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8/14 - Live Feed Updates

Angelo Joe

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9:05 BBT

Britney and Ragan in HN room. All others chatting at dining room table.

Ragan has a tear roll down his cheek as he says he wishes they would start DR sessions already. They wonder if Hayden or Enzo would use the veto.

9:10 BBT

Lane is called to the DR. Ragan thinks the POV will not be knowledged based, as BB obviously needed their names this early.

Enzo, Hayden and Brendon all eating. Matt and Kathy are just sitting at the table.

Back in the HN room, Britney says Brendon has to know he won't win this game, so he's only after revenge. They both agree it will suck being in the JH with only Rachel and Brendon, provided he's the next one out.

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9:15 BBT

Britney tells Ragan to only focus on the veto, as she just caught herself thinking of F4 and F3. He says he doesn't know what to concentrate on and she says just winning the veto.

The talk in the dining room is McDonald's McRib.

Ragan says that whoever stays and wins HOH next week, needs to nominate 2 people from their F5, then backdoor Brendon. Britney agrees but suspects a double eviction, where everyone will get to play veto.

9:20 BBT

No talk in the dining area now.

Ragan says the POVs are so random. Matt joins them.

Britney says that if Ragan wins POV, Brendon will put her up. Both Matt and Ragan disagree, saying matt will go up.

(Matt looks cute tonight, as he has absolutely nothing to worry about, with his DPOV and all.)

Ragan tells him that he thinks a deal was struck between Brendon, Hayden and Enzo that is they were to win the veto, they'd save Lane so Brendon can nominate Matt and her exactly what Brendon wants. Matt agrees, while Britney disagrees.

Matt says Brendon must have been happy when neither Matt or Britney's names were pulled for veto.

Only Kathy and Brendon left at the table. Brendon says he still doesn't understand how someone can ask to be sent home and still be in the house. Kathy just laughs. He says it'll be an interesting POV tomorrow, as people will be fighting hard.

Enzo walks in and Brendon asks how Enzo will fair tomorrow. Enzo hopes he'll win. Brendon says Hayden went to the hOH room to listen to music. Enzo says he's so full right now and needs to smash. Brendon tells him to go for it and Enzo heads upstairs.

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9:29 BBT

Feeds come back to Lane in the HOH room with Enzo and Hayden. Seems like Lane picked Hayden and they're trying to figure out how to explain why Lane picked Hayden over Britney. Hayden tells Lane to tell Brendon, if he were to ask, that Britney was already campaigning against Britney. Lane says he wasn't sure if Britney would use the veto on him. Enzo says Britney is young and crazy and they can't trust her.

Lane says there was no way he couldn't not pick a Brigade member. He says he couldn't pick Matt, b/c who knows if Matt would save Ragan or Lane.

They all laugh b/c the Brigade is sitting in Brendon's HOH room, talking game and how to get Brendon out.

They all agree that Matt is getting in deep with Ragan. They don't think he's the SAB, especially since he swore on his wife. Enzo says Ragan is Matt's BFF, but it's obvious that Ragan must not know about the Brigade.

Enzo thinks people might be thinking they're in an alliance, but are more scared to put 2 of them on the block.

Some slight use of codes, causing more FOTH.

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9:46 BBT

Britney and Matt have joined Enzo, Lane and Hayden in the HOH room.

Ragan is in the kitchen with Kathy. He says he's tired of crying and Kathy says she understands. She reminds her that she's there for him to talk.

Enzo looks for something to read as he goes to smash. Lane tells Enzo to close the door.

9:50 BBT

Brendon walks in the kitchen and tells Kathy he doesn't like her washing all the dishes. She just laughs and says she got it. BB then calls her to the DR, so she laughs and says Brendon can now finish the dishes.

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9:51 BBT

Ragan is eating slop and has a bottle of Advil next to his bowl.

Lots of WBRB tonight.

9:54 BBT

Feeds come back to the HOH crew watching Ragan as he takes his food to the HN room.

Hayden says he'll be doing abs around 10:30 b/c he has a full stomach right now.

Enzo brings a set of BB directions out from the bathroom, saying he took a nice dump.

In the HN room, Ragan is takling outloud, about different options for him to stay. He's sad that if he gets to stay, that probably means Matt will be going home.

9:58 BBT

Upstairs, they try to remember all the SAB messages.

Downstairs, Ragan is very upset. He says that if he's evicted, the worst part isn't him leaving the house, it's him having to go to sequester with Rachel. He wonders who he'll talk to.

Ragan tells himself to remember when he watched BB and how when someone had to win the veto, they did.

(I'm out for the night.)

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10:16 BBT

Brendon joins Britney Matt and Hayden in HOH.

10:21 BBT

Brendon says he asked for a blunt wrapper in his HOH room and mentions that Rachel said she knew how to roll them. Hayden says Rachel told him she knows how to makes PCP and meth.

10:25 BBT

Britney Brendon Matt and Hayden talking about what they'd name their kids. Britney wants to name her kid after "a great football player". Someone mentions that Will from prev season named his kid Cash.

10:26 WBRB

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10:28 BBT

Feeds come back on briefly. Lane Kathy and Ragan in cabana room talking about backdooring. Ragan still teary eyed after crying in HN. Says he's an emotional basket then WBRB.

10:30 BBT

Matt comes down to join Lane Kathy and Ragan in cabana. Britney follows suit and asks Ragan if he's okay, he says he is. Then Britney asks why the floor is wet. Ragan says Kathy peed. "I did not!" Kathy says.

10:35 BBT

Brendon and Hayden alone in HOH. More POV talk.

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10:20 BBT "is Ragan still freaking out" Lane asks Kathy in the BR ..she says Ragan won't talk to her even though she's asked him to talk.....

Lane saying Hayden's my friend and he's "physical and she tells Kathy "britney didn't want to be picked" for POV ...Kathy "i was left out of the study group" so Kathy doesn't expect to do well unless someone wants to study and Lane says he just got the tail end..

10:22 BBT In HOH Talking about names and other random stuff..

In CR Kathy says "i'll sleep in the taj" since she's keeping "y'all awake" with her "snorin" as they talk how sore they are from the HOH..Kathy's legs...Lane's back...."my thighs is what's killin me" Kathy says..

lane wants to go to DR to see if he's going to be called to Dr so he he isn't he wants to go to bed early..

10:25 BBT Kathy says they have all been in and yells "ragan have you been in" and FOTH

Ragan enters CR..."my guess is he's trying to get rid of matt" as Lane says these noms must be a "backdoor" as he says he's a "baket case" as Kathy questions why he wants to get rid of matt...Ragan says he's upset because "there's no winning in this for me" and in "best case" he wins POV and "takes himself off" and doesn't finish the thought and starts his crying.."either I go ...or he does" and cries even though Kathy says he doesn't know..and Ragan "matt has so much integrity" {let's see what he says after he finds out about the fake sick wife..lying about the $1 prize}

10:29 BBT Ragan "i hate him soo much" sob sob sob....about Brendon..and asks if Lane though he was going up...and Lane says because he and "britney are real good friends" and aligned with them..he says he was told he was respected but still didn't know he would be nom'd

Matt comes in...as Lane says he heard "me and Britney" were going up so the noms "confused the shit outta me" as Brit enters...as Brit hugs him...

10:32 BBT In HOH Hayden is telling Brendon that Lane is on the outside of the Britney group "looking in" ...hayden says he didn't expect Brendon's nom..and says it was "Lane and Britney" but she pleaded and has "fought hard" to be here..Brendon explains how he messed up by telling her she was going up..and FOTH

Brendon "i was fucking shocked" whe Lane didn't choose Britney...

10:35 BBT Hayden talking about Lane telling him "britney and Matt" will vote out Lane "over Ragan"...Brendon saying "i'm not worried about Lane going home"..and says he would Rather give Matt ashot 'to stay here"..

brendon says "no" when hayden asks "would it be smart" to pull Lane off the block...and Hayden says he should put Matt up and send Ragan home to bring Lane up...Brendon saying "i don't know" because he doesn't know "what Matt" will do next week

10:37 BBT Bren"if Ragana goes home" Matt will latch 'on you guys" he tells Hayden....as hayden says Lane picking him over Brit "tells me a lot"..

Brendon says "no matter what happens tomorrow" Brendon thinks he has "a lot of say who goes home"....brendon says he has to start thinking about "jury" and if he "backdoors britney" will he lose her vote..and Hayden says that Brit would probably vote on "game play"

Brendon says the worst thing would be ragan winning "POV"...

10:40 BBT Brendon and hayden talking game in HOH..

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10:41 BBT

Brendon says he told Lane "he needed her" Brit "to fight for that POV" and Bren says "what does he do" he picks Hayden so "it says a lot" about Lane and how close he is...

hayden calling Lane "trustworthy"

10:43 BBT Hayden laying it on thick about Lane not trusting Britney for not picking her for POV...

10:46 BBT Hayden tell Bren that Ragan "made it sound" like he had a deal not to Brendon up and Kath as Hayden says Kathy needs to stay and getting her out is a waste "of a HOH" and Bren agrees..

Brendon says Last week ragan Brit Matt and Lane acted like best friends las week and this week are turning oneach other..

Hayden telling Bren "you nominations are perfect"....

Hayden says he enzo or Brendon win POV they will have "a lot of bargaining power" as Brendon says that they need to light a "fire under his ass" as they discuss possible POV comps..

10:51 BBT Bren wonder what they talk about in HN room because they "don't want Ragan to win POV' because they "will go up" as Hayden says they are" all rooting againsT each other"..and Brendon says he couldn't of planned this "better"

10:52 BBT Talking POV when Enzo enters...and says "everyone is going to sleep early"

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10:53 BBT

the faux alliance of Enzo hayden and Brendon talking about what he and Brendon were talking about...as they discauss why Lane didn't pick Britney...."its wierd"..."i'm ready to win" Enzo says when Brendon asks and Bren says he's "ready to redeem yourself"

They talk "mental" or "physical" POV....."maybe a puzzle"....as Enzo says he's "so sore" and fantasizes about a massage "from the wifey"

10:56 BBT Lane doing what he does best... Eating while Kathy doing what she does best... laying down, and Ragan doing what he does best.... crying and being a nuerotic mess..all in the Cabana Room. Lane jokes "we're enemies" and a sniffling ragan wipes his non stop tears away.

Lane hopes the POV "is early"....Ragana agrees as it was "hot" today...Ragan asks if he talked to Bren and Lane says he told him the "speech was hard" and Lane says if he wins HOH he told Brendon he was putting him up and it wasn't "an argument"

Ragan says he 'apolgized" and claims he is not "a floater" and whines about Brendon "bullied me" "put me on slop"..and "we're friend" when Bren hope they were..

11:00 In CR "double elimination" talk

11:02 BBT Back in HOH..they are Jedi drilling over past comps..

Ragan says Brendon thinks "an emotional player" but he's really a logistical player as her bashes Brendon for his showmance and telling people off..

11:04 BBT Ragan going on about being nominated saying "i'm suppose to be gracious"....

Ragan tells Lane Brit is probably "crying' in DR and tells Lane "she looked really upset" when they picked players for POV..Lane "really?"

11:05 Ragan brings up the fish and it snap Kathy out of her comatose state saying she's been asking "all day" for fish food

Talking about when they "turned the fans off"...

11:08 BBT In HOH more Jedi drilling in HOH...

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11:13 BBT

More Jedi drilling from Enzo Hayden and Enzo..though no one seems too sure on everything..

11;14 BBT Brendon called to DR and tells them "to keep practicing" and Enzo laughs "your mother needle dicks" when Bren leaves..

Bit says "we should have our talk show" In CR while bren is in DR and they should go "upstairs" ...and Ragan says he doesn't want to {thanks for sparing us from that lame crap}...as Brit says they should still "have fun" but Ragan whines he's tired and doesn't want to..

Brit saying she won't answer questions in DR until sh estarts getting answers...Ragan whines "i wish they will call me" so "i could go to be"......

11:17 BBT Enzo and Hayden are actually studying in HOH...

11:19 BBT In CR Kathy Ragan and Brit talking makeup...and "long eyelashes"..Brit says he mom calls het "Dot" for daughter as Ragan says he can't wait "to go to your wedding"as Ragan says "no producers" because "they hate me".."in trouble " "i disregard rules" ..and FOTH...

11;21 BBT Back in HOH more studying..

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11:24 BBT

In Cabana Kathy talking how her legs 'are killing her" and Ragan says "i'll power through it" and says "I will be really focused" and the "adrenaline" will be flowing..

Ragan talking about it being "a friday night"...Brit says she sad "nick is out" having "a fun time" while in the bb house its "stressful" on Fri and Sat...

Back in HOH more drilling..Bren still in DR...

11:28 BBT Ragan says "a lot of " Bren antics were to keep Rachel and Brit agrees but says he "went too far"...

ragan "lane takes long showers" as Kathy says "there's gonna be no hot water" and Brit says "who needs it" and Kathy says she'll take a shower in the morning..

Kathy still bitching about not having fish food {BB giver her her damn fish food so she'll shut up already}

11:31 BBT Back in HOH..calling Brendon "our toy soldier" as Hayden makes a gesture like they move him anyway they want...

Thinking a name for their faux alliance "one week wonder" "one punk chump" alliannce as Enzo says "we're talking game in Brendon's HOH"

11:34 BBT Pov talk about taking prizes..and throwing POV to Lane but Hayden says "if Ragan wins" Brendon may but up Matty" against lane...

Enzo "the evil Andy Dick" is going home about Ragan "lets just call him Andy dick"..

They talk side alliance and Matty "is in deeper" with his so its smarter to get rid of Ragan..

11:36 BBT Enzo talks about cutting out Matt if they need too with a final 4 "of me you lane and Kathy"...They are plotting their way to final 4 who they would nominate...they go through all the scenarios..and to them all lead to the "final 4".."clean sweep" for the Brigade..

Enzo 'enough of the pity party" about Ragan he's out even though he wants Brit to go..

11:40 BBT In Cabana room Kath and Brit are pretending that their mic packs are cell phones..and gett warning to stop playing with mic..as they keep talking about those fish...Ragan talking BB11

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11:42 BBT

Talking about having to think about Jury votes and people getting upset that get evicted..

Hayden says suggest they go down...and Hayden says "i don't want them thinking we're in too deep" and they bolt out of the HOH..

THey head to CR with as Britiney says "I'm crackin" as Hayden asks where everyone is at..Brit ragan tell him..

11:45 BBT Brit says the POV is not going to be questions as Enzo says "its not for tommorow I'm just studyin"

11:51 BBT Everyone in BR getting ready for bed..brushing teeth...

11:52 Brendon heading to HOH to go to bed..as he grabs some toiletries from the SR..

11:53 BBT Kathy and Enzo talking on the couch in bathroom Brit asks Hayden in CR "you think I'll go up" but hayden had a mouth full of toothpaste so I didn't understand him

Bit strolls to LR where Ragan who's still a mess..talking about BB hating him..as Enzo comes in 'how ya all doing" and Brit says "i'm craking...the lights never turn off..the cameras" and says she feels like this is her life and will "die here..I'm cracking".....as Enzo jokes a fake meltdown...

11:56 BBT Hayden strolls in and asks if he wants a "DiGiorno" and both says no becaus ethey just brushed their teeth

Ragan complaining he hasn't "been called in once" in The DR since nominations..

11:58 BBT Feeeds are FOTH as BBAD ends..

11:59 BBT Hayden talking to Brit in Taj telling not to use POV and Brit "100%" to keep "lane" she likes ragan too but she told him she isn't using it...and talks about gunning for Brendo next week and what is Brendon wins POV and Brit says she would put up "Matt" as Brit says if Matt goes up against Ragan she would vote out Matt..

12:01 BBT Brit says the best bet to keep lane up because "you have the votes" as they discuss Brit as HOH next week who she would put up and Hayden says he and her " have been on the same page" as Brit says Matt will definitely use POV "on Ragan" and Brit says she doesn't get Matt..

12:03 BBT The whispering in Taj continues..saying no one will beat Enzo in the "final two"

Brit says that Hayden and Lane "have a really good chance of winning it" as hayden says "i'm nervous" as they talk about Brendon's noms they had "no clue"...Brit explains Brendon told her she was going up and then had a change of heart but she asked to go up so she has a chance and not be backdoored..

12:05 BBT inexplicable FOTH...

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12:08 BBT

Brit telling Hayden she doesn't want to go on the block this week since it will be a hard decison..As Brit says aginst Lane she's not sure she has Matt but would have Kathy...and would come down to the third vote..AS Hayden says if Ragan wins POV he'll put up Matt and if Lane comes off Hayden says Brit but Brit says "i think it will still be Matt"

12:10 BBT Hayden says "ohh he didn't want Matt to play in the veto" when he asks Brit why didn't just put matt up and Brit says she's trying to stay in his good graces until "after tomorrow" as Hayden says "keep it up"

Brit leaves Taj and Hayden says "ill do my best" when she tells him to be the new veto queen..

Hayden wants Lane to sllep in Taj but he syas "leave my bed"...talking about BY opening but Brit says kathy said they aren't..

12:13 BBT Brit checks for booze for Hayden and sees Ragan and asks if he still hasn't been called.. and FOTH..

12:14 BBT Back in dark Jamanji Brit asks Lane what hes thinking about and he says nothing "chillin" and asks her what she's think and she says POV..

12:15 BBT FOTH

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12:16 BBT

Ragan and Enzo talking in LR what will be POV and how "horrible" the last HOH was...Enzo geting frustrated with Kathy's big mouth.."shut up" he says to himself.....as Enzo talks if Matt goes up and never got a chance to play..Brendon Bash for his ball throwing in POV

Ragan saying brens "real targets are Matt and Britney" but wanted to see but never finishes his though..

Brendon walks by...as Enzo "the crazy thing..one person is going to win" {gee how profound} as they talk chance as "Brendon and Kathy" have no chance..

Matt called to DR and Ragan "you gotta be kidding me"...and FOTH

12:23 BBT Ragan keeps bitching about his DR and keeps setting Off FORH..it looks like Kathy got her fish food..

ragan keeps saying "this house is crazy"...as Enzo talks about the expierence as ragan saying being nominated "sucks"

ragan goes on about Matt wanting him having an "opportunity to play" POV...

Ragan says if he is on the block after POV he will have only one convo Tuesday night with everyone..and goes on about the six "of us being friends"...

12:27 BBT Enzo say it would have been nice to be "final six"

12:29 BBT Enzo ask what they can Watch as Enzo asks about "sporting events' as Ragan says you can get "your handler to tell you" and the twat sets off another FOTH..

{doesn't look like too much is happening tonight so I'm bowing out early..I won't be back til Sunday}

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1:27am BBT:

Enzo and Lane talking about all the practice for comps is kinda of useless because each person remembers things differently. Enzo believes it's best to go with your gut reaction.

Over in the kitchen Matt and Ragan discussing how quiet it is outside. Ragan is nervous about the comp being a puzzle. He wants to know if Matt has the votes to stay if he were up next to Lane. Matt says he would. Now they are moving to the cabana room. Ragan mentions how somber pov player selection was. Matt thinks things seem to fall in Brendon's direction. Ragan hopes he wins veto;Matt does too. Scenarios being thrown out by Ragan as to why the noms turned out the way they did.

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1:30am BBT:

Enzo and Lane have joined Ragan and Matt in cabana room. Lane goes over to the fish tank and seems concerned over how hungry they are. Now all wonder how Brendon is being portrayed on TV based on questions in the dr. For all they know Brendon and Rachel are being edited as the best thing ever. Enzo doesn't think so.

Hayden has now joined the guys. Convo moves on to being surprised on getting picked by Lane. Talk moves onto where to sleep. They've chosen the Taj room. Ragan back to complaining about being hungry.

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1:40am BBT:

All present don't believe that neither Kathy or Brendon have a chance at winning the season. Ragan sees the winners being between anyone but those two. Now back to noms. Matt wants to be the one to take Brendon down. Ragan filling them in on how Brendon still didn't admit he had an agreement with Andrew (let it go already). Everyone thought for sure Britney was going to be nominated. Only Ragan and Matt seem to be harping on it all being fishy. Enzo brings up that there was an oportunity for Brit/Matt to be picked with houseguest choice. Matt doesn't think it's fixed but that it's dumb luck.

Looks like Ragan is going to bed. Enzo and Hayden say he's cool to Matt after Ragan leaves. Matt mentions how he doesn't understand why Lane didn't pick Brit. That Hayden should throw it to Lane and if not that he shouldn't use it. Enzo feels he should use it; if he wins it he will only use it if Brendon agrees to put Britney up. Enzo would love to backdoor Britney. Matt tells them he made a deal with Brendon so he wouldn't be put up but that there's a time to break deals is double eviction. They really want the f6 to be made up of players the 4 can easily get out. Scenarios about how it can all work out.

(ok I'm out for now)

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2 am BBT: There only at the half way point and Enzo announces how big of a target he (the brigade) would be when they

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