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8/19 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

Angelo Joe

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Kal/Por/Dani: Rach was your BFF the first week, then she wasnt, then she was. Por is wearing short, she took off the sweats. Por tells Dani she wishes she could have won HOH so Dani could have a rockin Bday.

Talking has stopped.

Jeff & Adam wonder whats taking so long. Adam says maybe they are plugging in the Sorceress. Jordan is in the pool, she says its not so bad. Jeff says to splash around, make bubbles. Jeff teases her about it being a huge bathtub, does she want her razor?

Adam sees a cricket on the wall, he says its like Spiderman. Dani tells him to let it live its life. Quick shot of the small table


The small table is like the big one only w/o the turn table on top. It still has the benches....WBRB while the HG get to see it.

NM, we get to see the HG reaction to the table. Adam first in...OMG, wow its tiny, its a baby version. Shell: its going to so much easier to sweep!!! We made it to the small table!!! High fives around.

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1:48BBT- OLd over, hg's find a smaller table. They are pretty excited about the new table. 'More room for entertainment" says Jeff.

Jordan back at the pool (humilitard above her head), Shelly doing laundry.

Dani/Kalia in kitchen.

Jeff called to diary room.

Porsche decorating the HN room, making it 'comfy' & reading rules for HN's.

1:55--Rachel/Jordan at pool talking what PoV comp will be.

Shelly laying out in BY.

Dani called to DR.

P/D in kitchen-- complaining about Jordan not wearing humilitard, then discussing the options they have for food with the eggs/jalapenos.

1:58BBT--Jordan is out of pool & putting humilitard back on. She & Rachel are talking about yesterdays HoH & the similarities between their comp & the one from J/J's season.

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1:50 BBT

Jeff called to diary room. Feeds went to WBRB

Feeds in and out. It seems they made Porsch undecorate HN room. (Can anyone confirm? I'm in and out and missed some.)

2:12 BBT

Porsch just confirmed they made her take down her stuff in HN room. She had shirts hanging on the walls.

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Jordan napping(?) out in the shade (wearing her humilitard)

Adam/Porsche/Kalia in kitchen. Adam cooking bacon & prepping some jalapenos for some dish he's making later.

Shelly/Rachel laying out in the backyard.

Dani still in DR--cameras not showing Jeff.

Just found Jeff---rather Porsche did. Their on the back deck--she's pitching her speech for why she should not be nominated. Says she's been coming in second--not won yet, but she will soon. She won't nominate him if he won't nominate her this week. She wants to play in PoV--but not as a nominee. Says she's great at hosting, but if she's gonna be nom'd she wants a chance to play PoV. Jeff asks "You want put up then?" She says "NO! I jus tlike to play in the comps"

Yes, Porsche had to take down her HN decorations.

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Porsche says she feels she's proven she can compete even if she hasn't won. Jeff says this is the first time they've actually talked game. He apologizes for choosing her/D/K as HN's, but there aren't 2 musketeers, there are 3. She says she isn't upset about it. Jeff says it's time to play the game and she agrees.

Porsche's speech is, like, over now--so she leaves and rejoins A/K in the kitchen. Kalia talking about being a vegetarian and heartburn issues. And, now K is talking about another friend who has the worst heartburn she's heard of.

P/K in bathroom--P telling K about her 'shpeel' to Jeff. K asks what he said & P replies he said it would be a game-time decision.

(handing over to scifi!)

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2:30 BBT

J/J in HOH discussing options. Not sure whether to trust Dani with the veto. Talking about how Kalia thinks her and Dani are Best friends. But Dani is here to play game.

Jordan says she told them that this was Jeff's HOH. She made suggestions but he was going to do what he was going to do. She thinks Shelly may have made deals but is with them now.



(I'm out for now. anyone out there to take over?)

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HOH room

Jeff is shaving Jordan is eating the marshmallows out of the Lucky Charms. She is back in her unitard.

Rachel is on the patio talking to Shelly . She is glad he is in the jury. She is talking about productions and we get WBRB

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Adam is called to DR

Shelly is soooooo happy Jordan joined them on the patio. Jordan is doing laundry. We get WBRB. LOL a bug just dove at jordan's head.

Shelly is shocked that Rachel is eating avocado. She has never seen people eat it straight that way. Shelly saying how josie loves lucky charms. Jordan says that is what she just ate. Rachel had a high school boyfriend that took all the marshmallows out of a few boxes for her and left a note 'i am lucky to have you'. Rachel says 'isnt that cute?' Shelly responds 'there are so many sirens here there must be 5 alarm fires all the time.'

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In the bathroom Kalia is straightening her hair, Porche is telling Dani about what she said to jeff " i have almost won a few competition and next week I wont put u up."

Adam comes in and Dani starts talking disgusting as usually calling him Wenis Cheese. Singing a song about uncircumsised men. (But its disgusting so I am not typing it.) His new nick name is WC.

Singing continues and we get WBRB. We come back and Dani is calling Adam a 'jack hole' (what a sweet girl)

Adam goes out to Patio and we have WBRB

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Adam and Shelly talking about how Enzo was so dumb to think he would be famous from this. They are talking about auditions for BB. How stuck up people were. Adam says its dumb they do public appearances after BB.

Shelly said that she is the one who didn't want to be on the show but just did the audition for fun. Adam tells jordan that it offends him when people say they were pick and not auditioned.

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Dani comes out to the Patio. Jordan asked her how she was picked. Dani starts going into details about production and we get WBRB.when they come back Dani says 'why does everyone leave when I come out?" (i wonder)

(pool time for CAchristine bbl :animated_wave: )

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(TY TY TY for the help...just a reminder to put the time on updates)

going back to 3:15ish BBT

Shelly: They know what they are doing look at the show. Nobody was more shocked then I was. Dani tells how she got on, her dad tried out of BB5, made it to finals, when he tried out...WBRB

Jordan goes to put on make up. Adam and Dani going over eviction-think Double Eviction is next week not this. Think finale is Sept 15 (Sept 14 really)


Jeff: when you ride high you are great. When you have adversity thats when you find out how you are. Not when you have wine in HT.

Jordan asks Jeff to get her unitard from dryer, he asks what she will do for him, she says run his back, his head. what will he do for her? He helped her win 1/2 mill and will help her win again. He feeds the fish.

Rachel and Adam playing Rummy, explaining it to Porsche.

Jeff brings Jordan her unitard.

Jeff: Rach/Adam/Shell/you/Dani for key order.

Jor: ok

Kalia and Dani in HNBR.

Kal: at least we are all together.

Dani: I know, if Rach was in here....

Dani: I dont go out ever, unless I am on break from school. I have no life. go to school, work or gym.

Kal called to DR. Dani only one not in BY playing or watching card game. Porsche likes this game, first time she has played it. Shell needs to clean up, she is soooo sore. Jeff cooking. Adam and Shell smoking.

Jeff called to DR. Jordan will finishes Jeffs sandwich. HG wonder if this is it. Adam tells Jeff to take his time.

Dani telling Kalia: its a numbers game.

Kalia: best case, who ever ends up on the block on Thurs will be up against Rachel.

Dani: prob wont happen.

Kal: Porsche will prob go out, Shelly will vote her out.

Dani: Shelly will vote how they tell her to.

3:48ish BBT

Jeff comes out..false alarm

Kalia: I knew we were his targets but I think she is his true target.

Dani: dont ruin yourself out.

Kalia: did Jeff say anything to you?

Dani: not really, but I would be shocked if I went up.

Kal: its bad I believe people at face value.

Dani: there are times when you have to do things. This is BB.

Dani says there is only 4 weeks left.

Kal needs to go over what happened when, she has no idea. Dani thinks this HOH will be True or False then for double it will be back/forth.

Dani is cold. Talks of what she will put on when she goes to bed. Dani talks about the clothes comp where they had to get naked.


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5:37 BBT

Adam and Jeff outside talking about veto. Adam tells Jeff, "In case you hear, I did tell Kahlia I hope I don't get picked for veto. I was giving her a pep talk. If I do play and win I'll talk to you and take your opinion under advisement." Adam was also surprised he didn't nominate Danielle.

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All this starts after noms...sorry no time on them....

Rach got dressed up for noms, blue sequined dress. Jeff back in HoH bed under covers, Jor lying on top. Dani, Shell, Por in KT.

Adam heads upstairs. Dani says time for butt kissing. Adam: double butt kissing. He takes Jeff a pack of smokes.

Jor heads out to the hammock for a nap. Por making up egg dip. Jeff confirms w/Jeff that Dani gets to play for POV. He thought Jeff would put up Dani. Jeff: I have points to prove. There was more he wanted to say. Adam: some times you say more by saying less.

Adam tells Jeff he told Kal he hopes he doesnt get to play. Its better when you get to take yourself off the block.

Dani tells Shell she is sorry for making a mess. Shell says dont worry, she will sweep after everyone is done eating.

Shell asks if Kal is sleeping. Dani says is, She saw it coming. Por: it's like a bus, even when you see it coming it hurts.

Adam/Jeff chat for a bit. Dani/Por keep cooking. Shell done eating. Jor napping. Adam asks Jeff if she is ok, she is curled up in a ball. Jeff asks her, she says yes, she is tiwred.

Jeff joins Jor in hammock. Adam fills water bottles. Dani cut up some peppers dipping them in slop and going to fry them.

Jeff to Jor: If it could be me, you and Shell at the end. Jor: me too. She thinks Kal would be better at questions.

Jor: Por could be good at physical. Better to keep Por over ...cuz they dont like each other ya know. Jeff: right.

Jeff calls Shell over. They talk about what Kal said and how fast it got back to Shell. They joke around as Shell walks away.

Jor gets to retire her tutu tomorrow. Adam making his bed. Jeff has ashy legs. Jeff says they cant hug, cuz of Brenchel.

Shell asks them if they saw the initials in the back of the HOH bathroom door. Shell says they are Brendons. Jor says she thinks its downstairs, she saw one down at the bottom.

Por drops her container of slop on the floor and it breaks. She tells Shell the KT will need her assistance tonight. Jeff says Dani fried peppers are good.

Shell cant handle the heat of the peppers....she runs inside for water. Dani is sooo sorry, tells her to drink milk.

Jor puts on a pair of glasses and skips around the BY...WBRB

Rach/Jor playing go fish. Shell says she burnt her tongue on that pepper. Shell has lost about 15 lbs since she came on the show.

Shell says her size 4 are huge on her, she has on 2s now and they are big. Not much in house she eats, she likes simple things.

Shell/Rach/Jor chatting BY. Jeff/Dani/Por/Adam in KT. Kal in HNBR.

Girls in BY talking about last night comp. Several different convos in KT. Por/Dani doing dishes.

Kal awake, Por tells her she dropped the slop and broke the container. Jeff making marinade. general stuff

Rach teaching Jor a card game. (Rummy I think) Dani/Por still cleaning up the KT, Jeff still making marinade. Kal in KT.

Por joins Rach/Jor card game. Dani teases Adam about sleeping. He says he wasnt. Dude your mouth was full on open.

Kal: there is no way I am not eating this week. If I am here I need to win HOH, cant do that if I dont eat.

Dani asks Kal how it feels to be on block. She replies just like being HOH but w/o the knowledge she is safe.

Kal: best case scenario you win POV. Dani: best case would be you winning HOH.

Dani says she is going to bring 2 cans of airfreshener in teh HNBR. Jor is done with the card games, going for a nap.

Kal asks Dani how they invite ppl to after party. Dani says that was prob just something Rach was spouting. Dani doesnt know, it was different for her season. Kal is torn between asking her mom or BF. WBRB

Kal says she has never met someone that utterly pissed her off like Rach. Dani says when Jen (her season) would walk in the rm she would walk out, she made her skin crawl. If Dani was in jury with Rach she would have to let it all out so she wouldnt sit in her room all the time.

Kal is still hungry, she is going to make a shake. Dani said she ate like 10 eggs. Kal: I had 3 now and 2 earlier.plus her brkfast

Dani: how was that so gross that Rach gets her chin and upper lip waxed. Heard of upper lip but not chin.

Dani wants to go to bed early so she can get up early and enjoy her music. Maybe she will have Shell get her up.

Ka/Dani/Adam doing you do that, you do it, you do that

Adam says something. Dani says you do. Adam tells her to stop it. He goes to SR. When he comes out she asks if he left his attitude in there.

7:15BBT TRIVIA....Prob picking POV players. Yes Dani will play.

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7:45BBT Feeds back after almost 30 min. Rach making salad on all feeds.

Adam comes in from outside, asks Rach if she wants a baked potato too, she says no. (we get a nice shot of the screen in the livingroom--like we dont see the trees enough)

Rachel is not competing in PoV, she is hosting. So looks like Jeff, Jordan, Dani, Kal, Por, Shell and Adam competing.

Shell wanted to host, Rach wanted to play. Shell asks Rach if she wants to trade. Rach says they prob wont let them.

Dani, Kal and Shell on the BY couches, Rach & Jor inside. Dani heads inside. Rach making a big bowl of something. Dani in the HN room. Por sleeping in there already.

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8:10BBT Rach found some of Bren's underwear in the pile of clothes Shell pulled out of the dryer. Jeff in HoH putting on shoes and socks. Dani & Por lying down in HN room.

Por/Dani in HNBR. Por feeling a bit sorry for herself. Says Dani has to win POV. Por says all the butt kissing this week will be ridiculous. Dani: the cigarette thing was ridiculous.

Dani: we just have to wait till tomorrow then figure it out. Por: If I win you are automatically going home. Dani tells her she has to play for her self.

Por says she misses Law, how did they let that happen. Dani: Rach should be gone. Por: JeJo going up if I win HOH next week.


Por tells Dani that she has to take out Jeff before Rach. Amazing how your enemy list reprioritizes based on who most recently got in your way. They say Adm is really kissing JeJo's arse. Well, duh. Maybe if they did a little arse kissing themselves they wouldn't be in so much trouble.

in BY Kal tells Shell that she won something, that should mean something. Kal has thought back to what she said to Jeff and she wouldnt change a thing. Lying by omission I guess.

Shell: Rach will hate me when she watches the show. Kal: she will need therapy. Shell says she doesnt care who they vote for.

Shell: did you see the look I got when I got picked to play veto? like I have control of what comes out of the bag.

Shell: how was there 2 pov picks like that in a row. I didnt think I would get picked. Kal: I cant imagine.

Por asks Dani if Jeff wins does she think he would change noms? Dani says he is more likely to throw it to one of them, less blood on his hands.

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8:26BBT Kal/Shell continue to bash Brenchel. Dani/Por keep going back and forth about POV.

Dani looks at the serving size on the slop bucket. No wonder they are starving. They need to eat more.

"Dani, Porsche please remove all obstructions from the windows." They tried to decorate the HNBR.


Jeff does all the cooking, Jor doesnt cook. Kal wants someone that will cook for her. Adam tells Por/Dani how good his steak was.

BY talking about ppl that enter a room and demand respect w/o saying a thing. Jor says her and Jeff fight all the time, but they are over it in 10 min.

Adam wants to shave but he has to wait till tomorrow and then only after BB tells him he can. Adam has seen girls with 5 o'clock shadow. Dani tells him Rach waxes her chin and upper lip.

Rach says she was over dramatic when Bren left the first time. Kal tells her a story of when she broke up and was crying.

Shell gets up and moves, Rach asks if she wants to sit in her spot. Shell says no, the smoke was going at Kal & Shell doesnt like when that happens

Jor wants to be in her comfy clothes. Only 3 more hours.

Shell saying Jor will get married one day. she knows the initials on napkins. Shell/Kal/Rach tell Jor he will ask her some day.

Kal says she forgot how noisy the HNBR is, there is stairs right....WBRB

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