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8/5 - Live Feed Updates

Angelo Joe

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Please use the following format when posting live feed updates;

8:26 pm BBT: [insert update here.] For example... Kristen is campaigning hard tonight. She takes takes a glass of wine out to the BY couches and waits for her next victim constituent to be lured in.

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BBT 9:00

brit and rachel in bikinis drawing water for a bath. discussing that kris is telling brit she is a swing vote. rach says kris told them brendon was swing vote. rach says she is begining her time of the month. brit wonders where the hot towels are and ask rachel where her house keeper is. rach asks brit about ragans idea of the boy alliance. and say she doesn't think there is one but even if there is its week four they wouldn't do any thing yet anyway.

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9:00 BBT

Still on indoor lockdown.

All 4 feeds on HOH room. Rachel and Britny talking about who else.. Kristen

Apparently they are going for a bubble bath. Both just put on their bikinni's (yum)

Downstairs Enzo, Brenden and Lane talking about getting to bed early tonight. I've never heard the "F" word tossed around so much!


9:05 BBT

Rachel and Britney putting mud on there faces before they jump in the tub.

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Lane and Matt discuss how they need hoh. Lane is very jittery, obviously really anticipating this. Matt saying if Brenden wins, they're screwed.

Matt and Lane join Enzo and Ragan

Enzo going on and on about how he does NOT want to talk game to Kristen.

"Seriously, just leave me alone. Let me marinate on it."

Matt saying he's torn. He really wants a haircut tonight, but that will lead to game talk and doesn't know if he should figure out a way to do it himself, or subject himself to her.

Enzo really wanting to see his wife, Matt telling him he better win hoh so he can see her. Enzo saying "you can't rush that shit."

Lane asks a little about Matt's wife

Matt saying he's glad someone is cooking her meals, so he can talk about the game.

topic changes mostly to the stuffed monkey, where everyone's whereabouts is, and how they "just want to get this shit over with."

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BBT 9:29

brit and rach in tub with mud masks. brendon joins them in bathroom eating icecream. they are talking about a possible endurance and how each hg might do. brendon thinks lane is dtrong but wieghs to much matt is not strong enough his only competition would be enzo and heydon,

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Enzo's excited he's getting tired, because he wants to go to bed at "like 10."

Lane: it's 9:40.

Enzo: good.

Where's Britney? someone asks.

Matt: Rachel summoned her upstairs . They're in the bathtub, eating ice cream in bikinis. Showtime definitely aint watching us right now.

Ragan: I swear if Julie asks Rachel and Brenden another question about them.... everything is about them.

They hope to see a clip tomorrow of themselves.

They're all hoping to see a slow clip of the luxury comp.

Ragan saying for as slow as they went during the comp, Kathy still kept saying "slowwww downnnn!"

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Lane: I swear, it took me like 3 days to learn all y'alls name. I was afraid I was never going to learn.

Matt: I know. I was calling Monet Monique until the day she got evicted.

Lane: I didn't know Annies name until she went up on the block

Matt: weren't you hanging out with her a lot

Lane: yep.

R wondering why H was in the HOH room last night. Matt saying he hasn't talked to him, do you know why he was up there?

Lane: nope. I mean, why would you lock the door? I think they were desperate. They think he'll be a wounded animal when Kristen leaves and trying to scoop him up.

R: so they asked him to go up.

Matt: oh ya, definitely.

Lane, Ragan and Matt agree tomorrow will be endurance. Lane thinks the best shot will be Matt and Ragan.

Lane: didn't you get trapped [with Brenden] twice today?

Matt: yes! but he left the trap of his own free will

Lane: He can't do that!!

Ragan: I trapped someone today.

M: this shit will be crazy in 24 hrs

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Lane, Ragan, Matt talking about casting.

They say Andrew tried out for season 4, Kathy tried out for another season too. Everyone else got in on their first shot.

Lane says he gets nervous before every live show and his hands get sweaty. Matt says he hasn't even been up.

Lane says he has to breathe in and out of his nose.

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10:13 BBT

Rachel and Britney in HOH bathtub with Brenden sitting nearby in chair.

Talking about final 4 and including Britney.

There biggest fear is Matt winning HOH. Trying to guess who he would put up.

Brenden thinks Matt is skating by and flying under the radar.

10.17 BBT

Kristen and Kathy whispering and talking game. Kristen desperately wants Kathy's vote.

Ragan walks in and game talk stops.

Ragan: What are ya'll talking about?

Kathy: Nothing much.. Awkward silence.

Kris" I gotta wash my unitard.

Kathy: They should let you wear something nice.

Kris: I know.

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bbt 10:27

Brit and rach still in tub, brit telling rach how kathy told her that when she was spending time with rach in hoh she was listning for information. rach telling brit way to much of what she and brendon are thinking

Matt and hayden discusing possible noms depending on who wins hoh. keep telling each other they have to win tomorrow night.

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BBT 10:40

Britt and rach STILL in tub with masks totaly taking turns trashing kathy and kristen.

mean while back in the downstairs bathroom kristen and Kathy watch matt as he uses electric shears to cut his hair.

ealier matt and ragan confirmed with each other they are voting kristen out

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10:25 BBT

"another week down" Matt tells hayden and "its wierd" doing a goodbye for "brigade member"..they talka bout their goodbyes and get BB warning..

"we gotta win tomorrow night" Hayden suggests and Matt "big time" and says for him lane and Matt they both agree Enzo's fine but Matt says they are in trouble..

Matt asks Hayden if he knew who Bren was going to target and he says "Kathy" but both agree that's "bullshit"

Talking about how they need to win..."I can't wait" and wants to "get this on" Matt says

Talking about a Brendon win and Matt says "we just have to get that out of our heads"

10:28 BBT Ragan mopes his way in...talking about tomorrow's possible endurance..but whatever Matt says "it will end on the live show"....Matt says they may want to carry the HOH over because the viewers know Brendon has to win..."its gonna be a crazy night..I can't wait" Matt says..

Matt says he put his HOH requests and they "started laughing" and Hayden says "i did the same thing las week and it didn't pan out"..hayden said he assked for "deodorant" and " adifferent protein" when matt inquired..

10:31 BBT Matt went to ask BB if he can cut his Hair...Hayden and Ragan alone in Cabana room...

Telling Ragan he's "pretty awesome" and him and Kristen are thankful for something...Ragan says "you're welcome"

Back in HOH Rachel and Brit bashing Kathy...in the tub...Making fun of her laughing...Now they have switched to Kristen talking how she's on their nerves and their frienship with Kathy making fun of her saying Kathy was "like her mom"...Making of Kathy..saying "i thought we were at sleep away camp...we're suppose to be playing game"..and making fun of her interview as they speculate..Now ragging on her cigarreet smoking for a cancer survivor and her large sugar intake..

10:36 BBT Matt buzzin his hair while Kristin watches..the electric clippers are pretty loud..Kathy is there also laughing...Matt says "its definite goinna need some scissor work" and Kathy says "it looks good though" and asks Kris if she could do some blend work "that's where your magaic will come in" as Kathy says his haid is "thick"..Matt comtinure chopping away on his hair..

10:40 Brit talking about Kathy making shout outs to her animals and both says with all their family and friends it wmakes no sense to make shoutouts to pets...

The discuss tomorrow's HOH wardrobe..

10:42 kristin doing her magic on Matt's hair..

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10:43 BBT

Matt continues to get his hair done by Kristin really no discussion as she's concentarting on her technique..

Back in HOH Rachel is throwing out scenarios about Kathy needs to go during the "double evictions"

Rachel says it would be best if Brendon wins HOH for them as Brendon will put up "Matt" and make Ragan decide foe him to go with them...Brit says we don't know who he would put up against him and then they mull over the possibility of Matt winning HOH and if that happened then Kathy would have to go up..

Rachel telling Brit she can trust "brendon or I" and they need to decode who that "4TH" person will be....Rachel talking about if they don't put Kathy up in double eviction and starts figuring out the #of voters...and goes back to reassuring Brit that she can trust Brendon and herself..

10:49 BBT brendon returns with rachel's water and asks what's going on....ans Brendon says Matt hair "looks kinda wierd" Brendon leaves and Rachel back to her reassuring of Britney...and says "if we can keep the three of us" and says "me around" we can be solid for final 3...

Rachel talking like a brigader with her 4 person alliance contolling the votes and it will be "huge" as Rachel continues to throw out numbers..and says that they won't make their alliance "publically known" until after "double eviction" and Brendon says "it won't be easy" to see who will be loyal...

Rachel says and "if brendon wins " HOH Brendon immediately corrects her "when Brendon wins"

10:53 BBT Rachel says if he wins and then the double eviction and brendon says its great to think far ahead but really need "baby steps"....

Bath time is over as brit gets out..she looks in the mirror with her mud like mask on and says "i look better" with it on..and they laugh....

10:55 BBT "looks good" Kathy says and matt says "it does look good" about his new doo...and Kathy joke s"who's up next" and ane admits "i think it looks good" who's jumping in the shower..Matt wiping the hair off saying "see the hair all over me I look like enzo"

In HOH mask removal is in progress

10:58 BBT Lane says "quite messin with it" and says "I sound like a dad telling his son quite messin with his peepee" and Kathy says "what" and says i'm telling Matt quite messing with his hair..

11:00 his shower is so "comfy" and "relaxin" tha he wants to move his mattress in there to sleep..

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11:01 BBT

Rachel Britney and Brendon are Kathy bashing about her "root beer"

Brit leaves and heads downstairs to "report to Hayden and Lane no doubt} to hang out in jamanji....

Matt asks how he mud mask was...Rachel in Kitchen says "they are hammering away" about the outside noise and Kathy agrees

Rachel heads back to HOH and Brendon says he doesn't want to worry about anything about HOH...."if I win HOH".."they will be kissing my ass" and says hayden gonna stay up "worrying about votes" and same with Kristin and none will get to bed until everyone decides...Brendon wants to get to bed early and asks for a massage..

Brendon says he talked to Lane and says "i really like lane" and goes over the non important discussion he had...Brendon speculates why Matt comes up and ! sees if we are talking to anyone..or 2. be nice just in case he wins HOH..

Rachel "do you think who wins this wee" will put us up..and Bren says he feels safe..."knock on wood" and Bren worried Ragan distancing himself from Rach and asks he rto work at not letting that happen and Rachel says "i don't care"...

11:09 "if you win" rachel says "i can almost guarantee" they will make final 4..

"I want to send Matt home.." "i don't play with cheats" Brendon says...Brendon saying their insticts about Matt and Kristin are correct..

11:10 BBT Rachel sats Kris is "so pissed" she won't make jury" and Rachel pissed Brit told her Kathy told her that she was up listening in HOH looking for information..

Back in jamanji Brit is filling Ragan and Matt about her convo and lets Matt know they don't trust him and says I guess" we know who's going up if "brendon wins"

11:12 BBT Brits says they are "feaking out" that Matt will win..and Ragan says he sees Brendon "acting " diffrently today....Matt aslks Brit if she will put bthem up and she says she will put up Bren and rachel....Matt says he isn't "dealing with this shit anymore" .."I aint fucking around".."they're going down next week"

11:15 Matt says nect week "one of them will win POV" and no matter "they will take Brendon off" and rachel will go "we'll see".....

Back in HOH Brendon talking about his falling for Rachel...saying "i've never spent 33 straight days with anyone" talking about small arguments..with a convo he had with someone earlier..

11:17 BBT Rachel says "that was a pretty ballsy move" that Kristin asked for his vote to stay...Rachel "i feel bad for Hayden" being in a "realtionship that sucks so much" and brendon with some "who turns their back on you" telling house why she's "better" than him...

11:19 BBT Back in Jamaji Rachel and Brendon bashing...and Brit tells them what Brendon said about why the other guys won't beat him in HOH...Ragan says "i've been bench pressing more than Brendon" when Brit called him weak..and tells Enzo doesn't want HOH...

Brit says "he overthinks things way too much" as ragan blabbers on about underestimating your opponet..

11:22 Bathroom convo of Enzo trimming his ever thinning hair while Kristen Hayden and Kathy watch..."my fucking ears have hair".."i feel like I'm a gremlin"...

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11:38pm BBT:

Brit,Matt,Ragan,Lane discussing the upcoming hoh comp and how the house has to fight to get it. They feel they have a good shot at beating Brendon. However that the problem is Brendon has the fight in him while the rest of the crew seems to just assume someone else will take care of things. Brit telling Enzo, who has joined the group, that he has to really try. All agree that this week the two have to be broken up. That if it's endurance everyone has to hold on no matter what until Brendon drops. Brit wants Matt to win because he got a really good basket of goodies.

Discussion moves on to how annoying Rachel is going to be tomorrow during the comp and mimicing how she'll be pouting if it doesn't go well.

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11:25 BBT

Mostly quiet in Bathrrom as Enzo says "they're serious out there" about HOH set up...He asks Hayden to do abs but Hayden says "i'm taking the day off"..as Hayden and Kristin talk about packing..as both says "probably tomorrow"

Enzo doing his abbs and it sounds funny from the bathroom as rachel asks about making pancakes ...as Kristin says "but you're still going home" and Kathy corrects her "to the jury house"....

lane telling Enzo about Brendon saying he can beat all the guys from what Britney told him.....and tells Enzo that Brit will tell him everything he said....and goes on that Enzo doesn't want to win HOH "doesn't have the fire in you"...after he fils Enzo in he heads to the bathroom to brush his teeth..

11:30 Lane tells Hayden and Kruisten and Kathy "brendon" calling him "annoying"..and leaves....Kathy says "that was the worst host" they had..

Back in Cabana room "i don't gotta do shit right now" and if he did "I could take you" as Enzo says"they gotta be split up" and tells him to come listen to Britney..

11:32 Kathy calling Brendon "stupid in this game"..and Kristin says "how can you be so smart in this game and be on the block week 4" and Kathy calls them the devils in the "devil den" and Hayden says "she's won 2 outta 4 HOHs and he's won 2 outta 4 POVs"

Talking about "they gotta go up" Kathy pleads..

11:34 BBT In Jamnaji Enzo being defensive of Brendon's criticisms....as Brit trying to fire people up for tomorrow's HOH...Enzo blaming "being weak" and that's why he did bad in HOHs last two weeks..

Ragan "it will be a big big challenge" and that's why they had a week off of HN..Enzo jokes "I think Kathy wins tomorrow"

Talking HOH baskets as Lane says asks "for just for men" for beards..

11:37 BBT Upstairs Brenchel talking about "platinum Power of Veto" and guesses wrongly that America is in love with Enzo...as Rach mounts Brendon for his back rub...

11:39 Back in HOH.."oh man Rachel is going to be so fucking annoying tomorrow" Matt says her cheering on Brendon...and Enzo says "the last 5" will be haves Enzo guesses...

Brit "i didn't get game talk" and Matt said he did during his haircut and Enzo said he did and Kristin says she was worried no one is telling her their intentions...

11:42 BBT Brit asks Lane "does my face look fresh" to Lane..and he says yes...Lane telling Brit Brendon said she talks about "nick way too much" as Lane goes on..."what a doucher"...Lane saying because her and Nick don't fight she doesn't "really know him" and basically going over and Brit "me and nick..total fluke and" Rachel and Brendon" and sarcastically says its "real" Brit mad at Brendon calling him "tool" and Brit says "rachel" made Bren go bond with the guys...

11:45 BBT Brendon Rachel bashing in Jamanji

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11:46pm BBT:

Rachel giving Brendon a massage and quizing him on the happenings of the house. He seems to know the info.

Downstairs Lane told Brit about a convo he had w/Brendon where Brendon commented on her relationship with Nick and how she must not know him that well if they don't fight. Also how by the way Brit talks about Nick one would think he's amazing and tall etc...and implies that's probably not true. Hearing this Brit calls Brendon a douchbag and is ready to win. (Don't know if the convo ever really happened, but how smart of Lane to mention this the night before hoh comp so it gets Brit mad,wins hoh and the brigade doesn't have to do anyhting again).

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11:48 BBT

Everyone in Jamanji are saying Brendon will not win HOH tomorrow but the look of worry on their faces tell another story..

Enzo says he doesn't like "spinning" and Matt wonders if Brendon is good at spinning...

More Brendon bashing..with some rachel thrown in...

Matt says the hardest part of tomorrow will be dealing with rachel as Enzo Lane and Matt says "its obnoxious" and throws off their game..Ragan "i can't belive he said I was weak" and Brit "I can't belive he said crap about Nick" as Ragan goes on "how he did a good job" and brendon kept saying that he couldn't believe Ragna did so well...

11:52 BBT Matt ask if they would make a "bullshit" deal if they were last two with Brendon...Enzo says he wouldn't swear on his family...Matt says he's fired up and Brit says Rachel said "when brendon wins HOH"

11:55 BBT..Enzo warns them they better not jump off and if they do he'll jump off and "tackle yous guys" and "put up back up" to whatever the apparatus will be....Brit says spinning doesn't bother me.."i can spin all day"

11:57 BBT Talking about HOH..as we get a close up of Enzo playing with himself...

Enzo and co says it will "be a cool challenge"

11:59 BBT

Brit now saying "i'm not sending Brendon an invitation to my reception" that that he would come "after watching this season"

12:00 BBT they are talking about BB11 saying 'you can't equate" those HGs to this seasons...Ragan says..

12:02 BBT They are talking about gloves as ragan says he was told their was "a fairness clause" brity says they took her "silicomne" fingered gloves away..

Talking about prepping for Tomorrow's HOH "stretch" Take advil" and enzo's "sinus medicine"...

12:04 BBT Talking about Hayden Kathy and Kristin talking..Talking about "kathy's always in the bathroom"...and now are Kathy bashing...

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12:06 BBT

Brit spilling the beans about everything rachel and Brendon told her..saying they just get her to get information..why would they ask her for a bath and Brendon is up there..

Brit tells Matt they says he goes up just to see what's going on...{ now if Brendon does win HOH all this snitching may blow up in her face}

12:09 BBT laughing at Brendon "knocking on wood" and how he makes Rachel...and Brit is mad Ragan says he was going to HOH to bathe and he ditched her..he claims "I was in the diary room"

12:11 BBT Brit says they think they have a legitimaely says they have achance to stay....and Matt says they do if the win HOH and Brit says even if they don't and Matt says then they have a "zero % chance" they both will stay..

12:13 BBT IN the bathroom Kristin Kathy on couch while Hayden is taking a shower..Kristin says that she asked if she could wear something else tomorrow night and BB told her "probably not" and says with the lights people can see through it "you can see my butt" and Kathy says you can see she wears a thong through it...

12:17 Back in Jamanji more talk of firing up tomorrow.."lets do this" Matt says..and Lane says brendon says he had a GF and after went to an open call he knew he made it and Ragan "he told me he didn't go to an open call" and foth..

12:18 BBT Back with Brit raging about brendon knows someone who knows "the Jonas Brothers".."enzo hating on the Jobros "they don't have hair on their balls"...as he is still digging and picking at his..

12:21 BBT They are talking about Kathy being afraid of heights so she won't be able to do the comp if its too high..

Lane:"annoying" Brit: "the worst" about Brendon as Ragan "i miss my family" as Matt says "you'll see em tomorrow"..and then Ragan says "what a wierd day"

12:22 Mostly quiet from them now...Enzo has pulled his hand out of his shorts and is just slumped over as Brit asks about hifs "liz phair song" tattoo..and just randomly says "i want to hear from my sister"

Ragan talking about this coming week will be a "drama buffet" as he over dramatizes what's to come...if they win 'it will be like this week" and matt says "so guys it might be cooler if they don't win this week" as he looks for divine intervention from BB...

12:26 BBT In Kitchen the The Brigade is doing their midnight snack..patting each othe ron the backs..

They talk about what they can hear outside..lane talks to them "just to know you are weak" about the Brit/Bren/Rach convo and FOTH

12:29 BBT FOTH

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12:32 BBT

Enzo worried about "Britney and Ragan" and Enzo thinks Brendon is going to put up Kathy though MNatt says two ofthem will go up..and Enzo says he'll tell him "you better put up Kathy"

12:34 Enzo saying 'its getting crazy..its getting tight"..he tells Matt and Lane as Mat heads to the bathroom..

Enzo saying "four people gone" and Lane says "6 people gone if its double elimination"...Enzo says "is it samrt to get them out now"...and Lane says yes because next week they can get Ragan and Kathy and Enzo says is it a good idea and worries what ragan will do it ..

Enzo asks Matt if they want to get them out and Matt says yes...as Enzo says 'we have to think about us" as Matt says "we are the target" and Enzo says "i don't think so" and says "it will be you and Kathy" and Matt says him lane or hayden and Enzo says "he doesn't have the balls" and he wants to make friends..."if we split the up" who gives a fuck "about Rachel" and Enzo says after that "we have to win HOH" every week..Enzo rachel will put two of us up".."brendon "i don't know"

12:40 Enzo says someone from the brigade will wins"its all a mental game" as brigade has moved to bathroom minus hayden..

They are talking about rachel's obnoxious cheerleading..Enzo says "i want to get to the final 4" saying they have to win every HOH and thinks if they are final6-7 it will be "a cakewalk" and wonder where the animal is doing..

Matt wondering why Enzo wants to wait for next week to split Rach and Brendon up next week...as brit enters Ragan what are you doing...as matt says to talk sense into someone and guesses Enzo..

12:44 BBT they continue to obsess over tomorrow's HOH...as they guess what it will be as Lane gives cramp up suggestions..while Matt asks it its right if it to keep the hand below the heart..

Ragan says the key is to just pay attention to yourself...

12:46 BBT In Taj Kathy and Enzo talking...saying its sucks Kristen and Hayden leaving...as Enzo tells her the house doesn't "want to talk about it" because they don't want neither to leave...as Kathy says "you have to do what's best for yourself" and not what the house wants..

12:49 Enzo agreeing...Enzo ask if Brendon wins will he put her up and Kathy says "yes" and Enzo asks who he'll put up withher.."someone who is well liked in the house" and Kathy says "i haven't done anything" to em...

12:50 BBT Kathy says they don't talk to her and Enzo says "it makes no sense" now that "her and Britney" is her new friend...Kathy says "she just wanted time to see what I was dealing with" and when "you play with fire you're gonna get burnt"

12:52 BBT talking about endurance and Kathy says about Brendon "he will last forever" as he gets up for chapstick

12:53 BBT Brit asks Enzo if he is going to show up for the game...and says he's on a roll...Enzo "he's winning now" becaus ehis life is on the line "he has that extra drive"...

12:54 BBt Brit whispering about her convo with rachel with Enzo in Jamanji saying they want to align with Enzo and Brit...as Enzo says Brendon tried to says "lets use each other to get to the final 4".. as brendon told him if they hear anyone say bad things about them they should tell each other..and Lane jokes "lets test that" tomorrow..

12:57 BBT "we have to win this tomorrow"..as Brit says they have been trying to make an allianc ewith everyone as Enzo asks if she thinks they ahve an alliance with anyone..

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12:58 Ragan and Matt talking like they will be final two in tomorrows endurance..as Ragan talks about the big part of BB is anticipating the challenges..

ragan says If they win POV Rachel will go and Brendon isn't good at quizes..

Matt sasy next week they should get Rachel out then...

1:02 BBT Ragan saying "if brendon goes home" rachel isn't a target anymore...Matt says she's the next biggest..and FOTH..

{I'm out till tomorrow...Night all}

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