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8/13 - Live Feed Updates

Angelo Joe

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BBT 9:55

brit , matt ,kathy, hayden, and lane in have not room talking about their highschool days

enzo and brendon in taj talking about how people need to start thinking about the jury make up. brendon saying hes sorry if he ruined every ones fun by winning hoh but he is just setting things right for rachel.

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10:13 BBT

In Takj Kathy, Brendon and Enzo talking about the HOH comp..Brendon wants to know his time and wonders if BB will tell him..He also is doing the "what if" the last placers in the HOH comp would have beeen HNs and Kathy says "I would of been a HN" and Enzo says he would..

10:15 BBT In Cabana room Ragan going into a mental breakdown complete with tears and heavy sighing..."huhh"

Back in Taj Enzo asks if Russel from BB11 won any HOHs and Brendon and Kathy incorrectly say they didn't think so..

They continue to talk BB11...

10:17 BBT They are talking what day it is in the BB house as Kathy says "today is 41" and Brendon says it is..

Kathy says "i do pray for everybody every night" as Brendon makes fun of Jesse bb11 and his haremm crying when he left and they sayed he prayed for them every night..

Kathy now a have wants "breaded pork chops"...as they discuss candy

10:20 BBT IN Cabana room Ragan is still teared up and sighing.."i was too cocky" mumbling to himself "this is definetly Karma" he says..

10:21 ragan's self pity party continues in cabana room

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10:20 BBT: Ragan is crying alone in the cabana room.

Hayden, Lane, Britney, and Matt are all in the have not room and Kathy, Brendon, and Enzo hanging out in the taj room talking about past HGs from other seasons (about how Lydia told everyon that Jesse prayed for them all every night after he was evicted).

Seems like everyone is just waiting around for Brendon to get his HOH room [should be interesting to see who goes and who doesn't].

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10:29 BBT: Ragan joined Britney, Lane, and Matt in the have not room and is in better spirits. They are all talking about thinking Lane had a crush on Britney in the first few weeks but realize now that they have a very brother/sister relationship of beating each other up and joking around.

Britney: "Lane's like my big brother because he is mean to me but he protects me."

Matt: "I think he would jump you if you weren't with the Nick."

Lane: "If I saw her at a bar, I would approach her because she wouldn't fall for it. I just go for girls that fall for it."

10:32 BBT: Talk turns to Britney needing to toughen up.

Matt: "When does the PMS thing start, when do I have to prepare?"

Britney: "Monday."

Matt: "Shit, those are like the long drawn out days too."

10:34 BBT: Brendon talking about composte in the taj room and it looks like Enzo and Kathy are falling asleep while he keeps talking.

Back in the have not room Ragan, Matt, and Britney discuss that a combination of two of the three of them will go up on the block, but they say rightfully so. They all decide that they should go and see Brendon's HOH room unless he tells them not to. They wonder if he will get a letter from Rachel.


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10:23 BBT

In Taj room Enzo and Kathy listen to Brendon's stories...as he talks about "wife section" and "GF section" in professional sports

Hayden pops his head in and Brendon jokes" If I'd known you wanted to be in there" when Hayden said he was hanging out in the HN room..

They are talking about their sore backs as Hayden says "my back hurts" as kathy talks about her mic probs in the HOH comp..Brendon continues talking the rope being a big "mess" towards the end...

10:27 BBT Enzo asks "is everyone in the have not" and Hayden says "ya" except for Ragan..Brendo talking paranoia and people talking about people when numbers dwindle and small groups talk..

Ragan has returned to HN room and is in a jovial mood as he discusses Lane and Brits relationship and says its bro sis and says at first she thought he liked her with the way his "eyes" were as Brit says she totally thinks Lane as a brother..

10:30 BBT Brit "Lane is like my Big Brother" because he's "mean to me" but protects me as Lane says "i'm not mean" to her..

Brit says "monday" when Matt asks when her "PMS" starts and she says she'll get "emotional" as Matt says "the long drawn out day"...

They are talking Noms as Matt doesn't think he'll put Ragan and Brit up with the chance of him winning POV..as Ragan says he doesn't "want to think" about if and will do what he wants "rightfully so" as Ragan hopes for "a miracle that keeps us all three" in the game..

10:33 Brit says she definitley wants "one of us three" to be in the final two as Brit says she really wanted to have "my birthday" here..and Brits says "next week" Brendon is "going up"

Ragan says he's upset "i just want" and mumbles and incomplete his thought as Lane says "10:35" as Brit says she wants to go to bed..

Ragan says "I think we should go" when Brit wonders if they should see Bren's HOH and says "he may not want us to go"..

10:37 BBT Lane worries he will go up if "one" of them comes out as Matt wonders if Enzo can "convince him to put up Kathy" as Lane says he doesn't think so..Lane says "he knows he's not gonna win" but just take someone out as Lane says "this is strictly revenge"

10:38 BBT In HN they are talking about tomorrow's schedule LD as "saturday will POV" britney says..

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10:47 BBT

Brit saying Brendon didn't ever really like her and that it was Rachel who wanted to start the alliance with her..as she discusses with Matt complains "he has friends" and people will hang out with him and it "sickens me" she whines...

Brit says when "enzo "puts his arm around him" it "pisses me off" but its not his fault as she says "if I go home next week" and doesn'T want to leave or be "miserable" all week as she says "we're like family" and spend the week having a good time as Lane says "you're not going home" and will be part of them 'to the very end" as Lane tries to cheer her up....

10:52 BBT Matt says "ill feel like a fucking failure" if he doesn't come out of this with something...as Brit says "you have $2"

10:53 BBT Ragan being consoled by Hayed in BR as Ragan says "i feel very disconected with myself" as he says he regrets his behavior even though he doesn't like brendon and Rachel "at all" as Hayden says he's the same way about feeling bad the way he behaves sometimes.."i've done things in here I'm definitely ashamed of" Hayden says as Ragan says he hasn't said anything "terrible" he "feels more like..." and doesn't finish his thought once again..

10:55 BBT Ragan "i care very much for Matt and Britney" as Hayden says "going against them" is what makes him feel bad and Ragan says "i don't have it in me" to throw anyone under the bus he cares about as he says "i'll be shocked" if Brenchel are talking three years from now but feels he'll be friend with "britney and Matt the rest of my life"

10:57 BBT Hayden working his jury vote thry to console Ragan's mood as Ragan says "i'll have a cry once a week" and will even if he has nothing to cry about and doesn't like to be public about it but in the BB house its impossible without caneras capturing it.....

Ragan says he felt bad "for Matt" during the comp..as Hayden says "he's helpless" {or is he} for not being able to play...

11:02 BBT Ragan and Hayden talking about Brendon's HOH performane and how he "absolutely killed" and Ragan says "he did an awesome job" and deserves it..

Brendon enters the BR and Ragan congratulates him and says "that was not an easy" HOH..

11:04 Everyone else enter BR as they wonder how long the LD is going to be..

Enzo in Taj knocked out as Kathy lays in the bed next to him eyes wide open..

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11:10 BBT IN BR everyone minus Kathy and Enzo talking about the HOH comp..talking about the guys who drop the water and the feathers and how they "love it" and Matt gets BB warning...

Enzo alseep with his mouth wide open in Taj..on BBAD while the feeds are foth..

11:11 Brendon talking about his HOH performance as Brit says she couldn't of "caught up to Brendon" if she tried..

Lane says he kept forgetting "i was the end of the rope" as Brendon wonders what his time was..Lane saying he "never looked up" as Brit says the same..

They talk if "interns" test the appartus out.

11:14 BBT Brit says "that was worse than the caramel" about tonights HOH Ragan saying "my poor pumas...they are just destroyed"...

Matt Hayden and Brendon leave BR and head to kitchen...

Ragan Matt and Brit talking as Ragan says he didn't cry in his DR but started when he got out and did in the CR

11:16 BBT In kitchen the guys are talking about the HOH..Brendon talking about why they needed "back braces" when they first started...

11:19 BBT Hayden Brendon and Lane getting something to drink as Brendon makes ice..not much going on in Kitchen..

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11:26 BBT

Everyone in the LR talking about the fans going on and the lights flickering..."that's crazy" Kathy says...they are hearing things in the wall..

Someone in production saying their is a "power issue" as Kathy says they are getting more excited about "an accident" as they talk power outage...

11:30 Everyone in LR talking as they talk "saboteur" and wonder in production is "drunk" "flipping buttons" as they get BB warning...

Matt says "these have not weeks have to stop" and says he thought by now they would have group comps for food....as Matt gets BB warning..

11:32 "i'm tired " Ragan says and goes to "lay down" as Brit tells him he'll follow soon..

Matt says Brendon was "doing flips" as Brendon says "i was like a ninja" during HOH comp..

11:34 Kathy wants the HT {we know she wants to smoke} as Brendon asks "does your back hurt" and she says no...

Ragan in the HN room prepare for breakdown #2 as he just stares blankly and mumble to himself...sighing starts as he closes his eyes..

11:37 BBt Back in LR they are talking sleeping arrangements as Hayden says they all should sleep in Jamanji as Enzo says he likes the darkness of Taj..

Brendon wonders when HOH time is as Matt says "they usually wait till midnight" for "Showtime" to go off and get another BB warning as Matt taunts and gets "stop that"..

11:38 Everyone waiting around for HOH room bored. tired and indifferent..

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11:40 BBT

Back in HN room seems Ragan has fallen asleep..

Back in LR everyone else just laying or sitting around while Brendon prepares something to eat..no one is talking..

Brendon breaks the silence "i asked for darts" as Kathy says "i doubt" he'll get em as Hayden thought he asked for "dark" beer..as Kathy adds "we can't even get Drano"

11:43 BBT Matt says "julie wants nothing to do with me" because he wasn't interviewed during tonight's live show as Brit says they had too much in the "taped" segements..

Kathy asks if its "still loud out there" as Brendon says he doesn't hear anything as he tries to listen at the door and gets a "stop that" from BB..but says again "i didn't hear anything"

11:45 BBt Enzo complaing "i'm tired" ..wanting to get show on the road..Kathy stroking Hayden's foot before he moves and dives onto the empty couch to lay down..

They talk about board games and thing "monopoly" would be a good one..."Risk" "taboo"...they discuss games..as Hayden unsucessfully describes a game he played onece "i don't know ..it was a blast" and says forget "i ever brought it up"

11:50 BBT He explains another game "apples to apples" card game..

Not much happening convo wise..

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11:52 BBT

Board card game talking in LR as they wait for Brendon's HOH...

Brit and Matt tries to look deeper into Hayden's game who says they are looking to deep into it as Brit says "that game does sound fun" as he goes on with the rules of "apples to apples"

11:55 BBT Now they're talking "balderdash".....Matt hand is in its usual place as Brit talks "trivial pursuit" for XBox....he and "nick" play it on xbox...

Hayden says he played trouble when he was a kid and Britsays in excitement "me too with the bubble in the middle" as they talk childhood games of "sorry" "battleship"..."guess who"...."mousetrap"..."operation"..."payday"..."life".

..they talk "etch a sketch" and Hayden talks about the "guy" who makes famous drawing {goerge vlosich if anyone is interested}..."candyland" and "shoots and ladders"

Hayden says "we had monolpoly night in college" on Monday nights..

They discuss why they get chess and no other games and brings up Andrew taking the king..

12:03 BBT game talk continues that prompts a FOTH..

12:04 BBT FOTH..

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12:07 BBT FOTH still

12:08 BBT Feeds back ...Everyone except Ragan Kathy and Britney{in DR} in LR talking...Hayden talking about his snow

"board shop" saying its his "dream"

Talking about chatting tables at bars buying drinks..as Matt jokes you get away from your comp just to go to a bar to chat date..

Matt's wife knows the guy who does this as Lane says he's seen the guy "on youtube" and probably is "the same guy"

Kathy comes back in to say the fans are still on...

12:11 BBT Trying to figure out who has to go to DR as Brendon "those live feeds are burning up" tonight he jokes..

12:13 BBT a very lathargic Enzo says "everyone's making fun of me" as Lane says during HOH "me and my boy Hayden" could see the button and "we looked back" as Enzo says "i had to keep company" as they ask what they wre "doing back there" as Kathy says "it was hard" as they make fun of Kathy and Enzo's performance..

12:16 BBT Enzo trying to decribe the ordeal as they laugh at him...as Enzo jokes he wanted to "pass" knots to "move on to the next box" and says "wife is going to be embarrassed..they're gonna kill me" and says if he were the "saboteur" he caold "blame it on that"

As Enzo "that's what makes it worse" saying everyone in DRs are "making fun of me in there" and FOTH

12:18 BBT Talking about the fans making the room "ice cold"....talking about getting in trouble tonight for sleeping when most of the time "we don't it depends on the crew" Brenden offers and FOTH..

12:19 BBT waiting around for DRs and HOH room...

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12:22 BBT

The boredom of waiting for HOH room as Hayden gets in trouble for sleeping

Brendon asks when they stock food and Matt says tomorrow and Brendon thinks they will get "something good" as kathy says "i didn't get anything" as they discuss past HN foods..

12:24 BBT Matt saying Slop "is not bad" and basivally ate slop everyday except for dinner and booze..and not just have another serving of slop and no dinner and booze..

In kitchen Lane nad Enzo talking about his HOH performance Lane says "you pysched yourself out" and Enzo says he got "frustrated really quick" but says "i tried" as Lane says "i hit a wall"...

Enzo asks if the HNs are "all depressed"...as enzo says "everyone" except one "play in the POV"

12:27 BBT Lane saying he never gets picked and says "me and hayden" sat out last time and complains POV "hottest part of the day"...as the discuss the hottness of costumes..

Lane says "i'm gonna be so weak when I get out of here" talking about working out as Enzo says "i'm already weak"

12:30 BBT Enzo asks if this "is the latest" we're going to HOH room...as Enzo thinks its because they needed to take Rachel where ever she needed to go..

Enzo "if brit makes fun of me" he's going into the room as Lane says she can't because she was as bad..

Enzo worried Rachel is sending the letter and hopes she doesn't mention the Brigade..."i wanna see who he's going to put up" as Enzo guesse "britney and Ragan' as he says "matt sent Rachel home"

12:33 BBT "i'm almost scared to compete now" with people giving him shit and says "i don't like it" and won't doing it anymore as he jokes "who am i" questioning him as Hayden says "wanna give you a hug"

HOH waiting continues..

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12:36 BBT

Talkling about booze as Matt says they normally don't get them as Enzo says "just call me bozo" because he's down...

Brendon Enzo and Hayden talking at the table..

In HN room Ragan "7 more days" of being a HN as he says "things are hopless" as Matt says "they are not" as Ragan says he feels like "really do" as Matt says "wait till after POV" and says "i need to win POV" and will feel like "a failure" and Ragan says "you might not even play"....

12:40 BBT Ragn in drepression mode..."made bad decision to send her home" Matt says "expect the unexpected" as ragan says "this sucks" and Matt says "sucks bad" as Matt tries to tell Ragan "anything can Happen" and Ragan says he's going to go and Brendon is going to go "i I'll end up in that house with" Brenchel..

12:43 Ragan "i feel very helpless" and being a "have not" .."a little bit fucked" as Matt "a lot bit fucked" as Matt says he and Brit shouldn't have "been picked on"...

Matt trying to cheer Ragan up....as Ragan wants to go "up to the room" and start a new day tomorrow...

12:45 BBT all feeds on ragan's pity party...as Brit enters "fine" as she's sad "nobody will listen" to what she will say as she can't get a "sweatshirt" as she complains BB won't give special items..

Lane wrestling with Kathy as he pushes her on the couch as she laughs..he lets her up "that was fun"

Enzo stip moping around..as they go in Cabana room and says the fans are nice...a

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12:50 BBT

Brendon gets HOH..

Everyone assembles at the top waiting for Kathy whose turning the stove off..

12:51 BBT They Enter...

"picture of Rachel...in the Taj" pics of "nieces"..."weezer...blue album"....."red bull" "new castle"..Matt "you got a lot of shit"

"letter"......from his "sister"......."miss having you around".....talking about how close he is with his niece..Brendon tears up {no suprise" .."proud of you no matter what" everyone "supporting you"..."vegas cult members"...

12:55 BBT Brendon offers anything they want...as Kathys jokes "you have a root beer"

Enzo listening to the music as they talk snacks..and looking at pictures...and Mom sent a pic "when I was engaged"

12:57 BBT "coke zero' "amstel light" are some of the beverages..bit and Brendon talk both have nieces named "Katelyn" {SP}

They continue talk about pics..

1:00 "congrats Brendon" Ragan offers as he leaves..Brit follows "i'm going to bed"....Lane follows right behind...

In HOH they still talk snacks....and taste test...Kathy "you and you're mom look a lot alike" even if its his "engagement party"..

1:03 BBT Brendon talking about his "messed up" brother who's not "around"...andhis close to his "15 yr old" niece...

Enzo on bed...while Matt and Kathy stand around.. while Hayden listens to the music...

1:05 BBT Kathy says DR didn't want to talk to her...Matt asks what are the sleeping arrangements "Taj or jamanji" as they will sleep anywhere but Matt asks if he can leave his clothe sin the drawer


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1:07 BBT

Matt leaves..and they talk why Matt didn't talk to Julie as Enzo said they had "a lot of stuff" to show and didn't want to "waste time" talking to Matt..

Kathy says "i'm going to bed....congrats" as she hugs Brendon..as they discuss beds....

Hayden "i'll be right down" as Kathy leaves...

Brendon asks them "you wanna beer" as he gives Hayden one who says "i'd love one"..as Brendon says there are some people "who don't wanna be up here" as Brendon says they can study as Brendon says he's taking out ragan and Britney and heads downstair as they are happy matt's not going upas Hayden says "he's a good guy" and Enzo agrees..and both think he's not the saboteur..

1:12 BBT Brendon returns and cheers "congrats bro" as Hayden says "i was impressed"

Brendon talking about Lane being Saboteur..and says Lane told Brit they were trying to make alliances..

Enzo says Brit never talks to him but did when "monet was around"

1:14 BBT brendon talking about Lane and what he's said..and he's "stirring up drama" "floated through this game" and why would he stir the pot and seems "uncharacteristic of Lane" and Brendon thinks he's the saboteur..

{i'm out be back tomorrow}

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Still sleeping. lots of sounds--creaking, thumping, grinding also lots of snoring from jumaji room

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9:22 am BBT

Matt and Ragan up, they head to the cabana room, where Matt says he couldn't sleep because of the people in the wall. Then he has to go to the bathroom really really bad....

9:24 am BBT

All of a sudden we hear a voice that says "Hola" that sounds like Rachel... Matt comes back to the cabana room... talk of how they couldn't sleep and so matt was snapping his fingers to get Ragans attention... they hate that they are on LD, think a luxury comp is coming off. They wish they would turn off the fans.

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10:22 Ragan and Brendon are talking in the HOH room. Ragan is trying to convince Brendon not to put him up by explaining why he was against them and pointing out times when he supported them. He's going through events very carefully and blaming Rachel for making things weird and awkward between them.

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10:12am BBT:

Ragan now in hoh talking with Brendon about how the friendship between them changed. He says how when the rest of the house was against B/R he was on their team. That during the surfboard comp he wouldn't fall off until he got a guarantee from Matt that R/B wouldn't be nom. Goes on to explain that what changed his prospective was how B pushed for Andrew to stay, R's behavior after the second hoh win, nom speech and veto comp reaction etc...

The overall spiel seems to be that Ragan is straight up while the rest of the house has been after R/B the whole time. How he stayed as long on the hoh comp (paint can comp) to help. Throws in how when Matt makes a deal he stand by it.

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