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8/13 - Live Feed Updates

Angelo Joe

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Sounds like it's Ragan and Lane up on the block.

Britney, Matt, Lane and Enzo talking in Cabana. Are you going to go up and talk to him? Asks Enzo of Lane.

Britney thinks the evil plan is for Brendon to back door her. She thinks Kathy is in on it with him.

Ragan doesn't get why Brendon did this - this move is stupid it pisses off everyone. I don't understand it, specially when you're in this position. Hayden listening to Ragan.

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7:16 BBT

Ragan says Brendon tried to strike a deal with him earlier, saying if he kept Ragan off the block, Ragan will keep him safe next week and he agreed. So he doens't understand why he was still put on the block.

Not much chatter in the Cabana room.

Ragan says that all of Brendon's decisions are theatrical. Hayden says he didn't know Ragan and Brendon made a deal, so now he's even more confused by the nominations.

In the Cabana room, Matt says this is a good week b/c if it's a double eviction, they can get Brendon out right away and not worry about breaking deals b/c Brendon will be out of the house in less than an hour.

Matt says Ragan won't talk to Brendon b/c he's pissed off and confused. Matt and Britney both think that Brendon's trying to do a backdoor for either of them.

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7:20 BBT def lane and regan on the block (wonder if brendon wasn't allowed to put brit up since he broke the rules by telling her he was going to put her up earlier today??)

cabana room group thinks brendon's plan is to backdoor either matt or brit.

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7:22 BBT

Kathy has appeared in the Cabana room, working on her nails. Enzo is trying to pick up his hat with his teeth and flipping it up onto his head. Matt is encouraging this. Enzo is close, but failing.

Hayden continues to work all sides, sitting with Ragan and wondering why. They're going over different veto comps.

Ragan: This f*cking sucks.

Ragan feels helpless and Hayden sympathizes with him.

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7:24 PM BBT

Matt says "America's live feeds are clicking off right now. I am so upset right now." He is referring to the fact that Enzo is trying to flip his fedora on to his head with his teeth and keeps missing.

Kathy seems to be trying to wash something off her blanket.

Back in HN room Ragan asks how Lane is doing. Matt and Enzo are there with him he's ok. "I just feel so helpless right now." says Ragan.

"You never know, I wanted to win for myself." They are discussing the POV competition tomorrow. "Ragan feels like it's him up against the strong guys. Like Brendon thinks that Britney and Matt have a better shot of POV. If Ragan wins Brendon can replace him with Matt. Or something"

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7:17pm BBT:

Have Not Room

Ragan commenting to Hayden how he doesn't get all the dramatics with everything Brendon does. Seems amazed that Brendon would mention in the ceremony that Ragan hasn't been competing.

Cabana Room:

Britney,Enzo,Matt and Lane discussing noms. Enzo thought Brendon rambled too much. Britney asks Lane if he's mad. Lane says he is and yet his voice is monotone. Earlier Matt told Lane he has to win veto even though he's safe. Noone expected these noms. They thought it would be a combo of either Ragan and Britney or Matt.

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7:26 BBT

Matt and Enzo say Brendon was blabbling a lot during his speech and kept talking about floaters. Lane and Britney think Brendon's noms are retarded. Britney continues to think it's all part of a bigger plan.

Britney can't figure out how Lane was nominated, as she thought it'd be Matt, Ragan or herself. She asks Lane if Brendon told him he could go up and Lane lies, saying no.

They start talking about the fish fighting and BB zooms in on the fishtank.

Kathy goes into the HN room and tells Ragan she knows he wants to be alone, but she's there to talk with him if he needs. He thanks her and she leaves.

Ragan says this is all part of the BB experience. Hayden says everyone has to go on the block at some point. Ragan says he wanted the full BB experience, which he's getting by being on the block, but he still wants the opportunity to win HOH.

Ragan hopes the POV is not something they can practice, as he's rather not stay up all night. They still can't figure out what Lane has done to be put on the block.

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7:33 BBT

Britney finally leaves the Cabana room to make some eggplant, so the Brigade (minus Hayden) can talk. Matt tells Lane he's completely safe.

7:35 BBT

Hayden in kitchen, making food. Britney and Matt have brought food back to the Cabana room.

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As Britney leaves to get food...."You're good, don't even worry about it." says Matt to Lane. "I'm usually POV don't worry about it." Lane wonders where Hayden is. "In there with Ragan, you're good." says Matt again. We get FOTH

Matt goes to get food. Hayden shredding cheese.

7:38 PM BBT

Enzo says to Lane, "You wanna kill him now? You wanna spotlight him?"

"Nah, I want him to see what's coming." says Lane. "It's like he was going to cry up there. It's so hard.. blah blah"

Hayden is using the cheese grater to grate bread (bread crumbs. WHoever stays this week needs to nail him and nail hm hard says Matt.

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7:45 BBT

Brendon joins Ragan in the HN room. He apologizes for nominating him and says Ragan has a good shot at POV. Ragan tells Brendon he's not a floater and Brendon agrees and doesn't know why he said floater during his speech. Ragan comments on Brendon's speech when he said that 3 people haven't been nominated. Brendon says he still considers Ragan a friend and can talk any time. Ragan thanks him and Brendon leaves.

Brendon joins Kathy in the Taj room. Don't know what was said, but Brendon thanks her and tells her Hayden is making chicken parm. He goes back to the kitchen, where Hayden and Enzo are.

In the Cabana room, Britney wonders if she should go comfort Ragan. Matt says he's going to and britney says she'll be in once she makes a protein shake.

Lots of WBRB.

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7:51 BBT

Lane tells Britney if he wins the POV, he can't use it b/c Britney would go up. They agree Ragan or Matt can't win the veto. She tells him he needs to study some more for the comp. She leaves the room.

In the HN room, Matt tells Ragan the plan to break all deals with Brendon and evict him if it's a double eviction week. Matt tells Ragan not to work himself up and Ragan says he's actually really calm. He tells Matt he wants to study together later for the veto comp. Ragan says the best case senerio is Matt win the veto and saves Ragan. Matt agrees.

7:53 BBT

Brendon joins Lane in the Cabana room. He tells him Lane is not his target and isn't trying to send Lane home. Brendon says that he's trying to send the whoever is sitting next to Lane home. Lane says he understands. Brendon says he knows it will be hard for Britney, but he needs nominations to stay the same and whoever is next to Lane needs to go. Brendon says he has the votes to keep Lane safe. Lane asks if he wins the POV, should he not use it and Brendon says yes. They wonder what the veto comp will be.

Lane says he's not upset and Brendon says he didn't have the time to tell Lane. Brendon tells Lane to tell Britney to fight her ass off for veto, b/c he wants her to win. He says worse case is Matt winning the POV and saving Ragan. Brendon wants noms to stay the same and Ragan leave. He says if Ragan wins, then he will have to decide either Matt or Britney to go home. Brendon wants Britney to win POV tomorrow.

Brendon tells Lane he can either use the veto on himself or not if he were to win. Brendon says that Lane is safe no matter what.

8:00 BBT


(BRB myself)

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8:26 PM BBT

Matt, Lane and Enzo in the KT discussing game scenarios. "You can't sideline and back stab before it's necessary." Says Lane. The brigade is discussing Ragan over Britney. Britney over Ragan. Can't quite make it out as they are whispering a lot.

8:42 PM BBT


Feeds come on briefly. "Hey are you excited?" we hear someone say and feeds are gone again. We probably have an early comp tomorrow then. Says Enzo. "What do you think it is then, prizes with a POV?" No more prizes still I start playing in the competitions." Think it was Brendon that said it.

oh man, one person says Matt in HN room to Ragan. "If I win I'm sure you're up." says Ragan. "SO I'm up, don't worry about it." Matt

Ragan: This is so much worse than the nominations.

Matt: hey Enzo tried...

In other room

Enzo: I thought we were playing tonight.

Brit: They soak it all in the middle of the night.

Brendon: Be ready to go anytime.

Brendon: Hope it's not too physical though, my hands are still ripped up from the ropes.

Sounds like they made them call who was playing the game tomorrow.

Brendon: Must have done it so they can write our names on it.

Hayden: Thanks for picking me though

In HN Room

Matt: You're up against three guys but you're definitely smarter then them. (to ragan?)

Brit: I'm about to take a penalty nom for a bowl of Froot Loops.

I THINK players are: Lane, Ragan, Enzo, Hayden, Kathy and Brendon.

Brit just confirmed only people not playing are her and Matt.

[Falling asleep here - night all]

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