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7/22 - Live Feed Updates


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9:03PM BBT: Rachel, Brendan & Ragan are in the HoH bed talking. Rachel is doing her nails. They're talking about what Julie will say when introducing everyone before they come in to vote (they're doing a really bad job at this, in my opinion!) Ragan says he feels bad for Monet, that he passed by her while she was packing & he saw her crying. Rachel says she does feel bad about the week she had (being on the block, being a Have not), but she did get to eat fishsticks & fruitcake, and she didn't even try to win PoV. Ragan agrees & says he doesn't understand her strategy for the PoV. Apparently Rachel said "Expect the unexpected" as part of her PoV speech (we didn't get to see that, I don't believe), and Brendon's making fun of her for it since she says it all the time. Rachel says "Hey, Ragan says it was one of the better PoV speeches in Big Brother history", and Ragan replies with "Yeah, there have been some really bad speeches!".

9:09PM BBT: Rachel says she's nervous about the vote. Ragan asks her if it was harder to put up the 3rd nominee than the 1st two. She said yes, "way harder". She says "having to talk to people" about it makes it even harder. Ragan is saying he doesn't believe Rachel was bullying everyone, as Matt said she was. He said she doesn't have to ask anyone about who she's going to put up, that it's a courtesy to even say "Here's the plan, are you on board?" Ragan says Monet hasn't even asked him for a vote. Brendon says she probably knows she doesn't have his vote, but Ragan says you might as well try (& Matt definitely asked Britney for *her* vote!)

9:14PM BBT: They're talking about hoping Andrew gets HoH, so that he has his kosher food, doesn't have to worry about anything, about waking people up, etc. They all agree, but then say they have no idea who he'd put up. Brendon says "Don't worry Ragan, I'm sure you're off the radar of pretty much 90% of the people in this game". Ragan says when everything went down yesterday, he was thinking "Oh my god, Matt is going to be my Brian (to his Steven?)- I'm going down with the ship" & laughs. Then they start chatting about Season 10.

9:19PM BBT: Enzo, Hayden, Matt, Kristen Lane are lounging in the Cabana Room. Enzo says he hopes the HoH challenge isn't physical tomorrow: "I don't wanna hang off a fuckin tree for six hours" (giggle). Then Matt says "I just wanna see how Kathy does" & Kristen erupts in giggles. He says "I don't think she'll even make it to the credits of the show rolling". Enzo says "What if like, this is a trap & week five she's just like this fucking drill sergeant, doin push ups & sit ups & goin crazy man". (This is a fun conversation -PrincessPoohs)

9:25PM BBT: Hayden goes out to the kitchen & Kathy is there. He asks if she's doing okay and she says "I'm just all mixed up" and she looks upset. Kristen comes out and they're all eating pizza. Somebody in the cabana room (I think Lane) makes a silly noise & Kathy yells "You better leave my fish alone! You can feed 'em when you evict me!"

9:30PM BBT: Kathy seems to actually be upset about the fish, because she says it's not time to feed them and they're about to. Enzo comes out to the kitchen with Kathy, Kristen & Hayden. Hayden is taking some kind of rope & making it into a lasso, & is messing with the pink flamingos by the stairs. Now Matt's trying to lasso the flamingos. They all look *really* bored. Kathy says she's dying for a cigarette, that they should've given her the patch or something, she didn't know it was going to be this long.

Aw, Brendan/Rachel/Ragan are playing charades through the spycam with Andrew, he's standing outside the HoH miming and they're guessing from inside watching him on the spycam. It's actually really cute. They seem to really like guessing "boobies!" Rachel is outside giving the clues now, & she's mouthing the words as she's miming them, like a dummy. Nobody guesses, & Brendon goes out to do his. All he has to do is say "4 words" and do a couple of pelvic thrusts, & Rachel guesses "Sex in the City" correctly. It's Ragan's turn & does a four word movie, Andrew guesses A Fish Called Wanda almost immediately. Andrew is up, and is acting like a total spaz & making it really fun for everyone. Somehow Rachel got "Shawshank Redemption" out of what he was doing, but I have no idea how.

Hayden & Kristen join the party. They're all laughing at Brendan because he's looking at the door instead of the camera when he gives his clues.

9:40PM BBT: Lane goes to talk to Britney & Monet and says they're playing "stupid games" upstairs. Britney and Monet do some campaigning. Wow, Monet says that she has Andrew's and Kathy's votes definitely (I'm not sure if she really does), but that Andrew's name can't get out because he doesn't want anyone to know. Britney says they think they can get Brendan's vote, that she talked with him today, but that he needs to check with Rachel. Britney says "If he's listening to Rachel, then he's going to vote Matt out because that's what she's going to tell him to do". Britney says "So that leaves you or Enzo, but I don't know what Enzo is going to do" (basically telling Lane all they need is one more vote). She says that Lane & Enzo are the ones who will decide who goes home, they'll make the difference. Hayden is with Kristen & Kristen hates me". Now they're even going for the "The votes are anonymous, who's going to know?" tactic with Lane. Monet says "You have to look at it like, where are you going to get in the game with Matt?" (LOL) Britney says Hayden will vote however Kristen wants, & Lane says he knows they're friends, but they're not like a "showmance". Britney says "That's not what I've heard" (How does no one know about these late night dates of theirs?!)

Lane says "What have you heard?" Monet says maybe they're just friends. Britney says either they're the pair, or at the very least they're together. Lane seems to be considering what she's saying, that Hayden will vote however Kristen wants (which is bad for the Brigade, obviously). Britney & Monet are telling Lane how Andrew called it from the beginning that Matt couldn't be trusted & was a spy, not to trust anything he said. They say Andrew's really smart. Lane is just speechless. Britney & Monet continue pushing really hard for Lane to vote out Matt. Monet says that Andrew doesn't like Matt, she doesn't know where that came from, but he doesn't like him. (Could this possibly be due to Andrew having a suspicion about Matt's lie regarding his wife's "condition"? I don't remember if there was anything specific that would cause him to not like Matt besides that)

10:10PM BBT: Britney & Monet whispering in one of the bedrooms by themselves. Britney is talking about what she'd do with HoH. Matt comes in to change & they stop scheming. Matt is wearing a very tight tank top for a boy.

10:15PM BBT: People are drifting in & out of the bathroom, talking. Everyone is saying how they're not going to drink tonight. Enzo says "It's so ghetto how they give us beer, it's like two Coors, one Heineken..." Kristen says "Might as well just give us one 40 & call it a day". Wow, apparently they've been on indoor LD for awhile, and aren't going to be able to go back outside until 5:45PM tomorrow.

10:20PM BBT They're chatting about the HoH competitiion in the bathroom. They keep talking about endurance, and talk comes around again to how long Evel Dick stayed out during that late HoH (something over 8 hours?) in season 8. Enzo says "I still don't understand how Dick went all the way" and Ragan says "America's Player". Enzo says "Dick was America's Player?" Ragan says "No no, but the week that he would've been voted out, there was a split vote & Eric was telling both sides 'I'm going to vote to evict Dick' or 'I'm going to keep Dick' since he didn't know what America was going to have him do, and America voted to keep Dick in the game". He says if Eric was playing his own game & hadn't been America's Player, he would've voted to evict Dick (totally true).

(Hi Stephen! I guess I'll head out for the night since you're here :-D)

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10:27 BBT

Britney" I for one am a spinning fool" as she discuss what tomorrows HOH comp will be...Brit worries that "the cold" will be her nemisis as Matt agrees Monet anemia makes her cold all the time...Ragaan joins them in the BR and Lane was already there as the discuss SATC movie and show....

Enzo in the bathroom talking about POV how he didn't count and just left like an hour with Kathy and Hayden and Kris...Enzo jumps in the shower..

Back in the bedroom not much interesting as they talk about Movies...

In the bathroom Kathy has gotten her first cold sore and is blaming the mouthwash....she discusses what kinda sopap enzo uses..as the discuss pubes stuck to the "bar soap" as they laugh...Kathy sayng Enzo "looks like the type to do it just to gross somebody out" but he uses bodywash....

10:34 BBT Feeds still suck..stuck in a constant loop

Enzo on BBAD grossing out the girls as Kathy calls him out for being "nasty" but concedes "I luv ya Enzo"...as Enzo fets out "cold showers are the worst" as Kathy catches Enzo almost putting his old underware back on but Enzo denies it saying he was just smelling them and offers a sniff to Kathy...

{Not much excitement tonight}

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10:37 BBT

In HOH Brendon getting a backrub from Rachel...

In BR ragan talking his blog and talking about an old series and how real it was {sorry didn't hear]....its "melrose Place" the original one and how real it was...and explains how he blogged about it...and compares it to the new one..

10:40 BBT In the BR looks like Kathy Andrew and Kristin are getting ready to bed washing up and brushing teeth

10:42 BBT Enzo has joined Hayden in cabana room saying all today "was sleeping" as Hayden says "it was all we could do" as Enzo since he can't eat he's not even excited about the morning...Hayden doing his abs workout..while Enzo lays on the couch...

Kristin comes in and joins Enzo on the couch and there isn't much as far as conversation goes...

10:47 BBT literally its been 5 minutes of silence...as Hayden woks out and Enzo and Kristin watch or star at the ceiling....while the othe camera shows Kathy walking around...

Kathy the chaperone heads up to the HOH and says "it smells like sex in here" and wants to talk and says she's been doing "soul searching" and has "big issues" with Matt and says "for sure monet is going home" as Brendon and Rachel are shocked she is sure and tells them yes she's leaving but says "i'm voting for her to stay" as a protest to Matt's action towards her and "her friends" even though Monet has learned "a life lesson" from her actions....

Kathy really bashing Matt and tells Kristin Haydem and Lane "are voting Monet out"....and is saying Matt hasn't even come to her to see where she stands or "for a vote"......."definitely" Kathy tellls Brendon that Enzo will vote Monet out...

Kathy talking about her issues "the way Matt talked to you" yesterday...

10:52 BBT Kathy goes on telling Bren and Rach about her vote against Matt...and "let them know" it will be "two against whatever"

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10:55 BBT

Back in HOH Brendon going on about Matt doesn't like Matt being "two faced" and Kathy doesn't like "the unnecessary drama" he brought her..

Kathy stumpling over her Matt convo with tons of "you know" and explaining what "matt did you know " to her.."it was lower than what" Monet "you know" did to her...and "you know" ....Matt attacked "you know all my my friend and can't keep him here..you know"

Brendon agreeing with her decision...

10:59 BBT "i just wanted all you to know " but haven't talked "to kristin" but Kathy "you know I wanna tell her"...when Bren tells her she doesn't have to...

Kathy worried they are being potrayed as catty ...even though they supossedly aren't at least according to Kathy...

Brendon:.."this all happened for a reason" with Matt...

11:02 BBT Kathy back to Matt..just repeating what has been said........

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11:05 BBT

Back in HOH Kathy still talking about Matt and "the issues" and "what he did" gainst her "morals"

Brendon playing the victim stance and can't figure what him and Rachel did to matt and they even invited over for a sleepover

Rachel asks if "he lied about that" about his wife and Brendon says he told him "you'll go the hell" if he lied about his wife..

11:07 BBT Kathy seems finished talking..about Matt

Brendon ask "are they still hammering away" about HOH contraption..."it wil be Endurance for sure" Brendon figures out as Rachel says Matt is so out of shape that he has no chance of winning...

Rachel heads downstairs for booze/food as Brendon and Kathy talk Monet and Matt and how Kristin really wants Monet go..

11:12 downstairs Andrew heads for bed and in CR Enzo and Hayden briefly talk about the LD saying definitely it will not be over tomorrow morning

Hayden talking to Ragan and Rachel about JC in the kitchen as Ragan would rather go on a "brad pitt" date than JC as Hayden professes his love for Brad also "he's one of my favorite actors" and we get bubbles...

on BBAD Kathy and Brendon still talking...as she says she's tearing up talking about her family with Enzo.."you know"

11:16 BBT Hayden telling Matt Lane Monet and Brit in BR how "greasy" his hair gets if he doesn't wash it everyday..

They are just talking if they sing in the shower in the car...and talk singing...as Brit says "i really get into it"....

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11:20 BBT In BR they are talking "Frito Bean dip"

while in HOH Kathy still talking about the same ol..same ol as Brendon is starting to look bored and irritated..

11:21 BBT bubbles and BBAD commercial

Both back and pretty much not a lot going on

Brendon doing his best Mr Brady words of wisdom with Kathy...while back in the bedroom just doing "would you" "or "would you"..questions...

11:24 BBT Back in HOH Rachel hasn't even returned to listen to Kathy drone on and on..Brendon talking about Enzo and how he makes fun of people like Andrew and even Brit doing it because "i am different" and never "fit in" anywhere "my whole life" and Kathy feels the same way...Kathy's gald the mean girls were on slop because they were the worst when she and the others were on slop..

Brendon saved he was called to DR as Rachel jumps into bed with Kathy...as Kathy asks "is there really no cussing in the diary room"....Kathy wants wants Brendon to ask if he will be able to smoke if not she'll just go to sleep..

Rach and Kathy figuring out they will shower in HOH before 12:00 PM exit time..

Kathy asks rachel if she has anything for her first ever "fever blister"

11:31 BBT Back in BR Britney: "enzo you would be the worst representative for the human race" when Enzo says he wants to "get abducted"...as they talk Alien "private parts"...Enzo says "even guys get knocked up" from telepathic aliens...

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11:39 BBT

Enzo: "doing her game talking" when Hayden wonder where Kathy is..and if the others 'are in bed" as they turn the discussion to Enzo "balls" and they listen and ask questions "about trimming"....

11:40 BBT Back in HOH brendon has returned from DR..and Kathy has been called to DR as she complain "i took my makeup off and everythaaang"

Rachel and Brendon on bed as he wants her to show him some "TLC"

11:43 BR trimming talk.....

The bedroom talk about hair...Enzo saying hairy girls "skeez me out"...as their shave talk jus continues..

11:46 BBT Brendon and Rachel taking advatage of Kathy's absence...

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11:48 BBT In BR talks is "laser hair removal" and "Brazilian wax" and the expense..

Kathy is going "to feed my fish" as hayden and Lane go to watch...Matt follows them to Cabana Room as Kathy feeds them..."he's a wuss" about the pink one at the bottom that doesn't come up for food Lane says and Kathy corrects him "she is"...

Kathy "andrew why you up so late" as Andrew says "there's a party going on" and we get bubbles for some reason

11:52 BBAD is torturing Showtime viewers with Rachel and Brendon lovefest...

Feeds are foth..

Back in BR Kathy giving hugs goodnight even Matt after her HOH complaining about him...

11:54 BBT Monet and Brit are hungry and are talking "protein shake" with "vanilla extract" as Brit says "i had a bunch of fish sticks tnight"

In the kitchen Enzo, Kath,Hayden and Monet snacking..as kathy admits "i don't even know what humus is" and want her to try it...Monet is eating walnuts as Kathy says is that on the list and Monet says its on "the pound cake"

a lot of "good nights"

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12:00 BBT Enzo is proud Kathy went "a whole day without a cigarette" as Monet asks how do you feel and Kathy says "like I wanna cigarette"

Kathy says she did smoke "while I was pregnant" as they talk all the hammering for HOH..."i feel like they made Godzilla out there" Enzo says...

Enzo saying "this day was unbelieveable" because of al the sleeping.."im not on the block" I can sleep enzo says as he talks to Brendon in the kitchen..

12:03 BBT Kathy wishing Kath a goodnight...Enzo heads back to the BR

12:06 BBT in BR talking about what they will show and ask on the live show..lane says they will asks bout "my beard" as Brit thinks the "fishsticks"..."stocks"

HOH Rachel and Brendon doing the same..

12:09 BBT Enzo talking about how he was called "the horns" when he made the horn gesture and Lane thought he was "a longhorns fan" as they talk about their first night..

12:11 Lane says "it tok me three days" to learn the names...as Brit says "i leanred it quick" and hayden says Enzo looked like "Jason Mraz" especially with the hat..

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12:15 BBT

Brendon and Rachel in HOH

In BR just general chit chat..

{calling it a night early to be ready for tomorrow's late late night because of the endurance hoh}

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12:25 BBT Kristin can't stand the convo in Jumanji (it's about football) so she goes to sleep in the CR. Back in Jumanji the convo swtices to baseball.

I hear Matt whispering to someone in the background "I hope this works." It's Enzo and Matt talking. Now everyone is whipsering but I can't really make it out.

Matt says Ragan is trying to save his ass by appeasing both Matt and Monet. Matt asks what his percentage is safety-wise. I didn't catch the response. Enzo: The block isn't fun, man.

Hayden debates whether to take a s*** tonight or tomorrow morning (strategy for endurance haha).

Enzo: Thursdays are fun but they go like this...either you stay or you go home. Matt: It's f***** up to think about. Matt goes on to say if he is voted out he is excited to see his wife. Enzo says yeah that's a temptation.

Matt's heart is going to be racing during the live vote. Hayden assures him he's not going home. Ragan thinks the order they will be called in to vote will be revealing. Hayden: It's going to be interesting to see the numbers. Enzo: This week is an individual vote.

Discussing the house meeting. Enzo: There's blood on the walls man. Matt brings up how he was called "Ronnie."

Britney enters and they all joke about Matt leaving. Britney: You got got Matt.

Discussion turns to DR sessions. Britney thought the votes were one way but when the DR asked her questions she thought it was the opposite. Matt says the DR manipulates and f**** with everyone.


Back to joking about penalty noms...what if you were HOH and you got a penalty nom. Britney: I nominate myself.

Now about endurance. They joke that they will have to face Godzilla, flame throwing, etc. Britney says goodnight to everyone.

Enzo: What if they cut your Aorta and you have to stitch it back up....continuing with twisted HOH ideas....what if they tried to shoot you with a tranquilizer dart?

Enzo thinks it will be crazy to be have nots twice in a row....they speculate what the have nots will get for next week....they all name foods that will never happen (e.g., burgers, quesadillas).

Britney claims she will no longer be lazy if she is not a have not (lol).

Talk turns to food. They can't believe all the organic items BB gives them. Someone says "They think we eat healthy." Britney: I never eat healthy foods.

Matt is paranoid and can't sleep. Now Ragan and Britney discussing the kitchen items recycled from season to season.

Cam switches to HOH room, then back to Jumanji. Brendan is talking to Britney about production...Bubbles....back and Brendan is telling Brit goodnight.

Bubbles are on and off in the HN room; looks like Brendan and Enzo preparing their lawn chairs for the night. (hey morty idea for a poll: which have not room is worse? Season 11 or 12?)

Back for a brief second to Enzo talking about the foods he will eat when he is off slop - ahi tuna and burgers. More bubbles and then Britney is in the HN room getting ready for bed. Enzo says something smells like a**.

Enzo can't wait to listen to his Ipod....talks about being in this house makes a person realize how many things they take for granted.

Switching to cams 3 and 4 in the HOH...it's Kath and Rach talking about the vote. Kathy says one day she is going to jump up and say "Shut up" (not sure what she is referring to).


Back to Kathy trying on Rachel's shoes. Kathy can't wait to go shopping with Rachel. Rachel can't wait til she comes to Vegas.

Kathy and Rachel talking about outside appearances vs. the who the person is on the inside.

1:00 BBT

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1:22 AM BBT:

Lane, Matt and Ragan talking about watching the show when they get out from the begining. Now it's moved on to wondering if there's someone in the house who isn't who they claim to be; that it'd be kinda cool if there was. Ragan mentions how Lane probably has a british accent. Lane says yeah, his tatoos are magic marker. Talk turns to HOH and how hard the position is. Matt thinks after this week it may be easier because lines will be drawn and if he goes he hopes they continue to have weekly house meetings. All feel voting goes by so fast.

Have nots appear to be asleep, while HOH people settling down for the night. Rachel telling Kathy how much she cares about Brendon. Feels like she's in love.

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Kathy talking about Monet "never opening that door of possibility" in terms of game. Kathy relates to Rachel that Monet said Kristin doesn't like her. Kathy says Monet could have approached Kris anytime and got to know her. Kathy relates her story about getting to know Kristin when Kris came to paint her nails in the CR when everyone else was outside. Kathy had prejudged her before that.

BB: Kathy, please stop playing with your mic. Kathy: If I could have a cigarette it would be easier.

Kathy explaining to Rachel why she intended not to vote for Monet (basically Monet hasn't gotten to know some people in the house, not helping out with house chores). Earlier tonight Kathy relayed to Brenchal that she was voting for Matt tomorrrow.

Kathy talks about the people who have "pushed away" and not gotten to know people - specifically Enzo and Lane. Rachel doesn't know where those two stand. Kathy: Exactly.


Back and Kathy talking about crying so much in the BB house...then saying she "popped off some stuff" the first couple days that she regrets...blames it on medicine partially.

Kathy says she told Monet "before you're leaving" she wants her to know some stuff that she said and Monet should "take it with a grain of salt."

Kathy wants her son to marry someone that treats him good and really knows him for who he is....she thinks he needs someone who will push him, but she just wants someone who he will be happy with, no matter what they look like - it's about what's in somebody's heart.

Rachel relays she doesn't know why Brendan thinks his parents wouldn't like her....Kathy speculates about her boob job. Rachel doesn't want to discuss it in detail. Kathy thinks Brendan could be wrong about his parents' opinion of Rachel. Rachel thinks her parents will love Brendan.

1: 15 BBT

Rachel wants Brendan's family to like her. What's the point of being with Brendan if his family doesn't like her? Rachel talks about her past bf's parents not liking her and about people not giving her the credit she deserves.

Cams 1 and 2 on Jumanji. Ragan Lane and Matt discussing the edit of the show vs. what actually happens. Matt thinks he won't sleep much tonight and that it will "hit him" when he sits down in the chair tomorrow. They all think there is a lot of b.s. in the house.

Ragan wonders if anyone is the house who is not what they seem (from tonight's episode Matt!) and Matt agrees!

They talk about how they were dumbfounded and shocked when they went into the DR for eviction votes. About Julie: Lane: Someone that high up actually knows my name.

Lane talks about searching online about BB and says it's amazing how much people get into the show. Ragan says if he can get a friend to watch 2 consecutive episodes they are hooked. Ragan says he has friends who watches the feeds and BBAD. Ragan likes the edited show over the feeds for the "slickness" factor. Ragan thinks week 3 is going to be...Matt finishes the sentence...crazy.

Lane: You don't know Ronnie. Matt: I got got (obvi talking about the house meeting).

1:30 BBT

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Lane starts talking about someone named Charles and we get FOTH.

Back and the Jumanji room is talking about recognition outside of the house. Ragan thinks it's all hypothetical since they are isolated.

Matt and Ragan think the jury house will be relaxing. Ragan: The contrast is so stark.

In the HOH room on Cams 1 and 2 Rachel appears to be sleeping while Kathy is talking up a storm. Rachel pipes in with a soft "yeah."

Kathy thanks the viewers for listening to all her stories (you are welcome!)

Back to Cams 1 and 2 on Jumanji. Lane talking about something that hurts him in the game...it's spending time with Annie. Ragan really likes the time he spent with Annie, didn't treat her any differently...he doesn't understand why she acted why she did.

Ragan re iterates that Annie would not hug him or look at him when she was evicted even though he always treated her nicely. Lane tries to speculate as to why Annie did that to Ragan. Lane thinks that Annie always came to him b/c he wasn't that very vocal in the house.

Lane says the first real convo he had with Annie was after she got nominated. He told her she needs to fight to stay in the house. They think Annie will give them a hug when they get out.

Ragan thinks if a person who had brefriended the sab. until week 5 they wouldn't come after that person. Ragan: Whoever came up with the idea with this show.... Lane:...was sick and twisted. They discuss about BB being "huge" in Europe.

Ragan can't believe that this is a big show in Canada...FOTH...back briefly. Ragan: That cam is on emotion sensor...FOTH

2:00 BBT Everyone appears to be asleep. Kristin and Hayden caressing each other in Taj.

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5:25 am BBT

Just checked in and there is a message on the screen "Please stand by ... W're experiencing some technical difficulties" Music playing also.


Back to sleeping houseguest. Hayden and Kristen sill in the same bed.

5:50 BBT

Kristen and Hayden wake up and start kissing. Talking VERY low so I can't make out what they are saying. Kristen now getting out of Hayden's bed and into her own. (Andrew must be a very sound sleeper to not know what is going on in the room everynight or .....is he saving that information for later?????)

Matt has been tossing and turning for the last half hour.

Note- Someone "in the walls" is wearing heals today and you can hear them every time they walk by. Some of the houseguest are moving around when this happens.

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8:22 am BBT

Enzo up and heading to the WC....

Goes into the cabana room and grabs a blanket

Heads into kitchen puts the tea kettle on

Heads back into cabana room, grabs q-tips and cleans his ears

sets dirtied q-tips on cabana bed cushions.... just sits there

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