approximate)

All HG outside. Rachel and Jordon laying out by pool. Jordon has humiltard wrapped up on her head. Dani, Porsche and Kalia sitting on outdoor couches. Kalia:" I don't mean to be a tattletale but Jordon hasn't had her unitard on in over 4 hours. Adam wore his elf outfit the whole time."

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When we come back... Kal & Dani: we make enough comments about it that if the show really cared they would say something.

Shelly talking about grilled PBJ like a grilled cheese. Kalia says she would have to try it. Dani says not this week. Shelly will make then some when they can eat. She will make slop pancakes for them tho, she likes to make them.

Porsche says its a good thing she threw away the 'tainted' protein powder. Kalia says next time there is a comp with a unitard she is going to get it so she doesnt....

Kalia, Dani and Porsche complaining about how long its taking. Jeff talks about OTEV comp from his season.

Porsche and Kalia trying to figure out how to make get sheets to hang from the ceiling in HN room. Dani tells one of them to stop shaking. Dani says they are already grumpy and havent even had slop yet.

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1:30 BBT

Very little going on. Still on ODL. Rachel Jeff and Shelly lying out near pool. Jordon in pool. Adam in Shade by pool. Kalia, Porshe and Dani on couches talking about slop and things to do with devil eggs. One of them, maybe Porsch, says they could sleep out here. Dani says no you can't. Arguing about it. Dani says "Stop yelling at me. You are getting mean already."

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