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7/17 - Live Feed Updates


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9:14 PM BBT

Britney is crying and campaigning hard under the guise of warning Rachel about everyone else kissing her butt because she's HOH. Britney says she has no alliances, no loyalties, that's why she doesn't feel safe right now. Rachel says that Monet hasnt tried to talk to her at all, and she believes that Monet would have tried to backdoor her or Brendan if she'd won HOH. Britney says Monet is a strong competitor, and she's worried about going into the PoV because of that.

9:16 PM BBT

Rachel says she feels really bad that Britney is also a Have-Not in addition to being on the block. Britney says she wants Andrew out so bad; she says he's the only person who didn't say anything to her after she was put on the block. She says he was shouting so many rude & inappropriate things at her today during the have-not competition. She says for somebody so religious he should have a heart, but he "has no soul". She says if she got HOH, she would put him up.

9:20 PM BBT

Britney says she knows it's hard on Rachel too. She keeps saying she's not pissed off at Rachel, that she had to put two people up, she totally gets it, etc. (just a few minutes ago she was saying how she hates them to Monet I think). Rachel says she doesn't want Britney to go home.

9:21 PM BBT

Britney keeps alluding to someone she thinks that came up and sold her out to Rachel. She says this person (it's a guy, but I'm not sure who she means) has been acting really weird ever since nominations, so she knows that person threw her under the bus & is the reaosn she went up.

9:24 PM BBT

Rachel asks which guy she's talking about. Britney says "Would it matter? Would you tell me if that's who it was?" Rachel says there were three people who told her to put Britney up, that Britney was friends with. Britney says she was shocked when Rachel went up on the block last week, & that Andrew would have gone home if he hadn't had immunity.

9:27 PM BBT

Britney is worried because the pawn goes home so often. Rachel says "If we have to cross that bridge, we'll have another talk, but I just don't think that will happen". Britney says the Annie thing was out of nowhere, that no one had even mentioned her name until Brendan won PoV. Rachel says she has "faith in the cast" that they will "send the right person home".

9:31 PM BBT

Britney's doing a great job of selling herself to Rachel and relating to Rachel's past on the block. Britney says she's glad that Rachel understands, that if she's seen sitting there talking to Monet, it's not because they have an alliance but because they feel like no one else wants to talk to them. Rachel says while she was on the block she got up in the middle night and cried by herself, that Brendan doesn't even know that.

9:35 PM BBT

Britney: "I think you're like, a trusting person. I am too. You can't trust anybody." Rachel: "If I didn't have Brendan, I wouldn't know what to do." Rachel asks if she thinks Monet will campaign against her, & Britney says yeah, she wants to stay, she's going to fifght really hard. Rachel says "She's already been rude to me, since I put her up on the block- rude to Brendan..."

9:42 PM BBT

Rachel says there's one person who she suspicious of, and that she's thinking about that's shady, for if she needs to change nominations. She won't say, but she says she feels like it's someone that Britney trusts.

10:03 PM BBT

Monet is up in HoH now giving the *exact* same spiel that Britney did, complete with crying and saying there's someone she "trusted" who she thinks threw her under the bus because he's been acting different since nominations. (I shouldn't be surprised, from what I've seen Monet parrots Britney all the time). She's also saying how people keep "coming up and talking to you now". Pretty much exactly what Britney said.

10:06 PM BBT

Well, Rachel asked Monet to tell her who she's talking about, & Rachel said "It's a guy, obviously... right?" and Monet says "Oh, no, it's a girl" (Britney said it was a guy). Monet says "Oh, well if I'm wrong, then I'll feel a lot better". Rachel says "I think I know who you're talking about. Wow, I didn't even think about it, but.." and Monet says "So did they do that?" Rachel says "Oh yeah, she did, I just never thought about it, put you two together, I didn't know you were friends". They both figure out that they're talking about Kathy. Monet says she's really upset and disappointed, because her and Kathy talk all the time, every night, and now she won't talk to her, won't look at her. She kind of breaks down more, and Rachel gives her a hug. Rachel seems mad that Kathy is being two-faced, & reconsidering her feelings on Kathy.

10:16 PM BBT

Monet says if she got HoH she would put Kathy up (trying to make sure Rachel knows she's not after her). Rachel says she's not above using the PoV if she won. She says it's really hard when you're HoH, even the second week it's not easy. The only person she was sure she wouldn't nominate is Brendon. Monet spells it out even more, saying specifically that she's not coming after Rachel or Brendan if she stays.

10:24 PM BBT:

Rachel and Brendan are in the HoH talking now, and she is upset over what Monet told her. She's afraid she made the wrong decision. She says "That really hurts my heart, I can't imagine that" about Kathy being Monet's friend and ignoring her now that she's on the block. Brendon is just comforting her. Rachel says somebody (I think Kathy?) came up here and "gave a 30 minute lecture about how Britney needs to go home". Brendon says he's sorry she has to go through this, and that he should have been up there with her. She says she hates seeing them cry, and it's her fault. She's having a mini-breakdown. Brendon says "This is why I like you- oddly enough. If you were cold and callous & didn't give a *&^$..." etc. "But you do care, & it's so cute". He says "this is a game, and after it's all over we get to be friends with these people. I know you like Britney, & when the game's over, you can be friends with Britney... I'm proud of you." He's giving her a pep talk.

(sorry, I'm not sure what time this below part happened, probably about 10:35 BBT, but I thought it was worth mentioning, because I was wondering if Britney would go back to talking behind Rachel's back after their conversation):

Britney, Monet, and Enzo are laying in bed in the HN room. Monet leaves & Enzo says that Rachel didn't like putting two people up today. Britney says "No, she didn't, & honestly, she's been really really nice about it". Enzo says "I'm really starting to see that she's like, genuine". Britney says "She's a real person". Enzo: "It's funny, you get these first impressions of people & then like, you're in this house for a couple of weeks..." Britney: "I'm just glad it's her, because she understands. Because she was up last week. So if I go and talk to her, she knows exactly what I'm going through" Enzo: "Exactly"

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10:21 BBT In the HOH Monet is in HOH crying to Rach as Rach asks if she wants anyone in particular to play for her in POV...she doesn't know and says "i'll think about it" as Rachel seems to be buying the water works display as she tells her "i'm really sorry"..

Monet heads into bathroon to look at her face and hugs Rach as she leaves the HOH...

Rach now is second guessing her decision as all the Monet stuff seemed to got to her as she says Kathy is giving her the cold shoulder because she's nominated..."that really hurts my heart" and says if "you're friends with someone" than you are "friends with someone"....Brendon is consoling her....and Rach says Lane threw Brit under the bus and they were friend and is upset everyone is "trying to throw " each other under that damn proverbial bus..{welcome to big brother Rachel]

Rachel now hysterically crying as Brendon urges her to "stop" and Rach really likes Brit now and Brendon says "its only a game" and says this why he likes her...if she was "cold and callous" he wouldn't as he continues to comfort and remind her that both "these girls" would "send us home"

10:28 Brendon seemed to have talked Rachel down and is being comforting reminding her that is they weren't in power it would be them going home but its a game and when the game is over you "can be friends with her" about Brit....

He tells her "i'm proud of you"

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(sorry but our electricy went out for about 20 mins..so I missed and lost the last 1/2 hr]

10:56 BBT

In HOH Brendon is talking about Monet and Brendon with Rachel and all their shortcomings...how mean they are saying "I don't like it" as Kathy says Andrew may have egged her on but Brendon hints at Monet's sincerity about her recent HOH cry..

In have not room Monet is calling Kathy an "old Hag" as Enzo and Brit mock Kathy is they put her up next week..Brit called that meanes "a good energy release"...

Bit says she just after "a certain person" and not throw people under the bus...Enzo says he wanted to tell Rach "to put up Andrew" but was scared to. They are upset CBS and BB waited to tell them they voted the Saboteur out "after the nominations" "thanks CBS" Enzo says..

11:00 BBT Enzo and Brit and Monet are bonding as Have nots talking how the game 'makes people crazy"..."i thought Rachel was going to put up a least a boy" Enzo says but Btit says "i had a feeling"

Enzo says theres "a shot" if one wins POV all you "need is 5 votes" as Enzo asks if they have talked to Kristen and Monet says "i don't think she likes me" and Brit "me neither" and Monet says she won't get a vote from kathy as Brendon enters the havenottie room..

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11:04 BBT

Kathy and Kristen talking outside on the couch actually Kathy ranting saying "you didn't do anything" Kisten says so I guess they are talking about Monet as Kristin says "if you are going to turn on people" for something that she has no control over..."i'm suprised they are suprised they are up" Kristn says about Monet and Britney

11:07 Kathy seems upset about her fight and hugs Kristin as both are getting ready for bed. kathy says she not used to the cattiness but krist reassures Kathy "you didn't do anything wrong"

Matt, Ragan and rachel talking in HOH...

Talking about food comp how they "didn't fuck up this time"...as Rach talk about Bren being a have not...Kathy comes in as Matt says he will "chill for a half hour"

Enzo has run to Enzos bed to fill him in and laugh about something...missed the convo..

In the havenot room Enzo not to happy with his new digs..as he has trouble with his delapidated cot..."oh fuck' and a lot of clanking as everyone is laughing "are you kidding me".."its like were in a shed" Enzo complains...

11:13 BBT Enzo "we got fucked ...I don't know why they teamed up on us" and Enzo says its because "Kathy would have been on slop for two months" they all laugh..Enzo says they lost because Britney "started choking"....Enzo says he was telling her "no no you're not choking"... Joke Brit would have 9 mins before your brain goes dead.." saying we'll get "there before then" Hayden and Monet laughing at Enzos rant...

11:16 BBT they keep laughing about the food comp...and their loss...the gun was like a "pump I use to inflate" his tire on his bike...Enzo says "we were like doing it for 3 hrs".."maybe they are getting us ready for endurance" though he said "i had fun"

11:18 BBT

Kristin and hayden in bed as he tells her "i'm tired" and says "today was good" and Kris says "like perfect' and says he talked "lane a little bit" and says he is going for the deal with brendon but are whispering I can't hear...Now they are talking about the Saboteur being gone...

"she is not touching my hair" hayden says about Rach as Kristen says he needs a haircut..says "I almost got one before I left"..but decided not to..

11:21 BBT "hayden please don't hold the microphone in your hand" from BB [that's one I haven'y heard before] as they laugh "what am I suppose to do"

Kristin says "what if Monet or Britney wins "who in hell is she gonna put up" and hayden says "backdoor me"...Kristin calling her Hayden and Andrew "the real deal" and doesn't care what he tells and laugh and says "the whole house" will be in the alliance...Hayden says Bren and Rach "gave me the creeps" because he wanted t now he was on their side and llet him know if someone was after up...Hayden says he wants Enzo to win HOH "to put up Bendon and Rachel up against each other"

11:25 Kristin aks who they should vote out if the noms stay the same and Krist says "monet" because she's "the stronger competitor" but can see brit "causing havoc"....

11:27 BBT Back in HOH all the ex have notties have a nice little sleepover talking about movies..

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11:30 BBT Kristin and hayden having their little whisper session in bed he's telling her she did a good job..

They are talking anout Enzo and Brit and Monet and Kris says she was worried he ended up on the team with them...Krist says Brendon was Ok about being on slop but the two girls "were pissed"

11:33 BBT In HOH Rachel talking about Annie and her campaigning..."kathy says "i never understood" she acted like they were friends "for 50 years" and wonder what was going through her mind.....Kathy thinks she was trying to get Brendon on 'her side" and when she "failed" she "got mad"

11:35 BBT Matt would rather "be a banana than " the unitard....Rach doesn't think it would be that bad...Kathy says Unitard in100 degree weather would "suck" but ragan says either the unitard or bana suit would be better than being a have not...

They are wondering what Annie is doing....and Kathy says "she would stay in there for hours" in the DR...and wonder how she got all her stuff do=ne ...get BB production warning..

11:38 BBT..Andrew says he's going upstairs to see how the "party is" in Taj room as Hayden said she should have won HOH but she hopes "enzo wins next week" ...Krist worried he might "put one of us up" and Hayden says "i don't think he would"

Hayden says Brendon is worried Lane is with Enzo and Kris says she is too because they spend a lot of time together..."more than us" and hayden agrees they spend a lot of time together and suddenly Lane comes through the dooor says "fuck it..I'm staying up" FOTH

11:41 BBT

In HOH Andrew is in HOH... talking with Ragan how intense the past 24 hrs have been with Kathy and Rach who's getting ready for bed..Ragan loves "doing those question and answers"...Rach leaves tell her ex have notties "i'll be right back" as they discuss future comps...what they will be...

11:44 BBT Rachel is in the have not room sitting on the spare cot..talking with the gang...Brendon says that him and Enzo were talking for the last half hour "hoe shitty our fathers are" and says Enzo has a "Italian father" and he has a "Mexican Father" and says they are similar.. and Brit talking about her spankings and we get FOTH...

11:46 BBT lane whispering with Kristin and Hayden...Hayden says brit or menoet "this week" and the "other one next week" and "one more" and then the "jury house"..

Now they are talking food comp and Britnet getting mad for Lane "suirting" her in "the face" and Kristen says "she takes everything personally"

All feeds FOTH

11:49 BBT Lane Hayden and Kristen left talking "everyone is getting called in tonight" Hayden says...and Lane whispers saying Andrew says that "those two" talk "about random shit" and says he couldn't sleep..Lane is trying to distance himself from Britney..."i really want to make it to the jury house" even if it means "not putting rachel up" and says he told her "he's not going after her" next week..and he tld her "i'm not putting hayden up either"

11:52 BBT Back in have not room as brit talks about her future family...commitmnet.....as Brit says her friend is the mom "i wanna be" because she's so cool around their kids...Bren says its "hard for me to watch" parents who "put their kids second"..as Brit thanks them for making their day easier....even though rachel "had to do it"

Rachel called to DR and Bren tells her he will come up to HOH for a bit..Brendon talks about the stress and a "mental case" being in BB and Monet says you need to talk to the psychologists...Monet hates the most about BB because you can't be genune...

11:57 Brendon talks about his cynicism because of all the things that have happen in his life...

11:59 Brendon Monet and Britney pow wow goes on

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12:01 BBT FOTH

12:05 BBT still FOTH

12:06 BBT feeds back with Brendon in HOH telling Ragan and Kathy about his inspirational pep talk he gave Brendon and Monet about "dignity" and good things will come from being evicted..

Ragan "i hope I get to play tomorrow" and Bren says he would love to win but "my hands are all fucked up" and says he hopes Brit and Monet "have afighting chance" and keeps going on about his inspirational talk...

Now Kathy talking about the emotionality of BB and Brendon chimes in about it too and we get another FOTH...

12:10 BBT

Brendon talking about the Food comp and says they taped Britneys chest "too well" and became to much "for her"...."we put a lot of tape on her" and says she felt bad for doing "so shitty" and Kathy says she felt the same way with the popcorn one because "i was so sick"

12:12 BBT In Taj Brigade and Kristin talking Enzo talking with Kristen and hayden as he is talking about Monet..saying she's genuine...and says "on vote night" .."they are almost the same person" and wouldn't know who to vote for...and Lane says they will probably see who rachel wants..

Kristin confused why those two always think people are throwing them under the bus....Enzo complaining about sleeping "on a beach chair" but is happy "i got fish sticks"...as they talk about the food comp and Enzo does his if they wouldn't have targeted his team kathy would have been a have not for two months....

12:16 BBT Enzo going on about the food comp and everyone is laughing...same things he talked about in have not room [see previous updates]

12:19 BBT FOTH

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12:26 BBT

In cabana room Rachel and Brendon in HOH as Brendon tells her baout all his inspirational speeches and pep talks he gave other HG...

Brendon trying to find the good side of britney and Money and keeps telling her baout his brit Monet pep talks..

All feeds on them...

Rach saying 'were so lucky" "found each other" and have an "advantage" beause they have each other as Rach talks about Brit and Monet don't have no one to play POV for them...

12:30 BBT Rach tell Bren she doesn't want to be "without you"

12:32 BBT More self reverence talk from brendon and Rach...

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12:35 BBT

lane and Matt talking in the bedroom about their great odds..."brendon is bad news""Andrew is bad news" Matt says and Lane says he was good with Brendon and Lane tells he didn't feel threatened today before nom..and Lane says he gave Rach a hand shake he wouldn't put Rach up next week and Matt says "just her" Lane says "yeah" and Matt says "not Brendon" and Lane says "yeah"

12:37 BBT Matt lane are upset the lights are on because Enzo is eating Ketchup or Catsup and Brit says "no they told us we have to leave the lights on" and we get FOTH..

12:40 Enzo complaining about "the embalming fluids" order of the have nots room...Enzo telling Monet "get your shit into it" about POV and "we'll celebrate witha cup of ketchup"

Monet bitching "i wish" they would "just call me to the DR and get this over with"

12:43 BBT Enzo say this week "will go buy quick" and Enzo wondering what his wife did..probably had friends over..they usually put the baby asleep and watch movies with friends..

Enzo saying its so hard...missing his family {needs a brendon pep talk} and tells Monet and Brit he wants to win HOH so they can see his 8 month old bay with "to teeth" and says "she makes my day every morning" when she smiles...

12:46 BBT Enzo says he'll give his fam a shout out and hopes he gets a question so he can talk about it..

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12:48 BBT In cabana room Rachel says she's interested what he comes up with slop...they talk about going to bed and says he can "hold out for a couple of more head scratches...

12:49 BBT Brendon talks about his video to Annie and wonders if "i looked like an idiot" and they talk about their goodbye messages and Brendon "for sure they played yours" and says "if they played yours than they played mine"

12:50 Brendn complaing he hurt his hand caryying bricks..and rach says they went after his team because they "didn't have any have nots on his team"

12:53 Rach and Bren love talk..{gag]

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12:56 BBT

Not much going on Brendon and rachel on all four feeds kissing and exchanging love talk...

Its looking like everone else may be sleeping...

They are talking about rachel's haircut....

1:00 talking about seducing and "pleasing" and brendon says "not sexually" for Rach's parents benefit...

{so I'm out for tonight I will be gone Saturday but will be back Sunday}

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7:45 am BBT

BB - Good morning HG's it's time to get up for the day.... the bedroom lights must stay on for the day... attention HG's there are fress batteries in the store room... then we get a little bit of music and WBRB....

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8:18 AM BBT

Rachel feels really bad because Monet came up to talk to her an said Kathy won't talk to her and won't look at her and blah blah blah but before that Kathy had come and talked to her that Monet won't talk to her. Rachel left like an idiot because she doubted Kathy for a minute.

Ragan just left the HOH burping like a crazy and asking for kiss after each one.

Kathy explaining how Monet wouldn't hug Kathy and so she tried to give her her space. Kathy asked her what was wrong and she said she couldn't trust anyone in this house. "I don't trust nobody".

[Will be in and out today]

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8:20 AM BBT - Kathy and Rachel talking in HOH bed about how Monet told Kathy that she doesn't trust anyone and that she heard that Kathy was talking about her behind her back. Kathy: Monet only talks to me when Britney isn't around.

Rachel thinks Monet was fake crying in the HOH last night. Kathy thinks someone else is feeding Monet info. Monet won't talk game to Kathy, only about gaining weight, family, superficial stuff.

Rachel tells Kathy that she likes Kathy and Kristen. She feels like she can talk to those 2 and there are others that just want to cause problems.

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8:30AM BBT - Britney and Monet at the kitchen table. Britney's eyes hurt from the competition yesterday. Britney saying she went to the DR 3 times. Went twice and then felt like a huge brat so she went again. and then WBRB.

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8:52 AM BBT - Kathy and Kristen in bathroom putting their faces on.

Britney and Monet in kitchen sweetening up their slop. Britney thinks the slop is hurting her stomach, for real.

Britney goes to bathroom and apologizes to Kathy. Says she was misinformed and Kathy says she hurt her feelings. They hug it out and Monet comes in stirring her slop as loud as possible. WBRB

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9:11AM BBT - Britney and Kathy in the SR talking. Britney doesn't want Kathy to think whatever they're talking about was Rachel, because it wasn't. Britney says "I'm so sensitive. I'm PMS'ing, crying for the last 12 hours." Tells Kathy it wasn't Rachel that betrayed Kathy to Britney. Someone else told Britney that Kathy had told them something.

Britney: I'm up on the block. It is what it is.

Hugging it out again. Britney crying and says she didn't want to hurt Kathy's feelings. Again Britney is adamant that it wasn't Rachel that said something. Kathy says whoever it was has some evilness going on and it's best she doesn't know. Kathy didn't realize how brutal it gets. WBRB.

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9:48AM BBT - Feeds back. Matt, Kristen, Hayden and Lane in the Sunset room. Kristen thinks they do all the competitions and ceremonies quick so they'll have 4 days of drama afterwards. She wants to play for the veto.

Talking about movies that might be coming out this summer and past veto competitions.

Meanwhile, in the HOH bathroom, Rachel in shower and Brendon sitting on the tub. Rachel will give Brendon hour long massages the whole time he's a have not and Brendon says he'll cook for her. Every week he wants to do Jedi training with her and they start doing it. Jedi training that is.

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