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7/17 - Live Feed Updates


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10:05 AM BBT - Enzo and Britney in the Have Not Room talking about the picking for the veto players. Britney is glad she didn't get Houseguests choice because she wouldn't know who to pick. Enzo is eating a bowl of plain ketchup.

Britney: Did you fart? Enzo: No. Britney: Then what stinks? Enzo: This room. Smells like ass.

Britney tells him they will only have the Have Not Room for 4 weeks, or until 4 people go home.

Lane gets called to the DR and Enzo says they must be starting this up. (Lane hosting?)

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10:18 AM BBT - Rachel and Brendon on the HOH bed. She can't believe that Brendon, being the scientist that he is, didn't watch all the BB seasons. She said that when she applied for BB she... WBRB.

Comes back to Kathy and Monet laying down in the Cabana Room. Enzo comes in. Monet counts who's already gone into the DR. Lane, Enzo, Brendon, Britney, herself and then Rachel just needs to go. (sounds like that's who is playing for veto)

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10:32 AM BBT - Monet, Enzo and Kathy in Cabana Room still. Enzo asking Monet about modeling jobs and if she'd move to L.A. She said she lives in St. Louis and her modeling jobs are sporadic.

She auditioned for America's Next Top Model twice. The second time she auditioned she made it to the third round and that was it. She didn't get to meet Tyra, but one of the girls that was in her group made it on the season they applied for.

Kathy asking if Enzo or Monet would do Amazing Race and they would. Neither would do Dancing with the stars and they aren't excited about the prospect of doing Survivor, until Enzo finds out it's only 30 days and then they both say they might do it.

10:38 AM BBT - They're wondering if anyone is still in DR and then we get trivia.

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Britney won POV. Rachel and Brendon are discussing pawns. Considering putting Matt up.

Seems competition was similar to the flower pot one in BB10, where they had to stay still for 60 minutes.

Britney, Enzo and Monet whispering in the HN room. Britney says her, Enzo and Lane won't vote for Monet. She says they need to tell Rachel and Brendon they're safe and then target them next week anyways.

1:53 BBT

Rachel and Brendon discussing options in the HOH room. They're still thinking of putting Matt up, as they don't really trust him. But they want Monet out and Brendon says that the whole house will go along with Rachel. Rachel considers Enzo, but says the house won't like that. She says she can't put Kathy up, b/c that'd be f*cked up. They seem pretty happy about picking Matt.

Downstairs, Matt and Enzo are talking about keeping both Monet and Britney, as those girls will stick with them. They talk about getting a strong player out. (Missed who, but I think they'll be pushing Andrew.)

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1:55 BBT

Rachel asks Brendon if they could make a deal with Britney to NOT use the veto and ensure her safety. Rachel thinks it won't work, but will try anyways. This way, it won't bloody Rachel/Brendon's hands for nominating someone else. Rchel talks about the deal she could offer Britney for not using the veto, promising to keep her safe for weeks to know. Brendon tells Rachel if Britney doesn't use the veto, everyone will suspect that there was a deal made between them.

2:00 BBT

Enzo joins them upstairs. Enzo is pissed he didn't win the veto and mad that the nominations will be messed up now. Seems Enzo passed the 60 minute mark (and the veto win) by 14 seconds. Britney stayed in for 52 minutes. Rachel says it's okay, b/c she wanted Monet to go home, anyways.

Lots of WBRB.

Seems Enzo was pushing someone on the block but both Rachel and Brendon say they don't want to backdoor anyone and Monet needs to go. Matt joins them.

Downstairs, in the cabana room, are Kristen, Kathy and Britney.

Upstairs, Matt says that he doesn't think they (BB) cheated. Rachel agrees but... WBRB.

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2:05 BBT

More rehashing of POV comp in HOH room. Matt says it was stupid on everyone's part for not jumping out of the competition right after Monet and Britney, ensuring that neither of those girls won. Brendon says he got greedy (as in he stayed in the comp longer than her should have.)

Rachel asks who should go up, but Monet will be going home. Brendon guarentees it'll be a house vote. Ragan joins the party and Brendon keeps wondering who the pawn will be. Ragan says to pick the person who might switch their vote to keep Monet. Brendon says to find a neutral player.

In the Taj room, Hayden tells Lane he's worried he'll be put up as the replacement, as he put Rachel and Brendon up last week. Lane doesn't think there's anything to worry about.

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1:53pm BBT

Rachel & Brendon trying to figure out who to put up in Britney's place. Rachel wants to put someone like Enzo since most of the group wouldn't vote for him.

Camera switched to Enzo, Matt but the convo stopped and Matt left.

Camera back to Rachel, Brendon. Rachel has told Britney a hundred times she isn't her target. If they can convinced her to stay on the block convince her she's not the target. (yeah, right)

Now they're both batting around Matt's name then Kathy. Brendon says something about Lane and we get WBRB.

2:00pm BBT

Enzo in HOH talking about if he had only stayed 14 more seconds the nominations would remain the same. Rachel says everybody knew she already wanted Monet to go home then yet AGAIN we get WBRB.

They don't want to back door any of the other HG so they don't know who to put up. They are frustrated Britney ended up with more time. Rachel thought she went out so much longer than Britney. Brendon thought he went out 20 or 30 minutes after Britney but it was much shorter.

Matt has joined the chat. Brendon says what's done is done and now they have to move forward. Enzo wondering if BB cheated them out of their time and we get WBRB.

They're all still beating themselves up for not getting more time. Matt thinks they did better than the previous time the comp was done on BB.

Brendon wonders who they can put on block as pawn and not be upset. Rachel says she will nominate herself as pawn. They don't want to make enemies out of this.

Now Ragan comes in asking who wants something to eat. He's putting food in the oven but they say don't worry about it. Ragan says they need to choose someone who people won't vote for against Monet. (maybe Enzo, Matt are most paranoid about being put on block, they're first up in HOH)

Enzo pacing back and forth. Rachel says everything happens for a reason. They try to figure out when they do POV ceremony and have narrowed it down to Monday.

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2:10pm BBT

Enzo left HOH and Ragan came back in. Ragan telling them they need to be careful who they choose as pawn because the pawn has a tendency to leave. You have too many factors to control this early in the game and even though people tell you they'll vote one way they won't.

Ragan thinks the only logical thing they can do is think what leaves them in most control once you put them up. There isn't a split in the house right now but there are fractures. The way he would do it is the same way they did it the first time. Decide who you can trust and not trust.

Ragan says if they have an endurance comp Britney will be good because the small people do a better job because they have less weight to work with. Brendon thinks it can be something physical but not necessarily endurance.

Matt is sitting in the chair showing a lot of nerves. He can't sit still.

Ragan giving them points on choosing pawn to put on block. He says you should at least get one who hasn't been close to them in the game but still can talk to them.

Ragan thinks Britney might campaign for Monet but she's going to do what's in Britney's best interest because Britney is going to be going after Brendon and Rachel next week.

Brendon thinks Britney is going to put distance between her and Monet and Ragan completely disagrees. She's going to keep her close because if they are able to get the pawn out this week they'll gang up next week to go after Rachel and Brendon.

They all taking turns talking about things they've heard Britney say to other people or themselves. Ragan is deluded in believing her comments aren't coming from a mean place.

2:25pm BBT

Matt telling them to be very careful who to pick for a pawn because if they win HOH they may put you up as pawn and it won't go as well as they hope.

Matt & Ragan leave. Rachel says they can't worry about feelings, they have to think strategy. She says their problem is they aren't expecting the unexpected. She thinks Ragan is right about Britney but Brendon says he doesn't care. Britney may be coming after him. Big deal. Everybody is coming after him.

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2:30pm BBT

Still in HOH. B & R are trying to decide who to put on block. They both bring up Enzo and Lane. Rachel says she doesn't want to piss off Lane but just not sure which way to go. Then they turn around and talk each other out of not using Enzo or Lane. Rachel suggests Matt. Brendon says it looks like our choices are Enzo, Lane and Matt.

They are trying to figure out if the vote can be flipped on all of them. They don't want to piss off Hayden by putting up Lane.

Brendon says there are six votes they can guarantee not to flip; Hayden, Kristen, Andrew, Kathy, Ragan and Enzo.

Rachel says they really aren't that close to Matt. He may be the best choice.

Camera switches to Matt, Lane whispering in Palm Room. Matt says if they want to put him up as pawn he'll guarantee he puts them up next week, it scares the crap out of them and they choose somebody else to put up.

Camera goes back to HOH but I'm hearing two audios on one feed and these two are whispering so low can't hear them over who else is talking in background.

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2:42pm BBT

R & B still talking in HOH. Brendon says they ARE a target with most of the people in that house and should not worry about that now, just choose who they think is best.

Lane comes in and wants to know what they're thinking. Rachel says not to worry, they know they made a deal with him and they aren't putting him up.

Kristen enters the room. They start talking about the comp and how long it lasted. Rachel wasn't expecting that at all. Lane says it was a crazy thing. Rachel asks if Lane will vote out Monet, he said yes. Kristen says she thinks everybody is going to vote her out.

Rachel says she did win the ten thousand dollars and she's always been mean to her. Kristen says it just sucks they have to put another person on the block. Everybody was expecting it to be the two they chose but now it's all changed again.

They start talking about the comp and who was counting and trying to figure out when to drop after Britney. Lane mentions something about the slaps they were getting (no clue) and it was hard to judge the time with that thrown in.

Kristen says it will be hard because the pawn is going to be offended.

Lane stands up, says he just wanted to come up and see where her head is and heads to the DR.

Ragan comes in and Rachel asks him for five minutes with Kristen. He leaves.

Rachel picks up her gift basket off the floor by the bed (doesn't want other ppl getting things out of it?). Rachel asked Kristen if she thinks Britney is going to campaign for Monet. She says probably but it isn't going to matter.

Kristen feels really bad that she has to put another person on the block. She couldn't figure out if she was in Rachel's shoes who she would choose to put up.

Rachel thinks there are people she can put up who won't be offended. Kristen wants to know who those people are. She says it has to be someone who's a neutral player. If they choose someone who's on their side they may leave.

Kristen says the neutral players right now are Ragan, Matt and Kathy. She hasn't done a thing to Britney but she hates me and wants me out of the game. She really wants to win HOH next week so they can get Britney out!

Brendon says the main people who need to win HOH next week is him, Hayden and Kristen. He knows they would all do the right thing so the four of them wouldn't get evicted.


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2:55pm BBT

Britney comes in and asked for two minutes to talk to Rachel. She says she appreciates how nice Rachel has been to her and it shows her what good character she has. She has appreciated it because she didn't have to be that way with her.

Rachel wants to know if she wins next week will she put them up? Brit says no, she knows who she wants to put up. Rachel says she knows if Monet is still here next week she would put her on the block.

Brit starts pushing the "get Andrew out of the house" pitch. Rachel says if they put Andrew on the block and he leaves, who does she pick for next week if she wins HOH? She says there are several but doesn't name any names. She believes all the house would vote Andrew out, changing the direction of the conversation once again.


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Kristen joins Brendon and Rachel in HOH. They say that if Britney gets HOH next week all three will be targets. Two of them will be nominated and the other will go up of one of them comes off the block.

Britney comes in and Kristen and Brendon leave. Britney says that the way Rachel has treated her makes it easier. Britney says her and Brendon are safe from her next week. Says the whole house wants Andrew gone. Rachel asks who she would put, but Britney doesnt name people, she only hints around like Rachel knows who she wants up.

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3:13 pm BBT: Britney and Enzo are trying to count the votes if Rachel puts Andrew up as her replacement.

3:21 pm BBT: Andrew is up in the HoH. Andrew tries to steer the conversation to backdooring Ragan. Rachel (and Brendon) tells him no they trust Ragan and they don't want to back door anyone. Andrew is genuinely surprised to hear them say that. They tell him whoever goes up it will be a pawn. Rachel suggests Andrew tell people that they are considering putting him up, even though they're not... so that it looks like they don't have an alliance. Andrew agrees and leaves.

3:25 pm BBT: Kathy comes up to the HoH. She tells them that the girls (Britney and Monet) apologized to her but, she still doesn't trust them. Rachel tells Kathy that the Britney is trying to cut a deal to get Andrew put up. Rachel asks Kathy if she can trust her... Kathy says, "NO!"

Rachel also says that Britney said that Andrew is going to back door Brendon.

3:43 pm BBT: Enzo and Monet talk about who they want up. Enzo wants Kathy or Andrew but, Andrew would be best for him. Money tells him they're not going to put either of them up. It's going to be someone that guarantee's I will leave.

Enzo says if they put me up then I'm coming after them next week.

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Feeds keep going to WBRB.

Monet and Enzo in Have-not room: Monet says that they (Rachel/Brendon) are going to put up someone they can control the votes for. (Ya think?!!)

Kathy/Rachel/Brendon in HOH room: Kathy says that "they" (who is they?)say that whoever is on the block week two wins.

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3:53 pm BBT: Kristen, Ragan and Hayden are in the cabana room. Hayden is trying to do sit-ups but, he's having some problems so he asks Kristen to put her feet on top of his, to hold them down.

Hayden points out the cramp in his calf and Kristen says she understands that pain... been there before.

Hayden says, "I have a boner too!" They all bust out laughing.

Kathy joins cabana room as Ragan is working out.

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4 pm BBT: Hayden and Lane have a short pow-wow in the storage room. Lane tells him that Rachel told him he's safe because they already have a deal not to put each other up. Hayden says he hasn't gone up there yet. As they walk out Lane says he doesn't care as long as the 4 of them are still here next week.

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4:11 pm BBT

Bren and Rach in HoH room cuddling and napping

Cabana room, Hayden, Kathy, Ragan, Lane & Kristen

H: Hows the icecream

K: Its good it's always good

H: Yeah

Ragan doing situps

a whole lot of nothing going on

4:14 pm BBT


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4:59 pm BBT

Hayden just finished talking to Bren in the HoH room (I missed the convo)... Hay goes down to where Kristen is laying in her bed and jumps in with her...

K: I'm just getting a little alone time

H: I wish you were in my bed

K: I can go get in your bed

H: that's ok the smaller the bed the better

WBRB (BY is open now)

K and H taking about his hair and challenges (my sound on my feeds is messing up)

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5:35BBT: Hayden and Lane in pool, they say something smells like wet dog. Brendon comes out and we see something behind him that looks like beanbag toss on tall easels. He says he couldnt take a nap in the have-not room.

Keep getting WBRB.

Ragan came out and again we see the things.


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