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8/8 - Live Feed Updates

Angelo Joe

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Michelle just left HOH to head down to bed. After she leaves Natalie says maybe she doesn't have the wizard power. Chima says "yeah, what do you think the last 3 hours was about". (meaning Michelle keeping herself off the block because she doesn't have the power)


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Lydia & Jess sitting on opposite sides of couch in recycle room. Jesse eating cereal. He says something not even slightly funny and Lydia starts laughing hard. Jesse asks her what she's laughing at and she says he's just really funny and makes her laugh. Jesse asks her if she's being sarcastic. Jesse says he would like to dump the bowl of cereal on her melon because as he recalls someone once smushed peanut butter on his face.

Lydia talking in her annoying baby voice.

Natalie gone to bed in HOH bed, Chima getting ready for bed in HOH bathroom.

All other HG's in bed.

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Cam 1 & 2 Jesse and Lydia still in recyle room. Lydia says she is going to write a name on her face this coming Thursday. Tells Jesse to guess what it is. Jesse starts naming everything he can think of. Lydia says its a four letter word, and Jesse knows it. His guessing has now evolved into a word game.

Cam 3 - HOH bed, Chima & Natalie sleeping

Cam 4 - Have Not room. Kevin & Michelle sleeping on one mat, Jeff on the other.

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Lydia goes on a little rant. Says Chima told her she had to vote for Ronnie because Ronnie voted to keep Chima when she was on the block. Lydia points out that she also voted for Chima to stay. Lydia says Jesse and others should have defended her last week week. Jesse says he wasn't any part of it. Lydia says it doesn't matter as her friend he should have stepped in. Jesse said he didn't know about it, Russel doesn't tell him what he says to her. Jesse also defends his vote for Ronnie saying it shows how loyal he is and he had to vote that way.

Lydia mentions that he is only able to be her friend during certain hours. Jesse says it makes it easier for him, he doesn't like to poke the Gorilla in the cage (Natalie).

Lydia says she's had a knife in her back 3 times, referring to being nominated. Jesse says she can't look at it that way, each time she stays it becomes "obsolete". He says he wishes he had 3 lives like her, he knows when he goes up he's going home.


Lydia & Jesse getting ready for bed. (ed. I'm out)

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9:03AM bbt

cAM 1/2 Lydia applying makeup

cam 3 Chima going up to hoh room

cam 4 kitchen with no one in it

9:04am BBT

1/2 still lydia

cam 3/4 chima going through her stuff in hoh room

9:05 BBT Good morning houseguests time to get up for the day

9:06 am BBT


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9:55 BBT

Trivia. Probably veto picking time.

10:00 BBT

Feeds back. Nat and Chima talking in HOH room. Jeff is playing in veto. They think he'll throw the veto. Seems Russell picked Jeff, instead of Jessie, and Jessie is NOT playing.

Chima says Jeff and Russell were talking in the BR. Chima says if the veto comp is physical, then she thinks it's rigged. Continues to say that if it's geared towards Russell, she thinks it's rigged and everyone will hear about it.

Feeds switch to Lydia and Kevin whispering in green room. Seems like Kevin is playing, as well. He tells her they'll drink a protein shake an hour before the comp and then coffee right before they go outside to open their minds.

Kevin says Chima said if anyone uses the veto, she'll be pissed b/c then she'll have to nominate someone that she doesn't want to. Kevin and Lydia discuss that Jeff must have the power. Kevin says if the veto is used, Chima will probably put Michele up, b/c if she puts Jordan up, Jeff will probably use the power to save Jordan.

Lydia wonders what Nat would do if she wins.

Veto Players: Chima, Russell, Lydia, Kevin, Jeff and Natalie

10:10 BBT

Russ is in the kitchen.

Nat and Jessie whispering in the red room. Jess saying how Jeff's been saying he wants to win something and how Jess, Nat and Kevin have already won and Jeff might try to win money in the POV. Nat says money won't be awarded since BB has already given out almost 20 G.

Nat goes to the BR, but tells Russ in the kitchen that Jess is mad he's NOT playing.

Lydia says if she stays again... (missed) Kevin asks if Lydia would put Jessie up and she says nope and Kevin says Jess would put Lydia up and she says it doesn't matter. She goes to tell him something and says it needs to stay between them. Kevin isn't sure he wants to hear it then and Lydia says it will be an 'ah ha' moment for Kevin.

Lydia tells him if she gets HOH next week, she'd put Chima and Nat up, and would want Chima out. She explains that Jess will vote to keep Nat, J/J will vote out Chima (over Nat... I don't know about that) and Kevin needs to vote out Chima, in which he rolls his eyes at Lydia. She wants Nat to stay and Kevin asks why and Lydia says b/c Nat hasn't nominated her but Chima has. (I guess Jessie nominating her doesn't piss her off.) Kevin is totally confused and asks why Lydia would want to keep someone that wants her out (Nat). Kevin is not pleased to hear Lydia's theories (I think they're pretty crazy, myself).

10:25 BBT

Kevin and Lydia close their eyes and try to sleep in the green room.

All feeds on Russ cooking in the kitchen.

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10:35 BBT

All feeds on Russ eating. Lydia is called to DR.

10:40 BBT

Now all feeds on Russ in bed in the red room. Jess is also in bed and Chima's in HOH bed. Kevin's sleeping in green room, Lydia's still in DR. Nat should be in the BR or in HOH. J/J and Michele are probably in the pool room.

Lydia must be out, as Chima was just called to DR. NOTHING is happening.

(Out for now.)

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2:00 P.M. BBT Feeds are back and Nat is sitting at the bar with her head down... Jordan cleaning, Jesse is shaving Jeff's neck, Russ is in the shower... Jeff gets in the shower too... Michele gets in bed... Kevin is now sitting at the counter, not doing or saying anything... Nat is still sitting there with her head on the counter...

Jeff just got out of the shower, Russell get's out a few seconds later... We just got our frist look at Lydia, she's been in the shower...

BB Voice: Russell please put on your mic, Russell: fuck you...

Then we hear Jeff, Russell please put on your mic...

Jordan is eating, Jeff and Russell are finnishing up in the bathroom with Lydia in there also...

Jesse is asking for some kind of chips...

Jeff and Kevin talking about how egg got on Jeff's fingers and made them slippery, Jeff didn't win PoV, Russ didn't win PoV, and Nat didn't win PoV, so that leaves, Chima, Lydia, or Kevin...

2:17 P.M. BBT We once again have triva...

2:22 P.m. Feeds return to Jordan talking with Jesse at the Kitchen table talking about seafood...

Lydia in the bathroom blow drying her hair, Russell in the bedroom dressing, and Kevin in the bathroom showering...

BB: Russell please go to the diary room

Lydia now telling Kevin that Jeff has the power... They talk, but are wishering so low I can't understand and then she said maybe Jesse has it, and Kevin says America hates Jesse, and Lydia says maybe they are giving him a different edit this season... Kevin says if he does they are shit out of luck...

Talk moves to Jesse taunting Kevin again, and Kevin says he thrives on it...


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2:07pm BBT

Jeff and Russell are both in the shower. Jordan, Kevin, and Jesse are in the kitchen.

Jeff, Russell, and Lydia are all inthe bathroom cleaning up after todays POV Comp.

(Have not been able to determine a winner as of yet but it sounded like Russell and Jeff talking about who a possible replacement nominee would be.)

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2:25 PM BBT

Lydia and Kevin are doing a jumping up and down dance together in the bathroom. Lydia says she thinks Jessie has the power.

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2:25pm BBT

Kevin and Lydia jumping up and down in the bathroom...

Lydia says that Jesse has the power and that he said she will owe him after THursday. (WRONG)

Lydia thinks that America feels bad for trating Jesse bad last year.


Kevin wants to call a meeting with Jesse, Natalie, and Chima and ask them about their votes on Thursday. Sounds like Kevin is scared CHIMA will retaliate if he uses POV. Lydia tells him that Chima cannot win HOH next week and he is safe this week.

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2:20pm BBT

Chima, Kevin, and Lydia in the HOH room discussing the POV use. Kevin tells CHima that he does not want to use the POV but needs to confirm that they have the votes. Chima tells Kevin he should also talk to Jordan and Jeff. Chima tells Kevin she knows she has the votes to get rid of Russell. She tells Kevin that NBK beleives that Russell will go with whoever has the power and they do not trust him. Chima says everyone knew how Chima felt and wanted him out so when people came up to her they already knew.

Lydia is saying he thought Russell had an alliance with Jeff and Jordan. Chima says Natalie said that Russell asked her to use POV on him. Kevin says Russell never approached him. Kevin wants to respect Chima's wishes. Chima said she wants Russell to go home.

Chima tells Lydia that she thought the reason Lydia did talk to her before nominations is because Russell told Lydia she was putting her up. Lyd says she didnt feel entitled to come up to talk to her before.

Chima says she wants a women to win this game... She also tells Lydia that she does not like when she befriends the guys who treat her so wrong. Lydia tells Chima she does it to make the guys feel like they are in power.

2:48pm BBT

Jesse and Russell are in storage room and Russell is telling Jesse he needs to push for the other side to go up as a replacement nominee. Russell tells Jesse that Jeff is coming for him and the girls are coming after him. Russell tells Jesse for him to win the money he has to keep him there.

Russell walks out and Jesse is talking to himself saying that he cannot beleive how Russ would screw him over and expect him to go to bat for him.

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2:53pm BBT

Jesse walks into the green room with Natalie - Jesse asks her if she is upset and she says no. He tells her they just need to right out the storm. Natalie tells Jesse she is still upset that he told Lydia that stuff about Michelle. Natalie tells him that she cannot tell him things anymore because he runs and tells people things he shouldnt. She says she had to talk to Michelle for 5 hours trying to clear everthing up all because he ran his mouth. (NOTHING NEW WITH JESSE)

Jesse is apologizing to Natalie still for telling Lydia what Michelle told Natalie last night.


Kevin and Chima still talking about keeping Lydia on the block. Kevin is just trying to make sure that the votes would be there for Lydia if he keeps her there by not using POV. Chima says that if Jesse and Natalie did screw her all HELL would break loose. Kevin says this would be a great test for both Natalie and J/J

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