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  1. Liz just said the funniest thing, I almost spit out my water. Her and Julia were shoveling in food and they were talking about which one should be the one evicted. Julia says "no one would take me to final 2." Liz says "yes they would because they know they could beat you. No one would take me because I would beat them." Ok she has won a few comps but most of the time she has been protected by her alliance.
  2. 11:37 BBT Twins are back to working on dinner. Liz tells JMac she is throwing away the slop. Austin doing handstands in living room while JMac and Steve watch. Van is not on camera.Austin takes a break. Steve keeps saying potball trying to get a reaction from JMac. He tells him he wants to punch him. Says he has HOH-itus. Steve saying how he started the day throwing up in the bathroom sink and now he has his own bathroom. They start talking about the bath tub. Austin tells how DR. Will used the rubber ducks in the bath tub to get Janelle to work on his side and that's how they got Marcelles ou
  3. BBT 11:18 Feeds have been back for about an half hour. Steve has won the HOH. It was some type of puzzle that Julia and Vanessa thought was hard. Liz and Julia working on dinner in kitchen.JMac sitting with them. Julia and JMac counting down time till havenots are over. Van, Austin and Steve in purple room talking about days in house. Steve asked for wine for his hoh basket so that he can share with the final 6. He wants to host the dinner in the HOH room. Van asks if it's almost midnite but it's not quite 11:30. Steve wants his room by midnite. Liz is still waiting on her basket too.
  4. 9:03 PM BBT (Feeds have went dark. Some people in CBS chat say BBAD is working.)
  5. So glad you are ok. Any update on your brother's house?
  6. 8:14 BBT Rachel doing laps in back yard. Adam in shower. Porsche shaving legs. Talking about the jury house. A:"would you rather be first in jury house or in final three and come in third?" P:'Final three. I came for the comps." now talking about survivor and the differences in how everyone gets to play every week. Rachel joins them in bathroom and is stretching out. Bad accents are coming out again. (just popped in for a minute and saw no one had posted for awhile. Doesn't seem like we missed much.)
  7. 9:42 BBT (Missed some as I was out of room) Jordan and Rachel discussing veto in HN room. Figuring out strategy of who to evict. it may be better to keep kalia as they are better at skills and physical and faster than kalia. going over different scenarios. (i'm out for now. may be back later in afternoon.)
  8. 9:30 BBT Kalia asks Adam if they have ever said anything bad her and Porsche upstairs. Could not make out what Adam said but it seems like he didn't say anything bad. She heads off to shower. Adam is walking around kitchen. He may have put bacon in microwave but did not turn on.
  9. Feeds back after a few minutes. all on Jordan and Porsche in bathroom. Rachel called to DR at 9:25 BBT. Jordan called to DR at 9:26. Kalia and Adam in Kitchen fixing breakfast. Kalia talking about people's features. Have been studying memory wall. Adam wonders if they will use Dick in mashup.
  10. 9:15 BBT kalia now up doing morning ADL's. Rachel having breakfast of cottage cheese? and fruit and granola. Portia has changed to swimsuit and is now in shower while Jordan is doing her makeup. Adam is called to DR at 9:20 BBT and WBRB may be due to someone singing.
  11. 9:10 BBt Porsche now up brushing teeth. Jordan fininshing shower. Rachel getting dressed and putting on mic. Rachel heading downstairs. Adam still in bed. Still no sign of Kalia.
  12. 9:00am BBT Rachel in HOH shower. Jordan in downstairs batn brushing teeth. No sign of anyone else awake.
  13. Oh my god--these three are talking about Dani like she was the second coming. I would love for Adam to find out that they have no intention of taking him to final 4. I don't think Kalia has shut her mouth in the last hour. They are acting like they are the best players in BB ever. Portia thinks she will rule comps now.
  14. 2:30 BBT J/J in HOH discussing options. Not sure whether to trust Dani with the veto. Talking about how Kalia thinks her and Dani are Best friends. But Dani is here to play game. Jordan says she told them that this was Jeff's HOH. She made suggestions but he was going to do what he was going to do. She thinks Shelly may have made deals but is with them now. 2:39 WBRB (I'm out for now. anyone out there to take over?)
  15. 1:50 BBT Jeff called to diary room. Feeds went to WBRB Feeds in and out. It seems they made Porsch undecorate HN room. (Can anyone confirm? I'm in and out and missed some.) 2:12 BBT Porsch just confirmed they made her take down her stuff in HN room. She had shirts hanging on the walls.
  16. Adam, jeff and rachel wondering why ODL is so long. Adam jokes that maybe they are plugging in the sorceress. Maybe they will have that instead of OTEV the singing clam from last year.
  17. 1:30 BBT Very little going on. Still on ODL. Rachel Jeff and Shelly lying out near pool. Jordon in pool. Adam in Shade by pool. Kalia, Porshe and Dani on couches talking about slop and things to do with devil eggs. One of them, maybe Porsch, says they could sleep out here. Dani says no you can't. Arguing about it. Dani says "Stop yelling at me. You are getting mean already."
  18. 1:1o BBT (approximate) All HG outside. Rachel and Jordon laying out by pool. Jordon has humiltard wrapped up on her head. Dani, Porsche and Kalia sitting on outdoor couches. Kalia:" I don't mean to be a tattletale but Jordon hasn't had her unitard on in over 4 hours. Adam wore his elf outfit the whole time."
  19. Ewwwww. Does anyone else think it's gross that Jordan is shaving her legs at the hot tub?
  20. Kalia is too hard to understand. Even production seems to have trouble with her.. I've heard them tell her to stop obstructing her mic and also to move it up closer to her mouth. Still can't make out what she is saying.
  21. Zuzu and the other updaters: Just wanted to let you know that I appreciate the occasional personal comments (in parentheses of course) on the live feed updates. To put what ZuZu said in other words--it puts what the HG are doing or saying in context. At least that's what I think you meant. Please keep up the great job. You are the best and I so appreciate all the hard work that you all do!
  22. I always felt kind of sorry for him. It seemed like he lives such a lonely life.
  23. just saw a commercial that seems to indicate that Zev and Justin are the ones that lose their passports. Hope they turn up!
  24. You can't blame a girl for trying! I should have known he was community property.

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